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Challenge Clothroom III - Dancing: Actually not very difficult, becaus mostly the cloth falls free. A windforce or a simple movement of the whole character gives surprising moves in the cloth.Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Tormented coast: Bryce7
Morgue_floor: Its the floor...of a hospital morgue.
inadream: This is the dream version of the orginal work freshday
Take Me To Your Planet: happy planets where everyone wants to go..
Cavern Gargoyle: Gargoyle statue in a cavern
Big Bong-Theory: Sparking one up!
Elf Assassin: Another personal twist with Elf/Faerie portraits. Daz with photoshop layers and tablet post work.
Tomb Raider: Looks like somebody forgot about that little rotting flesh curse... (additional images were steps slong the way)
Yente: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy! Have a great day! Happy holidays to you!
Marilyn: Custom morph Can be found in my portfolio enjoy
Guarding the Hidden Flame: The wood-witch again, with a dragon ling familiar. Hope you like it
Stephanie Rants: Stephanie laments the passing of a (possible) bygone era when kids could bring their own lunch to school or partake of a breadtangle of pizza from the cafeteria. The Chicago Tribune story had an image showing a student hiding his face from the so-called "enchilada dish" mentioned in the strip. It was removed for some reason, but I was able to find it at Democratic Underground. * Rick Bayless, chef and host of "Mexico: One Plate at a Time" * brain bleach defined ***** For the time being, I'm not going to list the credits in the description/comment box. It's getting time-consuming putting in all the links for the resources I use plus I'm running up against character count limitations at some sites. It becomes a bit more problematic when I find that I've missed listing some resources, like Tyl's Classic Room for "Required Reading" for example (something I've to yet fix). I will continue to list credits on the images at the bottom like I've always done.
Meow: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
Warhammer 40k space marine army: An army of space marines moving out to confront the enemy. thanks to muffin at turbosquid.com for the models.
Simply Ardelia: 01: Corporal Ardelia Voight, gunship pilot for the Melani Terra Squad, behind the wheel of a land-based Caiman. See Renderosity page for image info. Art © Wesley Brown August 26, 2016
Lollypop by elianeck: my new model Lollypop for G8 soon in my DazStoreshe has 2 bodies morph teen and voluptuous adult   tks!
Strange meeting place: Enjoy!
Aiko Poses: A few images recently made in Bryce.
loteamento: loteamento
Combat Girl: 3D model from a school project. Model done by me and texture done by Micheal Chau. Comments & Criticism are welcome.
Morning swim: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Memories for an Holocauste: Render in bryce and models in Blender for a  dedication for my two grandfathers who survived the First World War but who fought on opposing sides. 
Sentinel: This is my first character Sentinel. I created him 3 years agon for a RPG comic forum. In the forum we would create storylines for our characters to interact, that is when I found out I love creating and writing characters.
Locus: Ship: Locus / Class: Aerofighter / Type: Multi-Role / Engine: Hyper Jets 001 - Information = This is a 3D model created by Dynasty Weapons and textured by PlatypusGreen. The model was created for an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game which is currently in development. - Join: If you can do any of the following: Create 3D models / Create texture maps / Create UV Maps / Create program scripts - Then you can be part of the project! Members of the project have a chance to be part of the development of the game and can be subject to be paid as the progress of the game continues. If you or anyone you know is interested, please visit our site: http://galacticoutlaws.ucoz.com/
The Seven Falls: This is for and upcoming Graphic Novel Called ANGAL TENTARA. The Parisian an ancient civilization build a great city called The 7 Falls around the sacred temple The Tiap.
Prova d'autore: Dedicato a tutti coloro che,come me, non sanno disegnare o utilizzare programmi di modellazione 3D, ma che hanno la fortuna di trovare in siti come ShareCG tanti bravi e valenti artisti che mettono a disposizione liberamente le loro realizzazioni.Grazie a tuttiNick Carter
Outcast warrior: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Lara, C.: This are my attempts on Lara, how do you like her????
Snorkling - B&W Pencil: Snorkling on the great barrier reef -
Earth: Abstract flourish based on Earthy colours. This was created as part of a challenge between friends.
Lonely: The Frog Princess
Nymph by Elianeck: DazStudio G2 my dramatic light http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-iray tks!
Shortcut to the Lake: Maybe taking the shortcut was a bad idea?
Portrait: Made in DAZ Studio and detailed in Twisted Brush Pro Studio
Exosphere: Exosphere is a Second Life enterprise that consructs future technogies. These items can be used and interactied with by the thousands of other avatars that are in the virtual world of Second Life. Others can actually fly the vehicles, walk around the structures and even operate the equipment.  
Pine valley: Done in Terragen
Fantasy Fractals 16: 1024 x 768. Feel free to use as background in your poser or other CG artwork or as a desktop background.
A viking and his cat: It kind of ticks me off how little free armor types of clothing there seem to be for Genesis so I kitbashed together 3D Cheapskate's Tileable Mail textures with Lourde's M3 Norman material onto some of Wilmap's historical clothing to make a sort of a cheap + fast armor. Also used some of eblank99's clothing textures for the Wilmap Viking clothes. I looked into it this morning about if Vikings did have pet cats and according to some history websites, yes, they did. So I decided what the heck and made a scene with a Viking and his kitty.   Been having some weird rendering issues with the wood texture material presets on the HMR interior furniture and the metal of the candelabras for some time now... may need to factor that in next time I decide to use the set.  Also, had a good time using shaders on Atrion's Sword.  I know a good chunk more of the things on this site are for poser and not daz but it seems like at least half of the things made for Poser still work when imported into DAZstudio so I'm okay with that.
Hozuki: Hozuki no reitetsu
Ocean Background 2: This background was removed to be slightly altered this is the altered version. Water was created in with the flood filter in psp.
Ninja by Elianeck: Mayuka for Genesis 3 Female  (today - 47% discount)https://www.daz3d.com/mayuka-for-genesis-3-femaleElianeck Lights Package 3 (today - 47% discount)tks!
Stairs: an image based upon a spiralstaircase
Island of Dreams: A dreamlike tropical island with is populated.
G(X-version): gimp
Guarita-2: Second Post !
Steamnochio: Am I real...?
Bird: I did this 3d work getting inspired from a robin image from the net. Wanted to get that photorealistic feeling.
morgue_inprogress_01: Old morgue scene in the process of being redone. This was actually my very first 3d scene (actually, it may have been my second). With more experience under my belt, I decided to completely redo it, complete with original textures and more advanced lighting techniques (the latter not shown here). I intend to animate the end result, possibly with sound.
Vixen. Warrior. Princess.: Daz Studio 2.3. Credits: Shion based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Sword © Sorroman Gun © The3dwizard Gloves & Leggings from Cherry © Evilinnocence Necklace & shoes © UweG Miniskirt © Eismaus Base pose © EvoShandor Tiara © Valea Glasses © Royloo Rocks © Mystic Nights "Fractured Dawn" background © Gene Fleeman Cracked mud ground texture © Cybergooch Character & image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Reproduction and redistribution prohibited.
T1000 Fly in my soup: created with maya soup du jour
Traveller: made in Daz studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis)
garden: exterior
The real snap crackle and pop: um . . . . .
Mountain 1: Created with filters in psp 7
Sketch9: Sketch
Feral Sunset: I thought I was bringing out Aseska's inner dragon, but it seems I brought out her inner bat instead... Character setup in Poser 4, integration by DAZ Studio 2.2 into Bryce 5.5, where the environment was created. Credits: Aseska based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Highpony hair © Mylochka (ktaylor) Wings © Deskar Character/image © 2008, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
shelia by Elianeck: Elianeck Lights Package 3 for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3Shelia G3F/V7 I use the morfhhttps://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/shelia-g3f-v7/119059/texture Naya V7-G3F. https://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/naya-v7-g3f/2713711/?ptks!
Lil' Witch rides her broom: The rending I did this morning. The model is Shukky's Humanoid CY-CO. I don't remember which of the brooms I used. The hat is Mavka Witch Hat. The background is just an image with a fill of blue. The pose is from a collection of poses for the Girl which I modified for this figure. Happy Halloween.
bike 3dsmax: created with 3dsmax and photoshop
Ephigenia Vlidd: Creditcards: Ephigenia now on all (unlimited) Russian CreditCards
The locust attack: I wanted to design a huge vehicle inspired in the form of locusts, This vehicle is one of a series designs drawn on paper in 1994 Using (Ecoline) water colors, now, I painted identical digital copy of the Original artwork Without any changes in the concept. Technique; Digital Artwork, Painter X, Size 20X30 cm 300 dpi.
View From A Frozen Moon 05: This is the fifth in a series of space art images that I've been doing over the last couple of years. Each image in the series offers a view of space from the surface of an icebound moon. This image was created using Bryce 6, Universe Image Creator, Glitterato and Corel PhotoPaint 12
Nothing at the end of the world: Abandoned railway.
Death: Death is the fourteenth card of the major arcana. Although my interpretations stray from the traditional, the concept is always to good to set aside. This is one of the many cards that I am creating for my Hedge-witchery Tarot project that I am hoping will be published later this year. These are the rough artistic concepts of the cards, and I am looking for feedback before I consider myself finished. All thoughts, comments, and observations are welcomed and anticipated. Hedge-witchery Studio: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Dream: 3d art Dream
archi render 12: architectural render
image-4a: wings3d,bryce7,ds4.
Audi A3 Car: Audi A3 Car, realistic, vehicle, 3ds max
welcome to my home: cutsie
Captain on the Bridge: Iray experiment, g3m in a spacefleet uniform
Medusa - Turning them to stone: Best viewed full size for details G2F & G2M Characters rendered in HD   with Daz Studio - default render engine. Dimension Theory’s Stone shaders Some post work with Photoshop cs5 to blend the stone shaders with the skin
Hannibal's face: from to the documentary "Hannibal at Trasimeno"
Mockingbird: A guitar model with both natural and 'fantasy' textures. Animation:Master
Heavens Gate: best viewed full size-  1080HD .. free to use as you wish
When did you become such a pervert Canaan?: I heard Vienna by Billy Joel over the radio this weekend and this was the result. I had to take liberties, again. I guess you can chalk it up to me being cheap and DAZ being a pain in the butt to use but oh well. It also gave me an excuse to start practicing with something that wasn't the krystal body. Canaan and Maria (C) Type-Moon
Pretty Vicious: Character based on and around pictures of Sid Vicious from the Punk band Sex Pistols.This picture just made "Image of the Week" over at https://www.runtimedna.comPoser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Made her Tartan top, badges, and various materials etc...All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Moonrise 3: Double moons rise above the surface of a barren planet. An elliptical galaxy hangs in the night sky beyond. This image was created with Bryce 6.1, Universe Image Creator Plug-in and Corel PhotoPaint 12. It features two of my Bryce planet preset objects available for free download here at ShareCG. Thanks for viewing!!!
Fetisch Pinup black&white:
light by Elianeck: hi guysall my light -40 % off!!! choice herewww.daz3d.com/elianeck Aya for Genesis 8 Femalewww.daz3d.com/aya-for-genesis-8-female
Big egg by elianeck: tks!
Fractal Virgin 3 (8 images): This time I've let the software do everything!All I did was simply pick randomly generated thumbnails and do quick (the longest was 20 seconds) low-quality renders of them - ending up with 32 images. Each image here contains four of these renders.I think it's probably about time to start learning how to use the program properly!
A dream house: The house of my dreams, grass, home, trees, sun lighting
sorrow: we all feel it sometimes
Always: Carrara 7
Milla by Elianeck: ElianeCK HDRI Lights for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-irayAnagenessis 2 - RevolutionVictoria 4.2 DazStudio rendertks!
Game Art - Anime Biker: 4690 tris - colour. specular, normal and alpha maps
Alice vs. Zombie Apocalypse: And I saw an Angel come down from Heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and an AK-47 in her hand...and her name was Alice.Made with DAZ 3D using Alice Redemption outfit by Orion1167, Zombies by Smay and Church environment by Merlin Studios.
Fae Woodland: A girls discovery in the woods
Night at the Garage: ...
Escape: Some do, other don't...
Let it all out: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
From within of Inspiration: Sometimes they rich it, and than a new Idia is appears.
sofa: This scene is maden by Corel Bryce, really amazing application.
Trains: romanian trains
Lines: This is an abstract concept based in a class about principles of visual comunication, lines and points. I used Carrara to render this one.
Challenge Clothroom II - Skintight: You can't shrink the cloth in the clothroom. So i morphed the character 'emanciated' and let them grow to their real size. And the cloth will stretch tight on the skin.Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Triple Twins for V4 Preview: This is a collage of the six sample characters from my V4 variety pack, which will hopefully be debuting in the Renderosity MP very soon!
Kinda Blue: Daz3d
Off With Their Heads: Thanks for looking.
True love: DAZ Noggins Macaw. Poser 6 Render. Postwork in Photoshop
Stood_up: Stood_up and waiting Feel free to enjoy but please give credit
The chase: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Off Duty: Due to description character limits, please check out my Renderosity page for credit links After Sharni gets off with a warning for her not adhering to dress code, she, Kaylee, and Janni retreat to her quarters for a get-together. About the scene: Sharni and company are serving onboard a TOS-era starship restored for Starfleet's version of "Fleet Week." The ship is running mostly with current 24th-century technology and standards. (I couldn't find any TNG-era scenes.) ***** Credits: Kaylee for V3 © Chrislenn Sharni for V3 © Adrella Janni for V3 © Luleluna & PureEnergy Janni's hair © DAZ Kaylee & Sharni's hair © Bice & OutOfTouch V3 Catsuit © DAZ Star Trek: TNG uniform textures by George Haze Comm badges by Richard Duda Rank pips hosted by Jedman67 (no longer available) Janni's pose © Muscleman Kaylee & Sharni's poses © DAZ ST: Animated Series cabin by Ptrope Luminere © Joe Kurz Blanket © TrekkieGrrrl Carpet texture © Bo Hammarberg Janni's heels © Cascarda High heels on floor © Worldwild (no longer available) Sharni's shoes © Billy-T Boots on floor © DAZ Pilsner beers © Mystic Nights STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry and is the property of CBS/Paramount Image © 2011, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved.
house: a simple house
To The Silk Road: Hello my friends, this is Ali and with his best friend camel name her "Zaafranah". He plan to go to the silk road and maybe he reach china I don't know. but I know one thing. He love play music in "Aood" and travels with his best friend Zaafranah.
Aiko on the Beach: Decided to try doing some swimsuit type shots. So this is the first in a new series that I will call the "Ladies of DAZ." This one is Aiko the Geisha and made with the Tropical Island from Andrey Pestryakov.
Happyroom: 3ds max+Vray
Blood Vessel: AN image of red blood cells passing through a blood vein
Teresa: Take 2: This is another sample image of a new texture set/shader I'm trying out.
mug: mug
We Should Make Our Own Fireworks:    
Self Portrait: This is my self Portrait, hope you like it my beautiful Face :D Modeled, Textured and rendered in Zbrush
Buld 08: Very quick work in only 3h. This work is created from a real architectural plan.
Venus's birth: The Birth of Venus in 2000
Work in progress: Kilgorin Battle Axe & Dragons Blade
Serenade by the sea:
Poses: Kid: Kid pose
Leaving: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Firaga: Enjoy!
Look my sweater: And then? Did I look beautiful? Feel free to use as they wish :) Credits Virgin Killer Sweater 2 for G3F by johngate https://www.sharecg.com/v/87188/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Virgin-Killer-Sweater-2-for-G3F-Freebie
Christmas Card: Wolf and pups in the Christmas Snow.
POSER 7: TOON effet Mangas 3d poser 7
Nokia: 3ds Max + Vray
An intruder: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
RICHARD LIM 3D WORLD: featuring my 3d works....utilised POSER6 for composition and rendered in VUE6 Studio Pro
stained glass: daz studio,gimp.
s.t.o.o.l. part#1: 3dsmax, Vray
A Dream House: The house of my dreams, grass, home, trees, sun lighting
Gollum - WIP zbrush with color eyes: gollum eyes
Circe and Ulysses:
Master Bedroom Interior Project: Interior Project done for a Residential Unit. Perspective done in 3DSMax, and VRay.
T1000 2D+ Anaglyph: Poser Pur + Zoner 3d PM.
Sorceress: INspired by a popular RPG!
Dusk in abandoned city: evening lit abondoned city scene
The Major Arcana. No.9 The Hermit: The hermit is one of the simplest cards. I was in two minds whether to stick with the traditional scene or change it up – I compromise by using a more or less conventional composition but zoomed in to focus more on the figure and less on the scenery. A cloaked figure with a staff stands alone on the top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand. This mountain is the spiritual pinnacle he has attained. The staff is a symbol of authority as well as a tool and aid on his path. In his left hand it is associated with the subconscious.   His lantern is a source of illumination and enlightenment.  The lamp is usually shown with a star inside it.  I have instead had the pattern of shadows cast by the middle-eastern lamp to suggest stars, as well as having a starry sky (OK I concede, more rosettes than stars but you get the idea!). I decided to add a couple of extra elements to the scen. As it’s a night scene, I also decided to add a moon (light of awareness) as it seemed both symbolically and aesthetically appropriate.  The sun is also just beginning to rise... the hermit  can now start to "see the light" having travelled his path up the mountain.   I had to resort to some CS2 postwork for the night sky, otherwise DS3 as usual.
Batgirl 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.4: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Background 26: Background and Fractal
The Last Second: Hi, this is an image that i made for a contest on the cgart.com.br site. It took the 1 runner up and took me like three months to be made. Modeling and render on 3dsmax9, vegetation on vue6, comp and effects on shake and photoshop. The bg is painted. This is just a 1440x900 crop of the final 3k image. To see the entire image, please visit the contest thread http://www.cgart.com.br/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3866. I hope you guys like it!
Photo-realistic house with vegetation: An architectural visualistion created by Paul Hatton - a freelance 3d artist who works for architects. His portfolio can be found at www.paulhatton.co.uk. These types of visualizations are part of the architectural services that he provides his clients.
Stargate Anunnaki 3: I love the movie Stargate. Hard to find good 3d objects for it.
Admit It...: ...you were staring! 
Beast Keeper: I like to depict strong women, but who still nurture.
Goblin Fire Mage: "Robes too restrictive... most body heat lost through head and feet." I don't think that was what the tailor from the city whom the goblin wizard was quoting from had meant though... or certainly not in the context of channeling heat to produce fireballs... Adam Thwaites from Most-Digital-Creations had this nice fireball sitting in his free stuff downloadable archive from some point in 2009 that was just the perfect prop for the scene I was putting together. SF Wizard for Genesis 2 is a Sickleyield Fuseling creation. The Creature Creator for Genesis 2 Males gives a nice green scaley skin suitable for goblins, orcs, lizardmen, etc.
Wizards quest: this is a animation test scene to heavy  to use  rendered in Daz Studio ( no post work) best viewed original size 1920 x1080 HD @180 kbs
The Valley: Valley
halloween time by elianeck: My new package for Halloween  !! - 10% offhttps://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/elianeck-halloween-iray-light/123351/   tks!
Abyssal shrimp: The Abyssal Shrimp lives in total darkness. It feeds on floating particles and emmits flashes of neon light to confuse predators. These creatures are similar to the ones that once lived on the planet earth a long time ago.
Looking Back:   
Storm is coming: Bryce, Twisted Brush, Gimp
Cafe by Tiziano Fioriti: It wants to be a small view of Caf de Flore of Paris, the famous "caf of the artists".
My first Katana: the first model i ever made
Tube Dress: Modeled a new dress for Dawn and this is a frame from an animation I made to test it. Features dynamic cloth and dynamic hair. The stockings and bracelet are from my ~Diamond Dress~, and the shoes are my Cardy boots. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Lord of the rings - Witch King: A scene of a witch king staring over his forces.
Hot Rodz: A take on the old Car-Toons figure Hot Rod model made by Birdman here @sharecg
lighting-challenge: wip progress for the 17th lighting challenge
Taming the Beast: Using a V4-custom character by Betolemo (its here on ShareCG for free) I created a new Druuna
The Dead Walk: Self Promotional Piece. Illustration was created as a cover piece for a graphic novel that I intended to write and illustrate. It depicts a newspaper headline that proclaims that the dead have gotten out of their graves and are walking through town. It looks like whom ever is reading the headline has already prepared for the war against the hordes of the living and walking dead.
Clocks: a surreal image
road in N...: a little tweak color...
Dialogue: I want to end the year with a sign of hope for 2015. I wish the dialogue between different cultures could open up in front of the sunset of the wars. I believe that dialogue is the best option for resolving disputes between nations.   Happy 2014 to all
Where to go: Girls wondering where to turn
Black hair by Elianeck: my new  HDRI Lights for Iray ! Still in promotion -30%http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-iraymy fave texture https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/naya-v7-g3f/117551/tks!
The Fluffy Issue: I wanted to make the scene of white rabbit's watch of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. However, I do not have the white rabbit's MAT, I made it by oneself. It doesn't feel right for some reason. It is my present issue to make MAT of the animal's fluffy hair.Thanks for sharing. forest backgrounds by HoboBo, mne6 for V4 by MNE, HMHM hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, Hair Colours for HMHM & MGHM Hair by deepred, Pocket Watch : M3 Enbi by hisayan, Bench by siosai.
Santa's Little Secret: Do we really know everything about Santa?
scarred4life: A nightmare at the museum.
'The Rear is OK': Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.Vickies outfit:- shorts: the 3dwizard- top: Toolgirls ( )- bandana: SotoQuad: catamaranHeineken cans: Trekkiegrrrl
Glass and water: Glass and water
He Won't Grab Me Ever Again!:   
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 6, page 6): This is chapter 6, page 6 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
Fall in The Dark side: DAZ3D,3DS max
GUMDROP 18th Century: Created clusters, renders, poses using this adorable character Gumdrop-contents !
Game Aircraft: 'Red Baron' (wireframe): WWI Fokker DR-1 Dreidecker (triplane) Tris: 3549
Mirror-01: Mirror use in Poser 5, 6, 7 with raytracing render. pp2-file DOWNLOAD
Cryonics-Secret to Immortality?: Welcome friends!  This is the second in my series of pulp magazine covers created with pulp-o-mizer.  Another 'non fiction' styled magazine, this is a parody of such science magazines as 'Discover' and 'Omni', but it deals with wildly improbable up and coming technology and is presented as real scientific facts on the very cutting edge of science.Special to thanks to Bradley W. Schenck, designer and primary artisthttp://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html*Please note that to protect the original design of the site this work is all rights reserved.
Boarding Party: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
G2M: Genesis 2 Male Iray render.
-Keeping Secrets-: ~Keeping Secrets~Figure is Dawn SR-2 with some of her body morphs. Pose and mask by me. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like and thanks for coming by!
Pioneer: Daz Studio, Bryce 7 and Paint Shop Pro
Stormy Weather: Lumion
water: another of my attempts at photoshop, for the challenges over at imagine fx. Theme: surrealism. in this image his reflection is reaching out of the water.
On The Mountain by elianeck: My new lights package 3 still 30% off!http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3I'm preparing my new  lights "dramatic"I hope you liketks!
Sun man by elianeck: Iray rendertks!
3D Orcum Robot Character Modeling Rome. Italy: A high-quality 3D model of Orcum Robot Character Modeling designed by GameYan using Maya and Cinema 4D Along with sculpting and texturing, we did rig to this character as well. GameYan Studio is 3d art and animation outsourcing studio in India, US and UK which also involved in game application development and movie production.
Wing Suit: Best view full scale for detail viewing.   The wing suit is for extreme skydiving, it allows a person to  appear to fly close to the gound of moutains,  this is my attempt at suchs a scene, rendered in Poser Pro 2014 - no post work-  free to use as you like
buisness card 2: another buisness card submission for a recent contest
New T-shirt: Modeled a new t-shirt for Dawn in 3DSMAX + Zbrush, and CatsEyes wanted to try it first. ^^
koikoikoi and grungy boat: "koikoikoi" is a memory of the time when I lived in Tokyo, often visiting one museum there and near to the museum was a moat with koi and a Highway. "fushigi da na" is made in Bryce with no postwork. The terrainmaterial is created by David Brinnen, who also created the base for "real moon and vol.clouds". I altered the terrain to make it look like treesTha anaglyph pictures were done in Bryce using a Zen-Sutra (Hannya Shingyo) for the terrain. Postwork done in Photoshop (CS2)
Royal Poker Character Design and Animation Berlin: GameYan specializing in Character Texturing, Sculpting & Rigging for Animations world like Game Character Animations, 3d Movie Character Animation, Pre and Post Production Animation worldwide.    
She's Got Balls!: Yes she does! 
Smooth Reflections: I have always been a fan of pin-up art, with whole figure representations on white backgrounds, concentrating all detail on the form itself. This is one of my attempts...
Tech love by elianeck: Carrara..tks!!!
The Wraith 4: Trying to recreate a scene from the 80s movie, "The Wraith"
Eye's of a Stranger: background for any use, created in bryce and poser.
king of the jungle: by Herminio Nieves@2011
Background: background I made in Paintshop pro enjoy!
In The Bedroom.: Originally, a render to play with Stonemason's Sci-Fi bedroom but I got a little carried away and ended up going all in with Topher and Marius.
the ancient bow: Summoner's Morphing Elves-Bow  used here
2OT - Aurora - IRAY_004: Thanks for viewing
Guardians of fire: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Arani: Daz studio4 pro
Тhe house of the witch: Hi, this is a sample background for an animated series I'm preparing (I posted another one earlier). It's not going to be used in the movie as is, it's more like a teaser picture.
Junk food: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis - M4 skeleton )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Little GI Joe: OK maybe I should'nt have connected the garden hose to his new mega super soaker water gun but the carpet needed cleaning anyway........... Thanks for having a look,Ed
time machine field in 2025 (Terminator -4)-1: This is another image of time machine field of terminator - 4 fan art.
The power of love: Enjoy!
Outlaw: Done in Max
Return to Oblivion: My last installment to my BFA show coming up in a couple weeks.
Guardian: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Vacanza a la Riviera dei Fiori con mia Cinquecento: Guarda...
Circle of Wings: This picture was a nightmare to turn into something that looked okay, even though I thought it was cool when I made it.
Dynamic 3D Marvelous Designer Hoodie: Dynamic 3D hoodie made in Marvelous Designer and rendered in Keyshot. Visit https://CGElves.com for Marvelous Designer tutorials, Marvelous Designer clothing patterns & garment files
Sight of Hope: A hope for a better world for everybody, no matter their skin color, religion or political thinking, as all us belong to the same race: the human race.  It's still a WIP, as besides the clothes are very well done, I have a different idea of the stuff I want for the definitive render, create another dress texture, maybe more finery and that kind of stuff, on the other hand the skin shader, after 5 months tweaking the diffuse and the 2 specular channels and several versions, is still a WIP as I'm not totally satisfied with it, the skin textures does not belong to me, it is Bree from Daz 3D.  Houma Outfit for Genesis 2 Female by dragonbreath here at ShareCG and tepees by Dark Edge Design at Content Paradise.
open treasure chest wireframe: this was designed for the jagex company runescape game for a job interview! It is low polygon
tower: exterior
Character 3d modeling services: Get high-quality character 3d models from MAP Systems, among the leading 3d design service providers serving industries like gaming, animation, advertising, media, and more at affordable pricing.
Texaco TIme Warp: Old & New, Zoomed  in, Zoomed out. Rendered in DAZ Studio IRAY.  No compositing or post work.  Zoomed in took 75mins, Zoomed out took 50mins. Texaco Station -- Poser World McLaren P1 -- Tru Form Woman -- DAZ V6 Hair -- 3Dream Clothes -- Lil' Flame (Top), Ravenhair (Socks), Sarsa (SHoes), Wild Designs (Skirt) Shaders -- DAZ, kaz242/Nobiax
Miley Cyrus by Leibovitz: I created Leibovitz's photo called "Miley Cyrus Topless" in mass media in Illustrator CS3
Ruins of Zerzura: Vryce 7, réalised with pack element ruins + news elements
Jack the ripper: L'altra notte mii sono adormentato davanti la TV quando mi sono svegliato stavano trasmettendo uno speciale su Jack lo squartatore e mi è venuta l'idea di postare una scena relativa al famosissimo serial killer Londinese. Spero vi piaccia. The other night I fell asleep in front of the TV when I woke up they were sending a special on Jack the Ripper and I came up with the idea of posting a scene on the famous London serial killer.  hope you like it.  
Jurassic Oz: The land down under.
More Mounted Gurl: This time she faces enemies. I've enhanced this scene in Bryce with another rider and more orcs but because Bryce is so memory weak I've been unable to save to it disc and feel it pointless to work on something I cannot preserve.
Voiceless lady: a pose of latest character V4
cyber cosplayer: tks!
one day in the nightmare: had this image in my head from the start...just shows how the tools are evolving these days!
hohoho by Elianeck: my new HDRI light for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-irayEvangelene G3F/V7https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/evangelene-g3f-v7/117898/tks!
Mazda Furai: One of my favorite exotic cars :3 Feel free to use as they wish :)
Solve This!: I am sure some of you will find this interesting. So let's play this game and see what you can solve or deduce. You can use Google to help you if you must. So without further ado....let the game begin. The following image depicts a novel that is not fiction. All the necessary clues are provided within the image. What is the title of this novel?
Dance with Me:   
Girl of the moon: Another romantic view of a girl sitting on the moon and plays beautiful strings for the stars
ArtistRoom-ClassicPlayer: Future Classical Grand Artist Home Gracea Play Harp in Living Room
dawn: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Bighorn ram: 3d model of Bighorn ram Modeled in 3dsMax 2009. Textures painted with Photoshop CS2 Original 3d file you can find at: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=474672
Zambriskie's Pass: free background for any use you have, commercial or otherwise, steve
Klingon Commander: Klingon Commander - using Xurge3d Fantasy Ranger for M4, and my Klingon Combadge and rankpin freebie. Head morph by Grfkdsgn
the final: Scene finale de mon histoire, plein de scenes entre tout ça que je publierai au fur et à mesure Final Scene of my story, full of scenes between all that I will publish in As
Space Dolphins: This is an attempt to recreate a picture I found on the net years ago. I couldn't find the pic again so decided to recreate my own version.
Ayane G8 by Elianeck: Ayane for Genesis 8 Femalehttps://www.daz3d.com/ayane-for-genesis-8-femaleElianeCK Iray One Click Lightstks!
Ratenkrieg: A german hunts through the sewers.
The Druids: Merlino , Morgana e la nascita della legenda di "Gendragon"(Merlin, Morgana and the birth of the legend of "Gendragon"))
No Pictures!: It looks like yet another friendship is beginning to turn into something more...
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 030: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Flatlusens sista sekunder i underlivet: A picture I made for a competition on animate.se. It's supposed to show a crab ( yes, like in the stuff you get.. down there ) and this pictures ended up at 3rd place.
HIGHLY Illogical: * * Full view please!* * Overheard on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Kirk: Spock, explain. Spock: Captain, the lifeform in question is vulpine, yet quite humanoid. I cannot account for the wings, however. Her energy readings and that she matches the Enterprise's speed defy all logic. McCoy: Damn it, Spock! Must everything be logical with you?! Kirk: What you're saying then, Spock, is that she's a "fox." Spock: If I may be so bold, Captain, I detect a double meaning. Kirk: Perhaps so, perhaps so. ***** The Enterprise end up backwards in time (and within Earth's atmosphere) again, and Aseska wonders how much weirder things can get. The scaling difference is not even CLOSE to being accurate. ***** Credits: Constitution Class Starship Mesh by Gene Jim-Eng Texture by Andrew J. Hodges Aseska based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Hairstyle © Mylochka Wings (no longer available) © Deskar Sky background © Wildypants STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry and is the property of Paramount Pictures. Aseska and image © 2008, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. DO NOT ALTER, COPY, OR STEAL.
me: the woman behind the art, cropped image of me in my wilder years
Audi A5 Coupe: Created in 3D Max
Ionic style: Ionic
free Mazda RX7 for 3ds max8: !!!!! Download model here!!!!!!! http://www.sharecg.com/v/10037/3d-model/Mazda-RX7-for-3ds-max8
Larry's Dream: Larry's family wanted him to play for the NBA. But Larry only ever had one dream...  Created in Daz Studio.  For a full list of the assets used in this scene please visit pixelsizzle.com
Untitled Awesomeness: I love it when my renders just fall together perfectly and the end result is freaking AWESOME.
Vacanza a la Riviera dei Fiori con mia Cinquecento: Avanti, move la gambe!!!
Sherazade scene orig: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Aeromoto 02: Rendering in DAZ Studio. Another test of rendering of another test of prop. Maybe someday I will do it so good like the guys of this site.Aeromoto02 NOW FREE!! http://www.sharecg.com/v/69872/browse/11/Poser/Aeromoto-02
Pawn Scene: An abstract of sorts created using an excellent object found here.I must thank all of you for the wonderfull things you create and upload.Without you all would be scenes of sky and water
Anime Figures of a character from comic I create.: Anime Figures of a character from comic I create. trailer anime on Youtube[url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JYdYhS-_nU[/url][video=youtube;8JYdYhS-_nU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JYdYhS-_nU[/video]my Youtube channel[URL="https://www.youtube.com/user/MinaseSouya?sub_confirmation=1"]https://www.youtube.com/user/MinaseSouya?sub_confirmation=1[/URL]`Link to 100 pages comic released on my HP.[URL="http://minase-souya.sakura.ne.jp/2dcg/comic_UB_ep001_ver200_jp_htmlVer/comic_UB_ep001_ver200_jp_htmlVer_p001.html"]http://minase-souya.sakura.ne.jp/2dcg/comic_UB_ep001_ver200_jp_htmlVer/comic_UB_ep001_ver200_jp_htmlVer_p001.html[/URL]自主制作アニメ Anime INEVITABLE WORLD SHIFT  「イネヴィタブル・ワールドシフト」 デジタル原型
castle3a: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Bee Queen: Alphaman's evil nemesis, BeeQueen, attacking the city with her swarm of mutant Bee Men! Except for the people in the street, these are all figures from Sixus1.. BeeQueen is Trixie, BeeMen are Swarm aliens. The hive-ship is my own creation. Alpha city is from Sixus1
Day light living room: A minimalism decored living room
Loja1: Prata Fina
Chibi Test II: Started yesterday with 47 head morphs, and it got to 86 today. Here are a couple of chibi characters to test the head. Used NearMe's body again. The expressions on the little chibies at the bottom are built-in and require no extra props - the kind of thing I've always wanted to have in my Poser characters, now with all the chibi fun.Head was modeled and morphed in 3DSMAX, rigged and rendered in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
First love: il primo amore non si dimentica mai
Halloween1: background voor Poser or pcdesktop
Dimise Can Be Brutle: Oouch! Learning how to make skin looked like its peeled was tough. But the effect looks great. No Postwork at all.
"They Were Made of Sterner Stuff": Several years ago, I was a history teacher in a high school, attempting to do a unit on Weestward migrations in the U.S. during th mid-19th Century. The kids weren't particularly interested in anything but the the latest clothes,movies,  boy bands, sports, sneakers, video games, other pop-culture miscellaney...About the same time, some car manufacturer came out with a roomy SUV that included a buildt-in DVD player - to keep the kids entertained on those long trips.I had also read Steinbeck's  Grapes of Wrath (my own granparents had made that journey from Missouri to California back in the day) and particupated in a stage production of the story...Anyway, reflecting on all of this, I had the idea for this short history lesson in the form of a cartoon. Enjoy...
3boredgirls Photobie: A budget Photoshop program.
Trike: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Martians? What Martians!!: A Poser Martian War Machine on Mars Backed by a Background Done in Artmatic Voyager. In the Far distance is an old fashioned space ship from Earth, come this long distance to see what the Red Planet has to Offer.
Candy...: Daz StudioPro render.Flour made with a native plane. Playing with surfacing :)
One more wish: This scene was created in 3 parts: the elf, the kid and the backgorund was separeted in Poser5. Joined in Carrara for render.
Girl: Modelling exercise
Kilgorin Warrior: To the end
full moon: V4 transformation Daz Studio,rendering-bryce7
Mission Game Development: Mission Game Development by GameYan Studio. undertaking.
Icehound: Ice.
the attraction of the moon: a night in a hotel
Petal Dance:   
Loik's Urgency: from one creature to another, please! this is urgent business!
Bellydancer: A bellydancer in a palace in medieval Baghdad
Phatty!: Sweet meet.
Left At The Altar: A spooky and tragic image of a bride who was left at the altar and refused to leave. She waits still for her fiance . . . This image was inspired by a random look through my Runtime. I was looking for an outfit for a skeleton to go Trick-Or-Treating in for another image and stumbled on this idea. Items used include the V3 Skeleton, V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress w/Bridal textures, the Hunter Moon for the Millenium Environment, the pedastal, and the Radiance of Spirit prop. I made the drape on the pedastal in Hexagon and used the velvet materials provided for free by RDNA. I also made the veil and tiara in Hexagon, which was textured by Jack Wyvern.
Stormbringers: Companion piece to my previous image using the rather fun DAZ harpy model.  Here Ocypete(the Swift Wing) is joined by her sister Aello (Storm Swift), soaring through the dawn light heralding the coming storm... Other bits and bobs are the fantsydelight dress by deni67 (with my own custiom mats),with jewellery from  RPublishing's gypsy love, 3Dream's amalthea hair, Emma and Jordi's crown circlets and DMR's briana culaidh.  The hair is Amalthea (for Ocypete) and (Sennia for Aello).
Harris Hawk (Oil): A Harris hawk  oil paint rendering
Similar Starfleet Sovereign class ship in drydock: Download PSD file Similar Sovereign class ship in Nemesis drydock. Render with daz studio 4, postwork with photoshop. Credits: Jade Miasma from mylochka. Ship is a conversion from Kamikaze Bacon's sketchup model, with some of my personal adjustment
Spirit hunter: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
hopeful days:  I am vfx artist. Not a main concet artist. But I love to work concet.Enjoy  
im Nebel: in Poser gemachter Nebel mit Tiefenwirkung
Trapped in Time: Just basically fooling around and came up with an idea in my head and played in poser and here it is shes pretty kool to me but who knows
Background 15: Background and Fractal
A Long Day at the Marketplace: A Poser, fantasy piece composited layer upon layer of characters and buildings to build up my scene of the marketplace life on this imaginary village. The fine lady in the foreground is quick to offer a thirst quinching drink to cut through the dusty throat you acquired crossing the desert to get to this oasis and the place surrounding it. Civilization of sorts with food and drink for a weary traveler.
mysticism: daz studio,gimp
Another universe: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Oasis: Lumion
Thinks: all objets creae with Hexagon and the scene with daz 4.7
see by Elianeck:   https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iraytks!
trooper: fairly rough concept sketch painter X
got milk?: This is Suki, a new character for V4. She's yet to make it to my Rendo store, but already modelling for campaigns.   Firefly render with Photoshop CS post-works. Poser Pro 2014   Credits (cloth, hair and prop) - 3D-Age, SAV, Cranksville2007 You can find this in my Rendo gallery.  Username's different there as you can see from image.  Cheers
The fate of the cursed: Continuing the series of the Egyptian underworld. Here is the 9th gate where the falcon-headed Horus "the son of truth" commands "the fiery one", a giant serpent, to devour the cursed. ds3 no post work, best viewed in full rez.
VW Beetle 1967: Made in 3d studio Max 2012. I've model this VW Beetle 1967 for around 5-6 hours. Render is Mental ray.
Linux in a jukebox?: just a bit of fun this onethat linux gets everywhere. made with daz studio and gimp.
Katrina: After the Hurricane I made this montage...use it if ya want, just tell em I did it.
L'isola del tesoro 2 (Treasure island 2): Liberamente ispirato all'opera di R.L.Stevenson.
Fiat 126: Rendered in DAZ Studio with vray. Model by DryJack. Shader preset by Tom2099
Steamy windows: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis characters )
base 2: Another base i made
"Calm down and do no harm": Inspired by the legend of the Divine Buddha's encounter with an enraged elephant. "When the mind is at peace reality is truly percieved"
The village: a wonderful day to all :)
Maria: Maria, french girl for DAZ V3 in Carrara6
WIP Skins for Pinin's Cherry: First skin in the collection, a light brown painted skin. A few shots with just lighting changes. Now posted here http://www.sharecg.com/v/56034/view/11/Poser/Cherry-Skins-1
Bone Bike...: V4.2, Poser Pro, PS9 CS2*...*Thanks for viewing
Wannabe: Character concept for a potential future project
My Nokia 6235: I made it for my personal practice,i have no good reference for phone at that time so i took my phone as reference.. Hope u like it..
looking to the horizons: time for Vue. a wonderful day to all :)
Seeing the Light:   
crash&burn: OMG.This is getting harder.
Pompei 79 A.D.: 3d landscape for docu/film: "Pompei 79 A.D. three days before the catastrophe"
Trees-05: 2 Bushes for Poser in pp2-files DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
Introducing: The two companions
ALLURE (Contains Nudity): Ps Postwork, PoserPro, iMac Thanks for looking, Paul
Angels in concert: An homage to our fellow Mcasual/Jacques, Guitar, bass, straps and speaker stacks belongs to him, drums & sticks to Music2U4U here at sharecg, angels, text props and cordless microphone props belongs to me.
Cute Lyn: Lyn Lynn being as cute as she can physically be. Lyn is my own original character made with the Near_Me base. She uses custom a combination of Aoi, Moetan and Niseisya hairs, custom face and body textures, a custom made outfit designed by me and modelled by Ken1171, Ken1171's animal ears and tail and finished up with my Mini Angel for NearMe set (you can find this on my page for download).
Frank: Thanks for looking.
Diana Penelope Burnwood (Hitman Fanart): Diana Penelope Burnwood is one of the "handlers" at the ICA (also known as the Agency), providing Agent 47 with clients, targets, and information. She has, since Hitman's inception, been a prominent part of every story and proved a valuable asset to Agent 47 for the most part. Glasses and silverballer are personal modeling. Rendered in Max with V-Ray
Texas Hold'em Table: As a huge fan of Texas Hold'em, I decided to create a Hold'em table. Modelled in 3ds Max, rendered with Vray and postprod. in Photoshop!
Stop Me!: Shocking. Someone, please stop me before I break something!
sit 4: interior
Summer LunaFae: pretty female fairy wakes up to find an elephant fairy floating above her bed
Incendia: Abstracts created using the Incendia fractal program.
Tortuga 1683: Thank to all for visit and comments. (best in full view) .
Day of Innocence:   
S.A.M. Site: 3D model of S.A.M. site created by me.
Z Workstation Get's to Work!: Image created for the Share CG challenge. This image was created/modeled in 3D studio Max Design 2009. Rendered with Mental Ray without using final gather or global illumination. An AO pass @ 30% opacity was appplied for added soft shadows. A combination of pieces from different jobs went into this but the concept is that the Z800 workstation (actually a transformer) is at his desk in a downtown office and is starting to create a poster for the Share CG contest (in browser on screen). Beyond the work in max all passes were composited in AutoDesk Combusion with opperators added for depth of field, color correction and added contrast. All images from max were exported in the .rpf file format with Zdepth, object ID and Velocity checked for added control in post. This image is only 18x12 @ 72dpi, the 300dpi 36x24 version will be uploaded if selected as one of the winning images. (it's big) Thanks, Robert Lucero Owner Dimension 3D Services www.dimension3ds.com
Night out WWII: Military night out during WWII.
Kilgorin Battle Axe: My latest and popular weapon, the battle axe.
Grasslands: This is collection 2 of my Poser Backgrounds and this one is called "Grasslands". It includes images of grassy slopes, rendered at 3000 x 2250. You may use it in any way you would like - commercial, non-commercial or to wrap your garbage in. There are NO restrictions, although if anyone asks you where it came from, it would be nice if you mention my name. ;o) -Stephen Briggs.
Chiron: A Sci-Fi World designed and Rendered in AM Voyager. Smooth rocks and gaseous atmosphere with lots of water
conversion1: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
[Free Prop] Stargate command monitor: Download Stargate Command Monitor .CR2 model for free Are a Stargate Command Monitor? Render from a poser .cr2 file
McCloud Surf Products: Yes, I'm already dreaming of summer. It's just a simple sterotypical beach scene with Krystal and Fox a woody and some surfboards. Krystal model by Little Dragon
Infinity: Another citystation in space.
Samples: My recent 3d work
Outsider: You can catagorize in any format :D
swidhelms predalien RU: 90% fertig
Luscious: My first realistic render of a CG model.
element by elianeck: dazreality 2luxrendertks
Spooket: Hope you can use this for something.Thanks for look Stolta
Bikini & Heels:   
In The Corner: In The Corner - Made with Bryce and PSP.
Beauty and dangerous II: DAZ Studio Pro 4.5. Postwork in Corel Photo Paint.
Dancing: Dancing beauty
Alyna's geheime dromen (Alyna's secret dreams): Screenshot from the TV-latenight-series: Alyna's geheime dromen (Alyna's secret dreams)
My 1st upload,my Art work in few years ago.: that was a practice, I want use color in my heart to free my soul. because I'm a half achromat.
The Three Sisters...: Sisters of the Holy Order of Divine Justice...
alien: alien in mars
The Queen's Procession: Much is written about the famous Queen of Sheba in  biblical sources and elsewhere, but few facts are known about her.  She may well have been the historical Makeda or Bilkis, Queen of Saba (in modern day Yemen). She is also referred to as Queen of Arabia and Egypt.   Accordingly I have mixed a bunch of  Middle Eastern, African and Classical motifs together, and here's the result for your perusal.  I ran into hardware imitations on  this, so the second image is a layered version; I first rendered the queen, elephant , lepopard handlers etc, then using that image as a backdrop, added the musicians and dancers... it worked reasonably well without needing photoshop manupiulation and here's the result....  I might go one further for a bigger crowd when I have time ; watch this space! Best viewed at full resolution, DS3 no postwork.
Extreme Freak: I pushed many morph parameters I have in DAZ studio to the extreme and rendered in Iray. Have fun.
Halt: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Air supply: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Final festival before the winter: An image done for a contest
Ollie: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
Toxic Angel relaxing: just lying around
Yaak: An attempt to make art for art's sake!Rendered in DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, no postwork except composition (i.e. adding background and titles)Items Used:The FREAK (from DAZ3D)Shackles and loincloth (from DAZ3D)Sword and shield (from 3DCheapskate - yes, that's me!)
House Along the River: Created using Bryce6.3.  Always love the river and oceans.
Desert Rose: MAde with Cinema 4D R16
Lacrimosa Injector: A sample image of my Lacrimosa injector for V4.2
comercial exterior: comercial exterior
Travelin Friends: Travelin Friends , a sqirrel and horse traveling a road together made with daz studio, no post work. free to use as you like
Twicky: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy! Have a great time!
Fibotech 04: I like it...
Zuhn: 2D image of 3D head/face model
Archer 2: Another of my archer series
Invitation: Just for the fun :) Good dream
Turbine room: made in cinema 4d
SSSS by Elianeck: my new HDRI lighthttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-irayamazing texture Naya for G3https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/naya-v7-g3f/117551/N.G.S. Anagenessis for Genesis 3tks!
Chibi Expressions!: These are 20 random expressions made with my new Chibi head, and they demonstrate a small set of what can be done with the current 116 morph dials. All expressions shown here can be done with just dial spinnings. My ~Anime Expression Props~ pack could be used to completement the expressions, but is not required and wasn't used here because I wanted to show what can be done even before adding them.Head was modeled and morphed in 3DSMAX, rigged and rendered in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Thoran: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
interior3: interior
Moon over the clouds: A picture i love
Horror: An unfortunate turn down the wrong alley after curfew for this couple. Char.Bases are Hiro3, Alice 4 and Robtix Onslaught. BG: Urban Future 3.
3DIP logo: 3DIP
Genial 02: Created for advertisment.
Moonstruck: This was my first piece working with filtered depth perception. You'll notice that the grass and flowers in the front have been blurred, giving you a view as if you were laying in the grass.
Angel: My girlfriend  advised me to upload this one
3D Model of Ford Mustang 2009 concept + tuned: This is collection of 2 Ford Mustang concept cars: Giugiaro concept and concept with tuning. Giugiaro - This is last model of Ford Mustang. More info search in any search system with key word 'Giugiaro'. This unique model is made using the photos from the presentation of the actual car. Giugiaro tuned - This is unique tuning for the onliest 3d model of Giugiaro Ford Mustang concept. Tuning for the car model is made using Concept model made before by photos from the presentation of the actual car.
snowglobe test: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Strawberry In The City: This Strawberry character is moved to tears by the usual scenery of sunset in the city. Please click image for a full-sized view. Modeled and Rendered in Shade 7.5
next3: daz studio,gimp
"MormonGoth" the Evil Warrior.: The Evil Warrior "MormonGoth" -Face-. Part of a Fighting 3D Animation Clip..
Lacrime di pioggia: Lacrime di pioggia il tuo ricordo mi parla Dalla mia finestra io guardo il mondo che passa ....Sono le parole iniziali di una bella canzone di Antonello Venditti che hanno ispirato questo mio lavoro, che ho proposto in diverse elaborazioni di Photoshop
Sabertooh vs Terrorbird: Thank you for visit and for you comment .
illusion of space(beta): wings3d,gimp.
The Grass is Always Greener: Lustre Photographic Gallery Wrap Width: 20” Height: 15” Thickness: 1.5” Resolution: 300 dpi Lamination: Semi-Gloss Price: $200 If you'd like to buy this print, please visit www.artbreak.com/Steohawk/works
biondina amatoriale c1: Drawing made with Photoshop and graphic tablet.
~Bunz Bunny II~: ~Bunz Bunny II~Figure is Dawn, outfit created by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Dolly: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy! Have a great time!
architectural sketches V: hi to all. this is an architectural w.i.p sketch done with Sketch & Toon module of Maxon's Cinema 4d.
pink: Pink babeIray renderYukimi model http://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character-people/woman/yukimitks!
A Pin-Up Moment: A picture of my characters posing for a pin up. Model bases are Keisha for A4 for Chelese(Middle)Terai Yuki2 for Wintha(Right)and Rani for V4 for Pramada(Left).
Space Patrol:
Oops! Not again: might need a new mechanic
on-Top-01: thanks for watching
-Animeness VIII-: Figure is Dawn composited with a custom Anime head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
CLEO: Digital Cleopatra is a strange thing I did about 3000 years ago The process was: 1. Find a head/face I wanted then tweak the eyes nose and mouth. 2. Start grabbing random things like auto wiring harness assemblies, computer ribbon cables, fuse holders,led's, telephone cables, modem cables and various jacks like RCA, DIN, XLR and then scan them into the 'puter. 3. Now scale and assemble it all around the face as the hair, headband and necklace, background electrical panel[ ... etc.
Church: Render with 3D Studio Max and Mental Ray... Original model is about 20.000.000 of Polygons I optimize and I render on Pentium 4 with 3,00 GHz and 1 GB of Ram Mat
HeJab (Girl in Hood): I was inspired by the Afghan Girl (National Geographic), and many other images, where the main focus is on the eyes of women.
Mountain Valley: a mountain valley, snow and sun
WIP - Benfica Building: building
Kreetchures: A pair of trolls investigating a strange hole. Made in Daz Studio using the Victoria 4 model morphed into male and female trolls. The real surprise is behind them.
Target Aquired: Another render set of Mikaela Killing All...stonemason - skyline hallstonemason - greeble city blocksRender in Daz Studio 4.5, post processing in Photoshop CS3 
lady cyborg by Elianeck: my new light for Iray easy, fast, great price ! http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lights amazing clothing by sixus1 https://m.facebook.com/Sixus1Media/ tks!  
Witch queen of New Orleans: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The seduction of death: Often death is presented as a beautiful lady with a kiss that fascinates but kills
My Casino Dice: Hey, this was roughly done, and any tips and comments on how to improve them are welcome.
Distant Shore 3: A hazy afternoon on the sandy shore of a shallow alien sea... This image features my object preset "Planet 024 for Bryce 5.5/6" which is available for download at http://www.sharecg.com/v/9711/3d-model/Planet-024-for-Bryce-5.5/6 Created and rendered with Bryce 6.1 and Corel PhotoPaint 12.
The Ice Cream Guard: Because of the Queen's 90th birthday, this Royal Guard treated himself on a huge ice cream.The queen however, was "not amused".Royal Guardsman: Predatron Created  in DAZ4.8 and rendered in Iray.
Gun by elianeck: DazStudio ElianeCK Face and Body Iray Lights http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lights
Skeleton Trooper: Still standing the watch, just make the bg transparent to use in a scene
Plane & Snow & Storm: Plane disaster
Phalanx: An idea for a phalanx trooper that fight in formations with serrated shields.
