Daz3d Pose Converter (Standalone): Simple script that converts daz3D poses files from a model to another.Supported models are currently G1, G2, G3, G8.For now it comes as a Windows exe, I'll share source python code as soon as I'll have time to clean up the code^^unzip archive file wherever you want and open the folder.Launch "main.exe", select conversion you want and chose the folder you want to batch convert.Converted poses are located in "Daz3D Pose Converter/converted poses"Let me know if there's any problem.
Script DAZ For Play Sequence Images or Video: Script for Play Sequence Images or Video with One click or automatically in DAZ Studio 3.xx or 4.xx- With mplayer (mpv) play Sequences images or video  -  Play real rate 15, 30 or 60 fps. - Play Audio External (default wav DAZ Studio). - Loop Infinite - A-B loop points - Control Velocity - Range Preview (settings of movie DAZ) - Play Mix different image sizes - Play automatically after rendering in 4.8.  
PMD-File reader/writer (WIP): NO GUI - JUST A LIB TO USE IN YOUR OWN SCRIPT! Published for co-writers and anyone interested to get this completed :)
Script For Importer Files Lip Sync in DAZ Studio: For Importer Files(MOHO) Lip Sync of Papagayo in DAZ Studio 3.x or 4.x. "Papagayo is a lip-syncing program designed to help you line up phonemes (mouth shapes) with the actual recorded sound of actors speaking. Papagayo makes it easy to lip sync animated characters by making the process very simple – just type in the words being spoken (or copy/paste them from the animation’s script), then drag the words on top of the sound’s waveform until they line up with the proper sounds." Advantages against "Lip Sync DAZ Studio" Full control at word level Works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of DAZ Studio Works with any Figure or Props, and with any morphs / Properties (Translate, Scale) Support for various languages (English, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian). Disadvantages It works externally It is not generated automatically. It does not work with expressions.   V1.1 Update 29-06-2017 Fix bug many selection same Phonemes
Ekm-Presto Morpho G3F/G8F: This script will copy the values of the Daz Original head and body morphs from a Genesis 3 Female to a Genesis 8 Female. In order for this to work you must own the following 4 products from the Daz store: Genesis 8 Female Body Moprhs/Head Morphs Genesis 3 Female Body Moprhs/Head Morphs And have a genesis 3 female figure that uses only those dials to achieve her look. You can then copy those dial settings to a genesis 8 female. Please see the user guide in the download for more info.
Ekm-Dual Lobe-ify G3: This little hack changes the iray surfaces of any G3 figure to match how the new G8 figures are set up. In addition to changing numbers, it attempts to emulate how these next gen figures are set up by copying the base color image map to the translucency image map, and the glossy layered weight image map to the dual lobe specular weight image map. Not all settings translate to characters with paler/darker skins. Adjust things like the translucency weight/transmitted colors and sss colors if needed. If you see strange spots in your renders, try a) showing the dome via render settings or adding a solid color backdrop via the environment pane, or b) adjust the transmitted color and SSS color under the thin wall section on the skin surfaces. Paler colors tend to solve most issues. This script works only on G3 figures with _iray_ materials and requires Daz3d 4.9 (for access to the Dual Lobe Iray Uber feature).
TimeZoom v1.0 3ds Max maxscript: This script allows you zoom in/out timeline much more comfortable. Works for curve editor also. Zoom button - On/Off (+10 - 10 frames by default) youtube video Number and Slider: Half of active Timeline zone for Zoom (± from current Time)(Pro only)Set Middle: Move active Timeline zone rather current time (current time will be middle of active timeline zone)(Pro only)LE version of script (FREE)
Ekm-lockSelectedObjCoords: Trivial/hacky but handy script to toggle the lock state of the first 10 properties of the selected object (which is almost always Transform, Rotate, and Scale, but not always, hence a hack). I use this to prevent accidentially moving a camera after I'm happy with it's position.
TerrainMaker script: This Python script uses the built-in Python Image Library (PIL) and geometry-creation methods in Poser 9 or later (P9, Pro 2012, P10, Pro 2014, P11) to read an image map in PNG or BMP format and, based on the grayscale values of that map, build a polygon mesh with the lighter pixels being raised and the darker ones being lowered from the average. A plain black or white map would of course be flat, but a grayscale image with features painted on will generate a three-dimensional 64x64 mesh within your Poser scene that can be used for a landscape (or saved to the Props library, exported for use in other applications, etc.)
