Gnarly Charlie: Handsome lad !
Ultra White by elianeck: soon my new lights package with more optionstks!
Safety: Poser 11 Pro and a little postwork. Firefly render. No Superfly. This is a little snipset out of my gallery/blog/homepage, I am running.
Volta lady: playing with my sculpted morph over G1. background made with Mandelbulb 3d (fractal). a wonderful day and week end  :) not so big, because my computer is old
Nyanna Mew Desktop Edition: Glamour lingerie catgirl Full HD (1920x1080) desktop edition with Nyanna Mew. Figure is Vicky4 rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Patrol Boat Boyzs: Patrol Boat Boyzs   tag : warhammer, wh40k, w40k, imperial, warhammer40k, 40.000, 40000, ultramarine,blood angels, space volves, dark angels, catachan, cadian, inquisition, eldar, chaos, thunderhawk, chimera, leman russ, land raider, tank, imperial guard, tallarn, ork, snotling, boss, hydra flack, necron, basilisk, trojan, thunderbolt, 3d  
Ahsoka's mourning: Ahsoka mourns about the death of her former master. She had good times with him bevor he became Darth Vader. so she is between mourning and happieness of the release of his soul. On Endor she found the burned Helmet, and so she bids him a last good bye, of a old and long lost friend.
good bye: the stairs you find at 3d models section.
The english little lady: playing with morphs and textures. many thanks to all who made this image possible. a wonderful day and weekend :)
First Disabled Cover Girl: V4, created and rendered with Poser 11 Pro
Lady on the horse: many thanks to all who made this image possible. all the best :)
Sensuality: playing with dark in Daz. no postwork. a wonderful day to all :)
Was a long day: many thanks to all who made tis image possible. making new lights. a wonderful day :)
Iray:  M4 Michael Jake, DAZ Studio 4.9
On the Danube shore: a wonderful day and thank you :)
the piscine: a little time in the piscine
Night lady from Singapore: all the best :)
Man: human study :)
Leaving Alaska: working most with alpha planes. all the best :)
sauna: un petit temps au sauna. Tu viens ... ? a little time un sauna You come... ?
Kristel mountain: un peu de vacances pour Kristel avec un petit séjour à la montagne pour les joies de la neige a little vacation for Kristel with a little trip to the mountains for fun in the snow
Portrait: close-up with one of my characters
after war: a wonderful day to all :)
Alone in the night: many thanks to all who mede this image possible :)
Lazy afternoon: image made with Daz, background one of my photos
the break: made with Daz. my light and characters . hope you like it
To Roger with love: Jessica Rabbit valentine.By Delbert Moore.Thanks for the views!
The mushroom house: For these 2 images I used the Mushroom House of Mike Vogelsang. Thank you Mike for this nice prop. Postwork done with the GIMP.
Return of the demon: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Thalia: A new character morph and a new texture I am working on for Genesis 3 female. I designed the lighting using an emission plane and sphere in Iray.
Bride: i'm here-       -
Tata Steel Chess Tournament Assistant: Her name is obviously Vicky. Created in DAZ4.8, rendered in Iray.
free software: un piccolo tributo a tutti quelli che dedicano tempo, impegno e, qualche notte insonne a rendere più facile e meno costosa la nostra computer grafica.grazie.e, grazie a MAUSEL per la bella F1... a little tribute to all those who devote time, effort and some sleepless nights to make it easier and cheaper than our computer graphics. Thank you. and, thanks to MAUSEL for this beautiful F1 ... sorry for my bad english  
Joker and Harley: Other than the background, everything else was created by far more talented people than I. SKINS USED: Clowns-RawArt, Astrid-Daz Originals/Sarsa, Redspec shaders MORPHS: Joker morph-Joequick, Clown morph, poses-RawArt HAIR: SAV Eros hair-StudioArtVartanian, Guillaume Hair-Neftis3D, Tassels fibers-Look At My Hair CLOTHING: Harlequin outfit-TerryMcG, General outfit-Predatron I'm just the render tech. Minor post work, hair and image
Scarlett day off: Her true loves.Guns and wine.
Welcome to the machine: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Enter the TexToons!!: martial art unleashed!!
Soul Sisters III:   
Dark Elf: Classic Anime pose! Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Good morning! and Wake Up!: second version with my battleship. Models and render made with Lightwave3d.  
The Void is not so Void:   
Playing for money: Family plays for money.By Delbert Moore
" Palmyra addio "("Palmyra goodbye"): Dedicato a tutti coloro che stanno fuggendo dagli orrori della guerra , dalle carestie , dalla violenza , e , a volte muoino nella ricerca di una nuova terra  che li ospiti .                                                                                   Dedicated to all those who are trying to escape from the horrors of war, famine, violence and sometimes die in the search for a new land that can host them!
Innocent for a Day: Mayhem can resume tonight!
Virtual invaders: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Monster Truck: Worked on a model in max Brazil Decided to make a temaplte and but some color to it of my own .
In the mountains: kristel est actuellement en vacance à la montagne, elle habite un jolie chalet en bois avec une belle vue sur la vallée.     kristel is currently on vacation in the mountains, she lives a beautiful wooden cottage with a beautiful view of the valley.
Brigitte: It's a hoolydays
My god !: You look at me ! then...  what do you have to say ?
Winter in the Village: Village winter scene that can be used as a backdrop for Your renders. Click on the "View original image" to see it in full size and download. Ok for commercial renders only, please give credit if possible. (c) Milos Gulan 2016
Some Trouble: This can happen when you don't have all poses for your scene.Thank you Mike for the aluminum boat and the water terrain props.Postwork done with the GIMP.Aluminum boatA calm water terrainFont: BD Cartoon Shout
Getting Carried Away:   
Animeness X: Anime cutey using Dawn from HiveWire3D. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Babe in Park (nudity): Rendered in DAZ Iray, postwork in Gimp
Definitely Smitten:   
Battleship: I made this ship with Lightwave3d and render in same program, all models are mine, background city Herminione.
good bad and ugly: poser
lady in sauna: poser
Nick: DAZ Studio 4.9 Beta, Michael 4 Nicholas Nick, Env. HDR pic
Robotina: In this scene I use the head of a makehuman figure, all other 3D models I have modelled with Blender and I have created also the materials of all objects. It is a Blender Cycles render.
Constanza: Graphite, ink and watercolor on paper. Download this character in my gallery.
I need a friend by elianeck: DazStudiomy light form Daz for Iraytks!
Sharks: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Crimson Foxie: Testing a different variation of my upcoming outfit. Figure is Dawn, outfit created by me in 3DSMAX, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Gia by elianeck:   my light for Iray DazStudio   tks!
Scarlett Rose: By Delbert Moore All rights reserved.
Jedi fight in the desert.: The fight begins!
Star Wars Jedi: Some female jedi going into battle.
textoon render: tryout of mwah!
Running for life: Character, clothe for Genesis 3 Female and scene for DAZ Studio 4.8 by me.
500,000 Nya!: To comemmorate half a million page hits at DeviantArt, and also for my 10th anniversary there. I made a poll and Nyanna Mew was voted the most loved of my catgirls, so she is doing the honors for the occasion. ^^ Figure is Vicky4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
BatDawn III: I have finally completed all the modeling parts, where today I've added the cape. I've corrected some of the color hues and now I think it looks a little better. Not textures, just simple colors.Figure is Dawn. Outfit modeled in ZBrush and 3DSMAX. Rigged in Poser and rendered with Firefly. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
TexToons!!: thought of a name for these word sounds
Together: The characters are created with Makehuman and the render is done with Blender Cycles. Background created with Krita.
white room by elianeck: Genesis 2 morf by memy light for Iray!
BatDawn II: Modeled a brand new full body suit, belt, gloves, boots and a chest crest for Dawn, to go along with the cowl I had previously created. I am considering adding a cape. ^^Figure is Dawn, outfit created in 3DSMAX and ZBrush. Rigged and rendered in Poser with Firefly. Hope you like ti and thanks for coming by!
Smile: This lady is a Makehumam figure that I render with Blender Cycles. To create this I use the nightly build of Makehuman. I created a skin shader that use the original image texture of Makehuman. Also for the eyes. For the eye texture I lower the saturation a lot in Blender. The skin bumps are generated with Cycles nodes. She has a lot of bones in her face to make expressions
Star Wars: It#s only some test.
moon light by elianeck: studying for my new light package for Iray G2 Dazstudio tks!
I shot the sherif: Dedicato a Bob Marley
Anti-tentacle Training: Young heroines who wear schoolgirl-based uniforms tend to have a higher rate of being attacked by tentacles, so they need to periodically conduct anti-tentacle training.  Lari, however, seems to be having some trouble... 
Soul Sisters II:   
warrior2 by elianeck:   you ask for more with that morf ! ;) G2 my light
China Blaze Released!: Dawn just got a brand new 3-pieces super-conforming Kung-Fu outfit with 53 textures, 32 color sets, and 10 martial arts poses at Content Paradise. You have probably seen it in my gallery since 2014, and now it's finally available at my CP store. \(^.^)/ Figure is Dawn. Outfit was modeled in 3DSMAX, textured in PaintShop, and rigged in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Tess Tozderown: Female MMA champion
Miss October: vampirena's charity calendar page 10 coffin by Poser
A winter fantasy: Dreaming of a white winter. DAZ Iray render and postwork done with Krita. The outfit I used is winter fantasy from the DAZ3D store.
sexy male by elianeck: tks!
Rusty: the lost trooper
flame paint: flame paint
Americans in Spitfires: Rendering of Bazze made Spitfire model  with a modified Neil Wilson texture. Texture reworked in Adobe Elements. Staged in Daz3D, rendered with Octane Daz plugin with post render appearence added by Camera Bag. Would not have been possible without the awesome work and sharing of both Bazze and Wilson.  Markings are completely fictional and do not represent any real aircraft marking combinations.
Pink warrior by elianeck: DazStudiomy light for Iray from Daztks!
Please look me: Hum 
Snowflake: Fairy waiting for in the garden for the sun to rise
2OT-RayGun-001-test-IRAY: Thanks for viewing
Vegas by elianeck:   DazStudio iray render tks!
Happy The Cat: Something I have been modeling between projects in my spare time since last year (4824 polys). Just simple colors, no texturing, morphs or rigging yet.Happy is a Fairy Tail TV series character. Design and copyright belongs to the respective owners. Modeled in 3DSMAX, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
gothic bar: autour d'une bière
In the Gothic Pub: L'un des lieux préféré de Kristel et de ses amies Les masques sont des produits de Poisen reste de la conception sous hexagon, rendu daz 4.8
Happy new year: Voici un nouveau personnage : Kristel Age : 19 ans Statut : étudiante amies... :  Carole, Brigitte, Tia
No Words:   
Fetish Fairy: Used the correct term this time: a cute "fairy" instead of a hideous "Faerie". But cute doesn't mean she can't be a little kinky. ^___^Figure is Dawn, outfit by me. Antennae and wings are from AnimeDoll. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
True love by elianeck: true love... DazStudio my Package light for Iray tk very much!
The Flying Dutchman: A Pirate themed Image I created,  which can be found in the gallery ( ) . Rendered with Daz Studio 4.8 . No Post work.This image is FREE to use as you like.Click for Best view @ 1080HD
last one there buys the drinks: ...and the race is on!
I love Africa: La " Vespa" un mito Italiano , affascinante , briosa ,così facile da guidare che potrebbe farlo anche una scimmia!(EhEhEh) The "Wasp" an Italian myth, charming, playful, so easy to ride that even a monkey could do it! (Heheh)
Air: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Incongruity: I should not be here
You Enter My Home Bearing An Axe ?: Originally intended as a promo picture for my Poser Stone Shader And Room Prop freebie here at ShareCG, it ended up better than I expected! :) I used a bit of postwork to add the misty effect - the basics of that are shown in one of the additional images here. I could have used the Poser atmosphere's depth cue to get a similar result in the render itself, and with no real render time overhead. I also tried using the Poser atmosphere's volume, but the render time hit was so big I cancelled it.
up on the roof (of the world): Two  new  interpretations of an old theme of  "the Dragonrider", updated with some new custom mats, scenery and lighting. The outfits are mishmash of many armour sets: Version 1 is a combo of  Emma and Jordis' Elven Fantasykini,  Pretty3d's Evil Gold and Seven seas pirate outfits (boots, sash, swordbelt), Powerage's Strictly Hard (leg bracers), a modded version of  Lesthat/Val3d's Princess Alex (cloak) and Rapscallion by Anna Benjamin, Bobbie25 and Sarsa (pauldrons, collar/neckpiece and gloves). The second version uses the Fantasykini,  Seven seas pirate outfit, Princess Alex, Val's Kazai (boots) and Arien's Hostorical Armor  (armguards and mail suit) for a very different feel. I couldn't decide which i preferred so here you have them both!  Best viewed at full rez as there's a lot of detail.  All done in DAZ3 with no postwork.  
Chaos in the beach: Chaos taking a walk on the beach lol :pCredits: Chaos Hair G2F by Umanyar free to use as they wish :)
Walk by elianeck: Walk packet light cute  Miss Von Dark Outfit and Accessories for Genesis 3  by Emma.
L29 Hayes Coupe: I created this car in 3d max and rendered with vray
The Stream: The is an older image I did several months ago
Rikimaru-Tenchu: Rikimaru-Tenchu
Daniel Craig: Daniel Craig
Wishful Thinking: Something SFW at can put at my desk
A3 with Big Gun: It took quite a while to gather everything, but once I did, I created a brand-new Runtime for the A3 content I have so that it would be much easier trying to find the A3 items.  It was thankfully not nearly as painful as I had anticipated :-)   Going effectively "backward" from my G3F and G2F characters to working with an A3 character makes me really appreciate the many, many character customization morphs available since the Genesis/V5 era; even the V4/A4 era was quite a step forward compared to the A3 generation in this area!  I also find that several Daz Studio tricks do not work nearly as well, such as utilizing smoothing to fix poke-through or remove odd creases at the armpit area. 
Lick by elianeck: DazStudio my packet light   tks!
Selfie in Space by elianeck: my packt light!
Hollywood School Girl: Photorealistic renderings I've been converted overing some old stuff I had to Iray mats & settings. Rendered in Daz4.8.  HDRi Background -  Click for HD view.   Free to use as you like:)
Nowhere to hide: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
goodmorning: goodmorning
samurai: samurai
StarForce: StarForce
Hope...: tks!
Happy new year !: wings3d,gimp
Police woman by elianeck: DazStudio my light for Iray  
Yes, my Queens!: Join my kingdom, and we'll show you the pleasure of dressing and feel the red power... Ha ha ha ha ha :)
Bang-Bang by elianeck: my packet Light " light Bonus" and light "A"tks!
New horizons: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Shadow Lady: Fanart from Masakazu Katsura's manga, a blast from the past. Figure is Terai Yuki, outfit and hair by me. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Only one by elianeck: DazStudio my packet light for Iray tks!
The Trinity Squads, Villainesses vs. Superheroines: Harley Quinn, CatWoman, Poison Ivy, Spider-Girl, Batgirl & Supergirl...The Trinity Squads Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here devilishlycreative.deviantart.…Made all six additional 2nd skin textures for V4... otherwise thanks to Terry for his amazing outfits! :, & the Spider-Girl suit was made using textures and prop from JoeQuick: Hal's V4 Harley Quinn props available free from: with care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 11/2015 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Batgirl 'Classic' Dark City Series: Re-textured terrymcg costume (black & gold), and my own V4 second skin texture in grey for a change... Batgirl cosplay costume & props for V4 by the Bat-tastic Terry: http://terrymcg.deviantart.comSuperheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here: with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Ms. Victory 'Dark City' Series: Joan Wayne (stenographer) as Ms. Victory...   Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here thanks to Terry for his amazing outfits! :http://terrymcg.deviantart.comMade with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Poison Ivy Dark City Series No.19: Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here put together the V4 second skin Ivy texture...Made with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Supergirl Sunset DARK City Series: Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Supergirl II 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.14: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed ;-)Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here with Care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Dragon Fighters:   
Merry Sexy Xmas 2015: Playing with yet another radical cartoonish style. Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and Happy Holiday Season!
light by elianeck: do you like my render? do you like my light ? here.. enjoy
Buon Natale 2015: Buon Natale
FemDom: 1 more pict  for test
Before the dawn: I know you are there...... have you been following me...?
Grandma got run over by a reindeer: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Walking home from our house Christmas Eve, You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grampa, we believe She'd been drinkin too much egg-nog, And we'd begged her not to go, But she'd forgot her medication And she staggered out the door into the snow When we found her Christmas morning, At the scene of the attack, She had hoof prints on her forehead, And incriminating Claus marks on her back Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Walking home from our house Christmas Eve, You can say there's no such thing as Santa, But as for me and Grampa, we believe Now we're all so proud of Grampa, He's been taking this so well, See him in there watchin football, Drinkin' beer and playing cards with cousin Mel By Elmo & Patsy - Official Music Video Here. Rendred with Daz Studio Iray Happy Hoildays
Black eyes by elianeck: DazStudio lights package by me for Iray CS6 tks!
Under The Tree Present - Faery: Something tiny under the tree. Daz3d, Octane Render, Photoshop Elements postwork, Ysabeau model PROPS: Presents and Rug - S1M: A Traditional Christmas Scene / Room – Sixus1, Sweet Heart Present- DAZ Originals / Shox-Design / Umblefugly ENVIRONMENT: Holiday Nook – DAZ Originals / Jack Tomalin, Yuletide Dreams – DAZ Originals / Moyra SCENE PROPS: Yuletide Treasure Tree 2011 – MAB / WillDupre, Reflections Furniture – DAZ Originals / LaurieS
The Crew's All Here: Thanks
Madonna and Child: Merry Christmas everyone.
Gotta Catch Me First!:   
Blue Female Alien: I kind of liked the blue. You are not ugly, just evolved their appearance :p
Underneath a Starry Sky:   
Star Elves: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you liked it and thanks for coming by!
Happy Holidays: I made this for my former co-workers. I used to do this line of work for twenty years. (behind the wheel that is; not standing outside catching a cold).   Towtruck: 3DRiversDecorated tree: MAB WillDupreother Christmas trees: chacornac
Men's World: The last word is always mine: "yes ma'am". ;pFigures are Dawn and James. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The Dryad: Summer solitude dryad leaves by xaa
Under The Tree Present - Droids: Something under the tree for the Star Wars fan
Under The Tree Present - Lilly: Something under the tree for the holidays. RENDER CONSTRUCTION: Daz3d RENDER ENGINE USED: Octane Render MODEL USED: Victoria 4.2 SKINS USED: Ariana - Mihrelle MORPHS: Ariana - Mihrelle POSE: I13 Sculpted Pose for V4Kneel04 – Ironman13 HAIR: Paradise Hair – 3Dream CLOTHING: All Wrapped Up – Nirvy / Kaleya PROPS: Presents and Rug - S1M: A Traditional Christmas Scene / Room – Sixus1, Sweet Heart Present- DAZ Originals / Shox-Design / Umblefugly ENVIRONMENT: Holiday Nook – DAZ Originals / Jack Tomalin, Yuletide Dreams – DAZ Originals / Moyra SCENE PROPS: Yuletide Treasure Tree 2011 – MAB / WillDupre, Reflections Furniture – DAZ Originals / LaurieS   LIGHTS: Octane Render     POSTWORK: Photoshop Elements
Under The Tree Present - Scott: Something under the tree for the holidays. RENDER CONSTRUCTION: Daz3d RENDER ENGINE USED: Octane Render MODEL USED: Scott 6 SKINS USED: Base Male Phillip5 MORPHS: Kori – Scott 6 POSE: Base Figure 02 HAIR: Funky Hair – Daz Originals / Goldtassel CLOTHING: Santa Baby – Daz Originals / Lady Littlefox / Sarsa PROPS: Presents and Rug - S1M: A Traditional Christmas Scene / Room – Sixus1, Sweet Heart Present- DAZ Originals / Shox-Design / Umblefugly ENVIRONMENT: Holiday Nook – DAZ Originals / Jack Tomalin, Yuletide Dreams – DAZ Originals / Moyra SCENE PROPS: Yuletide Treasure Tree 2011 – MAB / WillDupre, Reflections Furniture – DAZ Originals / LaurieS   LIGHTS: Octane Render   POSTWORK: Photoshop Elements
Under The Tree Present - Ann: A little something under the tree. RENDER CONSTRUCTION: Daz3d RENDER ENGINE USED: Octane Render MODEL USED: Genesis 2 Female SKINS USED: Macro Skin - Parris MORPHS: Kori – Daz Originals / Countess Silver POSE: Boudoir Pose 16 – Daz Originals / Sedor HAIR: Cats Meow – Daz Originals / Goldtassel CLOTHING: Sweet Holiday Bodywrap- DAZ Originals / Shox-Design / Umblefugly PROPS: Presents and Rug - S1M: A Traditional Christmas Scene / Room – Sixus1, Sweet Heart Present- DAZ Originals / Shox-Design / Umblefugly ENVIRONMENT: Holiday Nook – DAZ Originals / Jack Tomalin, Yuletide Dreams – DAZ Originals / Moyra SCENE PROPS: Yuletide Treasure Tree 2011 – MAB / WillDupre, Reflections Furniture – DAZ Originals / LaurieS   LIGHTS: Octane Render     POSTWORK: Photoshop Elements
Treasure of the Deep: our intrepid aquanauts have found what  thay came for...  if thay mange to retreive it without further mishap, that is! I originally tried to do this purely in DS3 using spotlights and volume cameras... but over 30 hours of fruitless rendering later, I abandoned the idea and postworked the searchlights on CS2. best viewed in full resolution.
I Am The Lore !: I've always thought that helmet looked familiar... (also posted in my gallery at DAZ) Using another one of McAfee2000's freebie V4 textures from here at ShareCG - 'RD V4 Goldie'
Vampirena: My favourite character
Fear by elianeck: tks!
Happy Couple:   
Merry Chibi Xmas 2015: Figure is ChibiBel with my custom Chibi Head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
warrior by elianeck: tks!
Entertaining the Forest: This is just a quick-and-dirty render, but when I saw Missus tonight on sharecg, I was instantly impressed!  Best of all, she responds quite well to V4 poses - not perfectly, of course, but definitely close enough for V4 poses to be useful. 
Beware of Dog: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Sancia: My new italian inspired character on Luxxeon's Cappelini chair. The chair made a slow render but it is a great model.
Asian face by elianeck:   DazStudio Iray my light tks
Federation Dreadnaught on Patrol: A converted game model U.S.S. George W. Bush  The space background is SPACE SPHERE created by Dominik Lenardo  
Please no ! by elianeck: DazStudioIray rendertks!
little friend by elianeck: Daztudio 4.8Iray rendermy packet ligh..tks!
Don't Ruin My Day Off!:   
Bo: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
soft retouching...: daz studio 3,gimp
after party by Elianeck: DazStudioV7Iraytks!
The sister:
It's Beautiful...: It is a beautiful place, for sure :)
All I want for Christmas is you: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Target Acquired:    
Adam and Eve: Iray render
sister by elianeck: DazStudioIraytks!
Armor: Every sci-fi female needs at least one set of unbelievable armor!
Pop-up dreams: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
what is it princess: snow white is mad at the queen. Thanks Mylochka it is a great queen
Mission Gone Awry:   
Night patrol: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
mon cher ami...: GIMP
Chibi Proportions: Generally speaking, a Chibi character is about 2-heads tall, so this is what my new chibi head would look like in those proportions. The body looks tiny, but in reality I've just scaled the head up. Head was modeled and morphed in 3DSMAX, rigged and rendered in Poser (Firefly). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Want to fly by elianeck: DazStudioIrayV4my packet lighttks
Central District: Reformer 121734 Central District
Nik ReaLLess 2015 Femdom 3D Art: ... I am seeking orders
Chibi Expressions!: These are 20 random expressions made with my new Chibi head, and they demonstrate a small set of what can be done with the current 116 morph dials. All expressions shown here can be done with just dial spinnings. My ~Anime Expression Props~ pack could be used to completement the expressions, but is not required and wasn't used here because I wanted to show what can be done even before adding them.Head was modeled and morphed in 3DSMAX, rigged and rendered in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Silence: This scene is created, rendered (Cycles) and post work done with Blender.The Trees, fern and grass of Derek Goff (Blending Nature tree package).
Wait a moment: This is Blender Cycles render of a Genesis 2 female figure. The background was done with Krita. For the frame I used the GIMP with a G'MIC filter.
Tacha: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Merry Christmas 2015: I sent  my Archangel Nidawi to wih you Merry Christmas and  a Happy new year 2016. 
Soul Taker II: Made this scene myself. Was a lot of fun and will package this up soon for others to use.
Wrong Cave: Her final thought before the creature's sharp tongue cracked open her skull:  "I should have turned left, not right!"
Chibi Test II: Started yesterday with 47 head morphs, and it got to 86 today. Here are a couple of chibi characters to test the head. Used NearMe's body again. The expressions on the little chibies at the bottom are built-in and require no extra props - the kind of thing I've always wanted to have in my Poser characters, now with all the chibi fun.Head was modeled and morphed in 3DSMAX, rigged and rendered in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
blonde fairy by elianeck: test my lights package for Iraytks!
out of nowhere,nowhere...: daz studio.gimp
Chibi Test: Have been working hard on my new chibi head, and after creating the first 42 head morphs and rigging the head, I finally have something to show. This is using some of the morphs for the eyebrows, eyes, mouth, nose and the ears. I am also happy that my new flat Anime eyes rigging has worked out. Head was modeled and morphed by me in 3DSMAX, body is NearMe. Rigged and rendered in Poser with Firefly. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Dreaming: This render of a genesis 2 female character is done with Blender Cycles. I create Cycles materials for it based on the original textures of this character.
The Stuff of Legends: The Corsair and the Privateer (I really should get round to giving them names!) have joined forces to hunt for sunken treasure. Equipped with their new 2 person submerisble hoverbike, they descend to the depths, undaunted by tales of mythical monsters guarding the lost hoard.... A rather whimsical combination of elements from previous renders...  witnh the addition of a new vehicle which (as you can see more clearly in the last image) was made by mashing 2 DAZ hoverbikes together and adding tanks, turbines, control surfaces and canopy  using primitives with appropriate texture and bump maps ( including the intake of a rolls royce jet engine for the hydroturbine!). All done in DAZ3 except flares and bubbles in cs2.  Best viewed at full resolution.  
Cani´s green eyes: Genessis 2 Female, Postwork
New Chibi Head: Had a sudden compulsion to model a new Anime head - this time in straight chibi style, and in higher-res (1280 polys) than the last one (240 polys). This one will have whole different set of expressions, and I am really excited to get started on that part. The eyes will use also use a different kind of rigging (hope it works). Will show more progress as I work on it. Modeled in 3DSMAX. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
NormaJeane by elianeck: DazStudio Iray renderCS6tks!
apeman: they blew it up
calcity b17: b17 model
Nightbird: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Hot Wheels: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
G2M: Genesis 2 Male Iray render.
Green Box: 3ds Max + Vray
CutOut: 3ds Max + Vray
9 Spheres: 3ds Max + Vray
half life: 3dmax + vray
Nokia: 3ds Max + Vray
Ocean: Noting
Alert by elianeck: soon released my lights package for DazStudio Iray render ! tks!
Winter Time:'s getting cold... rendered with Poser Pro 2014  
The Magnificence of the Nations: At first view, it seemed the city was as high as it was broad, a cube set foursquare on a vast plain. Closer inspection revealed that like an atomic structure, with its surrounding energy levels, the city was more compact than its grid-like array of illuminated skytraffic patterns suggested. Yet each massive tower reached higher then the next into the heavens as Nu Jeru thrust itself up from the ancient plain like a fist stretched on high in an exquisitely hostile environment.
Freed from Zero: I was pose-testing some clothing geometry, and accidentally imported the dressing dummy attached to the shoes.  an IRay shader and Sickleyield's easy Godrays later, I got this.  Considering that G2M had been in zero pose for several days while I jumped back and forth trying to figure out how to get the back of his pants and crotch from disintegrating at extreme pose positions, I thought he might be glad to move around a bit!   IRay render Vanilla Genesis2 male Godrays by Sickleyield (thanks!) Clothing by Aggromemnon, created painfully in Hexagon 2.51 I included some of the clothing test shots, as well.  I've learned a lot about geometry this week, and mostly I've learned to not let the software do any more of it than you have to.  Hexagon's smoothing is nice and all, but it wrecked the crotch in the first three builds of those pants.  Use minimally, and only after you've established the base geometry of the object.
Odds & Ends: Previously unpublished images
Odds & Ends: Some previously unpublished images.
Odds & Ends: Some loose pictures. Some old, some new.
Work in progress: Kilgorin Battle Axe & Dragons Blade
Unwanted Attention:   
Tails and Tentacles: Figure is Dawn, rendered im Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
New girl in town: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Office Lady for Pauline: Today I have released Pauline's very FIRST full outfit at Content Paradise ( It comes with high-res 4K textures, and I want everyone to have it, so I made it much cheaper then my usual. Buy this brand new Poser 11 outfit and help a starving artist! ^______^Figure is Poser 11's Pauline. Outfit was created in 3DSMAX and rigged for Poser 11. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Rainforest: Rendered this one in DS3. Made some props and created this scene. Some tidy up to remove some white edges was done in PS. Python from DAZ3D Tropical plants by from Sharecg (redo mesh and textures) Tree branch by Avros
White Hat: I used a backdrop set to pure white and ISO 200 to create an intentional over exposure of the scene. The model is my new character Aevlin wearing my fur hat available for download in my gallery.
Anchor: This render is done with Blender Cycles.
Alien Abduction: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
This is a Fantastic Book!:   
Nyanna Sits Pretty II: Another glamour shot with Nyanna Mew. Figure is V4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by.
go to the korin's tower: A pics I made with the amazing free stuff, available here:, , thanks! You can see more of my works here: 
the desk of Ornella: Le bureau d'Ornella
The revelation: Another image but this time is Ornella une autre image mais cette fois c'est Ornella creat with hexagon
A new story: juste quelques images d'un nouvelle histoire en cours de création avec deux personnage Almia et Ornella (v4)création des décors et des vêtements avec hexagon et j'espère d'une mise en page BDdonc à suivre   Ici c'est Almia qui attend son amie just a few images of a new history being created with two character Almia and Ornella (v4) creation of sets and clothing with hexafon and hopefully a BD layout So to follow   here is Almia awaits her friend
Tatyana: Iray render of Genesis 2 character.
Solemn Elf: rendered in DS4.8
above the pyramid: just playing around with lighting and dof with native 3delight engine in daz studio , also lens flare effect using photoshop. i'll soon upload the background scene as freebie right after posting my upcoming 20 sec keyed animated short in YT channel. thx for lookin!
Bunny Tech: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Outfit, wings and headset by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Damsel in Distress (Again): Whether in or out of uniform, Lari always seems to end up in the role of the stereotypical damsel in distress... 
If Lisa had her way: Torchwood cyberwoman
Francis's promise: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Assassin: I was just playing around while a couple of ideas were floating around in my mind - Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen,  and using female clothing on males. This isn't intended to be Feyd, nor is it intended to be Arrakis. But then again, maybe it is...  ;o)   I've spotted a few mistakes, and it's not complete yet - maybe it never will be.
First knight: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
misfit: werts movie stars joe bucks marilyn
wait untill I get my hand on that director: werts movie star morphs....thanks
that's it: are you listening to me
Asylum return: Bryce 7
Asylum: modeled in Wings, textured in Bryce 7
The Drow: The Drow, also known as dark elves, are dark-skinned sub-race of elves that predominantly lived in the Underworld.
OL Pauline Portrait: One of the promo images for my upcoming "Office Lady" outfit for Pauline, the female figure that will ship with Poser 11. Figure is Pauline, outfit by me. Rendered in Poser 11 with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Through the mirror:     
Hide&Seek: i'm here-  
Venom: Busto de Venom hecho en Blender
liberater: blaks 7 ship
justice: all the jawas
A Lonely Oasis: Rendered in Daz Studio Post work in Photoshop, best viewed Orginal; size 1080HD Free to use as you like.
Naou's secret: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Burst: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
all to easy: that's not the princess
Nessie: A render of the Loc-ness-monster Rendered in Daz Studio. No post work
gym: stephanie 4
ineficient: borgs
enterprise: thanks
enterprise: thanks
imagine that a passionate Vulcan: thanks mylochka your awesome for sharing
Basement Babe:   
Marguerite Jewels: V4 DAZ Studio Iray Render, Profil, Shader
Rei of Light: Not since I first started working with 3D imagery have I even considered touching an A3 character, so I decided it was time to try working with A3 again.  This is admittedly difficult since I have very little A3 content in my Runtime, and what little I do have is mixed amongst the plethora of V4/A4 items, making it difficult to even find the A3 content.  After working so heavily with V4 and G2F characters for the past few years, utilizing A3 is a bit foreign to me in terms of finding parameters.  Some "standard" parameters from V4 onward appear to not even exist in A3:  For example, I could not find a way to close A3's eyes, which can be quite limiting in some circumstances. 
Peacock: Download the neck corset in my gallery.
thanks for sharing: sci fi
Everything is on the menu: please watch your
OL Outfit Materials: Some combinations of material styles for the OL outfit. This is the Pauline version. The same options will be available for the Dawn in Poser/DS versions.Figure is Pauline (Poser 11), rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Chestburster: While this may not be as epic as Alien or Spaceballs, this would still scare the *$&@ out of me! 
Bring it!!: A couple of newlyweds taking part in the marital arts......
Lumina: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
The answer is?: The Chiyo for Victoria7 it was custom.
when things seem normal: The title says it all...
Anime Stylized Pauline: Made my Anime stylized Pauline morph today. ^____^Figure is Pauline, rendered in Poser Pro 11 (beta) with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Sandra in Miami:  Sandra is a custom character  by Me based in real person
another world(continued): gimp
Dragon Nest: A horde of Dragons gathering. one of them is even carrying a cow.Rendered with Iray.Best viewed full size 1080HD for all the details - See more at:
Silhouette: My first attempt at using Iray. The skin texture in this render has no SSS or Iray shader applied, yet the renderer gave it a pearlescent quality.
First spell: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
STACIA Sexy In Lace: Here is Stacia Sexy In Lace! I have created renders of her in png format  include closeups  
STACIA Sexy In Lace: Here is Stacia Sexy In Lace! I have created renders of her in png format  include closeups
Tour of the Future: Experimenting with fractals, specifically with Mandelbulb 3D, certainly provides some interesting "landscapes" which can potentially be leveraged in 3D imagery, and that in turn fits quite well into my overall theme of Bast visiting the future. 
Living with wolves: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
The Fruit of Knowledge: there is nothing to say the forbidden fruit was an apple; many others have been suggested by various sources including pomegranate, grape and even magic mushrooms!   I like the traditional European iconography however, and so have stuck with that.... All in DAZ3...  
Did you see Little Red Riding Hood ?: thanks for viewing
3 Sisters: Thanks for vieuwing! Enjoy!
Sam 3 Stereo: Trick-R-Treat!
Mary Rose and Sam Stereo: Mary Rose and Sam
Haunted 2 Stereo: Started to work with a program called Stereo Photo Maker
NOOoo!: When Hell freezes over.
Bomb the ban!: Protesting...
Poser 11 Pauline Portrait: A portrait of Pauline with her default face and materials, and an expression I've created with her facial handles (no morphs involved). Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
This Isn't Good...:   
Pauline OL: Since yesterday I have been modeling a new "Office Lady" (OL) outfit for Pauline, and today I have something to show. This time I made the sleeves less baggy, the glasses a bit narrower, and the skirt a bit shorter comparing to the Dawn version.Pauline is the new default figure from the upcoming Poser 11, and she comes with a whole different rigging that only works in that version. Instead of traditional morphs, her face and some parts of the body are rigged with body handles that can be freely moved around to control the shapes. On the face, this allows creating unique facial expressions, instead of relying on traditional fixed morphs. There is also Paul, the male figure that will ship with the same features.This is the very first outfit I have created using Poser Pro 11 (beta), and the first thing I've noticed was that it automatically converts everything to Unimesh skinning with subdivision surfaces as soon as you conform it to the figure. This is both a good and a bad thing, because it's not supposed to be subdivided before I finish the rigging. I hope this will change in the final version. I have plans to write a complete Poser 11 review later on, for this beta still needs some work and things may still change before release. Outfit modeled in 3DSMAX and rigged in Poser Pro 11. Rendered in Poser 11 with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The Postman Always Delivers: Trying a little film noir look. Fog and hard lighting. Used Camera Bag to remove color. Not exactly the look I wanted but close.
The Battles of Kawanakajima ( Kenshin Uesugi ): The samurai warrior whom I respect in the age of civil wars ( Sengoku ) in Japan is Kenshin Uesugi. He was a rare warrior to devote himself for another person regardless of the interest of himself. He believed in the Bishamonten, and he was a hero of Sengoku period. His representative war is the Battles of Kawanakajima in conflict with Shingen Takeda. Because he was single throughout the life, it is said that Kenshin might be a woman.Thanks for sharing. Yumi, Ebira by alninja Zukin ; MMNinjaSuit01 For V4 by mamomamo mne5 for V4 by MNE Bushi kimono for M3 by hisayan Yoroi for M3 hisayan Flag ; Hatasashimono by Kamai
Mk.II: Another reworking of an older character.  This time the strong Sorayama flavour is improved with a dash of Terminator sauce! Light flares are in CS2, the rest DAZ3
Morning ride: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Samhain moon: before there was halloween..... all done in DAZ 3 except the smoke which is a CS2 brush
Cuts: Genesis 2 character.
Witchcraft: Played with lighting a bit in this one.
Something to shout about!: don't think anyone's listening
Last Night of Summer:  Which is Samhain, or in modern parlance, Halloween... The first fantasy  render I ever did was 4 years ago for a ShareCG hallowe'en competition.   A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, but I decided to give that early character a bit of a revamp, so here she is again, with better textures and lighting.  I'll be doing some more with her in the near future,  but as its been a while since I posted anything, I thought I'd put this portrait up....
green light: gimp
Protecting the Cherry:   
Evening rain: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
The bathroom: Une salle de bain antique ou fantaisie pour des scenes en préparation. Créé avec hexagon and daz iradium   An antique bathroom or in preparation for fantasy scenes. Created with hexagon dans daz iradium
in the spotlight 02: thanks for viewing
Wicked Halloween: A little fun for Halloween
Cthulhu rising: Cthulhu model and the Cista Sanctus environment rendered in Octane
Happy Thoughts: Woman in White outfit for Genesis 3 female rendered in Octane
G(X-version): gimp
Sisters: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Hellfire: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
in the spotlight: thanks for viewing
Jessi High definition: I used Jessi, Terragon2, poser pro game dev and rendered with firefly
Female 1026: A character for Genesis 2 female in progress.
Watch: Just a few pictures of a new face that's appeared from my runtime - hM4 with Nicholas texture/morphs, plus a smidgen of Faces Of Fantasy. Nick and FOF are freebies from ShareCG - check my favourites. And the creepy face in the background is (the false) Balok, also here at ShareCG. This guy may, or may not, be called Joe. The cigar and trenchcoat look seems to be the one that's developing from this, and he seems to be turning into a sort of futuristic film noir private investigator.  I've uploaded a new image entitled "Goodbye Joe" at RDNA if anybody's interested  
pain maximum: gimp
Studio n. 15 "Girl smoking": A processing in Photoshop Thanks for viewing  
Skybreaker: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
2OT-CLS-Test-Gwen-HishySkin-06b-REALITY 4.1: Betatesting for store on DA:…used in this one:3 point setup with sqare LEM, curved LEM and round meshlights from this upcoming set: CE-CLS-RealitySP1506 Reality Mesh Light Set
The-virtual-tube-01b-IRAY: Betatesting for store on DA:…used in this one:3 square meshlights , 1 round meshlightMeshlight from this set: CE-CLS-IraySP1501 Iray Mesh Light Setplus a little color from this freebie set CE-CLS-MatDP1512 MAT Color Filters
You Are My Girl: a picture against racissm. PoserPro2014 and Phoroshop. No DAZ
Xandra by elianeck: Xandra for G3 from runtimeDNAtks!
in scarlet: bryce,gimp
The haze: Work done with DAZ Studio 4.8. I used my products, Lucia and Mystery place.
Statue: I was working on an idea for a Halloween render, but I decided to scrap the Halloween part of it The plants are all low poly OBJ models by Nobiax with my own Poser versions of the textures.
Mad Doctor: Deranged Doctor
Madam Vampire: Render of a Madam vampire and victim 
Bump by elianeck: only a crazy image, play with BUMP in realitytks
Eat Potatoes: We have a rebellion in the vegi garden
Tina for Victoria 4: A new character morph for Victoria 4. Requires her Morphs++ pack. Includes a head and body morph as well as MATs. MATs require the UberSurface shader. Only for DAZ Studio, unfortunately. Outfit is V4 Fetish Wear by Hair is WASG Hair by outoftouch with morphs by minx and color by -Wolfie-
Maras chocolate cup: lecker
experiments in posing from scratch: Each of these renders were posed by hand from the default 0 position Rendered in Daz Studio with IRay Jacket by Beal578 gun by Royloo  
That's Not a Halloween Costume!: That's not a Halloween costume!  That's an excuse to be nearly naked in public! 
Parrish Gate: an homage to one of my favorite artists of all time, Maxfield Parrish Composed in Daz Studio, rendered with I-Ray Character:  Genesis2 Female by Daz3D Set:  Moongate, also from Daz3D Wardrobe:  Corvidae Dress and texture and Jewelry by (I don't remember, but I'll add it later) Post-processing done in Photoshop and LightRoom (Because I suck at lighting)
edenian princess v4/a4: an improved version of an item i shared here some time ago, all files were changed and modified so this conforming sets is a whole new thing. u can get the item here!
Cachi 柿: Ciao alninja san, Grazie. He shared a 'Crossbow' for me. I did post to ShareCG after a long absence. I made a work under the theme of autumn Japanese representative fruit 'persimmon' = 'Cachi' = 'kaki' this time. My heroines seem to fight a deal with a bow or a crossbow each other, In fact, they competed for taking a 'Cachi'. It is a punchline intercepted by force to a crow after all.Thanks for sharing.Crossbow by alninja,  Fantasy Bow LH by alninja, mne5 for V4 by MNE, Sky-Backgrounds by mey-moonlight, 'Persimmon' = 'Cachi' = 'kaki' by Nekoja
I Can Feign Innocence:   
Works in Progress: All images composed and rendered in DazStudio using I-Ray.  Object, figure,and wardrobe credits will be posted as soon as I can figure out who to credit (some changes were made last minute before the renders) These are the first successful (somewhat) cg projects I've done in several years.  They still need to be tweaked and re-rendered one more time.... but I thought I'd share them anyway.  
How the Girls Spent Halloween Night:   
Dynamic 3D Marvelous Designer Hoodie: Dynamic 3D hoodie made in Marvelous Designer and rendered in Keyshot. Visit for Marvelous Designer tutorials, Marvelous Designer clothing patterns & garment files
Marvelous Designer Dress Dynamic 3D Clothing: Dynamic 3D Marvelous Designer dress - unrendered screenshot from Marvelous Designer 5.
Chinese dream by elianeck: Reality render   tks!
Evet's CGI Art: Stills and clips from Evet's short films, music videos, animations, ect. 
Mara's lemonade: The Kids 4, DAZ Studio Iray
Wall of Swords!: My character Roxa performing an attack. Thanks for viewing.
Char.Spotlight-Roxa: My 3rd character for my webcomic I'm developing. She's begins as an antagonist to the Krayal sisters but as the story progress her outlook toward them will change. Stay tuned and thank you for viewing.
Char.Spotlight-Niessa: Introducing Niessa Krayal, younger sister of my lead character Weevra. The duo are a pair of alien monster hunters; with Niessa being the more level headed of the two. I'll reveal more about them as I develop their story. Thanks for viewing.
Flare Up: Weevra displaying her power. This is a rework of the first picture I did of her. I wasn't really satisfied with her 1st image but this time I captured the look I was hoping for.
Char.Spolight-Weevra: Hi there, I’m just posting some image of my lead character Weevra for an upcoming project I’m working on. Thanks for viewing.
OL Suit Update 3: First textured version of my upcoming Office Lady outfit for Dawn. It also shows the UV mapping quality.Figure is Dawn, modeling done in 3DSMAX, materials, rigging and rendering done in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
very comfortably: "Nicholas" (Michael 4) likes the  "Slipper Chair"(use poser Version size 80 % Import DAZ), DAZ Studio 4.8 Iray
Vamp about town: Getting a bite on the bus home! And now the story begins to unfold... Iryna Tkach just a few weeks earlier, shocked, moments before she became Vampirena  
Our Cupboard !: It's OURS ! We found it first. Go away and find your own !   Kattey's Kids 4 M4V4Textures Remap Araneldon's Mix K4M4V4 morphs JoeQuick's Faces of Fantasy for M4  
lets play by elianeck: DazStudioiray renderV7tks!
GGG1: Part 1 of Goblin Girl Giant #1
100815_498: Enjoy!!!
Ooops!: Rendered with daz studio  in Iray, no post work.
ude2039 pt 2: Second half of the comic
Selfie: Selfie in the park! actually it's in a warehouse with a big backdrop... she is a vampire after all...
another world: gimp
element: gimp
After midnight: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Contemplation: Lost in thought dalek 2010 by billy bower
Again!?!: Lari: Why do I have to be the damsel in distress again!?!Dari: Because I like seeing you in a cage!
Flares - M: I feel like I have to post something, I just joined, I downloaded a model of a motorbike, some plants, very useful, can't find elsewhere, thank you so much. This maybe be useful to you, use it as you wish.
3 babes: tks
Pink xo-xo: tks!
OL Suit Update 2: Added a pair of glasses to my upcoming office lady outfit. Last time I was showing the DS version, and this is the current Poser version.Figure is Dawn, modeling done in 3DSMAX, materials, rigging and rendering done in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Autumn leaves: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy! Happy Halloween!
Los Mariachis.: Una serenata in stile "Mariachis" A "Mariachis" style Serenade  . Tanks for wiewing  
He Likes You!: It was purely a matter of time before Jenny introduced Jenna to Edgar... 
Vampirena: This guy should quit while he's still ahead!!
Droid Overheat: Just playing with metals in Octane, inspired by the works of Hajime Sorayama. Figure is Dawn. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
MM: None
No Need for Pawns:   
DW12 Vodafone: Painted in PS 7. Rendered in 3ds Max 2010
Rainbow Day by elianeck: coming soon Kioko model for genesis 3 by Marcius Hesstks!
ude2039: alien vampire floating freely in space gets picked up by scavengers
gaga in black by elianeck: AHS Hotelreality render
Let's play outside: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Project FX by elianeck: tks!
The VIP: 10-  1080 HD CG Photo-realistic graphics, rendered in Iray.  you can see all 10 renders at this Link: Take a helicopter ride with a VIP
Queeb of Night: rendered with I Ray - postwork in Gimp
FAE: This is rendered in reality - let it run for 8 hours
Dreaming: Have been experimenting with 3d Delight - Iray and reality renderers - this one was rendered with 3d delight
Firestarter: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
The Wish: In the dead of night, two elfish children sneak into the Head Master of Alchemy's office at the nearby university. "Did you find the key to Master Wygstaff's book?" Fleta asked Tuftkin. "No, it's not up here either. We'll never get the Wish spell now." "Well, stop kitty-prancing up there and come down!" hissed Fleta. "Be quite, you blockhead," said Tuftkin, "someone might hear us. Wait, it looks to be something inside this orb..." "Hey, what are you two doing monkeying around in father's office?" Menka demanded. =~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~= The elfish children were granted a wish by the twixie trapped in the Head Master's office. However, the spiteful sprite didn't grant the wishes they were expecting. "Well, I hope you're pleased!" Master Wygstaff scolded. "Getting turned into a monkey, a kitten, and a block of stone by a twixie. Come now, what do you have to say for yourselves?""Uk-uk...ek! It was them, father!" Menka pointed. "Err-eow... I'm sorry, Master Wigcliff," said Fleta. "It was Tuftkin's idea. We never meant to set the twixie free." "M mft rft," Tuftkin retorted.
Kioko by elianeck: Kioko for genesis 3 by Marcius Hess​tks!
Human hunter: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
It's not safe in west park: there's a vampire loose (fangs morph from most digital, male figure is apollo maximus
I Like This Place:   
A great vintage! (Ottima annata): Mmmmhhhh..... , 1747 Scottish blood, a great vintage!!
"Routine": My opinion about control of fire arms Models and render with Blender
someone lost a cat?: tks!
let's make a picknick?: Hi octubre! halloween time !!
Orange Alert!: Rage against the machine (bodysuit and boots from most digital & mars hair by project sailor moon)
Meredith's pets: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
babysitter by elianeck: DazStudio Iray render   tks!
Walking out: experimenting with DS4 iray once again. This time the image much better than the previous one posted.
Stretch: This is the first time I have done a straight-down shot on a character
Karate girl:  Free Karate Girl fan art. This is the stats on Karate girl in her exciting new animated film. coming out tomorrow, this was rendered in Iray post work in photoshop
dream flare by elianeck: tks!
call me by elianeck: tks!
Escaping to the Past: The newly-released Rayn is an interesting figure, and I had acquired her with the intention of using her as a background character from time to time.  However, in experimenting with her in character creation, I found that she seems much more useful for my images overall when "aged up" as a teenager.
Digitte Baudot: Digital French actress from the 60s clothes by wilmap. hair is daz mitsu hair for aiko. background is sheltered haven. (havent been able to pose this figure as the clothes would not follow even though they are parented. grateful for any suggestions on why this happens?)
End of the line: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Bewitched: This uses Trixie's  Witch Texture for MFD. Enjoy!!!
brazilian body by elianeck: brazilian body  curves soon model for G3 by Marcius Hess DazStudio Iray render tks!
Jeana´s Vernissage: Genesis 3 Female JeanaTest Iray & with great prop by "AllenArt Drinking Glass prop for Iray with shaders", PW paint.NET
Magic & Metal:   
Brazilian curves by elianeck: brazilian  black woman curvessoon model for G3 by Marcius Hess​pose by MarciusDazStudioIray rendertks!
ZenTopia: Island of solitude   leotard by wilmap pose available 
Buick Skylark: Created in 3d max and rendered with vray
little devil by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for Genesis 3 by Marcius Hess
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2011 - Part4: Collection of work from 2011
An excelent car , sir!!: Days ago I was, by chance, in a used car market  held , every Sunday , in the vicinity of the my village, and the attitude of an artful seller inspired me this picture. A little humor never hurt!
~Bunz Bunny II~: ~Bunz Bunny II~Figure is Dawn, outfit created by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Elaine body by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for G3 soon by Marcius Resstks!
Elaine in action by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for G3 soon by Marcius Resstks!
Elaine face by elianeck: DazStudioIray renderElaine for G3 soon by Marcius Resstks!
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2011 - Part3: COllection of art from 2011. Created using the Poser Suite
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2011 - Part2: Collection of art from 2011. All created using the Poser Suite
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2011 - Part1: Collection of work from 2011, all created using the Poser Suite
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2010 - Part2: Part 2 of 2010 Portfolio
Shakespeare's Workshop Portfolio 2010 - Part1: Collection of 3D art completed using the Poser 8 / Poser 9 software suite. The majority of my images incorporate very little postwork with the exception of color balancing and basic edits, primarily using Google's Picasa suite.
Bikini Babe Jenna:   
3 stories of 3 apples and 3 women: Among many readings think back to three stories of three apples and three women. Among them the most famous stories of ... Eva, Elena Trojan and the wicked witch.
La Viola d'Inverno: Image inspired by a beautiful song by an Italian musician (Roberto Vecchioni). It's called "La Viola d'Inverno" I report below part with translation I hope not too disastrous. I suggest to those who are interested to find on google the entire text.   She will come when I sleep or dream, Or piss or while I'm driving, The hear well while playing disarray, And I will not confuse it with anything, Because it sounds damned eternal: The matter is you hear it only that once The viola of winter. The question is that you are never prepared, and that always happens to others, Living in after all is obvious Do not you imagine that you never enough It always stays behind a speech It always stays behind remorse ...          
Country Lovin: Updated my Daz Studio with the latest version (DS 4.8) so I could test out the iRay feature. As I already have the Reality 4, but will wait for the 4.1 before testing that out. I am impressed with iRay. Renders look better and the time is much shorter. Wonder how Reality 4.1 will go?
bus stop shock: a sight beyond words. first render with iray. clothes by wilmap. background is city bus stop. hair by kozaburo
Heartbreaker: Working character I'm toying with.
the mask: just a mask modeling with hexagon render with daz3d volontary no tex
How many ?: Just a scene fort a futur little story. this is the first scene - all create with hexagon - people is G3F and perso character
Rifleman walk: Part of a western series I did for a friend
Pirate Girl: Pirate series I did for friend.
Bastila Shan: Star Wars character I know nothing about but came across on Internet and via costume provided by TerryMcG. Used new textures for costume provided by Mylochka which pointed me in the direction of costume in the first place.
Studio n. 14 " The self discovery " (Nudity): After a long time, I managed to recover my beloved PC from the lab where they had brought in for repair. Surely, all this time, I missed many good works of you all my friends, and I am sorry. I will try to make up for lost time.
The day after: Bryce 7
Anyone Who Makes a Catcall: ...gets one in the head! 
cute-cute by elianeck: DazStudioIray rendertks!
miki by elianeck: Miki 2DazStudioIray rendertks!
~Lick Time~: Mia and Lynn go out for some icecream. Figure is Dawn. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
2OT-CLS-Test-02-IRAY: I'm so proud that chose me as a beta here is the first official render using the upcoming lightset, called CLS, from her soon be opened store  on DA:…used in this one:3 point lightset (square, curved and round meshlight) from this set CE-CLS-IraySP1501 Iray Mesh Light SetAdded a little color to the lights using this upcoming FREEBIE from her store CE-CLS-MatDP1512 MAT Color Filters
Medieval street: Bryce 7, Wings3d
Yautja: Hunter's Creed: Using the wonderful Predator Bundle from Swidhelm.  Creed is my own.
Yautja: The hunt in heavily wooded forest: Credits for Predator go to Swidhelm and saphira98 for the Thanator.
Vila In Lilac: I have created poses, renders, cluster in png-format and an animatedgifimage using contents for the wonderful character Vila♥
TOONBABY Fannie the fairy: I have created cluster, poses in png-format and an animatedgifimages using contents for the adorable ToonBaby Fairy Fannie♥
TOONBABY Esmie the Fairy: I created clusters, poses in png-format and an animatedgifimage using contents of the adorable character ToonBaby the fairy Esmie!
Inga the Goddess: Inga The Goddess created using contents for Keiko for daz studio. Created Inga in poses, cluster, closeups in png-format and an animatedgifimage!
Gumdrop Parfait HouseWork: Renders, poses, closeups, cluster created using contents of the character Gumdrop Parfait ... also an animatedgifimage!
GUMDROP Cordon the cook: Renders, poses, cluster in png-format and animatedgifimage created using the character Gumdrop-contents....
GUMDROP Flapper in Lilac: Renders, cluster in png-format and an animatedgif created using contents of the character Gumdrop♥
Tube Dress: Modeled a new dress for Dawn and this is a frame from an animation I made to test it. Features dynamic cloth and dynamic hair. The stockings and bracelet are from my ~Diamond Dress~, and the shoes are my Cardy boots. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Pauline: daz studio,gimp
Desktops Wallpapers for September 2015: My desktops wallpapers for september 2015 created using contents from characters as Gumdrop, Keiko, Toongeneration and Vila
GUMDROP 18th Century: Created clusters, renders, poses using this adorable character Gumdrop-contents !
AMELIE Love Her Hat: Amelie created using the 3dcharacter Keiko
AMELIE HD Ninja in Pink Hair: Amelie Ninja in Pink hair... using the character KEIKO to create renders, cluster, poses and animatedgifimage
3D Vampire: 3D Vampire for Halloween♥ Created using ToonGenerations-contents! 
3D TOON Zombie: 3D Toon Zombie in art, renders and animatedgifimage for the Halloween2015
3DToon Girl Ready To Rock: Renders using Toongeneration of 3DToonGirl ready to rock n roll.... Clusters, Poses and animatedgif!
my little pony by elianeck: my little ponyIray Render tks!
Marilyn: Custom morph Can be found in my portfolio enjoy
2OT-S02-Studio-44-01-IRAY: made with
Indiana Croft: You'll never figure who she is. ;pFigure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The Lagoon: figure - v4 morph&edit by metexture - valina by silverskirt - by me from render in DAZ
the goddess: Figure - Victoria 4texture - Vanila by Silvercloth - felinicity for v4Hair - Feliciana Hairrender in DAZ3D
My Eyes are Up Here!:   
unreality...: daz studio,gimp
virus: wings3d,gimp
return...: wings3d,gimp
River Bend: A lone traveler stumbles upon an elusive beauty bathing in the cool waters of the river bend.<==============<~O~>=============>Victoria 4Pia by vyktohriaHMHM Hair by Redviperhair color shader by SemicharmA. Gunsolley - Op Unicorn HornMillennium HorseBlueroan Snowflake Appy by DreamWeaver DesignsMillennium Centaur V4 by hemi426Worldball by 3DCheapskateSmall waterfall in park from hdrmaps  
Broken Window: The rift between the waking world and realm of fantasy, as thin as glass. On the ebb of a full moon the window may break, a creature of the realm shall pass.<==============<~O~>=============>Millennium HorseBlueroan Snowflake Appy by DreamWeaver DesignsA. Gunsolley - Op Unicorn HornWorldball by 3DCheapskate"Night of preview party" by heiwa4126 (CC BY 2.0)
Woodland Pass: Crossing paths with a unicorn upon a woodland pass<==============<~O~>=============>Millennium HorseBlueroan Snowflake Appy by DreamWeaver DesignsA. Gunsolley - Op Unicorn HornWorldball by 3DCheapskateHDR 041 Path from hdri-hub
BB by elianeck: DazStudioReality pluguintks!
Bunz Bunny: What's up doc?Figure is Dawn. Outfit is my ~Classic Bunny Suit~ available at HiveWire3D. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Pixuleco Monument: A monument to a political statement.Modeled in 3DSMAX, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
To boldly go: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Gwen K7 BB8 LightSaber 01 Iray: thanks for viewing
Bike-03-IRAY: Thanks for viewing
2OT-S05-Studio-34-03-IRAY: thanks for viewing
2OT-S05-Studio-24-03-IRAY: tanks for viewing
Road to the old mansion: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Im back Master by elianeck: Iray renderif you ca help me pls join!
China face by elianeck: tks!
ballerina legs by elianeck: tks!
