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Professional PLM Initiative announces two Think Tanks for PLM

Oxford, England. May 08 2019 -- The Professional PLM Initiative announces new global Think Tanks to address two of the most long-standing problems in PLM.

Think Tank #1:  Management Under Pressure deals with the issue of PLM Managers being so busy and working to such tight timescales that they have no time or bandwidth to improve their implementation.

Think Tank #2:  Senior Management Approval deals with the situation where the PLM Team wants to start a new project that seems to be of clear value, but senior management will not approve it.

The Think Tanks will use a straightforward 'email and reply' format that is quick and easy to respond to, and will bring together the power of many minds to generate new insights and solutions.

These discussions are open to PLM practitioners from all types of organisation, from any country, and you can join either or both without obligation.

The Professional PLM Initiative now has its own  web site, where you can see the details of both Think Tanks and how to join in.

About the Professional PLM Initiative
The Professional PLM Initiative was launched in 2017 in response to the lack of professional recognition for PLM practitioners. Its current aim is for its Steering Group to be able to oversee the development of a recognised PLM Profession by the end of 2020.

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