Lemon-Drop Tea: Just a little cuteness.
I'm Better Than Dawn: My first test image with third-party content for Dawn, done in Daz Studio 4.6 (I have not yet worked with Dawn or any related content in Poser Pro 2012).  Dawn on her own does not impress me much at all, but after debating the issue for a day, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy some third-party content.  The Alexis for Dawn character package from 3D Universe restored my hopes for Dawn - with Alexis for Dawn, this new figure seems to have a lot of promise (plus, the hair included with the Alexis package renders quite quickly, which is always a bit of a concern for me).  I also picked up X&M's Dawn Ultimate Breasts Shapes to add a little more realism underneath the camisole, which I believe worked quite well.  It will be particularly interesting to see more third-party Dawn content over the next few weeks and months - I believe that is what will determine the ultimate fate of Dawn. 
GunBunny: Pistol packin hunnybunny!
born by the Ocean: only an idea about spirit born by the Ocean probably from Atlantis
A robot and a pilot at a hangar: I watched a Kaiju movie "Pacific Rim" and I loved a hangar scene very much. So I tried to build my own scene like that. Could I succeed ?
The Martian Warrior [Artistic Nudity Warning!]: I decided to try a render of the warrior first, before attempting the princess.To prevent embarassment to casual observers Mr  Carter kindly agreed to wear a pair of Y-fronts for the main render, and to tactfully obscure his dangly bits. for the others!Poser 9 renders with a 50mm focal length, depth of field, and the Sand environment set from the original WorldBall, with IBL intensity increased to 75% and Sun intensity to 100%.P6 James, 'James_Med' strand hair, (and conforming underwear for modesty) all came with Poser 6. Swords are my dha again - bet you didn't realise they prefer S.E.Asian swords up there? The Poser materials aren't right either, so it looks like I'll need to redo them. I just added a bit of reflection for these renders.I love the 'Random Face' option for James in the Expressions folder - you occasionally get a marvellous expression (like the one I used here), but mostly the gurning has me rolling on the floor!I'd never noticed before how flat the soles of James' feet were. Also I hadn't realised that he was so... err... well, well-endowed! It's difficult to find a viewpoint that covers his modesty, so he may be required to put the underpants back on!Thinks: I'm now quite looking forward to trying a couple of renders of Miss Thoris! None of the pictures I've ever seen matches my mental image of her...
The kunoichi kasumi: Thanks for sharing.Cosplay costume 7 for V4 by TerryMcG, MMNinjaSuit01 For V4 by mamomamo.The kunoichi is the female shinobi.The shinobi is the same meaning with the ninja.The shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare. The functions of the shinobi included espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, and open combat in certain situations
Too Hot To Swim: I'm having fun playing with my WorldBall now!DAZ Studio 4.5 render, 50mm focal length.V4 with Boy Shorts, Sports Bra and Glamour Hair (all DAZ) with Syltermermaid's Ethic Beauty Cosmina texture (Content Paradise). Torus primitive for the tube. My WorldBall with E17 Dannys Island environment set (from Danny Gordon's Tropical Island Eviromental map)
Hot Girl in Toga: Done in Carrara
You Are Made Of Light: From the music video of the same title.
Space Robot: With Poser 9
Wannabe: Character concept for a potential future project
Self-confidence: I was a bit skeptical about Charlize based on a few previous tests with the new Genesis 2 Female base.  To be honest, I am still not 100% sold on G2F, nor even on Charlize, but I love the way this images came together!  The Auto-fit Tool seems to have some troubles with going from V4 to G2F, but A5 to G2F worked just fine for me, at least with this outfit. 
Onion: toon kittys love onions!
Hot Girl on a GTO: The car is a cheap freebie model, but has good lines for playing with paint shaders and HDRI trying to test my settiings, I had to add a hot chick to it though!  Done in Carrara
You Watch My Back... (Pink Desktop Remix): There was something about that Misty Mountains Dawn version (second from right here http://www.sharecg.com/v/71008/view/1/3D-and-2D-Art/You-Watch-My-Back )...I've improved the quality of the background (by using an 8192x4096 95% quality JPG  version of the environment map on the Worldball*) and expanded the render to 1920x1080 to suit my largest monitor.My muse and avatar, the left-handed warrior girl, now adorns my desktop - she's far lovelier than the previous occupant, the Yaak ( http://www.sharecg.com/v/65783/gallery/1/3D-and-2D-Art/Yaak )
Friends: I miei cuccioli dormono insieme serenamente
You Watch My Back: You Watch My Back... And I'll Watch YoursMy favourite left-handed warrior girl again, trying out a new hair colour! Comments appreciated, critical comments preferred. Personally I think this one’s absolutely marvellous! ;o) But I’d really, honestly, appreciate people pointing out what looks wrong and what can be improved. DS4 render, 65mm focal length. Dinokonda and Victoria 4 from DAZ, V4 Hippogriff Rider outfit from Content Paradise, Pretty3D’s Fantasy Warrior Hair from Renderosity, V4 texture is one of Syltermermaid’s from Pretty3D/Artraiders or Content Paradise, sword and shield are mine, background and lighting is my WorldBall with the Cinderside set. Did a bit of playing with the bump and displacement on both figures. Also use my ShieldTMS shader, and fiddled with the DS materials on the sword - I really do need to fix that, and I think I’ve said that before! All non-free content used in this render is legally owned by myself (or my alter ego with the wallet!)I know how I ended up with this one. I was doing some test renders of my WorldBall (using the Misty Mountains Evening set) using my favourite muse (three of those renders included here) and I accidentally opened the promo render I did for the Cinderside set (also included here). "Ooh!" I thought, why not have her fighting the monster. So I loaded up the Dinokonda into the scene, but it was facing the opposite way. "Interesting..." I thought, and after a bit of playing I came up with this.The remaining images are the original scene but using a different WorldBall set - Grasslands (Evening), Misty Mountains (Dawn), and Sand.
Marvel's She-Hulk after a fight: Genesis with v4 body suit rendered in Carrara
Old Town: DAZ Studio
Visiting Old Town: DAZ Studio, Lumion
More Sitting Woman: He won't shut up!
Whocome79: Digital Paintings to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans. 
Blood Queen by elianeck: after my vacation I'm back!tks!
Work in progress - Tea Party: Hunt for the White Rabbit is an image based project of mine based upon characters created by Lewis Carroll.This is a tea party scene for the project.
Pilot by Vitaly Bulgarov: Vitaly Bulgarov uses KeyshotVitaly Bulgarov began his career as a freelance artist in Moldova in 2004. While working in Moscow with a major Russian game developer he continued to freelance for other game studios, refining his skill and talent for detailed compositions. Since then he has risen to become one the most esteemed 3D artists in the industry, winning many awards. He continues producing exceptional 3D visuals as Senior Cinematic Artist for Blizzard Entertainment. “My passion for film and videogames led me down this path. I can be in both worlds at the same time: making cinematic trailers for Blizzard’s amazing games.” Vitaly’s primary modeling tool is Softimage XSI, using it to model many of his highly detailed freeform models, as is the case with the spectacular Alien creature you see here, created for his Gnomon workshop course. “Softimage XSI has a very efficient toolset for subdivision modeling. Its fast performance gives me the feeling like I’m driving a sport car.
DC's Supergirl in Flight: Here is Supergirl done in Carrara, using Genesis with the V4 body suit, Predatron's boots
Haarlemsex: Digital Paintings to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans. 
Britta Teen: A quick render of Britta the Original Figure and Teen Britta that I created using morphs.  I was so happy with my completed work, until I realized that she had outgrown all her old outfits--just like a normal kid.  I now how to modify all the old outfits so they will fit the teen version of Britta.This latest project has been a chore.  Since there does not seem to be much going for this little kid, I decided to create A Few morphs for her.  Somehow, this project has gotten away from me and I created an entirely new personage A teen girl and a teen boy version of Britta.Credits: Britta Figure by Sixus1Background by HoboBobRendered in Poser Pro 2014
OldIndianArcher: Hello, my name is Ryan Reid, and I’m currently enrolled at College for Creative Studies. I am 19 years old and I have a passion for 3D computer graphics and design. I am here at CCS to learn 3D modeling and game art. So far it has been a blast. My end goal after college is to put myself in a good position. I want to make a good living in the game industry. In order for me to stay ahead, I must keep practicing. Behance:http://www.behance.net/gallery/Old-Indian-Archer-In-progress/8907553CGHub:http://cghub.com/images/view/585471/A Big project that I gave myself over the summer for my portfolio.  I used Maya, and Zbrush. I have assembled most of my references found at: http://www.old-picture.com/indians-index-001.htm along with my own imaginations.Studio: Ready at Dawn Studios
Sitting Woman: She sits there looking at you while you look at her looking at you and the little man in the glass case hollers "let me out you, you evil witch!"
PuckaUpSuga!: late nite snack
Old Castle in Spain: DAZ Studio 4.6, Lumion 2.5, ACDSee Pro5
Posing in Monastery: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush
Hunt for the White Rabbit (Set 1): Hunt for the White Rabbit is based upon characters created by Lewis Carroll. http://www.darkprojectworks.com/hunt-for-the-white-rabbit/
Cruella Maleficia: I wanted to take this opportunity and thank Mylochka for the fine hair and the textures on the MFD.very generous to share. DM-Pyrago,
The Hard Training by Powergirl: My heroines are very glad for their costume to increase. Thank you for sharing.SuperGirl Cosplay Costume 13 for V4 by TerryMcG. Powergirl suit for DAZ V4 bodysuit by RoguePilot.
Relativity: I'm pretty sure we've all thought it... I've just never seen it. So here it is.
Second star to the right...: Image 1: Three is a crowd Image 2: A Fairy's work is... too much fun Image 3: You wish... Cod-fish
The Lust: Something with a serial killer theme. I might rework it sometime, but for now I consider it done. Too hot to render here
Daddy may I again ?: Credits:- Carousel horse: nikisatez- Sally Mae Hair: Propschick- Carnival Carousel: Jack Tomalin- Charmed for K4: Mada & ThorneCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight
Wizards Castel: Wizards Castel A Model test for a new animation.Rendered in Daz Studio,
R u watching me?: A very curvy and cute Cookie leans over a bridge railing and looks back to see someone watching her.
SpaceCops: Invasion of tha ShadowFortress!
Demon and Zombie: A demon from hell feasting with a zombie coming up from behind
Girl in Meadow: Daz figure in Carrara
JAPAN SuMo: Bonjour de FRANCE " Paris "Je voulais partager quelques images que j'ai réalisé avec POSER 6A bientot pour de nouvelles aventures !!!
Kite: Apophysis Julia fractal.
Marvel's Black Cat on rooftop: V4 bodysuit, arm and leg hair photoshopped
Female knight and Castle: Rendered in Carrara, using Woodland set and Daz's Lux Lucis 
Julia Pearl: An Apophysis creation.
Adobe Mission: E ricorda,fratello.che qui si e fatto voto di povertà e castità!
Action Figure #12: - Vickies outfit: Cosplay Costume 13: TerryMcG- pedestal: Hero Miniature Base: Blurbur- Hellboy's Posing Background: Created in DAZ 4.5, rendered in 3Delight.
IditaroaD: Un omaggio agli intrepidi uomini che affrontano in solitaria le iinsidiose terre d'Alaska
Day at the Market: DAZ Studio
Miki&Miki: Modified considerably the face etc..
On The Parthenon: The Heroines of my graphics are created depending on TerryMcG's products.Thank you for always sharing. Wonder Woman Cosplay Costume Retro by TerryMcG.
Mondays: "you've gotta sell it!"
Julia Experiment: This was my first attempt to make a Julia(n) fractal in Apophysis after working through a wonderful tutorial by Claire Jones.  It's very well written and illustrated.http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Julia-Uncovered-v-2-2-49167519
Female Act in the Glass Cube: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Apophysis, Gimp
Razor RZX-1000: Concept motorcycle I created.:bulletblack: Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!:bulletgreen: Zeatrex Website - http://zeatrex.com/:bulletred: Zeatrex Twitter - https://twitter.com/Zeatrex:bulletblue: Zeatrex Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zeatrex-Games/258113930999200?ref=hl
Razor RZX-1000 - Take II: Rear view of a motorcycle I created for my personal game!:bulletblack: Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!:bulletgreen: Zeatrex Website - http://zeatrex.com/:bulletred: Zeatrex Twitter - https://twitter.com/Zeatrex:bulletblue: Zeatrex Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zeatrex-Games/258113930999200?ref=hl
Titan - Take II: A concept car I created called the Titan!Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!Website - Zeatrex GamesZeatrex Twitter - Stay UpdatedZeatrex Facebook - Stay Updated
Spiderwoman And Ms. Marvel: Nice pixel art I created of Ms. Marvel teamed up with Spiderwoman!
Morrigan: Pixel art I created of Morrigan from the the Darkstalkers series.
R-13H Hades: Pixel art of the R-Type R-13H "Hades".I like R-Type games and their ships too! InformationThe R-13A's Wave Cannon is upgraded. It boost a superb balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. A well-named craft. Force TypeAnchor Force II.Red: Shade a.Blue: Search B.Yellow: Terminator Y. Wave CannonBouncing Lightning Wave Cannon. BitsRound Bit.Shadow Bit. Support WeaponProton Missile.Depth Bomb.Scatter Bomb.
R-13A Cerberus: Pixel art of the R-Type R-13A "Cerberus" .I like R-Type games and their ships too!This is also my fave R-Typer of all! InformationThis fighter from arms maker Warrick Inc. was radically different from all the previous R fighters. The ambitious design incorporated innovative technologies, such as a Wave Cannon with homing ability and a cable-type Force. The pilot interface also introduced groundbreaking technology. The pilot's nervous system connects directly to the fighter's system.- The Legend Of Kayla R. TyperLegend has been told of one of the best female fighter pilots of an R-13A was sent to investigate the Bydo Seed Indecent in 2164, but all communications ceased just as the mission was completed. The military never made an announcement about the lost. The story also goes as far as saying the female of the R-13A is still alive somewhere in the area and has been seen in recon missions with photos. Every ship ever sent to the same location never returns and all images/pictures show a somewhat R-13A inside a Bydo tree. Reports from video show that the R-13A is able to break lose from the tree and attack those that come close. Some say that the female pilot of the R-13A is the one inside the ship that attacks incoming hostiles and resides in the Bydo tree when not active. Most claim she isn't dead but only left there as a "Last Standing" Bydo forest guardian. Other researches have indicated she is also under the control of the Bydo and is aware of her actions. But no one knows for sure why the Bydo keeps her alive. Force TypeAnchor Force.Red: Shade a.Blue: Search B.Yellow: Terminator Y. Wave CannonLightning Wave Cannon with two loops maximum charge. BitsRound Bit.Shadow Bit. Support WeaponProton Missile.Depth Bomb.Scatter Bomb.
R-9L Leo: Pixel art of the R-9 "Leo" from the R-Type Final series. InformationThe offensive capabilities of this fighter's Bit Device have been drastically altered. The Bit can fire the same laser as the Force. The Wave Cannon's output had to be lowered in order to increase the Bit's firepower. Force TypeLeo Force.Red: Claw Laser.Blue: Mirror Laser.Yellow: Search Laser LRG. Wave CannonSingle loop Standard Wave Cannon. BitsPsy Bit. Support WeaponDuel Homing Missile.Scatter Bomb.
Chimes: An Apophysis creation.
Neuzero Series:
Moon Light Dance: Moon Light Dance Created for  an animated GIF sequence  with Adobe FireWorks & Digital ArtZone SoftwareYou can view the  3D Animated GIF on my google web site https://plus.google.com/u/0/107086462407744789396/posts
"Pleasure": .: asART. 3D and motion graphics---------------------------------------A new 3D scene hand crafted in 3D Studio Max. It's called "PLEASURE" .. Feel free to comment .. Cheers!
Octavia: My latest character. Rendered in DAZ. Tag added in photoshop.
Is This Yours?: If this is a new Mortal Kombat fatality, then I need to go to an arcade... NOW!!! 
Even a girl wants to have fun: A quick render not perfect for some reason came out a little softer than i would like but hey cant get every render perfect.This is the first time also uploading to sharecg feel free to view my other work at renderosity , Just search for user Demon2330
Mommy's Home!: NOTICE: this image can be viewed and downloaded free from my DeviantArt Galery at (http://jbjdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/). Thank you for viewing, commenting and rating. Interior rendering of the Southwestern Adobe Hosue with a domestic scene.
Una nuova Bond girl?: A new Bond girl?
The dragon kiss: You love my dragon
Make love not war: make love not war
Off Duty: Even someone sworn to protect the world from monsters needs a little R&R...
Our Future...: Lumion
Guardians of the underworld: In the greek mytholgy a three headed dog (cerberus) is guarding the entrance to the underworld.I like the idea that this creature is guarding it, still it is the entrance to hell ;-)A great thing about Poser : you can easily create new figures. If I knew how to make injections I would like to share it.
Sunset: Lumion
Spy Girl - Animation Promo: Spy Girl - Flight Fight, Join us as Spy Girl, Agent-69, tries to flies secret agent 00 to Crook City . Tighten your seat belt, as Spy girl out maneuvers her enemiesCreated with Daz Studio Pro 4.6 Credits at the end of filmAn Ivy Summers Animated Film.YouTube Link :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K_xGxBb0GE
The Assassin: As published in my review of Poser Pro 2014/Poser 10 in '3D Artist' Magazine. Out this month (July 2013) Issue 57, Page 97 More information about "3D Artist Magazine' can be found here: 3D Artist Magazine:: LinkConcept and Skin SSS materials put together by me...otherwise, Poser Pro 2014, Photoshop CS6. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my website: www.paulsutton.com:: LinkThe home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
The Famous Pool: This background is most famous pool in the adults, I think  the male knows well. Thanks for sharing! Face; mne5 for V4 by MNE, Background by MMD ; A no Pool by Majimajiro.
Playmate: Little bunny representing Playboy I created.
Time For Bed: Pixel art of my OC, Arlee.
Tethys: For there are three thousand neat-ankled daughters of Ocean who are dispersed far and wide, and in every place alike serve the earth and the deep waters, children who are glorious among goddesses. And as many other rivers are there, babbling as they flow, sons of Ocean, whom queenly Tethys bare, but their names it is hard for a mortal man to tell, but people know those by which they severally dwell. Hesiod: Theogeny
A Few More 'Walking On The Moon".: Arrival
Titan: A concept car I created called the Titan!Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!Website - Zeatrex GamesZeatrex Twitter - Stay UpdatedZeatrex Facebook - Stay Updated
Titan Hotrod - Take III: A concept hotrod I created called the Titan!Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!Website - Zeatrex GamesZeatrex Twitter - Stay UpdatedZeatrex Facebook - Stay Updated
Titan Hotrod - Take II: A concept hotrod I created called the Titan!Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!Website - Zeatrex GamesZeatrex Twitter - Stay UpdatedZeatrex Facebook - Stay Updated
Titan Hotrod: A concept hotrod I created called the Titan!Join Our Gaming Community - If you love games and love downloading them for free, checkout our website!Website - Zeatrex GamesZeatrex Twitter - Stay UpdatedZeatrex Facebook - Stay Updated
Scary Forest: Lumion
Jellies: A composition using raw fractals generated in Chaoscope and Apophysis.
Echo: Rendered in Poser pro2014Three Character Test Renders ~ Free to use as you ike~
Fractal Flowers: Mandelbulb and Apophysis fractals.
Fractal Bubbles: Raw Mandelbulb   fractals.
Walking On The Moon: "The Newtet has landed!" Spacesuits by Shukky. Lunar module by SolCommnad. Thanks to both.
Mundane View: I had originally intended to have a rather different view out the window, but then I stumbled upon this asteroid belt image in my Backgrounds collection.  For some reason, it reminded me of when I was living in Paris:  After a while, whenever I would pass by the Eiffel Tower or most of the other major icons of Paris, I barely paid any attention because I saw those monuments on a daily basis.  Especially given the woman's body language, she clearly pays no attention anymore to the spectacular sight out the window... 
No. 3.- signez ici, s'il vous plait: Ruben Castro, Mexico
Undine: There are sone secret places in the Woods where you  can find them.Thanks to Mystic Land for Water and Ground,Props from PoserPro, Aiko3 + Lost realms form DAZ
Ghost rider: Ispirato al film "  The Blues Brohetrs 2 "
Winter's games: Divertirsi alla prima neve
Granuaile: The tale of the female pirate named O'Malley Clanswoman Gráinne Ni Mháille, known as Granuaile or more simply, Grace O'Malley, as she is most widely known today, begins nearly 500 years ago along the shores of Clew Bay on the rugged western coast of Ireland in what is today County Mayo. Born in 1530, she was the only daughter of Owen Dubhdara and his wife Margaret. The family business was trading of produce including salted fish and beef, hides, tallow and cloth, between Ireland, Scotland and Spain.....and some of the time honored a bit of piracy and plunder thrown in for good measure.Granuaile's passion for the sea began at a young age and one day while still a child she announced to her parents that she intended to go along on the next trading mission. Well, you can imagine that this bit of "news" was not readily accepted by either parent! She was reminded on no uncertain terms that she was not only a girl, but a high born girl and had no place in a man's world going to the sea in ships! Legend tells us that her reaction to this stern reprimand was to promptly cut off her hair, dress herself in boys clothing and once again announce to her stunned, but by this time quite amused parents, that she would, in fact, be going! And.... go she did!Across the sea in England another woman was also overcoming the many obstacles placed in her path to power and dominion. This woman was none other than Elizabeth Tudor, soon to be Queen of England, and one day these two extraordinary women would meet!
zikk-5b: wings3d,bryce7-no postwork...
Winged Skull: When I was young, I used to have a T-shirt with a similar image on it. This one didn't take much effort to make
DARK LAND: http://www.negarkhaneh.ir/~sinaG/
Romeo & Juliette: Un roimantico approccio di Romeo e  Giulietta
Medieval tavern: Scene di vita medievale
Here comes the Boss: Lumion
BigBruceHD: wrangling with that camera...=)
Two Realms:
Mermaid in Space: Not quite as funny as Pigs in Space, but hopefully just as intriguing
Aiko Poses: A few images recently made in Bryce.
Maz: 30,s style pinupmade with daz studiocomments please
An event girl of the race: This scene is an event girl (Terai Yuki 2)of the race. The racing place of this background is Mausel's F1 Race Car and Poser Rennstrecke Part 1 was borrowed and created. Thank you for Mausel - san.
Club Footed Werejackalope:  Had to take a break from animating my upcoming serial for You Tube and let my imagination run. As you can tell, it ran wild.
"TIMELESS": .: asART. 3D and motion graphics---------------------------------------An experimantal Project done in 3D Studio MAX. It's called "TIMELESS" .. Fell free to comment and let us know what you think about .. Cheers!
Aeralstidru - The Winged One: V5Mountain Scene: ShiftingImages  (http://www.sharecg.com/v/70351/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Shifting-Images-Free-Stuff-Mountain-Scene)mcjGenesisDress: mCasual/JacquesCreated in DAZ 4.5,rendered in 3Delight.
BeachBetty: experimentin with primitives.
Somewhere in Brasil: Lumion
An usual Day in a small Town: Lumion
Bikers: Bikers
Fever Pitch: Fever Pitch. Kd 2013
Neuzero: Neuzero. Kd 2013.
bruce-vs-poop: 3delight,reality2,luxrender
auf in die Schlacht: hab mal mein Ritterkram verposert
Oasis: Lumion
Parramatta River: Painting of Parramatta River circa 1798. Well my impression of what it would have looked like then.
Road Rage #1: This all American girl will break your heart...
Hellcat: Aiko with her legs wrapped around a big, fat, hard, uncut, motorcycle. The bike was created in Hexagon by BigT3d. Thanks, BigT!
Rough Sea: DAZ Studio, Lumion
Old Technology:
No. 2.- signez ici, s'il vous plait: The Royce colors are to combine with her stockings, said GrandpaRubén Castro, Mexico
In Tavern, waiting for Guests: DAZ Studio
U.S.S. Equinox: I redid the Equinox... This is how it came out.
Heat of battle: Enjoy!
Phara:  Enjoy!
On patrol: Enjoy!
The Greatest American Heroes: In the 1970's there was a cheesy TV show called The Greatest Ameican Hero. I was playing with the new G2 super hero suit and retextured it using the Greatest American Hero emblem but updating the rest of the costume's colorscheme, as well as using the mask that comes with G2 Super Hero Suit. I added lenses to the eyes, which are just primative spheres shaped and shaded green. The Male Morphs are a combination of  Ramwolf's Bruno Morphs http://www.sharecg.com/v/70257/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/RAMWorks-Morph-Pack-for-Genesis-02-Female and Ghastly's Ain't no Lady morphs found here http://www.sharecg.com/v/70027/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/Aint-No-Lady-G2F-Morph http://www.sharecg.com/v/70257/browse/21/DAZ-Studio/RAMWorks-Morph-Pack-for-Genesis-02-Female The cape is the Genesis Supersuit Cape and the belt and male boots are from the Genesis Supersuit belt and boots both at DAZ.
Protective Pets:
Be Still And: Say "cheese!"
"Splish-splash...": "I was takin' a bath!"
Katana: Rendered in Daz Studio 3.1 with two light sources. The character is my own creation and she is part of a story that will unffold soon at DreamSlayerArtworks.
No. 1.- signez ici, s'il vous plait: Ruben Castro, Mexico
Don't mess with me: Created in iclone 5 by me
Stormy Weather: Lumion
marion has a relaxing bath: made using daz studio 4.6 and genesis 2please comment so i can improve.
Jade Cat: A jade statue of Daz's "Millenium Cat".  Aside from the backdrop, which uses the Fuzzy Wuzzy Fur Shader by Marianne, all surfaces are my own hand-tuning of Age of Armour's Subsurface shader (included with Daz4.6).  I replaced the cat's eyes with gems I made in Blender.  (Jade & marble make use of a texture by <a href="http://fantasystock.deviantart.com">FantasyStock</a>.)
reality 3 by elianeck: my first render in reality 3/luxrender
Shari: Enjoy!
Save me: Enjoy!
Deux: Enjoy!
In Paradise: Lumion
Kthulu: Return of the Old one.
Good day for fishing: Lumion
H4: Kd 2013.
Exploring Mars: DAZ Studio, Lumion
Pagan Warrior: Rendered in DAZ studio 3, body texture made by me in GIMP
Tropical Island: Lumion
Big Cat fishing: DAZ Studio, Lumion
Female gladiatore ....: Created in iclone 5 by me
Alien Plants: Vue10 Studio...
Cliffs: Vue10 Studio....RegardsRüdiger
Alane: Enjoy!
Maya: Enjoy!
Paper: Enjoy!
Goya: Enjoy!
In dark places: Enjoy!
The power of love: Enjoy!
Mira: Enjoy!
Sad: Enjoy!
Strange meeting place: Enjoy!
In the garden: Enjoy!
Hole in the roof: Enjoy!
Reaching out: Enjoy!
Concrete jungle: Enjoy!
Get me out of here: Enjoy!
En garde: Enjoy!
Aiko Mounted: On a charger
tunerBabe: cars and women=awesome!
Tzmisce: Vampire the Masquerade inspired. Additional software used Fotosketcher http://www.fotosketcher.com/
Neutrino: Neutrino. Kd 2013.
R2: Kd 2013.
Sweylend Sea Life Aquarium: Museum: MauselGenesis with standard m4 clotingMichaels (Genesis) hair: JoeyDucky: Neftis3DGathered skirt and shirt for Kids4: sioneSallyMae Hair: Propschickshark: Alessandro_AMAngelfish: DAZ3DCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
3 AM: The 3 AM blues....
Army Moves: Some military stuff...
The Band: \m/
Necromancy: Another one inspired by reading about occult subjects...
Crystallomancy: Picture inspired by the things I've been reading lately.
gothChic: snake inna backpack.
Adam & Eve & Doris: "Will Work For Food"
Adam & Eve & Doris: Suppertime Chat: Their Method Explained
Halt!: "Answer these three questions correctly and my friend here will not eat you!"
Soul of the Machine: ones and zeros ride the wires,starting up artistic fires,current riders rock the screen,We're the soul of the machine...May be used as wallpaper
Darkness always seems to find me...: Done in Bryce and PP10Pro - may be used as wallpaper
American Gothic - My 3D version: 'American Gothic' is probably the most iconic painting in American history. Painted 1930, by Grant Wood, it is now in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Wood's inspiration came from what is now known as the American Gothic House, and a decision to paint the house along with "the kind of people I fancied should live in that house." The painting shows a farmer standing beside his spinster daughter. The figures were modeled by Woods sister (1899–1990) and his dentist. The couple pose in the traditional roles of men and women, the man's pitchfork symbolizing hard labor, and the flowers over the woman's right shoulder suggesting domesticity.The hay fork is echoed in the stitching of the man's overalls.Visitors to the famous house dress up and take their photograph outside, much like the Dutch do in their pittoresque fishing village of Volendam.I worked a long time on this one. I don't see how I can get any closer to the real thing...American Home: by: KraftMaid® found on Trimble 3D WarehouseAged V4/M4: DAZ3DMichaels jack: Leather Jacket by SmayGaribaldi HairCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
Lilith: Lilith, the First vampire
Adam & Eve & Doris Get Their Lunch: And just desserts too!
Adam & Eve & Doris: More fantasy.
Armored Gurl Meets Horse: For lack of a better title.
gothQueen HD: "and yew cawl yawself a mawnstah!"
Ceux des Marais et Ceux des Etoiles.:  Those from the Marshes and Those from the Stars. A scene created within Vue with the following models : the muddy towers are "Alien watch tower" by Gendragon ; the starship is "Orbiter Bugship" by Herminio Nieves and the city in the background is his "Cobalt City"...
Man of Steel.: Rogue pilots excellent superman costume.
Happy Bunnies: Bunny Girl with custom glute and breast morphs. wearing comforming V4 Honey IV top and panties, made to fit in the Poser Pro 2014 fitting room, with some minor losening morph adjustments. Hope you like it. Comments welcome.
Venus Colony 2077: by Herminio Nieves @2013  colony model 
The Kaleidoscope Room: I made this earlier this month and decided to show it here as well. It was texturing practice for clothing and I learned a lot. I used the Bow Dress and Boots (available @ DAZ3D.com) as my first practice because I did not like the "Steam" texture - though I can't say mine is any better but it's different.The scene/background are two planes with the original texture I made. The 3 girls are Amy AiMei for Genesis, Stephanie 5 and my own character who is an Aiko 5 mix.
inside job: oh the humanity
Izumi photo:
asART. 3D & motion graphics :: "YELLOW": asART. 3D and motion graphics------------------------------------------------------------------------"YELLOW"3D model created in Autodesk 3D Studiol Max.Color correction is done in Adobe After Effects CS6.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Visit our official web site:http://www.as-art.chWatch our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for motion graphics:http://www.as-art.ch/youtubeFollow us on  TWITTER:http://www.as-art.ch/twitterLIKE us on FACEBOOK:http://www.as-art.ch/facebook
mofongo XD: pool party.
Iron Man Mark III: An Iron Man model I constructed for Poser
Firefly: Raw fractal composition
Sunset Surfing: I used Vue xStream, importing Daz Genesis M5.
Manga2 by elianeck: Manga series 2 tks
gold woman by elianeck: Carrara rendertks
In fraganti: "¿What are you watching, sir?"  :)
Beauty and dangerous II: DAZ Studio Pro 4.5. Postwork in Corel Photo Paint.
Witch & Her Familiar: Witch and her demon servant.
Three Strange Gurls: A bit on the weird side. A bit. The first image was derived straight out of Hexagon; no frills.
No Title: Just foolin'
MartianMaHong!: illegal aliens.
Fractal Ribbons: Lorenz fractals mixed and blended.
Alone on the Beach: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Photo Editor, Twisted Brush
Aeromoto 02: Rendering in DAZ Studio. Another test of rendering of another test of prop. Maybe someday I will do it so good like the guys of this site.Aeromoto02 NOW FREE!! http://www.sharecg.com/v/69872/browse/11/Poser/Aeromoto-02
Zeta: Kd 2013.
On the Yacht: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Photo Editor
WALL-E scene: by Herminio Nieves,figures and buildings were made by different artist.
Banished to the Dark - revisited: This is an updated (portrait) version of the scene I made a few months ago (the portrait version) , with a different lighting scheme using a semi-transparent primitive plane as a lighting gel to get the water ripple reflections.
In the Mirror: DAZ Studio, Bryce
Girl on the Rocks: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Twisted Brush
Cute Blonde: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush,Serif Draw Plus X5
DaGook: Waste Management.
pollution: by Herminio Nieves@2013
The Herminio Cobra Ship: This is a rendering test with a model made by Herminio.The original model: http://www.sharecg.com/v/68132/browse/5/3D-Model/Ship-Cobra-upgraded
Desert Lands: Rendered in Daz studio, figure Danielle, prop... I called Aeromoto No.3 a model made by myself Antonio Amador aka Thomas Jerome Newton.
mars 2052 Human Colony: by Herminio Nieves
tropical Fantasy: by Herminio Nieves@2012
Sweet Thing: Cake anyone?Having a mental block today. So I browsed the web looking for inspiration. This is my result. Not quite what I expected, but still delicious.The mesh took me only an hour, the textures under half and hour. Rendering this image and hour. 
beachdude: "no way."
The Sachun Variations: She closed her eyes and opened herself completely to the infinite. Dancing alone within the ship she set an angelic pose with palms outstretched in an attempt to heal the breach that had been damping her abilities these past days. In a diffuse moment she slipped away into an incomprehensible peacefulness and abandoned oneness. The mark of the dead was made manifest within her hands and face. It strengthened the connections inside her as the dance continued. She could once again perceive her Guardian and he was afraid. She searched for more without success as the outline of her shadow danced across the blue lit walls of the Vanguard, her medium sized solar powered vessel.
Into the Cleft of the Pali: Paradise found its final earthly resting place upon the footstool of the Ko'olau Mountains in the Valley of the Temples. On the Windward side of the island surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of rising mountains overlooking the ocean, and beyond that the blue-event horizon, the ancient concrete Byodo-In stood in the Temple of Equality. The Shadow Dancer had returned.
Tawny Douro Reserve: Gordon Dyson is the overly confident head of the DMG, a top independent music agency. He plies his artistic slave trade outside the restrictive laws of the New World Order. His cold and calculated manner pushes his clients into situations which only a foolhard courage can save them.
Caught in the light.: Sometimes it's best to keep a low profile.............. Thanks for having a look,Ed
Sleeping Girl: Rendered in Poser Pro 2012, no postwork
Flex Too: Flex too. Still from video. Vids are on kdwyermedia Youtube channel channel and a couple linked on here also. Kd 2013.
Lovesick (Egypt's Last Pharoah): I would give credit but I'm not allowed enough characters. Annoyed. This will end up a card in my trading card game.
Locked Heart: The heart of the cyborg Nalana is locked and only the Roman gladiator Benappolo has a key to unlock it, but not before the battle between them...
beachbabe: Romance in the air!
Waiting for Take off: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush
Storm is coming: Bryce, Twisted Brush, Gimp
Poppyfield: A little summergreets modeled and textured in Blender 2.67. Rendered with Cycles and 400 samples. Some minor pw in PS Elements to reduce some noises.Enjoy :)
Timecop: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5 Enjoy!
Tones: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5 Enjoy!
The First Avenger: Made in Poser using Joe Quick's First Avenger for M4 and Ptropes 23rd Century Bridge
Cosmogurl?: You judge.
Rainy season:
Sirus Spaceport: by Herminio Nieves@2013
Mozart: Is that Mozart dude still staring?????Thanks for having a look,ed
I'm in love: Also I have uploaded video about this
scarred4life: A nightmare at the museum.
CIA agent: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush, Gimp
Flex: Flex. Kd 2013.
Szu: Kd 2013.
Fx1: Kd 2013.
In the Forest: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush, Light Artist
mOOna lisa: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush
beachunny: Here's hoping everyone has a happy,healthy,and hilarious summer! =)
Ride the Rocket: Made this rocket for a friend, and i just had to see how it looked...If anyone is interested in obtaining this fine rocket for FREE, just visit the site: DreamSlayerArtworks (dot) Com
magazine by elianeck: another magazine about my workshttp://www.virtual3d.krown-products.net/index.phptks
JUMP TWO: Hope you like it.
JUMP ONE: Just playing around.
Surprise: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Gimp
Eagle: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Light Artist
Indawoods: nother xp lux render
Something in the woods: A young elf in the woods discovers a cave of sorts and curiosity gets the best of her. The clothes, sheild and sword are from  atrion666's wonderful Fable clothing set. Here on Share CG.http://www.sharecg.com/v/57840/browse/11/Poser/UPDATED-Fable-Link The lighting was not exactly what I wanted, but using it as my wallpaper it has grown on me.
Lady Dressed in Red - Avro Arrow CF-105: The CF-105, or Avro Arrow, was a supersonic jet interceptor developed by A.V. Roe of Canada from 1953 to 1959. There were 5 made with no6 at 90% complete when the project was cancelled! Over 14,000 people lost their employment!More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Canada_CF-105_Arrow#AIR_7-3_and_C105if interestedThis model was created by Neil Wilson who I give a very big thank you to!!I did extra work on the textures, logo etc. The flames are from Deepdelver torch by sickleyeildThe background is a photo from 'SkyPics by Mary S Hines'The vapor trails are primitives I created in Daz studio!(If Mr Wilson approves of me sharing my extra texture work I would be happy to share that also, consists of a reworked RCAF logo in png format , larger templates for texture 2 and new layer mask jpgs to use in Daz layer editor)
roadtrip: "howz my driving?"
She's a pirate!:
Moonlight: Moonlight. 3D figure. Kd 2013.
The Prayer: DAZ Studio, Gimp, Twisted Brush
Undead crawler: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5 Enjoy!
la Diva: by Herminio Nieves @2013
Redemption: A female warrior ascending to redemption
Playing dice: A man challenges Death 
Under a blood red sky: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5 Enjoy!
Hellen: Hellen. Kd 2013.
Crystal Skeleton: Kd 2013.
Doghouse: Doghouse. Kd 2013.
king of the jungle: by Herminio Nieves@2011
Demon fighter: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5 Enjoy!
Hollywood 2013: The Fat Lady Awards: African actress Kimi Bobangi received the Fat Lady Award for her outstanding performance in the movie "The Shimmering Emotion".jewelry: Gudurun & Richabrivascularity: Zev0BigIsBeautiful: Most-Digital-CreationsElite Texture Bundle: Rob and Marie (DAZ)Created in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
cartrouble: It's always darkest before tha dawn I always say.
Captain on deck...:
Nature vs People: Nature vs People
Oblivion Desert: Oblivion Desert
Hang in there: Hang in there
Airwalk Diamonds: airwalk media diamonds a 3dsmax /particle flow /ae prod
Einherji Bridge Crash: Minmatar Fighter crashes into a bridgeprograms used: 3dsMax , ThinkingParticles, Aftereffectswork time : 4 days
bent4: Oh no here he comes!
egyptian water bearer: Credits:- Daz V4- Water ShrineUsed toolchain: 1. Set in Poser - 2. renderd in LuxRender - 3. postwork in Photoshop
Blinded by the light: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5Enjoy!
