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March Comes in Like a Lion With a Powerful Lineup of New Shows on C-Suite TV

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- Mar 04, 2015 -- Best Seller TV and Executive Perspectives, two of the top online business shows on C-Suite TV have announced their March lineups. Best Seller TV episodes will feature interviews with business authors D. Keith Pigues, who penned Winning with Customers: A Playbook for B2B, Allison Graham, author of From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy, and Ron Karr, author of Lead, Sell Or Get Out of the Way. Executive Perspectives episodes will showcase interviews with Paul Carbone, Chief Financial Officer of Dunkin' Brands, Jeff Lowe, Vice-President of Marketing at SMART Technologies and Jordan Brand, Technology Futurist at Autodesk.

Best Seller TV Episode Previews:
In his book, Winning with Customers: A Playbook for B2B, author D. Keith Pigues asks a key question: Do your customers make more money doing business with you? Pigues states that companies need to understand what their value proposition is and what things they can do differently for their customers that their competitors can't. He emphasizes that you can only sell what you can quantify, so data and analytics play an essential part in showing your profitability to your customers.

Allison Graham, author of From Business Card to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy, gives readers a start-to-finish guide that demystifies the networking process and teaches them how to truly benefit from getting connected. The book also provides an easy-to-follow road map guiding readers to where they decide to go, what to do when they get there, and what to do afterwards to turn those actual business cards into meaningful relationships.

Ron Karr is the best-selling author of Lead, Sell or Get Out of The Way and the book outlines a repeatable process based on the powerful idea that great sellers lead relationships in the same way that great leaders sell ideas. In the always-competitive sales world, there is no room for followers -- only leaders. Sales does not just require persuasive and effective communication, it requires sales leaders to raise the bar by finding new opportunities and creating new levels of performance for their customers.

All episodes of Best Seller TV will air throughout the month on C-Suite TV and will be hosted by TV personalities Taryn Winter Brill and Camilla Webster.

Executive Perspectives Episode Previews:
In Executive Perspectives, host Jeffrey Hayzlett talks to top business leaders live on stage at conferences around the country. In this month's episodes, Hayzlett talks to a myriad of top executives, such as Paul Carbone, Chief Financial Officer of Dunkin' Brands. Carbone talks about how thinking like an entrepreneur, even in corporate America, can be the best thing for franchise owners in any industry. He also tells Hayzlett franchise owners should operate their businesses as if they were entrepreneurs and that understanding their profitability is the "life blood" of the business. Understanding franchisees is their business, and helping them succeed became a priority for Dunkin' Brands after initially failing when they tried to expand to the West Coast. This initial failure taught the company an essential lesson and since then, it has decided to make a new push out west of the Mississippi where a number of franchises have posted impressive profits.

Jeff Lowe, Vice President of Marketing at SMART Technologies, talks about how technology is changing collaboration -- both in enterprise and education. Products like SMART kapp look to disrupt the way companies run meetings by liberating knowledge workers from being disengaged in meetings, allowing workers to contribute remotely and also having millennials, who want to work from anywhere, feel like they are contributing to the company's success. In the education realm, the company introduced SMART amp -- software that glues together all of the content in a classroom, allowing students to connect with their teachers and peers remotely, all through centralized software.

Jordan Brandt is a Technology Futurist for Autodesk, the world's biggest seller of design and engineering software. But what is a 'technology futurist' and what does it mean? And what exactly does a 'futurist' do? In many companies, Brandt explains, a futurist is still considered a new role, but he explains it as the way we design and make things and how people build and design things. Brandt cites 3D printing as one of the best innovations in the market since companies are seeing big increases in productivity by printing injection molds rather than the parts themselves. Brandt states the future is five to ten years from now, instead of thirty years down the road, as most corporations still believe.

Executive Perspectives episodes can be seen throughout the month on C-Suite TV.

Best-selling author, speaker, and former Fortune 100 CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett created C-Suite TV to give top-tier business authors a forum for sharing thought-provoking insights, in-depth business analysis, and their compelling personal narratives.

"We're going into March roaring like a lion. Authors like D. Keith Pigues, Allison Graham and Ron Karr on Best Seller TV look to impart their knowledge about effective communication skills and all the intricacies involved in standing out from the competition," Hayzlett said. "With Executive Perspectives our audience will hear some sound business advice from senior executives from globally renowned companies that not only walk the walk but talk the talk. They know what it takes to forge ahead and I think there are some valuable lessons to be learned by watching these interviews."

For more information on TV episodes, visit www.csuitetv.com and for more information about the authors featured in Best Seller TV episodes, visit www.c-suitebookclub.com.

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About Jeffrey Hayzlett:
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