Blue Elemental: Background created by me in Photoshop.....Victoria 3 in texture created by me....Rendred in Poser 6....Postwork in Photoshop
vector art: an illustration of a 3d model I have made
Blonde Martin: Forced perspective
Music Institute: This is the view from the entrance in my graduation project at Architecture School. The project is an Institute focused on the development of the Music and the Musicians. There is also an animation that can be seen in the portfolio section of my office's website: www.hypestudioonline.com Many Thanks!
Queen of Hollywood: Queen of Hollywood by RSand55 Created In DAZ 4.9 Pro and rendered in 3Delight. Victoria 4.2+++ by DazOriginals PD Ellis by P3Design Temple of the Pharaohs by DazOriginals Pharaohs of the Sun for V4 by DazOriginals RDNA Egyptine Peacock Feather Sprays by Daz Originals, RuntimeDNA, Traveler I try very hard to give credit to prop artists. If I am in error regarding any prop, please contact me and I will correct it. Thanks for looking!
Sad: Enjoy!
Aviator & Aviatrix II: Two Daz models flying identical planes.
J.R. Angels: Does someone remember that old T.V. series? or its spin-off Movies? I'm not Charlie, just like him, you cannot see my face, but for sure you have seen my "Angels". From left to right: Kyoko, Nidawi and Denise, 3 of them.Nidawi's hair by Wancow, Nidawi's jeans by scheusal242, shoes for all girls by Red-creations at deviantART, terrain prop by vikike176 at Renderosity. Full image at my Renderosity gallery: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2588492
The Samurai Woman: It is not apparent to the warring states period in Japan whether there was the samurai soldier of the woman. It seems that the "woman ninja" = "kunoichi" existed. Thanks for sharing. Backgrounds;Washitsu, Noubutai by yuzuki(nebusoku), skydome by Ryntaro Nukata.
Tryst: This one seems to be popular in the former Eastern Block.
Poser 5: Ma premiere scene realiser avec poser 5
Untouchables Manga Cover - Volume1, Chapter1: This is the cover of the manga associated with the Untouchables project. the story will be unfolded as the issues come out, however... it is a story that covers the lives of the Untouchables, who are mcs in a world both spiritual and physical. Their arch nemesis not known to them but is revealed as the story unfolds. The entire story is documented by a beautiful journalist who has observed something strange in the underground hip hop community in her routine covering of urban culture... African spirituality, the state of hip hop in Zimbabwe these are topics that are explored.. Artwork by Enqore
Is She On?:
Zul troll: Stand-alone Poser figure "zul troll" http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2312Includes a separate "fur" figure. All body parts are fully poseable. Mouth and Face morphs:-Brow Up-Eyes Close-Close Jaw-Jaw Up-Jaw Low-Ear Up-Brow-Brow Up
Maelstrom: Tks to all for visit and comments (Best in full view)
Toyota Supra: Been working on this for a while. Decided to mess around with it for a couple days to get it to look almost complete... dash/steeringwheel/doorpanels/brake calipers/brake disks are only mock. right now its ranging around 4,800,000 polygons with the highest meshsmooth setting at 2. With the model still having some inaccuracies... im fine with it :) I tried to brighten the image up a bit but did not work so well, ill make the rear view render a brighter color so that it isnt so dark when trying to view it.
pollution: by Herminio Nieves@2013
93?: none
King Mountain Road: King Mountain Road is a fantasy poster I made of a battle between elves and dragons on the mountian Road. The elves Hide in the shadows of the Rock Pines. They leap out for an attack once the dragons are in range. This poster was published in ImagineFX Magazine Issue 23 Nov 2007. You can view and buy this poster here. www.mattostrom.com
4: 4
Male by elianeck: my new ligh in G3 male soon...tks!
Ayane by ElianeCK: flash sale !! Ayane for Genesis 8 female  - 60 % price 7.18 !!www.daz3d.com/ayane-for-genesis-8-female   tks!
Two Images Unrelated To Each Other: The first is a castle I've been fighting with in Bryce and the other is mostly Photoshop work. I never have to fight with anything made by Adobe.BTW, has anybody here noticed or commented on how unstable Daz products seem to be. I hadn't seen a set of programs crash so many times as Daz Studio and Bryce. Not since I first started using a PC back in the days of Windows 3.1. Daz is very glossy and seemingly easy to use but its programming is a bit shaky.
Big daddy: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The Shrine (detail): With this project I wanted to create a place where you could feel magic. I looked around for elvish reference and organic shapes. I loved doing this project, while doing it everything seemed just to flow.
fleeting: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Angel Dream: Originally a sketch which was edited in Photoshop.
haunted: This cg competition entry won a consolation prize (yippee). The theme was "haunted" and the challenge was on for 29 July - 15 Sep 2006. This time I won a consolation prize.
Fat ogre: a colored version of my last drawing
Siege: Ecopaint battle scene
Dead Hair: A close up of dead hair. Created in 3DS Max 5.0.
The Dancer: after dark, the dancer twirls serenely to her own music in the quiet of the empty hall
orbital glider: ...little bit comic.. ^^
Surrounded: Two hot girls with guns doing battle with Zombies!  The latest in my Zombie Apocalypse series.
Beauty in Malice: landscape scene of a desert type area with a meteor about to hit
grimace: Photoshop CS2 and Painter 9 Very fast concept study (approx 2 hours)
WashDay: Tied Top from http://www.sharecg.com/v/53533/browse/11/Poser/Tied-Top-for-V4 Location from http://www.sharecg.com/v/7117/gallery/11/Poser/Sci-Fi_Environment-01 Aircraft from http://www.colacola.se/expo_p40.htm
Actress: oils colours on canvas board
Bugger: A couple of teens, trying to catch a firefly Rendered in Daz Studio.  Iray, Post work in Photoshop. Best viewed  full size 1920x1080
Aquatic Necropolis: More experiments at architecture using Bryce. This one involved use of the Organic City material for the central object and Steel cage material for the peripheral tower kind of objects, which were stretched along the Y axis. Textures used were molten rock, crystalline and also old brick... I think?   I was going for something that while still stygian was a bit less sinister.
On Video: Star Fox Dark Hour is now availible for you to own on VHS where ever video tapes are sold!   Just playing around trying to get some old school VHS effects done in Gimp
Tweak: Full Circle: So um... well, I was sitting in life drawing, drawing a naked lady, and she did a pose, that one specifically, and I said, "I like that pose, I'm gonna make a Tweak out of it." So then I did. At 1st I was gonna give her a ponytail like the model, but then I decided to completely classic her out. I even got my original Tweak drawing out, and put her in the exact same clothes, right down to the cuffs. I think it's kinda cool. It's like I've come full circle. Same thing, 3 years later, and in my opinion, much better.
_Peace_: Did this in illustrator and photoshop, Cocept: beauty never end even after death...
Alien Skies: the same as Aura Skies bt I inserted a spceship
Bridge: Bridge
the cyber girl: a sci-fi girl..
Lancer: I'm not sure which is my favourite, so I've uploaded a few different versions!
Central District: Reformer 121734 Central District
big babe by elianeck: iray render tks!
Background 5: Background Fractal
Make Love Not War Men!: Little Plastic Toy Soldiers....Changed Textures/Morph/Pose & Concept by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Schapelle: W.I.P. My take on this character
S.C.-08: Wings3d,bryce 7...no postwork
FOR HONOR GAMING REVIEW: Well, look at you, Ubisoft, giving us some original titles like For Honor and acting like a grown up game development company trying to do original things. Sort of. It wasn’t that long ago Ubisoft took an interesting chance with Rainbow Six: Seige, a highly tactical, slow-paced shooter that has managed to capture itself a dedicated audience who appreciate the emphasis on skill over pure twitch shooting. Visit Website - http://www.gameyan.com Fantasy, 3d character, game character, game fan art, warrior character, Character Design Studio, Game Development Studio, game development companies, Character Design companies, 3d low poly character developers, game art outsourcing Studio, character designer game, 3d character designer.    
Space Station: This is a space station I have built..comments gratefully received!
Snake skin: More blending in JWildfire
Concept building 0506: modelled and rendered in lighwave
Steampunk Noir: a bit of the old and new - I created the background in Gimp - this is a big image
The Unexpected Perils Of Being A Retro Spacegirl..: Full Title: The Unexpected Perils Of Being A Retro Spacegirl In A Non-Retro SciFi Movie...   When I saw Hawk's rather rude but very amusing 'Eat Me Big Boy' picture the idea of swapping the tiger with Codeman's marvellous Face Hugger 2007 just sprang to mind...
I love Africa: La " Vespa" un mito Italiano , affascinante , briosa ,così facile da guidare che potrebbe farlo anche una scimmia!(EhEhEh) The "Wasp" an Italian myth, charming, playful, so easy to ride that even a monkey could do it! (Heheh)
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Animated) promo: This is the promo image for my latest animation, you can view the animation here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMgz_FJGYKs
-Classic Beauty-: Posing test with Dawn, and another SSS skin shader attempt. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Waiting for Her:   
Another Journey: Bryce
Brash: Work with bryce cartoon materials
Please Be Seated: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
Panzer cleaning:     Panzer cleaning 
3D Military Man Character Modeling: Here is the 3D Military Man Character Animation Berlin, Germany Fully equiped and ready to fire. Try our ... Character Modeling Animations Services by gameyan.We are also offers character modeling, motion capture, VFX, production, post production for movies, games. Get More info at http://www.gameyan.com/3d-character-modeling.html
Memory Of Earth: I envision a time when man will travel to distant stars and colonize other planets capable of supporting life. Some of those planets will have moons very much like our own. Perhaps an astronaut will stand on the surface of one of those moons, gaze up at his new homeworld and think fondly of the planet that all mankind must ultimately call home....the planet Earth. This image was created using Bryce 6, Daz Studio, Lunar Cell, Glitterato, Universe Image Creator and Corel PhotoPaint 12.
Illusioned Existence: NINA Poser Render using Vue's Global Illumination. Rendered using Cinema 4d. Victoria 3.0 Leila for v3 by outoftouch, _Al3d_ DejaVu hair by FKDesign DejaVu Shades for DejaVu Hair by outoftouch
BMW Z8: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave3D
V4b4: wings3d,daz studio,gimp.
In a summer evening: inspired by a painting saw on FB. playing. all the best for you and yours :)
smal bakery shop, done with Cinema 4d): hi all, this a project about a small bakery shop, done with cinema4d. i did a simple light setup and played with the color correction effect. ps: a little donation would help me raise funds for vray4c4d :)
old church stained glass window: a beautifully realistic render of a traditional church with stonework and stained glass windows
october 32: experiment with texture...
Mayuka 2018 by Elianeck: Mayuka for Genesis 3 Femalehttps://www.daz3d.com/mayuka-for-genesis-3-femaleElianeCK Iray One Click LightsLorin Hair for Genesis 3 Female DazStudiotks!
St Patrick's Day: Just a little bit of Irish whimsy for the day that's in it.  The shamrock, harp and gold coin are already here for anyone who would like to use them.  The banner was created in Serif Pageplus and added using Photofiltre
happy Samhain: hope everyone has a safe and happy one
Herblandz property: One character idea
scarecrow: zombie scarecrow
Karate Girl - animation Promo: Karate Girl - Suki and the Barbarianhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJGcgOGc4Bw Suki takes on Bill The Barbarian in a last man standing cage fight. 3d animation created with Daz Studio software. Karate Girl adventures is a animated series by Ivy Summers Also can be found at th sharecg video section
joelene: just a portrait
Bombs: Another piece I made awhile ago, made in 3ds max and zbrush
Smile: It's a beautiful day today. Lets smile :)
La biche: Bryce 7, post Paint Shop, Photoshop
Ivy Sí: rework of facial detail on Sí óg
Dazified The Magical Dress Platinum for A4: Started to "Dazify" Redviper2012's The Magical Dress Platinum for A4 using Human Surface Shaders. This is just a start, using the Emerald MAT's. There are two layouts with two different Uber light sets. I have seen a few errors which are being fixed, but let me know what you see. The Magical Dress Platinum for A4 found here http://www.sharecg.com/v/59422/browse/11/Poser/The-Magical-Dress-Platinum-for-A4
The Flying Dutchman: Animation by Ruben Castro
One More Summer Day: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
Peaceful day: Bryce 7
Daddy may I again ?: Credits:- Carousel horse: nikisatez- Sally Mae Hair: Propschick- Carnival Carousel: Jack Tomalin- Charmed for K4: Mada & ThorneCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight
Asylum: modeled in Wings, textured in Bryce 7
Kitchen Design: kitchen design by CN
Yellow Field: I made this painting to familiarize myself at digital painting.
old style church: a fully rendered church model without the environment
Artwork: Gohan-Done by pen
Cyber Sky by elianeck: Carrara
She's So Cute!: Making the setting quasi-sepia is admittedly a little odd, but I like how it forces the eyes to see how Hitomi is looking at Akari...
The Rest: Portrait made in Poser with final emboss in Photoshop.
Alien-Desert: Modeled in Bryce 6 and 3DS Max.
Holiday Dreams: Bryce 7
Un Deaux Machina: Here's my latest work, created in bryce, photoshop, and 3ds max, took several hours to make
King I Model: Here's the model for my King I image. Modeled in subdivs, some of the fine panel lines are a bump map.
The Last Fairy on Earth?: She sleeps. Floating gently inside a ball of purest crystal. A forgotten curio in a dusty room, known only to a chosen few. Could she truly be ... the last fairy on Earth? Created in DAZ Studio and framed\finished in Photoshop. Room Chair: Val's Great Room Accessories (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/dream-home-great?item=5297&_m=d) Table Mine (http://ShareCG.com/v/48806/view/Poser/Simple-Round-Table) Curtains: Garden Pavilion (Sorry, I've lost the link) Curiosity Shelf: Scratch Built Crystals: Lyrra Madril's Magic Containers (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/magic-containers?item=9551&_m=d) Display Bases: Adam Thwaites Display Base Prop (http://www.sharecg.com/v/40716/Poser/Display-Base-Prop) Display Boxes: Ryverthorn's Decoractive Boxes (http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2074898&user_id=624642&member&np), Paid for. Book: Ancient Book (Sorry, I've lost the link) Candles: ToxicAngel's DragonClaw Candles (http://free.daz3d.com/free_weekly/detail.php?free_id=72) Candle Flame: Cin-Deigns' Lost Temple of Iris (http://free.daz3d.com/free_weekly/detail.php?free_id=200) Ouija Board: Bionic Rooster's Sprit board 9http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2074898&user_id=624642&member&np) Crystal Ball Base: Marforno, Danie and Abram's Stone Coffin and Pedestal (http://free.daz3d.com/free_weekly/detail.php?free_id=209) Book Display Stand: Scratch Built Crab: sorry, I've lost the link Child 1 Hair: Studio May's Twin Tail (http://www.3digitalcrafts.net/studiomaya/1download/wig1/wig01.html) Top: Sione's Gathered skirt and shirt for Kids4 (http://www.sharecg.com/v/41544/Poser/Gathered-skirt-and-shirt-for-Kids4) Bottom: Sione's Gathered skirt and shirt for Kids4 (http://www.sharecg.com/v/41544/Poser/Gathered-skirt-and-shirt-for-Kids4) Shoes: Sione's Gathered skirt and shirt for Kids4 (http://www.sharecg.com/v/41544/Poser/Gathered-skirt-and-shirt-for-Kids4) Child 2 Hair: Daz3D's Nyoko hair (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/aiko-3-0?item=2866&_m=d) Top: SickleYield's K$ Sickle Teeny Tee (http://www.sharecg.com/v/40981/Poser/K4-Sickle-Teeny-Tee/11) Bottom: SickleYield's K4 Jazz Pants (http://www.sharecg.com/v/41605/Poser/K4-Jazz-Pants) Shoes: None Fairy Hair: DAZ 3D's Mitsu hair Dress: Fairy Dreams' Tink Dress (http://www.faeriekisses.com/Freebie/FD_FreebieNovember06.zip) Wings: Tinker Bell wings. Sorry, I've lost the link.
lady in sauna: poser
Vamp: just another garden variety red headed female vampire.
Sniper Rifle: Sniper rifle for game mod.
Relic: This is a creature design piece based on Douglas Preston's and Lincoln Child'd novel, Relic. The "Mbwun", the story's antagonist, is a hybridized creature that stalks the corridors of a natural history museum. A special thanks goes out to Douglas Preston, who gave me some feedback during the design's early stages.
Hopeless Pictures- TV: TV series for the Indepent Film Channel. Contracted out by Worlds Away Productions. Technical Director. Worked on all rigging and implementation in the overall work flow for the tv series. Created custom rigs and U.I. for the characters and effects. Animated many of the effect shots as well as compositing a number of the episodes.
Poses: Drunk: Drunk... ^^
The Dark Mage: The Dark mage was done with Aiko and is pretty cool I guess.. I love making the art now if I can just figure out the other stuff lol.. Enjoy please donate if you choose to use this peice or go purchaes a print at my link listed on here. Also If you use my art please credit me for the use.. Thanks Kaileah
AstonMartin one-77: AstonMartin one-77 HIGHPOLY finnaly finished. As I told in prev.post I was going to make High poly using lowpoly as base. Please tell me what you think about result
Modern Sci-Fi Soldier: Modern sci-fi Soldier. Cinematic Character
Immersion: Digital Art by PureFineArt http://www.purefineart.co.uk All images Copyright (c) Gary Yelland All rights reserved please contact me if you want to use these images. gary@purefineart.co.uk
Selfie: Selfie in the park! actually it's in a warehouse with a big backdrop... she is a vampire after all...
Look what santa brought home!: by:Delbert Moore Thanks for veiwing 
Stargazing: Done in Vue 7. The building is the "Sponza" by Marko Drabovic. Props from shareCG.com and the starfield is from spacewallpapers,net. Thanks for looking!
livingroom: 3ds max+vray
dr3: interior
Interior 30: Architectural Visualization Design
bubble warrior by Elianeck: Mayuka for Genesis 3https://www.daz3d.com/mayuka-for-genesis-3-femalemy new light ElianeCK Iray One Click Lightstks!
Augmented Reality Advertisement Dubai, UAE: This is project included 3d realistic character development of Bear and doing 3d animation. The final output should be with live video footage compositing to match real time environment and lighting.GameYan Studio – art outsourcing studio for feature films and could work as production house to do entire 3d development for any animated movie.http://www.gameyan.com/game-development-company-design-studio.htm
the bedroom: a new part of scene
Breakwater: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Movie night: Just a bunch of college girls sitting around the dorm room watching a pirate movie.Rendered in Daz Studio  .  no post workBest viewed full size for details 1920 x1080 , 160 KB
Venus: She Is a goddess!
Looking to the railway: a wonderful day to all :)
stefan: v4,2-morph in daz studio 3
Razor: Ship: Razor / Class: Aerialfighter / Type: Fighter / Engine: Thrusters-A - Information = This is a 3D model created by Dynasty Weapons and textured by Dynasty Weapons. The model was created for an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game which is currently in development. - Join: If you can do any of the following: Create 3D models / Create texture maps / Create UV Maps / Create program scripts - Then you can be part of the project! Members of the project have a chance to be part of the development of the game and can be subject to be paid as the progress of the game continues. If you or anyone you know is interested, please visit our site: http://galacticoutlaws.ucoz.com/
Homesick: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
EF-2000 Typhoon: 3D model of EF-2000 Typhoon created by me.
Subway Tunnel Section: Tunnel Section part of Tram Crash Scene For Gothom City Project. Texture Testing & UV Layout Editing. Lighting Tests
Arc Angel: abstract style angel made for a wallpaper for a metal band
At night: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
addition...: v3,v4 in DS3-no postwork
Bare Midriff:   
Jewelry Store: The 'AllenArt Iray Jewelry Shaders'  inspired me to create a jewelry store.   Created in DAZ4.8, rendered in Iray. All props made by me in Blender
Continuing the theme ...: ...no render,no postwork...
Fiat G-55 "Silurante": First virtual flight of a new model: Fiat G-55 "Silurante".Derived from successful fighter Fiat G-55 "Centauro", this aircraft torpedo not pass the prototype stage. The scene is therefore fictitious. Pilot by NeiwilShips by BrineyFiat G-55 "Centauro" and "Silurante" available soon.
Natures Guardians: Heres some Nature Guardians
No. 3.- signez ici, s'il vous plait: Ruben Castro, Mexico
Call Isis..: my Dramatic Lights for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-irayEvangelene G3F/V7 https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/evangelene-g3f-v7/117898/tks!
Stargate Ship: Working with the dazstudio camera settings
Siamese in Grey: Originally an Ink Drawing I did a few years back.. You folks are some of the first to even see this work as mostly I now do 3D artwork and very little by hand anymore. Hope you enjoy this one....gene
Pandorian Night: After watching AVATAR for the 5th time I decided to build my own little scenery. The female Human/Na´Vi character was created via morph++/elite/creature morphs. The texture used is available here @sharecg by magneto1969.
Angel: Please click image for a full-sized view. Angel and the background were modeled and Rendered in Shade 9.
The Major Arcana. No.14. Temperance: Temperance is usually shown as an androgynous figure, child of Hermes and Aphrodite (hence Hermaphrodite) meant to represent the balance between male and female.  However, Hermaphroditus in the Greek legends has no wings, so I have made the figure more overtly feminine and a representation of Iris Chrisopteron (Iris the Golden-winged), who is the personification of rainbows (themselves a symbol of balance) and a link between the mortal and the divine. She bears the symbol of the triangle within a square, symbolising harmony of mind, body and spirit.  One foot in the water, one on dry land shows connection to emotion while remaining grounded, pouring one chalice of water into another signifies the flow of life and the mix of conscious and subconscious required for a complete life.   The pool is surrounded by flowers, traditionally yellow irises referring to the goddess.  In the absence of an iris model, I have used what came to hand for the same visual effect. The figure is traditionally shown with the alchemical symbol for gold (=perfection) on its brow; I have just used a golden circlet instead as it works better form an aesthetic point of view. A path behind the figure leads to the light, implying walking a moral, upright path. I had to postwork the pouring water in CS2 (that glass filter is damn handy!), as no resources are available in DS3 as far as I know to do this.
Magus: http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=25104     A stand-alone wizard-mage character for all your fantasy scenes. .: Product Features :. Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 65,758 polygons Mouth & face morphs: -Mouth Open -Brow Up -Eye Open - Close -Smile .: Textures :. Eye: 4096x4096 pixels Head (tongue and teeth): 2048x2048 pixels Robes: 2048x2048 pixels Head and hands: 2048x2048 pixels Staff: 2048x2048 pixels
Lesbia Kiss: Took a few filters in photoshop to get the look... enjoy. Poser Pro, Photoshop. All my work is available to view at www.paulsutton.com
like a dream by Elianeck:   only simple render using old stuff offcourse my new light tks!
Green Velvet Dress: Green velvet textured dress. This dress can be applied to a 3d model in post work using some tweaking.
Happy Thoughts: Woman in White outfit for Genesis 3 female rendered in Octane
Not as it seems: Not what it seems
The Cost of Progress: by Herminio Nieves 2014 using trash scene (available at hns3d.com)and other cities to create an enviroment awareness scene.
Love for all: Hope you can use my work for somthing ,Made card put in frame,put with link in your blog or website or wat ewr you can find out to do. thanks for look Stolta
[Free Prop] Ferengi Tricorder for Daz and Poser: Download Ferengi Tricorder .duf and .pp2 model for free Star Trek TNG Ferengi Tricorder for Daz Studio and PoserConverted from Ferengi Tricorder from Deep Space Nine by newdominion licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.I saved .duf scene file in my Daz Studio runtime directory. Before open the .duf file setup runtime in your DAZ Studio directory.pp2 file is exported from Daz Studio with PP2ExporterDS4 by mCasual/Jacques and not tested with Poser.Render with Daz Studio, engine NVIDIA Iray, postwork with Photoshop
Small Kitchen: The same kitchen, different angle
Black Virgin Detail: Details from the previous work
Snow Faye: Part of my winter series
GOTTA GO FAST: Sometimes, you just have no other choice than to go fast. Otherwise, you’ll get messed up a bit more than you have bargained for. Tools:Daz Studio 4.5Paint.net
Le vase Bleu: Models & render in Blender
G-45: Poster made for a 3d design institute, Simple 3d models, with a strong key light, this image speaks about an uncertain future. Cold colors, rendered with mental ray.
great friends by elianeck: DazStudio 4.8 G2 my light http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2 tks!
Summoner's Event Horizon (Fan Art ): Incomming At  http://freedom-of-art.ucoz.com  Soon   A Full Remake of the Enent Horizon Mesh Inspired by Russell Tawn 's Low Modell Dr. William Weir, Paul W. S. Anderson   Rigged articulated HI Res Poser 7++ Model Compatible in Daz Studio. Still in Construction , the basics are done and starting to group and rig this stunning Modell. it took only for the mid frame 10h to recalculate the polygons and make em compatible in poser , so many houres of work to finish up such  a great modell . Visit my site for almost 100 high quality free Models And even better models for sale all in Poser/DS.
Anime: Another mortph test with Vic 4 anime face
Buld 06: Very quick work in only 3h. This work is created from a real architectural plan.
Dominance war: texture sheet: My model for dominance war II
Miss Mage: Thats Miss Mage to YOU !! made in Poser - Post in PS Showing off my Staff with a nice render staff can be found here at ShareCG
Waterfalls 1: Another freebie background created with the flood effect and misc filters.
My Bene Gesserit Reverand Mother: And they could call on all of the memories of the Reverand Mothers who had lived before them.  Pretty much all variations of DAZ V3, with a bit of skin touch up in Photoshop on the primary figure.
Asrevolved1: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Alien Threesome: Swidhelm's Alien downloaded here in ShareCG.
Space trooper: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Fairy sighting at the Fairie Wishing Well: created in Daz Studio Iray , no post work .  Free to use as you wish, best viewed full size 1080
Lady Gadiva: The title say it is all
G8F and her bag: Handbag1 Morph by elmenu1  https://www.sharecg.com/v/91051/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Handbag1-Morphmy morph for opening the bag
french street: french street scene made with twinmotion and some sketchup 3D models
Pirate Girl: Pirate series I did for friend.
Bedroom: This is one of the environnement that is featured on my Demo REEL, that I made a "la cite collgialle" in 2006. I was completely done in maya and renderend in mental ray
Commute: Mid morning rush hour. Thanks to Summoner for the Communications station (top) and Prison station (bottom). Combined together they make for a nice big mother ship of sorts.
Lara, where are you?: My first posting using C4D as a renderer
Ice Pack: I watched Titanic & got carried away
Anita back by Elianeck: Anitta G3 by meElianeCK Real Light for Irayhttps://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iray
Mountain Lake: Thanks for view and have a good day!!!
Three Graces: Rendered with PoserPro 2014 All are V4, no other crap like Dawn or V5 or V6
Crazy Ivan: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Warrior Fae: An oldie. ***** Many years ago the Fae people were on the brink of extinction at the hands of the insidious Rat King and his minions. It was only by learning the art of War that they turned the tide in their favor, bringing the end of the Rat King's reign of terror. But now he has returned, once again sitting upon the Accursed Throne and wearing the Festering Crown. He sends forth the rallying cry to his scattered minions and even brings the Dragons into his sphere of influence. Tiffany and Talene are part of a new generation of Fae who, unlike their elders, embrace human technology. They must answer the call to war against the most ancient and wily of foes. ***** Notes: This is a totally new universe. Tiffany depicted here isn't the same one befriending Shion and the other anthros. My idea of the Rat King isn't the one from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My Rat King is actually an anthro rat who leads his people into war against the Fae. There have been other pictures at Renderosity depicting warrior fae, and for the life of me I can't find them now. When I finally do, I'm faving them. ***** Credits: Aiko 3 and Millennium Dragon models, Cyclorama © Daz 3D Wings © UweG and Deskar Staff © Mock Hairstyles © Mylochka (ktaylor), Bice, and OutOfTouch Gun and bodysuits © The3DWizard FX done in Paint Shop Pro 8 Tiffany, Talene, and image © 2008, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
Abram: Bryce render in Bryce.
nn: nice
good bye summer: model photo shoot
Uncharted: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Waiting to be unwrapped: A Xmas image ;)
Cyber by elianeck: I not resist change that excellent caracteres " Horizon" by Syyd Carrara 8.2 tks!
Spirit with Leia: Done with Apphysis, Poser and Photoshop. Leia done by PhilC.
can be my friend by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray One Click Lights (only one light )https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lights
Puppet Dancer: I saw a  pictures that was in 'one' of them 3D magazine, of some guy doing a Ballet dancer concept which was well... just rubbish...so.. well I did this just to get it out of my system...so to speak!
Batman: Batman1920 x 1080
Negasphaere 01: From the Perry Rhodan Universe
Peace Tree: watch out for the hiboux
Challenge Clothroom III - Sitting: Now the cloth bends ove the seat. Sometimes it is necessary, to take a rod or plane as bending tool instead of the real seat. Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Country Jumper: Daz Studio
Tank Remade: A tank i saw once posted in a 3d society form ,i decided to take the same art direction with my own style in it.Tottaly 3d generated .
Alley Intersection: Looking down a "t" shaped alley. Graffiti is visible on the brick, wood and stonework.
Mechanical 3D modeling services: MAP Systems offers supreme quality mechanical 3D CAD modeling services including automotive parts, machine parts, sheet metals, and more for various businesses. Contact us for all kind of mechanical 3D design requirements.
Ipod Family: Ipod Shuffle, Ipod nano 3rd Gen and 4th Gen, Ipod Classic 5th Gen. Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 9.5
Dragonfly Duality: The result of a friendly challenge whereby me and a friend come up with a theme each and have to create some art that fits both themes. Dragonflies and Duality were the themes. Obvious dualities are day/night, sun/moon, hot/cold, but a few "hiiden" dualities like symmetry/asymmetry, regularity/irregularity
ETERNITY: Trapped in a cell for Eternity, for the evil she holds within her magic.
Freedom of sight: Humanoid or Cyborg free in an open space. This image gives a great feeling of freedom and space. 3d, art, future, futuristic, design, color, cyborg, sci-fi, human, humanoid, cyber, fantasy, space, bionic, composition, freedom, robot, artificial
Toyota Supra 01: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Neverland Island: At the center of the Universe, time stands still. There is a lush Asteroid with an atmosphere & exotic wild life. Welcome to Neverland Island. 
The Artemis temple: One evocation of the Artemis temple just create with hexagon, all, and daz for the people and the scene
shower: shower
At the central station:
The Harder They Fall: A mighty technological construct has malfunctioned and crashed to the ground fracturing both itself and its foundation... Software: Mandelbulber 0.97
Not Having It 2009: Do NOT alter, copy, or steal! Compare with "Not Having It (2008)". Ever had one of those days (or weeks)? The kind you wish you could erase? Krystal has them (a certain redheaded vixen maybe to blame). Credits: Krystal model by Charleyfox; Poser rigging by Little Dragon Clothing © Little Dragon Pose © LilWolff Bubbles © Coty Endl, hosted by Gerald Day Rock © Mystic Nights Bass Fish © Royloo Underwater Land © Lupadgds Starfish, half clam, and crab © Gerald Day The character Krystal and her likeness is the property of Nintendo, Inc. Image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
JUMP ONE: Just playing around.
No Angel:   
depends!: Render Lux
Night patrol: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Batgirl and Robin, Stephanie Brown, Dark City No.8: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comConcept and all materials/textures/backgrounds made and designed by Paul Sutton Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Exploration 2: Bryce 7
time: look at this you live you ???
Space Scene: I was messing with self illum to make city lights visible on the planet's surface and figured I'd turn it into something, so this is the start of an animation I did that ended with me searing the surface of the planet off as you can see from the other space scene render I posted
Fronats on the mind: This was an image made for a fourm competition on maxforums.org where I won the round and also got a 3Dtotal.com award for excellence. check urban dictionary for the definition of a fronat :)
cybertears: magazine picture
Retro Scifi: Homage to those cheesy antic B-Movies from the 1950s and 60s. The fishbowl helmet is to protect her from William Shatner's kissing frenzy. Figure is Dawn, outfit and props created by me. Rendered in Poser with Firefly. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Listening Intently: Miu: "Only one soldier per outpost, I guess....   Too bad I have to be that girl."
Stonehenge 1: I used some light and clouds in this pic of stonehenge but changed the colour a little
Coutry house 2: A Coutry house on interior of brazil.
escaping: a relative of lt. ripley. escaping a xenomorph infested class m planet.
Mummy: Hi folks! ;) Here more picture of my horror collection! I drew and I created the volumes of the mummy using soft pencil, postwork in the photoshop. Scene to the bottom render in Bryce5.5 Thanks for look!
vice: daz studio 4 -morph genesis
Ipod Classic 5th Gen: Ipod Classic 5th Gen, modeled and rendered in Lightwave 9.5
Patricians: Well, another two chars. Actually at the begining I planed to create humorous scene with these two. But in the middle of process I realized that something goes wrong... Humour is melt away, but I saw something else. And I can say atmosphere of this work is satisfied me as well. (I used 3dsmax8 for modeling; biped (ledy) and CAT (mr.) for rigging; mental ray for fast sss skin; and ps&ae for post processing).
Father's Day 2011: Vass treats his father Arthas to an Italian dinner on Earth for Father's Day. However, Arthas is more interested in getting his son to "keep his options open" when dealing with the opposite sex, just like back in 2008... (mature content) Happy Father's Day, everyone! Shop Around, by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Credits: Arthas & Vass based on Furraldo 2 © Little Dragon Justine based on Krystal model by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ Studio by Little Dragon Krysta & Constanze © Lemurtek Business Man from Poser 4 Hair from Little Dragon and DAZ Clothing from Little Dragon, DAZ, and Poser 4 Justine's fur texture © Yasmin & Jorrick Arthas & Vass' fur texture © Porter Pizzeria © Shamira Dystopia © Ajax, Moebius87, & Billy Home Arthas' hair based on Zig Zag © Max Blackrabbit Art #169; 2011, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved.
The walls of Erix: Inspired from the book H.P.LOVECRAFT
3d Chess: Typical classic chess with aesthetic game pieces
naughty list (humor): hope u aint cause hes outta tp
BMW 6 series Wir_01: Own modeling from bluprint.
Blue Tube: Digital Art by PureFineArt http://www.purefineart.co.uk All images Copyright (c) Gary Yelland All rights reserved please contact me if you want to use these images. gary@purefineart.co.uk
rumah muki concept: concept from muki's house
Natasha's Boudoir: New girl to play with :) I did a whole series of renders using Natasha, . Best viewed full size for details. Rendered in Daz Studio 4.7 no post work. Production Credits outoftouch - Natasha's Lingerie for Genesis 2 Female(s) outoftouch - OOT Natasha for Genesis 2 Female(s) hameleon - Relaxing 2 SWAM - Beachclub Hair
The Meaning of Life (Desert Swimmer): Pink Floyd, The Meaning of Life (Desert Swimmer) by Storm Thorgerson , re-created in Poser Pro 2012 by Paul Sutton - In remembrance of the Album designer Storm Thorgerson (1944-2013) - Storm Thorgerson's pictures created a world of illusions, visual puns, conundrums and strange narratives, often set in a surreal landscape occupied by people and objects carefully composed in seemingly impossible situations.Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: http://www.paulsutton.com/cgiart.html Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
I Always Get My Way!:   
Fibotech 05: I like it...
Asian by elianeck: tks!
The Entertainer II:
Looking for Mommy...: theKid4, Poser Pro, Photoshop9 CS2 *K4 by:FK-Design* Thanks for viewing
Beskinskism: An Ode to Beskinski
Game model "cart": low poly game model, I think it comes out fine
Supergirl 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.2: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
one v3-two characters: morph and play with the texture in daz studio
Estar de Apartamento: Sala de estar
office space: an architectural render of an office
The old boiler room: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
[Street Fighter] I have a present...: Vega (Balrog) of Street Fighter!DAZ Studio 4.9Postwork: PS CS6
The warrior: Study conducted with Daz Studio and Carrara 7 Express.
Comic Book Scene Redux: This is my latest 3D art and a new interpretation of my original airbrush painting called Comic Book Scene. This was done using DAZ 3D and post work in Photoshop.
Brock on Pluto: Before he joined the Pluto Patrol
Paolina: Nightmare situation of Canova's Paolina Borghese work
sea of cloud - matte painting: -This piece is my game project that is a fantistic environment. Two resistance face cohere that emotional feeling. -And then this is the background for my game project. -I used a half working day to finish it.(4-5 hrs) -I used some reference photo and photoshop brush to draw it. -I hope you like it and thank you very much.
PA Anaglyph: Predalienscene Anaglyph
Season's Greetings: Two days removed from Christmas, and here is a greeting card from members of my runtime. :) Twelve, and I really mean TWELVE characters occupying the scene at once. No cut and paste magic here, just an overtaxed computer rendering this scene in DAZ Studio 2.3. And to think my computer came really close to choking on a Poser 4 scene with only SEVEN characters. Image came out too dark, so I tried using a front light to simulate a camera flash. That made the image washed out, and I had to resort to adjusting the contrast in Paint Shop Pro. Happy holidays everyone! ***** (Sorry, no credit links at the moment. They would take the description over the character count limit at Renderosity and ShareCG. A separate document will be made listing all the resources used and links to their creators.) Credits: ---------- Shion, Kenneth, Jurthal, Samson, and Brandy based on Furrette 2/Furraldo 2 © Little Dragon Krystal by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ Studio by Little Dragon Tiffany, Xenia, and Stephanie based on Aiko 3 © DAZ Sheba based on Aiko 3 Catgirl © MAB & Will Dupré Lucy and Tanya based on Posette from Poser 4 Hair: Bice & OutOfTouch, 3DUniverse, Mylochka, Mab & Will Dupré, and from Poser 4 Clothing: DAZ, Billy-T, EvilInnocence, Little Dragon, Eismaus, The3DWizard, and Jose Poses: Roxcat, Athena59, Muscleman, LilWolff, EvilInnocence, and DAZ Christmas Tree © Steven Taylor Classic Room © Tyl Most lighting © Lupadgds Jurthal's fur texture © Porter Lucy's necklace © Robrose Krystal is the property of Nintendo Image © 2010, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved
Cleopatra: Liz made a beautiful Cleo
If Lisa had her way: Torchwood cyberwoman
Dogy: This is a vector image made in Flash
Coco: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
room: 3ds max,vray
Trajectory: reactivated citystation in space.
-Kung Fu Girl-: Putting SSS (Subsurface Scattering) into practice again, now with a strong back light that makes it very visible at the ears and fingers. Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn wearing my "China Blaze" outfit, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Lost Goddess: This image is set inside the amazing <a href="http://www.sharecg.com/v/41255/browse/11/Poser/Alien-Cave-360°">Alien Cave</a>.
on yer bike: built in z brush and cinema rendered in cinema
Dodge Challenger 2: Dodge Challenger muscle car
cute-cute by elianeck: DazStudioIray rendertks!
arg: done after seen pirates of carrbian
he take!: iray render Daz 4.8 Consider to support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/elianeck tks!
Another 3d-chair: Another 3d-chair modelled in 3ds Max, rendered with Vray and postprod. in Photoshop!
space-ship with lots of space: spaceship! format: ultrawide!
My art work: My art work in bryce and other
Fire Pits: Fire pits I created with particle systems, glow effect, and omni lights.
Golden chain: Golden chain on photoshopped background Made with Bryce and photoshop
Eagle Attack: Several pencil & paper sketches which were merged into Photoshop and further edited.
Radioative: no
Fire test: Doing some fire test for an animation movie i'm currently working on. I'm going to post images from other stuff from the movie later, but here is a quick fire test I was doing.
Warrior Princess ?: Warrior Princess? No, this is a "Barbarian Bikini Babes" audition. Screen tests for "Warrior Princess Wannabe" are in the next chamber, just down the tunnel - the entrance with the fancy oriental silk drapes. For those who are interested, none of the three hopefuls pictured here made it to the finals. Tracey, with the scimitar, failed the audition - apparently the judges thought she was too 'girly'. Sonja, with the two cleavers, was knocked out in the following round for NOT being girly enough. Lily, with the moonblades made it to the semi-finals but was disqualified when her nipple-cups came unstuck - Barbarian TV is, after all, a family channel, and while titillation is THE main factor in their success, actual nipples are a big no-no! But it turn's out that the three girls were quite lucky really. On the night of the finals a horde of real barbarian women, incensed at what they'd seen on their satellite TVs, came steaming down from the mountains in their animal hides and mud'n'dung makeup, stormed the studio, and carried everybody off to teach them a lesson. The finalists, crew, and audience now spend their days collecting and drying yak dung to burn as fuel on the barbarian cooking fires.
Cirque du Macabre: A welcome invitation to the dark side...
Lara: Lara for Genesis 8 female
5: concept
JETONIC ONLINE mystery girl: Submitted for a contest, which no longer exists
Did I Do That?: I wonder if Sailor Firelight can do a convincing Steve Urkel voice...
Meow !!! Meow !!!: Render Catwoman fanfiction.Millennium Cat 3D Model LEhttp://www.daz3d.com/shop/millennium-cat-leKittehs For The DAZ Mill Cathttp://www.sharecg.com/v/22661/View/11/Poser/Kittehs-For-The-DAZ-Mill-CatEveryday MilCat Poseshttp://www.sharecg.com/v/23746/gallery/11/Poser/Everyday-MilCat-PosesGoggled Cat Mask for V4http://www.sharecg.com/v/44765/related/11/Poser/Goggled-Cat-Mask-for-V4all my works here: http://dollnumerik.blogspot.com/
Fantasy Fractals 10: 1024 x 768. Feel free to use as background in your poser or other CG artwork or as a desktop background.
St Patrick's Day: Wishing everyone a very happy St Patrick's Day
Hidden Cove (Water Color): A water color rendering of a tropical hidden cove
Unique Love:   
Call me babe by elianeck: DazStudio 4.8my light for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2G3tks!
w190: hope you like it
The Return of the Princess: I create this image from a dream i had....
Dapur4: Kitchen4
Interior no2: Interior
Cherry Wine: Cherry Wine made with Daz Studio Advance and Blender. Post work photoshop
Yellow glass tile: Yellow glass tile, 1370x1370 px, 46x46 tiles
Alien eggs: render with scanline, l
Log_persp_05: Very quick work in only 2 days. This work is created from a real architectural plan
test-project: - Modeling, texturing & lighting - Done in maya - Current-gen
Royal Elastics Feilfri: 3d model of Royal Elastics shoe. Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3d.
DeliRium Superbike Design: My first Design with 3ds MAX! All rights reserved
Nosferatu in sestao detail: Detail
Bots: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Roman Bath: I have done this scene referring the images from the following link : http://images.google.lk/images?q=Roman+Bath&gbv=2&svnum=10&hl=en&start=18&sa=N&ndsp=18 I have done some change in the Model to my modeling convenience. Software : 3D Max & V-ray.
Texture for background or paper for composite art: Textured brownish yellow? wallpaper. 8.5" x 11" canvas size.
elephant charge: inspired by a painting i saw in the art museum
Silly Faces: Just having some KTP Goo fun (now its um, Liquify filter in pshop). That's my wife Dawn, and my my sister's son. The bottom right is the original....each one is kinda creepy in its own way, so be sure to enlarge it to get a good gander...
FREE Christmas PostCard: I wish you all the best for the Holidays and lots of inspiration for next year. Use it as a greeting card if you wish..
Toyota Supra: 3D model of Toyota Supra created by me.
Diplodocus: Life during the prehistoric period
tristeza: tristeza
Mallard at the Cafe: Mallard checking the table at a cafe just outside of Amsterdam. He didn't seem to mind our presence there.
Dude by elianeck: Carrara 8 photoshop 3d .obj tks!
Soft: I mean the texture of the clothes.
Dreaming: Have been experimenting with 3d Delight - Iray and reality renderers - this one was rendered with 3d delight
Bikers: built in zbrush and cinema
Doa Marie Rose room by Elianeck: Elianeck Lights Package 2http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2tks!
Catch the Unknown: My first experience with zbrush, part os 3d total texture cd tutorial
Background: background I made in Paintshop pro enjoy!
Shell: this object is created with a help of my friend ALI cause it was from an exacte fomulat. To purchase this 3dsmax scene go to http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/283570
bigman: this is an a fantasy illustration done in photoshop and still some more work is there.
Final Approach:
Unwelcome Vistors: Kei, Polos, and Aja would have been better off without having to encounter that... And Aja (the brunette on Polos' left) is cracking wise, but I don't know what, atm... :P Poser, Daz, Bryce (in that order). ***** Credits: Characters based on Furrette 2/Furraldo (C) Little Dragon Kei's Dagger (C) James True (3DTrue at Renderosity) Polos' Sword (C) Alexis Lopez Vidal (sorroman at Renderosity) Battlecruiser 3000 (C) Anderson Soares (Gendragon at ShareCG) Characters/Image render (C) 2007, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter or redistribute.
Red Riding Hood: Red Riding Hood has joined forces with the Big Bad Wolf. Watch out hunters, they're on the same side now!
Naturface: A mix of 3D and 2D by using a render of Posers Victoria 4 into a texture with photoshop. Thanks for looking.
Christmas ball: 2 in 1
God Particle: Inspired by the discovery of the Higgs boson particle.  Created in DS3 using V4, edited in GIMP.
Beauty Perfect: I think she is just about right. What do you think?
3D Printer Project: Steampunk Delta: Okay, so I've gotten into 3D printing, and I'm getting ready to build up a Delta printer kit.  I want to make it unique and personal, so I'm going to add some cosmetic pieces that will steampunk up the enclosure and elevator trees.  Delta's are already pretty science fictionish looking machines, should make for an awesome project. Anyway, here are some renders from the first cosmetic pieces.  The bust is a self portrait that will be the elevator tops, and the hand holding the wrench will be the handles for removing the Front of the enclosure. Sculpted in DS 4.9 and 3D Coat
World Cup Bunny 2014: Just a little something for the upcoming World Cup 2014, which starts next week. Figure is Dawn with my ~Toon Hikari~ body morph, my ~Classic Bunny Suit~ (both available at HiveWire3D), my custom Anime Head, and my ~Anime Xpression Props~ (available at Content Paradise). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Morning: daz studio,gimp
Distant horizon: Bryce 7
Iceheart: This is a heart of ice that I made in 3D's max 9 thr other day. Edited in Photoshop of course.
First Day on Mizar-5: The first line of Steely Dan's "Sign In Stranger": "Have you heard the boom on Mizar-five?"
Fly way by Elianeck:   my dramatic light for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-iray DazStudio 4.9 tks!
car render maya: car render maya
Citrus: Experimenting with new colour schemes in Terragen
Ruffian: Ruffian on the outside, protector of the innocent on the inside.
Pateo Andaluz: A typical pateo interior from Andaluzia-Spain
Fishes not at aquarium: Fishes at aquarium sequel, the Atlantis queen revenge
Nana, the naked magician: poser 5, postwork, freestuff by BECCO UK, GABRIMA, LYRRA MADRIL - you can download the free prop "morphing sheet for shoot" to this address: Morphing Sheet for Shot, Free Poser and D/S prop - Poser you can download the free prop "box for Nana" to this address: Nana Box - Poser
green light: gimp
midnight dreamer: my entry into the challenges over at imagine fx. theme: bump in the night i wanted to make something a little different.
Lamp: a lamp
Bunny Reba: Bunny Reba by RSand55 One of many being done as a tribute to the Chicago Playboy(c) Club of the 1960's - 1970's era. Created In DAZ 4.9 Pro and Rendered in 3Delight. Victoria 4.2+++ by DazOriginals Debra for V4 by Illusions-Designs and P3D Ruby by P3Design V4 BunnyGirl Set by billy-t Z Dark Reflections - V4/G2F-V6 by Zeddicuss I try very hard to give credit to prop artists. If I am in error regarding any prop, please contact me and I will correct it. Thanks for looking!
Adam & Eve & Doris: Suppertime Chat: Their Method Explained
I Think I'm in the Wrong Place:   
biondina amatoriale b: Drawing made with Photoshop and graphic tablet.
Jason - WIP: I wanted to model Jason Statham from 'Transporter'. I'll leave the judgement on you. I started, UVed in maya, exported the rough model to Zbrush. I don't have an ETA on when I'll texture this. Enjoy and, as usual, harsh crits.
Vamp about town: Getting a bite on the bus home! And now the story begins to unfold... Iryna Tkach just a few weeks earlier, shocked, moments before she became Vampirena  
PIN UP 2: Thanks to Neil Wilson and Schell.
When Your A Lill Fairy...:   You need to blend and hide into your surroundings well. Because As A Lill Fairy.   People will Seek you out for your Pixie-Dust.  ~ Best viewed full size ~ 4K@ 1920 x 1080
dragonia: and my indian for v4
A dream (nudity): Some characters I have in my library rendered in iray. They are Miki, the fairy alien and the DAZ elephant. I hope you like it.
In the shadow of Mount Fuji: A tribute to all friends of the Rising Sun
Jus bottle 02: Created for Advertisement
Bronz Blue Room: Created using Bryce6.3. One of my Interior scenes.
The Major Arcana. No.15 The Devil: In stark contrast to last week's angelic "Temperance", today we have the devil.... Baphomet is a mythological creature who is part man, part goat, and part male, part female. This symbolizes duality and the age-old battle between good and evil.   The inverted pentagram above the figure is a symbol of disharmony.   The torch turned down is negativity, the opposite of the light of love and hope. The two human figures are bound by chains that illustrate the bondage of bad behaviour and choices. Links on the chains represent each choice that together form destructive habits.  They are also loose, indicating that bad behaviour may also be voluntary.   The horns and tails suggest a lapse into bestial behaviour, even hinting at devilishness.  Traditionally the tails are of fire and fruit representing lust and gluttony respectively.  This looked rather odd to me so I have moved the fruit to a more conventional representation. I have intentionally made this a twisted version of “The Heirophant” using the same setting and similar lighting.  The human figures are also the couple from “The Lovers”;   make of that what you will!
space crab: Its a small robot i made
Sunshine: Hi! She is mine next work. It is my first experience in drawing space works, well or something in this spirit, on a theme of the far future in space =) Why such picture? I do not know. Can be to me advertising trailer Sunshine cinema is pleasant and I have decided to draw a picture on this theme.
Race, approaching the next turn: Wide open scene
Road Rage #1: This all American girl will break your heart...
Traditional house: Traditional house Romania
Tyrannosaurus Rex: Digital1's Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ancestorrelic's busted gate kind of thing with some heavy rain by Wuspatoi and M4 with Nerd3d's suit
Happy and Sad: made in Daz studio4 pro
3D Minotorc Warrior Character Modeling: 3D Minotorc Warrior Character Modeling Egyptand Animation Berlin,Germany  by GameYan. We are Providing Character Modeling, Design, Rigging, Sculpting,Texturing and Animation solutions. We have an experienced team of designers to delivering creative 3D modeling for Games, films and advertisement. Try us Now.    
Justine: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
La favorita (The favorite): Ispirato alla celebre raccolta di novelle orientali " Le mille e una notte ". Inspired by the famous collection of Oriental novels ' the thousand and one nights ".  
Fear In The Dark -Part 1-: This was the first 3D pic I had done ever in DAZ 3D V3.1 and wasn't my most successful, but was one of my favorites, it stared Krystal as the main character, and some demon fellow in the background (Hehe yeah, I know it's the Disturbed Guy and I know I do not own any bit of Disturbed's fame and fortune ;) ) Hope you enjoy it! ~ Austin
In the Beginning: Eve and the serpent
newReality2 scene WOOHOO!: makin sum progress =]
The war is over: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Wire and Window: wire mesh window in a wooden frame set in a cracked and peeling painted stucco wall
Fallen: A quick character sketch (Jewell) for a series I am doing. Poser and PhotoShop.
I lost by elianeck: tks
Toxic Creature moody lighting: Zbrush sculpture, may and mental ray lightings....
Ring: Ring
Source: Animation by Ruben CastroMexico
Warrior woman by Elianeck: All my light Iray for DazStudio ...Www.daz3d.com/elianeckTks!
Condominium Unit Interior 02: Interior Perspective of a Condominium Unit Project using 3DSMax and VRay
BatDawn II: Modeled a brand new full body suit, belt, gloves, boots and a chest crest for Dawn, to go along with the cowl I had previously created. I am considering adding a cape. ^^Figure is Dawn, outfit created in 3DSMAX and ZBrush. Rigged and rendered in Poser with Firefly. Hope you like ti and thanks for coming by!
pink pearl: daz studio,gimp.
Audi TT: I already model ready it was illuminated with HDRI with involvement of the bottom in Vue
A traveler: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Supergirl II 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.14: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed ;-)Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.com/gallery/47245017/Comic-Art-FolderMade with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Harsh: Just having fun with unusual combinations... V4 with Silviu Caraba's Khang head morph (ShareCG freebie) plus a DAZ Freak 4 texture (same as Snarl), plus EzSkin2, plus dialed up bump and displacement...
Friends: Tks for your visit and comments!