Poison Cosplay: game character Street Fighter X Tekken
bent2: "Alvin's bike".I have'nt quite learned how to put scratches and more than one texture on surfaces.Brain freeze incoming.
nice picks: here two of my new picks
salute to the ship: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Light Artist
The only survived: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Light Artist
Science Officer: A adaptation, with a variation, of the Cyborg character I'ce been working on... can't decide which texture i prefer to take forward...
bent: thats what this guy is.
Girl with a Horse: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Twisted Brush
Gryphon Attack (Contains Nudity): A female warrior is exploring the mountains. Suddenly she feels a cold wind and she hears a shrieking noise. A gryphon is attacking her! Will she defeat the creature, or will she die?Rendered in DAZ studio, mountains made in Bryce.
Moiras flying: Peter teaches Moira how to fly...
A Cold day: Finally got my graphic card back from repair and since i decided to upgrade de ram from 6gb to 12gb i decided to try and make a snow scene without worrying that i might run out of resources or the graphic card would crash. I'm still learning how to properly work with this program so i can create more realistic images, but with the help of some videos/tutorials and some books i belive that one day i'll get there.Render time: 1h 38min 31sec in Superior QualityResolution: 1920x1080Poligon count: 37,350,402Program used: VUE XStream 10
fight of a twin: these two are fighting a bout a male
Luxus Warrior: As I work with Luxus and try to learn how to use it with the lux render engine I made these wallpapers
dubbletrubbleDD: daz 4.6 is pretty cool.
princess-vs-troll: "off with it's head!"she said gleefully!
The thin blue line: My vision of what a Victorian era lady cop would have looked like.
Final confrontation: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Smile SSS Test: DAZ Skin SSS Shader Test
Preeteens: Studies about preeteen girls - a simple exercise for clothing, posing and lightingI wanted to see, which range af age I can cover with Victoria 4.2.   The character in the background is Victoria 4.2  as a scale in her real size. I take her at 179 cm or 5 feet 9.6 inch).The preeteens are sized down to 78% of Vicktoria 4.2's standard, so the girls are about 140 cm.
Teenage Girls: Four studies about teenage girls - a simple exercise for clothing, posing and lightingThis title might be uninspiring - but it says exactly, why I did it. The Character in the background is Michael 4 as a scale in his real size.The teens are sized down to 92% of Vicktoria 4.2's standard (I take her at 179 cm or 5 feet 9.6 inch), so the downsized teens are about 5 feet 4.8 inch or 164,6 cm. As I looked around I found, this might be a good size for sweet little sixteens.Rendered in Poser Pro 2012, no Postwork
Sexy Izumi:
Tarot Woman: The person this woman is reading the cards for, is not lucky.Rendered in DAZ studio 3, postwork in Gimp
love in the air by elianeck: tks
China Girl by elianeck: tks!
Going Under: It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. (Krishnamurti) Thanks for dropping in, Ed
audi5000: Pretty amped about daz 4.6 and aoa subsurface shader.Maybe my renders will actually start to look good lol! =)
Challenger's Charge:  A picture of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's second most famous leading man, Professor George Edward Challenger. I am think of doing a steampunk type cartoon serial on You Tube featuring my original characters interacting with Challenger, Holmes, Nemo, Quartermain, VanHelsing, John Carter, Tarzan and other heroes of the Victorian/Edwardian era.
Save Our Souls: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5Enjoy!
Girl playing with dolls: This was an experimental piece to see if I could do it. I've never really done anything using child models and small people models before. This isn't my best work (far from it), but I'm happy with how things turned out for the most part. The dolls look great and the little girl looks like she's got a good story going on with them.
Escaping from Fire: Sculptris, Bryce, Twisted Brush
Life is but a circus: Life is but a circus and I am merely a clown trying to amuse............... Thanks for having a look, Ed
Castaway: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
...you should be at home till 8 pm!: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush, Adobe Illustrator
astronaut by elianeck: tks!
Fantasy creatures: I've started creating some Fantasy figures by mixing animals andmy much apreciated Aiko 3 figure.Still don't know how to create an injection file to share them
Recharging: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
athamotel doozy3: MamiferousMamilla!
who wins: Predator vs Alien Queen
beautiful curves: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush
Werewolf: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2414Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 16.492 polygons Mouth & face morphs for Werewolf: -Angry Brow -Eyes Close -Mouth Open -Osckal -Ears Small
Dead: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2415Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 13,076 polygons Includes scythe, as part of the figure. Mouth & face morphs for Dead: -Mouth Open
White Knight: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2413Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 12,422 polygons Includes sword, as part of the figure. Model integrated for other Collection poses (m3, v4, v3)
Bleck Knight: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2412Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 17,616 polygons Includes sword, as part of the figure. Model integrated for other Collection poses (m3, v4, v3)
Military 1940s Style Pinups with a scifi flare: My tribute to the look of the 1940s pinup and the us armed forces with a scifi spin. The first images was the most like a pinup I based it off of. The color of the vehicle was based on that 1940s pinup. The Marine corps hat and the Navy looking shirt I don't remember where I got them I may have bought them or found them for free. If they were freebies and you recognize them please give credit to the owners, and forgive my forgetfullness as to where I got them. They are part of my over flowing runtime. 
smilling with my glass: What's kind feeling do you have about this picture?
Beauty and dangerous: Thanks for viewing.
Thoran: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
athadiner: "Burgertime!"
Watchman: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
martian adventure: by Herminio Nieves @2013
Night Shadow in DAZ Studio 4.6: Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 with no post work.  My last-minute entry for the DAZ "Sheer Greatness" Contest.  See Blender Cycles version of this render at: http://www.sharecg.com/v/69268/view/1/3D-and-2D-Art/Night-Shadow-in-Blender/CyclesCredits:Woman -- DAZ GenesisWoman Textures -- Danae (Renderosity)Hair -- 3Dream & Mairy (DAZ)Shoes -- DX30 (DAZ)Stockings/Socks -- Zev0 & DraagonStorm (DAZ)Car -- Dreamscape (DAZ)Dress -- 4BlueEyes (DAZ)Buildings, Street Scene, Signs -- Poser World
Night Shadow in Blender/Cycles: Created in DAZ Studio and Rendered in blender/Cycles using mcjTeleblender as the exporter.  No post-work.  Special thanks to mCasual for his freeware.  See the DAZ Studio 4.6 version of this render at:http://www.sharecg.com/v/69269/view/1/3D-and-2D-Art/Night-Shadow-in-DAZ-Studio-4.6Credits:Woman -- DAZ GenesisWoman Textures -- Danae (Renderosity)Hair -- 3Dream & Mairy (DAZ)Shoes -- DX30 (DAZ)Stockings/Socks -- Zev0 & DraagonStorm (DAZ)Car -- Dreamscape (DAZ)Dress -- 4BlueEyes (DAZ)Buildings, Street Scene, Signs -- Poser World
Adorable: Thanks for viewing.
Shelter: Made with Daz Studio 4.6 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
I want to see you again:
Falcon's Roost: Used Bryce6.3. An outdoor scene along the river.
Bronz Blue Room: Created using Bryce6.3. One of my Interior scenes.
House Along the River: Created using Bryce6.3.  Always love the river and oceans.
Home Sweet Home: The room of an old warrior. All created with Bryce6.3
Borderland: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & PhotoshopEnjoy!
in the shade: girl on a beach.made with daz studio 4.
Flower of shambles:
nude 8: Thanks for viewing.
Children Of The Damned: Inspired by the song "Children of the Damned" by Iron Maiden
The Walker Witch: Credits:Aged for V4/M4Mavka Witch Hat: Fennja-DesignBackground: AshenSorrowCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
Canadian Geese: Canadian Geese ~ No Post work ~rendered in poserfree to use as you like :) - 1920x1080 300dpi
Black Knight: DAZ Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Twisted Brush
Satisfaction: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
Sylfie and a Dragon: Hollywood movie-like poster
The old man: DAZ Studio, Serif Draw Plus, Gimp
Pirates of the Caribbean: Carrara 8, Adobe Illustrator, Twisted Brush
abomination: Such is tha plight of tha tragic troll.
Missing her (Contains nudity): This man is sad, his nudity symbolises his vulnerability and his loss
Moment in time: Daz Studio 4.5 ProPostwork: Photoshop Cs5
¡Freeze!: Thanks for viewing.
Portrait of a young Girl 2: DAZ Studio,Adobe Illustrator,Twisted Brush
Portrait of a young Girl: Poser Pro,Adobe Illustrator, Twisted Brush
The Meaning of Life (Desert Swimmer): Pink Floyd, The Meaning of Life (Desert Swimmer) by Storm Thorgerson , re-created in Poser Pro 2012 by Paul Sutton - In remembrance of the Album designer Storm Thorgerson (1944-2013) - Storm Thorgerson's pictures created a world of illusions, visual puns, conundrums and strange narratives, often set in a surreal landscape occupied by people and objects carefully composed in seemingly impossible situations.Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: http://www.paulsutton.com/cgiart.html Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Jungle Fight: Our female Spartan hero faces off against a Troll
Barbarian in Diablo: Wondered what the female version of the Barbarian migh have looked like.
Unicorn and Friend: Unicorn with her warrior friend, a quiet moment
Ebony God by elianeck: tks!
Hold on: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
Regal wizard: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
My Muse has departed: Rendered in Poser Pro 2010. Postwork done in Postwork Shop 3.
photo session: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Apophysis,Adobe Illustrator,ACDSee Pro
Portrait III: Thanks for viewing and for your comments and critics. You're very kind.
sweetride: Still learnin those ropes.
The visitor: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
Still got the blues: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
Play With Me: PoserPro 2012
Discarded Love: A very sad situation
Vaginal Tap: The Album art and promo shots latest girl band Vaginal Tap.
Morrigan Aensland Revise: This is a slight revision of my previous Morrigan render, adding a more detail to her hair, wings and costume. Done in Daz studio,reality/luxrender and Photoshop 7
Melancholia: Mel·an·cho·lia noun ˌme-lən-ˈkō-lē-əA mental condition and especially a manic-depressive condition characterized by extreme depression, bodily complaints, and often hallucinations and delusions. When I was setting this picture up I had two mesh lights,in the front and on over her, I Lowered the intenstiy of the front light and liked this image better. It's more dramatic than the first setup.^__^ Done in Daz Studio 4.5,Reality/luxrender and photoshop 7
Not So Fast!: Done in Daz Studio 4.5, Reality 2.5/Luxrender and photoshop 7 Light used: Sunlight costume: Free BloodRayne costume by TerryMcg Hair: Free AMV Hair by Luna_s20
Veronic: Done in Daz Studio 4.5,luxrender and photoshop 7.0
Izumi in Photostudio:
Izumi with longshirt:
Tatoo Girl: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Apophysis, Twisted Brush
Homesick: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
Untitled Awesomeness: I love it when my renders just fall together perfectly and the end result is freaking AWESOME.
On the Rocks: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Twisted Brush
Candle: Pose and lighting with DazStudio Pro 4.5.Rendering Luxrender via Reality 2.5Slight postwork with Gimp to erase fireflies.Candle is a WDJ freebie :) Thanks to him :)
Akrothean Citizens: NOTICE: this image can be viewed and downloaded free from my DeviantArt Galery at (http://jbjdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/). This scene includes the Sanctuary at Akrothea by McGyver and Creech, a free character created by David Haden; you can obtain the Creech model here: (www.yurdigital.com/catalog/1859-creech-stand-alone-poser-figure)
Solar system: DAZ Studio, Bryce, Apophysis
Izumi singing:
Izumi in Sunset:
Izumi standing in the town:
Teddy: Pose and lighting with DazStudio Pro 4.5.Reality 2.5 and LuxRenderGirl: Lindsay by FWArt available on RenderosityTeddy: Kuschelteddy by FreeFashion, available on Renderosity as freestuff Dynamic cloth: BoyFriendSweater, freestuff on OptiTex
Erika: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
In the Fog: DAZ Studio, Bryce
NiteTrainRide: love latenite commutes :D
Indycar Racing #55: Paint in Photoshop, render in 3ds max. DW 2013 paint scheme of the 55 car.
Cat with emerald eyes: Rendered in Poser Pro 2010. No postwork.
Moiras falling...: Peter swoops in to catch Moira
I'll catch you: Peter swoops in to save Moira from a deadly descent.
posing 2: DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush Pro, Light Artist
posing: DAZ Studio, Serif DrawPlus X5
"V": Thanks for viewing.
Make love not war: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Drunk: V4 with some improvements
The Google Machine: I wanted the colored rings to be part of the plastic casing, but I don't understand DAZ's Layered Image Editor feature.Senseo coffee maker: cshpowercord: BionicRooster
roomraidersupriseHD: just 4 laffs =)
Alphas At Work: Getting into using Sixus1's Alphaman, Betaboy and Gammagirl. Also in scene:GINO Godzilla in Name OnlyDAD's TechmechaDaz StudioMy cartoony meteor with flame transparent through a cone.
Fleur solitaire: Daz Studio 4.5 Pro & Photoshop
Flowers in the rain: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Making way under red skies: This graphic uses ankherman's The Sea for Bryce and Jed's excellent Bryce schooner.  Easy to duplicate or do better than, with a lil' help from friends at ShareCG...
girl with a hat: DAZ Studio, Light Artist
the end, or...: Bryce
under the sea: Bryce, DAZ Studio, Twisted Brush
fishes: Bryce
The Electric Eel: Greetings! CGers! Thanks for stopping by to look at my latest art endeavor!  This is another Pulp-O-Mizer title created at http://thrilling-tales.webomator.om/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html; a website created by artist Bradley  W. Schenk, which lets you create vintage style comic book covers.  This particular cover depicts a tale about an adroid mafioso who operates in a corrupt Disel Punk envisioning of Chicago, ruled by robber barons, corrupt cops, and bootleggers.  If you like the work please visit the site in the link above.  Special thanks and credit to Bradley W. Schenck for providing the site and the original content.*All Rights Reserved, because I didn't originate the concent.
VOGUE: FASHION HEAD SHOT,Poser-8 high-end render in poser-8. also CS-3 Photoshop work...........
Dust to dust: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop
Behind the mask: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Incredible ShareCG Artists from Outer Space: One of our users pointed me to Pulp-O-Mizer a neat and cleaver online tool that lets you create your own vintage comic covers.  This is the result of 2 minutes of poking around.   Check it out .. it's lots of fun.
Blue Shark out of Water: Krystal never was much of a big deep thinker before joining the fleet. Her People are still very primitive compared to the other races, very much like stone age culture if she was Human. However since being exposed to the vast wonders of space over the years, shes had time to think more, and... reflect on her life and if theirs more to it then sleep, eat, fight and look for a mate. She wonders what it would be like to be more... To be more advanced. Krystal Blade is made from V4 and is compatable with A4 morphs as wellhttp://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=23140
Kimiko at Night: New Character I have over up at Content Paradise. Kimiko is a 1 tailed Kitsune (fox-spirit) who was once a part of an ancient race of living on a hidden island off the coast of Japan. She is also a very crafty Kunoichi (Female ninja), who lends her talents to those in need of them in the human world, but her talents don't come cheaply. Always on the go with very few of her kind left, she feels she has no place to fit in. Hopefully she can fit in with your Runtime folder. Kimiko is a character prop and morph set for the Kitsune Female figure available here at Content paradise. Compatable with many pose packs and looks great in many stealth and Mystical type renders.This is Kimiko, the Kitsune Kunoichi (female ninja) and shes a Prop and morph character set, for Sixus1 (now Smith Micro's) Kitsune Female. Weapons, new clothes, new texture.. Good for Fantasy renders. You can see her here: http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=23145
DaBigPile: Poser shenanigens.
Entrance: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Shut down: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis )
Eva: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Infiltrator Exposed: Robot has been uncovered, and no attacks her unseen exposer.
Fall in The Dark side: DAZ3D,3DS max
Tenderly: Thanks for viewing.
The Women of Mars: Hello follow ShareCGers.  Welcome to my fifth pulp cover design from Pulp-O-Mizer! The website that lets you build custom vintage style magazine covers, courtesy of Bradley W. Schenck.This particular cover portrays a product for an adult audience.  These magazines were normally men's action/adventure types and usually contained material of a more graphic and explicit nature.  They were referred to as 'sweats' and rather than being printed on pulp were normally printed on higher quality gloss paper earning them the name 'slicks'.  This particular concept involves Earth being invaded by a race of Martian 'Amazons'.  And from the cover's tagline 'No Earthman is safe', as well as the gun the specimin depicted is holding, we can assume that they aren't particularly randy....(Ever felt like your gal didn't understand you, guys?  Ever feel like you didn't understand her?)Special thanks again to Bradley W. Schenck for the original content of Pulp-O-Mizer, found here:http://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html*Please note that this all rights reserved.
Doctor Echo: Greetings!  Welcome to another installation of my pulp cover series.  this cover portrays another of the vast and varied number of inexpensive adventure comics created for young audiences.  This particular one deals with the titular scientist hero attempting to defeat his arch enemy, an evil inventor, and rescue his long lost daughter.Special thanks to Bradley W. Schenck at pulp-o-mizer for the website and original content.  http://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html*all rights reserved since this is not my original work.
gravball Heroes: Hello again and welcome to another edition of my pulp comic series.  These covers were created using a website called pulp-o--mizer created by artist Bradly W. Schenck. This cover could come from any number of boys' and young teens' action adventure comics from the 30s and 40s.  The 'story' portrays a group of aerial athletes in a high tech game drawn into a mystery adventure.  Special thanks to Bradley W. Schenck for the design of the website, here,http://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html*Please note that this an all rights reserved work
Cryonics-Secret to Immortality?: Welcome friends!  This is the second in my series of pulp magazine covers created with pulp-o-mizer.  Another 'non fiction' styled magazine, this is a parody of such science magazines as 'Discover' and 'Omni', but it deals with wildly improbable up and coming technology and is presented as real scientific facts on the very cutting edge of science.Special to thanks to Bradley W. Schenck, designer and primary artisthttp://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.html*Please note that to protect the original design of the site this work is all rights reserved.
Make Antimatter at Home: This is the first of a series of pulp comic cover art I created using a website called pulp-o-mizer.  The site allows you to create an array of vintage style comic book covers in virtually endless styles.  This particular design portrays a lighthearted parody of technical magazines such as Popular Science and Popular Mechanics.  The articles advise and advocate the reader to perform a number of potentially extremely hazardous madcap experiments and projects 'at home'- without giving any safety advise or forewarning of the consequences!Cover Title and Artwork are provided by the site.  All other text is original.If you like this work then try it yourself!  Here's the link!  http://thrilling-tales.webomator.com/derange-o-lab/pulp-o-mizer/pulp-o-mizer.htmlSpecial thanks to Bradley W. Schenck, artist and site designer.*All rights reserved is used since I did not design the original artwork myself.
Mikaela Last Render: My virtual model in your last update of polygons and textures
Not the Eight Ball again...: You think i would have had one of these in my inventory by now..... no!   So i quickly made this one in Wings3D. 
ThaDuke: A numba 1.
Sitting Girl: DAZ Studio, Bryce
The Storm: Bryce
The Beach: Bryce, Twisted Brush Pro Studio
Portrait: Made in DAZ Studio and detailed in Twisted Brush Pro Studio
village girl: citizen of tha urban metropolis
The Stone Bridge: Made in Bryce and detailed in Twisted Brush Pro Studio
Funny Girl: This portrait was made in DAZ Studio and detailed in Twisted Brush Pro Studio
oops I got a run: rendered in PP2012 free pin up to use as you like
Lara Croft ispiration: Some image i create ispired by the new Lara Croft
Waiting for you: Eddie is waiting for somebody to join him for some fun. Who voluntier? ^_^
Venus: She Is a goddess!
Curious Thing in the Woods: Curosity is a good thing....right?
I Hope You Dance: Thanks for viewing.
Wrath: "Go home, open up the paper and start jumping up and down by the wife holding the winning ticket…..well next weeks ticket (except with last nights winning numbers! “Honey, you’re never going to f**** believe this, look at these numbers in the paper, now look at this ticket I got yesterday”. Let her think you guys won several millions for a few minutes……….."That was the last straw....!
She+ Bot by elianeck: Carraratks!
Ravine: This is my interpretation of the small ravines that cut through the sandstone cliffs and open to the ocean. Everything was created in Vue 10, no postwork.
~Rachel Black~: This was an experiment with a single HDRI light for both diffuse and specular reflections. It helped bringing out details that usually tend to look flat. Figure is V4. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Kids: How cute...she's consoling him.
Hell Demon: Self explanatory - the tree is one nasty creature to have to deal with. It's arms will crush you without working up a sweat! Luckily, he's on another planet, but stay away of you run across him.
Chess Game: Rhe Demonoid and the Alien (from the movie of the same name) are havng a civilized game of chess.Image created in Poser.
Path of Unspeakable Evil: The prelude:
The Lady of Shalott: Poser 9, Photoshop CS4. Uses my free water plane!
Graffiti Graffiti On The Wall...: ... who is the fairest of them all?Well Victoria 4.2 of course...Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane 1.1Michael's outfit: basic T-shirt & trainers - Pants: Truck Clothing Set (Predatron) - hair: Neftis Historical curlsWall: new graffiti wall (Richabri)Aerosols: Sylon Spray (McGyver)backpack: Thierry Perrain
Bright Blades: Don't mess!
Azumi d'amore: Another scene in my Ladies of DAZ series. This one was made using the Chambre d'Amore set again by Bluebird 3D. Uses Azumi for Genesis character. DAZ 3D and post work in Photoshop.
Penthesileia at the Gate of Ilium: The  fierce queen of the Amazons fought bravely in the defence of Troy before she and her followers were slain by the brutal Achilles; though he came to regret it deeply.
Chicas duras: Thanks for viewing. I appreciate your comments and critics.
KO!: oh my.
Peter Pan versus The Wyvern: As Peter frees Moira from her cell, they are confronted by the Beast of the Lair...The Wyvern.
Redemption: A simple experiment in the Poser 9 cloth room, creating a dynamic cloth to create the veil. Hope y'all like it! My first art post on ShareCG.
On top of the mountain: Just a really quick render to test the power of my new iMac... wow. So much faster than my old iMac, even the cloth room is faster!
Alone by elianeck: tks!
The Legend of Alewives Dagge: The Legend of Alewives Dagger Now playing on yotube and in the animation section of sharecg.comhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSTcTFEh0T4
Tropical River: created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; minor postwork in Paintshop Pro X5;
Wadjet: The snake goddess of Uper Egypt, rep[resented as a cobra in the crown of the Pharaohs
ArounFamousTown: Reminded me of a place in Connecticut =)
Face Ball by elianeck: reality 2Daztks!
Cyber Grampa by elianeck: tks!
Jenny's First Date: NOTICE: this image can be viewed and downloaded free from my DeviantArt Galery at (http://jbjdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/). Thank you for viewing, commenting and rating. Created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; minor postwork in Paintshop Pro X5; character and room from DAZ3D; Dress by Wilmap (http://www.sharecg.com/v/68265/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/Genesis-Long-Frilled-Dress); dress texture by Eblank99 (http://www.sharecg.com/v/68277/gallery/21/DAZ-Studio/For-Long-Frilled-Dress/Genesis)
Naoki and Valerie on the Runway: Latest entry in my Ladies of DAZ series.  This one uses Naoki and Valerie and the Fashion Catwalk set.
Flower Fractal/Transparent Background: A Fractal for use as a background must have a Background added as it is a PNG.Conditions:This may be used in any/ all personal or Commercial use. link back to me tho. You can NOT Claim this work as your own or sell this unless modified in your own work!!!!
ThaBlackEmbrace: Aiko3 toon
babymamabigtyme: Another composite.
bangintimeXL: And now for something comepletely different!....not really.TnA is everywarr.
Silent Hill Dark Nurse: Made this scene in Wings3D and textured it before rendering my character here.Used point light and spotlights only here. Rendered in DS3. The lighting glow and lens flare was added in PS.
Silent Hill Nurse: Well my version of one anyway....
Peter Defends Maggie: Take one step closer & i'll run you through!
Classy Kiva: This is kiva, a FREE character made by the talented ArtXtreme101 at DeviantArthttp://artxtreme101.deviantart.com/art/FREE-Kiva-V4-Face-Morph-360667431?q=gallery%3Aartxtreme101&qo=0Done in Daz Studio 4.5,Reality/luxrender and photoshop 7
Silent Hill: Really enjoyed making these skins and props for this image.Fan Art.
Pyramid Head: Thought i would revisit this character and see about finishing him off. Made two versions of this headware and may even try another before i am satisfied. Any ideas?
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Animated) promo: This is the promo image for my latest animation, you can view the animation here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMgz_FJGYKs
Do Not Hire Blondes! -HD-: The office revisited.MrSparky's new freebie: SHREDDER. (OMG, now I have to find me a new iPad AND a new office girl; nice going MrSparky!)Vickies outfit: School Girl Uniform for Aiko 4Glamour Hair: Lisbeth Nglasses: Ptropeshredder: SparkyworldiPad: Drakelot3D (Drake Pad)desk: eleleCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
ondablock: Brings back memories...of getting drunk...then arrested. =)
The mechanic: Thanks for viewing.
nude 7: Thanks for viewing.
BurninRubbasCrewBallas: "Is it ova?"After outridin "ThaPottyApocalypse"  the BurninRubbasCrew start their day!!!
Golden Princess: This was an Idea that popped into my head while playing around with Luxus Render in Daz 4.5 The Character is a dial of many morphs for basic Genesis female. The texture is the Megan texture from Edson's Megan morph which appears to be removed now. 
Brutal turtle: https://sketchfab.com/show/gggeZNW3Ldk7uBGLhFbXUwc991yBrutal turtle for 3d maxA brutal monster turtle to invade your scene. Will he make your village his new home or will he retreat back ? You decide what happens!•All body parts are fully poseable. •Includes separate "Katana" prop•high quality textures  8192x8192 ,material v-ray sss2Mouth & face morphs:-Eyes Close-Mouth Open 
the ring is mine: poser 8,terradome from runtimedna
Peter Pan:
soapinureyebigtyme: Who wants a bath?...."THEPooP"thats who!
Terminator: searching the city
Michelle: Girl and a gun :)Alicia by vyktohria: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/alicia-for-v4/91168/ in  Ravenous' Industrial Chamber :http://www.sharecg.com/v/62268/gallery/11/Poser/Industrial-Chamber. J Series machineguns by slide 3d  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/slide3d-j-weapon-and-poses-/90266. Longshirt by Supernova http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/longshirt/98195/ KookNFat V4 Ruffle Pumps http://www.daz3d.com/v4-ruffle. 3D Celebrity Hampton Hair http://www.daz3d.com/hampton-hair. Muzzle-flash http://www.sharecg.com/v/59008/gallery/11/Poser/Muzzle-flash-for-3-d-c--Combat. Lights http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/photostudio-by-3-d-c/76519
nothing special: nothing special daz fotosketcher
Tzolixira, DragonSlaughterer: Vickies outfit: Semi Modern Asgardian Hero for M4: joequickShe-Freak V4: DAZ&pdxjimsHerdbeast: ValandarCreated in: DAZ3d, rendered in 3Delight.
nude 6: Victoria 4.2.Face morph: Kayla by Pixeluna (beautiful!!).I suggest the view in full size. Thanks for your comments and critics.
bathtimebigHD: somebody needs to WIPE!
Dark-DnaHD: Spawned from tha darkest regions of the Unknown!
Evening cruise: 3d car on street in the evening
Alysa's Photo Shoot: In an effort to experiment more with lighting, here is another entry in my Ladies of DAZ series. This one made in DAZ Studio using Fashion Studio set by Maclean and Alysa character by Valea. Post work in Photoshop.
Extreme voyeur: Thanks for viewing.
Whale Island: This was the result of getting used to a new ( Vue10 "sort of free"  in 3D Artist # 50) software package.It took awhile to render but was worth it.
Zoey d'amore: So first off, I have to give major credit to Bluebird 3D for this one. This scene is built using the Chambre d'Amore set and it is a truly amazing piece complete with a great light preset and pose. As the name implies, scene also uses Zoey for Genesis. Color adjustments and post work in Photoshop.
boominsystemHDwide: O_o dabomb
CallofDooDy: time to drop a deuce.
9to5@thacarshow: This girl was working so hard I figured I'd keep her company.=]
The Three Faces of Eve: The Three Faces of Eve is a 1957 American film adaptation of a case study by Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley. It was based on the true story of Chris Costner Sizemore, also known as Eve White, a woman who suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Sizemore's identity was concealed in interviews and this film, and was not revealed to the public until 1975.Eve White is a timid, self-effacing wife and mother who has headaches and occasional blackouts. Eventually she is sent to see a personality psychiatrist, and while under hypnosis her "alter personality", wild, fun-loving Eve Black, discloses herself. Eve Black knows everything about Eve White, but Eve White is unaware of Eve Black. With Eve Black on the loose, Eve White's husband leaves her and abandons their daughter, Bonnie. Eve White is sent to an asylum after Eve Black tries to kill Eve White's daughter.Under hypnosis at one session, a third personality appears, the relatively stable Jane. After discovering the cause of her disorder, Jane is gradually able to remember everything that has ever happened to all three personalities. When Luther asks to speak with Eve White, they discover that Eve White and Eve Black no longer exist. All three personalities are once again a single whole. She marries a man named Earl whom she met when she was Jane and reunites with her daughter Bonnie. (If you read this far, at least it has a happy ending!) Updated and re-rendered March 2013. Concept & Pose by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
The Fine Art of Dying. No.1 Drowning: The Fine Art of Dying - No.1 Drowning - Concept & Pose by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Multiple Personality Disorder: Concept by me, otherwise, All done in Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5 just for touch up on the hair! All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Dead Hungry: Changed and made texture by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Just practicing: credits:Jazlyn: 3DUniverseJazlyn's outfit: Genesis Workout Clothing by: Kimberrollerskates: tentmanNew Graffiti Wall: Rick Bridenbaker (Richabri)Created in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
Screen test shots: These screen test shots are from a new pirate animation I am doing. soon to be released in a couple more weeks.
Aiko on the Beach: Decided to try doing some swimsuit type shots. So this is the first in a new series that I will call the "Ladies of DAZ." This one is Aiko the Geisha and made with the Tropical Island from Andrey Pestryakov.
BeholdThaPooP!: "All is not well at the Waste Treatment Plant.There is a bubble in the bile,a fever in the fecal matter.Something vile!You have to look!!!....IT'S....."THA PooP"!!!That which lurks inside us all waiting to STRIKE!One thing is for sure ....it's hungry.HUNGRY for REVENGE!!!Just when you thought it was safe to flush the toilet.Talk about your TOXIC WASTE!This guy is POISON!Dark DNA spawned a dump so big it HURTS!!!LORD of tha FLIES Indeed!!!watta stench!"
burninrubbasHD: "To tha Hutch!"
LUCY -LIU(The dragons slayer)by Silviu Caraba: Created in Iclone 5 Pro
waiting for you: the devils waiting
More Dancers: Boogaloo time!
Dancers: Some Aiko models doing the "boogaloo".
Eagle Wallpaper: asART. 3D & motion graphics :: Wallpaper-----------------------------------------------------------Wallpaper created in Photo Shop CS6 using our "Abstract Shapes".You can download the "Abstract Shapes" collection for free on our website.DOWNLOAD HERE:http://goo.gl/znLH3 Visit our WEBSITE:http://www.as-art.chLike us on FACEBOOK:http://www.as-art.ch/facebookFollow us on TWITER:http://www.as-art.ch/twitterThank you! 
Walk in the Park: A set of characters and textures from an old project for Little One. It didn't quite work out as I hoped, but some of my textures are available on here.<:==================================:>Little One by 3DreamGray Day textures by eBlankcharacters & textures by SemicharmXmas by 3DreamSpringtime textures by Panthia custom mats by SemicharmSun by 3DreamPurple Paradise by SemicharmDressy by KarthDressy Purple by SemicharmSensible Shoes 2 by HeadkaseChic texture by DarkAngelGraficsLongHair Evo, Short Hair Evo & Koz Pony by KozaburoKozPonyTail texture by WenkePark bench by Poserworld
Good companions: An image of my "virtual myself", with some lovely friends
window: Thanks for viewing. I appreciate your comments and critics.
Cyber fat woman by elianeck: tks
QuadoHD: Quado is an ATV that is gold...ish.
frontsteps: Skydomes do not work well for me....=(
Take a seat ...: I began with a rustic chair and it became a whole set. I intend to post the whole set at sharecg, but there are still some bugs. Almost ready ..,Rendered in Poser Pro 2012, no postwork.
sunrise over the mountain: made in cinema 4d
Turbine room: made in cinema 4d
HPLish: A Lovecraft-inspired creature ... WIP(Organica. Hexagon. 3D Coat. ZBrush. Photoshop.)
fanboyz: "Always in trouble"
Easter Bunny Apocalypse: Decided to do something a bit light hearted for my Zombie series. Although her claws might suggest otherwise. Made with DAZ Studio and post work in Photoshop. This one uses the Church Scene by Merlin and zombies by Smay as well as Genesis bunny girl.
Beyond the Farthest Star: "Captain's log, stardate 90856.29.I have no idea where we are. Not the best way to start a log entry, I know. But every astrogation instrument we have on-board has tossed a fit because they can't locate any recognizable stellar landmarks. I can say for certain though, we are well outside the confines of Federation space. Hell, we are way outside the confines of our galaxy."OMGWTFBBQ! Giant image!So, I decided to revisit ~JamieTakahashi's Avenger Class Starship - Mark I and see what I could do with it. It's a nice little model, easy on the system, and I didn't want to see it fade away. So, I did my best to pretty it up a little with upgraded textures, bump maps, displacement maps and specular maps. Smoothed out a couple of it's rough edges, and smacked it a couple of times cause it didn't want to behave in the editor.I took a couple of artistic liberties when it came to color scheme, but with this angle and light you really can't see all that I changed any way.And so, here she is. The U.S.S. Ranger(NX-101469).I got the name from an Edgar Rice Burroughs book entitled Beyond the Farthest Star.Render Resources:~JamieTakahashi - Avenger Class Starship Mark IGalaxy image - found on the internet, presumably a NASA/Hubble image. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Screen Pop: So this piece was my contest entry over at DAZ for the Britney challenge in March.Trivia - A screen pop is a feature of a computer telephony integration (CTI) application that automatically displays all of the relevant caller and account information on a call center agent's screen during a call.Made with DAZ and post work in Photoshop.
Azazello: http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=22999- character"Azazello"- Props "Weaponry pickax"polys: 23062verts: 24823- Mouth & face morphs for character Azazello:-mouth open-oskal-brow up-close eyes-nos-smile-back teeth
ritethurr: wideload!  XD
Flower of Pandora: V4 with X&M-morphs and my skin shaders, Dione Hair, Dragonfly Necklage by Exnem, Sky Island and some plants More of my art at http://eroticartzone.com/
dreamdate2: at tha car show!
Kaifa ir-ch'Rihan t'Jarok: So, I was having a sleepless night, and this image came to mind. Really, I've been wanting to do one like this for a long while, but only now did I actually get around to doing it. So I guess you could call this a character card thing, I don't know. But yeah, here you go, Kaifa ir-ch'Rihan t’Jarok the Romulan(oh my god, she has a full name!).Render resources:Mylochka - Hair, skin, uniform top.DopiusFishius - Uniform pantsknight776 - Romulan Brow Ridge.Star Trek Online - Background image. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Bilire-ahi i-Mol'Rihan t'Dor: So, I was having a sleepless night, and this image came to mind. Really, I've been wanting to do one like this for a long while, but only now did I actually get around to doing it. So I guess you could call this a character card thing, I don't know. But yeah, here you go, Bilire-ahi i-Mol'Rihan t'Dor the Romulan.Render resources:Mylochka - Hair, skin, uniform top.DopiusFishius - Uniform pantsknight776 - Romulan Brow Ridge.bluto - Sexy hawt Romulan disruptor.Star Trek Online - Background image. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
three part 2 by elianeck: reality 2
Aiko Angel: A variant of Daz's Aiko character atop a highrise.
an unexpected visitor: not what you expect to see at the birdbath in the garden! Preparing my garden for spring, I  was reminded of those clasic victorian fairy photos, and decided to try something along those lines.  The backdrop actually IS my garden, though the scene would be improved with a high-rez plumage texture, if I can find one...
"I love my job": Best view in full size. I appreciate critics and comments. Thanks for viewing.
Predator vs. The Zombie Apocalypse: The Hunter looked down in wonder at the still moving head of his prey....curious. This planet might prove to be a worthy challenge.Another in my Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse series. Big thanks to Swidhelm for the amazing Hunter poser model. This scene also uses Stonemason's Back Alley and of course, Zombie textures by Smay. Made in DAZ Studio and post word in Photoshop.
Three by elianeck: tks!
Harlequin: A bit on the sinister side.
The Law of Surrender: When the captive became defiantly obstinate it became apparent that Layla Shangri found a certain pleasure in wielding the two-handed staff. A brutal shove of the glowing red-tipped pike into the small of Maimos' back sent shockwaves of hot coals through her frame amid the sickening smell of charred flesh. Falling, she avowed herself from showing any outward discomfort. Inside though, she was desperately searching for a connection to the infinate without success as she scanned her surroundings for signs of psionic dampening technology.
In the Fires of Sorrow: Maimos turned her thoughts to Sojourner. His image within her mind's eye was a balm to her. The lines of worry eased from her temples. The pain throughout her body fled away as a quick flash of light opened the future upon her. The infinite descended and then was gone. She accepted the vision of seeing her beloved no more.
A Dark and Fragrant Truth: For his part, Sojourner was in no hurry to break the stillness of the moment as he gazed upon Maimos Shadiyay Truth. Despite the unsettling news from the Guardianship his attention was focused elsewhere as he took in the sight of the lovely form of his wife. She was astonishingly beautiful as she lay below him surrounded by candles upon the steps of the Scuola. Folds of inticate zardosi silk brocade and twenty-two carat gold threaded gown parted along her midriff to reveal a body as dark and fragrant as the trade spice of the Orient.
DreamDate: I got it pretty bad for SaintsRow.lol.
Queen by elianeck: Carraratks
gatecrashers: party time in space!
Granny's secret album II: I´ve made some small changes. I hope it was improved. Thanks for viewing.
Wooden Box: Custom Wooden Box
Granny's secret album: Thanks for viewing. Comments and critics are welcomed.
3D Creations: 3D Models made in Rhino3D
Sea Creature: A Creature made in Sculptris
Running Duo 2: More of the fantasy figures running through a desert plain
SNOW WHITE Created by Silviu Caraba in ICLONE 5: Created by me in ICLONE 5 PRO...
nude 5:
igotthis: Quick composite.
Hunters: Daz Studio 4.5 Pro (Genesis)Postwork: Photoshop Cs5
Skyline Pool: A shot from the Skyline Pool atop the Rivieria Paradise Hotel in Mid-Town CityCenter. Guests and groupies awaiting the arrival of Orbital Sound's death pop rocker Rage DeMaul and the Destroying Angel after a showcase performance in the Dystopia nightclub's Meridian Room. 
GameHoney: Inspired by my SaintsRowTheThird game avatar.
Generation Gap: Not if you were the last man alive grandad.Here's me again in 80's gear being rejected by the younger set.
Sweet Meg: Daz 4.5 and some postwork in psp. I appreciate your comments and critics to improve my work. Thanks for viewing.
Running Duo: Just mesing around with two fantasy characters.
MdudeZero: Place your name here.
inthahood: it's a beautiful day...
My genie: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Phatty!: Sweet meet.
