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OPEN MIND - Efficient solid modelling with hyperCAD®-S

Wessling Germany, Jan 21, 2015 – With hyperCAD®-S, Open Mind Technologies AG has created a CAD solution that is optimally matched to the tasks of an NC programmer. hyperCAD®-S was extended to include the ‘Solids’ module in the new 2014.2 version of hyperMILL®. The module makes it possible to import and create solid models and modify them quickly with direct modelling.

hyperCAD®-S, the CAD system from OPEN MIND Technologies AG, is a proprietary development. Even the core of the system was developed in-house. “This allows us to quickly respond to market demands as well as requirements resulting from the further development of hyperMILL®,” says Wolfgang Weiss, product manager for CAD at OPEN MIND.

Up to now, hyperCAD®-S has worked with surfaces. The software has now received a solid extension. This results in total consistency between surfaces and solids. Everything is now one part, one view on the solid model.

Data import and geometry selection

NC programmers frequently have to work with external data. To import this data reliably, NC programmers require high-performance interfaces. The interface package in hyperCAD®-S includes IGES, STEP, DXF/ DWG, CATIA V4® and V5®, Parasolid®, Siemens NX™, PTC® Creo and SOLIDWORKS. It is also possible to import point clouds.

The selection of individual geometry parts is very important for subsequent machining. To this end, the new version features comprehensive selection options for faces and curves:

“Smart selector technology enables the simple, combined selection of surface areas and curves. Users can now select and use the required milling areas for hyperMILL® much faster,” explains Wolfgang Weiss.

Working with solids

CAM programmers do not require geometry or feature history for solid modelling. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to processing external data. Users can now use direct modelling in hyperCAD®-S to modify geometries or surfaces. The model geometry can be machined directly. Simply select the desired features or surfaces and modify them by dragging the handles and manipulators. The user does not have to consider the construction history or any constraints. This significantly shortens machining times, as users do not have to take any parametric dependencies into account.

The functions presented here can be used on native and imported geometries.

Creating solids can take place in the traditional manner by linearly extruding a contour or by rotating a contour. This makes it possible to create linear slots and rotational slots.

There are also holes, patterns, fillets and chamfers as basic entities.

Users that frequently work with the same, recurring features are sure to take advantage of the new zone feature. This enables users to create user-specific features. Zones can be transformed, copied, deleted or stored as a user-defined selection.

It is possible to modify everything that has been created. There are also Boolean operations such as union, difference, intersection and split.

Features can also be changed through deletion, new definition, mirroring, extraction, generation of patterns etc.

All of these options enable CAM programmers to make necessary changes to CAD models, such as when creating mean tolerances or additions as well as when constructing clamping tools or fixtures.

The software is designed for 64-bit multi-application and well suited for running on modern multi-core processors.


Available images

The following images are available for download in printable format at:


Smart selector technology for quickly selecting surfaces and curves


  Direct modelling with hyperCAD®-S



Direct modelling: Make simple changes using drag and drop

hyperCAD®-S: CAD for CAM



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