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XRHealth Opens Platform to Third Party Developers to Create Robust VR Healthcare Experiences

Healium Partners with XRHealth to Enable Patients to "See" and Power Technology with Their Emotions via the VRHealth platform

BOSTON, July 10, 2019 — (PRNewswire) —   XRHealth, formerly known as VRHealth, is the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications, today announced that they are opening their platform to third party developers to create robust VR healthcare experiences. A noteworthy partnership created through the open platform, is Healium that enables patients to "see" and power VR technology through their emotions.

Approximately 75% to 90% of all doctor visits are due to stress related issues. Healium developed a biometrically- controlled solution that is designed to reduce anxiety and stress. In fact, the solution itself is powered by the user's memories of calm and positivity via their wearables, where users can see their emotions and heal worlds virtually. A Frontiers in Psychology study noted in just four minutes, the Healium solution shifted EEG brain patterns associated with anxiety to more relaxed states.

"We applaud the great work XRHealth is doing to get therapeutic media into the hands of more people. Stress is responsible for 60% of all illness and disease so Healium's biometrically-powered stories are a natural complement to XRHealth's existing library," said Sarah Hill, CEO & Chief Storyteller for StoryUP, the company that makes Healium.

XRHealth provides patients across the globe with a large variety of VR medical and wellness solutions that are immersive and effective. Companies that have recently partnered to provide additional healthcare solutions; include: Healing HealthCare Systems, VirZOOM, and now Healium. XRHealth's solution monitors user data so that doctors, caregivers, and patients can have full access to how each solution is affecting a patients' health and control the patient VR world and experiences  remotely.

"Stress is a factor that contributes to most fatal diseases," XRHealth CEO Eran Orr says. "By reducing stress and encouraging feelings of positivity we are enabling recovery, preventing future illnesses, and enabling patients to live a happier and more fulfilling life."

About XRHealth

XRHealth, formerly known as VRHealth, is the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications providing both VR and AR platform for the medical industry. XRHealth is the first certified Extended Reality medical company in the world; their Medical Applications are FDA & CE Registered. They provide first-of-its-kind healthcare technology that helps clinicians better manage their patients' care via specialized extended reality technology solutions and data analysis. The VR solution known as the VRHealth Platform collects and examines user data through artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud-computing algorithms to deliver advanced data analytics in real-time, consistently enabling healthcare providers to enhance their users' and payers' healthcare experiences at the clinic and remotely The company offers a variety of patent-pending solutions from rehabilitation services to cognitive assessment and training, to pain management. XRHealth works with several world-renowned U.S. healthcare providers, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Founded in 2016, XRHealth is headquartered in Israel and Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more at https://www.xr.health/.  

About Healium

Healium by StoryUP is the world's first VR and AR platform powered by the user's brain patterns and heart rate via their wearables. The user's memories of positivity and calm fuel these data-driven stories via proprietary technology. In two peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to quickly reduce anxiety and increase feelings of positivity. The Healium stress management platform is a self-awareness tool that allows users to see their feelings empower virtual worlds via a smartwatch or EEG device. Founded by a former TV reporter who struggled with panic attacks, Healium is used worldwide in areas of stress. Healium sales support a virtual tour program for aging US Veterans unable to physically travel to see their memorials in Washington, DC . To date, thousands of Veterans have had the chance to virtually visit their memorials thanks to Healium's kits and content. 

Inside Healium, you can power a magic snow globe with your mind's positivity, float through a fractal animation, and change the seasons from winter to spring with your brain patterns associated with calm.

Founded in 2015 in Columbia, MO, StoryUP, the makers of Healium, is a company of award-winning storytellers, psychologists, and neuro-media technologists. Their biometrically-interactive work spans 5 continents focusing on themes of empathy, affirmation, and gratitude. For more stories that feel you, please visit https://www.tryhealium.com/

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