She's Screwed: Thanks for looking
Turan Tank: Škoda Š-II-c (T-21) adopted by Hungary  and produced as Turán Tank in WWII.  Tank is not finished yet, inside no details and not textured. I have a plan to make a Poser Props Turan. About tank please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/40M_Tur%C3%A1n_IWill soon in Poser , and all  variants  too.
Medusa vs The Zombie Apocalypse: One by one the Zombies turned to face the stone cold gaze of the serpent queen.  One by one they all turned to stone...except...
nude 4: Not so classic, a little more contemporary, hope you like it. Thanks for viewing.
goodnite: Been putzin around with this guy for a while.
mei'hswei - Brother: A blend of various photo editing software, paint programs and Poser8.  The Predator is Swidehlm's Wolf Hunter.
BoomBabySupriseHD: PlasmaGrenadeExplosion
The Artist: Thanks for looking
Point Blank: New entry in my Zombie Apocalypse series. Made with DAZ 3D and post work in Photoshop. This one uses Stalker Girl and Zombies by Smay.
M-2: Bryce7,ds4.
M-1: Bryce7,ds4
Rapunzel: Rapunzel - My favorite Disney character, Texture by Mylochka for MFD
Dead or Alive: My second entry from the Stonemason contest at DAZ.  Made with DAZ 3D and postwork in Photoshop.
The Impostor: My first entry from the Stonemason contest at DAZ.  Made with DAZ 3D and postwork in Photoshop.
Get Back: thanks for looking
nude 3: Thanks for viewing. I appreciate comments and critics.
purediva: what just happened?
Gold n Brown (contains Nudity!): Rendered in DAZ studio 4, postwork in Gimp.
thabossbabe: I need to get laid.
rushour: menace b4 tha grave.
Satanic Initiation: As the title says,but with modifications,as no site would accept the original.
Two Sides One Destiny: Two sides of the same coin. Zyrrin and Zrenseen. Zrenseen is a clone of Zyrrin's DNA.The interesting thing is, Zyrrin is a dark sider, on the republic side. Zrenseen is a light sider, on the imperial side. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Dark Side: Well, yet another Star Wars image. And to think, I've never played the Old Republic MMO. I saw the general saber design in a picture a long time ago, and I wanted to do something similar. So, behold! My first Sith character! Rawer!She doesn't really have a name, or a story. I just wanted to do a Sith for some reason. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Starfleet Engineer: A simple image I did. No fancy super story, just something I worked on for the last two days adding small things here and there and adjusting things. Figured I would call it done now before a lightsaber found it's way into the scene. Yes, it took me two days to complete. Took me only an hour or so to actually render this version(there are three). Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Birth of a Legend: That was actually faster than I thought. Thanks to a friend who wishes to remain nameless in regards to things like this, I actually got a new computer. Really new. So new in fact that I was able to revisit a previous image I wasn't happy with before. I'm willing to bet that y'all remember The Birth of a Legend. Well, this is the upgraded version done in DAZ Studio and with all the mapping and textures that were missing in the previous image.I'm quite a bit happier with this image, but it's still not perfect. I'll probably work on it some more later. For now I'm just happy y'all get to see most of what I intended in this image. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Lutter l'Ange: My main character in the online game World of Warcraft.An experiment in getting shadows into a real world environment. I would say it came out rather well, but if any of you who see this have any better suggestions on it, please drop a comment about it.And I know, I suck with snowflakes. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Cardona's Escape: Cardona Eeffoc makes another return. You might notice her cybernetic arm this time, as opposed to earlier pictures where I made the claim that it was covered by advanced synthetic skin(Like Luke). While this makes for a good story, I thought I would create all new textures for the model to include her arm.This is actually the second version of this image. However, the first image was submitted to a site that requires approval for all images. And after reading some of the forum posts on the forums connected to that site, I get the feeling that my image will end up getting denied because of a large hatred of Poser(and by extension Daz Studio). So after a few modifications, I'm putting it up here for others to see.Personally, I liked the original image. It came out way better, but it would have required a mature content filter, and I try to avoid that with my art here. Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Jedi Fox + Cat: The Jedi Fox, Salarin makes a return, and this time she has a friend. The Jedi Cat Mrewna.After the first jedi fox image, I started working on another image that I could use as a desktop image. And realized that half the screen was blank with just her, so I gave her a friend.The hardest part for this image was the fact the Mrewna's lightsaber passed behind her ear, and so I couldn't just do a "cover all with blade" like I could with Salarin.Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Fox Jedi: I was a little hesitant about uploading this image. But I figured what the hey.Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Invasion: thanks for looking --- credit to herminio for use of 3d model metro city
"Hi sweety, come to kill you": Thanks for viewing. Comments and critics are welcomed.
Walking in the fields: Antonia taking a walk in the fields, where my girlfriend and I take a walk sometimes too
PlayDAZ Magazine. Out now at your local newsstand: April edition; bigger than ever.- newsstand (American/Canadian English)- newsagent's shop (British English)- newsagency (Australian English)Victoria: DAZBunny outfit: Billy TCreated in DAZ3d, rendered in 3Delight.
Hallo World: This is an image of a city of the future expressing the world of my novel.It is the first contribution. Still thanking you in advance.I am sorry that I am not good with English.
Vigilante: A vigilante character, thanks for having a look
HOME: Galaxy
Dangerous liaisons: The kiss: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5 
Watching: Concept/Pose by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Fix Me: Based around a Trevor Brown image....Changed Textures/Morph/Pose & by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Guinevere had Green Eyes: Changed Textures/Morph/Pose & Concept by me, otherwise Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Light Exposure: Lighting/Concept/Pose by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Checking Herself Out: Textures/Morph/Pose by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Allure II: My second attempt "Allure II" with better lighting and SSS Poser Pro Skin Texture.... Changed Textures/Morph/Pose & Concept by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Fembot Detected: Changed Textures & Concept by me, otherwise Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Make Love Not War Men!: Little Plastic Toy Soldiers....Changed Textures/Morph/Pose & Concept by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
22nd Century Eyes: Introducing Canon's Zoom Contact lenses 1:3.5-5.6 II. Re-Rendered March 2013...Lighting/Concept/Pose by me, otherwise, Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Skin Texture by Blackhearted (couldn't have done it without it) All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
The Nurse: I had a visit to the hospital recently and this one nurse caught my attention. Not so much in this sexy way, but she loved those needles so much, i would imagine her with an arsenal of them. Anytime she would call my way, i would scamper out of bed and always be wanting to visit the showers. Coward you say.....you did not see those needles. I hope she never sees this image..... she would give me a needle for this too.Rendured in DS3. Textures for glass window made in Photoshop.
crash&burn: OMG.This is getting harder.
Teleport: wings3d,bryce,ds4...
Teleport2: wings3d,bryce,ds4...
Miku (Nudity): The scene created with DAZ Studio 4.5, export to Blender and rendered (Cycles). For export to Blender, I used mCasual's mcjTeleBlender script.
Wonder Woman: She can deflect bullets and kick ass but she still needs to breath.
nude 2:
Karate Girl Adventures - Animation Promo: Karate Girl Adventures - A Sisterly Rivalry - Girls will be girls.  Something fun created with Poser Pro 2012Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5R15sozyHo I have the animation posted in the animation section of sharecg.com
Be My Victim: This new piece was made in honor of Clive Barker, the author whose impact in my life has been immeasurable and whose work continues to inspire me everyday. This render is based on the film Candyman. Made with DAZ Studio 3D and postwork done in Photoshop.
I must not fear: "I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear's path, and only I will remain. "(Paul Atreides in "Dune", 1984) Tyrannopendra (Monster) modeled and textured in Hexagon and available for DAZ-Studio and Poser in my Gallery.
nude 1: Thanks for viewing. I appreciate your comments and critics.
MassTransitHD: Patience is a virtue I do not have.Long render times suck.lol
Aiming: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
On the run: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Trying to survive: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Just when you thought you were safe: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Love making: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
S.C.-08: Wings3d,bryce 7...no postwork
Zhian-lou Warrior: Zhian-lou warrior 安楼Mongloid Spiked Knight armor: MongloidMylin V4: RebelmommyFeather Hawk: AprilYSHMillennium horse: DAZVelvet and Fur shaders for DAZ Studio: DiYaniraCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight.
Tammy's First Pegasus - caution: nudity: Tammy may be a bit of a hellion, but what father doesn't dote on his little girl? And now that she's got her license, what better gift can Satan give his demoness daughter than the freedom of the skies on her very own pegasus-girl?
Rapsody in blue: Thanks for viewing. I appreciate your critics and comments
It's bigger on the inside: Basically, I'm using this as a promo to announce a series of Doctor Who inspired images in the future. Spread out over [Insert time-line here], you will see an entire season of a brand new Doctor. Announcing now: Caitlyn Sandsmark, companion to The Doctor!Tools: Daz Studio 4.5Paint.net
Backstreets: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
fight2: this is the second part of the series fight
fight: this is part 3 of the series fight 0ne
Karate girl Adventures: These are a few test shot scenes from an animation I am working on called Karate girl Adventures - Sister Rivalry Hopefully I should have it completed in a few more days.
dancing legs by elianeck: Mercenary Mask render in Carrara I use the really good mask here : http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/mercenary-masks/97686/
robot by elianeck: play in Posertks
newReality2 scene WOOHOO!: makin sum progress =]
Halt: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Galactic Runway: Tools:- Daz Studio 4.5- Paint.netSo, this is me experimenting with stuff. As in, really experimenting. Not my best, but I learned a few things from what to do and what not to do. Still, it ended up pretty enjoyable to watch, wouldn't you agree?
Angry: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Il moro di Venezia: L'odio di Iago nella Venezia dei Dogi
Heaven can wait: Thank you for kooking in on me
Karabas: http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=22859Mouth & face morphs: -Smile -Brow Up -Eyes Close -Mouth Open -Beard Up -Speaking -Mustache Up -Close Eye Right Figure will accept poses designed for M3, V3, M4, and V4. Textures for the body, cap, head, hair, and teeth.
The Faerie Handmaidens: ...Peaseblossom! Cobweb! Moth! and Mustardseed!
The last of us: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( 2xGenesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Mummy: Every bad boy loves his mum....
sexy princess: yeah she is.
lord mungus: ryhmes with fungus.
On Winter vacation: This is the place to be on winter vacation :)LOOK! no tan lines : D
My savior: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Therian Wolf Symbol: I think the reason I made this is self-explanatory... You can get it 3D printed on Sculpteo here: http://www.sculpteo.com/en/print/therian-wolf-symbol-necklace/4Mt6Jtbh
Gynoid Wars: Something went wrong with the programming of my gynoids...Spaceship Corridor by: 3-d-cFire effects: Chris SchellRobot parts: By myself
Morning swim: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Titania: I am a spirit of no common rate; The summer still doth tend upon my state;
Chaos: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Strange Cowgurls: Fanciful cowpunchers and outlaws
Strange Cowgurls: Like I said: "Strange".
Colette: Daz Studio 4.5 Pro & Photoshop Cs5
Cold Shoulder: Using the Poser Import for Vue Frontier
at the club: cosmic coniption
kv'var-de: Hunter: Another version using Swidhelm's Wolf Hunter.
sain'ja: Warrior: Using Swidhelm's Wolf Hunter figure available here.  Wonderful detailing
Indycar Racing At Night !: Cars are painted in Photoshop, scene and models are rendered using 3ds Max
More fire and ice: I wasnt that happy with the first version of this scene, so  I changed the composition and lighting and reduced the camera depth of field...altogether a better result.
Rest: I used V4 for the first time in a long time.
Kaboem: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
The best angle:
for Dark Edge by elianeck: clothes by Dark Edgetks
Baobab: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro Postwork: Photoshop CS5
My work place: I just finish my singing.
Izumi's life: These picture is going to show my life
Chop shop: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Witch: A moment of inspiration
Ms. Paragon vs. Doctor Tits: Completed cover art for my e-book, Ms. Paragon vs. Doctor Tits.  Used Tyler's 'Wondrous Accessories' though I altered the boots to high heels.  Wish I could have custom-made her a different tiara, but that is well beyond my skill set.  And a special thanks to Jim Farris for the 'Free Money.'  Helped a lot.
cg candids: Rare photo opportunities.
Red Pantie's Museum: More of my art at http://eroticartzone.com/
Stephanie-2: ds3,bryce....
Stephanie-1: ds3,bryce7....
Borg: Borg morph used in Awareness in case anybody else would like to use it
Awareness: Borg morph done in Daz
"My name is Bomb... Sex Bomb": Thanks for viewing. Critics and comments are welcomed. Best view in full size.
Rescue: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Izumi in photo: I made this as different stye
Izumi Sakai: Izumi Sakai's 3DCG
fritenite: all in good fun =)
I don't like mondays: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro & Photoshop Cs5
Another day in a crappy town: Tools: Daz Studio 4.5 & Paint.net Description:  Fish out of water is the correct way to describe her. Aching for the big city, and not a single skyscraper in sight!
Vintage Nude: CGI-art or photography?
classyvictoriaHD: Poser scene that took 4 ever.
Crashed: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Odin: The major Norse god on his eight legged horse Sleipnir
No return: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
The Dancer: after dark, the dancer twirls serenely to her own music in the quiet of the empty hall
Geisha: Geisha, Created with Pose,Free touse as you like
Maxis cab: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 Pro & Photoshop CS5
sea-05: wings3d,bryce7,-no postwork
Loud: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
interior: Bedroom
interior: Bedroom
Krystal Vintage: I custom made Krystal's shirt and gloves there using just textures.  Tried to make this look like an old pinup from cirica 1979.  Used Pixlr for the aging effects.  Also it's widescreen wallpaper size, incase you like it that much.Krystal thanks to Little DragonBike thanks to hdrider at Content ParadiseWorld thanks to Fober
¡At your service!: Nice memories...
Medieval Market: NOTICE: this image can be viewed and downloaded free from my DeviantArt Galery at (http://jbjdesigns.deviantart.com/gallery/). Thank you for viewing, rating and commenting. Created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; minor pw in Paintshop Pro x5; characters from DAZ3D;
Images From Illegal Alien: Mostly from Episode 2.
Armageddon: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Peter & Nicole: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( 2xGenesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5One I made for the Daz PC Inspirations Contest
Buratino: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2325What`s Included & Features:Fully posable Poser character'Buratino': obj, cr2/ pngPoses:-animation pose 'Gangnam style'-hand pose 'a sign'Model integrated for other Collection poses (m3, v4, v3)Props:-'glasses black'-'bow-knot'Mouth & face morphs for Base Buratino:-brow up-eyes close-speaking-brow low-smile-kiss-evil-sad eye-yoda ears-porky
Sara's encounter: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
sexy kumiko: game over
The Entertainer II:
The Entertainer: created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; model from DAZ3D;
Call of the Wild: I really wanted to make this one look like it's a photo-shoot, with a set in the background and lighting up front. And I really hope I managed to pull it off, since I usually try to make it look as natural as possible. Call of the WildTools: Daz Studio 4.5Paint.net
Bathing: V4 with many morphs.See more of my art at http://eroticartzone.com/
ballinmike: yeah he is!
mikeonfire: On fire he is.
Love you: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
GOTTA GO FAST: Sometimes, you just have no other choice than to go fast. Otherwise, you’ll get messed up a bit more than you have bargained for. Tools:Daz Studio 4.5Paint.net
Wondering: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Mofugly: More playtime with Poser
After World by elianeck: outfit is by DarkEdgeDesign amazing! I change the texture for Carrara Bruuna free caracteres by Roberto Melortks
Oxygen: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Bunny: 3gs of ram  squeezin out a Lux render  from studio lolz.good times.
evilrobotbee: evilrobotbee
Digital liquid energy: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Final festival before the winter: An image done for a contest
Sam Adams IROC Style: THis is a 3ds max render of the 1st car in a 20 carset for the NR2003 IROC 87 Mod.
Firebird Pace Car: This is arender in 3ds max of the Firebird pace Car for the Nascar 2003 IROC 87 Mod.
Fembot's Together: Changed Textures & Concept by me, otherwise Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content! The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Sky: Victoria 4.2Backdrop by Richardphotos
Blue: An old image of mine
The Titans Of Old: Image I created for my own art based music EP "The Titans Of Old"You can download for free here http://titans-of-old.bandcamp.com/
Shot in Huangshan: V4 with tons of morphs and my skin shaders.You can get this pic (and more by me) in highest resolution at http://eroticartzone.com/
Cinderella: Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. Her mother was dead and her father had married a widow with two daughters. The stepmother didn't like her one bit. All her kind thoughts were for her own two daughters. Nothing was too good for them. This young girl has had enough.....
Has been a long day...: Thanks for viewing. Comments and critics are welcomed.
Gyorgy: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Waves: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Her father's grave: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) & Photoshop CS5
Wolf at Night: This took a while... It is finally done :) This is the first time I have used this technique... I used a Bamboo tablet and Photoshop CS2. I started out with Sketchup...
major: images from GHOST IN THE SHELL
"Arise!": The megajuggys performing their urban midnite ritual.
Star Trooper: In the future, humans are a space-faring Federation and contend for planets with a hostile species of large insects known as the Arachnids or "Bugs," whose home-world is the distant planet Klendathu. In the Federation citizenship is not a birthright, but a privilege earned by those who serve society through such activities as military service; citizens are granted many opportunities prohibited to non-citizens. Rendered in Daz Studio 3.1 with UberLighting.
Hyper Jump (Light Speed): Making a jump in hyper space or travelling with the same speed of light would allow us to see the entire light' spectrum in its beauty in real time.A scene example for the Hyper Jump (Background + HDR) created by me and free to download from the /2D-Resources/Hyper-Jump-(Light-Speed-optilusion)-Background+HDR on this site.First image is rendered in Bryce using the hdr as background with all the environments set to off or to black color.The second image has added a Tilt Shift + Iris Blur Effect.Both image has lens flares and engines lit in Photoshop.The ships can be found at grafik-3d-portal.de/portal2.htm in Downloads , Future section for free.
Cyber marilyn monroe: Daz 3reality 2tks
Shadow at the Gate: Unfortunately our cat, Shadow has died. This image is to remember Shadow. Shadow was a very sweet cat.
Choad: Remember  "Trippin the Rift"? Haha theres Choad.
Dark wizard: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
S. Punch: My version of the character movie.Aiko 4SG clothes and hair by red_viper
Val & Tine: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5'HAPPY VALENTINE'
playin with Poser: First efforts with Poser.
Silviu Caraba......created by Silviu Caraba: Silviu Caraba......created by Silviu Caraba
How can you fly with broken wings....Silviu Caraba: Silviu Caraba created by Silviu Caraba...
Specimen #57: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) &  Photoshop CS5
Sharika fights Lilith: A test/promotional render for my fantasy comic "Sharika" you can find the comic in my gallery, I hope you like it. Rendered in DAZ studio 3, no post work.
haji: Tryinta add a LuxRender on top of a Studio composite unsucessfully.=(
turbo: Seamlesly mixing programs is hard.
Natural.Skin: ...
Lakeside: available at EXTEND3D
fire: character available at EXTEND3D
Cyclop: Oooohh!, Jeez, you are one ugly fella.
it'sTotallyfine: totally
Urban mami: just fudgin aroun.
Absentminded girl: She left home very fast... Aiko4 Sailor uniform and prop by red_viper and some postwork in PSP
Heroman: "no need 4 fear" O_o
boarding party: Looking for a princess
peestain: lols,wrestlin with this whole "Reality2" mystery 8)
Together: Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Photoshop CS5
Expectations: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Love in the forest: Elfs in love
Sunset: Nice view by the sea
SUCKER PUNCH BABY DOLL: From the big screeen to your computer screen. Baby Doll from the movie Sucker Punch.
Angel: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Bots: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Chained: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Wood beast: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Japanese flowers: Beatiful flowers in a japanese garden.
LUCY LIU by SILVIU CARABA: Created in iclone 5 pro,zbrush and photo shop by Silviu Caraba for g5 female iclone realussion...
head Kleo: ds3,bryce....no postwork.
Jessica Rabbit: Jessica Rabbit ~ a couple of renders i did in poser . no post work.
Small pond of water near the big ocean.: I ended up having a diferent result that the tutorial i was following, but i kinda like the final result. I still think it's not very realistic but some day i will be able to create some good realistic images.This images has 8,380,420 poligons and it took me 4 tries to render, the last one had to be and external render, otherwise the program would end out of resourses and shut down.Very minor post work in photoshop, just did a very tiny levels and curves adjustent layer tweek. Image size: 1600x900 at superior quality in 72dpiTotal external render time: 2h:37min
Stonehenge 1: I used some light and clouds in this pic of stonehenge but changed the colour a little
Lounging Around: My personal favorite and one of my first renders with Lux
MudPrint: Footprint in mud - using brushes on vue terrain editor and developing 'mud' textures with 'swampy' lighting effects.
Mountain Procedural: Playing with lighting, procedural terrains and materials in Vue.ps Mac users - do not try to use E-on products. New OS plus new Vue 9, 10 or 11 - crashes on launch or after manipulation of terrains and cannot find a fix for it. Vue 8 is the last stable version for Mac that I know of.
Project LV-426: Exploring LV-426 My vision of how LV-426 and the derelict from Alien could look like...Nostromo astronauts, been provided to me by Sean Kennedy ( after seeing my work ) who created these...All the rest made by me with wings3d and Bryce...Regards: Atlantis ( 3d4ever )
Not So !: This is one I did towards the end of last year. An experiments on emotion and atmosphere.Note: I had to shrink the image down as it was too large even for here. Sorry for the poor quality, but that happens when the image file size is low.
Carnival Romance: Rendered in DAZ studio 4, postwork in GIMP
kleo in...: DS3,Wings3d,Bryce.
kleo: DS3,Wings3d,Bryce rendering....no postwork
wood: Ugh got wood.
Teacher's Pet -- Rendered using Blender Cycles: I just started playing with mcjTeleBlender and the Blender Cycles Renderer.  Superb tools -- Thanks Bender developers and mCasual!!Render time was less than 2 hours.  Image has NO postwork.  My system consists of a Core i7 processor with a GEForce 660 videocard.  I am using the Cycles Cuda rendering option.I may do an outdoor scene next.Other Credits:Class Room (free) -- TauruSkin Texture -- DanaeHair -- 3 DreamClothes, chair, schoolbag bag -- Power AgeShoes -- Idler168Books -- Poser World
Poonami: toon mami
Secret Underground Faciility with Sewer Entrance: I'm a big fan of animated movies and decided to try and make one of my own. This is to be used in the feature length movie project I am currently working on. Hoping to get it completed this year. Still have a lot of work to do yet. :)
Pub Sitting Area: This is a 3D rendering of sitting area at a pub I know. Was a good opportunity to mess around with lighting techniques.
Wonga Ooga Island: This is what the explorers saw when they first discovered this island.
maria: My first portrait in poser
I'm Waiting For You ...(by Silviu Caraba): Created in ICLONE 5 PRO BY ME
realmad: sometimes it jus don't pay.
AftaHours: my computer almost exploded after this one...roflol :0
Airy: Victoria 4 model with a body and face morph. Added some morphs to the hair for this render.
Megumi by Akio - Upgrade: Akios Supermodell Megumi - her next step in career ...I made some little changes in the posters - and you see there ist a complete scene growingThe props which are used to make the posters are now correct listed. You find Megumi at http://www.sharecg.com/v/66036/gallery/11/Poser/Megumi-for-V4
Icicles: Hobbit Hut: BirdmanWinterfun for K4: eshachimney: Trimble 3D Warehouse (MADriver)
Basement Coridoor: For this I was trying to create a dingy and sinster looking basement coridoor. It was a good model to practice tinking with lighting techniques.
The Marauder and The Relentless in Hyperspace: Two Vessels traveling through hyperspace. The Marauder in front with The Relentless following behind.
Illegal Alien: Immigration Service trying to check her "papers.
Japanese Closeup: This is part of a book cover, thought this detail would be nice. Created using Oriental Steampunk, V3 Sayuri objects, Kione Hair, and most importantly the V4 conforming kimono, decofan, and parts off of the Oiran hair set from here. Daz 3.
ELTaliban: I wish I had a supercomputer lols =)
Gangsta: "Yo, dis gangsta loses his cheeba out his jeans, an' he thinks somebody snatched it, so he tries to cap my holmes wit a 9 and miss all rounds. Kills da Bambi in tha' woods. Tha' be a gangsta."
shoe model: Modelling and texturing
Maula g model: Modelling and Texturing
uniform: the new set comes out soon.Character Suki and Outfit !
Keeping Pets: Everyone is allowed to have a pet, and yet my wife ensist i cannot keep this one!
Poser Test image of skylab's FRUIT: test import of skylabs obj FRUIT WITH BOWLPoser 2012 scale = 7.5 % Banna color wrong for poser
DS test image skylab's FRUIT OBJs: Testing import of OBJs from skylab's FRUIT WITH BOWLDaz DS4.5 scale 1 unit = 10 cm - then 150%
Modern & Contemporary Art: Left to Right: Graffiti: The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, iPad Finger Painting: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Etch A Sketch: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Lego: American Gothic by Grant Wood.Art Material Textures & Concept by me, otherwise Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content! The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
village hospital: Modelling and texturing
Hut model: modelling and texturing 
Cart: Modelling and texturing 
Samsung Galaxy R I9103: Modelling and Texturing done by me
Gaming Model: Modelling and texturing of a model done by me.....This is a simple concept......
Kaley Portrait: This is my latest tablet drawing,will fix the date cause this was done 2013. . . .hope you like 
Coming Out: inspired by changing a lighting perspective and changing lighting colours
Firestarter: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Demon: More Niera fighting with a sexy she-devil.
Ship: Jump point
After the ceremony:
Bessie!: "Bessie!  Bessie!  Where is ya' gurl?  Come on, now!"  This is an image of of my 'Demoleculizer' (disintegrator gun) raygun prop exported through DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro and rendered in Bryce Seven.  It depicts the gun lying in the sand amid a clutter of rocks on Mars.  The prop is available for download at my ShareCG page here:   http://www.sharecg.com/v/44749/view/11/Poser/Demoleculizer-Raygun-Prop-for-Poser---Updated*Bryce 7 and DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro are found at DAZ3D.Com.
Flags of Our Fathers, Little Plastic Toys: Little Plastic Toys: Took some posing, and making a Green Plastic Material that looked right!Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
The Hobbit HideAway: Mavka: SmayHouse: Birdmanforeground vegetation: painted with PD-Particles.Created in DAZ3d, rendered in 3Delight.
Hunted: Sometimes the world is a dangerous place. Especially when the world is filled with armed psychopats wearing gasmasks.
Ready or Not: This is a test render for me as I'm tryiny to get back into 3d art again. feel free to comments on it 
Vegan Saucers: There is a picture of my Vegan Saucer 3D model
Vegan Saucers: There are two images of my Vegan Saucers 3D model.
WIPEOUT 2250 : Liberty Circle Run.: Set in the Year 2250, the Aniti-Gravity Racing has been re-instated albeit slightly altered for public safety. This marks the 200 year anniversary of the sports inception. This Track is set around the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.
Mars Rover - WTF?: Upon closer inspection of one of the images from the Mars Rover, anomolies were found or is it something else?{Don't you just love photo-manipulation}Having a bit of fun with you all. Hope you are all doing well.
The Three Sisters...: Sisters of the Holy Order of Divine Justice...
Relax, Don't do It: tks
Looks a bit dazed too.: reality 2tks
Malvina: A cute, sexy female character. Includes complete character with 2 hair props, dress, and waistcoat.http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2309 Stand-alone Poser figure All body parts are fully poseable. Includes:-Base model-Conforming Dress-Conforming Waistcost-Two Hair Props Mouth and Face morphs:-Brow Up-Eyes Close-Mouth Open-Speak-Kiss-Smile
Baby zomb: Part little girl, part horror, and possibly a little part zombie, this character will haunt your runtime.http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2308 Stand-alone Poser figure "Baby zomb" All body parts are fully poseable. Includes knife. Mouth and Face morphs:-Eyes Close-Open Mouth-Open Mouth2-Up Brow-Brow-Smile
Durotan Orcs: Run for your lives! The orc invasion has begun!Leading the horde is this orc character for Poser. Let`s hope there`s a hero in your runtime folder to stop this guy before he rampages all over your fantasy scenes! http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2311Stand-alone Poser figure "Durotan Orcs" All body parts are fully poseable. Includes clothing and axe Mouth and Face morphs:-Brow Up-Eyes Close-Open Mouth-Oskal
Zul troll: Stand-alone Poser figure "zul troll" http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2312Includes a separate "fur" figure. All body parts are fully poseable. Mouth and Face morphs:-Brow Up-Eyes Close-Close Jaw-Jaw Up-Jaw Low-Ear Up-Brow-Brow Up
Callad Bunny: A girl I put together to play with the incredible light set and prop by Callad for Reality & Lux Render. I know I'll be using this prop along with his instructions quite a bit!
Starry Night: created and rendered in Vue 10 Esprit; minor pw in pspx5; character from DAZ3D; fashion by jan @ sharecg.com; dress textures by sazzyazzca @ sharecg.com;
Mixed Series: A few mixed Images
Combat Scene: While I'm trying to learn to use these 3d tools, I mess around a bit with my juvenile fantasies. 
Dancer: Still Images created after I made the "Entends la mouche!" video.
boogers: He gotta boogie.
P24: Kd 2013.
Badgirl: 3d mapped in Poser. Kd 2013
The Shotwell with the pink steering wheel: Couldn't find again the material of the steering wheel, so left it pink.You can see the real thing on Jay Leno's garage site: http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/cars/custom-built/the-shotwell/index.shtml#item=73540Shotwell: BirdmanStreetscene: EricDesignCreated in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.
Abduction: by Herminio Nieves @2012
Old Woman: An old woman in a winter forest.Morphs:DietryingTempestTexture:RuntimeDNABackground:A photo by myselfDress:AssassinHood:Lyrra Madril
There is a life outside of World of Warcraft ...: My Draenei character on its way to the dailies on the battlefield - learning about economics and politic, why not? Her name is Skangaë. We had many hours together in Azeroth.With static smartprops (horns, tentakels) and  movable tail and hoofs. She is part of a everyday-scene at my lokal busstop. But there is still a little work to do.
Dragonflying: A set of three pictures: Showing the Wings -- Up she goes! -- Flying is fun - to both of them
WIPEOUT 2250: F-10,000 RACING LEAGUE: Im a HUGE fan of the WIPEOUT SERIES and decided to design a Tracks set in the year 2250. Welcome to the F-10,000 Racing League.Still a work in progress. Animation coming soon.
Some overexposed pictures: Like the title sez.
Sailing Home: made using bryce 7 and gimp.comments welcome.
KittybunnyGrabber: Shadow modifier not smoothing out shadows sucks.
Jeanne d Arc: Joan of Arc became a semi-legendary figure for the four centuries after her death.
Escarcha: New render to "Rise of the Races" All rights reserved. All resources used under commercial license Software: DazStudio 4.5 + The Gimp
Two Images Unrelated To Each Other: The first is a castle I've been fighting with in Bryce and the other is mostly Photoshop work. I never have to fight with anything made by Adobe.BTW, has anybody here noticed or commented on how unstable Daz products seem to be. I hadn't seen a set of programs crash so many times as Daz Studio and Bryce. Not since I first started using a PC back in the days of Windows 3.1. Daz is very glossy and seemingly easy to use but its programming is a bit shaky.
Priestesses: Meli and Ellette Icefae... two girls, two opposites invoking together.Posed, lighted and rendered with DazStudio Pro 4.5.Postwork with Gimp and PhotoFiltre, Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.Meli and Ellette are two characters for V4 by FWArt.
Happy new year: I wish you an happy new year :)Posed, lighted and rendered with DazStudio Pro 4.5.Postwork with Gimp and PhotoFiltre.The girl is Ellette for V4 from FWArt. The feathers are 3D objects created on the base of the morphable leaf of Adam Thwaites.
Little Rose - sitting on my window sill: A plant and her fairyPoser render - no postwork
Encounter: with a background from the Muskauer Park in Eastern GermanyPoser render, no postwork
Girlfriends: Not yet ready, only the characters. Part of a large theater-project. Poser render, no postwork
Big Sisters Check: As all women wear short skirts, you show that you are grown up with a long gown. Poser render - no postwork. One of my photorealistic everyday-scenes.
BunnythaKittyNabber: nabbin tha bunny grabber
New Dawn ~of the dark ages:  New animation release promo you can find the video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH3IGoEzD3s and in the animation section of sharecg.com
Kali: Kali the destroyer of demons and evil spirits.
Gazebo (contains violence&language): I really need a cigarette :-pRendered in DAZ studio, postwork in GIMP
Force of Nature: Thank you for all your previous comments! Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
datenite: just another datenite :)
losin battles: left hand glove no wanna fit :(
Some Pictures: A character study for a graphic novel I'm creating and a couples of spare pictures of my Niera model in a different, unrelated setting.
Surrounded: Two hot girls with guns doing battle with Zombies!  The latest in my Zombie Apocalypse series.
Down the Toilet Redux: Here is a new interpretation of my original airbrush painting (see my older artwork gallery on DeviantArt to compare). I chose to go a bit darker and more realistic with this concept.  Made with DAZ3D and some post work in Photoshop*Updated with slightly better camera angle and focal depth. 
Comic Book Scene Redux: This is my latest 3D art and a new interpretation of my original airbrush painting called Comic Book Scene. This was done using DAZ 3D and post work in Photoshop.
Hulk vs. The Zombie Apocalypse: My first in the Zombie Apocalypse series.  Made using DAZ 3D Studio and some photoshop post work.
Fiery Dragon Battle 2: An alternate camera angle and DoF shot of my Fiery Genesis Dragon Battle scene.  Built in DAZ 3D Studio using the free dragon and cavern environment.
Fiery Dragon Battle: Another sample DAZ 3D render built with the free dragon model and cavern environment.
Fiery Genesis Example: My first DAZ3D Fiery Genesis test.
Sword of time: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Modern Day Alice. Drink Me, Coca-Cola: Just a concept idea of what it might be like, if Alice was living in a 21st Century Wonderland...Put the Elevator scene together using 3 various separate models, and change textures etc... Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Elf with Horgahn final: rendert & created on: Poser 5 / ACER NetBook 257Drendertime 3h ... no postwork ( only the (C) )
Wish you were here: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Predator Skulls: CS's terrific Predator skull ... check it out here:http://www.ShareCG.com/v/65103/gallery/11/Poser/Predator-Skull 
PXLNTWRk_[DESIGN]x027-2: Electro Gramophonusmore @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
Predator Skulls: Texture in Argile and PS from toys photos. Is not perfect. Still trying a new UVW.
Melodic: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Christmas Lights: 12 lights with their own shadow settings added to the "Christmas room" scene product from renderosity.No default lights or light presets used, the 3d lights are added 1 by 1 by me.Postwork in photoshop for 2d lights such as lens flares effect and light bulbs...learning to master the art of lights and shadows in 3d scenes :) Thank you for watching,comments or rating.No shading settings nor special render engine used.The blue light on the ground and on the  wall from the right side are from the window located on the left side, outside is evening.1228 x 628 size.Feel free to use this image as you wish,links,advertise,season image,gift,free redistribute,video/image slideshow..etc, except for selling this image.Happy New Year all.Dedicated to all ShareCG users,fans,admins.
Sunset Palms: Trying my hand at some landscapes with Vue.
The Man: I made this with stuff in my DAZ directory
Niera In Battle 1: Niera kicks some a__!
Niera In Battle: Niera fights with three palace guards. Guess who's winning?
Spacegurl: My "Niera" model in spacesuit.
Zunami 1: A mermaid doing what mermaids do best.
Zunami: A mermaid doing what mermaids do best.
Superheroine Dreams: Early draft cover art for Paragon vs. Doctor Tits.  I still have background figures to add, and maybe cigarette smoke if I can find it.  If anyone knows where I can find accessories (on the cheap) that don't look like they belong to, well, you know, please let me know.  I'm also looking for an inexpensive lab coat.
Steampunk - Time Keeper: This is a revised render i did in DazStudio with some tweaking on the lighting and shadows, before adding the lens flair from within Photoshop.
Guardian Angel: Someone to look over me
Sad Bunny: How can someone so beautiful be so alone and sad?
Happy new year 2013: Wish you all a happy digital  2013Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop 
Old Shipyard: Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.Factory Entrance: darthj
Happy 2013: I pushed my PC to the limit with 800.000 hairs on the Milennium Cat. (and then it gave up and had to restart)I'm not very happy with this new hair tool for DAZ.Look at the right side of the cat: above the sash is original, under the 'a' of year I Photoshopped the fur.Hat: Fedora by: Jim Farriscat: Milennium Cat (DAZ)background: [link]
Katy Perry, California Gurl Barbie Doll: Here's Katy! But Who should I 'Barbie-ify' Next? Suggestion Welcomed... MORE 'BARBIE' DOLLS NOW ONLINE 'HERE' TO COLLECT! ;Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel websiite: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
3boredgirls Photobie: A budget Photoshop program.
Brand New Year: Happy New Years everyone! May 2013 be 13 times better than 2012! Which won't be difficult, considering we all spent countless of months in fear of the apocalypse. Or was that just nobody?Tools: Daz Studio 4.5 + Paint.net
vlad meet cuthulu: Vladimir is pretty badass but Cuthulu is WAY worse.
June (Hommage à Leighton): When I was working on "Golden Light" I was reminded  of Frederick Leighton's "Flaming June", one of my favourite paintings...  so I decided to try and emulate a little of the feel by copying the pose (within the limitiations of V4, who dosnt alas quite bend right).  Nonetheless, I'm pleased with the mood of the result.
RENDER 01: A magazine for 3D fashion using dynamic cloth from Optitex.Download here!http://akio14.deviantart.com/#/d5posno 
Apple wood. - Animation test scene shots.: Apple wood  is  an "Red Dawn "type action animation series... These are a couple of scene shots from the animation I am working on, soon to be released. Stay tuned in. Happy Holidays
The flute: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Religioner: - character"Religioner"http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2306- object parent"sunglasses"- object parent"rood"- Mouth & face morphs for Religioner:-brow-evil-eyes close-mouth open-wonder-devil-so-well-goblin-moth O:M-crafty-nos
Shtirlec: - character"Shtirlec"http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2300- attached object"cap"- Mouth & face morphs for Shtirlec:-brow up-eyes close-eye shrewd-mouth open2-moth speaking-nos-evil-boo-hmm-sad
Goblin Chizbolt: character"Goblin Chizbolt"http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2297- Mouth & face morphs for Shtirlec:-brow up-eyes close-mouth open-nos
Adult Barbie Sex Doll - Scale 1:1: Almost forgot this one! SUPER-SIZED FOR YOUR PLEASURE (David)!MORE 'BARBIE' DOLLS NOW ONLINE 'HERE' TO COLLECT....Lolita Barbie, Extreme Bondage Barbie, Trailer Trash Barbie, Pin-Up Barbie, Barbie PornStars, & Barbie Vice.One of My Adult Toy Doll Concept Range & Packaging Design.PS Post-work (packaging design), Poser Pro, iMac.All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: http://www.paulsutton.com/cgiart.html Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Island: Usied a ship obj. I downloaded at sharecg.com
Still at it: Many thanks 2 all 4 tha help! :)
My developing 3D model: This is my very first attempt with 3D Sculpting.Obviously there is alot of time taken in making 3D renders and shapes.So im taking my time, im finding the learning resources rather sparse, so reallyim running by trial and error.