RepositionShaderNetwork PoserPython Wacro: RepositionShaderNetwork.py(Written for Poser 9/PP2014 firefly, so it expects node 0 to be the root node.) If the root node of the currently selected material is not positioned at (10,10) it will be moved there, and all other nodes will be moved accordingly. Various dialogs tell you what's going on, and there's an option to cancel without changing anything.To access this script from the User Defined Wacros place it in the \Runtime\Python\poserScripts\Wacros\UserDefined\ folder of your main Poser runtime As with all my scripts this was written for my own use - it's intended purpose is as stated above and it seems to work as intended.As always you use it at your own risk - a sensible precaution is simply to save your scene before running the script! (No documentation. The zip file contains the script and the promo picture. The text above is included as comments in the script)
26FaceWB: This is a procedure I was playing with a while back to create higher resolution backgrounds for the WorldBall. (The '26FaceWB' is a Poser PZ3 scene file that is key to this procedure) It is probably of very limited (if any) use to anybody else (as always, use of the included scripts is at your own risk - they seem to work fine for me!)  You should be able to follow this procedure without any major problem provided:- you already have Terragen Classic, HDRShop v1, Imagemagick and Poser installed.- you are familiar with the original WorldBall environment set creation procedure.- you are familiar with the original helper scripts.I only came up with this because Terragen Classic Free has a maximum square render size of 960x960.The idea is basically to do a set of 45 degree FOV renders in Terragen instead of the original 90 degree renders. One render is centred on 0 azimuth/0 elevation, and the rest are in 45 degree increments in azimuth/elevation. This roughly doubles the resolution. Note that some renders will have overlapping areas.  26 renders are required to cover everything.I then created an OBJ - my '26 face worldball'. Each face is a square, and is positioned/oriented to exactly match one of the 26 Terragen renders. Note that some faces intersect each other. (Each face is actually a flat 3x3 mesh - this was to get around some problem I came across, but can't recall the details of)You load this object in Poser centred at the origin, place the dolly camera at the origin, and view through the dolly camera. You'll see a seamless 360 degree azimuth +/- 90 degree elevation background (note: it doesn't necessarily look seamless in the preview pane,but when you render it is). I've created a Poser scene file that has everything set up correctly.You then do six 90 degree cubemap renders in Poser at whatever resolution you choose, and combine/convert those in the same way as in the original procedure.The zip just contains the following:- a 4 page PDF covering the procedure- a Terragen Classic script- an Imagemagick batch file (MSDOS/Windows format)- a Poser scene file- an empty (except for a readme) runtime subfolder structure where the Poser scene file expects to find 26 BMP images created by Terragen Classic. Pete Williams (aka the 3DCheapskate)19th August 2015
DIM Mover for DAZ3D Products: This Script replaces the older Script "NEW-DIM-Downloads-Copyer" which was also available here. NOW with GUI !!! ---- UPDATE: There was an Error that changes the Targetpath of the Files if you cancel the Browsewindow of the Filelist- or Productlist- Folder. I also added a exe- Version. Please keep in Mind that you are not allowed to sell this tool.And please leave a comment if you like this tool or not. ---- What it does: The Script copies, moves or unzip the files from your download-folder of the DIM to the target-folder of your choise, so you can manually sort the files into your content.Only files will be copied, moved or unziped which are NEW to the folder since the last start of the Script.You can manually change the time from the last run of the Script, so you can play arround with the Script. You can change the language of the GUI from english to german.Script is fully readable, so feel free to modify it to your choise.
Daz Studio Translation Scripts: Need to nudge a prop just a bit, but the universal tool is too clumsy? Tired of trying to click on the plus/minus buttons, with jittery hands? Want to make better use of that programmable joystick, or keypad? Well, you're not alone!  After the astonishing release of the Daz Rotation scipts (almost three dozen people have looked at it!) I've been asked to tweak it for translations as well. There are limits:  On rigged objets, such as Daz People, it only effects the Root nodes.  Think Hip and above.  On props that aren't rigged, you can move the parts around.  Works great on things like drawers, ammo clips, and sliding windows. These scripts were inspired by the thread here on the Daz Forums.
Daz Studio Rotation Scripts: Have a hard time nudging that finger into place a bit at time? Want to use your programmable joystick or keypad to help? Here are six simple scirpts that can help.  Each one rotates the selected nodes a bit in the direction you want.  Set up Custom Actions and Keyboard Shortcuts for each script and have your joystick or keypad send out the matching keystroke. These scripts were based heavily on comments by Richard Hasteltine on the Daz Forum (See http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/14810/  )  I claim no copyright or credit for them.  If you forward them, please refer back to Mr. Hasteltine's comments  
Genesis_GF6&GM6_arrangement_points: Genesis Male and Female 6 Arrangement Points and Arrangement Bounding Volume for Marvelous Designer 2 and up. Both Points and Bounding Volume must be loaded for Arrangement points to be seen. In the case of MD 2 the default Arrangement points will show until you load the Bounding Volume.
G2 Ear Fix for V4 and M4 Skins Auto Converter: Ear Material Properties fix for V4 Skins Auto Converter and M4 Skins Auto Converter. Put these files in the same folder that the original script is located: The default  Genesis 2 Female/Scripts/V4 Skins Auto Converter or Genesis 2 Male/Scripts/M4 Skins Auto Converter  
Updated: Daz Studio Posing Scripts (now for G3F): This is a collection of scripts to help posing characters in DAZ Studio. Now updated to work with Genesis 3 Females also. There are scripts to fix poses designed for Aiko 3 / Michael 4 / Victoria 4 on Genesis 1, 2 or 3 (e.g. Victoria 7) figures. Other scripts may be used to apply full body poses to only part of the body. There are also scripts to mirror a pose, create a symmetric pose. The last script lets the character look at the camera (or any other object). There are possibilities to control the movement of the head and the eyes. The new version (7.714) includes an option to adjust the eyelids. Included with the ZIP is a little manual as PDF. Please be aware that the scripts are for use in still image scenes and not for animations. I selected the Animation category as the best match because there is no category "Posing" These are my first scripts for DAZ Studio - so constructive criticism ist welcome.
Michael 4 & Victoria 4 LipSync for Poser: These .xml  and .fc2 files were created to work in Poser 9 & 10. Adding these files to the LipSync folder in your Poser Runtime Directory, you should be able to add speech to DAZ Michael 4 and Victoria 4 characters. It has not been tested with Michael 5 & 6 or Victoria 5 & 6.  
