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Gridstore Announces Support for Graphics-Intensive Virtual Desktop Workloads

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - December 15, 2015) - Gridstore™ the leader in hyper-converged all flash infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center today announced the immediate availability of their new Gridstore All-Flash Graphics Node (FGN) as an option within the Gridstore HyperConverged All-Flash Infrastructure (HCI). The FGN provides superior performance for demanding graphics workloads such as in medical imaging or CAD environments in a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

"Our VDI deployment requires support for intensive medical imaging capabilities," said Michael Dutcher, IT Manager, Columbia Basin Hospital. "We expect Gridstore's HCI with the Graphics Node will give us the performance we need. Along with Unidesk for easy delivery of our demanding applications as virtual disk layers, we will have a superior VDI solution at an amazing price."

With this announcement, Gridstore HCI now includes the ability to offload graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU in virtualized environments. VDI users get the high performance with low latency graphic rendering they need resulting in higher productivity and end user satisfaction.

"Unidesk is proven to make the delivery of ArcGIS, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, imaging systems, and other complex, graphics-intensive apps simple," said Samantha Foster, vice president, channel and business development, Unidesk. "The new Gridstore Graphics Node solves the other half of the problem -- how to deliver a high performance VDI user experience with these apps. At less than $600 per desktop, our joint VDI solution gives customers simpler management and greater performance than a physical PC, at significantly lower cost."

Product Details

Each Gridstore HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) can support all-flash HyperConverged Nodes (FCN), all-flash Storage-only Nodes (FSN), all-flash Graphics Nodes (FGN), or any combination of these. There are three GPUs to choose from in the FGN which can be paired with any of the supported CPUs in the Gridstore product line. The FGNs are:

Key Benefits

Gridstore provides the performance leading HCI that is easy to deploy and manage making it ideal for today's changing business needs, particularly in VDI deployments including those with graphic intensive applications. Additionally, the benefits of the new Gridstore Graphics Node include:

"We are excited to provide high performance graphics processing as part of the Gridstore HCI solution," said Ajay Nilaver, vice president, engineering and product management, Gridstore. "Today's graphic-rich applications are pushing IT managers to optimize their infrastructure and Gridstore HCI is the perfect solution, offering major benefits to users."

Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure delivers compute, storage, and storage networking in a single appliance that offers market leading price/performance, efficient scaling, and scale-to-fit design. The Gridstore HCI is easy to deploy and reduces management time and effort. Leveraging its patented technology, a Gridstore HCI delivers the same performance and VM density as traditional converged solutions with 75% less physical infrastructure and a 65% lower price-per-VM. The Gridstore HyperConverged Appliance is an ideal platform for infrastructure refreshes and specific workloads such as VDI, SQL Server, Dev/Test, and ROBO.

Availability and Pricing

The FGNs are available immediately starting at $19,125 MSRP.

Find out more about the new Gridstore Graphics Node

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Gridstore™ is the leader in HyperConverged All-Flash Infrastructure for the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center. Our customers gain a 10X performance improvement over traditional storage as we put all-flash as close to the workload as possible. They realize 4X lower TCO by consolidation of three layers of infrastructure into one built on X86 hardware, and 10X less management effort due to less management points and less infrastructure to manage. Gridstore's HyperConverged Appliances (HCA) include both compute and storage in a single system with the flexibility for nodes being compute and storage or storage only and can scale from a minimum of three nodes to 256. Gridstore's patented software architecture delivers native Windows integration, per-VM I/O control, and elastic and independent scaling of resources. The Gridstore HCA is an ideal platform for infrastructure refreshes and specific Windows workloads such as VDI, SQL Server, Private Cloud, and ROBO. Gridstore is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. and its products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers.

Gridstore is a Microsoft Gold OEM and Gold Data Center Partner, a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance and Certified in the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Program.

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