Honda NSX scanline 08: modelled and rendered in lightwave
A bad day: A photo rendered in Carrara 6
Death's fear:
Sorceress: Originally a pencil sketch which was edited with Photoshop
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 027: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Expectations: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Pamola at the Beach: Ford Thunderbird & Pamola at the Beach scene 2
testing light by elianeck: testing light move the spot light lefth..right from my second light for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2 Kono Hair for Genesis 3 Female tks
invisable music man: drums and guitar
Rendezvous II: Compare to Rendezvous Credits: USS Enterprise E Original Mesh © Ed Giddings Conversion to 3DS by S-Stephen Other converted meshes available at STMC. USS Excalibur Original Mesh © Rivers3D Poser Conversion © Jhoagland Sponsored by Vanishing Point http://vanishingpoint.biz/ Background © Propschick Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and is the property of CBS Studios/Paramount Pictures. Image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
Emmanuelle, Sylvia Kristel (1952 - 2012): In remembrance of the Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who starred in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle, who died aged 60 on 18 October 2012. I Remember this as my first erotic film I ever saw... Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com
Living Room: This is a small Living and Dining room
Sketch4: Sketch
Lamborghini Gallardo: Lamborghini Gallardo
Drop Zone:
Girl in front of bricks�U: Thank You for viewing! Please click image for a full-sized view. Modeled and Rendered in HexaSuper4 and Shade 9.
Manga Style "Battle at the forest": This is Japanese Manga Style.So, please watch right to left
Vampires passion: Thanks for viewing!Enjoy!Have a great time!
Auberge: This is a door of Auberge in day, just for the fun
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 046: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Invitation: Daz studio4 pro
The Testament: Italian author I got the inspiration to achieve this image. In particular, I was inspired by the last two strophes. to better explain I tried to translate them into English, I beg your pardon if the translation is not so good !!  To give credit to the author (Fabrizio De Andrè) carry in the end even the some text in the original language.:   When death will calls me nobody in the world will know that a man died without speaking without knowing the truth that a man died without praying running away the weight of piety   Dear brothers of the other side We sang in choir down on the earth we loved in hundred the same woman departed in thousands for the same war this remembrance will not consuls you when we die, you die alone this remembrance will not consuls you when we die, you die alone         I  Quando la morte mi chiamerà nessuno al mondo si accorgerà che un uomo è morto senza parlare senza sapere la verità che un uomo è morto senza pregare fuggendo il peso della pietà   Cari fratelli dell'altra sponda cantammo in coro giù sulla terra amammo in cento l'identica donna partimmo in mille per la stessa guerra questo ricordo non vi consoli quando si muore, si muore soli questo ricordo non vi consoli quando si muore, si muore sol
howling at the moon: just wiped it up hope you guys like it
inside Meg V: hi to all. this image is a part of a series of images using as a model the well-reknown female model called Meg, modeled by bunk. (if i remember correctly this is a view of the shoulder) these series are side-effects of (what else?) shader experiments. i hope there is some kind of artistic feeling digged in these abstracts images. done in Cinema4d using simple ray-tracer
Rendez-vous: Happy Halloween!
Fairy Dream: Fairy with magic ball
Fauve: Render woman with lioness.all my works here : http://dollnumerik.blogspot.com/
KittybunnyGrabber: Shadow modifier not smoothing out shadows sucks.
The Flyswatter: The Flyswatter
mitsu hair blond: mitsu-hair blond
indians on prowl: sh someones coming he said took hours to get water placed
scarlet witch: super  heroina marvel
paint in...: daz studio,gimp.
old school market square: here is an old market square in norwich. you will notice it's simplicty! uses mental ray lighting. the daylight system is used!
Baby zomb: Part little girl, part horror, and possibly a little part zombie, this character will haunt your runtime.http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2308 Stand-alone Poser figure "Baby zomb" All body parts are fully poseable. Includes knife. Mouth and Face morphs:-Eyes Close-Open Mouth-Open Mouth2-Up Brow-Brow-Smile
Razor RZX-1000: Concept motorcycle I created.:bulletblack: Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!:bulletgreen: Zeatrex Website - http://zeatrex.com/:bulletred: Zeatrex Twitter - https://twitter.com/Zeatrex:bulletblue: Zeatrex Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zeatrex-Games/258113930999200?ref=hl
Somewhere in the desert in a strange world: Somewhere in the desert in a strange world made in Bryce 5,5
Maya: Enjoy!
Q1 2015: nc
RUN: attacked by the wild dogs she had nowhere to go only thing she could do is RUN
Marzo 1965: Marzo 1965 , la notte dell'addio. Con questa si conclude il ciclo "Marzo 1965" è l'epilogo di una storia d'amore conclusasi purtroppo con un addio March 1965 . the night of goodbye This concludes the cycle" March1965" .Is the ending of a love affair which ended sadly with a goodbye  
Queen Meadhbh: The mythical warrior queen of Connacht, strong willed and ambitious. She is probably best known for starting The Cattle Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúailnge) that became a war agianst Ulster and her former lover king Conchobar, where the teenage Cú Chulainn single handedly defended Ulster. There is a different version of  this availbkle on Renderosity;  I couldnt decide which i preferred so I've hdeged my bets,  Rather a departure from my usual style; done in tribute to the great Jim Fitzpatrick. For those interested in such things, the background of the forst image shows the ancient site of Carrowmore in county Sligo, Connacht.  The second image, ironically, features a n Ulster design (taken off a tea-towel of all things!!!)
Dragon Queen: A DAZ Studio Render with post processing using Gimp
Black bird: Blackbird from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.
Background 20: Background and Fractal
MentalRay test render: MentalRay test render made in 3ds Max
Forbidden love: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Technocoon: Aiko 3 encapsulated Technocoon model by Antonio Amador (aka TJNewton) Aiko 3 by Daz Studio
adagio-1: daz studio 4-no postwork
Self potrait: I always wanted to look like a historian and this made me to create a different treatment to my self potrait. medium used: Photoshop and wacum tablet.
Little Explorer: Was messing around with Comet the robot horse and this scene kinda created itself.  K4 exploring the corridors with her little pet (Skywing). Instead of the grungy industrial look for the corridor, I added a little color.
Witch hunter: Enjoy!Have a great time!
Protecting the Cherry:   
Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets: I have been working on creating Harry Potter and his outfits for some time. So I rendered these tonight & I thought I’d post what I have so far. These were rendered in Poser 2012pro -  no post work
Arena Wall: This is one of the Arena walls I am designing for a game I was asked to help with.
Pies frescos (Fresh Refresh your feet): Nice sunset in a warm beach... refresh your feet is a must!
Golden Age Batman: I choose to render this version of Batman, because he is more grim, at least in the old comics.
the SPECTACULAR SPIDER-GIRL I: May "Mayday" Parker as Spider-GirlSuperheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comMade with care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative, The Devil is in The Details
The hypocrit:
Guardian: Started as an experiment, fiddling around with the very first HDRI image I made. Turned into something a bit more complex. :)Uses Jabba's High Place of Inanna http://www.sharecg.com/v/73420/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/High-Place-of-Inanna-for-DAZ-Studio-4.6
Creepy Monster: Es un pequeño mostrito un poco grotesco, quise combinar mi estilo en el diseño que es Grounge y mis mostritos en 3d y salió esto….
frost giant: Military encounter with a frost giant
A boy, a girl, and a gun: It does not always end well... But sometimes it ends better than expected :)
house: house
In the morning sun: Daz studio4 pro
3dpaint: the client wanted a diferent 3d line.
Chaos: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Botropotamus: This is one of a series of robot concepts I have been developing. The title of the series is Botropotamus. I start with a pencil rough then use ink, marker, conte chalk and airbrush before taking it into photoshop to add hues.
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (one frame): More of the same
Orc Head 3D: Hi, this is my first attempt on Mudbox, day 2 into digital sculpting.. Opened up a standard head mesh and edited to this orc. Still learning the tools, so most of this was created using same sort of brushes. Loads more to learn..
The Furminator: Here's a taste of what I'm working on. It's a Terminator mod for Little Dragon's Krystal. It will be epic.
Black Beast nd Zerk. another poster: these character has made me crazy nd confused to make d another posters also :D :o).... As human heart is always nt satisfied with one thing... ;o)
nice picks: here two of my new picks
Halftime: Trying to force my procrastinating lazt ass to do something i messed around with the default scene in daz when suddenly a thought popped into the space between my ears. I fiddled with the pose and voila!
Destiny and Amber: Had a simple scene where Destiny went akimbo. Later on I decided to put her on some rooftop in Dystopia and pair her with Amber, a random raccoon girl. It gives me an excuse to try out another CrossDresser conversion item: Amber's T-shirt, which was originally for Aiko 3. Credits: Characters based on Krystal model by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ by Little Dragon Fur textures © Jasmin & Yorrick Guns © Mock Clothing by Little Dragon & DAZ Poses © LilWolff Destiny's hair © DAZ Dystopia, lighting, and skydome © Moebius87, Ajax, and Billy Home Characters & art © 2011, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved
USA Heavy Aircrafts (Top View): Top view of my 3D models based on my "heavy" aircrafts.
The night witches: The night witches, aboard their "brooms" during one of his many bombing missions, terrorizing and demoralizing the German troops. To learn more about the history of this regiment Russian women aviators, and his humble plane, see the link below: - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Witches  - Polikarpov Po-2 available soon.  
Morrigan Aensland Revise: This is a slight revision of my previous Morrigan render, adding a more detail to her hair, wings and costume. Done in Daz studio,reality/luxrender and Photoshop 7
doesnt pay to piss her off!: was testing this for my friend and this appeared
Winter Wagon scene: Vue 6.5 scene and models in Cinema 4D. Touchup in Photoshop.
yoda detalle: yoda detalle
Motorcycle on the coast: A beautiful scene of a Harley davidson with a boat in the background
Texture: Made in Photoshop CS2.
Alien vs Predator: Something sci-fi for a change. Click for best view full size,Rendered in daz studio. post work in photoshop. Free to use as you like
Airline cabin Daz Studio: Toon figures in the airline cabin.  Rendered with IRAY.
Zoey: Angel-Wings Family https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/zoey-for-genesis-3-female/121363/
the choice...: daz studio,gimp.
Domain Wizard: Bryce 7
dark watch -game projects: my first professional work. this was for ps2/xbox western-vampire-first-person-shooting game. I was an environment artist. Enjoy.
Present connect past and future: In present we build Future basing on the experiences of the Past 
Tomorrow people: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
BLC: BLC.jpg
Lit: Made in Bryce with 1 mat and 1 light gel.
Iray render by elianeck: tks!
Lady "B": oil portrait of a friend
Chopin's piano: art for an contest
Earth Dweller: Many interesting creatures live in the fantasy forest. Faeries, Goblins, Gnomes, many a friend have explored these themes in art. My take on the forest creature has far more tentacles. Constructed primarily using scatter, I made a single tentacle, copied it around a zillion times, then hand modified their positions into more interesting clumps. Then a LOT of photoshop work, mixing real photos and straight ahead painting to make a super textural result. I wanted to let the viewer smell the dirt. Modeled in max, rendered in Brazil, everything else photoshop.
Kitchen: My kitchen
esfera: esfera
air by Elianeck: DazStudio my light http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lights tks!
Elaine face by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for G3 soon by Marcius Resstks!
Austere comics: more working titles done with Poser, comic life and a lotta CG.  www.mikefullerart.com
architectural sketches VIII: hi to all. this is an architectural w.i.p sketch done with Sketch & Toon module of Maxon's Cinema 4d.
Thank You!: This one is for you, my friends and fans that have welcomed me here...Did this in Daz Studio with two distantlight sources and one area light.
Wives and Daughters II - London: Playing around to show the range of an universal character.  The base character ist V4.2.Character London by danaeIn each group the same skin, the original headmorph customized to the age and a adequate styled body. Made with Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork Thanks for viewing.
Passively Dangerous:   
Univers Mineral 4: Bryce 7
Wainting for my princess: Carrara obrigada ( tks)
Rays of Sun 2: Another view with Ray of sun, always with Terragen
"Mithrellas": Mithrellas Elven ancestor of the Princes of Dol Amroth. Mithrellas was a Silvan Elf of Lothlorien. She was one of many Silvan Elves who fled from Lothlorien in 1081 after the Balrog awoke in nearby Khazad-dum. Mithrellas was a companion of Nimrodel, the lover of King Amroth of Lothlorien. On the journey south, Nimrodel and her companions became lost in the White Mountains. Mithrellas was given shelter by a Numenorean named Imrazor who lived in Belfalas. She married Imrazor and they had two children - a son named Galador and a daughter named Gilmith. One night, Mithrellas slipped away and was never seen by her husband again. She may have gone to wander in the woods, or she may have sought the haven of Edhellond to depart over the Sea. Mithrellas' son Galador was the first Lord of Dol Amroth. His descendants thus had Elven blood, as was noted by Legolas when he met Prince Imrahil. ?The name Mithrellas may be composed of mithren meaning "grey" and las meaning "leaf." _____________________________ An Elven-maid there was of old, A shining star by day: Her mantle white was hemmed with gold, Her shoes of silver-grey. A star was bound upon her brows, A light was on her hair As sun upon the golden boughs In Lrien the fair. Her hair was long, her limbs were white, And fair she was and free; And in the wind she went as light As leaf of linden-tree. Beside the falls of Nimrodel, By water clear and cool, Her voice as falling silver fell Into the shining pool. Where now she wanders none can tell, In sunlight or in shade; For lost of yore was Mithrellas And in the mountains strayed. The elven-ship in haven grey. Beneath the mountain-lee Awaited her for many a day Beside the roaring sea.
Extraterrestrial Identity: Cloning is fun! Experiment with volumetric lighting.
Freight Train in Allegheny: In memory of O. Winston, the most famous photographer.
Machado de Asis Residence building: A Residencial Building at my city
The judgment: One day everyone will realize for themselves and others of their mistakes
Honda NSX 2002: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave3D
archi render 06: architectural render
Black Creation: Digital Art by PureFineArt http://www.purefineart.co.uk All images Copyright (c) Gary Yelland All rights reserved please contact me if you want to use these images. gary@purefineart.co.uk
Abstract: Made in Photoshop CS2. background that you may use as wallpaper or for your own graphics.
After a sandstorm: La  pace dopo la tempesta
Playing cello: Couldn't stop yet. Here is another setting with hypnagogias cello. Thanks for viewing - enjoy! Made for Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork
Only the Blades Matter:   
Oh, hi!: You seem lost. Can I help you?
1st Full Female Render Attempt: This is my first attempt using DAZ3d. I prefer everyday figures than mainstream model types. I feel this render is decent (non-pornographic) but if anyone is offended I will remove it or ask a moderator to remove it. Comments/Advice is very welcome! Thanks! 
Legend of the Skull: this image is based upon the Mayan legend of the crystal skulls
Tie Bomber: Created in 3d max and rendered with Vray
Dry Terrain: Created in Vue6
Into the unknown: Boolean operation with Bryce 7.1 Pro
Regal wizard: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
manThing: playing around with faceAnatomy
Observation Deck:   
Portal Shrine: another image related to the Portal series (animation is in the works.)
Coffee with Cream: This is one of many images designed to capture the love for coffee integrated with a surrealistic view of coffee inmitating life.
Fantasy: More fantasy with one fantastic prop by TRON
White Widow: Serial killing beauty
My basic trademark: My graphics trademark, created in Poser.
Space Creature: Another concept from my alien mind
Ufficio: Ufficio costruito in 3D Studio Max e calcolato in Cinema 4D. L'arredo e' stato completamente modellato su misura (mi hanno dato una foto e da questa ho ricostruito il modello in 3dstudio). Boiserie alle pareti e pavimento in parquet.
12th Man: A little tribute to my home team and last year's winners of the Superbowl, the Seattle Seahawks.
Sunset: Nice view by the sea
Ferrari modena 04: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Meta Balls: Made in 3ds max 9 rendered with final render this was made a long time ago, about 3 weeks ago
Hi :): How are you all? :)
Hell's Eye: Test render using with and without of Mace for Pathfinder God Asmodeus aka Hell's Eye. Flame is Morphing Flame for IRay by squarepeg3d free over at Renderosity.com Mace created in 3DSMax, rendered in DazStudio with IRay
Eros - Back: These are some renders of my robot (from my demo reel). Hope you like them (4 of 5)
Combat: Guns and machismo.
Image for Terraintutorial 1: Ok, these are some Images for a funny Terraintutorial i am currently working on. How to make your own Terrain in DAZ Studio Step 1. First you need to find a skilled and properly dressed Workforce.
Old Fashioned Awesome Sauce: The fictional Old Fashioned Awesome Sauce is the fusion of habenero, cayenne, and chipotle peppers, along with 12 secret spices. It's been called by many "Satan's Sauce." Shion is the current spokesperson (spokesvixen?) of the Forbidden Sauce, bringing her feral side to bear. Rendered in Daz Studio 2.3. Text and postwork in Paint Shop Pro 8. Credits: Shion based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Her hairstyle © Bice & OutOfTouch What was originally a soda bottle prop © Kevin Forbes Shion and image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
Glass Tile bump: Glass tile bump, 1370x1370 px, 46x46 tiles
Esordiente: aquafort and aquatint signed and numbered, printed in bistro
NazcaTech - Condor: I made this a couple of months ago... It was my first original car design :3
Warrior Babe (working title) - wardrobe test: Same girl and setting as 'Deep Breath' but with a different hairstyle, outfit and pose. After playing around with various outfits (or lack thereof), some of which are 'Warrior Babe', this is how she currently stands...
Bambino: Bambino
Forest of Fontainebleau: Bryce 7, trees crated by Wraiht3d;
Sunbath: A big thanks to Bricabrake for his dream pool scene, my favourite!
Dark Eve: a 3d model made for the front cover of Evolution Magazine. Rendered with mental ray,.
my cat by Elianeck: Elianeck Dramatic Lights for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-iray tks!
Sy-Lim Res View 03: 3d Works ofr Mr. Supe (Interior Designer)
Maserati quattroporte: having fun modeling another car
Spain: Hi! It is my next figure. I drew it every evening on 2 - 4 hours, within five or six days. In figure the girl and three birds and birds is drawn help her to erase linen on coast of small small river. I hope to you it is pleasant. The end
Car: Car
last photshop work: an office building plan presented
Check Mate: Check Mate!
The Butterfly Suicide: self-portrait Prints Available - madelaine.etsy.com
human: was trying to recreat one of my favourate master pices for salvador dali and it was part of it
havy woman by Elianeck: ElianeCK Face and Body Iray Lightshttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lightsface morfh Evangelene G3F/V7 tks!
Muppet Eye: these are one of the muppet/henson eyes i made using milkshape. I have also used blender to render the image. I made the texture using photo elements on adobe.
mitsu hair ultra violet: mitsu hair ultra violet
3D Tiger Animal Character Modeling: 3D Tiger Animal Character Modeling By GameYan Studio.3D Tiger Animal Character a high quality 3d model with Fully detailed, textured model.  
Snow White: Recent digital painting I did. Hope you like it!
Cornered: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
Snake woman: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Argentum: Victoria 5 fantasy. Click on View original image for desktop size.
Bogie....: My first selfmade Poser Character
in the air by Elianeck: Aya for Genesis 8 Female (-30% off)www.daz3d.com/aya-for-genesis-8-femaleElianeck Lights Package 2www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2tks!
Psycho Clown in Abandoned Building: Psycho Clown Rendered in Daz/3Delight.  Background Photo of Abandoned Building captured on iphone 5. Comped in After Effects Thanks for looking.
Vampires Castel: Matte Paint made in Photoshop CS2
blonde by Elianeck: DazStudioG3down my model in the scene for make the shadowElianeCK Face and Body Iray Lightshttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lights
House: A little cartoonish house I've been working on for a while.. And I'm still working on details and stuff
a new female character : Charme: Un nouveau character créé à partir de V4 A new character created from V4
Following A Clue: Looking for a place to land.
3D Exterior Rendering: 3D exterior rendering is done mainly to promote your space and to attract the customer towards your property. 3D Motion Studio is the leading 3d architectural visualization company. We lead in providing the best services in 3d exterior modeling, 3d exterior rendering and 3d exterior animation in the World.
You Watch My Back: You Watch My Back... And I'll Watch YoursMy favourite left-handed warrior girl again, trying out a new hair colour! Comments appreciated, critical comments preferred. Personally I think this one’s absolutely marvellous! ;o) But I’d really, honestly, appreciate people pointing out what looks wrong and what can be improved. DS4 render, 65mm focal length. Dinokonda and Victoria 4 from DAZ, V4 Hippogriff Rider outfit from Content Paradise, Pretty3D’s Fantasy Warrior Hair from Renderosity, V4 texture is one of Syltermermaid’s from Pretty3D/Artraiders or Content Paradise, sword and shield are mine, background and lighting is my WorldBall with the Cinderside set. Did a bit of playing with the bump and displacement on both figures. Also use my ShieldTMS shader, and fiddled with the DS materials on the sword - I really do need to fix that, and I think I’ve said that before! All non-free content used in this render is legally owned by myself (or my alter ego with the wallet!)I know how I ended up with this one. I was doing some test renders of my WorldBall (using the Misty Mountains Evening set) using my favourite muse (three of those renders included here) and I accidentally opened the promo render I did for the Cinderside set (also included here). "Ooh!" I thought, why not have her fighting the monster. So I loaded up the Dinokonda into the scene, but it was facing the opposite way. "Interesting..." I thought, and after a bit of playing I came up with this.The remaining images are the original scene but using a different WorldBall set - Grasslands (Evening), Misty Mountains (Dawn), and Sand.
2 trees - pp2-files (props): I made this two pp2-files with Poser 6, but I think you can use with earlier versions. Try it, it is free! DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
ARKHAM ASYLUM Early test work: early 3d work on Interior/Exterior scenes/models
Invasion of the Oyti: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The battle begins...: The battle at Dagorlad begins and the archers starts at first!  By the way: there are only 12 individual warriors. All other are clones, made with the 'node instance' function of DAZStudio. Elven-swords made with Hexagon.Wood Ranger for Genesis by Hellfish. Rendered with DAZStudio 4.6Postwork with PS
2OT - Satin-Surface-Callie6-Bot-001 - IRAY.jpg: modyfied "Lakside Folly" preview sceneWorkflow: DAZ3D, Iray-engine, Irfanview for Logo = 100% pure render
Marzo 1965 -: March1965  - a  few days  before "Hi I'm Gretel come from Gotemborg in Sweden" The story continues ? Maybe.  
Im back by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray One Click Lightshttps://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lightstks!
Auguri(Greetings): Un sincero augurio di Buon Natale e Felice anno nuovo a tutti gli amici diShareCG.                                         メリー クリスマスと新年あけましておめでとうございますすべて ShareCG 友人の誠実ない.                                     A sincere wishes of Merry Christmas and happy new year to all ShareCG's friends.                                        En uppriktig önskan om god jul och gott nytt år till alla ShareCG vänner. Un sincères souhaits de joyeux Noël et bonne année aux amis de tous les ShareCG   Un sinceros deseos de feliz Navidad y feliz año nuevo a los amigos de todos ShareCG   Um sinceros votos de feliz Natal e feliz ano novo aos amigos do ShareCG todos   Ein aufrichtig wünschen Frohe Weihnachten und happy New Year an alle ShareCG Freunde   Искренние пожелания счастливого Рождества и счастливого нового года всем ShareCG друзьям  
House and swimmingpool bedroom: House and swimmingpool bedroom
time to go: Time to go Vist www.mtscmedia.com
Background 8: Background and Fractal
Concept Design: Painted in photoshop. Concept design. tribes destroying the nest of a tree dwelling creature.
Painel em Circulao: Teste de iumagem com Universal Settings
Fidianghelos: The Muse of sculpture do not exist !! I think that it is not a right thing!!! For this reason I have created one and called her Fidianghelos ( un mix between Fidia and Michelagelo )
Black Strawberry: Please click image for a full-sized view. Modeled and Rendered in Shade.
Gate of the garden: modelled and textured in cinema 4D
PREDATORE: Render in poser 6
Star Fleet Hazard Team Armour: Hazard suit ....  My version.  Work InProgress http://memory-beta.wikia.com/wiki/Hazard_team Suit: XURGE3D M4 HEVS Helmet: XURGE3D M4 HAAS Belt: JoeQuick’s Golden Age boxy belt Assault Compression Phaser  Photon Torpedo AT Rile  George Haze’s Assault hand Phaser My Force-Lance
Brunna 2 by Elianeck: I test Brunna for V4.2 with my new light "Real light for Iray"and use HDRI backgroud Included with the new light packagehttp://www.daz3d.com/elianecktks!
Bugs Kaefer: Maikaefer- From my new CG film "Max und Moritz"
xoxo and Ayane by Elianeck: Xoxo for Genesis 8 Female -50% off ! Ayane for Genesis 8 Female -50% off ! light useElianeCK Iray One Click Lights -50% off ! https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck
Gurak Warrior Creature Character Modeling: Gurak Warrior Character Modeling.Our this creation is fully rigged,which contains different of clothing .  
Shinto: ......enjoy..........
Kami only G8 by Elianeck: here I use Kami  only G8 not Aiko 8www.daz3d.com/kami-for-aiko-8ElianeCK Iray One Click Lights -40 % off in my Daz Store tks!
Snow Elf: A woman meets a snow elf.
3D Walkthrough Company: 3D Motion is 3D Walkthrough Company offers ultimate 3d walkthrough services and gives ultimate guidance to judge any property. We are providing our walkthrough services in the USA and Europe.
Barbie Vice (NUDITY): While playing around with Poser in 2009, my "Adult Barbie - Tattoo Edition" concept came to life while posing a figure. Now I've updated this picture for 2012... and now I'm designing additional pictures to make this a complete series...so watch this space! Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac.
Lucy Liu ,,The End can be a New Beginning,,3D: Facial morphs and textures created by Silviu Caraba in Zbrush and Poser
Body: tks!
Floater Upon a Distant World: A Blue Floater ( a most unpleasant creature) on it's homeworld. This creature, full of helium, naturally, floats along till it finds it's prey and attacks from above. This world is a far distant planet, filled with dangerous creatures and the beasts they feed upon. Not a nice place to visit and I sure wouldn't want to live there...
Quadbot 2: An experiment with robotics.
Herminio's X-17 Viper: Remapped and rendered on Blender 2.67 and Cycles. Thanx to Herminio Nieves for its 3d model (available at ShareCG)
Pleasure of happy hour: The pleasure of happy hour often winking stimulates drinking more than reasonable. Maybe we could propose something more healthy and pleasant ......
Night Lights: A meadow of self-luminous flowers and moss at night on a distant alien world... Software: Apophysis 7x
my ibanez: guitar
Gollum - WIP zbrush with color: the same image but in other angle
stylish kitchen table: just a place to eat and hang out
China Bag: Silk screen on paper bag. Dim. (approx.) 11x11 inches. My site: gabrimart.com
monkey wallpaper: this is the main character in my first 3d movie - Bananasa.
Planet Byzer: 3D model of planet Byzer created by me.
Witchcraft: Played with lighting a bit in this one.
Bullets (High resolution 1024x786): High quality image. High resolution 1024x786 Model by CGuniverse (TS) http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/CGuniverse
Soul Taker II: Made this scene myself. Was a lot of fun and will package this up soon for others to use.
so, what´s YOUR plan for tonight?: thanks for watching
Yuko: Thanks for visiting! Enjoy & have a fun!
Ace of Cups: Creating my own Tarot deck. It has a Fantasy FemDom theme.
Planet Jupiter: 3D model of planet Jupiter created by me.
Coloni (The Settlers ): Credimi , amico , tra coyotes e tagliagole che ci sono qua in giro , è sempre bene tenere a portata di mano il caro e vecchio Winchester! Un omaggio alla mitica Epopea del Far West , e a tutti gli immigrati che resero grande l'America !!! (Believe me, friend, between coyotes and cutthroats who are there around here, it's always good to keep near the hands the dear and old Winchester !! A tribute to the legendary Epic of the Far West, and to all immigrants that made America great!!!) (Realizzato con Poser 11 per i caratteri e Bryce per la scena e le luci ) (Made with Poser 11 for the characters and Bryce for the stage and the lights)
Living with wolves: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
are you my mommy: just bein cute
Let Me Entertain You: A few days ago, out of the blue, I suddenly thought of Shakespeare's Sister's "Let Me Entertain You," and this image subsequently came to mind.  This is a bit tame compared to the lyrics, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.  Experimenting with zigraphix's ToonCam Basic yielded a slightly-comical result, but one which I find oddly compelling. 
The Face of Evil: A stylized still from the Face of Evil teaser clip featuring Lord Alcazar and his dark assassin, Layla Shangri.
Yukata: A Yukata is a Kimono of thin cotton to wear in summer. This is a kind of the kimono. The form of the Yukata is the same as the form of the Kimono. We wore it in the bath up and enjoyed the cool of the evening and went to bed as the Yukata more. It is a Yukata that the biggest difference wears it on the bare skin, and is enacted to night clothes, and it may be said that it is a Kimono that is not so. Thanks for sharing. MMYukata For A3 by mamomamo(mamota), Nene-Hair by Redviper2012, 3Zi_CherryCorsage by Sannzi(sanzi), Shrines by Haru(halrunman), TekiyaSET by kagami mochi, mqo Tekiya by Haru(halrunman).
CG Girl: Thank You for viewing! Please click image for a full-sized view. Modeled and Rendered in HexaSuper and Shade.
Eye..: Something very simple, took about 5 minutes to make. I'm bored, please give me new ideas ;P
Pokeballs: Many thanks to Atrion666 for the free pokeball prop and all of its textures!
dark by elianeck: Carrara tks
Big Cheese: A little cheese-loving alien
The Rain Forest: Daz Toucans .... Daz Environments.....Heart of the Jungle.....Rendred in Poser 6.....Postwork in Photoshop
Merry Christmas: Santa's Elf wishing a Merry Christmas from his hidden home at the north pole.
Kommunistka's Kommunist-Cars 01: East- Car meets West-Car, car-fair in the New Televisie-Studio's in Voyeurodam
The shame for sin: The first sin is still in our minds and often makes us  embarrassed
Rims scene 2: A scene I just sort of randomly put together after modelling a car rim.Done in 3dsmax version 8.Texturing was quite basic,Rendering was done with Vray and took approximately 30 mins to render.Planning on adding depth of field , grain and other post effects later.Just thot I should upload this in case anyone likes it.peace. K.O.
I Can Feign Innocence:   
Ancient Tribe of Manu: Fantasy piece born from the concept of the Ancient Astronaut theory and Extraterestrial contact with Tribal cultures.
Anime Char: umm this model is for our game that we are still in progress :) any C&C will be great :) thanks All :)
3D Street: 3D Street
Out of the Storm: Used my 'Behind the Alley' to portray a wet city after the storm. Lots of electricity and something came through.
Living room scene B POST: design and modelled and rendered in lightwave 9.2.
Mmmmm Coffee: Always Fresh Tim Hortons Coffee
Escaping to the Past: The newly-released Rayn is an interesting figure, and I had acquired her with the intention of using her as a background character from time to time.  However, in experimenting with her in character creation, I found that she seems much more useful for my images overall when "aged up" as a teenager.
One more step...: She is scared, but she must walk
Super Hiro!: Hiro to save the day.
PXLNTWRk_[ARCHiVIZ]x015: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
Sisterhood: L to R: Holly, Janni, Minerva, Chionee, and Sanura Holly & Minerva based on Posette Janni © LuLeLuna & PureEnergy Chionee © AGentleMuse Sanura © Valea Janni: Hairstyle © Mylochka Second skin © Richard Taylor Necklace © UweG Chionee: Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Sanura: Hair © 3D Universe Chionee's & Sanura's clothing © EvilInnocence Poses based on Athena pose © Creations Athena Image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
My 1st upload,my Art work in few years ago.: that was a practice, I want use color in my heart to free my soul. because I'm a half achromat.
Neytiri Glasses: Poser Prop
Deep in Thought: Pondering the ruins of existance
Spore: I'm not sure I know what this thing is but it looks alien and you definitly don't want it growing in your garden... Software: Mandelbulber 0.95
Hall: enjoy it
Friends: playing behind the house
shoot first: Shoot first ask questions later
Transformers Decepticons in 1984: This work describes the Decepticons happy after the completion of the first space bridge on Earth ... probably... But who took this photograph? Really brave! ———— This is the work of more than 10 years ago, when I was just beginning to learn 3dmax. This work did not split the UV and draw material texture, and just use 3dmax Scanline rendered. Finally, with Photoshop simple to deal with a bit of color to reflect the feeling of a long time ago...  
blue soldier by elianeck: iray render   tks
Lillian 3D Babe: A Virtual 3D Female Character
KLOZOMBI Wallpaper: Some Evil heroes to save the WorldThese are some of my comic caracters I did with Poser and all the cool items on this page.Thanks to you all:-)
Waiting: My latest piece that I have designed for here.Model is Belle
Ferrari F355: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave3D
Framed: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
on tablet: tks!
Genesis 8: They are just the textures of the new generation. The character itself is from Genesis 3 Females. Feel free to use as they wish :)
Goblin: wip
smoke: This is done before the smoke from almost the same art work (tweens :)
Geometric 1: Daz to Photoshop image.
christmas bell: christmas bell,santa claus
showdown: Modded Zoe skin, free Pidjy model on this site, Wristbreaker side arms, photoshop post work, and tons of render time!
Red Crystal Planet: Red Crystal Planet Bryce 3d render
Psycho TV: This is a little drawing about 2 kids watching a weird channel.
Chaos: My attempt to make this appear realistic and creepy, alas it looks more humour than scary...Created in Wings3D and rendered in Daz3D. Flames and smoke photoshop of course.
Ninja Sword: W.I.P.
The Burden: still from my VFS modeling demo reel
decompression: wings3d,gimp
Derp Man: Project complete within 12 days. Created my own person without an exact reference. I am happy with the result. Thanks Software: Maya, Vray, Zbrush, Photoshop HI REZ- http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/80/40/3e/80403e2a950155bd307e41ebdccfe1d1.jpg  
Twi'lek Jedi: Well i want to play with my General Grievous so i need a Jedi."My people, the Twi'leks, have an ancient and rich history of non-violence. We prefer intellect and cleverness to outright brutality."―Tott DoneetaBase     Victoria 4.2Lekku    Community Lekku Project http://www.radiantcg.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=201Skin      Danae London http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/the-metropolitan-collection---london-v4-2/97977?AID=4918Morph   Danae London http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/the-metropolitan-collection---london-v4-2/97977?AID=4918Suit      Anarchy http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/anarchy-for-v4-a4-g4/89609?AID=4918Scene   UnEarth Towers http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/unearthtowers/57680?AID=4918Saber   by me http://freelancecomics.blogspot.mx/
ElianeCK halloween Iray light: My new package for Halloween  !! - 10% offhttps://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/elianeck-halloween-iray-light/123351/tks!
renderedskie: created with terragen,jpg image
Send-off: A hot, gothic undertaker and a hot-rod hearse - what more could a guy ask for on that final day? hanks to Sharecg member Kanaa for the awesome hearse!
Vampirena beach ball: vampirena enjoying a pre-dawn game of volleyball with her boyfriend, skala. great fun when you take the place of the ball....
Ocktober Heroes:  When a wizard pulls a ghost from our world to assemble a crew of heroes to defend his hometown of Ocktober from a curse. She can can find only a few with the necessary skills to fill the bill. Now it's time for the final showdown to begin. These are the heroes from the animated movie I hope to release about this time next year.
Victory: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Aston Martin Vanquish: Made for an advertising poster, 3d Model made in 3dsMax, mental ray and photoshop.
Beach Project: just a beach scene
renderotica magazine poster: one of the two desktop posters i did for renderotica when i was working 4 the magazine
bad fairy by elianeck: tks!
The Major Arcana. No.1 The Magician: So, to Card 1, The Magician.  It’s no coincidence that this has a strong resemblance to my picture of Ceridwen from a few weeks ago; that was what prompted the remarks that started me on this project and so I have used the same figure for this card.  Again I’ve tweaked the symbols to make for a better composition.    The right hand aloft and the left pointing down symbolize the connection between heaven and earth (interestingly in the same way dervishes do in their whirling dances), and the ability of high thought while staying grounded.  The chalice, sword, pentacle and wand are the four suits of the tarot and the four elements, indicating the necessary resources for life and achievement. The serpent is change, power and temptation. It’s usually shown as a belt around the Magician’s “centre”, symbolising judgment in the exercise of power.  I’ve shifted this to the right arm which has its own symbolism, associated with doing right in many cultures throughout history. The Magician’s card generally has the figure surrounded by flowers referencing the biblical phrase “bloom where you are planted”. I’ve have used a rose motif on the fabric to surround the figure instead and convey the same sentiment of life as a garden; tend to it so you can grow.   Finally, this card traditionally has an infinity symbol referring to consciousness and the infinite influence of mentality.  I have dispensed with this and used the backdrop of infinite space with no horizon to suggest the same meaning. As ususal, DS3 as is.
I'll Go Hide Now: ...so you can find me for Easter! 
Silhouette: Dangerously sexy :pFeel free to use as they wish :)
Bunny Trio: One of many being done as a tribute to the Chicago Playboy(c) Club of the 1960's - 1970's era. Created In DAZ 4.9 Pro and rendered in iRay. Bunny Trio by RSand55 Victoria 4.2+++ and Genesis 2 Female by DazOriginals Sabby-Irina for V4 and Genesis 2 by Sabby, RenderFX MRL Elena by Mihrelle P3D Jenifer by P3Design Shigi Hair by Daz Originals, outoftouch, Val3dart Marja Hair by 3Dream, Mairy End of Summer Hair for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female by Daz Originals, goldtassel V4 BunnyGirl Set by billy-t Z Dark Reflections - V4/G2F-V6 by Zeddicuss Real Paints and Real Metals shaders by DzFire Accent Tables by Daz Originals, blondie9999 Garden Escape Planters by Daz Originals, ARTCollab Vases from Secret Garden Shaded Haven by Daz Originals, ForbiddenWhispers, FWDesign I try very hard to give credit to prop artists. If I am in error regarding any prop, please contact me and I will correct it. Thanks for looking!
Wintha-Uniform02: Latest render of my OC Wintha.
Blue.: These are my first uploads to ShareCG, but I also show my work at DeviantArt, also under freekmunkee! I went with a blue theme on these two renders, and I love the effect I got! I mainly did these to play with dynamic clothing, and I'm really very happy with the effect!
princess-vs-troll: "off with it's head!"she said gleefully!
Circles within Circles: Digital Art by PureFineArt http://www.purefineart.co.uk All images Copyright (c) Gary Yelland All rights reserved please contact me if you want to use these images. gary@purefineart.co.uk
Moth: Abstract piece featuring a man made out of moth's and abstract shapes
Kari Portrait: Kari Portrait - My latest piece of work Setup 1920x1080p , Irrandiance chache 88 , IDL level 22 editied with Photoshop CS6
archi render 29: architectural render
Cold Morning: Done in Terragen
Hunt for the White Rabbit - Halloween 2013 set: People have requested that I bring Alice into my Wonderland art, and so I put together this Halloween set to show how messed up Alice has become since last visiting Wonderland.  Whether or not any of these characters or experiences really exist or not is another story.http://www.darkprojectworks.com/hunt-for-the-white-rabbit/
Race, through the tunnel: Opposite to the wide open picture before, Real textured 3D Tunnel used in this picture
Tacha: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Cute Blonde: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush,Serif Draw Plus X5
character tests: tng testing
Priestess (sketch): A sketch of a priestess for "Skyscraper: Stairways to Chaos" game.
Priest: this is a scene adapted from the film priest
Castle Dining hall New Render: A new render for my dining hall scene
USA Heavy Aircrafts (Bottom View): Special picture I created to show-off my 3D models based on "heavy" aircrafts.
The Lost World by Tiziano Fioriti: That's the First Golden Winner of the "Lost World Challenge" proclaimed by 3dm3.com portal. It's a Matte Painting created entirely in Photoshop. I used some reference photos from Corsica, Calcata, Bagnoregio, Termiti Islands and much more from italian locations.
Hang in there: Hang in there
Gurl Desert: Two cowgurl wannabes in one of Birdman's autos.
Alien friend by Elianeck: my dramatic lighthttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeckExo suitAkiko texturetks!
The leaf taker: A caterpillar lunching....
GalacticPatrolGurl: Always on duty!
%@"& de bagnole !!!: Bryce 7, wings3d
Salvatore: big brother   
For king and country: Daz studio 4 pro
Retro Mowers: Model by Birdman,renderd in 3ds Max 2010, post work done in Photoscape
HP Pavilion DV2000HP: HP Pavilion laptop modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3d.
Lena portrait: Good
Textures for M3 Poetshirt: 4 Textures also for ruffles, sash and scarf. DOWNLOAD
Little Fairies: The name of the character shows the used original headmorph and skin Rendered in Poser Pro 2014 - no Postwork Thanks for viewing - enjoy!
Masks and puppets: We live in a world that often, without noticing it, affects us and making us put the masks that transforms us into puppets. We must be able to remove and re-appropriating of our personality.
Cruise ship: Cruise ship
Stonehenge: Done in Terragen, some post in PS
Aqua: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Mmm Chocolate: Chocolate shaped as desert rocks with a crystal candy on top.
man-3b: wings3d model and DS4 morph...
Drunk: V4 with some improvements
Which Eye Do I Shoot First?: A little late-night end-of-weekend oddity while I procrastinate...
Kitchen: Made with Rhino 4.0 and Vray. This image was used on VrayforRhino Installer. Hope you like it!
Nightmare of choice: Often when you have to make a choice, you create many doubts and misgivings. And even if it's for little things we live with the nightmare.
Energy Saver: My little Realistic modeling, Also available for download. Model by CGuniverse (TS) http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/CGuniverse
Unit02 Teaser Trailer: A quick test of Eclipse Studio's Ultimate Rifle Combat for M4 Motion Captures with Stonemason's Planet Lava in DAZ Studio.Thanks for lookingView the animation on YOUTUBE.COM by clicking here.View the Stereoscopic 3D animation on YOUTUBE.COM by clicking here.Click here to see the 3D animation on 3DVisionLive.
two aliens by elianeck: tks!
Happy Halloween: Animation by Ruben Castro
Dungeon: concept dungeon
Atarolandia Invasion: Operation Overlord: When the Nebuchad separatists descend en masse upon the Artarolandia Global Spaceport, outside the world capital, the Imperial air forces are waiting in ambush  to annihilate them. The aerial assault is led by General  Rijn Falcon - now turned against the treacherous leader of the Guardianship.
Kuna Yala Indian: Hello long time no posting, this is my new image of a native indian here in Panama. Thanks to Javier Conte and Rita Willaert
toons: characters done in blender
Night Wizard, Master of Illusion: Haunted Mansion Interior & Expansion Pack 1, Moonlight setting, Haunted House 2010 Exterior... This time I decided to showcase Sickleyield's Celestial Expansion for the SF Wizard G2M.
wishful thinking poster mini contest: a poster i made for a small contest held at DAZ forum months ago, forgot to upload it here
Gangsta: "Yo, dis gangsta loses his cheeba out his jeans, an' he thinks somebody snatched it, so he tries to cap my holmes wit a 9 and miss all rounds. Kills da Bambi in tha' woods. Tha' be a gangsta."
Oil pastel: drawing with oil pastel
Aliens by elianeck: tksreality 2
very simple interior: i make mental ray render and finishing i make photosop for blushing effect
Hidden Phobia: A child's moral judgement develops when he is able to distinguish between good and bad
box02: box art
freedom of an angel: An angel flying free in the air. A nice colorfull composition 3d, art, future, futuristic, design, color, cyborg, sci-fi, human, humanoid, cyber, fantasy, space, bionic, composition.
Three images from "The Comet Hunters".: Like it sez in the title.
Jlake: Done in Terragen
babe 2 by elianeck: reality 2 daz 2   luxrender tks!
Angel by elianeck: reality 2tks
Save a Horse: ...Ride a Cowboy!
the bathroom 2 rough: poser, dazstudio, bryce, hybrid v2-j5, some morphs by gabrima
tng testing: tng testing clothes
Open Jacket:   
Galactic archer: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
bigger its better by elianeck: soon my new light Iray....32 combination tks!
The Return: Click on 'view original image' for best resolution.
Trajectory: reactivated citystation in space.
Star Cluster: A compact cluster of hot blue stars. This image was inspired by a photo from the Hubble Space Telescope. This image was created with Universe Image Creator Plug-in and Corel PhotoPaint 12.
Desert Girl: Daz's Victoria 3, Electromelt and Liltsure Hair from Aery Soul. Posed in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro and rendered in Bllander 2.67 Enjoy, comment, criticize.
Memento: Memento ( a poetry of Iginio Tarchetti ) When I kiss your lips fragrant, dear girl, I can not forget that there is a white skull hidden beneath. When me shake your body graceful, I can not forget, dear girl who is under a skeleton hidden. And the horrible vision absorbed, anywhere or touches, or kisses, or the hand position, protrude feel the cold bones of a dead.
Skyline 2 Fast 2 Furious B: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Exosuit Kururu: Exosuit for Kururu (WIP)
Lick by elianeck: DazStudio my packet light   tks!
Warcraft III: i like this game
Necromancer 2: Necromancer made for Get Your Character Painted website
test-3: M3 and primitives DS3-no postwork
Black Day in July.: This is based on a friend of a girl I met last year from Lithuania, wow!, and that feeds into the title of something bad that happened to me in July 2009 ... hey presto! Black Day in July....
Redblue pills: When I got a cold in the middle of the summer I got mad so I opened 3d's max and quickly made this scene of pills in hope that they would mentaly heal my sickness.
boiler_room_01a: here
playin with Poser: First efforts with Poser.
14: 1
Father Gerbus: For the online CCG "Summoners" ("Idezok") www.idezok.hu
Model Drawing 2: This is a 10 min charcoal draw that was done in my Drawing classes in college with a model posing.
Intimacy: Love knows no boundaries.
Amal: Hello everybody, I created this character (Amal) after I saw a gypsy girl in the old movie so I make a decision to created in poser and name her Amal. Feel free to give me a comment if you liked or not. Thanks to you for stop by..
tempter: (remix) daz studio,gimp....
Flower-11: One flowerbackdrop for Poser, pp2-file. DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD>
Nadine: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Halloween4: background for Poser en pcdesktop
Fractal Bleed: Jwildfire
ponderous: oils on canvas
photo-realistic visual with wireframe blend: An architectural visualistion created by Paul Hatton Ltd - a freelance 3d artist who works for architects. His portfolio can be found at www.paulhatton.co.uk. These types of visualizations are part of the architectural services that he provides his clients.
The Beauty and the Beast: The Beauty has evoked the Beast. The Beast has given her magic powers, but is she prepared to pay the price? If she doesn't redeem herself she wil burn in HELL, mwahahahaha! Rendered in iray, lens flare added in Gimp, have fun.
Legionnaire: Roman Chariot: David D'Champ soldier's outfit: MorBius Created in DAZ4.8, rendered in Iray
Agent Character: Simple manga type character
ElianeCK Summer light for Iray: have a new light in my dazstore tks! https://www.daz3d.com/summer-light-for-iray
Farmer man: character from demo real
Man of Steel.: Rogue pilots excellent superman costume.
coffee cup set 01: modelled and rendered in llghtwave
Interception!: Sci-Fi Scene in Poser. Take me hours the compo, and the FX.
Snarl: Seems like a good title... Yet again small amounts of  a few of joequick's Faces of Fantasy for M4 (ShareCG freebie) morphs gave me an interesting, unique, and realistic face. Also one of the Freak 4 textures from DAZ. After this picture I wondered how this skin texture would look on V4... Harsh !
Against All Odds: Thanks for looking.
see by Elianeck: another promo image my dramatc light for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-iray tks!
Peugeot DevilRay: Peugeot DevilRay
eclipse 2006: An idea i had for a space ship .
latest lounge mental ray: latest lounge mental ray
Team Yuri: This is only my second attempt at creating a custom texture - admittedly an amateurish effort overall, but I do like the general look of the Team Yuri logo! 
Tajen (Balinese Tradition): Balinese Tradition - Tajen
Manolia: Everything was modelled or generated within maya.Photoshop was used only to paint textures. Here you can find some more materials about the process: http://stuzzi.free.fr/cgtalk/manolia/pass01.jpg http://stuzzi.free.fr/cgtalk/manolia/map01.jpg http://stuzzi.free.fr/cgtalk/manolia/hair01.jpg
Aya near the silver waterfalls: playing
archi render 10: architectural render
Luxus Warrior: As I work with Luxus and try to learn how to use it with the lux render engine I made these wallpapers
craft: concept piece, done as practice in painter 9, backgroound was inspired by a work done by dylan cole
Game Design Development Services - GameYan: Video & Mobile Game Art Design Companies and Art Design Outsourcing Studio India http://www.gameyan.com/Game-Development-design/index.html    
Art Work: Simple Artwork
Game fighting Character: Gameyan studio Fighting 3D Multiplayer Game developed for iOS platform. All 3D Art Work, Animation – Motion Capture & Game developed by GameYan  www.gameyan.com
Flowers in the rain: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Companions: Cute little waif of a girl being escorted through the ruins of war. Clipping path included.
Pub Sitting Area: This is a 3D rendering of sitting area at a pub I know. Was a good opportunity to mess around with lighting techniques.
boeing 720: boeing 720
3D Sculpting Services: We provide high resolution 3d sculpting services with finer details and flexible style to fit into any design and at most competitive pricing. http://goo.gl/w6kLmX
Childhood Days: Childhood Days
The Public Eroica Tour Promo Shot: Meet the band of the future: Destroying Angel Djawu picked up the pass to inspect it more closely. A small translucent card, that when turned about in his hands generated a short stereoscopic holofilm of concert footage and promotional material from the group's recent TioLive Pandoria broadcast of their death pop single, Skulltastic. The sound quality was brilliant, and the footage ended with both the Orbital Sound and Dystopia brands impaling and imploding into a zombified Rage DeMaul, sending his flesh to splatter the tiny screen with ticket and concert information. Djawu was impressed.
~Nyanna Mew~: Semi-realistic lingerie catgirl using Vicky4. I've created the body shape using magnets instead of morphs, rendered in Poser with postwork in Paintshop Pro. Cat ears, tail and bell were modeled in 3DSMAX. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
V3-conversion: daz studio,gimp.
Has been a long day...: Thanks for viewing. Comments and critics are welcomed.
Protoss Dominance: The Protoss and Zerg were modeled entirely in ZBrush, rigged and posed in Maya, and then re-imported into ZBrush with displacement maps applied. All armor, cloth, nails, and eyes were then added via ZBrush’s 2.5D technology. Finally Photoshop was used for compositing and additional mist/freezing effects.
Kaya: A study of a woman head I did between 1999 and 2001 in my spare time. I used no photos except for background. Modeled, rigged and rendered in Maya 4.0. No GI or FG. Skin textures hand-painted in Photoshop. Thanks for the kindness of inviting me =)
AH-64D Apache Desert Patrol: This is render of my low poly model made for games the actual model could be found here http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=179756
Beware of Dog: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Nayoko: Savior of her village   Body and face Morphs by Delbert Moore
Cat Burgular: cat woman
rote textur einfach: rote textur einfach
Female ( nudity ): Still i have a lot to learn about the female ( and male ) anatomy, but i am happy with the final result.
Old Filling Station: Used a free older filling station. Added a peroid car hauler ,trailer and race car.
Kami for Aiko 8: Kami my new little girl for aiko 8 (-30%off !!! )www.daz3d.com/kami-for-aiko-8 tks!
Armed MiG-31 Foxhound: Armed version of my MiG-31 Foxhound 3D model.
Page: A 3D 35 mm 1080 graphic using V4
red in garden: lil anime
UFO Shootdown: Bryce 3d 6 Gerry Anderson UFO
Under The Tree Present - Faery: Something tiny under the tree. Daz3d, Octane Render, Photoshop Elements postwork, Ysabeau model PROPS: Presents and Rug - S1M: A Traditional Christmas Scene / Room – Sixus1, Sweet Heart Present- DAZ Originals / Shox-Design / Umblefugly ENVIRONMENT: Holiday Nook – DAZ Originals / Jack Tomalin, Yuletide Dreams – DAZ Originals / Moyra SCENE PROPS: Yuletide Treasure Tree 2011 – MAB / WillDupre, Reflections Furniture – DAZ Originals / LaurieS
Neira Of The Angels & The Evil King: Neira is tormented by her grief and by conflicting emotions. She hates the king and blames him for her woeful circumstance, but she also feels desire for him. The king is a contradiction to her. On the one hand, he is kind and gentle with everyone, especially herself. Yet, as she sees it, it was his minions doing his bidding who murdered her family.