Embuscade: Just a scene with a elfe
Rocking Red: Came up with this character while mix and matching Dawn's head morphs. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Tokyo Rose: More work in Daz 4.8
Final destination: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Robot in love by elianeck: Iray rendertks!
Silent Strength: African girl and her pet lions
Cyber Blaze: * Figure is Dawn by HiveWire3D* Custom Anime head by Ken1171* MK-1 sci-fi outfit by Ken1171* Lace stockings by Ken1171* Cardy boots by Ken1171Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Selfie by elianeck: who does not have a friend like that?tks!
No Pictures!: It looks like yet another friendship is beginning to turn into something more...
Onibaba: Variously translated as a female ogre, demonic hag, or suchlike...
No way ! by elianeck: tks!
~Mia Felis II~: Don't miss the next episode of... Raiders of the Lost Capnip. XDFigure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Eyes without a face: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
~Mia Felis~: Figure is Hivewire3D's Dawn SE. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
You forgot us by elianeck: Iray render   tks!
Out oi the light:  The great wiazard
Snoflake Close up: Close up work in Daz 4.8
Jungle Life: First work in Daz 4.8
bird flying in formation: Canadian geese flying south for the winter.  created and rendered in Daz Studio  with NVIDIA Iray  .No Post work. Free to use as you like.
Domino: My take on Marvel Comics' Domino Daz3d 3Delight
Being different: executioner called her " a narudh tribe of the nefelim", but I prefer to see her as a Draenei from World of Warcraft without further spiritual background.This is the whole picture she was made for. Reading an old-fashioned newpaper instead being glued to a smartphone. I think, this is being different today, not any kind of racial difference. Made and rendered in Poser, no postwork.  
Body Paint: Rendered with Poser Pro 2014 Full-size view recommended
Huga-Huga: tks!
Dodecahedron: First, I want to thanks Luxxeon, for the excellent tutorial. Easy and cool :) Rendered in DAZ Studio with 3Delight.
Harsh: Just having fun with unusual combinations... V4 with Silviu Caraba's Khang head morph (ShareCG freebie) plus a DAZ Freak 4 texture (same as Snarl), plus EzSkin2, plus dialed up bump and displacement...
Summer Girls: A study about wearing a bra underneath. Rendered in Poser, no postwork Background by Hobobo
Snarl: Seems like a good title... Yet again small amounts of  a few of joequick's Faces of Fantasy for M4 (ShareCG freebie) morphs gave me an interesting, unique, and realistic face. Also one of the Freak 4 textures from DAZ. After this picture I wondered how this skin texture would look on V4... Harsh !
The Artemis temple: One evocation of the Artemis temple just create with hexagon, all, and daz for the people and the scene
Police: Idem a new part of project
The bathroom: Just a part of a new projet whis people for another time
Surprise: Just for the fun :)
Oh No don't eat tokyo: Oh No don't eat tokyo Dragon3 model. Created and rendered in Daz Studio - No Post work free to use as you like
Cute and Evil X: Tenth installment of my C&E series. Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Asian Girls: The pictures say for yourself :D
Abandoned factory: Bryce 7
I am NOT your Baby!:   
Unknown Cop Girl: This girl was seen by outside a police station in a city. However, it seems that someone paid for her to take some pictures. Hmmm, who will be the person who is behind it?
metro 2: futuristic city 2
Metro: Futuristic City
Memento: Memento ( a poetry of Iginio Tarchetti ) When I kiss your lips fragrant, dear girl, I can not forget that there is a white skull hidden beneath. When me shake your body graceful, I can not forget, dear girl who is under a skeleton hidden. And the horrible vision absorbed, anywhere or touches, or kisses, or the hand position, protrude feel the cold bones of a dead.
Collect Call:   
The Morning Unicorn: Title: Morning Unicorn I tried applying the same technique I learned in school for Autodesk using Iray. & I been following the directions  from the NVIDIA Site on using real time rendering with EVGA Titan graphic cards  this was my results. Products used.: Mil Horse unicorn - custom Iray Shaders for Mill Horse  unicorn I did myself as experiment , Custom HDRi back ground with low IDL back light, turned the head lamp off on the default camera, and added a pale yellow to the camera  to make it look like antique .  The mane & frocks   I used the "look at my hair" program and created long hair strands and over laid them 4 times.then I applied the Daz default Iray shader to the mane and frock hairs. this crashed my system twice I almost gave on trying to use look at my hair for this. Free to use as you like. Best viewed full size  for 1080HD details ..
Beach Soaring: Great day at the beach
Alley Terror2: Revenge of the Dolls: The dolls revolt against Mikiko and her menacing toy dragon.(Sequel to Alley Terror!)Figures & Clothing:Kotatsu by sannziRed Dragon by SemicharmVietcong Hong by PankoChonin-mage2 by HoneyNinja by PoserWorldTentenJ by YamatoMiko Uniform by BATLABMiko Uniform texture set by Fire AngelYotsuia by AlninjaHiromi by posergirlsKyoko hair by KozaburoCheongsam Version 2 & New textures by PoserWorldShoes by GhastleySamurai Sword by PoserWorldZenon by pitkladLaques Hair by seisuiKarate by PoserWorldnunchucks by dragonspaceMikiko by SemicharmTurtleneck & Miniskirt by Idler168Clothing Assembly by Idler168Pleated by PoserWorldSensible Shoes 2.0 by HeadkaseScene & Props:Modular Stone Pavement by PoserWorldBlack Wall by ajfukudaJapanese Street Scenery Kit Volume01 by ajfukudaSunny backyard by redviperHoney - stone and clay wallWorldball by 3DCheapskate
Import Nights :p: Tuned cars and pretty girls. Best combination ever seen to this day. Right? :p
'49 Merc Lead Sled: 1949 Mecury edited into a Lead Sled. Model was from a free model page. Edited and rendred in 3ds max 2010.
Time for a Swim:   
Black Crow Tengu meets the Turtles: had a lot of fun with this, this is modified Turtle-boy and the free black crow in the subway, weapons from around the web, though I made Donnie's staff in Carrara 3
Twin Blondes: Today is a beautiful day. Especially with these beautiful blondes :p
Elven Girl: Figure is Dawn Special Edition. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Tribute to Cap: Some renders of "Cap"...   2nd skin texture and conforming coat and pant and boots and helmet (prop) coming soon...
The Joker: Some rebders of the Joker...   2nd skin texture and conforming coat and boots coming soon...
Cap training: Sixus1 PH male running in land wearing a Cap A suit...
Un fût et deux caisses: Serie : "Le petit contrepet illustré"  Model and render in Blender
Private Dancer: Title:  Private Dancer(No Post work) Daz Studio 4.8 ,Genesis 2 female character G2F, a 'silver/countess" Texture map, with someone else custom body morphs I got for free at sharecg. , I rendered this  at full GPU rendering with Iray, with no over clocking or CPU used.. My own custom made HDRi back ground using soft-shadow IDL back light, I reduced the f/stop by 20% & set the render quality setting  to 99% & reduced the down glossiness on the skin under the surface tab. to make the skin appear less shiny and more softer.Best viewed full size for 1080HD details
The Letter U: Rereading some old school books I came across this Italian text of which carry only the first part translated with Google. The more interested we recommend reading the entire  by "fantastic stories" The letter U (Manuscript of a madman) Iginio Ugo Tarchetti    U! U!   I have written this letter terrible, this scary voice? I I outlined exactly? I I traced in all its tremendous accuracy, with its profiles fatal, with its two peaks hate, with his curve abhorred? I have well laid this letter, the sound of which makes me shiver, whose sight fills me with dread? Yes, I have written...........      
Fiat 126: Rendered in DAZ Studio with vray. Model by DryJack. Shader preset by Tom2099
Haven Heaven: made this 60s "bubble" chair  and tried it out in a render
Encounter on the High Seas - continued...: The ironically named Sea Dragon is in trouble, as a second leviathan erupts from the waves... cutlasses and pistols wont do,  time for the BIG guns! I wasn't actually  planning on doing quite so many of this scene, but  I came across FirstBastion's "breaking waves" prop which was too good not to use! CS2 for splashes and gunfire, otherwise DS3 Thanks to 3djoji for the brilliant Robber Kook  on which thge ship "Sea Dragon" is based
What cats know but do not tell: We all have personal and intimate secrets, do not notice the discreet presence of cats as if they were ornaments. But they see understand and judge, fortunately are wiser than humans and do not speak.
My own Fashion Shop used in street scene: This is a render done in Bryce with my own shop building which I have built in Sketchup.  All the objects used are from the Sketchup Warehouse, except the characters are the K4 (kids 4) and Genesis 2 Male and Female. The K4 boy is dressed in a suit by Cybertenko, the newspapers are included in the same set. 
Robot gel by elianeck: Iray renderIf you want  give me a support join
HDR Iray render portraits: I have been playing around with some HDR scenes and using IDL back lighting in Iray  they each took about 5 minutes to render Best view full 1920 x 1080 HD  . I think it gave a pretty decent effect.  The character is vrxitachi - Shizuka for Genesis 2 Female(s) Downloaded here Really great looking characters. as well Rendered in Daz with Iray no post work 1080 HD    
Aero face by elianeck: Iray renderIf you want  give me a support join!
Mineral division: Bryce 7
Petrifying gaze of Medusa: Medusa is one of the three Gorgons, the daughters of the sea gods Forco and Ceto. According to legend the Gorgons had the power to petrify anyone who crossed their eyes.
Diving: Rendered with Blender cycles. A volumetric lighting scene, created in Blender.
Freak: Made with Cinema 4D R15
Desert Rose: MAde with Cinema 4D R16
52 Hudson Sled: 1962 Reworked 3d model of a Hudson Hornet into a sled in 3ds Max
Animeness IX: Figure is Dawn with 3DU Willow head morph. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Bad land: Bryce 7
Erosion: Bryce 7
Tormented coast: Bryce7
Desolation: Bryce 7
River boat: Bryce 7
A day at the beach :): Nothing better to go on the beach and swimwear somewhat ... Exotic :p
Handmaidens: Just a couple of lovely ladies going walkabout...
Steampunk Factory: Another of  my steampunk series
Toy Robot: Toy Robot Created and Rendered in FORMZ 8
-Animeness VIII-: Figure is Dawn composited with a custom Anime head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
India Jones: Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes? I was messing around with a coupleof sets (Toolgirl and Kazai) and thoiught they might look good mashed together...with a few addirtional props thrown in.  So here we have an intrepid explorer mooching around a  lost  jungle city (as they do) and being accosted by some irate wildlife.... Muzzle flare in the second image added in CS2, otherwise all done in DAZ 3.  
Leaving: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Babe cat by elianeck: Babe cat Yukimi model If you want to give me a support join me: tks!
Tenticle Horror: I may use this for a book cover someday but I'm really happy with how it came out, Face textured with faceroom and morphed to look different than the photo
Relaxing on a mushroom: playing around with Poser and Koshini 2 with extras to make a scene with our favorite pixie tinkerbell, of course I am just making art with no intent of trademark infringement, so Koshini in cosplay of tinkerbell if you like
Gimme Yer Booty!: Maybe I should try this on International Talk Like a Pirate Day...
The last tower: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Raid: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Memories for an Holocauste - To my Grand Mother: My dear sister, send to you an old photograph.of the 3rdt section No more 3 are here today. (Joseph Cattey)
Memories for an Holocauste - The origins: Peronne ne veux savoir que les principaux chefs d'Etat de la WWI étaient cousins germains
cyber picnic by elianeck: tks!
DROID-3001: DROID-3001 Modeled and rendered with FormZ 8
Time of memories , regrets or serenity: Sometimes you find yourself immersed in the memories, and reminded all of your experiences and the various periods of the life,. Sometimes with regret sometimes with serenity.
Strange Love: In the later days of steampunk we choose our mates carefully (?)
pink: Pink babeIray renderYukimi model!
Jungle Kitty: High heels in the jungle! Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Desert Chase: Credits: Author: Antonio Amador (aka TJNewton) Motocopter by Antonio Amador Scoutbot by Antonio Amador Aiko 3 by Daz Studio Aofie morphs by Freja (Jessica Herbert) Samantha Hair by LittleFox Mech girl clothes by Daz Studio - The3dWizard        
Untitled (again): Just free content as i like Credits: Author: Antonio Amador (aka TJNewton) Victoria 4 by Daz Studio Alice Morphs by Arey soul or Alfaseed or whatever name using  now. Zoel Dress by Aery Soul Gun From Mass Effect video game  by MCDLabs Tentacles by by zemenz
Technocoon: Aiko 3 encapsulated Technocoon model by Antonio Amador (aka TJNewton) Aiko 3 by Daz Studio
Showdown: Two of my characters about to engage in a titanic clash on a stormy night. Who will win!? Thanks for watch watching!
Hey Cortana!: Did you notice how some people can't talk "normally" when on the phone or speech recognition? And then they wonder why Cortana doesn't get it.  ;pMade with ComiPo!, hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
New Toy: Wow! A gift from GLaDOS!
come to hell by elianeck: tks!
Winner: Les vers Glaniffs sont parmi les dangers rampants sur le sol, ces monstres visqueux se combattent à la hache. Glaniffs worms are among the creeping dangers on the ground, these slimy monsters are fighting with an ax.
The Warrior: Le pays où vit Taliane, tout en étant très proche de celui des humains, est un pays dangereux où vivent des monstres et de dangereuses bêtes. Pour se défendre les fêes apprenent très tôt à combattre.La lance est l'une des armes qu'elles doivent maitriser, elle est utilisée dans les combats aériens. The country where Taliane lives, while being very close to that of humans, is a dangerous place inhabited by monsters and dangerous beasts. To defend fairy apprenent early fight. The lance is one of the weapons they need to master, it is used in aerial combat.
Walking down the aisle: DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro work. 3Delight render, light by me.
another world by elianeck: tks!
The pick up ( military ): a few renders from a historical  Graphic novel I've been been working on.  rendered in Daz Studio, no post work  . best viewed full sized 1920 x 1080
Greypurple: I used Krita
Night watch: Thanks for vieuwing!Enjoy!
Fade: Another fortuitous accident in GIMP.  I was unhappy with the original image (1st picture) so I was playing with it. I've also added two earlier versions. I love this effect - I thought I'd make a note of it so I don't forget!   Using one of my favourite - Joequick's M4 Sci-Fi Armour
Star Trek Bridge WIP 02: Hi,I just finished the doors and roof. I hope you like it. Everything has been modeling and rendered in Cinema 4D R14, only global illumination and ambient occlusion, no postworked. Greetings!Credits:Voyager Replicator by Jed Hirsch (ShareCG)Star Trek is property of Paramount Pictures
Star Trek Bridge WIP 01: I needed a new bridge for a story I'm doing, so I modeled one in Cinema 4D R14. There are still some details to finish, I hope to have it finished soon. I hope you like it. Thank you very much for the peek and have a great weekend. Greetings!
The New Avengers: Thought I would do a  Marvel picture for the youngsters
" Geronimo ": Un mio personale omaggio all'ultimo grande capo Apache : " Geronimo ". My personal tribute to the last great Apache Chief: "Geronimo". (Rendered in Bryce no postwork)  
Heart pieces: 2 blended images using JWildfire and Photoshop
My first 3D model: Yersterday, 23 July 2015, I have started with my 1st 3D model in SketchUp.  There are some mishaps as I have never used SketchUp before and did it without a manual by simply experimenting with the features, still have a lot to learn.  The stairs and all the other props I have downloaded at the Sketch|Up Warehouse.
39 Ford Hot Rod: 3d 1939 Ford Hot Rod Render
Plug-in: Thanks! Enjoy!
Team Leader Selection: Sailor Firelight seems to be jealous about Sailor Bright receiving the tiara designating the Team Leader... 
jelly: Made this in blender using an inspiring reference image from a food magazine .I tried to make the lighting dramatic and make the jelly look attractive..what do you think?  
The-Beachhouse-01-IRAY: Mausels Apocalypse Camp rendered in DAZ3D IRAY
Moods: Thanks!Enjoy!
near the river: Grande romantique Taliane aime à contempler l'eau de la rivière qui coure et voltige sous le courant, les yeux perdu dans les ondes, elle rêve à des plaisirs qui ne sont offerts qu'aux grandes fées. Great romantic Taliane likes to contemplate the water from the river which runs under the current and aerobatics, eyes lost in the waves, she dreams of pleasures that are only available to large fairies.
the raspberry: Grande gourmande, Taliane aime se cachée dans des grottes pour déguster les fruits qu'elle chaparde dans les jardins des humains. Great gourmet, Taliane loves hidden in caves to taste the fruits it pilfering in the gardens of humans.
Taliane: Un nouveau personnage, Taliane, une fée réalisée avec g2f. Beaucoup de travail sur ce personnage et la création de ses vêtements, accessoires et histoires en ce moment. A new character, Taliane, a fairy realized with g2f. Much work on this character and create her clothes, accessories and stories at the moment.
The fairy village: un projet en cour avec le village des fées     a court project with the village fairy
Beautiful queen: Le retour de Nika avec de nouvelles créations Nika the come back with a new mat and crown
The garde: just for the cloth
On the dance floor: Juste pour l'été, une rencontre fortuite sur une piste de danse.     Just for the summer, a chance meeting on a dance floor.
Blue bedby elianeck: DazStudioIray renderif you what support me pls join tks!
EVAngelion: Eva 7 was released today, so someone had to do this ;-)   Besides, I was looking for a good reason to make use of this outfit again! 
BotLive: just Bots in different setups have fun  
Mom & Child: A bit more of experimenting
RoboTack: Another experimental scene.
Some Ideas: The first and second images were experimental (learning objects) made in 3dsMax. The other scenes  images were created in Daz and photographed in Bryce.
Front line: Thanks! Enjoy!
Horror Hotel: Not a place I would care to stay over night
cyber party by elianeck: tks!
Aiko 3 bikini (bis): This time I've managed to make it dynamic. Trim is still invisible though I  did find out how to make it follow the cloth during the simulation. Bikini by Stronghands07, can be found in the Poser section.
The Butterfly Dragon: This is Heylyn Yates aka Ai Yuanlin Ying aka The Butterfly Dragon from my series of books of the same name available freely at Heylyn is a fashion designer and owner of the company West Meet East International (her own fashion house). She is the daughter of a Chinese family that emigrated to Canada where she pursued her dreams of being an artistic designer. During her early teen years, she befriends Alicia Westen, a young lady genius who has debilitating self esteem issues as a result of her slightly heavier appearance. Heylyn designs a prom dress for Alicia in exchange for tutoring, and helps to bring Alicia out of her shell. As a result, Alicia gains the confidence to pursue her goals and becomes an innovative researcher and biomedicine designer. Alicia designs a substance and treatment, that can cure a host of degenerative diseases (including the potential to repair the spinal chord, nerves and musculature enabling those bound to wheel chair to walk). The formula in future versions also has the potential to wipe out Cancer. As a side effect of the early version of the formula, she discovers that when applied to clothing, it can imbue the wearer with incredible powers whose effects can be shaped by artistic designers. After years of being apart from Heylyn, they reunite and become superheroes in order to deal with a criminal mastermind who steals the formula to power his criminal empire. In book two, the former heroes reunite to save the their city and the world from a new threat. The answers to their conflict lie in a little girl, the force of nature called the Dragon Butterly and what could potentially unite the West and the East or plunge the world into a millenium of war and darkness. The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own The Butterfly Dragon II: The Dragon Butterfly Enjoy!  The Butterfly Dragon available at Copyright © 2015 Brian Joseph Johns
Encounter on the High Seas - Part 1: ...more to follow .... Thanks to 3djoji for the brilliant Robber Kook  on which thge ship "Sea Dragon" is based
Sybil on Beach: Figure is Dawn with my new "Sybil" head morph. Pretty?
Monocycle Gurl: Birdman's monocycle model in another setting
Fetus: Anything less would be too little and too late.
Pilgrim Shrine: For lack of a better name, I guess.
Cups and Cups: I was experimenting in 3dsMax and made these sample objects. Photographed them in Bryce.
Design first concept for Strawberry Ecclipse...: First design concept for Monique Defleur aka the superheroine Strawberry Ecclipse from the series of books: The Butterfly Dragon. Monique works as a model at West Meet East International, a fashion house started by Heylyn Yates (a Chinese immigrant to Toronto, Canada aka Ai Yuanlin Ying aka The Butterfly Dragon). Heylyn hires Monique for a photo shoot, then offers her a full time position as a way to mentor the younger Monique onto a different path.
"Stand Back!" & "The Ride" (Some adult content): Two images from a while back.
Summer 2015: Buone vacanze a tutti !!! Happy holidais to all !!!
Leviathan: Sea serpents figure prominmently in the myths of the near east,  the best known probably being  Leviathan, the "dragon who lives over the Sources of the Deep", though in modern English the word is come to be applied to almost any giant sea creature.  This is based on the millennium subdragon, though heavily morphed to make it more off a marine creature.  The tail has been lengthened and flattened to make it more paddle-like, the wings radically reduced in size, the head flattened and the lower jaw narrowed to  give a more shark-like overbite.  I also added a dorsal fin from the DAZ Crerature Pack  (with a custom transmap) and chaged the eyes  to be more fishlike (mats from a photo of a largemouth bass ).  ...I expect this creature will have a run in with the crew of the ship from one of my previous renders in the not  too distant future!
Memories for an Holocauste: Render in bryce and models in Blender for a  dedication for my two grandfathers who survived the First World War but who fought on opposing sides. 
Fluid: A small practice in Cinema 4D with metaballs.  Everything has been modeled by me in Cinema 4D R14. I hope you like it, as always all comments and critiques are welcome. Greetings!
Karate Girl: Karate Girl A new Karate girl animation character I am working on for a new Karate girl animation release titled named" Karate Girl Coming Home."  this is a cut from the story board where she out for a jog.  rendered in Daz 4.8 Iray + cpu rendered .  No post work
Can You Feel My Fingers?:            
Lightning strikes: Thanks! Enjoy!
End Times: What does the future bring? 
Le soleil d'Austerlitz: Model and render in blender
Aiko 3 bikini: As making it dynamic leads to a wardrobe malfunction (some tiny bikinis are just not made for well endowned girls) I tried to conform it using  the Poser Copy-Morph function. Unfortunately this does not work 100 % and  also deforms the clothing which required some postwork for a reasonable result.
Poolhouse: An example of interior render made with Reality Studio Edition. The scene is lit by an IBL light, which provides also the background, and by some mesh lights place inside. The image has not being retouched, this is straight from the renderer.
I want by elianeck: DazstudioIray rendertks!
No Man...: My version of  the famous scene in Tolkein where Dernhelm is revealed as Eowyn, prior to her defeating the Witch-King of Angmar . I've also included studies for the characters, as much of the detail is obscured in the final scene  
Alice in Dawn: I was trying to make Dawn SR-2 look like AerySoul's Alice for V4 using only existing head morph dials, and this is what came out. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
all is full of love by elianeck: DazStudio Iray render   tks!
Broken Blossom: Broken Blossom Concept art. A frail Shadow Dancer, abused by her brutal Guardian in Nu Jeru's seedy Warehouse District, is befriended by a self-aware maintenance Dr01d with tragic consequences.  
Threat in Lost Terrain: work made in DAZ Studio 4.8, 3Delight render, lost terrain by freedom3design, light and characters by me.
Nightmare of choice: Often when you have to make a choice, you create many doubts and misgivings. And even if it's for little things we live with the nightmare.
Three images from "The Comet Hunters".: Like it sez in the title.
Skullz: Model created in 123D catch, rendered in Daz studio, postwork in Gimp
Le vase Bleu: Models & render in Blender
Unified Front:  A pic showing how even the most diverse can work together. The team of The Native American, Jenny Reb and The Rainbow Warrior.
Stdio n. 11: The girl on the chair
Retro Camera: Created & modeled in FORM Z
The Empire Strikes Back...Only Better.: Recruiting poster employed by the Empire after the destruction of the Death Star.
Taken: Thanks! Enjoy!
The Smell of her Skin: Rendered with PoserPro 2014, postwork Photoshop.
Valley of Aldur: Spent a long time working out the textures and lighting on this one - if any one has read the Belgariad or Mallorian series this is my rendition on the Sorcerers Towers in the Valley of Aldur
fluffy by elianeck: DazStudio Iray render   tks!
recreating GwenBot: thanks for viewing
Glossy Hood Ornament: With the advent of AZ-Tech's miracle polymer, Blaze, women by the thousands suddenly decided it was time to 'Get Glossy.'  Here, we can see that this glossy has been coated with an application of metal flake candy-apple red, and then buffed to a high shine.
The Swan's Lake: The music for the ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky tells a poignant story. The protagonist is the princess Odette, transformed into a swan by the sorcerer Rothbart, who every night at midnight himself along with his companions to human form for a few hours. One night he meets Prince Siegfried who falls in love .I chose the version with the final in which Odette eventually rises to new life freed from the spell, finally happy and light as in the dance.  
Gen3F in Poser: After all the hype, my very 1st Gen3F render in Poser with Octane (8 mins). She doesn't like Poser at all, so I had to bring her by force. LOL
Orb of darkness: Thanks! Enjoy!
just a Tribute to Nevermind: just had to do it   thanks for watching
so, what´s YOUR plan for tonight?: thanks for watching
Dragoncopter:!/content/40320 A living-storm machine helicopter stealth! It has the speed reactive aircraft! A sharp wave of the tail helps him turn 180 degrees to get away from a frontal attack! Left and right turbines limit turns to the desired degree . Polygon : 9064
Jenna's New Arm: It may be a recycled arm, but it still works quite well! 
Shuttle's fossil: If the time had been created in the opposite direction the clocks would turn counterclockwise and dinosaurs would study the fossils of the shuttle
" Berseker": Berseker    
Aiko 3 swimsuit: Stronghands07's  conforming swimsuit for A3 (posted 07/07/15)  made dynamic.  Custom "Los Santos Lifeguard" texture. This is not an artwork.
Death of a Partner - The Autopsy: DAZ Studio 4.7, Cinema 4D R14, Photoshop CC.  I Hope you like it. All comments and critiques are welcome. Greetings.
Voyager crew: Geneis 2 (quicky test render
Bonnes vacances: En France les vacances d'été ont commencé, Darcy vous souhaite à tous "de super vacances et plein de soleil !" In France the summer holidays began, Darcy wish you all "great holiday and lots of sun!"
The New iBods:     I went into my favorite computer store under the pretext of wanting to look at a new laptop, but I really just wanted to look at their shiny sales staff.  At first they had been coated translucent white, to match the molded plastic that housed their high-end computers.  But those were last year's models.  The new models came in assorted colors, their bodies perfectly smooth and polished.  They were beautifully elegant, with no protrusions of any sort to mar their unnatural perfection.     In truth these sorts of alterations were decidedly common nowadays, but being a technology company they had gone one step further, having implanted state-of-the-art micro-USB thumb drives in the navels of their glossies, thus turning them into walking 64-gig iBods.
Steampunk Noir: a bit of the old and new - I created the background in Gimp - this is a big image
waiting for the evening tide: Revisiting a couple of  characters that are a year or two old now , but this time in a waterfornt setting (the AntFarm's  "Never Dry" ).    The ship  is Robber Kook by 3djoji which I used (with tweaked proportions) in my portrait of Zheng Shi a few months ago.   I've also resorted to my old trick of using translucent primitives for the ripple  lighting effects which I think work nicely in this context... The original image featuring the piratesses (?) , "Where's the Rum?"  is included for reference as I took it down a while ago wirth some other older renders when my album started groweing too large. As usual, DAZ3 with no postwork and best at full resolution.  
wait! I am robot!by elianeck: tks! ;)
Formation: Thanks! Enjoy!
Beach Time Pin-Ups- Rendered with Iray: Some summer time pin ups some new stuff i picked up, rendered Daz Studio pro 4.8 with dimension theory Iray presets and the daz Iray shaders. No Post work. Products used, Daz - G2f-V6 HD Swam Beach hair Sunny Swimsuit. by elele g2f - Hongyu’s Bikini -  with Sunkist textures. Hobo Bo's Photo-stock Cyclo-rama Backgrounds with medium Gray added to the Specular Color of the bg to reduce shine. best viewed full size for details
Living daylight: Thanks!Enjoy!
Abandoned City: Abandoned city night scene
-Maxine Caulfield-: Fanart of Max from the "Life is Strange" game. I made her a little older here. Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Death of a Partner: Daz Studio 4.7, Cinema 4D, Photoshop CC. I hope you like it. Greetings. ;)
Pace Truck: Pace Truck design for a Racing Series
F1 Display: F1 car on display
neon girl by elianeck: tks!
Sexy blonde by elianeck: If you can help me please join in my patreon!
Invitation: Just for the fun :) Good dream
the second vue: ceci est la deuxième image
Melodie: un nouveau caractere avec g2f Ceci est la première vue laquelle préférez-vous, celle-ci ou l'autre It's a new character people with G2F This is a firt vue, which do you prefer this or another ?
staircase: Just a scene with Daz 4.7 and 3delight
Opposites attract: Thanks!Enjoy!
Space-the forgot Oracle: Finally after a long wandering among a thousand solar systems were able to find the Oracle forgot .... or was he to find You!
The Remembrances: If the age of childhood little things like a flower, a toy, a fairy tale or the look of a pet gives us pleasure it is so much  indefinite to become infinite . In memory of these thing in adulthood also you pleasure for the most important and great things  and there will be not the same infinite pleasure but only a vague feeling more determined. In vain we try to imagine that golden feeling when even the clouds of this aswell were blown away by the most naive and pure imagination still indefinite. It is like every emotion  does not seem to derive pleasure from the thing itself that we the prosecution, but from a more infinite memory of pleasure similar tried in childhood, now veiled by regret.
Justified - Part 2: Justified - Part 2A series of self defense action images.Using Stonemaseons  new Streets of old London set. at daz3d.comCreated and rendered in Daz studio  4.8 ~ no pot workbest viewed full size for all the details  you can view the whole series  in a slideshow on my google partner page.
Justified ~ Part 1: Justified - Part 1A series of self defense action images.Using Stonemaseons  new Streets of old London set. at daz3d.comCreated and rendered in Daz studio  4.8 ~ no pot workRenders in Iray for the bar viewed full size for all the details  you can view the whole series  in a slideshow on my google partner page.
Spirit in the night: Thanks! Enjoy!
Antique Pinup: Model Kari Render Engine - Keyshot 5.3.60 Time - 45min
Leafy: I'm currently having fun trying to come up with a generic Poser shader to use on the one-sided transmapped leaves of all those old trees and plants in my library.The main problems I've had with the default materials are:1) they usually have a single texture map of just one leaf, so every leaf looks identical (except perhaps in size).2) the bump map (if there is one) is usually just a greyscale version of the texture, so the veins are usually raised.3) they're usually transmapped onto a single square, so they're flat.4) the underside of a real leaf is often distinctly different from the topside.5) most leaves are translucent in real lifeAn old "any thread discussing waxy leaf surface shader ?"  thread on Renderosity gave me some ideas and prompted some questions, so I reopened it! Here's my first complete test render (2000x2119 raw Poser 9 Firefly render).The rock, ivy and trees are from DMs Druid Valley. I've only modified the shaders for the trunk and leaves of the ivy and trees. Environment is my worldball/northern forest, plus a flat grassy groundplane that I've been playing with.Lighting is one infinite with ray-traced shadows (above the camera, 40 degrees elevation) plus IDL (no diffuse IBL used).1hr 15min for the IDL pass, 2hr for the render, total 3h 15minI'll probably upload a few additional images tomorrow: the leaf shader; the trunk shader; my light settings; my render settings; a version of the render using the original materials for comparison. Most of my testing has been with this ivy, and I'm quite pleased with it. However, the same shaderapplied to the leaves on the trees (with a different texture/transparency image of course) doesn't seem so good,and shows some problems I hadn't spotted with the ivy: the transparency map should also be plugged into Specular_Value; the amount of displacement should probably be greater for larger leaves.
-Secret Girlfriends-: Figures are both Dawn. I have modeled these masks for fun, and this is the 1st render with my new classic Cardy boots for Dawn (right side). Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
A big Catwoman show on TV: Many women have a big love for cats this image is dedicated to all them. Test of Iray render on DAZ 4.8
Snack: Sometimes the battle needs to pause for a snack break...
Lady in red by elianeck: iray render   tks!
Santa Helpers: Figure - Victoria 4texture - Vanila by Silvercloth - created by me from marvelous Hair - sorry can't rememberrender in DAZ3D_____________________
-Kittiness Loves Doggy-: Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
collector doll by elianwck: tks!
The Death of Dionis: Another of my Spartan series
Crash Gurl: A few old images.
Wall Clock Prop: Please view original image. This is my latest 3D model, a replica of a clock that hangs on my wall. I was wanting to try out a new software with this one, the Quixel Suite. I took a few artist liberties with this model, such as brass numbers and more texture to the body of the clock. All in all, I'm loving Quixel's apps and is definitely now a part of my workflow. Initially I created 4K textures for this object but stuck with 2K for a more realistic texel density in respect to modern video game texel densities. Per my geekiness, I added an "easter egg" and paid homage to a certain video game. Can anyone spot it? Maya - Quixel - Photoshop 2K Diff/Norm/Spec/Gloss - 4350 Tris
Simply naked: Pour ce petit test avec DAZ4.8 et Iray, j'ai invité une vieille copine: Tiziana.J'ai beau essayer et apprécier V4.2 et G2F pour leurs qualités, je ne me lasse toujours pas de V3, malgré tous ses défauts. Ahh, les amours de jeunesse...
La nuova Monaca di Monza(The new Nun of Monza): Una rivisitazione in chiave moderna ed umoristica del celeberrimo personaggio  descritto nei "Promessi Sposi " di Alessandro Manzzoni (Spero che non mi mandi qualche accidente!!). A modern and humorous reinterpretation of the famous character described in "Promessi Sposi" by Alessandro Manzzoni i (hope it doesn't send me some damn!!).  
Leonidas: Leonidas - the TRUE Spartan - a lot of work went into this one with lighting and toning to try to give it the 300 (movie) look.
Artistic cocktail: Take 50% of Vermeer + 40% of Modigliani  + 9%  of Gauguin + 1% of Giulband, add the girl with a Pearl Earring, shake vigorously and this is what comes out.
cyber-museum by elianeck: tks!
Sunset: I used Genesis 3, DAZ 3D. Scene, light and Skydome for DAZ Studio 4.8 by me. 3Delight render.
Gold, Suede And Mail: Not the most practical outfit, I know...  :D   I'm rather pleased by the way this picture has turned out so far (even though there are obvious problems - e.g. left inner elbow, etc). It's a Poser 9 Firefly render using IDL (not diffuse IBL) and an infinite light for the shadows. Her skin is Kaileena For PBIV (Pretty3D/Mytilus), run through snarlygribbley's EZSkin2, with a minor mod of my own; the suede is bagginsbill's from an old 2010  "Leather And Suede" thread at Renderosity; the gold is bagginsbill's BBGlossy from another old Renderosity thread; and the mail is a freebie merchant resource (by either Ile-Avalon or Jean-Luc-Ajrarn I think? I could have used my own, but this had an MT5 with the perfect colour and scaling :) ... ). I also managed to get her hair looking like I've always wanted to (2nd and 3rd images)   Suede version posted at Renderosity. Latest version posted at RuntimeDNA (combined mail/suede skirt, but no top - so nudity warning!)
2OT-shape03-G3f-pinup-02a-Iray: next one
2OT-shape03-G3f-pinup-01a-Iray: light tests with G3f shape dialed using basic body, head and facemorphs
Be happy by elianeck: tks!  
Spirits in the material world: Thanks! Enjoy!
The Gate: rendered with PoserPro 2014. Trying to get most off Poser's Firefly for most realism. Full-size view recommended
It is called reading: "It is called reading. It is how to install new software into your brain"
Vicky's secret: Thanks!Enjoy!
v7 by elianeck: my first v7 tks!
Apple of God by elianeck: tks!
The unaware life: We always illude ourselves to fly suspended in full of our self-centeredness. But we are like puppets manovreate by small futile and daily necessities. Maybe not to think of living every moment under the merciless claws of death.
curves: tks!
Unidentified: Thanks!Enjoy!
BB by elianeck:   tks!
The girl and the sparrow: Una tiepida mattina d'estate una ragazza e alcuni passeri che mangiano dalle sue mani.                                     A warm summer morning, a girl and some sparrows who eat from his hands.  
two aliens by elianeck: tks!
Battle!: Another of my Middle Earth series
Kung Fu Fighting: Thanks!Enjoy!
HAL: Thanks!Enjoy!
Bronzed body fantasy by elianeck: iray render
Wish Upon A Star: The Unlimited Wish Fairy ~ Start wishing created withAdaria''s Free Star Genie out fit!-DAZ Rendered in daz studio - no post work 1920 x1080 265 kbs
Somebody in the parking invested Mondrian: Pietr Mondriam was trying harmony through the balance of the relationship between lines, colors and surfaces. I imagined that he did so in the parking under his house, disturbed by cats like a in bad nightmare was invested, becoming  part of his work and  realizing the dream of identification between the artist and his work.
Queen of the Iceni: Boudica (Boadicea in later versions) was the wife of Prasutagus king of the Iceni, herself of royal descent.    On his death, Rome did not recognise his female heirs and and his kingdom was annexed. His lands and property were confiscated and nobles treated like slaves. According to  the historian Tacitus, Boudica herself was flogged and her daughters were raped. As a result, Boudica led a short lived but, by all accounts, bloody rebellion against Rome.  The 9th legion was destroyed in battle and Colchester, St.Albans and London all sacked, with no prisoners taken.  Roman historians put the dead at 80,000.  The savagery of the onslaught almost cuased the emperor Nero to withdraw from Britain altogether. She is described by Roman historians as tall, with twany hair and "possessed of greater intelligence than often belongs to women." She habitually wore a large golden  torc and a thick cloak fastened by a brooch. ever, best viewed in full rez.
-444 Kittiness-: Commemorating reaching 444K page hits at DeviantArt. Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
big babe by elianeck: iray render tks!
Aiko: iray render
japonese by elianeck: iray render tks
woman soldier by elianeck: Iray render   tks!
blue soldier by elianeck: iray render   tks
The lion: Bryce 7, lion Poser Debut, vegetation Bryce, Xfrog
First encounter: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Postapocalypse 2: "Residual radioactivity"
SpiritInTheRuins: Ladies and gentlemen, are you long time
the king by elianeck: 2D digital paint
he take!: iray render Daz 4.8 Consider to support me on Patreon: tks!
1966 Bat "like" Mobile: 1st wip atempt looking for valued feedback modeled in 3ds max rendered in keyshot.
Roots: To think too for long times put down roots and prevents action. But the ability to think  did evolve us from the distant roots of our species.
Evil dead: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Justa: This is my first Iray attrempt with the full public release version of DS4.8 Pro; this also marks my first attempt with layering when using Iray, and I was thrilled to discover that that Iray CAN honor transparent backgrounds when rendering and saving to PNG files, which gives me more flexibility for future images. 
Diana the Archeress original: this is the original before gimp post processing
Diana the Archeress: Began in Daz  finished in Gimp
Dystopia Mech Invasion:   “It’s just a matter of time before the Guardianship’s control over the capital will turn the Republic into a Shadow State.”                                                                             ~Nebu Chad, former POTUS  
The hectic lifestyle: Soon you have to do that then that and that and that. Run run run not ask why. The cat does not understand, is not an animal evolved as me ..... or maybe not? because he looks at me with a sense of compassion? ............
The Spirit Bridge: A spirit bridge does not span any mere earthly obstacle...      (Additional images are really just notes on the atmosphere setup I used, and possible ways to play with it further... - Second image is the Poser atmosphere settings I used - it's just the depth cue, so hardly any render-time hit - Third image shows the sort of odd effects that more extreme settings can create, fourth is what would be a Z-depth render of the scene if I hadn't plugged those three cloud nodes in, fifth is the three individual constituents...
Fallen: Thanks!Enjoy!
-Let's Get Physical-: Playing with SSS on simple color instead of textures. Figure is Dawn with Skye head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Dante’s Inferno: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Studio n. 10 " Happy man ": My studio n 10
-Guarding the Catnip-: They are guarding the catnip truck. :3Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Secret Lake: Rendered with PoserPro and postwork with PS. Because the reflections it rendered for 8h. If you want see more of my art, visit my homepage at ]]
The Public Eroica Tour Promo Shot: Meet the band of the future: Destroying Angel Djawu picked up the pass to inspect it more closely. A small translucent card, that when turned about in his hands generated a short stereoscopic holofilm of concert footage and promotional material from the group's recent TioLive Pandoria broadcast of their death pop single, Skulltastic. The sound quality was brilliant, and the footage ended with both the Orbital Sound and Dystopia brands impaling and imploding into a zombified Rage DeMaul, sending his flesh to splatter the tiny screen with ticket and concert information. Djawu was impressed.
Book Cover: Just a study for a book cover. My homepage is where you could see more of my work
Minerva: My 200th image posted here for this reason I have used 200 books in the image. You can count it ! The image represent Minerva the goddess of good war and sience.
The Skeeter Pilot: V/STOL (vertical and/or short take-off and landing) Aircraft & Pilot
Challenge to the sunset at Snake pass: Although he had tried to cover his tracks ,at the end , the three Bounty Killer had found. The hour of truth had arrived.
Temple of doom: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
-Sweet Spot-: Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Steampunk Fae: what can I say more- another strange steampunk theme
Quiet: A peaceful place
Farmer: Young lady bringing in a load of straw - used iRay shaders
Modern sculpture and cats: The cemetery of our cars can be transformed into sculpture, like a macabre monument reflecting the fragility of the human works. I should like what  think about  that the cats?
Tokyo Terror!: From the depths of imagination arises the greatest of nightmares!Figure & Clothing:Millennium SubDragon by Sarsa & DigiportMikiko by SemicharmAviator by Smith MicroTurtleneck & Miniskirt by Idler168Clothing Assembly by Idler168Pleated by PoserWorldMillennium CatSealpoint by CCDThai Cat by czarny_jednorozec84Scene & Props:Giantess Build by DragonessLifeParticle effects by SemicahrmSunny backyard by redviperMitsubishi J2M3 Raiden by kagami mochiRC Airplane by MLB GraphicsAdditional images:Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero cockpit by U.S. Air ForceTokyo Skytree panorama
Alley Terror!: Little Mikiko is at it again...Figures & Clothing:Kotatsu by sannziRed Dragon by SemicharmVietcong Hong by PankoChonin-mage2 by HoneyNinja by PoserWorldTentenJ by YamatoMiko Uniform by BATLABMiko Uniform texture set by Fire AngelHiromi by posergirlsKyoko hair by KozaburoCheongsam Version 2 & New textures by PoserWorldShoes by GhastleyZenon by pitkladLaques Hair by seisuiKarate by PoserWorldMikiko by SemicharmTurtleneck & Miniskirt by Idler168Clothing Assembly by Idler168Pleated by PoserWorldSensible Shoes 2.0 by HeadkaseScene & Props:Modular Stone Pavement by PoserWorldBlack Wall by ajfukudaJapanese Street Scenery Kit Volume01 by ajfukudaSunny backyard by redviperHoney - stone and clay wallWorldball by 3DCheapskate
Take the Picture Already!: He can be so annoying sometimes! 
Primeval wild hunt.: The beast was caught by surprise the Group of hunters , sowing death. Who else will succumb to his deadly claws?
Kiss My ...:  A Pin-Up with attitude Rendered in Poser Pro 2014 no post work
3d Interior rendering services: Our consolidated and comprehensive 3D interior Rendering services captures the space, light, colour and proportions in a photorealistic render.
Gardening: ...or to be more precise, the pest control aspect of it.
-Double Bunniness-: I like bunnies. ^_____^
a new female character : Charme: Un nouveau character créé à partir de V4 A new character created from V4
Dojo: Une nouvelle scene pour le dojo avec ce combat mains nues style kung fuDeux characters créés à partir de V4 pour faciliter la production de l'image sous XP, en effet 3dlight plante régulièrement avec trop de perso en G ou G2. D'autres vues sont en prépa, clothing créées sous hexagon A new stage to the dojo with this fight unarmed kung fu style Two characters created from V4 to facilitate the production of the image in XP, in effect 3dlight plant regularly with too much personal in G or G2. Other views are prep, created under clothing hexagon
I've Gotta Get Outta Here !: :D
Down for the sack: Mixed medium with PS and DS.
tSoL-Phan-2OT-S01-fC-01i-IRAY: Daz 4.8 Iray No Postwork taking my rig to its limits ;)
Waiting for Noah: It starts to rain and the animals gather and anxious wait to be saved
Yacht on the ocean: I used Mausel Yacht   Bagginsbill Enviroment Sphere and an ocean I built from Primitives.
Peter: Peter Pan as he will appear in the new aniamted short, Peter Pan: The Land of Forever
Edenian Warrior: Updated Conforming sets for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4. You can get the item here !
Texaco TIme Warp: Old & New, Zoomed  in, Zoomed out. Rendered in DAZ Studio IRAY.  No compositing or post work.  Zoomed in took 75mins, Zoomed out took 50mins. Texaco Station -- Poser World McLaren P1 -- Tru Form Woman -- DAZ V6 Hair -- 3Dream Clothes -- Lil' Flame (Top), Ravenhair (Socks), Sarsa (SHoes), Wild Designs (Skirt) Shaders -- DAZ, kaz242/Nobiax
Red Sonja: Red Sonja is one of the very few exceptions where later creative meddling (well after Robert Howard had quit us) on Marvel's part (I think) actually enhanced a character considerably, and turned her into an icon.  I've been wanting to do a pic of her for awhile, but the famous metal bikini was a little tricky. Still, I am quite happy with the result. 
Tomorrow people: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The surrender of the legions: Al-Zabba' (better known in the west as Zenobia) was one of the most important women of classical  antiquity.  She ruled the Palmyrene Empire  in modern Syria and Anatolia, as well leading a famous revolt against the Romans and capturing Egypt from them.  Famed for her great beauty (it is recounted by Arab historians that she surpassed Cleopatra), she was the second wife of King Septimius Odaenathus of Plamyra. Zenobia became queen  following Odaenathus' death in 267.  By 269, Zenobia had expanded the empire, conquering Egypt and expelling the Roman prefect, Tenagino Probus. She ruled until 271, when she was defeated and captured by the Emperor Aurelian.  However, he was so impressed  by her beauty and dignity that he freed  her and granted her an elegant villa in Tivoli, where she lived in luxury and became a prominent philosopher and an important figure in Roman society. Given the recent events with the capture and possible imminent destructuion of Palmyria by extremist jihadis, I felt it appropriate to celebrate the memory of their great queen.  Hope you like it!  (p.s. theres a lot of detail in here so best viewed full size. No postwork this time!)
The kiss: Il manquait dans la petite histoire de Darcy et de son prince charmantrestont pudique je ne dévoilerais rien de plus :)     It was missing from the story of Darcy and her prince charming restont modest I dévoilerais nothing more :)
medievale chamber 3: Th the evening
The medievale chamber 2: At the morning for a lunch
medievale chamber 1 : in the night: bonjour,Voici une série consacrée à la vie dans une petite chambre au moyen age, histoire de s'amuser un peu avec la mise en scene dans un espave restreint.Une série de trois images espacées dans le temps d'une vie intime. hello, Here is a series about life in a small room in middle age, just to have a little fun with the staging in a restricted espav. A series of three images spaced in time of an intimate life.
Sfida tra "Rosse" (Red challenge): Una  rombante sfida tra "Rosse" eccezionali.!! A roaring challenge between "Red" outstanding. "!!  
SUMISU: Japanese smith
2ot_s01_odb_01_iray: thanks for viewing
2ot S01 Tease 01 Iray: Thanks for viewing
Her Doll by elianeck: DazStudio Iray render   tks!
Andromeda: Rendered in DS and postwork in PS.
-Catgirl Dawn III-: Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn SR2. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Save us by elianeck: DazStudio Reality pluguin
The birth of Eco: Echo the most famous of the nymphs of the mountains, the Oreadi was generated directly from the Earth (Gaea, Gaia) without any companion.
Poem in Dreamland: Poem in Dreamland. " Poem " is my original character for A3 in my weblog.
Private Reflections - A gymnastic Yoga work out: Private Reflections - A gymnastic Yoga work out A young girl practicing yoga moves by her self. Created with Daz Studio pro 4.8  Link
Titan: This image comes from the many pictures taken by the Cassini spacecraft between 2004 and 2008 during his exploration of the Saturn system, it represents a ground view of Titan, Professor Charles Bryce, the MIT architecture department (Massassuchetts Institute of Technology) study this picture in all the seams, it is formal, the low from the photo is not of rock formations, but rather the remains of a gigantic city at the top of the picture a huge lake of hydrocarbons as are many on the surface of Saturn's moon.
Gated Community: Girl wishing to see the world outside
In the Beginning: Eve and the serpent
breta fantasy armor: breta outfit for victoria 4 & Aiko 4, a fantasy armor suitable for any of your daring and gorgeous female character!  click here to get the item!  
who's there?: daz studio,gimp
Lulu: daz studio,gimp
Mari: daz studio,gimp
my charactor 2nd: talk later
think about: tks!
Born by elianeck: Iray render Like my work? Consider to support me on Patreon: tks!
A Star Is Born: daz studio,gimp
At The Beach: Rendered with PoserPro 2014. I am trying to get most realism out of CGI-software
Tango: One of the most sensual dances halfway between the flames of Hell and the clouds of heaven.
lana-test: daz postwork...
Hello Lars: A simple dedication in memory of a man with a great sensibility
road in N...: a little tweak color...
vibration: bryce,gimp
Black Island: Bryce 7
Domain Wizard: Bryce 7
The New Toy: Rendered with PoserPro2014 and postwork with PS
The last chance: Hasn't updated SPS (spatial position system)
Le départ: la dernière scène de cette série où il manque encore plusieurs vues intermédiaires, désolé, elles ne sont pas finies ou posent des prob techniques, donc elles sont à suivre. Ici on aperçoit le jeune homme. the last scene of the series where he still lacks several intermediate views, sorry, they are not finished or pose technical prob, so they are to follow.     Here we see the young man.
another portrait: Just after the night ;)
Darcy at a party: Un decor créé en entier pour ce personnage, normalement un garçon devrait intégrer la scène, mais Daz refuse de produire le render avec le 2e personnage, donc en attente. A whole decor created for this character, usually a boy should integrate the scene but refuses to produce the Daz render with the 2nd character, so waiting.
new female character : Darcy: a new character just Darcy for this portrait and other scenes
Dusk Iray: DAZ Studio 4.8 BETA render IRAY, HIWEWIRE 3D Dusk (DS Version)
-Extreme Bodies III-: Another experiment shaping Dawn, super-thighs edition. Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Victoria West wip: pinup of My Victoria West  V4 
Soul Sisters: Sisters who specialize in saving the world?  Yes, please! 
Sci-Fi Girl Kururu: Felt like playing with the Kururu model. She's wearing Sanbie's TC7 for Star.
penetration: daz studio,gimp
2OT-S01b-Iray-16x9-SFW: thanks for watching a NSFW version ( and lots of other images) can be found at my DA page
End of the road: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
I Think I Need Backup...:    
La Amore: Lavina and Harry(The first husband)
Studio n. 9 " Gilda " (Nudity): A simple B&W studio
-Handy Girl-: Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn with a custom head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Cow washing day!: Cow washing Day! A cute render I did today. I was out taking some picture for a web site I am building for a horse riding ranch and I saw this woman washing cows so I thought try to make a graphic of it.  its not the same results but it came out cute anyway.. BEST VIEW FUL SIZE. rendered in daz. NO POST WORK .. j ust for fun see if you can find the mouse in these pictures
What an Upgrade!:   
White Widow: Serial killing beauty
Veronica: Pinup
Il mercante dello spazio (The space merchant): By Asimov to Pohl merchants in Sci Fi are described sometimes as heroes or as people without scruples willing to put their interests to the needs of peoples or of alien races with which they come in contact
Damara: One of my buddies in our DnD group was kind enough to let me do a render of her character.Presenting Damara, the Tiefling Warlock! She's the quiet and pensive type ... meaning she packs one helluva magical punch!
Solitude: Bryce 7
Wives and Daughters III - Lilly-Beth: Playing around to show the range of an universal character.  The base character ist V4.2.Character is Lilly-Beth by syltermermaidThis character is also used for all promos in my Goreyan-Jewellry-Set In each group the same skin, the original headmorph customized to the age and a adequate styled body. Made with Poser Pro 2014 - rendered with firefly, no postwork
360 Panoramic Tour: A 360 Panoramic virtual Tour is Designed with 360 degree panorama, which shows 360 degree field of view of the virtual place. It consists of 360 degree panorama, virtual tour, 3D Architectural exterior and interior Rendering design in various tour works like Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Office, Store and more.
nika: Nika priestess of war
Entrainement: L'art du sabre revu dans le monde d'Inmia
Where art thou my love?: out of the empty village she finds she is all alone
Galaxia: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
New web site design: Welcome to I finely got off my butt and redesigned my web site  to house my 3d art work and animations I will be soon  offering free web site templetes and motion caption files , textures ,scene files etc. for poser ,daz. and Adobe creative cloud suite Ive added some picture slide-shows and Video carosole  to the Gallery & animation section of my site. I've added a new adult content section for art work & Animations deemed to offesive to some of the trolls that hang around on some of these  3d sites . My site is still a work in progress, I'm still sorting  through years of art work to get them ready for Jquery slide shows. but it should be completed in a week or 2 Enjoy my site
Navigator: Abit more cutesy  than the previous render
Clone: An example of modeling in 2115
little bots - iray - 01: "You little bastard bots, give me back my lightsaber!!"workflow: DAZ3D 4.8 beta RC2, Iray-engine, Irfanview for Logoused default Iray ubershaderchanged light objects to emissionno extra light usedthe bots are……
my new Character: talk later
Send In the Clowns: A character I created and has taken me over three days to perfect him. Thank you for looking.
Samehareth: This is a character that will be making his way into our current Dungeons and Dragons campaign with my buddies.Samehareth, a Dragonborn Witch Doctor that delights in ripping the souls and beating hearts from his enemies and stuffing them into itty bitty dolls to wreak magical havoc on his next victim.He also adores puppies!A HUGE thanks to my wife  for doing some super-awesome post work to this already cool render (she added smoke, the doll's glowing eyes and vapor, Sam's glinting and glowing eye, retextured heart, massively improved the candle flame, and other needed details to the mix). Please check out her work! tehsellout.deviantart.comI also modeled the voodoo doll myself in Blender, and once I learn how to do rigging in Daz I intend to provide the resource for free.
my name...: webcam,gimp
Cartoon Kids: Kids package includes ten varieties of character, this will allow you immediately fill your game!!/content/35245
Evil from Within: As soon as I saw Minyassa's Evil Uterus here on sharecg, this image immediately came to mind... 
Mrs peyton: Enjoy :)
Brothel boss: Practice comic strip 
a Trifor female: Un travail autour du petit peuple de Landasia, les Trifor, petit de taille à la peau de la couleur de l'arbre qui est leur parrain. Ils pourraient se rapprocher des elfs, mais n'ont rien à voir avec eux.Première ébauche pour ce personnage, les textures des vêtements sont des fractals de ReadMysticAngel A work around the little people of Landasia the Trifor, small size to the skin color of the tree which is their sponsor. They could approach the elves, but have nothing to do with them. First draft for this character, textures clothes are fractals ReadMysticAngel
High City: Bryce 7, Building Dystopia, vessels by Sevein, lower city créated with Citymapper by La Saucisse
Scar: lil sis
Salvatore: big brother   
meeting by elianeck: DazStudioIray rendertks!
glow(remake): makehuman,wings3d,gimp
Jack the ripper: L'altra notte mii sono adormentato davanti la TV quando mi sono svegliato stavano trasmettendo uno speciale su Jack lo squartatore e mi è venuta l'idea di postare una scena relativa al famosissimo serial killer Londinese. Spero vi piaccia. The other night I fell asleep in front of the TV when I woke up they were sending a special on Jack the Ripper and I came up with the idea of posting a scene on the famous London serial killer.  hope you like it. guessed my heroine is 13 years old !: how-old net is a site guess one's age. I tried my character
There's someone in my head but it's not me: Yesterday on the radio I listened to "Brain Damage," "one of the pieces of Pink Floyd that I loved most. I have dwelt on a phrase that has always fascinated me much: There's someone in my head but it's not me. The first thing I came to mind is an image like the one just posted.
Embracing the Void: Queen of night embracing a comet
Holiday Dreams: Bryce 7
Mask 2: DazStudio Reality pluguin Mask by : Consider to support me on Patreon: tks!
Mask1: DazStudio Reality pluguin Mask by : Consider to support me on Patreon: tks!
La sbornia (The hangover): Damn! mineral water only from tomorrow!!!
interview by elianeck: interview about me, my work my life...
Art is (4) ... full merger between author and subj: Opera, artist and model blend together to create art!
Pueblo lost: Bryce 7
The big one!: Surfs Up :)Hanging ten with the big one :)(Free to use as you like )Rendered in Daz Studio no post work
The Gang: You fuck with one,You fuck with all.
GIGERESQUE: Deep in the cavern....
Hun: daz studio,wings3d,gimp
Sun man by elianeck: Iray rendertks!
interesting, but it is not clear ...: daz studio,gimp
Wives and Daughters II - London: Playing around to show the range of an universal character.  The base character ist V4.2.Character London by danaeIn each group the same skin, the original headmorph customized to the age and a adequate styled body. Made with Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork Thanks for viewing.
Wives and Daughters I - Aine: Playing around to show the range of an universal character.  The base character ist V4.2.Character Aine by mostdigitalcreationIn each group the same skin, the original headmorph customized to the age and a adequate styled body. Made in PoserPro 2014 - No postwork Thanks for viewing!
Exhausted Cruiser: The facial expression says it all. The cycle is another product I have made and it is available at the DSA online store.
I save: tks!
illustration: daz studio,gimp
completion DNA: gimp
beginning№1: gimp
Nessie in love on a strange world.: Freely inspired by the mythical Loch Ness monster.   (rendered in Bryce  for 12 hours- DOF in Photoshop)    
04 2015: work
smoldering2: bryce,gimp
temple: wings3d,gimp
Cherri: Black beauty 
Bekka: Bekka with bird - postwork in gimp
Sitting Nude: created with PoserPro 2014, Photoshop and Perfect Effects
lurk: gimp
no name...: think of a name...
from the depths№2: daz studio,gimp
from the depths: daz studio,gimp
twist: gimp
shock: daz studio,gimp
Dune: wings3d,gimp
Zerzura: Bryce 7
Kitty's Got Claws!:    
Through the wormhole: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
RESURRECTION: RESURRECTION: Domina skin by Syyd Like my work? Consider to support me on Patreon: tks!
