COF GenX Plugin Tutorial
from SeliahSch

This is just a tutorial for how to perform several types of conversions with the DazStudio GenX plugin. One of my friends over on DeviantArt expressed having difficulty with using the plugin, so I put this together for her. I'm posting it publically here, because I figured other folks might - maybe - find it helpful, especially as the GenX plugin was recently in Daz's FastGrab sale category.

A couple of notes...

1.) There are two "versions" of the tut included in the zip file. One is a written format. This is in a .rtf wordpad format, but most programs, ie, MS Word, OpenOffice, etc, should be able to open it to read the file. No, I do not plan on doing a PDF conversion.

2.) The text file is very long. If you want just the no-nonsense basics, study the included screenshots. They are ordered numerically from start to finish, so there should not be any confusion there. The written document includes a lot of additional information, tips, tricks, things I've noticed when using the plugin, etc. So, if you are prone to getting overloaded with large amounts of text, then take your time with the document, read it in small doses.

3.) For those who are visual learners, the screenshots are there for your use. You may find them more helpful than the written document if the visual aids are your preferred learning style.

Hopefully this helps some folks out. I would like to mention that the GenX plugin comes with good documentation of it's own as well, and you might want to take the time to read through the documentation that came with the plugin, too.

As always, if there are any questions or confusion with something contained in the tutorial, I will try my best to help, or point you to someone who can. My contact information can be found inside of the written document.

I uploaded this under the Text tutorials category, because frankly, it didn't seem to fit properly within the usual DazStudio uploads, and all of the other "Tutorial" categories involved PDF or video files, and this tutorial is an .rtf document with .jpg screenshot reference images. You'll want to actually download the zip to access the tutorial itself.

The zip file is just under 6mbs in size.

Anyway - that's all folks. I hope this helps someone out.

EDIT 19/10/2015 :
If you prefer to have it in PDF format, Dr. Jellybean has done a PDF conversion of the tutorial, and you can get that right HERE.