Ready for dance 2 - the valse: You like this Oh yes so much
Dante's: Awakening in Inferno_interior forward: This work was done for my final thesis for my Bachelor of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts I was attending. I imagined that I was doing some concept art and previsualization for a possible movie based on Dante's "Inferno". So I had to create a new vision of the "Inferno", with a screenplay and characterizations of scenes and characters... I did it and it went ok ! what you are watching is the beginning of the first chapeter of "Inferno": the awakening of Dante in the train that is gong to the Hell City.
Realistic spider model: Animatable realistic Spider model, no fur used, rigged using bon- 3ds max model
Background 1: Fractal Background
The Brimstone King: I modeled the character in a separate 3d program and imported the renders into GIMP, where I created the setting and atmosphere. This piece is intended to display the character from front, side and back views.
The show, has a new beginning!: After a long period of reflection, past trying to figure out what I want to do in my next 70 years (LOL), and after that my old and "loved" PC abandoned me forever, I try to return to the stage of the web hoping to find again the friends of many beautiful tournaments! The show, has a new beginning!
Migrating Land Masses: This image was originally inspired by the idea of continental shift. I imagined a world where terraforming has been mastered. As a result, the inhabitants created incredible landscape race courses. The image reminds me of what an F-Zero course might look like on a next-gen console. Special thanks to 3Dtotal.com for use of their free ship models. :P
Daybreak: A fae and her wisp awaken to a new day.I did this for a contest, but didn't win anything. At least you get a picture.<:==================================:>G2 JessiJessi G2 Ultimate Head Morphs and G2 Females Ultimate Body Morphs from RuntimeDNAG2 Females Ultimate Morphs setup by Semicharm (needed to load the morphs in DS4.6)Sara by TFDesignsKoz Messy hairLeather Bikini by DeerpathFlutterbyWings3 by FaerieDreamsGlow Wings by playfulpupParticle effects by SemicahrmSardine Can Bed by Jim FarrisUberEnvironment2 and UberAreaLight by omnifreakerBettie Page Drape by OptiTexBirdhouses by Ravyn
Accoustic guitar: The classic box guitar
birds in peace: Birds in a tree
No, not on our first date: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Rifleman walk: Part of a western series I did for a friend
You was a bad boy this year...: Santa delivers gifts only to those children who were nice this year. With those ones who were bad different x-mas troubles happen... Ho-ho-ho!
Veronica: studio art
A Soapy Punishment: We can't forget that punishment that a certain kid got for saying a bad word!
Coffee campaign visualization.: Visulisation and banner advert created for Rapanui. All elements are CG except the text. Maya & Vray.
The Celtic witch(la strega celtica): Una buona occasione per utilizzare il "magico " arco di Alninja a cui vanno i miei ringraziamenti. A good opprtunity to use the "magical" Alninja's bow ,that should be my thanks.  
3D Joy Warrior Character Modeling Animation: Get 3D Character Modeling and Animation by GameYan Studio. We are Providing High Quality Character Modeling, Design, Rigging, Sculpting,Texturing and Animation solutions at low cost. We have an experienced team of designers to delivering creative 3D modeling for Games, films and advertisement on time.Try us Now!! Visit Our Website: http://www.gameyan.com/3d-character-animation.html
Reviewing the Data:   
Glass Scene: I created this glass scene having red & green background.
poker-chips: ...little work with cinema4d r10
Armageddon: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Hiawatha Desktop: I have always loved the wonderful tales of Hiawatha contained in Longfellow's magical 'Song of Hiawatha'. I hope you like this desktop which is free for you to use on your own computer if you wish. This one is standard 1024 x 768 size. There is a widescreen version on www.tocchris.com if you prefer. Enjoy Chris
Crossfire: Inspired by The Terminator and the packaging artwork to the 1980s Atart Video Game "Berzerk"
A Towel for the Queen: A picture made in Poser using a cat oriented texture for the character.. This one is from a set of these made on the same basic theme and came with a storyline in a sequence with 3D artwork to match the story... hope you find this one (and the others in the series) an interesting idea. Anyway we'll start with this one, even thoough these will be out of sequence.. (Those wishing the full story may ask me at my e-mail address ... DragonWizard27@comcast.net
Golden pigeon: It's a golden pigeon i modeled using maya 4.5
chair - do fundo do corao: chair
Maju Jaya Hotel: My artwork of architechtural
archi render 36: architectural render
Dragon Fighters:   
They're So Cute!:   
Bunny Blue: Bunny Blue by RSand55 One of many being done as a tribute to the Chicago Playboy(c) Club of the 1960's - 1970's era. Created In DAZ 4.9 Pro and rendered in iRay. Minor post work in PSP. Victoria 4.2, BaseVictoria 4.2 Morphs++, V4 Elite Body Shapes by DazOriginals PGS-Kara by Ghostman, Pixeluna, RuntimeDNA, shadownet Farrah Hair by Daz Originals V4 BunnyGirl Set by billy-t Glamour Pinup by Lilflame, RuntimeDNA I try very hard to give credit to prop artists. If I am in error regarding any prop, please contact me and I will correct it. Thanks for looking!
Uniss - Lesser God: Uniss - Lesser God a primary character in the multi Cygnus award winning science fiction book series book, Citadel 7 by acclaimed author Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom pen and tablet.
Photonic: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
The widow with the can: The widow with the can under the stern gaze of the deceased
First steps: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
sub 02: just playing with photos
Call of Bunny: Figure is Dawn with my Stylized body type, CatsEyes character morph, weating my Classic Bunny Suit and police accessories. Rendered in Poser with Cycles. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Sara's encounter: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Sci-Fi Movies: Poser scene with the frame added in Photoshop made in Sci-Fi movie's memory. My little tribute.
Aerodrome_Persp: This work is created from a real architectural plan
posing: DAZ Studio, Serif DrawPlus X5
Heavenly: Angel with a nature theme
Steampunk Fae: what can I say more- another strange steampunk theme
puesto de trabajo Mapfre: modulo para 7 puestos de trabajo
2 friends near fire: making new lights in Daz
Mmm, Tasty.: Nothing like a good meal to start the evening.
1920x1200 Desktop: Made in Vue. I'm just a beginner so I'm sharing my desktop. :)
New Age Perfection: All new realistic-to-touch skin, improved verbal functions, more processing power! Daz studio render, no postwork
Cold Mike...: I couldn't find any of the pictures for the 'Man In The Mirror' campaign from the 2011 9th PC Anniversary Members Choice, but I found these ones which were also part of that year's 'Guy Stuff' campaign. I think I only ever posted the second (with the text) and third (with the scrying device).The scrying device one had a caption I think - something along the lines of "I know you gave me enough to buy some clothes, but this gadget  looked so fantastic I just had to have it - and I didn't think it was really that cold. But I'm cold now..." Probably why it wasn't overlaid on the image.Fourth image - work it out for yourself!Fifth image was something completely different - a frame from one of the very few animations I've tried to do (I'm really NOT cut out to be an animator) - but if you must... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9QRWKHy4m0  (grand total of 49 views since it was posted!)(Hmmm... pictures don't display in the correct order. Never mind)
House and swimmingpool: House and swimmingpool
Kitchen Scene: This is a quick model i wipped up of a kitchen, this is one of my first models so don't rate too harshly :p
Suburban House: A visualization of an Architectural building base on a photograph reference. The back was a design by my own concept. Another reference I use for the back was my own house.
Time for Summer!:   
old church: the side view of an old traditional church. no environment
Star Wars Xenoarcheologist: Dr. Kraven is a xenoarcheologist operating somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories. This is personal art for a character in my home Star Wars rpg campaign. Created digitally using Adobe Illustrator.
№...: wings 3d,makehuman-no postwork...
The Gathering: Software Used: Vue 5 Infinite | Poser | Photoshop Description: Hello friends. This is my latest work - finished approximately in 40 hours - 24 hours of it is final render on Vue. After creation of the landscape - I started to work on the final render result of the scene with Photoshop. Planets, clouds painted on it - also I've done some colors corrections and filters to create the mood. I hope you enjoy.
Toruses: A study in reflected detail... Made using Bryce.
3D Floor Plan: Our Company 3Dfusionedge Visualization Studio Helps clients to effortlessly picture and conceptualize their fantasies in the outline of their home and shop properties in 3 measurements through our 3D Floor Plan, 3D Site Plan, 3d site advancement delineate, site guide and 3D Section Plan. We at 3Dfusionedge Studio can change your modeler's straight lines into 3D floor plan rendering of best quality 3d floor plan clear representations. A Look at the specimens will clarify it all. Our firm has faith in the passionate and business point of convergence of customer's choice of purchasing or contributing any land property. That is the reason we perceive and convey the most exceptional 3D Interactive Presentations of your properties.   Our furniture rendering for 3d floor plan and offer diversion quality representations and experience, our intuitive components in 3D Floor Plan and Presentations for land offers custom-assembled understanding to the watcher which makes them feel excited with constant experience. That is the reason we wish to state, our 3D Interactive introduction is "Purchased Home before Buy". Our 3D Floor Plan Designer Artist is master in all sort of floor design like home, office, lodging and resort.
BEHOLD A PALE HORSE AND THE MAN WHO SAT: One of four horsemen!!!!
Landscape: This forest theme has been for an animation TV series called Tara ki dhuniya Hindi serial. Medium used : Hand drawn sketch, Photoshop and wacum tablet.
energy: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
More Unwanted Attention:   
The gift: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis character)
La siccità: Un amico mi ha inviato una simpatica E-Mail , chiedendomi(data l'età e la lunga e forzata assenza dal WEB)se io fossi ancora vivo!!! Fatti i dovuti scongiuri ,l'ho rassicurato promettendogli che sarei tornato , appena possibile , a postare i miei "scarabocchi" sul nostro sito preferito. E rieccomi di nuovo qui , sperando di ritrovare ancora tutti gli amici di sempre . Nick Questo lavoro lo dedico alla siccità che sii è abbattuta in questo periodo sul mio Paese arrecando gravissimi danni all'agricoltura e grandi disagi a tutti noi! A friend sent me a nice email, asking me (given the age and the long and forced absence from the WEB) if I were still alive!!! Made the due wood, I reassured him promising that I would be back, as soon as possible, to post my "scribbles" on our favorite site. And here I am again, hoping to find again all the friends of all time. Nick. This work I dedicate to the drought that is being demolished in this period on my country causing serious damage to agriculture and great hardships to all of us!
Final confrontation: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Topher's Dress: Finally got my hands on SAV's Elektra dress from Renderosity. It looks so good on Topher.
Trials for a masterpiece:
Darn You All To Hades: One of my first  renders after upgrading from Bryce 6 to 7.  The water, rocks and beach are all modeled from Bryce's built in controls.  The horse, woman & man on his knees are all DAZ models.  The S.o.L. model is from an old Russian site with free models.   There is no 2D post rendering work, other than to put the copyright notice on the image.
Night lady from Singapore: all the best :)
ONIM: C6P14 - Origins: Welcome to chapter 6 page 14 of my work in progress Shojo web Manga One Night in Michigan. Please note that this page is supposed to be read in Asian format. The first frame is on the top right, and the last frame is on the bottom left. Soldier 1 Hair: AprilYSH's Jamie Hair (http://shop.aprilsvanity.com/-free-items/jamie-hair-model-textures/prod_38.html) Top: Paid for. Bottom: Paid for Soldier 2 Hair: Mylochka's Sulu hair (http://www.sharecg.com/v/38465/Poser/Sulu-Hair) Top: Paid for Bottom: Paid for President Eisenhower Hair: April YHS's Mitch hair (http://freedownloads.daz3d.com/AprilYSH_MitchHair.zip) Top: Paid for Bottom: Paid for Soldier 3 Hair: Jia Hair (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/0/jai-hair?item=7966&cat=&_m=d), Paid for Top:Paid for. With MATs from DanGer (http://www.sharecg.com/v/30385/texture/Army-Major-Uniform-Textures---RWH-Police-Officer?division_id=11) Bottom: As above Soldier 4 Hair: Michael 4.2's Default hair from DAZ3D Top: Paid for. Bottom: Paid for Saucer Saucer: Scratch built, with MATS from Jani (http://www.sharecg.com/v/2891/texture/Sci-Fi-Wall-Texture?division_id=11&interstitial_displayed=Yes) Frame 1 Sky: Envirosphere Ground: Porsimo's Morphing terrain (http://www.porsimo.net/3d/terrains.htm#pmg2) Binoculars: DAZ3D's Free Binoculars (http://free.daz3d.com/free_weekly/detail.php?weekly=yes) Jeep: BeyondVR's Willy's MB Jeep II (http://www.sharecg.com/v/36036/Poser/Willys_MB_Jeep_II?division_id=11) Frame 2 and 3 Sky: Salashin's Envirosphere (http://forum.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?p=2327738#2327738) Ground: Porsimo's Morphing terrain (http://www.porsimo.net/3d/terrains.htm#pmg2) Cactus 3dpmr's Cactus Plant (http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=25437) Frame 4 and 5 Desk: Scratch Built with Mahogany MAT (Sorry, I've lost the link). Chair: Stringgy's Office Swivel Chair (http://sharecg.com/v/25957/poser/Office-Swivel-Chair) Paperwork: Real documents form Project Sign/Grudge/Bluebook. Slightly customized for show Folders: MacClean's Interiors-the-Classroom (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/interiors-the-classroom?item=10881&_m=d), Paid for Pen holder: Valandar's Office Desk Supplied (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/office-desk-supplies?item=9625&_m=d), Paid for Blotter: Scratch Built Window: Scratch Built Curtains: AvalonTree's Curtains (http://avalontree.narod.ru/characters.html) Flags: Xenic101's Dynamic American Flag (http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/-/dynamic-american-flag?item=10944&_m=d), Paid for. With Original (Left) and custom (right) MATS.
Rims scene: A scene I just sort of randomly put together after modelling a car rim.Done in 3dsmax version 8.Texturing was quite basic,Rendering was done with Vray and took approximately 30 mins to render.Planning on adding depth of field , grain and other post effects later.Just thot I should upload this in case anyone likes it.peace. K.O.
Cyborg #6: Within the workshop, the master is busy with his creation.
R13/C Delta: Ship: R13/C Delta / Class: Typefighter / Type: Siege / Engine: Tyloon I - Information = This is a 3D model created by Dynasty Weapons and textured by DeckardX08. The model was created for an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game which is currently in development. - Join: If you can do any of the following: Create 3D models / Create texture maps / Create UV Maps / Create program scripts - Then you can be part of the project! Members of the project have a chance to be part of the development of the game and can be subject to be paid as the progress of the game continues. If you or anyone you know is interested, please visit our site: http://galacticoutlaws.ucoz.com/
3D Military Mascot Character Design by Gameyan: Character Design is one of the most rewarding parts of our industry. Gameyan Studio is a experienced Video game character design and Development company.   Read MOre - http://www.gameyan.com game design, fantasy, character, creature, character design, Texturing, Animation, character modeling, Animation Production House, animation character rigging, Character Design Studio, game art outsourcing, Game outsourcing, game development companies, game outsourcing company.  
The Skeeter Pilot: V/STOL (vertical and/or short take-off and landing) Aircraft & Pilot
Ufo Robot: Not identified flying object
Akiko by Elianeck: Akiko for G3 my new light for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lights
spring mood: evolvotron,gimp
Sea Mist: made using Bryce 7 and Gimp 2.8. ship not created by me, but is available on sharecg. Comments please.
Star Wars Jedi: Some female jedi going into battle.
Thou Shalt Not Upset Us:
The forbidden gate: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Anger Bridael : a part hand and face washing: It is a country where the custom is that we wash hands and face before meeting with that whatsoever. Slaves, girls or boys, are allowing towels to wipe noble.Bridael is the wife of the local lord who has a weak love for a young slave, Wynyl. Bridael discovers assigned to a party bringing the court. IT does not take much for starting an argument.Il est un pays où la coutume veut que l'on se lave les mains et le  visage avant de rencontrer que que se soit. Les esclaves, filles ou garçons, portent les serviettes permettant aux nobles de s'essuyer.Bridael est la femme du seigneur local qui a un faible amoureux pour une jeune esclave, Wynyl. Bridael la découvre affecté à une soirée rassemblant la cour. IL n'en faut pas beaucoup plus pour que débute une dispute.
Prince Character Modeling: Discover Creative Work of Rome Prince Character Modeling Artist work portfolio accomplished by Gameyan Studio. We have expert team of Character Designer Movie USA can create 3d Modeling Studio London , 3D Character Sculpture Sweden , 3D Cartoon Character , Semi Cartoonist , Semi Realistic , and Animals - Quadruped 3D Character Models. We have skills for character design , 3d modeling , and rigging character animation.
Louise Brooks sketch: A Louise Brooks portrait made with Photoshop and graphic tablet.
birds clounds: birds flying over clounds
Mech Warrior: Made in 3ds max, rendered with mental ray i made this a year ago
Gasteropodus Segolenus: if you like fractal see this http://my.pho.to/colosse/s1/albums/museum_ocean_pacifique_1/
Luxuria - Sin Eater: Another Character of the Sin Eater series, Luxuria for Lust
Rendering inside bar 02: Rendering inside bar
Skyline GTR R34 Nurburgring: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave3D
Babe droid by Elianeck: DazStudiomy last light for Iray tks!
Julia Experiment: This was my first attempt to make a Julia(n) fractal in Apophysis after working through a wonderful tutorial by Claire Jones.  It's very well written and illustrated.http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Julia-Uncovered-v-2-2-49167519
Merry Christmas 2k12: On this faithful day of 12/12/12, I hereby wish an early, merry Christmas for one and all! Also, happy Holidays for everyone who don't celebrate Also, Bill O'Reilly, please don't hurt meh >_<
Sky Oddities: Aseska thought she'd seen it all on Earth. She wasn't even close... Credits: Cranes © Harrisyu Aseska based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Highpony hair © Mylochka (ktaylor) Wings (no longer available) © Deskar Sky Background © Wildypants Aseska and image © 2008, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
The Empire Strikes Back...Only Better.: Recruiting poster employed by the Empire after the destruction of the Death Star.
smilling with my glass: What's kind feeling do you have about this picture?
Peter Defends Maggie: Take one step closer & i'll run you through!
Cats New Chew Toy. ;~): Looks Like Venom Is About To Become Cat Womans New Chew Toy. ;~)
On the Beach: Figure is Dawn with my Custom Anime Head and tshirt. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Something Doesn't Feel Right:    
Space Robot: With Poser 9
evilrobotbee: evilrobotbee
joke: makehuman,wings.
Judge Anderson: judge anderson 2000ad
Bad To The Bone: Thanks for looking
Chrismtas Notes: The music of Christmas is dellightful when played by faries.
Ninjababe: Poser ender.
The Void: More blending
Underwear Fashion Secession I: Underwear Fashion Secession I Free to use as you like pictures are not meta-tagged. Created & Rendered with Daz Studio 4 pro. processed in PhotoShop CS5 to reduce file weight size by 80%. Graphic size 1920 x 1080 HD 72.000 dpi Models: Victoria 5 with Victoria 4 morphs Victoria Elite Texture maps (Digital Artzone) Pretty3D Nightshine outfit. (Renderosity.com) Pretty3D Warrior hair (Renderosity.com) Real Room - by Hameleon (Renderosity.com) Custom Lighting By the artist. (Me : )
happy Hallween ! by elianeck: happy Hallween  from Brazil!  
Diadema: high poly modeling test.
the market - le marché: Un travail autour d'un marché paysan avec plusieurs étales concernées, voici en premier le boucher. A work around a farmer's market with several stalls concerned, here first the butcher.
Karate Girl: Karate Girl A new Karate girl animation character I am working on for a new Karate girl animation release titled named" Karate Girl Coming Home."  this is a cut from the story board where she out for a jog.  rendered in Daz 4.8 Iray + cpu rendered .  No post work
discarded droid: Another fairly quick concept study. Here I was trying to get the feeling of confusion in a droid, wondering what he did to deserve such treatment. Software: Photoshop and painter 9
Architecture: Different 3D modeling of houses.
Hole in the roof: Enjoy!
light by Elianeck: my new pack of lights! -30% off !ElianeCK Iray Dramatic Light Volume 2https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-dramatic-light-volume-2
Meja1: simply design.
yeah right: built in zbrush and cinema
little-red-riding-wolf: another of my entrys into the challenges over at imagine fx. theme: twisted fairy tales for this i combined the wolf and the little red riding hood to make a new character. the wolf has become the pattern on her clothing
Miki4: Original custom face+The Frills and Lace Clothing Pack
The sister: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012188029215https://www.youtube.com/user/mpramort
Photo insertion - Machado de Asis: This is a residencial building inserted at aerial photo.
[Free Prop] Starfleet Dermal Regenerator for Daz: Download Starfleet Dermal Regenerator .duf props for free Converted from Deep Space Nine Dermal Regenerator by newdominion licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.I saved .duf scene file in my Daz Studio runtime directory. Before open this .duf file setup in your DAZ Studio directory.No character provided.Render with Daz Studio, engine NVIDIA Iray Credits:Jed Hirsch DS9 uniform
I've Gotta Get Outta Here !: :D
Reborn: This image uses:<a href="http://www.sharecg.com/v/50071/browse/11/Poser/Real-Gownz-Totally-Tribal">Real Gownz Totally Tribal</a><a href="http://www.sharecg.com/v/39996/gallery/11/Poser/The-Hills-environment-for-DAZ-Studio-Poser">The Hills</a><a href="http://www.sharecg.com/v/41071/browse/5/3D-Model/Rock-Stage">Rock Stage</a>
warrior do "mouche": Aaaarrghhhhhh
F-18 UVW:
landscape2: if you want to see the step by step video go http://www.sharecg.com/v/9182/video-tutorial/VIDEO-step-by-step--Landscape-2
Alone by elianeck: tks!
acrylic paintings 2: acrylic on canvas
Grandfather Clock in 3DS Max: Model of a Grandfather Clock in 3DS Max.
Running Duo 2: More of the fantasy figures running through a desert plain
"Crashgurl" (Eight Images): Most of these will likely not be used in the finished story. I had to take these shots because I wasn't sure how to begin telling the story of an important single incident in Crashgurl's life. Anyway, if I can control myself and continue photographing the story in chronological order, that is, in continuity, you'll probably not see anymore "Crashgurl" images until it's absolutely and definitely ready for publication. So please stay tuned and wish me luck that I don't lose interest and stop halfway, as I have done with so many of my 'brilliant' story projects. NOTE: As some of you may have already noticed, I did not use Bryce to produce these images--they are directly made out of Daz Studio--so the illumination is not as I would have liked it.
Fantasy Vector: Saved in .PNG format
Somewhere in space.: Somewhere out in space. Made in Bryce 5.5 and Daz studio - where it comes from Victoria. Which travels through strange and different spaces, and universes. Also visited and my work
Elfy Dawn: My Anime head on Dawn's body. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by! Head was modeled in 3DSMAX with morphs created in ZBrush. Outfit is my ~Brunhilda~ and body morph is my ~Toon Hikari~ for Dawn, both available at HiveWire3D. 
Biplane: modelled  with Blender and Cycles
Night train: Image in 3dsMax with my steam train free ressource. Render mental ray - Postwork in Photoshop (smoke)
archi render 31: architectural render
-PMS Mecha Tank-: The PMS Mecha Tank attacks with no mercy. The cannon is always armed, the fuse is short, and driven by mood swings. Sometimes the targeting system has trouble discerning friends from foes, which leads to occasional friendly fire. ^^;Figure is Cypher's Tank Girl, remodeled and rigged for Poser by me. Bender and Max figures were modeled by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Silence: This scene is created, rendered (Cycles) and post work done with Blender.The Trees, fern and grass of Derek Goff (Blending Nature tree package).
NoName Doll: Just a test rendering of NoName Doll. Poser 11 Pro SuperFly
A Christmas Concert: Title: A Christmas ConcertTools: Daz Studio 4.5, Paint.net (border & name)Description: What's Christmas Eve without some tunes, eh?
furniture kartini cafe & bar: project pt. sada ekartama in Kartini Cafe & Bar
famette: a picture made using Jemes body jewels
foul play: my entry into the weekly challenge over at imagine fx. Theme: foul-play still needs alot of work and i will redo the face one of these days. (drawing with the mouse is hard)
E=mc2: modélisation Zbrush.Post work photoshop
Harpy: One of my characters.
Betrayed friendship: Animation by Ruben CastroNosferatu, Funnyman & Nibbler by Brahann, Mutedbanshee, Andi3d
Tempestt Fierce: The Force of Bey(once) is strong in this one. Image info at Renderosity. Art © Wesley Brown August 6, 2016
auf in die Schlacht: hab mal mein Ritterkram verposert
Nobeoka High School Panorama Sky: This is a panorama designed as a fake-HDRI sky for Vue. It was made from a series of photographs taken at Nobeoka High School, in Miyazaki-ken, Japan.
Thank you: DAZ studio,1366×768
wip: i just need one more ship
TITANYA: objet sketchup rendu sous keyshot
The Pack: They're coming for you.   Rendered in Daz Studio
Fees..Fairies: Pastel drawings
Gipsy night: Vita da gitani.
Mike's Tiki Bar: A tiki bar is an exotic–themed drinking establishment that serves elaborate cocktails,especially rum-based mixed drinks such as the "mai tai" or "Zombie cocktail".Tiki bars are aesthetically defined by their Tiki culture décor which is based upona romanticized conception of primitive tropical cultures, most commonly Polynesian.The interiors and exteriors of tiki bars often include "Tiki god" masks and carvings,grasscloth, tapa cloth and tropical fabrics, torches, woven fish traps, and glass floats,bamboo, plants, lava stone, Hula girl, palm tree motifs, tropical muralsand other South Pacific-themed decorations. Indoor fountains, waterfalls or even lagoonsare popular features.  (WikipediA)Vickies hair: Tatiana (3Dream&Mairy)Mike's Tiki Bar: TravelerRefrigerator: D. Volaro (?)Crate: Rob V. Created in DAZ4.8, rendered in Iray  
mechanical heart by elianeck: tks!
Race to Win: Hello, inspired on the best jockey of all times, Laffit Pincay Jr. Evokes the extreme efforts and determination to win. I hope you like i.t Best Regards Rubens
A.I.: enjoy
Huba, huba: playing. a wonderful day :)
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 052: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Sad: made for the PC contest..
Octavia: My latest character. Rendered in DAZ. Tag added in photoshop.
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2010 - Part1: Collection of 3D art completed using the Poser 8 / Poser 9 software suite. The majority of my images incorporate very little postwork with the exception of color balancing and basic edits, primarily using Google's Picasa suite.
City in the Sky: Just decided to post my work that I had posted previously on Deviant art. im BlastedHitmowaka there :)
On Point:  A render of  German Short Hairy Pointer a Upland game dog. . this was "Look at my hair Iray render test." . Hardest render I ever did set up in Iray to date.  I set up the hair groups in instances its was a pain in the butt to get right.  I did the same for the esha's Grass props   no post work. best viewed full size 1080 HD free to use as you like
Violet: My first attempt at a complete texture set (the suit and ball prop) Done in Daz3D Iray
Farah Rider: This is actually a screen shot from my long-project, "Samuels' Grape". I've actually made some progress, and expect it to be done sometime next year. She is Farah, tattooed by nature as are all the Junchoe people. She is emerging from a cave, looking like a primitive. There is actually a giant future-city in the cave, where Samuel is bringing the ... well, I'll get to all that soon enough :).
Military Helicopter: Military helicopter from "Skyscraper: Stairways to Chaos" game.
The informant: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
archi render 25: architectural render
C26: Captain Vessyr Irdan: Captain Irdan isn't a member of Company 26, but he sometimes help out the team by ferrying them to locations that would be out of range for the Vanguards (DAZ 3D).  He is also a close friend of Captain Yuna Lund.Irdan currently commands the CNS (Confederate Navy Ship) Vordra.Note: For pronunciation's sake, Vessyr sounds like Bashir.Suggested soundtrack:* Force Commander from Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War *****Rendered the Vordra separately from Irdan and background, and used blue screen technique.  Combined both images in Paint Shop Pro.I think this came out better than what I tried in CLUSTER RUSH! (Version A).*****Credits:Irdan based on Furraldo © Little DragonUniform by Little Dragon; based on original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsPose © Daniel Murray (DAZ 3D)CNS Vordra based on Leviathan © Abraham Katase, rigged for Poser by DalmatinerBackground © DianaIrdan's fur texture © PorterCharacter and art © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.August 6, 2012
AUTOMART_SHOWROOM_3: CAR SHOWROOM,architecture 3d scene,done with maya
The Man: I made this with stuff in my DAZ directory
Honda NSX scanline 05: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Auroch Attack: First in a series based on a nightmare I had
column-2: 3d model-lamp,daz studio
The surprise: Brunael it's very surprise in this scene
untitled: naked fat man posing
Elephant: Africa, Elephant
Venus by Elianeck: my new light HDRI for Iray... http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-iray tks...
Water Splash: These images are different from figures last week, I challenged the water issue. These are the static scenes that is swimming, I made these with objects of the water and a brush of the Photoshop. There are many problems that should challenge still more, as for the size of water objects, the transparency of the pool water, the wet hair and skin, etc. Thanks for sharing. Pool by Nekoja, Inah for A3(HHF_Inah4A3) by Henriette, Nene-Hair for V4/A4 by Redviper2012, Extreme Swimwear for Aiko 3 by justfit, HHF Private Pool Kit by Henriette, Private Beach by Redviper2012, kobamax swimming ring, Asagao by Nekoja, Phalaenopsis by Haru(halrunman), Parfait by tweety.
free desktop wallpaper: yet another wallpaper 4 you guys
free at last: she had been caged to long she wanted free and when he opened the door and walked away she flew
Ipod Nano 3rd Gen: Ipod Nano 3rd Gen. Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 9.5
Star Elves: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you liked it and thanks for coming by!
Marsella2: planta completa con muros seccionados
Random Abstract Art: Something i did when i was bored a while ago
702 pin-up: you like
Oooh what is this?: Where are my clothes?? She comes out of the pool and want take other clothes.Maybe there is some relation to Ivy's render: OOOooh shiiiii---t
Spear of the Sands: Dihya, also known as al-Kāhina (the priestess soothsayer) was a Berber queen and  the religious and military leader of the resistance to the Umayyad invasion of Numidia. Little is known of her history, though there are many legends. Rumored to be a sorceresses by Arab historians of the time, she is said to have had an affinity with the birds of the desert, and to have lived a very long life before her final defeat and death sometime near the end of the 7th century.
Frog: frog in my another dreams
Zikkurat 1: That's my first Zikkurat, which really stands in Iraq! The ruins of Etemenanki!
-Ultra Madam-: Commission job for a client who wanted a 3D version of a manga character "Ultra Madam" serialized by Nappy at Pixiv. Base figure is Dawn, and all extras were modeled in ZBrush and 3DSMAX. This is a single frame from an animation.
Archer: This is mostly like orc from Lotr movie (that's why he looks a little differ from orcs you can see in some games/movies/etc). I used Vray for render and result was far from what I want to get. So I create another render (only head) using MR and its SSS fast skin shader and composite it with entier scene in PS. After PS-correction I load result in AE and apply DFT Digital Film Lab with some settings. After all this routine - here is the result. Can't say I'm very happy about what I get, but I have tired of this scene.
RAPTOR PILOT: ranger soldier toy evepe suntianfang 3d usa army 孙天放 CHINA FIREMAN RAPTOR PILOT
Gruff: made using DS4.6. just a bit of fun really. hope you like.  
Bloodreaver: Kael, the Bloodreaver.  Died as a gladiator and was resurrected as a formidable undead foe.  He absorbs the life force of his enemies via their blood.  He wanders the lands under the twin suns of Telmar searching for the person who orchestrated his curse.
Oasis Thirst: My first image using Vue. The concept was suggested by my girlfriend and became a side project while I created "Migrating Land Masses." This was my first attempt at creating an image that embodies heat without using a conventional warm color scheme. I also wanted the image to convey a sense of dryness.
Misa: This Misa product is a visualization for the company, Misa, that create professional nail product.
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 23): This is chapter 7, page 23 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
Romeo & Juliette: Un roimantico approccio di Romeo e  Giulietta
Easy Living: A laid back Louisiana Crock plays tunes as his friends rock the house dancing.
The Room: my frist animation
architectural sketches 1: hi to all. this is an architectural w.i.p sketch done with Maxon's Sketch & Toon module of Cinema 4d.
The glutton: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
porsche carrera gt: This car was modeled in maya and rendered in maxwell render
Corazon: Cora
Eagle and Hawk: Watching a episode of Space 1999
bike 3dsmax: created in 3dstudiomax and photoshop
Waiting for Noah: It starts to rain and the animals gather and anxious wait to be saved
Happy new year !: wings3d,gimp
Canon SLR Color Composite: The final render of my camera. I used an HDRI Image and a Maya physical light to create the render. Keep in mind Im still teaching my self how to shade and light and its not perfect. I'm planning to model my workstation soon and utilize the same production with some extra detail and feature added to my work-flow. Comments and critic as always well. I want to take this chance to thank the community for the amazing tutorials that have help me develop my skills.
biker babe: sexy chick on bed
Titan surface: Artists rendition of Saturn's moon Titan
Dr. Office other half: This is the other half of the office I finished.
Pizza: Pizza
She keeps an eye on you ...: Simple Portrait with an old trick. Open the full size picture and move a little bit around your screen - she will always have a look on you.Charakter Jasmin by Adam Thwaites, Eyes from Turmaline by FKDesign, Hair Alanis by FKDesign and Thanks to all others here not metioned. Rendered in Poser 9, no PostworkThank you for watching.
3d arab kid: this is a 3d arab character i made using aladdin reference.
Sleepwalker: DAZ to Photoshop composite. Stock by http://lovesredrose.deviantart.com/# and http://dazzle-stock.deviantart.com/
Contemplation - Dawn Of A New Era: I did three entries, all via Renderosity. None of them made it through the first round but I had a lot of fun creating them and that's more important! I also learnt a lot - this is the first time I've ever done renders this large, and it's a whole new ballgame! I didn't notice the (bad-AO-setup-related?) shadows along the mesh lines as they weren't apparent on my large monitor. I only noticed them when I looked at my entry again today on my laptop. Here's all 74 Renderosity entries: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/contest/index.php?contest_id=1345&page=2#entries My entry was number 39: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/contest/index.php?entry_id=34321 ~~~~~~~ I'm adding extra images to this page because after my entry was knocked out of the contest I decided todo some more work on it. The default image here is just a thumbnail . The second image is my actual entry. The third image is a couple of changesI decided to try out once my entry was knocked out. The main inspiration came from the skin of the character in Redanta's "Mountain Air" image over at DA - http://redanta.deviantart.com/art/Mountain-Air-426155604 The fourth image (incomplete render) is the result of these changes, plus the hair fix, a toning-down of the shadows, a change to the smallDawn'sskin colour, and  a reframing of the subject to include her full body and reflection (DawnIdea01B-c, just to remind myself!). I still like my original, but I also like these changes. More work still to do though...
The treatment: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Beware the LIght: A Vampire is caught just as daylight begins to unfold.She must find her refuge quickly.
Energy Center: Render of a Fitness Shop in Italy. Scanline 3dstudio max 6
Where are you daddy: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Just made: I want to know how many people interesting about thsi.  These just for DAZ sutido 4.9 and I never mede this.  And still under making texture though. I don't  think so many people interesting about thsi. That is why I just put one picture in here and askking about.
Girl's Bedroom: Interior Perspective for a Residential Project using 3DSMax and VRay
my new car: vj
apartment view: apartment view
Hell's library: in the late 1999 i dream it, and i visualized in a picture, inspired from my preferred author, H.P. Lovercraft.
taste of blood: she lures em by her beauty but her bites worse then her bark
Tenderly: Thanks for viewing.
The One-and-Only ChickenWing-doors...: an official job for a German Mercedes-Benz Cardealer...! Only to understand for Germans who looked the Late Night Show from RTL I think...
Miku Hatsune for Star2: Miku Hatsune for Star2
Are You... Future Me!?!:
Conceptwear: conceptual render for radio wear gloves to controle automated UEV on landing.
mitsu hair black: mitsu hair black
Camera Close: Mikaela 2013
little girl posing: posing
Boddeliton: This is a picture I made for a friend some months ago. Grounds rendered in 3d's max with a cold vray material, lightning and colors added in photoshop.
Childs toy: Where the old toy of the kids end..
lets play by elianeck: DazStudioiray renderV7tks!
Adam & Eve & Doris: More fantasy.
Madume Crystal: created with Daz Studio no post work There is a matching video in the animation section on Sharecg and on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O3R5NfzmU0&feature=channel_video_title Happy Halloween
Old camera: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Queeb of Night: rendered with I Ray - postwork in Gimp
Escort: The planes are by Neiwil (Neil Wilson). He does excellent work.
Book cover: a potential book cover 
Holocene: Abandoned citystation in space.
Battleship: Spaceship model I made a few years ago
tiles in scene: Tile texture in-scene. Material not perfected, yet. Morgue-drawer surface texture is still in development--I'm a busy guy. Some monitors will need to have their display settings adjusted to display darker areas.
ALIEN -Swidhelms Alien: Swidhelms Alien  -DAZ STUDIO IRAY render
Sy-Lim Res View 04: 3d Works for Mr. Supe (Interior Designer)
The treasures of Darlumia: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Computer room: Created in 3d max and rendered with Vray
Warrior Babe [Nudity] (Working Title): Just playing with ideas... Same V4 girl and setting as 'Deep Breath'. I made some changes to the ground (removing reflections, changing bump, adding displacement) and lighting, and started playing with different poses, camera angles, and clothing (or lack of  ;o) I thik Miki4's Noriko hairstyle looks better on her than the V4 Tequila Hair I used in 'Deep Breath'.
meditation: daz studio,bryce,gimp
Eagle Sky: this is the first picture i have created in Vue, with a tiny bit of tweaking in photoshop
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Super CobraJet: My dream muscle car! Full render of a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Super CobraJet. 3D model created and rendered with Autodesk Maya.
Char.Spotlight-Roxa: My 3rd character for my webcomic I'm developing. She's begins as an antagonist to the Krayal sisters but as the story progress her outlook toward them will change. Stay tuned and thank you for viewing.
Jet Modelled In Blender: This jet was modelled in blender 2.48 and is currently being used in a short animation that is under way. This is an update from the previous Jet.
Size 8...: V4.2, Poser Pro, PS9 CS2*...*Thanks for viewing
old world by Elianeck: http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck tks!
Cherri: Black beauty 
pick up line: just a little joke
Compact Living: Made with Cinema 4d i hope you like it...
Seahawk Pharaoh: Yet another new spin on Seattle's signature football team.
Wanna Do Bad Things: A little succubus action for Halloween.
What happens in the Garage....: ... stays in the Garage.  It's one picture by a series of twelve cars and twelve fashion-models in the same location. With this pictures I create a calender. So you can download it here for free: http://www.dingsknipser.de/Downloads/Kalender.pdf I hope you enjoy!
DROID-3001: DROID-3001 Modeled and rendered with FormZ 8
Blind Date: Daz Studio,  Bryce & Paint Shop Pro 
The Moon: Fantasy moon lit night...
Girl return: My best girl model.
Bizzle: Runner Teenage characters for your game. This digital model includes a fully-rigged for Mecanim http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2962 https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/633631733
gen.M4-2: daz studio
Circus Bear: It's a bear...performing in a circus.  What more do you need to know?
supergirl: standing pose.   http://luvheroine.tumblr.com/
Way to the Castle: This is a personal project I've done for my demo reel. The foreground was made completely in Maya and background was panted and projected on low poly models in Maya.
Don't stay behind: Best in full size Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
beachdude: "no way."
BaiGao: A handsome Asian man poses for the camera.
Fantasy Fractals 14: 1024 x 768. Feel free to use as background in your poser or other CG artwork or as a desktop background.
Virtual Reality Interactive Application: Some of the completed project of virtual reality developers , virtual reality companies , virtual reality solution covering of Immersive, Non – Immersive, Oculus RIFT, Kinect DK2, Mixed Reality (AR, VR) for business and games.      
Study; Seated Nude 1: Wings3d, Carrara Render
An Afternoon at the Cabin: a casual conversation on the porch of a cabin in the afternoon
Tawny Douro Reserve: Gordon Dyson is the overly confident head of the DMG, a top independent music agency. He plies his artistic slave trade outside the restrictive laws of the New World Order. His cold and calculated manner pushes his clients into situations which only a foolhard courage can save them.
Arrival: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
L'escalier: just Nia
pokemon Marill: 孙天放 神奇宝贝 POKEMON Marill EVEPE JAPAN SUNTIANFANG 3D MAX
G2M Malakai Kawasaki: Base G2M Lee
Horse's cave Italy 45.000 B.C.: La più antica pèresenza in  Europa dell'Homo Sapiens
brazilian charm by elianeck: tks!
Blonde in beach: Inspired by a character from a MOBA game, this blonde is just enjoying the beach :p Feel free to use as they wish :)
Silence: It is a quiet night.
another sketch: rough base sketch for composition of "strange behaviour" cgtalk competition
Dark wizard: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Rose The Defender #1: Description: "Rose The Defender", dressed in the stunning Draconic Essence outfit and sexy high-boots, is beckoning you to join her on an exciting adventure.~If you enjoy my work, would like to help support my efforts and have access to a 4K hi-resolution (3840x2160 size), no-watermark and hi-resolution PNG version of this and more images, please visit my Patreon page at: patreon.com/mysticsword
Once Upon A Time: Using this great freebie:http://www.sharecg.com/v/64764/browse/11/Poser/Celebrity---M.DOUGLAS-for-M4-Poser
Photoshop compositions: A couple of my latest works on Photoshop. These took me a lot of time to do but i enjoyed making every single one of them. I used several images, that were merged into each other to compose the final illustration. The images used here were taken from the web, the others came from magazine CDs.
Wonder Woman 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.7: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve! Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.com Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Tower Ruins: Bryce 5.5
Poses: Waiting: Waiting
Tethys: For there are three thousand neat-ankled daughters of Ocean who are dispersed far and wide, and in every place alike serve the earth and the deep waters, children who are glorious among goddesses. And as many other rivers are there, babbling as they flow, sons of Ocean, whom queenly Tethys bare, but their names it is hard for a mortal man to tell, but people know those by which they severally dwell. Hesiod: Theogeny
Summer near the Red Sea: character made in Daz, used as alpha plane in Vue :)
Alice: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Morning in Paris: Thanks for viewing!Enjoy!
Fallen Angel: "What we call a fantasy But it's nothing but a key To the world that now I'm in That we call a wicked dream"
Pierrot by Elianeck: Elianeck Dramatic Lights for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-irayhave a full image in my Patreonhttps://www.patreon.com/elianeckLivy for Genesis 3 Female tks!
The Long Way Home: Special picture with my KC-135 Stratotanker 3D model refueling an F-16 C Fighting Falcon.
Icecream: Daz studio4 pro
Science vs Nature: "The quantum is that embarrassing little piece of thread that always hangs from the sweater of space-time. Pull it and the whole thing unravels." --Fred Alan Wolfe (Star Wave: Mind Consciousness of Quantum Physics, 1984) An attempt to harness the cosmic forces of the universe gone horribly awry...don't mess with Mother Nature!!! Software: Apophysis 7x
New arrivals: Mamma & Baby Moose Rendered In Daz Studio ~Free to use as you like ~
The Wraith 3: Trying to recreate a scene from the 80s movie, "The Wraith"
XiaoMei: Take 2: This is another test render of XiaoMei, a new character for Aiko 4 Realistic.
Plane Troubles: Arecent plane prop uploaded here at SGC that I was playing with
dread: D3-morph in daz studio3
Steamtrain on a bridge: Train passing a bridge
Grinding Machine: The end of XIX century, the beginning of XX century.
Psyche's temptation: Having been tasked  by Venus to obtain a portion of Proserpina's beauty in a golden box,  Psyche succumbs to temptation and opens it,  only to find it contains  a stygian sleep to which she succumbs... [I had to resort to PS; which I usually prefer to avoid, for the vapour effects on this one... if anyone knows  of a way do this within DAZ, please let me know!]
Birth: Rendered in Vue 6. Robot modeled in Wings3D. Postworked in Photosop.
The Warrior: Le pays où vit Taliane, tout en étant très proche de celui des humains, est un pays dangereux où vivent des monstres et de dangereuses bêtes. Pour se défendre les fêes apprenent très tôt à combattre.La lance est l'une des armes qu'elles doivent maitriser, elle est utilisée dans les combats aériens. The country where Taliane lives, while being very close to that of humans, is a dangerous place inhabited by monsters and dangerous beasts. To defend fairy apprenent early fight. The lance is one of the weapons they need to master, it is used in aerial combat.
LEGO Imperial Star destroyer 02: A screenshot from maya of my model
Rachida's trap: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
BJD FairyFlossy: scene
Sultan's Garden: Daz Millenium bigcat ( Tiger )....Daz Millenium environment....Heart of jungle....Daz Enchanted forest props rendred in Pose 6....Postwork in Photoshop
Brand New Year: Happy New Years everyone! May 2013 be 13 times better than 2012! Which won't be difficult, considering we all spent countless of months in fear of the apocalypse. Or was that just nobody?Tools: Daz Studio 4.5 + Paint.net
Entertaining the Forest: This is just a quick-and-dirty render, but when I saw Missus tonight on sharecg, I was instantly impressed!  Best of all, she responds quite well to V4 poses - not perfectly, of course, but definitely close enough for V4 poses to be useful. 
Russia's (and Ephigenia's!) Pride: To be honest... it's not my car. And also not REALLY Ephigenia's. I mean... the 3D grafics are  from us, the original car is not...   voor een rij-impressie/for a driving-impression kijk op/look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtCNpYqVq2c
What the...!?!?!: Run from danger?  Run to danger? 
Superman: Superman outfit by Joequick, city by Herminio Nieves, rendered in DAZ Studio 3, because I like the interface more than the interface of DAZ studio 4. Postwork in GIMP
bad music kill everyone: I like good music only
Solitary hill: This sketch has been performed with the programs Bryce and Photoshop
The Bride of Christ: The Bride of Christ
Voyager: Pirate Battle 6: Dogfight II: I rendered Voyager and Valiant separately and combined the images (with the FX) in Paint Shop Pro. Using a layer mask I tried to convey Voyager firing on top of Valiant. I also tried to convey simultaneous movement of the two vessels. Credits: USS Valiant designed by Jim Martin; mesh by Jörg Gerlach USS Voyager designed by Sarod; 3DS conversion by S-Stephen Both meshes available at the STMC Lynn's Point © Mapps & Richardphotos Sky background © Wildypants WeaponsFX © Triaxe STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry and is the property of CBS Studios/Paramount Pictures Image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
stefani4: V4 and primitives in DS3-no postwork
Mayuka by Elianeck: Mayuka for Genesis 3 (- 40% OFF ) !!https://www.daz3d.com/mayuka-for-genesis-3-femaleElianeCK Real Light for Iray (- 40% OFF)if you need light for your render all my light  -40%OFF !
major: images from GHOST IN THE SHELL
Eight free backgrounds: Painted Backgrounds for your use.. would love to see what you do with them.Sizes range from.. 2667 X 2000   1061 X 1500  2304 X 2791  2892 X 1987  1500 X 1000  2436 X 3000  1500 X 1531
Savage Mutated Ratling Barbarian: Another character from my Negaverse campaign.  Out in the wilds are where you will encounter things that are even more extremely mutated, even  by antihuman mutant standards.  Such as this huge bruiser who is part of a band of anabolically enhanced barbarian scavenger raiders.  Don't worry, pretty early in he gets his head blown cleanly off by a certain sharpshooter but yeah... quite the physically intimidating specimen. I used Shifting Images' mountain scene... the Brute X for Genesis morph, loincloth, Orc Teeth morph #2, club (choosing wood material), red glow eye material, Kuril's red outer eye material, and the handwraps from the Primitive Barbarian for Genesis clothing set.   Body morphs used: Brute X, Street Rat, Beast Body from Genesis Creature Creator.  Pose: Club holding hand pose from Brute X for Genesis, Brute X's monster pose and some left foot adjustment.
Morning on the marsh: Brtce 7
Katana in bis bedroom: Katana est une combattante au sabre sur laquelle je suis en train de créer une petite histoire Ici elle attend dans la chambre d'une taverne avant de se rendre au dojo
MERCEDES SLK ROADSTER 2008: New rendering!
medievale chamber 1 : in the night: bonjour,Voici une série consacrée à la vie dans une petite chambre au moyen age, histoire de s'amuser un peu avec la mise en scene dans un espave restreint.Une série de trois images espacées dans le temps d'une vie intime. hello, Here is a series about life in a small room in middle age, just to have a little fun with the staging in a restricted espav. A series of three images spaced in time of an intimate life.
Virgin Sacrifice: This young woman is thrown into the sacrificial pit to be eaten by the beast. See the fear on her face when the beast aproaches her. Her death will satisfy the beast and the pagan gods, who demand blood.   Rendered in iray, no postwork.
Desert Scenery 2: My second experimental effort to create desert landscapes for my living room.
daz-work: thx 2 all member of the 3d-community
interior apartament: interior apartament
gem 3: png file high kwality just snap away the green ornament you can use on a lot .
Screen test shots: These screen test shots are from a new pirate animation I am doing. soon to be released in a couple more weeks.
Urbanaspectation: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Estudo de Olhos: Estudo de pintura digital, usei photoshop cs3 e uma tablet
American Fox Magazine - June 2010: Famous Furries, American Pop Culture, the Coolest Blasts From the Past. Everything a geek could ask for. This is not a real magazine, but I wish it was. I had a lot of fun doing this, but recieved harsh critisizem from my little brother, mostly because he hates furries and anything to do with them. Oh well. Krystal Model by Little Dragon B-17 model by DeEspona 36 Chevy model by Dudely Auto Runway by Sparkyworld Crates and Canisters by Chris WW2 and Terradome by Daz
update: my works using maya and photoshop
Bunny Girl: This is the full image from my last game (at DeviantArt), featuring my CatsEyes character and textures. She's wearing my "Classic Bunny Suit" available at HiveWire3D. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you enjoy the full view. Nude version only in the game! ^^
2S1 Gvozdika: The 2S1 Gvozdika, (Russian: 2С1 «Гвоздика», 'Dianthus'); is a Soviet 122-mm self-propelled howitzer that resembles the PT-76 but is essentially a lengthened version of the MT-LB APC, mounting the 2A18 howitzer. "2S1" is its GRAU designation.
Cow washing day!: Cow washing Day! A cute render I did today. I was out taking some picture for a web site I am building for a horse riding ranch and I saw this woman washing cows ..lol so I thought try to make a graphic of it.  its not the same results but it came out cute anyway.. BEST VIEW FUL SIZE. rendered in daz. NO POST WORK .. j ust for fun see if you can find the mouse in these pictures
Male head: This was actually more of a render test for my Monk's head. At this stage he wasn't rigged, so it's just the static pose.
les fées - le bois The fayrie - a wood: Suite du travail autour des fées avec une promenade dans le bois. Même si le rendu n'est pas celui que je veux mais 3delight se plante en permanence sur cette scène trop riche en détails.   Further work around fairy with a walk in the woods. Even if the result is not the one I want but 3Delight is constantly on this plant too rich in detail stage.
The stop over: Deep space stop over
Windy Fall Day: Winday fall day.  Rendered with daz studio , no post work. Best viewed full size.
At The Edge: Playing with sky in modo
Mouse Trapped: Could not find one anywhere so i made my own mousetrap. Thanks to Marco for the 'Ratty Mouse' seen here in this scene. I did this out of humour as it seemed to fit the situation i was currently in. lolThe trap was meshed in Wings3D and rigged in Daz Studio. Works quite well for something this simple.Note: seriously, NO animals were injured in the manufacturing of this product. What happens outside of that is out of my control... :)
Snow Fairy 1024x768 Wallpaper: Fairy Christmas! :D Okay, I'm late, but what the hell. ^^;
abstract: not sure what to say about this! Feel free to comment...good and constructive!
Castle of Dracula: Bryce 7, fully 2d
Demon: Daz3D render with different effects in PSP
My Ride: Scooting about in a thunderbike
Supergirl Sunset DARK City Series: Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.com/gallery/47245017/Comic-Art-FolderMade with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Steampunk: Steampunk Images done for a Challenge at the Angry Crayon LAst year.
Sgt. Ikko: Specialist from the imperial police corps. This woman can trace he bloodline back to a Takeda warlord in the 1520's. Further research would trace her to the first court of the original conquest period. Her family has always served in some covert capacity throughout every age. In the future she is no exception. A hunter of elusive bounties, and a serial assassin for the colony worlds oversight board.
Walking On The Moon: "The Newtet has landed!" Spacesuits by Shukky. Lunar module by SolCommnad. Thanks to both.
Missing Yukomicon: a little comic strip i am gonna work on
The Kiss: I spent a while trying to decide on a material - white marble didn't seemed quite right. The final version (a postworked monochrome version of  the fifth image) is posted on a couple of other sites.
