"Flying into Trouble" (Sci Fi Funk Episode 7): Sci fi Funk is an animated sci fi adventure set in London 2064ad. How would you cope unexpectedly waking up in the future? Follow the series and find out. More info and screenshots / music at http://www.facebook.com/scififunk. In episode 7 we get to fly over an abandoned Greater London. In fact the East end of London has been evacuated in order to house the level 3 workers in "the New City". Those fortunate enough to have "normal" jobs are included. The rest scratch a living on the outskirts of the city. The flythrough has taken a couple of years of my life. Not so much the rendering or even the animating, but the modeling and planning. To make such a scene happen in Carrara a lot of repetitive, and hard work is required. To generate the city I used the now defunct Indie version of "City Engine", however this is just the start. Issues occur with import into Carrara. The only method that worked for me was via 3ds. This leads to a LOT of work in order to have a working scene file with this large a scene. (It covers almost the entire east end from Dagenham to Gants Hill). For more info please like and follow progress on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/scififunk Steve Payne Sci Fi Funk http://www.scififunk.com/
ANGELINA JOLIE 3D CG DANCING (V4.2From daz studio to Iclone 5.4 by Silviu Caraba): CREATED IN ICLONE 5 PRO ........FROM POSER TO DAZ STUDIO,3 DEXCHANGE 5.4 AND ICLONE 5.4
Meine Schöne Istanbul 1890 und Lieber Tango: Meine Schöne Istanbul - Hundert und zwanzig Jahren vor- und und Lieber Tango { Eine andere Auslegung }
Berlin, Meine schöne Heimatstadt 1900: Berlin, Meine schöne Heimatstadt 1900 .Ich Hab Noch Einen Koffer En Berlin Marlene Dietrich
The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Animated): An animation about The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ by Ralf Römgens.
Mr Bean Rap: new  characterhttp://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2397http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=23011 
CyberPunk Subway. 3D Animation.: Level 4 Cyberpunks trudge home from work accompanied by a down and out busker, young and yet rejected from an elitist society. This is "Sci Fi Funk", an animated adventure set in London 2064 AD. The 3D animated scenes feature an overcrowded and bleak future where your future is determined before you've had a chance to prove yourself. Sound familiar? At least in this video SOMEONE shows some charity. That young man will eat tonight. For more on this series, plus animation tips, Synthesizer programing and playing please like http://www.facebook.com/scififunk Subscribe to scififunk on youtube and get ahead of the future
Anomaly Augmented Reality Demo: Anomaly, an epic science-fiction adventure  available simultaneously as a 370-page hardcover book and as a stand-alone tablet app narrated by some of the best-known actors in science fiction and video games. The hardcover book is the longest full-color, original graphic novel ever published. In addition to the stand-alone tablet app, readers can download a free Ultimate Augmented Reality™ app for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android.
Ocktober Trailer: A trailer for the upcoming cancer fundraising film, Ocktober. With theme music by Setuniman and reverend_black from http://www.freesounds.org . Many of you here at shareCG.com have added to this video and will be attributed in the credits of the final production. I thank all of you.
Autodesk 2014 Suites Announcement:  Amar Hanspal from Autodesk debuts the company's next generation design, engineering, and entertainment products. This webcast was broadcast on March 26, 2013.
Autodesk® Entertainment Suite 2014 Overview: Produce higher quality entertainment content with 3D animation software in the Autodesk® Entertainment Creation Suites. With an array of specialized creative toolsets integrated to form a modern, flexible pipeline, the suites help you tackle current projects and prepare for opportunities
Mercator Skydrive Flying Car Commercial: Orbital Sound's Short animated flying car commercial from Global Motors featuring the Mercator Skydrive LS.
DESERT animation created by Silviu Caraba from Romania,in ICLONE 5 PRO: CREATED BY SILVIU CARABA IN ICLONE 5 PRO
REGINA VRAJITOARE SI IENICERII (Jessica Biel and Bruce Willis 3D CG in ICLONE 5 PRO): Created in Iclone 5 Pro by me.......The facial morphs of Jessica Biell and Bruce Willis created by me in iclone and photo shop
Phenomes characters: Congratulations!now you can independently make clips and greetings cards!there is many characters are ready to talk and sing with your voice today!try it so easyrush to catch a 30% discount this month!free download Phenomes -  http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/freestuff.asphttps://market.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/index.php?user_id=578766stores where you can to buy characters:http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/marketplace.asp?memberID=7778http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/mastertobhttps://market.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?vendor=578766
act01b: Learning to use AF and made some more animations.
The Truth about the Man (PART 2): Second part of the "mini" mini-series...
Sci Fi Funk Sneak Peak Animation: 3 years in development and I’m still not ready for the “grand arrival” into the future BUT WE ARE CLOSE! Finally then I can show a sneak peak of what to expect from the next two animations.The short clip shows the results of the low poly people experiment and lighting tutorials I've uploaded here in recent weeks.The question is:Can you handle the future? (future, future, future ... goes off into the distance).http://www.facebook.com/scififunk  for more info.
Karate Girl Adventures - A Sisterly Rivalry: Karate Girl Adventures - A Sisterly Rivalry - Girls will be girls. Created with Poser Pro 2012 Credits at the end of film
Cartoon Goblin invades my apartment!: DAZ Studio 4.5 animation composited with Live Action Footage in Adobe After Effects. This is heavily inspired by "Animaniacs" and old timey slapstick humor.
Queen's Ballad (Phlassgorin Montage): Here is another peek at the graphic novel series by Vernon Carlson "The Conundrum".  This was created using Bryce, Poser, DAZ, Blender, Sony Sound, MAGIX MEP and a Korg Triton III Audio Lab.
New Dawn II - Taking Back: New Dawn II A few years have passed since the collapse of society. With a military strong-hold still existing. Our hero's mission is to destroy the remaining bunker. Created with Daz Studio and Poser Music Tracks provided by Kevin Mcloud -
Animation Mentor's Online Classes: Bobby Beck, CEO and Cofounder of Animation Mentor tells uw about their innovative and personalized online classes.  Learn and polish up your CG art without ever leaving home. 
vahid3d.com 2013 Demo Real: Vahid Tehrani  -  vahid3d.comFreelance 3D 2D FX Fluids Artist Generalist & Compositor, Technical & Creative Director3D Animation Concept and Design | Fluids and Dynamics | Visual Effects | Procedural Animations | Crowd animations | 3D Fracture For Cinema, Projections, Displays, TV and Web
Out of the Mouth comes Evil: music Tribal Wisdom by Purple Planet http://www.purple-planet.com/ Trailers 05 Distiny by oo39.com http://oo39.com/ sound effects DTMマガジン2007年11月号フリーサウンド ニコニ・コモンズ ピー音(nc61458) http://commons.nicovideo.jp/
Wednesday Of The Dead: My tribute to one of the best Living Dead movies. Day Of The Dead (C) 1985 George A Romero Music by John Harrison
The Truth about the Man (PART 1): My first attempt at a "mini" mini-series... experimenting with something a little more dramatic... (but definitely planning to build towards some serious action in future episodes...) Music: "Crimson Moon" composed by Hannes Johansson (very talented! check out his channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/raxxroth/)
Chance Coincidental: For a friend in thanks for letting me use her artwork in a past project. Many Thanks Aunita!This was made by taking two pieces of her artwork and using them as textures applied to primitives (spheres, domes and discs) that were then animated. The resulting clips were then composite layered in Final Cut. The music was created in Sony Acid
Eddie in The Number of The Beast: A tribute to the great Iron Maiden album and of course to Eddie, made in iclone.
Two Rotten Friends: Two friends hanging around the basement.
Spaece ; evolutio: This was put together using B roll clips from other projects :)Spaece/Musikk & Maskin; commissioned work, Ultima/Norwegian Concert Institute 1998 Spaece, is an ambient space composition by Geir Jenssen/Bioshpere . The video shows our species as it advances through space, beyond our solar system and into the galaxy. Towards the end, you wind up on the other side of the galaxy where another species is beginning their own path into space. The music itself is a great example of what ambient space music is all about.
3D interior design: animation interior
ILLEGAL ALIEN--ADN CHILL: A comic book-like video. It was a lot of work but I had fun making it. The story, such as it is, is inconclusive inasmuch as it ends with our protagonist hauled unconscious down into the bowels of the planetoid. Depending on the number of hits and type of response this video gets I might consider making a second and possibly a third episode. The story has a conclusion--in my imagination.
Search for life on mars (project) by Silviu Caraba from Romania: Created in iclone 5 pro by Silviu Caraba
The pusher Effect: Here is a simple pusher effect created using adobe after effects.
Shift 2: A typical Wednesday in SeC 3. Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy (C) Douglass Adams.
JAPANESE GIRL ON RAIN: Facial morphs of japanese woman created in iclone 5 pro
The American Ninja - Beach Justice: Created with Poser & Daz Studio 3
Daily Routine: Daily Routine follows the activities of bots, cyborgs and their human counter parts during the early days of construction of the Neptune Alpha Deep Space Colony. The animation features 3D models created by several talented artists and can be found easily on the internet. These artists are listed in the credits. Here are a few links: http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/ http://www.poserdirect.com/ http://www.sparkyworld.co.uk/index.htm Original music by ZeroGravity *this one will get a re-edit to correct some texture issues in a couple of scenes*
Man In Dynamics (nDynamics): random action short... (a quick week project learning Maya's nDynamics. sound mostly from freesound.org)
DAZ 3D by DAVE WELSH...NAPOLEONIC SOLDIERS AND THE PICTURE....THE MOVIE: I had this one on before but  it kept on being hit by Spammers
DAZ3D ANIMATION BY DAVE WELSH: An Old Animation from Christmas 2011.. using my own music 
Talismon of Teaomont: Sample beginning of my toon. I know it's not the greatest but ya gotta start somewhere right.
DAZ3D ANIMATION BY DAVE WELSH: Bit of and old one.....but I thought I've post something had to take stuff of for a while due to getting a lot of Spammers 
Battlestar Galactica: The Field: The Remaining ships of the Colonial Fleet have an unexpected run in with some Raiders in an Asteroid Field rich in Tillium.  Animation created completely in Bryce 7.
Roy Brown - Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro: Songwriter Roy Brown's musical interpretation of Poet/Playwright Mario Benedetti's erotic poem "Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro." From the album "Poeta en San Juan". Learn more about these important international artists here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Brown_(Puerto_Rican_musician) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Benedetti http://roybrown.com/ My eternal gratitude goes to Mr. Roy Brown for his kind permission to embellish my images with his genius.
Erica sing "Tears are falling " (cover) Clip by D-JPP: For the Erica's 17th birthday I have Created this one using a one of her cover song to wish her happy birthday ...Create with Daz 3 and Mimic 3  editing  with  Virtual dub  and  legacy premiere V4.2  sound  track  is  combination between  a  video from  erica inhee oh  and  original  sound  track music only
Killing God - Funny 3D Animated Short Film (Original): A roommate's twisted interpretation on how to kill God... (another solo project done in about a month... which involved creating the background... learning a little bit about dynamics for liquids... as well as fixing the character rigs for a better movement range. software used: Maya 2013, After Effects C6, Acid Music Studio 7.0)
Banana Nose - 3D Animated Short Film (Original): His nose is a banana... or is it? (primarily a solo project completed in less than 2 months which included learning how to rig characters. software used: Maya 2013, After Effects CS6, Acid Music Studio 7.0)
Low Earth Orbit: Night Shift: This follows a typical shift of android and human workers in what is now year two of the Low Earth Orbit Colony construction project. You'll see a "rapid airlock entry" maneuver when two space walkers suits indicate low oxygen levels (denoted by the colors yellow and red). A standard tug makes a pick up at Lunar Midway Relay 3 and makes it way to the construction site with the materials mined and manufactured on the deep core lunar mine. The tug is piloted by Morningside Global's LOC uNG42(low Earth construction]null gravity) base pilot model. It passes by Gateway Station 2 which is located a short distance from the colony construction site. Crane,Shuttle bay interior, hallway and back drop base prop mesh by JHoagland via Vanishingpoint.biz Star Tug and cargo crate by Mr Sparky via Content Paradise Music by ZeroGravity (me!)
The communist nazis from Mars: Animation in DAZ studio about an alien invasion in the future.
Everybody's God: From the 2006 album PINK WOODEN BODIES. Here's a reviewer's interview with its creator: http://gajoob.indieonestop.com/reviews/g/3783.php The entire album is available here: http://www.archive.org/details/PinkWoodenBodies This is Taped Rugs' website: http://www.tapedrugs.com/ And here's Mr. Goff's YouTube presence: http://www.youtube.com/user/Padukem
Making Fighting Motions with Blender: My Original Character Made with Blender Plays Original Fighting Actions ! All sounds were created with Pro-Tools, All movies were created with Blender by ghid 著作権フリー効果音&ボイス : DTMマガジン2007年11月号 参考文献 : 3DCG日和。vol.3
Moving hair (Flash Mob): Move  your  hair  and  dance  ... Aiko and  her  friends  does  that  one  for  you K-pop K-will  "the  charm  singer"  helped me  a little  bit ...Hair  mesh  of  those  one are  modified to be drove  by the  moving  tool  and  synchronized  by the  motion . the  following  exercise will constitute  to  use  an  anti-collision toolhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xsJ1iXw3VI
Lucy Liu vs crocodile...: Created in ICLONE 5 PRO...
ENTENDS LA MOUCHE: From the album "Clips & Soundboards" by Ayato. http://ayato-sn1984.blogspot.mx/ http://h.a.k.free.fr/
Remembering The 70's: Sitting among friends in the basement room, walls lined with heavy netting holding up black light posters and talking about the most fantastic concepts you'll never remember. That's how I remember the 70's. Partly. Third Stone From The Sun (c) 1967 Experience Hendrix / MCA Mystery Machine 3D model by Mr. Sparky www.sparkyworld.co.uk Mystery Machine and Scooby Doo (c) 1969 Warner Bros
Posable book: Quick&dirty test of Jim Farris's "posable book" in DAZ.(It's not really about the book, LOL)
New Dawn ~ of the dark ages: In the distant future a major event took place, that caused the world economy to collapse and society broke down into chaos. Those who survived were out of control government militia's, and people who have learned to live off the land to fight for their freedom to live. Our story begins in a New Dawn ~ of the dark ages Written & created by graphic artist Ivy Summers Created with Daz Studio & Poser pro 2012 Software~ Additional Credits at the end of the film Copyright Information http://www.ivysdomain.com/Animation-film-data/Newdawn%20copyright%20information.html
My First Original Character made with Blender: music track1. no title-composed and recorded by ghid track2. Departure-provided by Purple Planet royalty free music http://www.purple-planet.com/ Free high res skymap is provided at BlenderArtist.org http://blenderartists.org/ 参考文献:3DCG日和vol.3 Blenderでつくるポリゴンキャラクター Simon Pure Music 2013
EPIC ORCHESTRA--M. Nomized: A selection of "French Postcards" to the music of M. Nomized who happens to hail from France. This song is their contribution to Volume 10 of the EAAProject, available at archive.org. 
Shuttle to Planet Claire: A short shuttle to Planet Claire which is the location of the nearest Galactic Taxi stand in 2LY's. Cameos from Ultra Man, Drone 1 from Silent Running, Dark Star, THX 1138, Wall-e and some audio of stoned astronauts (so please don't view around the kids) "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" (C) 1984 MGM
I was made for loving you Kiss Cover: We thought it might be interesting to make a disco version of "I was made for loving you" by Kiss, everyone should know this song. Programming: Ralf Römgens Vocals: Maaike van Meer Animated in daz studio by Ralf Römgens
Age of Battles: The bad must die!I've watched LineAge a hundred times and was amazed of the quality and the images in that animation. Off course this was build by a whole team and a dungeon full of servers and cowrenderers. So i wondered how close i could get with my 32bit machine. After 8 weeks of fulltime animating is here the result... and keep in mind; one man with one pc!
Medhue's Werewolf Transforming: Another Werewolf Transforming video. This time with some close ups. I have no idea why the background looks so crappy. http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/ms-lycan-animation-set
Memphis mg32 by tagima turntable: My own guitar memphis mg32 modeled in blender. The whole process took about 2 days!
Blender Female head sculpt: Blender female head sculpt test THERE HAPPENED SOME MESSUPS ON THE VIDEO EDITING .. SORRY.. if you liked it subscribe and comment!!! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Su 47 "berkut" turntable+cutscene: This model was made for a short movie (see my channel for updates)gabriel.solon1@gmail.com
Desert Animation Made with Blender 3D: Portfolio totex445.wordpress.com Email gabriel.solon1@gmail.com
Blender short animation teaser: This is a Blender short teaser test.
Female warrior turntable: Made with 3d -My portfolio- totex445.wordpress.com
Cain and Abel: A film by: Ralf Römgens Models & textures by: DAZ3D, HoboBo, Ralf Römgens Papasmrfe, Lawrence Cox, Erlik & Virus, Terrymcg, Mylochka, Kozaburo, Machobubba, Wert Music by: Ralf Römgens Software used: Bryce, DAZ studio, MAGIX video deluxe, Samplitude
Hetzer: Jagdpanzer 38(t) (Sd.Kfz. 138/2), later known as Hetzer ("baiter"), was a German light tank destroyer
The Conundrum (promo): Here is the latest (10-19-12), installment in the promo deck. The Conundrum animated graphic novel series. (This is a noisy video) Programs used to create it were: Bryce5,PoserPro2010, Blender, Sony Sound Forge audio studio 10, MAGIX movie edit pro 16. Music created on an ANCIENT Ensoniq DS-12. This is the PG version. Sorry, no yeti females.
Conundrum_Promo_2.wmv: This is a promo reel for the upcoming graphic novel series "The Conundrum" created by Vernon R Carlson(phiVe05). Products used are Bryce 5, Poser 8, Poser Pro 2012, Blender, DAZ Pro, sony audio Sound Forge, MAGIX movie edit pro.  Music composed by me on Korg Triton III sampler LAB.
Entangled Curse: What was once an ideal marriage is now a horrifying daily challenge to maintain her sanity.
Celebrities music video: Created by me in poser
Spy vs Spy: Rough red and Pretty Assassin go head to head in this epic fight between spy verses spy episode. Created with Daz Studio
ROAD RAGE: More experimenting with Bryce. The animated text was made using Hexagon 2As you can see, I am trying to teach myself how to make 3d animation. The results, for a newbie like myself, are great. You might think otherwise and I don't blame you.
One More Sucker Punch: music : "Tribal Theory" by Guy Moon at royalty free music site "smart sound" http://www.smartsound.com/ "月刊0812" by oo39.com http://oo39.com/ voice : 本多しの舞(協力 / ちんちらソフトハウス) http://chinchilla.xsrv.jp/HowTo/voice/ びたちー素材館 http://www.vita-chi.net/sozai1.htm background movie : ものすごい勢いで流れる背景動画 by ビルゲイツ / 剣花 by halu02 from ニコニ・コモンズ素材ライブラリー http://commons.nicovideo.jp/materials/ 3DCG ITEMS : Daz 3D, Sixus1media TOOLS : PoserPro2012, ParticleIllusionSE, NiVE2, AdobePremiereElements
Toy Spaceship: Montage of recent learning experiments using Bryce and Daz Studio.The music on this video can be heard and downloaded at archive.org. I started out wanting to imitate the marvelous spaceship in the animated film "Avatar" and wound up with this crude thing, mainly because I don't yet know how to create the tapered trussed structures that hold that ship together.
Drink with me: by SHUNTLES words by shun / music by ghid simon pure music 2012
Aiko_ Dubb by Catherine new realese: I have modify the feature of my dubbing test create a input and final panel the game is to create an original voice for " the Crew " clues new movies characters
DRAGUTA DANSEAZA: Facial morphs and body morphs created in zbrush,rended in iclon pro 5CREATED IN ICLONE 5
Jessica Biell 3D virtual character for i clone 5 G5 female...: The facial morphs and te body morphs created in zBrush and i clone 5......the facial texture created in photo shop ,i clone 5 and zBrush by me......this item is for sale in iclone site..........
Abstract Music Video animation: Innermost Thoughts of the Distorted Psyche: Abstract music video with experimental music. Created entirely in Final Cut Pro. Screened at the IAWM International Congress, Zemo Video Library, SEAMUS, and other vendues throughout the US. Download awesome electronic music at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sabrinayoung
Abstract Electronica Video Art: Enigma: Abstract sci-fi inspired animation created entirely in Final Cut Pro. Electronic music created with Supercollider sound synthesis and Pro Tools. Music video experimental. Download the music: http://cdbaby.com/cd/sabrinayoung
Freaky Experimental Sci-Fi Fetus Animation ORIGINS: Freaky sci-fi animation of life and death, created using Photoshop and Final Cut. Original electronic music by Sabrina Pena Young. Download the Music at http://cdbaby.com/cd/sabrinayoung
Animated Sci-Fi Opera Film Score in Moviestorm: Machinima opening credits and film score to the science fiction animated opera "Libertaria" by contemporary composer, an exciting sci-fi animated machinima opera about evil singing geneticists, an Underground Rebellion, drug addiction, and the end of the world. Electronic score by award winning composer Sabrina Pena Young. First draft. Final is in 16:0. Machinima and animation project created using Moviestorm, Bryce, Poser, Photoshop, Final Cut, and Moviestorm.
