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ZOEY: This is my latest short animation. Still focus for the young kids. The problem is... I only have one month to finish it. (But thanks for the greatest support & ideas from my beloved girlfriend ^_^ ) I hope everyone can enjoy it.
3d animation reel: 3d animation reel using 'tiny' rig, 'andy rig' and some of my own.
Brutality Blade: A short animation of a blade from World of Warcraft.
Bioluminescentie: Short animation by Rivven Productions
New Face: A 50 second of 3D generated car commercial. It's about how great the car is, in which the car can change the look of the whole city in just a split second. (more)
IK test: just tmp test...
Devil Karate: It's my devil character doing karate moves!
The Hallway: The story follows a 7 year old girl name Ellena Rachel on her life journey. She runs from one place to another to find new experiences along with her only companion, a teddy bear. In her journey, she discovers a huge hallway which initially she thinks it is just the same fun as the place she has gone before. Indeed, in the hallway she suffers a great depression and darkness that will change her life forever.
wellcome to the world of rigo's characters: 1yr in the making a video of some of my render at rederosity.com with my music..all created by me..thanks for looking
texaco: third attemp to upload this darned texaco thingy... maya + photoshop + afterFX
Ipod Transformation: Ipod Transformation Test Render Lighting needs work
The Headphones: A pair of headphones is sleeping when it suddently gets waked by a butterfly. This project is made over 14 days by 4 people so there are some errors that are not corrected jet.
sunrise: totally done in 3dstudio max and with dreamscape
talking wolf final: same as before... plus render plus fur :p
DBC: An architectural conceptual proposal .
Duck in Analyst: Duck goes to analyst to understand why people are practicing running, and for him it looks like he´s going to get caught to make a typical meal, the Duck in Tucupi sousage . This running practicing is because of race that happens every year, in reason of the biggest religious party in Brazil
The Old Man and the Bean: An old man meets his destiny in an unexpected way.
Clockwork Bridge: Short animation by Rivven Productions
my toon car landing rig test: A test video of a toon car landing rig. A .max and a .obj file can be download: http://www.sharecg.com/v/15042/3d-model/toon-car
Plunger Face: Why he looked into the plunger we'll never know. Just some fun with a newly made prop and some Poser animation. To see my other work here please click on my name 'Harrgunn' above the image. Thanks for your interest in my products.
ehsan3D: Architectal Gesign Animation
ehsan3D: 3D Graphic Animation
WIP animation soldier woman: Latest update on the soldier woman I'm making for a demo reel.
Back to the grave: A lost soul finds its way back to the grave,headstobe by headstone.
Family Search: A lost soul finds it's final resting place after being released from pergatory.
cartoon: Marcianos de roswell, nuevo Mexico.
Ninja in the museum: A small animation for my reel, I wanted to make some action animation with some new twists in it, hope you like :)
talking wolf animation wip: This is an animation I made just for fun, using september's audio clip from the 11 second club.
Triple Threat: Animation made with Vue 5 infinite...post-worked in Corel Painter IX for the ending scene.
Ipod Transform Preview: Ipod Transformation test
Ford Interceptor concept: Ford Interceptor made for 3d stores in 3ds max 8 by me
"Get Out Of My Nose": A short comedy skit
"Bye Bye Asteroid" sound by eccsvox.com: Web commercial sound F/X and Narration by eccsvox.com, video by Candydog
Wine Pour: An animation i made with realflow
Demo Reel 07: This is my demo reel I touched up and redid in 2 weeks.
CG Demo Reel: Here is my updated demo reel I made for the ADAPT conferences in Montreal.
WELCOME TO MY ISLAND: Testing how well I can animate the reaction between 2 figures and foilage animation PLEASE WATCH THE DOG VERY CLOSE AS HE IS JEALOUS FOR HER ATTENTION
When dinosaurs ruled the earth: Only Poser 6 animation
STAR WARS: Just an exercise in Vue 5 Infinite and Poser 6. The film has no story only scenes randomly edited together.
Dogfight: Dogfight between Me 262 and P51.
Kameleon: An ad. for a wheelchair which can elevate the seat, expand axelwith and axeldistance.
Satan, with you Always.: Animation exercise base on the theme: Satan, with you always, from an eatpoo.com forum activity.
Walk Front (Blocking): In front view...
Walk (Blocking): So... Here is the first blocking of a general walk (With timing).
Maxwell Render show reel: The Maxwell Render show reel is an exhibition of the leading unbiased, physically correct rendering engine in the industry. Showcasing old and new features such as Multilight, SimuLens, complex caustics and the soon-to-come Maxwell Discplacement, it's obvious that Maxwell Render is more than just a rendering engine; it is a light simulator. The ideal tool for architects, designers and engineers, Maxwell Render offers hyper-real imagery without the endless tweaking of settings, always converting to the correct solution. Maxwell Render is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and provides plug-ins to all the main 3D applications including Maya, Cinema4D and XSi. For more information, visit www.maxwellrender.com
Vimana in Canyon: A small animation of my UFO models made with Bryce 6
Blood - My Animation Short Using Blender: Yes!This is my first animation short made with blender.And I build a site for it : http://www.seageo.com/blood/ enjoy!
T-Track Transformer: Just for fun and experimentation, my first attempt to make a transformer.
Jump Spline: So here is the splined and refined version of my jump.
CIRO AYALA: Filmmaker - 2005/2006 REEL: Edited by Ciro Ayala USA/UK/Japan/Argentina/Malaysia/Taiwan/Hong Kong/China
3D BUDDHIST ELEMENTS - PHOTOGRAMMETRY: Produced by Raul Gonzalez Directed by Ciro Ayala Argentina/Taiwan/Japan 2006
"House" Music Video: Directed by Ciro Ayala Composed by Jonathan Newman AKM Music - UK
"Genera" Music Video: Composed by Jonathan Newman Directed by Ciro Ayala AKM Music - UK
Jump linier: The linier stage... Final coming up!
UFO IN A HURRY AND SOUND: Ufo in a big hurry going somewhere.........reloaded due to black poster frame, sorry
PIZZA FOR MY MUMMY: Just a funny little skit
Rusty Robot: short animation i did from a tutorial thanks for viewing
The Abduction: 2nd class project for Mastering Maya Fundamentals thru 3DBuzz.com *updated - a few of the visuals have been improved
Cloud Flight: Corsair's flying in formation thru clouds
A Horse Of Course: A horse with a attitude
gnome 3d: a short story 3d animation with a gnome
Empress View: This is an architectural visualization of a Commercial + Residential Project, Empress View, scheduled for development at Saddar, a prime location in Karachi, near Rainbow Centre. Produced using Autodesk 3dsmax 9 32Bit SP2 and rendered using Vray 1.5. Post work in Adobe After Effects 7.
tanggap flu burung, 1 min version wip: tanggap flu burung, 1 min version wip
Aldin Bilalovic Demo Reel: demo reel
The Box: Hi! This is my first attempt with Maya ! I will appreciate any constructive criticism! Thanks and I hope you like it
Protomove: Protomove
ARROW CLASS, organic Spaceships: The ARROW CLASS MOTHERSHIP and WARRIOR CLASS are organic PSI- and E-Ships. They are visiting us from another Dimension far behind that, what we call the Outer Space. On the journey through several Dimensions and endless Universes this strange Spaceship got in touch with a lot of life-systems and gathered all knowledge about life as itself. Like a chameleon the MOTHERSHIP is possible to reflect at his skin the soul energy of the lifeform which it's just visiting. The WARRIORS are specified to get in direct contact with primitive lifeforms ( like humans ;-) which lifes are regulated in a material mechanical base.
Show reel Matteo Migliorini: Hi this is my first show-reel for Architectural Wok with: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Vray, Mental Ray, Rhinoceros, Premiere Pro, After Effects More info on www.art2upz.com http://www.art2upz.com/Shoow_reel_web.rar Thankx Mat
labor: Pc 4k entry for Buenzli 16 by Mercury. Credits: Main Code: las Music: red Dinge....: die anderen More information on: http://www.mercury-domination.net
GP Start: A short animation depicting the start of an F-Zero race. The models were created by me in Wings 3D for an image I was working on a while back (which can be seen in my Renderosity gallery). The animation was created in Bryce 5.5. My machine crashed after rendering 90% of the clip, so apologies for the abrupt ending, and the padding to get over 7s. F-Zero is copyrighted by Nintendo - this is just a tribute.
My Commercial Demo Reel: some of the work I´ve done in the advertisement industry
Color Test: Test animation
background designer's demoreel: this is my demoreel 2007, i hope you'll enjoy watching it ! check my website : http://stephane.montel-fr.com
Supreme love: Supreme love
Atomic love: Another way to express love between human beings?