SEA: What really hope that, once again can see the sea
casaamarilla: trabajo realizado desde planos de autocad
Honda NSX 2002: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3d
With the Incoming Tide: A glimpse at the open ocean from the beach.
Dining Room Scene: Render of a dining room.
Adam and Eve: Iray render
Glorious Sunrise: A golden and magenta sunrise over Wal~Mart
Vanessa Kleurrijk: Blue Braces: ...nu ook in PINK!
...che infiniti addusse lutti agli Achei...: Omero : Iliade - canto I°
Zero-lins: bryce7,ds.
Air Plane: Air Plane made with Blender 2.49b. Enjoy !
The chain: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
Brock Edward Lesnar - MMA Terminator: UFC Heavyweight Champion
Explosive meditation: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
New Cindy V4 Studio test: Trying the new Cindy V4 from Midnghtrider  in a studio background with star trek Uhura hair,action specs, body armor(re textured) and a mass effect gun.2 different poses
Iconic Images Tennis Girl:
goodnite: Been putzin around with this guy for a while.
Darkness always seems to find me...: Done in Bryce and PP10Pro - may be used as wallpaper
Angel...: theKid4, Poser Pro, Photoshop9 CS2 *...* Thanks for viewing
Can You Introduce Me to Bugs Bunny?:   
Embracing the Void: Queen of night embracing a comet
Sunny: Thanks for visiting!Enjoy and have a great time!
Dragon Lands: Dragons attack!
Delana by ElianeCK: My new light Real Light for Iray ! http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iray Delana for G3 https://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/delana-g3f-v7/2743914/?p
Black and white kitchen: this is one of my early works, using vray 1.47 and 3d studio max7
Challenger's Charge:  A picture of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's second most famous leading man, Professor George Edward Challenger. I am think of doing a steampunk type cartoon serial on You Tube featuring my original characters interacting with Challenger, Holmes, Nemo, Quartermain, VanHelsing, John Carter, Tarzan and other heroes of the Victorian/Edwardian era.
Bridge?: this is made in cinema 4d
nude 7: Thanks for viewing.
Architectural Visualization Transform Business: 3D architectural visualization must be done by a professional agency to give the right looks. 3D motion is a professional 3D design and rendering agency that can give life to your designs and make your dream come true.
Unhappily ever after?... Na, thanks: Animation by Ruben CastroMexico
Ms. Paragon vs. Doctor Tits: Completed cover art for my e-book, Ms. Paragon vs. Doctor Tits.  Used Tyler's 'Wondrous Accessories' though I altered the boots to high heels.  Wish I could have custom-made her a different tiara, but that is well beyond my skill set.  And a special thanks to Jim Farris for the 'Free Money.'  Helped a lot.
Current Status May 13 2010: Copyright notice: This work is © 2010, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. No permission is granted to use this work for ANY reason. This work is not public domain. Reproduction and redistribution prohibited. I've had better weeks, but things should turn around soon. Height differences(subject to change): Sheba is about 6 feet, 9 inches; while Brandy is about 5 feet, 8 inches. Most of my work can be found at my Renderosity gallery. or at my DeviantART gallery. Prehensile tail, as defined by Wikipedia Credits: Sheba based on CatGirl for Aiko 3 © MAB and Will Dupré Her bikini top © KHD Brandy based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Her hair © 3D Universe Image © 2010, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. DO NOT REPOST, COPY, OR USE IN ANY OTHER MEDIA!
Sketch14: Sketch
3 of diamonds: done for a deck of cards
The Major Arcana. No.2 The High Priestess:   Continuing my series of Major Arcana, we have the High Priestess.  This was quite a challenge as starting with the conventional seated figure using the usual symbols resulted in a very stiff image with little character.  I’ve changed it up a fair bit and here’s the result. She’s positioned between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin (“strong” and “established”), indicating the centre, wisdom and perception.  I have her leaning on “strength”, which for me works better compositionally as well as being symbolical.  Her conventional triple moon crown has been substituted for a headdress that still retains the waxing and waning crescents (as does the armband) referring to the importance of natural timing and patience.  She’s also usually depicted with an equal-armed cross over the heart, symbolic of the importance of balance.  It’s actually there but you can’t see it, though the design on the hem of her robe also reflects this.  The traditional iconographty has a crescent moon literally at her feet, which to my eye looks just plain odd. After much experimentation I turned this into a floor tile instead, retaining the meaning derived from the moon's position (that the Priestess has control over secret thoughts). Pomegranates are featured in the conventional representation to express the fruitfulness of our subconscious minds (pomegranates symbolise fertility). I’ve done this using a William Morris pomegranate design on a curtain, to coherently integrate the motif  into the overall scene. Finally, she holds a scroll symbolic of information, education, and perfect knowledge.  This is about the only bit I DIDN’T mess around with! DS3 as usual with no postwork.  Enjoy J
Fleur solitaire: Daz Studio 4.5 Pro & Photoshop
Cobra 02: modelled and rendered in lighwave
Futuristic SiFi Cars with Tron Style Light Effects: 3D Models of SiFi Cars with Tron Style Light Effects. Created in 3DS Max - Slate Material Mapping and Mental Ray.Car Concept - Bharat Bhagwat
friends by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray One Click Lights -30 % offhttps://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lightsMayuka for Genesis 3 Femaletks!
Newage fleet: Air ship
Vozvrashenie: go go go
Wild Wild West Bike - Big Poster Challenge: Created in Amorphium, Rendered in Bryce. Inspiration from the movie, "The Wild Wild West" with Will Smith.
Guardians of Elimore Castle: Gothic Statues
the Robotmakers (cover): Poser, DazStudio, Bryce, postwork. Credits: New Robot by Xantor, hair by Kozaburo, some modding on Robby the Robot and Judy, Free Stuff.
C3DE Issue by elianeck: C3DE IssueThe best magazine about Carrara (C3DE) devoted 43 pages on this latest edition to my work, including  Tutorial by me. I am honored by the tribute.
planeta: processed in vue 9
Backstreet Gang: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Gunslinger Angel: Thanks: Texture challenge 12 - Sanbie - http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=rg10cbv21lgdb4uo0s8t9nic14&topic=359.0Tequila necklace http://www.daz3d.com/tequila-hairBeach hair http://www.daz3d.com/beach-hairVampire nail - Studio ARt Vartanian - http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=59360Steampunk Gun - Jim Farris (Xaa) - http://www.sharecg.com/v/40700/browse/11/Poser/Steampunk-GunBone wing feathers - sand3d - http://www.sharecg.com/v/43865/browse/5/3D-Model/Feathers-for-RNDAs-Bone-WingsRDNA Bone Wings - Traveler - http://forum.runtimedna.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=497Medieval church interior - Baychaser - http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/medieval-church-interior-97869.html
Tiffany Sands: A better view of Tiffany
Lamp & table: Photoshop work with 3d filter
Yatoihei: A new hunter in a new savage world.
iTribute: I didn't intend on it, but the arrangement of the characters is similar to that of the "Speechless" memorial art for Mel Blanc. Credits: Xenia & Tiffany based on Aiko 3 © DAZ Krystal, Destiny, and Samantha based on Krystal model by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ Studio by Little Dragon Shion & Brandy based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Clothing by DAZ, Curious Labs, Little Dragon, B-man Hair by Little Dragon, 3DUniverse, Bice & OutOfTouch, DAZ, and Mylochka Textures for Destiny & Samantha © Jasmin & Yorrick Cyclorama © DAZ iPhones as iPads by Amy Aimei & Norse Graphics Kyklades pot © Mairy Candle © Adam Thwaites Block texture © Tom Adamczyk iPhone, iPad are the properties of Apple Krystal is the property of Nintendo Image © 2011, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. October 9, 2011
A Werewolf in New York: One never knows what lurks in the shadows.
Woman Posing: Beautiful woman posing against striped background
Another Cold Day: Galactic Warrior facing life... props to joequick and francis_2000 for their gear!
indian test: texture and mophs being worked on
red guitar: blender rendering of futuristic electric guitar
PXLNTWRk_[DESIGN]x025-1: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
On the trail:
Star Trek: Incidents With Doors: Workflow: DAZStudio4.9 -> Iray -> Photoshop23rd Century Bridge by Ptrope
Hobbit Home: Bryce 7, Wings3d
The Guardian: wallpaper 1024 x768, dinokonda, mill.baby, cyclorama
sauna: un petit temps au sauna. Tu viens ... ? a little time un sauna You come... ?
Log_persp_02: Very quick work in only 2 days. This work is created from a real architectural plan
Supergirl - Teaser: Coming soon :)
Three by elianeck: tks!
Sunday: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy! Have a great day!
J-3 Piper Cub: J-3 Piper Cub
Pramada-02: Another older picture of my character Pramada I did a few months ago for practice.
Matured - Set Of Playing Cards I: This is a complete set of playing cards, 52 cards and 4 joker. The cards are real big for a fine print and come in pairs. Four pairs on a sheet of DIN 4 make a playable size.The idea was, to show the same character in two very different appearances. Its only the differenc in clothing and attitude - the Charakter with all morphs is exact the same.I used the Maturing-V4-Morph-Pack by tempest, available here at http://www.sharecg.com/v/51777/related/11/Poser/Maturing-V4-Morph-PackRendered in Poser pro 2014Assembled to cards in Corel Photo Paint
Baphomet: Baphomet demon
Aquavamps Arthur and Mera: Alt dimension Aqua-Man & Aqua woman as Vampire Mermaids (draft a)
Charlie Angel from future by elianeck: tks!
Shortcut To God: Human sacrifice
Scuba Shamira 01: Another oldie. Originally for my website, which hasn't been updated as of late. Credits: Shamira based on Aiko 3 © DAZ3D Black Chain Second Skin © Richard Taylor Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Necklace © Robrose Base pose © Muscleman Underwater Land © Lupadgds Bubbles © Coty Endl Fish © Royloo Lighting FX (top right) done in Paint Shop Pro 8 Character & image © 2009, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved.
Morgana: Daz studio4 pro
head 02: quarter view of the head.
Winter's games: Divertirsi alla prima neve
Mars 2510 - The Outpost: Concept Art created with a mix of painting and photomanip. The buildings are 100% painted, I wanted to achieve that special concept art feel :) It took quite a while to create...about 7-8 hours in total spread over a couple of days. Enjoy :)
Montilla - Character Animation of Pequeños Héroes: 3D #Characteranimation is a strong Zone of our animation process. we Create this Prince Character Modeling and Animation for our one of the satisfied Client. Your can see more Characters at www.gameyan.com #GameDevelopmentStudio #gamedevelopmentoutsourcing #character #animation #game #development #design 
Sexy Samurai: A sexy lady with a sharp sword; what's not to love?
take ur best shot: unknown,playing with displacements
Looking the Horizon...: Now, indian Potyra looking to the horizon over the trees ...
GIANTS: GIANTS - made in 3ds Max 2010 Planet textures priteeboy ([link]) Background stock by HAMEED ([link] ) Render is HD 1920x1080 px.
tool: tool
interior lighting: i ve made it in 3DS max 2008, by using mental ray renderer
Chev 427. ;~): Chevy Body On A Shelby Cobra 427 Chassis, Took 2 Days To Make This Combination In Carrara8, Hope You Like The Color. ;~)
Image for Terraintutorial 5: Step 5. Next thing you need is some color. Start painting and add some plants.
One Piece Swimsuit For Genesis 2 ( others? ): a very very good-fit swimsuit with extraordinarily good UV texuring features https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts8/mcjg2onepiece free but donations welcome !
Happy Halloween: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
Dr Andystein: The original render was 2000 x 2000, but the high displacements I used look silly at that size. So I reduced it to 1000 x 1000 for the upload. It looks okay at that size. I think it looks even better as it gets smaller! No postwork at all - the atmosphere was done completely in Poser. (4th and 5th images are screenshots of my Poser 9 light, atmosphere and render settings - should help anybody who hasn't yet got atmosphere working!)   2nd image:  a few earlier renders when I was playing with the atmosphere and bump/diaplacement on the set. 3rd image: a sidetrack into getting the ambient channels of props to light the scene.   Credits: most of what you see is from "The Monster And Frankenstein's Lab" (LukeA's 'Ghouls Gone Wild Freebie 2009' from Renderosity).
seamonster in am: playing again
Malena: V4.2++ with X&M Perfect morphs, i13morphs,  DAZ Drive In
sea goddess: figure made in poser, cloths and hair brushed in photoshop
ESCORT Brute: Not to distant future Armored Personnel Vehicle.
Ymir: Red Dawn: A spectacular sunrise above a snowbound planet... This is the first in a series of images illustrating the environments on an icebound world which I have named Ymir after the Norse god of ice and cold. This image was created with Bryce 6.1 (no post-processing). As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.
daz-work: just playing around a little
Dungeon Creature WIP: Sort of an old model I'm bringin back form teh dead. It was orginally a model done by glen southern and myself for a pc game, but I felt that it needed a more serious treartment as opposed to a comic / funny one. So I'vebeen knibbling away at it a few mins here and there. Obviously props to Glen Southern for the intial design before I ripped some sparts off the model, added other bits and redesigned the surface anatomy. Sculpted in mudbox and rendered in 3d max in mentla ray using a couple of portal lights.
special guests: mysery loves company.
Mystic Flower: A little faerie playing with her magic. =)
Children: Hi! It is my new work. Two days ago I have torn a sheaf on my leg. While I laid on a sofa, I would like to draw something pleasant. I wanted to draw something for children, something fantastic. And I have drawn. In this picture five children have found a secret door opening a way to the beautiful secret country. What waits for them behind this door? They have prepared... They have opened a door...
The Dead, very Privat: Done with DS/3 Advanced, no postwork
conquest: 3d
apart9: residental
Bichos en la tarde (Bugs in the dusk): Sometimes you step out of your door just in the moment that night creatures start wandering around...
Wine and Roses: Even a Vampire needs some down time ;)
Back to earth by Elianeck: ElianeCK Real Light for Irayhttps://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iraytks!
Nissan 350z scanline 04: modelled and rendered in lightwave
tool: tool
image3: wings3d model and bryce.
Bike-03-IRAY: Thanks for viewing
apple a day: no i know u cant see the apple she is eating but her mother always told her a apple a day keeps the dr away
Two-maids ver.2: Thank you for viewing this image!...Their store is below. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92319&vendor=DERIDERI http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92322&vendor=DERIDERI
Babel II: I made works this week in the image of Babel II (Babil Junior) which featured the theme of the famous tower of Babel. This comic was televised in early 1970 and was renewed in 2001. Mitsuteru Yokoyama was a Japanese manga artist who played an active part from late 1950. He is a great master of the comics world with Osamu Tezuka. Tetsujin 28 & Giant Robo began the Mecha anime & manga genre. Babel II is a supernatural power science fiction (ESP) comic. In his works there are Kamen no Ninja Akakage, Sally the Witch, Princess Comet etc. I love his all comics. Thanks for sharing. HyRaRa for DAZ Aiko 3 Base by atAKA PoserNightmare, Short Layerd Hair by StudioMaya, School Uniform for POSER Hiro3.0 by aio Poser /G, 3Zi_black leopard by Sannzi(sanzi), Desert backgrounds by HoboBo, Pteranodon and Pisa Tower by 3D Gurukul
Eye in the sky: mojoworld
Space elevator: Star trek models by: Tuva01. Crosswing fighter by: Rockape. From ShareCG Crater city by: rj001. From renderosity.com
Pramada-01: An older picture of mt character Pramada I did a few months ago for practice.
My 1st upload,my Art work in few years ago.: that was a practice, I want use color in my heart to free my soul. because I'm a half achromat.
Hulk vs. The Zombie Apocalypse: My first in the Zombie Apocalypse series.  Made using DAZ 3D Studio and some photoshop post work.
Missing Date: One of my first renders, kinda pleased with it for one of my first attempts. Please comment, as a newbie, any advice on lighting, improvements etc greatly appreciated ! Regards Scorpio 66
Parthenon: You can check out how I built it at http://a.parsons.edu/~malcd702/blog/?p=474
Tentacles ?: (Variation on the theme of my previous upload, "Late", with a male victim instead - but with another odd tangential twist... if there is such a thing?  :D ) Since the sacrificial stone was on the seashore, and everybody was familiar with the story of Perseus and Andromeda (or had at least watched "Clash Of The Titans" ), they naturally assumed that the sacrificial victims were "...dragged away by the tentacles"... But why were the victims always male? And why did the palace eunuchs look knowingly at each other whenever the sacrifice was mentioned?
coca cola-2: coca cola-2
Female 1026: A character for Genesis 2 female in progress.
Sobrado 01-fundos: Small house
ipod: 3d model
Evil Snowman: http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=24232A monster from the snowy landscape of the north. Run away if you can....: Product Features :.Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png)All body parts are fully poseable.Mouth and Face morphs:-Open MouthIncludes separate broom prop.Includes one dancing animated pose..: Textures :.One 4096x4096 texture for the figure.Templates are included.
residencial: residencial
Su-27 Delta Fighter: 3D model of my Su-27 Delta Fighter created by me.
Elven Girl: Figure is Dawn Special Edition. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Sea Dragon 2012: This is the type of artwork I normally create by hand.  I created this piece in photoshop.  Maybe you can see the animal amongst all the colors and shapes.
The Alice' in Wonderland Set: Fantastic detail if you download. This was a joy to do, made the whole corridor, with all the doors & the really small one (did extension perspective in photoshop), wallpaper, skirting & Dado rail, floor, glass table, etc... If you like this, why not check out my other Alice image in my gallery? Thanks for looking, Paul
Company 26: Vixens of the Shield: As the Melani people continue their second expansion into space, the threats against them multiply.Like Starcraft's Nova Squadron or Warhammer 40K's Inquisition, the Melani Armed Forces' Company 26 is a team charged with rooting out conspiracies against the Melani Confederacy: be they from without, or from within.Suggested soudtrack:To Save Humanity - Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian TwilightLeft to right: Audria Toulmin, Fallon Peragus, and Pamala Siegrist.*****Models rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3.Used three layers in Paint Shop Pro: one with the Vanguard and starfield, one with the characters on a white background that was made transparent, and a basic black layer for the credits.*****Credits:Audria, Fallon, and Pamala based on Furrette 2 © Little DragonFur texture © PorterHair © 3DCelebrity, Bobbie25, and DAZUniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsPoses © Daniel MurrayVanguard © KibarretoBackground © Jedman67Characters & artwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.May 18, 2012
Private Beach: In summer, I have Props which I want to use in Poser. They are 'Private beach' and 'Sunny backyard' which Red Viper modeled. These quality is very high, and there is a sense of fun, and We can use the products of Red Viper with peace of mind. They are craftsman-minded best Props. Thanks for sharing. Sunny backyard, Private beach by Redviper2012, nm_short_TT Hair by Niseisya, NMScSwim01 by yagami, nmTwinTail_2 by jpeg, nm_swimsuit by niseisya, NM_Elf by Kedama Gocyo, Asagao by Haru(halrunman), NearMe Custom Poses and GF Poses by tofusan, Kids Trike (for Poser) OnTarget3D freebies, Duck, Pidgeon by most-digital-creations.com, Twister Toy hammer by Zippo, Shelby Cobra (for Poser) OnTarget3D freebies, Watergun by Uweg.
The guardian of the apes: An imaginary vision of the monkey Temple in India. Un'immaginaria visione del tempio delle scimmie in India.
The ninth week: Thanks for visiting!Enjoy and have a great time!
The Nemesis (A Fake Ad): The Nemesis (A Fake Ad) by RSand55 I'm a big fan of the now gone GM division Pontiac. My Generation 3 Firebird will probably be buried with me;) When I first saw KookNfat's amazing Nemesis model, I saw something Pontiac would have built had it still existed. I hope you like it. Thanks for your comments. Created in Daz 4.9 Pro and rendered in 3Dlight. Post work in PSP. The Nemesis by KookNfat Real Paints and Real Metals shaders by DzFire Victoria 4.2+++ by DazOriginals VHP Melanie by Godin, P3Design Garden Escape Planters by Daz Originals, ARTCollab I try very hard to give credit to prop artists. If I am in error regarding any prop, please contact me and I will correct it. Thanks for looking!
"Rumil": Elf of Lothlorien. Rumil was the brother of Haldir and Orophin. He and his brothers were wardens on the borders of Lothlorien. Rumil's language was Sindarin as it was spoken in Lothlorien and he knew little of the Common Speech. On January 15, 3019, the brothers encountered the Fellowship near the Nimrodel in the eaves of the forest. They led the Fellowship to their flet. During the night a troop of Orcs passed and the brothers lured them away. While Orophin went to warn the other Elves of Lothlorien of the Orcs' intrusion, Rumil accompanied Haldir and the Fellowship to the banks of the Silverlode and helped them cross using ropes. Rumil remained on the west bank and returned to the Nimrodel to keep watch.
Photo Shot: i'm here- https://www.youtube.com/user/mpramort- http://www.dailymotion.com/mortpramort- https://www.facebook.com/channa.pornpitask
Going, Going, Gone! Sexy Comic Art Print Auctions: Just wanted to let you know that...We have a large selection of our A3 Sexy Comic Art Print available now in the eBay Auctions… The Second Best Way To Start Collecting Our Comic Art Prints!…with startling price of just $7.50 Dollars (£7.50 Pounds) auctions are every 10 days...with NO RESERVE PRICE!So Don’t Miss Out… Happy Bidding!All are available here with large image previews and full print details:ebay Online Comic Art Print Shop 
Fantasy creatures: I've started creating some Fantasy figures by mixing animals andmy much apreciated Aiko 3 figure.Still don't know how to create an injection file to share them
Demon and Zombie: A demon from hell feasting with a zombie coming up from behind
stars ships: It is an interpretation of a futur word
The Waiting Room: My latest scene created back in August 2006. Originally created for my upcoming demo-reel and portfolio. Personally one of my favorite projects, and my second completed interior scene to date. Designed in 3dsmax and rendered in VRay.
generic male head sculpt: A work in progress of a model i'm doing in zbrush and xsi,
Cast Down: Winged characters are such fun - no need for background props, just make sure the lighting matches your sky   :)
Nika in the privacy: Always Nika
Blue: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Drama: DAZ Crocodile and Daz Zebra rendred in Poser 6.....The water surface created by me...Background Serengeti....Daz Environment......Postwork in Photoshop
backgroundt4: background for Poser and desktop
special friend: as i said b4 lol good thing dragons aren't real i'd have a whole house full
King Altria Pendragon: I took some liberties, but I think she came out alright :D Now comes the 'Fun' part. POSING!!!!!! Kururu Model for Poser/DAZ and clothes: http://posercontent.wikifoundry.com/page/KururuArmor: http://www.sharecg.com/v/32748/gallery/11/Poser/Shukkys-PlateArmorKnight-for-A3Cloak: http://www.sharecg.com/v/30288/gallery/11/Poser/shukkys-ShearCoSword: http://www.sharecg.com/v/21161/browse/5/3D-Model/Ranger
Gentlemen`s duel: High in the cloudsAnimation by.- Ruben Castro
The temptation:
Jet Bike: A Carrara 6 render. I posted the model here if anyone wants it.
monorail tilted front view: render of monorail i made a while ago
3D Lotha Warrior Creature Character Rigging: Lotha Creature Character Modeling , Rigging and Animation Rome, Italy by www.gameyan.com/Our Model is fully rigged to do all kinds of actions like running, fighting etc. Created in powerfull tools like Maya Game Character studio. http://www.gameyan.com/3d-character-animation.html  
The Four Seasons: now that spring has arrived....
elevator_01: here
archi render 14: architectural render
Damned: A carrara 6 render
My Silver Cup: A hobo once used this cup. I hope you like it.
Vampirena: My favourite character
Calsonic Skyline GTR: Modeled and Rendered in Lightwave3d
Sparkle: Magic dust for the newborn fairy
Desert mountain: one of my first digital painting experiment
I/bot: Started of with the helm. Carried on towards a game character. Still busy having fun with him. Also wanted to mix anatomy of human and animal genetics protected by a power armor.
An old man on the street: bryce 7
Clarice: A character created based on the images I had from a book.
Hansip Betawi (Civilian Security Guard): In this project, I start by designing all the characters, environment, layout and the mood. I did the modeling lighting n rendering in Xsi and Zbrush, as for the texture n composition I used Bodipaint and Photoshop. I just finish doing revision on this work, focusing mainly in the background. Feel free for comments.
silent night: airbrush on hammer board, crayons, polyester, photoshop elements 2
Spirit Of The Wind: Who needs wings? Originally inspired by a chance combibnation of pose, skin texture, and hair (my original 'au naturel' image is posted in my RDNA gallery - I hadn't decided what clothing to use, but I wanted to post the image as it stood because I thought she looked gorgeous as she was, and also to avoid losing my inspiration...) This variation was inspired by Klausdbg's gorgeous "East Asian Cloth" and too many Chinese movies!  I also used Silviu Caraba's  "KHANG-YM(Asian head moforphsV4,A4)" for both figures (mixed with other morphs). Both items mentioned are from here at ShareCG. The first image is the original post, but the main image has been replaced with my latest version. After the original post I decided that I needed something more in the background. I'd already tried (and scrapped) the idea of a Chinese/Japanese building, but a bamboo forest seemed appropriate. However, no bamboo in my runtime. ShareCG came up trumps again with Nobiax's "Free Bamboo v1" - nice and lo-res so no worries about piling it in. I also changed the lighting and added a simple "Depth Cue" fog effect within Poser (although I messed up the colour!), and the same postwork focus blur in GIMP. That's the second picture here. Still not right. The next two pictures are earlier versions, while the last two are alternative clothing that I tried - I'll probably go back to those at some time as they're off in a completely different direction! Next (7th) picture - after playing around with the bamboo and depth-cue atmosphere I came up with this, a big improvement I think. I used one infinite light and a diffuse IBL, no shadows or AO (or IDL) - those were taking forever to render with all the bamboo!
Picture Frame: Picture frame that can be used in 3d or 2d artwork.
Jazz Trio at Martillo's Jazz Bistro: The Jazz Trio is complete now, and playing their first gig at Martillo's Jazz Bistro. Enjoy this wallpaper.
Naïad: Capricious and inscruitable dwellers in the wells, streams and pools of the ancient world....
Swimming Pool: swimming pool side view showing steps and water
Not Immune: Skirtless heroines are apparently not immune to the attentions of tentacled beings! 
Attack: Launching from multi barrel rocket pads..
Snow in summer?: Eagles Hunting
Car sketch: car sketch
Apoc Hangout: An chance to use two great new freebies. The Junk Alley (this weeks DAZ freebie) and Ghastly's Mechanized Infantry Girl.
Salem2: Salem, a character in the upcoming "Hellacious" series. Used a few free props in this that I'll have to remember later & add links for. cheers SCART http://www.myspace,com/themolotov1 Free Stuff Used: E'naut Airship Goggles for M4 and V4
Merry Christmas: Well, I thout it`s time for my own version of a well known Christmas picture. ( at least among aviation friends like me ) So I hope you will like it. Merry Christmas to you all.
vampire daughter by Elianeck: dramatic light for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-irayGenesis 3 + Star 2.0DazStudiotks!
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (four frames): More frames. I might not use any of this. I get a bit carried away with view angles and Photoshop retouching.
Superheroine Dreams: Early draft cover art for Paragon vs. Doctor Tits.  I still have background figures to add, and maybe cigarette smoke if I can find it.  If anyone knows where I can find accessories (on the cheap) that don't look like they belong to, well, you know, please let me know.  I'm also looking for an inexpensive lab coat.
Planet Zena: 3D model of planet Zena created by me.
Night Shadow in DAZ Studio 4.6: Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 with no post work.  My last-minute entry for the DAZ "Sheer Greatness" Contest.  See Blender Cycles version of this render at: http://www.sharecg.com/v/69268/view/1/3D-and-2D-Art/Night-Shadow-in-Blender/CyclesCredits:Woman -- DAZ GenesisWoman Textures -- Danae (Renderosity)Hair -- 3Dream & Mairy (DAZ)Shoes -- DX30 (DAZ)Stockings/Socks -- Zev0 & DraagonStorm (DAZ)Car -- Dreamscape (DAZ)Dress -- 4BlueEyes (DAZ)Buildings, Street Scene, Signs -- Poser World
Grey Day: Rendered in DS3A
roadtrip: "howz my driving?"
Recharging: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Dead Twice: This character was developmented with some references like the art of BROM and the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of Black Pearl". Made with 3ds max, VRay Render and Photshop. This image was used in my first book “Character Development in 3D with 3ds max” by Ciência Moderna Publishing House, was included on www.3dtotal.com at gallery and was published by magazine Digital Designer nº 73.
Madonna and Child: Merry Christmas everyone.
Island: The Island
A robot and a pilot at a hangar: I watched a Kaiju movie "Pacific Rim" and I loved a hangar scene very much. So I tried to build my own scene like that. Could I succeed ?
3d room: 3d architectural room
My attempt at the facebook challenge: Thanks for looking, hope you like it and please rate or leave a comment.
Soft space humanoids: Two robotic humanoids watching the sky. 3d, art, future, futuristic, design, color, cyborg, sci-fi, human, humanoid, cyber, fantasy, space, bionic, composition, freedom, robot, artificial, construction
I'm Blue: Look up Eiffle 65 to understand this picture. Special thanks to Little Dragon for creating the Krystal model.
The sexiest clothes in the world: I think that the sexiest clothes in the world are the cheongsam.The cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women.The adoption of a slit and the texture of the silk to make a leg look beautiful is very splendid.
3D Lantern By Matt Ostrom at Renderosity: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/lantern-by-matt-ostrom-maya-and-obj/91628 My 3D Lantern was noticed for awards and displayed on posters and on Full Sail’s website in 2003. This was my final project in a NURBS modeling class. The Lantern is fully detailed and created with NURBS in Maya. I also included an OBJ file for those of you who do not have Maya. You can find more at www.mattostrom.com Thanks Mattimage3d http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/lantern-by-matt-ostrom-maya-and-obj/91628
Dawn Bringer: One of my first images. It was originally designed to be a banner for the website, but the full image had a kind of simple elegance to it, so I rendered the whole thing for use as a desktop background.
Mazda Speed RX 8 02: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Incoming Train: Incoming maglev train into a futuristic City
Undead crawler: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5 Enjoy!
Red Eye Flight II: Part II of my preview to the next strip. Members of the Fifth Legion at their stations aboard the Vanguard ship. ***** Notes: It was suggested to use a couple of dim point lights in the cockpit to make it brighter. Unfortunately, some other lights got canceled out, so I left it as it is, for the time being. I didn't set the water to full opacity, allowing some of the starred background to show through. The SPF uniform was designed for Furrette 2, but I used brute force (hiding body parts, scaling up parts of the uniform) to make it "fit" to Furraldos Jurthal and Vassandar. Suggested theme: Risk Relief and Victory or An Old Idea Made New from the Supreme Commander soundtrack. ***** Credits: Vanguard ship © Kibaretto Jurhtal, Vassandar, Brandy, Tianna, and Shion based on Furraldo/Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Tiffany based on Aiko 3 © DAZ Water prop © Mapps & Richardphotos Anthro uniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Paul Gibbs & Bill Redfern Tiffany's Mech Girl outfit © The3DWizard Hairstyles by DAZ, Mylochka, 3D Universe, Little Dragon, and Bice & OutOfTouch Jurthal & Vass' fur texture © Porter Sky background © Jedman67 Tianna's hair based on Zig Zag © Max Blackrabbit Characters & art © 2011, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved.
Between two Worlds: Heavily postworked Poser render...
Club Footed Werejackalope:  Had to take a break from animating my upcoming serial for You Tube and let my imagination run. As you can tell, it ran wild.
BAnk: BAnk
"My name is Bomb... Sex Bomb": Thanks for viewing. Critics and comments are welcomed. Best view in full size.
Modern architecture: Modern architecture
Your Idea of a Date Huh: 03: DAZ Studio 4.9.  See Renderosity page for image info. Art &#169; Wesley Brown August 24, 2016
Ms Mouse Adventurer: Ms Mouse is a fisty little mystical mouse girl who wishes to be human more than anything,  So on her own She pushes on, searching  the empty caves and mystical lands of the dark worlds long forgotten , looking &hoping to find little tib-bits of magical items to help her some day rid her of that dastardly tail. Rendered in Iray ~ no post work.Items used . Hand painted pre-rendered Photoshop back grounds with some stonemasons cloud props added. custom HDRi Lighting .Best viewed if you click the image for full size
Saiyan Girl Chillia: This is Chillia a saiyan girl, now in 3D!
spaceship c4d 01: ..an spaceship..
Graveyard Forest: Deep inside a forest. A forest maybe near to you? Within this creepy forest lies a forgotten place. A damn place....where the dead is alive.
Woodland Pass: Crossing paths with a unicorn upon a woodland pass<==============<~O~>=============>Millennium HorseBlueroan Snowflake Appy by DreamWeaver DesignsA. Gunsolley - Op Unicorn HornWorldball by 3DCheapskateHDR 041 Path from hdri-hub
Sunset Surfing: I used Vue xStream, importing Daz Genesis M5.
Skyline GTR R34 2Fast 2Furious: Modeled and Rendered in Lightwave3d
Columns 3d max: Columns 3d max
Janie's got a gun: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Virus: Thanks for visiting!Enjoy and have a fun!
Studio 7 (Nudity): Una nuova realizzazione utilizzando Poser & Photoshop
Arkane Warrior: http://www.ShareCG.com/v/54025/view/11/Poser/Texture-Pack-For-Eweyai
Jaguar and Stained Glass: A beautiful 3D model of a classic old car, rendered with interesting lighting.
Somewhere on Olympus: Somewhere on Olympus made in Bryce 5,5 and daz studio.The total of all items made by me using Bryce 5.5 and PSPXI Addition Imported from Victoria daz studio
dude5: this is the dude....don't mess with him and he will leave you alone....but check your fridge often anyway.
Japanese Room - night: This is my second piece from my current demo reel. This is another lighting situation I did for the scene.
initials: initials
O thirith i dauron: Rendered in Poser7. A male elf keeping watch. Feel free to comment, rating isn't necessary.
The American Ninja - Beach Justice (Promo): The American Ninja - Beach Justice (Animation Promo)Coming soon to a Youtube channel Near You. You don't want to miss this exciting 2 Minute animated short of the American Ninja.  Subscribe today  http://www.youtube.com/user/IvySummers1
Igreja (teste): Teste de iluminao
Hello, my name is Goodbye: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Campus: Campus
Some of my art: thanks to Herminio Nieveshttp://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=herminiourdwolfhttp://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=urdwolfI love their Obj files
Let Kombat Practice Begin!:   
Bunny Helen: One of many being done as a tribute to the Chicago Playboy(c) Club of the 1960's - 1970's era. Created In DAZ 4.9 Pro and rendered in iRay. Bunny Helen by RSand55 Victoria 4.2+++ by DazOriginals MRL Hedera Bane by Mihrelle Accent Tables by Daz Originals, blondie9999 Night Secrets by Silver, WildDesigns Jug from Temple of the Pharaohs by DazOriginals Garden Escape Planters by Daz Originals, ARTCollab V4 BunnyGirl Set by billy-t
The Shadow Realm: A massive stone citadel at the border of a barren haunted land... I'm really proud of this image...the first time I got a Tglad Mandelbox with Julia mode to yield interesting results and that's one of the best skies I've ever done! Enjoy!!! Software: Mandelbulber 0.97, KPT 5, Glitterato, Corel PhotoPaint x4
SMILE: fully created in adobe photoshop, the eyes ,ears and hairs are creatd with the brush tool, no plugins used.
Lamborghini Countach 5000s: 3D model of Lamborghini Countach 5000s created by me.
God Ray: Heavenly demise...
Lemmings: Created in Vue 6 with plants made by me, available here: http://market.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=55513&vendor=24138
Lousiana - Fishing in the mist of the swamp: Welcome to all in 2015. A relaxing morning of fishing along the Mississippi River, near New Orleans, in pure "Cajun" style. Una rilassante mattina di pesca lungo il Mississippi  ,nei pressi di New Orleans ,in puro stile "Cajun".  
The fire: Nika with my 4e hair and a fire pose
renaissance: a short sequence giving more of the story of my  previous  image of the forest guardian...  this time  a little postwork was required! best viewed in fukl resolution.
Tirion a Valinor: The city of the Elfs in front of the gods land of valinor
Captain on deck...:
Aiko Hard to rise -up: The  crew  short  story how  is  hard  for  Aiko  to rising-up
world columns and 4 number: Here comes "the dancing sun" - Another old painting in photoshop with an extremely old tablet.
Simply LaRue: 01: DAZ Studio 4.9 -> Paint Shop Pro (brightness adjusted) Due to description length limits, image info may be found at Renderosity. Art © Wesley BrownAugust 7, 2016
Jin Mitshirogu: A 3D character made in 3dsMax and rendered with V-Ray
Reading the 100th book: This is the 100th images I have upload here, the books in the image are 100
Time Enough For All: All in their own
3D Game Character Modeling: 3D Character Modeling and Animation by GameYan. We are Providing Character Modeling, Design, Rigging, Sculpting,Texturing and Animation solutions. We have an experienced team of designers to delivering creative 3D modeling for Games, films and advertisement. Try us Now    
All Dressed Up: Did this one for Halloween- great staircase from CG Society which I developed materials for. Girl & grunge-trash pile images from Stock.
Jus bottle: Created for Advertisement
Strange Friends: A princess resigned to a dragon relationship
alice and the wolf: one of my Daz works.check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.http://refsocrd1.deviantart.com/gallery/
Ancient Greek City - 3D Visualisation & Composite: This was a live project I did in 2004. The assignment was to create a 3D Visualisation of a Ancient Greek City on a mountain slope by sea. As viewed from the sea. (Original size is 1600x1200 reduced to 800x600.)
lion: Charcoal sketch of a lion.
next2: daz studio,gimp
The season of man, winter: Winter is the season of oldness  all seems ending in the present and look only at the past, no future. The skin become similar to ground
Birbal: This artwork has been created as a sample character concepts for future animation projects. Medium Used : Hand Drawn Sketches, Photoshop and wacum Tablet.
SUPER GIRL!!: Another picture of the beautiful Super girl for you!!!
The Major Arcana. No.6 The Lovers: Next in the series is the Lovers card. I have kept all the traditional symbology in this card, as it’s fairly straightforward as is...  So we have Archangel Raphael bestowing health and creativity on the two nude figures who are in a state of oneness with nature; the sun representing the warmth of love and spiritual light. The trees of life and fire symbolise fertility, growth and passion (with the serpent for temptation and the fruit of knowledge too, referencing Adam and Eve). The trees also represent the balance between love and lust.  Traditionally a single mountain peak in the background separates the two figures, which is the division of the sexes and the obstacle that must be overcome for true union between two people.  Bearing in mind there are numerous hurdles in a successful relationship, I’ve used a range rather than a single mountain here! No postwork as usual, best at max resolution.
Kiss My ...:  A Pin-Up with attitude Rendered in Poser Pro 2014 no post work
backgroundrb11: backgrounds for Poser and pcdesktop
Dominance war: construction image: My model for dominance war II
Lamborghini Gallardo GT 2: my work, i hope this is ok for you
Attack Of The Arniebots: And they came stumbling and mumbling down the hallway, each comparing their new Daz studio compatible mats with each other. The rusty one bragged he was the shiniest but no one cared because he was rusty. Who wants shiny rust anyway? The UN Arniebot tried to keep the peace but we all know how that goes. Features the Arniebot by PoserDirect.com and the VP Sci-Fi Hallway by VanishingPoint.biz More art, music and more from HealthyInsanity.com , that's my home base.
piracy on the high sea: battle
snowdragon: Out for a ride with pet snow dragon
G Girl AND Dragon: FLYING. -------------------- http://luvheroine.tumblr.com/
Soul Sisters: Sisters who specialize in saving the world?  Yes, please! 
Misumi: A new girl on the block. She might just kick a few butts as well. This is my latest Asian femme character which will be debuting in the up coming eZine probably next month. Her name is 'Misumi' which means pure and beautiful. Had her for a while sitting in my runtime. She poses well and is a natural with facial expressions. Some hair fittings may need slight adjustments like widening the fitting due to her rounded face, other than that she is fully compatable with V4.
quad track tank: concept tank study, maya. was looking at a design of a tank with quad independent tracks and rear loading door. Done as a sample for a MMORPG developer
The delivery: An eye out guys, the mecdog is nervous, I smell trouble!
Z600 the next level: A game scenario, for a gamer or graphics enthusiast the Z600 represents the next level. Hp Z600- The next level (Software:- Daz 3D, Adobe photoshop) Image sources:- http://www.bu.edu/sjmag/scimag2008/images/Texture__Concrete_Cracked_by_ivelt_resources.jpg http://www.geek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/hp-z600-cow-dual-lp2475w-cow.jpg http://keycodemedia.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/big-black-hp-logo1.gif http://files.myopera.com/brokenheartvn/albums/797178/Blue-Sea.jpg http://www.schmittservices.com/images/lrp_products/Katana_Hilt_Large.jpg http://lh4.ggpht.com/_LXqghZcr6yQ/RRdHR09hABI/AAAAAAAAAEE/bhSUNathPG0/IMG_1092.JPG http://hitherandyarn.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/moonlight-near-lc.jpg http://debtorby.typepad.com/connections/images/red_rocks_103.jpg http://www.gardenews.co.nz/wheat.jpg http://www.chrishiggins.com/blog/archives/images/welches_leaves_single.jpg http://blogs.yogajournal.com/night%20sky.jpg Inspiring websites: - http://abduzeedo.com, http://photodoto.com, ShareCG.com Daz 3D props: - Daz V4, Daz M3,Apollo maximus by Anton Kiesel, Daz LM shadow dancer, Magneto1969's T800 head prop Concord M3 props, Uzilite for M3, Stonemason's gothic ruin arc *Profuse apologies to all those who may have contributed and have been missed
Dancing by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray One Click Lights (HDRI 1 + Light 3)www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lightsGia 7tks!
SNOW WHITE Created by Silviu Caraba in ICLONE 5: Created by me in ICLONE 5 PRO...
"Now Boarding from Gate C....": Daz Studio, Bryce and Paint Shop Pro.
Metal Reaper: This is my first try to combine a photo with the use of Photoshop tools. Since I am all into tubes, wires and shiny textures, I intended to give the picture some surrealistic touch. (Thanks to my model: Daniel H.)
Free Tofusan girlie: Grab this little cutie from here http://www.sharecg.com/v/85535/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/Anime-Head-for-Genesis-3-Female Absolutely gorgeous, thank you Tofusan!!!!
Old House: This is a model of a semi "scary" house. The carpet was done with 3ds max hair and fur plugin, and all the materials in this scene were default max materials.
2001 pod bay and eva first test render: Great Prop! Now I need a 2001 spacesuit that fits M3 or 4. I got a EVA pod from SCI-FI meshes in Cinema 4D and converted it .3ds and into poser to save a pz3. Imported it to Dazstudio and opened the podbay, scaled the pod and bay for M4 default size.
Vader Light Saber: A Darth Vader light saber I modeled in 3ds max. I added the glow in photoshop. Pleas elet me know what you think. If you would like to download this model it is available in the 3d models section.
Exposure: Just a little chilly...
Nitra...Force of One: All Daz ...besides border, fonts, and minor touch ups.
Happy Bidding!: Gimmick concerning the "Perry Rhodan" universe... Had been my contribution to the "Terracom 100" - e-zine Anniversary Contest. All rendered in Bryce, parts of modelling done in Hexagon, Body of seller prepared in DAZ Studio, Textures having been passing many a tool ;) No postwork. Have fun!
After the ceremony:
Side by Side: Two Planets "Side by Side". 
The Phoenix (nudity): Una mia personale interpretazione della Fenice che risorge dalle sue ceneri. My personal interpretation of thePhoenix rising from his ashes.    
Youko Littner III: I have finished rigging the outfit for Dawn, and could try a new take on Youko Littner from the Lagaan Guren TV series using my new stylized body type on CatsEyes. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Garage Band: Originally surrounded by a bunch of dancers but the file was too big and it made Daz a bit quirky so I deleted this scene down to its most basic elements.
She+ Bot by elianeck: Carraratks!
Captain Skrim: built in z brush and cinema
give oneself airs: V3andV4 morph and render in daz studio
Magic ball game: Made in Daz Studio4.5 pro (Genesis character)
Medieval Dawn: This experimental piece was created within a few minutes. It help familiarize me with Vue's atmosphere, sky, and vegetation controls. The castle was a free model from 3DWorldMagazine.
Scarlet: Scarlet for V4 by Amaranth a classic beauty.
Do I Look Mischievous to You?: This test worked better than anticipated:  I specifically wanted to see whether G3F clothing would fit well on a Star-based figure, knowing that I would need two transfers (G3F to G2F, then G2F to Star) to make it work.  The lone issue was dealing with Sailor Bright's long fingernails, but collision/smoothing fixed that easily.  Even better, the bodysuit seems quite well suited to her personality! 
Fractal Virgin 1 (8 images): ...alternative title "Some random  playing around in Apophysis to find out what it does..." Yes, it's my first ever fractal image!I downloaded Apophysis yesterday, skimmed through Claire Jones' free 'Apohysis Guide V2.1' ( http://clairejones.deviantart.com/art/Apophysis-Guide-v-2-1-34031367 ) and started playing.I created many curious, interesting, and bizarre images to start with (none of which looked anything like the amazing fractal art I've seen - but no surprise there! The alien cobwebs and bamboo spirits were my favourites!) before I chanced upon the main image posted here - this was the first one that I recognised as being 'fractal'. Nothing special.But I was most surprised by the number of times while tweaking the triangles I came up with images that looked like nebulae. I'm constantly amazed how everything I do tends to intertwine. My interest in fractals is related to texturing for Poser/DAZ Studio models I'm working on, but my first attempts with Apophysis immediately connect back to the outer space environment sets for my Poser DAZ/Studio WorldBall.Regarding Apophysis - it's so darn easy to use once  you know how that I've wriiten a 7-step "Using Apophysis Without A Clue What You're Doing" guide here on ShareCG...http://www.sharecg.com/v/71554/view/3/Text-Entry-Tutorial/Using-Apophysis-Without-A-Clue-What-Youre-Doing (Many thanks to La Petite Mangue here on ShareCG for the introduction to Apophysis)
2: 2
Vector Image: Vector Image made in Flash 8
Pro Baseball Bat & Zombie Killer: Just what every person needs...... one fits all.Made these in Wings3D and rendered in both DAZ & Poser. This was made for a project at another site. When time allows I will place them here.Thank you for your interest.
My name is ASUKA.: My store is follows. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=82181&vendor=610649
'CAPSULE 02': Single seater on/off roader for the individual. Interchangeable body panels, electric engine, full sattelite connectivity through a single touch screen console.Outer mirrors replaced with inner LCD s that reflect rear view through frame mount cameras. Go away ,no limits ;)
Houston we have a problem ....: mir ist einfach grad nix anderes als Titel eingfallen
morgue_keypad_01: here
Maria: Maria - Veridis quo
siverado2: another view of the truck
bulle: bulle
Star Wars / Lego Movie: TV mini movie that aired on Cartoon Network for Legos. Contracted by by Treehouse Animation. Worked as animator / modeler.
Various: Art
chateau: chateau
Residence Dirt __________: arqhouse _____________
Afternoon delight: Made in Daz Studio4 pro (Genesis characters)
suizid riderz series: ^_^
It's Going To Rain.: Let's get inside.
Morannon (black gate): the black gate of mordor home of sauron, the picture shows the scene when the gate opens and the ork hords attack the leftovers from minas tirith.
ogre willy: cartoon character made in two days, stylistic exercise
Vacanza a la Riviera dei Fiori con mia Cinquecento: Arriva!
Underneath a Starry Sky:   
Onward: Onward Naives !!! showing some uses for my Throne set found at Content Paradise here http://www.contentparadise.com/searchimageviewdetail.aspx?searchText=Mystic-Light
Nice Birdie: Background by others
more character sketches: just some pencil sketches here :-)
apples and navels: logo
Agent Zero: something i made with my picture then added destruction as background, body suit and helmet.
Are You Ready to Heat Things Up?:     
yacht: Created in 3d max
daz-work: just playing around a little
Couple: Just another happy couple in thier country home
The Island: Pacific Island made with Bryce 7 and Paint Shop Pro
PAris: paris poser 5
Dragonfly Reeds: It's a swamp... and a dragonfly. Woo.
Lamia: Lamia was a beautiful Greek woman beloved of Zeus. As is rather typical in Geek mythology, the blameless mortal was the focus of the ire of a jealous deity. In this case Hera, rather than admonishing the philandering Zeus, destroyed Lamia's children and afflicted her with sleeplessness so she would anguish constantly. Eventually the torment disfigured her and she became a serpent-bodied devourer of children. Her name came to be used as a threat to discipline unruly youngsters ... "Behave or Lamia will come and devour you!" In later traditions and storytelling, Lamia bacame a generic term for a type of phantom that seduced youths to satisfy their sexual appetite,feeding on their flesh afterwards. ...well it IS the season for ghoulies etc. after all... DS3, V4 and the DAZ python, with some trompe l'oeil to help the monster mash. 2 alternate versions as I couldnt decide which i preferred,
Spider man vs Iron man: Made this using poser and photoshop CC
Defiant: Defiant Leaving DS-9
WIP- Residencial da Pedra 02: Work in progress, MAx 9 & Mray
THE CUBE SOLUTION: THE CUBE SOLUTION As the civilization is advancing a lot , by keeping in mind of the daily necessary need of the coming years i tried to build a electronic/digital devise of the next generation moving innovation .It is the CUBE solution . By folding and unfolding the cube in some definitive manner thus manipulating the cube and make the best use of it and at the same time making the devise handy and easy to carry. It is only a 2inches square cube . Height 2 inches / Width 2 inches / Thickness 0'1.48" inches. A complete Touch Screen Solution.By touching on any of the upper surface button upon the cube it will open completely.The upper surface button is comprised of three touch screen buttons PHONE / MUSIC and PC. After opening , the cube will turn into a rectangle of six equal squares comprising of five touchscreen buttons namely PHONE / MUSIC / PC / HOME and MENU.Now as per the clients choice by touching on any five button it will open that particular interface.Only if one desires to go back to the cube formation just click on the home button which is located at the middle of every square surface. PHONE AND MUSIC The rectangle can be divided into two parts 1) PHONE and 2) MUSIC. While talking to somebody simply bend the devise to use it as a phone or simply wear it like a bangle while listening to music. PC By manipulating the folds one can use it as a PC with all updated features including internet. GAMING , MOVIE AND DRAWING One can use it for gaming with left and right hand game control underneath also can use it for drawing and painting and scribble or to pass the leasure simply turn on to watch movies. ACCESSORIES : Two ear phones / one stylus and memory and battery capsules. On each and every screen there are navigational buttons.Its nothing but how you can manipulate a cube and can make the best use of it. To view animation of how the CUBE open follow the below link. http://vimeo.com/25065654
Ella and her phant: Everyday after a hard day at work, nothing gives Ella more joy than to see her baby phant enjoy the setting of the sun.
Bundle: pin-up
Wanna play?: This is the first time I've entered a competition, I couldn't resist, the subject is right up my street :) I've always found child zombies and vamps etc to be particularly disturbing so here's mine. Painted in Painter and Photoshop over a few days. A Poser figure used as reference and various googled images to get the rotting wood and bear right. Hope you like it, actually, I hope it scares you :)
Bedroom rendering.: This image was done in the year of 2003, with 3dsmax 7. Very very old stuff.
from hell: daz studio,gimp.
Backdrops savin bacon: An easy option that works fine...low budget renders right here lol:)
Smile: This lady is a Makehumam figure that I render with Blender Cycles. To create this I use the nightly build of Makehuman. I created a skin shader that use the original image texture of Makehuman. Also for the eyes. For the eye texture I lower the saturation a lot in Blender. The skin bumps are generated with Cycles nodes. She has a lot of bones in her face to make expressions
Interior 02: Interior 02
Stormy Night: At the docks trying to dry off
Skyline GTR R34 Nurburgring: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave3D
Heartbreaker: Working character I'm toying with.
Waiting for Take off: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush
Tyler2by elianeck: tks
A forgotten warehouse: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Bright Eyes by elianeck: I play here the new eyes'shader for Carrara by PhilW http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=13947 tks!
Tropical Island: Lumion
Earthman: Lustre Photographic Gallery Wrap Width: 20” Height: 15” Thickness: 1.5” Resolution: 300 dpi Lamination: Semi-Gloss Price: $200 If you'd like to buy this print, please visit www.artbreak.com/Steohawk/works
Optical Illusion: You can stare at this for hours...
RYOMOU: RYOMOU is the character of Japanese Anime & Manga.
ballinmike: yeah he is!
