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NEW YORK, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.

Video Games

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Video Games in Millions of US$. The market for Video Games Software is analyzed by the following platforms: Console Games, Handheld Games, PC Games, Online Games, and Wireless Games. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin America. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2006 through 2015. A five-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets. The report profiles 169 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Activision Blizzard, Inc., Capcom Co., Ltd., Electronic Arts, Inc., EA Mobile, Inc., Infogrames Entertainment, S.A., Atari, Inc., Jadestone Group AB, Konami Corporation, Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd., Konami Gaming Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc., Namco Bandai Games America Inc., Nintendo Co. Ltd., Oberon Media, Inc., Sega Corporation, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd., Eidos Plc, Take 2 Interactive Software, Inc, and Ubi Soft Entertainment S.A. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-3

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

Console Games I-4

Handheld Games I-4

PC Games (Excluding Online Games) I-4

Online Games I-4

Wireless Games I-5



A Prelude II-1

Video Games: An Evolution Scan II-2

Entertainment Software Industry: A Primer II-2

Market Fundamentals II-3

Changing Demographics of Modern Players II-4

Traditional Users II-4

Gray Gamers II-4

Women: Succumbing to the Charms of Video Games II-5

Competition II-5

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo: The Three Battle Scarred

Warhorses II-5

Table 1: Worldwide Video Games Market (2007-2009):

Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Platform - Nintendo

Wii, Playstation 3, X360, Playstation 2, Nintendo GameCube

and Xbox (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-6

Table 2: Worldwide Video Game Market (2008): Percentage

Breakdown of Unit Sales by Category - Nintendo Wii,

Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and Sony PS2 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7

High Entry Barriers: A Characteristic Feature II-7

Market Majors Fall Prey to Backward-Compatibility Issues II-7

Microsoft's Mighty Xbox 360 Stumbles II-7

Sony's Powerful PS3 Follows Suite II-7

Nintendo's Wii Makes a Comeback to the Fore II-8

Spiraling Competition To Soften Prices II-8

Impact of the Recession: A Review II-9

Cautious Optimism Prevails II-9

Noteworthy Trends & Issues II-9

Technological Advancements To Drive Growth II-9

Hardcore Games Indispensable To Growth II-10

Rise in Casual Gamers To Help Drive Demand II-10

Serious Games to Enjoy Strong Growth in the Future II-11

Perceived Educative Value Of Video Games On the Rise II-11

Video Games Industry Continues to Attract Investments II-12

Consolidation Blows In the Wind II-12

Handheld Game Consoles Depict Strong Growth II-12

Handheld Games: Downloads Gain Popularity Over Subscription Fees II-13

Rising Game Development Costs Jeopardizes Profitability II-13

Outsourcing: An Antidote to the Predicament II-14

Table 3: Global Video Games Development: Percentage Share

of Outsourcing Cost of Total Development Cost for Years

2005-2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

Mobile Games Stand At the Forefront of Innovation & Growth II-14

Wireless Gaming Offers Opportunities On a Platter II-15

Small Screen Games Send Cash Registers Ringing II-16

3G Mobile Communications Offer a Business Case for Mobile

Gaming II-16

Women: Major Revenue Spinners in the Mobile Games Market II-16

Broadband Broadens The Online Gaming Market II-17

Online Games Gather Steam II-17

Table 4: World Market for Online Video Games (2008):

Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales of Top Game Titles -

World of Warcraft, RuneScape, Lineage, Lineage II, Final

Fantasy XI, Dofus and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) II-18

Table 5: World Market for Video Games (2006 & 2010P):

Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Segment - Online

(MMOG and Casual Online) and Offline (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-18

Table 6: World Market for Online Games (2006): Percentage

Breakdown of Online Games Titles Developed Ranked by Region -

Japan, US, South Korea and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) II-19

Table 7: World Market for Video Games (2007): Percentage

Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Retail and Online Distribution II-19

Table 8: Global Digital Game Platforms (2009): Percentage

Breakdown of Revenues(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-19

Table 9: Percentage Breakdown of Cumulative Number of

Online Game Subscribers by Region - 2009 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-19

