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01/29/12 04:42 PM
Whats Happened Dalmatiner? Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Hi guys, can anyone tell me whats happened to Dalmatiner? All his stuff seems to be gone!

02/05/12 01:35 PM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: michaeltoonz]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Dalmatiner has things posted to his account which were subject of DMCA takedown notices, including one that was a commercial model  that is licensed through, which  was downloaded at least 336 times before it was pulled. If you think you downloaded it, you should delete it. If you want to license it, do a search by its name and the word "meshbox" and you'll find it. It is not very expensive.

Multiple (as in more than one) copyright violations by a user can get you booted from websites under section 512 of the Digital Millenium Act.

If you downloaded anything he posted to ShareCG, you would well do some homework before using any of it, reposting any of it (if he allowed that) or using it in any commercial works. Its exactly this kind of abuse by pirates that bring artist focused sites into disrepute. The upside is that ShareCG did exactly the right thing to resolve the problem.

02/05/12 02:23 PM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? new [re: Meshbox]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

You certainly did the correct thing in taking the action you did.

 However to help those persons who may have innocently downloaded and, indeed, may be intending to use the various models in their works, it would be useful to have the information that can help us identify them, so that the users of this site do not find themselves also in contravention of the terms of use and licencing of the original owner of the models.

In an effort to assist us all, would it be possible for you to post the name or description of the model/s that you believe were infringing, please?

I may well have some of them in my collection and the information would be very welcome.

Thank you, Maf.

02/05/12 05:47 PM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: Meshbox]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Thank you Meshbox,

This is a real shock to hear, I can't believe Dalmatiner would do such a thing! He's been one of the few contributers to sharecg that I trusted. I've downloaded a lot of Dalmatiner models over the last couple of years and would really appriciate a list of the offending modles so I can at least check your claim. I will try to contact Dalmatiner asap to at least get his side of the story. Sorry this is just a real bombshell!

I have tried my best to keep my runtime free of illeagal models and I can't understand if this was the reason his stuff was pulled from sharecg why people were not informed? At least a message could have been put up on  Dalmatiner page or a note posted to those who were following him, especially since its going to cause people legal problem in the future!

02/06/12 11:52 AM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: michaeltoonz]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Ditto! I have a ton of Dalmatiner models in my runtime and would love to be able to use them.

Weeks ago, (before the Meshbox model was posted), I made a request to Dalmatiner, in the 'comments' section, that he only label the models that he originally created as "unlimited use" models, so that they could be legally used in commercial renders.

One SCG member called myself and 2 other people who had similar concerns "jealous little people" etc. Surprisingly, this was the only comment about copyright from other SCG members.

Dalmatiner did respond and took down a recent model. Unfortunately, the meaning of his comment was lost in translation. My understanding was that he usually used 'blueprints', had many models, and would try to take down any models for which people noticed were made by someone else.

After the Meshbox model was posted, I sadly realized that there is no way to salvage the treasure trove of Dalmatiner vehicles in my runtime. The Meshbox model came with many 'movable parts' and a fully textured interior. How can this be mistaken for one's own work?

02/06/12 07:46 PM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: mclue]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Unfortunatly, I had no idea that the models posted by Dalmatiner had ( or appear to have), at least in some cases, been copied or taken from other peoples copyrighted work.

It does seem rather sad that some people on here might have been aware of this fact and not contacted the admin. at the earliest oportunity.

If a member of this site is posting art, models or other materials which they have not themselves created and that they do not have the authority to post or upload, then surely it is behoven upon us all to ensure that the member and all items they have offered are removed as soon as is posible, in order to keep this site clean and honest.

Mclue - you are presumably aware of the models , or some of the models in question here - might you be able to furnish those of us here with a more full description of them so that we might also remove them from our collections?

Thank you


02/06/12 10:18 PM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? new [re: mafiagore2]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

I'm afraid I don't know any more than anyone else.

Up until recently, I was happily downloading Dalmatiners models when a few other SCG members posted a link to a "free site". On that site was a car that was identical to one that Dalmatiner had just posted as one of his originals. (I don't remember the car, because I didn't download it). It was only then that I started asking Dalmatiner in the comments sections if he was the actual modeller- And what about his 'other' cars?

The thing is, for the SCG people who want to use any of Dalmatiners models commercially - how do you go about proving that they are legal?

 Could we ask Dalmatiner for a list of the 'legal' models? My question is- How much credibility does a person have who has just submitted a Meshbox model as his own?

So, until anyone has a solution (still hoping?) I will be removing all Dalmatiner content from my runtime.


02/08/12 12:51 AM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: mafiagore2]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Thank you all, and especially to Michael :-)

The offending item that I sent a DMCA on was for the Airstream Trailer. I know someone had also recently reported another one of our cars up, but it was removed by the time I checked.

The Airstream Trailer is part of our Fedoraville collection which we updated in 2011 with a lot of new features, including removable snow caps (very handy if you want to do a winter scene).

For the next week, Mirye Software has this collection on sale at 20% off so that anyone who wants to get on board after this bad experience with Dalmatiner can save a bit:

Last year, someone else posted one of our Steampunk City models on ShareCG, but it was pulled quickly. That was the Opium Den (scroll down on the set page):

Now and then we do giveaways ourselves, but even those are covered by a license. This trailer above was never given away, though its shown up on a few pirate sites.

The only way to really resolve use is to license the models. Our art license (Pro is separate and covers use of the original .max file and expanded useage rights) covers 2d renders and 2d animation for commercial or personal use.


02/08/12 07:05 PM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: Meshbox]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

Thank you, MeshBox,

That has gone a good way to explaining the issue and giving us, as users of this site, an idea of what to look for in our collections. I seem to be fortunate in that I had not downloaded that particular item.

I was able to retrieve from Google a partial list of other models that particular person uploaded and made available on this site and will be happy to pass on the details to anyone interested, so that they may amend/append their collections to not include possible pirated/unlicensed items.

Or you can perform your own search using the users name and adding sharecg to the criteria, then click on 'cached' rather than just the link.

I had one item which had been offered by that person and I have deleted it from my HD,.

Sadly, this entire episode has shown us all that we need to be much more vigilant in our use of this site and if we feel that something is wrong or out of place ( fishy), we should, at once, contact the admin. of this site with our concerns so that we can prevent the mis-use of what is otherwise, and in all respects, a marvelous endeavour.


02/09/12 09:27 AM
Re: Whats Happened Dalmatiner? [re: mafiagore2]Report this article as Inappropriate to us !!!Login to Reply

How do I go about identifying the true creator of an item I downloaded & used last year. I used a forklift in this render  & was thinking I was giving proper credits.I'd like to double check on said item & see if I need to do corrections. (mean time if my computer will behave I'm a go digging for my zip & recheck readme.)


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