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Added 10 years ago

This set of 50 .obj liquids shapes was made to bring some final realism to your renderings. It contains a complete conversion of my earlier Bryce library … more »

Format: OBJ (.obj)
Categories: Architecture, Composites, Concept Art, Nature, Objects
Usage Rights: Unrestricted use
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spacebones (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
welcome, gazzalodi. :)

(This time I have to thank you all for dl and rating my stuff over all that years - seems I succeeded in deed doing something useful for the community...) :))
gazzalodi (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
I'm pretty sure I downloaded this years ago. I just goof around with Daz3d sporadically and was playing with a ship exploding. Looking for surfaces I found your liquids again. So thanks twice!
spacebones (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
You`re welcome, Maypole89 :)
btw: when I released this item, I hadn`t had even an idea of reaching that amount of downloads.
Thank you all! :)
Maypole89 (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
Found "liquids" suggested from topic posted 2010. Hoped it was still here! (and figured comments here would be out of date) Looks like such a terrific resource is still alive and well. Like everyone else, thank you very much for offering it to us!
spacebones (6 months ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome and thanks in return ^^
manekineko (6 months ago)Inappropriate?
thanks a lot! very useful & varied. your object packs never go out of actuality ^^
spacebones (7 months ago)Inappropriate?
You are welcome, thanks in return :)
hoshi23 (7 months ago)Inappropriate?
brilliant share. thanks alot.
spacebones (7 months ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you, have fun! :)
warrenao (7 months ago)Inappropriate?
What "anniekitties" said. This is great!
spacebones (10 months ago)Inappropriate?
welcome and thx in return! :-))
anniekitties (10 months ago)Inappropriate?
What a fabulous set of liquid patterns or splashes. What a marvelous selection. Now when we download an empty bottle or container, buckets, pots, etc. we can use one of these, it's just perfect. Thank you soooo much! You're the BEST!!
spacebones (10 months ago)Inappropriate?
You are welcome :)
0oseven (10 months ago)Inappropriate?
We are always very grateful to those creators who share - so thanks for this interesting set of obj's
spacebones (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :)
spacebones (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :)
QXI (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank You!!!
spacebones (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome and thx in return :)
Nik_52 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Brilliant !!
Thank you.
spacebones (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :)
PhilW (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you, looks to be a really useful set!
spacebones (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
You are welcome. :)
Fujiko (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for sharing!
spacebones (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome and thx in return! :)
Zynnikk (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
These are great - thank you very much!
spacebones (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :)
Mandle (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you.
spacebones (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
You`re welcome :)
brankoNovak3d (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
spacebones (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome and thx in return! :)
anniekitties (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
WOW!! These look fantastic, thank you so much!! I can't wait to play with these!
spacebones (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome, Delbert :)
Delbert Moore (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you one million times!
spacebones (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
you are welcome :)
savanna (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you for sharing :)
spacebones (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
welcome, mininessie :)
mininessie (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you so much for this!
spacebones (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
welcome, Mj :)
Mike Vogelsang (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
I would like to say thank for this.
spacebones (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hi Toneee - always welcome and thx in return :)
Toneee (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome!!!! Always well appreciated Mr Bones :)
spacebones (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
welcome, bellie :)
bellie (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you very much for sharing :)
spacebones (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
welcome :)
BlackFeather1973 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for sharing !
spacebones (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome and thx in return :)
luci45 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks. These look great.
spacebones (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
you`re welcome, Kenkoy. Found that part of work too much then... Though, I remember someone already made them Poser-ready a while ago, just the meshes, no Morphs...
Kenkoy (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
It should be fun to see if I can morph and then animate some of these. Thanks very much!
spacebones (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :)
sriesch (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very useful, thanks!
brehiner (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
sin esta página no se que haríamos
Habatchii (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Habatchii say's;

very well...
spacebones (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
you are welcome :)
caravelle (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very, very useful; a treasure!! Thank you VERY much!!
spacebones (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
spearcarrier: try a simple glass shader with gentle reflection, higher specularity and then experiment with values of refraction.
spearcarrier (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
All I can say is: woo hoo! So far I think they're great. I just gotta defeat the shader situation!
spacebones (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome, Trekkiegrrrl. :-)
And thanks in return for all of your wonderful stuff, too. Came in so handy several times...
Trekkiegrrrl (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely AWESOME! Thanks!
booksbydavid (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you, very much.
gaius (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much for sharing ; you're very gifted and very generous. Your items are just wonderful and very useful.
spacebones (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :)
Thanx in return for rating!
banditcameraman (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much for sharing =)
Limnery (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
So useful. Thank you!
spacebones (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome :-)
snikt (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
thx a lot!
alitor (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks, very use full
spacebones (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
I once made these respectively for Bryce/Vue/Carrara (as I hardly don`t work in DS or Poser at all so far I am not quite familiar with the way building Shaders in there). But it should work similar anyway. You might want to use some procedural (those formula based without texture/UV) basic glass shader and will have to experiment a little with different values for reflectivity, more …
Webtigress (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
These objects look very pretty. But - forgive me - the problem with water are the shaders. Do you have any suggestions how to set up Poser's shader tree to achive such results as in your promos?

