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Added 1 year ago

Get ready for SASHA-16, the new "Victoria 4" based figure for POSER (version 9 and up)!

It's fully weight mapped, bends like a dream and comes with a unique, … more »

Format: Poser Figure (.cr2 .crz)
Usage Rights: Unrestricted use
Categories: Female, Morphs, Other
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Karina (9 days ago)Inappropriate?

"Service Release 1" is finally (almost) ready for release!

It comprises a couple of new functions like posable buns, and some error fixes.

If you are following SASHA you should be notified automatically upon release because I'll post a link here.
Else, just more …
revengar (2 months ago)Inappropriate?
THIS IS BITCHIN', KICKIN' AND JUST FRIKKIN ASS AWESOME! I thank you so very, very much!!!
Nightcool789 (2 months ago)Inappropriate?
Using Reverse Kinematics on both arms and legs. Had no problem with Poser10
Thank you for posting this. It's a fantastic upgrade from the old V4. Noticed the creases forever but couldn't do anything about it but throw magnets at the problem and hope they're still there when the character moves..
shante (2 months ago)Inappropriate?
Finally tried her....God it took me forever sorry but Thanks. A lot went into her I an see.
I use Reverse kinematics a lot when positioning and rough posing a figure to get it into the best position possible before fine tuning the pose. So, one thing I did see was that there is no way of using Revere kinematics (that I can find). Can I ask why?
silverdolphin (6 months ago)Inappropriate?
I use both Poser and Daz Studio. I think this is the best Poser model in my library. I have tons of V4 stuff and this model works great. Thank you for your hard work.
ChrisKBS (6 months ago)Inappropriate?

Yeah, that discussion feed is not a real message thread.
Anyway, yeah (again) I will join at a later time the communauty.
I continue to try some stuff on SASHA-16, the more I try, the better the SASHA will work in DAZ Studio !

Have a nice day.
Thanks again for that interesting product (even for free), and, hope you will continue to improve it at a later date :)
terrancew_hod (8 months ago)Inappropriate?

Instead of attacking people you think are trolling for DAZ, you need to stop and realize that this convoluted, overcomplicated, hacked product is supporting DAZ3D as well! Did you think about that before you started running your mouth over at Rendo? You didn't! This is why your freebie (which no one would buy if you sold it) is sitting, lonely, relegated to this site without the more …
mymesh (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Karina, Very happy I could help! General note:The Super-Physical Female Bundle is still free this week (until 4/29/18)at( for the invitation to follow possible Daz conversion and your generous willingness to spend any time on that since your mission is to save Poser! / Peace
CuteCactus (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Cool that i found this. Super thanks for making. Yeag I am going to try! Love m4 and V4 and maybe, quite sure your Sasha too!
Karina (8 months ago)Inappropriate?

Thank you for the compliments, and an even bigger thank you for the heads-up about the current DAZ V4 freebie!

As for getting SASHA into DAZ, I invite you to follow "ChrisKBS" and maybe watch our discussion at SASHA's forum. (you don't need to register for merely reading posts; registration is only necessary if you want to post yourself, to keep the spam more …
Karina (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Hello ChrisKBS,

Your latest two posts contain a lot of things to be discussed and I think that this here simple "comment" system is unfit for the purpose of a real discussion.
May I invite you to join SASHA's forum where we can discuss the matter in much more detail?
The URL to SASHA's forum is in the download, and I think I've posted it in an earlier message here more …
Karina (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Hello Chaosqueen,

"MISHA-18" (which will prabably become his official name) is already in the pipeline, but please don't expect anything before the end of this year (and also expect some delays because I'm known as the "Master Of Disaster", deadline-wise...)

mymesh (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Ukraine's Got Talent! And generosity! Note: V4 morphs++ is a current Daz freebie ( at least from 4/16/18 thru 4/22/18 in the Super-Physical Female Bundle. Also, not having Poser, I much appreciate efforts to convert SASHA to Daz Studio! Peace and many thanks.
ChrisKBS (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
I made a possible advance in the process to making a chance to SASHA in DAZ Studio:

I was able to load it, texture it, add the morphs, have the morphs working, but, the lacks of more informations does not permit me, (unless I study lines by lines the "functions codes api of POSER 9") to make more than I have actually.