Wave's dance: Waves dancing on the sea music from the deep ocean
Catwoman 2 Dark City Series (Cosplay) No.21: Selina Kyle as Catwoman. Others images available in my Dark City Series...Made with care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
The Incredible Violet Parr (Sunset City): Made with care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Role Model (Spider-Girl): Made with care, Photoshop and Poser Pro 2014 ...Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details...and many props and resources found on here
Demain les chiens: Based on the novel "City" by Clifford D Simak
~Bunny Blade III~: The world needs more bunniness! Figure is Dawn SR-2, leotard is J-Suit for V4, pantyhose, shoes, and cuffs are from my ~Clasic Bunny Suit~ (available at HiveWire3D), tail and ears are from my ~Animal Anime Pack~ (available at Content Paradise). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
terrasse: A ggod time for Nika after a hard day
Cap'taine !!: Encore Nika
in the bathroom: Nika aux bains un espace intime profané par l'oeil de Daz 4.7 et 3 delight     Nika baths an intimate space desecrated by the eye of Daz 4.7 and 3 delight
Virtual Reality Interactive Application: Some of the completed project of virtual reality developers , virtual reality companies , virtual reality solution covering of Immersive, Non – Immersive, Oculus RIFT, Kinect DK2, Mixed Reality (AR, VR) for business and games.      
The FAM: All three lead charcters For upcoming adult cartoon By Delbert Moore
Studio n. 8 (nudity)"Reflection of pleasure": A simple study with reflection. (rendered in Poser with SSS & Indirect lights - no postwork)
Airlock: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The blue lagoon: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?: I Think so, Brain...
Fidianghelos: The Muse of sculpture do not exist !! I think that it is not a right thing!!! For this reason I have created one and called her Fidianghelos ( un mix between Fidia and Michelagelo )
Laffyette: Started playing with Dazes new Iray - renders are more realistic - postwork in Gimp
Scarlett: Character been working on for a long time
En attendant Meilan:   
La disfida di Barletta (The challenge of Barletta): The challenge of Barletta was a chivalrous held battle on February 13, 1503  on the plain between Andria and Corato (at the time of the facts under Venetian jurisdiction), between thirteen Italian Knights  and many French knights. The confrontation ended with the victory of the Italians.
The fire: Nika with my 4e hair and a fire pose
The Miracle: PoserPro 2014 and Photoshop
Lollipop: Like my work? Consider to support me on Patreon: tks
-Ultra Madam-: Commission job for a client who wanted a 3D version of a manga character "Ultra Madam" serialized by Nappy at Pixiv. Base figure is Dawn, and all extras were modeled in ZBrush and 3DSMAX. This is a single frame from an animation.
oops i did it again: Consider to support me on Patreon: tks very much!
punishment: My rendition of the punisher
Thirst: A render from halloween
shoot first: Shoot first ask questions later
6: An alien backgroung made by me
Pose: Je ne sais si ce genre de photo est autorisé ??? merci de me confirmer au cas ou je l'enlèverai I do not know if this kind of photography is allowed ??? thank you to confirm me in case I take it off   Voici mes 3e cheveux avec un travaux photographique autour d'une pose plutôt sympa, des restes du temps où je photographiais de vrais models comme photographe professionnel. J'adore ce personnage de Nika, je crée plein de choses pour elle et l'univers dans lequel elle vit devient de plus en plus réel...  Je vous en reparle bientôt   Here are my hair with a third photographic work around a rather nice poses, remnants of the time when I was shooting real models as a professional photographer. I love this character Nika, I create a lot of things for her and the world she lives in is becoming more real ... I'll talk to you soon  
Ready for a Workout: Another experiment with Iray... 
Iray render by elianeck: tks!
Magritte and some women: I know women who use men only to draw benefits. Believe is sufficient to defend themselves with their own self-centeredness. But in the end they are left alone with melancholy. I wanted to represent this concept by making a tribute to Magritte.
since 1-3 months: figure - m4/v4morph - by metexture - Sethan by Lajsis ,Velina by SilverHair - Jai hair,felicina hair
Hair 2: Je mets mes deuxième cheveux que j'ai créé, car j'ai un problème de texture que je n'arrive pas à résoudre, bon la coupe est un peu zazou, mais c'était le but recherché I put my second hair that I created because I have a texture problem I can not solve, good cut is a little zazou, but that was the goal   Les bijoux sont créés avec hexagon, the jewels is create with hexagon  
Working around the Hair 1: Bonjour à tous, je poursuit mon travail autour du charactère de Nika et j'en ai profité pour créer mes premiers cheveux.Voici le premier, hum peu mieux faire... Hello everyone, I am continuing my work around the Nika character and have the opportunity to create my first hair. This is the first, um ... some do better  
Whelen Modified: Recent paint & render of a Whelen Modified race car for the nr2k3 racing game.
Atarolandia Invasion: Operation Overlord: When the Nebuchad separatists descend en masse upon the Artarolandia Global Spaceport, outside the world capital, the Imperial air forces are waiting in ambush  to annihilate them. The aerial assault is led by General  Rijn Falcon - now turned against the treacherous leader of the Guardianship.
The negotiator: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Il ratto delle sabine: The Rape of the Sabine Women is one of the most ancient legends of the history of Rome. Romulus, after founding Rome, calls on the neighboring populations (mainly including the Sabines) to receive women as brides to populate the new city. The neighbors refuse then the Romans organize a grand ceremony by inviting the inhabitants of the region. But during the party kidnap unmarried women.
Sidekick?: Converted my ~Brunhilda~ outfit to Star to see what it looks like. The original is for Dawn. ^^
Middle Earth V: Another of my Middle Earth Series
Rocco: Composed and Daz - postwork in Gimp
Aeromoto 04 db: Aeromoto 04 by Antonio Amador Victoria 4 by Daz Studio Rendered in Daz Studio
-PMS Mecha Tank-: The PMS Mecha Tank attacks with no mercy. The cannon is always armed, the fuse is short, and driven by mood swings. Sometimes the targeting system has trouble discerning friends from foes, which leads to occasional friendly fire. ^^;Figure is Cypher's Tank Girl, remodeled and rigged for Poser by me. Bender and Max figures were modeled by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Breakwater: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
The Pied Piper of Hamelin: The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a traditional German fairy tale, written, among others, by the Brothers Grimm. It is also known as the Pied Piper or other similar titles. It is believed that it was inspired by an event that happened in the German city of Hameln, Lower Saxony, in the 13th century.
Stolen moment: Juste cet instant volé dans une nuit tranquille, mais la prudence est de rigueur dans le monde D'Inmia que dirigent les deux Nalites Nika la guerrière et Iona la sage Just this moment stolen from a quiet night, but caution the world Inmia On that point the two alities Nika warrior and Iona wise.
Cute warrior: Complain there?
Young Man, Exploring Himself: Created with PoserPro 2014 and Photoshop CS5
Curiosity: A catgirl and a large mass of tentacles...  What could possibly go wrong? 
Mikiko Promo2: Second pic for Mikiko.
Decadence: The decadence of a culture starts from the moment of its greatest splendor, from its gold's era!!!
Nika on his thorne: Always Nika
Nika in the privacy: Always Nika
Nika, female warior: La poursuite du travail autour du character de Nika A nika character
Q1-4 2015: nc
Mikiko: Render test 1: Made so many changes while working out the issues with Little Miki 2 that I decided to give the new update a new name. ;)She's not quite ready (yet) but you'll need to pick up the Ultimate Morphs over at RuntimeDNA. Best to get them now while they're still on sale. ;)
Innocent When Necessary:    
Portal X: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
-Animeness VIII-: Composite figure with HiveWire3D's Dawn body with my custom Anime head. She's ready to kick some serious ass! ^_____^
G2 Girls promo2: Second pic for the G2 Girls. Hopefuly, they should be set to go soon!
-Jessica Star-: Same dynamic dress I've created for Dawn, now fit to Star. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
In The Deep.: A rendered 3D model with a ton of post work in Photoshop using Ron Deviney's Hydro Explosion, Condensation and Waterline brushes from I've really come along since I first started!!
Lady Godiva (Nudity): Lady Godiva, was an 11th-century AngloSaxon noblewoman who, according to a legend dating back at least to the 13th century, rode naked – only covered in her Long  hair – through the streets of Coventry in order to gain a remissionj of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. (Wikipedia)
The chase: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Goth: Goth Steamunk
Reflections: Mushroom Forest
Taming the Beast: Using a V4-custom character by Betolemo (its here on ShareCG for free) I created a new Druuna
Honey Bolt At Daz!: The happy-go-lucky robot with the fusion powered heart! Unlike other robots Honey Bolt isn't built for just loading and unloading or enforcing quick cold justice, Honey Bolt is a personal droid built for fun and adventure. Whether it's a pal for the kids or a friend to spend a night on the town with she's down for anything. However don't let her simple non-threatening outer shell fool you, her rugged internal structure can take almost anything thrown at her, from cars to tanks and even falls from small buildings. You never know when danger to yourself or loved ones may strike and Honey Bolt will be there to help! With the modular nature of her structure and conforming shell Honey Bolt will be ready for all sorts of future upgrades. She comes in the standard neon chrome as well as 4 additional styles for both internal structure and conforming shell! As an added bonus Honey Bolt has been designed so that your poses for Generation 4, Genesis and Genesis 2 Figures will work on her with only some minor adjustments!!  Check around for Freebies for her here
on-Top-01: thanks for watching
Studio-06-02-Iray: playing with this tutorial scene is a *box* with Gwen and the Studiolamp inside.There is a hole in the ceiling above Gwen.Light is Iray sun/sky.for unknown reasons iray stopped working (no crash, just not proceeding in iterations) at 9,97%workflow: DAZ3D 4.8 beta, Iray-engine, Irfanview for Logo
-Happy Easter 2015-: Created the dress and gloves just for this image. Hope you like it and Happy Easter!* Figure is Dawn from HiveWire3D.* Dress & Gloves: modeled in ZBrush by Ken1171 Designs.* Stockings: from ~Diamond Dress~ by Ken1171 Designs.* Shoes: from ~Classic Bunny Suit~ by Ken1171 Designs.* Bunny Ears: from ~Animal Anime Pack~ by Ken1171 Designs.
Happy easter: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
remember ...: daz studio.gimp
sea remix: wings3d,bryce,gimp
G2 Girls:test render: Been awhile since my last update. Still need to work out a few bugs with the deformers. Sometimes the new settings don't get applied. While I was working on the update I decided to work on an updated render to go with it. They're not quite ready (yet) but you'll need to pick up the Ultimate Morphs over at RuntimeDNA to use the set. Best to get them now while they're still on sale. ;)
pernas by elianeck: Black!I have more image in my Patreon gallery using this character in other situationsI cant put here its more sexy!
Sit by elianeck: Sit DazStudio Reality Like my work? Consider to support me on Patreon: tks!
Anomalies: Two flames into one
wow-and...: daz studio,gimp
Foxy Lady: trying to get to grips with Daz studio Iray lighting.  
Part5(remix): wings3d,gimp
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: Rendered with PoserPro 2014. I'll soon open my own HP
North Pole: bryce,gimp
val 2: un couple de val en pleine discussion Idem pour les créations, a full discussion val couple Ditto for the creation,
Valkyrie: Un thème en cour avec création du vêtement et accessoires, marvelous et hexagon,  le charactère est créé avec g2f je travaille sur plusieurs situation et personnage sur ce thème avec des décors en conséquences donc d'autres photos viendront. A court theme with creation of clothing and accessories, and marvelous hexagon, is created with the Character g2f I am working on several circumstances and character on this theme with decorations consequences so more photos will come.  
blues: gimp
Submarine 2: Models and render with Lightwave3D.
Computer terminal: Steampunk like computer terminal. Models and render with Lightwave3d.
violets №2: gimp
WOW...: wings3d ,no postwork....
Belvedere Illusion model: The Illusion model of M.C Escher's "Belvedere" Lithograph. It turned out a bit messy and I could only get a half decent render of it in the orthographic view mode... shadows also a problem. However it was worth a shot. I rotated the top half 60 degrees - but I think it should've been a little more, I don't know. I may revisit this at a later time to fix it up a bit.    
-Little Star-: Playing with Star! a little more. ^^
Studio A.D.P by Dominick Créations: Studio virtuel A.D.P. Moonwalkstory News
Thriller jacket by Dominick Creations: Thriller jacket
Archange MJ 3D by Dominick Créations: Archange MJ 3D
The seduction of death: Often death is presented as a beautiful lady with a kiss that fascinates but kills
Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within.: Started of as just the basic rendered model with clothing and a prop. Everything else I hand painted in photoshop. First time I've done it intensively and I'm very happy with the result.
Beneath.: Using Ilona's stunning brush set from Renderosity, this one I half rendered and half painted in photoshop.
The Dungeons.: I found Designfera's Flux 2 photoshop brushes and thought I'd have a play around :D
In The Wild: This is Topher's final look for my novel, Filara. She's headstrong, stubborn and childish. But she gets the job done.
Topher's Dress: Finally got my hands on SAV's Elektra dress from Renderosity. It looks so good on Topher.
Topher's Accident.: Topher finds herself in a spot of trouble when she comes crashing through the wrong warehouse. - Uses Stonemason's amazing Cryotube prop.
A Few Iris Textures: Just created a new iris mask based on the steps in my previous 'Art' upload. Here's the mask (PNG) and seven iris textures (JPG) created using it. All 1024x1024. Use 'em all however you want.
Interior: C'est juste une étude intermédiaire de l'intérieur d'une auberge avec la création des charactères et des accessoires sous hexagon et daz 4.7 It's just an interim study of the interior of an inn with the creation of characters and props in and DAZ Hexagon 4.7  
Trust me by elianeck: tks!
the fire of passion: daz studio,gimp
Spring forest wakes...: daz studio,gimp
The fruit of knowledge: The fruit of knowledge leads to the culture to the pleasure of beauty and therefore evolution.
Aphrodite Anadyomene: Aphrodite, or Venus to the Romans, is said to have been birthed from sea foam (hence her Greek name) and carried aloft on a scallop shell.  The Homeric Epics Relate: "To Sea-set Kypros the moist breath of  Zephyros (the western wind) wafted her over the waves of the loud-moaning sea in soft foam, and there the gold-filleted Horai welcomed her joyously. They clothed her with heavenly garments: on her head they put a fine, well-wrought crown of gold..."
Dystopia Still Life: Story prop elements that reflect six of the principal characters within the Dystopia saga. Djawu Qaletaqu's black market ChinYens; Shadow Dancer Angelou Anouk Repousse's wedding amulet and rainbow gravity ribbon; the Dark Lord's skull ring and his Karrabin Guardian Spirit's winged staff and beads of light and perfection; the Dark Assassin's Krueger MK-15 and spare clip; and art patron Viscountess May Napan's silk fan. The glass ball is only there for the cool reflections.
Visual Guide To Simple Iris Texture Creation: No, it's not 'Art' . But the 'Art 'section is the only one where I can load up seven separate images. I'm not in the mood for writing up instructions (even brief ones!), so I just thought I'd post a couple of screenshots of a really easy way I've just found to create a DIY iris texture. All done in GIMP 2.8 Hopefully the pictures appear in the correct order (Darn! The last two images appear the wrong way round! But no matter). Also hopefully the process is easy enough to follow without any words - but if anything's not clear post a query in the comments. If anybody's interested in more detail I might do a proper write-up at some time...   :D   P.S. You can use any of these images however you want.   Oh what the heck! - Start with a black square and draw freehand vertical lines all over the bottom 3/4 of it (3rd image) - Make the bottom 3/4 seamless (2nd image) - Make the bottom 3/4 fade nicely at the top and bottom (4th image) - Convert to polar cordinates - Filters > Distort > Polar, using default settings (5th image) - Use what you've created as a layer mask, and do a radial blend fill with a nice gradient (7th image). I found that also using the iWarp 'Move' on the result of the fill is nice) -Cut-and-paste and resize the result to fit into the iris/pupil part of the eye template for whatever figure you want  (6th image)
Ara Militaris (Macaws): A corner of a Central American tropical forest. (Made in poser no postwork)Best in full size
sexy girls: some of the cutes renders i have come up, but they still need some lightin and adjustments....for you to yune them up. thanks.
violets: daz studio,gimp
Tinka Belle Pin Ups: Tinka Belle Pin-Ups My new favorite character This is what I think Tinka Belle would look like if she was anime character. Who knew this little sprite was so sexy. Best viewed full size for close ups Rendered in Daz Studio Post work in Photoshop you can see all The full size Originals at sharecg Production Credits STAR by littlefox outoftouch - OOT Bikini for STAR by littlefox outoftouch - OOT Morphs for STAR by littlefox outoftouch - SSS Skin for STAR by littlefox
early life: daz studio,gimp
The cat and a monument to the modern amazon: Many women fight for improve their lives with the same force of the ancient Amazons. they merit a monument
A traveler: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Middle Earth: The Ents are not friendly here
Bardeen: this is the old Bardeen/MacSimBar/RockTen Paper mill in my town (background) the floor- the man - cat - and trash are CG - I also added a lighting effect to the existing light ray coming off the ceiling - postwork done in Gimp
Tex Willer & his Pards: Per gli Italiani Tex Willer è da sempre "Il Fumetto" ,:Credo che a chiunque sia nato in Italia dopo il 1948 sia passato per le mani ,almeno una volta nella vita , una copia del fumetto del celebre eroe edito da Gian Luigi Bonelli ed ancora oggi in produzione. Qui ho riprodotto Tex in compagnia dei suoi pards ,: Kit, suo figlio, Kit Carson l'eroe Americano suo partner e Tiger Jack , l'inseparabile amico Navajo. For the Italians Tex Willer has always been "The Comic,": I think anyone born in Italy after the 1948 has passed through the hands, at least once in their lifetime, a copy of the famous comic book hero published by Gian Luigi Bonelli and still in production today.Here I reproduced Tex in the company of his pards,: kits, his son; Kit Carson the American hero his partner and Tiger Jack, Navajo, the inseparable friend.
Lili: daz studio,gimp
dragon lair by elianeck: tks!
Blue bokens: A beautiful woman in a blue bokem background. Background avialable at
Suite_2101-Iray-02: Thanks Hole for this preset Rendertime 3h55min 9000 iterations on a GTX760.made with:RC HH 5 and  RC Character 01
Suite_2101-Iray-01: Thanks Hole for this preset
its my by elianeck: Dazstudioreality pluguinif you what by helping support
You've got the look: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Poisonous Air is Sexy?:    
Tifa: if you what by helping support me
supernova: gimp
Mad Cat MK II + Battlefield: Update on WIP Computer died this week so it will be awhile before I can finish this
Autumn by elianeck: Carrara render if you what by helping support me
Agneta's room: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
testing the waters: just a bunch of girls going to take a early spring swim in th pool. But 2 of them chicken out the water was to cold Rendered in Daz Studio no post work best viewed full size 1920 x1080  free pin ups  to use as you like
scream...: daz studio,gimp
Glass Kickin': Fight scene with my character 'Smacky' finishing off a demoness. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.7, postwork in Photoshop CC. More Smacky and demoness art at
Jeanne: Jeanne est l'héroïne de mon premier roman qui paraitra fin mai en France. L'histoire d'une jeune fille et de sa rencontre avec la voile lors de son passage de l'adolescence à l'âge adulte. Jeanne is heroine my first novel be published end of May in France. The story of a girl and her meeting with sailing during its passage from adolescence to adulthood.
Q1-3 2015: nc
Q1-2 2015: nc
Q1 2015: nc
Tribute to Terry Pratchett: Bryce 7
Iray by elianeck: first render in Iray render in DazStudio 4.8
Wintha-Uniform02: Latest render of my OC Wintha.
Masks and puppets: We live in a world that often, without noticing it, affects us and making us put the masks that transforms us into puppets. We must be able to remove and re-appropriating of our personality.
St Patrick's Day: Wishing everyone a very happy St Patrick's Day
-Sexy Dolls-: Playing with my new toy - the Star! figure from Lady LittleFox. I have customized the left girl's body with body scaling. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The lost temple: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
symmetry: daz studio,gimp
something like: daz studio,gimp
Salem: Danzano le streghe sotto la lunaLa loro danza porta fortunaDanzano le streghe nella notte scuraNon bisogna avere paura.Danzano le streghe quando hanno vogliaIntorno a loro non si muove una fogliaNon si ode neppure un rumoreDanzano le streghe per ore e ore. (The witches dance under the Moon Their dance brings luck Dancing witches in the dark night We must not be afraid. Dancing witches when they want Around them won't move a leaf Not even a noise is heard Dancing witches for hours and hours)    
random selection: daz studio,gimp
oracle3: daz studio,gimp
oracle: daz studio,gimp
The hill: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
The next free stuff: Juste une image de mon produit produit gratuit   just a image of next free stuff
renaissance: a short sequence giving more of the story of my  previous  image of the forest guardian...  this time  a little postwork was required! best viewed in fukl resolution.
topic: daz studio,gimp
next4: daz studio,gimp
Iray Rendertest / DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro Public Build: DAZ Studio 4.8 Pro Public Build /  Awesome :-)Iray Rendertest / render result without any postwork !!! (GF GTX750Ti 2GB GDDR5  / 18 GB SYS RAM / AMD Athlon II X2 250) :2 Photometrig Lights ( Photometric Point lights ) / Daz Studio can load IES Data ! :-)Currently Used:Iray Render EnginePixel Size:             W 3840 H 6212Max Samples             15000Rendering             Quality 128Max Path             Lenngth 13Instancing Optimization     SpeedPixel Filter             gaussianEnviroment Mode         Scene OnlyEnviroment Lighting Blur     onDraw Ground             offMaterial !!! You must load Iray Optimized Genesis 2 Male MAT on G2M (or G2F) !!!Rendertime : 2 hour (7.17% of image convverget)abort by Iray iteration : 530
California Girls: ..............The West coast has the sunshine And the girls all get so tanned I dig a french bikini on Hawaii island dolls By a palm tree in the sand I been all around this great big world And I seen all kinds of girls ,Yeah, but I couldn't wait to get back in the states Back to the cutest girls in the world I wish they all could be California - I wish they all could be California I wish they all could be California girls I wish they all could be California (Girls, girls, girls yeah I dig the) I wish they all could be California (Girls, girls, girls yeah I dig the) ......
Gazelle-02: Another render of my OC Gazelle.
Gazelle-01: A quick render of my OC Gazelle from my series Cyotsosis.
-Girly Bunniness-: Figure is Dawn, wearing my ~Classic Bunny Suit~ and ~Western Boots~ available at HiveWire3D, plus my ~Animal Anime Pack~ ears and tail available at Content Paradise. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Pan: Pan in his forest, on his throne.
The forbidden gate: Thanks!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Ella and her phant: Everyday after a hard day at work, nothing gives Ella more joy than to see her baby phant enjoy the setting of the sun.
Up-Close: Figure is Dawn SR-2. Mask by me. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like and thanks for coming by!
next3: daz studio,gimp
next2: daz studio,gimp
next: daz studio,gimp
Cloto Lachesi Atropo the "Moire": The Moire ( Parche in Latin)(Fates) , Clotho Lachesis and Atropos, was the personification of the inescapable destiny. Their job was to weave the thread of fate of every man, do it and finally sever it and mark their death.
Minotaur and Unicorn: thx for viewing
In The Bedroom.: Originally, a render to play with Stonemason's Sci-Fi bedroom but I got a little carried away and ended up going all in with Topher and Marius.
Filara: The title cover for my new project :D
Ent: From the forest of Fanghorn
illustrate Dante: daz studio,gimp
Last Keeper of the Greenwood: "How beautiful the Centaurides are, even where they are horses; for some grow out of white mares, others are attached to chestnut mares, and the coats of others are dappled, but they glisten ..." Philostratus the Elder Having managed  to fuse the ME Dog with Michael 4 to get an Anubis figure for one of my previous renders, I thought I'd  try to get a Centauride from Victoria and the ME horse. Its worked more or less, though some careful posing and a little trompe l'oeil was necessary due to the extreme morphs needed to get the two figures to match...  nonetheless, managed without having to resort to postwork.  
First contact: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Druidesse: Une druidesse et son loup, le premier plan est issu d'un calvaire breton proche de chez moi. A druid and his wolf, the foreground is from a Breton Calvary near my home.
Bretonne: idem mais avec un costume de femme Work on the creation of a female Breton costumes
Breton: Un travail autour de la création d'un costume Breton masculin Work on the creation of a male Breton costumes  
-Keeping Secrets-: ~Keeping Secrets~Figure is Dawn SR-2 with some of her body morphs. Pose and mask by me. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like and thanks for coming by!
Movie night: Just a bunch of college girls sitting around the dorm room watching a pirate movie.Rendered in Daz Studio  .  no post workBest viewed full size for details 1920 x1080 , 160 KB
mysticism: daz studio,gimp
meditation: daz studio,bryce,gimp
Stefan Crossing The Street: Mainly an image to illustrate how the dynamic version of Nanette Tredoux's schoolboy uniform designed for Luke looks on M4. Not bad, I think. Okay, I got a little lazy and slipped in a photo background but I like to think that the round of applause is for Nanette who is obviously passing by in that blue sedan.
Daphne: Created withdaz - postwork in Gimp
8 Marzo 2015 / 8 March 2015: Un piccolo omaggio floreale a tutte le donne del mondo nel giorno a loro dedicato. Con simpatia Nick Carter. A small floral tribute to all women of the world in the day dedicated to them. With sympathy Nick Carter.  
Voodoo master: Thanks!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Morning: daz studio,gimp
spring mood: evolvotron,gimp
"The Widow": Zhèng Shì (1775–1844)  (literally "widow of Zheng"), was a prominent pirate in Qing China who terrorized the South China Sea in the early 19th century.  Though much is attributed to her, there is relatively little documentary evidence of her life.  She was born Sehk Heonggu in Guangdong, where she was working as a prostitute when she was captured by pirates. In 1801, she married  the pirate Jihng Yāt and on his death took over his operations. She is reputed to have commanded 1,800 ships and  a pirate crew of about 80,000 men, women and children. She was never defeated and became one of the most successful pirates in history; she even managed to retire peacefully with her fortune intact.
A Prince Of Persia: An illustration using Helen's supplemental head morphs for Hivewire's Dusk which have helped transform the poorly designed Dork into the semblance of a human figure.
La gita " Fuori Porta ": Una gita la domenica ai castelli romani. Best in full size.  
Rebekka: All work completed in Daz
Fae 7: Fairy rendered in Daz - postwork in Gimp
Bo's place: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Ghost Pirate Ship: Ghost ShipRendered in Daz Studio No post workBest view full view 1920 x180 This Picture is Free to use as you like. :)
Hot Brunette: Modeled in ZBrush, rendered in DAZ Studio
mood: evolvotron,gimp
The Kiss: I spent a while trying to decide on a material - white marble didn't seemed quite right. The final version (a postworked monochrome version of  the fifth image) is posted on a couple of other sites.
flame: gimp
Strange encounter: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
remembering Dante: gimp
I have written books with the words never said: If you were here I would tell you the things I never said, but I know if you were here I could not tell them to you.March 7, 2006 my mother has flown away. I often stop to remember and I realize how many things I could not tell her.
Kinship: Jenny seems to like tentacles and things with tentacles... 
circles of...: gimp
Low tide: Terragen 0.9 with plugin waterworks
flowers: gimp
Moon over Xandoria: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
The Hunt: with Merperson and friends.
forest№2: gimp...
fairy forest: gimp...
A beuatiful view: One of them times , when you just have to stop to get a picture. Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.7 Best viewed full size to appreciate the expansive environment. there is a complete series of these at share cg Production Credits outoftouch - OOT Natasha for Genesis 2 Female(s) outoftouch - Natasha Hair and OOT Hairblending DreamlandModels - Movie Sets, 81 City Blocks RPublishing - Mitchel For M4
Fili the Dwarve: My interpretation of Fili.  Using Daz3d, Adobe Photoshop, Portia Hair by AprilYSH at Daz, Yannis hair add-on by StudioArtVartanian, Clothing is Warlock for M4 at Xurge3d. I hope someone can come up  with more realistic looking head morph for the actor who played Fili in the Hobbit.
Done: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
brittany bed closed: Un lit clot Breton adapté à l'univers de Landasia avec cette scène intime Daz, hexagon, marvellous A bed clot Breton suitable for Landasia universe with this intimate scene  
In the corridor: Une scène liée au sujet du Majestic, toujours dans l'univers de Landasia Logiciels  daz, hexagon, marvellous   A scene related to the subject of the Majestic, still in the world of Landasia
cave: just for a drink
Bonnie & Clyde: Bonnie & Clyde . A story of gangsters.
030115_074: Morphed M4, ADP dungeon wall in background POSER PRO 2014 VUE2014 COMPLETE GIMP
Eyes: Super-close-up preview of a new character...
imagination1: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
steampunk Kids: Greated with Daz
Archangel: created in daz - brushwork in Gimp
Natasha's Boudoir: New girl to play with :) I did a whole series of renders using Natasha, . Best viewed full size for details. Rendered in Daz Studio 4.7 no post work. Production Credits outoftouch - Natasha's Lingerie for Genesis 2 Female(s) outoftouch - OOT Natasha for Genesis 2 Female(s) hameleon - Relaxing 2 SWAM - Beachclub Hair
Chris P (different view): Another of Chris from a different vantage point.
Chris P: Rendered in Daz using M4. Actor Chris Pine 
Cleopatra: Liz made a beautiful Cleo
flowers of evil: gimp
-Bad Kitty Octane Version-: The original 2010 image (above) was created in Poser with Firefly. I have redone all materials and lighting to recreate it in Octane, and this is how it came out. Maybe different people may like one or the other. I wonder how subjective the comparison will be? Figure is a V4/TY2 composite, re-rendered in Poser with Octane using basic 3-point lights. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Why Should I Be Afraid?: When faced with tentacles, a katana nullifies the schoolgirl uniform, right? 
fantasy: wings3d,gimp
Space station: I used the model KuhnIndustries as a basis for departure. I textured entire model and add the possibility of rotation on the two arms, and while the solar panels. Astronaut is jgilhutton. Model will soon be available for DAZ Studio. Thank you for your comment ...
-Classic Beauty-: Posing test with Dawn, and another SSS skin shader attempt. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Holographic display: Just a quick render. If anyone recognizes the graphics please let me know the original crteator as I cannot find where it came from
Voyager crew test: Just a brief genesis morph test of Chakotay and Tom Paris
random selection: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
presence: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Post Apocalypse nomads: In questo lavoro ho cercato di rifarmi allo stile grafico  di alcuni grandi del fumetto come Serpieri, Moreno , Pacqueur&Franz , Gimenez , Schultz , i primi che mi tornano alla mente , spero vi piaccia. In this work I tried to refer back to graphical style of some great  of comics as Serpieri, Moreno,  Pacqueur&Franz, Gimenez, Schultz, the first that I come back to mind, hope you like it.  
Petite canaille in french :): Un ensemble pour Giselle 6, mais qui marche aussi avec G2f, je pensais le mettre en freebies, qui est preneur ? Il y a la robe, le foulard, un gilet et des bas. une ou deux textures pas plus. créé avec Marvellous Designer.   A set for Giselle 6, but also works with g2f I thought the set freebies, who is a lessee? There dress, scarf, jacket and downs. one or two textures no more. Create with Marvellous Designer.
Swann: Un travail en cour sur le thème des amazones.   Work in court on the subject of the Amazons
Lich King Sword: The Lich Kings inscription reads as follows: "Whomsoever takes up this blade shall wield power eternal. Just as the blade rends flesh, so must power scar the spirit." Made in Wings3D and rendered in Daz Studio. This item is available at my store located at DSA.
Dandelion: It's OK to blow on these!
Mad Cat: Took pieces from a Mad Cat model I found on Turbosquid and fit them over an AT-ST figure using a combination of Blender and DAZ 3D. In the most recent version I added 4 chin guns and made the legs a little bigger so they were more proportional with the massive torso. I still need to add bolts to the toes so they can move up and down like in the game.   Links: Mad Cat MK II: AT-ST:
variant №2: added fractal...
Beluga: Made these in Wings3D and rendered them in Daz Studio. The lightbeams and bubbles were done in photoshop.
Medusa - Turning them to stone: Best viewed full size for details G2F & G2M Characters rendered in HD   with Daz Studio - default render engine. Dimension Theory’s Stone shaders Some post work with Photoshop cs5 to blend the stone shaders with the skin
The delivery: An eye out guys, the mecdog is nervous, I smell trouble!
Eternal love: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Characters' height of my movie: This is Characters' height of my movie
Commander Block: Digital matte painting, character development and concept art of Commander Block. The main character in the award winning science fiction book series "Citadel 7' by Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom pen and tablet.
Uniss - Lesser God: Uniss - Lesser God a primary character in the multi Cygnus award winning science fiction book series book, Citadel 7 by acclaimed author Yuan Jur. Painted with standard brushes in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom pen and tablet.
final chord: interesting to watch the slideshow...
our era: wings3d,makehuman,gimp.
Some renders from Carrara in a Patrick Nagel style: A series of renders from Carrara 8.5 Pro. These are influenced by the style of Patrick Nagel who, in turn, was influenced by Japanese woodcuts. The bra and jumper are freebies from Wilmap's Digital Creations and the jeans (also free) are by scheusal242. Thanks to both.
Mechanical Love: When DzFire first showed a preview of Nails on the Daz Forums, I instantly envisioned this image - Nails seems to be the perfect compliment for Stonemason's CamBot.  The newly-released Hazard Zone seemed like a fitting setting for Nails and CamBot to meet. 
Foresta d'autunno (Autumn forest): I colori dell'autunno in una foresta nella bruma del mattinoi. The colors of autumn in a forest in the morning mist. (Best in full size)
-Elf Girl With Gun-: Some groups at deviantArt block pinup submissions that contain guns, claiming it "promotes violence", so here we go. Somehow the banana is not quite the same...Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn with my custom Anime head. Outfit is my "Diamond Dress" and "Western Boots" available at the HW3D store. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by.
lightning: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Final confrontation: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Close to the edge: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Forbidden love: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Clash of the Titans(Scontro tra Titani): Clash of the Titans(Scontro tra Titani)(Dynastes hercules - Scarabeo Ercole) Just who will throw the other off the branch shall have the right to mate with the female hidden nearby. (Solo chi riuscirà' a scaraventare l'altro giù dal ramo avrà il diritto di accoppiarsi con la femmina nascosta nei paraggi.) (Rendered in Poser  no postwork)
Victoria 6 at the beach: This is a Daz model rendered in Poser Pro Game Dev using the Firefly render engine. after rendering I discovered her thumb was pushed into her temple. It took 6 hours to render her so I covered it with a fern leaf in  photoshop and then adjusted akintones and a couple of things
Special Collection: UFO collects alien humanoids
bird: gimp
Salome in the macabre turbines of the dance: Salome was a Jewish princess. The story is a reference in the gospels of Mark and matthew is as follows: Herodias, Salome's mother, left her husband Herod Philip I and went to live with her brother, King Herod Antipas. Giovanni Battista publicly condemned the conduct of Antipas who had him imprisoned, then, to please Salome, daughter of Herodias, who had danced at a banquet, had him beheaded.
fractal №1: gimp
Billiancka: C'est le nom de cette jeune femme qui attend enfernée dans la chambre le prêtre Arkatam qui doit la rejoindre.Une Image inspirée par le Cycle de Landasia, mon récit fantasy This is the name of this young woman waiting in the room the enfernée Arkatam priest who join. An image inspired by the cycle Landasia my fantasy story  
-Motoko Kusanagi Fanart-: My cute version of Major Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell). Figure is a Posette/AnimeDoll composite, body shaped with magnets, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
He Keeps Me Safe:    
Ursula and her pets: The Moray Eels were made in Wings3D and rigged in Daz Studio. The Moray Eel is available at our DSA store only for FREE! Commercial renders okay, but the mesh is NOT for redistribution.
Moray Eel - FREE GIFT: This is a completed mesh with texture. It has some morph tools that allows for the mouth to open and close, as well as two body morphs. When applied with the twist feature, you can get quite a few variations of body shapes. FREE GIFT exclusively at::
-Kung Fu Girl-: Putting SSS (Subsurface Scattering) into practice again, now with a strong back light that makes it very visible at the ears and fingers. Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn wearing my "China Blaze" outfit, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
La galerie des chats: Bryce 7, wings3d
%@"& de bagnole !!!: Bryce 7, wings3d
Thinking of Tonight:    
Black_Wedding (work in progress): Just experimenting and trying to light a scene without relying on presets. I chose a religious theme because i suddenly remembered that line spoken by Robert De Niro, in the film Angel Heart: "There's enough religion in the world for men to hate each other but not enough to make them love one another". So here, I decided to make a wicked friar dance with an innocent succubus to the tune of soulful blues played by a fossilized satyr.
BC...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Marmitone: Suite à la scène sur les fourneaux, voici une petite marmitone avec un plat de légumes qui fait partie de la scène globale en cour de réalisation, une vaste cuisine médiévale avec plusieurs plans de travail, pas évident côté mémoire mais on y arrive...   A bientôt pour un prochain freebies Following the stage furnaces, here's a marmitone with a vegetable dish that is part of the global scene in the heart of achievement, a huge medieval kitchen with several work plans, not clear the memory side, but you get there ... Stay tuned for an upcoming freebies
The way back from Samarkand: A pleasant surprise on the way back from Samarkand.
Lahti L-35: Finn pistol
once upon a time....: the tales of yesteryear...   tag : warhammer, wh40k, w40k, imperial, warhammer40k, 40.000, 40000, ultramarine,blood angels, space volves, dark angels, catachan, cadian, inquisition, eldar, chaos, thunderhawk, chimera, leman russ, land raider, tank, imperial guard, tallarn, ork, snotling, boss, hydra flack, necron, basilisk, trojan, thunderbolt, 3d  
SI-Body-Wrap-01a: thanks for watching
RC-Shape-01i: thanks for watching
Auberge: This is a door of Auberge in day, just for the fun
Test render: Mindy: I've been out of things for the last few months and trying to get back into it. While sorting through my files, I found a figure I had for awhile and wanted to see what I could do with her. Still needs some work on the legs, but overall not bad.
glow: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
By The Sea By ANena Studios: Its just another night time  photo shoot by the sea but this model is enjoing the sound of the sea. 
The Testament: Italian author I got the inspiration to achieve this image. In particular, I was inspired by the last two strophes. to better explain I tried to translate them into English, I beg your pardon if the translation is not so good !!  To give credit to the author (Fabrizio De Andrè) carry in the end even the some text in the original language.:   When death will calls me nobody in the world will know that a man died without speaking without knowing the truth that a man died without praying running away the weight of piety   Dear brothers of the other side We sang in choir down on the earth we loved in hundred the same woman departed in thousands for the same war this remembrance will not consuls you when we die, you die alone this remembrance will not consuls you when we die, you die alone         I  Quando la morte mi chiamerà nessuno al mondo si accorgerà che un uomo è morto senza parlare senza sapere la verità che un uomo è morto senza pregare fuggendo il peso della pietà   Cari fratelli dell'altra sponda cantammo in coro giù sulla terra amammo in cento l'identica donna partimmo in mille per la stessa guerra questo ricordo non vi consoli quando si muore, si muore soli questo ricordo non vi consoli quando si muore, si muore sol
-Scary Movie-: The good about scary movies that it makes girls hold us tight and afraid of sleeping alone.
Alaska, the last frontier.: Alaska, the last frontier. Fishing in the light of the midnight sun.
born anew: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Mushroom Friends: The Queen of the Mushrooms. She protects the Mushroom forest with her friends. It is a Secret, Special and Magical Place only known to those who live in the Forest
D.D.mirror backup: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Dream Dreams: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
Maxime's secret: Bryce 7, wings 3s for lamp oil and book
my corner at evening: figure - v4 morph&edit by metexture - valina by silverluisa Hair and oot hairblending by outoftouchskirt - (Sorry i can't remember) by 3d-ageblouse - by mesock - v4 sockshoe - i cant rememberscene - garden cornerrender in DAZ
Solar spring: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Victoria4: daz studio 3,gimp.
Squish: Composed and rendered this in Daz Studio 4.7 with no other plugins or external software. The lighting is done with the built in light features.
Shego Cheesecake 1: Well... pretty much a cheesecake shot of the greenie meanie. You know you wanted one.
Midnight Walk: Poser Pro 2014 Vue2014 Complete GIMP Enjoy!!!
Genesis With Beutiful White hair: Thanks  for looking at my art. I enjoy making CGi art; there is nothing more fun than this.This is Geneis with white hair looking sporty.    To download the background that is in this picture that I handmade. please follow this link
Aftermath: When all was lost.
Mars Attacked: Okay, who's in charge of laundry?
Sunset Pirhouette: Skirt is from Redviper2012's "The Magical Dress Platinum for A4" here at ShareCG. Wasn't keen on the built-in highlights on her hair (4th/5th images, with the golden-blonde/black-and-brown hair colours) so I tried out something different. Not sure about the result though... Added some transparency to the top and skirt too.  
Pleasure of happy hour: The pleasure of happy hour often winking stimulates drinking more than reasonable. Maybe we could propose something more healthy and pleasant ......
Techno Sarcophagus: Set in Poser - rendered with Luxrender - postwork in Photoshop Thanks for watching.    
-Hot Playball II-: Figure is V4, body shaped with magnets. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
L'auberge de la main blanche: create avec daz 4.7 la première image est de nuit, la prochaine sera de jour the firt image is the night the next will be a day
Moss agate: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
The Gorgon: Having gone to the trouble of creating a Perseus model, it seemed a shame not to use it again...  so here we have the famouis story of Persus and Medusa, and how he avoided her petrifying gaze using his highly burnished shield. Medusa is rather a tragic figure; she was once a beautiful maiden with flowing golden locks who was cursed for profaning the temple of of Athena; her locks became snakes, her skin developed scales and her gaze turned people to stone. She was shunned by all and went into hiding in Africa before being caught unawares and slain by Persues...all because of an action that wasn't her fault in the first place!  (She was ravaged by the sea-god Poseidon in the temple; he got away scot free and she was cursed )...  The manifest fickle capriciousness of the Gods!
-Hot Summer II-: Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn with her own morphs, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Mountains In The Sky: (Terragen Classic, free version) Sometimes good things happen if you just play randomly... I was just twiddling the cloud, sun and atmosphere settings in Terragen Classic to see if something inspirational for Renderosity's  "Shadows And Light" TGC Theme Challenge* occurred. When I posted a cropped version of the image at Renderosity I got a lot of comments on the clouds, so I took some screenshots of all the associated settings too *Renderosity's current "Shadows And Light" Terragen Classic Theme Challenge - closing date some time in April 2015, just for fun, no prizes! (P.S. I'm still using the free version of Terragen Classic as neither my machine nor my brain can cope with Terragen 2/3 ! )
Genesis Lighting the way: Thanks for viewing my art.I loveGenesis and I morph her as oftern as I she is holding a candle.      ANena
More of My art Work: Hi Thanks for viewing my art work. You can use it but please give credit to ANena Studios and /or ANena Jewelry . Thanks. Wishing you Peace and Light, ANena Studios
Genesis wearing August Hair: Hi and thanks for looking at my cg art. I recently saw this beautiful August Hair and fell inlove with it so Genesis gave me the honor of modeling it for me and she loves it like I do.  Thank you   
attention,comet: wings3d,makehuman,gimp.
A judge: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Andromeda's peril: The beautiful Andromeda was princess of Aethiopia, daughter of king Cepheus and queen Cassiopeia.  Andromeda's beauty was such that her mother once boasted  that Andromeda was  more beautiful than the Nereids, the sea-nypmphs that accompanied  the god Poseidon.  As punishment,  Poseidon sent the monstorus Cetus to ravage the coast of Aethiopia.  The desperate King  consulted an oracle who said that the only way to stop the depradations was to sacrifice Andromeda to the monster. Accordingly she was stripped and chained to a rock, but saved from death by Perseus who was returning from his adventure with the gorgon Medusa (watch this space for that scene!). I've taken a few liberties with this scene; in the original story, Perseus manages to sneak up on Cetus unseen as he wears Hades' helm which renders him invisible. Here I've given him a splendid golden helm but felt it would look a little odd haveing a riderless Pegasus!  I've also followed  later versions of the story including Pegasus, rather than having Persus flying with Hermes' winged sandals. Lasty, I've preserved Andromeda's modesty to a greater degree than the original tale! There is no detailed account as to what Cetus actually looked like. Most Greek sources have it as serpentine fish, while modern versions (Clash of the Titans et al) dispense with Cetus altogether and have some sort of kraken.  I have chosen something in between.
pearl: D:\KALIN\3ds max\3ds max2015-failove\scenes\PERLA
Variations on a Theme: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Morgan il Pirata: Della serie pirati                                                                                                                    
fleeting: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
lost time...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp...
Rosanna's rose: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
fractal trace: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
-Dating Damsel-: Helga put her best clothing for a date, and even brought her butter knife, but the boyfriend hasn't showed up yet. It's not nice to leave a lady waiting - might be bad for his health. ^^;Does the SSS skin shader makes it any better? I can't tell. Figure is HiveWire's Dawn SR-2, body shaped with her official morphs, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
anatomy№3: daz studio,gimp.
RnR Poolside: Just a thank you to Hideout for all his wonderful items! Thanks!
Eggxactly: Eggxactly
Assassin: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Shego Kim Combat 1: Take one McGyver dynamic field generator and splice on one supersized Archeopterix Atom Splitter, and you have an instant evil genius death ray... Perfect for that exciting fight scene. One more for what seems to be becoming a series.
Girl in Headphones: Tia in headphones
Cyber blonde by elianeck: tks!
Cassandra's nightmare: The priestess was dreams, or rather nightmares, with which saw the future. Unfortunately, all not believe her.
D-s...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
D-red: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
-Dawn to Business-: Hard body test with HiveWire's Dawn figure. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
white family by elianeck: tks!
The fury of Conan the barbarian: Conan unleashed
Nowhere Girl: All undresed and nowhere to go
Karate Girl Promo: Karate Girl in Urban Defense. Animation promo you can watch it in the video section of Sharecg. or  in HD on my YouTube channel Karate Girl anaimation
Cooking: A part of a project
D-1: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Finally: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
A new dawn: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Tentacles ?: (Variation on the theme of my previous upload, "Late", with a male victim instead - but with another odd tangential twist... if there is such a thing?  :D ) Since the sacrificial stone was on the seashore, and everybody was familiar with the story of Perseus and Andromeda (or had at least watched "Clash Of The Titans" ), they naturally assumed that the sacrificial victims were "...dragged away by the tentacles"... But why were the victims always male? And why did the palace eunuchs look knowingly at each other whenever the sacrifice was mentioned?
can I help you ???: tks!
Peace: tks
Studio 7 (Nudity): Una nuova realizzazione utilizzando Poser & Photoshop
Training Run:    
Before the dawn: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
listening to music ...: sorry for the quality,listening to music and paint...
Late: Something a classical hero should never be... (Possible subtitle: "If Perseus had had a smartphone instead of a gorgon's head...")  Inspired by Predatron's "Echoes Of Andromeda" (DAZ), the movie title "Too Late The Hero", a V4 volleyball pose (of all things!), and (as is often the case) a rather tangential way of looking at things...  ;o)  ~~~ I knew that I didn't want the creature to be clearly visible, so my first few versions had just small parts of it showing - just a hint of what it might look like. But most of them didn't work out as I'd hoped, although a couple of variations look promising - including the second image, with more motion blur than planned, which I think could be subtitled "Why Heroes Shouldn't Carry Smartphones"  ;o) . And I was quite surprised that the version with no creature visible looked so effective. Personally I think the third image is the best... ~~~ And although male heroes were the mainstay of classical myth, modern fantasy has many heroines - so I have an idea to rework this, but with a surprised Michael/Freak as the main course !  :D  (Edit: see my next upload "Tentacles?" , which veered off in a rather unexpected direction! )    
Grabriella: created with Daz
Destroyer: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
An Abandoned Bryce Idea From 2009: And now for something completely different... I recently discovered a load of old stuff that I thought I'd lost, including various doodlings for a 'Four Elements' themed Bryce challenge back in early 2009. I think the working title was something like "An alchemical search for the temple of the four elements".. Each of the individualscreenshots/renders captures one or more of the ideas I had, but I never got as far as putting everything together - I'll leave you, the viewer, to do that and imagine the final image...  :D      
Valkyrja: Skuld, the Shiled-bearer, was one of the six "ladies of the War Lord, ready to ride, valkyries, over the earth" described by the seeress  to Odinn in the 10th century poetic Edda, Völuspá. This was a tricky one, especially getting the norse patterns in the fabric and metalwork. I also experimented with postworking some lightning effects (some of the Icelandic sagas mention lightnig being associated with the arrivial of Valkyrjur), but felt that the compositon became too cluttered.... Anyway, I hope you like the result! For the lasrt 2 images I was hoping to try to get all 6 "ladies of the war lord" together, but the scene was simply too large and complex for my computer to handle!  I have in mind a cheat/work-around  I may attempt in due course , but for now  Skuld is joined by two of her sisters; Gierskögul (Spear-Shaker) and Hildr  (Battle).
Tomb Raider: Looks like somebody forgot about that little rotting flesh curse... (additional images were steps slong the way)
Light at dawn: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
-Hot Playball-: Ready to go 2nd base?  Figure is V4, custom body shaped with magnets, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Godgifu's Ride: Godgifu (Godiva) was an Anglo Saxon noblewoman, the wife of Earl Leofric of Mercia. The couple were renowned for their generosity to the clegy and in 1043 founded and endowed a monastery at  Coventry. She is perhaps best known for her ride, though there is no firm histrorical evidence for  it.  The earliest surviving source is Roger of Wendover's 'Chronica' written long after her death.  According to the stories, Leofric became so exasperated by Godiva's endless appeals to reduce Coventry's heavy taxes that he declared he would not lift them till she rode naked through the marketplace.  Godiva issued an order requiring the townsfolk to remain indoors and then proceeded through the town  with only her long hair to cover her modesty.   As a result Leofric freed the town from all tolls save those on horses. Its intersting to note that records from nearly two centuries later, during the reign of Edward I, show that no tolls were paid in Coventry except on horses!        
Apoc Hangout: An chance to use two great new freebies. The Junk Alley (this weeks DAZ freebie) and Ghastly's Mechanized Infantry Girl.
Nothing at the end of the world: Abandoned railway.
Zap !: Mostly just playing with Fleshforge's "Encounter V4" outfit (ShareCG freebie) and Connatic's "Visible Glowing Lights" (Renderosity thread)...   :D (I plan to upload smaller versions from several different views because I'm get ting some rather nice, but unexpected, lighting effects... ...okay - I really just want to post more pictures of sexy bald spacebabes in silver swimsuits !  :D )   The second image is the same scene from nine different viewpoints (the only thing I changed was moving/expanding  the Poser Ground prop in a couple of them so it reached the edges of the FOV).  I still don't understand why the red/white balance in the lightballs varies so much...must be something to do with that Edge_Blend node   The third and fourth images? Why not?
it was interesting ...: wings3d,gimp
-Youko Littner II-: Another take on Youko Littner, this time using Genesis/A5 in DS4, rendered with 3Delight. Not my fav program, but that's where Genesis lives, and I can't stand DSON. ;p   Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
JD Satana: for Daz Studio
Angel Blade Costume WIP: NOTE: Saw some other nudes on the site. If this image is found offensive, I will be more than happy to remove it. Just a render of my WIP Angel Blade costume for a friend of mine. I've already gotten approval from him to release the finished resources for anyone who may want to use them in their own work!All that's left is hair, her sword, and matching thong!I *may* or *may not* also make General Chloe's getup once I'm done with this one ... I have something of a crush on that blue-haired bitch. =} Just depends on who might be interested in seeing/using it.Visit the link in my profile for more of my work. PLEASE READ THE WARNING.
The war is over: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
The drama of jealousy: Jealousy is a monster that feeds on the weakness of those who believe the strongest. Shakespeare: Othello: Act 3, Scene 3, Page 8 Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green -eyed monster which doth mock
The Phoenix (nudity): Una mia personale interpretazione della Fenice che risorge dalle sue ceneri. My personal interpretation of thePhoenix rising from his ashes.    
liquid metal: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Supergirl '52 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.6: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Wonder Woman 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.7: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve! Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Batgirl 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.4: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Fairie Tree: Fairy Tree  . This is a copy of  a Fireworks PNG created for a animated web page on my personal web    You can see this in  flash animation  form at Please give it a few seconds to load.  If you are on dial up forgot it . this web page is to big to load for dial-up users. 3 g mimium required for this site.  Created with Daz Studio, Adobe Fireworks, Photoshop, andf Flash Pro cs5 uploaded to my web hosting using dreamweaver cs5  & Adobe creative suite cs5
Gorgeous: Inspired by Fleshforge's "Encounter V4" retro sci-fi outfit (here at ShareCG) and a bizarre sense of humour!  ;o)
Cognac ? !: Just for you... If you want :) Happy New Year !     Objets creatwith Hexagon
JasminsDesign Mermaid: DAZ Studio No Postwork
Uno, nessuno e centomila: Uno, nessuno e centomila è uno dei romanzi più introspettivi di Luigi Pirandello.   Il protagonista inizia col considerarsi unico per tutti "Uno" poi pensa di essere un nulla "Nessuno", e con la presa di coscienza dei diversi se stesso, passo dopo passo ne trasferisce le caratteristiche negli altri "Centomila" al di fuori di se .  La realtà perde la sua oggettività e si decompone in una forma di relativismo che porta alla follia che è la vera protagonista della vicenda.   One, No One hundred -thousand is one of the most introspective novels by Luigi Pirandello.   The protagonist begins with considered unique for all "One" then thought to be a nothing "Noone", and with the awareness of the different himself, step by step he moved the features in the other "hundred thousand" outside of himself. The reality loses its objectivity and decomposes into a form of relativism which leads to the madness that is the true protagonist of the story.
Ulisse e la maga Circe: «Va’ ora al porcile, stenditi con gli altri compagni. Disse così; io, tratta l’aguzza lama lungo la coscia , assalii Circe, come fossi bramoso d’ucciderla. con un urlo corse, Lei m’afferrò le ginocchia e piangendo mi rivolse alate parole Certo Odisseo tu sei, il multiforme ,che sempre,l’Arghifonte dall’aurea verga ,mi diceva sarebbe arrivato, venendo daTroia con la nera nave veloce. Ma orsù, riponi la lama nel fodero, e tutti e due saliamo sul letto, perché congiunti nel letto e in amore ci si possa l’un l’altro fidare» . ...Go now to the stye, lie with the other companions. He said so; I, comes the sharp blade along the thigh, assalt Circe, as were desirous to kill her. She ran with a scream, she grabbed my knees and crying winged words told me..... .... of course Odysseus you are , the multiform , that always,the Arghifonte by the golden rod, I said would come, coming from Troy with the black ship fast. But come, place the knife in the sheath, and both We climb on the bed, because next of kin in bed and in love we can trust each other.                                                                                
Time To Use The Bazonka !: Don't ask me, I don't really have a clue... but I'd guess that a bazonka makes big holes in big things. Both the BazonkaTrooper and the *PiffleGunners are wearing JoeQuick's "M4 Sci-Fi Armor", with an Ajax camouflage pattern. The Bazonka's an old Traveler goodie, and the PiffleGuns are by Ravyn. I'll try to track down the links   *I assume that a pifflegun makes piffling little holes in things, as opposed to bazonking big ones. But as any pifflegunner will tell you "it's where you put the hole that's important, not the size of it!"
Kim Possible Lair: Kim breaks in... More in the series. A couple of different angles. I'm not satisfied with the cargo pants, though. Does anyone make female cargos? Also need to retexture the wall, but the nighttime lighting seems to work. I wonder where that green glow is coming from?
Artemis by Moonlight: Fierce, wild and quick tempered, Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron (Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals)  is the goddess of the hunt , wild animals and wilderness.  Sister to the sun god Apollo, she is also associated with the moon.    
What have we done: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Searching for Planets 2: A 2D space scene created in Photoshop CS6 . In 15 minutes i've made this with brushes,filters, plugins, layers and effects such as add noise . I had 10 minutes to create a spacescape but this took me 15 minutes.Without any image available for inspiration, just pure imagionation.1300 x 945 . Not signed and Free for non-comercial use. Thank you for viewing or comments or rating. cris.
Searching for Planets: A 2D space scene created in Photoshop CS6 against time. In 25 minutes (i had 15 minutes available) i've made this with brushes,filters, plugins, layers and effects such as add noise .Without any image available for inspiration, just pure imagionation. 1300 x 1000 . Not signed and Free for non-comercial use. Thank you for view, comments or rating. cris.
fiery...: render,postwork-GIMP...
Low-resolution System Digital nightmare: This happens when you play with LSD.... especially in West Park (cartoons are from the atari 2600 adventure game)
This Image was removed: This image was removed from DAZ site because well i will let them explain it to you The Most Powerful Weapon of All Posts you made to the "The Most Powerful Weapon of All" have been removed. We apologise for not notifying you when the image was removed, for future reference the correct response if you don't get a notification would be to email the forum team  rather than posting to the thread. Your image was removed as we felt that the use of a Crusader-style knight was likely to be inflammatory rather than simply showing support for the victims of the attacks.
Scout: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Supergirl 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.2: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Spider-Girl 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.5: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Power Girl 'Dark City' Series (Cosplay) No.1: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comDevilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
Continuing the theme ...: render,no postwork...
Shai Hulud: The planet surface is covered by endless dunes. There is no vegetation, and no terrestrial source of water has been found. Miles of barren deserts hold nothing more than basins, dunes, and occassional rocky outcroppings.   Two known species represent the native life-forms of the planet: Fremen and Sand Worms. Legends suggest the Fremen are descended from survivors of an ancient interstellar shipwreck. Long overlooked by the rest of the Imperium and considered backward savages, in reality they are an extremely hardy people and exist in large numbers. The Fremen as humans in extremis, over time they adapt their culture and way of life to survive and thrive in the incredibly harsh conditions of desert. The Fremen are distinguished by their fierce fighting abilities and adeptness at survival in these conditions. With water such a rare commodity on the planet, their culture revolves around its preservation and conservation.  The Sand Worms (known among Fremen as Shai Hulud) travel easily beneath the surface of the sand. A possible component of the Melange complex, these hideous creatures have gained a justified reputation for attacking anything that moves on the sand's surface, and will devour either humans or their vehicles when the opportunity arises,  in that vast desert the only secure place is the solid rock. Background picture by Michael "Mike" L. Baird, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.
