A new genital prop for V4, A4, G4, S4 & L3

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A new genital prop for V4, A4, G4, S4 & L3

by: karina_ionova

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Added 7 years ago

Maybe the best female genital you have ever seen. No more awful texturing, or lots of postwork! Hassle-free mounting with only a few clicks! Realistic …

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Format: Poser (.pz3, .pp2)
Categories: Female, Other
Usage Rights: Unrestricted use
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Raters : 74
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Downloaded: 12,849

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Karina (6 weeks ago)Inappropriate?
Use the "V4 Hip Morphs INJ" on AIKO, then load the KV prop.
In ">>>>FIT" group set "FIT V4" to zero and "FIT A4" to 1.
Use the other dials in the group to fine tune the fit if necessary.

freeko (6 weeks ago)Inappropriate?
How do I get this to line up properly with the a4 base?
Karina (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for the hint dlfurman2,

however SASHA is back since last Saturday:
It's OK with ShareCG now, let's hope it is with DAZ too :)
dlfurman2 (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
Try CGBYTES as a alt site.
Karina (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
@ jonnybode:
Unfortunately your email address relayed to me is wrong (w.r.ck@...mail.com).
Please resend your mail!
jonnybode (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
Sorry that ShareCG deleted your post about the Sasha release, maybe you need to rename the project to Sasha-18! :-O

Anyway, looking forward to the release!
Karina (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
Unfortunately ShareCG deleted SASHA-16 yesterday evening because of "Inappropriate Content"...

Once I have an alternative upload I'll let you know here - or send me a mail asking for the link.

Karina (3 months ago)Inappropriate?
Just a little sneak preview:


Nothing to download yet except a dud file to make the upload appear legit.
Just bookmark the new thread to be current with the release of SASHA-16.

Karina (4 months ago)Inappropriate?
Just remember - it's POSER only!
Those of you who still use "DAZ Generation 3" figures or Genesis will still have to stick with the old version "Mk IIG".
I'm sorry for that, but updating the KV to every new iteration of Genesis would require a whole crew of 3D artists. I can't handle this as a "one man show".

Take care all, and thank you!
Karina (4 months ago)Inappropriate?
Hello all!

I am really sorry that I didn't have the time to reply to all your countless requests and comments. It's due to the general situation in my country, and also to new projects that I'm working on.

The most important news is:
There will be a brand new VICTORIA 4 figure available soon, though POSER only!
It will be fully weight mapped throughout, and it will already more …
boelss (5 months ago)Inappropriate?
Tank you very much.
deadg (5 months ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks a lot!
boelss (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Good job.. Thank you..
jmore1 (9 months ago)Inappropriate?
In my hands, works with Victoria 4, but not 4.1 or 4.2. That said, on V4 (4.0), works great, thanks!
dzdeep (9 months ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!!
Lykantos (10 months ago)Inappropriate?
Wow, this Gen is awesome and works fine in DAZ 4.9
THX for this great freestuff.
Bughuul (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
This is awesome.

Where's the G2F version?

bambooji (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you! :)
annonymouse (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
even after 6 years, this is the only female gen prop I use. Haven't found a better one yet.
op1344 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!!!
takeovertom (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
6 years latter and there's still nothing like this that I can find that will work in Unity. Any suggestions were else I can look? Thnaks
taewang (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Many thanks for this.
VIRUS230373 (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
devidev (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
thanks a lot! works fine, realy fine, and super easy
DieTrying (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
More than 10.000 downloads!
Congrats and thank you very much for this absolutely outstanding work :)
sethjeffer (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
this is by far the easiest gen morph I have ever used..Brilliant!! Thank you.
mpdugas (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
The combination of injectable morphs (even with some 'spawn morph' preparation work for older figure types) along with the adjustable prop is a very nice solution.