Time Traveller's Guide: Two explorers, Basil and Hoagie, travel through time to learn about ancient civilisations. But time travel is not an exact science and sometimes the location of the arrival is not the desired one... http://www.timetravellersguide.com directors Thomas Ognibene Stéphane Montel http://stephane.montel-fr.com Clémentine Tronel http://www.clementinetronel.com Arnaud Watteau Rudyard Cretenet
Livraisons Matinales - Morning Deliveries: Do you really know your milkman ? directors Stephane Montel - http://stephane.montel-fr.com Clementine Tronel - http://www.clementinetronel.com Christian Radosavljevic - http://kristijan.free.fr/ Florent Mack
hazor: hazor is the winner of the Evoke 2007 pc 4k intro competition made by Mercury [hg]. Credits ~~~~~ Main Code: las Music: red Dinge......: die anderen More information on: http://www.mercury-domination.net Soundtrack: http://mercury.non-scene-kontakte.net/red-hazor.mp3 Pouet: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=31652
Comercial Animatic Speculative Work: This is a spec work simulating a comercial of a cell phone. Doing it for reel.
Samsung SGH-E250 WIP: This is a work in progress of the modeling of the Samsung SGH-E250. Will update more when finished.
Transformers - Crushing my buddy's car: I've made a new movie using the 3D model I made a few moths back Music: After Forever - De-Energized
Showreel 2006: small collection of work created in 2006 Music "Ping Island/Lighting strike rescue op" by Mark Mothersbaugh.
BillyBotAnimation1: This is a short animation of my "BillyBot" robot - looking for his ball. This is a 3D animation, made in Bryce6.1. All the models - robot, corridor and all - except for the texture visible on the left wall of the corridor and just visible on the end wall - which is adapted from Jumpstartme2's Sci-Fi Wall Texture. Created with Bryce and Wings3D. I will be making more for this little animation – this is just the start. Free to use for non-commercial works.
Windy: Title: Windy Name: Weerapan Subhanant Country: Thailand Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effect This is my first animation. I've used 5 months to complete this shorts for both pre-production and production. All elements from animations, concept, script, modeling, animation, shading, compositing, editing music, are done by me. I hope you will enjoy it. C&Cs welcome!
garudakid episode 2: commercial for garudafood - garudakid brand. 2nd episode
garudakid episode 1: a commercial for garudafood - garudakid brand.
2 media: a short animation about 2 different things trying to find love.
"Cabron": Based on Manet`s work, "The execution of maximilian" a hilarius story with an unexpected and will challenge the viewer. An ordinary day in Mexico, a drill general on command of his firing squad is about to execute the prisoner. What would happen if "Cabron", a unit soldier, catches a terrible cold? A short film by Daniel M.C. Alvite produced at Central Saint Martins animation school, London / UK 2007
RX-7 360: Test animation
Julio de Araujo-Showreel 2007: This is a modelling and texturing showreel that i made in 3 months.Im currently looking for work oppurtunities in the greater London area.I hope you enjoy my work.
Mini Cornering: Test Animation
Demo Reel 01: This is my old demo reel that I was using after graduate school. I apologize for the abrupt end but I needed to edit out my phone number for online posting.
RX-7 Drift: Test animation of a drifting RX-7
RX-7 Doughnuts: Test animation of RX-7
rooster scene kphat: rooster scene, i made for kphat.
Mad & Bad, Episode 4: Mad & Bad look at Western Duels
DigiPost Ads - awareness: Advertising video for my company
acting test, weird: acting test , weird
RX-7 Suspension 2: Test animation for RX-7
RX-7 Suspension: Test animation for RX-7
DRACHENWURM: Short Demo for a 3D model for Poser5 and up
NEBULA, the Organic Ship: The Animation "NEBULA" started and was planned as a short animation design-study with a model which didn't make me happy, but which i couldn't put in the trash because in any way i fall in love with this organic form. By the way one idea followed to the other ones and it became a project which took me much time. Models, Animation, Sounddesign and Film are all made only by myself and were created within a lot of weeks.
CGdemo: some of my old stuff
Jump Animation: Short walk and jump animation.
Ton-E WALK wip: a work in progress of my next animation
Hop Animation: Small animation with a new rig.
baby oil TVC blocking-refine - 2807: refining my baby oil wip
HP DV2000: Modeled and animated in Lightwave3d
Interior Visualization: These visuals are from interior visualization of a residential project. Modeled and produced using 3D Studio Max 9 32bit and rendered using VRAY 1.5. Tweaked in Photoshop.
lucky rooster wip 2707: my remake rooster scene
step into the poo: CG animation challenge #9, well, actually it'snt finished yet.
Dramatic Mad & Bad: Check Out this reply to "dramatic chipmunk"! It has a link to the new episode of Mad & Bad
The Hawk Boy Vs Dragon: If you have trouble playing this animation you can watch in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLdk-otz6Y8
baby oil TVC blocking - 2607: baby oil TVC blocking - 2607
AntBot on desk: created in cinema 4d and rendered with fryrender
The Blacksmith: My first Animated Short Film, I hope you enjoy it!
UFO Sighting: 1950s vacation footage gets interrupted by a flying saucer sighting!
Meteor Strike: A meteor smashes into a large city, raining chaos and destruction in short order.
Demoreel Geoffrey Coffin: I downloaded After Effects (trial version) 2 days ago, rendered as much as I could, and this is the result.
Busty virtual girl walking in the real world: Made with Poser 6 using a high definition avi as a background
marcos borba low demo reel: graduation reel at think tank
Virgin World - Discovery: Completely done in Bryce and Magix VideoDeluxe. This was a teaser for our previous album "Space Remains". ( 1st Contact is the name of our spacerockband ) No commercial - this stuff is free! If you like the soundstuff: you can get more than a dozen themes for free at: www.mzeus.com/artist/bands/240/ More soundclips to come... have fun! spacebones
mars_test_title: mars_test_title
1st school VFX demo reel: A short reel about a space ship chasing and killing another person. Please enjoy!
11 seconds club july, finished: my finished 11 secondclub july
11 seconds club july, 2ndwip 2207: 11 second club wip, 2207
FaceHugger 2007 Sample: This is a down and dirty render of the FaceHugger 2007 to show off some of the motions you can get. I only spent about 5 minutes to make a point. You can make this nasty little critter do pretty cool moves with only a few dials.
11 sec july wip - 2107: 11 secondsclub wip
pole CDU light animation fryrender: pole CDU light animation created in ciema4d and fryrender
Cardust Krakatoa Animation: Hello everybody, This is my new animation showing car kicking dust. It's rendered with mentalray 3.5 and krakatoa beta 0.9.17.All particles are rendered with krakatoa and all rendered as points.There are millions of particles. I didn't render Shadow for particles casting on ground. I hope you will enjoy it. Car model is free from 3dm3.com
Samples & Clips #2: Residential Architectural Visualizations
Pipi the Penguin IV: This short film took about 5 months to make. A lot longer than the others in the Pipi the Penguin series, but I believe it shows in the quality of some of the animation sequences. It took a lot longer to render than the others too, due to the ray-traced shadows, but I think it was worth it.
midak telek, wip 1607: midak telek, wip 1607
gucci time pieces: 4 different style watches for gucci. Contracted out by Brooklyn Digital Foundry. Lead modeler for all 4 watches
midaktelek wip 1507: wip project for animation challenge at CGsociety
standup goodfellas: acting, animation
papa boris and the TV shows: papa boris was interrupted while watching football games in his TV. it's because of the blackout.
Stand Up comedy: Lip Sync for a little dialogue.
my demoreel - 0707: my demoreel - 0707
DMCA Showreel jul07: 3d character animatior graduated by central saint martins school, london UK 2007
"Zé Down Hill": Ze goes crazy in a huge downhill
student short filme "Cabron": Based on Manet`s work, "The execution of maximilian" a hilarius story with an unexpected and will challenge the viewer. An ordinary day in Mexico, a drill general on command of his firing squad is about to execute the prisoner. What would happen if "Cabron", a unit soldier, catches a terrible cold? A short film by Daniel M.C. Alvite produced at Central Saint Martins animation school, London / UK 2007
kick the chicken: short animation when chicken poop in front of you.
chicken kicked wip 05 07: chicken get kicked in the butt , wip
Animation testing: Quick character animation tests.
Animated Handstand: Test animation for the first full character I knocked together
The Visitor: Short student film about the untrusting nature of the human race... The Robot is a good willed visitor but is not given the chance to show this. Of course you could just see is as an excuse to play with cool CG effects! This was created in widescreen 16:9 but unfortunatly the compressed version uploads in 4:3 regular, so just imagine it stretched!
5 Minute Break: Student Project to make a fitting animation to this audio clip from 'Spaceballs'
USS Cassini: The USS Cassini is a Federation Deadalus class starship in service prior to the more familiar Constitution class from TOS. Modeled, textured, and animated in 3DS Max.
chicken kicked wip 04 07: chicken wip 04 07
chicken walkcycle: my ayam sori walkcycle
knacklosaur walk: Its a small four legged walk cycle which I have done using the free rig provided at www.3dfiggins.com.
Milagro Logo: Logo design and animation for Milagro Productions.
Exhaustive Intro: 3D intro for Exhaustive media group.
CPLWinter05 TextFx: Text effects for a CS-movie from style-productions.