Batgirl and Robin, Stephanie Brown, Dark City No.8: I hope you can see the movement and feel the atmosphere in many of the images... do they work? Your critiques are welcomed, as it helps me improve!Superheroine Comic Series... find the rest on here http://devilishlycreative.deviantart.comConcept and all materials/textures/backgrounds made and designed by Paul Sutton Devilishly Creative The Devil is in The Details
face close up: tks
we like humans by elianeck: tks!
Sight of Hope: A hope for a better world for everybody, no matter their skin color, religion or political thinking, as all us belong to the same race: the human race.  It's still a WIP, as besides the clothes are very well done, I have a different idea of the stuff I want for the definitive render, create another dress texture, maybe more finery and that kind of stuff, on the other hand the skin shader, after 5 months tweaking the diffuse and the 2 specular channels and several versions, is still a WIP as I'm not totally satisfied with it, the skin textures does not belong to me, it is Bree from Daz 3D.  Houma Outfit for Genesis 2 Female by dragonbreath here at ShareCG and tepees by Dark Edge Design at Content Paradise.
fairy tale: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Paris 1970: Un piccolo omaggio a Parigi come amo ricordarla , quando negli anni '70 era bello  perdersi nei sui  vicoli alla ricerca di un piccolo ristorante o più semplicemente di un bistrot dove era facile fare conoscenza ed amicizia con una variegata umanità. A small homage toParis as I remember it, when in the years ' 70 where it was nice to get lost in the narrow streets looking for a small restaurant or a simply  bistro where it was easy to get to know and befriend a diverse humanity.  
Don't tell Michael: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Mech Warrior:   Let the destruction begin...
Legends of Yosemite I: Yosemite Buffalo best viewed full sized Rendered In Daz Studio no post work Royalty free  Graphic to use as you like , 1920 x1080 -72dpi @ 264kb
Stalker: Thank you for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Asian by elianeck: tks!
Widow's lair: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
D-2: makehuman,wings3d-no render,no postwork...
Wood Nymph: Different from goddesses, nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who can animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing. Then there are those we dare not wish to meet.
The power of light: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
-Tychus Pinup-: Just finished playing StarCraft II. Nobody knows who the girl is, but she looks as badass as Tychus himself. Since this is my version, I've changed some details, but I think most people will still recognize her anyway!Figure is V4, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Spearfishing: "Eh? What are you on about? Angels at 12 o'clock..." Just a little diversion from the last image of the previous upload, "Winged Assassin". Fairly small, quick renders to try out different viewpoints. The scene and materials need more work obviously... (the 'fish' is M4 with a combination of  joequick's Faces Of Fantasy for M4 here at ShareCG)
Winged Assassin: It seems that I like women with wings...   :)
Back To Sleep: An idea for a 2014 Halloween image in that I forgot I'd done!
come out...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp.
J.R. Angels: Does someone remember that old T.V. series? or its spin-off Movies? I'm not Charlie, just like him, you cannot see my face, but for sure you have seen my "Angels". From left to right: Kyoko, Nidawi and Denise, 3 of them.Nidawi's hair by Wancow, Nidawi's jeans by scheusal242, shoes for all girls by Red-creations at deviantART, terrain prop by vikike176 at Renderosity. Full image at my Renderosity gallery:
Fantasy: More fantasy with one fantastic prop by TRON
Chevrolet Corvette 1961: Chevrolet Corvette 1961 Made in 3d studio Max 2012 with Mental Ray.Photo was taken somewhere in USA desert
AUDI R8: Made in 3D Studio Max with Vray render.
Cheer Rivals: Hey, I had the uniform made, so why not?
-Hot Summer-: Experimenting with a different lighting model and materials in Octane. Figure is Dawn rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Miss Popeye by elianeck: tks!
cinema 4D by elianeck: tks!
Stop!: makehuman 09.1,wings3d,gimp
Spider Mansion: more blending
More music: A pianino will be nice, I'm working on it. Here a first setting.   Thanks for viewing. made with Poser Pro 2014, no postwork.  
Dragon Lands: Dragons attack!
light wave: daz studio,gimp
Kim Gym 2: Another experiment in kitbashing and cusom diffuse textures. I think Shego needed a sparring partner...   Comments cheerfully requested!
song: daz studio,gimp
decompression: wings3d,gimp
Lousiana - Fishing in the mist of the swamp: Welcome to all in 2015. A relaxing morning of fishing along the Mississippi River, near New Orleans, in pure "Cajun" style. Una rilassante mattina di pesca lungo il Mississippi  ,nei pressi di New Orleans ,in puro stile "Cajun".  
What happens in the Garage....: ... stays in the Garage.  It's one picture by a series of twelve cars and twelve fashion-models in the same location. With this pictures I create a calender. So you can download it here for free: I hope you enjoy!
Mina: morph by metexture - Isa for aikoHair - marja hair for v4cloth - by me from marvelousby me from marvelous
Thinks: all objets creae with Hexagon and the scene with daz 4.7
The sacrifice: Une partie d'un travail autour du cycle de Lansasia, un univers fantasy  que j'ai créé avec une trilogie en cours d'écriture. Cette image est un sacrifice au dieu Barbämda par le prêtre Arkatam. A part of work "The Landasia Cycle" a fantasy story that i write The sacrifice by Arkatam priest
apocalipse: bryce,gimp
discotheque: daz studio,gimp
strange...: wings3d,gimp
Baby face by elianeck: tks!
Stop Fire by elianeck: tks!
light..light by elianeck: tks!
HNY: Happy New Year everyone
Dialogue: I want to end the year with a sign of hope for 2015. I wish the dialogue between different cultures could open up in front of the sunset of the wars. I believe that dialogue is the best option for resolving disputes between nations.   Happy 2014 to all
1956 F-100: F-100 Now I know its likely you have seen better but I am still learning keyshot and now HDRI light studio which i got hold of recently so its all still a little alien to me at the moment but Its like poser at the beginning which took around 2.5 years to understand properly.Thankfully things have moved on a little since poser 2010 where i cut my teeth on back in 2011 so hopefully i can pick up keyshot quicker than this
Wheel of Time: wings3d,gimp
Happy New Year!: wings3d,makehuman,gimp
Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn (Saladino): Saladino(Tikrit 1137/1138 -Damasco marzo1193 ) Was a Sultan of Egypt and Syria and Hejaz, from 1174 until his death (1193). He founded the Ayyubid dynasty and is considered one of the greatest strategist of all time.
Oops! Not again: might need a new mechanic
Five arter four:  il 4 è marcio. Il 5  cristallino di speranza e gonfio di illusioni guarda lontano ignaro  dell'inevitabile destino.   4 is rotten. The crystalline 5 of hope and full of illusions looks away unaware of the inevitable fate.
Old Wizard: This is my first render in DAZ studio 4.7, thanks for watching
Shego Dungeon 1: This was the result of playing around in Daz Studio 4.6, while learning to build custom diffuse textures. I wanted to try to make a recognizable cartoon character.  I was rather happy with the result, so I thought I'd post it up for view! Let me know what y'all think! Of course, this is strictly for my own amusement and not for commercial use, as I don't want a squad of Dizney attorneys at my door. Don't commercially distribute this.
Toon Beach Life Guard: Toon Beach Life Guard: Made with Blank Boi. Custom made textures and morphs. V4-Hongu Hair, V4 C16 Swimsuit with custom texture.
tempter: (remix) daz studio,gimp....
-Femme Fatale-: By definition: "A femme fatale is a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations". So this is my personal vision a Femme Fatale, enticing men to get into trouble. Would they stand any chance? ;pFigure is V4, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Encounter At Sea: It's called "fun" until someone loses an eye.
A Few Images (Mostly Sci-fi-themed): Some assorted stuff. You likey, likey?
Winter Buffalo: created and rendered in Daz Studio ~ post work Free to use as you like. Best viewed full sized  1920 x1080
tng testing: tng testing
tng testing: testing
more tests: testing tng in poser
tng testing: testing
tng testing: tng testing clothes
more testing: tng testing
tng testing: tng testing
character tests: tng testing
vertigo pg 1: tng poser
-Nyan!-: Some serious catgirlness!  Figure is V4 with my custom Anime head, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and Merry Xmas!
-Animeness VII-: Playing with V4 with my custom Anime head. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Happy Holidays: thx for viewing
Looking Back Beyond Memory: Bryce 7 Pro and DAZ Studio 4.7 Pro used.
fée et animaux: Toujours le thème des fées mais cette fois avec des animaux en première ébauche. à suivre   Always the theme of fairies but this time with animals first draft. to be continued
Medieval house: Maison médiévale et paysage urbain de l'époque, des créations complètes. médiéval cration
-Merry Animeness Xmas 2015-: And a happy new year! Figure is V4 with my custom Anime head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Bears by elianeck: tks!
Auguri(Greetings): Un sincero augurio di Buon Natale e Felice anno nuovo a tutti gli amici diShareCG.                                         メリー クリスマスと新年あけましておめでとうございますすべて ShareCG 友人の誠実ない.                                     A sincere wishes of Merry Christmas and happy new year to all ShareCG's friends.                                        En uppriktig önskan om god jul och gott nytt år till alla ShareCG vänner. Un sincères souhaits de joyeux Noël et bonne année aux amis de tous les ShareCG   Un sinceros deseos de feliz Navidad y feliz año nuevo a los amigos de todos ShareCG   Um sinceros votos de feliz Natal e feliz ano novo aos amigos do ShareCG todos   Ein aufrichtig wünschen Frohe Weihnachten und happy New Year an alle ShareCG Freunde   Искренние пожелания счастливого Рождества и счастливого нового года всем ShareCG друзьям  
Season: Bryce 7
Karate Girl animation promo: Karate Girl in the Dragon Warrior Join Us in this 5 minute animation short as we watch Suki the Karate Girl defeats the Imperial Guard to find the cup of tears located deep in the Kamoto Temple, where a curse of the fire dragon was placed on its greatest warrior to roam the halls of the temple. for all time, Watch as Suki the Karate girl fights the great dragon in a exciting 1 1/2 minute magical battle, Can Karate girl win and release the warrior form his 300 year curse? You’ll have to watch to see. Created and rendered in Daz Studio 4.7 my Karate girl character s a G2F figure An Karate Girl Adventures Series cartoon by Ivy Summers animation can be found in the sharecg video section , or follow this link http\://
Art is (3) .... when make your vision real: Artists lives in a world where reality and visions are mixed together 
I need you by elianeck: render only in Daz3Dtks!
The MoOOOoon!: I bought Garoul on sale recently and  the mid/intermediate transformation was achieved using a dialed morph from Adam Thwaites free poser archive.  The Viking leggings are from Wilmap's historical clothing collection.
The lightness of the butterfly: Lightness is the beauty of the feelings not of exterior  image
Rising from the Flames:    
Panem et circenses: Current reinterpretation of the famous aphorism of  Giovenale
Random portrait: Colin
Tortuga: Then!... who else wants to see the color of my hotpants
les fées - le bois The fayrie - a wood: Suite du travail autour des fées avec une promenade dans le bois. Même si le rendu n'est pas celui que je veux mais 3delight se plante en permanence sur cette scène trop riche en détails.   Further work around fairy with a walk in the woods. Even if the result is not the one I want but 3Delight is constantly on this plant too rich in detail stage.
the market - le marché: Un travail autour d'un marché paysan avec plusieurs étales concernées, voici en premier le boucher. A work around a farmer's market with several stalls concerned, here first the butcher.
-Leather & Lace III-: The sassy brunette is back to show her legs on stockings. Figure is V4, composed in Poser and rendered in Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
arising: makehuman,wings3d,gimp
The mirror crack'd: ... the moment when  Lancelot, passing by her window, seals the tragic fate of the Lady of Shallott.  As Tennyson wrote: ...the mirror crack'd from side to side; "The curse is come upon me" cried the Lady of Shallott.
Merry X'mas & Happy new year: Figure - Victoria 4 & DAZ reindeertexture - Vanila by Silvercloth - Hongyu's Lil Miss Santas Helper V4Hair - sorry can't rememberfoot Wear -  SHOOT 11: EURO Fever Referee Outfit by outoftouch render in DAZ3D
War and Peace: Not quite Tolstoy, but getting all the armour together seemed to take nearly as long as reading the novel! On this occasion the dove was added using a PS brush (thanks to Spiritsighs on Deviantart foir that).  I did a version using a dove rendered model, but the textures weren't qite right and I prefer the slightly ghostly effect of the brush....  
-Merry Home Invasion Nya-: *Mia Claws: You better be NAUGHTY, or else the old bearded man will invade your home at night when you're sleeping, along with his little minions! Nyahaha!*Ken: Uh... Mia, that's not exactly how it works. ^^;*Mia Claws: But you told me he breaks into people's homes at night, and he brings minions! I can't wait! Can I join his gang? What if we're relatives? We have the SAME last name!!*Ken: It's not spelled the same. The only thing you two have in common is that both of you don't really exist.*Mia Claws: You can't keep me from joining his gang, and claw all the pretty shiny things people hang around the house! Nyahaha!*Ken: Aw, what a pity - I was going to give you this freshly baked fish cookie...*Mia Claws: Nyaaaa! I'll be GOOD! I promise!! Pretty pleaaaase? >___<Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! :DFigure is Dawn. Composed Poser, rendered in Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Battle of Unofficial Schoolgirl Uniforms: Two unofficial schoolgirl uniforms: one fairly modest, one... not so much.  Which one is best? 
Demona for Free: 12/14/2014 - 12/16/2014 Demona for Free safe 100% Coupon Code : freestuff
Spear of the Sands: Dihya, also known as al-Kāhina (the priestess soothsayer) was a Berber queen and  the religious and military leader of the resistance to the Umayyad invasion of Numidia. Little is known of her history, though there are many legends. Rumored to be a sorceresses by Arab historians of the time, she is said to have had an affinity with the birds of the desert, and to have lived a very long life before her final defeat and death sometime near the end of the 7th century.
The Rquest: "ok - but you´re home at 10!"
GwenBot-mirror-01: Thanks for watching
Explorer: Model Created by Antonio Amador (aka me). Rendered in Daz Studio 4.6
Three Stooges: Three stooges in Botsville getting into mischief. A little humour, enjoy!
Le bain des fées: Une image parmi plein d'autres d'une recherche autour des fées au bain, ou tout au moins d'une fée... Fairy in
Min_Seo by elianeck: Daz Reality Plug-inmodel Min_Seo by Virtual_Worldtks!
Exosuit Kururu: Exosuit for Kururu (WIP)
Santas cabin: This is a cabin and snow I modeled using Hexagon, still needs a bit of of work. the windows are temporary as I am changing them so I can rig them along with the doors. I have been modeling since last spring 2014, 2nd pic is where I brought it into adobe 8 and made it snow. Not sure if I will post it as a model here yet. I may see if I can sell it. I have a guy who said he could sell my 3D models. This was rendered with firefly pixel sampling maxed out and added a few more ray traces. could have done a few more things but didnt want to wait a few days lol
Obsessive Love: For some people a certain obsessive love occupies all thoughts
Daily Render: It's been a while since I've posted any work. This is a little something I worked on for fun. I hope you enjoy it.  
Lawrence of Arabia: An imaginary vision of celebrity gods of other times
-New Logo Nya?-: Long after the end of civilization, an ancient artefact from the past was found in an excavation, but it's meaning remains a complete mystery that still baffles archaeologists from around the globe.Figure is V4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
More Beautiful than a Nebula?:    
Crime scenes by elianeck: tks!
shot you by elianeck: tks!
The Slow Agony of Healing: Disturbing images of the slow pace of inner healing
Playing together: Victoria can play violine too - thanks to hypnagogia! A first try to play together. Thanks for viewing! Violin and cello by hypnagogia Made for Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork    
The girl in Arizona: Victoria 4 posing in street
Rem and Rom: Snow Faye
Nexus of Revelation: Used Bryce 7 Pro and DAZ Studio 4.7
After the Psychic Wars: Used Bryce 7 Pro and DAZ Studio 4.7
Hispaniola: assault on the Governor's Palace: Un sequel della serie "Pirati" A sequel of the  series "pirates" Rendered in Poser no postwork  
Baroque spirit: From the baroque culture  remain to us  the different concept  between sacre and profane love. This different concept create many depressive senses of guilt .  I think now is the time to change !
Am I Cute?:   
Doombringer!: It's no secret that I've a fondness toward monsters and can have wicked fun designing badguys... This skeleton is using the scythe from Cleave! and from the Bonez set I utilized:: the tail prop, dirty texture, Werewolf morph #1 plus sharp upper and lower teeth, jutting jaw, devil horns, demon shoulders 100%, demon hips 100%, Demon spine #1 100%, Demon Spine #2 100%, big elbows 100%, big shoulders 100%, big knees 100%, Ape Feet 1.00, chest plate 1.00 and I noodled a little on the brow ridges with some of the dials. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday I got the Skeleton, V3 &M3 Upgrade to Skeleton, Bonez morph pack and a bunch of weird weapons (Cleave, Swords Fantastic, Shortswords, and Epic Flail!), among other cool props and characters.   Side note: If I'd waited to Tuesday when Sickleyield released a BBW morph pack I could have used it + Octogenesis to make Ursala the Sea Witch antagonist from The Little Mermaid... oh well. Later perhaps.
Scrap and corruption: Corruption is a sin burning resources, sends smoke into the hopes and scrapping definitely people by reducing them to mere skeletons without thinking !!!
the choice...: daz studio,gimp. elianeck: tks
-Toon Body Sculpt-: Reshaped Dawn SR2, first in Poser with magnets to define the broad shapes, and then ZBrush for localized details. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by.
Mr. Personality 2: (aka The Sorceress and the Slime Monster).
Late Night Snack: A little promo image of some upcoming morphs I'll be releasing soon! For more of my work, head to my site located on my profile page. Please read the warning before clicking it, though. ;-)
Dark Angel: Dark Angel
Fae Dance: The Fae make peace with the Dragon and invite him to the autumn festival, where they dance and play around the fire long into the night.Millennium SubDragon by Sarsa & DigiportG2 SydneySydney Ultimate Head Morphs and G2 Females Ultimate Body Morphs from RuntimeDNAG2 JessiJessi G2 Ultimate Head Morphs and G2 Females Ultimate Body Morphs from RuntimeDNAG2 Females Ultimate Morphs setup by Semicharm (needed to load the morphs in DS4.6)Miraida by Teknology3dShelly by SyltermermaidSara by TFDesignsTPrea hair and LL02 Hair by MylochkaKoz Messy hairKailynn-Slave Girl from content paradiseLeather Bikini by DeerpathFlutterbyWings3 by FaerieDreamsPan Flute, Bodhran and Rebec by PoserUniverseBaroque music instruments by d-jppRyuteki & Biwa by hisayanMusic instruments by klausdbgMultiplane Cyclorama by Daz3DTerrain by menkaCampfire by TravelerParticle effects by Semicahrm
FUTURE-RACER-02b: FutureRacer model by Antonio Amador (aka T.J.Newton) Michael 4 and Bodysuit by Daz Studio.
A thought to the sky: My father was an artist who after attending the Art Institute has also taught art education. Since childhood I was surrounded by his sculptures in bronze part. Unfortunately he died in July 2013 in his memory I started doing 3D in that period. This work aims to be a dedication from me to him, to his memory, in recognition of his abilities and gratitude for what he gave me.   Hello dad
Voile: Just for the fun with Giselle 6 of Daz
In the pub: le début d'une série autour de la vie d'un pub les personnages sont issus de genesis et tous le reste est maison, vêtements et accessoires... Encore du travail sur les verre mais cela progresse the beginning of a series about the life of a pub
Fiat G-55 "Silurante": First virtual flight of a new model: Fiat G-55 "Silurante".Derived from successful fighter Fiat G-55 "Centauro", this aircraft torpedo not pass the prototype stage. The scene is therefore fictitious. Pilot by NeiwilShips by BrineyFiat G-55 "Centauro" and "Silurante" available soon.
Colonial Warrior: Genesis based Classic Colonial Warrior
Hunter WIP: Inspired by various sources. I'll let you figure out which ones.
Im free by elianeck: tks
Alphaman - Blacksmith: Alphaman Pi -Johannes Saari of Finland - Blacksmith... Sidekick robot Hopea Alphaman and HER from Sixus1, helmet from Sonic for M3, RetroRacer from Vanishing Point, I think? HERvorg from Sparkysworld, HER top and boots from LooseEnds clothing Rifle from Mapps Scifi Weapons
This One Comes with Us:   
Derp Man: Project complete within 12 days. Created my own person without an exact reference. I am happy with the result. Thanks Software: Maya, Vray, Zbrush, Photoshop HI REZ-  
Aira Comet 10: Model Created by Antonio Amador (aka ThomasJeromeNewton) Aiko 3 by Daz Studio Hair by Regina LaGrone, Lady Littlefox
AIRA COMET-06: Model Created by Antonio Amador (aka ThomasJeromeNewton) Aiko 3 by Daz Studio Hair by Regina LaGrone, Lady Littlefox
KiriaV3: Model Made by me, Antonio amador aka Thomas Jerome Newton Aiko 3 by Daz Studio Landing Platform by  Logan's 3D Peanuts
eva in the next millennium by elianeck: tks!
Art is (2) .... when make you see your naked soul: In front of a work of art we are fascinated if bares a very hidden thought in our soul
Ruins of Zerzura: Vryce 7, réalised with pack element ruins + news elements
Elven Woods: Entry into the elven woods
Snow Faye: Part of my winter series
Seasons Greetings: Rendered in Daz 4.7 post work in photoshop free to use as you like 1920 x1080 @334 kb
WIP: Just playing around with some thoughts.
Back to home by elianeck: Carrara render   tks!
Art is..... when the frame is not the border: When  you see an image and  do not feel it closed in the frame it means that there is more than a work , there is soul !!!
Tell Me What You Think of My Hair!: Meilan decided to dye her hair...
StarFleet Security: Vest and Helmet for StarFleet Security courtesy of Bluto. Figure is DAZ Genesis, background from Utilize "New Adventure... just a quick render 
Run! by elianeck: Carrara render   tks!
Lets Drink by elianeck: Carrara render inspired by the photo flexdreams tks!
Gw-B-07a: Try to get better in Luxrender 1.4RC1 via Reality 2.5 Daz3D 4.7 no postwork, exept the Logo more at
Captain Picard: POSER
Klingon Durass: My Klingon poser project
Captain Of The ENTERPTISE NCC-1701-E: Poser Figure Uniform Rextured Poserworld
Night Stop: made with daz studio 4.6, postwork gimp 2.8.night stop over in a small town.bus by papus3d, availlable as a free download on and i thjnk here on sharecg.comcheckout out papus3d's other stuff, well worth a look.
Jurassic Oz: The land down under.
Geisha: By:Delbert Moore
Aletto, Megera e Tisifone: the Erinni.: Aletto, Megera and Tisifone, are the Furies, three sisters born from the blood of Uranus when Cronus castrated him. For the Greek personification of revenge sopratturro in the family. To appease were also called Eumenides (benevolent) with the offering of sacrifices and especially of black sheep. For the Roman culture were instead rampage.
12th Man: A little tribute to my home team and last year's winners of the Superbowl, the Seattle Seahawks.
Spirit Of The Wind: Who needs wings? Originally inspired by a chance combibnation of pose, skin texture, and hair (my original 'au naturel' image is posted in my RDNA gallery - I hadn't decided what clothing to use, but I wanted to post the image as it stood because I thought she looked gorgeous as she was, and also to avoid losing my inspiration...) This variation was inspired by Klausdbg's gorgeous "East Asian Cloth" and too many Chinese movies!  I also used Silviu Caraba's  "KHANG-YM(Asian head moforphsV4,A4)" for both figures (mixed with other morphs). Both items mentioned are from here at ShareCG. The first image is the original post, but the main image has been replaced with my latest version. After the original post I decided that I needed something more in the background. I'd already tried (and scrapped) the idea of a Chinese/Japanese building, but a bamboo forest seemed appropriate. However, no bamboo in my runtime. ShareCG came up trumps again with Nobiax's "Free Bamboo v1" - nice and lo-res so no worries about piling it in. I also changed the lighting and added a simple "Depth Cue" fog effect within Poser (although I messed up the colour!), and the same postwork focus blur in GIMP. That's the second picture here. Still not right. The next two pictures are earlier versions, while the last two are alternative clothing that I tried - I'll probably go back to those at some time as they're off in a completely different direction! Next (7th) picture - after playing around with the bamboo and depth-cue atmosphere I came up with this, a big improvement I think. I used one infinite light and a diffuse IBL, no shadows or AO (or IDL) - those were taking forever to render with all the bamboo!
Monica Mona Bella: A spoiled wife character I made awhile back by:Delbert Moore
FantAsia Prototype: Me using various props I've collected to create an asian fantasy scene. No postwork. Aiko 3 is there for size reference.
Look what santa brought home!: by:Delbert Moore Thanks for veiwing 
crazy rocker: used 123d catch model zbrush for the hair rendering on keyshot 
Breaking Curfew: Rendered in Daz Studio
Dreams by Elianeck: reality Daz 4.6   tks!
Fluid-Dimensions: single flame no blending
Kit Kat Karousal: Well I've been coming to this site for quite a while now and figured it was about time I actually posted something .  I found an old pencil sketch of mine and decided to put it through the digital works and this is what I came up with.  Hit me with your feedback. Portfolio-->
Shoes of the model on the set: A photo set during a nude session !!!!
Woo-Hoo Snow Day: A series of graphics created  & Rendered in Daz Studio ~ no post work. best viewed full size 19020X1080
Lola: By:Delbert Moore
Concerto - 7 Images: 01 - Facing the Audience02 - Tuning03 - Playing high04 - Playing 05 - Playing low06 - Finis07 - Receiving Ovations Cello by hypnagogia Made for Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork Thanks for viewing  
Ooops!: Another V2 portrait. Posed in DAZ Studio 4.6 pro, re-textured and rendered in Blender/Cycles 2.7 Enjoy.
Come have a seat with a movie star: By:Delbert Moore 
White Room Pin-Up: The color white Rendered in Poser Pro 2014, no postwork Thanks for viewing  
Experimental Deviation: An experimental retrovirus is unleashed. <:==================================:> Miki2 Monki2 by webmonkees Doctor-Surgeon Clothing Set by SmithMicro Amanda Hair by Littlefox Lab scene by SmithMicro Morphing puddle by kaposer Particle effects by Semicahrm
asian girls by elianeck: Asian girls for Genesis 2 Female pack for : tks! nude version  
TITANYA: objet sketchup rendu sous keyshot
The feeling of guilt: The feeling of guilt sometimes burning thoughts. It looks like a ghost to haunt our unconscious. Envelops us like a fog, prevents us from seeing the serenity as it is hidden behind a veil!
Something Doesn't Feel Right:    
Bubbles: Sexy but trying to keep it atrtistic at the same type hope you like!! Made with poser 9 By:Delbert Moore
joke: makehuman,wings.
Playing cello: Couldn't stop yet. Here is another setting with hypnagogias cello. Thanks for viewing - enjoy! Made for Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork
Ready to play - facing the audience: A first attempt to hypnagogias cello. Thanks again for the instrument!! You find the cello at Made for Poser Pro 2014 - no postwort  
Blossom: By:Delbert Moore
The F.Y.B 1.0: My colleague made another version of it, but I won't post it here lol (It is a hoverbike. We redid it because it doesn't have engines on the bottom... There's so many things I overlooked with this model when making it xD)
Gwen~creating~art~03: Thanks for viewing
Delbert Moore's Artwork: Pictures and futre cartoon characters im working on .Ive Personally morphed and created all charatcers (faces and bodies)and props and figures myself.Products used from daz and renderosity.My email is  
Elsa Kitten: New catgirl character created over the brand new Dawn SR-2 base. This is the default body, haven't decided the body type yet. Created this brand new dynamic sundress just for this image. The boots, pantyhose, leather belt, and bracelet are from my "Diamond Dress" for Dawn, available at HiveWire3D. Cat ears and tail are from my ~Animal Anime Pack~, available at Content Paradise.Figure is Dawn SR-2, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Victoria 2 portrait: V4, 5, 6... 128, 1257, etc... And Victoria 2 ? She's back and she's angry! Watch your back, Genesis! danae's Luyu Hair Angelmoon's Jamela textures Posed in Daz Studio 4.6 pro and rendered in Blender 2.7 Enjoy if you dare...
Cast Down: Winged characters are such fun - no need for background props, just make sure the lighting matches your sky   :)
Rosetta Comet - Philae Landing: On November 12th, Rosetta’s Philae probe made the first-ever landing on a comet. Touched down on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko seven hours after separation. First image taken from the surface. Wait a minute, what the heck is that?
Once there was a cat: There once was a cat (female) Thus began a beautiful and famous iltalian song that speaks about an old attic and feeling connected. The same atmosphere that reminded me  the story of boheme in the Puccini's work (Marcello and Musetta 1830) and the life of cubist painters about a century later.
The Skull: Made this with Wings3D and rendered in Daz Studio. Simple lighting with no shaders.
Studio 6 (nudity): A new studio portrait
in enamel: daz studio,gimp
Mistress of Copper Mountain: makehuman,wings3d,gimp
mosaic1: makehuman,gimp
color variations: makehuman,wings3d,gimp
pilot: makehuman,wings3d
Dynamic Cloth - The Kick: This is a try to see the limits of dynamic cloth in dynamics. Thanks for viewing - enjoy! Made for Poser Pro 2014, no postwork
mosaic: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
A viking and his cat: It kind of ticks me off how little free armor types of clothing there seem to be for Genesis so I kitbashed together 3D Cheapskate's Tileable Mail textures with Lourde's M3 Norman material onto some of Wilmap's historical clothing to make a sort of a cheap + fast armor. Also used some of eblank99's clothing textures for the Wilmap Viking clothes. I looked into it this morning about if Vikings did have pet cats and according to some history websites, yes, they did. So I decided what the heck and made a scene with a Viking and his kitty.   Been having some weird rendering issues with the wood texture material presets on the HMR interior furniture and the metal of the candelabras for some time now... may need to factor that in next time I decide to use the set.  Also, had a good time using shaders on Atrion's Sword.  I know a good chunk more of the things on this site are for poser and not daz but it seems like at least half of the things made for Poser still work when imported into DAZstudio so I'm okay with that.
come to hell by elianeck: tks!
ohh elianeck: tks!
The daughters of the Black Corsair: Rileggendo Salgari mi e' venuta in mente questa scena , spero Vi piaccia. Rereading Salgari I come up with this scene, I hope you like it.  
tears...: makehuman,wings3d,gimp/
evolution: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
To have or to be: To have or to be this is the distance that separates happiness from illusion. People often want things that are presented as essential to be happy. But they fail to achieve happiness because this is given by the awareness of being not in the possession of things.
Mr. Personality: Etujedi's speed lights were a freebie today. So I used some of them with a tweaked old M4/V4 couple pose and Joequick's Muck for genesis. Brute X Genesis happy mouth pose for Muck. Some slime monsters get all the luck...  
There's a Mouse Behind You!:     
light+color: wings3d,gimp.
Bike: made with ds4.6 and gimp
Claiming The Fallen: Not yer traditional Valkyrie... (the extra picture is what she originally looked like)
4th dimension: rendered in Daz studio ~  No post work Best viewed Full size 1920 x1080 free to use as you like:)
HIGH SOCIETY: Today I have completed another render in Bryce with the 1905 Circa Perambulator (pram) by Hypnagogia and also used a vintage style pram by Jacky Tessier - both available here at ShareCG! :) Genesis 1 (Females) wears Roaring Twenties clothing by Wilmap which are now available at her new site. Rest of scene completed with models which I have found at the Google Sketchup Warehouse a few years back, hopefully they are still available.  These models renders beautifully in Bryce with their own textures.  I have struggled a bit to add lighting inside of the tea room which was too dark initially.
stained glass: daz studio,gimp.
Royal flush , sir, i win ....: Nina is back ,more fierce than ever.
The Void: More blending
Baryolax-01: just for fun my version of "eat me"
The Golden Crypt: This scene is inspired by Nepthys, goddess of night, rivers and  sleep. She is friend and protecter of the dead,  guarding souls on their journey to the underworld.  In some legends she is also considered mother to Anubis, who ushers souls from the world of the living to the afterlife, hence the jackal headed guards at the entrance to the underworld. Nephthy's cloak  shows an Ankh design, in keeping with her role  in the life/death cycle, though thats rather obscured by the way its draped.  The anubis figure  is an amalgam of M4 and the DAZ milennium dog, which works surprisingly well - hiding M4's head  and neck, and using that of the dog instead, carefully positioned and with suitably edited mats.  I had originally thought to use the Lycanthropos model, but there simply  isn't enough by way of clothing and props for that figure.  In this case I used the "Blue Heirophant" armour set, but have modded the mats particularly on the scythes.
The Birth of Venus(corrected): daz studio,bryce,gimp.
Distance from reality and idea: The thought of the artist is Often very different from the reality
-Catgirl Dawn II-: Figure is Dawn, shaped with body scaling, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you liked it and thanks for coming by.
Your turn!: I realized pretty quickly that if you play around with the Subsurface Goop Shaders (got them on sale yesterday for a dollar or two off... w00t) that you can make the ideal skin for oh... say the mudman from the Beasts and Brutes genesis morph pack. Also, I sprang for the pit fighter outfit and monstrosity weapons + pose pack. Totally awesome. Something tells me the human pit fighter will fare little better against this infernal barbarian than the mudman did.
Au fil de la Vézère: Bryce 7
velvet: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
The Unexpected Perils Of Being A Retro Spacegirl..: Full Title: The Unexpected Perils Of Being A Retro Spacegirl In A Non-Retro SciFi Movie...   When I saw Hawk's rather rude but very amusing 'Eat Me Big Boy' picture the idea of swapping the tiger with Codeman's marvellous Face Hugger 2007 just sprang to mind...
V3-conversion: daz studio,gimp.
PinUp_03b: thank you for watching
CRUISING THE CITY: A quick, test render of a city street scene.  I have used the vintage perambulator (pram) by Hypnagogia which he has oploaded today here at ShareCG.  Genesis 1 Female is used to push the pram but she is not clothed properly for the scene and needs vintage style wear! Will do that later. :)
A Dangerous Fantasy: Yet again the picture took over. I was playing with a stupid idea based on the Sirius Cybernetics Corporations definition of an android, i.e. "Your plastic pal who's fun to be with". The scene was just a sexy girl with Andy (the Poser mannequin) standing behind her with his arms around her. I don't know where the idea to swap Andy for an alien drone came from...  :oS
crimson bells: daz studio,gimp.
Boon: April YSH's free Goatee prop came in useful for giving my wizards some facial hair. "You have traveled long and far to reach me, friend, so I shall grant you this boon." Does anybody know of any other free facial hair G1/G2 props?
Being Different: Female draenei - modelled after a World Of Warcraft character - at my local busstop I began to work on it some years ago and finished the scene now.  Now its finished with Poser Pro 2014, no postwork  
Some of my art: thanks to Herminio Nieves love their Obj files
from hell: daz studio,gimp.
Ghost hunter: Ghost hunter~ Rendered in Daz Studio ~  No post work.Best view full size 1920 X1080Happy Halloween :)
pink pearl: daz studio,gimp.
come to daddy by elianeck: tks!
arrival: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
happy Hallween ! by elianeck: happy Hallween  from Brazil!  
in the moonlight: daz studio,gimp.
Houston we have a problem ....: mir ist einfach grad nix anderes als Titel eingfallen
vaguer recollection: daz studio,gimp.
Do not just stand there ... Reality-Plugin Version: stopped the render too early
Paolina: Ho preso spunto dall'opera del Canova "Paolina Bonaparte" sperando che l'artista non mi invii qualche accidente dall'aldila'.(in realtà l'esattto nome dell'opera e' "Venere Vincitrice) I was inspired by the work of Canova "Paolina Bonaparte" hoping that the artist does not send me any accident from beyond.(actually the exact name of the work is "Venus Vincitrice)  
waiting by elianeck: Daz 4.6CS6tks!
Rendez-vous: Happy Halloween!
Ups .... you're busy, I'll come back later ...: made with  
Italien Style: ....
interstate race: i was just playing around with some light and hdi volume settings The 2nd picture is with volume cam , the first one with just dof settings  rendered in Daz Studio no post work
lunar eclipse: daz studio,gimp.
P&B by elianeck: tks!
sadness: daz studio,gimp.
Orcish Dragonrider: Refit the Milldragon saddle by d-jpp to fit the Millennium subdragon... and G2M... was a little bit tricky. Used Creature Creator for Genesis 2 Males to make a brutish Orc rider... and used Eustace Scrubbs' Plated Steel Material Shader on the saddle handle to make it stand out (original color was black). Sea Scapes for the skyplane, waterplane, haze layer and the lighting was the Living Room.  Joequick's Banded Cyber Arms for the Genesis 2 Males made for some convenient armor for this guy, too.
-Evil Nyanna-: She's not really evil, but she's wearing her Halloween wings and panties. ^____^ Figure is V4, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Hammer Time: Any guesses on what inspired this one? 
Goblin Fire Mage: "Robes too restrictive... most body heat lost through head and feet." I don't think that was what the tailor from the city whom the goblin wizard was quoting from had meant though... or certainly not in the context of channeling heat to produce fireballs... Adam Thwaites from Most-Digital-Creations had this nice fireball sitting in his free stuff downloadable archive from some point in 2009 that was just the perfect prop for the scene I was putting together. SF Wizard for Genesis 2 is a Sickleyield Fuseling creation. The Creature Creator for Genesis 2 Males gives a nice green scaley skin suitable for goblins, orcs, lizardmen, etc.
Alien Chainsaw Style Kung Fu: Most practitioners of this particular cosmic martial art tend to end up with at least one prosthesis.
The great game: Every day life is playing his game with death. Even today, life has the winning move. Life wins every day as it is easily offended if once lost would stop playing forever
Desert Girl: Daz's Victoria 3, Electromelt and Liltsure Hair from Aery Soul. Posed in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro and rendered in Bllander 2.67 Enjoy, comment, criticize.
DOOM!: Arrogathor's Toon Eye makes a great substitute Cacodemon. And Sickleyield's fingerless leather gloves are perfect for Doom Guy.  Now if I just had some better gun props... A little bit of post work done in photoshop... had to deal with the pokethrough from the boots and skin against the bodysuit... The "hellfire" prop is one of the freebies from Adam Thwaites' Most-Digital-Creations.
Casual Doomguy: M4 BasicWear Runner shoes... Ghastly's Alt MH bodysuit, Retro Devil's Doom Helmet, Genesis1Male body, Dystopia City Block from set 11-20 Weapon is InLite Studios Arm Cannon.……Imagine something like that plays while he is out on his morning jog.
Genesis 2: render in Daz
Sci-Fi City: Created and rendered in Modo
Inside the Palace: Created in Modo,Zbrush and Photoshop
Dragon Knight: Created in Corel Painter and Photoshop
Alien Soldier: Created with Zbrush,Modo and Photoshop
Halloween Demon Concept: Modelled in Zbrush rendered in Modo 
Happy Halloween 2014: Un felice Halloween a tutti gli amici di SareCG da Nick Carter An happy Halloween to all friends of SareCG by Nick Carter  
Mutant hunters:: I used Joequick's Banded Cyber Arm autofit to the Genesis 2 Female... Some noodling around with Creature Creator for G2M, some crazy body morphs to muscle up the gal with the jet hammer (also, I'm starting to suspect since there are so many morphs that make the boobs huge as opposed to butts that the DAZ folks might like T more than A... ya think? :-P Further increased the size of her head so it would be less out of proportion to her body by changing the head proportion parameters to go negative so it could be made larger instead of smaller and gave her a 10% increase there) ...  Various freebies and Xena's wicked wear plus the Modern Ninja Blades for the hammer headed alien G2M (also, he's got the musculature from an Exo body morph, blue scales for the skin). Used Arrogathor's Bud robot (big file but he put in a ton of customizations so it's totally worth it!) for the mechanical member of this group. I haven't really thought up names for these characters yet but would be open to suggestions...
Aquatic Necropolis: More experiments at architecture using Bryce. This one involved use of the Organic City material for the central object and Steel cage material for the peripheral tower kind of objects, which were stretched along the Y axis. Textures used were molten rock, crystalline and also old brick... I think?   I was going for something that while still stygian was a bit less sinister.
Ruby Rose: Ruby
Special Operations 23: Mag Cover
Gearhead Renamon (Update II): .
Aracne: Dante Alighieri (Purgatorio, XXII, 43-45): O folle Aragne, sì vedea io te Già mezza ragna, trista in su li stracci De l'opera che mal per te si fé.   O mad Arachne, so I thee beheld  Already half spider, sad upon the shreds  De badly for the work that you flashed.    Reading these lines I saw the reference to the version of the myth from Ovid's Metamorphoses, IV, 23 which explains how the descendants of Arachne are the spiders. For this aracnida is the scientific name of the class of spiders.   The myth of Arachne   Arachne, the daughter of the dyer Idmon was a girl who lived in Lydia, was well known for his skill as a weaver and embroiderer. Arachne was very proud of his skill so that one day she said that Athena would not have been able to compete with her and challenged in a public tender. Athena, heard the news, he was overwhelmed by anger and introduced himself to Arachne since the form of an old woman telling her to pick up the challenge and settle for being the best weaver among mortals. Arachne told him that if the goddess did not accept the challenge was because he had no courage, Then Athena turned and accepted the challenge. Athena and Arachne began to weave their webs and weaving scenes that lscelto. In the painting of Athena were the great historic achievements of the goddess; Arachne however, some depicting the loves of the gods, their faults and their deceptions. When the paintings were compared Athena had to admit that Arachne's work was better: the characters that were represented seemed true. Athena, not tolerating the apparent defeat, he grabbed the canvas of the rival destroyed and struck his rival until it bled.
Master of the Blue: They say all life on land originally crawled up out of the water and that water is essential to life. No one knows this better than the blue wizards...
Flutuando by elianeck: Carrara render tks!
wants to scare...: daz studio,gimp.
Night Wizard, Master of Illusion: Haunted Mansion Interior & Expansion Pack 1, Moonlight setting, Haunted House 2010 Exterior... This time I decided to showcase Sickleyield's Celestial Expansion for the SF Wizard G2M.
Flailing: Made this weapon for fun.  Made the mesh in Wings3D. Rigged and rendered in Daz Studio.
Alley Cat: Strays that evolve with their surrounding environment. This image was inspired by the chance spotting of one such cat that was larger than the norm. The fur was made for this project. Rendered in Daz Studio.
otherside by elianeck: tks!
Partners: Rika and Renamon face off with a rather pissed off group of United States Marines.
Magali's mask: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Bean Sídhe:     The Bean Sídhe, woman of the barrow hills, wails her lament for the dead, the caoineadh (from whence the English word “keening” is derived).  Thus on occasion did the Morrígan, battle goddess, appear;  a grey-cloaked figure in a green dress,  keening by a stream while washing the bloodied garments of the fallen. This is my first attempt at what is a very tricky scene to render...  I daresay I will refine it over time!
Practicing Necromancer: Used  rmxXabes Faral Pickaxe as the weapon for the raised zombie. One Voyager glove and a Basic Loincloth had the right feel.  Used Sickleyield's Necromancer texture expansion pack for the SF Wizard Robe ($15 atm in DAZ store T_T just me or did everything get suddenly way more expensive? It's an awesome clothing and prop set though so I ponied the cash up). Anyway, I figure a necromancer practicing his necromancy would do so in an old Graveyard... at night.  This one is working on his mental control of a zombie he has summoned up.
Silence: It is a quiet night.
R'lyeh: When R'lyeh rises... humanity is doomed. GAME OVER MAN.  Have the darnedest time spelling those Lovecraftian words correctly. Sheesh. Old Seascapes freebie + Dystopia City Blocks 1-10 and 11-20 used together = pretty cool.
Night at the Garage: ...
The Agent: The Agent is my anime inspired movie I intend to release in 2015. Characters and sets are built in up Poser, then those characters (and some sets) are hand drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, ready for cleanup in Photoshop.  It's all then animated in Anime Studio. It's been a hell of a lot of work, but all that time is finally starting to pay off as the scenes come together. Here's 3 screenshots from it.
Return triumphant!: Based on a tip by the goblin merchant, red conjuror and this rogue went on an adventure. One that was profitable to all three of them.  Makes sense that a red conjuror would conjure red creatures, right? They are helping to pull the cart laden down by all the treasures that were found.
Cthulhu Stirs: My craptastic attempt at using Bryce to make a caldera or atoll has at least one use. Luthbel's Cthulhu Rises figure was kind of pricey but it's still a very nice model that you can articulate all over and is very poseable which is nice. Plus the texturing and details are kind of freaking amazing. The Dystopia City Blocks skydome was used with the night sky material settings and lighting.  Hid the skyline because I wanted this to be out in the middle of the ocean, not at the edge of any coastal city.  Petipet's Seascape provided a nice big water prop with some rippling textures.  I've noticed it does make things take longer to render but tends to show up pretty nicely once all is said and done.
Leading from the Ground:     
Northern lights: bryce,gimp.
Hall Ghost: Continuing with the Halloween theme I decided to give making a ghost using genesis a try... thought there was a prefab kit for it but double checking the DAZ store, no, there isn't... so I tooled around a little and realized that 12.5% opacity with the multiply specular through opacity turned off gives a nice see through looking appearance on render.  However... the gums, tongue and teeth are a pain in the ass and it comes across as a clear acrylic Visible Boy up until you set those internal bits to zero. Also the tear layer... unless you want it to look like you've got a crying ghost. 
In to the Vortex: More blending JWildfire and Photoshop
-Night Stalker-: When you least expect, there is a kitten stalking you at night!  Figure is HiveWire3D's Dawn, body shaped with scaling dials. Outfit in my ~Bunny Suit~ for Dawn. Cat ears & tail are from my ~Animal Anime Pack~. Mouse figure is Cookie. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Critical Hit !: made with Poser, Photoshop Elements using Japanese Manga style Effects
living in the roots...: daz studio,gimp.
"Where the heck is Catmandoo?": These guys clearly don't know how to spell Kathmandu.  This is a lux-rendered scene. Credits: milcats; carpet by Most Digital Creations, piano stool by Luxxeon, room elements by Nouschka; plant from TruStyles; cloth plane and scan of the 1600 Vertumne colporteur Tapestry by the Toms Pauli Foundation; and the excellent globe model by Mark Fowler (hypnagogia) here at ShareCG. Check out his models at Hope you like it.
Halloween Costumes 2314:     
testing: wings3d-no postwork...
Portrait: Daz 4.6+luxrender
scared? daz studio,gimp.
spider: daz studio,gimp.
Count Orlok is my Homeboy:: Guests of the Castle Nosferatu receive the following accomodations: a room fully furnished in turn of the last few centuries' pieces, no mirrors, and a complementary bloodletting.   Used: Aspect ratio: Panorama/cinemascope (8:3), Rendering engine: 3Delight, Jacky Tessier's Bedroom Furniture props, Ghastly's Captain Dashing outfit (with some recoloring and autofit to go on G2 male instead of G1), a free Poser skull from Most-digital-creations, House of Mog Ruith Interior chair (with some wood shading) and candelabra (with Age of Armor's shader), the chest prop from Rolling On (the latest freebie at the DAZ store at the time I threw this together :-)).  Set is The Living Room. Lighting is The Living Room.  Bottle is Atrion's glass bottle.  G2M Creature Creator was used to give a goblin head and tweak the teeth a bit, sickly zombie skin for the body material... elongated hands, long fingers and witch hands settings used together gave those appropriately long claws like the character has as portrayed by Max Schreck in the old silent movie. Happy Halloween from Bioluke.
The last Walkiryes: The last cry of dying Die Walküre.
night...girl...: bryce,gimp.
If, on a winter's night, a traveller...: Nothing to do with the Calviino book (which is well worth a read), though you can similarly read your own story into the picture.  Thanks to Falln-Stock on devaint art for the moon and stars.
enigma: wings3d,makehuman,gimp.
Business Man: Business Man character Sculpt Concepted by Hardy Fowler 
Flailing: Just recently made this poseable weapon and had to test it out in Daz Studio. Flail made with Wings3D, rendered in DS. Postwork done in Photoshop.
supersonic: wings3d,gimp.
The return: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Alone in the dark: Bryce 7
SOL Bots: Alt1701 on ShareCG modeled two robots I'm sure every MSTie on the planet will recognize.  Background is the dystopia skydome and foreground I'm using the yard from the Yard Builder kit.  They aren't rigged and don't articulate but there are enough different surfaces you can cram some amount of detail in when rendering 'em.   Lighting is the Storm Sewer Runoff Outdoors.
Self Absorption: Digital Village makes these wonderful retro/vintage furniture and office technology pieces so I used the 60s office stuff to add some atmosphere... atmosphere literally is a daytime skydome with indoor sewer lights though... scene is the Abandoned Factory prop set from InLite Studios.  Zombie has the Wizard G2M Creature Creator morph in addition to zombie morph and jaundiced zombie skin.  Clothes are from Ghastly's Science Jumpsuit as is the Van Dyke beard.  The glasses are Slosh's Freespex.  The zombie containment tube is McGyver's RaLF-171... and the morphs I did to Dr. Venture are the wizard head, thin body, old posture, old posture smoother and youth posture.  Used autofit to make the Genesis 1 clothes and beard fit on the G2M... What I was thinking of having it be that is going on is unbeknownst to the rest of the people living in the Venture Compound, Dr. Venture has also all this time kept a zombified clone of himself.  He's a somewhat vain and egotistical narcissist with a deep down sense of inadequacy so... I figure he'd like to have some copies of "himself" to confer with and get advice from.  Zombie Rusty is as with most of the experiments, kind of a failure and the advice he can give is tempered against that he usually ends up trying to manipulate his way to talking people into letting him out of the tube.  "What has a zombie got to do to get some brains around here?"  Whoo, can't wait for Venture Bros Season 6!
Mad Bust: Human male bust made with zBrush and Photoshop post work.
Portrait: Human male portrait. Created with zBrush and Photoshop compositing.
Team spirit: Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
chocolate...: wings3d,makehuman...
Miu Zen - Reality plugin - Luxrender: Thanks to Shifting Images for providing this character and cloth with reality shaders and thanks to Callad for the Lightsystem freebee the result -> my first good one
End_of_a_bad_day....SFW: don´t know if I can post the NSFW Version here
Come_back_you_f....._Bot: this came in my mind when I saw this new prop
MirrorBall: playing with reflections
Gwen in Liliput: just felt the need to create this
Asian~Princess~V1: homage to my favorite artist
Light bringer: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Sewer Marilyn: The Marilyn Monster hanging out in the sewers. A still from my upcoming mini series. Everything was done in Carrara 8.
The old Blacksmith: Il duro ma appagante lavoro del maniscalco medievale.Un'altra buona occasione per utilizzare le armi del mio Mico Alninja (Ascia bipenne e mazzapicchio) The hard but rewarding work of medieval blacksmith. Another good opportunity to use my friend's Alninja weapons (axe and mazzapicchio) (Rendered in Poser no postwork.)  
Lightroom: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Cave Cat:  Just wanted to see how the new Hallween texture for the Mil big cat by Sassanik looked on a sabretooth.
Hellboy style: Character creation, Hellboy style. Mainly inspired from Hellboy character, and one interpretation from great artist Ruslan Kim.
Into the light: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
voltage...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp.
SQUIRREL!!: An assortment of squirrels rendered in Daz studio using the “look at my hair plugin” and small squirrel preset My favorite ones are the two squirrels running around the Oak . Custom UberEnvironment-HDR lighting used in all the renders  no post work Click for best view full size 1920 x 1080 @72dpi. 385 kbs
Blinded by the light: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Now it's time to say goodbye to the summer...: This is my first Near_Me upload pic. Sorry it was vry late to post and the title from the Mamas and the Papas.
in lilac tones: wings3d,gimp.
illusion of space(beta): wings3d,gimp.
The Fluffy Issue: I wanted to make the scene of white rabbit's watch of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. However, I do not have the white rabbit's MAT, I made it by oneself. It doesn't feel right for some reason. It is my present issue to make MAT of the animal's fluffy hair.Thanks for sharing. forest backgrounds by HoboBo, mne6 for V4 by MNE, HMHM hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, Hair Colours for HMHM & MGHM Hair by deepred, Pocket Watch : M3 Enbi by hisayan, Bench by siosai.
Red dawn: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Pabu - The Vine Elf: Pabu - The Vine Elf The Defender of the Pumpkin PatchHave you ever been working in the garden and all of a sudden you feel a pick on the back of your leg like a bug bite.? Well! you had better take a closer look. it maybe a vine elf poking you with their spear.Best viewed full size for details 1920 x 1080 ~ 72 dpi  @ 333 KBPabu character in Poser pro no post work....  IDL lighting
Helix: This is sort of like a segway, but you kneel on it to drive. I did this work for Charles Bombardier, the owner of BRP. I'm doing a few more projects for him, and so far, it's been great.You can see the full description of the Helix on his website,
on tablet by elianeck: still training on tablet model base  by still training on tablet model base  garrett arneytks
Cosmic IT Support: GorillaLab2K... I finally got Dr. Spacechimp/Gorilla Lab 3D's scene set to work in 4.6... Joequick's brainsquid, android body and TRTLPWR morph + equipment sets. Donatello and an Ultrom are debugging the network.
New Mistress:     This is a simple scene and set-up, rendered with the Lux and the Reality 3 plugin. This is an over five-hour render. I like the results. Some might notice the wonky relative size of figures and objects in this image. See the piano stool in relation to the cat. This would have to be a huge cat! Perhaps it is. In art, all is relative. Credit: Milcats, piano stool by Luxxeon, carpet by Most Digital Creations, room elements by Nouschka, Old Books by Richabri and bust, plant and furniture from Poser 9 objects library. Hope you like it.
Summer Rays: Here's a quick lux-rendered scene, using Reality 3D's water plane and an IBL light setup. I love the realism generated here. Credit: M4 and Jesse, dock model by Ancestorselic and boat model by Shamira.Hope you like it.
Agreement: Created and rendered with PoserPro 2014, no Lux nor OctaneCharacter: V4++ and my own skin shadersHair: Dione by Mairy and Kaposer Total Hair CTRL
Lady Tepes: This is an imagined portrait of Ilona Szilagy, second wife of Vlad Tepes, better known as Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula, whom he married in 1466. I've been waiting to create a portrait with the amazing "Epiphany" headpiece by ADP, available here. This is a lux-rendered scene with a finely balanced set of lights. This figure is V4 with a texture by Winter200.  Hope you like it.
Falling Leaves: The last falling leaves mark the passing of the seasons from Autumn to Winter.
Brutalized Foot (WIP): Andi3D makes a lovely sewer pipe complete with slime mold I'd bought on renderosity, Used Joequick's Urban Ninja clothing set on Brute X for Genesis... Digusting amount of pokethrough but the concept is fun so I might clean this mess up in photoshop later. The lighting used was dark blue from Fly028Design's The Sewer Set. G2M Modern Ninja Blade pose used on Brutalized Shredder... Brute X for Genesis poses used and modified on foot soldiers.   Remember in TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze how anticlimactic and short, unsatisfying the final fight between the Turtles and SuperShredder was?  Well, what if he'd given mutagen to some of his ninjas too instead of just himself? I think it'd go a little something like this...
orange paradise...: daz studio,gimp.
3d models also pose...: wings3d,makehuman,gimp.
SciFi Guy: M4 Jericho, wearing Jepe's Body Jewels III, in the Millenium City.
King Nothing: Where's your crown, King Nothing?-MetallicaI've had an idea in my head for ages to render a skeleton reaching for a crown, but never got around to it. But now I kind of had to, because the Singers of Chzor came out today, and they came with underwater poses, and they make really cool underwater beasties... so here it is. And a side note: if you get the Singers of Chzor, which you should even if you're not too fond of monsters (I'm not), make sure to get the poses too!!! Otherwise you might go mad in white linen posing those tentacles. And besides, the pose set comes with an Estivating pose. Just seeing that one other person in the world outside the biology community knows what estivating is made my day. What I used:Singers of Chzor BundleM4 Skeletonbits of AramonkDark Corrosion shadersUnderwater Relics shadersmy own mountain (, backdrop, HDRIPhotoshop
Nude Model: A nude model in a very erotic pose at the atelier of a cubist artist 
october: october work
Japonese by elianeck: tks!
Underpants Zombies!: Occasionally funny situations can happen during roleplaying. The Orc Warlord had to call on help from his friends the human barbarian and fire elemental.You see, he'd happened to piss off a necromancer with a sense of humor... and so they found themselves facing a small zombie problem. Ghastly's zombie + Primordial Barbarian set, Fantasy Warrior Poses, Beast X for Genesis and Demonic Armor for Beast X for Genesis, Dark Trees, Dagger Dreams, JS set, Voyager, K4 basic clothing + Creature Creator for Genesis = fun.
Hoverbike: I made this for someone on Fiverr. I designed the whole thing myself C:
Red Riding Boots: Created and rendered with Poser Pro 2014
Savage Mutated Ratling Barbarian: Another character from my Negaverse campaign.  Out in the wilds are where you will encounter things that are even more extremely mutated, even  by antihuman mutant standards.  Such as this huge bruiser who is part of a band of anabolically enhanced barbarian scavenger raiders.  Don't worry, pretty early in he gets his head blown cleanly off by a certain sharpshooter but yeah... quite the physically intimidating specimen. I used Shifting Images' mountain scene... the Brute X for Genesis morph, loincloth, Orc Teeth morph #2, club (choosing wood material), red glow eye material, Kuril's red outer eye material, and the handwraps from the Primitive Barbarian for Genesis clothing set.   Body morphs used: Brute X, Street Rat, Beast Body from Genesis Creature Creator.  Pose: Club holding hand pose from Brute X for Genesis, Brute X's monster pose and some left foot adjustment.
The autumn wind: Thank you !!
Antihuman Mutant: This is the other primary sentient race of beings in the Negaverse, mutated "antihumans".   Whoo, where to start on this one... Well, the skin was golden fur from the Genesis 2 Male creature creator... robotic arm is from Joequick's Classic Banded Cyber Arms clothing for the G2M I bought in the DAZ store and I used the rust material setting it came with. The Creature Creator morphs that went into this guy are the witch hands, exo FBM and alien scalp for that nice bulging oversized forehead cerebral sort of a look.  Eye color was I think gray or blue. Anyway, the gun is a Proton Blaster from the Justicar set.  Arms and legs have the Jolab's Biosquad arms and legs :-P.  Tunic is Ghastly's Tunic for Genesis (Toga, toga!). Lighting is from the Storm Sewer Runoff set. The scene is Level 19 from the Scifi Warrior Bundle I'd scored as a freebie. The texturing used Eustace Scrubb's steel plate material on the arms, prosthetic, legs, and gun. The prosthetic is from Atrion 666's New Peg Legs.  The leg and tunic were autofitted to go on the Genesis2 Male instead of G1.  Also, while I'm on that subject I used a morph to hide the body arm underneath the banded cyber arm which came from the M4 Cyber Extender.  Pose is from Fantasy warrior poses set I'd scored as a freebie.