However, the injection morphs themselves create base figure shape changes that allow other genital figures/props fit well, too; this is a very versatile product.
polynechramorph (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Ok So Daz 4.7. I dropped all the files in the runtime folder each in the appropriate sub folder. when I open my V4.2 base with or without an injected body morph. I can not find the KV MkII anywhere??? I can find it in the runtime folder in the navigator but i can't inject anything. I have the V4 Body Morphs++ installed and injected. I'm lost... Please help.
VanFanel1980mx (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
I was just looking for this, let's check it out, thanks.
samreese18 (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Question, does anyone that uses this prop have different textures, you know for like skintones. I want to use this on a black/African-American skintone but when i tried to create my own i messed up and it turned out more orange than brown, the skintone used on the figure i wanted is in .Mat format so i can not copy the color from a picture of the texture. Also i use Daz Studio Pro 4.7

All the more …
nosiferret (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Trying to use this prop on V4, using Poser Pro 2012 and I can get it to load, set, etc. Morphs work. But when I load a saved figure nothing works, the prop is still in place and so are the Hip morphs on V4 but nothing works. I tested it, loaded it, it worked, saved it, closed and reopened the figure, and nothing, shut tight as a clam.
silverdolphin (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Great work, any chance of making this work with Hivewire 3D Dawn?
erogenesis (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
@daywalker5577: please email me with your order number for a refund. I'd rather you moan to me than to everyone else. Maybe I can learn something?

Lali's Bits was never a solution, it was something I made for myself, and shared with others, for a price roughly the equivalent of my electricity bill. It is definitely a complex system, not a fast solution. Even I get confused sometimes. more …
cbenni (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Excellent work. Works fine on Gen 2 Female if you add a pubic mons and labial morph to make space for it. Have to dial it in a little but a great fit after that.
Augusto Pinho (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you. Great work you did. After falling your "read me" instructions" on hot to install, it works fine on Victoria 4, Daz Studio 4.6 Pro.
Rich (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
I have Poser 10. I got it installed but it will only add it to the scene and wont attach to any of my models...wish it would as it looks great with all the features!
subvirgin (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing prop. Works better than Lali's Bits which has given me a real headache!! This prop is simple to use with excellent results.
silverdolphin (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Heads up new GenX2 plugin so now Gen2Female can use this great prop!
chih9000 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Everybody is right - this ir probably the best prop of its type out there, including all of those that are for sale on sites like Renderotica. It is much more simple to use and fit properly than the others, and has excellent morphs that do not make your figure look like some mutated monster. Some other product, which will remain nameless, may take 100 dials to get some desired effect, and than more …
Syndaryl (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
kid-mojo - works fine for me.

How are you trying to download? Don't right-click and pick save as, or you'll just get the referring page. Just click - the dialog to save will pop up.
kid-mojo (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Does this no longer exist? I've tried downloading on three occasions and all I get is a .htm file...
kitsune (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Just the genitals i needed, thanks!
(And whoever thought they'd need to say that sentence?)
Karina (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
@ john302: 7329 suuccessful downloads up to date, no one had this error before. So the problem could be on WHICH side?
john302 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
i can download anything here but when i try this it says "there is not enough memory to complete the action you requested"?????????????? something seems funny about this file.
silverdolphin (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Yes it does work but it is not as polished as in Victoria 4. I used GenX to move morphs & I repositioned the prop & it looks good. Just don't expect the same level of usefulness as in V4. I believe the problem is the lack of geometry in the pelvis region. Vicky 4 has more & I think Daz did bother with more geometry because if you need to you can Geo-Graft a prop there if you want more …
timnaas (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
OK folks, THIS WILL WORK VIA GEN-X. It's the only way it will work. I have used it on genesis many times. Check my DeviantArt page for proof.
No I will not do a tut on how to transfer morphs with GenX. It comes with instruction on how to do that.
No, I will not package a genesis morph for distribution. I do not nor care to know how to do that. SO DON'T ASK

@ Katrina
You might want more …
TheAnonymousMonk (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Oh, BTW - wonderful job modeling this... and WOW, they have huge clits in the Ukraine LOL...