Josef Sy demo reel 2006: animation demo reel 2006
The Column: Two bibs have a disagreement that one decides to resolve with canon fire!! I couldn't stand the look of the 320 x 240 that I uploaded before...so I'm trying this again! ~enjoy!~
March of the Nur-Nur......: Animation is created on the basis of Artwork by JAYBEEH " March of the Nur-Nur.. ". You can see this work here: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=1471016&member More artworks by JAYBEEH you can see here: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/browse.php?username=JAYBEEH Thank You for viewing and comments.
Coco Pops: this animation shows some coco pops filling a dish The cereals are made using particle emmiter with instancer and the whole scene is rendered using mental ray
Planet of Sweet Emotions: Thank You for viewing and comments.
VIRUS: VIRUS is a little short Film I had been working from long ago in my free time, it is my first animated feature and I am glad i finished at last, It speaks of the most common problem we Human Beens have to deal with, I hope you like it :)
Jean-Charles Demo Reel: Here's a demo reel I made earlier this year. Go to my site to see my latest work: http://jean-charles3d.com
Gun Camera Simulation: My take on a WWII dogfight. Presented both in the original color and then with effects applied to make it more vintage-looking.
Defective - VFS Short Film: The film takes place in a robot factory, where two rejected robots ridiculously fight over a loose hand. A Vancouver Film School animation short with sublime visual elements made by Rani Naamani.
el hombre tranquilo: Un corto en 3d
dave davidson - www.max3d.org- promotion advert: dave davidson - www.max3d.org- promotion advert
nokia n series fryrendering: nokia n series fryrendering. created in cinema 4d and rendered with fryrender. by dave davidson of www.max3d.org
Jessi Walks: My first animation with Poser 6
Romulan Bird of Prey c.2260: Modeling , texturing, and animation done in 3DS Max
Naruto Bust - Turntable: Turntable of a Naruto bust created in ZBrush 3.
Happy Duet: Thank You for viewing and comments.
waterfall: A waterfall I made to overlay on a scene. I just make the bg transparent and scale to fit.
The Blacksmith: My first Animated Short Film, I hope you enjoy it!
Into the Clouds: The camera swoops from above the ocean to just above cloud level, making a gentle bank to the left along the way.
Limp: Package man with a limp cycle
Locomotiva REEL 2007: Show Reel for 2007 by Portuguese animation studio LOCOMOTIVA
To Trust To Love: My First Animation made on 2005.
Flight in Four Worlds: Thank You for viewing and comments.
Life inside tv: Visual effect made with Poser
ballet: 3d animation made with Poser
Stick figure 3d Fight II: Match between skeletal biped VS classic , First round
Little robot dancing: Castro my little robot dancing on Michael Jackson song
Stick figure 3d I: Skeleton biped fight against a bunch of Classic Bip. 3dsmax
Nuclear Blast: A nuclear test in the Nevada desert. Mushroom cloud created with Particle Illusion, surrounding environment created with Vue Pro Studio.
muki runcycle: muki, runcycle test
muki walkcycle - 2006: muki walkcycle, 20 06 07
Test_Test: test shore animation
Street Fighter - Sagat Bust: Sculpt of Sagat from the Street Fighter series. Base mesh sculpted in ZBrush 2. Turntable created in ZBrush 3.
Metal Snake: Thank You for viewing and comments.
homeland : dragon hit scene: nino shoot atlas the dragon
loud me loud - mukitrix: matrix parody
loud me loud - security door scene: security door, it's really secure
loud me loud - laser scene: parody from blockbuster movies, wher muki avoiding laser
loud me loud - crazy parking scene: muki park his vespa in a front of electronic store
loud me loud - rooster scene: it's a opening scene from my movies, loud me loud, when a rooster being hit by "cidhuk"
The Alien: The Alien, my short film made for the final year at uni.
Demo Reel 2007: My demo reel for 2007, (a number of clips made by my self over the last few months)
Squark.Part One: Gay Squark: Very old funny animation I made years ago. This is old stuff ,I was learning character animation. But I very like this video, it show me how long way I pass since then :) 'Squark' was awarded on "Flesztival" 2005 in Warsaw. I have no idea how it happen hahaha
Ice cream'd short film: In a strange work, an alien seeks to satisfaction and the only way he knows how is, iceream.
Singularity short film: A boy/man is chased by a killer robot through a factory. Doors a blown out, lasers are fired, thing explode.
some shorts created in cinema 4d and fryrender: some shorts created in cinema 4d and fryrender by dave davidson of www.max3d.org
Mortimer & Bracket: This was my senior thesis project at MCAD. I spent over 16 months working on it, in addition to my other projects, classes, and my internship at Make, LLC (which became my full time job right after school.) I finished the project just a few months ago, before my graduation in May of 2007. A lot of sweat, blood and love went into "Mortimer & Bracket", and I hope you enjoy their story!
Monkeytown: An upper-class town inhabited by people who obsess over and pretend to be primates. Monkeytown was animated completely in After Effects, with background artwork drawn in Adobe Illustrator. No Flash or 3D software was used. The 2D animation was a combination of cut-out layers and animated masks. Monkeytown was the first-place winner in the student category of Minnesota Siggraph 2006, as well as a semi-finalist in the 2007 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.
Mountain Monster: Thank You for viewing and comments.
Moc_man: Moc_Wip
LED layerblending with fryrender and cinema 4d: LED layerblending with fryrender and cinema 4d. created by dave davidson of www.max3d.org
Fume FX Fire Test: Fume FX Fire Test
previz: previzualization scenes1-2
Between the worlds: Thank You for viewing and comments.
kresgh!!!: it's a short movies about heidi, the aliens. he come to earth, but he didnt realize, that the earth is way too big for him. :)
chocolate machine animation: chocolate machine animation
card architect model- layerblending with fryrender: card architect model- layerblending with fryrender created by dave davidson http://www.max3d.org
The Planets: A one-minute tour of the Solar System.
Trailer 'Ahum': This is the trailer of my short film Ahum. Ahum is an school project. It is an adaptation of the book Ahum.
Princess - drawing a fairy character: Using Project Dogwaffle to draw and paint.... a time lapse animation showing a progressive drawing
drawing and painting a hand: using Project Dogwaffle, here's another time lapse of human anatomy, drawing a hand
drawing and painting a foot: a time lapse animation made by Dan RItchie with Project Dogwaffle, of him painting a foot
HarrisonYu's Animation Reel: 6min,showing some works before 2007. tools:3ds max ,after effect ,combustion watch my character TD reel at: http://www.sharecg.com/v/6030/animation/My-CharacterTD-Reel
Quetzalcoatlus Flyby: A Queztalcoatlus, the last known pterosaur and perhaps the largest, flies over a cretaceous jungle in search of food.
Football vs Rabbit: Title: Football vs Rabbit Company: Meindbender Country: Sweden, trollhättan Software: Maya, Mentalray, After effects Hi, this is an Meindbender test animation. The goal was to get the same kind of feel that stopmotion has with Maya. www.meindbender.com
Trailer 'Ahum' (wrong trailer): wrong date at the end of this trailer
jelly cube: a video example of what can be achieved using the method explained in the 'jelly box' tutorial: "http://www.sharecg.com/v/5996/pdf/word-doc-tutorial/jelly-cube"
My CharacterTD Reel: This video show my character rigging and maxscript skills. it is about 25min long.
Game Over: This is an animation I made for a challenge. Hope you like it!
Commercial Animation Reel of Wojtek Wojtulewicz: Projects I've completed USING softimage|3D3.6 to xsi 6 and composited mostly in shake 2.5. Currently looking for studio work in New York. Resume www.arrows3d.com
Wild FIRE: Legend of the Ryukage - Promo Video 1: Promotional video based on the upcoming Wild FIRE book series! If you`re into martial arts, anime and sci-fi, and video games this clip is definately for you! Don`t forget to visit the Wild FIRE official website for book and character information as well as a downloadable sample of the book and an RPG game. Enter the Wild FIRE Sweepstakes to win a free copy of Wild FIRE Book 1-Vol. 1+(489pgs, Illustrated)
Morning Tea - Short Film: Short film made as a school project during 1½ week.
The Guards of City: Thank You for viewing and comments.
Nazimabad Underpass Drive Through: This visualization is a element of a presentation of a proposal, being presented by M/S Al-Ghurair Giga through Out and About™ advertising, to the City District Government, Karachi, Pakistan. The proposal is about the beautification of underpass with the picturesque tile overlay depicting historical infrastructure development in Karachi on the walls of the underpass. Modeled, textured and rendered in 3D Studio Max 7, and the animation of about 1:15 minutes took about 12 days continued on AMD Athlon 64 2.2 GHz with 1.0GB Ram, on PAL D-1 Specifications. Please check demo reel section for the link to complete underpass drive through animation.
The Unexpected Message: Thank You for viewing and comments.
Feng Huang Clips (with newly finished music): The music is owned and created by TNT DigitalWorks. All rights reserved. Hope you like the movie and the music!
Assembly: A brief cartoon about building a satellite in orbit.
The Talented Ball: 1st class project for Mastering Maya Fundamentals thru 3DBuzz.com
VFX DemoReel 2006: This is my VFX DemoReel From the last year. I should make new animation/rigging reel soon.