CL_BackDropLauncher for Daz Studio: Load your backdrop images directly from within the Daz Studio Content Library with the CL_BackDropLauncher script ! This script generates companion-scripts for image files that are by default not visible in the content library and renders thumbnails for them. From now on you can have your backgrounds right there in your content library and load them as a backdrop in Daz Studio with just one double-click. The generated scripts will also adjust the render dimensions and aspect ratio to match the backdrop ! You can easily add extra extensions in the script if your favourite filetype is not included,  enable/disable the creation of thumbnails, or prevent the comapnion scripts from adjusting the aspect ratio and render dimensions.   1. Load the CL_BackDropLauncher script in the DS Script IDE or add it to your menu as a custom action. 2. Browse in the Content Library (Daz Studio Formats) to the folder containing the backdrop images. 3. Run the CL_BackDropLauncher from the menu, hotkey, toolbar, ... that you set up in step 1. (or press F5 if you loaded it in the Script IDE) 4. Enjoy...   :-)
CL_FileLauncher for Daz Studio: Launch your manuals, documention, tutorials, ... directly from within the Daz Studio Content Library with the CL_FileLauncher script ! This script generates companion-scripts for files like pdf, wmv, mp4, txt, ... that are by default not visible in the content library. You can easily add extra extensions in the script if your favourite filetype is not included.   1. Load the CL-FileLauncher script in the DS Script IDE or add it to your menu as a custom action. 2. Browse in the Content Library (Daz Studio Formats) to the folder containing the media-files. 3. Run the CL_FileLauncher from the menu, hotkey, toolbar, ... that you set up in step 1. (or press F5 if you loaded it in the Script IDE) 4. Enjoy...   :-)
WorldBall Environment Creation Helper Scripts: These two scripts (!mkCubemap.tgs and !mkEdgedVC.bat) are intended to automate the two most tedious and error-prone parts of my Make Your Own Environment Maps And Light Probes procedure. They've been written/tested on a Windows 7 system, and will need to be modified if you want to use them on a MAC (I don't have a MAC so I can't help there I'm afraid). The second script (the Windows batch file) requires you to have ImageMagick installed - this is a free download from http://www.imagemagick.org I've included an 8 page PDF explaining in a fair amount of detail what each script is intended to do. The document also gives brief instructions on how to run each script. Although I'm fairly confident that the scripts don't have any major problems I'll state the most obvious warning... *** USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! ***
New-DIM-Downloads-Copyer: Tool to copy new DIM Downloads to an Folder so that you can manualy import them to your Runtime.After DIM Download yust run the Script and all new added zip-Files where Copied to the Folder you want.Also two logfiles will be created, first with all the zip-Files that you have Downloaded via DIM, second with only one file per Product, so you can add this to your own Productlist. (for me an Excel DB ;-))  TIMESAVER !!! For instructions look into the vbs File, feel free to change or add some features (only the first 3 lines NEED to be changed to your wishes).
Mods for mcjTeleblender -- DAZ Studio to Blender: These modifications to mcjBlendBot improve the handling of Glossy/Reflective and Transparent Materials.  Glossiness/Reflectiveness can now be controlled via DS4.x's Specular "Glossiness" Parameter and mcjTeleblender's "Gloss Factor".  Transparent materials without a map are now handled property, with transparency set by DS4.x's "Opacity Strength".  There is no more "white eyes" problem!!  Also, "Opacity Strength" now controls the strength of the transparency map, as it does in DAZ Studio.For more information, see http://www.daz3d.com/forums/viewthread/2877/P375/, post 385.  mCasual's mcjTeleblender2 is available at: https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts3/mcjteleblender2.
Toggle IK Pack: 3 scripts (with PZ2s)  for toggling IK one for arms, one for legs, and one for both
Toggle IDL / SSS Poser Python Script: a Python Script to Toggle IDL / SSS for poser with pz2 file
Genesis1 surfaces for G2F and vice versa: A Daz Studio script that changes the surfaces from G2F to the surfaces from Genesis1.This allows you to save material presets from G2F and apply them to G1 (provided you have matching UV-sets for them). It might also be helpful for folks that export G2F into external apps and preferred the G1 numbered surfaces.With G2F selected, run the script. The surfaces will change (you may need to select something else first and reselect G2F to see the changes in the surfaces tab).UPDATE : fixed typo's in the surfacenames 3_Fingernail, 3_Toenail and 6_Eyelash. Added a script to change G1 surfaces to G2F, now both G1 and G2F can switch back and forth between G1/G2 surfaces.Big thank you to CauriB for providing the G1 to G2F script.
hi: new post
hi: new post
HeadLight Simulator for Daz Studio: This Daz Studio script adds a light to your current view that simulates the preview HeadLight and sets all your other lights to invisible. This will allow you to quickly inspect your shaders, bump and displacement maps with a fast 3Delight spot render. (the Daz preview headlight will not render, this one will)Run the script again to remove the headlight (if it's added to your perspective view it won't show up in the scene tab).The intensity is a bit higher than the Daz headlight. The code to change that is already in the script, just uncomment the marked line.UPDATE : running the script again to remove the headlight now also turns the other lights back on, the script works like a switch now.With thanks to cwichura for the idea  ;-)
PointAt-Fixer for Genesis' eyes: The Point At command is by far the easiest way to control Genesis' eyes, but does not move the eyelids, leading to unnatural looking results. Running this script in Daz Studio will dial in the appropriate amount of eyelid movement via the Eyes Up-Down Pose Control. (applies to all selected genesis-figures)   UPDATE : added support for Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 2 Male.
