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Breakthrough Video Animation Library by Florida Patent Attorney Unlocks Patent Secrets for Inventors, Startups and Entrepreneurs

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 15, 2017 — (PRNewswire) —  Prof. John Rizvi, Esq, renowned AV-rated and one of the first board certified patent lawyers in the United States, and creator of the inventor platform, The Patent Professor┬«, has released a groundbreaking educational animation video library designed to simplify arcane and complex aspects of patent law for entrepreneurs seeking to accelerate and win patent approval with the United States Patent Office (USPTO) for their ideas.

The extensive, 30 part video series capitalizes on Prof. Rizvi's experience as an Adjunct Professor of patent law at Nova Law School for over 18 years and offers clear, simple and quick strategies to help Florida patent inventors and inventors nationwide nurture, protect, and profit from their idea or invention. 

While the patent process can be intimidating, it is also punishes innovators for the tiniest errors in a patent filing which could put decades of future royalty profits at risk.  It also awards quick action and speed so it is important for an inventor to understand the impact that moving fast will have on their patent rights.

"It breaks my heart to see inventors lose hope or give up on their ideas and dreams, due to the confusion over the technical jargon in my industry and the lack of easy-to-understand materials available to help explain  the intricate and extensive USPTO filing nuances," said Prof. Rizvi.

"Being both a teacher and a practicing patent attorney has given me the tools to demystify the patent process. I have literally poured my heart, soul and knowledge into these videos and they are the antithesis of the laborious and opaque legal world I operate in."

Each animated video is personally narrated by Prof. Rizvi and averages just over 2 minutes of digestible and relevant viewing time covering various aspects of acquiring a patent, trademark or copyright.   Topics cover the need for patents, do-it-yourself patents, how to make money with patents, and more advanced topics such as the difference between provisional and non-provisional patents and the risks of a poorly filed provisional patent application.

Particular care has been taken to make the videos both entertaining and educational, keeping in mind that the Supreme Court continues to hold that the specification and claims of a patent constitute one of the most difficult legal instruments to draw with accuracy

One of the most popular topics thus far in the patent library is the infamous Alice v. CLS Bank software patenting case decided by the Supreme Court which is considered a watershed ruling in the patent sector.  

Leveraging his previous background in engineering,  Prof. Rizvi unlocks the unique peculiarities of the Alice case which to this day influences the early decisions an inventor must make to bring his idea successfully to market.

A running list of the Patent Education Video Series (PEAS) is included below but will continue growing through 2018.

Patent Video Title


Filing a Trademark Without an Attorney -The Story of Joe!


How to tell if your company or product name qualifies for a trademark


Florida Trademark Attorneys Explains: The Only Way To Protect Your Domain Name is with a Trademark


Use Your Trademark Appropriately as a Trademark?


What is a Trademark?


Use Your Trademark Properly as an Adjective


Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement: What You Need to Know


Why do I need a patent?


Are you far enough along with your idea to get a patent?


How software patents are different


How to make money with your patented idea in three steps


Should I take my idea to an investor before getting a patent?


Every Letter of a Patent Application Counts


What is the difference between a utility patent and a design patent?


Alice v. CLS Bank Software Patent Supreme Court Case Summary


Why do I need a patent?


What is the difference between a provisional and a non provisional patent application?


Patenting is like an egg and spoon race


Why going for your local patent attorney may not be the best choice?


The Risks of an Improperly Filed Provisional Patent Application


Is A Patent Search Required?


Is it safe to search for an invention using public search engines?


What happens after you file a patent?


Do I need a working prototype in order to get a patent?


Importance of Keeping your new idea confidential until you file for a patent


Can I do the Patent search myself?


Alexander Graham Bell v Elisha Gray Patenting First Controversy


The Patent Professor® Story


With his specialized technical background, experience teaching patent law, and two decades of practice as a patent attorney, Prof. John Rizvi, Esq. nails down what it takes to get your software or other idea successfully patented.

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