10 SecondClub Entrie: I still think this is one of my funniest entries of the 10 second club (RIP) ;) -thanks to the Generi free Rig by by Andrew Silke-
A Blue Collar Tragedy: 'A Blue Collar Tragedy' is an animated short about a plumber fixing a leaky pipe. Although not based on reality it is a story derived from the Author’s upbringing as the son of a plumber and plumber himself for thirteen years. The story seemed to lend itself well to animation and having so much experience with the subject matter it seemed the natural route for the author to take. The short shows what can potentially happen when a seasoned professional loses his cool on the job and the consequences that can arise from the actions taken. The concept went through many iterations until the script was finally tightened from a three character, dialog driven drama, to a single character comedy, which works far better. More at http://jabimation.com
Joshua Bowman - May 2007 Showreel: This a showcase of my character animation skills.
NOD32 new video: Another video for the antivirus. We had to re-work some of the effects and the whole ending. This one had to be rendered in HD :p
Princess - For Toni Harper: Thank You for viewing and comments.
(stoner cartoon) Green Monkehs: stoner comedy
Aquatic Assassin Model Rotation: He's completely made out of primitive objects. A 3D SpacePilot, mirror modeling, and object grouping made the task much easier and faster than it looks. More detail can be found at: http://richsunproductions.info/koga.html
Colonel John Adams Model Rotation: This futuristic soldier was modeled for a Prev-Viz animation. I'd like to go back and redesign him someday. More detail can be found at http://richsunproductions.info/adams.html
General Victor Bastion Model Rotation: This is a model I created using Maya and ZBrush. He was used to pre-viz an action sequence animation, which is why no displacements or advanced shaders were created for him. More detail can be found at http://richsunproductions.info/bastion.html
Smoking Creature 2 -TurnTable: SC2 TT - zbrush3
AMIGO: My Final Year Project at University. Is a 3d Animation Short Film about two unique characters and the evolution of their relationship.
Complete Characters by Rocketbox Studios: Complete Characters is a library of 104 realistic human 3D Characters for 3ds Max (or Maya), especially created for realtime environments like computer games, simulations and other virtual worlds. by Rocketbox Studios
Buddy Vs The "Ball": This was a lab exercise for my introduction to Maya course. It combined two commonly practiced animation exercises: a walk cycle and a bouncing ball.
Swish Introduction: This is the first animated segment in the Stuttering Foundation of America's "Stuttering for Kids, by Kids" video. The virtual-host Swish is introduced and displays his ability to morph between biped form and his invulnerable ball form. I designed, modeled, textured, rigged, animated, and rendered everything seen. The video went on to win the Adding Wisdom Award by "Parent to Parent."
Space Station Flyby: I created this animation to test some Renderman surface, displacement, and light shaders. I enjoy directing so I had some fun with the camera movements. Everything was modeled in Maya and textures were created using Photoshop.
Ro-Bort's Marching: This is the end product of a procedural animation exercise. The robot was modeled in Houdini and animated procedurally using expressions and variables. The concept was inspired by a Simpson's episode where Bart and Lisa fight.
Violator's Rampage: This animation's purpose was to better understand how ZBrush-created models and displacement maps can be applied within Maya. In addition, I wanted to experiment with the powerful dynamics found in Blastcode while polishing my key-frame animating skills.
Exploding MEL Generated City: I wrote a MEL script to help me build the city within a few hours. After that I wrote a Renderman displacement shader to get the "explosion" effect. The city was baked out into a point cloud and converted into a brickmap. The particles were created in Houdini and Shake was used for compositing. Mehmet Erer created all the sky elements. Development of the shot can be found here: http://richsunproductions.info/vsfx755/cityexplosion.html
The beard 3: Gemm vs iTunes: (the beard) music lover rants
The beard 2: (the beard) music lover rants
the beard 1: (the beard) music lover rants
Twinkle Little Star: My first animated short film in full 3D (but in 2D style). It won the 3rd prize in Thailand Animation & Multimedia Awards 2005
Virtual Reality: This is a video I made for my music. Special attention given to synchronization of animation with music. Thank You for viewing and comments.
Robo Dancing in Hindi music: This animation made using 3dmax, in this scene i creted robo using editable poly and convert in to mesh after i applied biped into this robo, this clips is created using motion flow...... I hope u like that, Robo dance in Hindi songs
Starry Night: My very short animation with an inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's art. A Combination of 2D & 3D technic. I hope you'll enjoy it.
Island of dreams: This my first time i make a movie in 3D in my life so I want to shared with you. All Thanks to you for supporting me.
Trojan Pony: Trojan Pony is a visual effects project with a dark fairytale feeling. The main plotline was presented to us by our client Ulf Södergren. We were seven people that worked on this project and the deadline was four weeks. Following artists were involved in the project: Adrian Mach, Robert Lehman and Anders Nyman, Kristofer Ling, Rickard Westman, Patrik Lindkvist and Lars Martinsson.
Chocobear: A toy bear finds a safe spot to enjoy his parcel of chocolaty goodness
Pipi the Penguin II: This is the second installment in the Pipi the Penguin series. It was made in early July 2006, before the re-model and re-rigging of the Pipi character. The audio has also been updated since the original due to Copyright issues.
Modeling Demo Reel: My current modeling demo reel. All works were designed, modeled, textured, rigged and rendered by me. Software used was 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Photoshop and Vray.
Animation demo reel: My current character animation demo reel. All animation and rendering done by me. Software used 3D Studio Max, Maya and vray. Lowman rig by Miguel Gonzalez Vine. Lowmax rig by Peter Starostin. LowDog rig by Miguel Gonzalez Vine. Alfred rig by Rodri Torres. Thanks for the rigs! Boxman, blob and bird rigs created by me.
Running animation: I was just testing out some new animation skills with this animation using cloth and hair simulations so i decided to make a short animation to test out my new knowledge.
3d reel: reel 2007, streaming test
Fly me to the moon: This is my very first short animation. Develope from the true story of my little rabbit. It took 3 months to finish. I hope everyone will enjoy it.
Dino: Quick dino animation i made
The Color Grey - teaser: This is a teaser to a game concept called The Color Grey. The concept was produced in 7 weeks at School of Future Entertainment. The game was nominated for best game concept and best trailer at GCC 2007. “Someone has stolen all the colors from our world. Your mission is to get them back!”
Amal2.0 The Animation.: This my scend release of 3D animation in my life I hop you liked like I'm.
Flying Junks&Breakdown: I uploaded Flying Junks which is my short project reel. Now this clip uploaded is included breakdown shot.. enjoy...
Asa movshovitz - Character TD: Asa movshovitz - Character TD my character TD showreel
Feng Huang (clips): This is a work in progress. It's a movie about how humans can keep a balance between economy development and the nature enviorment, modern thoughts/ideas and ancient culture. We are looking for a collaboration on this project. If you are interested, please go see more on our site: www.tntdigitalworks.com and feel free to contact us. Thanks!
Kung Hei Fat Choi!: This is an e-card of 2007 Chinese New Year. Hope you like it!
Tailor test: A 2D test for my "Fake AM" project: patrickalessi.blogspot.com
BMW Commercial: A short BMW commercial i did for a school project. Enjoy
cloth test: Ok, just a tryout for a falling cloth. I got somewhat the effect i was looking/hoping for.
"TOMATOES" - Short Film: A short film I did about a year and a half ago, wich was the first 3D animation short film i made, in fact is for now the only one... But what the hell... u have to start somewhere.
FAVE: enter into to a stange new world
THE ADVENTURES OF WATERBONG:waterbong, xmas, chann: Start the holidays early with this romp from Waterbong and his pals.
Spring: This spring animation was one of the first I ever did.
Can a cat count?: A short films about a cat
OLD stuff part 4: Blood: An animation of a bloodvane that i did looong time ago in 3DsMax
OLD stuff part 10: "Demo Reel": I made this Demo Reel for a school project about my future and about how to become an animator...
OLD stuff part 6: Tornado: This tornado animation was for a school project about... yeah... Tornados
Spider Beast Animset: A creature animset created for in-game
Fly: You can download this video in high quality (Press the right button of the mouse on the link and will choose "Save Target As..."): http://www.osipenkov.com/video/Fly.avi Thank You for viewing and comments.
OLD stuff part 8: Blue on stage: This was my first attemt on a Charecter animation with dialuge. It was for the 10 second club and for aubiouse reasonse i didn't win! HAHAHA (more)
OLD stuff part 7: Truth test (Undone): An Animation for The 10 secound club. Never finished it...
Boxing Kitty: What's a kitten to do when he's being upstaged by a box? It started off as an animation test but ended up being quite a bit more elaborate.