Scale And Drop To Floor (Updated): An Update to the pose files that gives you more control over the scale of your character, It Also drops the figure to the floor after scaling.Also included is a scale but don't drop version
Come On Down - Collisions: This is the upgraded version of SITC - Collisions. When rewritting this for DAZ4.5 I felt the script would be more powerful if you could select what you want to collide with the selected item(s).You will need to install mCasual's new mcjCollider plugin for DS4.5 found at https://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts2/mcjcolliderds45. With this version you no longer need to manually load mcjCollider, the script will do all of that for you now.
Render finished !: Daz Studio script that starts your render and plays a soundfile when finished. Windows only ! Script and wav-file need to be in My Library/Scripts.
Genesis Expression Randomizer: Just for fun, this Daz Studio script randomizes the parameters of the selected node. Select Genesis Head, run the script and have a laugh. You can set the chance each parameter has of being modified from 0-10%. Higher chances make more changes but can also mess genesis head up. The script skips the first 15 parameters, as these will likely be translation, rotation, etc... and also ignores the Head-Neck Bend and Twist pose controls. Results will vary and depend on your content...
Set shadows to Raytrace: A small script to set the shadows from all lights to raytrace instead of depth map
Tcl script to fix damaged Daz binaries: Synopsis: fix_Daz_bin.tclThis script is written in Tcl. The script will batch-repair downloads from Daz3d.com that have the web server error at the end of the file. In order to run this script, you need to have Tcl installed. Tcl is available free for Mac and Win (and Linux) computers, but only Mac and Win can use the Daz installers. To install Tcl, go to the following link and download the installer. Run the Tcl installer. On Windows, make sure the .tcl file extension is associated with the "wish" program, which is the Tcl/Tk interpreter. There  is no GUI for the fix script.Tcl download:http://www.activestate.com/activetcl/downloads
Poser Python Remove AO Script: T.O.U.1) You're free to use this script in any render, non-commericial or commercial. 2) You may not sell the script either individually or as part of a compilation. 3) If you re-post this script on your website or as part of a free compilation, the archive must include this readme file. How to use it: 1) Extract this archive to your Poser runtime directory. The scripts will appear under :Runtime:Python:poserScripts:CustomScripts.2) After you've installed the files, open Poser.    load a prop or figure to apply materials to and zoom in as close you can.3) Access the scripts by clicking File>>>Run Python Script...4) Select the script you want to run.5) Enter the material folder path you want to affect in the Dialog box and click OK or press Enter.What it does:This script will cycle through a folder, Load each material in turn and remove ALL AO nodes from the material. It then resaves the material (overwriting the old one - so if you wish to keep the old materials - Copy them first and use the folder you copied.) It will then render a thumbnail at 200 x 200 and save it. Disclaimer:THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.Who made it: ©2012 JLK, All Rights Reserved
Mirror Eyes for poser: 2 short python scripts to help pose makers. These scripts will mirror the Side-Side and the Up-Down angles of the eyes saving time doing it manually, These are among my first python scripts and I hope someone can find a use for them.
Light Toggle: POSER ONLY A simple python script that reverses the ON/Off state of all lights in the scene. It allows loading two different light sets into a scene at once and switching between the two light sets. example: load your rendering lights, toggle off, ADD your worklights Now toggle between them
Auto Rig Script For 3DS Max: Video Demo: http://vimeo.com/32730132
DAZ Studio 4 Render Presets: A set of three different render presets - a "quick and dirty" set that produces low quality but very fast renders, a "slow and sure" set that produces sharp, high detail renders... eventually, and a modest "middle of the road" set that does you fine for general purposes. Unzip the scripts and place them somewhere convenient in your My Library. I recommend creating a "Render" folder in your "Presets" folder, or you could put them in your scripts folder. No pretty icons. Double click to toggle your render settings. Some benchmarks - The Slow And Sure set rendered a 1000x1300px scene from Stonemason's Winter Kingdom on my computer in 24 minutes and 41 seconds. The same picture, at the same size, rendered in 3 minutes 1 second with the "middle of the road" settings, and in 54 seconds with the quick and dirty settings.
LuxRenderDS Skin settings for DAZ Gen3 figures: A quick re-edit of tofusan's generic Michael 4 skin setting DAZ script so that it will use the texture names of the Gen 3 figures. I also took bits from the Generic Hair script so that hair (eyebrows, eyelashes) will look like hair. There seems to be a problem if eyebrows (and possibly eyelashes) are set to 0% opacity and don't have an opacity map associated with them. The fix appears to be to always apply an opacity map - generally the same map that is used for eyelashes will be fine. Then set them to 0% opacity, and everything will render fine. At least it has for me.
Chocoladeletter: Chocoladeletter
Automatic DS rebooter: Renders X frames of a scene then shuts down DAZ Studio and relaunches it, to pick up the animation where it left off. Useful only if your computer has memory problems in rendering animations. Windows only. Made for DS4 but might work in DS3 too (AKA I didn't test it ;-) ). Updated version.