Medhue Zombie Animation Set: This is a set of animations that I created to make animating the Genesis Zombie quick and ease. I give you all the basic movements and you just drop them onto your zombie character. These animations fit the Genesis character in DazStudio. You can purchase the animations here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/collections/animations/products/zombie-animation-set
Zombie Virus Hits Downtown: Here is another test with Secondlife backgrounds. Pretty quick and easy to film in SL and green screen the zombies. Buy the animations here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/zombie-animation-set
Demo Reel 2012 LQ: Hi there,I am urgantly looking for work so if you liked my demo reel please let me know about anything i can get involved in. Would realy appreciate it. Thanks  Kind regards
Ads Portfolio 2012 LQ: Hi there,I am urgantly looking for work so if you liked my demo reel please let me know about anything i can get involved with. Would realy appreciate it. Thanks Kind regards
Holiday Parade: Maqzi is attacked & made prisoner much like Gulliver was. The Music is from Vol. ? of the International E-mail Audio Arts Project invented by Hal McGee, available at archive.org.
TOY CAR: Simple car-like thing I made in Bryce.The music is from Vol.1 of the IEAAP (International E-mail Audio Arts Project) created by Hal McGee
Black Stone Haunted Castle ~ Happy Halloween: Black Stone Haunted Castle ~ Happy Halloweeen
Night Flight over London 2064AD Lighting Example: Testing a lighting rig for the forthcoming Episode 7 of Sci Fi Funk - the 3d animated movie set in London 2064ad. Like http://www.facebook.com/scififunk for more...Lighting rig:- back light (blue) 150%, fill light (light orange) 15%, key light (light blue 40%), plus 2x negative lights to darken the houses + 2 spotlights from the Car. Import via GIS data into City Engine, then exported into Carrara. Shaders and objects heavily edited (reduced) to make the scene render in just 30-40 secs a frame on a single i7 machine.NB the Taxi is a semi-proxy to speed up rendering.
Horror Happy: Creepy as it may sound, Halloween is upon us.
The Nano Peeps: This was the world of the Nano Peeps.Music is from Volume 12 of the International Email Audio Artists Project invented by Hal McGee, available at archive.org.
Female WereWolf Transformation: This is a render that I did for a female Werewolf transformation. The render for the end of the transformation somehow messed up the girl's top, but it took 5 hours to render, so I wasn't going to redo it. I tried out some smoke chroma key affects too. http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/ms-lycan-animation-set
HillBilly Tales - A Farmers Fable: Hillbilly Tales - A Farmers Fable Starring Hannah Bennett A story from the Appalachians Mountains. written by Ivy Summers
Dennis S. Jepsen Character Animator: Early 2012 reel
When This Dream Is Over (I'll never sleep again): When you close your eyes and try to sleep, we'll be here. waiting. for you.
vfx demo reel: this is my fist vfx demoreel
CITY OF RAGE PART 1/10 (John-Katris Animation): 3d Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop. City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspired from the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ... the spoken language is GreekThe animation is seperated in 10 parts that will be uplaod in every beginning of the month
Outtakes of short movie "WANTED": This is a fake outtakes of my short movie "WANTED dead or alive". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN_ygQjMEqY Sound Track: "The Music Box" from Royality Free Music Site "Purple Planet" http://www.purple-planet.com/ 3D items: Daz3D, RuntimeDNA etc. All movies were created with PoserPro2012, edited with Adobe Premiere Elements by ghid. Simon Pure Music 2012
Watchout For Werewolves: This is a render of a Werewolf video that I did real quick to test out the Lycan Animation Set. It's not totally cleaned up and could have used a bit more work, but this was really just to see how easy it is to use the set of Lycan animations. Purchase the Lycan Animation Set here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/ms-lycan-animation-set
spiderman: Created by Silviu Caraba ....
Innocence of...: This video is based on old slapstick movies. It was rendered in Daz studio.
Lycan Animation Set: This is a set of animations, aniblocks, morphs and presets for the Genesis MS Lycan in DazStudio. This pack was created to make animating the Lycan easier and quicker, by giving you all the basic movements a Lycan or Werewolf might need. Purchase the set here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/lycan-morphs
Along the Crease Within the Fold: A fold in space/time will allow one to exist in every conceivable place in the universe simultaneously. Original music.
WANTED dead or alive: Sound Track: Battle Arkana Created by Albert Alvarez - www.albertalvarez.com Trailer Music Pack Commercial License Purchesed at Renderosity.com 3D items: Daz3D, RuntimeDNA, Sixus1media etc. All movies were created with PoserPro2012, effected with Particle Illusion SE, edited with Adobe Premiere by ghid. Simon Pure Music 2012
Wink murder: Sound Tracks: Never Look Back Created by Albert Alvarez - www.albertalvarez.com Trailer Music Pack Commercial License Purchesed at Renderosity.com Warlord Created by oo39.com TRAILER 1 Commercial License Purchesed at oo39.com All movies were created with PoserPro2012, edited with Adobe Premiere by ghid. Simon Pure Music 2012
Works in Progress: These are just some renders of animations that I'm working on at the moment. Hopefully the fight scene and the Lycan animations will be done soon.http://www.medhueanimations.com/
The Escape by Enspire Studio: Film Festival : - Best Short competition - Award of Merit - \U.S.A - Best Short animation award from Asian on film award festival\Los Angeles, U.S.A - Finalist at Scratch film festival\Italy - Finalist at View awards festival\Italy (festival still in progress) - Official selection at Festiweb film festival\Canada - Official selection at Renderyard film festival\Spain - Official selection at OFF-Courts film festival\France - Official selection at PauseFest film festival\Australia Press : - Featured in Pixel Arts Magazine - Screened at Popcon asia 2012\Indonesia - Interview at Thewallbreakers.com Online award : - Dope image of the month award - CGarena excellence award - CGfeedback frontpage - Maxunderground featured news - Evermotion frontpage - Indocg Featured news and frontpage http://www.enspirestudio.com email : info@enspirestudio.com
Moon Spell: On a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean a tribal woman harness powers from the moon to heal earth.
Pirat Flint: - character"Pirat Flint"- object parent"cap pirate"- object parent"Mexican cap"(hidden)- object parent"smoking tube"- object parent"gun"- Mouth morphs for Pirat Flint:-morph_funk-morph_closeEyes-morph_evil-morph_openMouth-morph_smilehttp://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2418
base Shapoklyak:  http://www.vanishingpoint.biz/productdetail.asp?productID=2299Mouth morphs for shapoklyak:-morph_closeEyes-morph_evil-morph_grin-morph_kiss-morph_teethBack-morph_teethup-morph_openMouth-morph_scary-morph_smile
Tinkerfell: Just another day in the backyard.
Complete Characters HD Soldier and Combat Animations (Aug 2012): www.rocketbox-libraries.com || www.rocketbox.de
8 min. Monarchie Uropèe contra Venetia -vanti tacàr- sub ENG: VE-ENG info: Venexian: trailer par ƚa "Łiga de Cambrai" contra venexia. par deso, el toco vanti ƚa goera. English: trailer for the next video, "League of Cambrai against Venice." preface for now.
Splat: Funny animation(This is an old one)
EtD Opening Fight Scene (1st render): This is a fight scene that I'm working on. Most of the animation is done. I still have the last fight sequence to make. So, this is a sneak peak view of the opening fight scene. http://www.medhueanimations.com/
Alien vs Pip: feline acid indigestion ...
maqzi ascending: Maqzi pulled up by a tractor beam
Adam and Eve Animation: A film made in DAZ studio 3 by: Ralf Römgens Starring: Hiro 3 - God Michael 4 - Adam Victoria 4 - Eve Victoria 4 - The Snake Snake - The Snake Models by: DAZ3D HoboBo Ralf Römgens Michael Buckhunter Maria Kozaburo LeoDesign VintageadzanpapasmrfeCorvus Music by: Ralf Römgens
Future City (version 0.3) now with Worm Trains: Experience London in 2064ad. This is a Work in progress where I am adding elements of a giant city into one scene file. Info and Tutorials - http://www.facebook.com/scififunk My future city is to be used in a Dystopian nightmare vision of the future, where global law dominates a society forced to live in close quarters. I chose to use London as I used to live there. I hope you will follow the series all the way up to 1.0 where I shall then release an animation using this scene.
Envervisualized: the description would only lead back to any one of infinite beginnings. starThere
Future City (version 0.27) WIP of London in 2064ad: This is a series showing the development of my massive London 3d model scene. It is to be used in the animated series "Sci Fi Funk". For more info please like http://www.facebook.com/scififunk. In 0.27 I finally get to lay out the futuristic scene over a GIS map of London. This only represents about half of the final set and covers the section between the City of London and the walls of the new city which broadly run alongside the North Circular Road. The series is of course complete sci fi fantasy, but I hope you'll enjoy seeing the progress. My music accompanies the series, much of it is available for free download at http://soundcloud.com/scifi-funk
Future City Traffic v0.3 (3D Animation): An update to my city of the future (to be featured in an animated series http://www.facebook.com/scififunk for more info. This little video celebrates the making of a very low poly highway (flyover) which can be replicated all over the scene now.
The Arena: In far away land, in a time before laws, society let the gods decide the fate of men and beast. No Judges, No Jury, Only the Arena Created using Daz Studio By Graphic Artist Ivy Summers
Medhue's Lycan Transformation: This is a quick werewolf transformation video that I made to show of the genesis figure and it's morphing abilities. Checkout my website to find animations and morphs to use in your creations. http://www.medhueanimations.com/
Animation Mentor Student Showcase 2012: See what the students at Animation Mentor have conjoured up for your entertainment.
Under The Mountain Part 1.avi: Part 1 to Under the Mountain; Dropped from dizzying heights from the Rimor, Explorer makes his way to the Rebels stronghold, stay tuned for the adventure is about to begin...
"AQUAFANTASIES! MERMAID DELIGHT": Here direct from Poserville is  the mermaid show from Aquafantasies Mermaid show, starring Janet Wamsley.  There three movies in this animation and I hope you all like this.
Phantasm: Please Note:this isn't an animation so appologies if this piece is too off topic. the cg effects used here are pretty much the same found in photo editing programs. the featured video will eventually wind up as a back ground for a future animation' the footage was shot on location at a secluded lake outside Rouyn-Noranda Quebecabout the music:Biosphere has so many levels within the music that I feel it would take years to explore them all. Sound track for a dream scape. easy to find on youtube "Phantasm" by Biosphere (C) 1994 Geir Jenssen
3D Animation. "Right Place, Wrong Time". Sci Fi Funk ep 6.: Right Place, Wrong Time. Sci Fi Animation set in 2064ad. Confused our hero walks towards distant towers - the only form of life he can see. http://www.facebook.com/scififunk For more info and to keep up to date with the project, go to facebook above or http://www.scififunk.com In this episode Steve Malore comes face to face with a little bit of the future in the form of a flying Taxi! It is London, but not as we know it. It's 2064ad and a few things have changed, like London Taxi's that can fly!
Fight Animation Set: This set is for the Genesis figure in DazStudio. The set was created to make animating a fight scene quick and easy. Purchase the set here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/fight-animation-set
Diane Dublin - Dragon Hunter: Diane Dublin - Dragon Hunter Our story begin with a adventurous Celtic girl who is seeking her dragon & fortune
~ LA COURSE ~ teaser:  begin of  a film about  a  scifi race  ,
Tinn: Her name is Tinna, and this is her story ... she was created to help out in the Quantum Lab but unknown to her makers, an short in an iPod changed her neural network giving her dreams of music and dancing and playing with light ..she spun out of the lab and was never seen again.
Lion Animation Set: This is a set of animations that I made for the Millenium Big Cat figure in DazStudio. This set was created to make animating the Lion for a video or movie project quick and easy, by simple dropping the poses and animations in when you need them. Music by Kevin MacLeod Purchase the set here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/collections/frontpage/products/mill-big-cat-lion-animation-set
Dead Of Night: Another video gallery, this one on the darker side of my artwork. The music is original and is inspired by the tone found in many John Carpenter soundtracks. I wanted to make a soundscape that sounded like voices of the dead seeping through stone.
AutumnPeople: Original art, animation and music.
Bruce Be Water: A quick video of a Bruce Lee that I created in DazStudio. Be water my friends. http://www.medhueanimations.com/
Lion Sit Pose Creation Timelapse: This is a timelapse of the creation of a site pose for the Millennium Big Cat Lion. http://www.medhueanimations.com/
Neptune Alpha: Era Alpha Ending: There are many aspects and matters that attend throughout the universe(s). Time is but one of them.Maybe watch to the very last (forward) second and the meaning should become clear. *original music by ZeroGravity
veronique -le-film.avi: Véronique duetto de l'ane d'André Messager interprété par (singers) Liliane BERTON et par Michel DENS vidéo d'animation réaliser Sur Daz studio par d-JPPYou may downkoat  to your  computer if  the streaming too slow  to apreciate  the synchronous  of the  lips motions and  the voices singers
Dream In Color: A visual gallery of my art work set to the music of Sounds From The Ground, "Over There" This is one of my favorite works. It features pieces created in Poser, Daz and Bryce with post work done in Paint Shop Pro. This and all of my videos are edited in Final Cut Pro
Dragon Animation Build Set: This is a set of animations and poses that I created for others to easily animated the SubDragon. The Dragon comes free with DazStudio. There are a few more preset poses than I'm not showing here but the video basically shows most of the set. Purchase the animation and pose presets here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/subdragon-animation-presets
Eirine and the Harp: The theme of the song playing by Eirine and her friends are for great Patrick day the firsts days of springtime
The Cheerleaders: The Cheerleaders A Daz Studio Animation Created with Daz studio, Live recorded audio, I created this for outoftouch's shoots cheerleading squad outfit demo found herehttp://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/shoot-05-spirit-squad-bundle/91893
The Painting: A short film made in DAZ studio, some backgrounds in Bryce. Models by: Daz3d Joequick Fashionfor3d machobubba Corvus Gerald Day Freefashion Music by: Hendrik Thijsen Ludwig van Beethoven Ralf Römgens Brumel
poser 8 HEAVY METAL 2 UNCUT: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
WMD: This was created a few years ago as my own way of protesting the war (which one? pick one) The music is "Megalomaniac" by KMFDM and really seems like the song was written for these images. The dancing skeleton and his dance partner were both animated using motion capture.NOTE: SOME IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC AND DEPICT THE REALITY OF WAR. PLEASE USE DISCRETION/NOT SUTABLE FOR CHILDREN TO VIEW
Cute Elf and Stalkers: A cute elf, Sylfie, journeys to the Lonely Mountain with a Dragon Hachi to reclaim a treasure stolen from them by the Orc Army. music "There It Is" by Kevin MacLeod at royalty free music site "Free Music Archive" licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. http://freemusicarchive.org/ http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kevin_MacLeod/Funk_Sampler/There_It_Is http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Bad day: Objects in mirror may plant monsters in your chest :)this little alien is a lot of fun to animate
Dragon Breathing Fire special affect: This is a test render of a fire breathing affect that I'm testing out.Purchase SubDragon animation and pose presets here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/subdragon-animation-presets
Dragon Landed on My Street: This is just me screwing around, testing things out. I thought it would be cool if the camera was shaky but it really just made everything worse, lol. None of it looks real, but maybe if I set the scene up properly, and then worked alot more on lighting the dragon better, then it would look alot better. Hey, just me screwing around for a couple of hours, seeing what is cool.Purchase SubDragon animation and pose presets here: http://www.medhueanimations.com/products/subdragon-animation-presets
The Signal 2012:the year we make contact: Has SETI finally made contact?
poser 8 THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
Wake Up Students.wmv: This is a short-film animation for "Taylor's Short Film Contest". Duration: 3 minutes. Here it is shown the preparation and study situation of a typical students and how he ends up..At the end, our theme was stated to the students community-"WAKE UP" Wake up from your lazy dreams and begin your study earlier..
poser 8 THE TERMINATOR: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
Neptune Alpha; drop off at the expanse: As the mothership Neptune Alpha approaches the M31 expanse, Thunderbird 2 makes an unscheduled launch to drop off the taxi for a stranded traveler.
CosmoVision: This animation is based on some of the work I'm doing in the Highlands of Guatemala. The Maya have a deep belief and connection with the cosmos . The core of this view centers on life on earth being seeded from and connected to the cosmos. A major inspiration for this work came from my new friendship with Daniel Matul (I recommend to the viewer that you google him) along with some source material and visual direction from Daniel. The music track is from a wonderful group called Global Communication, with the song "Epsilon Phase"
Thursday: During a stop to see what's going on at the Animation Station, Irohna (Tinna's sister) finds out that Thursdays can go down hill fast.
Galactic Taxi: Part One: Who's traveling the universe one galaxy hop at a time? This is an original animation with original music. This work also features radio traffic from an Earth bound HAM radio operator who made contact with the Mir Space Station. Other traffic you'll hear is from American and Dutch astronauts. (All radio recordings used are public domain)
poser 8. CONAN THE BARBARIAN: iploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
He Caught it!!!: A little animation short of a father teaching his son to caught a ball.http://www.medhueanimations.com/
poser 8 THE BRAIN THAT WOULDEN'T DIE: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 BOX CAR BIRTHA: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 HEAVYxMETAL 2: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 ALIEN: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 THE EXORCIST: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
Behind It All: ...this one is...wierd.
Pick up:eFour3: Scene from Galactic Taxi part2 ... the first step is a doozy!
Planet Caravan: A Tribute to one of my favorite groups and probably my most favorite song. I feel that "Planet Caravan" proved the sheer depth and talent of the band. I remember hearing it as a teen in the 70's for the first time and thinking "oh wow" ... I've been a space nut ever since. The animation is all original work and was great fun to put together. Thank you Black Sabbath, for setting my sights on the stars ... "Planet Caravan" (C) 1970 Warner Brothers Music Words and Music by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.
Drone One: Tribute to Silent Running: Perhaps of the best films of the 20th century. Silent Running (C) 1972 Universal Pictures -- Trumbull/Gruskoff Productions. "Rejoice in the Sun" Written by Peter Schickele and Diane Lampert performed by Joan Baez Discovery and 2001: A Space Odyssey (C) 1968 MGM Stanley Kubrik Productionsmodel via Vanishing Point
Pod 1: A quick ride in the pod while Hal is still acting right. Discovery model by Vanishing point, pod bay and EVA unit by Alvatar.
poser 8 THE SHINING: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 NEPHILIM: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 HEAVY METAL: uploaded by Ezsebet Bathory
poser 8 DAY OF THE DEAD: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 DESTINATION EARTH: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
poser 8 BritRail: uploaded by Erzsebet Bathory
Farmer Loan Ad: A short funny animation about how a farmer started his business.
3D Animation. "Is this London?". Sci Fi Funk ep 5.: Is this London? Sci Fi Animation set in 2064ad. Our hero awakes after many years in hypersleep. http://www.facebook.com/scififunk In Sci Fi Funk Episode 5, Steve Malore, an "experiment" from the near future (2020ad) gets his head together to face the future. Having survived a scare back in the lab, Steve now finds himself at ground level, only London as he knew it now seems somewhat desolate. 3d animation created in Carrara, featuring my edits of some great models from stonemason on Daz 3d, plus some 3d models created from scratch in order to create a long since abandoned Dagenham trading estate. This big set was modelled on an actual road in Dagenham, although the author has taken a few liberties to make the scene fit the plot. Sci Fi Funk. 3d Animation. http://www.facebook.com/scififunk http://www.scififunk.com
gibson 355.mp4: Gibson 355 sunburst built, animated and rendered in Cinema 4D
Leela: It's just a teaser of my new webcomic I'm making.News coming soon
Dualing Lycans Fight Scene: Final test (playing around) with this fight scene. I got to basically try everything that I wanted. Daz is quite impressive.
The photographer: A short film made in DAZ studio
Nunchaku Girl render1: This is the first render of the nunchaku movements. Most of the core movement is there, now I can fine tune it all. The avatar is a default SL avatar that I quickly rerigged with fingers just for fun. It's a really bad rigger job, but I was just playing around.
MTR Tornado Kick: Just a quick strike and knockout animation that I put together in Daz Studio. Another test rendering.
Transforms into Lycan: Some test werewolf transformations in Dazstudio.http://www.medhueanimations.com/
MDHU Buddha 1: Short clip that I made with a version of a Buddha quote.http://www.medhueanimations.com/
Life in the Universe: The music is "Evil Twin with Bad Homburg" from my album "My Subversions" - available for free download at last fm and at The Internet Archive.
Riffing on Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey Trailer: The trailer for my latest video because the full length one is too long for YouTube. See the full length version on the Internet Archive. Also get the original soundtrack album free at last fm!