My Ma and Me are Cops:The Ma Who Loved Me: Watch Barry and Ma fight evil from every direction and still get home in time for "America's Stinkiest Smells"
Eros: My personal VFX Demo reel. A humanoid robot interacting with real humans. -Animex.net, Second place in the VFX Category -Nominated for “Best Visual Effects in Animation or Video Game CAEAA -Rhythm and Hues Scholarship: “Honorable Mention” winner 2006
Enflightenment: Taking the audience magically into a world where toys become life, Enflightenment tells a heartwarming story of robot toys living in a suburban house. A toy robot dreams of flying, and shares his vision with other toy robots in the room. Despite being teased for the ridiculous idea, the robot pursues the dream and begins a journey of self discovery. Courage and perseverance determines the realization of the dream.
dino_die: dino_die
dino_attack: dino_attack
dino_walkcycle: dino_walkcycle
dino_stand: dino_stand
Flying Junks: This shot is my recent short project . Just enjoy and welcome any comments
OLD stuff part 3: Paperman: Se for you self ;D Damn codec problems!!!
OLD stuff pert 2: MatriX (CS): This was my very first 3D animation, done in 3DsMAx 5. I was mend as an intro for my friend in a CS movie but since the film never got finished I used is as a little something with my own "Internet nick name" at that time "AniX". Damn I'm glad I got rid of that ugly name. I found the models some whare on the Internet and then just moved them around! (more)
OLD stuff part 1: Poser MatriX: HAHAHA This is one of my first animations! I was so inspired bu The Matrix and had just fallen in love with 3D graphics! It was done in Poser 5 I think. I even bought the whole Matrix soundtrack because I hoped this would be a full length short film! HAHA Well... I hope is makes you laugh! (more)
The Tunel: You can download this video in high quality (Press the right button of the mouse on the link and will choose "Save Target As..."): http://www.osipenkov.com/video/The_Tunel.avi Thank You for viewing and comments.
Green Screen Assignment: Short two week assignment on using a green screen.
My Pets on Walk: You can download this video in high quality (Press the right button of the mouse on the link and will choose "Save Target As..."): http://www.osipenkov.com/video/My_Pets_on_Walk.avi Thank You for viewing and comments.
Camera Work around my scene: This is is just some basic camera work around my scene. Crits and comments are welcomed and appreciated!
Corporate Nightmare (brighter version): brighter version of CN sequence.
Corporate Nightmare: Final exam project for a computer animation class. Version 1.0. A paper-pusher awakens to a cubicle maze devoid of life. An error message flashes on his computer screen. A virus has been found and MUST be purged from the system...
Air Fighter at Lumpang 1944: 2D Animation on Thesis of Film , King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang . Story about Thai Airforce in WWII they fight with US Airforce.
Curious Creatures for SSL: This short was for Stroud Switchgear Ltd., based in the UK. It's the second of 3 animated shorts. This one's a little more “light-hearted”, and involves three creatures stumbling across various components. All Components were created by myself within Bryce 6. In fact, the whole thing is done in Bryce. I'm really proud of the components though. This was really my first attempt at building "real-world" objects, so I'm well impressed.
Loveshaw Animation: Short 3D animation completed for Loveshaw Europe for their use in an exhibition. 2 weeks work.
SF - one room, many emotions.: A commercial done for a cinema company (just made up for education purpose, not a real job for the company). It is a group project where I did most of the 3D work in Maya. The compositors worked in Shake. Work was made in full HD (1920x1080) In this clip youll travel trough a kitchen but find yourself running trough different movie themes like the jungle in Juressic park (watch out for T-rex).
cloth test in poser: Just running some cloth test for something that I will upload to the Renderosity marketplace www.renderosity.com
Me Bones Ache: Short animation I did for the fun of it. Started with a doodle on paper. I have some ideas to expand it, but don't know if I will ever find the time to make it. Made in Lightwave 9.0
Demo Reel 2007 (Long Version): This is my personal Demo Reel, where I put the best of the stuff I've done. Hope you like it and soon I'll have a shorter version.
Music Machine: This is a animation of a machine that plays a simple tune on a xylophone. I created it and the audio file with the idea from the "Animusic" album.
niEt0.com DemoReel Luis Gomez Guzman: This is my DemoReel about compositing, lighting and colour. More at http://www.niEt0.com Hope you like it!
NOD32 Antivirus System: This is a promo we made for the NOD32 AV launch in my country. The music has been removed because it was done by somebody else :p
skinning test of my dominance war character: This is a small walk cicle animation for test the skinning of my model
Glest video: Glest is a free 3D real time strategy game, available for several operative systems and that can be modified using XML and a set of tools http://www.glest.org
webiste intro: This is the finished website intro.
Aarmand at the beginning: short but intense plasticine animation. Done using a simple digital camera.. shot by shot. Done by me and Dany Meit. Enjoy it.
DEMO REEL -- An Unexpected Visitor: My demo REEL done at "la cite collegial" in 2005/2006. sorry no sounds
Death Trap: playing around.. a little guy gets crushed by spiked walls
Creature Animation: An animation from my demo REEL done in college
ccsn rhythm and learning: It's an animation created by the instructor and some of the students taking his animation classes presented to the then incoming president of the college.
shiny balls: nice refection of balls bouncing
SpiderBot: Playing around with dynamic objects in Max to create a "functioning" machine. I guess this could theoretically be built if you had the right kind of motors and such.
fARMERTIME: 1st 3d demo, done in maya 7, rendered with mental ray, and composited in combustion 4.
Gears: Animated version of this ( http://www.sharecg.com/view.php?upload_id=3504 )
Frozen: for fun :)
Reel: This is my 2007 compositing and lighting reel. I created all the work in it.
The King: The King and his ideas.
Bananasa: This is my first 3d short film. I did this while studying at "la cité collegiale" in 3d animation. i wanted to include 2d animation in the film, but it didnt turn out how i wanted it to. otherwise, i managed to finish my story :)
Pipi's Award-Winning Easter Special: This film is not part of the Pipi the Penguin series. It was an entry for the Renderosity.com Eggxtreme Eggxtravaganza Animation Competition 2007, it recieved the Honorable Mention. One of my better shorts, even though Pipi intersects the floor a little bit. ^_^
Castle Dining Hall Unrendered Playblast Tour: A playblast of my castle dining hall, unrendered, bar still unfinished, along with kitchen.
Demo Reel 05-07: Game Art Demo and VFX Demo Reel. Enjoy!
Noesis Interactive DVD Library: Check out NoesisInteractive.com for a list of Game Development DVD's www.noesisinteractive.com Enjoy!
VFX walkthrough / breakdown: Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead compositor | Yaron Yashinski | yaron@yashinski.net http://yashinski.net
Pipi the Penguin III: This is the third installment of the Pipi the Penguin series. It was made around about September-October 2006. I like to think that my modelling skils have improved since the making of this short. The cube thing is a whale by the way, just incase you couldn't tell. :P
Three Horn Adventures: This is an animation exercise about a somewhat spanish police called "Guardia Civil" (very bad guys) They wear a amazing hat named "Tricornio"... that means "Three Horn".
Here's my demo reel from Battlestar Galactica: This is my short version of the just a fraction of the shots I have done on battlestar galactica for seasons II and III. Keep in mind I don't art direct the shots. So if things look funky, blame the VFX Supervisor. You can check out more of my work here at http://www.battlestarvfx.com
Explosion: an explosion done in 3DStudio Max using the standard gizmo
Queen Alien Test Rig: WIP - Rig for Queen Alien www.agovela.com
My Rig based on Farenheit Digital Dvds: My Rig that i made for a character for my personal project.
Facial Rig: Simple Facial Rig, but it's work good and faster.
Muscle Deform (My first test): I'm love anatomy! And like ths character is very dificult to deform, i will start the first test of warp skin. Well, i liked!
My reel 2006 (the new reel are coming): This is my best work, i currently work on short film. In some days i will upload some scenes
Battlebugs episode 1: This is my 2005 animation thesis that I reworked half a year later. New editing (Maarten J Boer), new music (Joram Letwory), new soundfx (Tijn van de Wetering) and new voices by Wim Pel Productions BV. This is the first episode/pilot for a 12 episode mini-series. I also wrote the basic storyline for the remaining 12 episodes but I don't think I'll ever be able to make them. Entirely done in Lightwave with the help of AfterEffects for some effects and small fixes. Did everything by myself (except for the above-mentioned things) in 6 months time.
external building rendered with fryrender: i decided to test the aniamtion using fryrender and cinema 4d. www.fryrender.com.
firetruck - fryrender aniamtion: i decided to test the aniamtion using fryrender and cinema 4d. www.fryrender.com.
Europa: I did this a few years ago. Work was started in LW 5.x, and was finally finished in 8.x. I'm generally pleased with the result, but wish I'd done several things differently. This video doesn't include the soundtrack which is Rob Dougan's "Will You Follow Me?" Here's a quick summary of the story: Europa, the ice covered moon of Jupiter is believed by many to have a liquid ocean beneath it's thick frozen crust. The mission of the Hermes landing craft is to deposit the automated submersible, Odysseus, below the moon's crust so that it may search for any signs of life. Later, while in pursuit of a creature, Odysseus stumbles into Europa's food chain and is eventually perceived as a threat...
KUBUS: The revenge of the Kubus. Another old animation, I did together with my classmate Christian (he did compositing/2d-animation, my part was 3d). The short got rather successful and had been shown on festivals all over the world. It's about the vanishing of the Kubus from the Ilm-park in Weimar. Btw: The fire of the Anna-Amalia-Library was some months later, and we do have no connection with this.
