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01/07/11 07:39 PM
Daz Studio and Poser Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

   For those new to Daz Studio, it is worth noting that there aren't many free things to be found for DS3 on websites, even on ShareCG (one of the largest resources).  However there are lots of Poser items on websites.  Daz Studio can use most of the Poser items like clothes, hair, props, etc.  DS3 cannot use certain files types or some particular functions.  A few file types are mc6, PMD, xml. Functions: layering (for makeup and such), proprietary dynamic clothes, etc.  There are work arounds for some things but this for basics.   First post for forum.

01/11/11 10:43 AM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: BlueFlame]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Personally I think this has a lot to do with Daz Studio being free. People have this tendency to think that "If it's free, it's probably crap". If I look at my own freebies, the poser stuff gets two and a half times more views and downloads over the same period of time than the DS stuff. That's probably about the number of times Poser gets downloaded from a torrent site for every download DS gets :-)

I've used the trial version I had of Poser8 a total of three times, before it expired, I don't feel like buying it, or even downloading it from a torrent site.Laughing I find the DS interface much more intuitive, everything is more structured whereas I find the Poser interface kind of daunting. Also, saving a material preset in DS is a breeze, in Poser it's a nightmare!

I also find it easier to create things for DS, the file hierarchy is a lot more logical than Poser's, where everything has to be in a certain folder for it to work.

I'm sticking with DS. Like you already said, just about everything that's available for Poser can be used in DS, so it's like having the best of both worlds, in some way.




02/06/11 06:04 AM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: groovemaster]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Hello Smile

I use Daz|Studio3, and I think it's wonderful. Creating a scene and posing is much much easier. Even though it misses the cloth-room and material setting from poser (such as overlaying images), the free version of daz is still something worth fiddling with. Daz does have dynamic clothing (but it doesn't support poser dynamics) and a plug-in for image layering (which is not free btw).

As it has  been already said, daz's interface is much lighter and easier to learn than poser's. But here as well, it's a matter of taste.

All in all, Daz is a great alternative to Poser, though not as powerful as the latter, it still has its strong points. I use daz for everything from posing, creating a scene, rendering, basic texturing etc. Poser for the dynamics, material room, rigging and ocassional rendering (it does have good light system).

02/06/11 01:56 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: anathema58]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

I started out with Poser - and still use v. 6 for a few things, particularly importing conent from other formats - but DS has been my primary app for about three or four years, now. I actually paid for the 64-bit version, mainly because of the morph follower (not perfect, but works well enough in most cases).

DAZ is definitely faster and easier to use...I have also found that about 98% of all Poser items work in DAZ, but I still find myself using the Poser runtime for virtually everything related to libraries...have never been able to figure out the DAZ runtime structure. (In fact, while I've had few problems using Poser content, I've NEVER been able to use DAZ freebies...)

The other drawback about DAZ is if you aren't careful about keeping the DAZ Runtime folder absolutely intact, you won't be able to open your old scene files (this happened to me when I went from v.2 to v.3, destroying months of work...) This does not seem to be an issue in Poser.

DAZ is also less flexible when it comes to importing props in different formats. It doesn't support texture tiling, which means some Poser props look like crap when loaded into DAZ.

One thing that I'm pissed off at DAZ for is the fact that their dymanic clothing is NOT supported in the paid 64-bit version (the free 32-bit version DOES support its dymamic cloth, however).

Another frustrating thing about DAZ, especially when it comes to big scene files, is that it takes them a  L O N G time to open and save - and if you use DAZ for an extended period, it starts taking longer and longer to select body parts - and it eats up your RAM until you quit and restart the application. (Memory leak?)

One other thing....if you create a character with specific morphs and save it to a Poser library with clothes, don't expect it to work when you open it in DAZ from a Poser library.

06/25/11 06:23 AM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: BlueFlame]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply


I just started to use daz studio 3 and I can't open files which I download form this site. Can you help me?

06/25/11 10:52 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: cristal]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Do you open the zip files first before storing them in a library?  Dumb question, yes but have seen it happen.

Search for your programs library and install the unzipped runtime there.  It should merge with Daz runtime files.  If your afraid of corrupting the Daz library, then create your own runtime library, naming it what ever as long as it has the same structure as Poser or Daz.  After this is done then on interface of the program you will find a tab that says "search for Content?"  Click this and let it search.  It will find every runtime library on your computer.  If you don't know the structure of the library let someone know and we will give you the layout of the folders.

06/29/11 01:19 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser *DELETED* new [re: Matika]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Post deleted by ibsystems

06/29/11 04:31 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: Josea]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

So does poser 2010 pro, poser 8 and poser 7 pro.   Laughing

08/06/11 11:01 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: Matika]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Poser has been able to access external runtimes since version 5.

08/08/11 03:55 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: BlueFlame]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

1-What's the difference between poser and daz studio???

2-I don't know how to do my own characters on poser I need DAZ to do it or ...?

3-Actually, I'm just downloading content from here and opening in poser 'cause I don't know how 2 create a character, skin, clothes...Undecided

4-Please help me and sorry for my english  !!!