Challenges To Reckon With II-20

Growth in PC Gaming Tames Down II-20

Convergence & Improved Network Capability: Crucibles for Success II-20

Streaming Technology II-21

Growing Popularity of iPhone Casts a Long Shadow of Worry for

Nintendo DS II-21

New PS3 Lacks Emotion Engine: Raises Concern II-21

Outlook for PlayStation 3: A Straight Talk About the

Product's Future II-22

Trends in Video Game Advertising II-22

Opportunities Are Afoot for Console Component Manufacturers II-23

Strong Growth in Video Games Echoes Downstream Into the

Semiconductor Market II-24

Table 10: Worldwide Video Game Semiconductor Market (2009):

Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Category - Logic,

Processors, DRAM, Flash, Analog, Optoelectronics, Discretes

and Sensors (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-24

Table 11: Worldwide Video Game Semiconductor Market (2007):

Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales of Leading Players -

IBM, Sony, NEC, ATI/AMD, Sharp, Nvidia and Others (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-25

A Peek Into Challenges In Store II-25

Threat of Second Hand Products On the Rise II-25

Piracy Takes the Wind Out of the Market's Sails II-26

Lack of Skilled Workforce II-26

Negative Publicity Over Violent Video Games Blemishes

Business Opportunities II-27

2009 & Beyond: A Recapitulation II-27

New & Popular Games in Retrospect II-28

Top 5 Video Game Titles in the US, UK & Japan, Ranked by

Unit Sales As of the Year 2008 II-28

Top Selling Mobile Games in 2008 II-28

Worldwide Video Game Releases in 2007 II-29


Video Games: A Primer II-31

Video Games Software: A Definition II-31

Online Downloads II-31

DVDs II-32

CDs II-32


Cartridges II-32

Video Games Software: Classification By Gaming Platform II-33

Console Games Software II-33

Popular Games for Xbox 360 II-33

Popular Games for Sony's PlayStation 3 II-34

Handheld Games Software II-34

PC Games Software (Excluding Online Games) II-35

Online Games Software II-35

MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) II-35

Perpetual State Worlds (PSW) II-36

Wireless Games Software II-36

Video Games Software: Classification By Game Genres II-36

Adventure/Role-Playing II-37

Action II-37

Fighting/Combat Game II-37

First-Person Shooter Games II-37

Sports II-37

Simulations II-38

Strategy Games II-38

Miscellaneous/Other II-38

Rhythm/Action II-38

Platformer II-38

Puzzle II-38

Racing/Flying II-38

Popular Software Titles for Leading Consoles II-39

Popular Game Titles for Other Platforms II-39


Existing Model II-40

Design II-40

Development II-40

In-house Developers II-41

Third Party Developers II-41

Independent Developers II-41

Publishing II-41

Distribution II-42

Retail II-42

Existing Value Chain Model II-43

Emerging Models II-43

A Typical Model of Emerging Value Chain II-43


Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC) II-44

Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) II-44

Pan European Games Information (PEGI) II-45


Majesco Entertainment Company to Launch Drama Queens II-46

THQ and JAKKS Pacific Roll Out Content Package II-46

Ncsoft(R) Introduces City of Heroes(R) II-46

Konami Digital Entertainment Introduces New Games II-46

Pandemic(TM) Studios Introduces The Lord of the Rings: Conquest(TM) II-46

Electronic Arts to Launch Command & Conquer(TM) Red Alert 3:

Uprising II-47

Paramount Digital and Electronic Arts to Unveil Godfather(R) II II-47

Sony Launches Dynamic In-Game Advertising Feature II-47

Namco Bandai Announces Update For Tekken(R) 5: Dark

Resurrecton(TM) Online II-47

Oberon Media Launches New I-Play Brand II-48

Electronic Arts Launches Rail Simulator II-48

Hands-On Mobile to Introduce BMW Racing II-48

Netlog and Jadestone to Introduce Multiplayer Games II-48

Infogrames Group Adds Two New Titles to Atari Line-Up II-49

Atari Unveils Namco Museum Remix(TM) II-49

Atari to Launch My Horse and Me 2 II-49

Atari to Introduce Naruto: Ultimate Ninja(R) Storm II-49

Gamecock Media Group and Atari to Launch Legendary II-50

Atari to Introduce Afro Samurai in Europe II-50

NAMCO BANDAI Games and Atari to Launch Eternal Sonata(TM) II-50

Atari to Unveil Ghostbusters(TM): The Video Game II-50

Atari to Introduce Asterix Brain Trainer for Nintendo DS(TM) II-50

Atari to Launch Alone in the Dark II-51

Atari to Release Family Trainer II-51

Activision Publishing to Unveil X-Men Origins: Wolverine II-51

Activision Publishing Unveils Number of New Games II-51

Activision Publishing Unveils Big League Sports II-52

Activision Publishing to Release Guitar Hero(R) World Tour on

PlayStation(R)2 II-52

Activision Publishing Launches Quantum of Solace(TM) II-52

Feld Entertainment and Activision Introduce Monster Jam(R):

Urban Assault II-52

Activision Launches The Legend of Spyro(TM): Dawn of the Dragon II-53

Marvel and Activision Release Spider-Man: Web of Shadows(TM) II-53

Activision Publishing to Launch Call of Duty(R): World at War II-53

Activision Publishing to Launch HISTORY(TM) Civil War: Secret

Missions II-53

Activision Introduces Little League(R) World Series 2008 II-54

Activision Launches Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved(TM) 2 II-54

Activision to Unveil Vigilante 8(R): Arcade II-54

Capcom to Launch Resident Evil 5 II-54

Capcom to Unveil Street Fighter IV II-54

Disney and Square Enix Release KINGDOM HEARTS Re: Chain of

Memories II-54

Disney Interactive Studios Unveils Club Penguin(TM): Elite

Penguin Force II-55

Disney Interactive Studios Launches Bolt game II-55

Disney Interactive Studios Introduces Disney TH!NK Fast II-55

Disney Interactive Studios Unveils Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell II-55

Disney Interactive Studio to Launch Two New Games II-56

Disney Interactive Studios Releases Spectrobes: Beyond the

Portals II-56

Disney Interactive Studios to Introduce Phineas and Ferb II-56

Disney Interactive Studios Rolls Out Two new Games II-56

Disney Interactive Studios Unveils Disney Friends II-57

Disney Interactive Studios to Introduce Pure II-57

Disney Interactive Studios to Launch High School Musical: Work

this out II-57

EA Mobile Introduces SimCity(TM) on iPod(R) touch and iPhone(TM) II-57

EA Mobile Unveils Five New Games II-57

EA Mobile Rolls Out Five Games for Phone II-58

EA Mobile Rolls Out EA Sports FIFE 09 II-58

EA Mobile Introduces Tiger Woods PAGE Tour(R) 09 II-58

EA Mobile Unveils MONOPOLY Here & Now II-58

EA Mobile Launches EA SPORTS(TM) NASCAR 09 II-58

EA Mobile Rolls Out Tetris(R) POP II-58

EA Mobile to Introduce Ten Games II-59

EA Mobile Launches EA(TM) Tetris(R) II-59

EA Mobile Unveils Sims(TM) DJ II-59

EA Mobile Rolls Out Kung Fu Panda(TM) II-59

EA Mobile Introduces Seven New Games II-59

EA Mobile Launches Games for Smartphones II-60

EA Mobile Unveils Tetris(R) Blockout(TM) II-60

EA Redwood Shores to Roll Out Dante's Inferno(TM) II-60

Electronic Arts Introduces Sims(TM) 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff Pack II-60

Criterion Games Launches Burnout(TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box II-61