But No, I really mean it - great job and I know it took a lot of work... Much appreciated... THANK YOU !
TheAnonymousMonk (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
I've got a quick question. I have no problem getting this to work wonderfully on Laura 3. I save the DAZ scene using just save and all seems to work ok - BUT - when I open the file again in DAZ it says that it can not find the files it needs and just gives me the "blocky" figure. A detailed folder/file map as to where all the extracted files should go may help... I obviously more …
Rockmongrels (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hello, I have this rar on desktop, but I am so confused on how to get into DAZ, I ordered poser the other day. I just don't understand the runtime instruction, I always had used DIM. So I'm very dim on how to load this... should I just wait till I get poser? weather or not can someone explain A "Just for Dummies" install?
taglag (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
I tried this, I have been using RajDarge, version with the anal, The one which sets up the Vic Poser models for you, and though for most of my stuff this is very good.

I believe that your vag, in many way is far superior to his in many way's. Rajdarge anal although useful in showing where it is at for latter painting fixes, is never quite right.

I love this, and will be using more …
Dantreige (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much! I have had good success adding the prop to Phoebe. Now she is "useful".
vitalistics (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
How do I get it to work, I load it into the proper folder but I cant find them anywhere
askance (4 years ago)Inappropriate?

the prop works fine in DAZ if you throw all the parts in the relevant runtime directories and then import the .pp2 file from the /runtime/libraries/props/KarinaVagina MkII G directory.
daywalker5577 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
redownloaded it just to check. works fine. you have a 2.27mb zipfile called KV-MKII-G1.rar. just unzip it. once unzipped you have Kv-MKII-G filemap. the runtime is in there. it is a posertree-build runtime. when you extract directly to your daz runtime, studio will not find it. check in your Daz runtime : there's more than likely a poser runtime in it which ofcourse will not work in DAZ. more …
jaysandkins (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Tried downloading this alot. The files are empty in my daz library when i open them though. Getting discouraged.
daywalker5577 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Okay, thank you very much for the info Karina !! Really looking orward with impatience to your fantastic work !!! Thank you very much !!!!!!
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
(CONT from previous post)
I do believe in FREE software. Genesis is the contrary. NO support from me.
And a male genitalia? Sorry I have to give this a miss again - since ths is a private project, and I prefer girls only and girl/girl, I rarely do need male genitalia. For my needs the available products for M4 are acceptable.
Re. the arse prop, see my reply to daywalker5577.

B.t.w., more …
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
First of all, please excuse the late reply.
I am busy with a couple of projects (including the KV MkIV), so I had to neglect others.

@ daywalker5577:
The problem is, that you can't make the butthole a simple prop, or figure, because of the texturing. Seams would be visible. So it will become a morph for V4, with an overlay texture map to add the "dark ring". But it's more …
daywalker5577 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
agreed tman300 !! I am willing to pay for it too ! after all the useless products I spent money on, the only one that deserves to be paid for is Karina's !! So Karina, with this we hope to encourage you for the assprop ;o) !!!
tman300 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I would like to echo daywalker5577 request for an "assprop" if at all possible. I for one would be happy to pay for it.
tman300 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Seems like an excellent product Karina. Three quick questions and then some background.

1) I was wondering if the version I just downloaded works with Daz3D's Genesis model (basis for V5)?
2) Do you aniticipate the next version working well with Daz3D's Genesis model?
3) Any chance of a male genetalia product in the future ?

