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COM.Geo 2013 Google Keynote: Big Data Storytelling through Interactive Maps

Washington, DC – July  11, 2013 Dr. Jayant Madhavan, Tech Lead for Google Fusion Tables; Staff Software Engineer at Structured Data Research Group, will deliver a keynote “Big Data Storytelling through Interactive Maps” at COM.Geo 2013 conference which will be held on July 22-24, 2013, San Jose, CA.

Google Fusion Tables (GFT) is often used by data journalists to create interactive maps that are then embedded in their news articles. These maps offer journalists the ability to overlay large geo-spatial datasets on Google Maps, customize their presentation and combine them with complementary datasets, without needing any software development skills beyond cut-and-paste. More importantly, they do not have to worry about any systems and scalability issues associated with visualizing large datasets nor supporting massive user traffic. In this talk, I will highlight the motivation and design underlying GFT, a web offering that brings easy-to-use data management in the cloud to data enthusiasts. Such users have interesting datasets, but not necessarily the technical expertise to manage their datasets. By relieving our users of the need to deal with systems issues, we let them focus on their storytelling and advocacy, tasks that better suit their interests and make better use of their expertise.

Dr. Jayant Madhavan is a member of the Structured Data Research group at Google Inc. He is broadly interested in enabling users make better use of structured data on the Web. He is currently the technical lead for Google Fusion Tables, a cloud data management solution. He was the Chief Architect at Transformic Inc., a data integration portal that was acquired by Google. He is a co-recipient of the Ten Year Best Paper Award at VLDB 2011. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2005.

COM.Geo 2013 Conference Program Finalized with the Insights into Big Data Computing, Mobile GIS, Cloud Computing, GPU Computing

COM.Geo 2013 conference program has been finalized. It's our honor to have seven keynote speakers from NASA, Microsoft, Microsoft Research, Google, OGC, IFTF, and Stanford University/Intelesense and many other session speakers all over the world to bring their visions, ideas, and techniques on Big Data Compting, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, GPU Computing for geospatial technologies at COM.Geo 2013. View more details, please click here.

COM.Geo 2013 will take place in the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA on July 22-24, 2013. COM.Geo papers, talks, and presentations have broad impact on the development of theory, method and practice in computing for geospatial fields. Since 2010, COM.Geo Conference has brought together representatives from diverse government agencies, industrial companies, universities, and research organizations. Read more from COM.Geo 2013 conference website: http://www.com-geo.org/conferences/2013/index.htm 

About COM.Geo Conference

COM.Geo Conference is the leading-edge computing for geospatial conference, focusing on the latest computing technologies for multidisciplinary research and development that enables the exploration in geospatial areas. Innovative geospatial research and application technologies are the brightest spotlights at COM.Geo conference. COM.Geo is playing a guiding role to advancing the technologies in computing for geospatial fields.

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