Casual Entertainment Label Unveils NERF "N-Strike"(TM) II-61

Casual Entertainment Rolls Out Poker For Dummies(R) II-61

Casual Entertainment Label Introduces MONOPOLY II-62

LucasArts and BioWare to Launch Star Wars(R): The Old Republic(TM) II-62

Electronic Arts Unveils Dead Space TM II-62

Electronic Arts to Roll Out Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack II-62

Crytek and Electronic Arts Roll Out Crysis Warhead(R) II-63

Electronic Arts Launches FaceBreaker(TM) II-63

Pandemic(TM) Studios Unveils Mercenaries 2: World in Flames(TM) II-63

Black Box Introduces Need for Speed(TM) Undercover II-63

Casual Entertainment Rolls Out Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling

Adventure II-63

BioWare(R) Unveils Dragon Age(TM): Origins II-64

The Sims(TM) to Launch MySims II-64

Electronic Arts to Introduce Five Games II-64

Maxis Rolls Out Spore(TM) Creature Creator II-64

Electronic Arts Launches Skate It II-64

EA Casual Entertainment Label Introduces BOOM BLOX(TM) II-65

Electronic Arts to Unveil BattleForge(TM) II-65

Electronic Arts Introduces The SimCity(TM) Box II-65

EA Casual Entertainment Label to Roll Out Zubo(TM) II-65

Electronic Arts Introduces ARMY OF TWO(TM) II-65

Nunchuck Games and Electronic Arts Launch Ninja Reflex(TM) II-66

Electronic Arts Unveils FIFA Street 3 II-66

Electronic Arts Rolls Out Need for Speed(TM) ProStreet II-66

Warner Bros. And Electronic Arts to Release New Video Game II-66

Hands-On Mobile and Activision Launch Guitar Hero World Tour

Mobile II-67

Electronic Arts and GigaMedia to Introduce New Online Game II-67

Hands-On Mobile Launches Guitar Hero(R) III II-67

Electronic Arts Introduces the Sims Carnival BumperBlast II-67

Electronic Arts Introduces NFL Tour II-68

Hands-On Mobile Introduces Big Buck Hunter Pro II-68

Hands-On Mobile Introduces Crystal Quest II-68

Hands-On Mobile and Marvel Introduce the Incredible Hulk II-68

Hands-On Mobile and Marvel Introduce Iron Man II-68

Hands-On Mobile Introduces Trickshot Hustler II-68

Jadestone Introduces a Detective Game II-69

KOEI Launches Dynasty Warriors(R)6 II-69

KOEI Unveils Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation II-69

KOEI Introduces Romance of the Three Kingdoms II-69

KOEI Introduces Monster Racers II-70

KOEI Launches Fatal Inertia(R) EX II-70

KOEI Introduces Samurai Warriors(R)2 Xtreme Legends(R) II-70

KOEI Launches Warriors Orochi(TM)2 II-70

KOEI Introduces Samurai Warriors(R): KATANA II-70

Konami Launches Sunday Vs Magazine Nettou! Dream Nine II-71

Konami to Launch Jikkyou Pawafuru Major League 3 II-71

Konami to Introduce Metal Gear Solid 4 II-71

LucasArts Introduces Star Wars the Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance II-71

LucasArts and Day 1 Studios Roll Out Fracture II-72

LucasArts Launches Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II-72

LucasArts and Sony Online Unveil Star Wars Galaxies II-72

Majesco Entertainment Company to Introduce Gardening Mama II-72

Majesco Introduces Cooking Mama World Kitchen II-72

Nintendo Launches New Games II-73

THQ Wireless to Launch Worms 2008 II-73

Majesco Introduces Bananagrams(R) Game on Facebook(R) Platform II-73

Majesco Unveils Left Brain Right Brain 2 For Nintendo II-73

Majesco Launches Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure II-73

Majesco Entertainment Company Introduces Powerbike II-74

Majesco, AQ Interactive and Mistwalker Roll Out RPG AWAY II-74

Majesco Entertainment Company Unveils Marker Man Adventures II-74

Majesco Entertainment Company Introduces Orchard II-74

Majesco and Sandlot Games to Launch Cake Mania(R) 2 II-74

Majesco and Sandlot Games Roll Out Cake Mania: In The Mix II-74

Majesco and Gogii Games Introduce Babysitting Mania II-75

Majesco Unveils Major Minor's Majestic March II-75

Sabi with Microsoft Introduces ItzaBitza II-75

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Rolls Out SURGE(TM) II-75

Namco Bandai Games Re- Introduces Ace Combat(R) 6 Flightstick

Bundle II-76

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Unveils Soulcalibur(R) IV II-76