Doomopolis: This is a render I did of a character from a science-fiction story I'm doing as collaborative anthology for an online social game, Mecha Galaxy, where I regularly contribute stuff to their guide and lore as a freelancer. Anywho, this girl I was dating IRL who plays D&D drew parallels between the campaign arc we're doing and The Wizard of Oz so I named this ratperson guide Toto.  Yes, like Dorothy's dog. Online dating is full of disingenuous people lacking the common courtesy/manners of oh say a twice baked potato while simultaneously managing to pull off being about as bad for your arteries as one though, so yeah... welcome to the ratrace I guess (the reason she dumped me was that saying hi sometimes once or twice every other week was... "too hard" and 'an unreasonable thing to ask'. Owch). Takes place in an alternate dimension called the Negaverse which is a dark and twisted parallel universe to our own... lots of pollution, horrible monsters and the majority of "people (assuming you can still call them that)" are extremely mutated; One of the alien races that lives there are a sort of devolved ratpeople that are primarily scavengers and recyclers who don't mind living amid the filth.   Details: Ratperson is Rawart's Street Rat, with female morph and universal thin morph dials each set to 1. Pose is landing from Beast X for Genesis.  I used the Dystopia city block 15_1 from the set I'd gotten as a DAZ freebie... the shirt is a K4 basic tankini with the color set to blue... shorts and leggings are from the magus set that is part of the Fiery Genesis scene freebie.  Had to adjust the fit of the shorts about 5% increase on the right side and right front to minimize clothing pokethrough going on in the render.  Lighting I used is Sewer Dark Blue (I think) from Fly028Design's The Sewer set.  The skydome has a cloudy material applied to it. It was kind of annoying to me that the right wall kept rendering as white glare.  Pisses me off. Had to finally just go into the surface properties and change several of the white hue defaults to blue... freaking building windows man, @$#%^&*! What I ended up doing is setting the city block to be parented to the genesis figure. When I scaled everything down to be in miniature the way the figure kept coming out when set to the preset default "Scale figure down to 0.833%" was as a bunch of clunky blocky blob shapes. Once the figure and buildings were each scaled to 100% though that problem went away. Yeesh. -_-;
Folies Bergere: Created and Rendered with Poser Pro 2014
Crociati - The last Castle: Their last refuge was destroyed by the Saracens, and now they hope only to return safely to their homeland. rendered in Bryce no postwork
Random: Daz studio 4.6+3delight+postwork
Sad Lisa: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Dragon Siege: The Dragon awakens from its ancient slumber to reclaim the Fae glen.<:==================================:>Millennium SubDragon by Sarsa & DigiportG2 SydneySydney Ultimate Head Morphs and G2 Females Ultimate Body Morphs from RuntimeDNAG2 Females Ultimate Morphs setup by Semicharm (needed to load the morphs in DS4.6)Miraida by Teknology3dShelly by SyltermermaidTPrea hair and LL02 Hair by MylochkaKailynn-Slave Girl from content paradiseLeather Bikini by DeerpathFlutterbyWings3 by FaerieDreamsSwords & Scabbards by Questor Fantasy bow by Alninja Sword by 3D Universe3x Rounded Shields by Avros DesignsParticle effects by SemicahrmUberEnvironment2 and UberAreaLight by omnifreakerNorthern Forest WorldBall by 3DCheapskate
Daybreak: A fae and her wisp awaken to a new day.I did this for a contest, but didn't win anything. At least you get a picture.<:==================================:>G2 JessiJessi G2 Ultimate Head Morphs and G2 Females Ultimate Body Morphs from RuntimeDNAG2 Females Ultimate Morphs setup by Semicharm (needed to load the morphs in DS4.6)Sara by TFDesignsKoz Messy hairLeather Bikini by DeerpathFlutterbyWings3 by FaerieDreamsGlow Wings by playfulpupParticle effects by SemicahrmSardine Can Bed by Jim FarrisUberEnvironment2 and UberAreaLight by omnifreakerBettie Page Drape by OptiTexBirdhouses by Ravyn
Death's desire: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Tink: TinkerBell; made with V4 with Aiko4 ,Girl4, and ++morphs Dress from Hair and shoes found in Background found on Google search for "neverland" image  
The town of Edo: When I was looking for old fashion clothes to make the works of the history in Poser, I came across splendid site "" with buildings and props of the Edo era, HONEY san manages it. I used props of the town of Edo that she modeled this time. In addition, in a nice thing, there are a lot of seniors of Poser user in Japan. In future, I seem to be able to make the works of the old era with this. Thanks for sharing. Edo Architecture (es_hinomi, es_kura, es_shop01, es_shop02) by HONEY "edogoyomi".
Colt 1851 Navy Revolver: Made this for a friend. Made in Wings3D and rendered in Daz Studio. Is available at :
guet you: tks
Donatello Online: This time I chose to showcase the more technologically oriented turtle doing a little bit of websurfing... What do you suppose he's looking at on Google Maps?  For furniture, I used Digidotz's lab chair from the stools and benches unilab prop set. The item being showcased here is the Dystopia Console I'd scored awhile back as a DAZ store freebie. Again made use of Joequick's wonderful TRTLPWR morph and equipment set.  Suggestions from Ivy got me to rethink how I render a little bit... realized that by getting rid of all props and scenery elements outside the range of the camera and eliminating all nonessential light sources from the scene I could get things to render a bit faster and more steadily.  It still took about an hour to go though but hey, it's got lighting and shadows, so yay.
Rat Vs Ratcatchers: I wanted to test out doing an action sequence with multiple figures in one scene. My rendering engine still gets caught on and hangs with lighting, which seems to be a bit of a problem :( Oh well. So this is Predatron's City Sewer set with a water level you can adjust in it. Joequick's mouser bots come with a nifty variety of poses plus battle damage morphs so positioning them was all sorts of fun.
Private Training Session: This render took a lot out of me in more ways than one. I've amassed a fairly comprehensive set of sewer scenes (been trawling the DAZstore, Runtime DNA Inc, Most-Digital-Creations and Renderosity for a couple days now snapping up every relevant environment and set I could) and realized to my dismay that 8Gb of RAM isn't quite enough to deal with everything so I had to delete a few items in my content library that I didn't have use for. :O  Ffff!! Anyway,... figured since I did the four turtles using Joequick's TRTLPWR set why not do one of Master Splinter so I have a private training session he is giving Raphael.  DieTrying's 182 morphs for Genesis came in handy and I gave Raw Art's Street Rat the old person treatment in face and body... I also equipped him with Tentman's Setta using autofit + gave him the Primitive Barbarian foot and hand wraps.  The coat is from Elven Warrior for Genesis 2 using autofit and the surface color has been changed to violet. Then I gave both figures the Genesis basic male karate pose.  Raphael was a little interesting... I used two main poses on him in addition to the genesis male basic:  Brute X for Genesis Brute Happy facial expression at 100% and the left hand knife pose from katastrophe's SF Light Weapons for Genesis pose pack. The set is The Sewer by Fly028Design and lighting was not used because for some reason it kept causing the 3Delight render engine to crash. Aspect ratio used in the rendering is Imax 10:7. Caption: "You must learn to control your anger my son." Ugh, my runtime seems all clogged now and things are taking longer to render... why me. T_T This kept my spirits up though while trying not to lose it and strangle my GPU! Did what I could to streamline the rendering, but it still bites somewhat.
Partytime: A composite of three renderings, made with Poser 2014 pro - no further postwork. Four characters are the limit to my computer in a complex setting like the patio - every candle has it seperate light beside the IBL. So I had to render three pictures in the patio setting with four characters in each - with about five to six hours rendering. Thanks for viewing - enjoy!    
The wall: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Dark matter: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Gunslinger Portrait: First attempt to use LuxRender. I've tried to replicate the focal of a "Camera obscura" (dark chamber).
Iustitia Tarot: Iustitia Tarot
Hellhound: What happens when you mix Devil-Lived's Lizzar for Genesis with Ghastly's Ghastly Dog morph for Genesis 1. Mouth posing is through use of a morph dial from Beast X for Genesis.
Fractured World: Just another render of an alien world 
Go baby! by elianeck: tks!!
on tablet: tks!
Barbarian - Work In Progress: I am working on a Poser character to promote a new official licensed Frazetta sword for This is very much a work in progress and comments, tips, criticisms are always welcome! The character, textures and outfit (still to come) will change quite a bit. Hair is by Prae (Anfa) and (draft) texture is from Daz M4 Barbarian with some mods.
Catwoman: ...but not the traditional black leather clad one.
Light switch: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Sentence: The presumption of wanting to know everything is sentenced to having to always try to understand what I already knew.
Margoth: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Pussy Galore: My first successful attempt at making the DAZ mil big cat look more like a wild beast than a stuffed kids toy!The pale horizontal bands are related to my AO/render settings and Istill need to sort that out...
Get the turtles!: Played with some more of Joequick's nifty mutant ninja set pieces, including a mouser bot, grunt ninja and a properly intimidating overlord to go with. Realized one of the ninjas' fingers could use a little bit of a nudge for some readjusting to deal with the little poke through going on... ack.
Turtle Time: I'm pretty new to rendering group scenes featuring multiple characters. Joequick has this excellent morph and equipment set for making everybody's favorite four testudine (the latin word for turtle) martial artists. Then there was the super cool Dungeon Chambers modular prop set by Shifting Images... I used them together to make an adventure scene.
Guard the mutagen: I decided the best way to get some use out of my new Storm Sewer set I'd bought during DAZ's Mayhem sale would be to do some scenes with it. This one was a lot of fun.  There are these really great toxic waste barrels made by Avros Design (he makes two versions, one is static and the other has damage morphs for a worn and dented/impacted look) that went perfectly for what I had in mind... which was having a patrol of Joequick's brainsquids (which you can morph 4 different ways in addition to adjusting the tentacles, eyes, and mouths of!), in their android bodies stand guard over a key area.  I realized pretty quickly you can adjust the water level in structures using a simple Y plane translation... and while rendering found out that Eustace Scrubb's Steel Deck Plate material preset shader gives this awesomely creepy rust-like effect under the interior lighting.
Banks of Seine, Vétheuil: after a work of Claude Monet, made with MyPaint
Ready For Action: (the expurgated version - nodangly bits!) "There's no point in going into one of your tantrums, Thorin! You should have been more specific when you said 'Let's get geared up for action and meet back here'...."(I recently did a couple of versions of Michelangelo's "David" - when I found Thrusty in my runtime a couple of amusing ideas sprang to mind. This is one of them...) The 2nd picture is the original version.
presence: daz studio,wings3d,gimp.
presentation: daz studio,wings3d,gimp.
Stuck Fairy: A little mischief ends up a stuck fairy.Poor little miss found she could not get her big butt through the keyhole.front and back view best viewed full size 1920 x1080Rendered in Daz STUDIO.   no post work.A4 character    Free to use as you like
Cassie in Bed: New image from my Ladies of DAZ series. This one is Cassie in Bed. Made with DAZ 3D and minor adjustments in Photoshop.
Blake on the Pool Table: A new image from my Ladies of DAZ series. This is Blake on the pool table. Made with DAZ 3D
Aspen's Photoshoot: A new image from my Ladies of DAZ series. Nude modeling shot of Aspen. Made with DAZ 3d.
Heaven's tears: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
cry №4: makehuman 09,wings3d,gimp.
The night witches: The night witches, aboard their "brooms" during one of his many bombing missions, terrorizing and demoralizing the German troops. To learn more about the history of this regiment Russian women aviators, and his humble plane, see the link below: -  - Polikarpov Po-2 available soon.  
A Day in the Spacegate: A beautiful...hum... mmm.. well.... I don't know, but there is. Models created by Antonio Amador (aka ThomasJeromeNewton in ShareCG)
planet №3: wings3d,gimp.
sculpture: wings3d,gimp.
Shopping: Created and rendered with PoserPro 2014
Shy: Created and rendered with Poser Pro 2014
Gravity: Created and rendered with Poser Pro 2014 Character: DAZ's V4 Morphs: X&M Hair: Dione by Mairy and Total HairCTRL by KaPoser Skin: my own skin shaders
Body: tks!
blue world: tks!
Yellow corn: performed with MyPaint after a work by Van Gogh
Pure Daz: tks!
№.2: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
Sabotage: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Equinox Color: It is the time of the grain harvest in the autumn. In the equinox, we can watch the Japanese rice field scenery beautiful of the golden color of the crop of the rice and the red color of the red spider lilies. The red spider lilies protects rice from a pest having poison like a rose being thorny. Our ancestors planted the red spider lilies in the surroundings of rice field, or the grave on purpose. I am impressed by being bright and the good of ancestors sense of the color. Thanks for sharing. red spider lily Backgrounds by
green: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
The magic of the Unicorn: The magic of the Unicorn ~  rendered in Daz Studio , no post work.
conversion1: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
Oriental smoking girl: Came on baby light my fire
Summertime: according to a work Edward Hopper, made with Wibs3d for decration, Quidam2 fort the character, render in Bryce7
Surprised by the rain: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Starchaser: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
aspiration: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
mirage: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
A new friend: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Well, you can either get started: I like strong women…ww
in the style of...: daz studio,gimp.
A new dawn: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
dark of the moon: daz studio,gimp.
coloring: daz studio,gimp.
~Extreme Bodies I~: Playing with extreme body types. Very few morphs, 95% body scaling with Gen2F in DS4. Next, I will try the same with Dawn in Poser, and see how it goes. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Evil desire: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Woman face: tks!
"El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha": Cavalcava Don Chisciotte ,sopra il fiero Ronzinante,con la lancia bene in resta e il cimiero sulla testa,e la pugna lui cercava mentre il volgo lo irrideva , ma purtroppo sul piu' bello lui combina un gran macello. Liberamente tratto dal "Don Chisciotte" di Miguel Cervantes Ed ancora grazie ad Alninja per le sue lance da torneo
dragonfly: daz studio,bryce,gimp.
cameo: daz studio,gimp.
Humanoid: The humanoid is a human type robot. I think that the meaning that a robot has a human shape is big. it is to be superior in compatibility in the human society. For example, this is because it is not necessary to make a door and a corridor width and the high robot specifications. As for dozens of times, a computer and a robot raise industrial productivity from 50 years ago, It is my biggest question that a human being cannot realize the richness against it. Thanks for sharing.Free Cyber Backgrounds ( by Chiharu, raiga707/R-R, harako.
patrol: daz studio,wings3d,bryce,gimp.
shout: daz studio,gimp.
energy: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Mortalina's magic: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
landing: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
passing...: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Henri Matisse tribute: Starting from a famous work of Matisse I rebuilt the model and studied the possible interesting alternative
soaring: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Weiss Schnee: "Party's over....Daddy...."Stuff:Kururu by Mato (Figure, clothes, and more here): Rapier by Shakudo:  X-Pad (glyphs) by SailMasterSeion: Music:
The Return to the Scene: Gordon Oswald Dyson arrives at the murder scene of socialite and wealthy arts patroness Maya Napan outside the posh Club De Wash. Oddly enough, the location of the murder on the 1138 block in the nightclub district coincides with the still unsolved killing of Dyson's own twin brother, Alva Dyson several years prior. Same M.O. No apparent motive, no weapon, no usual suspects, and the MetroCon Detectives are baffled. Credit: Birdman for the Phantom Corsair model.
La singolar tenzone: Due cavalieri si affrontano nel torneo  , a singolar tenzone, per conquistare il cuore di una damigella.Di nuovo grazie ad Alninja per aver fornito le splendide lance.Two knights fight in the tournament, to single combat, to win the heart of a maid.Thank again to Alninja for providing the wonferful tournament spears.            
Noel: ....
Sun by elianeck: tks!
The morning after: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
-Lola Bunny-: Figure was modeled by Karol Pawlinski, Poser rigging and morphs by me. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Lilith Lighting Practice: Playing with lighting in Flesh Forge's Render Room.
Alphaman's Day Job: Wanted for a long time to show Alphaman (SilverAgeHeroes from Sixus1) , in his secret identity of Bud Silver, at his job as radio talk show host for KACR Talk 980 in Alpha City. His producer Chuck (Chunk from Matrixworks) using the Fober-Action set from Fober. The walls were made with the Pieces props from Poser 10.
dawn: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
An Elk in the mist: A vision in the autmn of  a corner of Northern Europe. Rendered in Bryce , no postwork.
Pilgrims destiny: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Kami: apparition divine
Blue Note: part 1/2
Castle: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
presence: daz studio,gimp.
Unexpected: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Sit by elianeck: tks!
paint in...: daz studio,gimp.
rapid: wings3d,gimp.
GUN by elianeck: tks!
Roaming the facility: While the personnel slept ...robot E.B.O. roams the facility  
Mustang Rancharo: Would be cool to see a real one..............
Flipper: I remember the Flipper whenever I watch a dolphin. The Flipper was a chief character of the TV program which I watched in a childhood. The cry of Flipper and intelligence to support a human being still remain in my memory. After I watched this TV program, I came to like a dolphin very much. Thanks for sharing. mne5 for V4 by MNE, Background Photos by (c)Tomo.Yun (, Batokin Island by Batokin
dream smoothing: daz studio,bryce,gimp.
BLACK CAT 2: 4 versiones de black cat creadas por mi 
When did you become such a pervert Canaan?: I heard Vienna by Billy Joel over the radio this weekend and this was the result. I had to take liberties, again. I guess you can chalk it up to me being cheap and DAZ being a pain in the butt to use but oh well. It also gave me an excuse to start practicing with something that wasn't the krystal body. Canaan and Maria (C) Type-Moon
Silicone by elianeck: tks!
My cat.: My cat.
Dr Andystein: The original render was 2000 x 2000, but the high displacements I used look silly at that size. So I reduced it to 1000 x 1000 for the upload. It looks okay at that size. I think it looks even better as it gets smaller! No postwork at all - the atmosphere was done completely in Poser. (4th and 5th images are screenshots of my Poser 9 light, atmosphere and render settings - should help anybody who hasn't yet got atmosphere working!)   2nd image:  a few earlier renders when I was playing with the atmosphere and bump/diaplacement on the set. 3rd image: a sidetrack into getting the ambient channels of props to light the scene.   Credits: most of what you see is from "The Monster And Frankenstein's Lab" (LukeA's 'Ghouls Gone Wild Freebie 2009' from Renderosity).
King Altria Pendragon: I took some liberties, but I think she came out alright :D Now comes the 'Fun' part. POSING!!!!!! Kururu Model for Poser/DAZ and clothes:
Matrux: Just for fun... Character and clothes for V3 by "I don't remember who 'cause I've lost the readme file", posed in Daz Studio, textured and rendered in Blender/Cycles 2.67.
Anna: Classic V6 for DAZ Studio
Not Truly Shy:   
Blond by elianeck: tks!
my pet by elianeck: tks!
lost by elianeck: Daz 4.6reality 2.5texture by A_  Junipertks!
Strange Friends: A princess resigned to a dragon relationship
Dust Storm: I've got a few ideas for what's happened here, all rather contradictory. All I know for certain is that Andy isn't very pleased...Freebie credits: - joequick's M4 Sci-Fi Armour from ShareCG here - parrotdolphin's 'DamagedMetal02' material from the Sci-Fi Armour set applied to almost everything! - unicornst's M4 Nicholas texture from ShareCG here (with a darker diffuse colour)For the first time I worked out how to get postwork depth-of-field and simple postwork Z-depth based fog working correctly together. It was one of those facepalm moments! Use the Zmap render to apply focus blur to the original render, and then use it to apply exactly the same focus blur to itself. Then use the blurred Zmap as a mask for the fog. That's the way to prevent sharp fog outlines around blurred distant objects. But you can see a sort of halo around the motorbike handlebars... 2nd image is the actual render 3rd image is the render after applying focus blur 4th image is a comparison of using the raw/blurred zmap as a mask fo the postwork fog layer
Wanted: This one is dedicated to a band in which I used to play the bass. Souvenir, souvenir... Daz's V3, Aerysoul's Myshirt 2, pose in Daz Studio 4.6 rendered in Blender/Cycles 2.67. No light, just an HDR file. Thanks for comment and rating
Warp Ship: OBJ Conversion of Trons nasa Warpship
How Utterly Delightful!: The dinner's playing hide-and-seek!   The main picture was a surprise result of  simple layer combinations in GIMP. I now habitually do a couple of slightly different versions of a render , layer them in GIMP and play around.   1st image (main picture) is a simple layer combination of the 2nd and 3rd images in GIMP AO as bottom layer, Atmo as top layer (Divide mode) 2nd is the  normal render (with AO and shadows) 3rd is the render with atmosphere enabled (I turn off AO to do renders with atmosphere because AO+ Atmo seems to take forever) 4th is another simple layer combination in GIMP: Atmo as bottom layer, AO as top layer (Dodge mode).  
Sad mood: Daz's V4 posed in Daz Studio 4.6 with DM's Dark Mood, 3Ddream's Adventure Hair, Daz's environnements, rendered in Blender/Cycles 2.67 with a color filter.
The Hesperides: In the utmost west dwell the Hesperidies;  Aegle  the dazzling light,  fair Erytheia and dark-eyed Hesperethusa  the  sunset glow.  There, in Hera's  orchard, they tend the legendary golden fruits that bestow immortality. On reflection, I decided the earlier treatment of this subject was a little to reminiscent of some of my other renders, so I decided to completely re-imagine it.  So here we have  the daughters of Nyx and the golden apples but  in a more overtly Classical context.
Evolution: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Bathroom: I'd like to see what could be a clean version of kaweki's RkDungeon. Daz's V4 and 3Ddream's Adventure Hair posed in Daz Studio 4.6Textured and rendered in Blender/Cycles 2.67. Thanks for rating and comments
Dystopia City on Blender 2.67 and Cycles: It took some time to convert Dystopia City from Daz Studio to Blender (Cycles) but I'm quite satisfied. I used original textures for mapping but not necessarly in the original ways. Thanks for comments
Herminio's Federation Interceptor HN48: Thanks to Herminio for its 3d model Rendered on Blender/Cycles 2.67
Attack Ship: Pick up I don't remember where on the web Remapped, retopo and rendered on Blender 2.67 and Cycles
VCX-350 Light Freighter: Thanks to Keith Hazelet for this 3d model. Remapped and rendered on Blender 2.67 and Cycles.  
Confident Nude: V4, rendered with Poser Pro 2014
Herminio's X-17 Viper: Remapped and rendered on Blender 2.67 and Cycles. Thanx to Herminio Nieves for its 3d model (available at ShareCG)
Eerie ground fog ( Final ): while looking for her comrades Sue hears a sound coming from inside as if the eerie fogg and light that only gets as bright as a moon lit night wasnt enough to keep her nervous ...
eerie ground fog: work in progress
In the shadow of Mount Fuji: A tribute to all friends of the Rising Sun
tell me: Credits CCA 3.0: 3d model Astacus by b2przemo at
National Guard:   A fully-rigged, stand-alone, low-polygon military soldier for use in Poser.Mouth & face morphs for character guard: Mouth Open Brow Up Close Eyes Mouth O Face Face1 Face2 Nose
Back in Time: Poster for Mustang (Car, Aircraft and Clothing) in Retrostyle. I hope you enjoy!   Car: Aircraft: People: Olympia from DAZ Road: Background: from a Wallpaper-Site
Warriors Of Hatta: Hatta? Work that one out for yourself (it's not difficult) - there's a couple of clues in the main picture, and more in the other pictures*... :D (The First Prime here is known as A'ko, but that's another story**... :) Freebie credits: - Jaffa armour by Dodger('Limited use with credits' licence, from ) - For the helmets I used the 'Austere Bunny' STL by cerberus333 (CC-BY-NC licence, from ), modified by myself for this image.   Well, I almost got a sensible spaceman/girl in a sci-fi corridor this time! 2nd pic shows how I didn't get far before something strange took over. 3rd pic shows where the idea started and where it might go next... 4th/5th pics: Madmartsh and Haigha join A'ko as Second and Third Primes  (if that's not a contradiction?). I've realized that the huge increase in render times if I use atmosphere can be overcome by doing an atmosphere only render (no AO, all surfaces totally black) which is fairly quick, and a bit of postwork. Not perfect, but a reasonable shortcut if time's pressing. I removed the ambient from A'ko's skin and it looks wrong now, but Haigha's skin still has ambient, and it looks like it's glowing which is wrong too. Also I overdid the focus blur. And I'm having problems posing the loincloths - just can't get them right. And Madmartsh's kilt is oddly stretched by the extreme pose. But these are all minor problems that I should be able to fix if I can remember where I left my brain... Note: I think this is where I got my Focus Blur plugin form - - I'm using GIMP 2.8 *If you give up on Hatta check this page on Wikipedia... **If you can't work out A'ko check this page on Wikipedia...
Seeds: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Pioneer:   Dedicated to hypnagogia and seachnasaigh and obviously all the other artists that with their creations allow us to give vent to our creativity. Thanks to:davi - old notebook with feather, A. Brewinski - inkwell, RUMAHVERA - Asbak, MykynPoddley - Old Bible, fxdiag - Old books, Vickey J. - Scrolls and open book, Nick - Brass Sextant, Diaplus - Mapa Mundial Chines de 1418, Teeth-Man - old crackly parchment texture, CZE - wood texture, szczesny - Steampunk Goggles, Wallpapers HD - Colorful Night Sky, PhilC - Steampunk Adventurer Outfit, seachnasaigh - armillary - scrolls - Haller torsion pendulum clock, hypnagogia - writing desk - Arched window - Bar globe, Susan Carter - Hellraiser Puzzle Box, A::DP - Candleholder, chair - knights_hall (I can't find the link), BM3D - BMGrimoire, Adam Thwaites - hipflask - wine glass - clay pipe.
page 2 of "i missed yukomicon": this is page 2 of this little strip.
It'll be okay: "If you can't walk, you crawl. And if you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you." ~Zoey  Some backstory: Corneria is pretty much being turned into a wasteland like Venom after the V.L.A. dropped a massive dirty bomb, an orbital satellite, onto the planet. This image takes place during the planet wide evacuation after the satellite fell to the surface. Epilogue by Marty O'Donnell  View original image. Better quality Credits Krystal base by Littledragon: HUD by Alazar: Chest Rig by Fnyorid: M4A1 by Chasieboy317: Backpack by Campager: Holster by Porsimo: Arwing by McKaners: Metro 2033 Map(Big set peice):   Sorry for reuploading, but FA has a crappy system and didn't change it last night
Battle Deep Strike: When the Nebuchad separatists descend in force upon the Artarolandia Global Spaceport, outside the world capital, the Imperial forces are waiting in ambush en masse to annihilate them. Sensing that his shadow dancer is in danger, the Dark Guardian disobeys a direct command  and takes the battle to the streets of CityCenter in order to save her. Special Ops Squad Commander, Sojourner Truth - now turned wingman for the foolhardy youth - must use all of his warrior's skill to pilot his P-51 Pacificator in order to save all of their necks as they race headlong against time to the massive portico of the Dystopia and the shadows of destruction waiting there.  
Out of Room:   
Post-apocalypse hunter-girl: A Post apocalypse hunting scene
Out Of The Red Mists: Another attempt to do a traditional spaceman/girl in a sci-fi corridor that went off in a completely different direction! 2nd: the original render (Poser crashed just after this and I hadn't saved the scene!) 3rd: same as the main picture but I'dthe front infinite light was much brighter than I wanted
On Demon's Wings: I thought I was doing a traditional sci-fi spaceman/girl in a space corridor type picture. Don't know how I ended up here, but I like it!The 'wings' (spaceship if you prefer) are just the window figure from one of the GIS (probably stands for Goths In Space) sets duplicated and rotated - 16 per 'ship' - Poser 9 Pearlescent shader (from Basic Materials >Fantasy)combined with the prop's basic shader. I was surprised by the transparency!
Steamnochio: Am I real...?
Face: Human face sculpted and rendred in zbrush, compositing in photoshop.
Calligraphy: Name of God in Islam
The Web: More Blending. Thanks for looking!
Aging: Me, my Mother and my Daughter.   V4 rendered with PP 2014 and my skin shaders.
Shit Happens: V4Sharon Hair by: Neftis3D. (while working on the scene, I suddenly realized the hair is inspiredby Sharon Osbournes hair style. I see her a lot on YouTube clips because I love 'Got Talent Shows')Pick-up truck: petipetbottle jack: networksup, adapted by meCreated in DAZ Studio 4.5, exported to in Blender and rendered Cycles with the mcjTéléBlender script from mcasual.
precious: daz studio,bryce,gimp.
Dawn: This is not Dawn, it is a V4
Mermaids: ...when there's nobody watching them! Two renders of the same scene with different lighting (2nd and 3rd images) combined. I planned for this to have more traditional mermaids above the waterline but I need to play with positioning and scaling of the 'real' mermaids (4th image). 5th image (now the default image) is what I was aiming for. "But if a sailor should happen to glance their way..." I used bagginsbill's water shader ( - without the gamma correction stuff) for the  sea surface and also a vertical surface in front of the underwater bit.
Pixar Lamp: Pixar Lamp
Adame:   Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!  
Abandoned gas station: Hei dude, I think you're just in a sea of trouble!
Arrival: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Water Splash: These images are different from figures last week, I challenged the water issue. These are the static scenes that is swimming, I made these with objects of the water and a brush of the Photoshop. There are many problems that should challenge still more, as for the size of water objects, the transparency of the pool water, the wet hair and skin, etc. Thanks for sharing. Pool by Nekoja, Inah for A3(HHF_Inah4A3) by Henriette, Nene-Hair for V4/A4 by Redviper2012, Extreme Swimwear for Aiko 3 by justfit, HHF Private Pool Kit by Henriette, Private Beach by Redviper2012, kobamax swimming ring, Asagao by Nekoja, Phalaenopsis by Haru(halrunman), Parfait by tweety.
Nude on Beach: V4 rendered with PP 14 This is a work in progress. I am not happy with it.  
yellow world by elianeck: tks!
Bitter Revenge: Revenge is not always sweet.
Parts: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
In Thoughts: I love comments......
Jukebox: I have always had a fasination for these and just could not resist making one. Well a 3D mesh at least... Will be presenting this as an entry prize for one of the challenges we have at our main forum.
Spirit Warrior [WIP]: (or 'Ghost Soldier' - they're both approximate translations of the Thai  'Tahaan Phi' ) I read somewhere (although I can't find the source now) that  in Vietnam the GIs referred to the Thai soldiers who fought with them as 'Tahaan Phi' (Ghost Soldiers), because of their protective tattoos. In many parts of S.E.Asia 'Sak yant'  (sacred Buddhist tattoos) are believed to have supernatural powers, protecting the wearer from all manner of dangers, and it was, and still is, common to see men (usually) with their whole upper body covered in these protective tattoos. The idea of a modern day warrior with his protective spirits around him seemed a wonderful idea for a picture... The first four images are to remind me of various problems I ran into. The 5th picture was the first I was more-or-less happy with . The 6th is a reminder about simple layer masking. 7th is tests for improving the image. 8th (new default) is the latest (version 6) with sun and focus blur. - I know that he needs a lot more tattoos ! - I'm quite pleased with the dragon. - I'm not so happy with the water droplets on his skin. Getting them to look like rain/sweat rather than blisters is rather tricky! Version 6 has a lower density of drops - not sure if that's better? - I want to put some more foliage back in, like I had in the earlier attempts. - anything else? (I'm modifying the list above as I progress)
Missing Yukomicon: a little comic strip i am gonna work on
Lying Nude: She is a V4, of course.
The Mechanic: There will be more to come with this guyRendered in Poser pro 2014, no post work, Canre set with DOF 35% accept for the last pic which i left it off.
Fate: daz studio,gimp.
Space Pilots: Space Fight not allway have a happy ending. Aiko 3 and 4 figures; Aiko 4 with Redviper texture; Props all from ShareCG
Canaan: Yeah, I'm on a bit of a Canaan kick I guess. Took awhile, but managed to make a 3D Canaan using the Deco Model, Maybe shirt, and Saber's hair. still needs some work, but I'm gonna see about editing the shirt in blender.Saber Hair: and Deco:
stranger: daz studio,gimp.
The guardian of the apes: An imaginary vision of the monkey Temple in India. Un'immaginaria visione del tempio delle scimmie in India.
autumn gold...: daz studio,gimp.
Challenge Clothroom IV - On the Floor: A girl reclining generally arranges her garment around her - but a poser character doesn't. So I had to do it for them.Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Challenge Clothroom III - Dancing: Actually not very difficult, becaus mostly the cloth falls free. A windforce or a simple movement of the whole character gives surprising moves in the cloth.Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Challenge Clothroom III - Sitting: Now the cloth bends ove the seat. Sometimes it is necessary, to take a rod or plane as bending tool instead of the real seat. Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Challenge Clothroom II - Skintight: You can't shrink the cloth in the clothroom. So i morphed the character 'emanciated' and let them grow to their real size. And the cloth will stretch tight on the skin.Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Challenge Clothroom I - Standing: A standing pose is quite simple. The garment bends only slight. You only have the cloth to avoid from slipping down.Posed and rendered in Poser 2014 pro - no postworkEnjoy!
Star Trek Online Odyssey Uniforms: Images from a freebie in progress... the "Odyssey" uniform from Star Trek Online MMORPG.  Total 30 for M4 Bodysuit,.  V4 also gets the same uniforms for bodysuit. Included: Officer Service, Officer Tactical, Officer Dress and Flag Officer uniforms.  Cadet and Enlisted tactical uniforms,  Unique medical uniforms.....  
come...: daz studio,gimp.
let me go by elianeck: tks!
Here Comes Trouble [WIP, mild nudity]: I've been making lighting adjustments with my recent warrior women pictures to suit the particular skin texture, and I realized that this might cause a problem when I have more than one figure and they use different textures. So I decided to try acouple or three of my recent ladies in a single render. I really don't know what's going on in these pictures, but one thing's for sure - Warrior Girl isn't shy. So I think they're taking the piss* out of somebody...   ;o) 1st: Giah and Warrior Girl (Giah calls her Weegee - I guess that's just an easy way to pronounce 'WG'), with just sun and IBL for lighting, intensities dialled up a bit. 2nd: Babe joined them, and I added a low intensity infinite light from the camera viewpoint . 3rd: Removed the extra light, so just sun and IBL again. I haven't bothered reposing any of the clothing, or done any postwork - just playing with ideas again. I'll probably post a few more pictures here. 4th: Probably a precursor to the first picture - I think I'm beginning to see what's going on...   *for those not familiar with British English "taking the piss out of ..." simply means "making fun of ..."
Giah: Giah? That's her name - acronym of Girl In A Hat! :oD I've added two low intensity infinite lights with no shadows just left and right of the camera. I alo spun her around a bit and slightly reposed her head and arms...
The ambush (L'agguato): A new opportunity to use the bow and quiver forged by Alninja. Una nuova occasione per utilizzare lo splendido  arco e  la faretra forgiate da Alninja .
" HMS Terror" August 1845: The ill-fated Franklin Expedition in Baffin Bay in August 1845 La sfortunata spedizione  Franklin nella baia di Baffin  nell'agosto del 1845
Helena's task: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Last stand: Dedicated to Alninja... (it started all from your arc) Thanks to:Alninja - Pose and Fantasy Bow LH of Touch - Flexy hair - Rose's Willow for V4 - TC7's Daz Scripts - particles effect - Circle of Protection Black - Tower - Old Ladder Media - Behemoth 2010 - G3D Golem for the S1M - Behemoth 2 - Doomsday for F4 Kisiel - Apollo maximus and clothes - Dark Lord Textures Media - Orc Forge - Orcish BoneCrusher Hammer - DM's Summoner - Battle Axe 101 - Stahr Mayden Hair - Spartan warrior briefs
Poolside: I wanted to make the graphics which are swimming actually. However, expression of the water was difficult and has given it up this time. It is difficult to express water with the surface tension to cling to a human being with CG. I want to play liquid expression better by not only the still image but also the animation.Thanks for sharing. Red brick warehouse by Haru(halrunman), Poolkit by zokeimaster, Diving Board by teyese, A3 ScSwim by yagami, mneTY02 for TY2 by MNE, Nene-Hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, mne5 for V4 by MNE, Posable Whistle for V3/S3 by 3D Strike, beach parasol by Zippo, deck chair; HHF_PrivatePoolKit by Henriette, kobamax swimming ring.
5 chairs in search of a meaning - 5 the last: 5 chairs in search of a meaning - 5 the last  Life is like a game or a play in which everyone has a mask if you do not play you lost
Girl In A Hat: Well, why shouldn't a girl wear a cowboy hat with her armour? The rest of the images are reminders to myself of the setup and postwork that's becoming part of my routine: 2nd: original raw render with a few problem areas (e.g. hair poking through the hat). The ground is flat plane consisting of a single square (4 vertices, 1 face) with the material from my 'Sand Test Render' 3rd: small area renders with various things made invisible - this is my 'fixes' render. 4th: using the Focus Distance Guide to approximate the closest and furthest points of the subject. 5th: notes for creating a Z-depth version of the image. 6th: my lighting setting - just my worldball with the Sand environment set, but I've adjusted the Sun and IBL as shown. 7th: my render settings 8th: raw render with IBL turned off and IDL enabled instead I combine the original render and the 'fixes' render in GIMP to get rid of the poke-through. I then load the fixed render into GIMP, load the Z-depth render as a separate layer, and the use the Focus Blur plugin on the fixed render layer, with the Z-depth layer as the depth mask.
Nyx: Daughter of Chaos and mother to sunset, sleep and dreams, she dwells in a mansion beyond the ocean at the edge of the cosmos. Little is siad of her,  but the myths reveal her as a figure of such exceptional power and beauty that she is feared by Zeus himself... (Thanks to Frozenstocks on deviantart for the bats!)  
Bad company: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Fairyland: Bryce 7
Modern Sci-Fi Soldier: Modern sci-fi Soldier. Cinematic Character
Oded Bach and the Jolly Roger: Each character gets a name and a backstory: Oded Bach – Indie. An older English steampunk mechanic and street bike racer, he is an all around cad and low-level crime thug. He is always looking for a fast credit and a faster way to outrun the law. He is considered a formidable street racer on his custom black and white hydro-charged and barely street legal steam chopper, the Jolly Roger. He amassed a small fortune with the help of his younger brother Vinn - an avowed electro/industrial Darkwaver - with a plan to steal human assistor readybots and turn them in for the credit allowance on the newer Dr01d humanoid series. He used his ill gotten gain to purchase his own workshop where in addition to turning out custom built steambikes, he boasts that his facility DarkWaverin Steamworks is constructing a massive desert ready Steam Ground Machine (SGM) to enter the steampunk races at the annual Relicum festival. See More
The Face of Evil: A stylized still from the Face of Evil teaser clip featuring Lord Alcazar and his dark assassin, Layla Shangri.
5 chairs in search of a meaning - 4: 5 chairs in search of a meaning - 4 - The judge, the time of sentencing the justice the crime
its ok! by elianeck: tks!
Joy: ..because its gray and damp outside!
Guardians of fire: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Psyche's temptation: Having been tasked  by Venus to obtain a portion of Proserpina's beauty in a golden box,  Psyche succumbs to temptation and opens it,  only to find it contains  a stygian sleep to which she succumbs... [I had to resort to PS; which I usually prefer to avoid, for the vapour effects on this one... if anyone knows  of a way do this within DAZ, please let me know!]
Wardrobe!: Just a few more test pictures of my warrior girls playing dress-up... (the fourth one, blonde hair and mail, is a bit of a mess!  ;o) there are two identical tunics, one with a plain white cloth texture , the other with a mail texture. I need do do three renders, one without the mail, and one without either tunic, and then combine them in GIMP to get the plate over mail over tunic)
LilDragon: Cookie in her Lil Dragon Outdfit
Black: Black
PMG test 2: PMG
The Queen Of The Black Coast: While doing test renders for the sand material I realized who the warrior maiden reminded me of! I checked her description on Wikipedia and adjusted her wardrobe as best I could to match. I've just found the full story on Project Gutenberg here so I've got a few more ideas now... (the deck is A. Gunsolley's Ship Deck II from ShareCG here with a bit of weathering in the material room)
A maiden clothed alone in loveliness: Withal a voice so full and yet so clear,So tender, made for loving dialoges.And then she sang—sang of undying loveThat waited them within her coral grovesBeneath the deep blue sea... Kirke  
5 chairs in search of a meaning: 3: 5 chairs in search of a meaning: 3   The power take control over culture and information to have the power to control the people
Poser Sand Test Render: This is a screenshot of the material room for the Poser sand texture I've been using for a couple of recent renders, plus a couple of test images. I've realized that the tiling artefacts appear along the mesh lines of the Poser GROUND prop when I use AO. Simply turning off AO removes them, but without AO the sand doesn't look as good. The U_Scale and V_Scale for the 'Image_Map_2' node (i.e. the noise image that's plugged into the Bump channel) control how 'grainy' the sand looks, and need to be adjusted to suit your particular render. You should be able to use any tiling noise image (or a 3D Noise node) and any sandy texture image. The 'Wave2d' node seems a nice way to get the foreground to blend into the background (I used my worldball with the sand environment set for lighting and background here) Still doing tests with this material - once they're done I'll upload the MT5 and JPG images here.  ~~~~ 2nd image: I realised that using a simple square (i.e. four vertices, one face) instead of the Ground prop does away with the AO artefacts. That's great, provided you want a flat ground. ~~~~ 3rd-5th images: Changed the hair material, but mainly checking the lady's outfit - I need to sort out which gear should be underneath, and maybe fix the pokethrough using adjustment morphs and/or multiple partial renders and GIMP. 6th image: I think this is what's meant by shadows 'migrating' if you set AO bias too high? Or maybe not.  7th image: Bump disconnected (this one's starting to show the 'poinsettia' effect from quality/crisp texture filtering ) 8th image:Displacement disconnected And yes, the model was the original 'Contender'
post w: makehuman,wings3d,gimp.
Pyromania: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
The fox: Bryce 7
Rivage: Bryce 7
Chaumière: Bryce 7
Fairytale hole: Bryce7
Attack of the giants ants: Bryce 7, Quidam 2
5 chairs in search of a meaning: 2: 5 chairs in search of a meaning: 2 - the progress is made by someone that have a different thought
Voiceless lady: a pose of latest character V4
Spider man vs Iron man: Made this using poser and photoshop CC
Angel Male: texture vanilamorph v4 malewing darkWingHair sorry i can't remember
Someone Will Find Love Tonight:      
The way out: from a roof crewmen susanne zanadu spots a way out ..... so she thinks
Dusk in abandoned city: evening lit abondoned city scene
Mature woman: The woman seems to conceal to the objective the  signs of the time that passing, but also a woman no  young  longer deserves to be portrayed in her mature beauty.                                                                                   La donna sembra quasi voler celare all'obbiettivo i segni del tempo che passa , ma anche una donna non piu' giovanissima merita di essere ritratta nella sua matura bellezza.  
We have lingered in the chambers of the sea: “I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each. I do not think that they will sing to me.”   T.S. Eliot
In the heat of the night: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
5 chairs in search of a meaning: 1: 5 chairs in search of a meaning: 1- the dark sister makes no distinctions
Warrior Babe (working title) - wardrobe test: Same girl and setting as 'Deep Breath' but with a different hairstyle, outfit and pose. After playing around with various outfits (or lack thereof), some of which are 'Warrior Babe', this is how she currently stands...
purple: make human,wings3d,gimp.
Warrior Babe [Nudity] (Working Title): Just playing with ideas... Same V4 girl and setting as 'Deep Breath'. I made some changes to the ground (removing reflections, changing bump, adding displacement) and lighting, and started playing with different poses, camera angles, and clothing (or lack of  ;o) I thik Miki4's Noriko hairstyle looks better on her than the V4 Tequila Hair I used in 'Deep Breath'.
Sky Rider: A look at the past and the future - a bit of steampunk
Ready to Rumble: Fantasy scene - don't wann mess with these charactors
Archer 2: Another of my archer series
Ghost 3: ANother of my ghost series
Girl in the window: a render from my Girl in the window set.  Designed in part with my friend and Partner Hannah 
Deep Breath: Raw Poser 9 render - a rework of the original scene from which my 'Archer' image grew. I plan to do some more work on this, so any suggestions for improving it would be appreciated. (I made the armour on her left arm transparent, but something's not quite right there...) 2nd version: Fixed the armour, modified the bump/specularity on her skin, and brightened up the lighting. 3rd version: Just playing... 3 copies of the 2nd version layered in GIMP. Bottom - normal, middle - multiply, top - screen.  
Power girl: tks!
Private Beach: In summer, I have Props which I want to use in Poser. They are 'Private beach' and 'Sunny backyard' which Red Viper modeled. These quality is very high, and there is a sense of fun, and We can use the products of Red Viper with peace of mind. They are craftsman-minded best Props. Thanks for sharing. Sunny backyard, Private beach by Redviper2012, nm_short_TT Hair by Niseisya, NMScSwim01 by yagami, nmTwinTail_2 by jpeg, nm_swimsuit by niseisya, NM_Elf by Kedama Gocyo, Asagao by Haru(halrunman), NearMe Custom Poses and GF Poses by tofusan, Kids Trike (for Poser) OnTarget3D freebies, Duck, Pidgeon by, Twister Toy hammer by Zippo, Shelby Cobra (for Poser) OnTarget3D freebies, Watergun by Uweg.
Firefight: Firefight
Girl in latex B&W: Studioi n.4
crank: daz studio,gimp...
image: daz studio,gimp...
Lonely Pixie: Just one of my doodles on a raning day
Nude on Chair: V4++, rendered with PoserPro 2014
Nude with Towel: V4++, rendered with Poser Pro 2014
In search of: Susanne Zannadu in a nano suit  searches for her comrads on a seamingly desserted facility
Is This Too Retro Sci-fi?:                  
em: foto,DS,bryce,gimp.
Private Oasis: Private Oasis - Rendered in Poser pro2014
Atavistic nightmare: Sometimes the line between the dream and the nightmare is very thin. Atavistic memories can transform the one into another.
Introducing: The two companions
Audi: Found an Audi model on the interent and did a bit of work on 3ds max.
The Queen of caves: A mysterious and fierce women of the iron age, Queen and sorceress of his tribe.
Cyborg #6: Within the workshop, the master is busy with his creation.
An Ashanti Farewell: Outside the temple walls lay the cemetery gardens of Neda. Behind the stauary sprawls the columbarium where niches preserve cremated remains in memorial urns. It is a solomn moment for Angelou as she carries the ashanti ark containing the remains of her mentor and dearest friend to be laid to rest in the estate meadow where her own parents lie interred, as well as her husband, who lost their lives during the last days of the Global Conflict. For Sojurner, it is a moment of double-edged sorrow and regret. Blaming himself for the deaths of those he loved most - his beautiful wife and Shadow Dancer Maimos Shadyia Truth; and Angelou's father, Aristotle Nagarion. The last time he had been to Gadomar was for Angelou's graduation party from the Foundation Defense Academy. He almost didn't come now. He couldn't bear the shame he kept telling himself. Those had been happier times for all of them. It had been death that had changed everything then, and so it would again for the Guardian and the Shadow Dancer who were sorrowing in the cleft of the pali. See More
Guardians of light: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Girl with Katanas: A reworking of one of my old job (2009) with the help of GIMP filters. Una rielaborazione di un mio vecchio lavoro (2009 con l'ausilio dei filtri di GIMP.
Team Yuri: This is only my second attempt at creating a custom texture - admittedly an amateurish effort overall, but I do like the general look of the Team Yuri logo! 
un: daz studio,gimp...
Look but Don't Touch:    
Detectives of Noir York 1: Everything in the foreground is live-action and everything in the background is all CGI.This is a still shot from an upcoming show I am making. :)
Karate Girl - (Animation Promos): Karate Girl Adventures; In Foiled Robbery one day her way to school Karate Girl went into a store to buy a pack of gum ,  next thing she knows, she had to run for her life. the adventure begins. Created & Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
Cradle of light: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Bot Shop: Had some problems with my droid, so it was back in the shop for some minor tweaking.
princess by elianeck: tks!
Contender: Contender
Nang Nguek: A mermaid from the Gulf Of Thailand
Anna's dream: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Cosplay Girl: Ivy: Cosplay Girls: Ivy ( Best viewed full size 1920 x 1080) my new favorite character,  after some kit bashing. Rendered in Daz Studio 4.6 no post work Items used Character set from VYK_Cosplay Girls: Ivy by vyktohria Skin Texture Mara For Victoria 4 and Genesis Body Morph~ Dark Elves for Genesis props bows and arrows Midnight Huntress for Genesis Back ground and trees leaves and grass. The Forest Whispers Remembering How to Fly by Lisa Botanical , I could not find the link to it so i guess its been moth-balled. Custom UE2 lighting done by me that s it
-Nyanna Sits Pretty-: A little glamour shot with Nyanna Mew. Figure is V4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Nude in Fur: V4, rendered with PoserPro 2014
String: V4 rendered with PoserPro 2014
Sad: Steampunk girl
unnamed, can you suggest one?: dedicated to Elegh..    
Indiana Jones discovering the Taj Mahal: Prof. Jones, archaeologist and adventurer discovering the Taj Mahal, in a red-hot Indian summer.  Il Prof. Jones archeologo ed avventuriero  alla scoperta del Taj Mahal , in un'ifuocata estate indiana.
Yukata: A Yukata is a Kimono of thin cotton to wear in summer. This is a kind of the kimono. The form of the Yukata is the same as the form of the Kimono. We wore it in the bath up and enjoyed the cool of the evening and went to bed as the Yukata more. It is a Yukata that the biggest difference wears it on the bare skin, and is enacted to night clothes, and it may be said that it is a Kimono that is not so. Thanks for sharing. MMYukata For A3 by mamomamo(mamota), Nene-Hair by Redviper2012, 3Zi_CherryCorsage by Sannzi(sanzi), Shrines by Haru(halrunman), TekiyaSET by kagami mochi, mqo Tekiya by Haru(halrunman).
Avia: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Child of the Future by elianeck: tks!
Hug by elianeck: tks!
Klingon Commander: Klingon Commander - using Xurge3d Fantasy Ranger for M4, and my Klingon Combadge and rankpin freebie. Head morph by Grfkdsgn
Papissa Tarot: Papissa Tarot
Stylized Illustration test: Sorting out the poses for Yoshiko and was contemplating what I should do for the thumbnails. I considered just doing rendered images like I my other pics, but one of the sets has a lot of partial poses for the arms and legs and I'm not sure that would be the best approach. I'm thinking about using an illustrated style instead. After testing a few ideas, I decided to try this Japanese style. What do think?
Testing reflections with IDL: I've been trying to figure out how, if it's even possible, to get reflections from an ambient IDL source in Poser. Seems like it can work, but it depends on additional scene lighting to get anything. I'm guessing that IDL in Poser is just a kludge, like many other things. It's not true raytraced lighting, it only adds a bit of luminosity on diffuse. Anything else like specular or reflections requires an actual light in the scene.Here, I've set the reflection value on the eyes to 1, added a few low intensity lights to pick up the reflection, and a specular light for the highlights.
brazilian charm by elianeck: tks!
Venom: Second skin made for this character. Rendered in Daz Studio.
mechanical heart by elianeck: tks!
GTP Holden: Painted in CS6, Rendered in 3ds max 2010  for the nr2k3 racing simulation game.
Canne: august 2 216 b.c.: The Battle of Canne August 2   216 BC was one of the major battles of the Second Punic-Roman war, and took place near the town of Canne  in the current Puglia. The army commanded by Hannibal of Carthage defeated and destroyed most of a numerically superior army of the Roman Republic led by the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paulus and Gaius Terentius Varro. It is considered as one of the greatest tactical maneuvers in military history and in terms of casualties in combat, one of the heaviest defeats in Rome.
Diabolus Tarot: A tarot that i made for for a friend
Security Guard: Poser,Photoshop
Queen of Mars: Poser, Photoshop 
Mosaic: Multi coloured glass mosaic
Desert Patrol: Posed with DAZStudio 4.6Rendered with VuePostwork with PS
The Dragontrainer: Maybe a dragon likes candy!Renderes with DAZStudioPostwork with PS
Dragon Fire: Rendered with DAZStudio4.6Postwork with PSUsed stock:
Luminia: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Light & Reflection: a play on light & reflection 
Pan and the nymph Melissa at source Egeria: Il fauno Pan si ristora con il vino dalla Cornucopia sotto lo sguardo divertito della Ninfa Melissa e della capretta Amaltea. The Faun Pan he restores  with the wine from  the Cornucopia under amused gaze of the nymph Melissa and goat Amalthea.
Privateer and the New Posse: A long -term associate and sometime partner of our intrepid Space Corsair, the elusive Privateer rules the deep space lanes, though even the most hardened spacer has some planetside R&R on occasion! ...With this latest addition, the new posse is complete...
Exodus: Thank you for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Miniskirt CA: In Japan 30 years ago, As the occupation that the woman longed for, the Flight Attendant (Cabin Attendant) was the highest in popularity. This is because the TV drama described the trainee of the Flight Attendant in these days made a hit. The contents of the job is very severe, but the design of the uniform is cool at airline of any place, I understand well that the woman yearn. Because a low-cost carrier (LLC) entered it, and competition intensified recently, The airline which adopted a miniskirt to the new uniform of the Cabin Attendant emerged. Thanks for sharing. Poser Air-line ver1.0 by aemi1970, mne5, mne6 for V4 by MNE, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012
Finally: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Snake skin: More blending in JWildfire
F 330: AD67 Mod for the Nascar 2003 Racing Simulator. Painted in CS6 and rendered in 3ds Max 2010 Mental Ray.
A-10 Warthog: Model is from 3D Vehicles , rendered in 3ds Max 2010 Mental Ray
Mysterious heights: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
The Muses take a bath: The nine Muses, Calliope, Clio, Euterpe, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania, take a bath into the art and culture .
As good as new... in fact BETTER!: The mechanic is true wizard!  New (bigger) engine, air ram, fuel tank, guns, grenade launchers...and a custom chamaeleon paintjob...  The corsair is suitably impressed! ( I used sphere and torus primitives to alter the look of the bike, as will as playing around with the dimensionsof some of the parts...  I prefer this to the original model actually !)
Krystal: Operator Loadout: Complete Operator loadout with spare magazines, a sidearm, a knife, and all the fun stuff.Krystal base by Littledragon: by Alazar: Rig by Fnyorid: by Chasieboy317: by Campager: by Dangear: by SailmasterSeion: by Porsimo:  
Misumi: A new girl on the block. She might just kick a few butts as well. This is my latest Asian femme character which will be debuting in the up coming eZine probably next month. Her name is 'Misumi' which means pure and beautiful. Had her for a while sitting in my runtime. She poses well and is a natural with facial expressions. Some hair fittings may need slight adjustments like widening the fitting due to her rounded face, other than that she is fully compatable with V4.
Rachida's trap: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Orbs gone wild: Another 2 image blend
Lost my faith by elianeck: tks!
Cowgirl VS Sheriff: I love Western films. For example, I remember 'A Fistful of Dollars', 'For a Few Dollars More', 'Red Sun' and 'Shane' etc. In particular, I like sound track music of the trumpet or the whistle very much. Thanks for sharing. OnTarget3D freebies Backgrounds Adobe Mission (for Poser) by Simone83, Fantasy House by DryJack, Medieval Hand Cart by DryJack, mne5 for V4 by MNE, Cyclo Desert background by HoboBo, M4 Ciger by 3DC Freebies.
Yoshiko Sailing: Yoshiko sailing into the wind on a summer morning. Couldn't decide which to use so I'll post both. <:==================================:>Miki4Yoshiko by SemicharmPareo 2 by EshaKimono Sandals by elleque (refit)Miki Long Hair by Yanelis3DEinfache Segelyacht by MauselWorldball by 3DCheapskate
The Cost of Progress: by Herminio Nieves 2014 using trash scene (available at other cities to create an enviroment awareness scene.
Femme fatale: An "explosive" action-girl cocked up and readyy to do anything to achieves his goal :UNLEASH HELL !                                                                                    Thanks to Alninja for his "Carabine" Una "esplosiva"action girl armata di tutto punto e pronta a tutto per raggiungere il suo obiettivo : SCATENARE L'INFERNO ! Grazie ad Alninja per la sua "Carabina"
royal airship 'admiral' with escort: ras admiral and copters. made with daz studio 4.6 and gimp.
NazcaTech - Condor: I made this a couple of months ago... It was my first original car design :3
Miss viper: Women It is also scary era of time ...
the_long_patrol: A Condor by Pable Caparros on a long patrol.  Find it here:
the_schell_mossie_run: The Mosquito model by the Schell doing it's thing. Daz3D and Photoshop
-Mikaela Banes-: Didn't really try to make her look like Megan Fox, but I bet you know where this scene came from. ;p Figure is Dawn, rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The Mechanic: Our intrepid corsair smuggler has managed to escape the clutches of the law... but not without cost!  Her trusty hoverbike has taken a serious hit, and only one person can fix it  ...hopefully!  (best seen fullsize)  
Safe from the Storm: Fantasy scene of young lady protected by her hero
Archer: Steampunk archer with longbow
Steampunk 3: Steampunk girl in the ruins
SpartanOps 2 by elianeck: for   tks!
Birdbeast Ancient Egyptian: DAZ3D work, BirdCult M4, Anubis legs Genesis, with EgyptCity by Dreamlight.
Bublical proportions: Pun Intended.
Misunderstanding: Between men and women seems to be understanding but in reality the couple try different things
The Celtic witch(la strega celtica): Una buona occasione per utilizzare il "magico " arco di Alninja a cui vanno i miei ringraziamenti. A good opprtunity to use the "magical" Alninja's bow ,that should be my thanks.  
SpartanOps: for DarkEdgeDesign RuntimeDNA
Logo: ZDF LOGO Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Second German Television
Z D F Logo: ZDF LOGO Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Second German Television
Z D F Logo: ZDF LOGO Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Second German Television
ZDF Logo: ZDF LOGO Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen Second German Television
La fuga (The escape): What escape this man? from war , from a feud or simply from a simple but massive  fire that destroyed his home ,his village , howevere,luky to have saved his life and few belongings that he huploaded on basto of her  donkey. Having no more Photoshop,which remaining "stuck" in my former PC , I'm starting to work with GIMP which doesn't  seem bad at all.
Monolith: A monolith is a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock. This one sure does look strange. Wonder where it came from. Rendered in Daz Studio. ---------------------------------- Terrain by Avros Designs. Komodo Dragon by Daz3D. Victoria 4 by Daz3D.
