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Getting To Yes In Today's "Tell-Not-Sell" Marketplace

A masterclass from JOSEPH G. BURKE on The Anatomy of Yes: The Story Behind Every Sale

NEW YORK, April 25, 2019 — (PRNewswire) — What connects some of the world's most successful corporations with psychologist Karl Jung and the first fifteen minutes of the Pixar movie "Finding Nemo"? What does the research performed by the U.S. Military on stress in the battlefield tell us about the crisis every customer faces when searching for products?

The Anatomy of Yes: The Story Behind Every Sale

In a fascinating new book, written as a stream of consciousness during a 46-hour train journey, business expert and national award-winning marketing executive Joseph G. Burke from two of America's Top 25 Most Inspiring Companies, Disney and Goodwill, explains how certain people have harnessed the power of yes to influence others and how everyone can use simple yet powerful tools.

We all know that stories sell products. But why? Burke argues that the answer is ingrained into human DNA; we are hardwired to a recurring three-act story making us susceptible to, and influenced by, certain situations, language and emotions. There are five distinct archetypal patterns that scare you, protect you, and help you find enlightenment. In business, if you can master the construct of an archetypal story, not only will you develop customers for life, you will also sell more and serve more.

Burke uses real case studies to reveal the five archetypes that form a living storyline between you and your customers, and which ultimately greatly influence how successful you are. These archetypes are present and living within your organization and within your personal life.

The five archetypes in The Anatomy of Yes:

  1. The Quest For Identity - Your company's quest for identity started the moment it became an entity, just as your personal quest for identity began the moment you were born.  Knowing the purpose of your business and understanding its customer-facing identity is key to its likelihood of success.

  2. The Dragon and Treasure - Great organizations sell products and services that empower customers with a "sharper sword" to defeat a "dangerous dragon" and reap the rewards. For example, if you are a loyal Apple customer, Steve Jobs handed you a sword called the Macintosh Computer and said, "Think different."

  3. The Descent into the Underworld - A financial downturn, a lawsuit, or the loss of a leader; your organization will occasionally have deep descents into a dark abyss. Much like mythical heroes facing deadly challenges, your organization and its people will all be faced with enemies, allies and tests as you seek to survive and grow.  Your business survival depends upon how you react.

  4. The Restoration of the Wasteland - As with all great heroes, business leaders and organizations emerge from their Descents into the Underworld more powerful and wise. This wisdom is used to restore or "fix" people and things. These restorations define an organization's philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility.

  5. The Quest For the Holy Grail - The final quest is for legacy. As leaders and organizations find their identity, battle dragons, face and rise from the abyss, they will leave an indelible mark on this world. The more dangerous the adventure, the greater the legacy.


Joseph G. Burke has spoken on archetypal patterns and business strategy in over 100 forums including speeches at Boeing, USC Marshall School of Business, and the NG Customer Experience Summit. Burke created a startup digital agency at the age of 21, and served as a marketing executive at Disney and Goodwill—two of Forbes top 25 Most Inspiring Companies in America. Burke currently owns a creative business strategy agency, an award-winning toy company he started with his children, and collaborates on a portfolio of projects including producing and developing films. His proudest achievement is tempering dual roles as a "hunter" and "farmer," with his wife Ellen, a University Instructor, and their three children in Southern California.

Joseph G. Burke
May 1, 2019
128 Pages

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