NAMCO BANDAI Games America to Launch We Ski(TM) & Snowboard II-76

Tecmo(R) Introduces TECMO BOWL(R): KICKOFF II-76

Tecmo Unveils Ninja Gaiden(R) Dragon Sword II-76

NAMCO BANDAI Rolls Out Digimon World(R) Championship II-77

NAMCO BANDAI to Unveil New Video Game II-77

NAMCO BANDAI Introduces Tamagotchi Connection(R): Corner Shop(R) 3 II-77

PopCap Games and Nokia to Introduce Multiplayer Mobile Games II-77

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Unveils We Cheer(TM) II-77

Midway Games Introduces Mortal Kombat(R) vs. DC Universe II-78

Nokia Unveils SNAP Mobile SDK 2.2 II-78

Midway Games to Roll Out Blitz: The League(R) II II-78

Namco Bandai Games to Launch Splatterhouse II-78

NAMCO BANDAI Games America to Introduce TEKKEN(R) 6 II-79

Ncsoft Rolls Out City of Heroes Issue 13: Power and

Responsibility II-79

Nokia Games Publishing Launches Yamake II-79

Namco Bandai Games Introduces Namco Museum(TM): Virtual Arcade II-79

Ncsoft Introduces Gracia(TM) from The Chaotic Throne(TM) II-80

Midway Introduces Site II-80

Majesco Entertainment to Release New Game II-80

Sony Unveils MLB 09 The Show(TM) II-80

Sony Computer Entertainment America Rolls Out Resistance 2(TM) II-81

Sony Introduces LittleBigPlanet(TM) II-81

Sony Rolls Out Gran Turismo(TM) 5 Prologue II-81

Sony Computer Entertainment America to Introduce God of War(R) PSP(R) II-81

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan to Roll Out New Product II-81

UBISOFT(R) Launches Planet Rescue II-82

UBISOFT(R) to Publish Hell's Kitchen(TM) II-82

Ubisoft to Roll Out Another Prince of Persia II-82

RockStar Games to Launch Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars II-82

Rockstar Games Introduces Grand Theft Auto IV PC Version II-82

Rockstar Games Launches Midnight Club: Los Angeles II-83

Konami Digital and 2K Sports Unveil MLB Power Pros 2008 II-83

THQ Unveils Rock University(TM) Presents: The Naked Brothers Band II-83

THQ Rolls Out Saints Row(R) 2 II-83

Atari to Introduce Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles II-83

Atari Unveils Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 II-84

Atari to Roll Out Dragon Ball Z(R): Burst Limit II-84

Atari to Launch Dragon Ball: Origins II-84

Atari to Introduce Dragon Ball Z(R): Infinite World II-84

Atari to Unveil Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom

Fortress II-84

Atari to Roll Out Asterix at the Olympic Games II-85

Atari to Launch Jenga(R) World Tour II-85

Atari Introduces Godzilla(R) Unleashed and Godzilla Unleashed:

Double Smash II-85

Atari Unveils Namco Museum(TM) DS II-85

Atari to Roll Out Smash Court Tennis(TM) 3 II-856. RECENT INDUSTRY ACTIVITY II-86

