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Popular YouTube Cartoonist James Rallison, Known as The Odd 1s Out, Launches 'Can't Catch Harry", an Odd 1s Out Card Game on Kickstarter

Well-known YouTube personality and his team spent months on designs, game play and character creation to introduce a card game based on "Harry the Moth" a popular video from James's Channel the Odd 1s Out. This game is perfect for not only Odd 1s Out Fans but anyone who enjoys fast paced competitive card games.

PHOENIX, Oct. 5, 2018 — (PRNewswire) —

PHOENIX, Oct. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- James Rallison, an American YouTube Cartoonist better known online as TheOdd1sOut for his animated videos, today introduced the card game 'Can't Catch Harry' on Kickstarter.

The game is based upon one of TheOdd1sOut's more popular videos, Harry the Moth, which was developed from a real-life incident that happened to him and his sister when they were children.

"When we were in Kindergarten, we caught a moth and named him 'Harry,' then took the moth to our class as part of a 'bring your pet to school day,'" Rallison said.

Unfortunately, during recess that day the moth escaped and was promptly eaten by a bird.

"I have always loved playing card and board games,' so, I decided to create my own game based off of one of the most scarring events of my childhood," he said.

The game, its name derived from Rallison's comedy bit on the moth's lowly reputation compared to a butterfly, works like this:

All players start with four cards and cards are drawn from the deck and passed from player to player until someone has four of a kind. At that point, the player tries to grab Harry the moth (one of the figurines). As other players see a competitor reach for a figurine everyone, regardless of current cards, reaches for a moth. Depending on what cards you have in your hand and what moth you can grab you receive or lose points. The expansion pack also features game play cards which change the environment that the game is played in as well as what the players are able to do.

The game includes:

  • A 54-card deck, with each card drawn by James Rallison and featuring a character from his videos
  • Five figurine game pieces – all game pieces are moths from his "Harry the Moth" video, with Harry the Moth being the featured figurine
  • A Custom game play mat for the figurines to sit on


"This is a really family-friendly game that will provide hours of fun for everyone involved," he said. "Not only will fans of The Odd 1s Out enjoy seeing one of the more popular episodes turned into a game, but it's the perfect game for anyone who simply enjoys playing board or card games with their friends or family."

Rallison says he has spent months working alongside with his team to develop a brand-new game that he could share with everyone – which included "countless hours drawing this incredible game" he hopes that this game will become a favorite to play often with friends and family and will find its place alongside other popular family games.
The game is available at early-bird discounts during the crowdfunding campaign. For more information, visit the Cant Catch Harry Card Game campaign page on Kickstarter.

About TheOdd1sOut/James Rallison
James Rallison, known by his moniker 'TheOdd1sOut,' is an American YouTube cartoonist based in Arizona and is best known for his comic series and his YouTube channel of the same name. As a member of the Animation Squad, Rallison sometimes works with his YouTube animator friends such as TimTom, Jaiden Animations, and SomeThingElseYT, – appearing in their videos and vice-versa. Rallison also frequently collaborates in smaller YouTubers' videos, sometimes even YouTubers bigger than him, which grows both their audience by thousands. TheOdd1sOut, a YouTube Channel that was started in August 2014, currently has 8.3 million subscribers and 1.1 billion video views – offering viewers a family-friendly channel that shares the life stories of James Rallison through humor and animation.


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