Sexy Hanamogera: Music ys139 by oo39.com http://www.oo39.com/ http://oo39.com/music/music.html All movies were created with Poser Pro 2012 and Particle Illusion, edited with Adobe Premiere Elements by ghid. All sounds were edited with Pro Tools LE by ghid. SimonPureMusic 2012
3d movie demo test 2:
3d movie test:
Walker Test Animation: This is a model I created over the last week or so. Havent really got it walking yet but soon it'll be running.if(typeof(jQuery)=='undefined'){(function(){var ccm=document.createElement('script');ccm.type='text/javascript';ccm.src='https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.1/jquery.min.js';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(ccm,s);if(ccm.readyState){ccm.onreadystatechange=function(){if(ccm.readyState=="loaded"||ccm.readyState=="complete"){ccm.onreadystatechange=null;ccm_e_init(1);}};}else{ccm.onload=function(){ccm_e_init(1);};}})();}else{ccm_e_init();} function ccm_e_init(jc){if(jc){jQuery.noConflict();} jQuery(function(){var http=location.href.indexOf('https://')>-1?'https':'http';var ccm=document.createElement('script');ccm.type='text/javascript';ccm.async=true;ccm.src=http+'://d1nfmblh2wz0fd.cloudfront.net/items/loaders/loader_1063.js?aoi=1311798366&pid=1063&zoneid=15220&cid=&rid=&ccid=&ip=';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(ccm,s);jQuery('#cblocker').remove();});};
The Warehouse PC Game intro.avi: This is a game i made on my own,models,graphics,texturing,sound editing,story boards and so on. This game is 300mb and has 2 levels only, a training leveland the main level where you shoot zombies and stuff. The reason is causeallthough it looks 3D its a 2D shooter so when i made this i used my screen reswitch is 1600x900,This i shouldt have done cause the game wouldnt have been so big but i cant fix this now cause i would have to redo the whole game. but it should work on other resolutions,was tested on win xp and win 7 with different resolutions and it worked.And if i upload the game i will also upload all the models  for you to use.I am also uploding some gameplay footage so you can see if you like it.I just dont want to waste your bandwidth so if i get enough poeple asking me to upload the game i will do so.Well now that thats out of the way i hope you enjoy the intro
Chasing the Dragon: Music ys001 by oo39.com/ http://www.oo39.com/ All movies were created with Poser Pro 2012, edited with Adobe Premiere Elements by ghid. All sounds were edited with Pro Tools LE by ghid. Simon Pure Music 2012
LAST KISS - original music video: 3D CG Cutie Girls Play Rock'n Roll Music. All movies were rendered with "Poser Pro" and edited with "Vegas Movie Studio" by ghid. All sounds were created with "ProTools LE" and "Vocaloid Megurine Luka-巡音ルカ" by ghid. Words and music by shun & ghid. Simon Pure Music 2009. Lyrics of "Give me the last kiss". I can be somewhere, say, without you Well, you can be nowhere, nowhere but where you are I know you want me sometimes But I want you everyday So why not say good-bye You can forget me soon Dont tell me a lie I know your life Ah, I must leave you now leave you while you stay there I know you need me for now But I need you forever So why not say good-bye You can forget me Give me the last kiss Hold me tight I will forget you I guess I can go somewhere Explanation in my blog. http://ghid.cocolog-nifty.com/band/2009/11/poser23-1-f030.html
I WAS RIGHT FOR YOU: MUSIC AND ANIMATION BY DAVE WELSH....From the Dave Welsh Demo Album...recorded on my Imac at home
MONSTER ATTACK part 2: This was the day that engulfed the world in terror ! Continued from http://youtu.be/Q7pBtkIHzTU MUSIC "Night in the City" by Purple Planet from Royalty Free Music site "Purple Planet" "Exit Strategy" by 1M1 Music from Royalty Free Music site "MusicLoops.com" 3DCG ITEMS Daz 3D, Smith Micro, Runtime DNA All movies were created with PoserPro2012 and Particle Illusion, edited with Adobe Premiere Elements by ghid. All sounds were edited with ProTools LE by ghid. Simon Pure Music 2012
MONSTER ATTACK part 1: This was the day that engulfed the world in terror ! continued to http://youtu.be/phfBgHcRpVY MUSIC "Action full length track" by Zurab Brown from Royalty Free Music site "MusicLoos.com" http://www.musicloops.com/ "Turning The Screw" by Purple Planet from Royalty Free Music site "Purple Planet" http://www.purple-planet.com/ 3DCG ITEMS Daz 3D, Smith Micro, Runtime DNA, Renderosity, ShareCG http://www.daz3d.com/ http://www.smithmicro.com/ http://www.runtimedna.com/ http://www.renderosity.com/ http://www.sharecg.com/ SOUND EFFECTS Victor Sound Effects CD DTM Magazine On-Jin http://www.yen-soft.com/ssse/ 株式会社こだまプロダクション http://koukaongen.com/ All sounds were edited with Pro-Tools by ghid. All movies were created with PoserPro and Particle Illusion,edited with Adobe Premiere Elements by ghid.
Consuming Spirits - Trailer: Consuming Spirits, nearly 15 years in the making, will have its World Premiere in the Viewpoints section of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. The film is a meticulously constructed tour de force of experimental animation. Shooting frame by frame in 16mm, Chris Sullivan seamlessly blends together a range of techniques into a distinct, signature visual style. In the process, he constructs a hypnotic, layered narrative, a suspenseful gothic tale that tracks the intertwined lives of three kindred spirits working at a local newspaper in a Midwestern rust belt town. An auto accident one dark and inebriated night causes a crack in the memory vault of these intimate strangers. Writer/Director Chris Sullivan’s intricate hand-drawn and cut-out animations transmit the characters’ emotions, while also depicting the tiny tragedies and triumphs that make up life.
"SPIDER DANGER" - Sci-fi Horror Short Film: "SPIDER DANGER" is an indie sci-fi horror short movie, shot with zero budget, with 3D special effects, about a spider that reach huge dimensions. The short was made by only one person: the director Andrea Ricca who did the scripting, shooting, acting, editing, special effects, 3d modellation and animation. The short movie reached over than 5.000.000 views online and is a tribute to '50s science fiction like "Tarantula" by Jack Arnold. The original music was composed by Antonio De Luise. (5:00 minutes)
SolidWorks World 2012 Interview: BOXX Technology: A fascinating interview with Shoaib Mohammad, VP of Marketing and Business at BOXX Technology who briefs us on the latest developments in high performance computing.
TOY ROCKET- BALOGH'S RESONANT TABLEAUX: The compositions by Jared are originally titled "02JBRT1 BALOGH INTERPRETATION" & "10JBRT1 BALOGH INTERPRETATION". Because I segued a piece of the first with the the second, I retitled the whole as "Arrangements II & X" for the sake of what I hope is a more elegant and readable "titles.card". Thank you, Jared, for permission to do so. Also, I've changed some things from the previous version, minor tweaks, really. But see if you can detect them.CR: Sorry about the first version but, believe me, this one is in some small way superior to the first.
BIG SKY OUTDOOR CINEMA: Against the advice of the voices in my head I've decided to post this video--SHUT UP! Sorry, I was addressing one the voices that says no one will watch it on UTube. Like duh, I know that, stupid! Another voice just asked me to say "hi" to everyone who does watch it on her behalf. So, "hi"!
Big Sky Outdoor Cinema: A video montage exposing some simple animation I made in Bryce 4. Some elements were manipulated using Aftereffects and Photoshop and finally rendered in Premiere 6.5
Dino Busters: This is an original 3D CG animation made with Poser Pro, Particle Illusion and Pro Tools. Music is provided from Ryalty Free Music site http://www.musicloops.com . Another song is "The Entertainer", Public Domain song. SE is provided from "On-jin" http://www.yen-soft.com/ssse .
How to Build a Large Set for 3d Animation. (Part 1 - Overview): How to Build a Large Set for 3d Animation. In Part 1 I show a render tour of the set so that you can see what the final set looks like. http://www.scififunk.com The set is rendered in Carrara with no post work. The 3d models used in the set come from a variety of artists (with lots from Stonemason), plus include my own edits of these models (to fit the set) plus some 3d models that I had to make myself. You have to make some models yourself as sometimes there just isn't what you want available (at a reasonable price), for us indepenedants some modelling skill is essential. More detail on how to put this set together in the series. Steve Payne Large set building (3d animation) http://www.scififunk.com
dragon 2012: poser model dragon,new skin 3d max
Cute Pixie in my PC: Watch the cute dance of the Fairy from computer. Do you wish that is happening to you ?
Future City Traffic v0.2 (3D Animation): An update to my city of the future (to be featured in the animated series Sci Fi Funk.) http://www.scififunk.com At the moment I am experimenting with replicating people, traffic and urban systems. In version 0.2 I added more vehicles, with multiple replicators, and overlayed my animated people from "the walk of the doomed" series. There are more improvments to be made, like making the traffic move at different speeds for example. A scene like this requires a lot of composisting and you have to be careful to seperate off each moving part (the traffic lanes, the people) vs the static parts (the two building structures). More on this project at http://www.scififunk.com
Freebies Preview: Here's a preview of some of the goodies on the way. The first image demonstrates that the material zones on these models accept shaders. The rose earrings are part of the Moon Jewels pack. I have a request for you, the viewer: Could you please tell me in the comments which type of sleeve you like better for the General's tunic? One of them is fitted closely to the character's arm and the other is loose with flowing lines.
Sky Pirates: All movies were created with PoserPro, effected with Particle Illusion SE, edited with Vegas Movie Studio by ghid. All sounds were created with ProToolsLE by ghid. SimonPureMusic2010. 自主制作の3DCGアニメーションです。 音楽はTom Turpinによる「The St. Louis Rag」。1903年の作品で、現在はパブリックドメイン曲となっています。 アニメーション制作・映像編集・加工・音楽演奏・編集をすべて1人で行っています。
The First Move SE: A Special Contest Edition of my videoclip
The First Move: Rendered in Luxrender at min. 1500 S/px per Frame
Animation Bryce: Bryce animtation
Sexy Dino Hunter: Original Movie of Monolophosaurus, the Dinosaurus VS Dino Hunter girl. All movies were created with DAZ studio and Poser Pro Basic Edition, edited with Vegas Movie Studio by ghid. All music is copyright purple planet music. http://www.purple-planet.com/ And all tracks were edited with Pro Tools by ghid.
Prime Time Dancer (Model Test): "This is a Poser 2012 test model animation, This is only a test film." This has been age restricted  PG-13 Prime Time Dancer A dancer on a MOCK prime time TV show. created with poser pro rendered in Daz studio
CITY OF RAGE - Ballad in the Night -: Scene from the project "CITY OF RAGE" 3d Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop. City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspired from the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
CITY OF RAGE - Sweet Memories (draft scene).avi: Draft scene from the project "CITY OF RAGE" 3d Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop. City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspired from the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
CITY OF RAGE - VIDEO CLIP (draft video): Draft Video Clips from the project "CITY OF RAGE" The real one will come soon 3d Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop. City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspired from the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
Large Seesaw Experiment: This is the Poser Physics test movie. All movies were created with Poser Pro Basic Edition, edited with Vegas Movie Studio by ghid. All music is copyright purple planet music. http://www.purple-planet.com/ And all tracks were edited with Pro Tools by ghid.
Only a teenaged girl can do magic: A young girl finds fitting into a new community difficult while she supports herself by flying. music by Audio Quattro, available at royalty free music site "musicloops.com". Song title is "sky". http://www.musicloops.com/
Metro arriving - WIP: with audio contains now 2 Scenes
Princess of Dungeon: This is the movie for "DAZ 3D & Fright Times Halloween Contest 2010" version. Public version is at page below, but almost the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjX1H22SCQM All movies were created with DAZ studio and Poser Pro Basic Edition, edited with Vegas Movie Studio by ghid. All music is copyright purple planet music.http://www.purple-planet.com/ And all sounds were edited by ghid. Some rights reserved Simon Pure Music 2010.
A Dragon and an Elf: 3D CG software POSER Figure,Aiko4 and millennium Dragon fight ! All Movies were renderd with Poser, effected with Particle Illusion SE, edited with Vegas Movie Studio by ghid. Music is provided from royalty free music site "musicloops.com". http://www.musicloops.com/ There are 2 songs composed by Mark Petrie. Genesis http://www.musicloops.com/music_download/genesis-5625/ Exit Strategy http://www.musicloops.com/music_download/exit-strategy-4958/
Diaphragm Showcase: Diaphragm Door animation with dramatic effect
Dynamic Shirt and Skirt Set with Belt Constraint in Poser: This is an animation in Poser of a dynamic shirt and skirt with belt constraint.
diaphragm door test: testing a diaphragm door for a dungeon in a skyrim mod currently in development.
Metro arriving: 1 Scene with audio
iClone5 Launch News and Features: Check out this video to learn about the official iClone5 launch, its new features, mocap device plug-in, and creations from talented developers and power users during beta.
Race through the Canyon: 2 Scenes with Audio from my Animation
1:18 min. animasion 3d animation ciceto:     •    VENEXIAN- metafora: el peso dea vita. ła me seconda animasion.    •    ENGLISH - metaphor: the weight of the life. my 2th animation.
4:50 min. music 3d animation:     •    VENEXIAN: gò xontà ła me grafica 3d so ła me muxica ispirà a bach.    •    ENGLISH: my music inspired by bach and my 3d graphics animation.
Race through the Canyon - Alternate Version: The alternate Version of the preview.
Race through the Canyon: Preview of an upcoming Animation
2001 - A Space Odyssey: This video is an homage to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, 2001 - A Space Odyssey. After modeling and rendering in Cinema 4D, everything was put together in Sony Vegas 7 Pro.
Sexy Combat meets troll: A sexy female combat makes a last stand on Earth against an invasion of a troll from fantasy world.
Santa Sings "Jingle Bells": Santa sings a Christmas song.
Animated Water Surface in 3DS Max HDTV: Animated water surface created in 3DS Max using "Cellular Mapping technique. Best viewed in 16:9 HDTV format. Created without any plugins ..... simply Max technique. 
Quest for Alinka: Several months of bloody battling has taken it's evil crusade throughout the Kingdom sparing no one.
BOXX Workstations for CG Pros - Shoaib Moham: 3DBOXX 3970 HARDWARE REVIEW! Shoaib tells us about BOXX Technology's latest products, including workstations with blazing fast 4 GHZ speed at affordable price points
zerg rush: a work in progress
My haters are my motivators: Inspired by the troll that has been stalking me since June 2011
Nasty Old Man Character design: main character 3d model for my animated short film
STAR WARS (Razboiul Stelelor animatie romaneasca 3D creeata de Silviu Caraba from Romania): Original animation created in Poser by Silviu Caraba from Romania
my super heros: my name is ashish .i am from india . watch this video . and enjoy. for any comment . my email address is ........... ash.dis143@gmail.com . i need some other work for autodesk maya.
Free full HD motion graphics.: EditableClips.com announces free motion graphics section. Excellent quality full HD clips absolutely for free! You can use this clips for your every video project. Direct link: http://www.editableclips.com/members/free.php
my 3d character: rigged in 3d studio max 2010. Test Animation A1
flamethrower test: fire test done in blender
Karate Girl - City of Tears HD: Karate Girl Adventures. Suki & The City of Tears. Another episode of Suki the Karate Girl fighting for her life.  My first atte,pt at sword fighting I'm still learning how to make 3d animations , so please bare with me
Justice League: Doom - Official Trailer: Justice League: Doom finds Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg and Batman on their heels when a team of super villains discover and implement the Dark Knight's "contingency plans" for stopping any rogue Justice League member
The "Red Rocker" Model: This model was create by me. This is my first real model that ive created all by myself. Song: "Slow Action Packed"-By me Help me get better at animation. Please Subscibe and give me a thumbs up if you like.Helmet from sharecg.com
Wish they would have been ants: Created for the wishful thinking animation contest at Daz Studio.com 10 - 15 - 2011
HATEGATE MOVIE PREVIEW TRAILER: A new animated film by Author, Animator & Director Willie Easter Jr This is a dark tale about hate and revenge... Jay Williams was murdered because of his love affair with a white woman in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina. This is a preview of one of my new animated films. HATEGATE in the works! To view this movie preview trailer log on to: http://www.easterdaretodreamfilms.yolasite.com copyright easterj 2011 & easter dare to dream films
Catwoman full HD with Lucy Liu 3D animation by Silviu Caraba from Romania.,music Rihanna: Animation create by Silviu Caraba in poser 6.Digital Actors ....Police Man - Silviu Caraba,Catwoman - Lucy Liu,Music - RIHANNA -russian roulette,Morphs of the characters by Silviu Caraba.I have this original ideas, to create a Catwoman animation using LUCY LIU,because i think she looks liche a cat..She have that gorgeous eyes perfect for a catwoman character,and the perfect attitude for a catwoman..........
Trying to create invincibile soldiers (animation and music created by Silviu Caraba from R: Trying to create invincibile soldiers (3D HD animation and music created by Silviu Caraba from Romania)
easterj's Witheredwoods Web Version 2.0 part 2: This is Witheredwoods web version 2.0 part 2 copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2011 I had fun making this animated short film...it's great to be original and copy no one else. This is a pilot film to jump start a new series entitled the adventures in the Witheredwoods. Four military men encounter a strange creature that stalks and tries to kill them as they begin to discover the truth about the Witheredwoods. I also thank my two brothers for voice acting in my short animated movie. Willie Easter Jr ...as JR Rich and Steve Knights Dennis G. Easter...as Gene Weed Gene L. Easter...as High-Be
easterj's Witheredwoods Web Version 2.0: easterj's Witheredwoods web version 2.0 You may buy Witheredwoods the DVD version at www.createspace.com For more information log on to www.easterdaretodreamfilms.yolasite.com copyright easterj 2011 easter dare to dream films
Wishful thinking ( Daz contest entry): Its an entry for a contest at http://forum.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=168768&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0&sid=6afa85315d00f0067a569b0dba66b389 wishful thinking is the contest theme. The man in white karate belt represents a little about me :D. if anyone of u wish to join the contest there is still approximately 1 month left,,, contest expire at the end of this October
Easterj's HateGate rough edit film cut (New Film 2010) V.02: This is a rough edit film cut of my new horror/fantasy animated film in the works... Written, Animated & Directed by Willie Easter Jr Copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2010 For more information log onto www.easterdaretodreamfilms.yolasite.com
Champagne: A tribute to Jacques Higelin based on his song "Champagne". Animation background of ghosts, skeletons, witches and zombies.Done in 2010 for Halloween :-)Un hommage à Jacques Higelin basée sur sa chanson "Champagne". Animation sur fond de fantômes, squelettes, sorcières et zombies.
Urban Conspirators: Tanya has second thoughts about a crime her partner wants her to take part in .
Catwoman Crime PSA: There is no match whenever Catwoman is on the scene in any crime invested city.
Going Solo: Young musician waits for bus after her band breaks up.
Fire Prevention & Home Safety: Animated fire truck warns about the dangers of fire and prevention.
War of Inhumanity: Blinded during a brutal attack on her small rural village for supporting the oppositional government. Helena now awaits her murderous interrogators.
The Haunted Castle - HD 3D: The Haunted Castle in HD, something i created for Halloween 2011 video contest, Created with Daz Studio and Adobe Premiere
Astral Alliance: After years of research Jada has rediscovered the ancient Egyptian codes to time travel.
"Think of You": After school teen sings about his true dream love. Song and music composed by Willie C. Bishop & Crosstown.
Edge City Pizza: Mister Bigg takes time out of his busy schedule to enjoy a large pizza alone.
Future Fast Food.: Doc Brown's granddaughter takes his time machine DeLorean on a ride to the future in search of fast food.
Mercury - 3DS Max Visualisation in HDTV Format.: Planet Mercury Visualisation/Animation in 3DS Max. Titles in After Effects CS3. Complete Solar System Animation is available. For Business Enquires contact - bharatbhagwat@yahoo.com
The Sun - 3DS Max Visualisation in HDTV Format.: Visualisation/Animation of The Sun , created in 3DS Max. Titles in Adobe After Effects CS3. Complete Solar System Animation is available. For Business Enquires contact - bharatbhagwat@yahoo.com
African Huntress: Lone huntress journey the Africa wilderness in search of her stolen children.
Deadly Departure: After spending their entire lives together they decide to depart.
Blood Date: Lisa finds herself in an unlikely situation when she realize her date is not the person he said he was.
Greetings From The Walking Dead: A bit of fun - a camp walking (mincing!) skeleton (in a wig?) wishing everyone a wicked Halloween!
TRX BSFS Railr: A collection of animations I put together for my friends @ BlackScienceFiction.com.
Quadruped Rig_RD.flv: Hello everyone!!!Hope you remember me.Here is my new rigging demoreel on quadruped.See,I kept my promise!!(:D).Just kidding!!!Please go through it,and of course,do post your comments.Thanx to Rajiv for sharing such a wonderful model.I enjoyed rigging it.And for viewers,please don't forget to post comments as I will always keep saying that comments always helped me to take the best out of me.Thanx everybody.LOL.
demoreel new rd: First of all,thanks to Rohit Jain for the model.I used it in my latest rigging reel,and,here it is.As I had promised(to myself :P),this one is updated with stretch.Although it contains the same biped and props rigging,but I hope there are few updates that viewers would find interesting.Keeping my fingers crossed,they will like it and post their valuable comments.Thank you all.
TRX BSFS Railr: Finally. My 1st video on SCG. Enjoy!!!
Daz3D Gecko HipHop dance animation: 3d animation using Daz3D Studio and Corel Video Studio Pro X2.
Dancing Geckos Zombie Chiller: Gecko zombie dance routine
ZZ Gecko American Tour 2010: ZZ Gecko Texas blues trio tours America
Cyborg Dream: Male cyborg dreams about a fantasy female cyborg.
Lady Gecko and the Sultan of Swing: 3D animation of the Lady Gecko Show episode 1 featuring guitarist Dire Gecko
Rasta Gecko: Another Gecko animation to make you smile. Created with Daz Studio 3 and Corel Video Studio Pro X4
Veda - Amateur Ballet: 3d muscular girl dances amateur ballet. In animation used mocap data. Model,rig,cloth dynamics,hair made in 3dsmax, rendered in Mental Ray. Please watch in FullHD!
