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Update for NewTek LightWave 3D® from the NewTek 3D Development Group

June 23, 2011 — In early 2009, NewTek introduced a new direction for LightWave 3D® software called CORE technology. The CORE technology initiative represented a new, unified 3D application that would allow artists and TDs to model, animate, and render on a next generation platform.

First Benefits of CORE Technology Realized in LightWave™ 10

With the successful delivery of LightWave™ 10 software (December 2010), and our aggressive schedule to deliver LightWave 10.1, expected to ship this month, we’ve already been able to integrate new features based on CORE technology—the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) and Data Interchange Tools in LightWave 10—and bring those benefits and advancements to our LightWave customer base faster. LightWave 10.1 will introduce even more new features and benefits that are a direct result of our CORE technology.

New Approach to Deliver New Technology

Based on the positive success we had integrating the CORE technology-driven VPR into LightWave 10, we have decided to change course for how we intend to deliver CORE technology. Rather than create a re-branded, new product in a separate package—which considering the constant evolution of technology, could take months or even years—we plan to implement the CORE technology advancements directly into LightWave itself, in an iterative fashion. We are aware that re-writes and updates to the underlying architecture for LightWave will be necessary to accommodate the advanced features that CORE technology represents, and we are confident that these re-writes are possible. The final mandate and objective remains: incorporate new features and benefits from CORE technology into LightWave so our customer base can benefit from the most powerful, useful, and intuitive 3D tools in the industry.

What’s Next for LightWave?

We’re staying on course by expanding the architecture within LightWave and developing amazing tools based on CORE technology. We plan to deliver incremental releases of LightWave, as promised to our customer base. The overall goal for the functionality and features that we all want has not changed—only the product and method in which we will deliver them is changing.

We hope you share our commitment and resolve, as we look forward to announcing the next release of LightWave, which will feature even more amazing new features based on new LightWave architectural enhancements and breakthroughs. We truly value our user community—who are among the most loyal and passionate in the industry. We want you to know that this new direction we take today will ultimately benefit us all. Thank you for your support and continued use of LightWave.


Kelly Dove
KG|KD Public Relations
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