The binary jump: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Room for one..: There can only be one winner here. As you can see they make a mess around the home.
Neira's Dream: This is  a dream sequence.
Prince Te'h: This set is of Prince Te'h mounted in basically the same setting as the previous pictures of King Sula
Robotech: This was a render I did to show people how powerful Daz Studio 3 could be in the right hands just using the basic render engine and actual talent.
Spacegirl: A picture I made a long time ago in Bryce and DAZ studio with a spaceship I think I've modelled in Sketchup
Room: I built and rendered this in C4D
Sea Mist: made using Bryce 7 and Gimp 2.8. ship not created by me, but is available on sharecg. Comments please.
A Christmas Concert: Title: A Christmas ConcertTools: Daz Studio 4.5, Paint.net (border & name)Description: What's Christmas Eve without some tunes, eh?
Sula In Armor & Mounted: Prince Sula. King Of The People, Lord Of The Seven Realms, Protector Of All Creatures & Holy Guardian Of The Angels.
Catwalk: made using Daz Studio 4
Sharika Comic (contains nudity&violence): A fantasy comic about a female warrior I made in Daz studio.
All I want for Xmas is you: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Wings of Terror: Of all the countless legends around the world about giant birds who prey on humans at least one is proven as true. In New Zealand, both the fossil record and Maori legend tell us of a giant raptor known as Haast’s Eagle (Harpagornis moorei) that was once the largest predator in New Zealand. The giant Haast’s Eagle attacked and killed the 300-pound moa, a flightless bird reminiscent of an ostrich or emu though much larger, as one of its main food sources. Both the Haast’s eagle and the moa are now extinct. The oral legends of the Maori people, however, recall the Haast’s eagle, called Hakawai, Te Hokioi, Pouakia or Kokioi in their language, as a flying beast of fearful hunting prowess, and the giant Haast’s Eagle may have been hunting and eating humans around the same time as Columbus was discovering America. © 2012 by Carsten Corleis / Licensed to the public under Creative Commons BY-SA
My brother's house: I'm Sorry! My english isn't good.This is an old scene, that made by 3D Studio Max.What are your opinion of this scene.
'T is the season: Title: 'T is the seasonTools: Daz Studio 4.5, Paint.net (border & name)Bio: 'T is the season to be jolly, falalalala la la la la. Christmas is coming!
Omo'mi: "Later in life Lady Omo'mi commissioned a portrait of herself and her only surviving son, Lord Te'h, Prince of the Mountain Region. Because he was officially next in the line of succession, Te'h insisted on being painted holding the royal scepter and wearing a kingly crown.  His mother refused and they had a fight. Angered at his mother's refusal he left the king's court and returned to his fiefdom, remaining there for several months.Omo'mi had the portrait made anyway, insisting that the artist "paint in" a likeness of her son. Soon after her death Lord Te'h had the painting destroyed and the artist imprisoned. Years later, after Te'h's death, I made this picture from memory..."
Merry Christmas: Wishing everyone at sharecg a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2013.Ed
Neira Of The Angels & The Evil King (characters): Two characters from my graphic novel in development.
Target Aquired: Another render set of Mikaela Killing All...stonemason - skyline hallstonemason - greeble city blocksRender in Daz Studio 4.5, post processing in Photoshop CS3 
On A Mission: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content! The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
I don't have Photoshop: I would love to be able to add AfterEffects and Photoshop like results to my renders I just dont't have tha money.Does anyone know any cool Daz studio tricks...lol, trade secrets don't come cheap I know but I'm "new in town" :)
Headache: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Dawn: "When you're standing on the edge And there is only one way up You have to follow your hearts desire Through all the darkest nights You know there awaits a light for you Where hero's fall and loved ones lost In your heart they still exist." by Avros.
Where is he?: Title: Where is he?Tools: DAZ Studio 4.5, Paint.net (border & name)Description: When the clock ticks beyond the agreed upon time, waiting can become a real drag.
Mikaela Killing All: City created "Stonemason - Greeble City Blocks," armor "Xurge3D - FLEXX V4" Rendered in "DAZ Studio 4.5"
Santa in the tropics: Santa checking is e-list while enjoying in the tropics.  Happy Holidays from the Tropics.  I live in a place where snow, sleet, and ice are things seen in pictures or on tv; hence my theme of Christmas in the tropics.Want to give credit to KCTC for the beach scene and props which I used to create this rendered scene.  The two cute guys are the Gobbles from RDNA.
Spandex Impulse: Genesis model, Vue 10
PXLNTWRk_[DESIGN]x026: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[ARCHiVIZ]x033: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[ARCHiVIZ]x032: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[DESIGN]x025-1: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[DESIGN]x024: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[ARCHiVIZ]x0010: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[ARCHiVIZ]x015: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
PXLNTWRk_[DESIGN]x021: hello,more @[url=http://www.pxlntwrk.net/]www.pxlntwrk.net[/url]pxlntwrk architecture 3d computer graphics autocad 3dsmax cinema4d cryengine vray pxlntwrk.net
Neira Of The Angels & The Evil King (two panels): Neira must find a way out!
FlexSuit: ...
Dawn at the Temple of the Dragon: The rising sun breaks through the colonnade of the temple, illuminating the shadowy interior with bright beams...Been playing around with atmosphere cameras lately, and getting  some great lighting effects. Will probably revisit some of my old sceness too, but this will take me a while as the render times are atrociously long!
Backdrops savin bacon: An easy option that works fine...low budget renders right here lol:)
Lamborghini Aventador: :)
The scope: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Turtle Training: Title: Turtle TrainingTools: DAZ Studio 4.5, Paint.net (border & name)Comments: - Plan on making a better TMNT render in the forthcoming days, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling and see the characters in action. I love it, even though this one was fairly simple to make.Special thanks to the awesome Joequick for offering the Turtles for Christmas. :D - http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/13080/P75/#190238- http://www.daz3d.com/shop/joequick
Miss Perry: Thank you for all your previous views & comments, & Merry Christmas! Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Naja: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Neira Of The Angels & The Evil King: Neira is tormented by her grief and by conflicting emotions. She hates the king and blames him for her woeful circumstance, but she also feels desire for him. The king is a contradiction to her. On the one hand, he is kind and gentle with everyone, especially herself. Yet, as she sees it, it was his minions doing his bidding who murdered her family.
Turtle Power: Character: joequick
Neira Of The Angels & The Evil King: A graphic novel in development
Merry christmas and a happy newyear: Merry christmas and a happy newyear
Waiting: Druuna in perils
Narcissist in silence: DAZ 3D
Quadcore CPU at maximum.: With having to retro fit multiple items to Genesis V4 or M4 and render and light scenes my computer just can't handle my desparate commands....oh well.:(
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (four frames): More frames. I might not use any of this. I get a bit carried away with view angles and Photoshop retouching.
Merry Christmas 2k12: On this faithful day of 12/12/12, I hereby wish an early, merry Christmas for one and all! Also, happy Holidays for everyone who don't celebrate Also, Bill O'Reilly, please don't hurt meh >_<
Snow Elf: A woman meets a snow elf.
Porsche Parked Scenes: Another render of Hot Girl And Hot Cars
Merry Christmas!: Hmmm, Naughty or Nice for 2012?
cyber hug by elianeck: Daz 3reality 2tks
Gud/Evil: Juz sumtin small...
Oops! Cyborg.: This is one accident prone CyberBot.
Here Miss, Let Me Help You: I recently found one of the first models I made (a water jar, lid and scoop) which I never UV mapped (didn't know how!). I loaded it up in Poser and started playing with procedural materials, added some stuff to make the test renders more fun, and ended up with this... Edit (Jan2015): Just found some of the original renders,so I've uploaded them too. Can't find the original Poser scene file though...  
~ Tis the season ~: ~ T is the season ~ Rendred in Poser 2012 -  no post workfree to use as you like 19020 x 1080 72 dpi
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (two frames): And a little more.
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (continued): More single frames of the video project in question.
Cavalo by elianeck: daz 3reality 2
Photoshoot: Some shots I did with my Megumi character morph just after making.
Wondering Mischeif: Using SSS now :D Look at this beautiful faerie. 
I Love Girls & Christmas: 9th in My Series, Just for FUN....This one a little Festive!I Love Girls & Christmas. Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Cloud riding: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Trying to find a balance.: Having difficultly finding matching items.
Green Eyes Evolution: My new eyes textures
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (one frame): Another frame @ aprox 19 secs. into the video.
MEGAN FOX by Silviu Caraba for G5 female ICLONE: Created in iclone,zbrush and photo shop..
Learning tha ropes: Basically just starting out with Daz Studio 4.5.
Hot Girl And Hot Car:  
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (one frame): More of the same
Molecular Instability: Angus McKie/Heavy Metal Tribute.I was watching the movie a few months back, saw this scene and had to do it.I built the set and robot with Google Sketchup in about four hours.I also made the "lok nar" pendant. ;)
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro (one frame): More of the previous.
Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro: Frame No. 1 of a new video I'm working on with music by Roy Brown and the poetry of Mario Benedetti. Verse 1: "Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro tiene una claridad que nos alumbra de modo que si ocurre un desconsuelo un apagón o una noche sin luna es conveniente y hasta imprescindible tener a mano una mujer desnuda." Lee todo en: Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro - Poemas de Mario Benedetti http://www.poemas-del-alma.com/una-mujer-desnuda-y-en-lo-oscuro.htm#ixzz2ERsUOzcl
MOUNTED ANGEL 2: More from the previous series. Posing the right hand (holding the rein) was the hardest part of this experiment.
Under attack: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop
Bad Boy:  I bet he will do the dishes next time he is told...lolG-rated domatrix sceneRendered in PP2012 no post work
Hetzer modelling: Hetzer modelling for Poser. Created in Inventor , prepared in 3d s max, rendered in Maxwell . Not complete inside, not textured.
Megumi Alternate: This is the latest face morph update for My Megumi character for V4. Should this replace the original?
Girl Riding Birdman's Mono-Cycle: A series of three shots, two featuring the peachy "mono" artfully created by Birdman. Made in Bryce & retouched and compressed in Photoshop.
FOX LOP: Evolution of Mikaela model, 2013
Dedicated To Birdman: With appreciation
2d Art, comic and more!: Here I will try to create a portfolio, which includes my work. I hope that one day this will allow me to fulfill myself a professional but also as a person. I hope the effort is appreciated :)
#05 John Player Special: This is a pinat request I did for a friend. The model is for the Nascar 2003 Racing game.
The magic bus: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Modern Day Sleeping Beauty, Apple iPad: Modern twist on a classic Fairytale...Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content! The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Lady Go Diva Go go go:
Spy vs Spy: Spy vs Spy animation release, i did this to try to tune my computer after having a wicked crash. I did this completely in Daz studio..  you can find it in the animation section of sharecg.com enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wDOcbBCtHg
The last apple: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
My Cute Little Pony: Pony: Luna Toon Horse by Sixus1 Media.Real cute, comes with lots of morphs.Works in DAZ, rendered in 3Delight
Variations on Metal Angel: Some lo-res portraits created in Daz Studio and retouched in Photoshop. This model is a peach, wouldn't you agree?
Metal Angel: Daz Studio, Bryce and Photoshop
Little Explorer: Was messing around with Comet the robot horse and this scene kinda created itself.  K4 exploring the corridors with her little pet (Skywing). Instead of the grungy industrial look for the corridor, I added a little color.
Short circuit: Made with Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Wheely King: Monocycle: BirdmanCharacter: O'RourkeVickies hair: 3Dream&MairyPosing background: Soto
Pebbles! Get inside ...: Even the early neanderthals need time out to enjoy simple pleasures.
Revenge: Napoleonic scene
Three: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Explosive meditation: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Aston Martin Vantage and Babe: What is it with girls and cars?
Dodge: Oh! I must go my ride is waiting...never keep a girl waiting. Finally got the Dodge Challenger rendered and now the girl now wants to take it for a spin. Rendered this in Daz Studio v3.1
Indycar Racing #65 - 65 Roses,Cystic Fibrosysis: This render is of a Indycar Mod for the Nascar 2003 Game. 3d Body work done by Ian Smythe of Smiffsden. Template work, painting and rendering done by myself.The idea forthis paint scheme for for a close friend of mine who has Cystic Fibrosysis.
Indycar Racing #22 Miller American: This render is of a Indycar Mod for the Nascar 2003 Game. 3d Body work done by Ian Smythe of Smiffsden. Template work, painting and rendering done by myself.
Indycar Racing #68 US ARMY: This render is of a Indycar Mod for the Nascar 2003 Game. 3d Body work done by Ian Smythe of Smiffsden. Template work, painting and rendering done by myself.
10th Doctor David Tennant: The 10th Doctor in his TARDIS!(Tardis interior available here: http://www.sharecg.com/v/41632/View/11/Poser/Bigger-on-the-Inside) 
RENDER: Megumi on the front page of RENDER magazine! I'm still working on cover design.
I Love Girls & Coke II: I Love Girls & Coke II, Inspired by the paintings of Mel Ramos.Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Made the Coke Bottle Texture/Material.All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
I Love Girls & Hate Football: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Inspired by the paintings of Mel Ramos.All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
I Love Girls & Cigarettes: I Love Girls & Cigarettes, Inspired by the paintings of Mel Ramos.Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Made the Marlboro Texture.All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
I Love Girls & Coke I: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
aria and golden: trabajando en este raje para v4. en breve estara realizado y poder ponerlo free
Magic in the park: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
koikoikoi and grungy boat: "koikoikoi" is a memory of the time when I lived in Tokyo, often visiting one museum there and near to the museum was a moat with koi and a Highway. "fushigi da na" is made in Bryce with no postwork. The terrainmaterial is created by David Brinnen, who also created the base for "real moon and vol.clouds". I altered the terrain to make it look like treesTha anaglyph pictures were done in Bryce using a Zen-Sutra (Hannya Shingyo) for the terrain. Postwork done in Photoshop (CS2)
white milla jovovich by elianeck: reality 2Daz 3tks
Iron lady: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Angel by elianeck: reality 2tks
Junk food: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis - M4 skeleton )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
EMMA FROST2: mi vision de emma frost
Burning Babes Gang: This is the cover of my webcomic Burning Babes Gang. http://ratorama.com.br/burningbabesgang/
Pretty Vicious: Character based on and around pictures of Sid Vicious from the Punk band Sex Pistols.This picture just made "Image of the Week" over at https://www.runtimedna.comPoser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Made her Tartan top, badges, and various materials etc...All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!The home of Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2010 'Hero Image Mad Maxine by Paul Sutton'
Rearguard: Napoleonic war scene
The take over: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
No Monsters under the Bed: Wish I had someone like this watching over me while I slept
Deadly: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Farewell at the gates: A couple in love say their farewells as our young, strapping hero is about to go on a brand new adventure!Title: Farewell at the gatesTools: DAZ StudioArtist: Jimmy Vermoens
A Small Request: My first attempt at a comic-strip style thingy - a little teaser for a really simple addition to my PropGoto+ scripts... Edit (Jan2015): Found an earlier version and a couple of screenshots, so I uploaded them too. No Poser scene file though. For anybody who missed it the Utiilty was eventually uploaded around July 2014 (there's versions for Poser and DAZ Studio) - it took a bit longer than planned! - Generic Smart+ And PropGoto+ For Poser 6+ - Generic Smart+ And PropGoto+ For DAZ Studio 3+
Liberation: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
adventorous-x: trio de super heroinas
Cultivation: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Anger Management: Title: Anger ManagementTools: Daz Studio, a computer, mouse & keyboard, computerscreen Bio: Everyone needs to let off a little steam now and then. Same goes for her.
MDG Circular Saw Blade OBJ: Useful for Circular Saws, Nasty Weapons on Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Vehicles or as the basis for a shurikin. There is no Texture on this, but it looks good in any chrome or silvery metal.
Clipper Ship: rendered using Bryce 7, ship created by jed, i think downloaded from this site.Bill
It's the carburetor and stop staring at my boops!: DA staff car, Mercedes G4, Rescued from the scrapheap.Lovingly restored and maintained."Here at DA Headquarters, they call me G-whiz, because I know everything about this Mercedes G4.I am a licensed mechanic and not just a pretty face you know.If you guys stop staring at my boops, I will tell you more about this car:- Perhaps the world's first SUV. - 57 built, 3 have survived intact. - Top speed 42 mph / 67 kmh. - Wheelbase: 3100 + 950 mm. - Fuel consumption: 28 liters/100 km (urban), 38 liters/100 km (offroad).- Fuel tank capacity: 90 liters, on some units 140 liters. - Engine: Daimler-Benz M24 or M24 II eight-cylinder in-line engine. - Total displacement: initially 5018 cc, later 5401 cc. - Transmission: 4-speed manual and countershaft transmission. - Brakes: 4-wheel dual-circuit system, hydraulic +vacuum assistance.- By the way: have you seen how tidy my workshop is?"==============================hair: Jaimeoutfit: Toolgirls: badkittehcoMercedes G4: ArjinSteampunk tools: Cybertenko(an annoying visual effect on the radiator is caused by the cameraview. If you should move the camera to the left you would see that the left half matches the right half)
Waiting: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS5
Single Combat: Just playing with a few ideas here... edit ()Jn2015) - found a few more renders and uploaded them - no scene file found
Camera Close: Mikaela 2013
Phi Krasue: This was a test of an alternative version of the Phi Krasue for the previous image. Also uploaded to the same WIP thread on the DAZ forums in October 2011 by my alter-ego.'Phi Krasue' (ผีกระสือ in Thai) is a type of malevolent female spirit from South East Asia. In appearance a woman's head floating in the air, with internal organs trailing from the neck.
Phi Krasue: Originally intended for a Halloween 2011 render contest, I think - posted as a WIP on the DAZ forums by my alter-ego in October 2011...No postwork except layered composition in GIMP. Rendered in DAZ Studio 3 using:- V3 (or V4, can't recall) from DAZ3D- V3(or V4) internal organs from DAZ3D- Traditional Thai House (Tino van Deijzen, Renderosity)'Phi Krasue' (ผีกระสือ in Thai) is a type of malevolent female spirit from South East Asia. In appearance a woman's head floating in the air, with internal organs trailing from the neck.She definitely looked far too European, so I had a rethink (see the next image)...
Pure metal: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: Photoshop CS 5
ยักษ์โกรธ 'Yak Grot' (Angry Giant): A modified version of the previous upload, ‘Yaak’. The same setup, but I did a bit of fiddling around in DAZ Studio: adjusted the pose and expression; added some bump and displacement to the giant, loincloth, manacles, and sword grip; added some ray-traced reflection to the sword blade; added some blood-spatter to the shield texture in GIMP and used the modified texture; used my ‘DMS(Basic)’ DAZ Studio shader to combine some blood-spatter with the giant’s skin texture directly on the Surfaces tab.. No postwork, just layered composition and the addition of a shadow in GIMP. Edit Jan2015 -uploaded original render as well (no PZ3 found)
Graveyard Forest: Deep inside a forest. A forest maybe near to you? Within this creepy forest lies a forgotten place. A damn place....where the dead is alive.
close by elianeck: Daz 3reality 2tks!
test render: test render of my new graphic cards., nothing special
Regenerator: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro Postwork: Photoshop CS 5
resident by elianeck: 3d model "SF TUBE" http://fav.me/d48tiju created by bane-x http://bane-x.deviantart.com/
Water Hole: Animals looking for water
African love: 2 Giraffes in love
Hell beast: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )Postwork: PS CS.5
Yaak: An attempt to make art for art's sake!Rendered in DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, no postwork except composition (i.e. adding background and titles)Items Used:The FREAK (from DAZ3D)Shackles and loincloth (from DAZ3D)Sword and shield (from 3DCheapskate - yes, that's me!)
Caught in a web: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )postwork PS CS 5
Fauve: Render woman with lioness.all my works here : http://dollnumerik.blogspot.com/
Welcome to Earth: Render woman texture tribal and geisha with galaxy.all my works here : http://dollnumerik.blogspot.com/
Miss Coco Choco: Render woman with emotiguy.Emotiguy daz studio : http://www.daz3d.com/shop/emotiguyall my works here : http://dollnumerik.blogspot.com/
Meow !!! Meow !!!: Render Catwoman fanfiction.Millennium Cat 3D Model LEhttp://www.daz3d.com/shop/millennium-cat-leKittehs For The DAZ Mill Cathttp://www.sharecg.com/v/22661/View/11/Poser/Kittehs-For-The-DAZ-Mill-CatEveryday MilCat Poseshttp://www.sharecg.com/v/23746/gallery/11/Poser/Everyday-MilCat-PosesGoggled Cat Mask for V4http://www.sharecg.com/v/44765/related/11/Poser/Goggled-Cat-Mask-for-V4all my works here: http://dollnumerik.blogspot.com/
Above the clouds: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
phoenys godess 2: acabada
phoenix godess: character realizado con el programa poser, texturas creadas con el photoshop
Ilium's Unexpected Arrival: Groupie Ilium Rhyton's unexpected arrival at the skydeck of the Kithara Lounge (a fashionable meeting point for the well-to-do on the upper floors of the Dystopia nightclub) just hours after walking out on her boyfriend, Dajwu Qaletaqu after a heated argument.
Nomad: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Come together: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Corine: The mascotte of my former band Gods of insanity. She's called Corine.
red mystry: red night sky
Leia: Based on Star Wars, rendered in DAZ studio, no retouching
Camilla: Camilla was the Amazon queen of the Volsci. (Ancient Italic people, -first century of the Roman Republic). She was famous for her speed. It was said she could run across water and chase down horses. She was killed by Arruns while fighting Aeneas and the Trojans in Italy. (WikipediA)Created in DAZ3D, rendered in Octane.Film response: Gold200CDFeather Hawk: AprilYSHhelmet: ADPbikini top: Briana Culaith: Danie&marforno
I want to be a human by elianeck: tks
Deep ones: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Fun At The Beach ~ Pure Childhood Joy: "Fun At The Beach ~ Pure Childhood Joy"A family spends a day of sandy wet fun, excitment, and a great time together.Please view the textures on the kids and beachball in full size. Girl: K4, Eliza by Daz, Gothic set hair, AngelPaula top, bottom & skirt, Sammie-k4-freckled skin, Child's Joy expression.Boy: k4, BenHair, suit texture by Tabula, sand texture on bottom is PSe brush, Skin texture k4 sammie freckles w/sunburn in PSe8.Mom: KateCasual w/frilly suit, my expression pose. Dad: David, glasses freebie, suit textures by Tabula.Rainy Day-puddle x2, Beachball by gunsolly, Alligator by k4 beachbaby girl, Lighting throughout with Paulette protrait lighting.Background by Hobobo, backdrop_beach10_boh, with my sand enhancement & expansion. All items rendered in Poser8, and composed in PhotoshopEl8.
Esuna: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Arrival: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
mushroom planet: Lonely Planet far far away
Futuristic SiFi Cars with Tron Style Light Effects: 3D Models of SiFi Cars with Tron Style Light Effects. Created in 3DS Max - Slate Material Mapping and Mental Ray.Car Concept - Bharat Bhagwat
Paradox 'by' G2: what wouldit be like if the world woke up and found that it had been living in a Paradox?  Mom approved this message.enjoy...G2
When Canvas Starts to Burn: A fantasy drawing
a good night's work: all that sneaking around in the dark finally pays off...
hot pursuit: somone...or something... unfriendly is out there
Ocktober Heroes:  When a wizard pulls a ghost from our world to assemble a crew of heroes to defend his hometown of Ocktober from a curse. She can can find only a few with the necessary skills to fill the bill. Now it's time for the final showdown to begin. These are the heroes from the animated movie I hope to release about this time next year.
Western Louella Springs Railroad Company: ... and in case you'll find the locomotive too shimmering: it just came out of the trainwash.Created in DAZ3D, rendered in Octane with IBL lighting, film response used: Kodak Portra400VCCDTrain: DigimationMichael's conductor cap: VarselText: Font: IFC Railroad, done in BluffTitler
Mermaid Love - caution: nudity: Girls, even mermaids, just wanna have fun.  Companion art to the short story, Welcome to the Fish Tank.
The nightfly: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Freedom #2: Rien n'est plus beau que la liberté, celle qui vous fait vibrer... celle qui vous enflamme au plus profond de vous...Cependant cette image n'est pas libre de droit, ce n'est un stock, on ne l'utilise pas !DS4.5 Pro for posing and lightingReality 2.5 pluginLuxRender 1.0 for renderingLuxRender settings: Film response Ektachrome 100 (color rev)Postwork resumed to add a little bit of noise and to sign.
Forest Ranger: Another excercise with light
2 female by elianeck: tks
Primitive Design(3): "gateway" by G2: This creation is Part 3. But I am not done yet. What I really need is yet to come....thanks..and enjoy!!...G2    (bio- updater...running/ both houses have been ordered to defend..see on the Dawn, Brothers..Before Our Mother,,We Answer IN Unision..MOTHER!  We SaY YES YES!! mother please, after all it's just the call to Victory..it's as easy for us as the Old 1-2-3..that's why WE ARE Family..because Mother made us that way..thank you mom..see ya later..
Lava Spin: A 2D profile spun 360 degrees (aluminum mtl.) and a few colored spotlights.Done with Strata Design
Recruiting members!:
Alone: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
There's no such thing ...: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
On the Shore of Olympus: What do you get for the man who has everything?
Mikaela Black and White: Working on it...
The Black Mamba: one i did of Elle Driver AKA The Black Mamba from the movie Kill Bill Vol II free to use as you like
super average female:
Female ( nudity ): Still i have a lot to learn about the female ( and male ) anatomy, but i am happy with the final result.
maintenance mini-bot 2000: Created in Zbrush, rendered in Maya.
Underwater House: A simple textureless render. Used Maya MR. Inspired by Jules Verne "20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea"
car render maya: car render maya
Wolverine: Wolverine1920 x 1080
Cocktail for Dana: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Definitely not as planned: One thing's for sure, she definitely didn't plan this as her quiet evening walking about. Happy Halloween, everyone :) 
The Hulk: The hulk about to crash together a jeep & Tank1920 x1080
BatGirl: Batgirl
Batman: Batman1920 x 1080
She-Hulk: She-Hulk 1920 x 1080
The Avengers: The AvengersThor, Hulk & Iron Man1920 x 1080
Captain America & American Flag: Captain America & American Flag1920 x 1080
Captain America: Captain America1920 x 1080
Emma Frost: Emma frost1920 x 1080
Iron Man: Iron Man in flightMade using the ArmourZ figure1600 x 1200
Hulk Rage: A very angry Hulk
Source: Animation by Ruben CastroMexico
Catfight: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis ) 
Black stone haunted castle: Now Playing On a youtube channel near you Black stone haunted castle animation Happy Halloween http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8-EE7fUAjY&feature=plcp
We need to talk: Animation by Ruben Castro
VENDETA WATER: character creado por ti nueva super heroina
Prayer for the cure:  A cancer victim stops in the hall to pray, before entering the doctor's office. And proof that Soto's shaved hair for M4 can also work for V4 with a little tweaking.
The unknown: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Yuka Hirata: Character from my webcomic Burning Babes Gang  running on http://ratorama.com.br/burningbabesgang/English version in the Transcript link.Credits: Katana Samurai Sword by Area-50
Two hands& Sister: Image of BLACK・LAGOON(Japanese animation)
Happy Halloween: Animation by Ruben Castro
blood queen: made with blender and makehuman
Zombies: Rendered and retouched, it's a good thing we haven't got to retouch like we did in 1995 anymore
skulls: just a render of some skulls i created/modeledthanks for looking
Unhappily ever after?... Na, thanks: Animation by Ruben CastroMexico
The stop over: Deep space stop over
Sleepy Hollow Legend: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is a short story by Washington Irving contained in his collection The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., written while he was living in Birmingham, England, and first published in 1820. With Irving's companion piece "Rip Van Winkle", "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is among the earliest examples of American fiction still read today.
Hercules, Son of Zeus and Alcmena: Made the Hercules statue and base. Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Bath Time (Noir): Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Paradise Found: Made the statue, water bowl, base, scene, concept and poses...You'll need a head for height for this one! Thanks for all your previous support, fav's, and comments. Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Emmanuelle, Sylvia Kristel (1952 - 2012): In remembrance of the Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who starred in the 1974 erotic French film Emmanuelle, who died aged 60 on 18 October 2012. I Remember this as my first erotic film I ever saw... Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com
Ghostly Ride: Ghostly Ride ~ this is a cut form a huanted castle animation i'm creating.Rendered with Poser~fusion, Maya and Renderman
scarecrow: zombie scarecrow
Followed: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Gnomette the Mage: Gnomette the Mage, as in the style of World of Warcraft.
Leeloo Tested in many levels.: Leeloo's escape and going throughsome tough traps!!!Inspired by the movie, but more of the game.Hope ya'll like it :D
Robot by elianeck: Cinema 4D v-ray tks
Dreamcatcher:  Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Jade: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Diablo Revisited: How many times I i magined what she looked like when I played Diablo.
Out of hell: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis - Nybras figure )No postwork
White Gaga by elianeck: tks
Next Year's Model: Cover art for my ebook Next Year's Model, a satire about beauty.
Mosque: Inspired by a picture I've seen on the internet
After Bath: Black and white shots say sometimes more.
tribute tot H.P. ,Cedric debriefing: Juste little  streep around  H P fan  Art  Hermione ->Gabi by mihrelle (renderosity)Cedric -> Edmond  by neftis (renderosity)clothes and props by: d-jpp,Daz, SharCg, Runtime DMA and  Renderosity contributors ...
face by elianeck: reality 2tks
#400: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Katniss The Hunger Games: Katniss from the movie "The Hunger Games"free to use as you like. rendered in poser
The Maiden and the Frog: created in DAZ3D, rendered in Luxrenderfrog: Adam Thwaites (Most Digital Creations)Vickies dental brace: Project Nemesis »Vickies glasses: ptGlasses: ptRopeVickies hair: GlamourhairVickies earrings: Fistys
Eight free backgrounds: Painted Backgrounds for your use.. would love to see what you do with them.Sizes range from.. 2667 X 2000   1061 X 1500  2304 X 2791  2892 X 1987  1500 X 1000  2436 X 3000  1500 X 1531
Halloween tale: Palatine: Animation Ruben Castro
Camo Laser Gun: Here is a gun I made... Like it? I did better on the textures this time... Also, you can get a miniature version 3D printed at: http://www.sculpteo.com/en/design/laser-gun-3/t3k4nk42
Nopheroth: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Wes Studi Native American: I finally got this facegen image to work,looks like the guy to me.Same scene as at Renderosity  with a few improvements and changes.
Diner: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Sleepwalker: Not sure what i'm thinking about on this one
A girl and her Robot: Looks like trouble
School Spirit: Never saw this girl at my high school
Mech Pilots: Someone has to pilot these machines
No Shades of Grey: My first attempt at bondage
Calligraphy: 3d calligraphy made on Cinema 4D
Back home: Animation by Ruben Castro
Condemned: Animation by Ruben Castro
The Flying Dutchman: Animation by Ruben Castro
The Key: Cover for an e-book I may write someday.
night girl: art of souls
Gate: gate
C26: Equipmenet Transfer: A rather mundane piece here.  I wanted to show off what a Melani military base would look like.  This particular base is inside a city on the Melani homeworld of Hiraaj.Sgt. Toulmin (center), Specialist First Class Peragus (left), and some private (right) are readying a transfer of equipment to another company.  Their C.O., Lt. Siegrist (in the Weazel), waits for them.  She in turn, has materiel from the other company as part of the trade.There will be action in the next piece.  I promise.  :D*****Credits:Furrette 2 © Little DragonFur texture © PorterHair © Bobbie25, 3DCelebrity, and DAZUniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Redfern & GibbsBase poses © Daniel Murray, D.W. Mitchell, and Digiport DesignsVehicles © DzFire and Deci6elDsytopia City Blocks & Skydome © Ajax, Moebius87, and Billy HomeGreeble City Blocks © StonemasonWatts Building & Sci-Fi Equipment © Nightshift3DCharacters & art © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.October 6, 2012
Malena: V4.2++ with X&M Perfect morphs, i13morphs,  DAZ Drive In
Room 4: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
my art: art work is done in poser and photoshop
my art: these  were made in poser and photoshop
Miki4: Original custom face+The Frills and Lace Clothing Pack
Aliens by elianeck: tksreality 2
Passage: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Caroline: Custom V4.2 Morphs and Textures, Rendered in Poser with no postwork. Hope you like it, it's my first upload.
shame by elianeck: tks
jess icon: jess icon
Adoration: More of my art at:http://eroticartzone.com/
Gobbies: Goblin Couple in Forrest. Goblinette(V4,Girl4,Morphs++, Creatures) and Goblin(M4,Guy4,Morphs++,Creatures)
Magic ride: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
A devil: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
The catch: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Wasted Nights: Lone girl
fishing: artofsouls
predskull: In Arbeitoriginal here: http://www.thingiverse.com/image:168838
Pirates:  A love story a series of 3d graphcscreated with Poser2012you can view more in this series here https://plus.google.com/photos/107086462407744789396/albums/5795652685101223169?banner=pwa&gpsrc=pwrd1#photos/107086462407744789396/albums/5795652685101223169
Jason Returns to Crystal Lake: I finished my character and i am quite pleased with him. Made the mask and large knife for him. Sorry for the clothing, but i am now working on his wardrobe. Posed him as he appears in a poster.
Late delivery: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
My works: Some Images i create with Poser.
The Delights of Knowledge: From the state of stupid obedience to God to a state of knowledge without God.Genesis 3,22
Tyler2by elianeck: tks
A handsome man?: My newest work done in Poser. Character has been morphed by me. Hair is painted in pw.
The thing: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
tyler by elianeck: tks
The Doctor: Custom morph made in zbrush and applied to Genesis base male. The suit is the new Morphing Business Suit and Expansion. 100% rendered in Daz3d no postwork.
Masquerade: Who will take me to the Ball?
Maryrose: working on a Halloween art
Forever Stones 4: Evening Stonhenge and UFO
ChocoLyn: A test using the Kiwi model, which seems to be based on the Chocobo's from the Final Fantasy series.
Jackets: Just thought I'd update to show that I'm not dead. The character to the left of Lyn is Zu, Lyn's twin sister. I'll try to update more often, and I should have a few more props for NearMe coming soon.
Heavy weather: The way home is not always easy... Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Miki4: Original custom face
Transport: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Troubles: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Big love: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
The return of the sword: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis )
Baby by elianeck: tks
Once Upon A Time: Using this great freebie:http://www.sharecg.com/v/64764/browse/11/Poser/Celebrity---M.DOUGLAS-for-M4-Poser
INVADER Trike Jet Concept Design: Modeled in Maya and rendered using KeyShot
Happy planet by elianeck: tks!
eGirl 3.0: Study of female anatomy. http://www.behance.net/gallery/eGirl-30/4685299 Tools: Autodesk 3Ds Max 2011, Poser Pro 2012, Render Studio, Vray, Adobe Photoshop. July 2012 - © Marco Romero http://www.marcoromero.net
Night train: Image in 3dsMax with my steam train free ressource. Render mental ray - Postwork in Photoshop (smoke)
Exogenesis: Earth is the only place known by human beings to harbor life in the observed universe, while the sheer number of galaxies make it seem probable that life has arisen somewhere else in the Universe. According to current theories of physics, space travel over such vast distances would take an incredibly long time. What if that had already happened and we were only just beginning to take notice.
SPIDERMAN: Head morphs and texturecreatedin zbrush
The back of the Vitruvio man: Animation Ruben CastroI like Leonardo, is not just my favorite artist but an icon of the human being plenty developed.Suddenly I got a question: the evil face of the human being is not part of the human nature?Because I respect Leonardo this is a low resolution render, I am not interested to do a poster of this
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep: ...or should that read... 'Nudity Is Only Skin Deep'. Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
magazine by elianeck: another interview about my work, if you want to read about me here :http://issuu.com/tosk/docs/issue21?mode=window&pageNumber=1tks!
two in one by elianeck: tks
Traveller: made in Daz studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis)
Twilight: Free to use this graphic as you like.  1920 x1080 300dpi @230 kb. Rendered in poser 2012 pro no post work.
GoodFullMoonNight,GoodLady,GoodCar: DAZ3D,JpegFile,1366×768
Anatomy Lesson: Animation Ruben CastroMexicoI like Rembrandt
Monstrous Nightmare: "I'll be in your nightmares today" my second version of Humanoid
The Goddamn Dark Knight: Been working on a Miller-esque Dark Knight Batman model that's big, burly, mean, and scary. This is the Black and White version and the colored version.Batman is owned by DC Comics. All rights reserved to them.
Nocturnal Guard, rock band: Animation Ruben CastroMuch better than Kiss, Iron Maiden and othersThis is for the first CD coverTickets for concerts, autographs and souvenirs just on this gallery."Your miserable soul" on the Billboard Top Ten listBoys.- Andi3d, Mutedbanshee & Brahann
Master by elianeck: tks!
Just Say YES!: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: <b>www.paulsutton.com</b>:: Click Here: <a href="http://www.paulsutton.com" target="_blank" >Link</a> <i>Updated weekly with exclusive content!</i>
Steamy windows: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis characters )
Farm girl: Rendered in Daz studio, no postwork
GTX7000: http://www.negarkhaneh.ir/~sinaG/Gallery/
Voodoo revenge: Animation by Ruben Castro
Wrong Way: Maybe we should not have taken this shortcut afterall...Just want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween in 2012.
Peter Pan: Peter Pan with the sword of infinity.
Dark wizard: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
More Harry Potter: These are some more shots of the Harry Potter models I've been wroking onthese scenes contain Voldermort and the famous Majical dual. I have the dual scene set up for animation. I'm just sure if it would be worth rendering 3 days for 15 seconds of animation..lolanyway I hope you enjoy themrendered in poser2012 no post work
Shattered Impulse: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. Glass texture available free download at: http://nighty-stock.deviantart.com/art/Broken-Glass-Textures-11194325?q=boost%3Apopular%20broken%20glass&qo=0 All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Space trooper: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Angelus tenebris lux.: A warrior of light. Using I-Display of 3Delight.
Nallan And Mikaela EXO Armor: Render in DAZ Studio 4.5, Xurge3D EXO Armor
The last one: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
An anxious moment: made in Daz Sudio 4.5 pro ( Genesis chracter )
Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets: I have been working on creating Harry Potter and his outfits for some time. So I rendered these tonight & I thought I’d post what I have so far. These were rendered in Poser 2012pro -  no post work
Void from WildC.A.T.s: Really love Uber Environment 2!!! This is a character created by the great Jim Lee, for his series WildC.A.T.s This image has been rendered in DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro and postwork has not been performed on it. I hope You like it! Joy! Me encanta Uber Environment 2!! Este es un personaje creado por el gran Jim Lee, para su serie WildC.A.T.s. Imagen renderizada en DAZ Studio 4.5 Pro sin postwork alguno. Espero que os guste. Joy! Credits: Victoria 5 by DAZ Supersuit by DAZ P.I.C.K. by Semidieu (Runtime DNA) Moonstone by Uwe G. (ShareCG) Village Courtyard by Stonemanson (DAZ) Any other element is property of his/her owner.
New assignment: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis characters)
Anyone got a marshmallow?: experimenting with the Mil sub-dragon in DAZ3
image-12: wings3d,V3-ds4,the Messenger work  gradientgrey,render bryce.
Too many Teapots: Rendered in Octane Render (with instancing support)Teapot: AllenArt
image-11: wings3d,ds4,bryce7.