Sunny Sunday: Sun and rain on a Sunday. Another of my early 3d-animations. The focus here was to get a nice character-animation done in one week. It's rather simple, but I hope you like it nevertheless.
EveFX Digital Production showreel: showreel 2007
Pipi the Penguin IV Trailer: Just a little sneak-peek at what to expect in the up and coming Pipi the Penguin IV. Release anticipated to be July 2007.
Dragster Flameout: Two Dragsters flaming through the quarter-mile.
Wind: A Carrara test for wind and trees
Demo Reel 1998: This is a compilation of almost all animations made until 1998
Murcielago Project: Created by four juniors at Otis College of Art + Design: Matt Nava, Monica Grue, Karna Nelson and Wade Minter. This was our final project for our Visual Effects class.
Hemocentro: a TV spot for the blood donation
Breve: An opening credits for a short movie
Camara: TV spot
band: TV spot
Lista CDROM: An opening animation for a cdrom
First class: TV spot
Dolphin: Some tea?
Chiplaser: An old animation test
Domus: Spot video for a store
Festa do peixe: A spot to a celebration
Box talking: A simple lipsync test animation
Jacko test: Just a test to see how the Jacko looks with the volumetric light
Demo Reel: Short animation
dave davidson - www.max3d.org- demo reel: dave davidson - www.max3d.org- demo reel
Loops: Animated short about the loops we are surrounded by. It's a rather old one, actually one of my first 3d films, but it's still quite nice I think. Won the 1st place at Animago Award (education, compositing, art) 2002.
W.C (Asier Illarramendi): 3D animation short of Asier Illarramendi. Student of 3D animation in 9zeros animation school.
Biped and Quadruped Walk (scene): A clip from an unfinished short film. Humanoid alien and lizard walking. Demo reel sample.
Legend: Winning animation from C4D Cafe's Cardman animation contest
Scoutship attacked (scene): A completed scene from an unfinished short film. Astronauts' scoutship is attacked by alien laser turret on surface of desert world. Demo reel sample.
Bravo TV: Inside the Actors Studio commercial
Cadillac: Interactive DVD game
Hopeless Pictures- TV: TV series for the Independent Film Channel
Star Wars / Lego Movie: Mini Movie created for the Lego aired on the Cartoon Network.
Paraglider test: First effort at animation of a paraglider
Rotating Bud: A simple spinning bud
Pipi the Penguin I: This is the first short film in the Pipi the Penguin series. It was made around about April 2006. I would have to admit, it isn't my best work, but I can definetly see where I have improved since then. The character was very under-developed and had a very simple rig, which only allowed movement for the arms,legs and eyelids. The complexity of the Pipi character has definately increased, making him better than ever before.
Taking aim: modern dress soldier spining around with classic winchester rifle and taking aim.
2005 tmdag's demo reel: 2005 tmdag's demo reel
fin d'ete - end of summer: In an abandoned city before a tropical storm, a woman decides to stay... Through this film, our ambition was to portray a particular ambience and feeling more than a heavy storyline. We (Patrick Harboun, Ronan Le Fur and Joaquim Montserrat) worked on it for 6 months within our studies at Supinfocom, a French CG animation school.
Nokia Navigator - Robot in Disguise: A transformer under the guise of a Nokia Phone. A piece for my studio's reel.
Adidas / World Cup: TV, Web, Print Spot of Adidas add for the World Cup. Contracted by by 1st avemachine in nyc to be the lead technical director. Worked also as a compositor on spots as well.
Do penguins fly?: Penguins, it seems, are the oiseaux de jour in firm circles. We've seen them thrive in the harsh Antarctic wastes, hijack oil tankers, talk, dance and even surf. It seems these monochromatic birds can do anything but fly.
MagikCIRCUS: A circus at the edge of bankruptcy is about to close. A small girl gives one last-ditch effort to save the circus with the help of a magician, and winds up with a surprising solution...
Alien Party: This is an animatino of a few aliens taknig the day off and dancing.
Mad & Bad episode 1. More at www.madandbad.com: Introducing "Mad & Bad", a new 3D animation mini-series of the craziest classical cartoon tradition. Who's bad and who's mad? Or are they both very bad and very mad? Find out at http://www.madandbad.com El Viaje Imposible film production company specializes in the creation of new animated content and audiovisual services. We have developped "Mad & Bad" as well as other animation-related series, short films and feature film projects.
Peterbilt_flyaround: Vue 5 Infinite animation...easy to use and outstanding results!
Vue 5 Infinite fly through: The power of Vue 5 Infinite animation...easy to use and outstanding results!
demoreel: demoreel 2d, flash, 3d 2005- 2007
dr.g: the adventures of dr.g
spicylotion: spicylotion comertial
Cheesekid: Animadness team spicylotion 3th place
hellbone: hell and bone have an adventure
hoverbike: cg comedy about a character who purcahses a hover bike contraption but fails to read the instrucions before attempting to fly it. As it turns out, hoverbike has a mind of its own.
DEMON: A Demon finds herself incarcerated in one of the thousands of cells that litter Heaven's Prison's District..
PIPA BOY - Finished Short Animation: PIPA BOY is a short animation owned by TNT DigitalWorks. We created this animation and wanted to combine modern ideas with traditional culture. This is a simple story that two boys do battle on the soccer field playing soccer with Chinese Kungfu.
Fluid Pouring in a Curved Surface: Cinema 4D for Animation, XSI 5.11 for composite work
face rig wip: its a face rig in the making! did one test!
arm hand rig: A new arm and hand rig
Modeling Reel - Adam Bolton: This is the result of my year at Vancouver Film School. This was my first experience with 3D. I am currently looking for a job in the USA. I am willing to relocate. Thanks for watching! -`Adam
PiotrFoxWysocki Demoreel: here is my demoreel based only on my personal projects. Idea was to have it simple and calm. Music: Enya "may it be".
Television show Opener: A 3d animation of a butterfly
run cycle: A run cycle animation.
Sitio do Pica-Pau Amarelo: There´s a children story here in Brazil called Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo, which is about the daily adventures of fantasy characters in a enchanted farm. The story has been created by Monteiro Lobato , one of Brazil's most influential writers. TV Globo, where the show is aired, gave us the extraordinary opportunity to do make this sequence for the Show. Here´s the result. Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo Title: Sitio do Pica-pau Amarelo Name: SeagullsFly's Team Country: Brazil Software: 3ds max, Mental Ray, After Effects, Combustion Client: TV Globo We also would like to say a huge THANK YOU for Ivan Oviedo, who helped us a lot in the animation process Hope you all like it. Critics are welcome!
sky replacement: This is a sky replacement effect that I made just to test the technique (and to use it on my demo as well).
DO_intro WIP: This is a preview of the intro that I will be using on my next website... the thing looks like a Vista ad but I don't care, it looks cool XD
Animacion caras foto-reales: I did this animation to practice modeling, texturization, animation and render. The old man model I got it from euforia. / Esta animacion la hice para practicar modelado, texturizacion, animacion y render. El modelo del viejo lo saque de euforia.
TriDI: This is my first profesional animation when I was in Eunoia Studios. I did everything..original idea, character design, modeling, texturization, rigging, ilumination, render, post, etc.. only audio and sound fx I got them from the web. / Mi primer animacion profesional cuando estuve en Eunoia Studios. Yo realice todo ese proyecto, desde idea original, diseño de personaje, modelado, texturizacion, rigging, iluminacion, render, post, etc.. unicamente el audio y efectos de sonido los consegui en internet.
3D Demon Man: This was a test morph on max. The model would also be used as a test monster in my 3D engines.
3D Game Opening with Anime Angel: This is the test AVI opening for 3D game engine check i made a while ago. I assembled in 3d Gamestudio a full adventure RPG game, and tested the avi player of the engine with this piece.
Anime Android Girl 3D DANCEs for ANIMELAND: This was a failed project of a magazine wich a DVD containing 5 or 6 unreleased first episodes of anime videos in it. The contact guy with the publisher cancelled it after seeing himself talking to the camera about the episodes, or because some of them could got unexpectedly licensed or something. This video i made would supposedly play nonstop on the back of the DVDs main selection menu. ...and next time, i think i'll do the whole projects MYSELF rather than depending on others ;)
dug_dig_annimation_with_ball: my first annimate,the model form 3d maxs 9 tutorial, but another form me.
Wii nintendo: a first try of nintendo wii on 3ds max 9
DO | Studio reel: This is the april2007 reel for my company :)
USUL: This is a short film that we made a while ago. It's based on "the nameless city" by H. P. Lovecraft, although we made some changes to the original story, combining it with other Lovecraftian stories and original stuff.
Rozel Flythrough: A short flythrough animation of a home remodeling project.