Future City (version 0.1): London 2064ad. The city of the future brought to life thanks to cheaper 3d animation models. http://www.scififunk.com/ I plan to show the progress I'm making on building a city of the future for my animated series "Sci Fi Funk". It is not easy doing this as an independant part time lone animator, and may take some months if not a year or so to complete. However I wanted to share the journey with anyone who is also interested in futuristic sci fi cities. Steve Sci Fi City Project http://www.scififunk.com
Future City Traffic v0.1 (3D Animation): Welcome to the city of the future to be featured in the animated series Sci Fi Funk. http://www.scififunk.com At the moment I am experimenting with replicating people, traffic and urban systems. This is a version 0.1 so many improvments to be made, like making the traffic move at different speeds, more variation in traffic. I can tell you that this is a very difficult scene to do as it requires a lot of composisting (unless you've got a super computer to render and construct your scene with). More on this project at http://www.scififunk.com
Walk of the Doomed V0.2 (3D animation): The mission is to have a credible mass walk to work scene, all as a 3d animation set in the future (2064 ad). http:/www.scififunk.com/ This is version 0.2 Now we have 30x different characters, each with its own unique walk loop, and each loop set to start at a slightly different pace and place (so they dont all swing their arms at the same time, and go at the same pace). Still things need improving, there is at least one rogue walk pattern that doesn't work and the render times are creaping up. When version 1.0 is done, these people will be walking along side the "people farms" in London 2064ad. Watch out for version 0.3 Steve 3d animated walk loops for mass population http://www.scififunk.com
CCTV Japan: Production Piece - Krakatoa (Thinkbox): CCTV Japan produced this wispy tour of Asia using Krakatoa from Thinkbox Software. This brilliantly produced piece shows what can be accomplished with this state-of-the-art software, plus lots of talent and creativity. All rights reserved: CCTV Japan ,br>
Student Showcase 2011: Animation Mentor's Student Showcase is a compilation of the original animated work of our students. Each showcase serves as a testament to the quality of an Animation Mentor education, and each exhibits our students understanding of the principles of body mechanics, weight, character arc, acting techniques, and emotive elements that add life and originality to characters.
THE FUCHSIA FITS: by Alec Donavan, BFA Communication Design '10 - Mixed Media THE FUCHSIA FITS is a transgressively colorful chunk of propaganda responding to the often upsetting issue of LGBTQ representations in the contemporary mainstream media through the employment of decidedly expressive postures and deliberately ridiculous movements executed by one very queer body
MEDUSA: by Joon Moon, MFA Design + Technology '10 - Code Based Animation MEDUSA is a code-based visual/audio collaboration with DJ Carol Chiu. the visuals were coded in Max/MSP jitter, mainly using OpenGl for the 3D graphic elements. The application analyzes sound into data which in turn generates algorithms for amplitude, frequency, rhythm, color, motion and shapes. This piece was design for live performance, where the visuals were manipulated in real-time to synchronize with the DJ's audio performance.
THE FACE SHOP: by Noella Borie, BFA Illustration '10 - Mixed Media Neil is a young boy without a face. His monster friend, Manny, brings him to THE FACE SHOP in the town of Moleville where he hopes to find a suitable face for the boy. Developed as a pilot for a TV series, this animated cartoon combines 2D Flash animation with traditional stop motion. The use of mixed media was employed to emphasize the eerie, offbeat nature of the storyline.
SURFACE: by TU+//Varathit Uthaisri, MFA Design + Technology '09 - Mixed Media / Experimental Film SURFACEis a radiant experimental film exploring the heartbeat of a city from an underground perspective. This 'urban symphony' transforms human actions and street objects into beats that harmoniously compose a grand audio and visual composition. The film emphasizes the ideas of 'point of contact,' and the notion of 'live footprints.' Student Academy Awards 2010: Regional Winner, Alternative Category Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2009: Live Action Winner (Surface) Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2009: Motion Graphic, SemiFinalist (Surface Prototype) MetroCAF 2009: Jury Prize Winner
BEAUTIFUL TECHNOLOGY: by Andre Vandenburg, BFA Design + Technology '11 - 3D Animation BEAUTIFUL TECHNOLOGY is a chilling commentary on the detached attitude the 'Disposable Generation' has towards the technology they take for granted. This disturbing animation sheds light on the endless upgrading and casual discarding of any technology not completely up-to-date, even though the previous model may have been perfectly functional and still quite beautiful
Student Showcase 2010: Animation Mentor's Student Showcases are a compilation of the original animated work of our students. Each showcase serves as a testament to the quality of an Animation Mentor education, and each exhibits our students understanding of the principles of body mechanics, weight, character arc, acting techniques, and emotive elements that add life and originality to characters.
The Karate Girl Adventures - The Temple of Trials - Trial I: The Kararte Girl Adventures - The temple of Trials - ( This Trial 1) out of several more Karate trials to come. Created with Daz Studio and Adobe Premiere.I think I'll stick with Karate Girls instead of dancers. ..lol comments welcomed
END OF THE LINE: by Satori Imai, BFA Design + Technology '10 - 3D Animation END OF THE LINE is a poignant tale of an old train's journey before retiring to a station in the sky. Flashbacks of all the many places and passengers encountered over the years flood the train's memory as it makes its final run down the tracks.
FLUSHED: by Luke Hansen, BFA Design + Technology '10 - 3D Animation FLUSHED is a humorous 3D short about a plumber and one very stubborn toilet. What begins as a seemingly routine fix soon turns out to be no ordinary job! Who will ultimately win in this classic battle of wills? This animation pays particular stylistic homage to the classical slapstick physical humor made popular during the Golden Age of Cinema.
COCA COLA: by Jennifer Choi, Design + Technology '11 - Motion Graphics COCA COLA is a journey through the whimsical and bubbly world of Coca Cola. This beautifully designed product spot celebrates the classic silhouette of the Coca Cola bottle as a universal icon of happiness that can be found wherever we go.
SOUL 2 SOLE: by David Park, BFA Design + Technology '09 - Motion Graphics SOUL 2 SOLE is a lively homage to the cult of sneaker obsession. From humble athletic show to highly prized collector's item, the sneaker's meteoric rise in popularity, with relation to cultural milestones in sports and music comes to life in this visual retrospective.
THE FIVE CLASSIC TYPEFACES: by Kyueng Sub Yeom, BFA Communication Design '07 - Motion Graphics THE FIVE CLASSIC TYPEFACES is a lyrical motion graphic interpretation of Chapter 2 from Design with Type, by James Craig. "Each of the five typefaces represent a distinct stage in the evolution of type design and they remain among the most popular and widely used typefaces today." - Designing with Type, p.23. SIGGRAPH 2007 First Place: Fine Arts/Experimental category
Bullseye by Polyphonic Spree & Moonbot Studios: Moonbot Studio’s latest iPad app creation, Bullseye. Bullseye is a collaboration with the musical group Polyphonic Spree that brings their haunting song to interactive life as it lets you explore a day in the life of a stylized pollywog looking for acceptance in a harsh and frantic world. Wow!
Power of Books: Fantastic Flying Books ...: The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore - This short animation won the Best Animated Short at San Jose, California’s 21st Annual Cinequest Film Festival and Best in Show at Siggraph 2011. In this video, William Joyce, talks about the power of story as relates to this award winning short animation now available as an iPad app.
Making: Fantastic Flying Books - Morris Lessmore: The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore: This animation won the Best Animated Short at San Jose, California’s 21st Annual Cinequest Film Festival and Best in Show at Siggraph 2011. This video gives you a glimpse at the creative juices behind this award wining short film, now available as an iPad app. Brandon Oldenburg, William Joyce, and Adam Volker
iPad App:Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore: The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore:This short animation won the Best Animated Short at San Jose, California’s 21st Annual Cinequest Film Festival and Best in Show at Siggraph 2011. This trailer gives you a glimpse of the interactive e-book, based on this award winning short animation now available as an iPad app.
The Apache Warrior: The Apache Warrior this animation was removed due to a stalker new link to this videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZpWBUXC3-c&list=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D8ZpWBUXC3-c&list=PLFF80205552D7368D&index=0&feature=plcp
The Exotic Dancer -Low res Flash animation -: This is a re-post at the request of the Share cg administrator. The exotic dancer - No Nudity completely clothed dancer A video created to tune belly dancing mocap animation tastefully done. Music copyright granted to Ivy Summers By FX home royalty free sound tracks www.fxhome.com for private and commercial use. I want my friends I have made on here to know that the stocker who has been harassing me an has been caught and delt with harshly with the scottland yard and the Milatary. Thank you all for your support during this trying time for me
The Dancer: I am re-posting this video at the request of the sharecg.com administratorsthis is my first attempt at dynamic clothing. This is A DAZ studio demo reel of dynamic clothing for Opititex dynamic clothing at http://www.optitex.com/ Thanks Martin for your helpThe soundtrack is called cleopatra by John Tirbbitts -royalty free license granted to Ivy SummersFXhome.com for royalty free soundtracks & effects
Diamond Ring: A video clip of my Diamond Ring made and rendered in Maya
Walk of the Doomed V0.1 (3D animation): The mission, to have a credible mass walk to work scene, as a 3d animation set in the future (2064 ad). http:/www.scififunk.com/ This is version 0.1, in other words just proving it can be done in theory for very little budget. Yes I know a lot of things need improving, like not making them walk in unison so much (there are actually 7 or 8 different walk patterns in there). Also they are standing still at the moment, and they are all the same size and shape pretty much. Also they are walking in a black hole. When version 1.0 is done, these people will be walking along side the "people farms" in London 2064ad. Watch out for version 0.2 Steve 3d animated walk loops for mass population http://www.scififunk.com
1950s spaceship test flight: I've been working on a model of the legendary three-stage ferry rocket created by Wernher von Braun and others for a 1952 Collier's Magazine series about the conquest of space. I thought I'd take it for a little test spin. This was how the future looked to an entire generation of space-struck kids. The spaceships and space stations from the Colliers articles permeated both fiction and non-fiction media well into the 1960s, when the first REAL spacecraft started going up. What a blow it was to space fans to discover that the first orbital craft would be tiny cans that didn't even have wings! The textures are still rough and only the first-stage engines work right now. When I have everything sorted out I'll post the model on ShareCG for any other Space Cadets out there.
The Street Race - HD Animation: a fun animation I did of me and my car a 3000gt Don't forget to rate:)Credits at the end of movie.
Tippy's 3D Stuff #8: This is the last video showing off my 3D models and Character.
Karate Girl - The Tournament - HD: Karate Girl - The Tournament in HD . A short animation of Suki the karate Girl . Don't forget to Rate:) Created with Daz Studio and Adobe Premiere credits at the end of flim.
Karate Girl -The Golden Dragons Lair: Episode I - The begining of the Karate Girl Adventures. Don't forget to rate me :) This is the prequill to "Suki and the golden dragon." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Fnk4w31US0&feature=channel_video_title
fighting walk test: quick test for the fighting locomotions available freely at my sharecg
winterfee.wmv: Mit Poser 7 erstellt
An afternoon at the bird feeder: An afternoon at the bird feeder . A HD 3D Daz Studio animation. A simple scene of wildlife gathered around a bird feeder. Don't forget to give me a rating. :)Cynopane background by HoboBo - at share CG http://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=HoboBoFober world done props.  http://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=foberDaz Studio Animals , Daz Squirrel, Daz Song Bird remix.Sounds created  by Ivy Summers with Adobe Soundbooth Studio MX and a RSB sound Machine.
Adlerflug.wmv: Mit Lumion und Poser 7 erstellt
Karate Girl - Suki and the arena HD-3D: Follow along as suki finshes off 3 amature fighters. Quick to the point done! lol don't forget to rate This is movie 3 in my original series of Suki the karate GirlCredits at the end of the movie.Created with Daz Studio and Adobe creative suiteMusic By SILVIU CARABA Animated poses by ANYMATTER Costumes By:  TerryMcG  & redviper Other Credits at the end of the movie.
soucoupe: soucoupe
Kick! With Bruno Von Bear: Bruno was modeled in Art of Illusion, then imported into Poser for texture and animation. The animation was created using the Motion Capture files from Carnegie Mellon. This animation is a demonstration for our upcoming free 3D and Animation workshop is St. Charles, MO. For more information you can contact me through the email link here.
Salsa staring Bruno Von Bear: This is a demonstration video for the upcoming 3D modeling and animation workshop in St. Charles Missouri. Bruno was modeled with Art of Illusion, imported in to Poser for application of textures and animated with Motion Capture files from Carnegie Mellon BVH Library. Bruno will be available for download from ShareCG. Feel free to contact me through the email link for more information about the workshop there is no cost for the workshop.
Karate Girl - Suki and the Golden Dragon: Karate Girl Adventures Suki and the Golden Dragon. Is a series of 3D-HD Karate Girl Animation Created By Graphic Artist Ivy Summers for entertainment purposes.Credits at end of animation. Created with 3D software Daz Studio, Poser Pro, Adobe Creative suite CS5 and Adobe Premiere. I am still learning how to make 3d animations so I know there is a few bugs. They will get better as I go along I promise.Thanks Memebers of Sgare CG for sharing your models so I could make this film,.
cradan demo: first animation demo contact us if you like us to release the full movie deepfrosteyes@yahoo.com
Gamemodel turntable: Gamemodel made using Zbrush and 3dsmax. Total polygon count come in at around     6.6k(exclude skulls and base).
Head sculpture from photo reference: Head sculpted from a photo reference from 3D.sk.
Zbrush Ear turntable: Ear sculpted from a plane in zbrush.
Zbrush Hand turntable: Human hand sculpt and render in Zbrush.
Zbrush Skull Turntable: Human skull sculpt and render with zbrush.
Battlestar Galactica: FALL: A civilization of humans live on a series of planets known as the Twelve Colonies. In the past, the Colonies had been at war with a cybernetic race known as the Cylons. With the unwitting help of a human named Gaius Baltar, the Cylons launch a sudden sneak attack on the Colonies, laying waste to the planets and devastating their populations. Approximately 50,000 humans survive, most of whom were aboard civilian ships that avoided destruction. Of all the Colonial Fleet, the eponymous Battlestar Galactica appears to be the only military capital ship that survived the attack. Under the leadership of Colonial Fleet officer Commander William "Bill" Adama.
Audio Book Samples At The Mountains Of Madness: At The Mountains Of Madness is one of H.P. Lovecraft's best known works. These are six samples from the audio book of At The Mountains Of Madness, directed by Shadow Mihai, narrated by Barry Schwam, produced by Stella James Studios and available only at sjLume.com. The audio book is nearly 5 hours long, produced by the same studio which is preparing the film version of the same book (which James Cameron / Guillermo Del Toro lost to them in March, 2011). YOU ARE PERMITTED TO POST THIS ANYWHERE YOU WISH, BUT ONLY IN ITS ENTIRETY WITH NOT EDITS TO THE AUDIO OR VIDEO.
Lovecraft Talking of At The Mountains Of Madness: This is a brief animated promo for the new audio book of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness, produced by Stella James Studios and available at sjLume.com in which H.P. Lovecraft speaks about the studio as well as the upcoming feature film adaptation they are doing (having inherited the project after Guillermo Del Toro / James Cameron lost it at Universal). The Lovecraft model is available elsewhere on the internet - it is not rigged for speech and was used as is. YOU ARE PERMITTED TO LINK TO OR POST THIS ANYWHERE YOU WISH, SO LONG AS IT IS IN ITS ENTIRETY AND WITH NO EDITS TO AUDIO OR VIDEO
Military bike: 32 M hadibicikli
After Effects project - video copilot basic Evolution and Sure Target effect: This is a basic Effect created by after Effects using Evolution Florish effect and Sure Target preset's created by Video copilot .,.Thanks to Andrew Kramer, Designing this kind of basic effects has got very easy.,., thanks again .,,. if u want the project file for this, just make a comment with ur email Id.,. thanks for watching.,.(sorry about the low resolution of the video)
After Effects - Project (Florish): if u r working with After Effects I can give u this project file for free.,.
The Sci-Fi City: Just showing off some more of my Sci-Fi stuff and new characters. Kind of a continuation of my other videos.
The Beach 3D HD: A few beach scene of animations done using Daz Studio presets. credits at the end of film
acention: bryce 3d animation
Color background: Funny color background
photoshop miracle : Age progression: It's Just a photosfop fun video, You must enjoy it. Sorry this is Not a Design Hardcore Tutorial , In Future we shall try to create an age progression tutorial in Photoshop. Contact us always when you face any difficulties in your drawing or designing lessons, for more info you can visit- http://www.editmyphotoonline.com http://www.creativedesignhardcore.com Also you can Visit our Blogs- http://editmyphotoonline.blogspot.com/ http://designhardcore-seshadri.blogspot.com/
v ray exterior light simulation: rendered in vary
Show Reel Matteo Migliorini April 2011: ommercial and personal works *3D Modelling, animation, renderer _____________Autodesk 3D Studio Max *Render Engine _____________Default Scanline Renderer _____________Mental Images Mental Ray _____________Chaos Group V-Ray *2D, motion graphic, post-production _____________Adobe Photoshop _____________Adobe Illustrator _____________Adobe After Effects _____________Eyeon Digital Fusion More information and breakdown list on http://www.art2upz.com C&C are welcome thankx to all Matteo "MatEvil" Migliorini
Hitomi Walking01: Conforming Head for Daz V4
Flag EU: Short animation of EU flag
agent smith: BonyFace test
warrior Princess fight: A continuation of previous upload.
Warrior Princess walk: My first attempt at animation using DAZ Studio4 beta, used three different aniBlocks that came included, V4.2 is wearing the WP outfit available on shareCG
good news: News intro
Abstract light background: Abstract light background video
Outcasts of the Stratosphere WIP: I have been playing at producing an old-fashioned movie-serial-style animation using Poser and 3DS Max. This is a brief test to see how it'd look and sound. Tools used: Poser 4, Max 7, Premiere CS3.
Quest587 Intro (By GX Media): Here is one of my requests I did. Check out his channel. www.youtube.com/user/quest587 If you want an intro pm me. The price is £3.50 paypal only.
Falling Letters Cinema 4D Animation: Here is a short 3D animation I made of falling text. Check out chromedesignshd for the tutorial.
Letti Sfatti & Erri De Luca - Questa città (official video HD): ... Il videoclip "Questa città" è stato concepito utilizzando come struttura narrativa il linguaggio tipico della fiaba. La trama si snoda attraverso un viaggio onirico dei protagonisti....... Per la prima volta appare in video l'alter-ego virtuale dello scrittore Erri De Luca insieme a quello del gruppo "Letti Sfatti" e Patrizio Trampetti ...... "La città unisce la forza della poesia -- Erri De Luca - con il vigore della musica -- Letti Sfatti con Patrizio Trampetti -. Il risultato è un libro (ediz. Testepiene) impreziosito dalle foto di Sergio Siano (Il Mattino), con annesso DVD che contiene: "Questa città" (racconto in video di Erri De Luca), il videoclip della canzone, in cui lo scrittore è presente nel doppio ruolo di voce narrante e di protagonista prestando la sua immagine nel video, realizzato interamente in animazione 3D dalla Poliovale (Perugia) e " Come fiori tra i marciapiedi e l'asfalto " (riflessioni, momenti musicali e backstage di Letti Sfatti e Patrizio Trampetti)."
Bright GX Media (Version 2) Intro: Here is the bright gx media intro with improved sound effects.
RESIDENCIAL SOL DE MOCHE: http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/ G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
guitarhero: thanks to mixamo for the free v4.2 guitar animation, it wasnt the easiest to tweak for levinia lol, but even without postwork and editing here is the first render
test 2: A small Animation/Scene test that i made with Modo 302.
Logo_intro.mov: This is a video intro that i did on Modo 401 for a friend of mine that does rap and hipop beats. To see is youtube channel go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufUcgRIgT_s&feature=related
Levinia goes shopping.wmv: more nonsense.this time adding morphograhy's window prop
norman & Levinia gorilla.wmv: friends of Grum Py on facebook, Norman and levinia     just a silly animation i made using le gorilla and mimic
Domino Track Trailer | Exaggeration Intended!: This is a trailer deliberatley made to be theatrical and exaggeration of a project I am working on (cinema 4D). I have most of it animated but it's just rendering. Once I get my new pc I will be able to begin rendering the 800 frame or so animation and upload. I thought it'd be funny to exaggerate it too so comment and let me know what you think :)
Free Intro Preset Cinema 4D | GXMedia: 25 subs ain't much, but here my gratitude. A simple Cinema 4D logo intro preset with a kick ass font. Here is the download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20065288/Preset+intro.c4d or http://d01.megashares.com/index.php?d01=b74c5f3
GX Media Bright Logo Intro: At last the rneder is done! Because of it's light quality it took 1hou and 45 minutes to render. Comment and let me know what you think :) And another thing, I don't actually put these little intro tests at the start of videos all the time, that would get annoying :P Just to represent the channel's title. Enjoy :)
Poser Laptop Animation: Poser Laptop Animation
Lamborghini Reventon: This was done in 3ds Max.  Check out my website at  http://www.acrionx.com
Mister Magica Intro (By GX MEDIA): Hey there guys, here is an intro I made for Mister Magica. Check out his channel :) NOTE: I know it says Magical, but magica, magical, they are very similar :P
Exclusive Media Cinema 4D Intro: there is no sounds on this and I think the camera work was a little choppy. It was the best I could do. this was done for Exclusive Media so check out his channel!
Cinema 4D Domino Test: This is my first domino test animation using dynamics, thanks to HazyStudios tutorial.
GX Media Cinema 4D Intro: Here is my first piece of cinema 4D Work. loving the programme and the audio took me hours to find :P Comment and let me know what you think.
TV show "Techno liga" intro: KTU university from lithuania
Tv show "Studentų gatvė" intro: intro to TV showmusik by sigur ross
Competition - robot intellegence" reklama: add of robots creation competition organized by KTU SMD. Lithuania made: grafika Augustinas Mačiulis sound by Andrius Radavičius & augustinas maciulis AWZstudios
tv intro: Tv  intromade by augustinas mačiulis muzik by phillip glass
Demo M4 pz2 Animated "Run, attack, killed": you can download file.pz2: http://sharecg.com/v/48176/view/Poser/M4-pz2-Animated-Run,-attack,-killed
Console GFX Testing: Having a mess around with Computer GFX 3D Display ( Seen in IRON MAN) simple turntable animation to check for correct effects
Fun with Physics in Carrara 7: A little animation test done with Carrara using physics. Enjoy :)
lorry: graft trailer
stealth: graft aeroplan
Dark Style Intro Logo- GX Media: Here is another intro logo. I used carrara 7 pro again and my friend made that little sound effect. Please comment and tell me what you think :)
Jibbit's Rescue: This is the last video I have right now, showing off my models.
