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PCI supports environmental initiatives by growing and donating trees to local community

Gatineau, Québec, Canada – August 10, 2011: PCI Geomatics, a world leading developer of geo-imaging software and systems, donated trees to the City of Gatineau, helping to enhance the local ecosystem and the environment.

Technology developed by PCI Geomatics is used around the world to study the effects of climate change, through the analysis of imagery collected by Earth Observation sensors. On Earth Day in 2010 (April 22), staff at PCI Geomatics got together and began discussing a grassroots project that could be implemented at a local level to benefit the environment- the employees wanted to take concrete actions that would make a difference to our planet, and highlight the importance of Earth Day.

The City of Gatineau, where PCI’s Quebec offices are located, has programs in place to facilitate the donation of trees, ensuring they are properly cared for and planted. The program seeks to green up local parks, school yards, public places, retention basins as well as roads through the planting of purchased and donated trees. This has been a very challenging issue for the region, given the recent damage caused by the emerald ash borer, a beetle that has destroyed up to one quarter of the region’s ash trees.

PCI employees based in Gatineau started a tree growing program known as “Prosper”. The goals of the program were to grow as many trees as possible within the office, ensuring they were native to the local climate, and cared for in the best possible way to ensure their survival once donated. With limited equipment, much of it provided by PCI employees, the project started in May 2010 – PCI staff planted seeds and watered them routinely. One year later, a great number of the original seeds had sprouted into small trees – ranging in height from 30-90 cms.

“We will all benefit from the shade, oxygen, and beauty that these trees will provide our community,” said Marie-France Bibeau, a Gatineau based PCI employee who initiated and lead the project from May 2010 until June 2011. “It was a pleasure to work with other PCI employees in our office who took great interest in the project and donated their time and equipment to care for the trees”.

“Growing the trees in PCI’s office presented some challenges, which I was happy to help with given my previous experience and background in forestry,” said Bruce Lochrie, a QA Specialist at PCI Geomatics.

The trees were picked up by local arborist Alexandre Dumas, from the City of Gatineau. They were planted the next day near the Gatineau Hospital. “I am very impressed by the quality of the trees provided by PCI Geomatics”, said Dumas. “The City of Gatineau greatly appreciates the work and trees donated by PCI Geomatics, they will be a great addition to our community”.

The Prosper initiative continues at PCI Geomatics, as some trees which were not yet ready to be donated continue to sprout and grow under the watchful eye of Lochrie, and the care of the employees. Pictures from the donation event held at PCI Geomatics’ office in Gatineau with the City of Gatineau can be viewed here: http://pci.gl/keqvbl.

About PCI Geomatics

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