F2007 Turn Around: movie of my f2007 low poly
Grimlock: Here is a personal 3D modelling and animation project I did for fun. I used a toyversion of the Grimlock as reference. I used is Animation:Master for this
atlantis part1: The short 3D animation just won my make all stuff.modeling,concept story textrue.lighting compositing and Real FX. I have enjoying the Sci-FI a scene. cause I have main skill special FX l loved work make a particles. A story is very simple but please, enjoy with make self at home.
walkcycle: this is a walkcycle test i made for the character of my demoreel
Digifiction Design&VFx Workteam 2006 Demo Reel: This one is representing some of our 2006 works. I hope you enjoy... please check out our site www.digifiction.com Erkin
simple animation..: is about children rights in environment..
Animation test WIP: Test
P-40 Warhawk - Pacific War: The animation is a presentation of the Curtis P-40. I based in a short sequence of the film "Battle of Britain". I made the background with several images, the clouds were generate with Maya´s particles and fluids and the P-40 was generate with 3DMax. I used Maya to texture the P-40, animation and render. To illuminate this scene I used a HDRI image and directional light. And I rendered with FinalRender to Maya. In first time I rendered with Turtle 3.0 but the render layers was broken in this version and HDRI not worked well. I hope that this problems will be fix in the future. The postprocesing was generate in Combustion with Sapphire plugin. Special thanks to Fernando Román for the audio. Thanks!
Cinegy: Cinegy spot
Orcas: 2 orcas playing in sea
FBEX advertising: Architectural presentation Video
Farmacity: Tv advertising spot
demoreel 2005-2006: work compilation
game animations: a compilation of few game anims.
Virgin mobile advertisement: a shot where a man rise a dog with "special powers" and thow it away.
My Demoreel 2006: My first Demoreel. Graduated from AI in 2006 and made this demoreel. The first character is a character that I've modeled for the first time in my life. A battle-worn crusader. The second character I did just for fun... was interested in modeling a historical figure and I chose Vlad III Dracula, the bloody prince. The third character, the boss troll, is actually the final boss in my demo game project. The fourth one is the melted Hell-Spawn. My first work done in Zbrush. What an amazing tool it is... The final one. I was sick and tired of modeling guys all the way, so here she goes. My childhood hero, Indiana Jones, returned back!! as a female!! haha. I didn't want to make those usual sexy glamourous girl out there, but an intelligent woman with a decent look.
Bird Flu: I had the idea for this animation about 2 years ago, the year of 2003. In that year first comes is SARS then war in Iraq, Bird Flu after taht mad cow is back again. And the original story gonna to end when they finally find the "mass destruction weapon" in Iraq. But on second thought, I better not let the bird flying that far. This is my first complete story project. The character animation is what I focus on. Basickly I use Softimage/XSI from Modeling to the Animation, and I also use Maya 6 for some partical test and rigid body simulation. http://student.vfs.com/~3d54chienchia
The Room: my frist animation
Character Animation Exercises: Some exercises for my studies an other stuff
New Animation Mentor Reel: Hi, This is a sneak peak of my animation skills. I´m looking for a job, hope you like it.
Animation Mentor Student Showcase: Winter 2007: Welcome to the viewing of our first Winter Student Showcase reel! The neat thing about this showcase reel is that it highlights work from all classes at Animation Mentor (classes 1 - 6). You are among the first to see highlights from some of the amazing short films our students have worked so hard on as well as some fresh takes on acting scenes. All the animation herein is done by students. They do not work on projects in groups so each piece represents a lot of hard work and dedication from each student and the result is something that they can and should be very proud of.
Modeling Demo Reel: This is my modeling demo reel from March 2007. I think it's a pretty industry standard reel of what employers would like to see in a reel. But what the hell do I know, personally I dig it and I'd hire me in a heartbeat.
Tweak Toons: This is just a really simple animation I put together in after effects, to use on my demo reel. It basically just cycles through some images of my character Tweak. It's a bit fast, so I slowed it down on the final reel.
Farewell: A little micro short movie about war
Animassauro Demo Reel 2006/07: This is my company reel www.animassauro.com
mocking: acting test on a dialogue
Rukus: animation on a dialogue
Danmoreno Demo Reel: My demo Reel www.danmoreno.com
Esc: Inside a 3D program a mouse cursor creates a 3-dimensional character that comes to life after an unknown error in the program and gets into a journey across the computer desktop Esc is my student film completed in 8 months at Emily Carr Institute
Tragedy Walk Cycle: This is just an extended version of the Walk Cycle done for my Tragedy character, for my demo reel.
The Cucumber Song: This was a quick animation I did for a class, where we were learning about facial morphs and lip-syncing. The teacher provided the actual facial morph targets for the students... I -think- he modeled them himself, for our use, but I couldn't say for sure, he may have gotten them from some sort of free model database. But all other modeling, texturing and animating was done by me. Still, I think it's funny. My class laughed. "Cucumber Song" audio is from The Brak Show/Space Ghost. (I don't know what the legal ins and outs of all that stuff I just said are, so if anyone has a problem with anything, feel free to tell me, and I'll remove it.)
Meteorite: A small animation with a falling meteorite
Stephen Colbert Greenscreen Competition: Here is the submission my friend Roman and I did for the Stephen Colberts Green Screen competition a few months back. He did a (awful) little lightsaber 'fight' in front of a green screen in one episode, then enouraged viewers to 'fill in the blanks.' We tried to fill it with several of the running jokes from the show. We were lucky enough to be featured on the show with George Lucas and his submission!
Curt Rapala - Demo Reel - 2D & 3D: This is a demo reel of my work. It's mostly 2D Character art and concepts, but also contains some examples of my 3D modeling and animation.
Fluidpixels equations: An aniamtion I made for the title of my website www.fluidpixels.net
Airplanes: A very short animation with two WW2 airplanes fithing in the air
Demo Reel Sept. '06: My soon to be updated demo reel from Sept. '06
An Umbrellalala: An Umbrellalala is a short film for my final project of Digital Character Animation Programme (Class 17) at Vancouver Film School (VFS).
DRAGON AND CASTLE ( A Flying 3D Dragon ): A Flying Dragon Short 3D Animation clip..
Warriors short 3D Animation Fighting action.: Warriors and swords in a castle interior. 3D Animation Fighting clip..
Derek Tannehill VFS Animation Reel 07: Hey All, Here is the short I produced while at Vancouver Film School.
Baby J. Thief: 3D animation short by MayLow. Presents by Vancouver Film School 2007. A short film about a professional baby thief breaking into one of the toy city's building to steal the legend golden milk bottle.
Lily 2 Asgard band video clip: Clip 2 my friends, got doom music
Check My Mate: Magical fantasy love story gone wrong involving chess pieces that came to life at midnight.
Ventriloquist Show: Who is the doll?
George Greaves (Shot Film-VFS) by Gokul: A sad story about a man's grief!!
Valle Paraiso: 3D animation short film directed by Eduardo Martín Julve.
More on Truth with George Bush: An abstract political satire about truth and the current administration headed by our illustrious president bush. This animation is mad to make you laugh and think. Enjoy.
Faith Based Labido Truncation: An art piece that premiered in October of 2006. This is about what mens brains do. It is what we see in the world even though we may not want to. Faith is what "turns off" or can truncate this thought process. Feel free to laugh as it is not entirely serious.
The Big Brother State: Synopsis The Big Brother State is an educational film about what politicians claim to be protection of our freedom but what we refer to as repressive legislation. Since terrorism has become a global threat, especially after 9/11, governments all over the world have started enforcing laws which, so the governments say, should increase national security. These laws obviously aim at another goal: the states gaining more and more control of their citizens at the cost of our privacy and freedom.
Hold the Line: Hold the Line is an animation about four soldiers marching through the remains of a ruined world. Discipline keeps them together. When they are ambushed by an invisible foe, the men come up with the ultimate tactic to take him out
firefox "this is hot": A short animation I worked on for Mozilla, you might or might not recognize it. Hope you enjoy! LONG LIVE FIREFOX
home depot ride: this was just an opener for a home depot website. kind of a ride film thing, that explains the voice stuff.
everybody loves Nancy: A promo for the show WEEDS that I worked on.
Hook line and Sinker: A submission for a converse contest. Thought it was kind of fun.
Glumpers Growth Gun: this is just a fun little animation that I worked on a while ago. Hope you enjoy it!
Character Animation Reel: Hey everyone, After a busy last few months, I finally managed to put together a reel which has my latest work (till Jan'07). This reel has my personal stuff as well as some animations from my previous employment. I am currently working at C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Canada. Hope you like like it! You can also download quicktime format from my website http://www.sushanimator.com/demoReel.html Cheers, Sushant
ARIYA: A short trailer of ARIYA.
Animation Demo Reel 2006: This is my Demo Reel that I finished September 2006, for more recent work visit my site: www.sasho3D.com If you think I am appropriate for your company let me know.
Senna Experience: Hi! First post here! Well, this is kind of an old video (we did it in 2004) but I think we never really showed it up here. It illustrates a race with all the cars Ayrton Senna raced, from GoKart to F1 Williams. Title: "Senna Experience" Name: SeagullsFly's Team Country: Brazil Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, After Effects, Combustion Client: Base 7 Hope you all like it as much as we loved to work on it! Critics are welcome!