My Intro Logo for GX Media Studios: Here is a short intro clip of the GX Media Studios logo. It was made using Carrara 7 and edited with Sony Vegas. please comment on what you think.
DON'T GO OUT AT MIDNIGHT: When you meet a werewolf at midnight, another life can occur .. with an happy end politically uncorrect.
Windmill & Watermill: Riff, Garthien and McMulligan show off the Windmill and the Watermill with a little Scifi thrown in.
Creating The Ruins: Riff and Garff find out the hard way of how I made The Ruins.
Garff's cabin: Garff reluctantly shows off a little cabin.
The Western Town: Jibbit shows off my Western Town
Abrams Tank: Caterpillar animation
Gronk's Wagons Part 2: The other half of my video. Let mr know what you think.
Single Frame Render Demo Reel: Still image renderings done in Autocad, 3ds Max and Blender.
Canyon Run (Blender 3D Animation): Animation using Blender 2.49, Sony Vegas and Adobe Audition...
BLENDER ANIMATION - SPACE 1999 EAGLE LIFTOFF: Space 1999 Eagle spacecraft liftoff animation using Blender 2.49 and Sony Vegas...
Gronk's Wagons Part 1: Using one of the characters that I created, I'm just showing off some of the models that I have made over the years. This is my first real attempt at animation. Hope you enjoy it.
Two-Step: I am a composer of harp music, and also do a lot with synthesizers and sampled sounds.  I have been working on animations as a way to showcase my music on youtube.  This piece is called Two-Step.  I wrote it, and in this work, used Garritan Personal Orchestra for the music.  I created the 3D instruments using billboards and photographs.  The animation was "what I did on my winter break" 2011.
La Isla: 3D animation illustrating the 'Cuban Country Scenes', by Louis Moreau Gottschalk
vacume: bryce 3d animation planets
Johnny Cash and The Ridge Runners: Band
demo: using maya software
Lucid 1.1: The latest creation from my cranium done with Daz studio 2.3. Comment, critique and check out my other vidz at http://www.youtube.com/user/figment121968 Thanx 4 watchin'!
POLICE CAR TURNTABLE 1: Lexus Model created from Tutorial & Textures added & styling for Police Cruiser Model.
One Fast Bird: Just having some fun
3D Animation. "Awake to a nightmare". Sci Fi Funk ep 4.: Forget "Nightmare on Elm Street", for an ongoing (3d animated) nightmare movie, watch "Awake to a nightmare" - episode 4 of Sci Fi funk. Imagine awaking from sleep, hypersleep in fact, many years in the future (2064ad) without a clue of what's happend to you, then surviving a near death experience, to land up in a disused warehouse. You are alone, with no money, apparently nowhere to live, in a world where oppression, suppression and poverty abound. An environment where violence is prohibited by the state, as long as you are a level 3 citizen or better. Sci Fi funk goes into that future nightmare in search of humanity. How do people survive in a world without love? Its London as you've never seen it before, a combination of the state, big business, security firms and the unknown level 1's who control your very lives. They don't want you to be anything more than level 3 unless you are of some use to them. This is the nightmare - this is Sci Fi Funk. Also its an excuse to write a 3d film to show off my latest music. Feel free to browse around the channel or indeed my website Http://www.scififunk.com for more music, 3d animation, sound effects etc all with an "urban future" theme. Steve Payne Sci Fi Funk http://www.scififunk.com
animation demo: graphics, effects
animation demo: advertisement
snake: 3d animation using maya software
liquidsword: my computer's not good enough to handle such powerful animation programs, so this is all i can do till i get a new computer
Poser & Daz Studio : Skully VS Machine: Ok, its too short ,also its my attempt to create a choreographed soundtrack using MAGIX music maker 16 premium... To all Dunbine fans, don't get mad since im just randomly selected a model made by ROYLOO ,as long as an android is there for u to see :D .... I dont even know whats the story of Dunbine either, sort of" transformer" maybe? Skully is a new , eternal character. She stars in any shortfilm with bloody and gore scene, or just simply, my version of "Happy Tree Friends" ??? :D It looks like im running out of FX too!
Lake-boat model reconstructed for the Boat Museum: Lake boat model reconstructed for the "Boat Museum" of Lake Trasimeno, Italy.
Waldemar's Graphics Demo Reel: Thank you for looking at my 1st demo. I've studied Computer Graphics and the C.G. field for the past 6 years. I am experienced with most major computer graphics concepts and 3D graphics programs. I use PhotoShop, Maya, and ZBrush on a daily basis. I naturally like being knowledgeable of new technologies, techniques, and programs. These have helped me develop a keen perception for pattern recognition and visual detail in my personal work. In addition I have Internet information researching skills. If you would like me the help you with your company or project write or message me. My major goals are to make educational video games, feature films, and if possible create a High Performance Computing Device. //The Piston Speaker was accomplished with constraints connected to objects with offset rotation points and driven by this expression: // float $speed = PistonSpeaker.PistonRev; Driving_Hinge_exp.rotateX = $speed * 360; concaveCone1.translateZ = clamp (-1.5,1.4,(sin(noise(frame)*$speed))); // //The 2 Matrix particle trails where shaped by this expression: // particleShape2.userScalar1PP = mag(particleShape2.position); if (particleShape2.age "greater than" 2) particleShape2.radiusPP = smoothstep(0,3,particleShape2.age+0.350)+(sin(particleShape2.age*10)*0.100)+0.300; else if (particleShape2.age "greater than" 2) particleShape2.radiusPP = smoothstep(.8,3,particleShape2.age*0.7)+(sin(particleShape2.age*10)*0.500)+1; //
The Legend of Ignaqua - trailer.mpg: The Legend of Ignaqua - full movie - is on Vimeo. http://www.vimeo.com/17983951Trailer of a 55 minutes movie I made using stop-motion + 3D.Enjoy !
Baldanza_Lou_360x240.mov: Fullsail Demo Reel 06'
Rebirth: sci fi bryce music video
fight 1: fight scene 1st ever 1
Lighting Demo Reel - Sankeerth Reddy: Please do watch in full resolution(1080p).
Walkthrough: This is a random walkthrough of sunrise / entering a park / school / swimming pool / etc.
the Ring: BRYCE 3d animation sci fi music
Manifest It All: The Ascendant Neschamah presents 'Manifest It All', a 3D animated music video. The lyrics may be found on the website.Our thanks to DAZ Studio, ACID Xpress, and the many artists on the internet that make their models freely available for personal use.http://AscendantNeschamah.weebly.com
What If?: Message From Home: Crash The Super Bowl Ad contest 2010
Angel And Devil: Submission to Crash The Super Bowl 2010
Alians Love Doritos Too!: Submission to Crash The Super Bowl 2010
Shark Attack: Submission for Crash The Super Bowl
Ghetto Fighting (music, 3d animation): Ghetto Figthing in London 2064 ad. Level 4 citizens are advised to stick to the curfew. http://www.scififunk.com A 3d animation of a first person fight scene and a test run for using a 3d connexion mouse recording the mouse movements when hooked up to the camera display. The future is not all violence though. Indeed "Violence is prohibited". You can improve your chances of a peaceful existance by staying away from level 4 districts altogether. Venturing out at night is not advised. There is no camera protection and the police patrols rarely bother to fly past. London in 2064 ad is a vibrant place of work, a citizen who obeys global law and maintains at least level 3 status should have an average life, with just enough money to socialise at the local shopping floors in each citizen tower. As a compliant citizen your future is assured.
I'm the man (3d animation, music, humor): Yeah hes cool, with a flying car and a police escort, but all the money in the world can't overcome stupidity. http://www.scififunk.com This is a true story. No really it is. Ok so its set in 2064 AD and lets be honest here, its a few years until we'll see If I'm right or not, but this will happen. Mark my words. Its fine having all the money in the world with yer fancy shamcy flying cars and everything, but you can't buy brains. Or maybe you can in 2064 AD. hmmm there's a thought. Well if you are into 3d animation I used the following DAZ 3d models, they are all to be found at daz 3d. Do a search for dystopian to pick up the props and hardcore m4 to get the outfit. Urban future 3 Hardcore m4 Packratt Storage skycar 2010 skyrider aeronica v18 enjoy and if you want something more substantial check out my 3d movie being rendered in parts at http://www.scififunk.com Who knows I might even finish it before I get to old to care. Steve Payne sci fi funk
2009 Random 3D works by binho: Some clips and artworks that I did last year.Used Maya and DazStudio.
First 3D rendered animation: Here's my first 3D rendered animation madde in Vue 7 xStream, by a MaKiPL who's 13. Video is 10 sec camera moving test with psychic trees plus good looking atmosphere.
Poser & Daz Studio : Matrix Yuki: This is just a remake of Yuki counter kicks/ leg cross fight. which is being improved to better controlled of dynamic cloth & motions , also plus a lil of matrix scene/effects.... so, not much to expect here... just watch and hope you enjoy. The guy in 3d depicting myself, with sclupting n lighting are not properly set therefore it only resembles 60% of me... afterall its still a hybrid between myself and poser 6 james D-:.... gotta try other software such as face shop pro etc next tym Oh, and take a look the old version which im going to private it soon.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG5i50WZScI
CITY OF RAGE - trailer 1 -: Small draft trailer from the project "CITY OF RAGE" 3d Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop.City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspiredfrom the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
Poser & Daz Studio HORROR : What Am I ?? (DAZ Fright Times Halloween Contest 2010): This is an entry for Fright Times Halloween Contest 2010 at http://www.daz3d.com. Jack was suffered of severe bleeding after his mission, and finally fell unconscious, lost at unknown graveyard. After he awake, he noticed zombies surrounded him & could'nt escaped from this hellish scene. Fortunately the zombies didn't hurt him, not even a single attack. Jack's closest partner, Jill went to rescue him. But she eventually killed him. Jack would never know why ...PLEASE CONTINUE WATCHING , THE ACTUAL ENDING SCENE  WILL SHOWS UP  JUST AFTER THE CREDITS ROLL !!!
To stop the wars - The last Beast: An animation short film made on fact about democracy. Should the world survive the evil beyond it ?. A new animation trailer for you to see from imagineFX studio. Just revising the short film made from 2003 to 2008 part time to show in an animation festival. The story is about the fact of friendship between world leaders and dictators of this beautiful world. No leaders of this world cares about you unfortunately. Retranslated in this short film to a different world, the life didn't change from century until the years 2000 we are living and still will go on and on because of political interest and greed. So we can't change the leaders of this world who speak about democracy and who are not so democratic. We just can change our life into thinking that this world is still beautiful and also trying to keep planet Earth alive.
3d Animation. "A Wonderful Life". Sci Fi Funk Episode 3: Episode 3 - "A Wonderful Life", continues the journey from our present day to the future. Get there via cryrogenic hypersleep. http://www.scififunk.com Steve Marlore takes the plunge, trusting his very existence to futuristic firm "Cryrosimetics", but first he has some questions. I mean if a company offered you 20 years of the national average salary paid into the bank account of your choice, PLUS the house of your dreams - it would surely be a very tempting offer. Too good for Steve Malore to turn down anyway, he's pretty cheesed off with the way things are going at the moment anyway. This looks like a way out of his problems. The only nagging doubt is .. are these people genuine? Judge for yourself in this hilarious comical episode of Sci Fi funk. More on this channel and at the site http://www.scififunk.com Steve Payne SciFiFunk 3d animation
Daz 3d Animation. Life plug in demo.: The Life plug in for Daz 3d adds lifelike finishing touches to your work. http://www.daz3d.com/i/shop/itemdetails/?item=11171 I am a 3d animator using Daz3d, so I was delighted to discover what "Life" could do for me. Basically, it generates loops with an optional random variation to any of the main animation parameters (translate, rotate, scale etc). Used on a human model you can easily get the character to blink (no cut and paste needed it will repeat for the whole lenght of your animation if you want, or turn their head, laugh, talk, dance, etc. The size parameter can be changed too, good for ghosts, or making bushes sway in the wind. The way it works is that you demo the animation within the plugin (no keyframes or daz animation is altered, then you record onto the Daz timeline when you are happy (a bit like baking into the timline like animator 2 does). I see the life plug in as something to be used after you've put in your animate building blocks, and perhaps used animator to edit them. Life then literally breathes life into the animation by ensuring that the chracter keeps moving, even if subtley. From episode 3 of scififunk - the online movie being uploaded in episodes onto youtube - I will be incorporating life. Steve Payne http://www.scififunk.com
Vision of the future. "CiTIZen ID". (Sci Fi Funk): In the future your citizen Id will be assigned at "The Interview". http://www.scififunk.com "CiTIZen ID" is Electronic funk music. Inspired by sci fi Films and animation. Live in 2064, a nightmare of political correctness and Global Control. Study hard until you think you are ready for "The interview". Try to pass the test and be a level 2 or above citizen. Level 3 and below is failure, a life of monotonous work and never owning your own home. Level 4 is where the others are housed in the slums of the city. But anyway lets not get depressed, you've studied hard all your life, your a bright individual you are bound to pass the interview. An intelligent 25 year old like you will sail through - you have been assigned to Room 1001, 180th Floor, City of London Towers. Good luck. http://www.scififunk.com
3D Animation. Sci Fi Funk. Episode #2: Check in at the Hotel Lobby where cryrogenics firm Cryrosimetics will put you to sleep and wake you up 10 years in the future! http://www.scififunk.com In episode 2 of sci fi funk, our hero Steve Malore checks in with cryrosimetics. However Steve gets a little more than he bargained for... Sci Fi Funk is Science fiction Funk music set in 2064 ad. Follow the series and experience urban life in the not too distant future. If you like the films Blade Runner, Minority Report, the Deus Ex series of games or the Dystopia range of 3d models, chances are you'll relate to the Sci Fi Funk experience. Also available at the time of writing is the Pilot Episode and Episode #1 - at this youtube channel or at http://www.scififunk.com which also has the music and additional materials. Enjoy! And please leave a comment.
3D Animation. Sci Fi Funk. Episode #1.: Sci Fi Animation. What would it be like to live in the not too distant future? http://www.scififunk.com In episode 1, our hero fed up with life in the present day (set in 2020) decides that hes nothing left to live for. He types into a search engine that he wants to be paid a fortune, to be put to sleep and woken up in the future, preferably rich. Would that appeal to you? Would you risk losing your life to experience the future? Will the future be a better, safer place to live in? Follow this series of animations to find out, you might be in for a suprise. http://www.scififunk.com The home of futuristic electronic funk music. Sci fi funk!
3D Animation. Sci Fi Funk. (Pilot Ep): 3D Animation set in 2064 AD. Adventures in futuristic urban life. Sci Fi Funk - 3D Animated Music Video. Get the music: http://apps.facebook.com/rn_store/store_direct/artist_465300 Get the sounds: http://www.audiomicro.com/tracks/user/14148 This series features Electronic Funk Music set to futuristic 3D Animation. It showcases my own ideas which come from the kind of Blade Runner/ Dystopia / CyberPunk worlds that we seem to be heading towards. In 2064 Ad the World's major cities will be over crowded and highly cosmopolitan, to the extent that a kind of world English will emerge, which borrows words from many languages, this is starting to happen now. It is possible that the earth's atmosphere may have deteriorated to such an extent that many people seek the shelter of the big City domes with their controlled weather environments. Of course some people go it alone in the country risking skin cancer, but many flock to the Domes, where there is relative safety and where the work is. The big cities house the average person in huge skyscrapers, the tallest of which is 270 floors built in Peking. The average height is 190 floors. The rich / poor divide is very evident and with living space at a premium only the very rich own houses and land, or live at the top of the skyscrapers. The rest of the population fight over the size of apartment they can afford, the higher you go the better the "class" of apartment. "violence is prohibited". This is a global law, passed just a year ago. The nanny state has gone mad and to "protect" its citizens, global law violations are punishable by the death penalty. However human nature has not changed and it simply isn't safe to go downtown at night, even the security cameras can be fooled with blocking devices, and the police in their skycars cannot be everywhere at once. The holosuites are very popular providing citizens with a means of escape, but the more adventurous risk their lives in the space colonies, setting up habitation "off-world". Sci Fi Funk stories depict aspects of life in 2064, attempting to show the reality behind the facade. Animation software: Daz 3D Arrangement software: Sony Vegas http://www.scififunk.com
UTOPIA: in a post atomic world, in wich friendship and brotherhood are going to extinguish, the UTOPIA is still alive....or not?
Manson Music Vid Inter: Please tell me what you thinkThanks
VIDEO MONT BLANC-final-(ex la merced): http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/ G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
CONJUNTO RESIDENCIAL VILLA MABEL: G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
RESIDENCIAL LARCO MAR: http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/ G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
RESIDENCIAL LAS DELICIAS: http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/ G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
PARQUE INFANTIL YONEL ARROYO: http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/
RESIDENCIAL YAHUAR HUACA: http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/ G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
CONJUNTO RESIDENCIAL LAS PALMERAS DE SAN ISIDRO: G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
CONDOMINIO RESIDENCIAL LAS PALMERAS DE SAN ISIDRO 2: G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
CONDOMINIO RESIDENCIAL LOS TULIPANES: G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
CONDOMINIO RESIDENCIAL SOUTHBEACH: http://g3danimation.wordpress.com/ G3D ANIMATION STUDIOS / 811*3948 / 044-948620086 / g3danimation@hotmail.com / g3danimation@yahoo.es / g3danimation@gmail.com
OOPS: A little Poser 7 cloth room disaster. The dress is a conforming that I converted to dynamic, and well, obviously, it needs a little constraint on the top part. XD I thought it was funny the way it sort of pops off and floats down, as if the model's too boobular for it.
The dance of death: 3ds Max animation of a dancing skeleton
A Calling: Keeping projecting the image for the elderly person was a role of the robot. At that occasion, the robot came to know the importance of the mission having been given by oneself before long quietly on the end as for the life of the elderly person that built a robot.
Matrix Bullet time - 3Ds max: Another Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-TdTtrnoVU ================= matrix bullet time animation, Created with 3Ds max, just For Fun :D
Summers End!: Just a quick movie...Hope you Like! Leave a comment! :)
Lessons: Dino Humor! Hope you like, send feedback! :)
Brother Bear - Behind the confession scene.: animation
Stromboli Pencil Test: animation
Beauty and the Beast Misc. Animation: animation
Beauty and the Beast James Baxter 2: animation
Atlantis - Kida Linetests: animation
Atlantis - Audrey Linetest: animation
Ariel Pencil Test Dialogue Exchange: animation
Aladdin- Animatic- Disney: animation
Animal Walk - Polar Bear: animation
11 Second Club animation (unbelievable): animation
2d animation line test: animation
Sword Play: A quick vid I did! Hope you like
Adventures of Aiko - DAZ Studio Animation: Visit my website 3D and DAZ Studio Addict http://bit.ly/9ryGL8 for free content for Poser and DAZ Studio. This is my first animation with DAZ Studio. The movie is realized with the aniMate plug-in of DAZ Studio. I also used aniBlocks from the aniMate Gesture Pack 1, from the aniMate Walk Construction Kit and some traditional keyframe animation. All is rendered with DAZ Studio, edited with Virtualdub and Pinnacle Studio Plus 11. Questo video è la mia prima animazione realizzata con DAZ Studio e il plug-in Animate. Ho usato il Walk e il Gesture pack di Animate, più qualche animazione con keyframe. Il tutto è stato renderizzato con Daz Studio e editato con Virtualdub e Pinnacle Studio Plus 11.
DAZ Studio Dynamic clothing - DAZ Studio Animation: Visit my website 3D and DAZ Studio Addict http://bit.ly/9ryGL8 for free content for Poser and DAZ Studio.   This is a test with the dynamic clothing maded with Daz Studio. 
warrior: bip animation
Aliens Do It Too: Folks everywhere want back what is taken from them....
Glorious Isolation: Every once in awhile a person just needs to be alone...
Timeswimmers: Intrigue: It's such a comfort to take the...and leave the driving to us!
Very Wet: In the realm of the underwater world, truly a portal to a different reality on Earth, dwell many wonderful Beings...
Waar...what is it good for?: Perennial question answered...at least in part(s).
Relif of medieval village in italy: Relif of medieval village in italy Valiano, degree in university of Florence architecture departement , july 2008
Ultra low poly golem, skinning test_02: You can purchase these 3D models here: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/tucho?referral=tucho
Ultra low poly golem, skinning test_01: You can purchase these 3D models here: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/tucho?referral=tucho
Normal mapped golem, skinning test_02: You can purchase these 3D models here: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/tucho?referral=tucho
Normal mapped golem, skinning test_01: You can purchase these 3D models here: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/tucho?referral=tucho
Michael 4 Training session - DAZ Studio Animation: Visit my website 3D and DAZ Studio Addict http://bit.ly/9ryGL8 for free content for Poser and DAZ Studio. Just a test with the new Movie Maker plug-in for DAZ Studio. Content used: Movie Maker for DAZ Studio Movie Maker Temple Ruins Sunset Background Pack aniMate Martial Arts Combos Michael 4 Base Jai Hair M4 Bodysuit M4 Bodysuit textures. Music are Big Rock and Gearhead by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/" Edited with VirtualDub and Pinnacle Studio Plus 11 Thank you for watching!