Betrayed friendship: Animation by Ruben CastroNosferatu, Funnyman & Nibbler by Brahann, Mutedbanshee, Andi3d
Aqua: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Guardian: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Shuriken: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
SERVANT: Sample artworks of my OC Servant. The digital comic is available now at drivethrucomics.com and graphicly.com.Servant © and ™ Geoffrey Borgonia.
Neverland Island: At the center of the known Universe, there is a lush Asteroid with an atmosphere & strange wildlife. Time stands still here. Welcome to Neverland Island.
Peter Pan & The Giant Crocodile: Peter comes face to face with the Giant Crocodile.
Galactic archer: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Last vision before die: Animation by Ruben CastroNibbler by Mutedbanshee & Andi3d
Portal defender: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
The Chase: This piece is actually made for promotional purpose of our new company “Enspire Studio”, Trying to get Action-oriented sci-fi scene combined with Surreal Lighting for this one, C&C are welcome.
No surrender: DAZ 3D,PhotShop,1280×960
Fallen: Sad lost and fallen
Go Away!: Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.Fur brush: Snow-BodyCredit for the idea to someone unknown.
These Green Eyes: Using a high definition skin Stephanie 5, Mikaela model and a technique of reflection and refraction in the cornea that I developed. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4 with UberEnvironment Lights and Human Surface Shader.
Dream: Animation by Ruben CastroNosferatu by Mutedbanshee & Andi3d
Open until Halloween: Is just the first row, I need a 360o. view to show all the familyAnimation Ruben CastroAll these guys by Brahann, Andi3d & Mutedbanshee
LLP: Love-Lust-Pain - T.N.T for the brain: LLP is a triptych that means Love-Lust-Pain.------------Base image: posing, texturing, ligthing and rendering with DSPro 4.Postwork with The Gimp and PhotoFiltre.Lyrics from: "T.N.T for the Brain" by Enigma.------Not use without my permission!All rights reserved
Shamira Under The Sea: An old pic first posted on DeviantArt.  Shamira gets bubbly with it.Postwork in Paint Shop Pro:* Clone brush where right forearm bends* Clone brush on bottom right of shirt hem to remove black spotCredits:----------Shamira based on Aiko 3.0 © DAZClothing © DAZHair © Bice & OutOfTouchBase pose © SteampunkAnimeBubbles © Coty EndlNecklace © RobroseHaunted Depths for Millenium Environment © Laurie SMillenium Environment © Stonemason & Northern StudiosWater flora © Lisa BuckalewSea turtle © DAZShamira & artwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.April 26, 2012
Natalie: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Starfury: This time I modeled the Starfury from Babylon 5... What do you think? Please comment/rate!
C26: Audria Toulmin: Due to description character count limits, I can't post her bio here on ShareCG.  It's quite long.  You can read it at Renderosity. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
piracy on the high sea: battle
Night Gallery: The Scream: Animation Ruben Castro A tribute to Rod SerlingDo you remember the TV show Night Gallery?
Love In The Beach: Love In The Beach
Blue: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Purple Pan: Purple Pan, she is quite grand, dancing on the end of the flame, in her bare feet she pans her tune so sweet, too lure you unexpectedly. Into her gaze you start to go, no one resit her bright glow! Once the spell has been set upon yea all you will do is stare, for her spell has you bound there, until Purple Pan & the flame disappears. Poem Written - By Ivy Summers Purple Pan Another Anastasia fantasy - rendered in Poser 2012
Blow Us A Kiss: Anne for V4 by DiYanira http://www.sharecg.com/v/58856/gallery/11/Poser/ANNE-V4-Character-zip-1-3Dress&Tutu by Propschick http://www.daz3d.com/shop/performer-for-v4Natural Bounce 2 by Adam Thwaites http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.most-digital-creations.com/natural_bounce_2.htmClassic Elegance Hair by Mint3d (currently offline)
Unhappily ever after: Animation by Ruben CastroSatan Claws By Mutedbanshee and Andi 3d
Bubbly Janni: While I try to get a couple of <a href="http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2332822">Company</a> <a href="http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2336418">26</a> bios typed up, here's <a href="http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2347988">Janni</a> getting bubbly.  :)*****Credits:Base Model: Aiko 3.0 &#169; DAZJanni texture &#169; LuLeLuna & PureEnergyClothing, hair &#169; DAZBase pose &#169; SteampunkAnimeLuxury pool &#169; RichabriArt &#169; 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.September 7, 2012
Chaos: My attempt to make this appear realistic and creepy, alas it looks more humour than scary...Created in Wings3D and rendered in Daz3D. Flames and smoke photoshop of course.
Phantom fighter: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
crazy by elianeck: render with amazing  pluguin reality render 2 by Pret-a-3D
Doors: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
Hillbilly tales A farmers Fable.(Promo): An Appalachian Story (Promotion). kinda cute Title-  Hillbilly tales A farmers Fable. Starring Hannah Bennet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CprfJvwnne8&featur)=g-all-c
contact by elianeck: reality tks
Sgt Audria: A "Gentle" Persuasion: Sgt. Audria Toulmin before her transfer to Company 26, and during some scuffles with the reptilian Hux.  Her bio to be posted later."On the bounce" from Robert A. Heinlien's Starship Troopers.*****Credits:Furrette 2/Furraldo © Little DragonUniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsPoses by Little Dragon and Daniel MurrayTransport Ship and Argos Hangar © Nightshift3DAudria's hair © 3DCelebrityFurraldo texture © PorterThe character Audria Toulmin & artwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.September 5, 2012
beginnings: just art
inspiration: just some words
Humanoide: Strange humanoid that shares some human DNA sequences with unknown DNA
Bewitched: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis character )
How long can you wait....?: Did a model of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note II. Hang in there!
'The Rear is OK': Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.Vickies outfit:- shorts: the 3dwizard- top: Toolgirls ( )- bandana: SotoQuad: catamaranHeineken cans: Trekkiegrrrl
Beautiful love: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis characters)
Last scream: Animation by.- Ruben CastroMexico
Contemplation: (Full view is a must.)A young woman watches the hustle and bustle of midday traffic in central Cape Aquaria, at the same time pondering the stillness of the distant ocean beyond the city.Paint Shop Pro postwork: Automatic Contrast Enhancement (Darker bias/Mild strength/Flat appearance)Suggested soundtrack (YouTube):* "She Likes to Watch" by the Rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman (Kenny G on sax)* "Distant Thoughts" by Dan SiegelCredits:Renee based on Aiko 3.0 © DAZHair © Bice & OutOfTouchClothing © DAZ, The3DWizardJeans texture © Bo HammarbergBase pose © Capsces Digital InkUrban Future sets © StonemasonGround plane © MatCreatorGround texture © SeraphnWater texture © TheNevermanTraffiKars © Deci6celDystopian Heavy Hauler © DzFireLighting © Mapps & RichardPhotosSky background © Victoria GoodmanArt © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.September 3, 2012
Himeko Dynamics Test: I was testing the dynamics on a dress I just built for Himeko, an anime character I bought at Renderosity. These are a few frames takne from a single animation, roughly 10 frames apart, of the 2 pieces of the dress. The sleeves/top came in great, but the dress required some tweeking--assigning a rigid area to the top, so it didn't puddle at her waist. =O I'll be posting a zip of these shortly, once I save the 2 pieces as props, and make sure the dynamic area holds.Oh, the die is a prop I picked up here. Looks awesome with the bump map move to displacement, doesn't it?
Celeste: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro ( Genesis-Stephanie 5 character)
Legion: Animation by Ruben Castro
Luna: made in Daz studio 4.5 pro (Genesis character)
treasure island part 2: this is an update to the first
Thingol of Doriath: Thingol, also known asElu, was the King of Doriath and High King of the Sindar. Known as Elwë during the first years of the Eldar, he was the older brother of Olwë and Elmo. He was also a good friend of Finwë, High King of the Noldor. His hair was grey and he was the tallest of all Elves and Men. Thingol instigated the Quest for the Silmaril, the greatest victory of the First Age, but ultimately caused his own doom.Thingol was born at Cuiviénen in the days before the Sun and the Moon, when Middle-earth was lit only by starlight.After the Chaining of Melkor, the Vala Oromë took three Elves, Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë, to Valinor to convince the Eldar to join the Valar in the Blessed Realm. Upon their return, the Elven ambassadors convinced many of the Eldar to join them on the Great Journey to the West. During the thousand mile journey, the Elven host separated into three groups, the Vanyar, Noldor, and Teleri. The Teleri, led by Elwë and his brother Olwë, were the largest and slowest group, and were the last to reach the western shores of Middle-earth.During this time Elwë wandered into the Forest of Nan Elmoth, where he met and fell in love with Melian the Maia. Caught in an enchantment of their own making, Elwë and Melian could not be found by the searching Teleri. When the Valar returned to take the remaining Elves to Valinor, only some of them followed Olwë across the Great Sea. The rest had come to love the lands of Beleriand and refused to leave without their missing lord.Over a thousand years passed before Elwë appeared again with his bride Melian. He gathered his people together and founded the Kingdom of Doriath. His subjects would become the Sindar, or "Grey Elves", and their language was Sindarin. From then on Elwë was known as King Elu Thingol, and he claimed lordship over all the lands in Beleriand. While Thingol was King of the Grey Elves, who never saw the light of the Two Trees, as an Ambassador for the Valar he was counted as a High Elf, and equal to any lord of the Eldar.Thingol's sword is named, Aranruth.
Baphomet: Baphomet demon
Teachers Pet: These Grey Widowmaker dragons were almost push to extinction. They are slowly making a come-back though in very few numbers, making it almost impossible to find a suitor to mate with. They love to stay close by humans and feed off their scraps and leftovers. They are also the cause of that noise you hear in attic and ceilings at night as they move around. Being small creatures, they are often vulnerable to being hunted by domestic cats.
Peter Pan: The immortal child warrior
Peter Pan stranded.: After Peter Pan in Scarlet, Peter finds himself stuck on A mountain top unable to fly.
Dinner party: Animation by.- Ruben Castro Mexico
Birthday Card: A birthday card for a friend of mine. The background texture is a painting by my girlfriend Maaike van Meer.
Shamaness: Just playing with daz studio, no post work
Jake's Sorrow: If only he could have saved her..
Bloodreaver: Kael, the Bloodreaver.  Died as a gladiator and was resurrected as a formidable undead foe.  He absorbs the life force of his enemies via their blood.  He wanders the lands under the twin suns of Telmar searching for the person who orchestrated his curse.
Kael's Battle: This was a Boris inspired experiment
Lovecraft: I am a huge Lovecraft fan and I can easily see him as a monster hunter.
renderfor sit v12 6.5sc: renderfor sit v12 6.5sc
scorpion anger: scorpion anger
Ghost Cat: This image started as an experiment to try and create a ghostly figure and I liked it so much I kept it around.
Gatling Gun: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2419- character"Gatling Gun" movement details:- Hammer- machine-gun belt- barrel rolling
avatar: Avatar Scorpian by cs on shareg and vue ,ad postwork
C26: Captain Vessyr Irdan: Captain Irdan isn't a member of Company 26, but he sometimes help out the team by ferrying them to locations that would be out of range for the Vanguards (DAZ 3D).  He is also a close friend of Captain Yuna Lund.Irdan currently commands the CNS (Confederate Navy Ship) Vordra.Note: For pronunciation's sake, Vessyr sounds like Bashir.Suggested soundtrack:* Force Commander from Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War *****Rendered the Vordra separately from Irdan and background, and used blue screen technique.  Combined both images in Paint Shop Pro.I think this came out better than what I tried in CLUSTER RUSH! (Version A).*****Credits:Irdan based on Furraldo © Little DragonUniform by Little Dragon; based on original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsPose © Daniel Murray (DAZ 3D)CNS Vordra based on Leviathan © Abraham Katase, rigged for Poser by DalmatinerBackground © DianaIrdan's fur texture © PorterCharacter and art © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.August 6, 2012
C26: Capt Yuna Lund - Bio: Yuna LundRank: Captain, Confederate Army of the MelaniCurrent assignment: Commander, Company 26 (Special Operations Division).  Stationed on Hiraaj.PersonalSpecies: MelaniSex: FemaleAge: 40Birthplace: Romanova, HiraajHeight: 5 feet, 5 inchesWeight: 163 pounds (not including tail)Hair: BrownEyes: GoldMarital status: SingleFamily: Herberto (father), Frida (mother), Kirba & Florine (sisters), Gunther & Garv (brothers)Skills* Mechanical - repair* Mechanical - operation (car, fighter jet, medium-range starship, tank, walker)* Pilot -  35,000 hours flight time experience over 15 years* Medical - first aid* Languages - Galenic, Hux, EnglishEducation* Secondary school diploma; Romanova Academy* Bachelor's Degree in Psychology; Thaldane  University, Hiraaj* Officer's Academy; Camp Ursalis, Hiraaj* Bachelor's Degree in World and Colonial History; Risdel University, Hiraaj (ongoing)BioA protege of Colonel Kianti Tiresias, whom Yuna served under varying capacities over the last fifteen years.  She was recommended by Tiresias to replace Elle Sadannys as C26 commander.Unlike the severely dictatorial Sadannys, Yuna is deliberative and introspective, seeking input from her senior staff as well as from a select few outside of C26.  However, once a decision is made she declares it final and takes sole responsibility should it fail; but if it succeeds and if it was upon consensus, she will give credit to her team.While Yuna supports the Great Melani Expansion, she is concerned over the rapid pace of development on Mars in the Terran solar system.  She fears the total condemnation by humanity and a possible war with them.Yuna has to allay suspicions by some members of her team and outsiders over keeping Miriya Han from the old, corrupt C26.  While Han's cold and distant personality bothers her at times, Yuna feels that in the end having Miriya as part of the team will be worthwhile.In keeping with Col. Tiresias' example, Yuna is training her "brain trust" (Lt. Thora Habasil, Lt. Pamala Siegrist, and Sgt. Audria Tolmund) to be ready to take command of their own units when the time comes.
The Home Underground.: This is the hidden entrance to the Lost Boys' home. Only Peter lives there now...alone.
Skull Mountain: This is Skull Mountain. A devious place where the pirates keep thier torturing grounds. Many a lost boy have died here, the walls still awash with thier blood. Thier cries still echoing the caverns.
2012 First Half: Here are the 3 best things I've done for this year... The beginning at least...
He learned to don´t move the head... at last: Animation by.- Ruben CastroPoses.- Lora-Ly ColeFunnyman.-Andi3d,mutedbanshee,Brahann
The Battle of Evermore: The Battle/Chess gets played over, and over till Evermore. Poser Pro 2012 (Single Render), Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Click Here: Link Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Book cover: a potential book cover 
Beach: an unusual beach scene made in cinema 4d
Challenge: Made in Daz Studio4.5 pro (Genesis character)
Magic ball game: Made in Daz Studio4.5 pro (Genesis character)
Fin du salon: Animation by.- Ruben CastroFunnyman.- Andi3d, Mutedbanshee, BrahannThe Crystal Caves.- Andi3d, MutedbansheePoses.- Lora-Ly Cole (Islandgirl)
Enter: Meghan: Inspired by Gelle-Klara Moynlin, a character from Frederik Pohl's Heechee books.  In fact, I'd planned on calling this particular character Klara, but changed my mind. I wanted Meghan (what I would eventually call her later on) to have her own identity, as she was going to be in a separate universe (and avoid any potential legal issues).  Klara was described as tall and muscular with black, "bushy eyebrows" (Frida Kahlo as an example?); so I'm assuming she was a brunette.  Meghan here is depicted as a not-so-muscular redhead with not-so-bushy eyebrows.  I don't know if that's enough to consider Meghan a separate, if not wholly original, entity or not.  (Seeing as I've yet to find any Klara fan art to make a comparison.)I wanted to make this render look like it was a photo taken at a public pool with other people around, hence why I included Kasha off on the side.*****Credits:Meghan and Kasha based on Aiko 3 © DAZAikiyu morphs/texture © Kandace WrightKasha morphs/texutre © ShesaCasuit and slacks © DAZZenia top & necklace © RavenhairMegan's hair © AprilYSHHeels © Billy-TIndoor pool © RichabriLounger © Kerry MortensenTexture on Meghan's clothes © Elisa LRSky background © WildypantsBase poses © Daniel MurrayArt © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.August 26, 2012
What's up, Pussycat? - 16:9 Rekill 2012: The leopard stalks its prey silently and at the last minute pounces on its prey and strangles its throat with a quick bite. Leopards often hide their kills in dense vegetation or take them up trees, and are capable of carrying animals up to three times their own weight this way. The Leopard is also the only Big Cat who can carry its prey up into a tree. Both lions and hyenas have been known to take away a leopard's kill. To prevent this, leopards store their larger kills in trees where they can feed on them in relative safety. (Source: Wikipedia.org)During the study of the leopards and their predator-prey relationship in the African wilderness Judy get suddenly a much deeper insight into her object of interest than she wanted.Rework of my work "What's up, Pussycat?" from 2009: Totally new reloaded, reposed, rerendered and new post-produced in August 2012. Warning: "View original image" / download in deadly 31.6 Megapixel! ;-)
treasure island: 3d art
Versatile Tentacle Render test: Tentacle render test for texturing.The model Versatile Tentacle is by Tempest and can be found here in the poser freebie section.
Fallen Feather: Daz Studio 4 Pro composed and rendered.Postwork only for background. Feathers are 3D objects (look at the cast shadow on the hand).Feather texture created by myself. Apply on the Morphing Leaf of Adam Thwaites (available on his website freebies section).Click on large view to enlarge :)
Alien Leech: The strange artifact came from space, infested the city with a highly lethal alien organism that feeds on human blood.
image-10: wings3d model,V3 morph,rendering Bryce-no postwork...
Golden light: ...something a little more tranquil for summer
Assistance: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis characters)
Foxy: My Mikaela model in another render angle
It was a dark and stormy night...: Return of the drow witch
Egyptian Queen: One of my favorite V4 based characters , in something of a (loose) hommage to Frank Frazetta....
Aiko Hard to rise -up: The  crew  short  story how  is  hard  for  Aiko  to rising-up
FORGIVENESS: Love and Kindness...
The gift: made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis character)
Adam and Eve Movieposter: Movieposter for my animation called "Adam and Eve",The animation can be found here:Movieposter for my animation "Adam and Eve", the animation can be viewed here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLFFBZf6ofM
ship: for gunner
star wars: 3d art
element by elianeck: dazreality 2luxrendertks
Maqzi Ascending still:
man-3b: wings3d model and DS4 morph...
Hello, goodbye: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis characters)
Fatales Erwachen: Das ist das Coverbild meines Romans "Fatales Erwachen" Erschienen im deutschsprachigen Vindobona Verlag. ISDN 978385040792-2. Ein humorvoller Fantasy-Roman. Wer nicht auf Twilight-Schmus steht und einen wirklich kernigen Vampir kennenlernen will, sollte Ragnors Story lesen.
Centaur: Centaur created from milhorse and M4.Composed with DS4 Pro, rendered with 3Delight.Painting with Gimp and Tablet Wacom Intuos4.High resolution image, click to enlarge :)
Posing in the street: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis)
Tourism: Made in Daz Studio 4.5 pro (Genesis characters)
Action Figure #11: Gosha.... my hero.Gosha character: SmaySupersoaker: Stephen (Trimble Warehouse)Stand: Hero Miniature Base: BlurburBackdrop: Posing Background: Soto
Lily-3: Wings3d,ds4,bryce.
Lily: wings3d,ds4,bryce.
image-9a: wings3d,ds4,bryce7....no postwork
image-8: wings3d,ds4,bryce7.
Summer dress girls: Made in Daz Studio4 pro (Genesis characters)
Custom Motorcycle: DAZ Studio 4, render with uberEnvironment2
Just an Angel: Je laisse à chacun la liberté de s'approprier sa propre vision de cette image, la mienne m'est trop personnelle.Composition sous DAZStudio Pro 4, rendu 3DelightPainting avec Gimp et tablette Wacom Intuos4Plus de 12h de travail : merci de ne pas diffuser, modifier ou je ne sais quoi d'autre sans mon accord. Merci.Première image en haute résolution (3000x3000 px), n'hésitez pas à agrandir pour profiter des détails --------------I leave everyone free to appropriate its own vision of this picture, mine is too personal to be share.Composition in DAZStudio Pro 4, 3Delight render.Painting with GIMP and Wacom Intuos4 tablet.More than 12 hours of work: thank you not distribute, modify, or whatever else without my permission. Thank you.Full image in 3000x3000 pixels! Click to enlarge
white by elianeck: tks
550ci Preview work: 550ci Preview work   answare  pm me  
sabre gt hd: peless masseg
Young Innocence: please click  orignal view - rendered in poser 2012no post work Blackhearted GND product.one pic with sheer underware - one pic regural texture mapfree to use as you like
Red by elianeck: daz, reality 2, luxrender
A Touch Of Fairy Dust: This is an idea I had after dowloading the "Love Fairy" dress. I used the same model from my superhero "Brickhouse", which is of course a modified V4. Postwor was done in Photoshop.Credits:DAZ 3DVictoria 4Amarseda Hair by AprilYSHBody MAT: Hillary for V4 by Lobo75ARTRAIDERSFairy dress bottom by Mytilus, ShareCGTHE HILLS by FoberContent ParadiseRoyloo's flowerUniversal Wings by Thorneworks
Love is letting go: Click original view, for full size - Render in poser 2012 - no post workfree to use as you like
Mad Maxine 2012: My Original Artwork Mad Maxine was published on the all the Packaging and Promotions for SmithMicro's release of Poser Pro 2010. Now I've updated with the new fantastic Poser Pro 2012, with SSS skin Texture, hair etc...Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com::Updated weekly with exclusive content!
music by elianeck: Daz, reality 2
Prisoner: Made in Daz Studio4 pro (Genesis characters)
Thank You !: Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.hat: Miss Dee Anna J. (Ravenhair)money: Pocket filler (Valandar)Crash-Test Dummy: Old Crash (Birdman)accordeon: Leandro La Piana (Trimble Warehouse)
The chalice: Made in Daz Studio4 pro (Genesis Character)
Afternoon delight: Made in Daz Studio4 pro (Genesis characters)
Roid:   A new character I'm working on for a web comic. I would like opinions on if there is enough change to make for a viable secret identity. My original green version was too much of a tip of the hat to Marvel.
Crouching tiger: Made in Daz Studio4 pro (Genesis)
Twins: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Allied Fleets Outpost: Vue 10 Studio
The American Ninja - Beach Justice: The American Ninja - Beach Justice (Promo) You don't want to miss this exciting 2 Minute animated short. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMkUaISPLcg
Kata practice: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Reaching out: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Maintenance Day: Shutdown for maintenance, repair and recharge the energy cells.
Face!: a silver face
BloodRayne - V4: Image done with V4, and Cosplay Blood Rayne outfit.  Bice/Outoftouch Flexy hair (freebie).
Luck be a Lady: Image done with A4; Character Morphs and Texture set by Winteryvonne - A4 Kimber (here on ShareCG); Hip Jeans by scheusal242 (Also here on ShareCG); Amarseda Hair, Charm Necklack by Bice/OutofTouch; and Mint's Bad to the Bone Jacket.Rendered in Daz4 Pro, No postwork done to the image.
Water Imp: a visit from the water imp.
image-7: the Doorman-work GRADIENTGREY,...wings3d model,rendering bryce...
The American Ninja - Beach Justice (Promo): The American Ninja - Beach Justice (Animation Promo)Coming soon to a Youtube channel Near You. You don't want to miss this exciting 2 Minute animated short of the American Ninja.  Subscribe today  http://www.youtube.com/user/IvySummers1
A moment away from it all: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Fly with the butterflys: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Dancing in the starlight: Thanks for view and hve a good day!
Dancing in the moonlight: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Entering Stukas: from the pilots perspectiveBy.- Ruben CastroStuka.- Neil Wilson
Vermaak's Ultimate Boon: This is Fan Art of the character I created in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Her name is Vermaak, and she's a Sith Marauder. I had to improvise for the "robe", but I think it turned out okay. Also, "Ultimate Boon" is a phase in the Hero's Journey. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MonomythCreated using DAZ Studio.
Betty meets Leviathan: Made Daz Studio4 pro
Relaxing: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Fiery Photoshoot: This little piece turned out better than I had hoped for. I have no idea what exactly I did there to make her skin look like that, but I dug it. So, I kept it. Great things come by accident, they say. So yeah. ^^ This is my latest creation, created using Daz Studio
Don't Be Afraid: Cornered by the robots, trying to escape, feel the fear in her eyes. She don't know, but they are there to help her.
Kinky Fantasies (Nudity): 2xMaidens + 1xHornyMale = Anybody's greatest fantasy + a whole lot of rocking while rowing on the motions of the ocean, heh? Background by others.
Crysis2+one: 3d art ?
arriving in the big city: I did this a while ago and it was one of the first Reality renders I was really happy with. I'd still like to build a story around this character and setting.
TigerWoman bed: TigerWoman had a bed at the level of her felinity.CatPawBed by Jean-Luc_Ajrarn, available on RuntimeDNA store here: http://www.runtimedna.com/Super-Props-Cat-Paw-Bed.htmlDS4 pose and render, postwork on PhotoFiltre
Scared: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Hero on a plate: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Thank You!: This one is for you, my friends and fans that have welcomed me here...Did this in Daz Studio with two distantlight sources and one area light.
Penguin Chiko: - character"Penguin Chiko"http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2420- object parent"cap"- object parent"umbrella"- animation pose"Penguin run"- Mouth morphs for Penguin Chiko:-smile-devil-eyes close-mouth open-mouth open 2
Son of the devil: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Koenigsegg: Koenigsegg uberlight render in DAZ Studio 4
Tiger woman: GrrrrrrPlaying with V4 and morph++ in DS4 Pro.Postwork in Photofiltre
Longing: Poser Pro 2012. Spent almost as long on the expression as the skin shader.
Just a Test: Literally, "just a test" render, but I really liked it. Poser Pro 2012, V4.2, Vanilla Sky complex texture
noseArt: Inspired by retro-styled pinups and WWII bomber nose art. Endded up being more subversive than intended. Or maybe I just like half-naked woman.
Idril: Idril Celebrindal was the only child of Turgon. She participated in the Flight of the Noldor, and in the Helcaraxë almost lost her life falling through the ice with several others, but Turgon saved her, though he lost his wife Elenwë. Together with Angrod's son Orodreth she was one of the two Noldor in the third generation to come into exile. Idril was loved in secret by her cousin Maeglin, the son of Eöl the Dark Elf and Aredhel, Turgon's sister, but she scorned his advances because of his dark character, and the fact they were too closely related.When Tuor, son of Huor arrived in Gondolin, Idril fell in love with him. Because Turgon had grown to love Tuor as a son (as he had his father before), and remembering the last words of Huor, he allowed Idril and Tuor to wed, thus bringing about the second union of the Eldar and Edain, after Beren and Lúthien. Idril encouraged Tuor to build the secret passage known as Idril's Secret Way, and thus enabled many to escape the Fall of Gondolin. In Gondolin she had a son, Eärendil.After the fall of Gondolin, Idril and Tuor became leaders of the exiles at the Havens of Sirion, where they also received Elwing daughter of Dior son of Beren and Lúthien.When Tuor grew old he departed in his ship for the West, and Idril went with him. It is believed by the Elves and Dúnedain that Idril and Tuor arrived in Valinor, bypassing the Ban of the Valar, and that Tuor became reckoned in the kindred of the Elves, so that they both live in Valinor.The name Idril is the Sindarin form of her Quenya name Itarildë (or Itarillë), which means "Sparkling Brilliance".She was called Celebrindal, "Silver-foot", because she always went barefoot.
Get over here.: This is the first full Render I made using Daz Studio. Before this, I mostly did character renders. Getting used to posing and whatnot. The character used is named Cassie. I have three characters with Genesis that I would like to use often, more like actresses than as characters with a story behind them. They have their personality, tho.
Shoe: an idea for a book cover
Red Cloth: an idea for a book cover....
NIght Bus: Thx for looking
Leaving Ishtara: ...he let his eyes wander over the smooth hills and shallow creeks of his homeworld Ishtara, as it appeared in all its splendour. The sinking suns, casting a dim mixture of golden light and shadows all over the land, like heralds for doom somehow made him think of his perilious mission. Would he ever see his family again?My Avatar sometimes seems to need some adventure...Rendered in Vue 10, no postwork
Angry hurricane: Small & fragile but lethal british legendAnimation by.- Ruben CastroHurricane by.- Neil Wilson
Sabbath by elianeck: Carraraand hair by Phill
Crysis2: from art of souls
did not come...: wings3d,bryce7,ds4-no postwork....
2012 AD: How far will science go?
At the Art Gallery: Vickie and Mike have taken a day to admire some fine art at the local gallery.
Bull Riding Bettie: Thanks for having a look :)
Gentlemen`s duel: High in the cloudsAnimation by.- Ruben Castro
Share CG Sci Fi:  True art is never finished. I looked at my entry this week and found there were some things missing. That ring just looked bare.
The Assassin: Did this a while ago, and I was pleased with how I manage to get a realistic skin texture. So I thought you might like to see it. Poser Pro 2010, Photoshop. The original is 3600 x 4804. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com::Updated weekly with exclusive content!
Modern Couple: Can a robot love?
Le sel et le miel...: So sweet your lips, so sweet your kiss...Le sel et le miel, le goût d'éternité de ces baisers volés, j'aime à les laisser me hanter...------Composed and texture with DS4 ProRendered with LuxRenderHand painting for small adjustment and postwork with the GimpSigned and cropped with PhotoFiltre
image-4a: wings3d,bryce7,ds4.
Too much heat: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Long is the eternity: Something homorous. Mummy while away the time with shadow play. Looks like the playboy bunny... uh, the shadow, not the mummy^^
i am Tut ank amun: Since Howart Carters discovery the most famos pharaoh.
Dont by sad Alice: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Nickie: Nickie is a Lyne´s cat for Millineum cat in Daz Studio. Thanks for view and have a good day!!!
La traque: Sur Yonnah le pale soleil d'été se couche tôt laissant l'étoile géante éclairer les longues nuitsposes me
The tip of the bullet: Horror clownsAnimation by.- Ruben CastroOne of the International "Top Ten" for Share CG Facebook Cover ChallengeDeadly clowns & Stan by.- Brahann, MutedBanshee & Andi3d   Thanks
I hear you (te escucho): I hear youAnimation by.- Ruben Castro
You again!:  I was inspired by old Flash Gordon reruns. I thought I would do something similar, with a more modern look for the hero.
image-5: wings3d,ds4,bryce.
Comic Book Love: She reads "The Mary Sue" website every day.Managed to make some time to put this together, but it was too late for San Diego ComicCon.Rendered in Daz 3D using the Reality 1.25 engine. T-shirt By Hongu (Renderosity), with texture by Efindel (ShareCG). Sneakers are from Billy-T (Renderosity) and jeans by The3DWizard (Daz). Comics and Comic long boxes by S.A McClung (ShareCG). Batman and Batman logo property of DC comics, natch. 
Ratita: She's back!The shirt is by mamomamo: mamomamo.candypop.jp/Freestuff/and the skirt by evilinnocence.comThank you both!
Sneaking-up: In this scene from Samuel's Grape, this mercenary soldier is looking for the Cave of Allamalius, and is attacked by a were-rat - from behind. This is a screen-cap from the animation. There is lots of shooting, and growling, a bit of blood.  
Mudwyrm: Another Screen from Samuel's Grape. That's the all-animation 3d video I'm hoping to finish some day. Lots of monsters, a story, armored future soldiers, sexy full-body tattoes, and a self-aware sphere containing an entire civilization. This guy is about to eat an armored soldier, the animation is done, this is just a screen-cap.
Farah Rider: This is actually a screen shot from my long-project, "Samuels' Grape". I've actually made some progress, and expect it to be done sometime next year. She is Farah, tattooed by nature as are all the Junchoe people. She is emerging from a cave, looking like a primitive. There is actually a giant future-city in the cave, where Samuel is bringing the ... well, I'll get to all that soon enough :).
Is She On?:
The Anatomy of the Doctor Gulp: Following the Partrait " The Anatomy of Doctor Tulp" from Rembrandt van Rjin. The widow who collect the mony for the corps of her dead husband, is a little, malice idea from me. Thank you for looking^^
The Meadow: One of my Carrara 7 render.
Liquid Metal: In the future nanobots and molecular systems will make possible the creation of metamaterials as the liquid metal. Render in DAZ Studio 4, converted to jpg in PaintBrush.
Looking the Horizon...: Now, indian Potyra looking to the horizon over the trees ...
pink dreams: pink horizens
blue seas: Lovely blue seas
Titania the Dragon Warrior in Wroclaw: It seems that the beautiful Titania tamed a dragon ^^ (other postwork of my previous picture) Titania Dragon Warrior by Tantarus and Rose2000 (available in the runtimedna shop). Morph, poses and skin texture for V4 by myself. Composed and rendered with DS4Pro, postwork with Gimp. Wroclaw picture by lovestickmelody in deviantart.
Have A Break...: Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Luxrender.Vickies outfit: HighlanderTreestump: DIWANTARASword: 3dUniverseKitkat: Abu Bakarihairband: Neftis
Vampires lair: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Original 2D Vault: This is the original drawing of the character, he had a different name back then but later became Vault.
Vault: An old character I used to love in my 2D Artwork his name is Vault and he's a warlock. Specialized magic user that focuses on war magic rather than flare and wizardry techniques. The warlocks are the ones you call when it absolutely has to be blown up overnight. Their biggest hinderance is that since they focus so much on high level destructive spells it takes a toll on them and they burn out quicker even dying out much sooner. The average lifespan of a wizard is about 100 to 200 years. The average lifespan of a warlock (battles aside) is between 50 and 60.Rendered in Daz3d, the only postwork was adding the energy ball in photoshop and that was just a piece of abstract stock I got from istock and screened over the image so no real tweaking done. I'll start exploring more in program effects and see how they turn out.Used Genesis with Michael 4 Shapes (had to so the outfit would fit right) then used the African American ethnicity presets A,B and C mixed up to get the right look (based on my 2D drawings of him). Outfit is Night Tales, Jester. Set is Medieval Castle from Daz.Cheers!PS, although cute, in theory the spell he's casting is like a bunker buster. It's supposed to look small and innocent (hence the satisfied look on his face) but when it hits it leaves a big crater.
Chaos Bringer: Another great render 100% in Daz3d. Great as in I think Daz3d renders great not that my artwork is great...of course I think it is but shouldn't I? LOLGenesis with Michael 4 Shapes and Xurge3D's Ranger for Michael 4 with DS textures provided by AdamTLS on DeviantArt. The sword is Bringer of Chaos (hence the name of the piece) and it's a Daz product. Lighting is actually from a completely different set piece (can't think of the name right now and too lazy to check) the set is The Steppes. I used my own camera rather than one of the presets in the set. I like keeping the set cameras where they are for future reference. Really getting the hang of Depth of Field camerawork and I loooooove it!Cheers!
A Rogue's Tale: My first completed render, been practicing and working for months now since I got Daz3d 4 Pro and trying to learn the ins and outs plus getting tons of content from here as well as Daz3d and Renderosity (even some Renderotica - great stuff actually) and this is my first render. 100% from Daz3d 4 Pro no postwork.I've been trying to get Reality 2.2 to work properly but the shaders keep screwing up. Either character's eyes turn out black or it completely leaves out the textures on a Daz product. I don't know but it's a pain in my ass and here I think this turned out perfect I was really pleased by it.I've truly found my home with 3D art. I may branch out to some of the big boy software soon once I hit the limits of what I can do with Daz3d but for now this is enabled me to take my artwork to the next level.Cheers!
Dirty work: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Titania the Dragon Warrior: It seems that the beautiful Titania tamed a dragon ^^ Titania Dragon Warrior by Tantarus and Rose2000 (available on the runtimedna shop). Morph, poses and skin texture for V4 by myself. Composed and rendered with DS4Pro, postwork with Gimp.
Encounter: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
I'm just a tiny cook: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Out of the Mists of Time: What legends are made of!
Saeros: An Elf of the Nandor who went to dwell in Doriath at the court of Thingol after the First Battle. When Túrin came to that land, he and Saeros became enemies: it was the accidental death of Saeros at Túrin's hands that drove the son of Húrin to become an outlaw.
Phantom down: Vietnam, May 8th, 1972Mig-19 by Neil WilsonAnimation by.- Ruben Castro
Chestburster: Rendered in Poser.  Postwork done in Photoshop (including DOF Pro plugin). Chestburster sculpted in ZBrush and 3dCoat.  Textured in ZBrush.
Reach.: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:www.paulsutton.com:: Updated weekly with exclusive content!
McLaren MP4-12C: Here is a McLaren I modeled... what do you think?
The "False Note" singers: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
How the West Was Won...: character: Gosha (Smay)Cigar: Smaybelt: lm_shadowdancerweapon: DzFire & Moebius87Wooden Rocking Horse: Keith Wadesaddle: Charger Fantasy Tack (DAZ 3D)
face by elianeck: tks
Chocolateland: Rendered in DAZ studio, background in Chaos pro, Icecream modeled in hexagon
Colonel Mustard In The Study With The Knife: Playing around, and this great board game came to mind...and gave it the real world concept to Classic 'Cluedo'... thinking inside the box so-to-speak! Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac.All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website:
www.paulsutton.com:: Updated weekly with exclusive content!
image3: wings3d model and bryce.
Innocence Scene: Fan art of the Mamoru Oshi Ghost in the SHell 2 movie known as Innocence.
Indian Potyra: This is indian Potyra, in 3D ...I managed to do in the DAZ, but I still have much to learn...I hope you enjoy!!!
Photos noo: Here I made a joke with her, see how she gets stretched ...
Debrazil in Beach: My first picture made in 3D: Debrazil in beach!
Raffaela: Most digital creation Character Raffaela. Mints free Outfit Highlander V4 and DM´s PromtFantasy. Thank you for looking and comments^^ Better look in fullsize^^
Before and after: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Diving: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Wild life: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Koenigsegg CCXR: Here is my version of the Koenigsegg CCXR... You can see the front and back. Message me if you would like to use the model. 
Les Gardiens: Reprise de ma première scène complexe composée sous Daz.Composed and rendered with Daz, postwork with Gimp and Photofiltre.
Kick the Tires and Light the Fires: A pilot standing alert rushes to his fighter, his crew chief waiting to  assist. I've been wanting to use Popgriffon's P-11 space fighter in a render for some time.  It reminded me of both the old US F-86 Saber and A-6 Intruder fighters, so I went decidedly contemporary, if not retro, with the pilot and crew chief. I also like the juxtaposition of both current and more futuristic technology. Popgriffon's P-11 space fighter available at the Renderosity web site.Hanger, stepladder, and other structures by Tafkah, pilot helmet by Chris Schell (TheSchell), and crew chief's cans made by combining headphones from the Action set by Fober and the V4 headset smartprop by 3-d-c, all at ShareCG.Pilot's gear by Billy T and crew chief's combat uniform by DS3D.  Chief's vest form the Veteran War Dog set by Luthbel.  Skydome by Dystopia.  All are at the Daz 3D site.Rendered in Daz Studio with light Photoshop post work.