Angel of light: Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares... Rendered in Daz Studio.
A walk around the abandoned city: Sergeant Zanadu walks around abondoned city looking for answers
The Fan: she really digs this drummer
Still Active!: I purchased Victoria3 recently. V6 becomes mainstream now. Why would I purchase old figure expressly? This is because I thought that the circumference around the V3's hip area is super sexier than any other figures, and V3 is very attractive. And more I wanted low polygon figure to make animations. Thanks for sharing. Nereida for V3 by Morghana, M&Y 1950's Diner.
The desert's Queen: Sto lavorando con mezzi di fortuna per tornare in carreggiata , spero che il PC che ho oassemblato con parti riciclate resista per qualche giorno ancora la qualità dell lavoro non e' delle migliori ma spero che vii piaccia comunque. I'm working with makeshift means to get back on track.I hope that the PC that i assembled with recycled parts hang in there a few days.The quality of thr work is not the best but i hope you like it anyway.  
Power of light: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Zombo: Sorry... after Bimbo I just couldn't resist!  :o)
I want to be human by elianeck: tks!
I can fly: Angel
Ruins of Alcore: Science Fiction Charactors stand in the ruins
Good Morning: Discretely nude couple
Transparency: Muscle structure pose of Daz Characters
Bimbo: Subtitle:"NOOOO !!! WHY ARENT ANY BULLETS COMING OUT OF THE END ?!?!" Hold it,! Hold it! Before you jump down my throat and call me a sexist, chauvanist, or whatever-it-is-ist that tickles your fancy, that's all part of her technique for putting her targets momentarily off guard. She really enjoys the look of humiliation and shock on their faces when she takes them down a few seconds later! In truth "Bimbo" (as she calls herself, in a rather good Rambo voice) could field strip most 'things that go bang' blindfold! And yes, she can quote all of Rambo's lines from those movies - it's another one of the many methods she uses to wrong-foot her targets and make her associates collapse in hysterics.   P.S. the blurred background and grass was a complete accident. I'd only intended for the automatic rifle in her left hand to be blurred (she's supposed to be shaking it to make the bullets come out the end) but I accidentally moved the camera too. I like the result! P.S.#2 - the second image is how it was supposed to look. I think I actually prefer the first one now. The third image was just seeing what would happen if I moved the camera to a differenet position.
Depression: Depression often make see all not important, transparent. It is how to open a door beyond which there is nothing. It is a kind of act of love with death.  Depression is an enemy to be defeated!!
Yoshiko Lakeside (Test 2): While doing another scene, I ended up rebuilding my wet skin shader. Some of the final test renders I did while tweaking the settings came out quite nice. Unlike most wetskin shaders, this effect doesn't use custom images tailored to a specific model. The downside is that the droplets are somewhat irregularly shaped, but on the upside it could be used on almost any prop or figure. <:==================================:>Miki4Yoshiko by SemicharmSwimsuit by Zrincx (updated mats)Miki Long Hair by Yanelis3D'Pareo 1 by EshaDannys Island WorldBall by 3dcheapskate (converted to IDL) <:==================================:>
Karate Girl Animation Promo: A new animation release  you can find this flim in the Sharecg video section or on my youtube channel rendered in poser pro 2014
Villiano's Rover & Model: An excuse to unite my gurl wiff his rover
The Order of the Spiriti: The Spirit Guardians of the Republic. The Ceremonial removal of Sojourner Truth from the Guardianship after the murder of his Shadow Dancer.
Faye: Lighting effects created in Gimp
Deep in Thought: Pondering the ruins of existance
Amerindia: Native American Scene
Dragon Rider: Unusual scene with the real How to Train Your Dragon with Flying Dog
Balance Beam: When I perform netsurf of CG blog about Daz3D & Poser, I sometimes find a freebie of the valuable acquisition. It was the Gymnastic Leotard which Yamato created this time. Thanks for sharing. Gymnastics Leotard for Aiko3 (BD Leotard GYM) by Yamato, Gym by teyese, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012
Red White and Blue:            
wo by elianeck: tks/!
girl next door: typical girl next door made with daz studio 4.6
Knee to the groin: Knee to the groin
Tank girl by elianeck: tks!
Animeness VI: This is a composite figure with Genesis 2 Female and my custom Anime head. Rendered in DS4 with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Timekeeper: Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Satsumato: Satsumato
Inmove: a free digital composition originally based (mostly) on a photography worked out over more than 40 steps of copying, coloring, decoloring, stretching, detailed form and color changing etc. until the shown image was done and not one of the original photographic pixels was left. A kind of fantastic situation where everything seems to make a kind of new sense.- A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
What's Up Doc?: HiveWire3D's Dawn figure using only her official morphs, plus a few body parts scaling. Outfit is my ~Classic Bunny Suit~ for Dawn using one of the presets from the ~Colors, Furs & Flags~ expansion pack, both available at HireWire3D. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Battle Ground Zero: Battle Ground Zero. A dream painting by Skyway Academy School of Fine Arts senior, Jade Babylus. On display at the Musee Du Safrai as part of her Angels, Saints and Heroes Dreamworks collection. A Dystopia episode II forsadowing of Sojourner Truth's involvement during the Atarolandia Invasion sequence.
Le Violon de Vénus: Man Ray was an admirer of the paintings of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and made some  photographs, inspired by Ingres's nudes, of the model Kiki in a turban. Painting the f-holes of a stringed instrument onto the photographic  I am an admirer of Man Ray  And I have decided to work about this famous image  by the decomposition  between the woman an the object but giving her more its morph  with the arm position. The energy to do this transphorming Is taken from the music suggestion. A music born to the sea like Venus........ A divine  melody of cellos and violine..and violon
Spitfire Combat Spread: Some renders of the fantastic Bazze Spitfire. 
Stable Mates: A Spitfire and a Tempest fly in formation together.
Sex in space by elianeck: Carrara render   tks!
cute-cute by elianeck: tks!
Desert Warriors: I was quite surprised at the way this turned out. It started as a cossack warrior, who turned into a pair of whirling dervish type sword-dancers. And a Kushite pirate from another scene became an opponent.
Sun Worship [nudity]: Yamato's Ranran, Azusa, and Cancan for Posette. The second image is how this one started, but the girls' bikinis simply refused to conform when I posed them. So they ditched them! I think I'll be doing more pictures of this trio, and I'll probably upload them to this same page.
I Think We Have An Intruder: The first four images are slightly different views of exactly the same scene. The fifth is a follow-on entitled "No Escape", subtitled  (and spoken in an Alf Garnett* voice) "Gotcha you little toerag! This is private property! Grafitti ain't art, it's vandalism! You're nicked!"   *from an old British TV series
Into the Dark Woods: Rendered in Daz Studio. The backdrop is an image onto a plane.
-Plugsuit Dawn-: Made with HiveWire3D's Dawn figure with 3DU Willow morph, ancient outfit converted from Aiko3, and composited with my custom Anime head. Looks kinda familiar. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by! ^_____^
Lt. Gay Ellis: The works of this week are Lt. Gay Ellis who is Madonna of TV series "UFO" created by Century 21 Productions in the British television. I think that "Thunderbirds" and "UFO" of Gerry Anderson are my origins of the science fiction and are the best masterpiece. Thanks for sharing. S.H.A.D.O. Uniforms for V4 by JoEtzold, V4-Gaby Drake - Lt.Ellis Morph by GSayers2005 by JoEtzold, GSHair02 by JoEtzold, S.H.A.D.O. Uniforms for V4 by JoEtzold Background;Shado-Moonbase by JoEtzold UFO Bodysuit by Epithumia
Astral womb: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Head or Tails: Playing with HiveWire3D's Dawn figure, and beta testing her upcoming new anniversary edition morphs. This render shows off 2 new morphs (abs and slanted eyes) that Chris Creek (creator of Dawn, Victoria, Michael, Posette, Dork, and other iconic figures) kindly created by my request. Dawn is so that versatile I didn't need to use magnets to shape this custom body. I used a mixture of her own morphs and simple body scaling (that used to destroy V4). The advantage of body scaling is that the outfit parts automatically follow the shapes, while magnets would need extra work. Figure is Dawn, textures, hair, and outfit converted from V4. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Memories of a dromedary: The Dromedary remember when Achesput was consecrated Queen of Egypt
Spike: Jwildfire 2 image blend
Aiko 6 by elianeck: tks!
Source of origin: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Organodron City: by Herminio Nieves 2014 this model can be downloaded for free at and
Asteroid: Made this with Blender and mapped it with an seamless texture.
Glimmer: Just playing around with a new outfit I got. The city in the background can be found here:
Pink face by elianeck: model by modified by meDaz 4.6reality 2.5tks!
Smart Car Racer: Conversion of stock model into a racer model.  Silo to Poser to Photoshop.
Phenomenon: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Deep space: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Willow Rides: Test drive with 3D Universe's new character for Dawn, Willow! Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by! ^____^
BabyDoll by elianeck: Babydoll promotion image for : nude verdion here : tks!
Saudade: Saudade
Little Fairies: The name of the character shows the used original headmorph and skin Rendered in Poser Pro 2014 - no Postwork Thanks for viewing - enjoy!
Puella Magi Kyoko: I love NearMe very much. This is because she is super lovely Poser figure. I would like to introduce the new Puella Magi Kyoko's clothes and a prop produced by Niseisya which is a modeler of NearMe and Sera. This prop of the spear is very excellent. Thanks for sharing. NM_SKset by Niseisya SKponytail by Niseisya, Backgrounds DotC≒Locker, NM_Elf by Kedama Gocyo. QBay v0.4 by Mao, Walpurgis Night by youkan, Charlotte by Goropeko, Akemi Homura dress; nm_AHset by Niseisya, FN_minimi, AT4; A3_AHset by Niseisya, HMHM hair for for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012
Blue moon castle: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Queen,Jack and Rain: Jack is the Yokohama Port Opening  Memorial Hall.
Peachy Girl: My custom Anime head with Poser hand-sculpted dynamic hair over the Bullet physics engine, rendered with Octane2 in 4 minutes (darn fast!). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The Vigil: During his long, solitary vigil a knight will be assailed by all manner of imps, spectres, and demons - physical manifestations of suppressed doubts and desires. The daughters of Lilith are feared more than the bloodiest battlefield, for the knight knows how fragile are the restraints binding his own carnal desires...
A Girl and Her Dragon: Some concept art for my newest novel, Dragon Bones. Credit Background:
The beauty of the culture: The culture makes any person of any civilization a beautiful and interesting one !
First steps: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Magus:     A stand-alone wizard-mage character for all your fantasy scenes. .: Product Features :. Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 65,758 polygons Mouth & face morphs: -Mouth Open -Brow Up -Eye Open - Close -Smile .: Textures :. Eye: 4096x4096 pixels Head (tongue and teeth): 2048x2048 pixels Robes: 2048x2048 pixels Head and hands: 2048x2048 pixels Staff: 2048x2048 pixels
White Wizard:     A stand-alone wizard character for all your fantasy scenes. .: Product Features :. Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 25,996 polygons Mouth & face morphs: -Mouth Open -Brow Up -Eye Open - Close -Smile -Mouth U -Nose .: Textures :. Bag: 2048x2048 pixels Head and hands: 4096x4096 pixels Body: 4096x4096 pixels Cloth: 2048x2048 pixels
The end of my PC: My PC is dead, her Einherjar now hangs in Valhalla of computerssurrounded by the ghosts of the characters created by me.For the moment I greet all ShareCG's friends, hoping to return soon to try my hand with all of you.  Nick Carter Rome, Italy  16June 2014   Il mio PC è morto , il suo Einherjar ora aleggia nel Valhalla dei computers circondato dai fantasmi dei personaggi da me creati .Per il momento saluto tutti gli amici di ShareCG,sperando di ritornare presto a cimentarmi con tutti Voi. Nick Carter ,lRoma , Italy  16 Giugno 2014  
Matured - Set Of Playing Cards complete: This is a complete set of playing cards, 52 cards and 4 joker. This is the set for direct print. Each picture  will fit a DIN A4 sheetThe idea was, to show the same character in two very different appearances. Its only the differenc in clothing and attitude - the Charakter with all morphs is exact the same.I used the Maturing-V4-Morph-Pack by tempest, available here at in Poser pro 2014Assembled to cards in Corel Photo Paint
Matured - Set Of Playing Cards IV: This is a complete set of playing cards, 52 cards and 4 joker. The cards are real big for a fine print and come in pairs. Four pairs on a sheet of DIN 4 make a playable size.The idea was, to show the same character in two very different appearances. Its only the differenc in clothing and attitude - the Charakter with all morphs is exact the same.I used the Maturing-V4-Morph-Pack by tempest, available here at in Poser pro 2014Assembled to cards in Corel Photo Paint
Matured - Set Of Playing Cards III: This is a complete set of playing cards, 52 cards and 4 joker. The cards are real big for a fine print and come in pairs. Four pairs on a sheet of DIN 4 make a playable size.The idea was, to show the same character in two very different appearances. Its only the differenc in clothing and attitude - the Charakter with all morphs is exact the same.I used the Maturing-V4-Morph-Pack by tempest, available here at in Poser pro 2014Assembled to cards in Corel Photo Paint
Matured - Set Of Playing Cards II: This is a complete set of playing cards, 52 cards and 4 joker. The cards are real big for a fine print and come in pairs. Four pairs on a sheet of DIN 4 make a playable size.The idea was, to show the same character in two very different appearances. Its only the differenc in clothing and attitude - the Charakter with all morphs is exact the same.I used the Maturing-V4-Morph-Pack by tempest, available here at in Poser pro 2014Assembled to cards in Corel Photo Paint
Matured - Set Of Playing Cards I: This is a complete set of playing cards, 52 cards and 4 joker. The cards are real big for a fine print and come in pairs. Four pairs on a sheet of DIN 4 make a playable size.The idea was, to show the same character in two very different appearances. Its only the differenc in clothing and attitude - the Charakter with all morphs is exact the same.I used the Maturing-V4-Morph-Pack by tempest, available here at in Poser pro 2014Assembled to cards in Corel Photo Paint
Yukimi by elianeck: promo image for : tks!
Will O' The Wisp: Occasionally a will o' the wisp that has just learnt to glow can be snared, but only for a brief moment, on a strand of spider silk...
The Dome of the Nations: The Dome of the Nations on the Concourse of the People with the massive Guardianship Citadal in the background.
Aice and the cats: Alice looks at cats and the cats look in the sun while the world is turning around quickly. is the first verse of a song by a famous Italian author. The complete Italian version is below: Alice guarda i gatti e i gatti guardano nel sole mentre il mondo sta girando senza fretta. Irene al quarto piano è lì tranquilla che si guarda nello specchio e accende un'altra sigaretta. E Lillì Marlen, bella più che mai, sorride e non ti dice la sua età, ma tutto questo Alice non lo sa. Ma io non ci sto più gridò lo sposo e poi, tutti pensarono dietro ai capelli, lo sposo è impazzito oppure ha bevuto ma la sposa aspetta un figlio e lui lo sa. Non è così che se ne andrà. Alice guarda i gatti e i gatti muoiono nel sole mentre il sole a poco a poco si avvicina, e Cesare perduto nella pioggia sta aspettando da sei ore il suo amore ballerina. E rimane lì, a bagnarsi ancora un pò, e il tram di mezzanotte se ne va ma tutto questo Alice non lo sa. Ma io non ci sto più e i pazzi siete voi, tutti pensarono dietro ai capelli, lo sposo è impazzito oppure ha bevuto ma la sposa aspetta un figlio e lui lo sa. Non è così che se ne andrà. Alice guarda i gatti e i gatti girano nel sol mentre il sole fa l'amore con la luna. Il mendicante arabo ha qualcosa nel cappello ma è convinto che sia un portafortuna. Non ti chiede mai pane o carità e un posto per dormire non ce l'ha, ma tutto questo Alice non lo sa. Ma io non ci sto più gridò lo sposo e poi, tutti pensarono dietro ai capelli, lo sposo è impazzito oppure ha bevuto ma la sposa aspetta un figlio e lui lo sa. Non è così che se ne andrà. 
Shy Anime Girl: It's cute when they don't know what to do with their hands. ^///^ Figure is V4 composite with custom head. Rendered in Poser with Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The Village: by Herminio Nieves 2014 this town village scenery is useful for any type of fantasy or realistic scene creation using your favorite characters or vehicles.Includes everything you see. model available at
How To Subdue A Troll: Sneak up behind him while the little fellas are keeping him busy "Eegad! and Gadzooks! boys, I think this is by far the ugliest troll we've caught this week!" (alternative suggestions for what's being said here are welcome) This particular ugly troll is the original huntress quarry - the one who didn't run off to the northern highlands. Having a touch of the Colin Farrell type good looks about him he fully expected to find himself, in a very male fantasy sort of way, in the clutches of the huntress twins. But he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere... (Apparently Tolkien's books were never published in this particular realm...)
A Parting Shot: Somebody commented that the Huntress Twins might be hunting men - that started me messing around with some ideas. This one changed course mid-stream - initially he had a touch of the Colin Farrell about him, just the sort of guy those gorgeous twins might be chasing. But for some reason he went in a different direction and ended up more like Iggy Pop, on a cold hilltop far away from the twins. It probably wasn't him they were after then. Unaltered Poser 9 Firefly render.
In The Torchlight [Nudity]: Good and evil are merely constructs that mankind uses to define his own morality. Nature is neither good nor evil. The fey folk are spirits of nature...
Babel II: I made works this week in the image of Babel II (Babil Junior) which featured the theme of the famous tower of Babel. This comic was televised in early 1970 and was renewed in 2001. Mitsuteru Yokoyama was a Japanese manga artist who played an active part from late 1950. He is a great master of the comics world with Osamu Tezuka. Tetsujin 28 & Giant Robo began the Mecha anime & manga genre. Babel II is a supernatural power science fiction (ESP) comic. In his works there are Kamen no Ninja Akakage, Sally the Witch, Princess Comet etc. I love his all comics. Thanks for sharing. HyRaRa for DAZ Aiko 3 Base by atAKA PoserNightmare, Short Layerd Hair by StudioMaya, School Uniform for POSER Hiro3.0 by aio Poser /G, 3Zi_black leopard by Sannzi(sanzi), Desert backgrounds by HoboBo, Pteranodon and Pisa Tower by 3D Gurukul
Invaders: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Huntress Twins: Topanga Forest free sIBL set from HDRlabs for the backdrop and main lighting, again. 
Famine's Dilemma: (Parts 1 and 2) Part 1 - "Can somebody please explain how I'm expected to help bring about Armageddon... with these?"   Part 2 - Famine's own solution to his lttle dilemma... "Eat lead you muthas!"
The seven sisters: The seven sisters are really just one with the classic female doubt about the choice of hairstyle
Praying for Breathable Air:         
The Awesome Foursome: If you look at the earlier source material you often find that the popular image of something is, well, rather different. From Revelations, via Wikipedia... The first rider: "I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer." The second: "And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him." The third: "I looked, and behold, a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine.'" The fourth: " I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth." Hope you like my interpretation!
Framed: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeHope you like it!Enjoy!
Cottage: Tried to Mimic Thomas Kinkade' lighting with this one
Do You Like My Spots?:    
The painter of the night: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
A Different Perspective: A sort of prelude to the 'Emasculatimilda' picture, which throws a completely different light on the story, and allows me to do a follow-up to that image that doesn't involve nutcrackers! Here's the words to go with it... "But my dear Princess Rose, your stepmother has charged me, as your personal tutor, with an onerous duty. You must do your homework my dear!" [Hilda (the fairy) soto voce] "He's right my little bundle of trouble - your elder brother didn't pay attention to his tutor, and look what happened to him!" (at this point I realised that her elder brother should've been in the picture too, doing something really stupid down in the courtyard!) [Princess Rose]: "Oh, b****r off Hilda!" [The Tutor (remember, he doesn't know about Hilda)]: "Oh Princess, why do you taunt me so! I have only your best interests at heart. But you simply must do your Latin homework tonight. I will find you no matter where you try to hide!"
Cyber Yukimi by elianeck: another promotion image!
The Priest: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Warrior Princess ?: Warrior Princess? No, this is a "Barbarian Bikini Babes" audition. Screen tests for "Warrior Princess Wannabe" are in the next chamber, just down the tunnel - the entrance with the fancy oriental silk drapes. For those who are interested, none of the three hopefuls pictured here made it to the finals. Tracey, with the scimitar, failed the audition - apparently the judges thought she was too 'girly'. Sonja, with the two cleavers, was knocked out in the following round for NOT being girly enough. Lily, with the moonblades made it to the semi-finals but was disqualified when her nipple-cups came unstuck - Barbarian TV is, after all, a family channel, and while titillation is THE main factor in their success, actual nipples are a big no-no! But it turn's out that the three girls were quite lucky really. On the night of the finals a horde of real barbarian women, incensed at what they'd seen on their satellite TVs, came steaming down from the mountains in their animal hides and mud'n'dung makeup, stormed the studio, and carried everybody off to teach them a lesson. The finalists, crew, and audience now spend their days collecting and drying yak dung to burn as fuel on the barbarian cooking fires.
Karate Girl - animation Promo: Karate Girl - Suki and the Barbarian Suki takes on Bill The Barbarian in a last man standing cage fight. 3d animation created with Daz Studio software. Karate Girl adventures is a animated series by Ivy Summers Also can be found at th sharecg video section
New japonese model for DAz Genesis 2: promotional image for tks!
Together: tks  
Last steps to nowhere: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Emasculatimilda: Starring: Victoria 3 .......... as The Damsel In Distress Michael 4  .......... as The Wicked Vuillain She Freak 4 .......... as Hilda, The Fairy Godmother Edit: I forgot to include the story that goes with it (and remember - like all good pantomime villains he can't see what we can see!) "Ahh! My dear! You are finally mine! Mwahahaaaa! You are indeed a very foolish girl to believe that, of all things, a fairy godmother is going to save you from my evil desires! And that's not even a very good pretend magic word, is it? I don't thing you realise how silly "Emasculatimilda" sounds! Perhaps you should have dreamed up a handsome prince to come and rescue you... ...errr... ...what did you say your fairy godmother was called? It was Hilda, wasn't it?" *gulp*(Edit2: as anybody who's even vaguely aware of Harry Potter knows, with magic words it's all in the pronunciation. The proper pronunciation of this magic word, for those who haven'tyet worked it out, is "Emasculate 'im 'ilda!")
The Fountain: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Give It Back!: "DAWN! Give it BACK! It's MINE! It doesn't even FIT you - I can see poke-through everywhere!" "Awww, Vic, but you never use it! You've had it for ages and It's still got the label in... Awww, go on, pleeease, can I keep it?" (just an old scene I found - a silly little abandoned idea for last November's Dawn Of A New Era contest - I think it's quite fun though!)
Martian Lander: by Herminio nieves 2014 ship model available at
gold: wings3d,daz studio,gimp.
Warrior Girl (continued): I don't know how it happened - I opened my 'Warrior Girl.pz3' planning to do a close-up of her face, or maybe another fighting stance. But while rummaging through my libraries again I found some volleyball poses... She gave me a cheeky grin and a wink, "What? You didn't think us warrior girls could have a sense of humour, eh?"
Lancer: I'm not sure which is my favourite, so I've uploaded a few different versions!
Earth: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Untitled: Who shot him? What was the reason? What's the relationship between the two of them? All the titles I thought of gave implicit answers to these questions - but I prefer the uncertainty... (the second image is just a 300x200 thumbnail I cropped from the image - I rather like it) (Backdrop and IBL from free Topanga Forest sIBL set )
Manji shape: The Nunti Bo is similar to a spear, but typically composed of a Bo (pole) with a manji-shaped Sai mounted on the end. The attack and defense are the approximately same as a spear, almost they are poke or strike. furthermore, the functions of Sai which is hook or block are added. Although the story is different, it will be the rainy season in Japan in June, and a typical flower will have a hydrangea. I like this flower. Thanks for sharing. NuntiBo, Tonfa by alninja, MMNinjaSuit01 For V4 by mamomamo(mamota), Dojo a freebie by evilclown, Hydrangea Backgrounds
Human glory: Thousands of years of history of the evolution of culture and humanity's efforts to remain a monument to posterity .... but which posterity!
Dance: A female dancer in deep concentration, before the audit begins.... The light-lines and the shadow shows the "movement in the head" ...
Abandoned: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
World Cup Bunny 2014: Just a little something for the upcoming World Cup 2014, which starts next week. Figure is Dawn with my ~Toon Hikari~ body morph, my ~Classic Bunny Suit~ (both available at HiveWire3D), my custom Anime Head, and my ~Anime Xpression Props~ (available at Content Paradise). Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
neon q: daz studio,gimp.
agat: daz studio,gimp
ice: daz studio,gimp.
Ghost Rider: Created by accident in GIMP from a Poser render... Hmmm... how do you write "Ghost Archer" in Kanji? (Just tried "Ghostly Horse Archer" in Google translate -  幽霊のような馬の射手 (Yūrei no yōna uma no ite) - does that seem correct?) (This image was purely to try out alninja's yumi here at ShareCG )
The last of them: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Water crossing: M2 Alligator, Rapier tracked, Bedford truck, HoboBo water
Toxic: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Firestarter: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Archer: The most feared of the enemy's archers are those that you will never see... (the second picture is just a quick summary of how I ended up here, mainly for my own benefit - but somebody else might get some inspiration out of it...) I've uploaded a rework of the image that started this idea as 'Deep Breath'
The treasures of Darlumia: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Emilia Type III: Rarely do I have such a defined backstory for a character in mind at the moment of creation, but in this case...  The Emilia Type III has been specifically designed to take full advantage of the combat capabilities of the Type I and Type II models, while the programming has also been notably enhanced to provide and expand upon the relief of the Red Light Type II models for crew members of multiple species during long-haul missions and at bases, waystations, and pleasure resorts across the galaxy.  Customizations of the Emilia Type III line include particular specialties in a variety of combat disciplines, as well as an array of external enhancements to cater to the visual preferences of crews.  The Emilia Type III has quickly become a favorite of both military and civilian crew leaders for both their multi-faceted capabilities and their sparse maintenance requirements.  Many celebrities and governmental leaders have already added the Emilia Type III to their security details, as much for increased security as for the visual spectacle of these fully-functional androids. 
The Model: v4 texture test pose
In space there is no fire: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
concept mobile: concept mobile
Alignment: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
I caught you by elianeck: tks!
This Place Does Not Feel Safe:      
Steamworks 3: in a time where one must be careful where they tread
Werewolf: made using daz studio and gimp
Malevolence: I see ghosts...
Another Beautiful Day: A strange and beautul scene
time is the time: daz studio,bryce,gimp.
babe 2 by elianeck: reality 2 daz 2   luxrender tks!
The judgment: One day everyone will realize for themselves and others of their mistakes
Le Cauchemar [updated already!]: Inspired by (or perhaps just shamelessly copied/adapted from?) the sculpture 'Le Cauchemar' (The Nightmare) by Eugène Thivier...
castle3a: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Yin & Yang: What Yin has done to Yang... the transformation.
Space Oddity: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Somebody That I Used To Know: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Yabusame 流鏑馬: Yabusame is the ancient Japanese martial art of horseback archery. Originally established in 12th century Japan during the Kamakura period, yabusame is a dramatic art originally developed as a way to entertain the Shinto gods and thus secure their blessings and prosperity, as well as military training exercise. Oh! I forgot this target. Thanks for sharing. Fantasy Bow by alninja, SamuraiGirl for A3 by shukky, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012, Shrine by halrunman, Street Backgraund: Autumn park by Nigeninjin, Skydome03 ussy.
stained glass: wings3d,bryce,gimp
castle: wings3d,bryce,gimp.
Ghosts!: Used transpancy shaders to make the ghosts
Victory!: Not clear if the anatomy is correct but it looks good - don't want to mess with this group!
Sunbathing: Two young ladies enjoying the sun
Down on the Farm: Evening on the farm
Street Scene: Van and Truck in a simple scene
Minion: This creation was inspired from the movie "The Gate". Took me the best part of a day to make the mesh and another to texture it. Rigging took me  Rendered in Daz Studio.
dav-04: daz studio,gimp.
In The End: Thanks for watching!Best in full sizeI hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Old pistol: Old pistol
Owner Of A Lonely Heart: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!I hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Dogs of war: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!I hope you will be inspired& Hope you like it!Enjoy!
kleo-05: daz studio,bryce,gimp.
Absence: Sometimes an absence is much more present than who is there, just like a silence could be heard more than a noise
Marketplace: For reasons unknown, I decided to build a scene with a ton of stuff in it, to see whether my computer or my patience would explode first. It was my patience. The computer could have handled more stuff in the scene. It's a little fishing village that makes an appearance in a story I'm trying to finish so I can get the dang thing published. What's in there:MoonscapesDJs fantasy buildingsMuelsfell Medieval WineryXFrog freebiesEN Grassmedieval cartGatwyck MarketplaceMilennium catfree cat from mostdigitalcreations.comassorted Genesis charactersMedieval BootsSY Loose PantsAshePeasant ClothingMFDTavern Wench texture by ChoholeEastern Riding Wearand a bunch of hair.
Low-tech Learning: Books are not just for Humans
Sowing the Seeds of Love: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
I Gotta Feeling: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Star Fleet Hazard Team Armour: Hazard suit ....  My version.  Work InProgress Suit: XURGE3D M4 HEVS Helmet: XURGE3D M4 HAAS Belt: JoeQuick’s Golden Age boxy belt Assault Compression Phaser  Photon Torpedo AT Rile  George Haze’s Assault hand Phaser My Force-Lance
Dream: A dream 
Moon over the clouds: A picture i love
above the great wide open: A picture with some clouds
Janie's got a gun: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Memory's rooms: We all lives in the memory of our past like your own home !!
Eternal flame: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The Grumpy Moai: Alternative Titles:-  "The Great Moai Robbery"-  "Don't tell anyone"It must be fun living on Easter island; even the Moai  ( look happy....  except for one.Until the day of to-day, scientists still don't know if the Moai in Cookies red wagon looks grumpy because he just has been kidnapped by Cookie or that Cookie took away the only Moai that was out of place because he looked grumpy.Cookie: LittlefoxSculpture: ARTCollabTricycle: jlp-mediaRocket Flier: Peter MacDougall Created in DAZ 4.5 rendered in 3Delight Bit of Photoshop & PD-Particles
ripples: daz studio,bryce,gimp.
If You Leave Me Now: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Dust in the wind: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Empire state of mind: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Witch queen of New Orleans: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Ebony Qeen by elianeck: tks!
hush-hush: This girl fired a rifle from the office. When she occurred a unpleasant things at work. What would she shot the rifle at?? Oh, I am scared. This is a hush-hush. So, you can't tell anyone about it. Thanks for sharing. Rifle by alninja, HMHM hair for V4/A4 by Redviper2012, PC,Poster Props by Internetmoi, Desk pose By 3-D-C, Copy machine Magcup by Zippo, Office room,Cabinet,White Board By ajfukuda
one big snake: Best viewed full sized rendered in Daz No post work.
V4b4: wings3d,daz studio,gimp.
red skin by elianeck: Daz 4.6reality 2.5luxrenderv4
Manga Style "Sylfie and a Dragon" seq01: I uploaded proroggue movie "Fake Opening of a Big-Scale Movie"
psychedelic: wood,foto,gimp...
Candle in the wind: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Leave everything and come with me: Death comes and chooses to take with you to hell many people. The others go to heaven. If you prefer to call it doomsday!
Light My Fire: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
drawing: daz studio,gimp.
Zero-lins: bryce7,ds.
al: makehuman,wings postwork...
Setting Hearts Aflame:   
rock'en sock'em: rock'en sock'em
Let there be light: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Wind of change: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Fester in drag: need i say more...uncle fester
What the...!?!?!: Run from danger?  Run to danger? 
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
cyber cosplayer: tks!
love Manga too by elianeck: tks
JungeCat: Flowers & trees: wendyvainity Stoneage Weapons: ancestorsrelic
Stormbringer: Run to the hills! ...wait a minute, its coming  FROM the hills....  run AWAY from the hills!
Black Magic Woman: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Ibrahim: My latest character.
The Factory: The clown seemed a perfect fit for this
Big egg by elianeck: tks!
Water of Love: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Il Conte Ugolino Della Gherardesca: From the "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, in the group of traitors with Archbishop Ruggeri of which eats the skull. In life he was imprisoned in a tower by Ruggeri and left to starve with his children. Big poignant song of Dante that leaves the question open whether the end before dying Ugolino has dined on the flesh of children, or whether it is simply died of starvation. is a real character, for information you can visit:
Industrial disease: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
khang-im: FACIAL MORPHS CREATED BY ME.....RENDED IN REALITY 3D FOR chan find this facial morphs in my librarry !!!
Erotica: model - v4texture - Velinahair - Christine Hair Cloth - 3d-age B-Girl,belly bandprop&scene - 2nd World 3D Nightclub and Restaurant
virgin-1: model - v4texture - Velinahair - Christine Hair prop&scene - daz3d prop (sorry i can't remember the name)
go! elianeck: tks!
Posing in Clubing Outfit: Young lady posing in her clubing outfit
Bad: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Good Man ( Adult Humor Cartoon): Best view Orignal size  
Come with Me:            
Abundance and survival: Few persons have much, wealth and food, but plenty from sadness if most people do not have to survive
-Tiger Claw and High Kick-: Two new poses + two textures for my upcoming ~China Blaze~ outfit. Figure is Dawn, outfit, background and textures by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Miss M. by elianeck: Daz 4.6 reality 2.5 render in luxrender tks!
The Chase: The corsair has escaped... but the deputies are in hot pursuit. As I don't use DAZ4 with its motion blur setting, I was forced to do postwork on this one to get the motion blur... basically a composite of two images with the bacground layer blurred.   UPDATE:  The  deffault image of this album, as well as the final one, were made using the motion master plug-in.  The effect is a bit more subtle though it doenst allow for any background motuion blur. Once again, thanks to Hermino Nieves for the bike model
Maleficent: This naughty, naughty girl has a dark past, and I am eager to see who's the really evil one in this new story. ^_______^ Figure is V4, head piece with horns modeled my me in 3DSMAX. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!    
Fury-Soldier-Oceania: In the year 3283, the earth comes under attack from a mysterious race of beings with dark wings. To counter this menace, mankind rediscovers it roots to magic and combine with science, they create several soldiers code named "Furies".  Enter Oceania.
Wintha-Uniform01: My character Wintha in her officer uniform.
Chelese-Uniform01: My character Chelese in her officer uniform.
Pramada-02: Another older picture of my character Pramada I did a few months ago for practice.
Pramada-01: An older picture of mt character Pramada I did a few months ago for practice.
Warrior Girl [Mild Nudity/Violence]:       ...the second image is just a reminder for myself of how this picture developed - it might be useful for somebody else...
Captured in the Age of Steam: Steam Punk Art
Botero or Modigliani?: I imagined two models in a painter's studio for a casting, in order to compare the style of two famous painters. I also wanted to compare two different ways of understanding the beauty and showing that there is a unique concept of beauty.
the dreaming: DS4,gimp...
neon: DS4,wings3d,gimp...
-Double Dragon-: Two of the almost 50 new textures I've created for my upcoming ~China Blaze~ outfit for Dawn.  Figure is Dawn, outfit and textures by me in 3DSMAX and Paintshop. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Uncle Sam and wife Aunt Samantha: Todays version of Sam and his hot wife Aunt Samantha. She is looking a little angry as she should be in this country today. This was my first try at making hair today ...well Sams beard and head hair anyhow
Forest Ranger: Forest Ranger best vieweed original size 1920 x 1080
Wild boar hunt: Stanato dai cani,lo splendido verro sbuco' dalla macchia attraverso la dorata foschia di quel mattino d'autunno.Corse verso di me grugnendo e sbuffando come una locomotiva;feci appena in tempo a sollevare la carabina e a fare fuoco istintivamente senza prendere la mira.Ruzzolò' colpito a morte fino a giungere tra le mie gambe ancora inginocchiate .    Grazie ad Alninja per la splendida carabina Coaxed by dogs,the magnificent wild boar emerged from the stain through the haze of that golden autumn morning.Ran towards me grunting and snorting like a locomotive;did it just in time to raise my rifle and fire instinctively without aiming.Rolled'shot to deat huntil reaching between my legs still kneeling. Thanks to Alninjan for the wonderful carbine
Art book that I produced in the past: Production of the following work does not advance recently, core business, so busy. So in the past, and I collected it was produced, the works.
al-03: DS4...
Geometric 1: Daz to Photoshop image.
al-02: DS 4...
New and Old devices: The technology will replace the traditional media? The books will always serve something? certainly ...... you will always be helpful!
Solo: Guitar solo
Mutante: "Veloce , mutante , lucida i miei stivali . La parata  per la mia vittoria mi attende!!" Terminata la parentesi dedicata a "Marzo 1965" , eccomi a  trattare di nuovo uno dei miei temi preferiti la "Fantascienza". Spero sia di vostro gradimento "Fast, mutant, shine my boots.The parade for my victory awaits me!" After the parentheses dedicated to "March 1965", here I am to treat again one of myfavorite themes " science fiction ".  I hope it is to your liking  
Duff Beer: Duff Beer
Anime Aiko5: Yaay, my Anime head is now fully working in DAZ Studio, here shown in DS 4.6 with the Aiko5 body. Head was modeled in 3DSMAX with morphs ZBrush. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
jet fighter: This model isnt ready for upload yet as it loads fine when it is just the jet but after I add the rockets and exprt wont  reload and I get an error. So maybe tomorrow I will make new rockets for it. I have no idea why this wont work. This was made with all primitives, Jet and rockets
Why Are You Here?:             
The waiting: Each waiting seems to leave you naked and helpless while time is running slow slow slow turn
30 Free Expressions for OOT Fiends Forever!: Pack of 30 free expression presets for OOT Fiends Forever toon base for Genesis 2 Females :) Created and tested in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro, doesn't contain Poser files. Package is available for download at VAlzheimer.Info: Promo renders done with 3Delight. Thank you for looking :)
Time Will Tell: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Thunderstruck: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Layed Bare ( contains nudity ): An ongoing update for my Mosquito, combined with my love of nose art. Hope you like
Elfy Dawn: My Anime head on Dawn's body. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by! Head was modeled in 3DSMAX with morphs created in ZBrush. Outfit is my ~Brunhilda~ and body morph is my ~Toon Hikari~ for Dawn, both available at HiveWire3D. 
I Can't Stand the Rain: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The greatest sin: war: The most great sin caused the war, that has filled the earth with monuments to the fallen
30 Free Expressions for 3DU's Eclypse!: Pack of 30 free expression presets for brand new 3D Universe's toon babe Eclypse for Genesis 2 Females :) Created and tested in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro, doesn't contain Poser files. Package is available for download at VAlzheimer.Info: Promo renders done with 3Delight. Thank you for looking :)
Selfie: Self-portratit of a man who claims to be an artists. The facts disprove it.
Self-Observing Universe: DAZ and Photoshop art
Marzo 1965: Marzo 1965 , la notte dell'addio. Con questa si conclude il ciclo "Marzo 1965" è l'epilogo di una storia d'amore conclusasi purtroppo con un addio March 1965 . the night of goodbye This concludes the cycle" March1965" .Is the ending of a love affair which ended sadly with a goodbye  
" Desert Hunt ": - Post work done in Adobe Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro . (dual screen wallpaper) Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Prophecy Unfolding: Lady and her winged Lion
Pigs!: A simple farm scene with my favorite critters
Welcoming Drink: maybe a part of a fairytale ... Thanks for viewing Rendered in Poser Pro 2014 - no postwork  
Angels & demons: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
W.I.P....Demona: This is my latest character. Still want to make changes to the face and the flesh around the spurs. Feedback welcomed!
Trying to sell a slave: Two of my favorite figures
viva usa: made with daz studio and gimp, the flag was made by someone else, credit and thanks to them. car is dodge challenger srt.
Linux in a jukebox?: just a bit of fun this onethat linux gets everywhere. made with daz studio and gimp.
Zebedee: Zebedee....Time for bed
Halflife 2: Halflife 2
Dream State: I created this scene by posing my 3d models in back of a camera then aiming the camera at a reflective sphere- the light ray was created in Gimp in post rendering
Marzo 1965: La cantina . The cave .  
Manga Style "Battle at the forest": This is Japanese Manga Style.So, please watch right to left
who don't like a angel? by elianeck: tks!
Industrial deadlands: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The ultimate Sin: The Quantimanox has arrived on Mars, so the Ultimate Sin has to go to another planet. The closest inhabited planet is Earth, so the ultimate Sin will go there. It will go there and mix its DNA with the lifeforms on Earth. When the offspring of the earthlings grows older, the soul of the Ultimate Sin will slowly consume theirs. They will start to kill their siblings, until there is only one of them left: a beautyful woman. She will give birth to the full reincarnation of the Ultimate Sin. When he is old enough, he will rape and kill her. He will eat her flesh and drink her blood. All life on earth will be destroyed and then the Ultimate sin will wait for the Quantimanox to arrive and then it will go to the next planet...
Stand Together!: I was bored today and was thinking of how our govermnent is so corrupt and tyrannistic and How the people are starting to wake and stand
Avenia Models Eyes: My little blue character modelling an eye set I'm working on.
Come to MAMA by elianeck: tks!
Welcome to the Free City: My latest artwork and a tribute to free CG stuff: *Everything* except what the characters wear on their bodies is *free* (and the characters are arguably playing a mere supporting role here). Just don't nail me down on this whole free software vs. free beer thing here, okay? ;-) If you wonder where to get this or that, here's the rather extensive run-down:  Here @ ShareCG: - Mausel's "Linienbus" with slight texture modifications - Herminio's "Metro City" in the background - Herminio's "Hotel Scenery Florida" to the far left. - Herminio's "Minivan" in the background - Glaseye's Skydome Over @ Renderosity Free Stuff: - Porsimo's "Light Recon Vehicle" and "LRV Addons" are starring as Police vehicles, used mostly out of the box. - "Schurbys Old Cars". The util to the far right is from this handy pack, and slightly modified with...: - ...Kalebdaark's "Post Apocalyptic Vehicle Accessories Pack" - Mapps' "SF Roadways". The road, rather obviously. Over @OnTarget3D: - VK's Shelby Cobra, starring as the polite gentleman's getaway car. In DS4.6, you may want to unlock the xtrans parameter if you want to save and reload a scene with it, or it may get messed up. But it did the trick for me. And last but not least, post-work was applied in GIMP (flares and minor contrast adjustments).
Routine Inspection: Routine inspection gone awry. Clearly, something's fishy when they're keeping one of those in the cargo bay. A pair of artworks I did a couple of weeks ago, thought I'd share it here too. Rendered in DAZ Studio  4.6, with the cheesy electrolaser effect post-worked in GIMP. The actual (not nearly as handy) real-life technology is supposed to be similarly self-targeting, although I admit it's probably a bit of a gamble to shoot one in close quarters with all that metal around... The gun is from the Sci Fi Pistols bundle over at DAZ, and judging by the surface labels and overall design, it's indeed designed with semi-realistic electrolaser technology in mind. Kudos for that. The watchdog is Simon's Beastie by Simon 3D, available at Renderosity Free Stuff. It's so lovably ugly I couldn't resist. ;-) The corridor sets are from Mapps' "HC5 - Alien Infestation" available at Renderosity. Hope you enjoy!
Lost World: Lost world   ~Where you never know who is predator or who may be pray   Best viewed full size HD 1920 x1080 to see all the little details ( there are a lot of them..) Rendered in Daz Studio. No Post work, everything was rendered within studio you can view more of this series on my thread at
Carriage (1st French empire): Harness and carriage modeled in 3dsMax (+ Horse 2 from Daz3D)
Birdy: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Three Graces: Rendered with PoserPro 2014 All are V4, no other crap like Dawn or V5 or V6
Lost kid by elianeck: tks!
The shame for sin: The first sin is still in our minds and often makes us  embarrassed
Nebula: another 2 image blend
I Hate Bad Air:      
Marzo 1965 -: March1965  - a  few days  before "Hi I'm Gretel come from Gotemborg in Sweden" The story continues ? Maybe.  
Ronin: without masters..
Fae Woodland: A girls discovery in the woods
Crazy Cat Lady: The old women whose only friends are her cats
estrange histoire: fantasy setting
Big daddy: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Anime Genesis2 Female: My Anime head on Gen2F. I have no body morphs for Gen2F and this is the only clothing I have for her. The Anime head's master dials don't work in DS, so here again I couldn't customize the face much, but I think she's pretty. ^____^ Figure is Genesis2 Female with my Anime head. Scene composed in DS4 and rendered in Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Anime Genesis: First render with my Anime head using Genesis in DS4. All master dials created in Poser are dead when in DAZ Studio, but I could still make this character. ^___^ Figure is Genesis with my custom Anime head. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
A big bang: Best in full size Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
A forgotten warehouse: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Gun-Goth02: My second render of my new character. Got to get around to naming her tho'.
Gun Goth: Guarding her stoop! I came up with her while experimenting in Daz Studio.  I'll give her a name in the future.
happy Easter by elianeck: Happy Easter to all friends !
stella: stella
Happy easter: Wish you all a happy easter! Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
There Be Dragons: The dangers of the mountain trail.
Suicide Solution: An old man on the brink of ending it all; a little dark, I know.
Zombie Pin-Up: The undead can be sexy too.
Robo: A robotic lady in a robotic environment.
Pirate Couple: Arr, thare be a pirate couple in this render.
Reader Wife: A woman reading a book (that's a pretty lame description, sorry).
The Model: A beautiful model.
Impregnation Imminent: An attacking facehugger.
Dusk: Gramps don't take no sh*t!
Combat: Guns and machismo.
Sexy Samurai: A sexy lady with a sharp sword; what's not to love?
I, Zombie: A zombie rises from the grave.
Demon: A winged demonic sex-kitten.
Sexy Cenobite: A hot cenobite lady.
Alien Beauty: Beautiful alien girl with just the right ammount of cenobite edge.
Enterprise: Enterprise Toy 
Pillars of Atlantis: Best in full size Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Cute Girl in Uncute Place:     
Don't stay behind: Best in full size Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
ebony soldier by elianeck: tks!
Catgirl Dawn: Using HiveWire3D's Dawn figure to make a catgirl with my custom head. Dawn morphs, scales, and poses smoothly, making the job much easier.  Figure is Dawn. Head, clothing, cat ears and tail created by me. Character composed in Poser and rendered in Octane. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Chibi Dawn: The world's very first chibi Dawn character! Created with Dawn body + my China Blaze outfit (brand new texture!) + my custom Anime head. Hope you guys like it. ^____^
Flight Path of a Silent Runner: The top speed the air cruiser was approaching was intentional out of a desire to put the machine through its paces. A gift to himself, perhaps an indulgence if not a reward for attaining the chair of the music department,  Guardian Sojourner Truth opened up the throttle on his consumer version of the Air Force's favorite gunship.
Posse: Word of the corsair's imminent arrival has gone out  offworld. The Marshall  and her deputies, the notorious twins, head for the spaceport... (hmmm... at some point I will really have to give my characters some names!)
The Deadly Gyik: A new breed of enemy, the Gyik is one of the deadliest creatures of the universe. They have no honor or morals to speak of when dealing with their own kind or their foes. They steal any and all technology from whoever is unfortunate to find their forces on the business end of their blaster rifle. The base character and clothing is the Reptilez and Reptilez Warrior package created by Sixus1 Media. The blaster rifle was created by FoRender.
Nucleus: another 2 image merge
Marzo 1965: "His name was Gretel , her eyes and hair  had color that only Scandinavian women possess..." This is the beginning of a short story that I am working these days, something that probably won't publish anything , also because it is based on a fact actually that happened many many years ago ,i n March1965. A wonderful adventure that still fills me with nostalgia  
Mediterranean Moon Skyline: It was a bright, full Mediterranean moon rise and it cast  a net of light across the desert hills-but it was outshone by a city.
JETONIC ONLINE mystery girl: Submitted for a contest, which no longer exists
Anime Jennie Breeden: Jennie Breeden, web comic goddess behind THE DEVILS PANTIES, and a few other webcomics.
Her Final Movie: The last image in my Misa-Misa series This poster is somewhat inspired by The Crow posters, when Brandon Lee died near the end of filming
UFO: UFO - Rendered  in Daz no post work Best viewed " Original  size." 1920 x 1080 223 KBs free to use as you like
back to home: tks!
Dread Gurl: Varsel's short dreads for Michael 4 sits on Gurl's head like a scruffy rug that maigcally fell from the sky.  Works for me! Standard preset filters in Photoshop and not much more.
sketch: casual sketch in ms paint
KungFu Dawn: Just finished rigging the DS4 and Poser versions of the new "China Blaze" outfit for Dawn. Have to create some materials now. ^^ Outfit was modeled in 3DSMAX, rendered in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Concept Handheld Mobile Gamer: Concept Handheld Mobile Gamer
Scary Starry Night: Just playing with poser. Jessi is my favorite actor in poser..shes a hottie lol. For some reason when I print they come out dark and if I adjust the lighting on the image itself , it gets kinda washed out. The way this picture is , is the way I want it to print. Could be the printer, Maybe I will have to hook up my other printer. I love poser, learning more everyday and I have hardly scratched the surface of what it can do.  
Invaders Clocks: Invaders Clocks
The bountykiller - Studio: Lo sguardo penetrante del bountykiller in azione. The penetrating gaze of the bountykiller in action. (Rendered only in Poser)  
autunno: fall wood
Rum to go with the Cola: Rum to go with the Cola......Ivy
coca cola: coca cola
MY turf!: The long arm of the law!  I suspect this character will cross paths with the smuggler at asome point soon, but i haven't decided as a protagonist or antagonist yet!    An earlier version is also included that is more "frontier sherriff"  than "city cop".  Not sure the steampunk feel i was aiming for is quite there yet, so i may do some more tweaks first... Comments welcome!
A victory: Best in full size Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
IRN-BRU: IRN BRU Made with Girders
young Master Po vs Samurai: Un giovane Po affronta due agguerriti Samurai A young Master Po  faces two formidable Samurai.  
Rubik: Rubik Cube Retro Toys
Jackob's Ladder: one rung at a time
Music's enemies will loose: Many are not Music lovers someone fight against like it was a mission  ...  But at the end are they the loosers!
Easter eggs?: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
The Moment of Realization: For quite some time, I have felt that Vera and Meilan should become a couple - the time finally feels right... 
H11: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Corsair pt 2: Having secured suitable transport, our  intrepid smuggler makes ready to head off with a cargo of exotic merchandise... Thanks to Herminio Nieves  for the Nubian Complex and lovely Fury shuttle models.
'Nother 'Rocket Gurl' Series: Here I once again use KickAir 8p~'s lighting scheme in Daz Studio to illuminate these shots which are a rehash of another set of pictures published titled 'Rocket Gurl'. 
I lost by elianeck: tks
Digital energy boost: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Blobs: Jwildfire/photoshop
Watching Over You: Angel and dog watching over a child
Night walk: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Alarms Clocks: Alarm Clocks Modern Retro
Backstreet Gang: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Okinawa Kobudo (沖縄古武道): I made images using Tom Sai which alninja san modeled specially. As Nick san gave explanation, the weapon of Okinawa kobudo includes the Tonfa and Nunchuk. If there is an opportunity, I would like to make images using these weapons. Thank you for a nice Tom Sai. Thanks for sharing. Sai by alninja mne4 & mne5 for V4 by MNE, Okinawa Backgrounds by, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012.
iPod Nano: iPod Nano 
Cyber Milk by elianeck: tks
Jet Bike: This bike I got from this site. for some reason it had no colors when I loaded it to poser so was playing in the material room..trying to dress it up..will take forever to figure out what is what in the parts...But I do love it and was playing with it on poser today. I think the guy who uploaded the origional was mgagnon68mgagnon68 . It came as an .object file and it would not open for me in Poser so I opened it in Blender and exported as wavefront.
Viva Brittania 2: updated to this version.changed background scene and chrome finish.celebration of a classic sports car, the Aston Martin DB5.
Viva Brittania: aston martin db5a classic sports car of the 1960's.made with bryce 7, daz studio 4.6 and the gimp.
DHS Homeland Security: Was bored in hospital so i did this in between ops.....  
Demon Queen and Princess: Sixus1 demon queen and princess, rendered in Carrara
Polo GTI: Polo GTI with 18in BBS alloy's (orignal Model rims were ugly) , Rendered in Showcase 2013 , plates are custom and the Props were converted from Poser in into 3DS max. I am currently working on other Designs and i will release them when they are done.  
shamaness: hi see my new product
Paolo e Francesca:  Quando leggemmo il disïato riso esser basciato da cotanto amante, questi, che mai da me non fia diviso,   la bocca mi basciò tutto tremante. Galeotto fu 'l libro e chi lo scrisse: quel giorno più non vi leggemmo avante.  This is taken from  the most famous work of the most important  Poet of italian litereature.   To understand the work you can referred to wikipedia at.  
Chiaroveggenti (Clairvoyants): Alcune sere fa', mentre stavo scherzosamente prendendo in giro mia moglie che consultava l'oroscopo su una rivista di gossip ,  mi e' venuta l'idea di ricavare alcune scene relative all'argomento ,qualcosa di sottilmente ironico , spero vi piacciano. Le carte sono di Jim Farris a cui va il mio ringraziamento.   A few nights ago,as I was playfully teasing my wife who consulted the horoscope on a gossip magazine,I got the idea to make some scenesr elating to the topic ,something subtly ironic,I hope you enjoy them. The cards are of Jim Fa ris that goes my thanks.  
Game Boy Colour: Game Boy Colour Retro Gaming
Victorian Days: Scene from Victorian Days
Dryad: woodland Dryad
SuperGurl: These images were created after applying KickAir's excellent tutorial for creating an illuminated skydome.
Air Moto Gurl: I made these images in Daz while applying KickAir 8p's excellent tutorial for creating an illuminated skydome in Daz.
BreakTime: Let's take a break with a favorite cigarette and drink.
Are You Ready to Heat Things Up?:     
Blending: photo merge of 3 fractal images using JWildfire
Nintendo Game Boy Blue Print: Just a bit of fun, this is the Game Boy wire mesh modal before i added the textures
Nintendo Game Boy: Nintendo Game Boy Retro Gaming
Wizards quest: this is a animation test scene to heavy  to use  rendered in Daz Studio ( no post work) best viewed original size 1920 x1080 HD @180 kbs
Atari PONG Game System: Atari PONG Game System 70'S Retro
Nintendo Game System: Nintendo Game System Retro Gaming
The Rubber girl : Debrazil: This is my OC,  Debrazil, a girl with elastic powers! Now in 3D!I still have to do a adjust it, but it's a start...  I hope you like it!   Original (2D) :
Intelevision Video Game System: Intelevision Video Game System 70's Retro
Troy: Le fasi caotiche e cruente della battaglia finale all'interno delle mura di Troia in fiamme. The chaotic and bloody phase of the final battle inside the walls of Troy on fire.  
Cold Harbor: A solitary ship floats at anchor deep in a rugged bay.  Uses my own freebie "Mud Mountains."
Dragon Castle: A lone woman sets out on an unknown adventure despite the late hour. Uses my own freebie "Mud Mountains Companion."
Lone Wanderer: Just a lone traveler, wandering through the mountains. Uses content from my "Mud Mountains" and "Mud Mountains Companion" freebies.
Atari Game System: Atari Game System 70's Retro
Throne Room: Portraits of a young woman (a 'gurl') mugging it up in Satan's throne room. This is really just an excuse to show off Luxxeon's beautiful model available here: Anyway, don't blame me; The Devil made me do it.
Waiting: woman hanging out
Bad luck or good fortune: Hello to everyone. I return after a long absence. An accident with the scooter took me to hospital where I was operated on an ankle: Aware that it could be worse I must say that in the eternal struggle between bad luck and good fortune in the end I must also be happy as well.
Shaken not stirred: aston martin db5 made famous in the james bond film  " Goldfinger " starring sean connery and relased in 1964.A classic british sports car of the 1960' s.made using bryce 7, daz studio 4.6 and gimp 2.Hope you like.
pen stand: work in progress, done in Corel Draw........
"Our darkness": - real photography low key techniques on DAZ Genesis ( 1 ) - Post work done in Adobe Lightroom and Nik Color Efex Pro . Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The eternal internal battle: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Diana Penelope Burnwood (Hitman Fanart): Diana Penelope Burnwood is one of the "handlers" at the ICA (also known as the Agency), providing Agent 47 with clients, targets, and information. She has, since Hitman's inception, been a prominent part of every story and proved a valuable asset to Agent 47 for the most part. Glasses and silverballer are personal modeling. Rendered in Max with V-Ray
" out of the dark ": Daz Studio 4.6  -> Rendering in Blender 2.7 Cycles  -> Postwork Lightroom 5 and Color FX Pro 3  Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Sexy Chillia !! (nudity): Chillia now sunning... 
Sexy Chillia! (nudity): Chillia, a saiyan girl, pretty comfortable on a distant beach... 
Diana moonlight hunting: Una scena mitologica per mettere in azione lo splendido arco di Alninja.Mi sembra di averlo messo in ottime mani. A mythological scene to put in action the beautiful bow of Alninja.I seem to have put it in good hands.
Outcast warrior: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Space Hoppers: Space Hoppers 70's Retro
Myon (魂魄妖夢) Youmu Konpaku: Thank you for everybody who watched my animation with this site Video tag. I enjoy myself making character of comics and the game 3D graphic. I made 'Youmu Konpaku' of the game character of 'Touhou Project' this time. Rather than -- It is because an image of this 'Youmu Konpaku' accorded with the character that I made so far. Youmu Konpaku is a half-human half-phantom who lives at Hakugyokurou in the Netherworld as a gardener and fencing instructor. Youmu has a straightforward and focused personality, which complements her swordfighting skills well. Thanks for sharing. Fantasy daggers by alninja, Extra V4Morphs For Redviper's sailor uniform by MNE, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012, Background by MMD (MikuMikuDance), Hakugyokurou by Sabakan, Yuyuko Saigyouji by Nakao edits, Pluto, Copyright Touhou Project/ZUN.
Aristotle's Tomb: A conceptual image of Shadow Dancer Angelou Repousee connecting with the infinite near the garden tomb of her father.
Take Your Home With You: steampunk mobile homemade with ds 4.6 and gimp.go on holiday steampunk style.