I ask, because everything I have done so far is more …
daywalker5577 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Dear Karina, First of all Thank you so much for this unbelievable product!! I spend good money on Lali's bits but i think it's total crap!!it's a huge confusing mess of dials. When I got it finally to load it messes up my V4 in a way she becomes unusable to pose and work with. Everybody speaks hihgly of lalis bits, but to me it's utter crap.Worst 20$ I ever spent. And then I more …
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hello Lonezoner,
I can't say WHEN it will be ready - me and some friends are currently running a BETA test. However there are still a lot of additional morphs to be created.
I'm working on this "a one-man-job", AND I have a full time job besides this, so it may become late summer before the final release...
When it's ready, it will be released here exclusively, in more …
Lonezoner (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I saw over @ RDNA you are working on a new version...how is it going and where will it be available?
marcoio (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
For those interested in transferring morphs to Genesis, should be a way to do it without GenX: there is a thread in Daz forum about this (title: Transfer Utility for Figure Morphs, it seems that i cannot post the link...)
Hedron (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hi Karina,

Sorry for not responding sooner. I searched all the files and found nothing, so I'm not sure what went wrong there. I did however copy the files from your download into the appropriate files (geometries, textures etc) manually, then launched Daz and hey presto..there it was..and works a treat. Great prop thank you and also for your assistance.
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hello hedron,

in your main DAZ library folder there should be a folder "Runtime", containing folders like "geometries", "libraries", and "textures". (I have DS4)
This is where all the files must go.
Then in Studio, hangle your way to that folder (and it's subfolders) to find the KV in folders "props" (the KV prop) and "pose" more …
Hedron (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I have tried downloading this to DAZ 3D (ver4 pro) six times now and I just can't find it anywhere in my content library. Any suggestions as to where it may be..?
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Dolphin3000, I agree with your opinion.
But this was my first post here, so I wanted to avoid being banned because of rules.
If you want MGPT morphs, just shoot me a mail and I'll see what I can do ;)
Dolphin3000 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks, Karina for this great work! I think you shouldn't have removed the support for MKPT just because some stupid dumbass cannot see the difference between fiction and reality.
jumperduke (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Great work!
geoffseven (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm not sure xpdev, but if you want color, load the KV Pink jpg
xpdev (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm not able to use V4 skin map with this genital.

can someone help me ?

shedofjoy (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Excellent prop, best gen ive used. thankyou very much
Sasha1378 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very nice props. And you share it for free =^^=

Thank you very much~
treason (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Is the GND4 fit still available? The posted link below doesn't seem to work and a search on the site returns nothing. Thanks.
Fabe_ca (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm a DAZ 4 user ,where should I drop all the files/runtime folders?
Tramp_Graphics (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I wasn't asking you to distribute it (at least not without Karina's express permission), I was suggesting you send it to Karina, the creator of the original morph, so she could distribute it.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have Gen X and can't afford it yet. From what I understand of Gen X is when you convert a morph, you can then save it as a "new" morph, thus no more …
timnaas (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
It's not a morph that I can distribute! The only way it will work is using GenX from Daz Store. You have to have that to convert the morph! I did not make the morph as a separate morph! You use the GenX plug in to convert V4 morphs to work on genesis!
Tramp_Graphics (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hey Tinmaas, you should send that converted KV for Genesis morph to Karina so she can add it to the site here for everyone to download.
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm sorry, but you can't load the L3 morphs to the MKPT, because the figures have different geometry.
Support for MKPT was included in the original package. I took it out because some people mailed and accused me of condoning the child pornography.
Probably they were upset by the target figure name "Kids Preteen" - though they didn't bother about Laura :o
If you need more …
Challeron (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I must be doing something wrong; I'm trying to install the prop on a Millenium Preteen (which I've had since Poser 4, but I'm trying to use in Poser 7), but the hip geometry isn't changing: The PBM channels, and the deltas seem to show up in the cr2 file, but no "deep crease" happens.

I'm using the Laura Hip Morphs injections, because there were only those and more …
timnaas (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
FYI FOR ALL GENESIS USERS! IT WILL WORK!. All you need to do is have the GenX plugin by Dimension3D at Daz Store. Normally it is $31.00 and change! It's on sale for $22.00 and change. Believe me, It's worth the money. They just added a plug in bundle for it for Gen3 characters as well on sale! Here is a link to one of my work using genesis with this prop here more …
annonymouse (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I simply love this female gen prop. I've spent money on the 'professional' ones, but when I discovered this one, I pretty much removed the others from my runtime. It's superior to anything else I've seen to date for quality, appearance and versatility. You could just as easily put this on, say, Renderotica, and charged money for it, but you are an awesome person for more …
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm afraid not.
Genesis isn't an open file format, so I can't hack into the figure file to get the job properly done. And I refuse to buy any of DAZ's "Addons" or "Developer Set" for lots of money.