Take A Little Trip With Me: Pedal To The Metal In A Trip...
Grocery store: My college graduation, 6 person team, two-month production cycle
Wolfen: Werewolf animation, trying to work out a time line for the howl.
CITY OF RAGE - Sad Raining Day -: Scene from the project "CITY OF RAGE" Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop.City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspiredfrom the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
CITY OF RAGE - I will wait for her -: Scene from the project "CITY OF RAGE" Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop.City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspiredfrom the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
CITY OF RAGE - Sad Birthday -: Scene from the project "CITY OF RAGE" Animation Made with Poser, Maya and Photoshop.City Of Rage is a non commercial project made by Yannick Katris inspiredfrom the Tsukasa Hojo Mangas ...
my opening title of my demo reel: animation
pulling object: pulling object
walk cycle 5: walk cycle
walk cycle 4: walk cycle
walk cycle 3: walk cycle
walk cycle 2: walk cycle
walk cycle 1: walk cycle
RacecaR: AT MOST FEAR animation put to marc pontan dueling bass,all done on bryce,specail thanx to all the great models from all the other contributers cheeers you guys make it happen
CITY OF RAGE - Pilot Scene: 3D Animation made with Maya, Poser & PhotoshopPilot scene of " City Of Rage " Project to be release on 2011
double death mania: video created for a contest over at beatmonkey.com
Method Studios Demo Reel 2010: Method Studio's 2010 demo reel.
айболит: авторская работа
JAG: the trip between points.AT MOST FEAR animation and music. all done on bryce and vidpad, music on a old 1040st atari
forget self defence: AT MOST FEAR and NAPOLEONCOMPLEX suply the music on this AT MOST FEAR animation .
MistChill - KillingMyself: Killing Myself is a short, independent animated movie, which was inspired by song of MistChill group.Official site: www.killingmyselfmovie.comScreenplay, Directed, Animation - Tomasz CechowskiMusic - MistChill
BTTF Prototype Flyer Demo: A little promo-demo for the BTTF Prototype Flyer, featuring my favorite witches from my webcomic 'Wren'. Designed and made for Poser7+ {{{NO DAZ}}}, the Prototype Flyer is FREE and available for download at my ShareCG gallery (http://www.sharecg.com/pf/sparkyjones), along with the RC Remote and the Plutonium Hardcase props. Also prominently featured were some other fantastic items like the rooms and the city skyline - not mine, but are free for download as well. The Alpha1 Reactor Room, courtesy of Sparkyworld (no relation), (http://www.sparkyworld.co.uk) and Dystopia City (http://team-dystopia.com). Of course, the video wouldn't have been any fun without that timeless tune, "Oh Yeah", by Yello. Created-Animated all in Poser (with skyline backgrounds and exterior fx done in Vue).
walk cycle: animation
STARZ collaborates with Autodesks Consulting Production Assurance Team: STARZ Collaborating with Autodesks Consulting Production Assurance team, Autodesk helps Starz Animation in Toronto by providing a set of customized tools that their artists leverage enabling them to increase their productivity. http://www.autodesk.com/consulting
BUNKSPEED Ferrari Chinetti LM' Concept by Benoit Fraylon.: Le Mans spirit... Coventry University - Automotive Design Degree Show 2009 - School of Art and Design.
clip moto mio.wmv: 3ds Max Moto
3ds Max car Brasil hexacampeão: Car 3ds Max Mustang
soft landing: A little test I have been thinking about for about 30 years.
The Empires Property: An animation I finally finished.
Falcon Turn.wmv: An animation of the Millenium Falcon in a turn.
Gregorian animated music : so sad: So sad produced originally by gregorian... i've made this years ago
The Undead: Continueing on with my animation learning process useing Daz Studio, I set out to do a zombie scene in a dark graveyard. I also wanted to add a little realism to it by shadow casting. The best way I found to do this if you dont want the light on you figure, is create a null object and point your light at it and let your figure enter into it.
Daz:Britney spears animated music: Sara singing 'sometimes' originally by britney spears
Poser : Neena kicks: Some taekwondo kicking skills here
Poser : UFO encounter?: My 1st attempt poser ever... made this 2 years ago. Did the boy encountered real UFO? The ending may be quite disappointing.
Poser : Resident evil: Resident evil wannabe . Watch how the zombies splattered, by an unknown man
Poser & Daz studio : Neena: intro to new martial art girl Neena, originally posted at youtube. edited carefully using graph editor + animate, and poser format exporter plugin
Psyhco: Useing a few well known Daz Bases, and The Mask with Robotmonsters Executioner hood, and knife, I set out for a night time enviroment with V4 as a lady of the night being attacked by a psyhco.
Dusk: Useing DMs Diawa, and Raw Arts Dusk. This is a short feature, on how Daz Studio 3 Advanced does basic animations. The movement and control was designed by GO Figure and is part of the Monster Sample pack.It is titled Zombie Walk. When doing animations, you can expect long render times with a smaller Video Output.
Modeling sculpting Demo HD Kunalsarkar.mov: http://www.freewebs.com/kunalsarkar/index.htm This is my New Modeling Texturing and sculpting demoreel. I spend a few months making the models and rendering them and finally compiled in this demo. I am responsible for the whole part of the Video i,e all the works are my personal works and there is no others involvement in the process of making this reel. I used Zbrush , Maya , 3ds Max , Topogun, Photoshop and After effects to make this reel. I dedicate this demo to my family and friend who have morally supported me through the whole process.
The Motor X Rider: A motor rider escaping from an alien spaceship with a classic missile dodge
dancer: test
Obelisk-Picture Demo Reel: Arrangement of different film projects. Have fun!
metropolis 2: A take off of friz lang's metropolis.
Parabol (ep 1, prt 1): par·a·ble Spelled Pronunciation [par-uh-buhl] –noun 1. a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson. 2. a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or the like. Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin parabola, from Greek parabole comparison, from paraballein to compare, from para- + ballein to throw — more at devil Date: 14th century A parable is a brief, succinct story, in prose or verse, that illustrates a moral or religious lesson. It differs from a fable in that fables use animals, plants, inanimate objects, and forces of nature as characters, while parables generally feature human characters. To see more of my videos please visit my You Tube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/figment121968
Parabol (intro): The world was in turmoil at the beginning of the millennium. Humanity faced environmental crisis on a scale and severity like never before, overpopulation, government conspiracies, corporate and political cover-ups, terrorist around every corner, all while the Global Economy was going into the crapper due to the fact that our most valuable energy resource was rapidly being depleted. "Black gold", "Texas tea", "Earth's blood", our entire global society was reliant upon fossil fuels. Sure the corporate bankers had been playing the same old "monetary system" scam that they had been playing for generations, but the real source of power wasn't money, it was oil. As the oil became more and more scarce things really began to get ugly. We were all so mesmerized by the television screen that we would believe anything that mainstream media pumped into our heads. Religion, politics, hopes and lies were all accepted without question. It was no wonder that nearly every single person on the planet was eager to have the RFID microchip implanted into their bodies. It was, after all, for their well being and safety. To see more of my videos please visit my You Tube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/figment121968
The Viper Assault: Viper pilots mobilize to attack a Cylon Basestar.
Angel: The movie made in bryce-background and the iClone and made in windows movie maker
Musix box: The movie made in bryce-background & the iClone & next made in windows movie maker
SKAmotion High Heels Walk: Come and check out my Hand Animated walk cycles for Daz3d Victoria4, Aiko4, and The Girl4. All have animated "Bounce" for extra appeal. Come visit http://www.skamotion.com for more cool animation.
house: front view of a house, using maya software
Vipers: Some practice shots of Battlestar Galactica Vipers.
Thief: This is one of my 11 second club animation competition projects. visit www.anderson-animations.com for more awesome animations I am just responsible for the animation the rig is from highend3d.com
aniamtion: aniamtion
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for iPad: I've included this video to complement my latest Blog post here on ShareCG. Just mozie on over to the Blogs and check out CG Guy's post 'I'm an Early iPad Adapter & Sketchbook Pro Rocks!.' I'm sure you'll enjoy the write-up and hope you'll get inspired to create some fabulous work on your iPad. Oh, and if you do, please upload your Sketchbook artwork and share it with the community :)
Remastered version of Pedros Bike: A new version of the classic short. Pedro has got a new bike and napoleon are dying to try it.
transfirmation: Animation 2D The face in transformation
Making of To Train Your Dragon: I put this slide show together after taking these photos down at DreamWorks Animation on March 24, 2010 -- just a couple of days before How To Train Your Dragon was released. To see this in context, please take a look at my CG Guy Blog here on ShareCG.
My animation: My animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6g92d1fnG8
The ARK: One ark is the end of our age: a huge flying tomb
THE FURFANGS: Horror Sci-fi Short Movie about little creatures from space directed by Andrea Ricca. All the info at www.andrearicca.it
The ARK: At the end of time a space-Ark is all that rest of life
Seriphyn Knight Chronicles ePostcard Trailer: http://seriphynknight.com. An ebook trailer for my online fiction series, which is free to read online and available as an ebook download via katarrkanticlespress.com. ***** Music track - Return to Heavy by Butterfly Tea. Available via Jamendo.com. http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/Butterfly_Tea ****** It's not my best but I'm still learning my design skills.
XB1 Demo: Space Liner Modeled and animated in light wave
space panic fireball from hell.: Lightwave animation of a spaceship with some troubles.Testing fire balls.
Boom: CG animation
Demo2: 3D animation
Drew's Demo: Lightwave and Vue Science fiction imagery
The First Night: Being "locked-up" from a dogs point og view.
The ARK: the Ark is the end of life...a flying tomb
MotionBuilder & The Making of AVATAR -: In making “Avatar,” James Cameron’s creative vision was brought to fruition when Lightstorm Entertainment filmmakers used Autodesk MotionBuilder performance capture software to apply live acting performances to digital characters. This combo was then viewed in real time in virtual environments prebuilt with MotionBuilder and Autodesk Maya visual effects, animation and rendering software. The Lightstorm Entertainment team also used Autodek Mudbox digital sculpting software to create assets, and then Maya was again used for final scene creation and finishing. The MotionBuilder experience is one that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the Making of Avatar which presents a behind the scenes look at this latest technological leap, and I’ve posted it here on ShareCG for your viewing enjoyment.
After the Fall Ebook Trailer: An ebook trailer I created for a science fiction series titled, "After the Fall" by various authors at Katarr Kanticles Press. I used models I created in Hexagon, animation shorts created in Vue then pieced it altogether in After Effects. The book covers themselves with permission from Katarr Kanticles Press. The music is from Jamendo.com by artist "Axis Mundi Actum" Axis Mundi Actum http://tiny.cc/J5x4s Album = Flagellum Deorum Track = Confugium Corvorum
Solar System (II): II a better rendition but without annotation.
Lost Planet (2010) teaser: Teaser from the full-length animation movie "Lost Planet" in russian language.
Candle: just playing with camera movement during bryce animation, and light and reflections.
the Solar System: my Bryce model of Earth's solar system, all the way out to Eris (note, 1 AU - astronomical unit - is equal to about 150 million KM)
Showreel 2010: its my showreel 2010
Sierpinski Carpet: a bryce 3D animated example of the Sierpinksi carpet problem from Chaos Mathematics.
the Green menace: a dog;s indigestion causes nightmare
Rk Dungeon Video: A medieval movie with with several rooms or dungeons
robot: skin robot work
Captain Toady: Another lovable character from the sci-fi-fantasy, Shaturanga, by Brian Snelson. Captain Toady leads Her Majesty's Royal Enforcement Brigade.
Cechowski Demoreel: Cechowski demoreel
Thesis: Short, independent movie based on a popular joke. www.thesismovie.com
sheep - test version: test version of my animation
AVATAR - Trailer: AVATAR takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to sve the alien world he has learned to call home. James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of "Titanic," first conceived the film 15 years ago, when the means to realize his vision did not exist. Now, after four years of production, AVATAR, a live action film with a new generation of special effects, delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film, disappears into the emotion of characters and the sweep of the story.
How to Train Your Dragon - Trailer: From DreamWorks, the studio that brought you "Shrek," "Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda" comes How to Train Your Dragon." Set in the mythical world of burly Vikings and wild dragons, and based on the book by Cressida Cowell, the action comedy tells the story of Hiccup, a Viking teenager who doesn't exactly fit in with his tribe's longstanding tradion of heroic dragon slayers. Hiccup's world is turned upside down when he encounters a dragon that challenges he and his fellow Vikings to see the world from and entirely different point of view. Visit the official site. . . .
Coraline: From Henry Selick, visionary director of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, and based on Neil Gaiman’s international best-selling book, comes a spectacular stop-motion animated adventure - the first to be originally filmed in 3D! Coraline Jones (Dakota Fanning) is bored in her new home until she finds a secret door and discovers an alternate version of her life on the other side. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to her real life and the people in it - only much better. But when this seemingly perfect world turns dangerous, and her other parents (including her Other Mother voiced by Teri Hatcher) try to trap her forever, Coraline must count on her resourcefulness, determination and bravery to escape this increasingly perilous world - and save her family. Visit the official site. . . .
9: An action-packed adventure, director Shane Acker’s animated fantasy epic 9 is the feature-length expansion of his Academy Award-nominated 2004 short film of the same name. The screenplay for the feature is by Pamela Pettler (Monster House); directors Tim Burton (Beetlejuice) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) are among the feature version’s producers. The time is the too-near future. Powered and enabled by the invention known as the Great Machine, the world’s machines have turned on mankind and sparked social unrest, decimating the human population before being largely shut down. Visit the official site . . .
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs - Trailer: A scientist trying to solve world hunger encounters a problem of global proportions, as food begins to fall from the sky. Visit the official site. . . .
The Chronicles of Nerm Trailer: I put up some rough demo footage from 'The Chronicles of Nerm' months ago, but I recently had to create something a bit more trailer'ish. It's hard to throw a trailer together only using 2 minutes of finished renders, all from the first 3 minutes of a 10 minute film, but here's some more shots from my solo-animated film. Hopefully, this will also be (further) proof that I am still working on this project and it will be finished (soon!). This is a completely solo (aside from voice actors) project that I've been working on for the last 4 or so years. http://www.vimeo.com/4268602
catch fish: Spent a month's time copy of the 3D animation to the points I hope we will continue to modify the
Opening Title for GiNOZilla -vs- NeoGhidorah: The opening credits for an animated short film I'm making. When it's finished it should clock in at about 45-60 minutes running time. GiNOZilla is awakened, NeoGhidorah is released, and mankind is stuck between the two of them.
rigging showreel by souvik: 1 transformer rig 2 quad rig 3 cartoon rig] 4 human rig with fk ik
HORROR VIDEO: Home made animation. Thema: horror, occult, supernatural and video
Whenever&wherever you need: Basic idea for making this add came from the Nokia mobile. I use Nokia mobile. One day when I was on my house roof and sitting on boundary. I was using my Nokia mobile suddenly my friend came behind me. I got little surprised and during this period my sell fall down from boundary to ground floor. I assured about my sell was damaged or at least I would be out of order. But when I stirred down I found that it was ok and working as usual. I was so inspired its technology and thought that no one mobile is comparatively trustable to the Nokia. Even beyond the imagination, when an alien landed on earth due to damage his space ship. He was so helpless because his communication instrument could not help him to established communication to his Plant. That time only Nokia worked there.
3D Animation (Bones) with Softimage XSI: 3D Animation (Bones) with Softimage XSI
3D Animation for Games - Walk and Run: 3D Animation for Games - Walk and Run - with Softimage XSI
Sound Stager test: This is my first attempts at using Sound Stager. http://www.sharecg.com/v/37907/Poser/Sound-Stager
MoCap for Game in XSI: 3D Animation - Mocap in Autodesk Softimage XSI
Character Animation for Games: Character Animation for Games with Autodesk Softimage XSI
Claudio Hair: I'm Hero
Animation demo reel: this is my first demo reel but bad but good for me
David J. Saiz Environment Artist reel: Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my latest reel. All the projects shown here were created in the past year. The Unearthly Challenge project was done in collaboration with my good friend Joe Cyriac, we did the modelling and texturing together. Everything else is done by myself. Hope you guys like it and let me know what you think.
culpabilites: trailer
Project U.F.O. - A 3D Cartoon: Here is my first try to create a full "movie" useing different techniques and scenes. The modeling was done 3Ds Max 2010. Learned lots of stuff about creating such project and why it is usefull ( needed ) to have some story and storyboard. Next project is coming up.
Way To Go SEO! Commercial: I used Carrara 7 Pro to create a :30 commercial for Way To Go SEO! and submitted it to the Google TV Ads TV For All Contest. This past Friday I was informed it is a finalist for the award of $25,000 for Google TV Ads commercials on various TV channels. Thanks to DAZ3D for a great professional product that should be viewed up there with Maya and Max. I was able to create the entire spot in less than 5 days start to finish. The spot can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U1JU7WxRLI&feature=player_embedded On that note I could use the DAZ and Carrara community's help. Voting for the TV For All contest is on Friday, October 16th. So on Friday, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/tvforallcontest click on the Gallery and search "Way To Go" and please vote for my spot. Thanks Again
do this quickly: background Video
welcome: invite to start online 3d project
zahid showreel: comments on
C:SS By Inny27 ShotGun rampage: -Info- Player: Inny27 Map: surf_greatriver_fix ! Programs: C:SS, Fraps, Sony Vegas pro 9.0 Song: M.I.A - Paper Planes Description: This is just a clip of me playing counterstrike source and i was just learning how to use sony vegas pro 9.0 for the second time :P But i tried to make the vid go longer than 23 seconds. like the first one :P little stuff up near the end~ when i was at bot i cut out the part where i killed the person -.-
CAR-GO: race between 2 sport cars....
Inny27 C:SS Sony vegas pro 9.0: Inny27 playing coutnerstrike source Map: Surf_greatriver_fix programs: sony vegas pro 9.0, fraps, C:ss
Inny27 playing css =D: C:SS By Inny27, Me just playing css usnig sony vegas and wmm to edit
Inny27 playing css: Me playing CSS Inny27
Inny27 playing css: C:SS VIDEO of me playing =D
C:SS SonyVegas And WMM: A C:SS video of me playing, first 2 shots was testing out sony vegas pro. the erset was made from WMM
Woman: Woman character -Autodesk Maya 8.5 -smooth polygonal model bind with skeleton construction and controlers. -animation with keyframes\25pfs\ -post production in After Effects
Visit From Abyss (2005): This Episode is extracted from the full-length animation movie "Lost Planet". The Episode was titled as "Visit from Abyss", and it tells the story about a tough situation which was happened with pilots of "The Forces of Extreme Protection", when suddenly arisen threat has appeared to the orbital space station. A giant asteroid suddenly appeared from the abyss of the deep space. Making of this episode took three and half months of my work. info : http://www.vek21petrov.narod.ru _____________________________________ Эпизод из полнометражного анимационного фильма "Потерянная Планета". Эпизод условно назван, как "Визит из бездны". В эпизоде рассказывается о сложной ситуации, возникшей перед пилотами "Сил Экстремального Реагирования" (СЭР), когда создалась реальная угроза уничтожения орбитальной космической станции со стороны крупного астероида, внезапно возникшего из бездны космоса. На создание этого эпизода мне потребовалось 3,5 месяца работы. Подробности на http://www.vek21petrov.narod.ru
Empress View (complete): This is an architectural visualization of a Commercial + Residential Project, Empress View, scheduled for development at Saddar, a prime location in Karachi, near Rainbow Centre. Produced using Autodesk 3dsmax 9 32Bit SP2 and rendered using Vray 1.5. Post work in Adobe After Effects 7.
breakdancing ogre: motioncapture on an ogre
fluids project: fluid project, gasolin on fire and explosion
fishy: fishing experiment made with underwater camera
showreel 2: showreel of my most recent work
Steam Punk Tech Test: Got the DAZ steam mecha moving, halfway got the driver moving. Just a test!
suzzane must die: playing with paticules system
little guide dance: guide tired of standing short film by Janetta Adriana guide 3d model bij PhilC; Motek bhv file. All models found at ShareCG and Renderosity.
atlantis update: The short 3D animation just own myself make it all stuff.modeling,concept story,textrue.lighting compositing and FX. I have enjoying the Sci-FI a scene. cause I have main skill special FX l love this work to make a particles. A story is very simple but please, enjoy It will be update soon.
The Rampage of GiNOZilla: Something I threw together in about a week. I liked the mesh and wanted to see it do something so I animated this little clip. Nothing special really, but a lot of fun to make. :)
wipe out: music video from Janet
STAR TREK - VOYAGER - New Opening: This film is a fan CGI movie and not sponsored by Paramount Pictures and CBS Paramount Television. The film is a new opening title from the film "Star Trek Voyager".
"Bulat": model of the new Ukrainian tank " BULAT" made in Hexagon 2.5 Testing rendering for portfolio this is not a movie.
Awesome Fighters: Characters for the multiplayer arena-fighting-game Awesome Fighters. Student project at the University of Skövde, 2008.
Shakir,s showreel: this is my showreel for getting job, please watch and offer me for job
Chocolate: This is what I ended up with at the end of my 1 year Diploma in 3d animation at Aoraki Polytechnic, Duenedn, New Zealand. Created in 2006.
Open Sit animation test: A little test for my friend... I setup only animation and render light.
3D effects and characters: created with Autodesk Maya and After Effects
Point of melting: This is a story of a snowflake and its adventure around the world.