08/12/11 08:05 AM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: groovemaster]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

I am a long-time Poser user, currently running ver. 7. Saying that, I have owned D/S 1, 2, 3 and now 4. I've never been able to get past the idea that there are problems with both programs. Poser is in desperate need of major overhaul to clean up crud dating back to its origin. DAZ, in its huge desire to be different, has simply created a whole new set of errors. But D/S 4 takes the cake: This total "nerfing" of the software with it's emphasis on drag-on-drop is cute but simply means that newcomers to human figure 3D will not the basics of the art/technology. But DAZ apparently wants a world that wouldn't put anything into it's software put DAZ and DAZ 3rd-party products. It is my opinion that new users will take the freebie, buy some add-ons, and burn out on the buy, buy, buy thing, on one hand, and on the limitations to their resources (if they have to constantly buy and cannot learn how to import other models and mats), on the other. Furthermore, the "free" D/S is turning out to be a scam to sell more expensive plug-ins. And, finally, I used to think the Poser references were lame but DAZ has made a fine art of providing the thinnest resources available. (The Bryce 7 Handbook is still missing.) Of course, this is in keeping with the industry: I spent okver $1800 for CS4 and there are not longer organized references for Photoshop - everything is a hit or miss document search. I must be getting old, as a consumer I'm pretty fed up with all these guys.

08/16/11 11:54 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: karlos123]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

How to create your own Character in poser?  To complely create you own character in poser or daz, I don't believe that is possible.  What you can do is take one of the character's that come with the programs like victoria 4 and alter it with magnets, morphs, etc as well as the dials that is built into the character to virtually get any effect you want.  You will have to use a program like blender to create the obj, then use poser to rig it.  As to accessing the skin, you go into runtime, libraries, textures, daz people and you will find the texture for Victoria or any other daz character.   Using a graphic sofware like corel or gimp and alter it to what you want.  Remember you are working with someone elses copywrited artwork, so just use it to abtain a map and use your own textures to make it yours.  If you want to create the skin for scratch, you will have to use a program like uvmaper and make a template.  The same with clothing. 

08/17/11 10:44 AM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: Matika]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

To create your own figure for Poser or daz Studio (instead of a character based on base figure) you will need a 3d modelling program that can export to .obj format. Poser and DS are for posing, rendering and animating. They have tools for creating characters based on prebuilt figures but not the tools to build a 3d model from scratch.

To build from scratch you need lightwave, max or their commerical competitors or to use open source modellers like blender or wings3d (which are free).


08/20/11 03:34 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: Josea]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

I've learned a lot since my first post.  The main difference between Daz Studio and Poser is that DS is a stage to modify, dress, and pose the figures.  Poser is a scene and creation software.  There is a software bridge between the two programs that allow you to move things between the two programs.  You create in poser then move to DS for morphs, clothes and posing (you can also do scenes) and the transfer them back to Poser for final render.

You also can do it all in DS but you have to start with their base figures.  Other people make morphs or characters that can be used in DS to create complete renders.

DS is compatible with most of the things on sites like ShareCG.  It's easiest to open the runtime zip and copy each part into the DS runtime (geometries, props whatever)  Some file types you can't use like pmd for poser, but for the most part they are pretty compatible.

There is now a DazStudio 4, that has many more features and can do things it never could before.  Right now it is free, but will cost money in the near future.  It's worth getting just to have it and/or play around to experiment.



08/22/11 09:52 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: jammixx]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

The pro verson of poser is great for rigging and as of yet have not rigged a character in daz.  As jammixx says Daz 4 is free for now.  They are coming out with an advanced version which I believe will also be both 64 and 32 bit, and stronger then the free verson.  I do believe by the emails that a free verson will remain free.  Don't hold me to that though. 

A new verson of Poser is also coming out, or I should say two version.  Version 9 and verson 2012.  From what I am understanding by reading forums and what not, there is a rift between Daz and Poser and they won't be as compatable as they have been in the past.  Poser pro will have simular rigging as genisis but I not sure if genisis figures will work in the new poser and likewise.  A sad day for some of us as we will be forced to choose which one has what we want most.  Like the new mimic live.  It won't work with poser figures and is not a stand alone product so can't be used with poser at all.  I'm not sure if you save anything in daz 4 to poser format.  I have been out of commission and in the hospital so have not been able to try saving anything in it to poser format.  When I do I will let you know.

Oh by the way if anyone is interested Smith Micro is taking advanced orders on Poser 9 and 2012 at a good discount for ligitiment users, as well as good upgrade prices.  I am not sure if I would be allowed to post prices or link as I am not a promoter for them, but simply want to pass on what I have learned. 

01/14/12 01:13 PM
Re: Daz Studio and Poser new [re: karlos123]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

hey there, i've used DS since '07 and learned a load of stuff about it i use almost everything i have seen that i like on the pages of sharecg in DS since DS1.7 all the way up to DS4.0.3 (latest version) standard.


about the only thing that can not be used in DS that is in poser is the mc files and poser dynamic material. also you can't use ds dynamic in poser.  pmd morphs can be used in ds up to ds3.1 with a script/plugin found in the daz freepository.i've found out that even though poser can use ext runtimes poser 7 cannot or will not recognize ext runtimes.


but learning ds was pretty much the best thing i did and all the textures i've posted and poses too were created in ds3 using scripts that assist in mat pose creation and the PFE (poser format exporter).




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