Geneviev's strange game: Geneviev artur the knight and excaliburs in a strange game
Terrace Persp 01: Very quick work in only 3h. This work is created from a real architectural plan
Dustbin: it is a smooth object with blin material
classic monsters: An old vector art made with freehand 10
Red Ninja: My ninja fantasy, by moonlight
B-52 Stratofortress: 3D model of B-52 Stratofortress created by me.
3D Designs for Production: These are 3D renderings of  designs I created for CNC routing.
Nosferatu in Sestao: This is an illustration for the SestaoFantastico05 festival poster. A shortfilm contest and fantastic cinema festival. Sestao is a city near Bilbao, in the basque country (spain). A city surrounded of factories which size is twice of the same city. For that reason I decided to remove from context nosferatu and to insert it in industrial surroundings. Photoshop7+wacom
Rooftop dynamics: Was going through several crouch poses & camera angles until I came to a happy conclusion.   Poser pro 2014 - Firefly render and Adobe PS post-works
Guardians of the underworld: In the greek mytholgy a three headed dog (cerberus) is guarding the entrance to the underworld.I like the idea that this creature is guarding it, still it is the entrance to hell ;-)A great thing about Poser : you can easily create new figures. If I knew how to make injections I would like to share it.
in the spotlight: thanks for viewing
archi render 33: architectural render
Dreamers: poser and bryce render, composited and postworked in photoshop and yes the lighting was done deliberately. Inspired by a description in an Alan Dean Foster book
Egyptian Crypt: Egyptian Crypt scene I have been working on
Cadillac - DVD Game: Interactive DVD. Contracted by EdgeWorx in nyc. Worked as animator, modeler, texture and lighting artist.
Background 7: Background, Fractal
Wives and Daughters I - Aine: Playing around to show the range of an universal character.  The base character ist V4.2.Character Aine by mostdigitalcreationIn each group the same skin, the original headmorph customized to the age and a adequate styled body. Made in PoserPro 2014 - No postwork Thanks for viewing!
Bac de Roda Bridge.: A bridge like this would have needed a more beautiful river. The actual bridge, one of the first works by Santiago Calatrava, is located on a sad train tracks in an area of perpetual works. Thank you for watching!  
Mineral division: Bryce 7
Anakin: My daughter fish, made with 3dsMax.
another portrait: Primaelle
Solar System: Artistic rendering of our solar system including the sun and all 9 planets.
Discovering Zeus' Fire: Continuing webcomic. Pictures from The Facility. Poser4 figures use the Eyes Magnet, simply using the scale factor to make the eyes smaller instead of larger.  Blue flame made by mixing textures on my Knots object.
ONIM: C6P18 - Origins: A sample from my free web comic. Build using as many free components as I can manage. Many of which are available through ShareCG. Including: Born Lovoll's Rebel Fleet Troop Helmet (http://www.sharecg.com/v/18371/3d-model/Rebel-Fleet-Troop-Helmet). Saucer hull MATS from Jani (http://www.sharecg.com/v/2891/texture/Sci-Fi-Wall-Texture?division_id=11&interstitial_displayed=Yes). Stringgy's Office Swivel Chair (http://sharecg.com/v/25957/poser/Office-Swivel-Chair)Chris Theschell's WWII Pacific Props 9http://www.sharecg.com/v/33128/view/Poser/Chriss-ww2-pacific-props/11) See original image for list of components: http://perfectblue97.deviantart.com/art/ONIM-C6P18-Origins-193705055?q=gallery%3Aperfectblue97%2F26731940&qo=8
For The Emperor: A Japanese suicide attack
Face Mocap Animation Design: GameYan Animations Studio believe the simplest Face Mocap Animation comes from the mix of up-to-date technology and an intuitive artist-friendly advancement. And you'll be able to simply capture beautiful, realistic face motion from AN actor with one video camera, altogether marker less. http://www.gameyan.com/motion-capture.html  
Running wild: Enjoy!Have a great time!
Save us by elianeck: DazStudio Reality pluguin
Two armchair: Two armchair model with 3dsmax all in editablepoly
bed_room: trying to do better...
My Starfury: Modeled by me, in Rhino3D. Rendered in Vue.
Paradise Island: Bryce 7
Background1: Night sky with plateau and mountain
The flying terminator scene T-4 artwork: This image is created by jaysinh rathod from india using 3dmax5.1, i am just start my career as animator so some falult may be contain in images but in future i will be improve my mistakes provides u great artwork at professional level I sweare!
Ton-E WALK storyboard1: storyboard of the Ton-E WALK animation
man with cd: man with cd
The seed of endless posibilities: Background in Vue and "seed" made in a trialversion of a software I cant remember the name of
brazilian body by elianeck: brazilian body  curves soon model for G3 by Marcius Hess DazStudio Iray render tks!
Elven Woods: Entry into the elven woods
Ruelle 2: Bryce7, Wings3d
LeeLoo by Elianec: DazStudioElianeCK Iray Dramatic Light Volume 2www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-dramatic-light-volume-2Genesis 3 + old clothes for V4 + change the texture hairtks!
Learning tha ropes: Basically just starting out with Daz Studio 4.5.
Adeb: An, Adeb.   A race I've created to dwell in the Starwars universe.  Robust and physically powerful, but quite intelligent.  This female rides a Roran Tusk Cat.  Although I have yet to settle on the name for the desert location where I planted them.   I see them as a race much disillusioned with space travel, but grudgingly they make use of it to get to prime colony worlds where they can live naturally in isolation with their chosen environments.   A race that values ecology on any world they inhabit.  Warrior's with taboo's and fetish traditions they share no matter where they find themselves.  They relish hand-to-hand combat and only rarely use advanced weaponry.   A hatred of far ranging destructive wars figures in their idealism, one of the main motives in renouncing the high technology of the ages.   A low population in the galaxy, but high genetic Jedi potential within the few.   They are also, sexually playful! :)  
Lee Sung by Elianeck:  morph the japanese actress Lee Sung kyung by meElianeCK Real Light for Iraywww.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iraytks!
Orc Warrior: A close up shot of my Orc Warrior. This image is kinda old, but I still like it somehow, so I thought I just post it. Actually I did the complete character, if you want to see more of him you can check out my website: www.3dbasemesh.com
Coming home: Modeled with 3dsmax , rendered with Mental Ray and painted in PS.
HDRI test 07: I like it...
Stuck Fairy: A little mischief ends up a stuck fairy.Poor little miss found she could not get her big butt through the keyhole.front and back view best viewed full size 1920 x1080Rendered in Daz STUDIO.   no post work.A4 character    Free to use as you like
AVP Pyramid FSK18 + Anaglyph: Poser Rendering Paramid by Faisal Mohammed Alien Cave by FreeMind 2 Predators and Statues from AVP3 Predator3: HIM
Props - "Glasses": Simple glasses in obj format. Download at -- http://iv-studio08.blogspot.com/2016/12/free-3d-props-glasses.html
Landing Party: Stephanie awaits Landing Party. Software used: DAZ Studio, Blender, Bryce 7, GIMP
E.V.A.: One of my first work with Cinema4D.
sindimetal: sindimetal
Koenigsegg CC8S: 3D model of Koenigsegg CC8S created by me.
LITTLE TOWN ROAD: a rainy scene with twinmotion, town is find on google sketchup 3D WAREHOUSE
Spectrum: Part 1 of My Circles and Squares Project Time: 1 Week (With Breaks) Tools: Pickett Circle Chart, Pencil, Copic Sketch Markers, Prisma Inking Pen, Sobe Pina Colada *Had to take picture scanner not working. *All Symbols used ©HandheldNinja
Hurrifirecane: Another long exposure just done with camera and flashlight. =)
Das Uberwulf: Note: I DO NOT support nor condone the acts, views, or beliefs of the NAZI party. The Swastika patches are only to show that the characters in this render are of the party, and are considered evil. These are the two main badguys from the movie I am making. Here is Eva Braun (I know it looks nothing like her) and her pet Das Uberwulf.
Sunset Islan: I just go Vue this was a test
End Times: What does the future bring? 
My 1st upload,my Art work in few years ago.: that was a practice, I want use color in my heart to free my soul. because I'm a half achromat.
Old Man Steve: this was a quick one i did at work,2:30 hrs
Free the child: Miki2 warrior attemting to rescue the young child from the grey alien
Layed Bare ( contains nudity ): An ongoing update for my Mosquito, combined with my love of nose art. Hope you like
liquid surface construction: A futuristic construction in a nice composition an colorscheme. 3d, art, future, futuristic, design, color, cyborg, sci-fi, human, humanoid, cyber, fantasy, space, bionic, composition, freedom, robot, artificial, constrution
The Death of Dionis: Another of my Spartan series
finally cracked: this is a picture i did in photoshop of a woman who is paranoid about spiders being inside her body.
Bullets: Some days ago I was surfing around on 3D total when i discovered Lior Avivi's new tut, so I gave it a try and this is the final render. I am pretty pleased with the result I must say.
Cio the Sorceress: Beautiful Sorceress Cookie in solitude on a mountain top
Seeker of the Wastelands: Been a while since I been on and uploaded due to being in school but there is gonna be a ton loaded now since I am out for the holidays and have the time to do it..
MY ART:                                   Модели 3D, Poser, Bryce, 3DsMax, Archicad, ZBrush, DAZ Studio, Artcam модели для 3d принтеров, STL для принтеров,модели для архитекторов, ювелиров, 3d ювелирные изделия, 3d  модели кованых изделий
Portrait of a little girl: portrait
MSN-00100: 孙天放 机动战士高达 MSN gundam mobile suit evepe suntianfang 3d max JAPAN MS JAPANESE
Fantasy life: 3 assorted whimiscal medievil fantasy scenes . Created with  Daz studio & Photoshop Click for full size view 1080HD   ~ Free to use as you like :)
interior: i did it in max 8.only i used standerd light. omni & spot were used..
Christmas 2013: christams card for this year
Kate in the lake.: Kathleen or Kate is mi first Angel based on Dawn. Hair from 3D Universe, bikini texture by Leo Lee, Dock by Andrew and Tracey, (Mortem Vetus) and Background image is Tanuki ko no sakasa fuji by Nagoya Taro, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, may be used under the same license terms, thanks a bunch.
Fallout NV Weapon Replica "That Gun": Please view the original image. Another Fallout recreation. Using screenshots from Fallout NV I decided to first create "That Gun," as it is reminiscent of Deckard's pistol from Blade Runner. I modeled it, textured it, and decided to give it a bit more flair that the original texture found in the game. As this is found in a post-apocalyptic game, I decided more rust/dirt/scratches were in order. So I added them, and this is the result. After completing this model I noticed the poly count on this mesh as having the numbers "556" in it...an easter egg homage to the original weapon the original Fallout as being called "5.56 pistol", as that was the ammunition used in the weapon, 5.56x45mm. Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max. 2556 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal
Emotions: The title is already telling you.. a sad girl..
Psychedelic Sunset: A strange scene, hope you like it
Metal Angel: Daz Studio, Bryce and Photoshop
Sybil on Beach: Figure is Dawn with my new "Sybil" head morph. Pretty?
Italian Villa: Italian Villa
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 22): This is chapter 7, page 22 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
Amazon: Coming out of the darkness, the guardian of the mighty dragon approached, a formidable Amazon.....
Dream Dreams: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
kardashian by Elianeck: DazStudio 4.8 V4 tks!
realistic man head: elder man head model. modeled in maya
A third 3d-chair: A third 3d-chair modelled in 3ds Max, rendered with Vray and postprod. in Photoshop!
Well, ... you're not the king: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Crick Play - 2016: This is Single and Multi Player Cricket Game Design and Developed by GameYan Studio. In Crick Play - 2016 have Realistic Cricket Team Players, Real Cricket Ground, Cloth Modeling, Easy Game Controls and Start Tournaments planning, realistic and stunning HD Graphics, World cup matches including. You Can Play All sorts of matches including T20, Worldcup, ODIs.  New Upcoming Features are on its way.    It is not finished yet but i am working on it!
lost time...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp...
LilDragon: Cookie in her Lil Dragon Outdfit
Cherry Earrings: I did a test render with Les Bentley Cherry earrings that can be found at http://www.sharecg.com/v/56749/browse/11/Poser/Cherry-Rings-TG They are originally made for the girl 2.0 but I was able to parent them with V5 in DS4. They really looked nice.so i thought i show them off. Thanks for the Cherry Rings TG -Les Bentley User (lesbentley)
Warrior princess: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Anime Jennie Breeden: Jennie Breeden, web comic goddess behind THE DEVILS PANTIES, and a few other webcomics.
La habitación cerrada: Mi primera obra surrealista
Magical morning: Thanks for view and have a good day!!!
Stuck in a Tyre Swing: A childrens' illustration created entirely in ZBrush3
Spiderwoman And Ms. Marvel: Nice pixel art I created of Ms. Marvel teamed up with Spiderwoman!
Wacky Racers Hero Version. ;~): Just Some Fun In Carrara8 Combining A F1 Car With A GT40. ;~)
test-project: - Modeling, texturing & lighting. - Current-gen - Done in maya
3D Kung Fu Ape Character Modeling California, USA: This 3D Character Model of Ape is developed for Cinematic Teaser of feature film called “Kung Fu Ape”. We developed concept 2d Art drawings of Ape and based on that we have develop realistic, semi realistic and cartoonist Ape concept.GameYan Studio is 3d art and animation outsourcing studio in India which also involved in Cartoon Character Modeling, TV commercials.
Lynne: Character is based on el_jefe52's 'Lynne' I couldn't find a nice texture for the dress, so I created something with a photo I had from a sodacan top.
Ferrari F355: Modeled and Rendered in Lightwave3d
Heaven's test: are only daemon are within us
Test render: Mindy: I've been out of things for the last few months and trying to get back into it. While sorting through my files, I found a figure I had for awhile and wanted to see what I could do with her. Still needs some work on the legs, but overall not bad.
robot test 4: A model I did some time ago and i just wanted to post it here.Its incomplete,but when i finish it,i'll replace it.Its not a complex model,wanted it to be as simple as possible.Used polymodelling in 3dsmax 8 to model it.Rendered with a basic skylight and some omnis.Just wanted to model a menacing robot with the lowest polycount possible.peac. K.O.
On The Street: CD Lable i Created For My Brother thanks for viewing
The 4 for girls - Juliette: it's Juliette
Winter Fantasy: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
dolls house: bought for daughter at xmas, i was bored so i decided to model and render it :) created in cinema 4d and rendered in fryrender
With the flow: Made with JWildfire and photoshop
cell_05: here
Dark Eyed Girl: Winged mistress
LBDivas 02: Copyright notice: This work is © 2010, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. No permission is granted to use this work for ANY reason. This work is not public domain. Reproduction and redistribution prohibited. ***** Continuing from LBDivas. Rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3. Postwork in Paint Shop Pro to enhance contrast. ***** Credits: Jasmine based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Krystal model by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ by Little Dragon Jasmine's base pose © Roxcat Krystal's base pose © Lilwolff Jasmine's miniskirt © Eismaus Necklace & all other clothing © Little Dragon Jasmine's hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Water spray © Forester Bubbles © PhilC Pool © Lupadgds Water texture © Elisa LR (Embolino) Base lighting © Mapps & Richardphotos Krystal is the property of Nintendo. Image © 2010, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. DO NOT ALTER, COPY, OR USE IN ANY OTHER MEDIA!
Una nuova Bond girl?: A new Bond girl?
The Loner: Startled from my wine induced sonambulations by a scratching sound...I had scant seconds to rally my senses.
Just when you thought you were safe: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Mozart: Is that Mozart dude still staring?????Thanks for having a look,ed
W.I.P....Demona: This is my latest character. Still want to make changes to the face and the flesh around the spurs. Feedback welcomed!
Log_persp_06: Very quick work in only 2 days. This work is created from a real architectural plan
amiga: oleo
The way back from Samarkand: A pleasant surprise on the way back from Samarkand.
Wendy's powder: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy & have a fun!
Rear End Nude: Digital Art
Debbie's magical place: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
Yabusame 流鏑馬: Yabusame is the ancient Japanese martial art of horseback archery. Originally established in 12th century Japan during the Kamakura period, yabusame is a dramatic art originally developed as a way to entertain the Shinto gods and thus secure their blessings and prosperity, as well as military training exercise. Oh! I forgot this target. Thanks for sharing. Fantasy Bow by alninja, SamuraiGirl for A3 by shukky, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012, Shrine by halrunman, Street Backgraund: Autumn park by Nigeninjin, Skydome03 ussy.
snake charmer: enjoy
Holocene: Abandoned citystation in space.
Planet Mars: 3D model of planet Mars created by me.
Matter of the heart: JWildfire image using 7 layers.
Mudwyrm: Another Screen from Samuel's Grape. That's the all-animation 3d video I'm hoping to finish some day. Lots of monsters, a story, armored future soldiers, sexy full-body tattoes, and a self-aware sphere containing an entire civilization. This guy is about to eat an armored soldier, the animation is done, this is just a screen-cap.
Starfleet Admiral in office: Admiral with star trek ds9 era uniform in his office Thanks grinch2901 for council office model
8 Marzo 2015 / 8 March 2015: Un piccolo omaggio floreale a tutte le donne del mondo nel giorno a loro dedicato. Con simpatia Nick Carter. A small floral tribute to all women of the world in the day dedicated to them. With sympathy Nick Carter.  
Jasmine: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
Brigitte and Marie: ces deux charmantes jeunes femmes posent pour une séance de photos avec un professionnel. Le début d'une petite histoire qui ne se passera pas forcément bien.  Chassez le naturel, il revient au galop, comme on dit en France. these two lovely young women pose for a photo session with a professional. The beginning of a story that will not necessarily be well. Chase the natural change their spots, as they say in France.
Human Female on Display:
More Crashgurl (Four Images): Absent the dialogue bubbles (they're worked out in Photoshop but I might rework them in Adobe Illustrator). These shots are not transitional; they actually move the story plot forward.
BatDawn III: I have finally completed all the modeling parts, where today I've added the cape. I've corrected some of the color hues and now I think it looks a little better. Not textures, just simple colors.Figure is Dawn. Outfit modeled in ZBrush and 3DSMAX. Rigged in Poser and rendered with Firefly. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Zombie Graveyard: Now a zombie for you
The Doctor: Custom morph made in zbrush and applied to Genesis base male. The suit is the new Morphing Business Suit and Expansion. 100% rendered in Daz3d no postwork.
Tatyana: Iray render of Genesis 2 character.
The end of my PC: My PC is dead, her Einherjar now hangs in Valhalla of computerssurrounded by the ghosts of the characters created by me.For the moment I greet all ShareCG's friends, hoping to return soon to try my hand with all of you.  Nick Carter Rome, Italy  16June 2014   Il mio PC è morto , il suo Einherjar ora aleggia nel Valhalla dei computers circondato dai fantasmi dei personaggi da me creati .Per il momento saluto tutti gli amici di ShareCG,sperando di ritornare presto a cimentarmi con tutti Voi. Nick Carter ,lRoma , Italy  16 Giugno 2014  
Sylvan Heights: Imagine a world where forests of giant exotic plant life grow miles high. What would it be like to explore such a place? Just make sure you don't fall... Note: Full size view recommended. Software: Mandelbulber 0.94, Glitterato,Universe Image Creator and Corel PhotoPaint x4
Desert Island: Painted digitally, and abstract work of mine.
Golden Horses: Poser horse. Brice render with golden texture...Final art in Photoshop
Vector Flower: Flower created on Photoshop CS5E using the pen tool. Gradients used for the background and frame effect.
Example of use of my VN text area 3D prop: My previous upload to my gallery here showed what the 3D prop looked like.  Here is an example of use. This is an example of use of the freebie text area background prop I created using Inkscape, Blender, Shade, and Poser Pro 11. Figure is Daz3D Michael 3 with Tifft785's breathtaking Bishonen Morphs, Billy-T clothing, and MayaX ShortBob hair. Poser Pro 11 geom toon line render.
Rare: There is something wrong...
All I want for Christmas is you: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
American Ninja: American Ninja - no post work - Free to use as you like
Cool Rabbit: A painting based on a pencil drawing character of a cool rabbit exposed to a nuclear waste material.
Vase-01: One Vase for Poser, 3d, pp2-file, looks good for my flowers. See picture. DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
Explosion: 3d art
I'm Better Than Dawn: My first test image with third-party content for Dawn, done in Daz Studio 4.6 (I have not yet worked with Dawn or any related content in Poser Pro 2012).  Dawn on her own does not impress me much at all, but after debating the issue for a day, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy some third-party content.  The Alexis for Dawn character package from 3D Universe restored my hopes for Dawn - with Alexis for Dawn, this new figure seems to have a lot of promise (plus, the hair included with the Alexis package renders quite quickly, which is always a bit of a concern for me).  I also picked up X&M's Dawn Ultimate Breasts Shapes to add a little more realism underneath the camisole, which I believe worked quite well.  It will be particularly interesting to see more third-party Dawn content over the next few weeks and months - I believe that is what will determine the ultimate fate of Dawn. 
The Fountain: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The Background for Sailor: 'Uwe G.' shared many background props. I think that these are settings for Sailor Uniform. So I made images using Aiko3 and Aiko4. Thanks for sharing. Traincabin2, Schoolyard, Walkway Backgrounds by Uwe G. A3 face: Sarina for A3 by VOLT The Traditional sailor uniform and Nene hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012 Backgrounds:k-kabegami.com, EzoFukurou.
Mikonos Interior: Living
Ready for Summer?:   
BAnk: BAnk
beachbabe: Romance in the air!
Show Bike: A Carrara 6 render. Bike downloaded from here
Huga-Huga: tks!
model mke digital art by herself:
Interior - Hotel: Contracted out by SOM. Modeling, texturing, lighting and compositing.
tent with a vue: done in vue a scene out of a animation for a school
Anatomia: Anatomia
Naerid: A Paint piece I did drawing an angry Naerid. The tone was supposed to be oceanlike but cold and majestic.
Jeep Wrangler 2008: Wrangler jeep,In the real car based on the addition of some elements of Transformers, Originally intended to make a real movie-style Transformers characters--Autobots Hound ..... (But ... just completed the part of the vehicle~Ha ha) And then re-painted a Decepticon character Swindle color I hope you enjoy it, please advise~
The Family Outing: A beautiful Sci-Fi render done in Poser of a family of Droids on their family Vacation. The Background was done in AM Voyager Using Fractals and Procedural Texturing to make a futuristic Sci-Fi City of huge proportions.
Projet: Une projet sur une BD realiser avec poser
Adidas / World Cup: TV, Web, Print Spot of Adidas add for the World Cup. Contracted by by 1st avemachine in nyc to be the lead technical director. Worked also as a compositor on spots as well.
C26: Capt Yuna Lund - Bio: Yuna LundRank: Captain, Confederate Army of the MelaniCurrent assignment: Commander, Company 26 (Special Operations Division).  Stationed on Hiraaj.PersonalSpecies: MelaniSex: FemaleAge: 40Birthplace: Romanova, HiraajHeight: 5 feet, 5 inchesWeight: 163 pounds (not including tail)Hair: BrownEyes: GoldMarital status: SingleFamily: Herberto (father), Frida (mother), Kirba & Florine (sisters), Gunther & Garv (brothers)Skills* Mechanical - repair* Mechanical - operation (car, fighter jet, medium-range starship, tank, walker)* Pilot -  35,000 hours flight time experience over 15 years* Medical - first aid* Languages - Galenic, Hux, EnglishEducation* Secondary school diploma; Romanova Academy* Bachelor's Degree in Psychology; Thaldane  University, Hiraaj* Officer's Academy; Camp Ursalis, Hiraaj* Bachelor's Degree in World and Colonial History; Risdel University, Hiraaj (ongoing)BioA protege of Colonel Kianti Tiresias, whom Yuna served under varying capacities over the last fifteen years.  She was recommended by Tiresias to replace Elle Sadannys as C26 commander.Unlike the severely dictatorial Sadannys, Yuna is deliberative and introspective, seeking input from her senior staff as well as from a select few outside of C26.  However, once a decision is made she declares it final and takes sole responsibility should it fail; but if it succeeds and if it was upon consensus, she will give credit to her team.While Yuna supports the Great Melani Expansion, she is concerned over the rapid pace of development on Mars in the Terran solar system.  She fears the total condemnation by humanity and a possible war with them.Yuna has to allay suspicions by some members of her team and outsiders over keeping Miriya Han from the old, corrupt C26.  While Han's cold and distant personality bothers her at times, Yuna feels that in the end having Miriya as part of the team will be worthwhile.In keeping with Col. Tiresias' example, Yuna is training her "brain trust" (Lt. Thora Habasil, Lt. Pamala Siegrist, and Sgt. Audria Tolmund) to be ready to take command of their own units when the time comes.
Mustang-65-enviromen: model mustang 65 custom
Mercedes-Benz 170s 1949: Made in 3ds Max 2012 with Mental Ray.
Damsel in Distress?:  As the tracker tops the ridge, he alerts the party of heros. "I have found the damsel in distress?"
F22 at war: created for fun..............enjoy
Threat in Lost Terrain: work made in DAZ Studio 4.8, 3Delight render, lost terrain by freedom3design, light and characters by me.
Toxic Creature: This is creature made using zbrush sculpture and rendered in Maya Mental Ray...
giza: texture work
Transport: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Abstract: Made in Photoshop CS2. background that you may use as wallpaper or for your own graphics. Enjoy!
Foberghini Automobilit Renderia: Foberghini humor ass
Alien love: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
RSA: A simple headshot of Red Skull Assassin
Steampunk Zeppelin: DANTON, an airship of the Imperial Navy. Used for Courier, Communications and VIP work. Using the AeroSteam Beam engine.
Belvedere Illusion model: The Illusion model of M.C Escher's "Belvedere" Lithograph. It turned out a bit messy and I could only get a half decent render of it in the orthographic view mode... shadows also a problem. However it was worth a shot. I rotated the top half 60 degrees - but I think it should've been a little more, I don't know. I may revisit this at a later time to fix it up a bit.    
Chimes: An Apophysis creation.
ElianeCK HDRI Lights for Iray: my new HDRI Lights for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-irayhave fun !
think by elianeck: tks
Yaserai pin-up: pin-up
CG car wallpaper 02: CG car wallpaper 02 modelled and rendered in lightwave
Superhero Portrait Dianna Prince: Dianna Prince (aka Wonder Woman)
Dolphin Entourage: Girls on Dolphins...
Kaifa ir-ch'Rihan t'Jarok: So, I was having a sleepless night, and this image came to mind. Really, I've been wanting to do one like this for a long while, but only now did I actually get around to doing it. So I guess you could call this a character card thing, I don't know. But yeah, here you go, Kaifa ir-ch'Rihan t’Jarok the Romulan(oh my god, she has a full name!).Render resources:Mylochka - Hair, skin, uniform top.DopiusFishius - Uniform pantsknight776 - Romulan Brow Ridge.Star Trek Online - Background image. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Kashi: Enjoy!
Nightime Lake: Image of Lake at night
Alien-02: DS 4,BRYCE 7....
Some Trouble: This can happen when you don't have all poses for your scene.Thank you Mike for the aluminum boat and the water terrain props.Postwork done with the GIMP.Aluminum boatA calm water terrainFont: BD Cartoon Shout
Room: Planning for a terror meet...
Finally: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Architectural: Still composite
GhostPatrol: GhostPatrol for DarkEdgeDesign.comtks!
presence: daz studio,gimp.
ACU Sample Pic 2: ACU sample PIC
The Artist: Thanks for looking
Pavilhao Industrial Noite: WIP de pavilhao noturna
fotomontagem 2: fotomontagem
Fembot's Together: Changed Textures & Concept by me, otherwise Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content! The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
In the dunes: Bryce 7, 2d/3d
blood twins: doing a tarot series
The great game: Every day life is playing his game with death. Even today, life has the winning move. Life wins every day as it is easily offended if once lost would stop playing forever
Crushed Velvet 2: My crushed velvet shader on a couch.
Magic Photo Manipulation: Magic Photo Manipulation
Mansarda by Edra: Mansarda by Edra
ACHEMICAL EMERGENCE: I wanted to do a render with Oskarson's Deus Machina. I suppose the influences of HR Giger and Frazetta are there too. ~ V4 with Oskarson's Deus Machina ~ TentacleZ by Poisen ~ Stange World's by Cylian ~ Jepe's Elements ~ Hero FXX by Netherworld Studios ~ Ron's Clearwater and Splash brushes and Tank textures by Deviney
Fish under water: Gold fish swimming with a shark
Gearhead Renamon (Update II): .
Overthrowing Apophis: At the tenth gate of Duat, the pharaoh and the gods must once again battle Apophis (Apep) in the darknesss. The Book of Overthrowing Apep mentions several ways of combating the demon, including Taking a Lance to Smite Apep Fettering Apep Taking a Knife to Smite Apep Putting Fire Upon Apep Here the Queen is joined by Wadjet, patron of Lower Egypt and one of the protectors of the pharaoh, Anubis the guide of the souls and Horus defender of the truth.
Winters first kiss...: A scene I did for Betatesting Bryce a few years ago... Was so much fun making...One day I will do the whole scene in Cpro or Vue...
Chibi Proportions: Generally speaking, a Chibi character is about 2-heads tall, so this is what my new chibi head would look like in those proportions. The body looks tiny, but in reality I've just scaled the head up. Head was modeled and morphed in 3DSMAX, rigged and rendered in Poser (Firefly). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Ferrari Enzo 03: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Diana the Archeress: Began in Daz  finished in Gimp
Phenomenon: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Bedroom in red: Bedroom done in reds
Mad Doctor: Deranged Doctor
Fantasy Art:
What an Upgrade!:   
Dark Supergirl - Teaser: She is not alone. Like all of us, the shadows also with us. Every second, every moment, in every breath.
Ferrari F312b Full Poly: The full poly version
Italian Villa: One of my works of restoration
Eat Potatoes: We have a rebellion in the vegi garden
Night Stop: made with daz studio 4.6, postwork gimp 2.8.night stop over in a small town.bus by papus3d, availlable as a free download on renderosity.com and i thjnk here on sharecg.comcheckout out papus3d's other stuff, well worth a look.
Still at it: Many thanks 2 all 4 tha help! :)
k: a game that i made during studies period, also some ads (superman is for a flight company n the bird on head is for a shaver ^^) here s the link to the game intro: http://www.dailymotion.com/kowboyedsweety/video/x66bcr_sequence-01_videogames
Shamira: Introducing Shamira, a new character made using Aiko 3 complete (part of the free Anime Uniforms package at DAZ). Have a great Sunday! Credits: Shamira based on Aiko 3 © DAZ Black Chain Second skin © Richard Taylor Base pose © Firebirdz Soda bottle © Kevin Forbes Sci-Fi Bar Table © Joe Kurz (Jenay) Heels © Cascarda Bass Fish © Royloo Shark © Narendra Necklaces © Robrose Water texture © Abraxal Plant © Lupadgds Glasses © The3DWizard Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Sand: texture © Kirk Dunne; mesh based on Uniwave I © John Austin (Becco UK) Character & image © 2009, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
Sensuality: playing with dark in Daz. no postwork. a wonderful day to all :)
Cosmic connection: Thanks for visiting!Enjoy and have a fun!
girl next door: typical girl next door made with daz studio 4.6
Love Springs Eternal: dedication to lightspeed's family
Eye Protection Needed: Eye protection will be needed for those who look too closely!
Walk: Girl and monster
To Be Touched By The God: This was one of the three pics I entered into the Sixus1 Halloween Contest.
Black tower: Bryce 7
Lonely: what's he thinking?
Under the sea: What's happen under the sea ? Life ^^
Character Modeling Sculpting &Texturing Solutions: 3D Character Modeling Sculpting and Texturing Solution for Film and Game Animation at low cost. GameYan Providing Character Modeling, Sculpting,Texturing and Animation Services  as per  your demand. We have an experienced team of designers to delivering creative 3D modeling for Games, films and advertisement.
BMW 6 series Wir_05: Own modeling from bluprint.
Midori Yamaguto Fairy Forest: Faerie in the woods floating above the ground
mon cher ami...: GIMP
tooth fairy: toon fairy done in blender
Oscar castle: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
unnamed, can you suggest one?: dedicated to Elegh..    
The Walker Witch: Credits:Aged for V4/M4Mavka Witch Hat: Fennja-DesignBackground: AshenSorrowCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
Pandora's box: made in bryce 5,5
Cy-Pixie: Lesser known denizens of the shadowy cyber underworld, Pixies are no less adept at getting what they want, though they do get annoyed when mistaken for elves.
Alyna's geheime dromen (Alyna's secret dreams): Screenshot from the TV-latenight-series: Alyna's geheime dromen (Alyna's secret dreams)
Fire witch: Fire witch - In 2005, I won in 1st place "Ghouls on film Contest, sponsored by Maxon being worth Cinema4d. The jurors were of the 3Dcommune.com Work in Photoshop. Cheerful in sharing. Gendragon
Almost free: Human beings hanging/flying in the sky, almost free from everything 3d, art, future, futuristic, design, color, cyborg, sci-fi, human, humanoid, cyber, fantasy, space, bionic, composition, freedom, robot, artificial, construction
when darkness fall: it is scene when the dark legion strikes when the darkness fall
Vinda-Lu and Zippo: "D'ya wanna light or not ?!" Meet Vinda-Lu and Zippo. I guess that Zippo's the dragon - some sort of Pokemon-type thingy.  Lu's probably just pulled her out of a back pocket when somebody asked for a light. As you would. Then again, maybe Vinda-Lu's the dragon...
Aston Martin V8 - Vantage: Created in 3d max and rendered with Vray
The King of the Bats: DAZ3D M4 rendred in Poser 8....Texture Jepe's Tye 2.0...Character is Hank by Unicornist for m4....The bat is the silverkey bat from DAZ with my special albine texture....Background created by me in Terragen....Postwork in Photoshop
Outhouse: hmm more cartoon studies
L'innominato: The "Innominato" (means nameless) is a powerful lord. Among the most interesting character of Manzoni's novel, is considered an evil man of intelligence, but then converts and helps those who have damaged.
Sponge bob: I worked on this sponge bob model for about three months. It was my first character...actually I have not done one since but I plan to soon. I hope you all enjoy my work.
agat: daz studio,gimp
Shelby Cobra 289 1963: COBRA SHELBY made in 3d studio Max 2010.
In the forest: DAZ buck. Poser 6 render. Background created by Bo Hammarberg. Final art in Photoshop.
2OT - Afrohead G3F - IRAY_001: used http://www.sharecg.com/v/86042/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/AfroHead-G3F in this one   Workflow: DAZ3D BETA, Iray-engine = 100% pure render ================================================== comments always welcome
The ilyeo ground: A rough, unplanned scenery of the sacred ilyeo ground neena used to train martial art here. credits ---> terradome by Colm, Syyd, Traveler . aiko 4 & aikanaro by daz3d
Bang!: Part of a series of pin-ups
(Unfinished)Tomb Raider's Lara Croft: Yes it's not finished. All this was made with daz.
Nobody is lucky in the same way: This picture is about us. It looks funny, but its not so funny when we talk about our dreams and tendings in real life I used 3dsmax for modeling and rendering (with help of mr). A little zbrush for displacement and texturing and some of ps&ae post processing.
knight: just a test for a short film.
Stylized Body Type: New body type I have been working on with Anime stylized proportions. Figure is Dawn with CatsEyes morph + my custom body type. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
THE HUNTING IS GOOD ON HALLOWS EVE !!!!!: Out for a little snack !
Alice by Elianeck: DazStudiomy dramatic light for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-irayN.G.S. Anagenessis for Genesis 3tks!
Skyline 02: Modelled and rendered in lightwave. Search for "raytracer" for free models and materials.
Sonora/Sonoran Desert: It really is. They are cactus, aren't they?
The Yoga Practice: While the PowerGirl is practicing yoga in Nature, a cat comes to see and is practicing yoga together. HoboBo san, Thank you for the wonderful backgrounds.Thanks for sharing.PowerGirl suit for DAZ V4 bodysuit by RoguePIlot.
Gwen K7 BB8 LightSaber 01 Iray: thanks for viewing
Hoggar_Peugeot: This is a a hoggar Peugeot. I did it in maya and render it wth Mentalray. I hope you like it.
tears and sacrament: :)enjoy
Mystic-BG-promo-2: This is the second promo-picture for my "Mystic Backgrounds Vol. I" getting here: DOWNLOAD
Spilled Whiskey: This was my entree in the united3dartits.com Monthly Model colntest. The Subject was bottles. I won... Who knew. Modeled textured and Rendered in TrueSpace 7.6.1.b8 touched up a bit in Adobe Photo Shop CS3.
Glamour Portrait: CatsEyes studio portrait with traditional 3-point lights. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Figre is Dawn with my CatsEyes morph and textures. Outfit is my "Classic Bunny Suit". Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
SMOOTH ROCK EN BLANC: Smooth Rock Falls, On
Zbrush Digital Marquettes: Some older creature marquettes and head designs from a while back
Head WIP 3/4: Here's a wip of a head model I've been working on. 3/4 View
Pilgrim Shrine: For lack of a better name, I guess.
Team Leader Selection: Sailor Firelight seems to be jealous about Sailor Bright receiving the tiara designating the Team Leader... 
Progress: DAZ3D
Bird in a cage: made in Daz studio4 pro
pictures Vario-BG-1: greater Version of picture 1+2: picture 1 picture 2
Ready for dance 3 - The Tango 2: Nobility and strength of pose in the expression of sensuality
maquette sculpture (work in progress): current WIP, sculpture in super sculpey, approx 50% complete, only just started adding some wrinkles etc....
Peppy Camdyna - The Bruispoeder-Job: Dirty work - dirty cash...
Fire: Fire pic created in Apophysis and touched up in photoshop. Inspired by a friend's photo. Professional prints of this piece are available at www.easyart.com/academy/jkerai
X-mas: Made in Photoshop CS2
Mawashi: Daz studio4 pro
Elaine in action by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for G3 soon by Marcius Resstks!
Egypt - W.I.P: Anubis vs Horus Temple
lala: mi primis
North Atlantic: North Atlantic. May 7 -Made with Daz Studio, Bryce and PSP.
Realistic Francsisco Character Modeling Animation: GameYan Providing in Realistic 3D Human Character Modeling and Animation solution and best price.We have an experienced team of designers to delivering creative 3D modeling for Games, films and advertisement. http://www.gameyan.com/3d-character-animation.html
Darkstorm: A little fight
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 008: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Bikini Gunner:   
Charm: V4 with some morphs and my skin shaders. Rendered with Poser Pro 2014.
Couple In Love: This image was inspired by a scene in the movie Ghost Rider. I thought the scene in the movie was so romantic and beautiful that I wanted to try to do something similar on my own. I used Poser and Vue to create the image and Photoshop for some post editing. All the models I used came from Daz3d and Cornucopia3D.
Bunny Olympia: One of many being done as a tribute to the Chicago Playboy(c) Clubof the 1960's - 1970's era. Created In DAZ 4.9 Pro and Reality 4.3.1. Rendered in Luxrender.Bunny Olympiaby RSand55Olympia 6 Figure, Genesis 2 FemaleEnd of Summer Hair for Genesis and Genesis 2 Female by  Daz Originals, goldtassel Bounce Outfit for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 2 Female by Nikisatez, SarsaThe DAZ Rose by Daz OriginalsDA Bar Stool by Design Anvil
Toon Beach Life Guard: Toon Beach Life Guard: Made with Blank Boi. Custom made textures and morphs. V4-Hongu Hair, V4 C16 Swimsuit with custom texture.
the ring: ring ring ring
3D Architectural Rendering Services Visualization:   Our 3D Architectural Visualization Studio Is Offering Services Is 3D Architectural Renderings, Villa And Bungalows Design Provider Company, UK, USA, Dubai, UAE, Australia.     http://www.thecheesyanimation.com/3D-Architectural-Rendering.html
Airy: Victoria 4 model with a body and face morph. Added some morphs to the hair for this render.
WOnder Woman Pinups:   Wonder Woman Pinups done in Poser Pro 2012 Victoria 4Christine HairCOstume: " Cosplay Retro made by TerryMcG . If you have not checked out his amazing collection of female superhero costumes, check them out. Below i the link for the Wonder Woman one I used here.http://www.sharecg.com/v/70538/browse/11/Poser/Cosplay-Costume-Retro
Indian Potyra: This is indian Potyra, in 3D ...I managed to do in the DAZ, but I still have much to learn...I hope you enjoy!!!
Heaven Help Me: Two Ladies in trouble
work in progress futur freestuff: work in progress futur freestuff
Star Trek Online Odyssey Uniforms: Images from a freebie in progress... the "Odyssey" uniform from Star Trek Online MMORPG.  Total 30 for M4 Bodysuit,.  V4 also gets the same uniforms for bodysuit. Included: Officer Service, Officer Tactical, Officer Dress and Flag Officer uniforms.  Cadet and Enlisted tactical uniforms,  Unique medical uniforms.....  
Motorider: Another lady with a mean machine between her legs.
Rivendell: My version of Imladris / Rivendell the home of Elrond (Lord of the Rings). I rebuild the buildings in cinema 4d, from the making of dvd. After the rendering I did a lot of photoshop work to get a good mood. hope you like it, it is not new but it is one of my best
Cheating swine: Multiple shots combined into one. Each composite shot used was a 3 exposure HDR render. Lots of careful erasing as well.
Arminium A77 Cal. 022 LR KK: Revolver
Turtle Power: Character: joequick
Robo: A robotic lady in a robotic environment.
aracnophobic: halloween = Fear ? Fear ! inspired by a creature in my bathroom almost as big as thisone ! Even i as an adult still have it difficult with thes creatures ! Poser6 - vic 4 ; pretty base
igotthis: Quick composite.
Gravity: Created and rendered with Poser Pro 2014 Character: DAZ's V4 Morphs: X&M Hair: Dione by Mairy and Total HairCTRL by KaPoser Skin: my own skin shaders
3D rendering services: Get vibrant, realistic and visually compelling 3D renderings from MAP Systems, a professional 3d design services providing company offering high quality three dimensional solutions for global entities.
Maula g model: Modelling and Texturing
Red by elianeck: daz, reality 2, luxrender
Floating Flaviana: Because warm thoughts are a necessity for dealing with winter. :) Credits: Base model: Aiko 3 © DAZ Flaviana © _Al3d_ Pose © Kruse Clothing © DAZ, Billy-T Hair © Valea Hydropolis Pool © Lupadgds Image © 2012, Desgar Tadema January 19, 2012
FADA: Carrara 6 GIDOME
Luna Lovegood in her sun dress: It's a 3D fanart of one of the characters from Harry Potter
Friends: a wonderful weekend for you and yours :)
Vector M-12: 3D model of Vector M-12 created by me.
Felling The Cold: Vue 6 Infinite and Poser 6
I Can't Believe They Left Me Here!:   
Building renovation: Different proposals for a Citroen building renovation.
The last warrior: Directly inspired by a character of JS Rolhion... Modeling zbrush.
Coming Out: inspired by changing a lighting perspective and changing lighting colours
Spell caster: this is an image made from V4.2
sindimetal: sindimetal
To the rescue: little girl to the rescue
Bridge: Its Railbridge low poly model
Tropical River: created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; minor postwork in Paintshop Pro X5;
Down the Toilet Redux: Here is a new interpretation of my original airbrush painting (see my older artwork gallery on DeviantArt to compare). I chose to go a bit darker and more realistic with this concept.  Made with DAZ3D and some post work in Photoshop*Updated with slightly better camera angle and focal depth. 
blind press: A bad use of press made people blind
GTH IRMA !: Made with Daz Studio, Bryce 3D and PSP
egyptman: this is my new concept
" Desert Hunt ": - Post work done in Adobe Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro . (dual screen wallpaper) Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Anatomy Lesson: Animation Ruben CastroMexicoI like Rembrandt
Are you free today?: Of course! What time I go to catch you? :p Credits Iray Nail Shaders for G3 and G2 Females by AllenArt http://www.sharecg.com/v/84606/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Iray-Nail-Shaders-for-G3-and-G2-Females
Endless Night: Surealistic nightmarisch dreamscene, all DAZ.
Venus Rising: Venus rising into the storm clouds
Flower-03: Flower for Poser, pp2-file. EnjoY! DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
The Peak of Old Smokey in Purple: A nice purple scene, calm and quiet and pleasant to the eye. Done in Artmatic Voyager using fractals and Procedural texturing. A nice easy to look at Landscape.
VW 03: modelled and rendered in lightwave
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 016: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Shark attack: DAZ shark. Poser 6 render. Background created by me in Photoshop
Lighting Up: We have ignition...
Winging It: The first image was rendered in LuxRender using Tofusan's plug-in for DAZ Studio 3. It is the LDR output with no post-work. ( http://tofusan.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/download.html) The second image is the LDR tone-mapped output of the LuxRender HDR image. Luminance HDR was used to to the tone-mapping. (http://qtpfsgui.sourceforge.net/) Moral of the story -- Tone-map your LuxRender output!!! Thanks-Tofusan-and-Luminance-HDR!!
Greeting the Sun: This is just a quickie test render of some of the items I have (or will have shortly) posted here, which includes the 'window' shadow transparency (Window-trans01 copy.png) on a square in front of the spotlight, the dynamic dress for V4 (I need to tweak the materials settings and post them in an updated ZIP file), and the tiling displacement map on the walls. Straight Poser 7 render at just under 'final' settings, with displacement and smoothing turned on. Character is V4's Neela from DTG--she's absolutely gorgeous! can't remember whose room set it was, but pretty sure it came from Renderosity's Freestuff area many years ago. Dress created with Marvelous Designer 2, partly inspired by something I saw in a catalog somewhere... Get it here: http://www.ShareCG.com/v/53684/view/5/3D-Model/V4-dress01
Brain Wave: Fractal flame resembling a brain wave.
phoenix godess: character realizado con el programa poser, texturas creadas con el photoshop
Peugeot: car design Peugeot
princess: 3d
Antihuman Mutant: This is the other primary sentient race of beings in the Negaverse, mutated "antihumans".   Whoo, where to start on this one... Well, the skin was golden fur from the Genesis 2 Male creature creator... robotic arm is from Joequick's Classic Banded Cyber Arms clothing for the G2M I bought in the DAZ store and I used the rust material setting it came with. The Creature Creator morphs that went into this guy are the witch hands, exo FBM and alien scalp for that nice bulging oversized forehead cerebral sort of a look.  Eye color was I think gray or blue. Anyway, the gun is a Proton Blaster from the Justicar set.  Arms and legs have the Jolab's Biosquad arms and legs :-P.  Tunic is Ghastly's Tunic for Genesis (Toga, toga!). Lighting is from the Storm Sewer Runoff set. The scene is Level 19 from the Scifi Warrior Bundle I'd scored as a freebie. The texturing used Eustace Scrubb's steel plate material on the arms, prosthetic, legs, and gun. The prosthetic is from Atrion 666's New Peg Legs.  The leg and tunic were autofitted to go on the Genesis2 Male instead of G1.  Also, while I'm on that subject I used a morph to hide the body arm underneath the banded cyber arm which came from the M4 Cyber Extender.  Pose is from Fantasy warrior poses set I'd scored as a freebie.
Drone Model: Just a quick render of an upcoming freebie.  It'a my first attempt at building a model but it seems to do the job.  
caracteres for G3 by Elianeck: My characters almost ready for Genesis 3I use for rendering ElianeCK Face and Body Iray Lights (light A)https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lightstks!
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 053: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
The garden: go and have some tea
Obtalistic Bomber: 3D model of my Obtalistic Bomber created by me.
Shark Sequence: A series of renders experimenting with lights in poser to simulate underwater textures. Using textured image maps and adjusting shadow parameters of lights etc. I have used Hobobo's underwater texture for DAZ cyclorama for the background. The shark is a great white shark model from DAZ 3d. These shots are also potential stills from a potential animation.
3D low Poly Cartoon Character Modeling animation: Here you can get High Quality 3D Characters Models for Movie Feature Films, Games and More. we create this 3D low Poly Cartoon Character Modeling & Rigging for Charlie Pandit By GameYan Studio You can Watch Video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyDPQKbm7T0 Thanks for viewing
Wizard Lord: in the title
Crown: Crown
Ghostly: Vic in trouble
Beautiful Day: I used 4 different stocks to make this.
Reception Area: This render done by 3dsmax and Vray, it is architectural visualization for reception area.
Aliens: Swidhelm's Alien Daz Studio Iray
Falcon: Ship: Falcon / Class: Aerialfighter / Type: Fighter / Engine: Thrusters-A - Information = This is a 3D model created by Dynasty Weapons and textured by Dynasty Weapons. The model was created for an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game which is currently in development. - Join: If you can do any of the following: Create 3D models / Create texture maps / Create UV Maps / Create program scripts - Then you can be part of the project! Members of the project have a chance to be part of the development of the game and can be subject to be paid as the progress of the game continues. If you or anyone you know is interested, please visit our site: http://galacticoutlaws.ucoz.com/
This Image was removed: This image was removed from DAZ site because well i will let them explain it to you The Most Powerful Weapon of All Posts you made to the "The Most Powerful Weapon of All" have been removed. We apologise for not notifying you when the image was removed, for future reference the correct response if you don't get a notification would be to email the forum team  rather than posting to the thread. Your image was removed as we felt that the use of a Crusader-style knight was likely to be inflammatory rather than simply showing support for the victims of the attacks.
Where art thou my love?: out of the empty village she finds she is all alone
Kaylar, the Warmaster: Just a little something I whipped up with some lights, some hellfire, a mace, and a de-femme'ed Krystal
RGBflow: funny with it! made it by real flow
Night Antics: I did this picture using some great car freebies from this site, and thought you'd want to see it. What do you think?
Pinoccio: Hi, this is my first picture in 2010 i hope you like it Regards DigitalDream
Together: The characters are created with Makehuman and the render is done with Blender Cycles. Background created with Krita.
EVAngelion: Eva 7 was released today, so someone had to do this ;-)   Besides, I was looking for a good reason to make use of this outfit again! 
Lucifers Demise: St Michael defeats Lucifer
Saudade: Saudade
Mr. Personality: Etujedi's speed lights were a freebie today. So I used some of them with a tweaked old freepose.com M4/V4 couple pose and Joequick's Muck for genesis. Brute X Genesis happy mouth pose for Muck. Some slime monsters get all the luck...  
Gazelle-02: Another render of my OC Gazelle.
Jedi fight in the desert.: The fight begins!
ship at sea: processed vue stream 10 and photoshop
Quarta: 1
Shopwindow: shopwindow - done in Bryce and PSP.
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 009: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
-Handy Girl-: Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn with a custom head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Watch: Just a few pictures of a new face that's appeared from my runtime - hM4 with Nicholas texture/morphs, plus a smidgen of Faces Of Fantasy. Nick and FOF are freebies from ShareCG - check my favourites. And the creepy face in the background is (the false) Balok, also here at ShareCG. This guy may, or may not, be called Joe. The cigar and trenchcoat look seems to be the one that's developing from this, and he seems to be turning into a sort of futuristic film noir private investigator.  I've uploaded a new image entitled "Goodbye Joe" at RDNA if anybody's interested  
No Swimming: I definitely wouldn't drink the water, either... This was another Halloween contest entry. I can't really say that I've had any one specific inspiration for this one. Guess I've watched too many zombie movies over the last few weeks. After looking at the finished product, I'd also have to say that Tom Savini's work on Jason from the first 'Friday the 13th' movie had something to do with this, too. It just seemed to come together. Apps used: Poser 7, Photoshop 7, MakeHuman 0.9, Hexagon 2.1, Universe 1.1, Genetica Credits for models/textures used: Victoria 3 (DAZ), FK Design (Kyra 2 Hair), Mapps (building, trees and plants), PhilC (Classic Wrap dress), and TrekkieGrrrl (leather dress texture), and myself (the zombies, the ground, the water, and the No Swimming sign.) Hope you like it!!!
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 011: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Warrior glow: 孙天放 魔神坛斗士 光轮 伊达征士 Warrior glow EVEPE JAPAN SUNTIANFANG 3D MAX bandai
Gia by elianeck:   my light for Iray DazStudio http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-for-iray   tks!
Madam Vampire: Render of a Madam vampire and victim 
My Friend And I: A girls best friend is her dragon.
Comments to a forum post: Comments to a forum post
La gita " Fuori Porta ": Una gita la domenica ai castelli romani. Best in full size.  
Josie: Josie
Evil from Within: As soon as I saw Minyassa's Evil Uterus here on sharecg, this image immediately came to mind... 
Minatomirai, Nishi Ward: Planet Itto, of the JDF. (Japanese Dynastic Federation)
Safe: Safe, pure photoshop, no filters with the exception of noise. If you look close there is a muted reflection of my wife (stand back if you can't see it).