Fuite... #2: Composition et rendu sous DSPro 4, postwork sous Gimp et Photofiltre.-------------Composed and rendered with DSPro 4, postwork with gimp and photofiltre.Thanks for view and rating :)
No, not on our first date: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Bloody Mud!: A sudden flash flood made of ashes and slop slugged the paralyzed tanks, sweeping men away, drowning crews, and burying vehicles up to their turrets.
The Girl with the Pearl Earring: Playing around, and this great painting came to mind...and what if?...the original painting got cropped! Maybe I'll do the Girl with the pearl necklace next! Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMacPoser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com (Updated weekly with exclusive content!)
Aston Martina: A little play on words^^ Thank you for looking and comments^^
Fuite...: Composition et rendu sous DAZ. Postwork sous GIMP et Photofiltre.Composed and rendered with DAZPro 4. Postwork with GIMP and Photofiltre.
Mephisto: No Postwork, the sphere is Uber-Sphere, with effect shader. Thank you for looking and comments^^
Image: wings3d,ds4,bryce..
One Stormy Night In the Cretacious: A transmitter buoy bobs up and down in a prehistoric sea. A passing Elasmosaurus takes exception this alien intrusion and proceeds to try and eat it. A little nod to Flesh Book Two by Pat Mills. Elasmosuarus from EI creations, Ocean prop by RD, StarGate Atlantis prop by !SFX.Rain and splashes by Flinks
仏桑華: 仏桑華=Hibiscus
Pirat Flint: my new character"Pirat Flint"       http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2418 
LIVE R than you'll ever be: 3D Render.  1800x1200 wallpaper size.  Use it, share it, credit me.
Mountain Lake: Thanks for view and have a good day!!!
Magical morning: Thanks for view and have a good day!!!
number by elianeck: tls
Finally: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Victory: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Portrait of beauty: Thanks for view and have a good day!
My hero: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Ana Expression: My favorite model Ana
Face too Face: Fantasy Art rendered in Daz Studio, no post work. free to use as you like :)
time: look at this you live you ???
Danny: Made in Daz Studio4 pro
Spider-Morbius (Spiderbius) Pic 1: My version of Alternate Universe Spiderman merged with Morbius (Spiderbius) .I've has this idea laying around since I first read aboutthe living vampire in Spiderman comics andsince the movie has come out...I figured I finallyfinish it up somewhat.This is pic 1 of 3 versions since I have many variationsof this idea and will maybe someday finish them up.There ya go Marvel....instead of doing theSinister Six for the 2000th time...u can use myidea for a new villian :PModel: DAZ M4Skin: Renderosity Sav ErosTextures and effects: Adobe PhotoshopPose: DAZ Heroic M4 Web Slinger R & LProps: Posershare webs and spiders
From Orion Counselor: Conselour office during session.Render with daz studio 4.Room is a conversion from Kamikaze Bacon's sketchup model, with a lot of my personal adjustment
Nadine: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Nothing to declare?: Just found out, what my Avatar does when I am not aware... ;-)He is busting smugglers in his homeworld Ishtara 4! :-PModelled in 3D Coat and Hexagon, rendered in Bryce, no postwork.
Nyanna Mew II: Sexy lingerie kitty is back in black striking a pose. =^___^=Figure is V4, body shaped with Poser magnets. Cat ears and tail are from my ~Animal Anime Pack~. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Do not cry little: Render in Daz Studio 2.3
Wildflower Meadow: A wildflower meadow created in Vue 8 Studio for the Facebook Cover Challenge
Carlotta: Render in Daz Studio 2.3
My Griffin-Doll: Descending of a powerful sorceress with her powerful griffin in my serene fantasy gardens. Rendered in Daz Studio - border effects with Fotosketch.
Blade: Render in Daz Studio 2.3
Observing: Work with Bryce 7.1 Pro
Camparinha girl: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Message In A Bottle: Bottle never found...message never read...Created and rendered in Vue10 pioneer
flowers-1: wings3d,ds4,bryce.
A new life, a new beginning: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Old and new piezoelectric 4 barrel gatling pistols: These steampunk pistols are my first attempt at modeling something for poser.  As soon as I figure out the scaling and UV maps, I'll make it available as a free download. The steampunk glasses are part of Powerage's Oil Cult items.  The table is sitting in the Reading Room by DAZ's staff.  You can see other parts of the room, distorted in the reflection on the main cylinder of the shiny gun.  Image is rendered in Poser 9, and there is zero postwork other than the copyright notice.
Heaven and Hell: Sky tweaking done in Mojoworld
OS____!: Rendered in Terragen
God Particle: Inspired by the discovery of the Higgs boson particle.  Created in DS3 using V4, edited in GIMP.
Dark nights dream: Dark moonlight
Meta-Morphosis Nightmare: What is this ? Is this a parallel universe ? No. Is this Bermuda Triangle or Atlantis ? No. Is this the Underworld or The Mysterious Island of Jules Verne ? Nope. This is the worst Nightmare of a simple coal miner who kept dreaming and hoping to find  some gold in a coal mine.I guess his subconscious "rewarded" him with a golden metamorphosed dragon from a coal mountain in his dreams right when he had the best sleep in over a week of hard working.Meet the power of the Metaballs in Bryce and a selection of some modified textures applied.Name Meta-Morphosis comes from the metaballs which are morphing into a dragon..The head and the separate tongue have been imported from Daz.Can't upload this full scene due to the dragon head which is copyrighted from Daz, still if you want the scene ,leave a comment and i will upload the scene without the dragon's head.The body of creature is just made from metaballs.The ship(cloned) is free content from Sharecg.1280x720 (16:9)No Photoshop postworks were applied to the Bryce scene except for the text and the grey cinema stripes to the final image.Comments pro or cons are welcomed to help improve my skills.:)Thank you.cris
My own little universe: Made in Daz studio4 pro
I'm Off!:   An enthusiastic young cat woman off for her first big adventure.Base figure is Genesis with the Anubis skin. The clothes are Savage. The bracers are Defiant for genesis. the leggings are from the magus costume. The sword is from Val Slicer. The hair is Amaya hair, and the armband is from Anubis. I'm sorry I don't have the artist references. I'm working on my organizing.
Exodus, in search of a new world: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Drop Zone:
Warrior princess: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Souveraine: Souveraine en son royaume, régnant sur son empire... pour le meilleur et pour le pire.Composition et rendu sous DazStudio Pro. Gros travail de réglage des paramètres de bump et reflection car la texture (magnifique) a été créée pour Poser. Fignolage du gamma sous PhotoFiltre.N'hésitez pas à afficher l'image en grand pour profiter des détails :)
Dr.Watson: BEST FRIEND Sherlock Holmeshttp://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2417
Mauser: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2416it is the detailed model Mauser gun
Madam Shapoklyak: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2299bad character is not married,  works for villain  Mariarti. 
VESTA Type Cruiser: Following a concept of Andre Hoeller and Oliver Johanndrees (Perry Rhodan Online Community), this is a 100 meters class special purpose deep space cruiser, "VESTA" type. Modelled in Hexagon, rendered in Vue. No postwork.
Control of water means control of the town: Poser 6 James and Poser 4 Dork characters. Rendered in Poser 6. Postwork in PS7. I also used the free Mond1 & Mond2 (you need them both, Mond2 contains necessary textures), from sharecg.com created by illkirch.
Another universe: Made in Daz studio4 pro
Nightmare: made in Daz studio4 pro
Sandy: made in Daz studio4 pro
Isolde: made in Daz studio4 pro
Archer: Made in Daz studio4 pro
3 Classic Robots: Robots from Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space,  and The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Flyby: What would you do if confronted with this scene?
Set-8: model Wings3d-render Bryce
Space Jet: Modelled in Hexagon, following a concept of Andre Hoeller (Perry Rhodan Online Community)and the Revell plastic scale model. Mapped in UV Mapper pro. Rendered in Bryce, no postwork
Mystery of the Jade Green Cadillac: Rendered in Poser 6. Postwork in Photoshop 7. 1953 Cadillac Eldorado convertible by Nationale7.
Toby's Adventures: Toby is a young man who comes from another world, hiding among the humans to escape a tragic reality.
Mech Storm: A scene to try something different, since most of my art is romance.  I figured, hey, a nice Mech destruction scene would be fun.
Playing With Dino: Model Mikaela taking a walk in Jurassic Park. See that she is loved by the islanders
Niso - The depth of the culture: ComixArt
Rock Day: Tribute to rock n' roll.Using only DAZ Studio and Photoshop
Future Biker: A simple demonstration of the effects of reflection and refraction in objects using the DAZ Studio Shader uberlight2
Alice in wonderland: Thanks for view and have a good day!!!!!!
Snake woman: Thanks for view and have a good day!
Snake woman-2: Made in Poser 9 and PSP
Corona Cooler: "Grupo Modelo" Beer  Cooler
Team GB Win First Team Dressage Olympic Gold: Britain's secret advantage is finally revelled in 'behind the scene' awards press photo, as Great Britain win first ever team dressage gold at London 2012 Olympics. She is dressed in the style of a traditional English riding uniform:-) Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com
Sunset Park: A peaceful evening surrounded by flowers and a breeze blowing in from the lake behind her. Yup!  It's summertime. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4 Pro and postworked is PS CS4.
CLUSTER RUSH!: The squadron made the two-hour transit from their battle group.  The asteroid cluster slowly came into full view of their windows.  Very soon the target-a Melani patrol-would be in their crosshairs."YES!" roared the Hux squadron leader into the channel.  "Let's show those voidspawned bushy-tailed maggot breeders we mean business now!  Truce be damned!  FOR THE GLORY OF SEPHANAR!"Suggested soundtrack:"Norwegian Pirate" - Two Steps From Hell"Illusions" - Thomas Bergersen(Note: I thought I was making "voidspawn" up until I found out World Of Warcraft beat me to it.  :P)Credits:Alien Heavy Fighter © Simon 3DSpace Sphere and backgrounds © Coflek-gnorgArtwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.July 9, 2012
Observing the Earth: made in Daz studio4 pro
Infected Attack: A few scenes from the Apollo Syndrome a 3D rendered graphic novel I'm working on. 
Peter Pan: My take on the thousand year old child warrior.  Animated short coming soon.
Company 26: Major Kei Otono: Company 26: Major Kei OtonoKei isn't a member of C26.  However, as an intelligence officer, she's one of a trusted few outside of the team whom Captain Yuna Lund rely on for information needed to fight the threats facing the Confederacy: both external and internal.Credits:Kei based on Furrette 2 © Little DragonUniform by Little Dragon; original design © Bill Redfern and Paul S. GibbsPose © Daniel MurrayHair by Little Dragon; design based on Zig Zag © Max BlackrabbitBackground © DreamwarriorCharacter & art © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.June 23, 2012
Company 26: Rumble in Level 23: The Melani Armed Forces' Company 26 is charged with rooting out conspiracies against the Confederacy: from without, and from within.In this scenario, Company 26 members are forced to actively engage a rogue human faction when covert operations are compromised.I don't know if I'm going to make this into a complete story.  This piece was just to flesh out just what C26 has to deal with on a given day.Critiques welcome.*****Credits:Furrette 2 model © Little DragonShard grunts based on the Girl © Kim Goossens; V3/M3 Reduced Resolution © DAZCharacter textures © Little Dragon, Rhiannon, Porter, Mari_e17Furrette uniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsHair © 3DCelebrity, Kim Goossens, Mylochka, Bobbie25, and DAZShard uniform textures, helmets, and saber © DavoramaOther weapons © MockPoses © SnowSultan, Darkwhisper, and Daniel MurrayGeneric Sci-Fi Corridor © StonemasonBoots © The3DWizardCompany 26 team characters & artwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.June 4, 2012
Company 26 - II: Part Two of my new combat team, Company 26.Left to right: Thora Habasil, Yuna Lund, and Miriya HanMaybe it's too early to pin labels, but I see Thora as the "everyvixen" who's the most down to earth of the group.Yuna seems to have more of a commanding look than Audria from the previous picture, so I decided to make her the commander of Company 26.  Audria will be second lieutenant after Thora.Between Miriya and Audria, it's a toss-up on who's going be the group's "black sheep/wild card."Suggested soundtrack: Battlefield 3 Theme Extended.*****Credits:Thora, Yuna, & Miriya based on Furrette 2 © Little DragonThora's fur texture © PorterThora's eye texture © TiffT785Poses © Daniel Murray, MusclemanHair © DAZ, MylochkaUniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsBackground photo taken from the International Space Station and is the property of NASA, in accordance to their image guidelines.Characters & artwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.June 2, 2012
Company 26: Vixens of the Shield: As the Melani people continue their second expansion into space, the threats against them multiply.Like Starcraft's Nova Squadron or Warhammer 40K's Inquisition, the Melani Armed Forces' Company 26 is a team charged with rooting out conspiracies against the Melani Confederacy: be they from without, or from within.Suggested soudtrack:To Save Humanity - Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian TwilightLeft to right: Audria Toulmin, Fallon Peragus, and Pamala Siegrist.*****Models rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3.Used three layers in Paint Shop Pro: one with the Vanguard and starfield, one with the characters on a white background that was made transparent, and a basic black layer for the credits.*****Credits:Audria, Fallon, and Pamala based on Furrette 2 © Little DragonFur texture © PorterHair © 3DCelebrity, Bobbie25, and DAZUniforms by Little Dragon; original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. GibbsPoses © Daniel MurrayVanguard © KibarretoBackground © Jedman67Characters & artwork © 2012, Desgar TademaAll rights reserved.May 18, 2012
Barbie Vice (NUDITY): While playing around with Poser in 2009, my "Adult Barbie - Tattoo Edition" concept came to life while posing a figure. Now I've updated this picture for 2012... and now I'm designing additional pictures to make this a complete series...so watch this space! Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac.
Taxi: made in Daz studio4 pro
Fight: made in Daz studio4 pro
Lady snow by elianeck: tks
path 6.3: New art
path 6.2: Finally got around to working in Dazstudio again
Demons: made in Daz studio4 pro
darkside: wings3d,ds4 and bryce
reflection(extension): wings3d,ds4 and bryce
Megan: made in Daz studio4 pro
Land ho !: Rendered in Terragen
Lunch Time!: Looks like he found something to eat! :P What do you think?
Dream: 3d art Dream
Let´s rock!: Its time to some rock and roll, so a new render from Victoria 4 with a lot of shaders change.Hora de rock and roll, mais um render com a Victoria 4 e muitos ajustes nos shaders.
Wizard Lord: in the title
Too late: made in Daz studio4 pro
Sex Vixen from Venus: On one of my strolls along the beach near dusk, a strange glow appeared before me. It shimmered and hovered in front of me for a minute before approaching closer. Suddenly it was as bright as day. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see the beautiful girl dropping to the ground as if she had jump out of the light.
Tresure room: made in Daz studio4 pro
Tambourine: made in Daz studio4 pro
Alone: or just a boxcar at the end of the trail ...
Final Approach:
Penumbra: Estudio sobre luces y sombras y la melancolia. Gracias por mirar.
Brenda: made in Daz studio4 pro
Radioative: no
Damsel in Distress?:  As the tracker tops the ridge, he alerts the party of heros. "I have found the damsel in distress?"
Puppet Dancer: I saw a  pictures that was in 'one' of them 3D magazine, of some guy doing a Ballet dancer concept which was well... just rubbish...so.. well I did this just to get it out of my system...so to speak!
Black Day in July.: This is based on a friend of a girl I met last year from Lithuania, wow!, and that feeds into the title of something bad that happened to me in July 2009 ... hey presto! Black Day in July....
Harpert: Poser pro 2010PS CS5 
Saran: Poser Pro 2010PS CS5V4
Special Forces: ... or maybe just budget cuts.Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane.Bike: Papus3dharness: free harness for M4 (Karth)Supersoaker: Stephen (Trimble Warehouse)
Hunters: DazStudio Pro composed and rendered. Light postwork with Photofiltre.
Dinasour Slayer: Nothing better than a lady in leather, with a broad axe ready to work things out
The screen...: My favorite shoot of the serie "the screen" available on my sharecg gallery.Daz StudioPro posing and rendering. Light postwork on PhotoFiltre.
My attempt at the facebook challenge: Thanks for looking, hope you like it and please rate or leave a comment.
Cargo Liner: Modelled in Hexagon, rendered in Bryce 7.
Extreme Bondage Barbie (NUDITY): One of many Barbie images I'm working on at the moment... this original concept came to mind back in 2009, while posing a figure TITLED: Adult Barbie (Tattoo Edition). I've updated this for 2012, and is now available on this website HERE: ADULT-BARBIE!
soul: soul
friends: ... ...
Watching TV stoned: What can you say about an image like this?
My Bene Gesserit Reverand Mother: And they could call on all of the memories of the Reverand Mothers who had lived before them.  Pretty much all variations of DAZ V3, with a bit of skin touch up in Photoshop on the primary figure.
Shower Time:
Happy and Sad: made in Daz studio4 pro
Angel or...: Ange ou démon ? Un personnage tout en contraste.Composition et rendu sous Daz Studio, retouches sous Gimp et PhotoFiltre.Daz Studio composition and render, postwork with Gimp and PhotoFiltre.
Easy Living: A laid back Louisiana Crock plays tunes as his friends rock the house dancing.
Adelinda and Baren: German female warrior charges through the winter snow on her trusty polar bear steed.
The Last Tree Spirit: ‎"The Last Tree Spirit" based on the song of the same name by Babble. Latest piece in the 'Bread and Circuses' project.
PATHFINDER: Well out ffront of her Army that follows the Pathfinder sets and surveys the terrain ahead.
Iconic Images Tennis Girl:
Into The Valley of Death:
Bird in a cage: made in Daz studio4 pro
Hit: made in Daz studio4 pro
New bikes: made in Daz studio4 pro
No snoring, ok...: made in Daz studio4 pro
Running away: made in Daz studio4 pro
Guard: one of my personal morphs,
Asteria: Bonus pictures.Images offertes.
Lion-O: Lion-O, part of a Thundercats series I am working on
Cheetara: Cheetara, part of a Thundercats series I am working on
Tygra: Tygra, part of the THundercats series I am working on
it's not blood it's ketchup: Genesis ape-man on porch with hotdog
Infected Apocolypse: Some shots from the Apollo Syndrome, a 3D rendered comic book I'm working on. 
Paladin...: Composed with DazStudio Pro, rendered with Luxrender.
Candy...: Daz StudioPro render.Flour made with a native plane. Playing with surfacing :)
Old by elianeck: poser and Photoshoptks
AngelA: made in Daz studio4 pro
PULP FRICTION (The Death Dealer): BEST VIEWED LARGE... FOR FULL EFFECT! This was a challenge..Looking at a concept for a different approach to book promotion. A project I start over 2 years ago, and finally I've found the time to updated and finish what I had started!Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop CS5. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com
Love is in the water: Daz studio models, pose and and render in daz studio, background fishes, hair, mermaids tails and details worked in photoshop.
You will always be, a ray of light to me: made in Daz studio4 pro
Morning Tea: I made this render after I got accepted to work for a  local non-profit coffee shop in town. I was going to print a copy out to give as a gift, but then my printer decided it was going to muck up the colors and printed it out too dark...(This has been sized to fit the facebook cover photo space perfectly. If a larger version is needed, I can upload it.)
Escape: Daz studio4 pro
I'm not just a pretty face, you know...: My entry for one of the weekly contests on FreakingNews.Created in DAZ3d, rendered in Luxrender.glasses: ptGlasses: ptRopehair: GlamourhairDental braces: project_Nemesis
Risian mark on V4 forehead: Risian mark on V4 forehead.http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/RisianLayer in PNG format 3000x3000 px to apply V4 texture face on my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/11409934.html
My servants are "Beings of Fire": 2D Art, Terragen background, with a daz studio model, edited all together in Photoshop
Rage: Made in Carrara 8.5 Pro beta
Save a Horse: ...Ride a Cowboy!
Flight: City built by me in blenderCar model - Benzo by ElelePlane model - F15A Eagle by Neil WilsonAll textured by me and textured in cycles.
Downtown: A take on the Blade Runner world.
My Disciple: In the title
By Right of Blood: This is the cover art I created for my novel "By Right of Blood"    I own all rights to this artwork.    
Frequent Flyer: Another of my favourites.
Freya: The Norse goddess of love and beauty in her chariot
To Hot to be Cool: This is one of my textures made for Michael 4.
Just One Look: Inspired by a song of the same name.Rendered in DazStudio then the glowing effect added with photoshop
When I look at you: When I look at you, I get butterflies in my tummy :)
Lovers: Not much to say about this one, I find the work with lights intriguing.
Halls of angels:
Zatoichi: Our blind hero has a skill like no other.  Quick and deadly with the sword.
taxe: 3d art
Explosion: 3d art
A Sunny Day: The main character of my Space Opera "Canals of New Mars".
The American Ninja - promo: The American Ninja - animation release noticehttp://www.youtube.com/user/IvySummers1
Painted?: Used the original displacement map (from a book) of the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, which I then pieced together on all the materials...and 'Hey Presto' CGI Painting, in the renaissance style.
After the Storm: Rendered in Bryce 6 - no postwork
Friends: Daz studio4 pro
Waiting for Julia: Daz studio4 pro
On the run: Daz studio4 pro
No, no, no I won't let you: Daz studio4 pro
Mawashi: Daz studio4 pro
Moments: Daz studio4 pro
Masquerade: Daz studio4 pro
Desire: Daz studio4 pro
Defeated: Daz studio4 pro
being together: Daz studio4 pro
Morgana: Daz studio4 pro
Hope we can heal her: Daz studio4 pro
Sisters: Daz studio4 pro
Promise: Daz studio4 pro
Lovely little devil: Daz studio4 pro
Invitation: Daz studio4 pro
Arani: Daz studio4 pro
Icecream: Daz studio4 pro
Hawk: Daz studio4 pro
Green energy: Daz studio4 pro
Commitment: Daz studio4 pro
Spider: Daz studio4 pro
late again: Daz studio 4 pro, reality 2
In the morning sun: Daz studio4 pro
I am on: Daz studio4 pro
Hunter: Daz studio4 pro
For king and country: Daz studio 4 pro
After the fight: daz studio4 pro
A joyful moment: Daz studio4 pro
black by elianeck: tks!
Do not disturb!: Miki3 SydneyG2 is what I have to face their own remodeling.
Looking for trouble:   A young dwarven warrior out on patrol.
Coke Football '12: Concept Coke Football bottle, in keeping with the Footbal theme..(as there is euro football event going on.... well. yes in Europe no less...at the moment) so here's my design for the all 'Americian' style Coke Cola bottle... what you think... will it catch on? 
Touchdown: Poser Pro 2012, Photoshop, iMac. All my 3D CGI Artwork can be viewed @ my personnel website: www.paulsutton.com (Updated weekly with exclusive content!)
Balance '12: Just a sample of what's to come...... Poser the impossible!
She devil: Daz studio 4 pro
Portrait of a family: Daz studio 4 pro
consolation: Daz studio 4 pro
Hobbits in the wood: Daz studio 4 pro
We want you: Daz studio 4 pro
The collector: Daz studio 4 pro
Selah the fairy: Daz studio 4 pro
Drilled: Gothic Fractal Art created in Ultar Fractal 4 and postworked for color in PS CS4©Tabitha Jones all rights reserved.
where do I go from here?: My hubby asked that I create another render of his sci-fi OC, Copper from his story series, Sword and Shield.  This time I decided to do something softer.For more information on Hedge-witchery, my readings, and/or my studio, please just follow the links:  http://www.hedge-witchery.org  or for the Hedge-witchery Studio site: http://www.hedge-witchery-studio.org   All Hedge-witchery Studio artistic works are copyrighted materials held under the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42, rev. 2005).  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  All components of this render have either been purchased or created by Hedge-witchery Studio.  Any use of the artwork is strictly prohibited.  Thank you. © Hedge-witchery Studio, 2011 - 2012
in the Hallway...: V4.2, Poser Pro, PS9 CS2*...*Thanks for viewing
The American Ninja (Promo): This is another set of pictures i took off the reel of the new animation I'll be releasing soon
Atreyu Flees The Nothing: Atreyu Flees The Nothinginspired by 'The Neverending Story' by Michael Endecombination of 3d, photo manipulation and Photoshop
Avengers: Inspired by the new film...3d models, Poser, own textures, and some off-the-shelf models and textures. And lots of postwork in Photoshop!This is my own interpretation of the characters originated and owned by Marvel Comics
Darth Maul and Shaak Ti: Speed work, this came out of nowhere whilst waiting for something else to finish! Don't know enough Star Wars to know if these two could have ever met, but liked the characters - duel between Darth Maul and the Jedi Shaak Ti.
Mumm-Ra: Concept sketch for Mumm-Ra, part of a Thundercats piece I'm working on
Togruta Family Portrait: Togruta family portrait. That pet just wouldn't sit still... yeah, gone a bit Star Wars/Steampunk on this one!
hopeful days:  I am vfx artist. Not a main concet artist. But I love to work concet.Enjoy  
Legacy of Kain-Lantern Fight: A little Joke...
Legacy of Kain- Raziel: The little blue demon... older work...
Lesbia Kiss: Took a few filters in photoshop to get the look... enjoy. Poser Pro, Photoshop. All my work is available to view at www.paulsutton.com
The American Ninja (Animation Promo): The American Ninja, These area few pictures I took  during the 6 weeks of fliming " The American Ninja" animation" soon to be released within the next few days , If I have time i'll post some more later Created By Ivy Summers @ I.M.S Studios
Sword and the Stone: 3d art
Face Off: My origianl concept was in coloured pencil a few year back, so I thouht it was time to give it the CGI treatment! Poser Pro, Photoshop. All my work is available to view at www.paulsutton.com
Art of Souls: 3D art
Art of Souls: 3D art
Conan: Watched the latest Conan film again last night and got a bit inspired. I did a sketch and everything! XD Conan is (c) Robert E HowardPoser > Vue > PhotoshopCreditsM4 Morphs ++M4 warriorM4 Barbarian M4 Mourning Sun outfitM4 Spartacos outfitMask's M4 SkinzConan Sword (got this about 6 years ago from a forum, so no idea where that came from!)M4 Wolf HairFog brushes by Wen-JrRon's Fog
Galad: No guesses where the inspiraton for this came from!
Sacred Stones: A simple elf image.
Dragon Rock: Robustus by Swidhelm
Lord of the rings: lord of the rings, rings!
City: a city built around a sphere
You can check out any time but you can never leave: My main character for my comic book (in production)
It all starts here.: All DAz 4 Pro. No Photoshop except for my signature logo.
Avaritia: Avaritia (Greed) one of the seven deadly sins.
Midori Yamaguto Fairy Forest: Faerie in the woods floating above the ground
PhotoShoot: Quick test to see how a prop intended for Reality would work in Octane.Stopped at 11000 s/px which was not enough for this render.No environment light: the scene was only lit by the spotlight.Created in DAZ3d V3, rendered in OctaneVickies outfit: Miss Dee Anna J: Ravenhairtripod&spotlight: RealitySpots: JRDigital single lens camera & Tripod: ShimaBackdrop: Soto's Posable Backgroundwindmachine: Nightshift3D
light: V4-DS4
meditation: M4-DS4
chain-delta: V4 and chain-ds3 , redering bryce
the tower (revisited): the tower - done for some inspiration.
Timeline Waiting Room: More of a way to play with FB. Using DAZ and Paint.net. This way I can keep people current to what I'm interested in or doing...
jad: bryce and ds4(head)-no postwork
Summer Nights: Warm breezes and firelight. A perfect southern night...
End of innocence: The end of innocence, an emotional suicide.
Mantis Rider: The boy is a millenium kid 3 from DAZ, and the mantis rider is a reduced resolution Micheal 3.  The praying mantis is a CP insect.  The background is just a gradient.
Poatcard From The Abyss: Hi mom. Wish you were here. Having a GREAT time!Just another beautiful day in PARADISE! Welcome to the jungle.
Dire Elf: The Dire elves are a small group of elves who refused to follow their brethren over the sea into the New Found Land. Not many outsiders know of their existence and for that reason, live a relatively peaceful life. With the exception of one great battle with their Dark cousins, the Svartálfar from the top of the world. They protect their land with a fierce determination and the few who have wandered into their domains have ever been seen again.
Soulmate is gone: The chairs and coffin are from the old Avalon collection.  The person and Urns were purchased from DAZ.  The rest is just textured primitives.
For Whom the Bell Tolls: created after a real person.
Wine and Roses: Even a Vampire needs some down time ;)
The Hollerith Machine: Herman Hollerith (1860-1929) is widely regarded as the father of modern automatic computation.He chose the punched card as the basis for storing and processing information and he built the first punched-card tabulating and sorting machines as well as the first key punch and he founded the company that was to become IBM. Hollerith's designs dominated the computing landscape for almost 100 years.... of course I had to give it a modern twist.Created in DAZ V3, rendered in OctaneVickies outfit: MFD NurseHollerith Machine: Ockhammouse&mousepad: Paul Jay SchrenkerManual: Fantasy book: DAZ3d
Don't be tricked. Who is the real monster?: Digital painting using Photoshop. This question is how many monsters are their "really"?More can be seen at the website wwww.artwanted.com/wild5d
Space Sitting: DAZ Girl 4 in space done with DAZ Studio, Strata Design, GIMP.
twins by elianeck: tks for stop here
The Biker Girl: Sexy biker girl, motorcycle and a shotgun, trouble never looked so good.
Waiting for You: Sexy lady holding a gun in a dingy apartment
Silence les agneaux !: A deviant art based on the movie "The Silence of the Lambs".Face and Hawk Moth posed, textured and rendered with Daz Studio Pro. The Hawk Moth isn't a pasted picture, is a 3D object available on the freestuff of AdamThwaites steweb.Morphing and lighting by myself.Postwork with PhotoFiltre for the color saturation, the contrast and the background smoothing.
Samouraï: A DazStudio Pro render. No postwork.
Ivy Sí: rework of facial detail on Sí óg
Kneeling by Chair: Was working on an erotic set of images and I liked the composition one image so I added night gown and re-rendered. Did the same for another image whose compsition I liked, but failed to compleatly cover her up. Opps. Oh well it's artsy. :)  
BuleMetals: DAZ 3D,jpeg files 1366*768
an sí óg: The "Sí óg" The girl is a spirit being from Irish folk lore,one of the Sí pronounced shee as in Bean Sí or banshee in English. The word óg means young in Irish so she's a young faerie trying out magic where she cant be seen .
Tank Remade: A tank i saw once posted in a 3d society form ,i decided to take the same art direction with my own style in it.Tottaly 3d generated .
3d job: some of my jobs
dark: v3 morph ds4-rendering bryce-no postwork
Action Figure #10: Vickies outfit: cosplay costume #3: TerryMcGVickies hair: Feather Hawk: AprilYSHLightsabre: JRpedestal: Hero Miniature Base: BlurburBackdrop: Posing Background: Soto
Sapphire Sky: a wallpaper/ desktop scene created with the purpose to induce a sense of calm and harmony with implied affirmation of self-confidence in the viemer
Waking the dead: Made this with daz3d.I modified the muscle and base skins with gimp.Suggestions and tips are welcome.
fantasy: ds3 and bryce
snake: v3 morph-DS3,no postwork
Lines: This is an abstract concept based in a class about principles of visual comunication, lines and points. I used Carrara to render this one.
Unending: Done in Terragen
U99: Done in Lightwave. Model by Bazze.
Thirsty: Done in Terragen
Terrain 11: Done in Terragen
Pine valley: Done in Terragen
On the fence: Done in Terragen
Moving rock: Done in Terragen
Morning: Done in Teragen
Cold sunrise: Done in Terragen
Jlake: Done in Terragen
Birds' eye view: Done in Terragen
Inlet: Done in Terragen
Divided: Done in Terragen
Cold Morning: Done in Terragen
In Flight: Inexperienced pilot flying the TARDIS
Celtic Cross: Done in Terragen
Touch oif Anime: Needed a touch of anime with a side of saké
Tyrannosaurus Rex: Digital1's Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ancestorrelic's busted gate kind of thing with some heavy rain by Wuspatoi and M4 with Nerd3d's suit
Size 8...: V4.2, Poser Pro, PS9 CS2*...*Thanks for viewing
Here's Johnny: Johnny Depp posing for publicity shots after a gruelling day on set.
Well,as...: V4-DS3 ,and FotoMix
The return to Electric Ladyland (NUDITY): Based on the album cover of Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix
PA: Work done for Design Doc.
PA: Work done for Design Doc.
Mechanical Gears: Mechanical Gears, modeled in maya and textured using Photoshop, finally rendered using MaxwellRender.
Stonehenge: Done in Terragen, some post in PS
Natural Skin: This is V4 with my own skin shaders and morphs. It is not a V5. I used for her Betomelos great Druuna freebee (available on ShareCG too).I have published a new tutorial on [url]http://www.x3d-artwork.net/web2/[/url]
Sugar daddy, loves his Caddy: Just having some fun with a new toy, the 53 Cadillac by Nationale7 at Renderosity. Rendered in Poser 6. Postwork in Photoshop 7. Thanks for viewing!
Bone Bike...: V4.2, Poser Pro, PS9 CS2*...*Thanks for viewing
The warrior: Study conducted with Daz Studio and Carrara 7 Express.
Defender: Made with Boolean in Bryce 7.1 Pro
Sonic: Sonic modeled in Cinema 4D and rendering was done in Bryce 7.1 Pro
jerk: v3-ds3,rendering Bryce-no postwork
Medusa: The model created using DAZ and Maya. Rendered with MaxwellRender.
Aiko: Daz3D Aiko posing in PSP post work
Demon: Daz3D render with different effects in PSP
Fairy lights: Daz3D fairy characters and PSP post work
Tedy bears picnic: Daz3D render with post work in PSP
Meeting in the forest: Daz 3D render and PSP post  work
Replicator Hacked: Jane! The haacker have gotten into the replicator again!
In the quiet of the woods: Daz 3D scene
The Phoenix - Rise from the ashes: The Phoenix -Rise from the ashes - Facebook Cover contest 2012Done with Adobe Illustartor & photoshop cs5Created By Graphic Artist Ivy Summers
Breaching: Dinoraul's Eurhinosaurus and Anhanguera brought together in a fit of artistic license
through someone else's eyes.....: just messing around on another dark and dreary day..... For more information on Hedge-witchery, my readings, and/or my studio, please just follow the links:  http://www.hedge-witchery.org  or for the Hedge-witchery Studio site: http://www.hedge-witchery-studio.org   All Hedge-witchery Studio artistic works are copyrighted materials held under the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42, rev. 2005).  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  All components of this render have either been purchased or created by Hedge-witchery Studio.  Any use of the artwork is strictly prohibited.  Thank you. © Hedge-witchery Studio, 2011 - 2012
dragonflies: DS3-v3 and primitives,....rendering Bryce-no postwork
RIPped: Monster or Adonis... you choose!
Salome: Do not lose your head!
The Dead, very Privat: Done with DS/3 Advanced, no postwork
The Sheriff of Poison Creek: Rendered in DS3 advanced. Postwork in Serif photo plus.
Pond life: Rendered in DS3 advanced
Gibson 355: Built and rendered in Cinema 4D
Gibson 355: built and rendered in Cinema 4D
Sorceress: INspired by a popular RPG!
Dragons: Playing around with the millennium subdragon in DAZ
zOMG: Alita is not impressed.Rendered in poser Pro 2012 using Alita and ID-Light by RetroDevil
Render of a design 3D: Image of creation 3D
Old church in city: Mastering Lumion with custom objects, and specialized texture combo with render techniques. I was aiming to result the best graphic. The BrokenCat logo indicates our 3D visualization studio. Catch us at brokencat.pl
upside down or is it: is this upside down
shadow: V4 morph-DS3,no poswork
Post apocalyptic buddy system: Helmets and gas mask are from the Marauder for M3 by Lourdes. The metalic chest pieces are from the MOS Invasion Ranger collection by Uzilite. The background is a Tin Pan Alley by Stonemason and Alice's Dress Shop by Codeman Studios. 
Windows of the Worlds: Woman viewing an infinite universe of planets and solar systems. Modeled in Poser and edited with Maya, space and window frame modeled and rendered with Bryce. A 3D image based on one of my old acrylic paintings. The view I wish I could see from my window.
Lynn's Patio: Woman modeled with Poser, futuristic cityscape modeled and rendered with Bryce 3D. Hair, dress and touch up's with Photoshop. A woman living on the edge. Twilight in the city of dreams. My first Poser image.
Space Maiden: This celestial spirit travels through the universe in constant and utter bliss. Her divinity touches all that is and is all that she touches. Body created with Poser, space, background, frame and spaceships created and rendered in Bryce 3D. Special effects made with Photoshop.
Girl on a Cliff: 3D girl modeled with Poser, terrain, and sky modeled and rendered in Bryce. Tree, cliff, moon, stars, dress, flowers and hair done with Photoshop. A 3D/2D recreation of a silk-screen print I made in the 70's. Tranquil and daring, she watches the sunset over the horizon.
just a dream of summer: I made it with vue 10 studio, cause it rains and I want to get sun and summer!
waterfalls:  this picture I made in vue studio 10, the waterfalls  are alphamaps.
the revenge of the red riding hood:
female assasin:
Hopscotch: Do you wanna to play?
Walk: Girl and monster
Aviator: A cartoon like pinup
Properity: A illustration to show how the prosperity should look.
MMs: A little illustration for a MMs contest.
Woman: A portrait to Woman's Day here in Brazil
Barbarian: Having fun with Genesis in Carrara
Fractrons: Just playing with fractal and postwork
Andrea: Paint over for my wife
Anime: Another mortph test with Vic 4 anime face
Burning freak: Testing a new toy (Filter Forge) and particles in Carrara
Cupid: Vic with wings and a lot of postwork in Hitfilm again.
Deep space: Here I started to use Hitfilm Ultimate to create the final composition. Vic lost in space.
Fireworks: This was my end of the year card for my clients and friends.
Freak gladiator: A simple scene to test light
Xmas 2011: This was my entry for Renderosity holydays contest and I got the second place!
Hitomi: Just a test with a separeted head for Victoria 4
Urban legends: The blonde in the bathroom its a horror story here in Brazil.
Opss: Syfy and girls are always a good start point for a scene
Ostara: Ostara bunny
Reby castle: Just a test scene with skylight and reflections
Redwood: Syfy scene in Carrara
Truuna: Just a fun with Tron like characters, a lot of glow.
Zoombie: Even zoombies have a time for fun... if they know what this means
Easy Gliders: Part of the short animation movie - cinematic for a small game
ROUTE HELL: It is not bad to go to the hell
BOURBON ROCK: I will drink every day
Manta Madness: Game cinematic and poster  for  underwater games
Darn You All To Hades: One of my first  renders after upgrading from Bryce 6 to 7.  The water, rocks and beach are all modeled from Bryce's built in controls.  The horse, woman & man on his knees are all DAZ models.  The S.o.L. model is from an old Russian site with free models.   There is no 2D post rendering work, other than to put the copyright notice on the image.
Photoshop Real Xperience: Maybe this happen someday...
Biplane: modelled  with Blender and Cycles
Dune Buggy: modelled in Blender , rendered with cycles
Bomb Head: modelled and textured in sculptris
Angry tentacle head: modelled with sculptris
Abomination corroded: modelled and textured with sculptris
Centurion Armour: Centurion armour created in zbrush, rendered in modo
Tchert: Tchert, russian devil
The Cube House: The Cube House is an architectural idea which I made myself in my free time. A three levels house that has been designed with four basic materials. Concrete, wood, stone and glass. Inspired by the movie "The Ghost Writer".
