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MapMechanics fine-tune mapping solutions for Oracle users

Corporate users benefit as mapping specialist expands on Oracle Gold partnership

Users and developers of Oracle software who take advantage of map data from MapMechanics in their applications now benefit from an even closer relationship between the two companies. 

Already an Oracle Gold Partner, MapMechanics has now also become an Oracle Silver Level member of the UK Oracle User Group. This means MapMechanics will be attending Oracle SIG (Special Interest Group) meetings, and fine-tuning its map data products in the light of feedback gained from them. 

A wide range of world-class digital map data is offered by MapMechanics at  allmapdata.com, and under MapMechanics established Process Promise scheme it is configured for full compatibility with Oracle systems, integrating smoothly with them. 

Oracle products supported by MapMechanics include Oracle Real-time Scheduler, Oracle Workforce Management, Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Siebel Field Service, Fusion Middleware, MapViewer and Oracle Spatial. 

MapMechanics Oracle specialists work directly with end-users, Oracle pre-sales and sales teams around the world, as well as with Oracle consultants and systems integrators deploying the system after purchase. 

Drawing on that experience, and now also on insights gained through the Oracle SIGs, MapMechanics is able to source, configure and deliver more geographic and map data to suit a wide range of requirements. 

Its Oracle solutions cover a diverse range of activities including development of custom road speed profiles that factor in vehicle restrictions relating to height and weight or carrying of hazardous materials; field-force management (utilities and others); scheduling of vehicles and assets; and routing. 

The extent of MapMechanics data resources can be seen at  allmapdata.com, the company s online map data store, which offers a broad range of map data from highly detailed, street-level road networks to small-scale, country-wide maps, which are available for many countries around the world. 

Particularly appropriate for Oracle applications are HERE worldwide data sets (formerly NAVTEQ). These include NAVSTREETS, a street-level map ideal that is ideal for detailed geographic analysis, routing and scheduling and drive-time calculations; and HAZMAT & Truck restrictions, which allow users to customise road networks on the basis of vehicle constraints (notably height, width, weight and the speed settings). 

All data sets are provided for the required geographic region and in various formats including Oracle MapViewer and Oracle Spatial Geocoder .dmp or Transportable tablespace formats, as well as in Oracle Routing Engine format. MapMechanics also advises of the most suitable licensing terms and update frequency for each Oracle application and business requirement. 

MapMechanics founder and director Mary Short comments: This further development in our long-standing support for Oracle is a demonstration of our commitment to our corporate customers, of whom many are Oracle users.

About MapMechanics 

MapMechanics has been providing innovative solutions in sales and marketing, digital mapping, geographic analysis and logistics planning for over twenty five years.

Backing up its extensive product range, MapMechanics offers a comprehensive service of implementation support and training. 


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