Wind of change: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Viewing the Fractal:    
studio: Prove di luce ed elaborazioni con Poser e Photoshop
Jeanne: Something for all my friends in France, after all the turmoil of the last months. Its remarkable that  though she led from the front and inspired an entire nation, Jeanne D'Arc never lifted a weapon or killed a single person. DS3 nothing added.
The drama of jealousy: Jealousy is a monster that feeds on the weakness of those who believe the strongest. Shakespeare: Othello: Act 3, Scene 3, Page 8 Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green -eyed monster which doth mock
The Major Arcana. No.12 The Hanged Man: The Hanged Man shows a man suspended by his right ankle form from the verdant World Tree.  His serene expression indicates he is hanging on the tree of his own will. His left leg is bent and tucked in behind his right (symbolising crossroads in life). His arms are also bent, with hands held behind his back, indicating he is not in control of his circumstances, enforcing the notion of wilful submission. He wears red trousers (passion and the physical body), a blue coat (knowledge)  and yellow shoes (high ideals).  A bright halo shows spiritual attainment and understanding. Traditionally the card has a grey background suggesting invisibility and concealment;  I’ve used a different and (hopefully) visually more interesting metaphor for this.  The slightly irate green jay was enjoying a peaceful day before all this commotion. DS3 no postwork (the halo is in fact a solid transmapped primitive)
DragonWizard (In the Service of the King): A Poser 3D Fantasy picture using Daz characters , featuring the DragonWizard inside the Lair of the Wolf-King
fabi_01: a snapshot
mirage: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
She's a pirate!:
lets play by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray Dramatic Light Volume 2 ( today  -50% off ) !www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-dramatic-light-volume-2tks!
15: 1
Beautiful Lover...: A nice Desktop Background to lift the spirit of Love...
Bob el tentaculo: Bob el tentaculo
Me and my toys: all the best
Megumi by Akio - Upgrade: Akios Supermodell Megumi - her next step in career ...I made some little changes in the posters - and you see there ist a complete scene growingThe props which are used to make the posters are now correct listed. You find Megumi at http://www.sharecg.com/v/66036/gallery/11/Poser/Megumi-for-V4
Night vigil with candle: Night vigil with candle Bryce 5,5 & Daz studio
dark: v3 morph ds4-rendering bryce-no postwork
Schiera house: Schiera house
Scarlett day off: Her true loves.Guns and wine.
Spy Girl - Animation Promo: Spy Girl - Flight Fight, Join us as Spy Girl, Agent-69, tries to flies secret agent 00 to Crook City . Tighten your seat belt, as Spy girl out maneuvers her enemiesCreated with Daz Studio Pro 4.6 Credits at the end of filmAn Ivy Summers Animated Film.YouTube Link :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K_xGxBb0GE
cottage 3dstudio max: created in 3dstudiomax and adobe photoshop
Samehareth: This is a character that will be making his way into our current Dungeons and Dragons campaign with my buddies.Samehareth, a Dragonborn Witch Doctor that delights in ripping the souls and beating hearts from his enemies and stuffing them into itty bitty dolls to wreak magical havoc on his next victim.He also adores puppies!A HUGE thanks to my wife  for doing some super-awesome post work to this already cool render (she added smoke, the doll's glowing eyes and vapor, Sam's glinting and glowing eye, retextured heart, massively improved the candle flame, and other needed details to the mix). Please check out her work! tehsellout.deviantart.comI also modeled the voodoo doll myself in Blender, and once I learn how to do rigging in Daz I intend to provide the resource for free.
Ayane by Elianeck: My first model for Genesis 8 Ayane -30% !!https://www.daz3d.com/ayane-for-genesis-8-female
dead on a far far planet - back at home: the end
But Soft! What light through yonder window breaks?: It is the east, and Juliette is the sun. Its been a busy summer so I've not had much time to do any art.   Here's a little something, in my irregular series of scenes from Shalespeare, following on from Miranda and Ophelia.
The F.Y.B 1.0: My colleague made another version of it, but I won't post it here lol (It is a hoverbike. We redid it because it doesn't have engines on the bottom... There's so many things I overlooked with this model when making it xD)
Happy Holidays: Happy holidays to everyone.
Only a smile :): On halloween enjoy everybody!
bullman: this is my new creation,i have complet this model with in 30 hours
King Bong: One of my favorite fantasies is to become a giant Gorilla and forcibly take my sweetheart up to the tippy-top of the highest skyscraper. Oh, yeah: and to battle airplanes with my bare fists!
1: hello
-Kittiness Loves Doggy-: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Lady In Red 2: The Story Continues: After getting my studio set-up, I give Aisha another the run down on everything happening thus far. "This is simple, friendly photo shoot. My friend has never done this sort of thing before, so she's bound to be nervous like all get out." Aisha agreed to my terms, and we set up all the necessary gear: lights, camera, reflectors, various props, a few lens just in case, dropclothes, one or two cases of bottles water (Modeling is hard work, according to the people I've shot for...), and some other assorted goodies. By the time this photo was shot we were well into my second roll of film, and Jessica wasn't feeling at all comfortable in this setting. I had one of of Aisha's crew to check out the thermostat, and sure enough, it was too low. (It was 62 in the middle fall and Jessica is a warm weather girl!) Eventually, the studio was warm enough wherein Jessica could be more at ease with the whole idea. But that would take at least another roll or two...
Dreaming of stars: This image was inspired by the works of Arthur C Clarke. The hoverbike was created by Nanothect (www.renderosity.com) The photo of the M101 galaxy was taken by the Hubble space telescope (www.nasa.gov, STScl) All other items from Vue (www.e-onsoftware.com)
Cute Raider: lara's little known sister gun by dennish2010, excellent clothes from wilmap, belt from evilinnocence everything else daz and the internet
Samburu Hills: That's the way it looks over there. I swear.
Gen3F in Poser: After all the hype, my very 1st Gen3F render in Poser with Octane (8 mins). She doesn't like Poser at all, so I had to bring her by force. LOL
All twins have secrets by Elianeck: my new HDRI light for Iray soon...http://www.daz3d.com/elianecktks!
Morning Chase: A couple of planes have an early morning chase.
High heel sandals 1: Close-up of Jazmine in high heel sandals
The Devil's Lair: Many Thanks to: Daz3d.com V3/M3 | Renderosity.com Gargoyle -Stonemason/Skull-Terrain-Mechanismo/Zombie Texture-Mrsparky | Horns - UweG || Webshots.com Flames- fotia_77/Fire-Digidayrl | PhotoImpact.com My first time playing in the Daz3d ;o)
Toyota Supra 04: modelled and rendered in lightwave
3D Exterior Rendering View of Residential Building: 3D MODERN BUNGALOW EXTERIOR ELEVATION DESIGN DAY AND Night RENDERING BY JMSD Consultant. Architectural 3d exterior rendering of an elementary of residential 3d exterior rendering of house.
War (its fantastic): Desolate Scene of a destroyed city
An hunt in a lost planet .: Thanks for visit and for any your comments. Best in full view .
ArJeeBee: as in RGB (Red Green Blue). 3 separate fractal flames rendered on to 3 virtual canvases. Professional prints of these pieces are available at http://www.easyart.com/academy/jkerai
back to home: tks!
Sunny-Room: done with max7 and vray
Robot Master "Blast Scarab": Built in a future where machine fights machine, Blast Scarab was designed to take the fight to the enemy line. An advanced prototype mobile siege engine, what Blast Scarab cannot disintegrate with his overpressure cannons, he simply destroys with his own hands and claws. (Used Meph's Brute Armor rather extensively for this. Thanks Meph!)
R u watching me?: A very curvy and cute Cookie leans over a bridge railing and looks back to see someone watching her.
Target Practice:   
3: 3
Comic Art-00: comic art
Michael: God Bless The Victims of Hurricane Michael Created with Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
Walk in the morning sun: playing
Black Beast nd Zerk.: Here are two of my favorite charcters. My fantasy :). They are two ancient warrior making there return on present time... With these character i also came up with a stry associated to dem nd me... planning to make a small trailer keeping dem... hope so god will help me in finishing it :o)....
House in Sounio: A house in Sounio area near the sea and the mountain
Roaming the facility: While the personnel slept ...robot E.B.O. roams the facility  
Black & Purple Hearse: This is the first model I ever, repeat EVER, made in 3DS Max (or any other 3D program for that matter.) It's low poly, and it has its flaws, but all and all I don't think it's too shabby.
Newton: Just a very simple scene. Made with 3dsmax9 and vray. Plz comment.
Le soleil d'Austerlitz: Model and render in blender
tam guc kose: architectural
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 015: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Lily: i made and textured this lily in Cinema 4D
3d job: some job
The Game of two other Halves - Football: Image now featured on: www.littleplasticmen.co.uk. Just for fun! made my own Subbuteo footballer plastic stand, football kit, pitch, red card, etc... ideas, concepts, poses, by me. Enjoy! PS Postwork, Poser Pro 2010, iMac, Thanks for looking, Paul. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Points Unknown-RMA-2008: 1024 x 768. Feel free to use as background in your poser or other CG artwork or as a desktop background.Personal & commercial use allowed.
Brutal turtle: https://sketchfab.com/show/gggeZNW3Ldk7uBGLhFbXUwc991yBrutal turtle for 3d maxA brutal monster turtle to invade your scene. Will he make your village his new home or will he retreat back ? You decide what happens!•All body parts are fully poseable. •Includes separate "Katana" prop•high quality textures  8192x8192 ,material v-ray sss2Mouth & face morphs:-Eyes Close-Mouth Open 
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 038: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
Marie Rose by Elianeck: DazStudioElianeCK Iray One Click Lightswww.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lightsif you see Marie Rose in nude cute version and patreon me acess my Patreon herewww.patreon.com/elianeck
Gears: Doodle
The 4th knight:
urban: urban
Trainbridge: Vue 7 Pro
Legion: Created for DreamslayerArtworks 31 Days of Hell contest. http://www.dreamslayerartworks.com/vB3/showthread.php?t=4070 Rendered in Daz Studio. Postwork in Serif photo plus. Product Credits - Michael 4 (Daz) - Victoria 4 (Daz) - Michael 3 (Daz) - Victoria 3 (Daz) - Shadow Dancer (Daz) - Casual Wear (Daz) - Beach Hair (Daz) - Boy Hair (3Dream) - Breezy Outfit (Pretty3d) - Long Hair (Koz) - Jael Hair (Daz) - Aged (Daz) - Wedge Cut Hair (Daz) - Wet Hair (Daz) - The Backstreets (Stonemason) - Light Dome Pro (Daz)
LIQUID-002: CG Liquid experiment
Tropical: Bryce 7
A Dream House: The house of my dreams, grass, home, trees, sun lighting
Visitor: Models and rendering with Lightwave 7.5
Waterwheel: Vue7Pro
MERCEDES SLK ROADSTER 2008 v3: MERCEDES SLK Class Roadster 2008 Made in 3d studio Max 2011 Rendered with MentalRay
Escher Cube: Escher impossible cube in 3D space.
Nubian princess: Quick pen drawing i made the last time my pc was down. 
Buld 01: Very quick work in only 3h. This work is created from a real architectural plan.
Water Color Paintings: Some of my old water color paintings, color corrected and enhanced in photoshop
The Nightmare Slayer: Hello my friends this is Kairi. a sample girl with a buster sword in her hand. I hop you liked If you liked or not please give me a little comment. Thanks
FIREMAN: ranger soldier toy evepe suntianfang 3d usa army 孙天放 CHINA FIREMAN POLITE
Choad: Remember  "Trippin the Rift"? Haha theres Choad.
Trying to survive: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Territorium: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy & have a fun!
Brutalized Foot (WIP): Andi3D makes a lovely sewer pipe complete with slime mold I'd bought on renderosity, Used Joequick's Urban Ninja clothing set on Brute X for Genesis... Digusting amount of pokethrough but the concept is fun so I might clean this mess up in photoshop later. The lighting used was dark blue from Fly028Design's The Sewer Set. G2M Modern Ninja Blade pose used on Brutalized Shredder... Brute X for Genesis poses used and modified on foot soldiers.   Remember in TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze how anticlimactic and short, unsatisfying the final fight between the Turtles and SuperShredder was?  Well, what if he'd given mutagen to some of his ninjas too instead of just himself? I think it'd go a little something like this...
Boy's Bedroom: Interior Perspective for a Residential Project using 3DSMax and VRay
asian girls by elianeck: Asian girls for Genesis 2 Female pack for : www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character-people/child/asian-girls-for-genesis-2-female-pack tks! nude version http://elianeck.deviantart.com/#/art/3-babes-nude-version-494544567?hf=1  
Fibo desing chrom: hi :)
At The Beach: Rendered with PoserPro 2014. I am trying to get most realism out of CGI-software
Join Us Off World: Bladerunner Blimp
Tuff Guy: SOOOO any other Tough Guys in the Room ? done with Poser - and Post in PS Showing off my Hammer found here at ShareCG search Mongloid
electronics parts: electronics parts computer
Armed MiG-29 A Fulcrum: Armed version of my MiG-29 A Fulcrum 3D model.
Chiaroveggenti (Clairvoyants): Alcune sere fa', mentre stavo scherzosamente prendendo in giro mia moglie che consultava l'oroscopo su una rivista di gossip ,  mi e' venuta l'idea di ricavare alcune scene relative all'argomento ,qualcosa di sottilmente ironico , spero vi piacciano. Le carte sono di Jim Farris a cui va il mio ringraziamento.   A few nights ago,as I was playfully teasing my wife who consulted the horoscope on a gossip magazine,I got the idea to make some scenesr elating to the topic ,something subtly ironic,I hope you enjoy them. The cards are of Jim Fa ris that goes my thanks.  
Dream of Orient - Part I: A 'dreamy' view of an oriental room. Realistic rendering with many lights.
Atavistic nightmare: Sometimes the line between the dream and the nightmare is very thin. Atavistic memories can transform the one into another.
Bunny: 3gs of ram  squeezin out a Lux render  from studio lolz.good times.
Corsair pt 2: Having secured suitable transport, our  intrepid smuggler makes ready to head off with a cargo of exotic merchandise... Thanks to Herminio Nieves  for the Nubian Complex and lovely Fury shuttle models.
Troy: Le fasi caotiche e cruente della battaglia finale all'interno delle mura di Troia in fiamme. The chaotic and bloody phase of the final battle inside the walls of Troy on fire.  
Steampunk Lady Bree: "Steampunk Lady Bree" DAZ Studio 4.9 Pro, Figure: Genesis 2 Female Bree; Textur: Original G2F Bree Iray by AXL; Morph: Cami by Cybrea; hair: mix ToulouseHR & Lorelay Hair; Clothing: Wilmap`s Digital Creations with Iray Tex Shaders by DAZ, Nvidia, AllenArt, dbg; props: 3ds Max Wavefront OBJ by guruware (new tex Iray Shaders); jewels: AllenArt, dbg; background: Postwork Photoshop; Render: Env. Theatre-Center_Env.hdr (HDR slBL Archiv Pack) Rendertime: 4h 15 min
3d modeling services: We provide a wide array of provisions that include 3D character modeling, printing, sculpting walkthrough, character modeling and CAD graphic design services. With us, you are in the right company of people who can creatively pull the strings to push your business to new heights of success.
Lopi Be-Long: Character of Intuiart Estudio
The life: A vida persiste.
Doa Marie Rose by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray One Click Lights ( - 40%)www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lightsmodel by me Genesis 3tks!
"Our darkness": - real photography low key techniques on DAZ Genesis ( 1 ) - Post work done in Adobe Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro . Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Bad land: Bryce 7
Rat Sucking Tick: These beauties can get quite big here in Australia. They go through the eye socket and suck out your brain and other juices. Mind your step!
Snow White: ===enjoy------- please respond with what you think of all my work im interested
Diner: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Cold look: 2008, Russia, Kurgan.
Batman's BadGirl Sisters: My sisters are scrambling for new costume. Thank you for sharing new costume.Cosplay Costume 14 for V4 by TerryMcG & EvilkooladeScifi downtown scenery by herminioSchool Rooftop for Poser by Uwe GoetPoses by Matrix3D
Exterior: Contracted out by Arup Inc. Modeling, and texturing and animation.
presence: daz studio,wings3d,gimp.
GreatWall Model: 3D model for a poster, Made with 3dsmax, rendered with mental ray. hope you like it.
Coastal Patrol: imported into daz studio 4.6 as obj file, changed some of the textures and shading.credit to  Anderson Félix Soares "Gendragon" for creating Gendragon_Inv_VI airship.finished off in gimp 2.8.this is my first airship background, so let me know your thoughts.thanks.
Diving: Rendered with Blender cycles. A volumetric lighting scene, created in Blender.
Futuristic Bike: This is another Drawing that I made back in High school.
walking: it's a painting in paper support: gouache.Pastel.Pencil Make part of collection of six paintings. Even when we walk we can dance inside us.And we can imagine it like we were birds...
The Prayer: DAZ Studio, Gimp, Twisted Brush
Esuna: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Reaching out: Enjoy!
Supernova: David Character and Vick 3 Poser 6 render. Spacecraft created by me. Final art in Photoshop
Lost kid by elianeck: tks!
The American Ninja - Beach Justice: The American Ninja - Beach Justice (Promo) You don't want to miss this exciting 2 Minute animated short. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMkUaISPLcg
The dreamer: Bryce 7
Like Escher: I like Escher, do you?
Drunken Ogre 02: I decided to apply some color to that drawing in photoshop
Hermes Tribute Drawing: This was a project where i was asked to do an Hermes square with a web banner for it
neon girl by elianeck: tks!
Let's move on: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Tree: digital painting in Photoshop
Surprise: Just for the fun :)
Fantasy Fractals 12: 1024 x 768. Feel free to use as background in your poser or other CG artwork or as a desktop background.
Undead: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Birdbeast Ancient Egyptian: DAZ3D work, BirdCult M4, Anubis legs Genesis, with EgyptCity by Dreamlight.
Lake side beauty: 1900 x 1080 dpi Free to use as you like
Crocotourist: My entry for the 'Crocodile' Stylized Animal Challenge over at Threedy forums.
Blood Red Skies: A party of adventurers take on an undead dragon and its escorts.
Female Model: 3D model of a woman. Comments & Criticism are welcome.
Moth: Based on the work of Anne Stokes
Yah! Yah! Yah!: A girl who is hurting
3d job: some works
Female Act in the Glass Cube: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Apophysis, Gimp
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 19): This is chapter 7, page 19 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've shrunk it down and compressed it for this page. The full version (Including parts list) can be seen on my ONIM homepage.
Vespa: My latest personal project.
Hearts sunset...: Hello everybody. This is my first image I upload after 6 month of learning 3d Graphic program and I hope you love my work. Thanks
splash: splash
Lily: wings3d,ds4,bryce.
How long can you wait....?: Did a model of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note II. Hang in there!
Audi A3 Car: Audi A3 Car, realistic, vehicle, 3ds max
Bison: Its an another portfolio work. I wanted to make somthing furry and then decided to make bison. Made it in 3ds max. Textured in Photoshop and I used shave and haircut for fur.
red: self explanatory
Trick or Treat < Prints >: Halloween is a joyous time for the Dark Fae--the one night of the year when they can walk among mortals without frightening them...as much.   Full-sized prints now available from DeviantArt!
Wii controller: I did a new render of my wii controller and added a glow to the player light. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
Chemistry: Chemistry
Forever Stones 4: Evening Stonhenge and UFO
Terrania City: Capitol of Terra Perry Rhodan Universe www.perry-rhodan.net
Black Island: Bryce 7
The return of the sword: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Angela Fantasy Pirates Character Model by Gameyan: Gameyan Studio provides wide range of 3D solutions which include modeling, rendering, animation for various business. Our team of 3D experts use advanced software to provide a reliable and realistic outcome.   Read More -- http://www.gameyan.comCharacter Design, character designer, character modeling, 3D Animation Studio, Game outsourcing, fantasy.
Asian face by Elianeck: ElianeCK Iray One Click Lightshttps://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-one-click-lightstks!
Merry Apocalypse: I found this behind a cupboard...
boominsystemHDwide: O_o dabomb
No Man...: My version of  the famous scene in Tolkein where Dernhelm is revealed as Eowyn, prior to her defeating the Witch-King of Angmar . I've also included studies for the characters, as much of the detail is obscured in the final scene  
k: a game that i made during studies period, also some ads (superman is for a flight company n the bird on head is for a shaver ^^) here s the link to the game intro: http://www.dailymotion.com/kowboyedsweety/video/x66bcr_sequence-01_videogames
Girl with peaches: Flash back :)
Waiting for you: Wanted to know what a sexy women holding a gun sitting in a chair would look like.  
Studio n. 1/2018 "Discovering Photoshop ": A happy New Year at all !! I'm back on track after a short and forced stop due to a trivial fall that has put me out of the game for two weeks! Now i just have to try to make up for lost time! TKS for visit and comments!
Taste of revenge: Again from my deviant art account :)
Insanity (A ray of Hope): Simple Poser scene with the ray of hope postworked in Photoshop.
A Cold And Lonely Place: A dim, blue star shines just barely enough to illuminate the surface of a rock-ice planet and its moon... This image was created with Bryce 6.1 with slight post-processing in Corel Photo-Paint 12
A lesson of honor, part 1: a new scene with Ellana, to be continued HelloI take the opportunity to ask for your opinion on the texture, I find the mapping a little strong, but I find it difficult to get what I want. Here it is a normal map, with a bump, it does not make as I wish. What do you think ?Thank you
Come_back_you_f....._Bot: this came in my mind when I saw this new prop
dubbletrubbleDD: daz 4.6 is pretty cool.
Studio n. 9 " Gilda " (Nudity): A simple B&W studio
A How Meta Kasie: Indian Scene made with Poser.
Classy Kiva: This is kiva, a FREE character made by the talented ArtXtreme101 at DeviantArthttp://artxtreme101.deviantart.com/art/FREE-Kiva-V4-Face-Morph-360667431?q=gallery%3Aartxtreme101&qo=0Done in Daz Studio 4.5,Reality/luxrender and photoshop 7
3D Model of Ford concept + tuned (back view): This is collection of 2 Ford Mustang concept cars: Giugiaro concept and concept with tuning. Giugiaro - This is last model of Ford Mustang. More info search in any search system with key word 'Giugiaro'. This unique model is made using the photos from the presentation of the actual car. Giugiaro tuned - This is unique tuning for the onliest 3d model of Giugiaro Ford Mustang concept. Tuning for the car model is made using Concept model made before by photos from the presentation of the actual car.
Bosicor Building elevation: Here is the exterior shot of a Building being done for Architects www.misbahnajmi.com, for their clients Bosicor. Modeled using the AutoCAD drafts using 3DSMax 7 and rendered using default scanline renderer and default lights with Shadow mapped and raytraced shadows. Some post editing in Photoshop. Rendered and edited as per the guidelines from the architect.
Eve: Recently I had some free time to spend on some idea that developed through the process. Started with a simple sketch with figure then I added the story and the rest. figures: my @ngelina Poser character, my apple tree soft: Poser, 3DMax, Photoshop
Creature Character 3d Modelers: Creature Character 3d Modellers For Hire in Blender by gameyan 3D Art Outsourcing Studio . Developing a solid character Modellers with good design and proper topology takes a lot of work.http://www.gameyan.com/3d-character-modeling.html
more testing: tng testing
Yummy: I don't really know why i made this picture, but i think it is one of the best i have made. Their ain't no story, but as you can see is it this radioactive thing served at a plate, and a couple of wine glasses.
Family Snapshot PotC Fanart: This ist 3D Pirates of the Caribbean Fanart ,Mates made with Daz 3D Rendering: Invidia Iray +FaceGenPro from the Movie :Pirates of the caribbean 5 Hector Barbossa with her daughter Carina Smyth  
Jack Sparrow portait: My first portait in Painter.
The Sheriff of Poison Creek: Rendered in DS3 advanced. Postwork in Serif photo plus.
Femforce Spring: I love superheroine of American comics. Because heroines are sexy, powerful, and defeat bad guys, I think they are cool. But I have mixed feelings about the fact that original was created in the first half of the 1940s, and that they were the Propaganda (fighting spirit uplift comics) in World War II. This is because bad guys at that time were our grandfather or great-grandfather. Therefore I pray for peace forever. Thanks for sharing. Miss Victory ; Cosplay Costume 18 for V4 by TerryMcG, Backgrounds by EzoFukurou, Free Morphing flag, Falcon Prop for Poser by AdamThwaites.
Ace of Branches: This is one of the many cards that I am creating for my Hedge-witchery Tarot project that I am hoping will be published later this year. These are the rough artistic concepts of the cards, and I am looking for feedback before I consider myself finished. All thoughts, comments, and observations are welcomed and anticipated. Hedge-witchery Studio: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Cement Wall: A harshly lighted cement wall with imperfections and a little dirt. Perfect as a background for your poser figure or behind a 3d model. I would suggest you create the illusion of depth of field by using lens blur in photoshop to throw this image out of focus.
Elf lady: playing and making new jewelry for my characters
nude 4: Not so classic, a little more contemporary, hope you like it. Thanks for viewing.
Bedtime: ... and the boys aren't pleased at all.
Barco: This whole scenery was made and illuminated with Vue5. Boat modelade in Vue
Supestar series 4: This is my persoanl favorite from the V4 models I've worked on so far. A lot because it took me plenty of time before I reached a satisfactory conclusion.  Rendered in Firefly - Poserpro 2014
Anime Aiko5: Yaay, my Anime head is now fully working in DAZ Studio, here shown in DS 4.6 with the Aiko5 body. Head was modeled in 3DSMAX with morphs ZBrush. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Villa_02_Persp_02: This work is created from a real architectural plan
Catwoman 2 Dark City Series (Cosplay) No.21: Selina Kyle as Catwoman. Others images available in my Dark City Series...Made with care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Venom: Second skin made for this character. Rendered in Daz Studio.
Star Trek TOS Fan Art Project: Hi I am Showcasing Star trek fan art I am creating that is influenced by Star Trek TOS and the Animated series. My goal is to come as close as possible to the source material. Constructive input is very welcome. Enjoy
Graffiti Graffiti On The Wall...: ... who is the fairest of them all?Well Victoria 4.2 of course...Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane 1.1Michael's outfit: basic T-shirt & trainers - Pants: Truck Clothing Set (Predatron) - hair: Neftis Historical curlsWall: new graffiti wall (Richabri)Aerosols: Sylon Spray (McGyver)backpack: Thierry Perrain
Harley Biker Babe: Harley Biker Babe - Photo-Realisitic series of Graphics these are 4 of 20 This was some art I done that was never used for a web site... free to use as you like.
Living room: nice illuminated living room.
Lady Death by Elianeck: my dramatic light for Iray great for haloween http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-iray DazStudiotks!
little bots - iray - 01: "You little bastard bots, give me back my lightsaber!!"workflow: DAZ3D 4.8 beta RC2, Iray-engine, Irfanview for Logoused default Iray ubershaderchanged light objects to emissionno extra light usedthe bots are from:www.sharecg.com/v/80739/galler…www.sharecg.com/v/11399/galler…
Love design: A romantic scene of a island with trees on it which covers the sunrise and a fish jumping in the air to give the more romance to the scene.
II The High Priestess II (Technomancer): This is one card from my series of Tarot cards that are in support of an upcoming This is one card from my series of Tarot cards that are in support of an upcoming Wintermute album: "Electronicus Arcana Majoris". Even though the project started out being in support of the album, I am probably going to complete the full set of cards (all 78) which I may or may not attempt to publish. Each card here is show with its front and back design for context. The theme of the set is Sci fi meet fantasy with a large around "Cyber-punk" added. My music project is a highly William Gibson inspired (author of "Neuromancer", "Spook Country", "Count Zero", "Mona Lisa Overdrive", etc--father of most of the "sub-culture" of the Internet, his works also inspired "The Matrix" among others) Electronic music. "EAM" is an album of 22 electronic songs each of which "represents" a different card of the 22 Major Arcana in the Standard Tarot Deck
Night Slayer: Santa Baby - RenderTest: EvilInnocence's Candy Elf costume with a "Night Slayer" makeover.
Dark Temple: I modeled this scene in my free time while I was learning to model environnement at college.
Toyota Supra: Been working on this for a while. Decided to mess around with it for a couple days to get it to look almost complete... dash/steeringwheel/doorpanels/brake calipers/brake disks are only mock. right now its ranging around 4,800,000 polygons with the highest meshsmooth setting at 2. With the model still having some inaccuracies... im fine with it :)
mercedes 1938 from the back: same car other angle
Don't Ruin My Day Off!:   
The Burden: Still from my VFS modeling demo reel.
Gun-Goth02: My second render of my new character. Got to get around to naming her tho'.
Assyndra and the Dragon: Assyndra and the Dragon
wasp: I was trying to emmulate the natural design of flying insects like the wasp in this craft design. Futuristic industrial design. Software: Photoshop CS2
Aging: Me, my Mother and my Daughter.   V4 rendered with PP 2014 and my skin shaders.
Touch oif Anime: Needed a touch of anime with a side of saké
Bath Time: Last one in!
L29 Hayes Coupe: I created this car in 3d max and rendered with vray
Miho: Hi everybody, I know It's be long time to add my work (sorry) because I have work in small project and it get all the time.. anyway I make decision to create a beautiful asian girl so I make little research about them and with V4 with all morphs with 2 hours and Wallah I make it. simple and clean I name her Miho (I think I fall in love) so I hope you like it like I'm.. Thanks for the comment and for the view my work and please view to full size for best view. Mohammed
SpaceX: Realiser avec Poser et Paint 3D
Witches Pets: Witches Pets 3 - 1800 x 1080px JPG Graphics Made with DS3A & psp Free to use as you like
Yoko(blackmouse's girl character): Just testing out the DOF settings, also my attempt to fit v4 karate gi to teen yoko without using any tools such as crossdresser, cloth converter etc, only blender is used. Credit goes to blackmouse for her wonderful freebie Yoko. thank you very much! :D other credits : background prop by Danie & Marforno , skydome of dystopia by billy home, Moebius87 & Ajax
2018 by Elianeck: 2018Elianeck Lights Package 3 (- 40% OFF )https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3Ayane for Genesis 8 Femaletks!
Saiyan Girl Chillia 2: Another image of Chillia...
Italien Style: ....
archi render 40: architectural render
dr1: interior
Love and Soccer: A funny view about soccer rivalry ;)
Mirror village: matte painting from 3 pictures with Gimp
Dante's: Awakening in Inferno_exterior: This work was done for my final thesis for my Bachelor of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts I was attending. I imagined that I was doing some concept art and previsualization for a possible movie based on Dante's "Inferno". So I had to create a new vision of the "Inferno", with a screenplay and characterizations of scenes and characters... I did it and it went ok ! what you are watching is the beginning of the first chapeter of "Inferno": the awakening of Dante in the train that is gong to the Hell City.
My school class rooms: I made this classroom when I was 14 it took me 2 days to finish it still it's not a complete one coz i had to work on other projects...
tng testing: tng testing
Alien Shoreline: Alien Shoreline, Created with Bryce 7 .
Isolation: Made with Apophysis.
She's Wearing Human Clothes!:   
Poserart:gumdrops mermaids: mermaids made in Poser
Aziz: A young orphan who sells flowers at the local market. His name is Aziz.
cyber dog by Elianeck: DazStudioElianeCK Iray Dramatic Light Volume 2www.daz3d.com/elianeck-iray-dramatic-light-volume-2tks!
Woman fencer:
Back home: Thanks for taking a look!Enjoy and have a great time!
A Stevie Nicks - 1981 - Portrait .:  A  Stevie Nicks  - 1981 - Portrait . Some Morphs I'm working on .  rendered in PoserThanks for looking :)
Hopscotch: Do you wanna to play?
al-gimp: V3 morph in daz studio-postwork-gimp
Nissan 350z 05: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Electric world: fractal
BunnythaKittyNabber: nabbin tha bunny grabber
Rising from the Flames:    
Dancin' the ribbon, Darkly.: Then, I danced the ribbon on a Panhead bobber. 105mph between the cars, no fear, don't care, step up or step off. Now, I dance the ribbon on a 1977 Shovelhead bobber. 130mph between the cars, no fear, don't care, step up or step off. Time stands still in the void, only the faces of the women and the time left on the clock change. The fire back is a Luna Faye freebie. Credit where credit is due.
Sugar daddy, loves his Caddy: Just having some fun with a new toy, the 53 Cadillac by Nationale7 at Renderosity. Rendered in Poser 6. Postwork in Photoshop 7. Thanks for viewing!
Apache: Ship: Apache / Class: Rotorfighter / Type: Support / Engine: Rotortron-MKI - Information = This is a 3D model created by Dynasty Weapons and textured by Dynasty Weapons. The model was created for an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game which is currently in development. - Join: If you can do any of the following: Create 3D models / Create texture maps / Create UV Maps / Create program scripts - Then you can be part of the project! Members of the project have a chance to be part of the development of the game and can be subject to be paid as the progress of the game continues. If you or anyone you know is interested, please visit our site: http://galacticoutlaws.ucoz.com/
Canaan: Yeah, I'm on a bit of a Canaan kick I guess. Took awhile, but managed to make a 3D Canaan using the Deco Model, Maybe shirt, and Saber's hair. still needs some work, but I'm gonna see about editing the shirt in blender.Saber Hair: http://www.sharecg.com/v/62159/browse/11/Poser/Saber-HairMaybe and Deco: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/mowais/freestuff/freestuff.htmlPX4: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-model/beretta/px4-torm
Dark Animal: A dark demonic animal. I had someone do the basic lineart for me (He gave me full rights to it,) and then I changed it and photoshoped it.
entering the unknown: wolf forest
Snack bar: Work with Carrara.
Two Sides One Destiny: Two sides of the same coin. Zyrrin and Zrenseen. Zrenseen is a clone of Zyrrin's DNA.The interesting thing is, Zyrrin is a dark sider, on the republic side. Zrenseen is a light sider, on the imperial side. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
The Last Of Us by Elianeck: my Elianeck Lights Package 3 for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3DazStudio tks!
Little people: Momenti di vita africana
Elven Maiden: Character created with Dawn + Universal Anime Head. Rendered in Poser with Superfly. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!* Lace Stockings: ~Diamond Dress~ by Ken1171 from HiveWire3D.* Bracelet: ~Diamond Dress~ by Ken1171 from HiveWire3D.* Cheek props: ~Anime Expression Props~ by Ken1171 from Content Paradise* Cardy Boots by Ken1171* Dress by 3D Universe
presentation: daz studio,wings3d,gimp.
Bathrom view: An interior view inside a modern style bathroom
Ninja Found !!: A style I'm working on, this is Ninja characters for a short I'm making
FemDom: 1 more pict  for test
They Came from the Darkness: Nasty Aliens invading from the darkness
The Oracle -Halloween Challenge: Well I had to give this a go, as i love the dark side of things. I came up with the concept of a Freakshow exibit of a Witch, who after being persercuted and tortured throughout the centurys. is now kept alive in a box for for fortelling of grim fortunes to unwitting visitors. Modeled and Textured in ZBrush with post production done in photoshop. I hope you find its Scary. Thanks for viewing, and good luck to all the other entrants. Shaun
she: Carrara tks
In Pit Lane @ C31 Melbourne: This is a sample image of the studio used by RMITV and Channel31 in Melbourne, Australia, as fitted out for In Pit Lane. I'll be uploading the object files for the studio and this set soon, once I finish modeling and boning a studio light prop with movable barn doors, and figuring out a way of loading the prop at the same time as a lightsource, and tieing them together. It's all being done so people using the studio can previsualise thier sets and practise thier lighting before turning up to film a program.
Shattered Dreams: by Herminio Nieves @2013
misty nights of the eiffel tower: misty nights of the eiffile tower scanline rendering.
The Divine Portal: Poser angel fish in my texture Poser 6 render using background created by me in Photoshop. Final art in Photoshop
Psylocke and Key: Alt Universe Psylocke equipped with Sai instead of Katana (draft a) This started off as emma frost but thanks to Terrymcg here for the costume
" Rugantino " - Storia d'amore e de' cortello -: " Rugantino " - Storia d'amore e de' cortello - ( "Rugantino"- Story of love  and knife ) Freely taken from the famous comedy of Garinei and Giovannini! TKS for visdit and comments!!
Kids Room: Kids Room
Audi A3 Car: Audi A3 Car, realistic, vehicle, 3ds max
Our Family Honor II - The T'Janis: The T'Janis are the Charzides' closest friends. From left to right: Polos - the King's Counselor; Duke Aseska - sorceress initiate; Polos' daughter Aja - Chief of Interior Security of Masar; Duchess; Polos' wife and Aseska's mother Fire effects courtesy of Paint Shop Pro postwork. Credits: Characters based on Furrette 2 (C) Little Dragon Polos' Sword (C) Alexis Lopex Vidal (sorroman at Renderosity) Shifting Sand background (C) Gene Fleeman Characters/image render (C) 2007, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter or redistribute.
Catching the Wave: Two asian surfer girls catching a wave. Postwork on tidal wave only. Credits: Terai Yuki 2: TY2 Young by KHD (Renderosity freebie), TY2 Hair, Terai Yuki2 SwimWear by Makoto, Wet skin shader by dburdick. Aiko 3: Salome by Thorne & Sarsa (Renderosity), Teague by quillofvulcan (Renderosity freebie), Wet Hair by Valea (Daz3D), V4 SciFi Trek Suit Texture by project_nemesis (ShareCG), Wet skin shader by dburdick. Scene: Water & surfboards from The Sea Set by genryuu (PoserClub.jp), GenTerrain by Semicharm
vibration: bryce,gimp
L' antre du tigre: Bryce 7
Hot Angelina...: Hot Angelina and Windows...just check this out
White One: Working on some new textures.. preview time!
Voodoo revenge: Animation by Ruben Castro
Violent Neighbor: Jets of gas ejected from a galaxy in the throes of explosions within its core as viewed from a planet in a distant star system. This image was created using Corel PhotoPaint X4, Universe Image Creator and Lunar Cell. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.
fairy: Fairy in the forest
MH 60E SOP gunship: created in SketchUp Mh 60 black hawk
Pencil Sketches: Some of old Pencil sketches, color and brightness corrected in photoshop
Heliopolis: This is a picture of the model I built using Vue 6 Easel. The model is one of my first freebies I posted here.
lava: lava backdrop i got 2 of the same backdrops in here but 1 is more lighter then the other .Make sure you view both if you want to use 1 :)
Going to town.: Just a test of some new scenery items that I've been constructing for a comic that Madrigal and I are working on. Rendered in Poser6 with minimal post-work in PSP.
Mayuka by Elianeck: FLASH SALE in my store -50% all lights !!Mayuka it's my first girls for G3 almost ready in my storeElianeck Lights Package 3Https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3Tks!
Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?: I Think so, Brain...
Definitely Smitten:   
Ivana: available in my store
Armaggedon It!: After a long creative dry spell, the Warhead model from DAZ nuked it. Rendered in Bryce Postworked in Photoshop
HSR Wraith: more shots of my bike
abstract glass-bowl: ...cant write anything...
10: 1
Corine: The mascotte of my former band Gods of insanity. She's called Corine.
In The City Of Mystery: An ancient mega-city abandoned ages ago by its alien inhabitants...what secrets are hidden within this vast metropolis? Software: Mandelbulber 0.93
Studies in textures and lighting: Playing with painters filers and effects.
The wild things: 3d object created in 3d max edited in Photoshop.
Narcissist in silence: DAZ 3D
Playstation 2: A playstation 2 model/image i did long time ago. It was done in two weeks. Hope you like it, and please post a comment!
Safe from the Storm: Fantasy scene of young lady protected by her hero
sherazade 01: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Mommy Dearest: My entry for the Halloween 2011 competition
I am Back! (Arnold as T-4): That is a chraracter as arnold schwarzenegger as terminator-4, I made it using front and left images using 3dmax and poser 6, Poser helps to create 50% arnold like face from default face then using max made to 50% to 99%.
The Protectors: Another reworking of some older figures. Nekhbet, the white vulture, Mother of Mothers, patron godess and protector of Upper Egypt is flanked by the cobra Wadjet and the cat Baast , patron protectors of  Lower Egypt. They sail the sacred barge on the cosmic river through the constellation of Orion, realm  of Osiris. (...and yes I KNOW  I've shown Wadjet's hair comprising  rattlesnakes rather than cobras, but  I  claim  some artistic license as hiding the rattles chops off the tails in a very odd way !  ... the background image IS however of Orion ) DS3 no postwork. Best viewed at full resolution.    
The Light Inside: I recently stumbled into a Fractal contest page at Renderosity, so I opened up Apophysis and had a quick play - th image just sort of popped out. I thought it was rather nice, even though it didn't get many (any?) votes. It brought to mind all sorts of things including a phoenix, and certain religious iconographry.The 1st  image (my actual entry) is a combination of the original random fractal (2nd image), and a tweaked version of that random fractal (3rd image).The 4th image was the result of playing with it in GIMP a bit later  - I copied the 1st image into two layers and set the mode of the upper layer to 'Burn', then combined the result with the 1st image again with a bit of level tweaking, and cropped the resultThe 5th image was simply mirroring the 4th image left-right.
laura at play Potw at dsa this week: did this at work the other day enjoy :)
Destination Earth: Destination Earth is a 3d Max render, please contact me for original unwatermarked work or visit http://goddydesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/30026125#/d47nbg1 My website link : www.goddydesigns.webs.com My deivant art link : http://goddydesigns.deviantart.com/
Aliens: Colonial Marines: Daz Studio Iray Alien Swidhelm's Alien  Ganesis 8
Pebbles! Get inside ...: Even the early neanderthals need time out to enjoy simple pleasures.
Graphics Card: Made entirely in AutoCAD, More CAD and 3DS images on my website.
Five arter four:  il 4 è marcio. Il 5  cristallino di speranza e gonfio di illusioni guarda lontano ignaro  dell'inevitabile destino.   4 is rotten. The crystalline 5 of hope and full of illusions looks away unaware of the inevitable fate.
vintage: vintage
2OT-RayGun-001-test-IRAY: Thanks for viewing
Tribute to Terry Pratchett: Bryce 7
Another Grand Theft Auto V Fan:   
Abandoned City: Abandoned city night scene
Bienvenido a Mi Mundo: Bienvenido a Mi Mundo It said "Welcome to my world" in spanish.
whispers: Whispering trees
Caught a Fairy: Just Playing with some lighting - Thanks for Looking !
Arriving: A scene with guests in hotel lobby.
Optical Illusion Shading: Which pink is darker? 1 or 2? the truth is, both are just the same ( U may crop both of them and compare them closer... the result is surprising!
limbo: DS-obj.,rendering-bryce.
Head or Tails: Playing with HiveWire3D's Dawn figure, and beta testing her upcoming new anniversary edition morphs. This render shows off 2 new morphs (abs and slanted eyes) that Chris Creek (creator of Dawn, Victoria, Michael, Posette, Dork, and other iconic figures) kindly created by my request. Dawn is so that versatile I didn't need to use magnets to shape this custom body. I used a mixture of her own morphs and simple body scaling (that used to destroy V4). The advantage of body scaling is that the outfit parts automatically follow the shapes, while magnets would need extra work. Figure is Dawn, textures, hair, and outfit converted from V4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Ready for dance: A new scene with Marie and Emilie The passion of this couple is the dance with all the styles. The strength of their love is reflected in these steps that they graze over the varied music of the world and modern dances and salons. Here they are with two waltz dances and a tango La passion de ce couple est la danse avec tous les styles. La force de leur amour transparait dans ces pas qu'elles égrainent au fil des musiques variées du monde et des danses tant modernes que de salons. Les voici avec deux danses la valse et un tango
a detailed recreation of a street: Part of a street on a cloudy day with the sun trying to break through!
-Scary Movie-: The good about scary movies that it makes girls hold us tight and afraid of sleeping alone.
Leia and R2D2: Kim Goossen's Girl model. Still knocks the pants off any spin-off versions... ;)
Asteria: Bonus pictures.Images offertes.
biomechenics in black: My biomechanics with head
IMAGE OF THE WEEK RuntimeDNA!: Great news, I've had my image 'Look Below' from my 'Ultimate Pin-Ups' selected as "Image of the Week" at "RUNTIME DNA Website". CLICK HERE: To View My 'Ultimate Pinups Postcard Viewer' Happy Rendering!
Double Dog Dare Ya: Double Dog Dare Ya ! This is One version for the Game of the Game the King ""I Double Dog Dare Ya !!!!!"" - your group,-""COMMON PULL`EM"" Tools used: Poser 8 , Hexagon , Adobe Photoshop My Inspiration : Gaming , General CG and of coarse the CG World of Art Special Thanx to : Share CG for giving me a place to do all this stuff I do Smith Micro , Daz , Rendo , ShareCG and Adobe for the Tools and Content that makes it all Happen To All you Art Buffs runnin` round commentin` and showing Interest in the Arts. Poisen for the sword and shield
Foxy Lady: trying to get to grips with Daz studio Iray lighting.  
Flat Earth: a little comics... If it contains spelling mistakes it's because aliens can't speak English you know... .
Dark Side: Well, yet another Star Wars image. And to think, I've never played the Old Republic MMO. I saw the general saber design in a picture a long time ago, and I wanted to do something similar. So, behold! My first Sith character! Rawer!She doesn't really have a name, or a story. I just wanted to do a Sith for some reason. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Magic Moment: Victoria 3. Poser 6 render using backgrond created by me in Photoshop. Final art in Photoshop
Robot Guy: Just another 'for the hell of it' pictures :D
Old temple: Wings3d, Bryce 7
Rivalry Renewed (fighting): Shion and Krystal are technically on the same side, but they still have differences to iron out. (I still have to finish Pumpkin Patch Rumble...) It's gotten to be a prerequisite that the major characters in my pieces have to be underwater at some point during their adventures. Credits: Shion based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Krystal model and staff by CharleyFox; Poser adaptation by Little Dragon Furrette 2 Miniskirt © Eismaus Necklace & Manolos © UweG Krystal's ensemble (dress, stockings, shoes) © Little Dragon Bass fish & Shion's glasses © Royloo Angel Fish from Poser 4 Shark © Narendra Bubbles © Coty Endl, hosted by Gerald Day Underwater Land © Lupadgds Shion's hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Original Krystal Pose © LilWolff Krystal character is the property of Nintendo. Image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or steal.
Mad Bust: Human male bust made with zBrush and Photoshop post work.
in scarlet: bryce,gimp
The dusk of the ruins: DAZ Studio
Template: Template that ive made
ude2039 pt 2: Second half of the comic
Oceane: Océane.  My first character design for Genesis 2 female.  
ACU Sample Pic 3: ACU Sample
Billiancka: C'est le nom de cette jeune femme qui attend enfernée dans la chambre le prêtre Arkatam qui doit la rejoindre.Une Image inspirée par le Cycle de Landasia, mon récit fantasy This is the name of this young woman waiting in the room the enfernée Arkatam priest who join. An image inspired by the cycle Landasia my fantasy story  
Warrior Girl [Mild Nudity/Violence]:       ...the second image is just a reminder for myself of how this picture developed - it might be useful for somebody else...
Dramatic light by Elianeck: https://www.daz3d.com/xoxo-for-genesis-8-female my new model for Genesis 8tks!
Sandy: made in Daz studio4 pro
Fallout NV Weapon Replica "Railway Rifle": Please view the original image. I was commissioned by a fellow 3D Artist to join a team recreating props from the Fallout genre for a collaborative art project. As I was going to model the steam gauge assembly from FO3, I remembered one of the weapons that could be built from random parts found in the wasteland; the Railway Rifle. I figured, "Why not kill two birds with one stone?" So I created this weapon, which uses a steam gauge assembly for the barrel/receiver of the weapon. I never completed a grungy version since this weapon was made near the end of the project's existence, though the original weapon in-game was decently rusty as it was. So I just called this one the "Mil-Spec" version. Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max – Marmoset. 5869 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal
Demon Queen and Princess: Sixus1 demon queen and princess, rendered in Carrara
Pakistani girl: A pakistani girl sketched. took me 2-3 hours. improved quality in photoshop
crazy by Elianeck: ElianeCK Real Light for Iray (-40% off )/www.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iraystar in the iris its from Mayuka for Genesis 3 Female (-40%off)www.daz3d.com/mayuka-for-genesis-3-female
Evaline Posed: Credit where credit is due to - 3D commune (freebie) - Evaline for V3 DAZ Studios - Fantasy Wrap for V3 and High Heels for V3 Evilinnocence Originals - Model Poses SaintFox and Figital Lion - SF Studio Moods Adam Thwiates Originals - Liberty Hair (have I got the usage rights right??????)
Designing is art: The idea behind this work is "think outside the box".
Portrait of a family: Daz studio 4 pro
After the rain: DAZ Studio 4.9 Pro, Iray
kamen 1: samurai portrait 1 2000X 2000 jpg
Character model: Image of a character model
Lollipop: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
3d Anime Char: this was the char for a game, well still in develop thought :) the poly was arround 2400,comment are welcome thanks :)
Chocolate milkshake: DAZ Studio 4.10 Pro Genesis 8 Female prop: Milkshakes Props (Iray) by AllenArt
Ocean Ballet: Two ballet dancers in a balancing pose, composited into a 3D scene in Vue 6.
In space there is no fire: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
SERVANT: Sample artworks of my OC Servant. The digital comic is available now at drivethrucomics.com and graphicly.com.Servant © and ™ Geoffrey Borgonia.
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 034: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
The Conqueror Worm: "Out- out are the lights- out all! And, over each quivering form, The curtain, a funeral pall, Comes down with the rush of a storm, While the angels, all pallid and wan, Uprising, unveiling, affirm That the play is the tragedy, "Man," And its hero the Conqueror Worm" from “The Conqueror Worm” by Edgar Allan Poe(1843) One of my old Fractint files from 2002 re-rendered in ChaosPro with slight adjustments to placement within the image. Software: Fractint, ChaosPro 4
Chicas duras: Thanks for viewing. I appreciate your comments and critics.
Power girl: tks!
Riverside Fairy: nude fairy on a rock
Rose 03: My own creation.
Scoutships: A design for a sci-fi scoutship. Animation:Master
Living room: Living room
Determined: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy & have a fun!
Obtalistic Support Frigate: 3D model of my Obtalistic Frigate created by me.
Musicans: This are my musicans! The drums are a very, very good model from Studio Marillo (https://www.sharecg.com/v/87561/browse/11/Poser/SM_Jazz-Kit). I made a Rock drums out of this and I have a 2nd Floor Tom and I have done a 2nd Crash Cymbals. The Bassdrum is 26".  The drummer is a G3M Character,  the singing woman is a G3F Model. I will also make a singing Man and playing bass guitar with my own Music Man - Stingray bass model, a guitar player and a keyboard player.  Many thanks to Studio Martillo for creating the Jazz-Drums. I Hope, you like it. Now the next picture is ready. The MusicMan Bass model ist  not yet finished. The Micro stands are my own prop, also the trainer shoes. The Band is complete! Look at Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcajFHL1H38
Krystal's Heroes: My take on the Kelly's Heroes movie poster. Kelly's Heroes is one of the best movies of all time, and if you haven't seen it, you should. I strongley recomend it. Krystal and Furrette by Little Dragon Tank by thunderrenders2007 Muzzleflash by Mostdigitalcreations Lycan by Night World "Kelly's Heroes" is a Metro-Goldyn-Meyer production
Moder interior 2: Moder interior 2
Arminium A77 Cal. 022 LR KK: Revolver
Circe Nymph Snow Queen: from the 2009 Christmas Collection at http://Rivendell.redbubble.com
3d furniture rendering services: We provide complete spectrum of 3D rendering solutions across various verticals to global customers. http://mapsystemsindia.com/3d-services/3d-rendering-services.html
Yuka Hirata: Character from my webcomic Burning Babes Gang  running on http://ratorama.com.br/burningbabesgang/English version in the Transcript link.Credits: Katana Samurai Sword by Area-50
The Prisoner: They seemed like such a nice couple when I met them at the pub.Go back to their place for a drink?....What harm could there be in that?
Plage: Bryce 7
A Dark and Fragrant Truth: For his part, Sojourner was in no hurry to break the stillness of the moment as he gazed upon Maimos Shadiyay Truth. Despite the unsettling news from the Guardianship his attention was focused elsewhere as he took in the sight of the lovely form of his wife. She was astonishingly beautiful as she lay below him surrounded by candles upon the steps of the Scuola. Folds of inticate zardosi silk brocade and twenty-two carat gold threaded gown parted along her midriff to reveal a body as dark and fragrant as the trade spice of the Orient.
Easy Gliders: Part of the short animation movie - cinematic for a small game
it's not blood it's ketchup: Genesis ape-man on porch with hotdog
Woodland fairies: fairies Credit to Wolmol
The American Ninja - promo: The American Ninja - animation release noticehttp://www.youtube.com/user/IvySummers1
Displacement demo I: This image is a sample Poser image without using a displacement map. See the next image to see the difference if a displacementmap is in use. You may download used morphs and textures for free: V3 Beloved Alien headmorphs+texture - poser
Motor control center: Conceptual motor control center for work project.
fairy forest: gimp...