IamAlive Poser randomise script in python: This is randomize script that can make your characters in poser a little more alive. This is my first script, so if you find bug or want some extra options write them in comment, I will try to fix/add them as soon as posible (^^)
xTags: This is my first class and I hope you enjoy it. With this class you can dynamically create html and xml tags using PHP. To download: http://www.designersgate.com/blogs/class/xTags/xTags.7z To learn how to use it go to: http://www.designersgate.com/blogs/class/xTags/README.html Example: $xTag = new xTag; $tag = $xTag->tag('a','Revolution Visual Arts','href:http..//www.revolutionvisualarts.com,target:_blank'); echo $tag;
PJS LMMS Project Sampler Files: Some .mmp and .mmpz files for various LMMS projects I made and zipped together. These are XML or Zipped XML project files for LMMS. (Technically they are human-readable and therefore can be parsed and used to script any kind of time based events. However, the goal and intent in this case is sound and music. Somebody clever with something like Python could easily figure out how to make these drive events in an animation that would sync to the music produced via the intended software. Note however that I'm nowhere near that clever.) LMMS is downloadable for free in Linux or Windows formats at http://lmms.sourceforge.net Some projects may use VST instrument plugins not included with LMMS. Don't worry though, those are also free. You may find them at the respective websites for DSK Instruments, 4Front (piano), or Dblue Glitch. Released CC-BY-SA
Guandalug's Quick Save for DAZ Studio: This is an update for Guandalug's popular and useful "Quick Save" script for DAZ Studio 3. From the original readme: Annoyed at the time D|S needs to save a scene? Here's a small script that helps a bit in this area: The QuickSaver. Admittedly, the name is a bit misleading, as the save process itself is not sped up (and cannot be sped up by a script). What this script really does is saving the scene without rendering a thumbnail, thus at least reducing the time to save by precisely that rendering. http://www.nightstone.com/~guandalug/DAZFreebies/
Disable ReflectLiteMult script Poser: A simple poserPython script to disable the ReflectLiteMult property for all surfaces in the current scene - this property simply does nothing useful whatsoever, and interferes with reflections and other raytracing features unless it is disabled
Diffuse_Value script Poser: A simple poserPython script that sets the Diffuse_Value for all surfaces in the scene to 0.8, intended for using legacy content with Indirect Lighting/Global Illumination
Substance Bonus Tools for 3ds Max: The Substance Bonus Tools for 3ds Max is a free MAXScript package that includes several very useful tools to enhance your experience of using Substances in 3ds Max 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack. It includes: A Substance Browser to browse through any Substances available on your disk. A Material Match Maker to automatically create a material out of a Substance. A Substance Preset module that allows you to load the presets created from the Substance Player. Watch the video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kGtBIFrWkw Installation Start 3ds Max 2011 (with Subscription Advantage Pack installed) If your browser has changed the file extension of the mzp package to something else, rename it back to .mzp In 3ds Max, open the MaxScript menu and choose "run script", then browse for the .mzp file you downloaded. Follow the steps. If you check the New Substance Toolbar option, setup will prompt you to save a new .cui file. It’s a copy of your cui file, plus the Substance Toolbar. That way it never breaks anything. Once setup is complete, you should have a new Substance Menu in 3ds Max main menu and/or a new Substance Toolbar. Feature description Substance Browser allows you to browse through Substances. You will be asked to create the cache if it doesn’t exist at all. We strongly encourage you to do it, as it will greatly enhance your browsing experience. Creating the cache takes some time. Give it a good 5 to 10 minutes on an average pc with a 512 resolution. Substance Material Match Maker. This will create a Material out of a Substance, automatically. It supports all Standard, Mental Ray and VRay Materials. Loading a Substance in it, choosing the Shading Context and pressing the big button is all you have to do to get a fully featured Substance Material. Substance Presets. This allows you to load presets, saved with Substance Player, onto substances in 3dsmax. This requires Substance Player 1.1 available here.
Send In The Clones - Collisions: This script uses mcjCollider free plugin by mCasual which can be found at: http://sites.google.com/site/mcasualsdazscripts/mcjcollider-plugin . This script will give you the ability to move props created by Send In The Clones to another prop. ie: Create a bunch of trees and drop them down to a ground prop. Included in the Readme's folder is a short tutorial .pdf file, and also check out the tutorial on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/draagonstorm?feature=mhum. This only works in DS3.
Draw-a-cord IMPROVED Nov 2011: Poser script, shapes a segmented tube or cord or hose or worm or tentacle to match your drawing. The picture tells the basic story ... see the readme in the ZIP for more details. Note that the ZIP doesn't include a runtime, it's just the script and the readme. Unzip in a known location and move the script into a Poser area.