However, a V4 WM version is in the making, but it's Poser open-source format only.
Tramp_Graphics (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Any chance of getting a Genesis compatible version of this any time soon?
Karina (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
I just downloaded and unpacked it OK. Maybe it was just a hickup of the server, so pls. try again.
Ig Raff (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
File isn't accessible. reup, pls
Winddancer6440 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Totally awesome also fits Genesis and V-5 Easily
arkeon (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Many many thanks from Italy
toads (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome, best female gen prop out there, and at the wonderfull price of free, no one can complain! As many have allready said, I reallyy hope you decide to a Genesis version! Thanks for the time and effort ;)
Tramp_Graphics (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm having a problem with the download. When I un stuff it, I get an error message from Stuffit Expander and an empty folder. For the record, I'm using a Mac Mini.
Katsuoo1 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
If you want to use this on Little Dragon's Krystal model In Daz Studio 4 (no idea if it works in previous versions or poser), just follow these steps that I wrote:

1. Under Props, KarinaVagina MkII G, load
KV Prop MkII G for V4 (not for LAURA3)

2. Select the Vagina and Under Trans -
Rotation, Set Move Up-Down to -25.0% and
Move Front-Back to 2.0%.

3. Rightclick on the vagina and set more …
Bakelit65 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?

Thank you for your work.
BrownBaron2 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Finally I can uncastrate the vicy 4 model!
belowstairs (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks Karina!
nobody1954 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
For free? Incredible. Thank you very, very, much.
marchartam (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank You very much. I also would like a genesis version.
Coqatriz (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Yeah, this is amazing.
Jomish (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely amazing :). Any possibility of a Genesis version??? Again thank you so much
Fisty (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is really nice, thank you so much!
chelnov (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Great Work I know it's free and I should be making demands but it'll be nice if you add some anal morphs as well in case you decide to update
NinjaFox11 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is pretty cool but I ask this... Will this work with LittleDragons Krystal model?
timnaas (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
FYI, I just purchased the Gens4 morph converter over a rendo for 20.00 buck. well worth is It converts Generation 4 morphs and character to work on Genesis. And yes, it will work for this. Only thing to keep- in mind is that every time you load Genesis, the hip opening will already be injected. If you do not want the opening, just go to parameters tab/actor/genrtation4/Victoria4/injection more …
bwins85 (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
thanks, i've been wanting this for awhile.

the only real problem i have is fitting it to the krystal star fox model.
silverdolphin (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is the best prop out there for Daz Studio period! You have created something the creators of these characters omitted from the mesh!!!
You should create Genesis compatible version and put up for sale!

Thank you very much!
Prismatech (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
hi nice to see your write .
little info for you.genisis figure ist at moment free in the free version of daz 4.http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=12194. export can you for your favority programm as obj file.ore at your wish send i you the obj of genisis.its go over the shop but no credit card are need
Karina (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks again, all, for your comments and for rating it 5-star (blush!). --- I couldn't yet lay my hands on the Genesis figures yet because I don't have a Credit Card, but I'm working on that part. --- If there are ahy news on that, I will post it here. --- Might take some time though, because I use Poser, and all changes must many manual edits of the files. Pls. be patient! :)
kb7rky (6 years ago)Inappropriate?

