Doing dice ... differently (C4D - Download Video)
from brainstew

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Yuck, another dice tutorial... but wait a minute because:



In this beginner tutorial we will, well, do dice differently. :-)



I''ve seen a couple of tutorials on modeling dice in Cinema 4D (I highly recommend also watching the ones that can be found over at C4D Cafe!!), and though they were not at all bad, they lacked one thing: truly circular holes... So I''ve tried to come up with another way of modeling dice, and this tutorial is the result. I hope you enjoy doing my little workshop, and maybe you can think of ways to make even better dice models.



The video resolution of the avi file is 1024x763, and includes sound.



You should be able to play the video with most common applications, e.g. Windows Media Player, but it may be most comfortable and provide the best quality to use Camtasia Player. Moreover, you will possibly need to install the TSCC codec.



If required, you can download the free Camtasia player as well as the free TSCC codec at the following address:



In the RAR archive you will find the following files:



- Doing dice differently.avi



- Licence - Doing dice differently in C4D.txt



- ReadMe - Doing dice differently in C4D.txt



- Preview.jpg



Have fun!



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