Creature in the Park: Hey everybody, I wanted to share with you my latest project I did at university. This is my first attempt in character animation. So don't be too harsh with your comments ;-) Also, this was the first time using zBrush seriously in my work. Programs used: Maya, zBrush, Premiere, After Effects Here is the result. Have fun !
Exposition Universelle Paris 1900 - Trailer #1: This is the first trailer, about my project of 3d reconstruction, of the Paris World's Fair in 1900. It's a project a bit giant, especially for only one guy... and only on his spare time... ...I've plane at leat 5-6 years of work, I hope to be able to keep along my motivation all along this time. The project is started since 1 year, and the elements of the first step are finished... the 15 first pavilions along the river Seine, the pavilions of the foreign's nations. My final goal is to do some documentaries... now, I have the material for the first one... I plane to finish it next year, in 2008. It remain much work to finish it, but I must continue in the same time to realize the buildings for the other parts of this event. Then, I've decided to do a kind of trailer, with some animated shots of each pavilions, with many angles, a kind of trailer, to patient until the first final film. Of course, it's far to be perfect, it's especially far to include all the elements, it's only made to show these 15 pavilions... more comes with the documentary... with other pavilions behind these 15, a Paris background, the environment, the flags in the wind, some birds in the sky, the Seine and the boats, the bridges and footbridges at each sides, the moving sidewalk, the electric train, and the most important... the crowd ! While waiting... here's the first animated pictures
Demo Reel: This is the demo reel that I used to land my job as Lead Character/Animator at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).
character modelling demo reel: all models created in zbrush 2.0 and rendered in max with vray
Demo Reel "The Painter": Hi my name is Richard, these is the Demo Reel I produced during my 6 last month of School at the Vancouver Film School. Its about the fusion between Modern and Classic Art. I tried to give it an old paint kind of look with a lot of contrast between light and shadows. The paint Effect was created using a bone spine, blend shapes, texture animation and a Noise deformer plug in. Cheers... www.rbuchi.com 3d59richard@vfs.com
Kung fu Matrix Animations: Kung fu Matrix Animations using the mp2 bones. Never managed to finish my mod :( This gives you an idea of what i had in mind though :P, the jackets are sometimes not animated though, sorry, still looks amazin :)
Exfiltration: It was easy enough for Selen to infiltrate the Boreal's security team, but getting out with the files was another issue... A test to establish style and feasibility for a possible full-length project. Animated in Poser and Carrara, rendered in Carrara and edited in Adobe Premiere featuring models from Daz3D.com with sound effects and music from RoyaltyFreeMusic.com, TheRecordist.com, SoundDogs.com, and Justin Patrizi. (more)
character demo reel: This is a recopilation of my last works. It´s about organic modelling, a dragon with riggin, muscles and bones, and displacement of Vray. The other models are test of modelling to learn.
Demo Reel: The Final Love: a VFS student 3D animation work on two snowmans love, taking about more than 3 months
Garto: Garto is a 3D animation short-movie, it's a solo project, I have been working on it for 10 months. I did everything except the sound track. http://www.niEt0.com
Halifax Night Mission: A World War II bombing mission involving hundreds of Royal Canadian Air Force Halifaxes
Lolly Poo Lee: This is a light-vein story of Lolly Poo Lee's unrequited love for Johnny Po and how her frustrated expression of this failed love still compensates Johnny for h is matching failure in fishing.
"Joe's Playtime": Short Film made at Bournemouth University, UK.
"Block Test": My Masters short film made at Bournemouth University, UK.
The Mantis Parable INTRO: The first :34 seconds of the award-winning Oscar qualifying animated short film by Josh Staub, Art and Visual Director for Cyan Worlds by day and award-winning filmmaker by night. Find out more at www.themantisparable.com, or watch the ENTIRE film on iTunes!
The Adventures of Nerm and BG: Here is my first animated short I created a few years back. It was made over the course of a year and a half. I am currently working on the sequel to this film and you can view some of its progress on my webpage, www.cwanimation.com
Chad Bonanno 2006 Demo Reel: J Walter Thompson, , UPS, Coke, MTV Live, MTV 2, Ford, Dreamgirls Main Titles , Santa Clause 3 Main Titles, R!OT Atlanta, SpikeTV, Westwayne, and more
Animation Demoreel by Sungjin: Here is my new demoreel in 2007 please enjoy it~
Demo reel: My reel contains scenes from intros and outros of different games. Many years I worked in the game industry and created graphics for game. I was lead designer and historical adviser in series of games Cossacks, American Conquest and Alexander. For the last 3 years I have been making intro and outro reel for games and at present time I am looking for a job.
A Barbaric Tale: The story follows a Barbarian on a quest to recover something precious which was stolen from him. He has to travel huge distances, from grassy plains to dusty deserts then snow covered high peaks, to reach his destination. However, his difficulties only really begin once he retrieves the object of his search.
Clumsy robot: A short clip with a robot I made for rigging purposes. This animation also was made to test the rig. Watch as he jumps and hits the wall =)
" Too Tee " by Noraset: hope my short film is enjoyable to you !
Demo Reel & Short Animation by Noraset: These are lastest stuffs that i have been done.... all comment are very welcome... thank you for seeing them.
Helms Deep: a little flythrough in my helms deep scene, I wanted to render it in more detail but did not have the recourses
Plane Engine Animation: This is a recent animation made just for the hell of it :)
Goobali: This was a concept drawn by my girfriend. Te original idea for this video was much longer but it never materialised.
Futurama Short - Bender: This was an early creation for me, just started out me wanting to create bender the robot then it got and more involed with more characters and turned into a full animation short.
The Ladybug: Fragment from a pharmaceutical product presentation. www.zionart.net last 3d short movie project: www.zionart.net/nm
So Light...: Fragment from a pharmaceutical product presentation. www.zionart.net last 3d short movie project: www.zionart.net/nm
High in the Sky: Fragment from a pharmaceutical product presentation. www.zionart.net last 3d short movie project: www.zionart.net/nm
Rig Test gone wild: Small rig test I was working on, will upload the final one too...
Doggy Advertisment: This is an advertisment done for an client specialising in eyewear. I dunno why they wanted the dog as their mascot. anyway here goes. :)
Spartan Throw: A throwing exercise
INFERNO 13: This is the Opening of a TV SHOW about cinema, internet, music for CALLE 13 Channel here in Spain (13th STREET), called INFERNO 13. Electric Image and After Effects
BUMPER HOLIDAYS 2000: On Air ID Bumpers for CANAL C:, I did this bumperrs for the summer, something refreshing for the eyes and senses. Electric Image for 3D AND After Effects for comp. I also did the soundtrack
BUMPERS CANAL C: 20:01: I did this ID Bumpers for CANAL C:, a TV Channel of New technologies, music, videogames... I did everything in Electric Image and After Effects. I did this job in 2001. The soundtrack is also mine.
BOLETOS POR FAVOR: This is the Title Credits Sequence for a Shortfilm called BOLETOS POR FAVOR, here the challenge was to start the shot with real footage, blend it with the 3D flythru and go back to the train. Maya was the 3D choice and after effects and trapcode plugins for composite. I won the VENUS de BADALONA as a Special Price for the Best Title Sequence in 2006
Mega Robot Returns: A few of us at Kaktus Film (www.kaktusfilm.com) had some time over inbetween projects and decided to bring life to an old friend.
Kevin Bertelli Demoreel 2006.: This is a presentation of my works. 2006 sPiz
TV fall: tv falling animation
animation reel: Thats a 3d general and character animation reel, used maya, photoshop, painter and flash.
Animation mentor reel: A part of my assignments for animationmentor
IF Demo Reel 2006: This is my demo reel, 3D mostly did in Electric Image, comp in After Effects and Photoshop for textures etc.
Character animation / modeling: This is demo reel of Inkognito studio. Main focus is 3D CHARACTER MODELING / ANIMATION.
Making of Advert: This Was a Advert I Did for a well know Brand . This is the breakdown of all the elements i used to creat the desired result.
CG Demo Reel: All done in Lightwave3d
Tonight We Die Music Video: This was my second music video i ever did. Was filmed on Mini Dv and i Did all the CGI in about a month.. I used motion capture for alot of the robots movements. Due to there being no budget i had to limit myself to the motion capture I got free over the net. The video went on to win Second prize in South africa for best animimation in a Music Video.
Uninclined Music Video: This was my first music video I ever Filmed and Directed. Seeing as it was for my own band we didnt have any money , So i did all the VFX myself and we filmed it on a Mini Dv camera , I spent alot of time to make the Footage look like Film.
VFX Showreel 2007: This is a showreel of the best work I have done in the last four years. It comprises of CGI , compositing .
Reed modelling/texture Demoreel: Modelling reel from 2006.
Dupinet character animation showreel: This is my last animation showreel. I hope you like it, I trying to show my skills on keyframe animation, acting, and demostrate the principles of animation that I learned so far.
demoreel 2006 - ThiagoCosta: This is my CG demoreel showing a wide variety of productions I've been envolved, as well some of my own personal stuff.
demo_reel: this is my demo reel i created using maya and photoshop responsible for all animation in this demo reel and i did some of modeling also
villa in VietNam: This's animation to show new Villa in Viet Nam
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