A "box" in a box...very nice!
timnaas (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
yes- would like an updated version for daz 4 genesis as well. this is a great product. the best one out there
Prismatech (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
hi can you make a fix too use with Daz 4 and the new genisis charakter please
Chuck (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much! Excellent work
Karina (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hello Judy! Please download the RAR again, I have updated it with the "missing" file. - Or, you can help yourself: Rename the file "InjDeltas.PBMopen2-hipLaura.pz2" to "InjDeltas.PBMpullOpen-hipLaura.pz2", it works too because it's the required file, just misnamed. - Thank you for the heads-up!
JudyC (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hi! Really great, thank you very much!
On V4 it works fine, but on L3 I don't find the file


Can you help, please?

Thank you very much!
Mediasponge (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Excellent prop. With minor position adjustments and a color change, it even fits the Pandora Princess model! Thanks.
Suren (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
You are excellent! Your work is excellent! I am very grateful for your free prop, thank you - it's perfect!
Arkelxe (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Is the best, And I can''t belive is free !
Thank you very much, Is a great Art job
%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606%u2606Is the best, And I can''t belive is free !
Thank you very much, Is a great Art job
Prismatech (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
hi its nice but miss thigth morph whenn full open. and anus build in.and pack pictures with correct fit for S4 and V4 in (by base versions).
232bird (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely outstanding. Thank you for making this Karina, it beats out most of the commercial ones out there. It actually works correctly is the best part.
hitman60 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
quick fix for GND4 http://hitmanx3z.blogspot.com/2010/09/gnd4-clito-area-fix-for-karinavagina.html
Bennett the Mad (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Beautiful, easy to use, thank you so very much!
arctos (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Great work, thanks for your share :-)
infi38 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Extremly great, thank you very much.
finister (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for sharing this great prop!!
smallalice (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
first time i have bothered to post...usually i just get a few things and move on. your work here, however, gives me pause. this truely "raises the bar" on work that is made available to people for free. absolutely breath taking - extreamly easy to use and magnificently versatile! i bet i''ll be playing with this one for years! finally, those of us who know that genitials exist
redbrush (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
I tried this genital on several V4 and A4 characters. It is so easy to fit and shape. And the action morphs are outstanding. I do not know of any other gen prop, even commercial ones, who can compete with this.
Karina (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
@ dotdotdash2:
Bloody, you''re right!
Somehow, it slipped my attention that the V4 prop wasn''t smartpropped. The L3 version is.
I''ve uploaded the edited version, just DL it again. It should work fine now.
Sorry for the inconvenience :/

If you''ve already loaded the old version, just parent it to the hip. That''s all.@ more …
dotdotdash2 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
I thought it was odd that this part was not symmetrical like the rest.

You get an "A" for effort. But if you work out these few kinks you could quite possibly sell the prop on Renderotica since a lot of their props are getting somewhat dated now.
dotdotdash2 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
2. There''s no clitoris morphs other than the ones for the hood. There''s nothing to make it stick out like it is stimulated like the V4.2 WWG does.

3. The top part of the left minora overlaps over the top of the right minora just under the hood. Very noticeable in certain conditions. This can be seen in the mesh in the KV Template Map as well. I thought it was odd tha
dotdotdash2 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Nice prop, but it has it''s problems.

1. It hangs in the air in the default position for V4 after adding premade poses to Victoria, so you have to constantly re-adjust the prop. Somewhat annoying really. Why doesn''t it "stick" to the hip when posing like other props do?

2. There''s no clitoris morphs other than the ones for the hood. There'&
iliumilium (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
stunning prop.
just downloading now.
can''t wait to put it to good usethanks,karina,
stunning prop.
just downloading now.
can''t wait to put it to good use
doc4457 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
A superior genital prop!

Thanks, Karina!

dobbler (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is one of the best Genital prop/morphs ever created. Thanks "K"
dobbler (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is one of the best Genital prop/morphs ever created. Thanks "K"
snarkmaster (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
The very best. Makes the others look out of date
Spad007 (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you "K" i have it from 3Dap.
this prop is a welcome addition to any modelers runtime
Diesel (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is simply awesome! I tried many gens before, but this one: just WOW!
Thank you very much!

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