Worms CAN be a problem...: This was fun to do and still makes me laugh!
Winters first kiss...: A scene I did for Betatesting Bryce a few years ago... Was so much fun making...One day I will do the whole scene in Cpro or Vue...
Who is Who....: This is the second pic in the Scolding series...Now the Dragon is scolding the witch...
Tanner's boat, adrift...: This scene is comprised mostly of components from my friend Ravyns shop at Rendo.  Beautiful scenes create beautiful renders. I love doing these swamp renders.
The Scolding...: Just some artwork I did with DazStudio/Poser/Bryce... Being a Betatester for Bryce I used alot of the scene's to help push bryce to where it is today...I admit Bryce the main Program still needs work...
Antonov 2.0...: Poser Pro, PS9 CS2*.Cosmonaut.(c) Anders Lejczak.*Thanks for viewing
Hum of Music - Redux: Reference image:MusicTextures used:Beer GutsTextureFabricated
Equinox: Here my version of the equinox ^^.
Barefoot in the Valley of the Temples: At present the pebbled footpaths were silently deserted. Black swans moved lazily in the calm and still waters. A Kamehameha Lady floated serenely from one Mamaki plant to another, its brightly colored orange and black wings dotted with white flitted gracefully among the leaves until it came upon a young woman reclined on a moss covered natural rock seat. The delicate sleeve of her ivory Empire-style dress had slipped from her shoulder as she appeared to gaze, deep in thought, across the gardens.
Out of the Storm: Used my 'Behind the Alley' to portray a wet city after the storm. Lots of electricity and something came through.
Fallen Angel: Human figure done in Poser Pro 2010.  All flame effects and background done in Photoshop CS3.Credit: Victoria 4 from DAZ 3D.  Paladin armor for V4 by Xurge3D.  Flame brushes by deviny from DAZ 3D.
Ladies of Angel Falls: This is a line-up of characters I have created by Commission for folks from the RP group "Angel Falls".
Hide and Seek: Who is the hunter and who is the hunted ?
For The Emperor: A Japanese suicide attack
My name is Ben,...Big Ben: My first try to create a movie-poster, sort of...Composed in DAZ, Rendered in Octane.Gorilla: DAZ 3DTower: Skipper25fur brush: =Snow-Body (Deviantart.com)Ultralight: DAZ Studio
UFP medical officer with exoscalpel: Medical officer with star trek ds9 era uniform use exoscalpel. The exoscalpel is a UFP precision surgical instrument.Detailed description in memory Alpha http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/ExoscalpelExoscalpel model converted with some adjustements from  ProviderofRandomStargateStuff's sketchup modelNon-commercial useExoscalpel modle .DAZ file in my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/11374865.html]in my blog. No character provided.
Persian Life: A little all-day scene.
reflection-7: ds4-bryce7-no postwork
Nude by elianeck: tks
Indiana Mike: Didn't like the original wheels, so I replaced them with bicycle wheels.Also mounted a lever for the parking brake and a proper steering wheel.Rendered in Octane.Steam punk Trike: SamaynardWheels: 'MTB rear wheel by Carldev03 and JCA SanJuan mountain bike' (Sketchup Warehouse)Steering wheel: 'Classic Steering Wheel': Collin L (Sketchup Warehouse)Parking brake lever: Vertical Living Repair Shop by: The AntFarm
Clown Fish (Water Color): Clown Fish staying tucked away. I was playing with the texturing a bit on this one to acheive a rougher canvas look.
Delicious: Yummy Cadbury Silk :)
Under Water: Photoshop Work
No Smoking: :-p
Relaxation (Water Color): A relaxing scene rendered in water color
Harris Hawk (Oil): A Harris hawk  oil paint rendering
Hidden Cove (Water Color): A water color rendering of a tropical hidden cove
reflection-3: DS4-morph,Bryce-rendering,no postwork
reflection-5: Bryce-no postwork
Not Finnished Yet: A 109 attacks a typhoon,the Luftwaffe are still to be reckoned with.Two great models from Bazze.
Equus: Click on View Original Image for best resolution.
Reise: Vue9; objects by C3D and Tablesaw!
Tranquil Retreat (Water Color): A water color rendering
To be or not to be: Inspired by Shakespeare's play
The Girl Next Door: The Girl Next Door-Free Pin-Up to use as you like. Rendered in Poser 2012Created By Graphic artist Ivy SummersProduction Credits:hameleon - Waiting - Quality Couch, Props and 40 V4 Poseshameleonstoreimage gallerycontactadd to favoritesgallery creditshongyu - Hongyus Bikinihongyustoreimage gallerycontactadd to favoritesgallery creditsSabby - Sabby-LaisaSabbystoreimage gallerycontactadd to favoritesgallery credits
Angel: My girlfriend  advised me to upload this one
Bloodmoon: A nice spooky background for your dark, gothic and horror renders. Created for Poser.
Above and Below (NUDITY): Watercolor rendering
Danger all around: A piece of  a bigger scene I was working on . This  is my first attempt with an Aiko character and DAZ 4.
Spacefleet: Spaceships on a journey to outer space
Hughes and Kettner tubeMeister 18 guitar amp: here is a guitar amp that my husband loves, and plays quite a bit. built in cinema 4d.
Girl on Mars: Victoria 4.2 with some stuff I downloaded from www.daz3d.com and a spacesuit that was with a magazine
Tessa: Tessa with a hawk, based on my former neighbour
Girls with dragon (NUDITY): Some beautyful girls with a dragon
Kiss Babes: The female kiss
Drydock Bar: Render with daz studio 4, postwork with photoshop
Drydock Control Room: Drydock Control Room with 2 com/nav officersrender with daz studio 4
The Hanged (NUDITY): Another dark scene -thanks to Ravenous for the chamber
walker: wings3d and bryce-no postwork
reflection-2: wings3d and bryce-no postwork
glass: ds3 and bryce-no postwork
AM 1:00: Thank you for viewing.Character Base: V4.2 & Morph++, Character: TONTENKAN (by Myself)Hair: for AIKO-3Rendering : Shade-13 ( Gamma 2.2 ), No Retouch
Muppet Eye: these are one of the muppet/henson eyes i made using milkshape. I have also used blender to render the image. I made the texture using photo elements on adobe.
Farm Girl: Farm Girl - Free to use as you like rendered in Poser 2012 Pro, post work in PhotoShop to reduce render file size. By Artist Ivy Summers.Pixel size 1280 x 960File size - 240kbColor- 300dpi
Thats me .....dancing with a 3D character.....: Facial morphas of the character and pose,created by me.......I edite one of my dancing foto,and i mix with a 3D character to dance togeder....
Fillng of the stage: Filling of the stage
Moden Pool Concept One: Modern pool design.  Modeled in Hexagon 1.21.  Rendered in Vue 10 Infinite.  Minor work in 3D-Coat and Carrara.  V3 Sophie imported from Poser 6 with SkinVue Elite applied. 
Admiral in office: Admiral with star trek ds9 era uniform in his officeThanks grinch2901 for council office modelOther info in my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/
Rolls Royce Phantom: Rolls: AscanioMichael's outfit: PD Business Suit (Predatron&Diane)rendered in Octane
Sign of the Times: Created in DAZ3D, rendered in Octane.Vickies outfit: Edwardian Suit (Ravenhair & Moyra)Royal Carriage: web_wizardBuckingham Palace & Gate: Skipper25ID-card access gate: Senjer (Sketchup Warehouse)
RYOMOU: RYOMOU is the character of Japanese Anime & Manga.
Grant in action: Grant tank firing main gun
Argentum: Victoria 5 fantasy. Click on View original image for desktop size.
starting point: Bryce-no postwork
Retreat: WW2 scene
DAZ Studio 4 Test: This is my first attempt working with DAZ4 and Genisis , used a background from a pic of the rocy mountains as seen in  Hope British Columbia
A First Tango for Genesis: a beginner´s attempt to create a ¨simple¨ pose.
Sovereign class in drydock: Sovereign class in Nemesis drydockrender with daz studio 4, postwork with photoshopCredits:Jade Miasma from mylochka http://murbytrek.deviantart.com/#/d4y0q1lPSD file in my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/11280494.html
Hey you........Call me?: Daz 3D,Real Osaka night in Japan.
WINDOWS XP: WINDOWS XPcreated by Silviu Caraba
Siege: Ecopaint battle scene
tentacles by elianeck: tks
Penny by elianeck: render in CarraraI use the model Penny-Drive in renderositytks!!!
Chandra Dancing: A character I made for a short story and did a series of pictures of before my computer crashed.The background is a photo my friend took and let me use.
Rim wheel: My first mentalray rendering object
Welcome: Mojoword and Poser2012
Who forgot to close the top?: Display case: JRoctopus: DAZ Studiorendered in Octane
Paradise ( Oil Painting): Paradise Rendered as an oil painting
Water in my Eye (Pencil Sketch): Title says it all :)
Off Duty: Relaxing while off duty - Click view original image for best resolution. Thank you for looking :)
Cliff Diver - Oil Painting: An oil painting render
Shuttle Type 6/8 Interior: Shuttle Type 6/8 with 2 human com/nav officer, ferengi ops officer ad orion med officer render with daz studio 4
Eroded Wall: Toxic
Two-maids ver.3: Thank you for viewing this image!...Their store is below. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92319&vendor=DERIDERI
Two-maids ver.2: Thank you for viewing this image!...Their store is below. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92319&vendor=DERIDERI http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92322&vendor=DERIDERI
Ireth: Ireth - RunasDaz Studio + the GimpAll rights reserved.
Modern Times: Creatred in DAZ3d, rendered in Octane RenderVictoria's outfit:- shorts: Toolgirls: badkittehco- shirt: Shadowdancer: Xena & Lourdes- hair: Jamie's hair: Zachrael2002 & SWAMSegway: Collin L. (Sketch-up Warehouse)buildings & street: Kari Kosonencellphone: ePhone: Akiostroller: A.Weyman (?)cars: DMI
Bathtime for Sami: Daz render.
Abstract cubes: Abstract image
Two-maid ver.1: Thank you for viewing this image!...Their store is below. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92319&vendor=DERIDERI http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=92322&vendor=DERIDERI
Villa: this is a concept house that I have built in cinema 4d.
93?: none
Edge of Fairy Tale Land: Meanwhile just beyond the edge of fairy tale land...........
Quad Model: Model in studio posing with Quad Racer
Not Every Day: A dragon in the city - not every day
Tree: Photoshop
Lovely rider ver.2: Hi,Thank you for viewing this image!...Her store is below. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/d2-momo-for-v4/92319This image created with Poser pro/Photoshop CS4.
Waiting for you: Wanted to know what a sexy women holding a gun sitting in a chair would look like.  
Mulino, Italy - Oil Painting: Mulino , Italy coastline rendered as an oil painting
Shuttle Type 6: Shuttle Type 6 with human com/nav and ferengi ops while approaching miasmaCredits:Approaching Miasma from mylochka render with daz studio 4Other info on my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/11259308.html
Assyrian Dancer: Click on 'View original image' for the large desktop size picture.
Odessa Train Station Ukraine: My biggest project ODESSA TRAIN STATION one of the most beautiful project till now, which is the copy of a city train station of Ukraine. Odessa Train Station is the main railway station in Odessa in southern Ukraine. It was built in the second half of the 19th century. It was damaged in 1944 at during World War II and was rebuilt in 1952. It is situated in the city center of of Odessa.I hope everyone likes my work http://t3ds.com/583068
Nimitz Carrier: off to a good start
1936 Plymouth Coupe: In the process of bulilding my uncles 36 plymouth in 3d as he builds it in reality haha,  no blueprints, no nada, just the real thing in front of me to look at.     340 six pack boiiiiii!
F-18 UVW:
Reef Shark - Water Color: White tipped reef shark rendered ironically in water color
Snorkling - B&W Pencil: Snorkling on the great barrier reef -
texture effect: photoshop
effects: photoshop
Effect: photoshop
Stich Texture: Photoshop
smoke: photoshop
effects: photoshop
A midst the Solitaire: digital painting tried in photoshop
Onix: Gothic picture. Daz Studio + The GimpAll rigths reservedWatch me on DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d4wlho1
Are you ready: Daz Studio + The GimpAll rights reserved
major: ghost in the shell major
Whats With the Light?!: See what happens when you get bored with an idea, you goof around and endup with something. LOL
Guarded Love: Love takes a stroll guarded by ghosts of the past.
The Return: Click on 'view original image' for best resolution.
Afternoon stroll at HoboBo Beach: HoboBo's Beach stroll
Early Morning Beach Stroll: An early morning view of the beach
Ratita: Ratita is the mascot of my website. I rendered in Carrara 6. The mouse ears were modelled in Hexagon. Then, in Carrara, I added fur on them.
Cavern Gargoyle: Gargoyle statue in a cavern
Lion Head: Hi, my name is Masoud and this is my first work in ZBrush.
Deep in the Swamp: Deep in the swamp there live a mysterious woman. Much thanks to Midnghtrider for the fog and spooky tree.
steampunk corridors: i would like to thank herewith the creator of these wonderful props bad faerie.thank you very much.
Once upon a time part 3(NUDITY): The queen sits on her throne... and ponders.
Lovely rider: Hi guys, Her name is Momo, and her store is below. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/d2-momo-for-v4/92319 Thank you for viewing!
Once upon a time part 2(NUDITY): The queen is starting to get over it.
Ivysaur: Ivysaur with PokeballFound the model here: http://www.models-resource.com/
Pokeballs: Many thanks to Atrion666 for the free pokeball prop and all of its textures!
Once upon a Time....(NUDITY): ......a queen was really pissed at her king and a slave girl, she was about to get over it.
First Layered Fractal: I genertaed this using Chaos Pro 4.0
fire: Bryce-no postwork
Machu Picchu Oil Painting Render: Machu Picchu  - Peru . This is an oil painitng render taken from a photograph of this world famous location.
Old Photograph: Poser V4 Amber rendered with dress then pic of render done in Foto Sketcher  
Alessandra (Victoria 5 Character): My first Victoria 5 design. Click on 'View Original Image' for best resolution.
Bajor Militia Officer: Bajoran female militia officer in DS9 doorwaysThanks mylochka for bajoran uniform and earings poser modelPSD file in my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/11225937.html
Alexa and Jade Morning Jog: Alexa and Jade take a morning jog in the park - Thanks to Midnghtrider for both characters
nice View: I've had the "Chinese Room" from Daz for ages but it never worked.  Now it does and I'm glad.  I think I'll get a lot of use out of it. :)
Fire Fight: Was trying for a  Canvas look using Poser and Foto Sketcher
Mine Elevator No.9: Modeled in Hexagon.  Textured in Carrara.  Some painting done in 3D-Coat.  Terrain modeled in GeoControl.  Rendered in Vue.  Postwork in FotoSketcher.
Altered History 1: Modeled in Hexagon.  Textured in Carrara.  Dynamic cloth in Poser.  Rendered in Vue.  Composited in Vegas Movie Studio.
Last Atlantians: The last of their race.
acoustic guitar: acoustic guitar
Sea Dragon 2012: This is the type of artwork I normally create by hand.  I created this piece in photoshop.  Maybe you can see the animal amongst all the colors and shapes.
This Is So Not the Beach.: I have just begun to discover the potential of 64 bits.
jungle: V4-DS3.1 and bryce-no postwork
bowl: bowl
martini glasses: glasses
chess: chess board and pieces in blender
Man\Tunnel: Imagine that!!!!!!!
Metal Wallpaper: Wallpaper for your desktop
a pretty background: a pretty 360 degree background  to use in your fav software, fifth attempt to upload so hope someone enjoys it!
Caught a Fairy: Just Playing with some lighting - Thanks for Looking !
BACKGROUNDS OF LANDSCAPES: They were made by me using Bryce, and they were retouched with photoshop. They can be used as backgrounds or landscapes for compositions. Only for no commercial use.Visit my site. http://solbryce.blogspot.com.es/p/backgrounds.html
Hell or something like it: A darker scene - the new Amber V4 charater and Behemoth
Steampunk: First sttempt to merge a Background into a Poser scene
Living room with terrace: preliminary render of a new jobactually work on this project, as soon as it will be ready it will be posted as usual for free.all the aadition instead will be available as usual in my website after that my job will be completed.other free model available athttp://dynamic-world.weebly.comfor request or suggestioin send an email or post in the blog.enjoy
C3DE Issue by elianeck: C3DE IssueThe best magazine about Carrara (C3DE) devoted 43 pages on this latest edition to my work, including  Tutorial by me. I am honored by the tribute.
bloomer twins: A render i made afew years ago with poser 7.
Mario and Luigi for my Daughter: A quick  render I did for my little girl a big Mario fan.Bryce and PS3
Sara...the girl like a silver fairy.: ...Her name is Sala. She has a white skin like snow, and her sharp look will be thrown at you on the contrary with her cute face. Her store ; http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/d2-sala-for-v4/92322
Alien Hide and Seek: play hide and seek with the alien.
Dria (Genesis Character): A character designed in Daz Studio.
Treatment for Pyschosis: A quick poser render with everyones favorite nurse.I used the antoonia mat on V4.2 and got this person.
china girl by elianeck: tks!
I Will Die For You: And I Will Raise For You.
Forest Mushroom: V4 Cindy finds a mushroom in the forest
Asian beauty !: Do you like Asian beauty?I am selling such a character in Renderosity.com now. Her name is Momo. If interested in you, please go to the following link. http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/d2-momo-for-v4/92319
New Cindy V4 Studio test: Trying the new Cindy V4 from Midnghtrider  in a studio background with star trek Uhura hair,action specs, body armor(re textured) and a mass effect gun.2 different poses
Parlor 4: Light and ambience tests.
Klozombi Evil Heroes: Another variation of the same theme...this time it's bloody:-)It shows three of my comic caracters I created with Poser and the wonderful stuff on this site.enjoy
ETERNITY: Trapped in a cell for Eternity, for the evil she holds within her magic.
KLOZOMBI Wallpaper: Some Evil heroes to save the WorldThese are some of my comic caracters I did with Poser and all the cool items on this page.Thanks to you all:-)
3D Character _Triarii: 3D Character _Triarii (Singular: Triarius) were one of the elements of the early Roman military Manipular legions of the early Roman Republic (509 BC – 107 BC). They were the oldest and among the wealthiest men in the army, and could afford good quality equipment. They wore heavy metal armour and carried large shields, their usual position being the third battle line.[
Bruuna: my 3D render in Carrara , I use Bruuna free morf by Roberto Melohttp://bruuna-fanpage.deviantart.com/art/Bruuna-Free-292327103tks!
Just a Girl and a Chair(NUDITY): V4 kim inj. w/glamour hair and various  just a girl poses  using caravelle  thong and a chair and no lighting changes
Relaxing: V4 Kim inj. with some props  - and 3 point lighting
reflection: V4 and Bryce
Ensen free 3D car model: This car is available for free at our newly launched site: inLite studio!The car, Ensen i9 as it is called, is a highly detailed model featuring movable parts just like a real car! The interior and exterior is modelled including an engine and boot. Even the bumpers (removable) have detail behind them! Works with Daz, Poser or use the OBJs to import it into other 3D programs. Get it with any purchase made on the inLite site.www.inlitestudio.com/3D 
Lycan vs Werewolf: Which do you believe will win?
Apartment House #1: Low poly building, only front.
spider bat: spider bat done in blender
Portfolio Andy Dodd Artoons: My most recent work mostly using Photoshop.
Road Gypsy: Motorbike: Road Gypsy MKII created by catamaranVickies bikini: Bobbie25Featherhawk: AprilYSHSpiced up the colors with easyHDR pro.catamaran (aka cigany), known in real life as Peter Koever, passed away May 2009, from a heart attack brought on by the cancer he had been battling for years.
Ancient Tree: Im very pleased with how this came out. Its always great when you learn how to do new things. I was going for a very old feel. I hope you like it as much as I do?
Klingon warrior: Klingon warrior in high council hallThanks DUDA for council poser modelPSD file in my blog http://blog.libero.it/murby/11135594.html
Jaffa firing cannon: Jaffa firing cannonThanks to Evil-Julie-Sotck for landscape backgroundNon-commercial use onlyYou can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it/murby/11172691.html
al-gimp: V3 morph in daz studio-postwork-gimp
red guitar: blender rendering of futuristic electric guitar
Tough and Tender:  Used a Normal map on the shirt instead of the bump map. Texture seems a bit more convincing. Click on View Original Image for best resolution.
Butterfly Fish: Underwater scene of a beautiful Butterfly fish
Geisha Doll: Figure in a glass dome
1968 Camero: Reflections are great, but hard to learn how to do them right.
NIGHTWALKER 3-D: 2010 art: Some of my early works using BRYCE 5 and 7 beta/ple.
NIGHTWALKER 3-D part 2: Here are some other projects I created using BRYCE 5 and  BRYCE 7 PRO. 3DSpacemodels and ShareCG(Thanks again). provided some of the models/terrains/textures featured, plus I custom-made some of the buildings. Email me if you have further questions. Enjoy!
NIGHTWALKER 3-D: These are various scenes I created in BRYCE 7 PRO. The spaceships and some buildings and textures were downloaded from ShareCG and 3d space models.co.uk(Thanks Guys! ). Some of the terrains I sculpted in BRYCE 7 Pro and some were downloaded from ShareCG(Thanks a million! ). 
Major by elianeck: render in Carraratks
Pass'in Thru: Reminded me of the old Dr.Who. Much thanks to Skipper25 for the British Telephone Box
Motor sport and Woman: Making in Daz Studio 4 and  export in Daz Studio 3 for a render with LuxRenderDS
CELEBRITY SERIES: Raven Symone: taking a try at celebs. first up the lovely lucious raven Symone :)
swing: genesis-daz studio
Lonely: The Frog Princess
Nice Birdie: Background by others
Frustrated Satyress (Nudity): Background by others
Happy St. Patrick's Day!: St. Patrick's Day themed render. Made with DAZ Studio 4 Pro with minor post-work done in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Thanks to SickleYield for the free Shamrock prop! (It makes a nice base to perch V4 upon!)
TOMB RAIDER by Silviu Caraba: TOMB RAIDER by Silviu Caraba
Little boys will be little boys: Little boy's attention caught the moment when the young ladies dress catches a breeze. P7 Kate and Ben, G2 Sydney,and V4.2 with Kim inj.
Aliens: v3 morph DS4 and render Bryce-no postwork
red: genesis morph and bryce-no postwork
Tanara (Genesis Character): A Genesis based character designed in Daz Studio.
adagio-1: daz studio 4-no postwork
V4 posing in Markus Drake’s (Revealing) Slingbak: Trying this new comforming slingbak suit with some poses and different lighting
gen.M4-2: daz studio
Bedroom: work in progress
greenLi.-1: daz studio and bryce-no postwork
Alien Hideaway: Some more Bryce rendering
Sailing Schooner: A Bryce render I was playing with
Making Magik: V4 Kim Morph , and some recent uploaded Poser Props
Pedastle Reworked: A prop I was playing with
Plane Troubles: Arecent plane prop uploaded here at SGC that I was playing with
Ben at the Museum: A quick pose with little Ben and a ZBrush Rhino
Just playing with V4 and morphs: V4.2 with Kim & Mirai mat and inj. along with some lighting clothes and a prop or two.
ShowGirl: DAZ 3D 1280×960 JpegFile.
Star Trek Voyages: I now have two new models, a constitution class starship and a romulan bird-of-prey. Here are some classic shots of them orbiting with the sun behind.Bird-of-prey from Jaguarry3Starship from starkillerVoyage background deleted from site.
Missing Parts to my spaceship: The part were looking for is about this big....
"They Were Made of Sterner Stuff": Several years ago, I was a history teacher in a high school, attempting to do a unit on Weestward migrations in the U.S. during th mid-19th Century. The kids weren't particularly interested in anything but the the latest clothes,movies,  boy bands, sports, sneakers, video games, other pop-culture miscellaney...About the same time, some car manufacturer came out with a roomy SUV that included a buildt-in DVD player - to keep the kids entertained on those long trips.I had also read Steinbeck's  Grapes of Wrath (my own granparents had made that journey from Missouri to California back in the day) and particupated in a stage production of the story...Anyway, reflecting on all of this, I had the idea for this short history lesson in the form of a cartoon. Enjoy...
david: daz studio-david3-no postwork
bonus: bryce-no postwork
Dragon Sorcereress(NUDITY): Throne Room of the Dragon Sorcereress - Some Bryce and Zbrush stuff rendered in Poser
Gaga by elianeck: Carraratks
Eat me big boy.: just some happy thoughts.
Just Visiting: Just out for a stroll to see what's goin on in the nayborehood.
Mermaid: Searching the depths
Female hero Statue: Multiplatform Creation
ducky: wooden duck fly
pinky11: daz studio3-no postwork
Night Deliveries: Lancasters cross the English channel at sunset towards another night bombing raid in Europe. Lancaster model by Newil, downloaded here in ShareCG
Dark Messager: Dark Messager - Midievil themed. Unused story book art. free to use as you like 1920 x 1090 HD
Be-otch: Be-otch- An adult humor poster art.
we by elianeck: Carrara tks
STAR TREK - the amazons: Another trek parody, with a vulcan's revenge. Given the opportunity I don't know if I would be able to resist it either. Uniforms by JamesJAB
3D Lantern By Matt Ostrom at Renderosity: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/lantern-by-matt-ostrom-maya-and-obj/91628 My 3D Lantern was noticed for awards and displayed on posters and on Full Sail’s website in 2003. This was my final project in a NURBS modeling class. The Lantern is fully detailed and created with NURBS in Maya. I also included an OBJ file for those of you who do not have Maya. You can find more at www.mattostrom.com Thanks Mattimage3d http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/lantern-by-matt-ostrom-maya-and-obj/91628
Taylor Dax: ... what if the role of Jadzia Dax ST- DS9 was played by a young Liz Taylor
From Russia With Love, Daaaahlink: Charater Molotov Coqtiz (aka cocktesase) fro comic Venture Bros
Bridge?: this is made in cinema 4d
Spring: Lyn is ready for the heat of Spring!
Assyndra and the Dragon: Assyndra and the Dragon
I'm not too old for a teddy: As title
Fallout NV Prop Replica “Computer Terminal”: Please view original image. Another prop for the "Fallout Project" on DeviantArt, this is the computer terminal all of us have so illustriously hacked numerous times in FO3 and FONV. Modeled and textured by me based on screenshot references, I added a few extra flairs to it for more style, such as coffee mug stains on the top, the FPS keys on the board are worn, and a hunk of gum stuck to the side. This mesh is also the first time I decided to fire up the UDK and set up a rendering scene, complete with post processing volumes for bloom and DOF effects. Granted this setup is not as easy to use as Marmoset, it does give me an idea on how well these meshes work in an actual game engine. Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max - Marmoset – UDK. 1998 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal/Emissive
Fallout NV Weapon Replica "That Gun": Please view the original image. Another Fallout recreation. Using screenshots from Fallout NV I decided to first create "That Gun," as it is reminiscent of Deckard's pistol from Blade Runner. I modeled it, textured it, and decided to give it a bit more flair that the original texture found in the game. As this is found in a post-apocalyptic game, I decided more rust/dirt/scratches were in order. So I added them, and this is the result. After completing this model I noticed the poly count on this mesh as having the numbers "556" in it...an easter egg homage to the original weapon the original Fallout as being called "5.56 pistol", as that was the ammunition used in the weapon, 5.56x45mm. Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max. 2556 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal
Fallout NV Prop Replica "Codac-R9000": Please view the original image. One more piece for the "Fallout Project." Being an avid photographer, I decided to model the camera "weapon" from FONV, the "Codac-R9000." Originally, I decided on making most of my models in two forms: clean, and grungy. As I have found out, the grungy versions usually have more character to them than the clean versions, so I decided to stick with only the grungy versions for display. Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max – Marmoset. 4346 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal
Fallout NV Weapon Replica "Railway Rifle": Please view the original image. I was commissioned by a fellow 3D Artist to join a team recreating props from the Fallout genre for a collaborative art project. As I was going to model the steam gauge assembly from FO3, I remembered one of the weapons that could be built from random parts found in the wasteland; the Railway Rifle. I figured, "Why not kill two birds with one stone?" So I created this weapon, which uses a steam gauge assembly for the barrel/receiver of the weapon. I never completed a grungy version since this weapon was made near the end of the project's existence, though the original weapon in-game was decently rusty as it was. So I just called this one the "Mil-Spec" version. Original mesh design © Bethesda / Obsidian. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max – Marmoset. 5869 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal
"Mindworld" HL2 Mod Weapon Prop "Dream Gun": Please vieworiginal image. I was hired as a part of a team of 3D Artists creating assets for a Half-Life 2 modification titled “Mindworld.” This particular model is the primary weapon used in the mod. Original weapon concept design by Adam Clark, © Rotating Cube Games’ “Mindworld” 2010. Mesh / Texture © Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya – Photoshop – 3DS Max –  CrazyBump – Mudbox. 4354 Tris – 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal/Emissive
Smartphone Mesh "DroidX": Please view the original image. As a part of my move forwards towards better quality in my low-poly 3D meshes, I decided to model my phone at the time, my DroidX. I had modeled a smartphone in college before, but it was atrocious. I started with the high-poly as just a “play around” really, and built the low-poly from that. I baked the high-poly onto the low, and BAM! Got the normal map. This model was also my first delve into the use of the Marmoset Toolbag, as it spectacularly “ renders” my projects beautifully. All in all, I believe this model turned out well for such a low-poly model. Original phone design (c) Motorola Mobility Inc. Mesh / Texture (c) Shiloh Steinhebel. Maya - Photoshop - 3DS Max - Marmoset - Headus – CrazyBump. 148 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal/Emissive
Switchblade Concept Mesh "Aegis": Please view the original image. I had a dream a while back about going back in time 80 years and helping a group of vagrant children repair a large old shack to live in. In this dream I had with me a few modern accoutrements such as my DroidX phone, my iPod, my Leatherman multi-tool and a switchblade with a peculiar shape to the handle. The dreams content was profound and the design of that knife was as well. So I decided to draw out a sketch of the design - something I have to add I have not done in a while; drawing by hand. The design of this item is of my own design, as far as I know. I have never seen a knife of this design in the 10 years I spend in the cutlery industry. As I developed the texture for this knife I also created a fictional manufacturing company for the knife, called Bohmar Cutlery. Bohmar is a name derived from a race of aliens from Star Trek Voyager, with my own spelling changes. The name spawned a few different creations in my work, such as a character in a story I wrote, who is what I call a Neo-Chimera. The name represents a few other characters in games I've played, such as D and D and ShadowCities. Maya - Photoshop - Headus - CrazyBump - 3DS Max – Marmoset. 2482 Tris - 2K Diffuse/Specular/Normal
d-form: daz studio-M4 d-form,no postwork
drod-city: bryce-no postwork
dance: daz studio and bryce-no postwork
none: bryce-no postwork
Lucy Liu diferite 3D facial morphs and texure: Lucy Liu diferite 3D facial morphs and texure
stationary designs: stationary designs for projects
Alien World: Just playing with Bryce and DAZ 3D again.
Waiting forYou: Wanted to see what a beautiful women, holding a gun, in a dingy apartment would look like
Swimming in the Lagoon: Playing with an under water scene or two
Unleashing The Hurt: A thank-you quick one-off to Just_Last_Knight for his awesome V4 Athletic pose set!!! Captain Yarr wants to unleash some hurt on a bad guy in a big hurry...
Asian photo shoot (FULL NUDITY): 2 Asian girls doing studio photo shoot in the buff
Food at the Table: Swidhelm's Alien, Colonist complex, and other stuffs downloaded here in ShareCG. Posed in Poser, rendered in Vue, post work with Photoshop.
Alien Threesome: Swidhelm's Alien downloaded here in ShareCG.
Red Riding Hood: Once Upon a time there was a girl who lived in a distant land. Red Riding Hood (Fantasy Art) Story art based on the Grimm's fairytale Free to use as you like 1820 x1080
Elka (Genesis Character): A character based on Genesis designed in Daz Studio.
First Test with PovRay: After this test render I choose PovRay instead of 3Delight.
Abandoned Factory: Credits: - Factory Hall: Faded Industry (Stonemason) - Oil Drum: BionicRooster - Rollerbed: MCV - Rolling Cage: Grimmley - Some Vegetaion: Lisa's Botanicals - Most vegetation: painted in with PD-Particles
Night at Den Dens 2: same as one..:)
Night at Den Dens: This is the main entrance to the bar seen in the video with Frank at the bar. It has taken a long time to develop this set, mostly cause I didn't really know what I was doing, but I'm almost there. I'm putting the pieces together and adding the textures.. then I'll fill it with props.
Ocean Mystery: Bryce 6.3 and my imagination
Flash: created in cinema 4D
Gate of the garden: modelled and textured in cinema 4D
Manor house: inspired by Witley Court in Worcestershire UK.
Priest: this is a scene adapted from the film priest
Lily: i made and textured this lily in Cinema 4D
Foreboding: GOT HORROR?
Isolated: Tree all alone
The last knight: The last knight
Audi R8: Audi R8 realism render
Pamola at the Beach: Ford Thunderbird & Pamola at the Beach scene 2
rano na horach: vue+photoshop
water: computer artwork
Witching Eyes: Witching Eyes
The Riddle of What is Yet to Come: This is Pearle, the seer who sees more of the future than the present. That third eye? That's Arrogathor's EyeGur. I've been looking for a spare eye forever. She's otherwise made of Victoria 4. Glowy glyphs done in Photoshop.
Lovers: My first DAZ Studio decent (at least) render. I used only free content found over the Internet, DAZ Studio Pro 4 and the Genesis Figure. Clothes are for V4 adapted using the auto-fit tool.
Ghosts of the Skies: 3 Corsairs making a Strategic Run. Hope you like my work! =) First one uploaded here to Sharecg.
Studio Close up: Miki2 touched up using Poser figure artist software then background and lighting with Poser 2012
Ecks vs Sever starring Lucy Liu 3D by SilviuCaraba: Ecks vs Sever starring Lucy Liu 3D by SilviuCaraba
Floating Cones: Attack on the cones
Ecks vs Sever starring Lucy Liu 3D by SilviuCaraba: Ecks vs Sever starring Lucy Liu 3D by SilviuCaraba
Costplay by elianeck: Carrara tks!
walk to the moon: composite photograph
hands across: composite photograph
Savior: The awesome and terrifying Alien by Swidhelm posed especially for this scifi art contribution.
Space outlaw: Just a bunch of different sci-fi props in one scene - much thank to the person who posted this ship on another site.
3d calligraphy: Here are 3d calligraphy rendering with Cinema 4D. Some font I used are from Almedia.
Beware The Skies: ?
preview tennis: nothing interesting, just upload it here
Is a little more: Quietly ... Spring runs away.
novak djokovic: novak djokovic , a serbia tennis player
Underwear Fashion Secession III: Underwear Fashion Secession III Free to use as you like pictures are not meta-tagged. Another demo fashion photo secession of underwear model Created & Rendered with Daz Studio 4 pro. processed in PhotoShop CS5 to reduce file weight size by 80%. Graphic size 1920 x 1080 HD 72.000 dpi Models: Victoria 5 with Victoria 4 morphs Orianne Character face morph and Bra & Panty Txt-maps (Digital ArtZone) ( this morph really was hard it kept distorting ). Orianne Character Hair (Digital ArtZone) Real Room - by Hameleon (Renderosity.com) Custom Lighting By the artist. (Me : )
Underwear Fashion Secession II: Underwear Fashion Secession II Free to use as you like pictures are not meta-tagged. More demo fashion photo secession of underwear model. Created & Rendered with Daz Studio 4 pro. processed in PhotoShop CS5 to reduce file weight size by 80%. Graphic size 1920 x 1080 HD 72.000 dpi Models: Victoria 5 with Victoria 4 morphs Victoria Elite Texture maps (Digital Artzone) Redviper room-wear. Sharecg.com Pretty3D School Hair. (Renderosity.com) Real Room - by Hameleon (Renderosity.com) Custom Lighting By the artist. (Me : )
Underwear Fashion Secession I: Underwear Fashion Secession I Free to use as you like pictures are not meta-tagged. Created & Rendered with Daz Studio 4 pro. processed in PhotoShop CS5 to reduce file weight size by 80%. Graphic size 1920 x 1080 HD 72.000 dpi Models: Victoria 5 with Victoria 4 morphs Victoria Elite Texture maps (Digital Artzone) Pretty3D Nightshine outfit. (Renderosity.com) Pretty3D Warrior hair (Renderosity.com) Real Room - by Hameleon (Renderosity.com) Custom Lighting By the artist. (Me : )
Images II(mini-galeri 3D Art): Different picture made with poser7 and vue6 easel
Images (mini galeri 3D Art): Different picture made with poser7 and vue6 easel
orbs: abstract
Gaurdian: Thanks for looking
Join the Dark Side and Get a Shiny New Car!!: As you know, the dark side can be quite seductive.
Night Walker Meets Night Crawler. ;~): 2 Ladies Of The Night Meet. ;~)
Wacky Racers Hero Version. ;~): Just Some Fun In Carrara8 Combining A F1 Car With A GT40. ;~)
Chev 427. ;~): Chevy Body On A Shelby Cobra 427 Chassis, Took 2 Days To Make This Combination In Carrara8, Hope You Like The Color. ;~)
Cats New Chew Toy. ;~): Looks Like Venom Is About To Become Cat Womans New Chew Toy. ;~)
Yoshi's A Fan2: Yoshi Is A Fan Of Cosplay Also. ;~)
Yoshi's A Fan. ;~): Yoshi's Is A Fan Of Cosplay Also. ;~)
Free the child: Miki2 warrior attemting to rescue the young child from the grey alien
Touch (NUDITY): provocative pose
Young warrior Miki2 Character: Not really a description for this one, just an over active imagination and some props
Photos (mini galeri 3D Art): Images confusedly of Sydney and Victoria realized during the creation of the pack of poses Des images pêlemêle de Sydney et Victoria réalisé lors de la création des pack de poses
How many sides does a circle has???: its a simple art made by me to answer a simple(stupid) question---> how many sides does circle has?? most of us think a circle doesnt have any sides at all , which is absolutely, WRONG...... think about it when a closed polygon is developing its sides starting from triangle, into square, then pentagon, hexagon... until its form a smoooth 'sides' which we call it as CIRCLE... So how many sides are they to form a smooth circle???? the answer is too obvious already :D
Ships Leaving: 2 divine warships leaving
Pyramid: Poser generated
Taxi 2064ad (A flying vehicle!): A fantasy shot of how London Taxis might look in 2064ad, with the ability to fly through the air. Rendered in Carrara it will be used in Episode 5 of the Sci Fi Funk animated movie. Note the taxi driver is only wearing a vest! This is becuase it's the middle of summer and the nights are very warm, plus he's self employed and can choose his own dress code. p.s. He's also wearing Hawaiian shorts!
CautionWet: The original size of the rendered images I am usually producing is 4800x3600 which could be developed up to 48" x 36" (121cm x 91cm). Here an example, how a part which is 1078 x 680 of the sweet cocktail image you can also find here, looks in its original size. This image was very complex and took severeal days until I got the wet look I wanted, which this closeup shows in detail.
VW Beetle 1967: Made in 3d studio Max 2012. I've model this VW Beetle 1967 for around 5-6 hours. Render is Mental ray.