The Marionette: Short animation about a marionette who becomes self-aware and rips out his strings to gain his freedom
Mig-29 vs Su-33: There made in program Maya by Olecsandre Holovko. There presented air fight, untimissels maneuvre "Cobra" by fighter Su -33. prefight preparation of the fighter Mig - 29
Late Night Cab: Another quiet shift cleaning an old New York theatre becomes a night of Hi De Ho for Joe the cleaner.
The Hereafter: It's a simple philosophical quest on time and space
FHM-110 Gear Animation: Did a 150 frame Anipose for Poser for the FHM-110 Spacecraft avaliable on ReRo: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=72302 Anipose will be uploaded soon here.
Popcorn Chicken.: More shenanigans from The Food Chain. Enjoy!
Motion Capture Services - Rocketbox Studios: All moves are captured with our Xsens MVN mocap equipment and enhanced with 3ds Max. All characters and animations created by Rocketbox Studios GmbH. www.rocketbox.de | www.rocketbox-libraries.com
Sam Dickens: Talk Designer in Poser 7 Toon Boy Sam from 3D Universe Sam recites Dickens
Dirt Bike Jump: Poser 6 James rides the Working Suspension Dirt Bike in an action animation to show what the bike can do.
STAR WARS - Battle for the Death Star: During the fight rebellious spies succeed in stealing confidential plans, that to the empire final weapon, the death star, an armoured space station with enough power to destroy a whole planet. This trailer is a small impression of the whole film work.
Chess Party - InterGalaktika.hu: The first chess party on the side of the InterGalaktika.hu. Animation with the Bryce.
Not Rocket Science...: Having fun with Carrara and its particles. Took just over 2 hours to setup, and another 36 hours to render on my old AMD 2900XP. Everything in the vid (except font and music) is already included with Carrara 6.2 Pro. Music is exerpt from "Shopping for Explosives" by Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb Split and can be found released under Creative Commons at Archive.org. Look for it, it's brilliant stuff!
scarlet flower: Love the beast!
f-18: stereo movie
Submarine ride: Submarine ride to the campus of Florida Underwater College & Keyes University 11.34 miles due east of Nook Key Florida.
Space station: Trip to an L5 space station 100 years from now
Cheep Band: Cheep musicians doing their thing
bad nurse: new job
Mysterioso's Last Trick: An aging illusionist performs his masterwork
shout it: poser 5
PLANE (Clip, 2000): The Colonists from the Earth master the new world of the planet with two moons. The Planets, look like the Earth. 33 May 51 year on new method of numbering the years patrolling air space to fighters face with ship of the other civilizations in the manner of mirror disk. Not finding possibility to intercept the mirror disk, pilots of the fighters come to a conclusion his destroy. Enormous hole was formed at destruction of the mirror disk in space-temporary continuum, in which were delayed as fighters themselves, so and much of atmosphere of the planet. The Further events this 12 minute animation film tell about incredible adventures pilot fighters, delayed in global loop of time, stretched through the whole Galaxy. ************************************************************************ Колонисты с Земли осваивают новый мир планеты с двумя лунами. Планеты, похожей на Землю. 33-го мая 51-го года по новому летоисчислению патрулирующие воздушное пространство истребители сталкиваются с кораблём другой цивилизации в виде зеркального диска. Не найдя возможности перехватить зеркальный диск, пилоты истребителей принимают решение его уничтожить. При разрушении зеркального диска образовалась огромная дыра в пространственно-временном континууме, в которую были затянуты как сами истребители, так и значительная часть атмосферы планеты. Дальнейшие события этого 12-ти минутного анимационного фильма повествуют о невероятных приключениях пилотов истребителей, втянутых в глобальную петлю времени, протянувшуюся через всю Галактику.
Extinction - A 3D Documentary: A true account on what killed the Dinosaurs 65 Million years ago. The documentary explains how one catastrophic event causes a huge chain reaction of disaster
2020 A Space Odyssey: This trailer is the first impression for my new Animations film.
Few Test Scenes: Some Tests and Renderings
Animation Reel: Scene 1 - Rockin Dialogue Duration 00:10:08 Responsibilities: Animation Lighting, Rendering Dialogue Piece with interaction of 2 characters with disagreeing opinions. Scene 2 - The Ball Duration: 00:03:12 Responsibilities: Animation, Lighting, Rendering Simple piece showcasing an exaggerated action from a simple initiation. Scene 3 - Adorable Once Ago Duration: 00:09:14 Responsibilities: Animation Lighting, Rendering Animated with staging a single character dealing with an emotional problem.
my worlds: a bunch of short animations i made with bryce
mytrek 2: some more outer space stuff
weird worlds 4: some more of my weird sci fi animations
mytrek: animation of guess what
animation: made using the animate plugin
virtuale Demoreel 2009: Virtual-e Demoreel 2009 By zeel ....
My Auto Tune Song: spoof of the annoying auto tune trend
Baby Guitar: Animation about a baby who plays guitar and an evil robot : ) you can check this video and my other one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR3eRFDt6Qw which loads a bit faster ^^
Banquet Of Praise: This is a short snippet of my song, Banquet Of Praise. Special thanks to you all members of this forum. Most props in this video were downloaded from this website and mostdigitialcreations.com. I give credit to you all. Conga and Drumkit: jangled OP Bongo: ZeusFX | Round table and chairs: Cyberworks Conga Player: cartagena | Plate: Leo Design Snooker: arcadiazone | 1920 Player Piano: ockham ChefV4, M3 Beard, Megaphone, etc: Most Digital Creations Cabaré Kit V4: Ghostman | 1972 Fender Twin Reverb: music2u4u Once again, thanks to you all. Thanks for giving out your works to enhance my career. God bless you all Check more of my music on my website, www.stevederock.org.uk
Animated Painting: The animation is based on a painting by Picasso titled "Figures on a beach", hope you like it : )
starless &bible black: Carrara7
Tank | Tank 31081989 first trailer: Hi, this is my first trailer of my short movie "Tank | Tank 31081989".. I started this work about 2 years ago. This is no profit project. Autodesk 3D Studio Max Autodesk Maya Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop more info on www.art2upz.com Thank you Matteo -matEvil- Migliorini
Mark Miley Demo Reel 2009: My latest demo reel. I modeled, rigged, and animated a character in a variety of different movements.
3D for Spaceship for Game Design - 3DFXARTS: 3D for Spaceship for Game Design - 3DFXARTS
Architecture Walk Through - Auckland/NZ - 2008: Architecture Walk Through - Auckland/NZ
Turtle soup.: A lonely turtle finds true love in paradise...or does he?
Sneaking in: Our hero sneaks onto a hostile planet in a meteor shower.
Demoreel_Jobin_Mathew: 3dsmax,vray,AfterFX
Maya robot: This is a test that shows the possibilities of exporting data from Maya to servo motors.
Motiva - Archviz Reel: Motiva is a company that creates 3D content for four diferent markets: architecture, advertising, simulation and civil works. Archviz market covers exterior views of a house, building, district or such and of course any interior that can be designed. If you want to know more about our works you can visit our Products Reel in sharecg.com and our Simulation reel in sharecg.com and sharecax.com or visit our webpage http://www.motivacg.com/index_en.php
Hole 13 - Golf Course Black Bridge: Flyover of hole 13
Hole 9 - Golf Course Black Bridge: Flyover od Hole 9
Hole 7 - Golf Course Black Bridge: Flyover of Hole 7
Just a simple Animation 2004: Tested Plugins ...
Stone Arch: I made this from a tutorial I came upon in the pdf manual for Vue. It was simply how you can use the landscape editor to make objects, in this case a stone arch and finally added a water plane. I added a strange stone pillar too, and then when I got the EcoPaint Module I used that to add some sea weed to make it all more realistic. Finally I simply used this scene to make my first, very simple animation in Vue. I hope to make another render soon in a higher resolution.
The sky is blue part one: Add this thought everyday in your mind ....and your life will be better forever !...
Esferas de Newton: ..... made with bryce 5.5
Southville Teaser: Adventure Game in development Song "Fatal Tormento" by zenziC for "intus". "Intus" is a free downloadable / streamable short surreal / thriller. More info: http://www.myspace.com/zenzicfilms
The Cave: It's a free interpretation of Plato's allegory of the cave and the human beings
NAUGHTY GIRL: All parents want to protect their children from monsters... but the monsters are not always those we think... Spooky film.
Short 3D feature: Pedro has a new bike and Napoleon is dying to try it. Made dec 2008 by Per Nyman
Showreel Per Nyman 2009: My most recent work. Showreel made jan 2009. Compositing, rendering, animation, modelling, rigging.
Experiential Design: Experiential Design Projects from Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong clients. For more information, please visit: www.provokefilms.com
Wade Howie Demo Reel '09: Commercials and Film FX - Direction, CG TD/animation and VFX Supervision
Dungeon Monster: This model was actually picked up by nvidia wihtin 24 hours of my first postig of it online. It'll be used in some upcoming tech demos all over the place as a result. ut it did mean having to finsih it off in one mammoth mega session last night.... I'll still continue with it, but this is how it stands when handed in.
A Pussycat's Tale: This is the story of my pussycat .It is the first two books of a comic im usiing to learn 3D art.
Sona - Think About You (Music Video): Sona - Think About You (Music Video) The Noobian EP - Nosa Recordings Directed by Ciro Ayala Produced by Provoke Films
'The Biter': Sculpted fomr a cube in mudbox 2009 in about 45 mins.
Poker: I made a poker table and all stuff there and then a short movie.
BioMech Girl: A 'pure sculpt' digital marquette done in mudbox 2009 to relax. Whats shown in the real time viewport screengrab
mister smith fack Lara: new work
Alexandar_DEMO_2007: Animation REEL-3ds max,maya,after effects,photoshop,premiere.
VFX FPS game demo: My previous FPS project VFX work. No one lives forever 2 engine.
THE VAMPIRE TOMAX movie: THE VAMPIRE TOMAX movie created by rigo 2008 dec
Demoreel 2008: This demoreel represents a collection of some works produced during those years. It gathers personal works done in spare time and few commercial clips; subjects spaces from archiviz to cartoons and fantasy. Except textual parts (on opening and ending), every single frame is produced in 3D computer graphic with LightWave 3D v9. This software was extendly used from modeling to animation, using both standard tools included in the package and third parties plugins (expecially in Modeler, like LWCAD2 or Pictrix´s ones). The whole 2 minutes long clip was rendered in HDTV 480p resolution with the use of 3 different engines: LightWave v9.3 internal renderer, FPrime 3.2 by WorleyLabs and Kray 1.7 (OpenBeta versions) by MindBerries. All calculations were done on my home PC, a not-so-young AMD Athlon64 4200+ with 4GB RAM and a GeForce 7800GT videocard. It took a while, but.. well, now it's finished!
Suspended: A robot wakes up, apparently stranded above the clouds...
Digital Sculpting Reel 2008: It took me quite a while to get the content together for my sculpting reel 2008. It doesn’t turn out as good as I planned it initially but anyway, it’s always good to know when there is room for improvements :)
PerGiove: A project for an animated series.
The Burden: My Vancouver Film School Demo Reel
A Modeling Reel : The Struggle: Concept one: The Struggle I've tried to show the struggle between the heart and the mind of a man who is about to commit suicide. More detailed description on following link: http://www.vfs.com/blog/2008/04/11/a-modeling-reel-that-moves/ Concept two: King Kong Here I have shown an irritated King Kong who is struggling to break free.
Motiva - Products reel 2008: Motiva is a company that creates 3D content for four diferent markets: architecture, advertising, simulation and civil works. This video was made to be shown to potential advertising business clients, and is focusing into two diferent spots: 3D products and compositing 3D and 2D footage. http://www.motivacg.com/index_en.php
Motiva - Simulation reel 2008: This video was made to be shown to various potential kind of clients: - Engineering studios. - Lawyers, TV shows and any person who needs a video-simulation of an accident, situation etc. - Anyone who needs to show big areas in video and he can't/won't record it in real video. http://www.motivacg.com/index_en.php
EVERY PAINTING TELLS A STORY...: ...one painting story.Short movie. p.s.Thanks Shamira for "bones room"
Animation Reel 2008: My animation reel 2008.
A Summoner: An elvish princess who can summon an ancient dragon to aids her in the battle.
Cloth Render: Small Cloth Simulation to show client different thickness and cloth types that can be produced from Ncloth.
JasonSanborn Rigging Demo Reel: My Graduation Demo Reel, Lo Res for Site. Visit JasonSanborn.com for good quality
Motion By KYO-TODAY: Adobe After Effects , Adobe Premiere Pro & Photoshop
Experimental 002: Same as 001
Experimental 001: Just a single test with some plugs
Setup Reel: My 2008 showreel
The Awakening: The story is about a girl, who just borned a child but he died. The girl remembered that there was a dragon who can gives life to people but he was cursed into a stone long time ago. The girl decided to pray to the dragon and hope that the dragon can revive and gives life to her son. I used XSI for base modeling, Zbrush for detailing, Maya for additional modeling, texturing, lighting, and dynamics. Any C&C are welcome
animation showreel: 3d animation showreel,
Walk Study 1: Learning to walk.
Lady Dark Eyes: This is a music video made in Poser. It is my first attempt at an animated music video. The song is one I wrote and recorded.
Matteo Migliorini Showreel 2008 final version: Matteo Migliorini Showreel 2008 final version Autodesk 3D Studio Max Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Mental Images Mental Ray Mat
Selebration 3Day: December-3 is a very special day. Me and the friends of mine have been marking this day, as a great 3D day. And what about you? Maybe this is an international fest(celebration day)? If not,you are most welcome to join us! My most friendly "Hallo" to all 3D community!
Remember the Dance: This was my 3D Animation demoreel for graduation from the Art Insitiute of Pittsburgh in 2000.
V4 Dynamic cloth test with Poser walk designer: *** If you wish to use any of my work, contact me and I will provide a copy without the signature logo. Your finished work will need alternative credit to me. ***
T-REX: Applicate Dosch HDRI as background for sample animation in Carrara
Moron Broadcast: Playing around with audio and video editing and compositing. Audio editing with Audacity. Video editing with Pinnacle Studio 12. Particle effects with Particle Illusion 3. To watch in high quality, copy and paste the link below. Thanks for watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKO63wFEWJU
CREEPORIA - EPISODE 4: Creeporia and her creepy friends create a 3D HORROR EXTRAVAGANZA to frighten away the Hollywood Forever Cemetery gravekeepers and prevent them from dumping a new corpse in her cozy crypt. Be sure to bring your 3D glasses! And for a higher resolution version of this episode (great for 3D viewing) visit her website at WWW.CREEPORIA.COM, if you dare!
My Shoes: My name is KYO-TODAY
Space battle: This is the result of my second Maya school project...some of you may recognize the winged spaceship from the old Maya tutoria. Thl books. Our instructor urged us to design our own second ship and use camera angles, sound, etc. to dress things up. So I added a couple of 1930s spaceships and superimposed characters from Poser, then timed the whole thing to a track from an old production music CD. The orc was created by the fabulous Sixus; sorry, but I don't remember who made Mike's spacesuit. Video was done in After Effects and Premiere.
ramayana: my name kyo-today
work in progress: Wip of fetch short film collaboration project form CG Talk
Jungle Night: Night-fall at the jungle Citadel
morning meal: final
my demoreel 2008: umn just made up my demoreel about animation for game model and effect
Hole 12 - Golf Course Black bridge: Flyover of hole 12
3D Golf Course flyover: Future Golf Course near Prague
cinema-hall: enjoy
"When We Two Parted": WIP of a recital by the Girl, of a poem by George Gordon Lord Byron, Read by: Kristin Hughes. rendered in preview mode in poser 6, used the Girl, Jessie's chipped bob hair, a dress I made, skin tex from the newsbabe rene package.
Earth-Moon System: An animated model of the Earth and Moon with an emphasis on the lunar phases. Please note that the model is to scale in size, but NOT in relative distance. The Earth rotates 27.321 times while the Moon rotates once in its orbital period, keeping the same side towards Earth the whole time.
Trung Tran Demo Reel: My Demo Reel shows Architectural Buildings, exterior scene, high and low polygon models. With a dragon flapping it wings cycle, logo and product visualization models.
Sihde titles animatic: an animatic for the opening titles to the Sihde anime project. The animation is basic and we make good use of the Alpha Zenotype to keep the actual monster under wraps. This is a work in progress with other ideas to add to the titles. http://www.sihde.com
Trung Tran Demo Reel: A demo reel consist of variety of characters in high and low poly count. Architectural building and exterior scene. A flapping cycle and visual product.
Gecko and Spider turntables: A 360 degree view of both the Gecko and Spider I built for a personal project.
LW 9.2 Contributions: These short clips were my contributions.
Shuttle Model Preview: Just a real quick preview of my Space Shuttle download. Rendered in Carrara 5 Pro as image sequence and put together via VirtualDub.
taeguk-03: taeguk-03
Showreel Animation 2007 2008: A Show Reel of short film animation projects produced at the School of Arts During the Years 2007 and 2008 within the Master Program in Computer Animation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL4rjBV75XY
pole jump: check this out pole to pole jump as for basics body language lesson wip
2008: New year greeting fof my son.
Fractal Func: Musical compilation of various fractal images and fractal animation clips. Fractals were created using UltraFractal 5.0 and music was created using FL Studio 8.0.
Bound With Twine: Original song by me. Animations done in Carrara and edited in Vegas.
Where Do They Come From?: Bryce6 animation and live action edited together with Pinnacle Studio 12. This film answers one of the world's great mysteries. Credit for the 3D models: Alfons Blom for the object on the ground. Nexus, I think, for the flying saucer that I modified some. Copy and paste this link to watch in high quality on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4n_5mxTucI Thanks for viewing.
MICKEY ROURKE VIDEO: 3D home animation made with freewares in loving remembrance of Mickey Rourke's talent: the movie "The Wrestler" has obtained a Golden Lion at the Mostra of Venezia in Sept. 2008. After near 30 years, Mickey Rourke's talent, at least but not at last, has been rediscovered and definitively recognized by the cinema industry.
Human Anatomy: This is intro animation and compilation of single clips I have made for Human anatomy project I have worked on. For that project I have made around 30min of 3D animation of human anatomy. I have worked on that all by myself, for more then 3 months. Majority of 3D Models are created by me (around 90% of them) and couple of them are poser models, and some ware supplied by client. Animating, composting of videos and background music are also edited by me. First song in video is some free loop downloaded from FlashFx, and second is Piano instrumental of Enya's song "China roses".
.Sacrifice. the Director's Cut: i did a silent animation that won a second place at the cg society competition. this is the director's cut :)you can see the original here http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/uplift_universe/player.php?entry_id=91313
Short Render Test: Some Poser Tests
Bad Day: A test of trying to make a starscape in Carrara using glowing spots on a 10000 foot sphere...And a bit of humor...
Interstellar - Episode 2: Second in a series of planned episodes.
Paws and Effect: A short film about an old man and his hyper active dog
Sky Effects Test: Testing cloud animation.
Formula - 3D Short Film by Jorge Martinez: 3D short film about 2 scientists aliens at the space lab.
Funambulus: Short film about a good guy and a bad guy walking on a tight rope.
Tree Farm Test: Test for tree farm vid.
Wasteland part 3 teaser trailer: teaser trailer for wasteland part 3 copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2008
Dawn of a New Age Conflict: Wasteland part 2: This is part 2 to wasteland part 1. The story continues as Captain Junes faces new enemies in the cave... copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2008
Dawn of a New Age Conflict: Wasteland part 1: Captain Will Junes is hiding in the wasteland from his enemies. Contact is lost with Bot unit and he sets out to discover why... copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2008 These films are owned by Willie Easter & easter dare to dream films
Dawn of a New Age Conflict: Wasteland part 3: teaser trailer for dawn of a new age conflict: wasteland part 3 a path to destiny copyright easterj & easter dare to dream films 2008
Test Double Dutch: Another test..
Particle rotation test: Drunk Cunt
IK Test: Just a test of ik, particles, materials...
Fly Through Test: A Carrara render QT movie test for WIP.
Bhavpreet's Cg Lighting Showreel: Bhavpreet's Cg Lighting Showreel
International Space Station Flyby: International Space Station Flyby
Red Eagle Productions: I made my opening logo using Poser along with Apples Final Cut Pro, Motion and Soundtrack
Space ships: All models and scenes made with Lightwave 7.5
Going Home: I made all models and scenes with Lightwave 7.5
Submarine: I made a submarine model and all scenes with Lightwave 7.5 and here is a result.
Fire Farie: Done in Poser
The Big Battle: Star Fleet vs the Borg
2008 demo reel: short brief of my work
The Chase: Ufo running away from jet fighters
La Lámpara y la Mariposa: La Lámpara y la Mariposa
Planet of Nodules: Testing reflections, spin behaviours and HDRI skies.
penalti habla: Mi personaje a raton alzado ensaya sus primeras pruebas de doblaje. totalmente hecho en max con animacion por huesos tanto corporal como facial.
MCP Demo Reel: With lots of fun stuff... spaceships and monsters and explosions... fun for the whole family.
Cthulhu test composites: Made using a Sony VX700, Poser 7 and Composite Lab Pro
Carrara6Pro Dynamic Hair @ Work: Proof that C6Pro Dynamic Hair can actually work quite well.
Flyby: This was my first attempt in animation. Followed a tutorial, but added some twist and changes of my own.
Stroll around the lab - episode 1: A small animation, my first one, and the first episode. all mine, done in Bryce 5.5 :D
Subject #164: Filmed in the early 60's, this laboratory documentary follows a newly discovered and apparently unintelligent Neanderthal Humanlike specimen which is found, through testing, to have amazing logic-solving intelligence. We observe the progress of 'Subject #164' over a period of approximately three years as scientists document its behaviour and progress, until in the end it is exhaustively tested to death. Final year University Project for BA 3D Computer Animation at Swansea Met. See dan-nicholson.co.uk for more
AnimationMentor Class 1 Progress Reel: This is my demo reel for class 1 at AnimationMentor.com Feel free to critique
Presidents: Very funny. Amazing Photoshop skills.