Anyway, perhaps you can answer to my previous message to more …
ChrisKBS (8 months ago)Inappropriate?

SASHA is certainly a pretty figure, (based on many morphs sets), but which are "the functions" that you refer to that DAZ Studio is unable to perform, I'm feeling curious.

Anyway, I was a POSER user by the past, but the lacks of supports for Genesis series in POSER made me change to DAZ Studio days after days...

The lacks of support is also the fault of POSER team more …
Chaosqueen (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you !!

I have a wish: Can you do that with Michael 4?
Karina (9 months ago)Inappropriate?
Sorry ChrisKBS,

SASHA was never intended to work in DAZ Studio. They have the faboulous G figures over there...
And even IF you would succeed to load SASHA into DAZ, it wouldn't work because DAZ Studio (whatever version) simply is unable to perform all the functions that make SASHA special.
In Studio SASHA would be just a useless cluster of junk.

You couldn't play a DVD on a more …
ChrisKBS (9 months ago)Inappropriate?
Well, I'm a bit disappointed (not by your freebie creation) but by my lacks of luck: This is no working in my DAZ Studio, and I just readout on your forum.. it will never do :(

That's pretty sad... Have you any plan to port this freebie to a DAZ Studio version..

I know it will involve many works and even possible breakoff, just want to know..

I really like V4, I have plenty of more …
regilio (11 months ago)Inappropriate?
thank you !
jbloves3d (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! Thanks for making this. I've heard so much about her (Sasha-16). Quite interesting since I've been searching for the weight-mapped version of V4. I can't wait to try here out. Good job!
WillShetterly (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I've only played with the model for about fifteen minutes, but I'm in awe. Sasha-16 truly is Victoria 4 made new. I especially love the changes to the interface—using Sasha is much more intuitive than using Victoria. Thank you, Karina!
Me195 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much. It's very kind of you.
seachnasaigh (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you and bravo for a versatile contribution!
seachnasaigh (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you and bravo for a versatile contribution!
sethjeffer (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
She is awesome and so are you for sharing her.... probably the finest models I've ever used in Poser. Thank You!
sethjeffer (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
She is awesome and so are you for sharing her.... probably the finest models I've ever used in Poser. Thank You!
StaB (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks! Just found out and looking forward to enjoying such a generous gift. I see there's new characters as well (thanks you klausdbg).
sunfish42 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Bravo! Good old Victoria becomes a versatile lady. I hope you know dear Karina, how many Poser users you make happy with it. Thank you so much for sharing with us your amazing and professionally work!
haider (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing work Karina, Thanks a lot
darthj (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
A small set of "beach poses" has been released.
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Don't forget to visit SASHA's Forum at:

It's the place for asking questions, reporting bugs, and also for general information about SASHA.

Thank you.
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
"KTG" ;)

Ah thank you, all!

Now where's my Prince Potyomkin when I need him most? Probably back in Ukraine again, building more facades :D :D

(Yes I know that the facade legend is just that - a legend!)

In fact he did a lot for Ukraine and founded many towns with real houses, not just facades.

He is commemorated in the monument at Ekaterininskaya Square as one of more …
atthecorner (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Lister321a (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much!
Gerardfelix (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
thank you so much.
poser-feti (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I would like to say special thank you for your quality of work.
I have very impressed that every joint bends to clean so much.
I have a lot of fun by using your work.
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you all again for your comments, and for your ratings. This is amazing.

@ CDward: as I mentioned earlier, MISHA-17 is in th making, however I'll need much more time. I'm just a one man show and the day only has 24 hours /ok, I could work another 24 hours per night, but then... :D

@ shante:
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to track renders using SASHA, and the ones more …
CDWard (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Karina, this is stunning work. I've just installed and had the briefest of plays but I am amazed, and there's obviously so much to explore. My profound thanks. If you ever produce the male equivalent, there will be no need to even think about trying Genesis...ever.
shante (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Is there a sight anywhere where there might be some nice sample renders of her either by you or other users?
If not may want to set one up for interested parties to show what she an be made to do.
Thanks again bTW!
Greymom (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! Many many thanks! With the investment I have in V4 stuff, this is fantastic!
GSB (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
most awesome poser freebie ever! one million ty's for you.
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Well, duane_moody, probably it's all due to the climate change.
At least the folks "Down Under" are used to celebrate Christmas in mid-summer already:
"I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas, without the Monsoon soakin' me" :D

duane_moody (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I thought Christmas was in December.
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
@ howy2012:

Thank you very much for *coming back* to report your experiences with SASHA. Much appreciated.