Huntress: Who hurt me? Victoria 4.2, Bundle Epiphany pour la texture, les yeux, le maquillage, les tatouages... Cheveux : DejaVu2009 Vêtement : Dec Coat V4 (manteau) et V4 Real Jeans (pantalon) Arme : arbalète FM_CrossBow Pose :à partir de FM_Crossbow poses (modifiée pour le port de tête, l'expression et le bras droit) Lumière : à partir de Fairy for Genesis (Daz) Fond et végétation : LS_Huntermoon de Daz
Sad Princess: Déclinaison autour d'une trahison... de la tristesse à la colère. Renders around a betrayal... from the sadness to the anger. ---------------------- Victoria 4.2, Bundle Tamesis pour la texture, les yeux, le maquillage... Cheveux : PH_Darling Bijoux : CelticDelight Pose : à partir de MMorphedPoses (modifiée pour le port de tête, l'expression et le regard) Lumière : à partir de V4Kit de most-digital-creation
Bus 2064ad (Urban Future Life): London busses are an important part of the London community. In my animated film set in 2064ad, the traditional London bus is limited to the outskirts of "The new London" a walled off inner London which starts at the centre and works its way around the North Circular and South Circular Roads. These districts represent "the forgotten", and as such they are violent districts to live in. Therefore London Buses carry armour plating, and as you can see are not particularly well kept.
studio (mini galeri 3D Art): tow girls in photo studio ( Poser 7)
Josie: Josie
Docking Station: Sydney G2 with some props and space station landing platform prop
Intimacy: Love knows no boundaries.
Devil's Delight: These demons need to be kept chained at all times.
Foxes in the City: Takes place just before "Special Officers Nova & Randall," although since that image's posting I redid the scene (added another Dystopia city block, vehicle, and a few more characters). I tried to add shadows, but couldn't without risking a possible render crash. Maybe I'll try later on. Rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3. Postwork (cloning) in Paint Shop Pro. Foreground (left to right): Destiny & Shion Background (left to right): Urban Cowboy, Teen Boy, Lt. Nova, The Girl, and Lt. Randall ***** Credits: Shion based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Destiny based on Krystal model by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ Studio by Little Dragon Lt. Randall based on Aikiyu for Aiko 3 © Kandace Wright Lt. Nova based on Myrell Nagzul for Aiko 3 © Mari_e17 Aiko 3 © DAZ Urban Cowboy based on P3 Casual Male © Curious Labs The Girl © Kim Goossens Teen Boy based on Hiro 3 © DAZ The Girl's skin texture © AGentleMuse Clothing by Little Dragon; Boundless; DAZ; Kim Goossens; TheAntFarm; Royloo; and Curious Labs Hair by Bice & OutOfTouch; DAZ; 3D Universe; and Kim Goossens City Streets (left of street) © Predatron Dystopia city blocks (right of street) and skydome © Ajax, Moebius87, and Billy Home TraffiKar & TraffiKop vehicles © Deci6el Base poses © DAZ & Curious Labs Image © 2012, Desgar Tadema February 12, 2011
Sci Fi Funk ep 4. Clone Lab. 3d Art: "Awake to a nightmare" - episode 4 of Sci Fi funk. Imagine awaking from sleep, hypersleep in fact, many years in the future (2064ad) without a clue of what's happend to you, then surviving a near death experience, to land up in a disused warehouse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO0du4clKIs You are alone, with no money, apparently nowhere to live, in a world where oppression, suppression and poverty abound. An environment where violence is prohibited by the state, as long as you are a level 3 citizen or better. Sci Fi funk goes into that future nightmare in search of humanity. How do people survive in a world without love? Its London as you've never seen it before, a combination of the state, big business, security firms and the unknown level 1's who control your very lives. They don't want you to be anything more than level 3 unless you are of some use to them. This is the nightmare - this is Sci Fi Funk. Also its an excuse to write a 3d film to show off my latest music. Feel free to browse around the channel or indeed my website for more music, 3d animation, sound effects etc all with an "urban future" theme. Steve Payne Sci Fi Funk http://www.scififunk.com
Forgotten God Of Love: Happy Valentine's Day
Sci Fi Funk ep 3. Cryrogenics Chamber. 3d Art: These are enhanced screen shots from episode 3 of the 3d animated series "Sci Fi Funk" rendered in Daz Studio. In this episode the main character "Steve Malore" enters the cryrogenics chamber, and after a brief conversation with the scientists agrees to be put to sleep for 10 years. The idea is that he is paid 20 years of the national average salary for his trouble. However we learn at the end of the episode that things are not always as they seem. Mwhahahahahaaaaa! see the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxB3kRIFSQo
Thinly clothed: G2 Sydney with some skimpy clothing and a wrist gun
Red Unknown: A scene featuring my tripod walker model, updated and in action. Vue Pro Studio 7.4, 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop for comp and post. Credit to Stonemason and Baumgarten for additional buildings and rubble.
Test Image WIP: An Image to identify a problem
Looking through your Eyes: An Artists View
Graphite (mini galeri): Pencil drawing graphite
Oil pastel: drawing with oil pastel
Charcoal: drawing with Charcoal
Pastel sec (mini galeri): Drawing with Pastel
Babys (mini galeri): portrait des bébés
lovers by elianeck: render in Carrara ts!
Sci Fi Funk ep 2. Say your Password. 3d Art: These are enhanced screen shots from episode 2 of the 3d animated series "Sci Fi Funk" rendered in Daz Studio. In this episode the main character "Steve Malore" is accompanied to the HQ of Cryrosimetics, the cryogenics company and is given his password for entry into the cryrogenics chamber. The Firm (cryrosimetics) are aparently from the future and have temporarily set up in a London hotel. However Steve's lift journey to the chambers is one he'll never forget. see the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXVsPfvmxZs
Crashed: Some different concepts I've been working with, using basic materials
Robot Master "Blast Scarab": Built in a future where machine fights machine, Blast Scarab was designed to take the fight to the enemy line. An advanced prototype mobile siege engine, what Blast Scarab cannot disintegrate with his overpressure cannons, he simply destroys with his own hands and claws. (Used Meph's Brute Armor rather extensively for this. Thanks Meph!)
Sci Fi Funk ep 1. Hologram Girl Visits. 3d Art: These are enhanced screen shots from episode 1 of the 3d animated series "Sci Fi Funk" rendered in Daz Studio. In this episode the main character "Steve Malore" finds a website offering him 20 years of the national average salary to be cryrogenically frozen for 10 years. Carelessly he accepts this offer and gets a visit from a hologram girl who sends him on a journey he'll never forget. see the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3ZaernYLds
Lone Sentry: Lone sentry waits at foot of a forgotton star gate and wait and waits.....
model: Daz Studio 4 Pro and Genesis render
Sci Fi Funk Death Race "one on one" 3d Art: Selected enhanced stills from the pilot episode of sci fi funk the 3d animated movie. See the full animation here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucg8iAf6WkM In 2064ad Global Law states that "violence is prohibited", and this taxi driver has been caught red handed. To escape the death penalty he elects to race for his life in the "death race". More Sci Fi Funk artwork here:- http://scifi-funk.deviantart.com/ Rendered with DAZ 3d (advanced) Urban Futures 2064 ad http://www.scififunk.com
Bright Eyes by elianeck: I play here the new eyes'shader for Carrara by PhilW http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=13947 tks!
3D image: To view with the proper glass
Lucy Liu N.A.P.D police officer 3D: Lucy Liu N.A.P.D police officer (Facial morphs and texture created by Silviu Caraba)
Simon G2 with glasses: Simon with glasses with bus stop background and adjusted lighting
Simon G2 Vigilanti: This is one of my first attempts working with Poser basic Simon G2 character and 3 props. I managaed to change the lighting around, I was tring for a bit of an urban night look.This was the first time I ever worked with any type of CG porgam of any kind.
Zombie Go!: 3d image, you need the proper blue/red glass to enjoy the effect.
Battleworn: made in ds 2.3 no postwork
Princess Lyn: Lyn is my original character who has a length backstory that I've been working on since I first drew her on paper 10 years ago. Long story short, she's royalty and what those familiar with tropes would call "Tsundere".
Marsh Faries: Description in title
3DS Max Architectural Model: Render of an 3D Model of a Cottage. Created in 3DS Max 2010. Rendering Method "Clay Render".
Princess Warrior Sellra: Vickies morph: Kara, Norse Elegance (Phoenix1966) Vickies outfit: - Briana Culaith - Tatiana Hair - Longbow: diviner (Rendo) background: Irinama (deviantART) Toolchain: DAZ3D -> Octane -> Picture Publisher
ZZTops Style Sprint Car. ;~): http://www.sharecg.com/v/44735/View/5/3D-Model/Sprint-Car_IB-Crteations
Viggen Pair: Not a warmonger I just like the planes ! A pair of Swedish J37 Viggens on the tarmac somewhere. Thanks to Anders Lejczak @ colacola.se for his model mastery. I just rendered them.
Cute Lyn: Lyn Lynn being as cute as she can physically be. Lyn is my own original character made with the Near_Me base. She uses custom a combination of Aoi, Moetan and Niseisya hairs, custom face and body textures, a custom made outfit designed by me and modelled by Ken1171, Ken1171's animal ears and tail and finished up with my Mini Angel for NearMe set (you can find this on my page for download).
Big Horse Power Fire Breathing Winged Things. ;~): As Above. ^ ^ ^ This Model Sprint Car Is A Freebie Here, Search "Sprint Car" or Link Is On My Previous Image, Thank-you For Taking The Time To Look. ;~)
Cowgirlin mansion Bath: A cowgirl in a mansion is still a cowgirl
Stood_up: Stood_up and waiting Feel free to enjoy but please give credit
Winged Wonder. ;~): http://www.sharecg.com/v/44735/gallery/5/3D-Model/Sprint-Car_IB-Crteations
3D Human (Male) Character - Hair: Male Character Hair Created in 3DS Max.
Grand Canyon Overlook Daz Studio Renders: Scene rendered in Daz studio 4. Micheal 4 characters with classic 55 Ford Sunliner on a virtual evening at the Canyon a stop on Route 66 in the good old days starring Michael 4 as himself. Wallpaper available on request
To the rescue: little girl to the rescue
Hangin Onto Your Heart. ;~): Anothert Image Made In Daz3 Studio Using Christel's Heart, Thank-you.
Heart Locked. ;~): This Is A Daz3 Studio Render Using Christel's New Heart Model, Thank-you.
Farewell SE: Entry to KH2 contest
:: SERAH PERFUME ::: Serah Farron final fantasy 13 perfume
:: MORNING BATHE ::: girl bathing early in the morning I don't know if you consider this inappropriate but yeah just wanted to upload it and see what people say no real nudity is being shown just her back
My Heart After You Left Me. ;~): http://www.sharecg.com/v/59403/browse/11/Poser/I-give-you-my-heart This Image Was Made In Daz3 Studio Advance and Carrara8, Using The Very Cool Model In The Above Link, Thank-you For Viewing. ;~)
The First Move SE single Frame: Single Frame from the Movie in original quality to qualify for the contest
MerMe: Self Portrait as a mermaid. Making fun of the myths that surround my ancestors.
Flower Power: Two kids having it out in the garden. He learned not too mess with a girl when she is in her garden.
King Solomon's Moving Day: King Solomon and his bride, Pharaoh Siamun's daughter Neemah on their moving day.
Tamar: Self Portrait as Tamar.
Ruth: Self Portrait as Ruth.
Rahab: Self Portrait as Rahab.
Bathsheba: Self portrait as Bathsheba. ARTISTIC NUDITY WARNING
Self Portrait ~ Blue: A self portrait of me using my own morph. Just a psychological exercise.
Dazified The Magical Dress Platinum for A4: Started to "Dazify" Redviper2012's The Magical Dress Platinum for A4 using Human Surface Shaders. This is just a start, using the Emerald MAT's. There are two layouts with two different Uber light sets. I have seen a few errors which are being fixed, but let me know what you see. The Magical Dress Platinum for A4 found here http://www.sharecg.com/v/59422/browse/11/Poser/The-Magical-Dress-Platinum-for-A4
suresh naredla: 3Ds MAX modling and wood interior Designs
Poison Ivy: Poison Ivy
Majin Tafi: After 2 months of work I present Majin Tafi. The textures are a little lazily done, as I did those in a few hours. This was my first time modelling "hair" of any kind and I'd say it went pretty well. Stay tuned because I'll probably be making some hair for Near_Me in the Near_Future. ;)
Heart by christel: This Version Was Done In Daz3 Studio. ;~)
My Little Melissa: Sad little girl
Punk (NUDITY): Daz studio 3 and LuxRenderDS
in the chair: Woman in the chair. Daz Studio 3 and LuxrenderDS
mode: Woman in Daz studio 3 and LuxRenderDS. Postproduction Picasa TM 3.9
sunrise: sunrise teragen
Snowhite: Snowhite and the naughty dwarves.
Not-e-Bot: Teach the Bot a lesson it will not forget.
Dragon Priestess: Sexy yet unpredictable Priestess erotically seated on the head of a very dangerous looking dragon.
Centuar Follies: Mature erotic courtship between Centuars in a fantasy forrest.
tooth attack: characters done in blender
tooth fairy: toon fairy done in blender
Pompei 79 A.D.: 3d landscape for docu/film: "Pompei 79 A.D. three days before the catastrophe"
Floating Flaviana: Because warm thoughts are a necessity for dealing with winter. :) Credits: Base model: Aiko 3 © DAZ Flaviana © _Al3d_ Pose © Kruse Clothing © DAZ, Billy-T Hair © Valea Hydropolis Pool © Lupadgds Image © 2012, Desgar Tadema January 19, 2012
Draenei: Draenei are part of the Eredar race in the Warcraft series, appearing first in Warcraft III and then as a playable race in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. The Japanese text reads "Juraenai", the closest they can get to Draenei.
Playin' with me Fire.: DAZ 3D JpegFile.I LOVE Rock'n Roll.
ship at sea: processed vue stream 10 and photoshop
toons: characters done in blender
Grandfather Clock in 3DS Max: Model of a Grandfather Clock in 3DS Max.
Level 19 Rumble (Fighting): Shion, Destiny, Monique, and Matthias do battle with an anthro gang, with the latter getting assistance from the Hux warrior D'Targan. No connection with "A Necessary Partnership." ***** Credits: Shion, Griselda, Shiloh, & D'Targan based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Destiny & Natasha based on Krystal model © CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ Studio by Little Dragon Monique and Matthias based on Aiko 3/Hiro 3 © DAZ Clothing by Little Dragon, MLBGraphics, Lourdes, Daymond42, The3DWizard, and from Poser 4 Poses by DAZ & SnowSultan Anthro fur textures by Little Dragon, Porter, Deskar, Desgar Tadema, and Jasmin & Yorrick Level 19, crates, and containers © Stonemason Destiny's boot track © Cybergooch Hair © DAZ, 3DUniverse, and Bice & OutOfTouch Shion's uniform original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. Gibbs Characters & art © 2011-2012 Desgar Tadema January 17, 2012
Biondina Amatoriale 2 (for Hier): Drawing made with Photoshop and graphic tablet.
addition...: v3,v4 in DS3-no postwork
Poolside Girlfriends: Because there aren't enough black women in wetlook. From left to right: Xenia, Shamira, Flaviana, and Kasha. Credits: Base Aiko 3.0 model © DAZ Flaviana © Al3d Kasha © Shesa Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch, Valea, and Bobbie25 Clothing © DAZ, Xena, and Billy-T Sailor skirt morph © Mangaka Shamira's necklace © Robrose; sunglasses © The3DWizard Poses © AtAKA (Steampunk Anime) Indoor pool © Richabri Air mattress © Lupadgds Art © 2012, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved January 16, 2012
A Necessary Partnership: Overheard during a hostage situation in Downtown Chicago: Shion: You'd do best by getting yourself and your fellow officers clear, Lieutenant. This WILL get ugly, and besides, this is a Melani matter. Lt. Randall: Let's get one thing straight, fox. I'm not going to let YOU of all people call the shots. What happens here in Chicago falls under MY watch, and that includes ANYTHING you crazy space foxes are involved in. State Department be damned. Got that?! Shion: And here I thought "Dirty Harry" was only fiction. Lt. Randall: Whatever. Just put the damn sword away. What do you think this is: Lord of the Rings?! Note: the US State Department granted the Melani Confederacy forces stationed on Earth diplomatic immunity. Certain members of Congress are trying to get it revoked, however. In addition, certain countries are trying to pass a resolution in the United Nations to recognize the Melani people as a hostile entity. And Shion has had problems with Lt. Randall before. More on these developments eventually. ***** I originally rendered at 1024. Used Paint Shop Pro to bump up to 1280. Also used automatic contrast enhancement. Credits: Shion & Brandy based on Furrette 2 © Little Dragon Randall, Nova, and Ryder based on Aiko 3 © DAZ Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch, DAZ, 3DUniverse Clothing by Little Dragon, and Boundless Weapons © The3DWizard, Mock, and Sorroman Brandy and Nova's goggles © D. Boudreau Ryder's uniform texture © OutOfTouch Shion & Brandy's uniforms: original design © Bill Redfern & Paul S. Gibbs Dystopia © Ajax, Moebius87, & Billy Home Vanguard © Kibaretto Skyrider © Stonemason Traffikop vehicles © Deci6el Lt. Randall's skin texture © Kandace Wright Lt. Nova's skin texture © Mari_e17 Poses © DAZ & Boundless Characters & art © 2012, Desgar Tadema All rights reserved January 16, 2012
stefani4: V4 and primitives in DS3-no postwork
newt: collected in DS3-no postwork
geko: done in blender
little monster: done in blender but I will be making it for daz soon
Chiaroscuro Study 1 (NUDITY): Click on 'View original image' for best resolution.
Zubat: I know Zubat's can't use Growl, but its cute anyway, right? I won't be releasing the Zubat Cosplay, so don't ask. :P
Hannibal's face: from to the documentary "Hannibal at Trasimeno"
test-3: M3 and primitives DS3-no postwork
Admiral old man: Old man in Star Trek DS9 admiral uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Trill Woman: Trill Woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Klingon Woman: Klingon Woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Risan Woman: A Woman from Risa planet, member UFP You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Orion Woman: Orion Woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Vulcan Woman: Ferengi Woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Caitan Woman: Caitan Woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Gorn Woman: Gorn Woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Betazed Woman: Betazed woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Bajor Woman: Bajor woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Andorian Woman: Andorian woman in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
Ferengi Man: Ferengi Man in Star Trek DS9 uniform You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it
cones4: DS4
cones3: v4,cones,DS3-no postwork
foreign: daz studio-v3 and primitives-no postwork
birth: daz studio and bryce-no postwork
trifle: bryce,no postwork
Lucy Versus the Mayan Doomsday: EDIT: I wasn't comfortable with Lucy saying "you people are ridiculous", especially the "you people" part. It made her sound racist, although she does have a dim view of anthros (foxes especially). I should have used better judgement, and for that I'm very sorry. ***** Partially influenced by Chel Explains Mayan Calendar and There is No Planet B. So yes, here in 2012, the Year of the Dragon, the world will NOT come to an end. Too many other things are going to happen instead. The US Presidential and Congressional elections. The battle over the Internet Censorship Bill. The IMF/G8 summits that will be held here in Chicago in the spring. The Occupy movement. The Tea Party movement. Windows 8(?). iPad 3. The Dark Knight Rises. The Avengers. Nuff said. ***** Credits: Lucy based on Posette © Curious Labs Destiny based on Krystal model by CharleyFox; rigged for DAZ Studio by Little Dragon Hair © Bice & OutOfTouch Destiny's shirt ©Little Dragon; texture © Daymond42 Destiny's fur © Jasmin & Yorrick Backgrounds by DreamWarrior, Gene Fleeman, and NASA Characters and art © 2011-2012 Desgar Tadema All rights reserved January 13, 2012
Maleks Bastion: Scene from game
Angel Kabalah: uno de los angeles de los 72 angeles de la kabalah
cell: bryce-no postwork
Amphitheater_WIP_01: The final facade for the iris door is modeled. All that remains is unwrapping and texturing. Columns in their final modeled state are also shown. Textures are not applied to preserve my partner's (lead texture artist) right of ownership of his own intellectual property.
bossdoor_hi_matte: the hi-poly version of the bossdoor_concept drawn in photoshop. Though I regret the central eye's considerable loss of impact compared to the 'shop concept's, the effect of having all the eyes around it piercing into the player is worth it. The door is now much more eerie. This was made with 3ds MAX. The high-poly version will be used to create a normal map and the illusion of depth and smoothness to the low-poly model. Unfortunately, Mental Ray's photon calculation slugged-along for 15 minutes before failing spectacularly. This was rendered with the Default Scanline Renderer Using a Multi-Sub material with one Standard and one Raytrace material.
bossdoor_concept: Photoshoped concept of a door in a Skyrim mod who's eyes would light up when crystals were placed in 10 different recesses in a deep chasm. When all 10 crystals are placed, every small eye lights up and the center eye lights up. Then the door sinks into the ground and the player can proceed.
Titan surface: Artists rendition of Saturn's moon Titan
remnants: A bit of poetry created in Bryce, Daz Studio, and MS Paint.
My Home 2013: Post apocalyptic scene
Head by elianeck: another free head in Carrara tks
Manga by elianeck: V4, caracteres Manga for V4 and lot free things render in Carrara tks!
Weather Girl: Daz Render, the weather girl on the space channel.
Dog Gone Confused: Dog Gone Confused is a Children’s book written by Amanda Schaffer and illustrated by Matt Ostrom. Dog Gone Confused is a cute book filled with wonderful illustrations that bring the story to life. Ty teaches us that you can be a member of the pack; no matter what others think. Just believe in yourself. Available on Amazon.com or find it here. www.mattostrom.com
Psycho Nurse: My psychotic nurse doing an autopsy.
Vera: I nearly ripped my hair out and smashed my computer trying to get the lights to look right. They still aren't perfect, but they are good enough.
Nyarlathotep: None
Metro arriving - Scene 2: One Frame of the 2nd Scene recently rendered, which soon will be added to the animation.
Stargate SGC Monitor: You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it Thanks to Dodger for Stargate
Stargate Network: You can find PSD file on my blog: http://blog.libero.it Thanks to Dodger for Stargate
Forest Path: Just a scene created in Vue 8 Studio that you can use as a background for anything that will take the .jpg format. -Stephen.
The Terror of 80 Percent: "Only four people have ever seen me in this form and you my dear viewer makes the fifth". The character's name is Togoro from the Anime/Manga Yu Yu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. Char.base is M4 with Freak4/Elite Morphs, The Hitchhiker for the glasses, Cyberpunk for M4, Mika-Chan's toon shaders and a few days of photoshop.
High Speed Jogging: Just a Cheetah in her natural environment. The Base is Melody A3, Dryades Hair by Plus3d & Mairy, ToXic Dryades by Countess, Arkham Angel by Alfa Seed and Black Cherry from his Aery Soul days.
My Inner Strength: An image of my inner self as a Street Fight style character.
A Pin-Up Moment: A picture of my characters posing for a pin up. Model bases are Keisha for A4 for Chelese(Middle)Terai Yuki2 for Wintha(Right)and Rani for V4 for Pramada(Left).
Horror: An unfortunate turn down the wrong alley after curfew for this couple. Char.Bases are Hiro3, Alice 4 and Robtix Onslaught. BG: Urban Future 3.
Batman Beyond- The Movie(Poster): The Batman Beyond storyline was an interesting spin on Batman that I felt never had a full chance to grow and I've always wanted to see a version of him on the bigger screen. The base is DAZ's M4 with customize texture for his bodysuit. M4 hero mask made by isikol, koyima and hal00, Urban Future 2 by Stonemason and tons of Photoshop.
Hello there...: Hmm....I suppose the title should have been called "Hello and goodbye" but you get the idea. This piece is compose of Aiko 4 wearing Joe Bushido's Yua outfit and Aiko3 wearing Val3dArt's Bijin Jigoku outfit. Along with Anime Shaders and some Photoshop postwork.
Forgetting Something...: An Aiko 4 version of the classic Pokemon character Misty/Kasumi. I just wanted to try something new.
The Alien Angel: A strange visitor descending from above. My first entry for the 100 theme challenge. The model is a composite of Kururu and Alice/V4.
studio(mini galeri)3D Art): avatar de Sydney
moitié ange et moitié demond(3D Art): scene sous poser
Fees..Fairies: Pastel drawings
Portrait: Tricia Helfer, Grace Park
Shortcut To God: Human sacrifice
Teorema: http://carlhalal.com/post/14192226935/teorema-a-drawing-i-made-after-watching-pasolinis Teorema A drawing i made after watching Pasolini’s Teorema movie as a course assignment
Madix character: http://carlhalal.com/post/14584576001/madix-character-design-and-breakdown-for-an MADIX Character design and breakdown for an animation exercise
Madix character design progress: work in progress trying to give more attitude to my character… http://carlhalal.com/post/14982236737/work-in-progress-trying-to-give-more-attitude-to
Warm up Sketch: check it on my blog http://carlhalal.com/post/15026030199/under-covers-i-was-just-doing-some-warmup
Steampunk Zeppelin: DANTON, an airship of the Imperial Navy. Used for Courier, Communications and VIP work. Using the AeroSteam Beam engine.
Breackfasy dish: Breackfasy dishBreackfasy dish
Yacth saloon: Yacth saloon
mazzinga in florence: mazzinga in florence
man with cd: man with cd
Masquerade: Just for the fun of it.
Supergirl Flyby: A simple render using terrymcg's Cosplay Costume 1. The figure is V4 and the hair is Demi Hair from Demi & Elena Hair.
The Dark Portal: I've titled this piece "The Dark Portal". I used a stock picture that I took on vacation a couple of years ago, and used a series of brushes and adjustment layers to make it look dark and ominous. It's not perfect, but it came out quite well. Particularly as the original image was taken in bright sunlight, on a clear summer's day. So it didn't look even remotely ominous. View my Deviant Art page for a higher res version of this image.
Space Ape: Next in the series
Space Ape: Wanted something funny to do
The life: A vida persiste.
dark...: DS3-no postwork
time ...is time: bryce-no postwork
3d job: expo
Adidas Top Ten NBA: Modeled in Cinema 4D, rendered in V-ray
3d job: expo
3d job: my exhibition work
3d job: another job
3d job: help me get better
mdjskx,l: mcjsos;d.
3d job: some job
3d job: some job
3d job: some works
3d job: this are some of my works
Metro arriving: A futuristic Metro arriving - 1 frame in original quality from my newest Animation
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 25): This is chapter 7, page 25 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
Vozvrashenie: go go go
2012: S Nov.Godom
Net.Dragon: Winter
My Portfolio: A collection of my best 3D Art.
Far Far Away: This is any place but here.
Snack bar: Work with Carrara.
Survivor: Work with Daz Studio and Carrara.
Naked Flame: Pyrokinetic: a being with the psionic ability to generate and control heat and fire. It's plain/uncluttered on purpose to make a better dynamic desktop/wallpaper The figure and mat/texture of Wildfire is one of 3 different custom Wildfire models (made by me) that I use to render my fav subject; DAZ's V4.2 is the base. Simple background/backdrop made in GIMP
Samples: My recent 3d work
Dance Of The Jester: Jester by Littlefox ,Secretheart Yakchat's Fantasy Hand Background thanks for looking
Thought's: scifichick..............
Kitchen01: kitchen in istanbul. I make with 3ds max 2009
Ford Thunderbird Soft top: Ford Thunderbird Soft top With Paloma Modeling, Trying light effects (2005) Artwork from my Archive.
Pagani Zonda Carbon F: Pagani Zonda Carbon F 3D Model created by myself in 2006, Artwork from my Archive.
Escape from Cylon Base Star: I used Poser8 and a couple other editing programs to achieve what I think is a very cool scifi scene. The Cylon Raider was dowloaded from here is was created by Karl NIght. Thanks for looking
Skating Girl Portrait: Skating girl Portrait, (Skating Dress + shoes was created by eyefil)
Skating Girl: Skating girl, (Skating Dress + shoes was created by eyefil)
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 24): This is chapter 7, page 24 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
wishful thinking poster mini contest: a poster i made for a small contest held at DAZ forum months ago, forgot to upload it here
The girl next door. American Ninja: The girl next door. American Ninja "Promo Portraits" promos for American Ninja animation series soon to be released Feb 2012 Created with Poser pro 2012. Rendered with propitiatory software renderman3.0v Custom morphs and clothing, Pretty3D Ninja Outfit, and Hair
stop-3: hiro3-DS3,bryce
Joyeues fêtes: Scene made and render in Daz studio
More Crofty: Lara Croft South America
Faster Than Dark: Promotional Image for "Faster Than Dark" an online dark graphic novel. The planet was created in 3D and is used within some scenes which have been output to Quicktime movies and then imported into Adobe Flash. This is a composite image created in Adobe AfterEffects which uses photoshop text, stars created in photoshop and the planet which was created in 3D.
Faster Than Dark: Aspire was created in Anim8tor for the online dark sci-fi story "Faster Than Dark". I am now learning Blender but found Anim8tor to be a powerful, simple program which allowed me to get started on the basics. The goal of this story and the design for that matter is realism. The ship moves using B.E.C rings and for sub luminal maneuvering there are ion thrusters covering the hull allowing for a great degree of directional control. I'm a bit tired of ships that are drawn to look cool or threatening and wanted to create Aspire from a pure function point of view. The BEC engines are powered by two fusion reactors which run on water. Her ion thruster run on water as well.
Misfit: --------- Penguins: Songbird Remix Santa's hat: Hongyu
Beau Banshee: Description in title
Have a Joyous Holiday and a Happy 2012!: The motley ShareCG crew wishes you and yours a very enjoyable holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! (The basic art work for this greeting card was originally created by John Johnson, my Dr. C. Wacko book co-author - circa 1982)
yuki: another random image of yuki, the 1st female character ever i had in my head. background image taken from http://wallpaper-s.org/11__Cherry_Blossom_%28Sakura%29.htm , not by me
I better hurry: Merry Christmas
fallen: hiro3 morph in daz studio
Merry Christmas: And a Happy New Year!
Road To Victory 1:Sicily: Description in title
Santa's Little Secret: Do we really know everything about Santa?
Race through the Canyon: A slide from my Animation preview
Robotech Candy: This image was made to demonstrate the use of the free texture expansion and figure pose pack that I have authored for the free SDF-1 For Poser from Vanishing Point. There are 7 new textures, four new figures poses and the mat poses work for Poser as well as Daz studio! This is my first full blown texture and pose package, it's a test, it was fun to make and took me back to my childhood. The good parts of it ^^;;
Zentradi Defense Fortresses: Faced with the appearance of the SDF-3, the Zentradi revealed their trump card early. Spies who had become Micronians had returned to the Zentradi forces. Their loyalty to Dolza was unshaken, and they revealed their own plans of the Space Defense Fortress. Unfortunately the Zentradi were unable to re-adapt the plans for their Zentradi bodies and were forced to fly these ships Micronian sized. Baffled by the complex controls, half of the new fleet was destroyed in the first battle. This image was made to demonstrate the use of the free texture expansion and figure pose pack that I have authored for the free SDF-1 For Poser from Vanishing Point. There are 7 new textures, four new figures poses and the mat poses work for Poser as well as Daz studio!
SDF-3: Emerging from behind the rings of Saturn, the SDF-3 made it's fateful appearance, attacking the Zentradi forces from the rear. A product of "Micronian" study and worksmanship, the "Basilisk" was a functioning replica of the original Space Defense Fortress. This image was made to demonstrate the use of the free texture expansion and figure pose pack that I have authored for the free SDF-1 For Poser from Vanishing Point. There are 7 new textures, four new figures poses and the mat poses work for Poser as well as Daz studio!
column-2: 3d model-lamp,daz studio
Vorador, the old Vampire (to DrAcO): Hello DrAc0, Thanks again for the M4 Kain Morph! This is also something of Legacy of Kain. For that I dedicate to you Vorador, the old vampire.
Snow Santa: Modeled and Rendered in Shade.
ROBOTECH : Battle Over Pluto: ROBOTECH : Battle Over Pluto : The battle raged over the skies of Pluto. So far the Zentradi forces had been kept away from the giant space cruiser, but the Monster squadrons were certainly using up their ammunition. Features the Dragonfly original modeled by John Hoagland (VanishingPoint.biz), now sold by RPublishing on Renderosity. The SDF-1 and Monster models were originally ported into Poser by VanishingPoint.biz, you will soon be able to find Daz studio compatible mat poses for the SDF-1, Monster and the Dragonfly soon there. Music, art and more from HealthyInsanity.com my home page.
ROBOTECH : Over Pluto: ROBOTECH : Over Pluto : Following a space fold maneuver, the SDF-1 emerges behind the Pluto instead of behind the moon. Following a large cloud on the radar of Zentradi ships, the SDF-1's Robotech defense force springs into action to defend their home ship and all of Macross city inside of it. Features the Dragonfly original modeled by John Hoagland (VanishingPoint), now sold by RPublishing on Renderosity. The SDF-1 was originally ported into Poser by VanishingPoint.biz, you will soon be able to find Daz studio compatible mat poses for the SDF-1 and the Dragonfly soon there. Music, art and more from HealthyInsanity.com, my home page. Robotech, Dragonfly, Sci-Fi, Sci Fi, Future, Tech, Robot, Mecha, Machine
Attack Of The Arniebots: And they came stumbling and mumbling down the hallway, each comparing their new Daz studio compatible mats with each other. The rusty one bragged he was the shiniest but no one cared because he was rusty. Who wants shiny rust anyway? The UN Arniebot tried to keep the peace but we all know how that goes. Features the Arniebot by PoserDirect.com and the VP Sci-Fi Hallway by VanishingPoint.biz More art, music and more from HealthyInsanity.com , that's my home base.
Red Ninja: My ninja fantasy, by moonlight
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 23): This is chapter 7, page 23 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
Don't go in there: This is a simply render created using three props: Swidhelm's alien figure (http://www.sharecg.com/v/24295/gallery/11/Poser/Alien---Giger-like) and my both parts of my own Steampunk A\C duct (http://www.sharecg.com/v/57913/view/11/Poser/Steampunk%5CShip-Corridor:-Air-Duct%5CVent-system). The image was initially rendered in DS\Poser. I darkened down some of the shadows, brought up a few highlights, and put in some faux volumetric lighting in the background using one of the SS-Light-Beams brushes from ObsidianDawn.
bot bunny: this is a blender exercise
Lost Valley: Scene from tomb raider 1
Christmas music: 3d model into 3ds max
Musculature: Based on genesis in studio 4
Swimming Pool: V4.2 and the swimming pool
Harbor loading: Ship&Barge: Mausel Crane: DarkAnvil
Mystery Machine: The Mystery Machine ;, Daz Studio 3 + Luxrender DS
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 22): This is chapter 7, page 22 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
Damn! I broke a nail.: Ferrari: DMI-car models. Vickies outfit: Shadowdancer by Parris. Jamie Hair.
American Ninja: American Ninja - no post work - Free to use as you like
Indian Baabhi: What a seductive pose at the beach
Great Illusion: Mystical Indian Mythology - MahaMaya
Priceless Fantasy: Adventurous treasure seekers
HanuMan: Did you know... that before SuperMan, there was HanuMan?
Elven Innocence: Sexy fantasy
Distractively Cool: Erotically fantastic dolls house.
BushBabes: Erotic Fantasy scene
STAR TREK - sewer snake: My first serious sketch; a heroic starship captain fighting a giant sewer snake monster. The phaser isn't killing it, but it seems damaged. How often does a phaser actually work for these guys anyway? 'he's got a personal force field' 'it's impervious to our phasers' 'it just goes right through' 'it's too fast' Well we can't make it too easy or it wouldn't be dramatic now would it. Uniform from JamesJAB, phaser from bluto.
TrolLamp-1: v3,v4-daz studio,bryce
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 6, page 6): This is chapter 6, page 6 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've had to shrink it down and compress the image for this site so the quality isn't particularly good. The original in full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. My home page also includes a list of the components used, and back links to the creator's websites with full credit given for their models. Aside from a small amount of tweaking for brightness\contrast this page is pretty much all render and no post work, except to put them into the page itself.
snowman: made in blender for blender cookie contest
lamp: collected in the daz studio
~でゲソ: ~でゲソ! What up undersquids? You better be ready for the inkvasion of mankind, ~de geso! I squiddn't think it would happen so soon, but it's not all bad. I heard things will be tentastic, ~de geso!
f4: f4 morph in daz studio
viki&miki: v4,v3 morph in daz studio
viki: v4 morph in daz studio
Hot as Hell: My long time character, Lyn, poses in the heat of the underworld.
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 6, page 3): This is chapter 6, page 3 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've shrunk it down and compressed it for this page for this site. The full high res version can be seen on my ONIM homepage. Along with a list of the parts used, and back links to the original author. As well as any other credit given to other content creators.
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 21): This is chapter 7, page 20 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've shrunk it down and compressed it for this page. The full version (Including parts list) can be seen on my ONIM homepage.
One Night in Michigan (Chapter 7, page 20): This is chapter 7, page 20 of my free web comic One Night in Michigan. I've shrunk it down and compressed it for this page. The full version (Including parts list) can be seen on my ONIM homepage.
Mercedes Benz night: Made in 3ds Max 2012 with Mental Ray
zerg: better look at the zerg model done in blender
Empire's Might: Update (12/9/11): Giving proper credit to Abraham Katase, who is the original creator of the Leviathan and Cobra Gunship. Dalmatiner rigged the ships to be used in Poser (and DAZ by association as well). ***** "Our original homeworld could no longer support us, and we almost died for our ignorance. It took over two thousand years of conflict on another world to make us understand that we must protect and expand our people. We Melani return to the stars as defenders of our people, our empire. We will rise to the challenge against those who seek to see us marginalized and subjugated." - Shakira DeBrannon, Chancellor of the Melani Confederacy, at the launch ceremony for the Third Expeditionary Fleet in 2304 New Melani Era (2011 Earth Common Era) Suggested soundtrack: "Illusions" by Thomas Bergersen Rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3. Postwork (engine glow) done in Paint Shop Pro 8. Credits: Leviathan and Cobra Gunship vessels © Abraham Katase, rigged for Poser/DAZ by Dalmatiner Attack Ships © A3Dlover Background © Donna De Leeuw (MGDesign) November 8, 2011
Pompei 79 A.D.: 3d landscape for docu/film: "Pompei 79 A.D. three days before the catastrophe"
THE ZERG: done all in belnder
STAR TREK - doctor who doomsday invasion: Ever notice how every other sci fi character ever made without emotion always ends up being evil, poor Vulcans always get picked on for that. It does however make an interesting scene. Uniforms from JamesJAB, cybermen and set from Arjin, daleks from Dodger and phasers and communicators from bluto.
mortal kombat kitana: kitana from mk
V4 Asia: Basé sur Victoria 4 avec des éléments d'AdamThwaites (Lara, ...)
Couple et Passion: Composition à partir de Daz Studio 3 avec rendu LuxRender DS. Personnages utilisé Michael 4 et Victoria 4
Travelling through the Canyon: A little bit of Holidayfeeling, traveling in a Motorhome
STAR TREK - corridor clean-up: Just picture it, purple soup splattered on the wall, alien blood smeared across the floor, it happens a lot. Who cleans all this, every surface always shines. I would like to see this secretive clean-up crew; the ones who never get invited on away missions and don't even feature in the backgrounds, polishing handrails. Uniform from JamesJAB, wall com from Ptrope.
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