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01/07/08 10:40 AM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: Axe_Swipe]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Oh, well, I wasn't exactly sure what everyone meant about "low quality" work, so I was afraid that my beginner's attempts at making clothing would fall under that category. If my content is okay and can stay on ShareCG, then what, exactly, are people referring to when they say "low quality?" On another forum, someone was commenting about textures and backgrounds being uploaded one at a time to increase the number of veiws they get. Is this what people had in mind?

Edited by TheKeeper on 01/07/08 10:43 AM.

01/07/08 12:33 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: TheKeeper]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

It's the 100's of single textures for items like the DAZ Cyclorama or multiple clothing textures for commercial products where all that's been done to them is to change the colors that people complain about the most. Also people have a problem with people uploading textures that they do not own and did not make from other websites that host these images. ShareCG's TOS says it should be your own work that you're uploading and not somebody elses.

My own Lost In Space stuff falls under the catagory of collaborative work since it's not all my own work but I give credit to the other people who've worked on them and have the proper permissions to redistribute them. All of the Lost in Space items were previously hosted by me on Most of them have improvements over the originals that I did myself.

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education. - Albert Einstein

01/07/08 01:10 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: TheKeeper]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

It's not so much beginning modeling attempts that are at issue here, it's folks who have been abusing the system by uploading a lot of garbage and then using external programs to generate tons of hits on files so they can make extra money from the revenue sharing.

A shirt for V3 or V4 doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles to be considered quality work, indeed if it just fits right I consider that quality enough for freebie purposes.

But were talking about folks here who upload stuff that took them 5 or 10 minutes to generate and spam the content database with it, then use all sorts of tricks to generate extra hits for extra cash.

So no worries, I'm sure your modelling skills are just fine as is and I'm sure that like me your improving with each and every model you complete.  Lord knows my stuff isn't anything to write home about just yet either.. lol..

01/07/08 02:37 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: Stepdad]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Thank you, both, for the assurance and the clarification. As I said, I had been a bit worried when "low quality" work wasn't very well-defined, but I feel much better about the issue, now. I'm glad to know that my files won't be deleted (it's all my work, and I can easily prove it, if need be; I tend to save my work in stages, and keep the files, afterward, to learn from it, if I've forgotten how to do something). I'm also glad to know that I can go ahead with making the clothing packs I have in mind for Aiko and Hiro--especially Hiro! Poor guy... such an empty wardrobe!

01/07/08 03:37 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: TheKeeper]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Lol.. well I can't promise you anything about your content being deleted, I'm no admin - just another member of the community putting in my 2 cents worth and trying to come up with ideas on how to get the revenue sharing reinstated as quickly as possible.

I haven't heard any plans for anyone deleting anything, and I'm sure the site admins would have mentioned something about it by now if they were even considering it, but then again who knows... pretty easy to start a panic with even a rumor like that one.

It often amazes me what herd animals human beings can be at times.. all it takes is one little lemur to start a huge stampede right over the cliff edge.. lol..

01/07/08 03:50 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled [re: Stepdad]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Oh, I thought I had read something about ShareCG deleting files. Maybe I misread it. It's a good possibility, considering I'm operating on only a few hours of sleep, lately. My own fears could just be projecting phantom words here and there.

And I'm very much a panicky kind of girl when sudden changes occur! Don't mean to start a stampede, though. rofl!