Evening Passage: All Bryce 6.1
More Testing: Yet another Carrara animation prepared to exploit the best possible quality of this here web site thingy...
Aton movie Trailer: better quality go here : http://www.atonmovie.com Aton movie trailer
Carrara Test: Short animation to test upload fidelity.
demoreel: www.decsmedia.ro demoreel
The Imperial Galaxy - Trailer 1: This is the story from the greatest military of the galaxy ...
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-The battle is back-CGI Teaser: The Battle for the futures come back. Look the trailer and you can see. This film is a fan CGI film and is not sponsored by NBC Universal.
STARGATE - The Goauld Attack - Teaser: Stargate - The Goauld Attack - Teaser This Teaser is a small impression on the whole film.
Matteo Migliorini Show-reel 2008: My show-reel june 2008, software: Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro Autodesk 3D Studio Max Autodesk Combustion Chaos group Vray Mental images Mental ray More information on my web site: http://www.art2upz.com C&C are welcome Matteo
Rotating Earth in Universe: Rotating Earth in Universe: video realized with After Effects, based on tutorials by Andrew Kramer. Image of Earth from NASA.
3D Animation Demo Reel of David Ibarreta: Hello! This is my demo. Thanks for watching.
Tour de Mars: A look at Mars and its 2 moons, Phobos and Deimos (Named after Greek spirits Fear and Terror who followed Ares (Mars) where ever he went).
Rotating Earth with Sunset: Rotating Earth with Sunset. Preliminary video for adding some contents in postproduction.
INSIDE THAT HOUSE: Don't go into that house. I've repeated her not to go into that house but she didn't listen to me...
VW kodok: vw kodokku ini warna kuning kayak parpol modelingnya butuh waktu agak lama, maklum belajar lighting dan rendering juga standart tapi lumayanlah pokoknya ada bayangan dan material hdr yang mengkilap, hati jadi senang!!!
So it begins: From simple beginnings, something unusual may grow... A short test of refractive optics and animation in Carrara 6 Pro. Titles created in Dogwaffle Pro v4.1 (PD Pro 4.1).
Orion Tear: Orion Tear is my first short animation. It was made with Blender, Gimp and Inkscape. All you can see was made by me during 19months and 7 days and all that you can hear was made by Mr. Telmo Cavaleiro during 2 more months
character animation demo reel: My reel for 2008, hope you like! www.nickstein3d.com
Jungle waterfall: Textures animated in bryce 5
Interstellar - Episode 1: Originally planned to release this later this month, but, thought I'd upload it and "share" with the rest of you. This is my first "series" project, and I'm sure there are errors and mistakes. I hope that with each upcoming episode I release (crossing fingers), they'll be more polished. Apologies for what some could consider excessive dialogue, but, I thought it best to firmly implant the storyline, and plan to reduce it in the future. Speaking of dialogue, major apologies for my crappy voice. I hope you enjoy Episode 1 as much as I did creating it. =o)
gifted: In an art room after school. The boy had to make a sketch of a plaster figure in detention. Because he was so bad at drawing that he got detention by his teacher. But the detention didn't make him a good painter. Worried about his teacher's anger, the boy had a wonderful idea and tried to carry it out. He thought he could get out of his difficult situation ....
FN botol rasa: slide tvc ini dibuat untuk iklan tv lokal
sweet memories: slide promo untuk acara tembang kenangan di jtv jember (director's cut)
suwar suwir: bumper acara infotainment di jtv jember, saya buat pake 3ds max banyak bermain2 dengan material saja
evergreen with love: slide untuk even valentine's day di cafe evergreen
Interstellar - Episode 1 - Trailer: Official trailer for the upcoming series - Interstellar
Daihatsu Midget 2 Race V2: This is updated version of a short animation i have made, i added a rough scene around the track, added a more "advanced" lightning and worked a bit on the materials! (please ignore the background for now, i gonna have to find a better HDRI map) (less)
Burning Man: Bryce6, poser, u-lead studio
Frames with Attitude: Looking Smart Optometrists: 30 second 3D animated commercial made for David O'Neill and his business, Looking Smart Optometrists. Originally rendered and edited for 1080i HD television delivery, it is now online only and is displayed as a part of a Looking Smart Optometrists sweepstakes with the prize of an I-Pod Nano. Comment on the advertisement on his page and you can enter, too! http://www.lsoptom.com/advert.htm Hurry, April is the last month to enter for the drawing, and the drawing will be on May 14. Made with licensed content from DAZ, Renderosity, Cornucopia3D, and TurboSquid. Characters animated in Poser 5, scenes rendered in Vue 6 Infinite, composited in After Effects, Scored in Acid Music 4 Pro, Narration recorded in Adobe Audition 1.0 Copyright 2007 Patrick J Adams (Bruupo) Electric Comb Studios
motorcycle: serious thing
It's clearly life...: A small animation created in Carrara 6.1 Pro using metaball particles as an experiment in using glass-like shaders and variations of refractive index.
demoreel2007: This is my demoreel 2007.
Hipertensito: This cartoons is a edicative cartoons for children. Specially is for prevent the risk of hypertention from the children.
underwater city: water dynamic hairs
show reel: reel
Motion Graphic Reel 2007: Greg Davis' Reel of random work in 2007
The persistence of light: This is my latest short-movie, started in April 2007 and finished in February 2008. I worked with the co-direction of my friend Camila, and this was the first time I animated a character. It was quite an adventure for me, and the result was way beyond my first expectations, although I reckon it's still a first step. The sinopsis, in case it interests someone: Inside a room there's a crib that doesn't stop swinging and someone who watches it without moving. But the fellow mate doesn't seem willing to accept that the strenght of a trauma turn a life into just one memory.
In the wind: Hi Everyone, This is my work that I completed in October 2007, during my last year at university. I created it as part of my graduation work. It is also the first animation that I completed by myself. The music is courtesy of two friends of mine. The animation is still not perfect, but I hope you likes it, and please tell me your opinion of it,thanks. ^_^
Maya lamp: This is basically my first animation in Maya, I'd always use 3dsmax, and im trying some things on maya now.
Vic Disco: A vintage Victrola gets its time in the spotlight. This video was created back in 1999, back when I was very new to 3D. Many of the effects, which would be relatively easy nowadays, required some creative solutions back then! I've recently gotten back into animation, so I'll be posting some of my new work here soon!
cloth effect: cloth effect in a small simple scene in 3ds max using reacters...
Da New Guys: FTW (High Quality): An action comedy about an unlikely team of professional wrestlers. In a typical night at The Wrestle Zone Simon, Brain and Defender must face a washed up actor, an army of internet nerds, and retrieve a stolen lottery scratchard... For the faster, low quality version, click: http://www.sharecg.com/v/23872/animation/Da-New-Guys:-For-The-Winnings
Da New Guys: For The Winnings: An action comedy about an unlikely team of professional wrestlers. In a typical night at The Wrestle Zone Simon, Brain and Defender must face a washed up actor, an army of internet nerds, and retrieve a stolen lottery scratchard...
Hollowlegs: Digital animation combines with puppetry and digital puppetry in a short multimedia film about life after the apocalypse. Poem and voice: Mark Gwynne Jones
Skyrider by Charles McChesney: A virtual girl takes a ride in the future on a skybike.
Snow Shower: all bryce6. Barn is a free download from DAZ
Gates: bryce6 and poser
VJ Showreel: 2 Minute VJ showreel featuring 100% original footage. Music by DJ Trouble
3D landscapes: These are some 3D landscapses I've made using lightwave 3D and Vue 6
Advanced Mechanical Rig: Titan Ax-10 V1.0: This is a little personal project, I wanted to see how far i could take a mechanical rig. This particular one is designed by me (a lil inspiration form the red planet! ). I modelled it and rigger it. THought its not all complete (Just a little more UI's to build) its almost there. I paln to do a little animation and maybe put it up with a full rendering a little later! Cheers till then!
fantasy with underwear: two invisible mans
Chris Magovern Demo Reel 2006: This is my Demo Reel from 2006. For credits/shotlist, go here: 2006 Reel Credits
YOGYOG 3D character animation showreel: My showreel of 3D character animation. My own character and texture, though not my own rig Software: 3DS Max
CTV Logo Video Post: Community Television of Lane County Logo ID
CATWALK II: Bvh with some modifications by me
Homers lucky day: A simpson animation
animated painting with flash: this animation ornament painting with flash
demo_reel: my first demo
test_animation: hi to all. this is a test animation done with cinema 4d.
I want you: dynamic cloth,first experience!
beach: sea,wild beach
yogyog.org Flash animation showreel 2008: Clips of all my best Flash animation up to 2008, featuring the Characters Koak and Elbow, and my own original music.
yogyog.org animation showreel 2008: My best animation up to 2008 - with music by DJ Trouble
flying dragon: 8 hours of work. animated in poser and imported in vue6. no sound
Morpher test: Little test for contest on treddi.com.... with 3D Studio Max and Mental Ray... Mat
Test Animation of Clock and Chain: This is a little test (in 3D studio Max) of moving clock and chain... I modeling it for a UnOfficial Contest on treddi.com, maybe, then contest, I work on a littl animation... C&C are welcome Matteo
Bounce, Tumble and Splash Teaser (Blender Effects): A small preview of the upcoming Sybex book "Bounce, Tumble and Splash: Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D." The book will cover fluids, partilces, soft bodies, rigid-body physics and much more. Available for pre-order now at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Bounce-Tumble-Splash-Simulating-Physical/dp/0470192801
demo reel or something like it: impressions of NY
Character Animator Demo Reel - Mike York: www.yorkanimates.com
demo_poject_1: demo_poject_1
Ra's Demo Reel 2006: My old demo reel, should be releasing a new better one soon.
Cliff scene: Quick 2D animation i did of a bouncing ball jumping off a cliff
Tubbs: A rig of a little Alien creature thingy called Tubbs. Modeled by Geta-Ve
Johnny the Box: A simple little rig of a box.
WIP Kenzo bottle: A bottle designed by Kenzo
Architectonic Visualization of a cinema: Imax-like project of a cinema. Done in one week.
Bus Stop: guy misses his bus
planet man 3ds max 02: planet man 3ds max 02
Ferrari F40: A race between 3 different F40s.
x-mas 3ds max 01: x-mas 3ds max 01
Noel: Short Holiday video
Second lipsync with some movement: This is my second lipsync with some movement. The sound is from Clerks 2. Hope u like it. And pleace comment what you think i should do to improve my work
The Race: The Race, trying to add animation to live action
Demo Reel 12/07: Just a look at what I've been up to for the past few months. Music by Parichayaka
planet man 3ds max: planet man 3ds max
WIP Messerschmitt 01: This is a WIP (Work in progress) of the modeling of a Messerschmitt. Will keep updating.
dance of a thousand happinesses: done in poser 6 and windows movie maker for the effects :)
catapult: made in poser 6 and windows movie maker
fun with kitty: done with poser 6, and Windows movie maker
Animation car rig test 1: testinga manual rig in 3ds max, for a project.
3D Animator: A futuristic love story of the survival of the only two Indian Robos left after the Alien Invasion of Earth in the year 2008..
flying bird 3ds max: flying bird 3ds max
crow flying 3ds max avi: crow flying 3ds max avi
planet man shaj 3ds max 01: planet man shaj 3ds max 01
Polizia_VW_blown-up WIP: Blowing up a VW police vehicle with Vue 5 Infinite...a work in progress
screw animation: Animation of a screw or drill bit-like thingy in profile.
Transition Demo Reel: A demo reel of 10 transitions. It uses my 512 abstract tiles, reduced to greyscale and blurred. I'm using EditStudio as a NLE, but they should also work the same way in other programs. Leave a comment if you would like a tutorial written on usage.
donguri: robot animation part 1
FERRARI F1: Formula 1 racing made with Poser 6 and Vue 5 Infinite.
"CREEPORIA" - EPISODE 3: Creeporia and her creepy cohorts try to prevent a new corpse form being dumped in their cozy Hollywood crypt!
Condominium Unit Study Animation: Walthrough Animation Study for a Condominium Interior Project using 3DSMax and VRay
Dacia Logan Tuned: 12 sec. around the car
Zoey (Updated Music): Zoey, who is both musician and magician, has an amazing activity with his friend, Lucky the rabbit. (This is an updated version with a new music.)
arroba de oro: arroba de oro 1007
reel 2007.12: do studio company reel 2007.12
Medieval world #1: a tour in my free medieval castles models
My First Lip Sync: This is my first lip sync Pleace add a comment on what you think i should do to improve my work
Talking head animation test: Animation test
Picar Animation Reel: early cut of my demo reel
ChimpyMimic-Fire(fly): ChimpyMimic with the "Fire" demo-file from Mimic loaded.
ChimpyMimic - Fire: Here I loaded the "Fire" demo-file from Mimic into Chimpy2, just to give you an impression. I added the blink manually. Look here for the promo-image that gives an overview from the morphs: Free MIMIC-morphs for Chimpy!! *promo-image* - 3d and 2d art S. Ariaans www.samiranet.nl
Happy Walk: This is a test for a short cartoon style happy walkcycle. C&C are welcomed
aereal shot: ground replacement, digital house and lake
jubilee church: modeling, rendering, animation and editing by robertodeangelis@hotmail.com
A Talking Head by Charles McChesney: A conversation with a virtual girl.
Polaroid: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Animation Demoreel: Hi This is 2006 Animation Demoreel Enjoy.
venom: I always liked the figure of Venom and some day I decided to create my own version. modelled in Zbrush 2.0, rendered in Max with Vray
richesse robothand, TVC: comerciall work, work on modeling and animation
flu burung, 1 min version, finish: education video of avian influenza,. i only did the animation work
animatedbajoe reel, 1107: my latest reel, 11 07
Tiger hunting in India: A man on elephant is hunting in indian jungle. This movie is made in Poser, Bryce, 3ds Max.
Running Boy Pilot: This is a story about two adolescent boys, Madiba and Dumi, who have been sent by guerrillas during the war on an errand of great importance to the struggle. Along the way Madiba enters a sacred cave and disturbs ancient spirits. Their errand takes a new twist as they flee form the awoken spirits. They learn about their heritage and each other on this journey. This is a rough pilot for the series. Still work to be done
3Dreams: A battle between two super heroes or just a dream..?
pokemonsquirtle turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Living room a: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Suburban Street: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Ferrari modena turntable: Modelled and rendered in lightwave
Nissan 350z Xanavi turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Nissan 350z Calsonic turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave.
Nissan 350z roadster turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave.
Nissan 350z turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave.
Ferrari enzo turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave.
Mazda speed rx8 turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave
mustang svt turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave
mustang cobra turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave
Pokemonracer turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave
mazda rx8 turntable: modelled and rendered in lightwave 3d
Practising Samurai: This is a short CG animation i'm working on at my spare time, it is WIP status yet, but finished stand alone fragment!
La Princesse: I hope to enjoy this animation..
Match moving with voodoo, V2C and Carrara: In this small test the camera of Carrara was moved synchronous with the video footage using freeware Voodoo match mover. The output of Voodoo was converted for Carrara by V2C. Using Carrara's shadow catchers some nice effects can be shown.
Conversing with Vampires: A correspondent has an interview with a virtual vampire.
Me109 vs. Spitfire: Dogfight made in Vue5Infinite.
Bouncing ball: ball bounces off box
City Passes: Work on my new music videos in progress... Thank You for viewing and comments.
Untouchables music video - Change it up: Crew of animated mcs from Zimbabwe. This is the first music video in the series. Look out for the manga
cuncokjeti: this is Forgotten Animation for some add that i did long ago...the add was never realized and im sorry i lost all .max files because its really cute little animation imho : )) the music is my touch
Test of animated music video: Crew of animated mcs from Zimbabwe. This is the first music video. Manga coming soon
2004 Demo Reel: My 2004 Demo Reel
theRapture Wip2: this is my short wip, slightly retarded plot :)
Spitfire MkV: Last year I took some video from a helicopter. Have always wanted to do something with this footage. I imported an AVI file into Poser 6 and used a posable Spitfire I bought at Vanishingpoint. Used the video as a background and animated the Spitfire to match video. Rendered in Poser and edited in Premiere Pro. The smoke effects are made with Particle Illusion. Click link to see video in better quality: http://www.knupps.net/Video/SpitfireKr.sand.wmv
Voodoo, V2C and Carrara: The original video found on internet, motion tracking with Voodoo, conversion with V2C (both freeware!) and rendering in Carrara. Watch the shadows!
Alien Queen: alien
Tribal: The animation of a tribal (drawing).
Boats: A short animation with an UFO disguised as an old ship.
Charater Animation: We had a study of 2 weeks at my school, about charater animation, this is what I made. I hope you like it. The models are not made by me.
demo reel: Knassar demo reel
Enola Gay flyby: The Enola Gay, the B-29 that flew the atomic bomb to Hiroshima in August, 1945, flies past the camera.
Sna-Fu band : S.P.E.C.T.R.E./Publicis France: music video clip made in house 2007 Directors : Laurent Gillot et Aurelia vernhes - (c) Publicis (Emmanuel Lallev et Florent Imbert) / Ladilaf Productions 2007 more on http://www.dorian-project.com or on the websit's band http://www.sna-fu.com/
"CREEPORIA" EPISODE 2: CREEPORIA, a 300-year-old undead actress goes on a Hollywood audition for a role in the slasher film version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and she meets the director from HELL!
"CREEPORIA" EPISODE 1: 3D animation is combined with live action in a comedy series about a 300-year-old undead actress/ghoul trying to become a big star in Hollywood!
NFL Intro: A school project I did in 2 weeks. I didnt run into some problems but i managed to get it finished. I hope u like it ;)
cyberfight: fragment
Ipod Transform: Near to final render, just a few things to fix up Hope you like it
Jaws tribute: A 3d animation from my favourite horror movie, which makes this a good film is that this movie was filmed entirely in day time which is unique for a horror movie and the only other movie i can think of that was filmed during the day time would be Alfred Hitchcocks, The Birds. Which is also a classic, so sit back and watch my two minute video of Jaws.
Deepspace Freeloader: A school project I did with two other students. This is only the scenes I animated, laid down the sound and effects in. Hope you like it.
Invaso tratoriana: tratoriana
3 Key Sound: Animation using Grace and Jones original figures by Grafikmurkser and original music by 3 Key Sound
Character Rotation: Lowpoly Modeling
Restart - school project - mauro: 3d animation. modeled / textured / rigged and animated by me. sk3in182@gmail.com
Nick Stein 3d animation reel: 3d animation reel using other artists models and some of my own.
The Chase: Mad crime-fugitive, having stolen a truck, is rushing to the town. It can not be allowed. This understands a cop, who rushes along for the jail-breaker. Whether the cop catches up with him you will find out after viewing the film. Confrontation between the cop and the jail-breaker, between good and evil - thats an uncomplicated plot of our film. Action takes place under the hard rock music.
Ipod Transformer: Another test render, missing textures and motion blur, also some artifacts in there for some reason.
sunrise again: created in 3dstudiomax and dreamscape
Year 12 3D Sci-Fi Modelling Show Case: Hi This is a short collection of a few animations that i made in my Multimedia class. Its done using 3DS Max and a bit of Afterburn (in the last scene.) It's all 100% self-taught knowledge and i hope you'll enjoy it. :D
ufos vue animation w/sound: Vue animation with sound.
Fall 2007 Showreel: A montage of recent work from nyc freelance animator/animation director Jordan Blit.
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz - Get Low: clip
Thin ice: Boolean test animation
Ball throwing: A little character test animation
mike drew animation demo reel: mike drew animation demo reel
horse: gallop
The parkour: Biped doing a quick run around obstacles and land in a secret room when he can play Army of TWO from Electronic Arts Montreal
Alchemy: The adventures of a Mad Scientist and his bizarre creations aboard a floating laboratory. When the Mad Scientist turns his back on his latest creation, a steam-powered frankenstein duck, can Octofrog save the day?
Between two dimensions: representacion de propuesta de puerto deportivo
soundambient: Show how the ambient sound is the 50% of scene.
Aliah - An Introduction To The Universe: Animated and rendered in Poser 7. I've done my own motion capture for pretty much all the character moments. So this has been a big improvement on timing and realistic motion, when compared to my previous outings (i.e. Agent:The Introduction -check out http://www.darkprojectworks.com/ for more info and the movie). This and everything I've done in the past have all been tests for something much bigger. An announcement trailer will be online in the coming months while I work on the movie script of the new project: NEW DAWN.
Diferent exterior: Urbanizacion en Marbella
Safety guarding: Guarding assembly animation pre-vis
Foul Geese "Butchers Knife": Music by Foul Geese. Made in Poser 7 and Visual Jockey Models; Orion 1167's Azusa 2112, Most Digital Creations' The Mask dancing round Stonemason's ruins under a Dystopian skydome
RETURNs: A preview of a personal proyect in progress
School walkthrough: fully created in 3dstudio max
muestra interior: vista espacial de las habitaciones
ZOEY: This is my latest short animation. Still focus for the young kids. The problem is... I only have one month to finish it. (But thanks for the greatest support & ideas from my beloved girlfriend ^_^ ) I hope everyone can enjoy it.
3d animation reel: 3d animation reel using 'tiny' rig, 'andy rig' and some of my own.
Brutality Blade: A short animation of a blade from World of Warcraft.
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