Tutorial Text Editor Help

Welcome to the tutorial textbox editor. You can use this textbox like you would any word processor. We suggest that you make your tutorial in a word processor first, and then paste it into this box.

How do I...

Upload images and insert them into my tutorial?

This is a functionality we are currently working on which should become operational soon. In the meantime, you can use the current insert image buttion to link to an image hosted on another website.

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Paste from Microsoft Word?

Sometimes, pasting from Microsoft Word causes some formatting issues. To get around those issues, click the button and paste your text into the box that opens.

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Edit my tutorial in HTML code?

If you prefer to edit your tutorial in HTML code, you can click the button, and edit the code in the box that appears.

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Edit my tutorial in full screen mode?

To view the tutorial you are inputting in full screen, click the button. When you are finished and wish to return to the tutorial box, simply click again.

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Preview my tutorial outside of the text editor?

To preview your tutorial inside a window seperate from the text area, click the button.

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