Square Enix Completes Acquisition of Eidos Plc II-86

Jaleco Exits Video Game Business II-86

Ubisoft Takes Over Southlogic Studios II-86

Sony Online Entertainment Acquires Octopi's PoxNora II-86

City Interactive and Nintendo of America Ink Agreement II-86

Square Enix Enters into an Accord with Ubisoft II-86

Activision Publishing Pockets Budcat Creations II-87

Activision Publishing Takes Over Budcat Creations II-87

Capcom Acquires K2 Co Ltd II-87

Electronic Arts Takes Over ThreeSF II-87

Electronic Arts to Take Over Hands-On Mobile Korea Assets II-87

Ubisoft Entertainment to Acquire Gameloft Development Facility II-88

Disney Interactive Studios Inks Agreement with Gamestar II-88

Ubisoft Entertainment Acquires Tom Clancy Label II-88

EA to Acquire Take-Two Interactive II-88

Shanda Interactive and NCsoft Corporation Ink Agreement II-88

Electronic Arts Acquires VG Holding II-88

Infogrames Entertainment Acquires Atari II-89

THQ to Acquire Big Huge Games II-89

Take-Two Interactive Software Snaps Up Illusion Softworks II-89

Hands-On Mobile Receives License for Guitar Hero(R) World Tour II-89

Activision Inks Deal with System 3 II-90

CE Europe to Establish Capcom Entertainment France II-90

Atari Buys Cryptic Studios II-90

UTV Software Acquires True Games Interactive II-90

Electronic Arts and Eidos Interactive Sign Agreement II-90

Electronic Arts Signs Agreement with Endemol II-91

Electronic Arts and Taito Sign Agreement II-91

Electronic Arts Signs Agreement with Double Fine Productions II-91

Electronic Arts Acquires J2M Soft II-92

PopCap Games(R) Extends Agreement with Electronic Arts II-92

Electronic Arts and Grasshopper Manufacture Sign Agreement II-92

Electronic Arts Signs Agreement with Epic Games II-92

Electronic Arts and United Talent Agency Sign Agreement II-92

Electronic Arts Signs Agreement with id Software II-93

Electronic Arts Signs Agreement with IAHGames II-93

Electronic Arts Expands Agreement with Massive II-93

Image Comics and Electronic Arts to Unveil Comic Book Series II-94

Electronic Arts Expands Agreement with National Football League II-94

Hands-On Mobile Signs Agreement with XENDEX II-94

Jadestone Networks to Expand DiceArena Network II-94

Jadestone Networks Selects Gala Coral II-94

Jadestone Network Chooses PAF II-95

Rockstar Games Takes Over Mad Doc Software II-95

Double Fusion Signs Agreement with SEGA, Midway, THQ, and Eidos II-95

Marvel Entertainment Signs Agreement with THQ II-95

Majesco Entertainment and Scholastic Interactive Enter into

Agreement II-96

Codemasters Enters into Partnership with Majesco Entertainment II-96

Massive and Activision Publishing Enter into Agreement II-96

Massive Signs Deal with THQ II-97

Midway Games and National Amusements Enter into Agreement II-97

Midway Games to Integrate Operations of Midway Studios II-97

Microsoft Collaborates with Telecom Italia II-98

Namco Bandai Enters into Agreement with KOEI II-98

NAMCO BANDAI Enters into Partnership with National Geographic II-98

NCsoft(R) to Form NC West(TM) II-98

Nokia and Rogers Wireless Signs Agreement II-99

THQ Acquires Elephant Entertainment(TM) and Inks Agreement with

Oberon Media II-99

Sony Enters into Partnership with Double Fusion II-100

UBISOFT(R) to Open Studio II-100

Ubisoft(R) Inks Agreement with Tecmo II-100

Take-Two Interactive Inks Agreement with Creative Team of

Rockstar Games II-100

Take-Two Interactive and Ditan Distribution Sign Agreement II-101

THQ Acquires Publishing Rights II-101

THQ Inks Agreement with DreamWorks Animation II-101

Playboy Enterprises and THQ Wireless Ink an Agreement II-101

Jadestone Acquires GamArena Ab II-102

Oberon Media Acquires PixelPlay II-102

Ubisoft Acquires Digital Kids II-102

Oberon Media Acquires I-play II-102