Toy Phone: Toy Phone 70s Retro
"Drink Up, Laddie!": The set and props are the "Schnapsbrennerei" by Mausel. The truck is by Birdman. The scene takes place in "The Cabinet Of Dr. Alam Bique". Get it? Get it? No?
penstand draft: a bit modifed pen stand
Morning Patrol: Good morning ... This was actually intended as a beauty shot of a (science-)fictional modification to Motokamishii's excellent T2FF, although it developed more into a lighting exercise and showcase of various freebies. The actual starring aircraft was "punkified" with a homebrewn flare launcher and missile tubes from Fireangel's "Stormbringer" aircraft. Both are hardly visible though (the flare launcher probably for the better). Free models from here at ShareCG used: - Herminio's "Center City Sci-Fi". The man may well be the master of free cityscapes. - Glaseye's Skydome. Very recommendable as well. - Herminio's "Seaview Submarine" makes a camo. Thought a submarine would fit the deserted weirdness that has apparently befallen this city.
penstand draft: draft for a penstand
The Four Seasons: now that spring has arrived....
Invasion!: And Supergurl tries to help!
Destruction: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Viva Italia: sort of a tribute to the Fiat 126.a great little runabout and fun to drive.daz studio and gimp.
Man of Steel: First ever superman image. Done with reality, via luxrender
Edinburgh: Danae Edinburgh Converted him to G2M, looks pretty cute hehe.  
L'ultima battaglia (The last battle ): Anno 1477 , Kjoto , nei pressi del tempio Shokokuji (Guerra di Onin 1467-1477). Year1477, Kyoto, near the Shokokuji Temple ( Onin's war 1467-1477)  
Speak'n'Spell: Speak'n'Spell 70's Retro
Simon Says: Simon Says 70's Retro
Polaroid Land Camera: Polaroid Land Camera 70's Retro
EtchASketch: Etch A Sketch 70's Retro
Heavenly: Angel with a nature theme
Zastelan Tendo: Zastelan Tendo, my Mirialan Jedi Sage from the Begeren Colony server. Light side healer, just got her "The Pure" title. I actually spent a long time working on this, and would have spent even more time on it if I were able. I wanted to actually construct a Jedi temple for the background, preferably the records room to fit the character concept I had for her. She's kinda a book worm, most of her knowledge comes from the archives, she has little to no field experience. She's also one step below Padawan, so she hasn't gotten a Master yet. But, instead I just threw up a generic image of the Tython temple entryway that I found on the web for the background. I wanted to get the image out before I lost my computer and all my really cool rendering stuffs. Yes, I really like that hair style as it appears that most of my Old Republic characters seem to have it.  Visit me at my DeviantART page!
Always Vigilant:    
3D View Master: 3D View Master 70's Retro
Trike: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Dirty Harry render: My Dirty Harry Render,this is just a fluke since I DON'T REALLY DO LOOK A LIKES THIS IS WERT'S Clint Eastwood  Found here Also other celeb listed here.For people that use DAZ 3D.Suppose some would work in poser also.
Maestro Po: Utilizzo Poser dalla relise n.2 (ora sono a pro 2012) e questa e' la prima volta in assoluto che mi cimento con la Hair Room , l'avevo sempre trovata contorta e difficile da usare , ma ero anche alla ricerca di qualcosa che non fossero le solite capigliature , spero di esserci riuscito. Using Poser from relise n.2 (now I'm pro 2012) andt his is the first time ever thatI contest with the HairRoom, I'd always found convoluted and difficult to use, but I was also looking for somet hing other than the usual hairstyles,I hope to be successful.  
One more sip!: 1st place at Dreamlight 3D Facebook Contest "Are you drunk?" Follow me on Facebook:
Master and Commander: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
JetbikeGurl: Every item except the gurl herself is available here in The jetbike was created by mganon68, the interior by Kostiuk3d,the gurl's outfit by Cosplay and the helmet by safetyman. To achieve the washed-out neon effect, I simply increased the saturation on the image, copied and pasted a duplicate on top of it, applied the "glowing edges" filter on the bottom layer and increased the transparency on the top layer. (all in photoshop)
Domina by elianeck: tks!
Daisy runs out of gas,: Celebrity Pin-Up inspire by the Dukes of Hazards TV series Best viewed full size  1920 x1080 - 180 KB "free to use as you like"
O,OH's: JWildfire
The drawing of Pantera: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
First Blender Scene: Took techniques learned from Blender nerds and made this tunnel scene in Blender 
Celestial-Space: rendered the clouds in Carrara 8.5 pro and then using some new techniques i learned from a great tutorial on Youtube made refinments on my finished piece in Photoshop 
Waiting for inspection: Two female pilots waiting to have an inspection 
Braveheart: Ed ora , traditore , raggiungerai i tuoi antenati . And now ,traitor, you will reach your ancestors.  
Stormy rendez-vous: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Practising: She is playing only for me :)   Rendered in Poser, no postwork Thanks for viewing!
Biker 3: Attempt 3 to get a decent pose on a trike.
Silence: Wreck personal modeling in max Shark and angelfishes from Daz Rendering in Vue 10
"Row Ye Boney Swain!": No sooner was she aboard, the crafty sorceress turned her rescuers into living skeletons. She did this by chanting "Row, ye boney swain, row, ye boney swain, row ye boney swain!" Three times she said these magic words and instantly the unsuspectiing sailors were tranformed into her obedient servants.  The ship is the viking longboat by Jed.
Spirit hunter: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Power lines: Thanks for watching!Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Everyone Loves a Catgirl:         
St Patrick's Day: Just a little bit of Irish whimsy for the day that's in it.  The shamrock, harp and gold coin are already here for anyone who would like to use them.  The banner was created in Serif Pageplus and added using Photofiltre
Archers: Archers
Rested: Composed in Wings3D, and rendered in Daz Studio.
An American Portrait: An American PortraitA series of renders I did In Daz Studio no post workBest viewed full size. 1920 x1080 @ 250 Kb
the hawk and the wolf: Stimolato dal grande Nick,  un piccolo tributo ad un grande attore, Rutger Hauer.. Stimulated by the great Nick,a small tribute to a great actor,Rutger Hauer...
A Beautiful Day: Couple taking a walk
Manga style "Ordinary Days": This is my 2nd Japanese Manga Style artwork.
Visiting the Past:      
Crazy Ivan: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
agguato nella giungla (jungle ambush): L'arrivo giusto in tempo del cacciatore bianco. The arriving just in time of the White Hunter.  
Just Angelina: Simple image of Angelina Jolie. Base figure is Genesis 2 Female. Rendered in maxell Render
fabi_01: a snapshot
Victoria 4.2 (Ebony pose_1): Nude female posing 
Gurl On Her Way to Valhalla: The ship's crew are made up of 'David" figures, four of which were duplicated five times to make up the full complement of rowers.  The "Gurl" is simply a V4 figure created separately on a dummy ship and exported to Bryce. The Ship was created by nergal83 Gurl's vest was created by Arjin Gurl's cape is the work of Cosplay The Fantasy Bow & Arrow set was created by Alninja Aside from  creating such useful and beautiful objects, the above-named artists make everything easier to do. Thank you! 
Grab a Pose 2: Victoria 4.2 posing in Outfit and shoes I created 
Modell to Resting Girl (Schadow): My wife said, the girl in my Hommage to Schadow is to slim and has to long legs ;) So I placed her beside her divan and you can judge it by yourself ...   I posed her similar to Botticellis Birth of Venus Rendered in Poser - no postwork Thank you for watching.
Manga style: This is my first Japanese Manga Style artwork.
Travelling Steampunk Airways: made using daz studio and the steampunk and thanks to the sky background maker photofenia " just before the storm " link...
Anime Kitten: ~Anime Kitten~ Catgirl edition of my previous "Anime Fetish". ^____^ Figure is V4, rendered in Poser. Cat ears and tail are from my ~Animal Anime Pack~ available at Content Paradise. Background crest was modeled in 3DSMAX. Hope you like it and thanks coming by!
What the hell are you: robot looking over a skull it found
Grab a pose: Lady posing against a wall
La favorita (The favorite): Ispirato alla celebre raccolta di novelle orientali " Le mille e una notte ". Inspired by the famous collection of Oriental novels ' the thousand and one nights ".  
The Ume(Plum) Blossom Spring: The flowers of plum become full bloom in the middle of March. We harvest the fruits of plum in the middle of June and become various products such as the liquor or the jam. I made a title called "The Ume Blossom Spring". "The Peach Blossom Spring" exists in a concept, but does not say "The Ume Blossom Spring". "The Peach Blossom Spring" means the Utopia, the Shangri-la, the Place being separated from the society in ancient China. If that place was Japan, there might be "The Ume Blossom Spring" or "The Cherry Blossom Spring". By the way, These clothes are new models of mamota where I am taken care of. This dress can be purchased by rendrosity. Thanks for sharing. Ume Backgrounds by, mne6 for V4 by MNE, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012.
Winters end: Thank you for poping in on My art Paul
"Go Away!": The trike was created by Birdman.
You need a hero? by elianeck: tks
Paula's Artwork: Various pieces of my art. Please DO NOT take. Thank you. Comments welcome. Have a Blessed day.
My Ride: Scooting about in a thunderbike
Angel,Altar,Apse,Amen: This was photographed entirely in Daz Stupidious.
3000 GT: A Car model I have been working on ,  Its a model of a car i own. I took renders all around it , no post work  Best view full size for detial render Too Be Continued !
Mel Gibso "Braveheart" - Studio: L'idea iniziale era  quella di modificare il volto di M4 riproducendo le fattezze di Rutger Hauer ma alla fine mi sono ritrovato con qualcosa che ha piu' le fattezze di Mel Gibson . Misteri della CG . The initial idea was to change thef ace of M4 reproducing the appearance of Rutger Hauer, but eventually If ound myself with something that has more the appearance of Mel Gibson. Mysteries of CG.
Weird Sisters: In Macbeth there were three weird sisters. I could only find two of them long enough to pose for me.  The attic is by jbhdesign.
Alien Head Morph Combo: This is a dialed combination of Alien Head Morphs. Original Morphs by a number of other very talented 3D artists. Too many to list but many thanks to all of them for the morphs that they have provided. Skin on the Morph was by Blazewolf. Background was by PCGaijin. Hope the 2D artwork is of interest to a few people. Next step is to make a body that suits the head morph !!!!!!
Maria: this is the first of my new characters using genesis 2 and morphs, also new lighting.made using daz studio.say hi to maria.
Tequila: Il suo  nome e' "Tequila ", e' la fiera e letale donna de "El Loco" il capo di una banda di tagliagole che imperversa al di qua e al di la del Pecos river.Loro sono due sprovveduti bounty killer che credevano di intascare una facile taglia.Testimoni del duello : l'incantevole Nina , l'ex ballerina del Molin Rouge  attuale propietaria dell'omonimo saloon e Chantal la ragazza piu  affascinante del Texas. His  name is"Tequila",it's the fair  and deadly woman of  "El Loco" the leader of a gang of cutthroats who rages along thePecos river. Their , are two inexperienced bounty killer who believed to  Pocket an easy cut. Witnesses  of the duel :the lovely Nina, theformer dancer of MolinRouge and current owner of the saloon,and Chantal the most charming girl of Texas.  
Radioactive: Made these drums in Wings3D and textured them with Fireworks. Rendered in Daz Studio. The drums are available for free in my gallery. Enjoy!
Aiko On A Chopper.: I tried to lampoon the X Files logo from memory and, as always when I try to do something without proper reference, I fucked it up. In any event, I came up with the "abduction" idea only as I was rendering the fifth or sixth image. I was trying to think what else I could fit into that wide-open western sky. The motorbike is another of Birdman's wonderful little models.
Lucifers Demise: St Michael defeats Lucifer
The Pier: Couples on the Pier
Disappointed: V4 rendered with PoserPro 2014.
Kinda Blue: Daz3d
Kyudo: long ago,a man told me that the photo is the only art that it forces those who practice to put on the same level as the eye, the brain and the heart.He did not know the fly-fishing and archery......   molto tempo fa, un uomo mi disse che la fotografia è l'unica arte che costringe chi la pratica a mettere sullo stesso livello l'occhio, il cervello e il cuore.. lui non conosceva la pesca con la mosca e il tiro con l'arco......
Sabrina: A present for someone, rendered in DAZ studio, postwork in Gimp. Paintings on the background are by me
Giardino incantato (Enchanted Garden): Un gioco estremo di controluci e Photoshop
Elixir: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Communication link: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Femforce Spring: I love superheroine of American comics. Because heroines are sexy, powerful, and defeat bad guys, I think they are cool. But I have mixed feelings about the fact that original was created in the first half of the 1940s, and that they were the Propaganda (fighting spirit uplift comics) in World War II. This is because bad guys at that time were our grandfather or great-grandfather. Therefore I pray for peace forever. Thanks for sharing. Miss Victory ; Cosplay Costume 18 for V4 by TerryMcG, Backgrounds by EzoFukurou, Free Morphing flag, Falcon Prop for Poser by AdamThwaites.
H5N1: Cenceptual Art.Modelled the cell in Wings3D and textured in Fireworks. Then rendered the model within Daz Studio. Text added later with Fireworks.
On stage: Credits:EmotiGuy: DAZ3Dguitar: Eclipse Studios Big Cat Tongue: AncestorsrelicHair: Historical Curls: Neftis3DBoots: MorBiusFace texture: Axe SwipeLogo by me in Blender. Created in DAZ, rendered in 3Delight
Fuckin' cold water: Created with Poser Pro 2014
Anime Fetish: ~Anime Fetish~   A combination of multiple Anime fetishes:   * Sailor uniform, * Stripped panties, * Long socks, * Katana sword.   Figure is V4, rendered in Poser. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
The widow with the can: The widow with the can under the stern gaze of the deceased
Nina 2: Ciao Alninja , io sono Nina e faccio la ballerina al Molin Rouge , spero che verrai presto a Parigi per vedermi ballare il    "Can Can". Salut Alninja, je suis Nina et je suis une ballerine à Molin Rouge, j'espère que nous serons bientôt à Paris pour me voir danser le « Can Can ». Hi Alninja, I'm Nina and I'm a danzer to Molin Rouge,I hope that we wills oon be in Paris to see me dance the"Can Can".  
'Crashgurl' 8.5" x 11" Page Layout: Here I'mt rying to see what the first 30 or so  'Crashgurl' pictures look like pasted onto a standard comic book layout. As you can see, it takes that many or more images just to make 8 pages of story!  
Herminio's 'Wraith Rayder' and Pilot: This Herminio Nieves' excellent model with a flygurl at the helm.
Black horses bis: Decisamente non non ero soddisfatto della prima immmagine , mi sembrava piatta e poco drammatica.L'ho rielaborata riflettendola e portando la testa del cavallo in primo piano , e mi sono divertito con i filtri di Photoshop ottenendo questo risultato , spero vi piaccia. Definitely wasn't satisfied with the first image,it seemed flat and a little dramatic.I reworked reflectively and bringing the horse's headi n the foreground , and I had fun with Photoshop filters by getting thisresult , I hope you like it.  
Black horses: Cavalli e cavalieri nella notte. Horses and riders in the night.  
Let it all out: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
OMG!: And now for something silly... Figures are freebies from MayaX. Rendered in Poser. Hope you like it thanks for coming by!
Media and brain: The use of the media can imprison the minds and limit creativity
Lamps: Lamps created with BONZAI3D
Some "Illegal Alien" images: These images are part of an on-going project that includes two previous videos with the same title. 
Magicians madness: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Crociati (Crusaders) 3 Il ritorno a casa: Il mesto ritorno a casa , senza gloria , senza bottino e senza cavalli. Alla prossima avventura. The sad Homecoming ,without glory , without booty and without horses. At the next adventure.  
Crociati (Crusaders) 2: Infine la battaglia era scoppiata . L'aria era piena delle girda dei guerrieri ,dei lamenti dei feriti ,del nitrire dei cavalli e il blaterare dei cammelli ,le spade cozzavano rumorosamente l'una contro l'altra ed il sangue scorreva purpureo. Il momento della verita' era giunto. Finally the battle had broken out.The air was full of cries of warriors,the wailing of the wounded,of horses neighing and blathering of camels ,the swords clashed noisily against each other and the purple blood flowed.The moment of truth had arrived.
Moon child: Moon child by Artofsouls
SUPER GIRL!!: Another picture of the beautiful Super girl for you!!!
kari's Inner beauty: This was a complete accident really and little a different approach than normal for me it was a result of seeing a very elegant picture in the NEMPF (North and East Midlands Photographic Federation) exhibition/competition video from last year at the RRPS (Rolls Royce Photographic Society) which I am now a member of. this Kari render is based around that image I found the Rhapsody Hair style and La-femme Heeled shoes worked beautifully with this scene. the rest I am sure you can seeMany thanks must go to my friend Amy who now works for Google who I taught to use poser sometime ago for her tips on how to use the sponge in Photoshop more effectively. 
Tied: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
SUPER GIRL!!: Super Girl, made ​​in DAZ, for all her uniforms, this is my favorite!
Coca - Cola: Coca - Cola Cans
2S1 Gvozdika: The 2S1 Gvozdika, (Russian: 2С1 «Гвоздика», 'Dianthus'); is a Soviet 122-mm self-propelled howitzer that resembles the PT-76 but is essentially a lengthened version of the MT-LB APC, mounting the 2A18 howitzer. "2S1" is its GRAU designation.
in the wall by elianeck: tks!
Cube of Fruits: The fruit of the morning is gold.
Relaxation time: Let's sometimes relax.
Landscan: A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
I not a robot by elianeck: tks!
What's up pussycat...: My new char Lisa as a hot 'Pussycat'!! Char: Lisa (Genesis with custom Morphs, see next pic)Skin: Victoria 5 Elite Texture Nichole1x Advanced Ambient Light1x Spotlight
MothDress: Some designs comes in a natural way! Dress: Radical for Genesis 2 Female(s) Rendered with DAZStudio 4.6Postwork with PS
Crociati (Crusaders) 1: Le luci dei fuochi del campo dei Mori brillavano in lontananza nella notte , la tensione era altissima , domani sara' il giorno della verita' . The lights of fires of Saracen's field shone in the distance in the night,  the tension was very high, tomorrow will be the day of truth.  
Overdressed: V4, rendered with PoserPro 2014
Cyburgurl in 'Build 26': I thought I'd try out one of Kostiuk3D's structures with one of my models. The robot is by Shukky and Cybergurl's outfit is by Arjin.
Air pollution: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Prima Ballerina Assoluta: She practices for a prima ballerina. Top of the hierarchy in the ballet is a prima ballerina assoluta. Prima ballerina assoluta is a rank or title given to the most notable of female ballet dancers. To be recognised as a prima ballerina assoluta is a very rare honour, reserved only for the most exceptional prime ballerine, usually those who have achieved international acclaim. Thanks for sharing. mne6 for V4 by MNE, Nene Hair by Redviper2012
The four seasons: Dedicated to the music of Antonio Vivaldi and his "four seasons." Made at the end of the cycle of seasons 4 posted between 12 and February 15, 2104 entitled "The season of man, spring, summer, fall and winter"
Resting Girl - Hommage To Johann Gottfried Schadow: Ruhendes Mädchen Johann Heinrich Daniel Kaehler (* 22. Februar 1804; † 5. November 1878) begann his wonderful study of a female back in Berlin. But he left Berlin in 1826 and it remained unfinished. His teacher Johann Gottfried Schadow (* 20. Mai 1764 in Berlin; † 27. Januar 1850 in Berlin) finished it in 1826 and therefore its known under his name. (The well known quadiga on the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin is also Schadows work.)Today she is placed at the National Gallery in Berlin.Usually you will find her backview, with this link you will find also a picture of her most unknown frontside: young woman is not bulk or plump, she has the soft round shape, preferred at her time, a soft round belly and a small breast. I gave her the skin of Danaes London; as the modell will have been a native Berlin girl of the period, she might have looked similar.Rendered in Poser Pro 2012, no postwork
More 'Crashgurl': Leaving Club Blu Yglu at 4:45 AM, through the back door and into an alley, Crashgurl feels unsafe until she reaches her bike.
Bloody night: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Deep Sea: Ho visto cose che voi umani non potreste immaginare...(Blade runner) Qualche anno fa chi,come me, ha avuto la fortuna di immergersi in uno degli ultimi angoli incontaminati del "Mare Nostrum", il Tirreno , (una secca digradante dai -15 ai -250 metri di profondita'  conosciuta solo da pochissimi "Eletti"  e che spero rimanga tale) ha potuto godere di uno spettacolo mozzafiato. La sirena e' solo fantasia , ma posso garantirvi che Spugne ,Gorgonie, Coralli e Pinnae Nobilis giganti  , circondate da sciami di pesci argentei e multicolori , hanno fatto da corollario alla nostra immersione , una esperienza inimenticabile. La prima immagine illlustra  il punto di riferimento da cui partire alla volta del sito , alcune decine di miglia , la seconda il fondale .  
Princess of Cats: It must be time to turn in my Otaku License - only as I was finishing the postwork did I realize the similarities between Ashli's pose and the iconic Inner Senshi pose at the start of Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose... 
I Am The Shadow: Me again sorry.
Gruff: made using DS4.6. just a bit of fun really. hope you like.  
The island of Emperor: .....Oh quante volte, al tacito Morir d’un giorno inerte, Chinati i rai fulminei, Le braccia al sen conserte, Stette, e dei dì che furono L’assalse il sovvenir!....   Da "Il 5 Maggio "di A Manzoni     ..... Oh how many times, the tacit  To die in a day inert,  Bend down the lightning-rai, Sen folded her arms,  He stood, and the day that they were  The assailed the recollect! ....    From "On the 5th of May" A Manzoni  
Splashy: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Neverland Island: At the center of the Universe, time stands still. There is a lush Asteroid with an atmosphere & exotic wild life. Welcome to Neverland Island. 
Can you spot the real monster?: Peter Pan - The Land of Forever
Easy riders - Friends on the Road: The river flows, it flows to the seaWherever that river goes that's where I want to beFlow river flow, let your waters wash downTake me from this road to some other town.... (from Ballad Of Easy Rider)
The battle begins...: The battle at Dagorlad begins and the archers starts at first!  By the way: there are only 12 individual warriors. All other are clones, made with the 'node instance' function of DAZStudio. Elven-swords made with Hexagon.Wood Ranger for Genesis by Hellfish. Rendered with DAZStudio 4.6Postwork with PS
The return of the King: A Scene from the second Lord Of The Ring movie! Rendered with DAZStudio 4.6.Postwork with PS.
Graceful Death: Weak, sick or reluctant ones... The slave caravans of the mongers always left some of their slaves behind them when their caravans crossing the savannah... welcomed prey for the lions, hyenas, leopards, crocodiles... but this time one of the slave mongers itself got lost... and got found by a brotherhood of four hungry cheetahs...A well fed, muscular hunk of more than 100 kilograms of bodyweight... still struggling and trying desperately to get up, uttering gurgling noises while one of the cats was choking him with a bite in his throat and the other three teared and pulled him slowly down to the ground, already greedily licking the salty sweat from his back... After endless minutes the man finally collapsed  with trembling muscles... a last croaking left his mouth, his legs thrashed the dust of the savannah while he got pinned down by the relentless hunters... the flailing of his legs got slower and slower, a last convulsive shudder ran through his body...He was so much more and better flesh than the weak and emaciated slaves... Not junk food, but hunk food.First large work done in 2014.  Created in "DAZ-Studio 4.6 Pro", "Look at my Hair 1.5" and "Hexagon 2.5". Render Time: 95 hrs., 19 min., 57 sec. Original resolution: Deadly 7500x4218 pixel, Aspect-ratio: 16:9
Alice: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Greco-Roman Recollections: DAZ Studio 4.6  Made use of stuff found for free here on including the John Malis's Greek Hydra, Greek Island Style by Maria, and the Greek Clothing and Roman clothing for Genesis by Wilmap.  Figures are DAZ's Michael 6 and Olympia 6.  I had some issues fitting this Genesis 1 clothing onto Genesis 2, but eventually got it to work.  Some postwork in Photoshop. 
I hate you: All the lovers at the end always love only themselves
Mannequin Transport: Some jobs are somewhat embarrassing!!
RemoteToe: Have you ever tried to switch the TV program like this?Sweetheart Chair and Footstool by LuxXeon.
The Sin of Minos: Minos, received from Poseidon a bull as a symbol of appreciation of the gods toward him as king, promising to sacrifice in his honor . Poseidon agreed and sent him a beautiful and powerful white bull of great value. Given the beauty of the animal, however, Minos decided to keep it for its herds and sacrificed another. Poseidon then, to punish him, did fall madly in love Pasiphae, wife of Minos, the bull itself.  The monstrous union was born the Minotaur, a term that combines, in fact, the prefix "minos" (which meant at the Cretan king) with the suffix "taurus" (meaning bull).
Alpine Ski Downhill: I loved Skiing when I was young. I was so crazy that I went to the skiing area by night train bus from Tokyo every week. So it is very pleasant when I watch the downhill of the Sochi Olympics. The model posture should have moved weight to a little more knee. Thanks for sharing. Background;Ski jump set by aemi1970, mne5 for V4 by MNE, Goggle; Momimomi helmet by tweety.
49 Ford Mercury: This is an old mesh I revisited and rendered this image in DS3 with HDRI lighting.Original car mesh created by DocMikeB, and with his permission I was allowed to modify some of the mesh before texturing it. The paintwork is solely mine. I am pleased to see that there is a lot of interest.I had created over nine different textures for this car and they are available through the DreamSlayerArtworks site.Thank you all for looking.
Peter Pan - The Land of Forever: Art from the forthcoming Graphic Nove l- Peter Pan: The Land of Forever
Farewell darkness: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Corto Maltese: Questa tavola fa parte della serie dedicata ad Hugo Pratt (spero possa perdonarmi dall'aldila') l'ho postata a parte perche' e stata la piu' laboriosa per la difficolta' nel reperire parte dll'abbigliamento (per questo ringrazio Varsel per il cappello) e le fattezze del volto che mi hanno portato via molto tempo fra Poser e Photoshop. This table is part of the series dedicated to Hugo Pratt (I hope you canf orgive me fromb eyond) I posted in part because it was the morel aborious for the difficulty in finding the dll 'clothes (for thisI thank Varsel for Hat)and the features of the face thatI havet aken awaya lot of time between Poser and Photoshop.  
Let's move on: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Gothica: She means well, to a degree..... Mask is my latest creation. Rendered in Daz Studio.
Blak Kat: Something new
"Crashgurl" & "Little Lucy And Friend": "Little Lucy" is is the one with the curly top hairdo.
Fishes not at aquarium: Fishes at aquarium sequel, the Atlantis queen revenge
Studio n.3 Girl with wind on the hair: Mi sono divertito ad usare lo sketch style render di  Poser , lo trovo molto stimolante .Ho utilizzato Photoshop per il collage. I enjoyed using the sketch render style of Poser,I find it very inspiring I have been using Photoshop for the collage.    
Go with the flow: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Portrait: V4, rendered with PoserPro2014
Sk8ter Girl: Testing out my skateboard. Rendered in Daz Studio with two lights sources.
Lamborghini Reventon: I really like how this came out :3
Amoureux: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Beach Bums: Is it time for spring break yet? Back Ground is Hobos Cyclo-panes textures. The characters I created using SSS maps  in Daz Studio, best views full size for details renders at .1020 x 1440 ~ no post work Free to use as you like    
Just One More Mission...:     
who the boss? by elianeck: tks!
Pazuzu: Sumerian God of air
Wine Cathedral:  I have modeled this modernist building, project of the architect Cesar Martinell (a disciple of Antonio Gaudi). Soon will be available for download in the section 3D models. It is a beautiful wine cellar and olive mill, built 1919, located in the humble village of "El Pinell de Brai" in southern Catalonia.  Ford AA truck by me, available in ShareCG. Lightwagon and Wheelbarrow by 3D Papus available in ShareCG. Harness by Helmut Horse Poser4 Michael Poser6
Psychedelic Sunset: A strange scene, hope you like it
Fishes at aquarium: Aquarium if the fish had evolved more than men
Thunderbolt: I thought of bringing this back to loife with some tweaking of the lighting within Daz Studio. No special tricks other than applying HDRI to the distant lighting, also adjusting the reflection maps to reflect the dome that was used for the surrounds.
Love: Love at the end of time
Tigrex: Arte feito por KleberTiger
Pirati e i loro animali (Pirates and their animals: Era da molto tempo che avevo in mente di realizzare delle tavole ispirate alla magica penna di Hugo Pratt. Chi come me ha superato da un pezzo i Sessanta ed ama il" fumetto d'autore " non puo' non ricodare il 1971 ,anno in cui venne pubblicata la prima puntata di un lungo romanzo a fumetti: "Una ballata del mare salato " e la nascita di un nuovo tipo di eroe "Corto Maltese" dell'allora sconosciuto autore Hugo Pratt.         La "Ballata " segno' il passaggio storico ad un fumetto nuovo che richiedeva da parte del lettore coraggio e passione per affrontare con le vignette temi e personaggi complessi. Scriveva U. Eco in una sua celebre introduzione al fumetto di Corto Maltese :                                                                                                            " Tutto nella "Ballata "segue il ritmo delle rotte marine , che racconta anche la psicologia dei personaggi, che si amano dopo essersi sparati addosso , che si uccidono per amicizia e perdono il controllo e si reinventano con una discendenza , una cartella clinica a ogni pagina"
Study:   - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.      
3freeviews: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Urbanaspectation: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Asrevolved2: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Asrevolved1: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Asrevolved: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
3timesviewed: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Spheresearch: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
4.acting: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Riding the Taboe: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Lateviews:   - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.  
Slowburst: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
Urbanscetch7s:   - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.  
Freeurbanscetch: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.
14freeviews: - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.  
Saiyan Girl Chillia 3: Freckles...: Another image Chillia, showing its beautiful freckles ...
Reese shader compare: Reese Heels 5 and Just Black in Daz Defalt and USS shaders, rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6. Very large images uploaded for detailed views.
REPENT!: I did not take very much time with this subject so it's blurry and very poorly lit. I repent!
The season of man, winter: Winter is the season of oldness  all seems ending in the present and look only at the past, no future. The skin become similar to ground
Raising The Current: Me trying to coax the serpent into doing it's duty.
Saiyan Girl Chillia 2: Another image of Chillia...
Saiyan Girl Chillia: This is Chillia a saiyan girl, now in 3D!
Dream n.1: Sto cercando di scoprire ulteriormente le potenti capacita' di Photoshop (CS5 nel mio caso).che purteoppo riesco a sfruttare solo in minima parte, e a forza di diversi tentativi sono riuscito ad elaborare questa immagine , spero Vi piaccia! I am trying to find out the powerful ability of Photoshop(CS5in my case) which unfortunately seem to exploit only minimally,and by dint of several attemptsI managed to produce this image,hope you like it!  
The season of man, fall: Fall is the season of maximum maturity all seems sure in the present but look to past more than future
Lady Lucrezia by elianeck: Lucrezia for v4 by Syyd runtimeDNAtks!
Droids Love: Rendered with DAZStudio4.6Postwork with PS CuteDrossel: FoRender (sharecg)R2 Astromech Droids:  Vanishing Point (sharecg)
Queengurl (two more shots): I tweaked the portraits a little. The first one I tried to make look like a painted image straight out of Daz Studio by cranking up the saturation and smoothong out the lines to flatten the image (not very successful). Whereas the second image I merely dispensed with the stone wall and window, used a poster backdrop and additional illumination in Bryce to enhance the perspective. I'm trying to imitate the style of Renaissance portraits (not very successfully either, but I'm trying!).
Lost Fairy by elianeck: tks!
The final goodbye: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
New arrivals: Mamma & Baby Moose Rendered In Daz Studio ~Free to use as you like ~
The season of man, summer: Summer is the season of maturity all seems sure in the present and for the future
Angelina: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
primeval hunt: La belva reclama la sua preda , ma la madre e'  fermamente  decisa a difendere il suo cucciolo , e pèertanto , oggi, la tigre dai denti a sciabola dovra' confrontarsi con zanne ben piu' possenti delle sue. (The beast claims its prey,but the mother is firmly determined to defendher Cub,and therefore, today,the saber-toothed Tiger must confront more mighty fangs of his.)  
Women's Normal Hill: Congratulations on a winning prize of Sara and Yuki, the fourth and the seventh place. In Sochi, the medal was not get, but in next South Korea, I convinced that you could take the medals. I will make CG of Women's Normal Hill Ski Jumping four years later. Thanks for sharing. Ski jump set by aemi1970, M4 US Tanker Helmet for Poser by OnTarget3D.
QueenGurl: Whatever, right?
The season of man, spring: Spring is the season of youth all seen in the future seems to be possible
Let's spend the night together: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
I am Fu Hatchu, I am Asian Smiley, so what?: Smiley: Emotiguy from DAZ3DCoolie hat: Bjorn LovollFront teeth & moustache: me, in BlenderCreated in DAZ3D, rendered in 3Delight
Texters: They’re catching up on the gossip in between classes. nobody talks anymore do they? Rendered in Poser ~ free to use as you like
Scarecrown (Spaventapasseri): Un onirica visione pastorale (A oneiric pastoralview )    
Quadbot 2: An experiment with robotics.
Moose & Squirrel: Moose & Squirrel ( Best views as original size.) Render in Daz Studio, using the "look at my hair"program I did a little post work to get rid of some render artifacts on the skyline in photoshop 1920 x 1080 @72 dpi  222 KB~  free to use as you like
Dungeon: Toying around with some light and shadows in Daz Studio. The mist and flames added later with a paint program.
some years old: an old lady..
boredom: ...
Lostsession: Lostsession - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.  
Thewinner: Thewinner - A digital painting to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans.      
Some downtime: My OC Character Wintha on her weekend.
Dynamic Duo 03: Keeping it Movin' in 2014!
Dynamic Duo 02: Another piece with my main characters and part of my resolution to update more often this year. Visual Style Shaders by BishounenTaurus
Dynamic Duo - 01: An image of my dynamic duo.
Kerbal Grrrl: Kerbal Space program has become a massive hit in the indy games field alongside the likes of Automation car tycoon and Beamng Drive , Kerbal Space Program is a game where you run a space program on the fictional planet of Kerbal in the Kerbol solar system and launch rockets . satellites , space stations , Probes it is up to you !  I decided to do this orignally for my Kerbal space port profile and release it on here as well , all the textures on the clothing are custom made but the clothing itself is not by me.
Escaping the lost city: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Do What Thou Wilt: Crowley himself,though it looked more like him before lighting.
The memory of Trees: Yesterday I was listening to an Enya album, title made ​​me think of how many trees are ancient and what they saw of the past . This thought made ​​me imagine a world that I've never experienced that myself thanks to the memory of the tree has been transmitted to my imagination!
Studio2: A simple studio of a portrait.
24k: fantasy warrior made using daz studio 4.6
Corsair: The same  sci-fi character from my render "Lurkers" in a loose sequence, arriving at a new spaceport and having an unexpected encounter can make up your own story!
More Crashgurl (Four Images): Absent the dialogue bubbles (they're worked out in Photoshop but I might rework them in Adobe Illustrator). These shots are not transitional; they actually move the story plot forward.
Hello little friend: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Shub Nigurath: A rework of my first image
Odysseus and Polyphemus: Ulysses sees an olive branch, gigantic, still green, which seemed to him the mast of a ship of twenty oars, Polyphemus, and that he had kept to make a stick. Order to fellow cut a piece and while he tapering. The evening after the hero gives the cyclops wine that had given Marone. Polyphemus gets drunk and asks Odysseus his name. The Achaean hero replies that his name is "Nobody". The Cyclops falls asleep and Ulysses and his companions seize the opportunity: take the branch and the only blind eye of the Cyclops
Schapelle: W.I.P. My take on this character
Sochi Olympic Began: The Sochi2014 Winter Olympic Games began. I do not play now, But I loved alpine skiing. For the Nagano Olympics held in Japan in 1998, I went for support. I made CG of Figure Skating with the expectation to get a Japanese medal this time. While I support Games in TV, I pray for the Olympics being held safely. Thanks for sharing. V4 Skating Dress + shoes by eyefil, mne6 for V4 by MNE, HMHM hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, Gym by teyese.
Hello, my name is Goodbye: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Naiades at the pool: Posed in DAZ Studio 4.6, textured and rendered in Blender Cycles. Bad and/or constructive critics are most welcome. Enjoy anyway. Thanks for viewing. Credits : Daz V3, V4, A4 adamthaithes : Brooke Lisbeth N : Glamour Hair, Retro Hair 3D Celebrity : Belle, Cait outoftouch : Blue Soul Hair, Stefany Hair, Hybrid Hair mari_e17's : Myrell Nazgul Mylochka : Bunny Girl Thorne : Tanith Quarker : Radiant Jaguar Hair Freja : Luna Morris, Mahna, TiffT785 : Obsession for V3 Vali : Double A 3Dream : Paradise Hair JBJDesigns : Indoor Swimming Pool
catwoman: v4
Dual Blades: ~Dual Blades~Final version of my upcoming 7 pieces "Brunhilda" outfit for Dawn. Outfit was modeled in 3DSMAX and rigged in Poser and DS4. Rendered in Poser. Working on the promo materials now. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Kari Portrait 2: the second of my Kari Renders uploaded on Sharecg , the new logo was recently designed by a friend for me and will appear on all my future renders.  
meeting on the sea: meeting on thesea
WashDay: Tied Top from Location from Aircraft from
Digital Beauty: Gloves from
Ulysses tells the story of the fall of Troy: The story about the fall of Troy that Ulysses tell to Antinous father of Nausicaa and king of the Phaeacians. 
the hunters: hunter and pray,  follow the arrow..
the beach: futuro? passato?
Fractal Bleed: Jwildfire
2 snails: Scene made in Blender.
Desolation: Castle Island
Late night Talk: Gossip
Guardians of Elimore Castle: Gothic Statues
Dark Night of the Soul: Seeking escape from her past
Ponderance of the Cat People: Deep fantasy
Dynellia: Deep Fantasy Garden
Vampirella: Vimpirella
only for fun: tks!
La danse macabre: Liberamente ispirato a :                                           clearlyinspired by: Camille Saint-Saëns Op.40 - La danse macabre    
"Crashgurl" (Eight Images): Most of these will likely not be used in the finished story. I had to take these shots because I wasn't sure how to begin telling the story of an important single incident in Crashgurl's life. Anyway, if I can control myself and continue photographing the story in chronological order, that is, in continuity, you'll probably not see anymore "Crashgurl" images until it's absolutely and definitely ready for publication. So please stay tuned and wish me luck that I don't lose interest and stop halfway, as I have done with so many of my 'brilliant' story projects. NOTE: As some of you may have already noticed, I did not use Bryce to produce these images--they are directly made out of Daz Studio--so the illumination is not as I would have liked it.
Sigfried:  Mitologia Norrena : " La Saga dei Nibelunghi ". L'uccisione da parte  di Sigfrido del drago Fafnir , il bagno nel sangue del drago vanificato da una foglia di tiglio posatasi sulla spalla dell'Eroe. Norse mythology:"the Saga of the Nibelungs".   The killing of the Dragon Fafnir from Siegfried, the Dragon's blood bath negated by a Linden leaft hat has landed on the shoulder of the hero.  
"Crashgurl" Another Three Shots: The very start of the story. About 4am. The scene is not completely set up (needs additional props, actors and lighting) so I stuck  to a few tight close up shots. The writing is an attempt to be fancy but you can imagine her grooving to the sound of the voice of the great rock-n-roll showman of all time.
Wastelands: Living within these harsh wastelands carries all kinds of dangers. Based on a Cyber theme, this was rendered in Bryce.  
Weiner Mobile: 3d rendering of Birdman's Weiner Mobile Model. I used 3ds max 2010, Mental Ray.
Air supply: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Maid: I misunderstood the word French maid. I thought that it is the maid of the French style, but, in fact, seem to be the meaning called a maid vulgar. I thought that it was easy when I imagined it from a French kiss and a French movie. These images are a maid of Marchioness Montespan who became lorette of Louis XV of the 17th century. I was unusual this time and made it being conscious of light and a shadow. Thanks for sharing. mne6 for V4 by MNE, HMHM hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, Witchey Broom by Ace Gunsolley.
Penelope the last goodbye: Many versions of the death of Ulysses. In the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, Inferno - Canto twenty-sixth, the poet imagines the last voyage of Ulysses (referring to the Latin version of Ovid), the ultimate challenge beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The company ends with the shipwreck caused by a huge vortex and death greek hero with all his companions.
Il cinghiale Caledonio: La mitica caccia al cinghiale Caledonio degli Argonauti (qui sono ritratti I dioscuri Castore e Polluce , il possente Acasto maestro nell'uso del giavellotto , e a terra ferito  a morte dal cinghiale , Alceo il Piccolo) The mythical Argonauti's Caledonio wild boar hunting  (here are portrayed the dioscuri Castor and Pollux,the mighty Acastus master inJ avelin,and use on the ground mortally wounded by the wild  boar,Alceo the little).  
Cinderella: with her doves and arriving at the ball. I like fairytales - especially the princesses ;) Thank you for watching. Poser 2012 Pro - no postwork    
Superman: Superman outfit by Joequick, city by Herminio Nieves, rendered in DAZ Studio 3, because I like the interface more than the interface of DAZ studio 4. Postwork in GIMP
Megana: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Stormy: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Biking: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Ulysses and the Mermaids: Fit was traveling Ulysses meets the dangerous sirens. Ulysses then covers his ears to his companions and is tied to the mast of the ship to hear them. Unscathed the rock of the Sirens Ulysses goes to the Straits of Messina.
Coastal Patrol: imported into daz studio 4.6 as obj file, changed some of the textures and to  Anderson Félix Soares "Gendragon" for creating Gendragon_Inv_VI airship.finished off in gimp 2.8.this is my first airship background, so let me know your thoughts.thanks.
Alaskan dawn: A golden haze in a Alaskan Day Thank to Lyne for moose free at
Nausicaa meets Ulysses: When the sun rises and illuminates the earth, Nausicaa, daughter of Alcinao, go with the maids to the shore of the sea. Nausicaa is taken from the wagon, however the maid run alongside the mules. When the girls arrive at the sea shore, near the mouth of the river, the maids readily wash their clothes, instead mules graze along the river. Then eat and play with a ball on the beach. Not far from the girls, in the shade of the forest, resting Ulysses after the wreck. Suddenly, the ball falls into the current of the river and the girls scream very loud, Ulysses is awakened by the cries and leaves the forest. The maids to see him run away in fear, on the contrary Nausicaa remains firm: Athena fact gives courage to the heart of the girl.
Monsanto: Why American people like genetic alterated food
Where are you daddy: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Black and white: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
I Said Right Now!: Better go while she's still asking nicely. ;pFigure is Dawn with my Toon body and facial morphs. Outfit is my "Brunhilda", now complete with 7 pieces. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Mannequin: Modernized:      
"CrashGurl" (Three Shots): "Crashgurl" will be a truthful though not entirely factual account of my most recent unpleasant experience. All the models and some of the scenery are done and mostly waiting to be virtual photographed in--I hope--continuity. Stay tuned for the brief but painful misadventure of "Crashgurl". The scooter is a model of a 1960's Cezeta, of Czech manufacture, created by Birdman.
XL: Kd 2014.
Bobo the Clown: He's not funny. Kd 2014.
Lase: Kd 2013
Sitting Bull (Tȟatȟaŋka Iyotȟaŋka ): " preparatevi , all'alba scorrera' il sangue di molti visi pallidi " "get ready , at dawn will flow the blood of many palef aces"  
3d Cricket Set - Happy Australia Day: In respect to Australia day on the 26th of January, I modelled a simple cricket set in Blender. Available on my blog
Catch me (if you can): Background: own photo from coal power station vockerode (now out of order) Motorcycle: its a photo of a toy Girl: DAZ 3D Composing: by photoshop enjoy it!
Bonnie Parker: I used Helgard's freebie Bank building, Wilmap's new Bonnie Parker outfit, Panko's Browning Automatic Rifle, and Nationale7's Bonnie and Clyde Ford B-400. The beanie hat I made in Hexagon!
The treasure room: Thanks for watching!Enjoy! wings 3d,makehuman...
Temple raider: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Where the streets have no name: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
She's not there: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Year of the Horse: This is the year of the horse in Chinese Zodiac. People of the Kanji character zoon use the Chinese Zodiac. For example, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, etc. Each year has a symbolic animal. The cycle is completed every twelfth year. The order is : rat, bull, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, boar. 2014 is the year of the horse. So I made the Sinobi on horseback. Thanks for sharing. Backgrounds by HoboBo, MMNinjaSuit01 For V4 by mamomamo(Mamota)
almost human by elianeck: tks!
Kill the last Dragon: The death of the last Dragon
Calm Blue Ocean? - I don't think so..: Credits: Ocean surface: Tjohn Shark: Ravenous Ron's 'Splashes'
Dusty: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Joker: Joker is my favourite evil character in Batman movies. I would like to know your opinions of my work. Please rate it.
-Brunhilda Outfit II-: ~Brunhilda Outfit II~Created a new belt and sword for my outfit. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by! ^^Figure is Dawn. Body shape, character morph, and outfit created by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
La casa del Lanista: L'antica arte del  "Pancrazio"  nella Pompei del 79 D.C. pochi giorni prima....
Zombie Stripper (caution: nudity): Zombie Strippers - Live at the Pussycat Lounge!   Hey. even the undead have to make a living, right?   Says club owner Mario Gambrelli, "Zombie chicks are great.  You can stick the biggest implants in ‘em and they don’t complain.  Hell, you don’t even need a doctor to do it!.  Yeah, they eat the occasional customer, but hey, adult entertainment has always involved some risk."
Always Ready:   
The Rescue of the iBOT: PSE & DAZ 3D
Pain of Glass: My Pain of Glass Prop available at
3 millimetri al giorno: Chi , come me, e' cresciuto a "pane e fantascienza " ricordera' sicuramente questo fantastico romanzo di Richard Matheson  da cui la Universal Pictures produssse un film " The Incredible Shrinking Man " del 1957 Those who, like me,he grew up in"bread and science fiction"surely remembers this fantastic novel by RichardMatheson from which Universal Pictures derived a movie "The Incredible Shrinking Man" in the year 1957.  
Necklace: Created in Bonzai3D
Take it easy: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Art and Vanity's time: Art and Vanity's time it means Art and Vanity's time
Oceane 5: DAZ to Photoshop composite image.
Pump station: I made a malioration  plan of 3000 hectares territory some years ago and I made visual desing of pump station. I would like to know your opinions of the pump station.
The dance: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Energy x2: Created in Bonzai3d
Glass speakers: Created with Bonzai3D
Nice Legs: When I made CG, I paid my attention to the upper body and a face, but I think that the lower body, especially the legs were cut in many cases. After I made CG images using The Stool & Poses, I found that well. I think that gentleman who loves nice legs deeply disappointed. I would like to make CG without forgetting the expression of the legs in future. Thanks for sharing. Face : mne5 for V4 by MNE.
'The Kween' Or A Lost Scene From 'Nabucco'?: A bit more people in this tableau and we can do a silent Verdi opera!
The accountant: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Brunhilda Outfit: This puts together my new toon body morph, new toon head morph (now with eyes fixed), and brand new "Brunhilda" outfit. The outfit has currently 4 parts (pants, boots, shirt and vest), and there will be more added later. Have to create the DS4 version of the head and body morphs first. ^^ Figure is Dawn, morphs and outfit by me. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Contemplation Version 2b - 'Reflection': A rework of my 'Contemplation' image. After seeing the original side-by-side with *other images I realized that it was very dark, so I brightened it up by increasing the IBL and sun intensities. It then looked a bit too bright and washed out, so I added a bit of colour to both Dawns' skin and adjusted the sand colour. I also modified big Dawn's hair colour/bump, reduced the sun shadow strength, plugged the sand texture's noise node into its reflection strength, pulled the camera back and adjusted the framing to get big Dawn and her reflection into the image. (The second image uses the original camera setup)Still not right though - big Dawn's hair and bikini seem a bit too dark now and I seem to have lost contrast on big Dawn's upper body and face... among other things.Maybe some depth-of field too? Not sure whether that would handle the reflections correctly - my guess is that it wouldn't (I'm using Poser 9).Also thinking of doing an alternative version of this without small Dawn, but making the reflection be the 'straight-out-of-the-box' Dawn.(I'm still waiting for the version 2a render to complete - same as this but using the original camera setup)*Redanta's 'Mountain Air' over at DA inspired me - I tried to get Dawn's skin tone to match the elf.
Dream of Jennie test shoot: A couple of test shots from my new Genie Animation coming up soon. I'm creating this with Dynamic clothing in Daz Studio. Stay tuned in :)
Energy drink: It is a very simple and old model.I would like to know your opinions of it.
Milk: It is a very simple and old model.I would like to know your opinions of it.
Le renard et le corbeau: Alcuni giorni orsono mi e' capitato di ascoltare il figlio di certi amici francosvizzeri mentre leggeva la famosa favola di La Fontaine , e mi e' tornata  in mente una tavola di Leon Russeau dedicata alla stessa , ho cosi' tentato di riproporla come la ricordo.
The mechanic: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Exosphere: Exosphere is a Second Life enterprise that consructs future technogies. These items can be used and interactied with by the thousands of other avatars that are in the virtual world of Second Life. Others can actually fly the vehicles, walk around the structures and even operate the equipment.  
Sleepwalker: DAZ to Photoshop composite. Stock by and
Death squad: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Hitomi Updated: I had been wanting to update Hitomi for quite some time, and finally picked up the Genesis Evolution: Morph Bundle, which definitely gives me the tools to create the Hitomi I had initially envisioned.  Also blending in just a hint of other Genesis-based characters seems to make her just a little more "real" without losing her anime/manga characteristics.  The overall changes are subtle, but to me still fairly noticeable. 
Misty Lake: A character from a WIP story, looking out over the Big Misty Lake. Uses DryJack's Fantasy House 3.
Alien Forest: Out for a walk in an alien forest. Uses my own freebie, "Rocky Terrain."
№...: wings 3d,makehuman-no postwork...
The professor: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Arina: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Forest IBL test: Test render of IBL in DS4.6<:==================================:>Little One by 3DreamLittle Family-Teen Girl & textures by SemicharmXmas by 3DreamSpringtime textures by Panthia LongHair Evo by KozaburoMultiplane Cyclorama by Daz3DIBL Presets - Topanga Forest by Neo Genesis
Peter Pan: The Land of Forever: A shot from the upcoming Graphic Novel -  Peter Pan: The Land of Forever
CarbinT by elianeck: tks!
The key collector: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Hagen on the banks of the Danube: Hagen on the banks of the Danube speaks with the "Ondine"
-Nina Hart-: I wonder if she can control that powerful thing between her legs?Figure is my composite V4 with custom head. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by!
Acid rain by elianeck: tks!
Lady in A Hat and Veil:
Imchildh of Carthage: According to some apocryphal sources, the famous Carthaginian general  Hannibal Barca had a daughter...
Eye on the target: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
It Glows!: What happens when you eat too many glow worms.Rendered in Daz Studio with a Glow-Shader. This one took a long time to render as I had applied the shader to every body part of the rat. Next time i will only apply it to the, it turned out quite well.
Ambush: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Lori: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Blue wizardress background: Same blue background but with a practicing Wizardress on it.
Blue background: This is a faded blue background I designed with free tubes and brushes.
Darkmoon Wood: Darkmoon Wood is among the most dangerous places in all of Avistan. A feral, fey-haunted forest on the edge of civilization, the Wood presents a constant threat to those who live nearby, but also serves as a persistent temptation to adventurers eager to make names for themselves. 
Working Nurse: I found the product of the wonderful pose for V4. It calls "Night nurse". Although it is not free, I couldn't resist purchasing in Renderosity. I think that such a perfect working pose is rare. In fact, although I wanted to make the sexy nurse, I made the serious working images this time.Thanks for sharing. Set hospital for Poser by Shamira, HMHM hair for V4/A4, The Cheap Lingeries for A4 by Redviper2012, s242 wife beater V4, TV Set by Zippo, Room by ajfukuda.
Becoming Friends: Friendship is a decision from both sides.The lady alone from an earlier working posePoser Pro 2012, no Postwork
Unguarded Moment - Dawn Of A New Era: I did three entries, all via Renderosity. None of them made it through the first round but I had a lot of fun creating them and that's more important! I also learnt a lot - this is the first time I've ever done renders this large, and it's a whole new ballgame! Here's all 74 Renderosity entries:'s my entry, number 45:
SuperTwins - Dawn Of A New Era: Eos And Aurora - Saviours Of The Poserverse! ("Mars - Bringer Of War" from Holst's "The Planets" starts playing, and a very loud, melodramatic 1950's style voiceover reads the backstory as it does the cliched perspective scroll) (The text in brackets is spoken 'soto voce', and appears on-screen in asmaller font)... "Aurora and Eos - twin sisters from the planet Hvwr - blasted into different dimensions by the great cataclysm The unforeseen consequences of the simultaneous use of Underlord Zad's Regenesisiciser and Urchon Sm's Triaxifier rent the Poserverse asunder Only the Dson wormhole remained as a conduit between the two realms (however, the older generation still seemed able to 'jaunt' between realms at will) Although separated in time and space, the two sisters are still bound together by a bond far, far stronger than even the titanic force that tore them apart For by some strange quirk of fate the cruel catastrophe also endowed the twins with amazing superpowers (the ability to float in space wearing only a swimming costume and a facemask with no visible means of attachment being the most obvious) Armed only with these superpowers (and others that will become apparent as the need arises) they have taken upon themselves the task of reconciling the denizens of the two subverses - the 'Us' and the 'Them'. Good luck, Super Twins !"I did three entries, all via Renderosity. None of them made it through the first round but I had a lot of fun creating them and that's more important! I also learnt a lot - this is the first time I've ever done renders this large, and it's a whole new ballgame! The default image here is the actual entry, Poser and DAZ Studio renders overlaid. The second image is the original Poser render, and the third is the the original DAZ Studio render.Here's all 74 Renderosity entries:'s my entry, number 44:
Contemplation - Dawn Of A New Era: I did three entries, all via Renderosity. None of them made it through the first round but I had a lot of fun creating them and that's more important! I also learnt a lot - this is the first time I've ever done renders this large, and it's a whole new ballgame! I didn't notice the (bad-AO-setup-related?) shadows along the mesh lines as they weren't apparent on my large monitor. I only noticed them when I looked at my entry again today on my laptop. Here's all 74 Renderosity entries: My entry was number 39: ~~~~~~~ I'm adding extra images to this page because after my entry was knocked out of the contest I decided todo some more work on it. The default image here is just a thumbnail . The second image is my actual entry. The third image is a couple of changesI decided to try out once my entry was knocked out. The main inspiration came from the skin of the character in Redanta's "Mountain Air" image over at DA - The fourth image (incomplete render) is the result of these changes, plus the hair fix, a toning-down of the shadows, a change to the smallDawn'sskin colour, and  a reframing of the subject to include her full body and reflection (DawnIdea01B-c, just to remind myself!). I still like my original, but I also like these changes. More work still to do though...
AMC Schneider P16: AMC Schneider P 16, also known as the AMC Citroën-Kégresse Modèle 1929 or the Panhard-Schneider P16
Aminta e la ninfa Silvia: Una bucolica visone ispirata dalla famosa tragedia di Torquato Tasso " Aminta"A bucolic vision inspired by the famous tragedy of Torquato Tasso's "Aminta" (A.D.1573)
Queen of Hearts: Credits:Aged for V4: DAZMorphing Fantasy Dress: DAZClothing textures: MylochkaPosing prop: Tjeb
girl3 by elianeck: tks!
Penelope, Antinous and the suitors in Ithaca: On the beach in Ithaca, Antinous order to Penelope finish weaving and choose a husband among the suitors. Distance in the return of Ulysses!
Which Eye Do I Shoot First?: A little late-night end-of-weekend oddity while I procrastinate...
Feeling Bubbly:
The empty love & The end of love: Per questi miei lavori ho utilizzato come sfondi le opere di 2 grandi Pittori - Dalì e Munch - con "la persistenza della memoria " e " l'urlo " spero che non mi mandino accidenti dall'altro mondo.(For my work I used to refer to the works of 2 great painters- Dali and Munch-with "the persistence of memory" and "the scream" . I hope I don't damn me from beyond the grave)
Evil forces: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Spirits of the dead: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Italy,Puglia near Horse's Cave 40,000 B.C.: Una scena di primitiva ricerca di  cibo  da parte dei nostri preistorici antenati(An early scene in search of food from our prehistoric ancestors)Un grazie a Gendragon per il terreno - mi ha risparmiato un sacco di tempo di lavoro - rendered in Bryce per circa 15 ore e terminato con photoshop(A Thanks to Gendragon for the plot -I saved a lot of time working-rendered in Bryce for about 15 hours ago and ended in Photoshop)
Circe and Ulysses:
Earth Bound: Could not sleep so i search the web for some maps and came across a few geo-maps of the earth. Most were basic and not of great quality nor realistic, so into the paint program and touch them up. Also grabbed some clouds and created a map for them too. I needed lights but not to illuminate the scene, these had to show up the cities at night. This was rendered in Daz Studio with one distant light for the sun. There are three spheres each sitting on top of one another. One slightly larger than the previous sphere. Applied image maps and the alpha maps that I created for the clouds and city lights. Here is the smaller version of the final image.
Bubble Garden: JWildfire bubble flame
Kari Portrait: Kari Portrait - My latest piece of work Setup 1920x1080p , Irrandiance chache 88 , IDL level 22 editied with Photoshop CS6
Alien love: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
No Way Out: Rendered in Daz Studio with three spot lights. The dust was created using the UberVolume Shader.
Babe blue by elianeck: Daz 4reality 2luxrendertks!
The Kween I (I HATE DAZ): "Your 4 gigabites of RAM memory aren't worth a rat's asshole when it comes to Daz products. Have a nice day!"
Marva's tomb: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Steampunk - Arrival of the Airship: There is always something unique about Steampunk theme. So after making this Airship in Wings3D i just had to texture the model and render an image.
O-Tang: =)....tang.
Oceane 2:
Locked away: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Victoria's secret: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Habitants: Best in full sizeThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Lucifer: This is Lucifer's return. Once more he has arrived to claim the throne of the universe!Rendered in DAZ studio, postwork in GIMP
Let Me Entertain You: A few days ago, out of the blue, I suddenly thought of Shakespeare's Sister's "Let Me Entertain You," and this image subsequently came to mind.  This is a bit tame compared to the lyrics, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.  Experimenting with zigraphix's ToonCam Basic yielded a slightly-comical result, but one which I find oddly compelling. 
Losing you means losing everything.: Inspired by a scene from LOTR, when Eomer finds his sister on the battlefield!Rendered with DAZStudio 4.6Postwork with PSMale: Baldwin (my own char), Skin from M6, with uebersurface2 (dirt)Female: Aspen for Gia, Skin from Alfaseed (SisterhoodSkin)
Mother and Daughter (rev2): articulation and prop changes
Happy new year 2014: On the last day of 2013I wish you a happy and healthy 2014!Happy new year!Enjoy!
