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11/05/07 11:40 AM
Unfair earnings split Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply


This problem has been discussed before, but I still don't understand the unfairness of the current split mechanism.
If every month I get 10 views and the price that SCG charges those that buy advertisement (like Google) doesn't change, then I should get equal payment for those 10 views regardless SCG having a hundred or one hundred thousand members. SCG charges the same amount for my views, but pays me according to the amount of users it has that particular month.

* I propose that the Unit Price changes only when Google (or whatever) changes what it pays per each view.
It would be good if it was posted clearly how much the advertisement buyers pay SCG per view.

* SCG doesn't pay members the views generated when viewing member profiles or "my account" pages. The 50% - 50% split should apply in those cases as well.

By examining other content sites, the future of SCG can be foreseen if these problems are not addressed. hese sites pay millionths of a cent per each view.

For now it seems that other site's proposals, where the 3d content is just sold, point to be more remunerative and clear about their pay system.

I would like to stay on SCG.
I would like it keeps being worth the effort of generating content for SCG.
I would like to be paid the same for the same effort.

regards to all,



Edited by Deskar on 11/05/07 11:40 AM.

11/05/07 12:03 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: Deskar]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

M'kay, say ShareCG makes $5,000 in a month from advertisers, 50% ($2,500) ShareCG keeps, the other 50% ($2,500) is split between members according to how many valid page views each has.

I don't see where you are saying you are not getting equal pay for your views, my rate is the same as yours, I may have more or less views than other members so my "payment" amount will differ from yours unless we have the same exact page view count. So, you got paid the same rate (.00343) for your "10" views as I did for my "50" views (.00343).

And why should viewing my account or anyone's profile count?

My only gripe right now is I missed the paypal payment by a few cents but at least I'll have Christmas money next month!! :)))) 

11/05/07 12:35 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: Kimber89]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

There is absolutely nothing unfair about the earnings split. Everyone gets paid the exact same rate as everyone else based on their view counts. Adding view counts for profiles would not help you or anyone else. I too am disappointed by the drop this month but it's hardly unfair based on the averages.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.- Albert Einstein

11/05/07 12:59 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: MatrixWorkz]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

i think there is some confusion between original post, and the replies.

is the pay we recieve a direct division of the amount payed by advertisers? or is it also the number of registered sharecg users (views irelevent) part of the equasion?

if we are payed a fixed pay per view, based on the pay per view that charecg recieves from the advertisers, then, its all fair. if, as the original past implies, there is a loss caused by more people joining sharecg, then its not fair.

11/05/07 03:26 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split new [re: Deskar]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

I think there is room for confusion since the exact details on how the system works are not clearly disclosed.

How are the advertisement contracts made?

Do the advertisers pay a fixed price and SCG has then to divide half that amount among the total views all items had and then multiply that number for the total amount of views X member had?

Does SCG also get a variable amount of money for each view an ad gets?

If so, it's a totally different thing.

It's logical we want to know in order to think of ways of improving our profits, but also to know if there's anything we can do in order to help ShareCG grow.
I mean, if more members mean less money for the content providers, then I will refrain myself from spreading the word. If, on the contrary, more members and views in general will mean more money to split, then I'll go and tell everybody. (This is just an example of things I can do to help, of course).

So, I think it would be useful for everybody to know how exactly the advertisement system works.


11/05/07 05:33 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: irishlostboy]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

There is no "Fixed" payout per view! There never has been! If you would take the time to actually read the FAQ link right next to the link to "My Account" up at the top of the page where it says your log in name, you would see exactly how income from the site is computed. Below is the direct quote regarding how the income is split:

How exactly do you calculate payments?

We split all ad revenues with contributors 50/50. Here's an example that shows how it works (NOTE: actual numbers may vary from month to month depending upon how much ShareCG earns in ad revenue for that month. We DO NOT necessarily pay out .5 cents a view; it might be much more or much less):

1. Five business days into the month, we determine the average amount of revenue each individual pageview generated.
Average Revenue per Page View = $0.01

2. We divide that number by two--so half goes to you, half goes to us.
Your Share = (Average Revenue per Page View)/2 = $0.005

3. We multiply the amount of pageviews your content has generated in a month by your share of ShareCG revenue.
(Your Pageviews) x (Your Share) = Your Earnings
2,000 x $0.005 = $10

 Obviously that "Average Revenue Per Page View" is figured based on how many users there are and how many item Pages they have to view. The website get's 50% of the income off the top. The remaining 50% of the monthly income is divided up between the users based on page views. It's not a fixed amount and never has been.

