How to make a tileable texture in Photoshop
from simovici

For this tutorial I am going to use a texture taken from Mayang


(visit the website for high resolution of the texture)


1. Open the texture in Photoshop


step 1


2. In the main menu follow this path: Filter->Other->Offset (I ussually specify 500 for vertical and horizontal offset)


step 2


3. Using CLONE STAMP TOOL ( or press "S" to switch to stamp tool ), start to clone and cover with texture those unwanted areas. Pressing SHIFT you cand specify from where to clone


step 3


4. Clone as long as it's necessary being carefull not to destroy the quality of the texture.


step 4


5. After you finnish the first session of clonning, press again Filter->Other>Offset and make sure the texture is ok, whitout any strange areas that can affect the look of the object where you are planning to use the texture. You have to be very carefull when cloning, otherwise the tile of the texture will be very obvious and I guess you don't want this. It doesn't matter how many times you use the Offset command. The final look is what that really matters

6. That's all folks