How to turn .obj files into usable clothes in Daz
from AuroraMoon

  Okay, there was some people who wasn't sure how to use my obj clothes in Daz studio for Genesis. And apparently my how-to text information in all my readmes weren't much help to them. so I'm gonna show you guys a series of screenshots, while explaining how to do it.

 So you can see what I'm doing visually, etc. and learn how to use obj files the easy way!

 Okay, first up, here's a screenshot of how I have my Daz studio in Image #1....

 see the scene tab? you should have that set up somewhere in your Daz, depending on how you have it set up.  Okay, you should have it set to that tab, and then highlight the Genesis figure. keep it highlighted for the next part.

 Look at image #2... see the highlighted area? click on it, and then go to Assets as shown in image #3.

 Here you have several options for fitting the clothes to Genesis, but I choose "create clothing" as seeing it's the easiest and the quickest way possible.

look at images #4 and #5 for my preferred settings, but you may mess around with those settings to get what you want out of it. this is also espeically good for importing poser items to Daz if the poser items don't  show up in your Daz program automatically.

Now you should have something like what you see in image #7....

 now you have some clothes that fits on your genesis character! and as you can see in image #8, it moves and changes shape alongside the Genesis character as it morphs.

 Keep in mind that it does not work for all clothes.... it doesn't work very well in fitting A3 clothing to Genesis or vice versa, etc. Still it's a pretty good way to set up things quickly and effectively.

 okay, see ya around! bye!