@ midnghtrider:

it actually *is* made based on V4 and it's mesh.

However I took every possible precaution to not violate any of DAZ's copyrights. You actually have to own V4 and it's morphs, otherwise SASHA is just an agglomeration of useless text files in your more …
howy2012 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I have now had a chance to work with her, and my respect and admiration grows with each use! Outstanding job!
You deserve a "donate" button!
Midnghtrider (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Looks great but I hope its not made with V4s Mesh because I have had to delete several Figures over the years made with it after DAZ found out.
Bee (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I seriously can't wait for her male counterpart!
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Today I've replaced the original .rar file with a .zip version because some seem to be clueless how to unpack a .rar archive.

The new .zip archive contains the same data as the previous .rar archive, plus some very minute udates that will be covered in the next service release more …
seachnasaigh (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Excellent work, Karina.
Wickerman (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Yes!!! I will take Misha-17 as soon as he is out the door! This is better news than anything that the Poser team has to announce at Siggraph this year, lol.
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
First of all let me thank you all for your comments and ratings.
Looks almost like I did some things right. :)

If you run into any questions or problems, or have an error to report, I invite you to visit SASHA's forum:
The link is in the download!

Oh, one more thing:
@ Wickerman: I think you're talking about "MISHA-17" here ;)
Wickerman (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Without a great figure to use for renders, Poser has been dying slowly, and now with Sasha, it feels like it may have finally given Poser users a figure that it needs to stay alive.

Thank you for making such a complete, professional package and for making it free. That makes such a big difference for the figure to becoming widely accepted. I hope every Poser user spreads the word about Sasha! more …
howy2012 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Simply amazing! Cannot thank you enough!!!
boelss (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thankyou very much.
Diesel (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Good Lord!

I downloaded Sasha and tired her for just an hour. Didn't read the whole manual yet, but the installytion instructions I had a good start already.
And it's really amazing!
Not only does she bend really good, but also I can use her so easyly! The parameter rearrangement is what I missed so often.
I still need to look deeper, but from what I see this is very very more …
Thorneldrich (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you is hardly sufficient to express my gratitude for the amount of work you have placed into this work. My the Poser-gods bless your runtimes!
Kalypso (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
This is a MUST for any V4 user, it has breathed new life into her and there are so many new features to explore it's actually made Poser fun again, thank you!
BarTales (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
It was just luck that I found this (I was looking for a beach scene)...I hope people will put the word out so that others will find this new Character too. Thanks for the new V4.Sasha-16.
sasmson1111 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Wow, thanks a lot. I allway used V4 but this is a real inprovement
lesnig (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Impressive, very impressive. An extremely professional offering that as Masterstroke suggests certainly gives poser another lease of life. There is so much to this character that IT IS definitely worth reading the full manual. I played with the character after going through the quick start manual (and it's certainly usable like that) but there is so much more you can do if you spend the time more …
DUDU_car (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Vey nice work but I don't find any .cr2 files to work in Carrara.
Thank you!
Masterstroke (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Now that old Lady becomes useful after more than 10 years in service. Not only, that you made an important improvement, you might even saved Poser's future with it. Thank you. good work - chapeau :-)
Bee (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I love her, she's amazing!!
samhal (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
My first comment to anyone here. AWESOME! Thank you!
FoolooF (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you.
jjk (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!
Teri Perkins (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
What an awesome gift! Thank you so much!
Rhadamanthus (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Karina, I must say I am very impressed with not only the quality of your work, but the generosity you display in giving what could be a profitable product to the community. You are to be praised. Thank you :)
vlgraphics (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Only got to do a real quick test, but, WOW! This is great. Thank you!
Bwldrd1 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Sweet, thank you very much. :D
Internetmoi (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
;-) good
pas de probleme
Tomokatu (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Saw the earlier announcement, deduced the reason for its disappearance (within 24 hours)
Have been waiting
Thank you Karina !
Karina (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
YAY! Finally!

This is the full release.

Please read the short description top right, and after download make sure to check the ReadMe text files.

I hope this time it won't get killed again because of explicit advertisement...


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