01/07/08 04:53 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: TheKeeper]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

ok, i am just back online after my xmas hols, and this whole thing came as a shock.

 i have read thru peoples arguements.

fair enough, we are getting free hosting. nice one. although this is not really anything unique, and sharecg has (in my experiance) slower speeds, and more bugs than the established service providers like filefront. so this is not really an incentive.

as re; sharecg being a community; i think most of us are more likely to use more specialist, or more active forums for comunities. there is precious little comunity here. this is the only thread to have seen serious activity in a while. although i appreciate the effort needed to make a comunity, you need to entice people into one, and allow time to let it develop on its own time, or not, if thats the way it is going to be.

as re; the quality issue. i have been saying this for ages. quit being nice about it, and just delete everything and everyone that is not good at their craft. all mediocre stuff should be scrapped. accross the board. dont be nice, dont be fair. just do it. because if you dont, this place will be swamped in crap, as it is doing. and like a nutrified lake, it will suffocate.

 as re; the money.... yes, this is a change for the worse. it has been fully discussed above. instead of 50 per cent, sharecg is now taking 100 per cent. which is not what i signed up for. you have not stuck to the spirit of what we signed up to, and in fact it could be seen that we have been hoodwinked. get us to upload enough, and build up a reputation for the site, then shelves us, with self-contradicting excuses.

as for whether or not this is legal, i dont know yet. i want to see the user agreement again that i saw when i signed up. there is a posibility that there are grounds for suing. i dont have an interest in this, right now at least.

as for me; if my 50 percent as is usually calculated is not either put aside for distribution by agreement later on, when this has been dealt with properly, or at the very least, given to a reputable charity, i will without a doubt be removing my work. its not about the money, its about breach of trust. we cant all of a sudden decide we want 100 percent. why should david and jacob? i view this as insulting to the people who have helped make sharecg what it is today.

01/07/08 11:18 PM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: irishlostboy]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Well, as I had only been signed up for a month, I figured that ShareCG had been announcing they were going to make this move for some time, and I just didn't know it. Was this not the case, and the announcement truly was sudden?

In any event, even if it was, and was a breach in contract, I have to wonder if it's even worth suing over? Especially as they've said they were going to bring revenue sharing back when they've made it less prone to abuse (nothing is ever free from abuse, not when money is involved). Me, I'm content to leave the whole matter alone. I'm still going to upload my content here because, in the end, I've decided that I like ShareCG's format, especially the ability to upload nice, large pictures demonstrating what's in the zip I've uploaded.

01/08/08 05:00 AM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: TheKeeper]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

The Keeper: "And I'm very much a panicky kind of girl when sudden changes occur! Don't mean to start a stampede, though. rofl!"

"The lemmings... look.. there starting a stampede"

"Oh Dear Lord, that's no stampede, it's an all out attack..  run for your lives!!"



01/08/08 05:15 AM
Re: Revenue Sharing Cancelled new [re: irishlostboy]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

i am i the middle about this whole thing. and i would like to post my opinion about a few things that people have said......when i first found sharecg,i was looking through the freebies on renderosity.i clicked on one and it brought me here.i had never seen this site befor and i wanted to know what it,i read everything and found that if i uploaded my free stuff here i could be paid for i decided to make freebies and make them as good as i could spending ALL of my free time doing so.what i have uploaded is not at all crap. the first few months i was here i was making just over 20 dollars per month.and i thought that was kind of a low amount and decided to just make more stuff and try to get more views,still keeping the quality at my best.few more monthswith more uploads and more page views,the money amont kept goin down.untill was getting a payout every other moth because i didnt reach my 20 dollar minimum. yesterday i read about the payouts being stopped altogether. my first reaction was shock.and then i got a little bit angry.i couldnt believe it. i came into the forums to see what other people were saying about it. something i dont agree with: whoever takes their stuff off of th site now are probably the ones abusing it. this is not true.i wanted to take all of my stuff off of here right away....but i didnt want everyone to start thinking that i was abusing the site. my number one reason for signing up in the first place was so that i could make money doing what i love to do.i thought it was a neat idea. so what i have decided to do was take some of my stuff off of here and open my own storefront.because i dont want to leave all together but i think i should be getting paid for all of my hard work that i put into making my stuff. one other thing.... i think jake said that one of the reasons for the stop in payment was the huge amount of crap does that make sense? what if the whole site had been nothing but top quality uploads.......the payments still would have stopped because of the amount of uploads the site has. too many uploads and not enough money is the actual problem.

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