Poser M4 Expression Cleaner: This is a little perl script that removes all settings from an fc2 or pz2 file except the basic M4 expressions. It also has an alternate mode where you can "invert" operation and destroy the expressions, but keep everything else. For, um, character faces I guess. This script requires you to have Perl already installed on your computer. Perl is free, and available for MANY operating systems. USAGE: Usage is pretty simple, as command line goes - Open command prompt. change to the directory where your pz2 or fc2 is stored. Type in the following command: perl strip_to_expressions.pl --source myfile.pz2 --dest mynewfile.pz2 done. If you want to run the inverse mode, add --invert For simplest operation, just move the script to wherever your Fc2s or Pz2s are before running, otherwise you'll need to provide the path to the perl script (simple, but requires lots of typing), or put its location in your PATH variable (which is different in every version of windows and I have NO idea how to do that in Mac so I can't help you there)
Perl Dial Cleaner for Poser files: This is a little perl script that removes all dials set to 0 from a pz2 or fc2 file - this is very useful for setting up expression poses and body poses without "nuking" the character the user may have already set up. This script requires you to have Perl already installed on your computer. Perl is free, and available for MANY operating systems. USAGE: Usage is pretty simple, as command line goes - Open command prompt. change to the directory where your pz2 or fc2 is stored. Type in the following command: perl strip_to_expressions.pl --source myfile.pz2 --dest mynewfile.pz2 done. For simplest operation, just move the script to wherever your Fc2s or Pz2s are before running, otherwise you'll need to provide the path to the perl script (simple, but requires lots of typing), or put its location in your PATH variable (which is different in every version of windows and I have NO idea how to do that in Mac so I can't help you there)
DS3-Check Images - Updated 30/08/09: This script is mainly for those that create product and freebies. DS3CI reads in either a DS2 or DS3 Material Preset file and checks all texture references. If builds up a list of any textures it cannot find. This list is displayed in an alert and it is also saved as a text file ( DS3CIerrors.txt ) in the same directory of the Mat file you were checking. DS3-CI can now batch process a folder full of Matfiles.
Example Blend file showcasing new Python node.: An Example blend file showcasing a "10Way Nodal Framebased Col/Value switcher" Python node that allows one to switch textures or colours or values within a node map. There are 10 input channels to this node, one is a base channel which is on if none of the other channels are on. Results can be seen by simply changing the frame# using directional keys and selecting the object or rendering.
Bitrock Clickthrough: Windows only macro that automates the installation of Bitrock installers from DAZ. Make a directory containing only Bitrock installers, then run the macro. You'll be prompted to select a directory, the content of which will be run sequentially. Leave the mouse alone after pressing OK on the directory selection! ;-)
Daz Studio DOF tool: A little Excel spreadsheet that helps calculate camera to null point distance in three dimensions - with the Null placed at the tip of Aiko's nose in the example image.
Content search script for DAZ Studio: Script and icon to create a costum action "search for content" for DAZ Studio
Quick Render: A small .MS that allow you do do quick render (hence the name) with 3 preset i often use wich are Letter, legal and tabloid paper size.
Game Tool - Beta: 3ds max 2008 -- Allow to make some quick check-up on model mainly for game engine. Material section have still some bug. This is not a complete and foul-proof script , i cant be responsible for any harm done to your hardware, use a your own risk... you got the point.
DAZBryceFix: This free script converts color/texture combinations in Daz Studio to single textures so that Bryce can import the scene correctly.
V4.2 Definition file for INJ magic: this is a definition file for INJ magic, that allows you to create INJ files from the ne V4.2 update. The file allows characters that uses the following morphs to be created. Morphs++ Male morphs(included with V4.2 update) Aiko 4 morphs Muscle morphs Unfortunately at this moment the file does not support creature morphs because i do not pown them to be able to include them in the Def. file Hope this helps and thank you for downloading :D You must own Injection Magic which you can get at Daz3d and to install the file place it in the "Data" folder of your Injection Magic program file.
Hair Recomb 1.0.0: Hair Recomb max script boost productivity during work with Hair And Fur modifier. Thanx to this script you can call "Recomb From Splines" without switching to Hair And Fur modifier. It means that staying in edit mode spline, which is the base of the hair, you can update the hairstyle itself.
MuscleSelect 1.0.2: MuscleSelect � max script boosts productivity during work with muscle objects. This script supports muscle plugins: CAT, ACT, SkinFX, Hercules.
Card Suits Custom Cutters for PhilC's Scissors: Four custom cutters for use with PhilC's "Scissors" python script--used to cut cloth in poser.
mp_CopyAttributesUI: This is a UI that copies attributes from one object to another. Very handy for custom attributes that have to be copied exactly.
mp_AvgRotationUI: Simple UI that makes fast connections between joints that you want to average the rotation between. Select the driver, select the driven joint, choose the axis you want to average across. This version only averages them by half which means if you rotate the driver 90 degrees, the driven joint is rotated 45 deg.
mp_RenamerUI: Renamer UI for joints and joint hierarchies. Renames with the naming convention I use, so you might not like it :) Otherwise I think it gives everything you need for a renaming tool.
Mil Baby Hair Fits Volume 2 Beta: Hair fits for Studio Maya's freebie hair. There is a link to these in the readme. These are Beta but they work fine, I just don't have thumbnails for them.
Copy To Clipboard v1.0.1: CopyToClipboard 3DS MAX Render Effect allows copy image in Windows clipboard.
Preview Stamper 1.0.0: Preview Stamper MAX script, allowing during creating preview of animation, to stamp in each frame a string with technical information, for example the name of the opened .max file, the name of the active camera etc. PS doesnt replace Make Preview but extend it! Thats why there is no UI in Preview Stamper.
Linker v1.2.0: Linker � MAX script allows to create hierarchical linkage between two objects linking them as child to parent. This script was created for easy linkage Biped bones with bounding box objects of these bones.
Straighten Edge 1.4.0: Straighten Edge � MAX script, allows to project and after it to place selected vertex/edges on the given straight line on the Editable Poly object.
