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Toshiba Launches Bipolar Stepping Motor Driver IC That Needs No Current Detection Resistors

TOKYO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — January 24, 2017Toshiba Corporation's (TOKYO:6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company today announced the launch of “TB67S508FTG,” a bipolar stepping motor driver offering 40V high voltage and 3.0A current with no need for external current detection resistors. Sample shipment starts today.

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Toshiba: a bipolar stepping motor driver "TB67S508FTG" offering 40V high voltage and 3.0A current wi ...

Toshiba: a bipolar stepping motor driver "TB67S508FTG" offering 40V high voltage and 3.0A current with no need for external current detection resistors. (Photo: Business Wire)

Printers, office automation equipment, surveillance cameras, banking terminals such as ATMs, banknote identification machines, amusement machines, and home appliances are being downsized to save space and improve design. Low power consumption is also growing in importance as a means to scale down IC boards and reduce internal heat in products.

The new IC integrates Toshiba’s ACDS[1] architecture, adopted previously in a unipolar stepping motor driver IC. It eliminates the need for two external resistors usually required to detect motor current. By adopting a small QFN36 package (mounting area 5 mm × 5 mm), the new IC reduces the mounting area to about 66% of that of Toshiba’s current products[2]. ACDS also reduces power loss and resistor variation errors, and contributes to low power consumption and highly precise constant current control.

Main Features of the New Product


Main Specifications

Part Number   TB67S508FTG
Function Stepping motor driver
Package QFN36
I/F Clock input and phase input
Step resolution modes Full, half, quarter
Output rating (voltage) 40V
Output rating (current) 3A
Output ON resistor (upper + lower) 0.45Ω (typ.)
Power supply Support single power drive
Abnormality detection

Thermal shutdown, over current detection, low power and under voltage detection, and OSCM terminal component open / short detection

Other functions   ACDS and ADMD[4]
1:   ACDS: Advanced Current Detect System.
2: Basis for comparison
Current product: Two detection resistors (5 mm × 2.5 mm) connected to the current IC (7 mm × 7 mm) with QFN48 package

New product: (5 mm × 5 mm)

3: Compared with the current product, TB62213AFTG (maximum output rating 40V/3A)
4: ADMD: Advanced Dynamic Mixed Decay.

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