Thx in advance
spacebones (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
You`re welcome and thx in return. :-))
woodbin59 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks you; I seach for a while for some kind of water movement; with your freebie I find more than I hope. Useful in Bryce 'nd D/S3A as OBJ.

Thanks you so much, Keep on your great work, we all appreciate it;the silent majority applause
ankherman (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for sharing such a useful set of objects
Chris34 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very useful ressource. Many thanks for sharing.
spacebones (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
:-)) *lol* welcome...
lespauljr (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks! I shall endeavor to use them wisely and for the good of mankind.
Teducation (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is such a fasinating and useful freebie! It will be so much fun to experiment with. Thank you for sharing so generously :-)
spacebones (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
welcome :-)
Chromium (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Downloaded, and rated with thanks.
spacebones (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome, Teri :-) Nice to know you having fun with them...
Teri Perkins (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
These are very useful objects. I find myself using them a lot. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.
Sleepydragon (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for sharing! :)
spacebones (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Welcome, nice to see that this one obviously comes in handy for you folks. :-)
Thank you in return for using my stuff...
EbruKash (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you! It is great!
highcrow (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
I have most of your freebies and have been using them for years,I have no clue how I missed this one ! Looks fantastic and I am always so pleased with your models.Thanks so much for another great share !
dcartist12 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Super awesome! You Rock!
mpeerapong (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
thk U much Good
mpeerapong (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
thk U much Good
freewindfairy (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
These are such useful objects of very good quality - thank you so much for sharing them!
RAUFX (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank You so much !!!
poetica (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
These are awesome! Thank you for sharing.
bunko_kkk (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Many thanks.
Thebes (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
TY :)
StarLite Moon (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Beautiful, thank you
RWP (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
perfect - thank you
RWP (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for all your hard work - all these things are the details we all want at some point other sites charge for - excellent work
mates (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank You for sharing.
shorterbus (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is come in so handy so many times, just wanted to come back and say thanks!
Pogona2010 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks! just about to give them a try!
alessandra (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
tank .. enchantè
spacebones (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
@cris333: do not care about runtime with these, just store them whereever you want on your hard disc and import them by "file/import/all". Use some water (or even glass) shaders on them. (I am not working with Studio, so I can not tell you in deep how to handle this further, sorry).
cris333 (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
im new with DAZ 3D Advanced :( How can i use this on DAZ ?should I keep only .obj files and put them into a folder in Runtime/libraries or something ?
Thank you for great upload and for replies.
...Maybe someday i will be good enough too to upload great 3D stuff..:(
Flores (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
tavernalynda (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
Really great! A lot of uses.
EllPro (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is INCREDIBLY fecking useful - Thank you!
Dreamweever (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!!! This is just what as needed for a ocean/cliff scene I am doing
McGyver (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
I could not find where I placed these the first time (when they were brand new here) and I had to download them. I really hope I said THANK YOU the first time but I may have just been a "guest" back then... THANK YOU!! These are SUPER useful! Danke Herr SPACEBONES, Your work is superb!
alaskaman53 (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
thanks, I hope to use this in the future.
greyrobot (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
Well handy pack, beautifuly done, no way I could make it so major thumbs up for sharing, thanx Waldemar
Winterflame (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
*Smacks fortehead* Thank you, I'll try that. And thanks so much for responding ao quickly.
spacebones (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Winterflame, it should work fine with Bryce5. Using the standard procedural transparent water ( or even glass ) material gives best results. The tricky thing about this is a suitable background and the right lighting situation. You`ll have to fiddle around a little with those...
Winterflame (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
I added Pour to a scene, shaded it with one of the water materials, rendered.... and got a solid blue bar sticking out of a glass. What am I doing wrong? Or is it just because I'm still using Bryce 5.5?
Winterflame (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
How do you get them to come out looking like that?

darklady7 (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! it is excellent. Thank you for it.
spacebones (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
You are welcome! Thank you in return for your kind judgement on my stuff! Always glad when it could be helpfull...

have fun!
Syndaryl (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
WOW! I have to say, this is fabulous stuff. Thank you so very much. I was dreading trying to put together a glass of champagne, and then someone from the DAZ3D forums pointed me at your package here!

Thank you VERY much for sharing your work with everyone so generously!
FranOnTheEdge (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Lovely! and such a lot of choice, just what I was looking for.
maxie (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much!
Kanaa (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!!!!
wawadave (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
thx spacebones!!!
Mark (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
My hero!
Jeremy Miller (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks, Waldemar, for an entire library of very useful objects--not just these, but all the collections of objects that you have created.
spacebones (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you all in return for your kind comments! You`re welcome, friends!
rosalind36 (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fabulous! Thanks for sharing this with us!
Alexandre Genovese (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Interesting! Thanks

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