Eidos Acquires Rockpool Games II-102

Ubisoft Acquires Sunflowers II-103

Eidos Acquires Bluefish Media II-103

Macrovision Acquires All Media Guide Holdings II-103

FXLabs Acquires II-103

Big Fish Acquires Thinglefin II-103

Mad Catz Acquires Saitek II-103

Warner Bros. Acquires TT Games II-104

WBIE On an Acquisition Spree II-104

Shanda Acquires Onwind II-104

Oberon Media Acquires Friends Games Developer II-104

Dynasty Gaming Acquires Junnet and Beijing Baihui II-104

Electronic Arts Acquires BioWare and Pandemic Studios II-105

Electronic Arts Acquires Super Computer II-105

Activision Acquires Bizarre Creations II-105

Intel Acquires HavokII-105

Mad Catz Acquires Joytech II-105

Red Mile Entertainment Acquires IR Gurus II-105

Epic Games Acquires PCF II-105

LM STS Acquires 3Dsolve II-106

Activision Partners with Vivendi, Creates Activision Blizzard II-106

Disney Interactive Studio Acquires Junction Point Studio II-106

Games Group Acquires Gamestation II-106

CDC Games Acquires Optisp II-107

Finet Group Acquires Hangzhou Tianchang II-107

GameStop Acquires Rhino Video Games II-107

Eworld Interactive Acquires Publishing Rights II-107

MNC Acquires Shares in Nexgen II-107

Electronic Arts Inc Acquires Headgate Studios Inc II-107

Gottaplay Interactive Acquires Gamershare LLC II-107

CNET Inc Acquires II-108

THQ Inc Acquires Mass Media Inc II-108

Global Netoptex Inc Acquires Online Games Services Inc II-108

MumboJumbo LLC Acquires Ritual Entertainment Inc II-108

Sony Online Entertainment LLC Acquires Sigil Games Online Inc II-108

Electronic Arts Acquires Stake in The9 Ltd II-108

THQ Acquires Universomo Oy II-108

D3 Publisher Acquires Vicious Cycle II-109

Balderton Capital Takes Over Codemasters II-109

10TACLE STUDIOS AG Acquires Stormregion II-109

Linden Lab Acquires Windward Mark Interactive II-109

Nintendo Acquires Major Stake in Monolith Soft II-109

Eidos Acquires Morpheme Wireless II-110

Rebellion Acquires Clickwheel Ltd II-110

Traveller's Tales Acquires Embryonic Studios II-110

Extra Mile Studios Acquires Vicious Engine Middleware Solution II-110

I-play Acquires License for Jenga II-110

PopCap Games Acquires SpinTop Games II-111

Shanda Interactive Acquires Aurora Technology II-111

Paradox Interactive Merges with Majesty IP II-111

Mojo Mediaworks Merges with eWorld Interactive II-111

Signature Devices Acquires Distribution Rights II-111

NanoSensors Enters Into Merger with Cuchulainn Holdings II-111

Game Group Merges with Gamestation II-111


Activision Blizzard, Inc. (USA) II-112

Capcom Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-112

Electronic Arts, Inc. (USA) II-113

EA Mobile, Inc. (USA) II-113

Infogrames Entertainment, S.A. (France) II-114

Atari, Inc. (USA) II-114

Jadestone Group AB (Sweden) II-114

Konami Corporation (Japan) II-114

Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-115

Konami Gaming Inc. (USA) II-115

Microsoft Corporation (USA) II-115

Namco Bandai Holdings, Inc. (Japan) II-115

Namco Bandai Games America Inc. (USA) II-116

Nintendo Co. Ltd. (Japan) II-116

Oberon Media, Inc. (USA) II-116

Sega Corporation (Japan) II-117

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (USA) II-117

Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd (USA) II-117

Eidos Plc (UK) II-117

Take 2 Interactive Software, Inc. (USA) II-117

Ubi Soft Entertainment S.A (France) II-118


Table 12: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for

Video Games Software by Geographic Region/Country - United

States, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan),

Middle East and Latin America Independently Analyzed by Annual

Sales in US$ Million for the Years 2006 through 2015 (incl

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