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Community Leaders Encourage Others to Put Ethos before Ego

RENO, Nev., Oct. 29, 2014 — (PRNewswire) —

RENO, Nev., Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- "Ethos before Ego" is a commitment to place the needs of the warfighter community and the mission to help the military veterans ahead of selfish pride and promote the importance of integrity as it was learned on the battlefield. Recently, the unique challenges of military veteran organizations have come to the forefront of our social dialogue and many people have answered the call to provide solutions to the problems facing warfighters today.  "Part of taking care of our own is policing ourselves. I foresee a coalition of warfighter community leaders forming and formalizing. America needs leaders and organizers with integrity and it should be us," said radio host Boone Cutler, "so quietly banish those that violate our ethos and give them a full-measure of neglect."

Maintaining the Warrior Ethos is essential to all veterans.

There are many groups in the United States which are committed to serving and supporting the American Warfighter. "Serving veterans is not a competition," said Karl Monger of GallantFew, "there is more need than any of us can manage alone."

With the influx of veteran specific non-profit organizations and veteran-owned businesses there have been some unfortunate incidents which have rocked the faith of civilians and veterans alike.

"Nothing that I own in this world is as valuable as my veteran network. It is on us, the Warfighter, to not just maintain but advance the cohesion of that network. The weight of that responsibility is shifting to a new veteran core. As we trade in our boots for suits it is imperative that we hold strong to the ethos that have brought us here." - Leo Jenkins, VP of Blackside Concepts

Some organizations run by and/or concentrating on veterans' interests have been met with various accusations including unethical behavior and fraud. The common factor behind the troubles of these organizations has been hubris. Instead, had they ethically placed "Ethos before Ego" perhaps troubles may have been avoided simply by adhering to the same basic Code of Ethics learned by every service member.

When asked about the "Ethos before Ego" commitment Soldier Hard, Creator of Redcon-1 Music Group said, "It's easy to remember our ethos; live it, breathe it and be it or fail. No excuses for our own and civilians can keep their pity without promise too. We need to get our house in order."

It is with the recent incidents in mind that Ranger Hall of Fame Inductee Gary O'Neal, Guardian of Valor/Stolen Valor, Soldier Hard and Redcon-1 Music Group, GallantFew, Article15 Clothing, Blackside Concepts/HavokJournal, Women Veteran Social Justice, Grunt Style, Battle in Distress, Ranger Up, Musa Media, All Warrior Network, Warfighter Rights Movement, Awesome Sh*t my Drill Sergeant Said and Boone Cutler would like to come together to share their intention to place "Ethos before Ego."

"We all share a common bond that stems from wearing the uniform and the service of this country, a bond that runs incredibly deep. Ensuring we maintain the integrity of that bond is one of our top priorities, and we are lucky to be surrounded by likeminded entities." - Jarred Taylor CMO, Article 15 Clothing

"Ethos before Ego" is also a commitment to work hand-in-hand with other organizations and warfighter community leaders who agree that the mission to take care of Warfighters comes first. Equally, professional conduct and attitude among groups are essential to the success of all Veterans.

"The warfighter community uses social media more effectively than anyone. We've shown we are internet techo-warriors and we've shown we can organize better too", said Anthony Anderson of Guardian of Valor, "unfortunately not everyone can be honorable."

These organizations and warfighter community leaders encourage all others to commit to putting the Veteran first and show a unified front to the American people that they will support and serve warfighters.

Dan Caddy, Founder of Battle in Distress, reinforced the group sentiment, "We must be resolute in ensuring that our works stay focused on the message we bring, and not the messenger. This affirmation of 'Ethos before Ego' means that we commit to putting the well-being of the Warfighter first and foremost. United as a community we stand tall but if we divide; we all fall." 

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