Last Witness: The old Elm Street High stood at the edge of town, a relic of a bygone era. The main building was boarded up and abandoned decades ago. Any inquires about the school was met with hushed whispers or stern glares from the locals. No one would talk about the events that lead to the building's closure all those years ago, or it's slow withering demise. The town's kids would sometimes venture the lone stretch of Elm Street to hangout around the overground grounds. A few managed to break in, but no one dares to stay after nightfall. On a dare, four girls walked the hill to the old high school, just after dusk...and were never heard from again. The townsfolk searched for them for weeks, till one brave soul went inside the old school. The only trace he found of the girls was a cell phone. On it was one final picture...
OL Outfit Materials: Some combinations of material styles for the OL outfit. This is the Pauline version. The same options will be available for the Dawn in Poser/DS versions.Figure is Pauline (Poser 11), rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
koenigsegg ccx: The car was modeled in maya and rendered in maxwell render
Jenny's First Date: NOTICE: this image can be viewed and downloaded free from my DeviantArt Galery at (http://jbjdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/). Thank you for viewing, commenting and rating. Created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; minor postwork in Paintshop Pro X5; character and room from DAZ3D; Dress by Wilmap (http://www.sharecg.com/v/68265/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/Genesis-Long-Frilled-Dress); dress texture by Eblank99 (http://www.sharecg.com/v/68277/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/For-Long-Frilled-Dress/Genesis)
There were 3 Dogs sitting on a river bank...when!: Oh the possiablities.  2 versions one with dof turn ,the first one is normal render Best viewed full size 1080 HD for all the details . no post work.  Free to use as you like :)
L'ultimo tram: ...e rimane la a bagnarsi ancora un poe il tram di mezzanotte se ne vama tutto questo alice non lo sa'...Inspired to "Alice" by Francesco De Gregori one of the most popular italian folksinger  Thanks to Mausel for the " Solaris Tramino"
Taking the dog for a walk: I think that Victoria 4.2 original and a natural rich backgrounds of Mr. HoboBo are the best matches. New figures, such as Victoria 6 and Dawn, are put on the market one after another, and regard me as every figure being charming. But Victoria 4.2 is still playing an active part in my old PC in active service. Thanks for sharing. Backgrounds by HoboBo-san, Vtop for V4 by evilinnocence.com free staff.
Full Fathom: My original characte "Mariposa" background credit to FamousShamus109@deviantart.com
Aya by Elianeck: Aya my first model for Genesis 3I'm giving the last adjustmentsSoon my storeI used this render my light Lights Package 2 for IrayHttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2I hope you like it!
enterprise outakes: Jolene luaghing
Spotted for you LEGUAAN: ...waiting for clients... PATROOL of Voyeurodam (Police)
Japanese Portico by Tiziano Fioriti: The first complex project I realized. It's about 2002. I have been inspired by Miyajima's island, Japan.
Mazda RX 8 01: modelled and rendered in lightwave
big shirt by Elianeck: Xoxo for Genesis 8 Female -30% OFFhttps://www.daz3d.com/xoxo-for-genesis-8-femaleElianeck Lights Package 3 -40% OFF   tks!
CG car wallpaper 03: CG car wallpaper 03 modelled and rendered in lightwave
Rise of the Bio Droids: This image was produced as a book cover. It depicts a main character, a bio engineered human replica at the height of his and his kind take over of the world city by city.
faeriebackgroundrb4: backgrounds for Poser and pcdesktop
AntBot wallpaper: well i thought i would do a wallpaper version of the AntBot so here it is 1600x1200
Left Behind: Sadly left behind
Concept car: Concept car
Bright Eyes: The next model in the realistic rendering series.
Face in the Dark: A face dwelling in the dark.
The Birth of Venus(corrected): daz studio,bryce,gimp.
Crashed: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
An Old View: Well the idea of this was just created in my art class in school, and then i decided to turn it into a 3d model. It took me approx. 4 days to finish, 2 days with the basic models, and the rest with texturing and lightening. As i went on, i added more detail to this model to make it look more realistic.
Anime Genesis2 Female: My Anime head on Gen2F. I have no body morphs for Gen2F and this is the only clothing I have for her. The Anime head's master dials don't work in DS, so here again I couldn't customize the face much, but I think she's pretty. ^____^ Figure is Genesis2 Female with my Anime head. Scene composed in DS4 and rendered in Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Freak: Made with Cinema 4D R15
Fae 7: Fairy rendered in Daz - postwork in Gimp
Cobra 04: modelled and rendered in lighwave
Kami for Aiko 8 by Elianeck: Kami my new little girl for aiko 8 (-30%off !!! )www.daz3d.com/kami-for-aiko-8   tks!
LionMan: This character is done for my portfolio, Basic Mesh, Texturing and Rendering Done in 3Ds Max, High Poly Sculpted in Zbrush This is a Gaming Character around 8467 Polys
Lancer: Same model as Cybur Gurl except with different make up and a horse between her legs. Arjin created her vest. I can't recall who made the rest of her outfit but there she is, with a frown fit to be kissed.
Ten of Branches: This is one of the many cards that I am creating for my Hedge-witchery Tarot project that I am hoping will be published later this year. These are the rough artistic concepts of the cards, and I am looking for feedback before I consider myself finished. All thoughts, comments, and observations are welcomed and anticipated. Hedge-witchery Studio: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
ArounFamousTown: Reminded me of a place in Connecticut =)
Flowers 02: Girl with Flowers for.
boogers: He gotta boogie.
Devil's Dance: If the demons of Hell listened to some form of music and if they had the incllination to dance, I imagine it might look something like this. Software: Apophysis 7x 2010
Abstract: This is a photoshop work with 3d filtering
Captive of the Demons: Poor Isabelle, captured by these awful Demons. Fire and darkness surrounds her in this inescapable situation, deep beneath the Earth's Surface. This puts a whole new spin on the idea of being invited to dinner. Poser creatures on a Voyager Background composited and postworked in Photoshop.. Hope you enjoy it and are not too shocked at the concept of the Demons at Dinnertime..
chevrolet ss: chevrolet ss
Vegas by elianeck:   DazStudio iray render tks!
Dark side by Elianeck: ElianeCK HDRI Lights for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-iray V 4.2 N.G.S. Anagenessis 2 - Revolution on in Victoria 4.2 tks!
Picaso Time: Bryce, Bryce scene
"I love my job": Best view in full size. I appreciate critics and comments. Thanks for viewing.
Sundown: love it.....
Lookout: Lookout made with Daz Studio, Bryce 7 and PSP.
Night Hawk recon scout: Night Hawk is a deep recon ship with enhanced speed and maneuverability. Night Hawk also is equipped with two rotating plasma cannons to shake off any would be pursuers.
In search of himself: I used to do image Bryce 5.5 and an imported form of Daz 3D studio . The paper was referred to one of tuttoriali-how to make an abstract image, but before the same has already tried to do similar things as you can invent to do it (without reading tuttorials ) Probably because so many errors you can catch me because most of my paintings, I try to own I do not always come up it goes as it should but still I learn and perfect my skills.
The Godfather and his lieutenant: playing. Daz and Fotosketcher. many thanks to all who made this image possible :) http://www.most-digital-creations.com/freestuff.htm
Planet Venus: 3D model of planet Venus created by me.
box ring: box ring
Exploring Mars: DAZ Studio, Lumion
The spy: A spy overlooking something.
Ibrahim: My latest character.
classyvictoriaHD: Poser scene that took 4 ever.
Angel Occlusion: This is a test for the PWSurface plugin for Daz Studio using only Ambient Occlusion.
Stairs Dream...: Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2011 Mental Images Mental Ray Adobe After Effects
Fatman (closeup): You don't want to be in his debt!
Waking the dead: Made this with daz3d.I modified the muscle and base skins with gimp.Suggestions and tips are welcome.
Arrival at the Citadel: A composite of a AM Voyager, fractally produced city with a procedural texture overlay. The ship was made in Bryce and composited over the background and uses textures made in AMPro (the "father-program" of Voyager, that I make all of my Mappings in.) All composited in Photoshop with very little postwork. I hope you find it interesting in a Sci-Fi kind of way......genefleeman
Mech Warrior:   Let the destruction begin...
Eros - Hand: These are some renders of my robot (from my demo reel). Hope you like them (5 of 5)
let's make a picknick?: Hi octubre! halloween time !!
The Burden: still from my VFS modeling demo reel
kitchen: This is one of the challenge of the 3Dallusions.com. I try to make a clear render with a minimalist design
Entrance to Oblivion: Guardians
Hobbits in the wood: Daz studio 4 pro
Orcish Dragonrider: Refit the Milldragon saddle by d-jpp to fit the Millennium subdragon... and G2M... was a little bit tricky. Used Creature Creator for Genesis 2 Males to make a brutish Orc rider... and used Eustace Scrubbs' Plated Steel Material Shader on the saddle handle to make it stand out (original color was black). Sea Scapes for the skyplane, waterplane, haze layer and the lighting was the Living Room.  Joequick's Banded Cyber Arms for the Genesis 2 Males made for some convenient armor for this guy, too.
lunar eclipse: daz studio,gimp.
Theo by elianeck: mine...DazStudiomy light here:http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-for-irayandhttp://www.daz3d.com/exo-suit-for-genesis-3-male-shttp://www.daz3d.com/theo-for-genesis-3-male-stks!
just a work: a work for this clothing
image-8: wings3d,ds4,bryce7.
Sci Fi Funk ep 1. Hologram Girl Visits. 3d Art: These are enhanced screen shots from episode 1 of the 3d animated series "Sci Fi Funk" rendered in Daz Studio. In this episode the main character "Steve Malore" finds a website offering him 20 years of the national average salary to be cryrogenically frozen for 10 years. Carelessly he accepts this offer and gets a visit from a hologram girl who sends him on a journey he'll never forget. see the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3ZaernYLds
the king by elianeck: 2D digital paint
United colors: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy! Have a great time!
Double Chibiness: Figure is Dawn + my Universal Chibi Head. Both outfits by me. Rendered in Poser with Superfly. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Costplay by elianeck: Carrara tks!
Like a Cloud: This product of fractals and some molding on my part is, to me, like a cloud. The more I look at it the more 'pictures' pop out. Give it a try, and enjoy.
ST Excalibur: (Too Much) Joking Around: First Officer's Personal Log Introducing the Starfleet Uniform texture for Posette, as modeled by the humans Stephanie and Lucy. After a fruitless online search, I decided to make one myself. Credits: Aseska based on Furrette 2 Little Dragon Aseska's Starfleet Uniform Eismaus Combadges Jedman67 Starship Bridge x2000 STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry and is the property of Paramount Pictures. Characters, Starfleet Uniform for Posette, and Image 2008, Desgar Tadema. All rights reserved. Do not alter.
Gipsy Fairy: One of my favorites. Made with Daz3d
Gina sporting her ponytail and warrior outfit.: Gina is modeling Hi-pony hair for V4 by Mylochka and the Fantasy Warrior Outfit by Rick Bridenbaker, both items available for free here at Sharecg!  
Yes, my Queens!: Join my kingdom, and we'll show you the pleasure of dressing and feel the red power... Ha ha ha ha ha :)
The 4 Girls - Primael: another
Breton: Un travail autour de la création d'un costume Breton masculin Work on the creation of a male Breton costumes  
Somebody That I Used To Know: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Skeletor: Had some fun making this charater
Not-e-Bot: Teach the Bot a lesson it will not forget.
Papissa Tarot: Papissa Tarot
Harvester 2: Another type of harvester
Alien Genocide: Poor aliens genocide inspired by the excellent movie Outlander
Expecting Parents: created with a Ken Gillian Song bird remix character & Lisa Botanicals Heart of the matter tree set. . I converted the textures to Iray. and rendered them in Daz StudioThe back ground is a HDRi image. I created in Photoshop myself Click for Best view full size.   Free to use as you like Expecting Parents
Joan - Seong Mi - Mizuyu: Three East Asian Girls: The three east asian characters I made for SASHA-16. Joan - Chinese typeSeong Mi - Korean typeMizuyu - Japanese type  
Fantasy time by Elianeck: my light " HDRI Lights for Iray"http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-hdri-lights-for-irayDeena G3F/V7 https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/deena-g3f-v7/118533/tks very much!
Merry xmas: Merry Christmas. I hope your metabolism is as good as mine, so you won't gain as much weight as this woman.
Memories: My inspiration for this image is simply a previous portrait I did for a guy who is a descendant of the Cherokee and who has encouraged me to do more native american art. I have no knowledge of the garb other than movies, so please forgive any discrepancies you may notice. The following items and tools were used for this image:Microsoft Digital Imaging Suite Aniversary Edition and its photo mats and edges. All text was also done with MDISAE, 3dSC's Backdrop Prop, Native American Fem Hair, Brave Clothing for Sara, PoserWorld's Apache Clothing for Michael 3, Aerysoul's White Rose for Victoria 4. Fantasia Textures for White rose, Photo was taken by myself in June of 2008 at Old Mans Cave's in Ohio and used with 3dSC's Backdrop Prop in Daz Studio, FK's Krite Hair, CCd's Animal Tubes for Paintshop, RebelMommy's Jessie Texture for Victoria 4, Daz3d's Vicoria 4 Model and Morphs ++, MIchael 3 Model and morphs, Michael 4 Model and Morphs ++ and Standand Textures, Tribal Wear for M3, Griffin Texture for M3. All rendering was done with Daz Studio 3 Free Edition which was also used to create the png's for the M4, M3, V4 tubes created in Paintshop. All other effects were done in Corel Paintshop Pro Photo X2 or Photoshop Elements 6 either by itself or using the filter plugin Digital Film Tools 55 mm.
The temple of the lost SAINTS: fractal
#05 John Player Special: This is a pinat request I did for a friend. The model is for the Nascar 2003 Racing game.
KGB Officer: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2960 New invader for your RuntimeThis commander in chief must survive at any cost.Bodyguards must conduct VIP to the evacuation point so that killers could not kill VIP. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/61978
my mouse: This is my actual and speedy mouse!
Ghost hunter: Ghost hunter~ Rendered in Daz Studio ~  No post work.Best view full size 1920 X1080Happy Halloween :)
Move your car !!!: Una semplice vignetta umoristica. A simple humorous strip. Best in original view !! Tks for visit and for all welcome comments!!
Entry to Bar Set 3: This is the second set for my upcoming Nerm movie. It is the entrance to the Gangly Greknoid, a seedy bar where, inside, half of the film will take place. The entrance here will be seen in the beginning of the film. You can see my previous Nerm film at http://www.cwanimation.com You can see the previous Nerm film at http://www.sharecg.com/view.php?upload_id=480 and more of the new animation's progress at www.cwanimation.com.
Halloween 2007: My first Halloween graphic choice for sending to friends this year. More to follow...
underground: anciant caves
tng testing: testing
Bublical proportions: Pun Intended.
Duchamp's game over: remake inspirated to a duchamp?photo
Face Bump by elianeck: Daz 4.6reality 2
HoverHogs air force- VLD Bomber: This is basically a fun project, & my love for the worldwar 2 concept planes specially "Flying Wings" type. All aircraft are based on hogs (pig) as this year 2007 is the year of the hogs (in chinese zodiac), You can download the full size wallpapers here: wallpaper #2- VLD (very long distance) Bombers (notice where the bombs are located?) http://www.actiontintoy.com/download/desktopcalendar/des2007a2.html
Bringing the light: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Maleks Bastion: Scene from game
Nomad: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
What have we done: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Playmate: Little bunny representing Playboy I created.
Explorer: Model Created by Antonio Amador (aka me). Rendered in Daz Studio 4.6
Thoughts and synergy:
The cat and a monument to the modern amazon: Many women fight for improve their lives with the same force of the ancient Amazons. they merit a monument
Daisy runs out of gas,: Celebrity Pin-Up inspire by the Dukes of Hazards TV series Best viewed full size  1920 x1080 - 180 KB "free to use as you like"
symphonie des papillons: from France
F 330: AD67 Mod for the Nascar 2003 Racing Simulator. Painted in CS6 and rendered in 3ds Max 2010 Mental Ray.
Audi: Nice car
KC-135 Stratotanker: 3D model of KC-135 Stratotanker created by me.
Little Girl: Moje za��čátky :)
Fasering ondergrondse parkeervoorzieningen Amsterd: Fasering ondergrondse parkeervoorzieningen Amsterd
Enter: Meghan: Inspired by Gelle-Klara Moynlin, a character from Frederik Pohl's Heechee books.  In fact, I'd planned on calling this particular character Klara, but changed my mind. I wanted Meghan (what I would eventually call her later on) to have her own identity, as she was going to be in a separate universe (and avoid any potential legal issues).  Klara was described as tall and muscular with black, "bushy eyebrows" (Frida Kahlo as an example?); so I'm assuming she was a brunette.  Meghan here is depicted as a not-so-muscular redhead with not-so-bushy eyebrows.  I don't know if that's enough to consider Meghan a separate, if not wholly original, entity or not.  (Seeing as I've yet to find any Klara fan art to make a comparison.)I wanted to make this render look like it was a photo taken at a public pool with other people around, hence why I included Kasha off on the side.*****Credits:Meghan and Kasha based on Aiko 3 © DAZAikiyu morphs/texture © Kandace WrightKasha morphs/texutre © ShesaCasuit and slacks © DAZZenia top & necklace © RavenhairMegan's hair © AprilYSHHeels © Billy-TIndoor pool © RichabriLounger © Kerry MortensenTexture on Meghan's clothes © Elisa LRSky background © WildypantsBase poses © Daniel MurrayArt © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.August 26, 2012
Ferrari F312b Low poly: the low poly version
Landscape: First try at a mountainous land scape with terragen
A moment away from it all: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Feel sad Miss you: Thing made in photoshop
Zombie Go!: 3d image, you need the proper blue/red glass to enjoy the effect.
Sun Flower: Stylization with one image.
Peter Pan: The design for Peter Pan as he will appear in The Land of Forever.
kleo: DS3,Wings3d,Bryce rendering....no postwork
Promise: Daz studio4 pro
Iron Man 4 - Pepper Potts adventures!: Here is another creation made with Daz Studio and Genesis 8 Female.  For a full list of assets used in the scene visit the gallery at pixelsizzle.com
Silent Hill: School Spirit: So this image does not appear in the spooky video game Silent Hill, but I wanted to do a piece that reflected the creepiness of the game in general and Halloween seems like the proper time for that.
Dande Lion: Runner Teenage characters for your game. This digital model includes a fully-rigged for Mecanim http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2970 https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/62079
Guardia Akka: photomanipulation (software: Photoshop 7). Used 8 my photos and 1 (model) from Stock by http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/ Thanks a lot See also detalis: http://houk.deviantart.com/art/Guardia-Akka-DETAILS-87901005
Masquerade: Just for the fun of it.
Misty Morning: Humming Birds in the mist of Lilies.
A wonderful scene: A wonderful natural design. Have fun looking at it.
Varudha palayam: Once,I went for a treking with my friends to varudha palayam forest near thada forest,where I saw a man with a stick held on his hand sitting inside a cave. This made me to capture the entire scene and when I went home, I just visualised and created this using Photoshop and wacum tablet.
Viruviano in 3333: proiection of Leonardo?s Vitruviano in the future
Russian Dolls Take 2:
Briony by Elianeck: Elianeck Lights Package 2 for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2Briony for G3 ( love the option SSS 2 SKIN )https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/briony-g3f-v7-/118673/tks!
the sense of sight: picture i made in photoshop after reading an article about a contest i had missed.
Hawk: Daz studio4 pro
the cat: take care of the cat
The Google Machine: I wanted the colored rings to be part of the plastic casing, but I don't understand DAZ's Layered Image Editor feature.Senseo coffee maker: cshpowercord: BionicRooster
Face Off: My origianl concept was in coloured pencil a few year back, so I thouht it was time to give it the CGI treatment! Poser Pro, Photoshop. All my work is available to view at www.paulsutton.com
Cyclone: Long Exposure.
Alora Clothes: Another oddball addition in my runtime. Clothes made in Marvelous Designer 2, background is Nerd3D's background prop., don't remember where the wings are from.
Villiano's Rover & Model: An excuse to unite my gurl wiff his rover
Panty Shot: A play on words, mostly, it was just supposed to be a fairy with a gun ;)
upstair room: an upstairs typical indian stylish living room
Flink the Robot: From a SciFi Story.
what's the code ? by Elianeck: DazStudio 4.9 my light 3 for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3 tks!
Book Cover: Just a study for a book cover. My homepage is http://n8dreams.posereros.com/ where you could see more of my work
I Wish She Wouldn't Snore!:   
hell hound: 3D model of hound, overpainted in zbrush also
Batman Model: 3D Model of Batman. Comments & Criticism are welcomed.
Aya by Elianeck: Aya for Genesis 8 Femalewww.daz3d.com/aya-for-genesis-8-femaletks!
Bella Morte 1: Playing around in Poser and photoshop.
Envoriment Fortress: A small manor being reused under a new master.
69th bus: 孙天放 工业 武器 69th bus ,china bus
let me go by elianeck: tks!
Steampunk 3: Steampunk girl in the ruins
BMW: this car doesnt exist in real life.
archi render 52: architectural render
Mental Ray lounge...: A lounge produce in 3ds max 9 using the arch materials and mental ray for rendering.
HPLish: A Lovecraft-inspired creature ... WIP(Organica. Hexagon. 3D Coat. ZBrush. Photoshop.)
St. Eustache's conversion to Christianity: A personal vision about this story. Historically the clothing is inaccurate since he lived during Traian's time as Roman Emperor.
Earth - 2312: Earth - 2312 - Alternative Future
Short circuit: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
candle photoshop: fully created in adobe photoshop
Cunt #1: Cunt study. Bald.
Posing in the street: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis)
Nitro Knight on the Move: Nitro Knight and his Horse on the Run for the back 40 Patrol..... rendered in Vue - with poser for chars and the armor is the set I made in Hexagon and color in PS............. found at ShareCG
The Titans Of Old: Image I created for my own art based music EP "The Titans Of Old"You can download for free here http://titans-of-old.bandcamp.com/
purediva: what just happened?
TRICK OR TREAT: here is my entry for the contest, i liked the subject very much so i hurried up to finish :) my inspiration would be all the horror movies i've seen, and i tried to make the image suggest halloween...so trick or treat? hope u like it
Dead inside: scary glowing eyes
SpiritInTheRuins: Ladies and gentlemen, are you long time
Suite_2101-Iray-02: Thanks Hole for this preset http://www.sharecg.com/v/80092/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Iray-preset-for-Suite-2101 Rendertime 3h55min 9000 iterations on a GTX760.made with:RC HH 5 and  RC Character 01
Rim wheel: My first mentalray rendering object
go! elianeck: tks!
Lada Evolution: From Russia with Love!
The pet: Gonda, the pet by Amaranth
Cthulhu rising: Cthulhu model and the Cista Sanctus environment rendered in Octane
Ulisse e la maga Circe: «Va’ ora al porcile, stenditi con gli altri compagni. Disse così; io, tratta l’aguzza lama lungo la coscia , assalii Circe, come fossi bramoso d’ucciderla. con un urlo corse, Lei m’afferrò le ginocchia e piangendo mi rivolse alate parole Certo Odisseo tu sei, il multiforme ,che sempre,l’Arghifonte dall’aurea verga ,mi diceva sarebbe arrivato, venendo daTroia con la nera nave veloce. Ma orsù, riponi la lama nel fodero, e tutti e due saliamo sul letto, perché congiunti nel letto e in amore ci si possa l’un l’altro fidare» . ...Go now to the stye, lie with the other companions. He said so; I, comes the sharp blade along the thigh, assalt Circe, as were desirous to kill her. She ran with a scream, she grabbed my knees and crying winged words told me..... .... of course Odysseus you are , the multiform , that always,the Arghifonte by the golden rod, I said would come, coming from Troy with the black ship fast. But come, place the knife in the sheath, and both We climb on the bed, because next of kin in bed and in love we can trust each other.                                                                                
Air Command: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
Imprisoned: Elven maiden chained to a wall
Monk: Inspired by the movie "luther" i decided to do such a Monk type of character. I did the complete character, here you can see a final shot of him.
Baby by elianeck: tks
Cemetery: never enter into a graveyard at night
Predator: ...just played around with the 3 Predator models for Poser I found on the net.
3d Moadling(Maya): i have completed basic Maya fundamental... i have designed some work please see and give a comment on better can do ....
Interior Of a Long Trip: An inside view.
Karate Girl Promo: Karate Girl in Urban Defense. Animation promo you can watch it in the video section of Sharecg. or  in HD on my YouTube channel Karate Girl anaimation
Ocean Mystery: Bryce 6.3 and my imagination
Wind Elementalist: Just another one for my nephew.
Themila: The character "Themila" was developmented with 3ds max, VRay Render, Photshop and After Effects. The image objective is show what we are when take off our mask . This image was published by magazine Digital Designer nº 79.
Postapocalypse storm.: Damn it! With this weather will most fail to track us and soon we won't be able to take off!! The appointment is missed. Quick, retrieves the Mecdog and Let's go back to the vehicle before it's too late!
Water World: a strange water city scene
Respect for the Blade:   
Stop Think Green: Enviromental Concept
3DS Max Architectural Model: Render of an 3D Model of a Cottage. Created in 3DS Max 2010. Rendering Method "Clay Render".
Grand Canyon: Landscape Terragen render, rocks in Brice. Postwork in Photoshop.
Ferrari 360 Challange Stradale: Modeled and Rendered in Lightwave3d
View From A Frozen Moon 9: This is the ninth entry in my series of space images as viewed from the icebound surface of extra-terrestrial moons. This image was created with Bryce 6.1, Universe Image Creator, Lunar Cell, Glitterato and Corel Photo-Paint 12. As always, your comments are most welcome.
-Secret Girlfriends-: Figures are both Dawn. I have modeled these masks for fun, and this is the 1st render with my new classic Cardy boots for Dawn (right side). Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Our Cupboard !: It's OURS ! We found it first. Go away and find your own !   Kattey's Kids 4 M4V4Textures Remap Araneldon's Mix K4M4V4 morphs JoeQuick's Faces of Fantasy for M4  
3DIP-Interior 28: http://www.3dip.net info@3dip.net
reflection: refelction of tea pots with the help of mental in 3ds max
Dawn: Pin-up
things you might see at a airport at night:   Click for  full size , lots  & lots of stuff to see . :)
~Bunny Blade III~: The world needs more bunniness! Figure is Dawn SR-2, leotard is J-Suit for V4, pantyhose, shoes, and cuffs are from my ~Clasic Bunny Suit~ (available at HiveWire3D), tail and ears are from my ~Animal Anime Pack~ (available at Content Paradise). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Alone: Digital Artwork using Vue 6 by Stacey Denman
Gray Wolf: I made this Gray Wolf Poster illustration for a series of Animal posters. The wolf is one of my favorite animals. Wolves are beautiful, strong and fierce. They are strongest when they are in packs. This Wolf is one strong wolf, and he is gathering his pack.
Longing: Poser Pro 2012. Spent almost as long on the expression as the skin shader.
Sutori-Toenzeru: Street Angel: I am inspired by the Samurai sword and the character who wields the sword must have the qualities fitting for this amazing weapon. I though I would try something along the lines of anime.
Again!?!: Lari: Why do I have to be the damsel in distress again!?!Dari: Because I like seeing you in a cage!
Exogenesis: Earth is the only place known by human beings to harbor life in the observed universe, while the sheer number of galaxies make it seem probable that life has arisen somewhere else in the Universe. According to current theories of physics, space travel over such vast distances would take an incredibly long time. What if that had already happened and we were only just beginning to take notice.
reflection(extension): wings3d,ds4 and bryce
Floor near the swimmingpool: Floor near the swimmingpool
Children of Dog: The third part to my "Pulp Mythology for the 21st century" series for my BFA show.
Steel: Basic Poser Scene that was created with no post work other than copyright. Deco art style image of male and female. Image for sale at homepage.
Orthographic Warrior: An orthographic of a warrior
Teresa: An experiment in texturing turned out quite well.
Hypnotic Sea: TKS for visit and comments !!
Can You Say Brass Monkey: A frozen scene on an imaginary world made with fractals and procedural texturing (totally non-polygonal) rendered in AM Voyager
Architectural 3D rendering services: Avail visually enthralling architectural 3D rendering services from MAP Systems at very reasonable pricing.
female nude: this is a drawing of a female nude i did to test out my wacom tablet and to have some fun, hope you enjoj it :)
The autumn wind: http://www.sharecg.com/v/77741/browse/11/Poser/Dryad-Leaves-for-V4-A4-G4-GND4-V4Elite Thank you !!
Battle Gurls: We only 'kill' Mechs, really!
dragon lair by elianeck: tks!
BMW 5 series wagon: A render of a BMW 5 series wagon
Texture: Made in Photoshop CS2.
Coutry House: A simple Brazilian coutry house.
Dark Angel: Dark Angel
Astral Knot: JWildfire 3.20
gaga in black by elianeck: AHS Hotelreality render
Lava Spin: A 2D profile spun 360 degrees (aluminum mtl.) and a few colored spotlights.Done with Strata Design
Morgan il Pirata: Della serie pirati                                                                                                                    
Airlock: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
I hunt alone: Content: V4 Alice - AerySoul Luthian- Most Digital Creations- Adam DeWaites Snowbabe - Sandraz63 Daz- Fair Fae Hair mask- Baramdo X14 Sci-Fi- Suit for V4 and Alice- Parrotdolphin DM's Feeling sexy pose blade in her hand- QuestorsKNives- daz3d. Daz- Travelers Props Daz- MPCyclorama- Painted Valley
Mazda RX 8 02: modelled and rendered in lightwave
apart8: residental
10 million years BC: Hommage to Raquel Welch's fur bikini! DS3 and CS2
The 4 Girls global: Another globale vue
I help you by Elianeck: my new light for Iray http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-face-and-body-iray-lights tks!
cimetiere: la solitude
Dawn: This is not Dawn, it is a V4
shaded reCreation of "The David" (warning: Nudity): here's the David model shaded.
Miki For G8F: This is a Japanese woman character for Genesis 8 Female..
Sailor Moon Fanart: A fan art render of Sailor Moon.
GinSun CG's Public Buildings 045: These are our works of still images of Architecture Buildings. Hope you like them and, if you would like to share your time, give your honest opinions.
hypercube: hypercube
Crocheted Sea Serpent: An abstract image created in Incendia depicting a sea serpent.
On The Parthenon: The Heroines of my graphics are created depending on TerryMcG's products.Thank you for always sharing. Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume Retro by TerryMcG.
Anarchy: A speed-painting for my independent study.
Christine: Christineby RSand55Car: Immortal Elegance by EleleVictoria 4.2+++ by Daz OriginalsAdilya by Tempesta3d Victoria 4.2 Bodysuit by  Daz Originals, outoftouch, the3dwizardReal Metals shaders by DzFireReal Paint shaders by DzFire Welding Cart by  Daz Originals, Nightshift3D Toolcart and Toolbox by Nightshift3D I try very hard to give credit to prop artists. If I am in error regarding any prop, pleasecontact me and I will correct it. Thanks for looking!________________________________________________________
Ooster Ijland at Voyeurodam: Ooster Ijland at sunrise
Necromancer 1: A necromancer, made for fun
BMW GT-R E46 Wallpaper: Wallpaper render of my BMW GT-R E46.
Not So !: This is one I did towards the end of last year. An experiments on emotion and atmosphere.Note: I had to shrink the image down as it was too large even for here. Sorry for the poor quality, but that happens when the image file size is low.
Tortuga: Then!... who else wants to see the color of my hotpants
Razorback Comic: Fictional comic book cover for a character I created in Poser.
spin the bottle: very loose concept base sketches for a cg challenge
Creepy Kinda Love: Thanks for looking
Best Friends: Hangin out together before a snooze
Knight in armor: A drawing I made back in high school
Super Caf and his side-kick Ugly Boy: Here is a concept of a funny super heroes team i have imagined for a webforum's artbook (that's why the logo is blurred). Unfortunately they did not retain it for the final release.
dance: it's a painting in paper support: gouache.Pastel.Pencil Make part of collection of six paintings. Even when we walk we can dance inside us.And we can imagine it like we were birds...
archi render 38: architectural render
Gothic Beauty: :p
Happy New Year: Juste for the pleasure
Catlin Fairchild: After The Party...: A tribute to Jim Lee's comic and character. It all started when I got to see the Gen 13 movie which led me to the comics and yes, I am very late to the game as far as appreciating those stories and characters goes. Consultation from EJ Morges: [link]www.pressoblivion.com[/link]
Airwalk Diamonds: airwalk media diamonds a 3dsmax /particle flow /ae prod
The Aliens are Coming: The Aliens are Coming,Ufo above the Piramids in Egypt,
Its a small world when your a fairy:  A bunch of  fairy renders form a animated project.  These images are un tagged & free to use as you wish.
Have a Joyous Holiday and a Happy 2012!: The motley ShareCG crew wishes you and yours a very enjoyable holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! (The basic art work for this greeting card was originally created by John Johnson, my Dr. C. Wacko book co-author - circa 1982)
3 psd-files "fawn": psd-layer Download And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
You're Making Me Angry!:   
JUMP TAIPEI SECOND LOGO: Another logo for Jump Taipei www.jumptaipei.co.cc
Goggle Type 3 for Genesis WIP: Steampunk inspired Work in Progress
Genesis 2: render in Daz
City of Future: City autosustent
Fiat 02: modelled and rendered in lightwave
offering: beautiful night 4 a offering
Titania the Dragon Warrior: It seems that the beautiful Titania tamed a dragon ^^ Titania Dragon Warrior by Tantarus and Rose2000 (available on the runtimedna shop). Morph, poses and skin texture for V4 by myself. Composed and rendered with DS4Pro, postwork with Gimp.
The season of man, spring: Spring is the season of youth all seen in the future seems to be possible
white bed by Elianeck: Ayane for Genesis 8 Femalehttps://www.daz3d.com/ayane-for-genesis-8-femaleElianeCK Iray One Click Lightstks!
womand and shine: Carrara 6
3D Modeling Services: With the help of supremely talented resources and using latest technologies we produce spell bounding 3D models.Get in touch with us. 
Cloud city: Thanks for visiting!Enjoy and have a great time!
chocolate...: wings3d,makehuman...
PXLNTWRk_[ARCHiVIZ]x033: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
W.I.P. - house: house
Wall Clock Prop: Please view original image. This is my latest 3D model, a replica of a clock that hangs on my wall. I was wanting to try out a new software with this one, the Quixel Suite. I took a few artist liberties with this model, such as brass numbers and more texture to the body of the clock. All in all, I'm loving Quixel's apps and is definitely now a part of my workflow. Initially I created 4K textures for this object but stuck with 2K for a more realistic texel density in respect to modern video game texel densities. Per my geekiness, I added an "easter egg" and paid homage to a certain video game. Can anyone spot it? Maya - Quixel - Photoshop 2K Diff/Norm/Spec/Gloss - 4350 Tris
Texture: Made in Photoshop CS2.
Comercial Accord: A comercial building
Seven of Branches: This is one of the many cards that I am creating for my Hedge-witchery Tarot project that I am hoping will be published later this year. These are the rough artistic concepts of the cards, and I am looking for feedback before I consider myself finished. All thoughts, comments, and observations are welcomed and anticipated. Hedge-witchery Studio: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
MP-PL31: Mattepainting for CG project named "Goliath"
Dynasty Weapons Banner: A banner I created for my company.
3D residential rendering design: Get incredible three dimensional solutions for interiors of your properties with our high quality 3d residential rendering services within a short turnaround time.Visit us for samples
Aya for Genesis 3 by elianeck: you tire of real woman face for Genesis 3? Why not a cute  Manga face ?This is Aya for Genesis 3 by mesoon in my  dazstudio storehere I use my light 2 ( Environment F and Light F )http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2tks very much !
Lake House: House on a lake with water transportation.
Mystic Rodeo: 1024x768 size... Alwyna riding The Bull
Wild Cats: DAZ Studio,1366×768,Jpeg File
Poolhouse: An example of interior render made with Reality Studio Edition. The scene is lit by an IBL light, which provides also the background, and by some mesh lights place inside. The image has not being retouched, this is straight from the renderer.
Flowers by Elianeck: Elianeck Lights Package 3https://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-3tks!
Closet Sushi: (This was my first contest entry into the Sixus1 Halloween contest...) Gowing up means more than just getting bigger, getting older, or finding out what girls are really for. Sometimes, it means defeating our monsters, real or imagined. And, if we're lucky, they taste good with rice and a bit of wasabe... ---------------------------- Walls, floor, and door made by me in Rhino. Floor texture made in Genetica, but don't remember where the wallpaper came from. The hardware, outlet, switch and nightlight came from TurboSquid members. Tenticles were freebies from CS freebies. MilBaby (DAZ) wardrobe provided by Poserworld, and hair done by Mikiel (DAZ), sporting a fancy meat cleaver by Mock and accompanied by SS Lovey Bear (DAZ) Getting the lighting on this was a major pain, and was composited in PS7 from three different light sets. The CS Tentacles are a dream to work with, but need better textures than what are provided. (CS did a great job with them!) My pride and joy of this, however, is the expression on the kid's face.
Fractal Bubbles: Raw Mandelbulb   fractals.
Just Visiting: Just out for a stroll to see what's goin on in the nayborehood.
Reaper: On his way to work the reaper looks up and says to his boss, " What more do you want from me?" Even the reaper cant be bothered somedays.
Darlina: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy & have a fun!
wip cadian shock trooper for Michael 3 w40k: wip cadian shock trooper for Michael 3 w40k
Experimental Deviation: An experimental retrovirus is unleashed. <:==================================:> Miki2 Monki2 by webmonkees Doctor-Surgeon Clothing Set by SmithMicro Amanda Hair by Littlefox Lab scene by SmithMicro Morphing puddle by kaposer Particle effects by Semicahrm
See Water: A firery eyeball
Textured floral 2d skirt: 2d textured floral mini skirt - fits Victoria 4's dimensions perfectly. Can be used in your postwork quite easily. In photoshop I set my magic wand tolerance to 20% and was able to extract the skirt from the black back ground without catching any of the skirt pattern. Have fun!
Priceless Fantasy: Adventurous treasure seekers
Robot in the City: a Japan Robot
Marjanah's dance: From the story of Ali Baba, Marjanah was the slavegirl who foiled the attempts of the thieves on Ali Baba's life, including killing their leader under the pretxt of performing a sword dance. She was freed in thanks and went on to marry Ali's son. ( A slightly different version of this can be seen on my Renderosity page)
Peter Pans Hideout: My take on the lost boys' hideout
Machu Picchu Oil Painting Render: Machu Picchu  - Peru . This is an oil painitng render taken from a photograph of this world famous location.
space boogies on black: super duper
TOONBABY Fannie the fairy: I have created cluster, poses in png-format and an animatedgifimages using contents for the adorable ToonBaby Fairy Fannie♥
Beta Ray Bill Working in Progress Preview: Hello Everyone this is my first time ever upload my artwork on this website. If you like to see more of my artwork here is my web to can go to: https://carlshepard.deviantart.com/ As for this artwork, is a working process I'm been working on for some time and I finally got to some pieces together. He's name is Beta Ray Bill from Marvel Comics. He's not ready yet but soon he will smite down his powerful hammer upon his enemies! So stay tuned for the final art. Thank you The hammer and helmet is made from Hal001
apocalipse: bryce,gimp
Gated Community: Girl wishing to see the world outside
The Queen of the Myth and Magic: TKS for visit and comments. Best in original images!
Her father's grave: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
futuristic scene of buildings: that i desing using 3dmax and i hope u like that please comment about likes or dislikes thanks
Cottage: Tried to Mimic Thomas Kinkade' lighting with this one
Sunset Mountain: Sunset Mountain, done with Terragen
Summer: Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy & have a fun!
Sitting Nude: created with PoserPro 2014, Photoshop and Perfect Effects
Luna's Lantern: Created In DAZ|Studio with postwork in Paint Shop Pro.
Central: Thank you for visiting! Enjoy & have a fun!
ducky: wooden duck fly
Elliptical Galaxy 01: A massive elliptical galaxy with a densely packed core of yellow stars surrounded by a halo of bright blue stars. Created with Universe Image Creator Plug-in. Multiple layers and filtering in Corel PhotoPaint 12.
Cubic White House: A simple house with cubic white forms. Modeled in Sketchup and rendered in 3Dmax 9.0 and Mray
Xandra by elianeck: Xandra for G3 from runtimeDNAtks!
Real Me: Not nearly as flashy as Hamasaki Ayumi's "Real Me" video, but inspired by the song nonetheless... 
Pre Trial Conference: Daz Studio and Paint Shop Pro
interior: Bedroom
The Faerie Handmaidens: ...Peaseblossom! Cobweb! Moth! and Mustardseed!
Dear Lord: Fantasy
Original 2D Vault: This is the original drawing of the character, he had a different name back then but later became Vault.
~Extreme Bodies I~: Playing with extreme body types. Very few morphs, 95% body scaling with Gen2F in DS4. Next, I will try the same with Dawn in Poser, and see how it goes. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
gumdrops: Poser Gumdrops Hula girls
Dragon Island -3d matte painting: Hi All: -Sometime in the future -All finished in Maya.Texture Sky & Cloud finished in photoshop. -2.5days modeling -1days texture -2hours rendering -3hours composite in photoshop thanks all visitor.
The end of the Age of Gold:
Georgy. - Series - Nightclub: Georgy. Nightshift
An Old church: a clay render of an old church. A basic render displaying some of the geometry
I live. In the lost world: I live. In the lost world.
-Elf Girl With Gun-: Some groups at deviantArt block pinup submissions that contain guns, claiming it "promotes violence", so here we go. Somehow the banana is not quite the same...Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn with my custom Anime head. Outfit is my "Diamond Dress" and "Western Boots" available at the HW3D store. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by.
dream flare by elianeck: tks!
fanboyz: "Always in trouble"
OYs art: Well I'm just a normal guy who likes to do gfx :) Hope you enjoy it. regards old yellow
The Home Underground.: This is the hidden entrance to the Lost Boys' home. Only Peter lives there now...alone.
Trick or Treat!: My second 2007 Halloween greeting card image. Happy Halloween Everybody!
A defeated woman: Here is a rendered image in DAZ studio
Self Portrait: Mixed Media Spring-Loaded
Andrea: Paint over for my wife
I Can't Stand the Rain: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Lucia Mondella: One of the most important characters of Manzoni's masterpiece " I promessi sposi"
backgroundrb7: background for Poser en pcdesktop
mars 2052 Human Colony: by Herminio Nieves
Oil & Sand: Thauromachia 2147 B.C.
Mercedes 1938: An other car that i'd like to own, it's a simple and pure design that has a nice flow to it. And the spoke wheels are beautifull. It's a WIP, so there's still the shader job to done on it, it has been modeled from pictures i've colected.
the cliff dwellers: painting done for a gnomon challenge after work. photoshop
Hotel_Front: this work is created from a real architectural plan
Amanda Holiday: Amanda has holiday and is relaxing at the mountain lake
Navigator: Here I use one of Mehilov's interesting vehicles.
little devil by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for Genesis 3 by Marcius Hess
mikeonfire: On fire he is.
Marmitone: Suite à la scène sur les fourneaux, voici une petite marmitone avec un plat de légumes qui fait partie de la scène globale en cour de réalisation, une vaste cuisine médiévale avec plusieurs plans de travail, pas évident côté mémoire mais on y arrive...   A bientôt pour un prochain freebies Following the stage furnaces, here's a marmitone with a vegetable dish that is part of the global scene in the heart of achievement, a huge medieval kitchen with several work plans, not clear the memory side, but you get there ... Stay tuned for an upcoming freebies
BMW Z8: Modeled and rendered in Lightwave3D
Polo GTI: Polo GTI with 18in BBS alloy's (orignal Model rims were ugly) , Rendered in Showcase 2013 , plates are custom and the Props were converted from Poser in into 3DS max. I am currently working on other Designs and i will release them when they are done.  
The return to Nagoya Castle: Thanks for visit and comments!! Best in Original view
The Bouncers Chat It Up: Slow night at Club Blu Yglu
Woodland elf 3: pin-up
spring c4d: a spring like in cars a.s.o.
Render of a design 3D: Image of creation 3D
Naruto's Kunai: the kunai in Naruto
Lote: Lote
Mayuka body by Elianeck: Mayuka for G3 bodyElianeCK Real Light for Irayhttps://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-real-light-for-iraytks!
We Usually Don't Bite:   
The Martian Warrior [Artistic Nudity Warning!]: I decided to try a render of the warrior first, before attempting the princess.To prevent embarassment to casual observers Mr  Carter kindly agreed to wear a pair of Y-fronts for the main render, and to tactfully obscure his dangly bits. for the others!Poser 9 renders with a 50mm focal length, depth of field, and the Sand environment set from the original WorldBall, with IBL intensity increased to 75% and Sun intensity to 100%.P6 James, 'James_Med' strand hair, (and conforming underwear for modesty) all came with Poser 6. Swords are my dha again - bet you didn't realise they prefer S.E.Asian swords up there? The Poser materials aren't right either, so it looks like I'll need to redo them. I just added a bit of reflection for these renders.I love the 'Random Face' option for James in the Expressions folder - you occasionally get a marvellous expression (like the one I used here), but mostly the gurning has me rolling on the floor!I'd never noticed before how flat the soles of James' feet were. Also I hadn't realised that he was so... err... well, well-endowed! It's difficult to find a viewpoint that covers his modesty, so he may be required to put the underpants back on!Thinks: I'm now quite looking forward to trying a couple of renders of Miss Thoris! None of the pictures I've ever seen matches my mental image of her...
bloomer twins: A render i made afew years ago with poser 7.
Jade Cat: A jade statue of Daz's "Millenium Cat".  Aside from the backdrop, which uses the Fuzzy Wuzzy Fur Shader by Marianne, all surfaces are my own hand-tuning of Age of Armour's Subsurface shader (included with Daz4.6).  I replaced the cat's eyes with gems I made in Blender.  (Jade & marble make use of a texture by <a href="http://fantasystock.deviantart.com">FantasyStock</a>.)
The Gathering II: This originally started as one of my Reaper series, but in the end I felt it looked better with a few Reapers in there, and so it was renamed to be part of my Gathering series. Wires using my wirebundler script, the model is half power solids, half subdivs, tons and tons of postprocess work in photoshop. Rendered in Brazil.
Earth Venus Mars and other planet: mitologic modern idea
Mahdi face: It's me!
The big one!: Surfs Up :)Hanging ten with the big one :)(Free to use as you like )Rendered in Daz Studio no post work
Shamira's Road Moto: Like I said, 'little experimentin'.
gothic bar: autour d'une bière
kiss me: kiss me
Valentine day by Elianeck: Elianeck Lights Package 2 for Irayhttp://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-lights-package-2N.G.S. Anagenessis 2 - Revolution tks!
On the Shore of Olympus: What do you get for the man who has everything?
BMW 6 series Wir_04: Own modeling from bluprint.
space cat by Elianeck: Ayane for Genesis 8 Femalehttps://www.daz3d.com/ayane-for-genesis-8-femaleElianeCK Iray One Click Lightstks for watch
STAR TREK - the amazons: Another trek parody, with a vulcan's revenge. Given the opportunity I don't know if I would be able to resist it either. Uniforms by JamesJAB
Ship's Descent: Mandelbulber renders brought into GIMP for processing.
Brennan Injector: A sample image of my Brennan injector for V4.2
Legend of Sleepy Hallow Revisited: After looking at this again, I decided it needs a lady in distress! So added a sweet young innocent who shouldn't be out at night, especially alone! Happy Samhain DraagonStorm
Monarch Fae Princess: Monarch Butterflies, and Fae in wooded background.
Gaia: Part 2 of My Circles and Squares Project Gaia was not an easy one for me. Especially when it came down to composition and color selection. Some spots may be whiter than others because my markers are dying. D: *Scanner is not friendly with macs, or my Pc. Sorry for bad quality. All Symbols ©HandheldNinja
twins by elianeck: tks for stop here
First Layered Fractal: I genertaed this using Chaos Pro 4.0
Schwebende Felsen: Bryce Only Stone with Monzoom
WW2 Airplane: 3d model airplane. Modeled in 3dsMax 2009 The model you can find here: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=274176
Train Station: This is a background scene used in a cartoon project we planed to produce. So it's also in cartoon style. This work was finished in 15 days during 2005. There is an old train station located in a quiet west town. The mood is like... well, you feel it and know it.
Without name: Test Vray camera & vray sun
Changeling Skeleton: Creepy rendered scene of a skeleton in an abandoned psych ward.
Suspicious mind: Thanks for visiting!Enjoy and have a great time!
archi render 19: architectural render
Q1-3 2015: nc
Becoming: Made in bryce 5,5 Daz studio PSP XI
Be happy by elianeck: tks!  
Toys: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Little Zebra: Little zebra
The sacrifice: Une partie d'un travail autour du cycle de Lansasia, un univers fantasy  que j'ai créé avec une trilogie en cours d'écriture. Cette image est un sacrifice au dieu Barbämda par le prêtre Arkatam. A part of work "The Landasia Cycle" a fantasy story that i write The sacrifice by Arkatam priest
Art of Souls: 3D art
-Nyanna Sits Pretty-: A little glamour shot with Nyanna Mew. Figure is V4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Powergirl: V4 in TerryMcG's Cosplay costume.Credits:Cosplay costume 11 : www.sharecg.com/v/50152/favori…VH Jenna : www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/vh…3D-Age Extra Long Glove : www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/ex…Idler168 Ankle Boots : www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/an…Stonemason Utopia Labs : www.daz3d.com/utopia-labsComments are welcomeThanksJV
Spiner: drawing
The 4 Girls - Brunael: to continu
Russia's (and Ephigenia's!) Pride: Volga 2410 - V8
dogs: test
Warlord Virghal: For the online CCG "Summoners" ("Idezok") www.idezok.hu
Pikachu by elianeck:   just this week my new light package from Daz   tks!
ipod: apple ipod model in vray
msob: msob
Character RPG Portraits: Two different characters for the same player. Unsure of the character's names.
Exterior 7: Architectural Visualization Design http://www.3dip info@3dip.net
book covers for a published artist: For the last few months I’ve been making book covers for a published artist on Amazon and I thought i share it on this post. I made these first with Adobe Illustrator and then Used Phtoshop for post work. These are some of  my art work on this artist books. I have done 6 so far. The last ones is a cover for e-books on Kindle. Amazon Link http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Buddy+Vaiden&rh=i:aps,k:Buddy+VaidenI have permission to post these from the author. Thank you for looking
Ashera: Poser 8 PS 7 V4/A4
rushour: menace b4 tha grave.
Three Stooges: Three stooges in Botsville getting into mischief. A little humour, enjoy!
Waiting for santa: Deers waiting for santa
Shamira UW: After hours at the nightclub. Shamira takes a dive into the aquarium (but only after the shark is taken out). Credits: Shamira based on Aiko 3 © DAZ Black Chain second skin © Richard Taylor Necklaces © Robrose Base poses © Muscleman, Les Creations Athena, EvilInnocence Bubbles © Coty Endl, hosted by Gerald Day Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Shoes © Cascarda Water texture © Abraxal Sand: texture © Kirk Dunne, mesh based on UniWave I © Becco_UK Rock © Mystic Nights Image © 2009, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, or redistribute.
MAMA Zumbi by elianeck: tks!
Graveyard: Models Created Using Cinema4D Rendered In Vue7
wip: apartament: wip: apartament
Flower-04: One new flower for Poser, pp2-file, for you. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
CG: cg
in the bar by Elianeck: http://www.daz3d.com/elianeck-dramatic-lights-for-iraytks!
free fall 02: just playing
virus: wings3d,gimp
cb-concept: it's my 1st c4d-car.... use blue-red-eyes for a real impression...
Eros - Face: These are some renders of my robot (from my demo reel). Hope you like them (1 of 5)
Yacht on the ocean: I used Mausel Yacht http://www.sharecg.com/v/76341/related/11/Poser/einfache-Segelyacht-f%C3%BCr-Poser   Bagginsbill Enviroment Sphere https://sites.google.com/site/bagginsbill/free-stuff/environment-sphere and an ocean I built from Primitives.
Morning Tea: I made this render after I got accepted to work for a  local non-profit coffee shop in town. I was going to print a copy out to give as a gift, but then my printer decided it was going to muck up the colors and printed it out too dark...(This has been sized to fit the facebook cover photo space perfectly. If a larger version is needed, I can upload it.)
Recharging: Thanks for viewing!Enjoy!Have a great time!
Trees-02: Two more trees. pp2-file. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD And here for all non-rapidshare-users: DOWNLOAD
Charge: A rare beauty of a warrior,charges from the forest.
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