The more users there are the less income we get. The only way to increase that income with the increasing amount of user's we're getting is to increase the advertising revenue. So in effect, yeah, if you want to keep making money stop telling new people about the payout system. They'll find out about it when they come to view your downloads though so it's a catch 22.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. - Albert Einstein

11/05/07 06:05 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: MatrixWorkz]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

   This is a great way to get more exposure for ourselves.  It is not a marketplace.  We get what we signed up for. 

  I'm happy for the added exposure and the ability to host our files without killing our own bandwidth.  Thanks, ShareCG!

11/05/07 06:25 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: MatrixWorkz]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

 FAQ's have been read. that doesn't always mean they have been understood.

fine, that bit is explained. i get it. does everyone else get it?

personally, i dont give a [censored]. my work is good enough to sell, if thats what i wanted. i just treat sharecg as a useful server that doesn't constantly try to delete my larger files, and as a glorified publicity machine. (i get a lot of work offers from people downloading my stuff, liking it, and getting in touch) 

the money is just a cute bonus (despite massive pageviews, i package my work up, so i dont actually get much money. only about 3/4000 views per month) personally, i would like to see how many actual complete downloads i get. would be interesting to see peoples views, versus their downloads. 

so, yea. it makes sense to me, as to how we are alloted our stipend. anyone not got it yet?  now, the question is, what can we do to get our unit price up?  when i got here, i got 0.01471 per view. now i get 0.00343. thats a mad drop! are sharecg payed per view, or per click? what can WE do to help. to change things. we have done well enough in publicising sharecg. hense the drop in pay price. but surely the increase in new members, = increased overall views of sharecg = increased potential asking price for advertising space. right? or wrong? 

now. where is the "unfairness" of the earnings split? where is the route to improve matters for us and for sharecg? is it possible? or is sharecg going to dissapear into a toilet of [censored] assets, hostile forums, and poor advertising targetting?  personally, i hope things can improve. i hope to see the ratings system gone. i hope to see the content of the front page make sense. (i thought contents of the front page was based on the newist uploads. obviously not) i would like to see sharecg pick of the day make sense. how many unfinished, poorly finished, or just uncreative things are there? plenty of untextured models. plenty of boring still life renders which show off nothing but the renderer. in fact, why is the front page so messy, and poorly designed? uh, aren't there supposed to be artists and designer type people here? how about running a comp to design a less ugly front page? 

how about stop being so defensive over your favourite sacred cows. ("poser is digital barbies" squables, "sharecg is unfair" squables, s"tar rating" squables etc.) and lets see what can be done to help. 

(p.s. poser is still digital barbies)

11/05/07 08:24 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: MatrixWorkz]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Matrix, there really is no need for you to shout and treat people (me particularly, in this case,) like stupid.

I've read the FAQ even before I became a member.

I might not have explained myself well since English isn't my mother language. I guess Irishboy put it better than I could have.

The thing is, I was asking for more detailed information in order to know what we can do to help SCG grow without killing our profits. And yes, I am here to make money. Should I be ashamed? At least I'm not hyprocritical. If people want just a site to distribute their downloads for free there are literally hundreds of sites that will host your files for free without bandwidth limits.

Jake told us many times that spreading the word and bringing more members would help. I just would like to know, given the contradictory evidence, how that would be. And asked for details because there was the possibility that I haven't understood the payment calculation correctly, precisely because given the experience we've had here it seems to contradict Jake's statement.

Since I'm sure he's not lying, I just wanted to understand it all with more detailed information so I can DO something about it.


11/05/07 09:07 PM
Re: Unfair earnings split [re: DreamWarrior]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

DW I didn't "SHOUT" at you. The "Bold Text" was "BOLD" because I cut and pasted it directly from the FAQ and it was BOLD there. Neither did I treat you or anyone else as stupid. Since english isn't your primary language, maybe you shouldn't try reading between the lines when there's nothing there to be read? I'm getting really tired of people reading hostility where there is none. Sealed

Also, you were not the only post I was responding to when I posted so maybe you should step back and not take things so personally? It was someone else who asked if the payout was fixed and I explained that it wasn't "fixed", it was computed based on what the FAQ says it was computed on.  Money mouth

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. - Albert Einstein

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