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CoreTech System Announced the Official Release of Moldex3D R12.0

CoreTech System Announced the Official Release of Moldex3D R12.0

Hsinchu, Taiwan – Feb. 20, 2013 – CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D), the globally leading True 3D CAE simulation solution innovator, announced the official release of Moldex3D R12.0, the plastic design validation and optimization software for injection molding simulation. This release brings several significant enhancements on troubleshooting capabilities, analysis accuracy, user friendliness, and calculation efficiency. Moldex3D helps part designers and mold makers make best plastic molding decisions to manufacture higher quality products in form, fit and function at lower costs and shorten time-to-market.

Moldex3D has been plastic simulation standard in many industries, including automotive, digital electronics, medical, consumer product, etc. To prevent defects or warpage on plastics, Moldex3D enables our customers to visualize the melt flow behavior injected into a mold cavity and predicts potential molding problems upfront. It helps users make and validate design changes to reach the optimal plastic design or process conditions more efficiently, highly reducing time and money inputs to repeated cost-wasting mold trials and fixes. With the professional support of Moldex3D material and machine databank, more effective mold revision and optimization can be successfully achieved in the earliest phase of the plastic injection molding process. Furthermore, Moldex3D helps users solve design bottlenecks and overcome increasingly competitive industrial challenges, such as cost down, lightweight design, energy saving, or environment protection.

“We have been assisting our customers in boosting troubleshooting capabilities and adding higher value to the plastic design-to-manufacturing process. In addition to expanding comprehensive industrial molding solutions, this release emphasizes on how Moldex3D helps users enhance current work performance and efficiency. We have improved the solver kernels to create more accurate mold visualization and validation, which enables users to diagnose molding problems more efficiently. Simultaneously, the enhancements on the computing speed will help them get plastic insights and make right decisions much faster than their competitors,” said Dr. Venny Yang, President of CoreTech System.

Building upon the previous releases and the powerful simulation capabilities, Moldex3D R12.0 provides new features and enhancements including:

Enhanced Modeling Performance and Efficiency

Moldex3D R12.0 supports more special shaped gates, runners, and runner ends, such as cashew gate with arc geometry, tapered ejector pins, or lock pin design. The enhancements on mesh quality and density allow users to build more realistic 3D mesh of complicated runner systems, further increasing the accuracy of plastic modeling and simulation. Moldex3D R12.0 also supports the auto re-meshing capability when a gate location changes. Making design changes on gate locations will become much easier for users to avoid repeated re-meshing work on cavity. Additionally, users now can directly import a CAD model in Parasolid format.

Integrated Geometry Healing Capability for Mesh Optimization

Moldex3D R12.0 introduces the industrial leading geometry healing technology developed by Elysium. This powerful tool, Moldex3D CADdoctor, enables multi-CAD data exchange, geometry simplification and verification, quality check, etc. When users generate Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM), they can automatically check and fix poor-quality geometry. It will highly enhance mesh quality and analysis accuracy.

Accelerated Computing Efficiency of Analysis Results

Moldex3D R12.0 brings up to 80% increase in the computing speed of the filling analysis *. The computation time for a model with one million elements will be shortened by nearly 50%. With the support of multi-core, multi-CPU, and multi-PC parallel processing capabilities, users can accelerate analyzing high-precision or large-size models generally with millions of elements by scheduling and assigning jobs to multiple remote computing farms. Moldex3D enables users to create better plastic parts without having to worry about failing to meet time-to-market.

Expanded Plastics Insights to Meet Market Demands

Moldex3D R12.0 reinforces its troubleshooting capabilities in the solver kernels, such as flow behavior visualization, cooling optimization, fiber orientation, stress evaluation, injection compression molding simulation, encapsulation molding simulation, etc. The advancements will result in more accurate simulations of standard or special plastics injection molding processes. Users can predict potential manufacturing problems and eliminate them much more effectively. Moldex3D R12.0 also supports advanced venting analysis, fiber breakage prediction, and annealing analysis. The venting analysis provides trapped air temperature and pressure results to help users maintain mechanical strength and evaluate the quality of welding lines. In the fiber analysis, users can quickly check if high shear stress inside the cavity or near the gates will cause fiber breakage and damage the strength of a part. Users also can simulate the post-molding annealing process in order to prevent deformation and stress cracking on a part. Furthermore, Moldex3D R12.0 has developed three specific industrial molding simulation solutions, including Compression Molding, Powder Injection Molding, and Bi-injection molding. More part designers in these process related industries can be benefited.

Optimized Result Display and Interpretation Capabilities

The Report Wizard in Moldex3D R12.0 allows fully-customized reports. Users can select analysis result items and export them into PPT, PDF, or HTML format. It will be more convenient for users to display and share their reports. Moreover, Moldex3D R12.0 Online Help provides a detailed guide on process and computation. Users can simply press F1 when viewing results to get more assistances or interpretations.

Moldex3D R12.0 is available now. For pricing and more detailed product information, please contact your local sales representatives or resellers. Further information about Moldex3D R12.0 also can be found at http://www.moldex3d.com/en/moldex3d-r12.

About Moldex3D

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) has been providing the professional CAE analysis solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry since 1995, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed and supported worldwide. Committed to provide the advanced technologies and solutions for industrial demands, CoreTech System has extended its worldwide sales and service network to provide local, immediate, and professional service. CoreTech System provides the innovative simulation software to help customers troubleshoot from product design to development, optimize design patterns, shorten time-to-market, and maximize product return on investment (ROI). More information about Moldex3D can be found at www.moldex3d.com.

*Note: The computing enhancement on the filling analysis is only applicable for BLM or eDesign Level 5.

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