Biped Manipulator v1.2.1: Biped Manipulator � MAX script, allows fast select biped bones and also the whole arms, legs and spine. Unlike other similar scripts Biped Manipulator doesn't occupy much screen place. If there are several bipeds on the scene it is possible to use for convenience several Biped Manipulators.
Pneuma's Mil Baby Hairfits Volume 1 PZ2: This set is now complete with thumbnails thanks to Blueknot. This set is for Lady Little Fox's Aiko 3 Hair Pack available at DAZ3D. It's $20 and contains 19 conforming hair figures. A link to product page has been supplied in the readme. Happy Rendering!
instance replace: Turn a Selection of objects to instances for another object. now you can distribute proxies then replace it with instances of your original Hires Object,You can recover forgoten copies and turn them into instances.enjoy ;)
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 3 PZ2: I have made quite a few hair fit poses (DSB and PZ2) for Aiko and Hiro for all of the hair that I just had to have that wasn't for Aiko and Hiro... This is Volume 3. I plan on releasing a Volume 4 also at this point so stay tuned. This set is for Studio Maya's freebie hairs (link to Studio Maya's website in readme). These are all in PZ2 format. There about 28 fits in this pack (I think)I named the hair fit poses to reference the names of the hair in your runtime, not in the scene. Please do not redistribute. Picture reflects fits from Volume 1.
Script:FixedWindows parameters: This script help us to select many FixedWindows (Max parametric component) and change same parameters of all windows in the scene (heigth,depth..)
Script:Automatic Venetian blinds!: this script allows to fill up blinds around a windows
Automatic Roof: his script allows to fill up a stratum of the roof of space coordinate goblets being inserted three them in order to characterize the stratum plan Installation/Notes: After to have inserted the distance between the row of goblets it is pressed the button start and the three points become part that form the stratum of the roof
3ds max morpher exposer: a script that expose morpher's channel to visual controller(object handle). a usage file include
Loc and Bake: This script will create locators and position them on the selected objects. Each locator will be renamed to null_ so you can use it on after FX. It will bake their position in the selected time range.
resizebrush.scm: Resizes Gimp Brushes
Marble Texture - Photoshop Action: Photoshop (CS+) action to make a marble texture.
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 2 PZ2: I have made quite a few hair fit poses (DSB and PZ2) for Aiko and Hiro for all of the hair that I just had to have that wasn't for Aiko and Hiro... This is Volume 2. More to come. This set is for various hairs available at DAZ, Rendo, maybe Poser Pros, and miscellaneous other freebie hairs. These are all in PZ2 format. There are over 60 hair fits in all. Keep an eye out for the rest :) I named the hair fit poses to reference the names of the hair in your runtime, not in the scene. Please do not redistribute. Picture reflects fits from Volume 1.
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 1 PZ2: I have made quite a few hair fit poses (DSB and PZ2) for Aiko and Hiro for all of the hair that I just had to have that wasn't for Aiko and Hiro... This is Volume 1. More to come. This set is for various hairs available at DAZ, Rendo, maybe Poser Pros, and miscellaneous other freebie hairs. These are all in PZ2 format. There are over 60 hair fits in all. Keep an eye out for the rest :) I named the hair fit poses to reference the names of the hair in your runtime, not in the scene. Please do not redistribute.
Photo2Painting - Photoshop Action: Photoshop (CS+) action to create an oil painting 'like' image from a photo. Bit of room for improvement, but does okay...
Frame Jumper: This may be the shortest script Ive written, yet one of the most useful Frame Jumper will move the time slider the desired amount of frames Forwards as well as Backwards with the touch of a button Its great for repetitive task, and setting key frames at even intervals, just run it and modify the values acording to your needs, then press the corresponding button It will not create any Keyframes, so you can use it with Autokey enabled By Pablo Forsolloza 2007 www.forsolloza.com.ar/scripts Hope it helps
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 1 DSB: I have made quite a few hair fit poses (DSB and PZ2) for Aiko and Hiro for all of the hair that I just had to have that wasn't for Aiko and Hiro... This is Volume 1. More to come. This set is for various hairs available at DAZ, Rendo, maybe Poser Pros, and miscellaneous other freebie hairs. These are all in DSB format. There are over 60 hair fits in all. Keep an eye out for the rest :) I named the hair fit poses to reference the names of the hair in your runtime, not in the scene. Please do not redistribute.
mp_mirrorBlendshapesUI.mel: Mirror blendShapes in the desired axis. For example if you have blendshape on the left eyebrow on a character and you don`t want to remodel the same shape for the right side, simply run the tool, select the base mesh /it can be already skinned character with no deformations applied/ select the desired blendshape , choose the axis and Mirror!
3ds Max Realtime Delay/Lag/Spring Script: This script create helpers for node or node chain. when the node or node chain moves,helper would behave a delay/lag effect. It is fast and realtime and directly feedback to your manipulate in the viewport. And the Animation can be bake into keyframe. max8 and max9 version script are included in an rar file.
bBox.mel toggles boundingbox display...: bBox.mel toggles boundingbox display on the selected objects
n8's Starfield - Photoshop Action: Based off Greg Martin's wonderful starfield tutorial. A random starfield generator that requires a few steps from the user to complete. Uses Photoshop 7+ Linear Dodge mode for a few effects so you will encounter problems if trying to run on an older version. SUPPORT INFORMATION Simply create a new document in RGB mode and run the action. Will work on any size document, though seems to look best at 72dpi (you can bump the resolution up a bit afterward to get a softer look).
makeUnique: converts instances to independant 'unique' objecs
atom creator: this script automates the creation of animated atoms in maya
gears creator: this script automates the creation of gears in maya
setupFastSSS: easy way to create a mentalray-4-maya subsurface scattering setup. the script creates the complete network, with all settings needed. to use: setupFastSSS 0-2 (0: fast_shader 1: fast_maya 2: fast_skin)
goodAnimatedExtrude.mel: creates a 'better' extrude than the one built-in to use: select profile shift select path then type 'good AnimatredExtrude' number-of-segments ex.: goodAnimatedExtrude 25 will create 25 profiles along the path, and loft along them.