Mother and Daughter: daz3d
Il Visconte dimezzato: This " Il Visconte Dimezzato" (The divided Viscount) closes the cycle dedicated to Italo Calvino's novel trilogy of which already "Il cavaliere inesistente "and" Il Barone Rampante"Is the story of a viscount who during the war against the Turks is divided into two by a cannon ball. One part is bad and the other good. The bad back to her castle is atrocious actions against the people strunks good part is back too much generosity from made in turn rebellion by the people. At the end the 2 pieces come back together and everything starts to work fine!Questa immagine " Il Visconte Dimezzato"chiude il ciclo dedicato alla trilogia di Italo Calvino di cui già fatto 2Il cavaliere inesistente" ed "Il Barone Rampante".è la storia di un visconte che durante la guerra contro i turchi viene diviso in 2 da una palla di cannone. Una parte è cattiva e l'altra buona. La cattiva tornata al suo castello fa azioni atroci contro il popolo mentra la parte buona tornata fa troppe generosità tanto da creara a sua volta ribellione dal popolo. alla fine le 2 parti si riuniscono e tutto inizia a funzionare bene!
Satyro: Rendered only in poserno post work
I Will Save the Universe!:
A slippery combination: Some textures create a very slippery combination!Rendered with DAZStudio4.6Char: Karla (my own Morph based on DAZ Olympia)Leather Beanbag by LuxXeon
More Mounted Gurl: This time she faces enemies. I've enhanced this scene in Bryce with another rider and more orcs but because Bryce is so memory weak I've been unable to save to it disc and feel it pointless to work on something I cannot preserve.
Under the Summer Stars: Will all the dreadful storms we've been having lately I decided to do something altogether more tranquil, looking forward to the new year!(The title is from a tune by the Enid that I was listening to when I did this)....
Oil & Sand: Thauromachia 2147 B.C.
Reading the 100th book: This is the 100th images I have upload here, the books in the image are 100
Alien-02: DS 4,BRYCE 7....
Entrance to Oblivion: Guardians
What's another year: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
With the flow: Made with JWildfire and photoshop
Oceane: Océane.  My first character design for Genesis 2 female.  
Merry Christmas: Well, I thout it`s time for my own version of a well known Christmas picture. ( at least among aviation friends like me ) So I hope you will like it. Merry Christmas to you all.
A new year is coming: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Foggy Morning: Uses Varsel's 18th Century Suit.
Guardian: Started as an experiment, fiddling around with the very first HDRI image I made. Turned into something a bit more complex. :)Uses Jabba's High Place of Inanna
Portrait of a Sorceress: Uses SickleYield's free minidress.
Dawn Hunter: I would like to make the strong heroine this year as the last work. As a strong woman, I remembered the LARA of the Tomb Raider for the recent image. However, I arranged it originally. I made them backed by the sunrise. Thanks for sharing! mne5 for V4 by MNE, Backgrounds by, MMFB-Coat01ForV4A4 by mamomamo, Duck prop; Private beach by Redviper.
The end of the Age of Gold:
Samurai Glow: Love the effects of FlamePainter
Chrismtas Notes: The music of Christmas is dellightful when played by faries.
The old year: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Merry Christmas everyone: Happy holidays everyone!Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Merry Christmas by elianeck: Merry Christmas to all my 3D friends !!!!
k3a: wings 3d 1.5.1,makehuman 0.9.1 rc 1...
Side Street:
studio: Prove di luce ed elaborazioni con Poser e Photoshop
Thoughts and synergy:
Thor's Oak: Thor's OakRendered in Daz Studio no post work. free to use as you like
Do Not Open Until Xmas:
Twisted Arches: The only reason I'm posting this awful picture is to show off the twisted arches made in a 3dsMax tutorial. Big deal, right?
Il Barone Rampante: The story begins before and continues after the French Revolution. At 12 years old the Baron Cosimo Piovasco Rondo rebels against his father for not eating a plate of snails and salt on a tree that does not drop more. See the world and the events of those times from a different point of view. Now the point of death clings to a hot air balloon and disappears. Witness of the whole affair is the younger brother Biagio. The novel "Il Barone Rampante" that inspired my image is by Italo Calvino La vicenda inizia prima della rivoluzione francese e si protrae dopo. A 12 anni il barone Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò si ribella al padre per non mangiare un piatto di lumace e sale su un albero da cui non scenderà più. Vedrà il mondo e gli eventi di quei tempi da un punto di vista diverso. Ormai in punto di morte si aggrappa ad una mongolfiera e sparisce. Testimone di tutta la vicenda è il fratello minore Biagio. Il romanzo " Il Barone Rampante " che ha ispirato la mia immagine è di Italo Calvino
Lancer Dismounted: Like the title sez. I really want to get away from using Daz Studio, Bryce and all the Daz products. They are the worst programs for memory management. As I see it--and experience it--Daz products are not very stable. They crash alot and often fail to perform as expected, as when I've worked on a model in Studio and try to save or export it. Suddenly when I click "export" or "save as..." NOTHING HAPPENS, and I'm forced to close the program and lose all my unsaved data! In short, Daz products are shit!
The Prince: Hi everyone just wanted to share some new renders I wanted to try out my new charcaters p3d-sarah-and-serena. Rendered in Poser pro using V4 & M4  no post work the lighting was custom HDR environment sphere the environment was a bunch of kits bashed together that Included Nerd stone bridge Magic 101 Snowlands Pak for WorldBase XT Andrey Pestryakov Forest Winter DraagonStorm Let It Snow DS Shader and a ton of old v4 clothing Best viewed full sized to max details Happy Holidays
Toon Cat Santa: The Christmas when Santa Claus is most busy is now drawing near. When we are busy in Japan, there is a proverb that we want to borrow the hand of the cat. This means that even a cat is good for, because we are too busy. I introduce the Toon Cat produced by Sanzi. This name is Momimomi. This Toon Cat helps Santa Claus now. Thanks for sharing. Toon Cat(Momimomi) by Sanzi(sannzi), Momimomi-SantaDress by mamomamo(mamota), Snowman and snowprops by Porthos, Santa sleigh and Props by Internetmoi, Scooter by tweety, Backgrounds photos by lupadgds.
Scifi Modern Home: by Herminio Nieves@2013  scifi model house available at
Lancer With A Smile: One more. Lots of Photoshop here.
Lancer: Same model as Cybur Gurl except with different make up and a horse between her legs. Arjin created her vest. I can't recall who made the rest of her outfit but there she is, with a frown fit to be kissed.
Cybur Gurl En Transit: Blah-blah-bla, blah, blah and then blah-blah blew me. Hermnio Nieves made the setting which, under the lighting preset I used, looks spectacular. Keep making 'em, Herminio! The elegant little trike-car was created by A::DP. Thank you.
Buon Natale: Da nonno Nick e la sua nipotina , Mia , un grande augurio di Buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo(From  grandfather Nick  and his granddaughter, Mia, a great wish for Merry Christmas and happy new year)
Mermaid MTB W.I.P.: This is an old mesh I had that need tweaking and since i had a little time up my sleeve, it is almost completed now. Making up a special skin for this at present. One figure with multiple morphs.
Little Girl with Big Gun:
Fairy Rose: I love body painting.Rendered with PoserPro 2014
No Fly Zone: Over the last few years, the FBI has expanded its 'No-Fly List' of suspected terrorists, including blacklisting innocent Americans who present no threat to security. They are going to included Santa Claus on that list.
Agilulfo: Agilulfo is a knight of Charlemagne that does not exist because it is only a splendid armor walking but empty inside. is accompanied by his squire Gurduloo in search of his beloved Sophronia. At the end of the adventures give his armor to his companion Raimbaut thus ceasing to exist.The story which the image refers to is based on the novel by Italo Calvino "The Nonexistent Knight"Agilulfo è un cavaliere di Carlo Magno che non esiste perchè è solo una splendida armatura che cammina ma vuota dentro. é accompagnato dal suo scudiero Gurdulù alla ricerca dell'amata Sofronia. Alla fine delle avventure regalerà la sua armatura al compagno Rambaldo cessando così di esistere.La vicenda cui l'immagine si riferisce è tratta dal romanzo di Italo Calvino " Il cavaliere inesistente"
Results of a Tutorial: I made the vase represented in these images while trying to learn 3dsMax from a tutorial
Christmas 2013: christams card for this year
Rainbow Girl:
Early Winter: Why are the illuminations only winter in Japan? I think that it is early winter every year in a question. One answer seems to be to heap up Christmas sale. Furthermore, I found one persuasive answer why it was only winter. When the leaf of the broadleaf tree does not fall, this seems to be because illuminations are not outstanding. I see! Thanks for sharing. Sarina for A3 by VOLT, A3; MMShortCoatSet2ForA3, MMSCoatSetForA3, A4; MMDown-Jacket01setForV4A4 by mamomamo, HMHM hair for V4/A4 by Redviper2012, Yuna hair by Studio Maya, New-fallenLeaves-set by Sannzi(sanzi), Backgrounds;, BackGrounds by Dystopia City Blocks
After a sandstorm: La  pace dopo la tempesta
Death in Venice for a photographer:
Please Sit I: Set was created by Luxxeon
Please Sit II: The set is the stone alcove created by Luxxeon.
Childhood memories: Best in full size Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Druids: Merlino , Morgana e la nascita della legenda di "Gendragon"(Merlin, Morgana and the birth of the legend of "Gendragon"))
Cybur Gurl: A couple more pictures of this model
Procedural Interior Study.: A recent interior design project I've been working on as my first full CG piece using Arnold Renderer. I chose to build all the textures procedurally within Maya as a further exprimentation with the speeed and functionality of procedural texturing
Woman fencer:
December waves: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Untitled: The background is composed of Herminio Nieves' objects.
heading for the air lock: poser 8
Untitled: I like this picture alot
Cowboys: Cowboys che guidano con la loro mandria
End of a Good Day Together:
Charmed (Web Comic): The sister witches take revenge on a man that deserves to have his life changed. Based on the Charmed Series of Books Created with Poser Pro 1014 youi can find the animation in the video section of or you can use this link to my youtube
Talking to Myself:
My Bitter Clones I: There's more than one and less than two. Otherwise please pay no attention and continue ignoring it.
My Bitter Clones II: Blah-blah, damnit, Blah-blah!
Time will tell:
In Love:
Rider: Horse and Genesis charactor
New postings: this weeks art
Mermaid Love 2 - caution: nudity: Marina has happily adjusted to her aquatic existence, her life on land now more like a dream than her past. As to men, there was nothing they could give her that Pelagia couldn't, and there was no denying that she certainly was a handful.A realization from theshort story, Welcome to the Fish Tank.
Undead Bride: Jilted at the altar, Annabeth gave her virginity to Death that very evening.  Condemned to haunt her crypt for all eternity, only a blood offering from another virgin can release this not so blithe spirit from her eternal torment.  Perhaps tonight.
Witching: This young lady should know better. Another view of my latest character 'Violet'.Rendered in Daz Studio.
The Light Inside: I recently stumbled into a Fractal contest page at Renderosity, so I opened up Apophysis and had a quick play - th image just sort of popped out. I thought it was rather nice, even though it didn't get many (any?) votes. It brought to mind all sorts of things including a phoenix, and certain religious iconographry.The 1st  image (my actual entry) is a combination of the original random fractal (2nd image), and a tweaked version of that random fractal (3rd image).The 4th image was the result of playing with it in GIMP a bit later  - I copied the 1st image into two layers and set the mode of the upper layer to 'Burn', then combined the result with the 1st image again with a bit of level tweaking, and cropped the resultThe 5th image was simply mirroring the 4th image left-right.
NearMe - PokéMe: Umbreon: I'm not dead! Hoho, sorry for the lack of activity.A small project of mine, I'm planning on making several Pokémon Gijinka sets. I'm starting with Umbreon, and I thought I'd share what I've done so far.The set WILL be avalable for free on ShareCG once completed, and it will consist of a pair of ears. It will not come with a tail, but I will leave a Material file and Pose for Ken1171's Animal Tail from his Animal Anime Pack.Stay tuned. 
Violet: "Violet, which grows low to the ground with small purple or white flowers..."Rendered in Daz Studio. Thanks for looking.
Autumn Cat: When I was taking a walk in the Tokyo's park, The maple leaves have turned a beautiful red. and I found a black cat. I decided that I would like to make a Catwoman this week. RDNA Easy Pose Laser Whip by runtimedna Freebies, Catwoman mask V4 by Dayna, Sci-Fi_Environment 01 by Mrsparky, Backgrounds;
3D Designs for Production: These are 3D renderings of  designs I created for CNC routing.
More Criminality: Regarding image No.3: Believe it or not, Icepick Perry is proportionally correct in relation  to Dora Deadly and their victim. What throws the whole picture into perspective confusion is the logo which appears to narrow the floor. I noticed that in Photoshop while manipulating the layers. I said, "Ha!", continued to scratch my balls and moved on to the next image.
Goth girl: Thanks:Skydome -  glaseye - and shoes, i don't knowbridge - Marco - - syntrifid -
Could these Eyes Lie?: V4 with some morphs; rendered with PoserPro2014
The Faerie Queene: Tanaquill, though I daresay not quite as Spenser imagined her!    Her angels face, As the great eye of heaven, shyned bright, And made a sunshine in the shadie place ; Did never mortall eye behold such heavenly grace.
Cruelty & Crime: Four mages depicting an act of cruelty deep in a stinky dungeon and three pictures of two criminals ("Icepick" Perry & Dora Deadly) yuckking it up with their pistols. The latter are practice shots for a video I'm trying to complete.
The Hub: Sci-fi scene using beautiful Vue Clouds and Spacehunter ship model (left) from Hermino
The man who shot Liberty Valance: Lo storicco scontro dove fu ucciso il feroce bandito Liberty Valance (The historic battle where he was killed the fierce Bandit Liberty Valance))
Santa sleigh: 3ds max 2010 Rendering of a Santa Sleigh.
Thou Shalt Not Upset Us:
Lacrime di pioggia: Lacrime di pioggia il tuo ricordo mi parla Dalla mia finestra io guardo il mondo che passa ....Sono le parole iniziali di una bella canzone di Antonello Venditti che hanno ispirato questo mio lavoro, che ho proposto in diverse elaborazioni di Photoshop
Hunter in the greenwood: In the early morning mist , the faintest sounds carry in the still air...Two versions of this, one conventionally rendered and one with atmshere cameras.  The lighting of the atmosphere version could use a little tweaking , but given the 18 hour render time (!!!) , I'm unlikely to revisit it soon , so I decided to post this version anyway!
Keep Back The Night - figure set: Keep Back The Night is an illustrated novel I've been working on.  These action figures were created for a shop within my 'Human: Playing God' movie, which will be released in Feb 2014.The main packaging was a free model download, which I completely retextured and sized.  I added extra packaging for the weapons and created internal packaging to hold the figures in place.  The figures themselves were Poser characters which I exported to Curvy3D to reduce the polys, then returned them to Poser as static figures.  They're textured very simply, as they aren't intended for a lot of closeup shots.
Nicolas Eymerich L'Inquisitore: Nicolas Eymerich , l'inquisitore protagonista di molti romanzi diell'autore italiano Valerio Evangelisti.
On a Mission: Never get in the way of someone wearing spikes and carrying large blades... 
Gunslinger Angel: Thanks: Texture challenge 12 - Sanbie - necklace hair nail - Studio ARt Vartanian - Gun - Jim Farris (Xaa) - wing feathers - sand3d - Bone Wings - Traveler - church interior - Baychaser -
Down on the Farm: girl on old farm
Tal'sFavFood!: Carbo load
Klingon and Betazoid Officer: I'm a Star Trek fan, I love especially The Next Generation (TNG) series. Mylochka modeled Klingon Uniform for V4 Courageous recently. So I would like to create Klingon's female Officer with my most favarite Counselor Troi. but I had not DAZ clothes object, I used V4 Bodysuit Mat by Mylochka. Thanks for sharing. Gen4 Klingon Text by Mylochka, Alien Forehead Morph for V4 by reggie68, 7 of 9 Uniforms for V4 Bodysuit by Mylochka Dianna for v base by akibabe2010 Troi Uniform from V4 Bodysuit by Mylochka, TNG Hallway Prop by rduda, TNG Curved Hallway by rduda, Holodeck Arch by Markus Drake, 23rd Century Bridge by Ptrope.
Mouse Trapped: Could not find one anywhere so i made my own mousetrap. Thanks to Marco for the 'Ratty Mouse' seen here in this scene. I did this out of humour as it seemed to fit the situation i was currently in. lolThe trap was meshed in Wings3D and rigged in Daz Studio. Works quite well for something this simple.Note: seriously, NO animals were injured in the manufacturing of this product. What happens outside of that is out of my control... :)
Syringe: Just what everybody does not wish to see..... Made this in Wings3D and rendered in Daz Studio. Rigged and posed using Daz Studio 4.6
Mona: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The apple of discord and the Judgement of Paris:
V: The backdrop is Post-Apocalyptic-london. v4 from daze renderd in bryce.Thank you for poping in
The veil: Non amo molto cimentarmi con il nudo perche' ho sempre paura di cadere nel banale se non addirittura nel volgare.Spero con questo mia imma gine di non essere stato tale (I do not like very venture with the nude because I always fear of falling in banal or even in the vernacular. I hope that with this my imma gine not being such a)
Keeper of the Flame: Perhaps playing with fire can be a good thing...
The old car: Una romantica immagine di una vecchia auto Un grazie a Lyne's per le Puzzole (skunks) disonibili gratis con altre interessanti creazioni  presso:(
A new recipe?: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Space Gurl: A fancy pansy space gurl mounted on Kari Kosonen's cute little rocket.
Toys: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Eruption: Using awesome model by Hermino.  This ship barely escapes ensuring eruption.
dead on a far far planet - back at home: the end
She keeps an eye on you ...: Simple Portrait with an old trick. Open the full size picture and move a little bit around your screen - she will always have a look on you.Charakter Jasmin by Adam Thwaites, Eyes from Turmaline by FKDesign, Hair Alanis by FKDesign and Thanks to all others here not metioned. Rendered in Poser 9, no PostworkThank you for watching.
One of many: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Not So Innocent:
Saturn Stereo Anagliph:
Industrial: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Dead on a far far planet: L'ultimo saluto . La prima immagine e' stata elaborata im CS5La seconda e' renderizzata solo in Bryce7 no postwork
Piatra: Figure created in Daz, Bryce environment, effects created with Gimp
the discord (Eris the goddess ): Eris in the ancient greek mitology was the goddess of discord
Guitar Pedals:
Latifa: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Out of order: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Background for Sailor: 'Uwe G.' shared many background props. I think that these are settings for Sailor Uniform. So I made images using Aiko3 and Aiko4. Thanks for sharing. Traincabin2, Schoolyard, Walkway Backgrounds by Uwe G. A3 face: Sarina for A3 by VOLT The Traditional sailor uniform and Nene hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, EzoFukurou.
The Ship's Brat: ...who also happens to be the captain.  Basically my first proper render with G2M. I like him, but then I tend to be biased when it comes to males. :P
The eagle's fish: Il volo leggero di un'aquila che si appresta a catturare la sua preda.
It's not yours: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Unlucky for some: Jill scaled the fence.......and it got the better of her.
An intruder: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Cigarette: rendered with PoserPro 2014
I Can Read Your Mind: V4 of course, all textures by me
Isle of Dreams: Fantasy scene created with Bryce and Daz3d
Barco: My first render with the brand new M6Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
little warrior by elianeck: tks!
Pro Baseball Bat & Zombie Killer: Just what every person needs...... one fits all.Made these in Wings3D and rendered in both DAZ & Poser. This was made for a project at another site. When time allows I will place them here.Thank you for your interest.
The white queen of the northern Woods: Thanks to A. Gunsolley for his beatifull backdrops.Aiko3 morphed to DAZ big cat
An old device: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Turtle: work still in progress
My CG work: IThese are my first renders of a model...
Decobike Gurl: Aiko 5 model on one of Birdman's excellent vehicles.
Russian Dolls Take 2:
Waiting for the third: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
When Shit Happens: Shit happens, so when you think you're having a bad day, take a good look around......
Wing Suit: Best view full scale for detail viewing.   The wing suit is for extreme skydiving, it allows a person to  appear to fly close to the gound of moutains,  this is my attempt at suchs a scene, rendered in Poser Pro 2014 - no post work-  free to use as you like
Russian Dolls:
Prova d'autore: Dedicato a tutti coloro che,come me, non sanno disegnare o utilizzare programmi di modellazione 3D, ma che hanno la fortuna di trovare in siti come ShareCG tanti bravi e valenti artisti che mettono a disposizione liberamente le loro realizzazioni.Grazie a tuttiNick Carter
If I could turn back time: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Place of tranquility: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
First love: il primo amore non si dimentica mai
Roll-On !:
Everyone Wants to See Her:
Old Days: when times were simpler
Caged: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
All together singing the some song:
The old boiler room: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Oak Woods: Created with Bryce and Daz
Gipsy night: Vita da gitani.
Bonfire at samurai school: This picture is from my e-book currently in development.I don't regularly ask for help, and frankly I'm ashamed to. But lately, life has been getting expensive for me and I would like to be self sufficient someday and not rely on government funds to maintain my health, pay rent, buy food, and maintain a cheap barely functional Dell computer that I got for free but ended up replacing most of the parts. Currently I'm working on an mature e-book that takes place in Japan in the 1400'sThe main characters are young adults who have become VERY close to each other over a period of two years training in a secret samurai school meant for orphaned teenagers just going into adulthood. The book proceeds to some battles with demons, storms, and there is a moment of time travel too. I don't want to give away too much of the story.Would you be so kind to donate $1.00 or more to my paypal account?I would greatly appreciate it.The goal is $556.00 That's how much it costs to publish my e-book.
Killing time: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Thought imprisoned by freedom's absence:
A & W: A render in 3ds max of Birdman's A & W model
Almost midnight: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
Aviator & Aviatrix I: Two Daz models flying identical airplanes
Aviator & Aviatrix II: Two Daz models flying identical planes.
Golden Hours:
11views: Digital Paintings to be printed on high quality papers and worked out with dibond and/or plexiglass in any wanted size or to be shown in digital frames. Another way: Just buy the jpg file with all copyrights and print it according to your own plans. 
Kasha's secret: Best in full size for more detailsThanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Golden Girl: Moving from Shalespeare to Shahrezade! I hope to develop this setting further but the render times are horrendous so it may take me a while...
Magical Girl Homura: I watched the DVD of the PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA (Magical Girl Madoka of the Magus). I have become a fan, Because the story was very interesting. Therefore I made my most favorite Akemi Homura in Near Me of Poser. Thanks for sharing. Akemi Homura dress; nm_AHset by Niseisya, FN_minimi, AT4; A3_AHset by Niseisya ,HMHM hair for for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, Gareki town 1.0 ,2.0 by BTA/kerolin jo, QBay v0.4 by Mao, Walpurgis Night by youkan, Charlotte by Goropeko, Backgrounds Udonhime, DotC≒Locker, Model; Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki by Alfia, Mami Tomoe by Hinoichi.
Over the Himalaya's: Over the Himalaya's ~ Please click to view larger size. it looks better at full size/ Render in Daz Studio4.6 - No post work - Free to use as you like
Don't trust a three headed Creature: Aiko 3 figure morphed to one head of the DAZ Hydra.
Behind closed doors: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Nothing to get Dressed:
Love Me or Else!:
Death's fear:
Done by elianeck: Daz 4reality 2tks
Living in the city: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
56 Merc Render: Using Birdman's 56 Merc Model, I imported it into 3ds Max 2010 and did my take on the car.
Beowulf: An older render of mine of a Beowulf Bryce scene posted some time ago. This is the image only, the full scene contains copyrighted elements (genesis Daz character and the Daz dragon) so i can't post it and it's useless only the mountains and the free bridge from sharecg.However if you want the blank scene (without the genesis and dragon figures) post a comment.1366x768 rezolution.No additional photoshop postwork only for the signature.Free to share or redistribute but without making a profit from this . (non-comercial)Thank you.
WOnder Woman Pinups:   Wonder Woman Pinups done in Poser Pro 2012 Victoria 4Christine HairCOstume: " Cosplay Retro made by TerryMcG . If you have not checked out his amazing collection of female superhero costumes, check them out. Below i the link for the Wonder Woman one I used here.
Coolness: Various screengrabs of my art, designs, concepts and films.
Check Mate: Check Mate!
the present looking to the past and the future: look in the present remembering the past and imagining the future, while the time is running fast like a horse
Redviper FEG.: I Love Redviper Clothing and Was Very Excited When Redviper Uploaded His FEG, This Is My Way Of Saying Thank-you To Redviper, Thank-you For Viewing and I Hope You Like, Maybe A Few More Images Using Redviper Clothing To Come.Skin texture is Ariana Elite for V4 from Daz
On the lookout: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Tugba's place: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Human Female on Display:
Sea of the souls:
Demon Santa: I drew this Demon Santa over a year ago, along with a few other characters.  It was meant to be the beginnings for a 2D short I was going to work on, but I haven't had the time.I've fancied making a 3D movie based on the story I'd writen, but it'd mean changing the style completely, unless I could build the character models myself.So, using Curvy 3D I've recreated the Demon Santa.  It's not perfect, I've only been testing the program a few days, and I've kinda jumped head first into creating a complex model, but I hope you like it.Rendered in Poser.
The Water Carriers: The water carriers are not the only visitors t the fountain at sundown...
Fantasy Art:
Gioia di vivere: Un inno alla gioia di vivere
Reflect: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
NFL Helmet Series II:  I am quite happy with this one. Is available at : Cheers. Created within Wings3D and rendered in Daz Studio.
The last Nao: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Unusual Flower:
Queen: genesis Asian court
Out of Place: space station with Genesis charactor
pig family: out for a walk
little piggies: Daz3d Bacon charactors
Soul Window: A Misty Peek!
Le lune di Tschai: Liberamente ispirato da uno dei miei romanzi di fantascenza preferiti "Tschai" di Jack Vance.Il modello del Tauntaun (derivato da "Star wars" )che non centra nulla col romanzo di Vance , ma mi è piaciuto inserirlo, è  opera di tale  Raphael de BOUCHONY (TRON) e l'ho trovato sul web cambiando solo la texture 
Alien Days 001: Just Another Rendering Test.Additional CreditsDress:WoolOneP by tentman underground by Antonio Amador (Me)Halfboots by Yamato First, I don´t remember. Second, I paid for it.Aparatus Underground Next completely free here in ShareCg, The best site in the galaxy.
GhostPatrol: GhostPatrol for DarkEdgeDesign.comtks!
I think of you: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Misery and Noblesse:
What I think I Look like and a book I started: Examples of what one can do when she finally puts her mind to it.
book covers for a published artist: For the last few months I’ve been making book covers for a published artist on Amazon and I thought i share it on this post. I made these first with Adobe Illustrator and then Used Phtoshop for post work. These are some of  my art work on this artist books. I have done 6 so far. The last ones is a cover for e-books on Kindle. Amazon Link,k:Buddy+VaidenI have permission to post these from the author. Thank you for looking
Mr.bubble: tks
Fragile: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Hamlet and ophrelia with her's cats:
the queen strategy:
Uncharted: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Crystal Dog: I introduce an excellent figure that Sanzi whom I respect created. This Crystal Glass Dog is a Poser figure. Because this is a figure, It can be done a favorite pose. we can express transparency and a reflection by ray tracing rendering setting. Sanzi distributes this Glass Dog with free at his blog. Thanks for sharing. GlassDog : 3Zi_GlassDog by Sanzi(sannzi) mneTY01 for TY2 by MNE, Nene-Hair by Redviper2012, Backgrounds by HoboBo.
Bob's on the phone right now...: Teapot tavern: BirdmanGenesis outfit: SmayCreated in: DAZ 4.5rendered in 3Delightand a bit of Photoshop
The artifact: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The invitation: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The warehouse: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Finding the scrolls: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Caster: Epic female caster.
Fatman Leaves The Blu Yglu: "Flanked by his bodyguards, Fatman made his way out of the crowded nightclub and into his waiting limo."I might use one or several of these pictures (or something like it) in an upcoming video.
under the tree on the island of dreams:
Angel: Thank you for popng by
Supper's ready: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Secret Cove: Secret Cove - Test renders of a new cove set for Daz.- no post work 1920 x 1080 Free to use as you like
Reborn: This image uses:<a href="">Real Gownz Totally Tribal</a><a href="">The Hills</a><a href="">Rock Stage</a>
My Car: And here we have the spectacular <a href="">Death Racer</a>.
Impractical Rogue To the Rescue!: This outfit, or lack thereof, courtesy of SickleYield. <a href="">Impractical Rogue</a>
Lost Goddess: This image is set inside the amazing <a href="°">Alien Cave</a>.
Happy Halloween!: Up on the shelf, it's the Simple Vase. And the human is wearing Wilmap's Genesis Jeans and Genesis T-shirt
Horse Warrior: Used in this image: <a href="">Ghastly's Ghastly Masks</a>
Nighttime Goddess: <a href="">Aine the Irish Moon Goddess</a> taking a stroll in the forest at night. Rendered in Luv via LUXUS plug-in for DAZ Studio.
Space Patrol:
Amaya: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Cherish Thy Sword:
Ruffian: Ruffian on the outside, protector of the innocent on the inside.
Yatoihei: A new hunter in a new savage world.
Dragonsence: Utilizing pose for Eastern Dragon and V4, a gem of a pose set.
Sognando Lily Marlene: Relax al fronte di notte
mask don't stop the time's run !:
(Unfinished)Tomb Raider's Lara Croft: Yes it's not finished. All this was made with daz.
Timecop: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Game Character:   
The undertaker: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Two Blobs: Something else I made with blender.
MAMA Zumbi by elianeck: tks!
Honey Flash: I'm sure Cutie Honey is the sexiest character in Japanese comics. She was created by Go Nagai. He is a Japanese manga artist and best known for creating Devilman, and Mazinger Z. I received stimulation in his comics and spent boyhood. This Cutie Honey is made by MayaDoll. Thanks for sharing. Boots,Glove,Suit; MDCH Maria Full by Studio Maya, MMSwimWear For MD, MMSPAgent For Maya by mamomamo(mamota).Serverspace by Setunakao P, Container terminal ground2 by chashu, Cyber back axis by HanakaraGyunyu P, Mi-28N fighter helicopter by OWL, Heliport by Kabu P.
Doombringer: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Let's Play: Girls love to play too...
mind's masks:
Happy Halloween: Buon Halloween a tutti gli amici di Share CG da Nick Carter.
Field of the dead: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Pacmania: This is another product made in Wings3D.Product can be downloaded here :
Dark magic: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Pumpkin and The Ghost: I made this as a wallpaper for my computer for halloween, but it can be used for anything.
Grandoria: Grandoria (similar to the Atlantis world) is a hypothetical very advanced world specially created by me for the upcoming custom scenario (maybe the biggest on internet) made by me for the Anno 1404 Venice game.This world was supposed to have underwater cities, uses some kind of powerful crystals for so called "teleportation" and also to make the ships to fly off the surface of the water using a shield bubble with inverted gravitation field.After a failed experiment deep in the ocean the grandorians have created by mistake a blackhole and had to leave immediately  their planet travelling to the nearest planet on their ships and hoping the blackhole will vanish after their world will be consumed..Sometimes they even travelled to the Earth and few colonies even lived among us (during stone age, precolumbian sumerian, mayan civilisations and later in XIV century - late middle ages right after the most  devastating pandemics "Black Death" killed more than 200 million people in human history) ...Rendered in Bryce using the clouds from Clouds City and postwork in Photoshop.Specially created for the scenario with the same name.1600x1280 free to use as you wish, thank you for watching.(my anno 1404 work, guides on the annofans forum at )
Karate Girl animation Promo: Karate Girl  in Off the beaten pathan animation short  posted in the Sharecg animation ssection
With the head between her's hands:
Dental fear: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Evil Snowman: monster from the snowy landscape of the north. Run away if you can....: Product Features :.Stand-alone Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png)All body parts are fully poseable.Mouth and Face morphs:-Open MouthIncludes separate broom prop.Includes one dancing animated pose..: Textures :.One 4096x4096 texture for the figure.Templates are included.
witch ice: character -"Witch ice"- animation pose - WALK- Props - magic wand- Mouth & face morphs for Witch ice:-open mouth-smile-hatred-O-brow up-elf ears-close eye
Forgotten Road:
Prayer: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Sisters: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The cage: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
La Peste: I decided to finish the gallery of the novel " I promessi sposi " (The Betrothed) by Alessandro Manzoni with "the plague".He's not a human character but is the "deus ex machina" that resolves the story of the novel. For this reason inserted it.It is the terrible epidemic that broke out in northern Italy between 1630 and 1631, decimating the population and raging with particular virulence in the city of Milan, then one of the most populous
Mom is the Best: Hunger is a terrible feeling!V4 and K4 with my own textures. Rendered with Poser Pro 2014
Vera and Her Shadow:
Black Mass: Thanks for watching, feel free to comment
Renzo ( Lorenzo Tramaglino): It is the "promesso sposo" one of the most important characters in the novel, but not the most interesting for me
She's on fire: a different version of this is on my Renderosity gallery and now I am no longer TSR design But steady Rabbit Design
L'innominato: The "Innominato" (means nameless) is a powerful lord. Among the most interesting character of Manzoni's novel, is considered an evil man of intelligence, but then converts and helps those who have damaged.
Ready for the Candy:
Il Griso: Another perspnaggio of "Betrothed" Griso (it mean gray) for his bad character, but unable. He is the "bravo" of Don Rodrigo
Two Wide: Two trucks I painted on CS6, Rendered in 3ds Max 2010. THese skins also are able to be used in the NR2K3 Racing Game.
The night nurse: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Devilina: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The dentist: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Vampirella Halloween: Vampirella seems to be always ranking the high position of sexiest woman in comics characters. A man likes a dangerous woman anytime (^O^). Vampirella (copyrights belong to Dynamite Entertainment). Thanks for sharing. HoboBo san's backgrounds, Vampirella costume for V4 by fantascopefilms, HMHM hair for V4 / A4 by Redviper2012, Jack O' Lantern prop for Poser by Rick Bridenbaker, Bat prop for poser by Adamthwaites, Supermoon skydome by Ryntaro Nukata.
Agnese: Agnese is the mother of Lucia Mondella another character of Manzoni's masterpiece, she was an old person devoted and of gentle soul
I don't need a wrecking ball: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Smooth cover: Mi è capitato di assistere ad una scena del genere ,una sera ,in una caletta nascosta dell'isola della Maddalena in Sardegna e mi è rimasta nel cuore e nella mente ,ed ho cercato di descriverla così come la ricordo. 
Blocked Passage: The story so far:* Through Sunken Halls* Through Sunken Halls (Side A)* Agent Thorne*****Brightness and contrast adjusted in Paint Shop Pro.Credits:Base human model: Aiko 3 © DAZSkin textures © Yamato, DAZClothing © BugzlifeHair © AprilYSH, Bice & OutOfTouchGun © MockCrowbar, "flashlight" © Nightshift3DGeneric Sci-Fi Corridor © StonemasonDoor © DavoramaBase lighting © LupadgdsBase poses © KruseBubbles © Coty EndlArt © 2013, Desgar TademaOctober 22, 2013
Android Bluetooth speaker:
Il Nibbio: This character is  "Nibbio" a "bravo" of "l'innominato" from Manzoni's novel " I promessi sposi"
Steampunk Gal: made with daz studio 4.6
Padre Cristoforo: Another character of Manzoni's Masterpiece
L'isola del tesoro 3 (trasure island 3): La saga continua
Don Abbondio: Another important character of Manzoni's masterpiece "I promessi sposi"It is sayng " this marriage cannot be done"
Trying to be Scary: Practicing for Halloween!
Chevrolet Blazer: I created this car in 3d max and rendered with vray
Hunt for the White Rabbit - A Quiet Return: After all my Halloween style images I've released over this past week, featuring my version of Alice (in Wonderland), here she is, back in the world that makes sense to her.
The shadow of time: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Today I will wear this:
Go Forth!:
L'ultimo tram: ...e rimane la a bagnarsi ancora un poe il tram di mezzanotte se ne vama tutto questo alice non lo sa'...Inspired to "Alice" by Francesco De Gregori one of the most popular italian folksinger  Thanks to Mausel for the " Solaris Tramino"
Out of the light: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Hunt for the White Rabbit - Halloween 2013 set: People have requested that I bring Alice into my Wonderland art, and so I put together this Halloween set to show how messed up Alice has become since last visiting Wonderland.  Whether or not any of these characters or experiences really exist or not is another story.
Serenade by the sea:
Charm: V4 with some morphs and my skin shaders. Rendered with Poser Pro 2014.
Well, ... you're not the king: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Seduced by the music:
You can never leave: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Undead: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Jill Valentine: Ooops!  Come quietly.......
Taking the dog for a walk: I think that Victoria 4.2 original and a natural rich backgrounds of Mr. HoboBo are the best matches. New figures, such as Victoria 6 and Dawn, are put on the market one after another, and regard me as every figure being charming. But Victoria 4.2 is still playing an active part in my old PC in active service. Thanks for sharing. Backgrounds by HoboBo-san, Vtop for V4 by free staff.
Perpetua: Perpetua is Don Abbondio's loquacious servant. Note: for some information about The novel you can start here romanzo di Alessandro Manzoni I Promessi Sposi, Perpetua (1588-1630) è la serva di don Abbondio.
The Self-Confident Model: V4 by DAZ with many addons. Rendered with Poser pro 2014
The chalice of life: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Nice kitty: Following on from the pictures of the snake godess Wadjet, here is another Egyptian deity, the feline Baast or Bastet.  Coincidentally, in later folklore the two became merged as Wadjet-bast, depicted with a cat's head and a cobra crown.... maybe a project for another day!    
A Stevie Nicks - 1981 - Portrait .:  A  Stevie Nicks  - 1981 - Portrait . Some Morphs I'm working on .  rendered in PoserThanks for looking :)
Portrait of Pearl: Just a study for skin.
China Space by elianeck: tks
Music machine:
L'isola del tesoro 2 (Treasure island 2): Liberamente ispirato all'opera di R.L.Stevenson.
Upcoming Novel Cover: This is my latest WIP cover for my next novel. Suggestions and comments are welcomed.
Twi'lek Jedi: Well i want to play with my General Grievous so i need a Jedi."My people, the Twi'leks, have an ancient and rich history of non-violence. We prefer intellect and cleverness to outright brutality."―Tott DoneetaBase     Victoria 4.2Lekku    Community Lekku Project      Danae London   Danae London      Anarchy   UnEarth Towers   by me
Face Bump by elianeck: Daz 4.6reality 2
Agent Thorne: Continuing from "Through Sunken Halls (Side A)."Agent Kasha Thorne of United States Naval Counterintelligence keeps watch on the two foolhardy treasure seekers.  While her orders are to only survey them until her companions arrive, she's ready to respond to any immediate threat.  Thorne hopes that if there were aliens on this ship, they would already be gone.  Or dead.*****Base human figure: Aiko 3 © DAZBase Kasha morphs and texture © ShesaCatsuit © DAZMask © Lourdes MercadoWater jet and fins © BugzlifeBubbles © Coty EndlHair © AprilYSHGeneric Sci-Fi Corridor © StonemasonPipes © Joe KurzBase lighting © LupadgdsBase pose © KruseArt © 2013, Desgar TademaOctober 14, 2013
Breaking glass: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
:: Remembering Commander Lightning ::: Well I posted this on DA a while ago, and since it did well there I thought I would post it here also to see if anyone likes it. This was a collaboration my DA friend and I did about amonth ago. I hope you enjoy it :3.
La Monaca di Monza: suor Virginia Maria di Leva resa famosa da Manzoni come suor Gertrude, la Monaca di Monza dei “Promessi Sposi”Sister suor Virginia Maria of Leva made famous by Manzoni as Sister Gertrude, the nun of Monza of “The Betrayed”.  For more see wikipedia  "monaca di Monza"
The informant: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Pool Balls:
Il lazzaretto: Grazie alle belle immagini postate da Giulband relative ai "Promessi Sposi" di A.Manzoni mi sono tornate alla mente reminescenze scolastiche ormai vecchie di decine di lustri ed ho voluto pertanto realizzare,molto modestamente,qauesta immagine relativa ad un capitolo del romanzo(credo fosse il XXXV) forse un po' macraba , ma di storica verità.Sono gradite critiche di qualsivoglia natura ,belle o brutte, relative al soggetto im mortalato.Grazie!
WILD7 "YUKI": Wild7 is comics of Japan.
Time travelers: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The garden of Eden a second after: What happen when Eve take the apple.......
blue by elianeck: daz 4.6realityLuxrender
Rock'n Roll Never Dies: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Pandora's box: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Homage: My version of Deunan and Briareos from Masamune Shirow's Appleseed. Big Fan!
this ain't good: a conglomeration of files i've gotten from her over the last year or so.check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
not quite as planned: Things didn't quite go as they thought for this threesomecheck out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
Time to go: something i tossed together a while back and recently relit, and did some retexturing to.check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
lonely nights: one of my favorite pieces.I keep revisiting and relighting, think this will be the last for a while.check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
ryver: check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
backwater: Stuck out in the boonies, nothing quite like it.check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
alice and the wolf: one of my Daz works.check out my other works at deviant art, and let me know what ya thunk.
Through Sunken Halls (Side A): Alternate view of "Through Sunken Halls."  Credits:Base human figures: Aiko 3 © DAZSkin textures © Yamato, ShesaGeneric Sci-Fi Corridor © StonemasonSea life © DAZ, RoylooHair © Bobbie25, AprilYSH, Bice & OutOfTouchCrowbar, "flashlight," and datapad © Nightshift3DGun © MockClothing © DAZ, The3DWizard, Bugzlife, Lourdes MercadoBubbles © Coty EndlBase lighting © LupadgdsBase poses © KrusePipes © Joe KurzArt © 2013, Desgar TademaOctober 10, 2013
Digitalizing: Today we are digitalizing all, Also people will digitalize by Himself?
Bringing the light: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Don Rodrigo: Another character of Alessandro Manzoni Masterpiece " i promessi sposi"
L'isola del tesoro(Treasure island): Ispirato al romanzo di  Robert Louis Stevenson
The glutton: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Patient 307: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Through Sunken Halls: What we thought was a sunken battleship on topside radar turned out to be anything but.It was an alien starship: somehow its descent through the atmosphere wasn't noticed by any of the superpowers.As we swam our way through one drowned corridor after another, the nagging question didn't leave me: would Neve and I be able to claim first rights to this ship and everything on it; or would Uncle Sam take it away from us and throw us in jail for interfering with "national security?"Maybe Neve had the better perspective at the moment: we should've been worrying about someone, or someTHING, following us...There's another pic with a different POV coming up.  Beyond that I don't know if I plan to continue this.*****Credits:Noelle (L) and Neve (R) based on Aiko 3 © DAZNoelle's skin texture © YamatoGeneric Sci-Fi Corridor © StonemasonHair © AprilYSH, Bice & OutOfTouchCrowbar, Cell-Regenerator-as-"Flashlight" © Nightshift3DGun © MockClothing © The3DWizard, BugzlifeBubbles © Coty EndlBase lighting © LupadgdsBase poses © Kruse, A_sunbeamArt © 2013, Desgar TademaOctober 9, 2013
Interrupted by a squirrel.: This office girl was an accountant. She was working overtime at the time of settlement of accounts. when she inputted a journal entry. she was angry, because a squirrel interrupted with her input. Thanks for sharing. Nene hair by Redviper2012, Copy machine, Other Props by Zippo, Cabinet, Room by ajfukuda.
model mke digital art by herself:
Dry land: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The treatment: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Lucia Mondella: One of the most important characters of Manzoni's masterpiece " I promessi sposi"
Frankenstein vs The Zombie Apocalypse: Decided to try something a bit different for my Zombie Apocalypse series. This one was made with DAZ 3D and postwork in Photoshop.
Riley sur le Divan: A new entry in my Ladies of DAZ series. This one is Riley on the Couch. Uses Riley character and Predatron's Photo Studio.
Fighting the darkness: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Falling angel: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
museum in the sculpture world: rules inverted
Fallen from darkness: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Moonlight serenade: " e a luna rossa me parla e te..."
Bring It!:
Invasion of the Oyti: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Vampirella - Bat in right hand: This is a Poser render of the comic strip heroin Vampirella (copyrights belong to Dynamite Comics not me). Credits for the model parts are on the one photo. I have been considering doing a fan art animation. But for now, it is only some familiar poses known by her fans.Though i don't care if you use this, please remember I do not own the rights. Artwork done in Micrographics Picture Publisher.
Lurkers:  I've been working on and off on a version of this for ages... This week I revamped it with new costume elements and scenery props and am quite pleased with the result. The first version here is using atmosphere cameras, whle the second is a more conventionally lit render. I really love the atmosphere lighting effects, but it does something very odd to V4's hair... If anyone knows of a fix (other than postwork in PS) , please let me know !
King Bong: One of my favorite fantasies is to become a giant Gorilla and forcibly take my sweetheart up to the tippy-top of the highest skyscraper. Oh, yeah: and to battle airplanes with my bare fists!
Love Squadron: One of Pedro Caparros' gorgeous biplanes escorted by two beautiful 'Rata-Moscas' by Birdman, all of them piloted by Koshini. I redid the textures a little to stroke my ample vanity.
Starman: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The Swordsman: Thank you so very much for viewing!  It's truly appreciated :)   All Hedge-witchery Studio artistic works are copyrighted materials held under the Canadian Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42, rev. 2005).  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  All components of this render have either been purchased or created by Hedge-witchery Studio, and unless otherwise stated, this piece was rendered in Daz Studio 4.6 Pro with little or no postwork.  Any use of the artwork is strictly prohibited.  Thank you. © Hedge-witchery Studio, 2011 - 2013   
Endless Night: Surealistic nightmarisch dreamscene, all DAZ.
Mr. Head: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Romantic Interlude: Romantic Interlude
Shamira Underwater: 04-05: Continuing from earlier Sharmira UW set.  ** Disregard the numbering, which was done twice with both sets.  :(  I don't know when I'm going to renumber them, if at all.  **Note: "05" in this set was postworked in Paint Shop Pro 8 using Automatic Contrast Enhancement to brighten the image.  The others are untouched.Thank you and have a great weekend!*****Credits:Shamira based on Aiko 3.0 © DAZHair © Bice & OutOfTouchBase poses © Muscleman, EvilinnocenceBubbles © Coty EndlSecond skin shirt and jeans © Lisa BuckalewLuxury Pool © RichabriLighting © Lupadgds
Mephisto's brother: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The nurse: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
artist create sculpture from model: The artist copy his pictures on model converting her in a new artwork
Scifi escape: by Herminio Nieves@2013
The Samurai Woman: It is not apparent to the warring states period in Japan whether there was the samurai soldier of the woman. It seems that the "woman ninja" = "kunoichi" existed. Thanks for sharing. Backgrounds;Washitsu, Noubutai by yuzuki(nebusoku), skydome by Ryntaro Nukata.
Alien Queen by elianeck: render in reality 3tks
L'Azzeccagarbugli: A character of the most famous story of italian literature " I promessi sposi" by Alessandro Manzoni
GalacticPatrolGurl: Always on duty!
Gurl Desert Truck: Same cowgurl wannabes in a 1950's Ford pickup by Birdman. Also, as in other setups, I used Hexagon to rezise and export the object to Daz Studio (If only Daz product weren't so damned twitchy and unstable!).
Gurl Desert: Two cowgurl wannabes in one of Birdman's autos.
"Watch Out!": Two 'Koshini' figures in one of Mehilov's vehicles
Bottles in the sand: Rendered in Poser 9, no postwork - it took over 7 hours :) - refractions through refractions ..."Leitungsheimer" is a german nickname for pure main or tap water. Background: Cyclo by HoboboLights: SunLight by VinceBagna
Made3D Magazine Cover: This was a challenge.Hair & eyes were Photoshopped in.Watergun: UweGBowtie (for Freal4): tentmanBusiness suit: Predatron&DianeVascularity: Zev0Created & rendered in DAZ3D
Present connect past and future: In present we build Future basing on the experiences of the Past 
Miki3&Miki4: Original custom face
Alice vs. Zombie Apocalypse: And I saw an Angel come down from Heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and an AK-47 in her hand...and her name was Alice.Made with DAZ 3D using Alice Redemption outfit by Orion1167, Zombies by Smay and Church environment by Merlin Studios.
shadow and light: contrasts
Golden Age Batman: I choose to render this version of Batman, because he is more grim, at least in the old comics.
Comic Duo: Some harmless advertising here.Here's Avangeline with the 'Human: Playing God' "comic book" I'm working on (it's an animated short film, all will be explained when it's released).Also the 'Desert Earth' DVD, the motion comic movie I released 2 years ago!'Human: Playing God' is a fully animated prequel to 'Desert Earth'. The 'Desert Earth' DVD is free through my website, or you can watch the individual episodes online, also through my site.On the back of the comic, 'Keep Back The Night', an illustrated novel I've been recently typing up.  It's a project that's been on the back burner for a while, but is scheduled to start being released Q4 2014, in 3 parts.Thanks for viewing!
Knowlwdge's Discovery:
BAD NEWS, Robert Pratt, Matt Ostrom: "Bad News" by Robert John Pratt, Illustration by Matt Ostrom, is a Thriller Novel about a Serial Killer News Anchorman.  Awesome Book. It puts you in the front row seat of addicting Bad News.Available at: Amazon, BarnesandNoble and OpenDoorpublishers
Dungeons & Dragons Throwback - Basic Set Cover: This is my transformative re-interpretation (read: fair use) of the Dungeons & Dragons (Copyright Wizards of the Coast) Basic Set cover from 1980. This piece was both a challenge and a lot of fun due its nostalgic nature. I tried to stay true to the spirit and concept of the original image without over-doing it or adding unnecessary special effects, while at the same time giving it a bit of pizazz. I plan to do more along this line, so if this interests you then be sure to Watch me Also if you'd like to see my full "cover" that I can't quite post here due to license issues, but am free to legally do on my own site per WoC's fan site license, you can see that here.Thanks for looking!DAZStudio > Reality > Lux > Gimp
~Dawn on Stage~: My 1st experiment with fully morphed and textured Dawn. The texture was converted from V4 with Texture Transformer, and the V4 outfit was refitted with the Fitting Room. The face is Dawn's default.First striking difference from V4 are Dawn's beautiful hands that pose more naturally. Second difference is that Dawn survives heavy morphing without compromising the posing quality, and clothing still fits nicely - except for the suspenders, but they had the same issues with V4.Once Dawn has more character morphs, this will be a wonderful base to work with. Hope you like it and thanks for coming by! ^_____^
Artist identified with his artwork: Artist often identifies themself with their artworks.(I think that it is a very wrong thing)
Border Patrol: Rendered in Daz Studio and Photoshop. 
Visiting the wise man: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Making Toldi Tank: Making Toldi Tank to Poser, but not finished
At night: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Spartans in combat: This is a render i made with my version of Spartan 1 armor for Genesis, on Daz and LuxRenderi use Victoria 5 plus Supermodel shape and Michael 5 plus Superhero shape.You could find the Spartan armor free on my blog
the best show...:
Dirty alley: Un sordido angolo di periferia
Shattered Dreams: by Herminio Nieves @2013
Time's up: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Eros & Victim: "Hey, what's the idea?!?"
Tears of strawberries: Moa in Wonderland." Moa " is my original character for A3 in my weblog.
Montmartre, 1890: Montmartre, 1890, when Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Aristide Bruant spent their time at the "Moulin Rouge" cabaret, with Jane Avril, Yvette Guilbert, and Louise Weber, known under the name of La Goulue, dancer who created the french-cancan.Model Daz Genesis 2 female "Gia" with basic morphs. Clothes and curtain are personal modeling. Render in 3dsMax with V-Ray 
Apocalyptic Renegade: Thanks for looking.
Are You... Future Me!?!:
Cloud City Heridon Spaceport: by Herminio Nieves@2013
Behind the 8: A new 3D interpretation on an old airbrush painting I made. This one uses Predatron's Pool Vignette scene.
L'Artiste: This one was somewhat inspired by the film Great Expectations.  Uses a wonderful interior set by Powerage called L'Atelier.  Made with DAZ 3D and my version of the Chiara character.
Time will tell: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Reading paerman: We are what we know
Cartoon Land:
Gallactic Princess Starcruiser: by Herminio Nieves@2013
Mamota's tennis wear: It was thanks of the modeling artists who provided figure's free clothes, such as V4/A4, MayaDoll, TY2, that I was able to continue using Poser. This artist I respect made her debut as a professional in renderosity. Her Vendor name is "mamota". I love her clothes, because there are many "kawaii" clothes. Thanks for sharing. Sleeveless tennis wear for A4 and Nene hair for A4 by redviper2012, Tennis court by aemi1970.
Male Head Bust: Male Head BustCGhub:
Solve This!: I am sure some of you will find this interesting. So let's play this game and see what you can solve or deduce. You can use Google to help you if you must. So without further ado....let the game begin. The following image depicts a novel that is not fiction. All the necessary clues are provided within the image. What is the title of this novel?
sunset dream: Dreaming in the eveningRendered in Poser 9, no PostworkCyclo-Background Hobobo, Light SunLIGHT by Vincebagna
Hamburgher (leave your hat on): Portrait of a lady with Hamburgher
Thunder Bird 5:
Winner's defeat: Sometimes the win battle seems more like a defeat!I remenber the Canne's battle
Time Evolution Choice 2: If the time will run in another way? if we come before dinosaurus????
Georgia, Zestafoni N7 PUBLIC SCHOOL: School of Zestafoni
Zelda Raines and the wizards castle (Promo): Zelda Raines & The Wizards CastleAnimation Promo ~ " Animation can be found on the sharcg video section  or use the link to my yotube channelCreated with Daz Studio 46
Shamira's Road Moto: Like I said, 'little experimentin'.
Tron's 'Flyer': A little experimenting here with Tron's version of a sci-fi aircraft. Thanks, Tron!
Tech War: by Herminio Nieves@2013
The paintig of sculpture:
Xenia: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Water Color Flowers: Another background with lots of icon space.  
Totem: I like my backgrounds to have some space, so I can move icons around and still enjoy the art.   An Apophysis creation.
Blue Spinner: A background made with Apophysis.
Frozen in time: #4 in the serie "Fun with Time" Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
The hypocrit:
Miranda: "The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch, But that the sea, mounting to th' welkin’s cheek, Dashes the fire out"Something of a hommage to J.W.Waterhouse's  painting of the same... 
Casanova: Casanova,my name is Giovanni Casanova
Tropical river: Un angolo di jungla tropicale
King Mida's Harem:
Elder Scrolls Imperial Shield: This one is coming soon that is if someone would like it.Just need to package it for Poser and Daz Studio.
SkyRim Shield: I gave this a go and though it looks ok, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thunder Bird 4:
Ophelia: When down her weedy trophies and herself Fell in the weeping brook. Her clothes spread wide And, mermaid-like, awhile they bore her up; Hamlet; Act 4 sc.7
Thunder Bird 1:
Thunder Birds Are Go Again:
the good press:
Remembering summer: Working title: Frying poultry in the sand - a misheard line from California Girls by The Beach Boys^^.But isn't it really wrong??Rendered in Poser 9, no Postwork
The Red Mutant: I think always that it is difficult to express the power that the super heroine has with CG.I used the afterburner of the jet engine this time.Thanks for sharing.Cosplay Costume 15 for V4 and A4 by TerryMcG, Morphing engine thrust effect by Simon3D, Monument 10 by JoeKurz. Moon, Skydome Backgrounds by Rintaro Nukata;NekoNeko
Finally: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Infra's defeat: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
A person "dressed" of culture is more fascinating:
Thunder Birds Are Go: Didn't realise how many errors i made on first atempt, so re did it from scratch
Chained world: If all in the world should be made of chain material
HappyHalloween!-lux: trick or treat!
A carrier of fire: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Princess of Power WIP: WIP She-Ra costume for TY2. Cape's going to drive me batty to make. Not to mention the boots (high-heels are a PITA to model). I'll probably do the decorations with textures, since my modeling skills are still sub-par.
Dani: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Art seller:
Fiery Blossom: Sinusoidal happy accident!
Chocolate Drop: The result of trying to reduce chocolate in my diet.
Pictures at an exhibition:
Kilgorin Battle Axe: My latest and popular weapon, the battle axe.
Man Cave:
A dark tunnel: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Saint George:
Vue Viz 01: Made with 3ds max, mental ray, vue and nuke
Beach House: Made with 3ds max, vray and Nuke
Quiet Afternoon: Made with 3ds max, mental ray and Nuke
Pinhal House Interiors: Personal project made with 3ds max, Vray and Nuke.
Pinhal House Exteriors: Personal project made with 3ds max, Vray and Nuke.
The man with no time: The second title it shoul be :  " 0.07... James Bond?   no PM "  ( see the time on the clock)
Kilgorin Warrior: To the end
Stoned: Medusa Made with poser with a stone statue background. "Wanna get Stoned"
Her's strange mirror: reality is not always real
pi3: wings3d,bryce,daz studio...
pi2: wings3d,bryce,daz studio...
Navigator: Here I use one of Mehilov's interesting vehicles.
Pilot Yuki: It was my dream in the days of the child that I want to be a jet fighter pilot. The Computer Graphics makes it virtually and easily achieved. Thanks for sharing.F-22 Raptor by shukky, Airbase by aemi1970, Military BackGrounds and Props by Ontarget3D Free Staff.
Island Getaway: A project i am working on for a friend. This is a much smaller size as the original will be made into a poster.
Unknow man's last batttle:
Solitude: Another exercises with DazStudio.Outfit: Buccaneers basics from DAZ with one of my sets of textures. If someone like the textures. Can buy them here: Scenery: Gendragon's Elven Ruins with changed texture.Hair: Fuji Hair for Genesis.Grass: ART_Planter, ART_Enchanted IslandFerns: Fringewood Ferns and Sky Fern.Trees: Dreamlight LowRes TreesPlant: PC_Naturals from RDNARocks: from Andi3D
think by elianeck: tks
The temptation:
"You Are Made Of Light" Sample Images: Denouement (more or less)
KILGORIN BLADE: This is my recent blade adding to my collection. As you can see it is extremely well made. The image you are looking at in rendered in Daz Studio 3.1.2.  The mesh was actually made in Wings3D.
Gorge Rescue: Done in Carrara
A time gate: Thanks for watching!Enjoy!
Trials for a masterpiece:
You Owe Me a Beer!:
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