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02/06/10 11:56 AM
Contest new Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

There needs to be a better way to judge and basically make sure that the rules on contest arent just something thats that fineprint in the bottom that no one has to go by.

1.As in making sure NO ONE is just reposting something on a contest that they did various times last year on various 3D sites. and then rewarding them for that?(its not too hard..i seen it..a few times and wasnt even looking for it!) unless the person picking the winners didnt care that the image was just a old repost of another art site.. ) then that rule needs to be wiped so the rest of us that did follow the rules can do the same also in the future.

2.I think it should be either/or, not in either users,pick or just the staff or other outside person pick..reason..when you say users comment and ratings would be taken into account (Im not talking 2-3 comments by same person either) and not saying they should have won or not..but the images according to the communitys votes and comments arent even mentioned or runner ups? makes one think..something is wrong there or whoever is choosing the images knows art a little bit more than the rest of us artist who voted and comments on said images??

Just some thoughts, you should try to enforce your own rules,

Maybe next time some artist as myself wont be saying...why even bother


02/08/10 08:03 PM
Re: Contest [re: chk2033]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Hi chk2033 --- You were one of the winners, so I was surprised by your comment.  However, you do make some very valid points.  I wonder if we can work together to improve this for the next contest?  Can we communicate offline about this?  You've got my email.  Thanks much, David

02/09/10 12:21 AM
Re: Contest new [re: chk2033]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

This is an interesting subject actually. I think it would be a good idea to have a WIP section for contests as other sites do.

My image does have a lot of similarities to previous works, however this contest was aimed towards a huge render. Thus i had to remodel the character from scratch with that in mind, rework textures for large resolutions and on top of that I had to write a script to render the work in segments due to the massive resolution and I noticed a lot of the entries didn't seem to take this "it was even the title of the contest" in to concideration. All in all it took me around 4 weeks of work just for this one image, and thats not including the rendertime!

Many others have the (pre-made model) gripe. A lot of contests refuse Daz models / poser models to be used in their competitions as well as textures not made by the artists, but this was not a stipulation here. I understand that not all artists can afford software to create their own models, but there are a lot of budget softwares out there. However I saw some great poser pieces in this competition, so good job to all.

As for the comment that artists make, this is a tough one. As stated in the rules it says comments will be taken into account. Note the word "account". This does not mean it is 100% down to viewers votes. Just that it MIGHT help with the final decision.

Anyway. Congrats to you chk2033 on a great image, hope to see more of your work in the future.





02/09/10 01:41 PM
Re: Contest new [re: liquidminduk]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Ok..first off..yes i did also win..but was informed of this (and checked it all out after the facts myself also) by someone who didnt I guess if they would have said the same thing it would have made them seem as if they were just upset because they didnt win..which wasnt the case..and since I am not shy... :)

Now first I have to say that your an excellent image their is no denying that.

but let me correct you on a few things in case you missed them.

First off we are talking about a"NEW CREATION" for a contest..not something that is re-rendered to a higher res.NEW as in ok they have a contest..let me see what Im going to create,put together,draw ect..for this contest..not let me just render a image larger than i did last year sometime on other art sites and repost it for that contest (I think that was basically what a NEW creation meant) as far as size(resolution)...I myself asked and was told they changed the size requirements.

NOW as far as pre-made poser stuff goes,

I for one used Poser items,BUT i can also go any flavor a contest calls for (Maya,3Ds Max,XSI C4D,Zbrush,2D,charcoal, ect..) I chose Poser because there wasnt enough time for me to create what i posted with Maya or zbrush (I'd still be only like 50% if that, done with it)

BUT..if you search you will not see,that image of mine that won something on any other site with a date of last year sometime.(or ANYONES for that matter).as in it was made especially for this contest and was not something we just decided to pull off of one of the other websites and re-render for this contest (again..More or less what was against the rules)

Lets just stay on topic..the RULES and not whether or not someone thinks using poser is using premade objects so it shouldnt be allowed (if that was the would have poser!)

as far as creativity goes...well I cant really comment on that because that isnt your style..yes you created it, based off of another artist very unique style(meats meier)

Congrats on your win but in all fairness to everyone else...

If the rules were followed and enforced!....that image in question wouldnt be there.

you know this,I know this,and everyone who read the rules knows this..

It really has nothing to do with you as an artist, I actually like the image everytime i see it.(even started trying it out in Zbrush) I just dont think (maybe you just didnt know) that it should have been allowed in just for the simple fact of the rules..nothing more nothing less..


Comments and Votings is always something thats a little iffy,But in no way was it said that those with more comments/votes should have won or not or become runner ups or not.

But not even Honorable Mentions?? what constitutes an honorable mention? user imput to that image..but it wasnt done this time though.

well im done..have to finish fighting with mental ray for a few hours now,

and "insert name here" dont ever say I never did anything for you Laughing





Edited by chk2033 on 02/09/10 03:58 PM.

02/09/10 08:54 PM
Re: Contest new [re: chk2033]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Wow, sorry...

I seem to of pushed a few of your buttons. I apologize for that.

Like I said before, this was not a simple rerender of a previous model, but a complete reworking. But ok I get your point.


Not my style... i will comment on this. Thats a bit of an unusual statement as I have been creating work to this style for over 20 years. Just because Meats is famous for it, doesn't make it his style.


Ah well


02/09/10 09:30 PM
Re: Contest new [re: liquidminduk]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply


The image is very nice like i said before..but it already had its moment to shine (a couple of times already) and shouldnt have been allowed in the contest because of that fact alone.

and nope though it may sound like Im very mad,upset or something like that.Im not, im just a very straight forward person so it may seem that way..but it isnt  Smile

I seen the tut (preview on IT'sART) congrats on that.

Plus 20+ years with Maya..gosh I may need some of your advice/help pretty soon.






Edited by chk2033 on 02/09/10 10:32 PM.

02/09/10 11:53 PM
Re: Contest new [re: chk2033]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply


20 plus years with maya, i wish. Only been using it for around 6 years. But i was creating traditional sculptures (clay / junk) before that in this style.

I really liked your other image actually, over the one that won, shame it didn't get any recognition.

Keep up the good  work.



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