Super Spinner Creator: A new way to create spinners in max. Now you can create stunning hand poses or whatever you want!!
RAL classic to RGB for Cinema4d r.9.5: hi all, this is RAL classic to RGB values colour converter. it's a c.o.f.f.e.e. expression, done by the hard (& dump) way. i hope you find it usefull. ps: i could really use a tiny donation to raise funds for Vray 4 C4d :)
Simple Storyboard V1.0: Simple Storyboard is now a mini script, it provides 8 small windows 160 x 120 to render in them or load images individually. You can then add text to comment each window, as well as add page number, scene and project name, and then export it into a HTML file, or export the loaded images into a single 320 x 480 file. The purpose of this script is very clear, it is ment for groups that work in the same project , but resides differents locations. This way sharing and discussing about the storyboard over the internet is quick and easy. You just need to export and then upload it , or just compress it and send it via e-mail. Of course you can then edit the exported HTML file in your favorite software. In future versions the idea is to re make the interface, so the images can be zoomed, and probably an option of making links to diferent kinds of files will be available too, among other things
Character: Easily creates shelves for characters. Just select the object you want, then click the icon you want. Execute install_char to install it.
Linker: It transfer object attributes (from first to second object). It will create an equal attribute on the second object that will control the firsts attribute.
Pivot Align: It aligns the pivot from the second object to match the first.
Random Selection: Can randomly select a percentage of the current selection. Daniel Moreno www.danmoreno.com
Simplify Curve: Simplifies your curve. If you execute it, it will remove keyframes that are the same value from previous and next keyframe. It can also flat tangents on peaks and endings. If you choose selected attributes only, highlight the attributes you want simplified from channelbox. Daniel Moreno www.danmoreno.com
Smooth Tools: Smooth Tools is a collection of smooth scripts, will link attributes to an object so objects in a scene can be SMOOTHED prior render. More info on my site: www.danmoreno.com Daniel Moreno www.danmoreno.com
Texture Tools: Texture Tools V1.0 This scripts does a bunch of things: -Changes file path -Copies all files to specified directory -Zeros Reflection of selected shaders -Reloads all textures -Changes all images filters -Enable/disable memory caching of files -Can also enable/disable based on texture resolution -mass transfer uv.
Zero: Zeros all keyable unlocked attributes. Useful when animating. Daniel Moreno www.danmoreno.com
Floating Perspective: A floating perspective window, so you can manipulate controller while viewing the animation through the final camera. There is also a timeline hidden, just drag the bottom of the window. Daniel Moreno www.danmoreno.com
JJTools: I have used 3DS Max on a daily basis for more than five years and I took an interest in MAXScript almost immediately. The learning process was slow but I was fortunate to have some very talented colleagues. I began by studying 3DS Max’s ‘Listener’ and with time and confidence I tentatively created short scripts of my own. Many years later, and with a lot of help from my friends, I am in the fortunate position of being able to create my very own 3DS Max tools. Most of my scripts are workflow improvements in an effort to avoid repetitive tasks. With any luck, they may save you some time too.
mp_controlsUI (MEL): UI that makes curve controls , snaps ,constraints or parent the shape itself to the selected objects. Requires mp_Snap.mel /included in the zip/
Super Render V3.0 for 3DSMAX: Super Render V3.0 is the utility for the people who needs to make really large ,1 frame renders. Is extremely usefull for people who works in arquitecture and printed graphics in general. This script allows you to brake the render apart into fragments, in such way that the RAM of the PC doesnt limit the size of the final image. In this version its included an option "beta" that automaticly join the fragments, and then save the final completed image , it is still in development but it does work, usually fine, for the moment in images no greater than 8000 x 8000 pixels. If this feature doesnt work for you, you can still render a bigger image in fragments and then join them in the 2D aplication of your choice.
Spherical/Polar mapping correction - LUA script: This is a Lua version of Paul Bourke's algorithm for polar mapping correction - see http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/lua/polar/index.html for details. It was developed for use with DogLua, the Lua scripting plugin by Marco Pontello for Project Dogwaffle, and also works with Artweaver's Lua scripting system as well as the GIMP with its Lua/gluas plugin. For more LUA scripts see http://www.thebest3d.com/dogwaffle/lua
mpToggleLockAttr: very simple script that toggles on-off / locks and hides/ the selected attributes of the selected objects or if nothing selected - unlocks and unhides the primary attributes.
IK >> FK >> IK: When having freeform forward kinematic animation, such as motion capture input, you may want to assign an IK solver to the animated chain, doing this will not destroy the underlying animation, and using this script, you will be able to snap the IK Solver Goal motion to the FK animation. Once done, you can optimize the IK Goal tracks and you end up with the same animation, but as an optimized IK motion, much easier to adjust.
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